534 - Cranks For Thee (6/22/21)


Readings friends chapo. Were back again. It's me man felix mchugh on the day before an york. City's mayoral primary. Who you guys got. What are you thinking right now. It looks like Eric adams is the favourite My general consensus on vote tomorrow is rank any rape the whoever you want to vote for whoever you want. But just don't vote for adams or andrew yang if you if you rank the same candidate five times accounts five votes if you really want eric adams to win. I think eric adams has what it takes to win. I think so you think about like what the job of new york city mayor is. And it's that everyone hates you and constantly disrespects. You and you're also the weirdest person in the city. Eric adams has that because like i consider his front runner moment was when the news came to his son's house and told him how disgusting it was and he was like no. No i'm i'm gross. My house and then ran an audit on what was in the what was in his Refrigerator because out of course is a a vegan and they found all kinds of all kinds of smoke salmon's in their frigerator of what was clearly his son's house. I mean the guy lives in new jersey. But yeah you're right. He's already doing the job of being new york city mayor which is just to have basically just cloud. Yeah yeah you just like you. You sit in an office with your legs open and people queue up to give squarely kick you in the no show. They should replace The mayor's office they should replace the desk there with a dunk tank. And if you're a citizen of new york you should be able to sign up to get in line to dunk the mayor into the tank. And if you wanna skip the line because obviously it's going to be very long you can pay and that money can go into the city budget and that would make the mayor of new york even if he did nothing the rest of the time more useful than any of them have ever been because they would at least be raising fucking revel last mayor who like people liked for any period of time was guiliani. And that's like you can't cheat death because because he presided over the lips out because he was fucking master blaster barter town for a year and a half master-blaster runs by town. Yeah well i mean but it's like you can't cheat death and it's like if you like a debt and now i would consider giuliani. The most disrespected man in america though. Yeah the fbi showed up at his house. They were just like tooling around through shit like us. Richard went from like being beloved by everyone to still carrying the curse of the new york. Mayor's like going around like but dialing reporters like his keen falling out. Just something gross in confusing like david russell happening every two weeks. But eric adams is perfect for that because like there's so much weird shit about him like the thing of him referring to himself in third person because he keeps a diary this is. This is very writes about himself. He's the protagonist of yeah. Yeah eric adams is treated very rudely by the new york post when they claim that my dad was was was sloppy and unmade. I keep keep take corners on it every morning. Think about them. When i'm there you're calling your adults on on the phone and you're like hey like a bunch of guys at hate me are gonna come to your house and call. It grows and looking through your after you do that okay. Yeah they're going to be coming through your shit like michael tracy at fucking kurt. I can wald's garage sale. remember that. Yeah it's exactly like that that'll be fun food. It's like people were like clouding the shoes he had. Yeah yeah like what are the he had like air force ones but for like teams that are no longer part of the nba. It was awesome. And also like there's so much about him that's perfect for this like his personality like how he started racing is like i will not be. I'm against the race card. Like getting very antiquated term to say twenty twenty one but then like the moment that like people are exploiting the ranked choice garcia and yang. He's like oh so. You wanna keep a black guy out of office. Running against you released today. That garcia and yang forming pack to like be like garcia be like the number two choice of young voters to form a coalition against Adams is sort of leading in the polls. He said that hearken back to the days of the poll. Tax in literacy jim crow. Yeah he should just make after. He said that you should make him mayor like did you also did adams used to be. Pretty close to louis farrakhan or they were allied at one point. I mean honestly. I'm making the case of. You should vote for him right now. I would like already. They're pretty much that he comes from a robust tradition of like black conservative Like nationalist yeah. Yeah you sorta like kind of clarence thomas in that respect. I think there's also something perfect about him becoming mayor in this moment because after the explosion of the black lives matter summer last year and all the sperm it and and the twilight of the debate angler Era this like big bird. Scarecrow motherfucker reenacting john lindsay's presidency to a t and then we get this huge field of candidates no clear favourite. They have ranked choice voting for the first time to like make it more quote unquote democratic. And the likely outcome is that this fucking former cop who lives in new jersey and has the politics of like the average. Mike and the mad dog caller is gonna get elected by the same coalition of voters. Who made joe biden the democratic nominee. Older non whites in the outer boroughs are gonna just like in south carolina are going to. They don't care about any of the bullshit. Everybody is talking about all the issues. All these all. These like supposedly heightened political stakes. They're gonna fuck vote for the machine paul. The way that they did for biden in two thousand twenty because all of this ferment of politics that we invest ourselves in it doesn't permeate beyond this layer of the people who are most online but least likely to vote in the mayoral fucking primary or maybe are likely to vote but or not numerically significant. Just not the. They're not the center of gravity of the electorate in the city. Well more than they were in the country. I watched a very interesting movie last week. Maybe you guys heard of it. It's called breaking. I got. I want to watch it very. There's some there's some. There's some different choices i would have made of. I directed i'm trying. I've made award nominated documentary. That's true. I would love your take on but breaking because i'm not gonna comment on whether i agree with a thesis or not if you don't be like that's constructive but it's annual lane. I if it was my job to make that argument. I would have done it. Let's be on judge. Joe brown has a big role as like an expert in it and a lot of what he says. Just makes your. There's this part where he's like. Yeah if you look at the most popular genre of music it's rap and hip hop but it hasn't changed for thirty years and then he'd go to places this is verbatim by the way i wrote it down because then if you go to places like japan paris or liverpool people are doing it but then a japanese guy will be. We'll be listening to it. We'll try to dance and he doesn't know how to dance just jumps up and down but the reason is all those countries are lgbt. It just look even if you believe the central thesis of buck breaking. That doesn't even make sense as a sentence. I had to it's so demented but like i like buck breaking and like some part it's like yes you heard it here first felix likes to break it. He loves it. He loves buck breaking. It is like it's okay there. A lot of like black conservatives in america and their voice isn't heard a lot and i don't mean a black guy who this to agree. Donald trump i mean like a very unique thing black conservatism and i consider buck breaking like a continuation of this tradition. That farrakhan is a part of and i even though it's not exactly the same thing there are many strains of it. And i i. I am very interested in that line of thinking and feeling. We're gonna talk about later in the show. That's like it's a white guy doing the buck breaking thesis but doing shittier job and his last being or charismatic tariq nasheed and it's like i don't know if i like really wanted like would want that like represented like electorally. I mean i don't really have a say in it. But like i do think it should be in the new york times like more people believe that than believe what the fuck whatever the fuck brad stevens does. And it's it's like genuinely a very interesting. Like uniquely american line of thinking. And i like i like do kind of think people should watch it like. I don't agree with the central thesis. Obviously but it's like it is like i've met a lot of normal people who are like good people and like they're nice people in their lives and i wouldn't really call them like personally bigoted but like do believe that i saw on that movie. And it's like you just if you pay attention to american media there's just no representation of that in there and so when you know in an electoral situation like this people. I feel like are constantly taken by surprise. And it's like no. There are millions of americans who like okay. If they're not exactly they're they're not exactly where buck breaking is or they're not exactly where you wanna go further to the right. They're not exactly. Where farrakhan is or if you want to go further towards the center like. They're not exactly there. But they're like broadly in this sort of like the uniquely black idea of conservatism. Well you heard it here. First folks felix petermann endorses boxing. On new york city mayor well it breaking porn star and amateur politics. That movies great is because when when you kids seem something. That isn't like conservative inc. That's not like mainstream conservatism. Like sort of a more outsider e conservatism it. They'll do that thing where it's like. They say one thing really completely true and no one really covers it. And then it'll be like the next thing is like japanese guys. Just jump up and down when they dance and japan is an lgbtq nation. I don't know what the fuck me and also i'd like to go back to judge. Joe brown's original statement hip hop and rap. Music hasn't changed much in thirty years to changed a lot. I mean it's it's yeah that doesn't work brown is like i. I think he's just like old. Well yeah i mean. They used to be talking about having a house party. Or you know what to do when a fine Female steps into the wedding. And you've been eating too much and now it's just sort of mumbling about taking painkillers. Obsessed with judge brown. Because i think he's like in a biden type thing where he's like son downing and i watched Kwame brown have you seen this podcast. Oh my god he was going on fucking what's his name on board arenas and matt barnes that was he. Cut a promo on those guys. The hardest i've ever seen no. That goes audio. He said he's like you guys. Keep chapin jokes about me and basketball. Then he goes matt barnes. I got a joke about your mother fucking life you posed. He's like i hope. He has kids mediocre. He's very. He's very good at that but judge joe brown was on a recent episode and like kwame brown starts off talking about that. He's like yeah you may have heard. There is like a sort of controversy with me. Charlemagne lot of people are mad at main judge. Brown's like all right. No i know exactly what you're talking about it. I'm gonna keep this brief and then talk for thirty minutes and the think he starts off with is yeah during the sixties during the antiwar movement. What people thought was if raise a boy like a girl. War would stop all insane thirty minutes thing like rambling like biden as thing about like this sixty s and like gender politics but i do think i don't know we need more that a mainstream media because it is like when i looked at the comments and a lot of people watch us the comments were like i'm a sixty two year old nurse. I agree with everything. Judge brown said. There's fucking stuff. There's you've never heard of if you've lived at certain life and there are millions of here in student america. And you'd never know if you only watch mainstream media. Well we've got an pretty far afield from the new york city mayor's but yeah i know i mean i just just back a if you're voting tomorrow say anyone other than yang and adams. I mean they're all goofy You know mile widely seems to be the progressive choice. But she seems like an absolute sap to me. I mean she's like spend most of the primary shitting on bernie sanders but if you wanna ranked number one go ahead just seems like all the real estate money and like a police. Shit is behind entry. Yang and eric adams But it's another another little development in new york city local politics or to sorta for most of the country. But this is this. Is the number one podcasts. About the number. One city in america new york. So i'd like to just continue for a little bit The city council candidate who got Revenge porn sm dungeon and of an estate of sort of erotic bondage and ecstasy. That was leaked to the new york. Post by his own campaign is invisible. Weiner you folks to this. I saw that. I mean i'm having trouble with this one. I mean if i wanted to be conspiracy theorist i would say this guy who has a total long shot candidacy like why would they release. This guy is like no no real chance of winning. Like why did this come out. I don't know. I don't. I mean i don't know that but my guess if i had to guess i would say that he fucking put it out there himself. Yeah i thought it was response to shoot a lot of class and dignity and just being like so. I did a thing you like. I don't feel guilty about it or bad. You shouldn't yeah. i don't feel guilty about it or bad. It's almost like i wouldn't mind if it got out there. And then my campaign attention. Because of that i'm sort of wondering if someone with the humiliations that wouldn't run for city council as part of the strategy for a grand day new ma in which shamed on a national level in a way that really really fires Aguirre's turns his crank. Yeah i don't know. I don't know i'm in takes all kinds near school. Everyone should get to be mayor. Everyone she gets to be a councilman at some point in their lives. Walks crank This is the perfect segue into an old friend of ours. An old friend of the show. Coming up Actually Recording this show now on the original. Blue yeti mike. I got to When we started being like oh hey we audio's should be sound good on a podcast and it still has the baseball crank sticker on the base of it so the baseball crank honestly like a foundational figure the chapel mythos and honestly i feel guilty because we haven't talked about cranking a long time. It's been a while fuckers. Act like they forgot about crank but he came back this week with a pseudo controversy that i loved because it involved i would say probably the only funny thing that baseball is ever tweeted. I mean honestly give the guy credit for for finding that squirrel finding a nut eventually after years of posting. Yeah he. I mean he's done unintentionally funny things for. I think he did one of the funniest things i've ever seen. Which was his blog post on. September twelfth two thousand and one white baseball still matters. So this was okay. I mean you guys. I'm sure you guys saw the news that the biden's dog champ was is no more. He was saving whether it was behavioral issues or not. I don't know. I mean but dog killing his back in a big way. It's the hottest thing i mean. You're trendsetters here. We we we shown a light onto the huge american subculture of people who adopt dogs kill them and has it spread to the white house. I don't know but is there a woman in the room with champ in a in some sort of dark ceremonial robe with a jade inlay. Doing some sort of Eldridge chant before she Split them up. I mean we don't know for sure there's no way of finding out. We don't know champ is going to live in that that big old country farm in the sky people are people are a lot of prayers up for the biden family. Curiously on major major. Every time i go to the debate stage. I'm going to say where's major. Where's major biden whereas major at champions no more but major is still around somewhere. We don't know so. Yeah i feel like. I think this is probably the trump people felt you know when the the ban infection was pushed out and the jovanka factions are winning and he just started governing like mike marco rubio as if he would have done anything else I feel like. I was part of a contingent of patriotic americans who loved huge dirty poorly behaved dogs and i feel like the globalist some sort of killed champ. Baseball crank has been killing it. And i mean he's he's he's kiki champ. He's died once but he's been killed again by the baseball correct in the following create so dan mclaughlin. The baseball critic tweeted over the weekend Champa biden dies major lives on the biden family tragedy in miniature and to which you've received a tidal wave of outrage climb god including from on just just right after the tommy vitor jon favreau who replied baseball great. You are a truly awful person. And then fabio says imagine how utterly broken you must be to proudly display that level of public cruelty to other. Human obama made jokes about drones striking. You probably wrote those jobs to the correspondence center. The jonas brothers are here. they're out there somewhere. Sasha and malia are huge fans but boys don't get any ideas. I have two words for you predator drones. You will never see it coming. It's like give me a fucking break here. I'm sorry. Joe biden is president and like i'm sorry to dog dying isn't a national tragedy and also like when you run for president and like your chief point of appeal to the public and is that your son died a long time ago and you feel like fucking sad about it like i mean. That was a major part of joe. Biden's fucking set. That's why we have universal health care. I mean like i. I don't even think. I feel like the consolation prize. You get for like world word. We all love no accountability for these people for joe biden and the guy who supported the iraq war. The guy who was behind every major piece of financial deregulation blah blah. We could go on forever. You guys all know everything. he's done. The constellation people like that sticking around their entire in our entire fucking lives and just sometimes doing the bare minimum. Is that you get to make fun of them in their lives like. I don't respect this guy like as a person and in fact like his main utility to me is that he's just falling apart is the wheels are falling off. Fm and like his life is kind of funny. And it's like you take that away what we have and you know it's weird like i mean. Obviously i don't think it's entirely the same people doing it. But it is funny to contrast the blue check media reactions to the slate story about losing luna so brave of you to share this story. Thank you so much for sharing. This is a hard choice but you made the right one. We're all stand with you and then baseball crank our boy crank tweet to joke about a dead dog and These people they lose their minds. They can't handle it. they're like i. I can't imagine a human being doing something so profoundly cruel to someone else. It's just like look. It was a good joke. Okay it was a good joke and this is coming on the heels of a week. We're like there are fucking like a copious leaked and text messages from hunter. Where he's calling his lawyer the n. Word and arranging trysts with escorts with his cousin. Who's a female cousin. He's asking for a dates in the caveat. No no yellows please. Then he said that. Amazing line about like i need someone. Who's very attuned to evil and against it. The of the these are the all these women are like me. They're they're aware Distrustful and very wary of evil. I love human ape pulse. They're made entirely of cocaine. Like we are both equally attuned to evil and we are very very wary of we're irish-american relatives talk to each other and it just like you know just to. It's like watching a great duet of lies. The text exchanges with his cousin were weird because it seemed like he was trying to set him up with dates with her friends. But it could also. I don't know something. A little bit more. Nefarious look like he was ordering off the menu menu. Some some guys liked by their wives. Yeah yeah are you telling me that if you couldn't get if you had a machine that the pentagon at built that would allow some sort of temporal like quantum rifle that allows you to shoot hunter in the head and it would pull from another dimension. I would do that in a fucking heartbeat. I mean like. I'm sorry. I can't see the. There's a parallel in that. Like someone else point this up. There's a parallel in that. Joe biden gave both of his sons dog. Names that unser in both. That's such a good point and then like champion. Major hunter is the one he keeps biting people. He can't stop biting going to biting rehab but he just won't stop act ago. He won't stop being bad well. Major has been doing some really like really good and really soulful stick piles in the backyard. Get over his need to bite people. I've been. I've been taking some time to work on me and digging holes backyard. I'm doing a lot of that lately. It helps me center myself. Champ audit brought in a dead squirrel from the backyard and it just sold for seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars at a gallery. So so i mean. Obviously everyone's mad at the baseball and i was just like look varies fair. A funny tweet is a funny tweet however baseball crank i mean obviously not being one to enjoy humor or an say obviously someone who always needs to have the last word is gone and shot himself in the foot by writing a piece for the national review in which he to explain this tweet away in a way that makes it seem like he wasn't joking so i wanted to give. I wanted to give this week amazon gift card to the baseball crank but no he had to go and explain the joke rather than just letting it stand on. Its own two feet. So i'm gonna read now here from the book of crank. This is a baseball crank writing of the national review these shakespearean father son tragedy of the biden. And obviously this is not exactly new territory for the baseball. Crank or anyone to plum. This is very old hat at this point. But i just like i just i just love the way. The crank attempts to defend his Rather funny observation from the slings and arrows of the save. John's so he writes here. It was announced saturday that joe biden's champ has died at the age of thirteen by all accounts. The family german shepherd was as we would say a good boy. Dogs are with us to briefly saying goodbye to them as inevitable but never easy that leaves the family with another german shepherd major who was kicked out of the white house for a month after reportedly biting a secret service agent and a national park service employ on the eve of father's day. The contrast between the two dogs one uncomplicated lee. Beloved the other a constant trouble put me in mind of the shakespearean tragedy at the heart of biden of the biden family. Joe son's beau and hunter. We've seen many side. Joe biden over the past half century and there is no more sympathetic side than that of the wounded grieving. Father it goes on here. Joe was a man of boundless ambition and self regard elected to the senate in his twenty s full of quick tongue irish blarney able to talk at length about tiring convinced that he could become president in his forties as the young voice of the baby. Boom generation blah blah blah going on and on and he goes talks about bowe and then he talks. Hunter was another story a drug addict or repeat peddler of influence on his dad's name a guy who used the n. Word it is natural for a father. Busy with his career indulgent of sons who have lost the rest of the family as toddlers. It's not hard to picture joe. Seeing that the family was in. Good hands with bo. Being all the more indulgent hunter or maybe. That's all armchair. Hogwash we all have known wise and uptight parents who did everything right and one more one more their kids just got away from them sometimes. There's nothing you can do. Sometimes you just got gotta put them down. Do you think that's like crank situation. Like he has one son also like like crank. Does every picture of him looks like it's a colorized deroga- type of someone from before world war. One where he's just like that uncanny looking and he's like some type of like bullshit conservative lawyer but then he has one son who got nearing and he doesn't speak to him his. There's an evil crank. He doesn't even like baseball. Yeah he hates baseball. He likes foot footy and so he goes on this Then the tragedy the firstborn son died bogata brain tumor. And as the brain tumor. That took my mother in one thousand nine years ago. There was no good news along the way he died. In the spring of two thousand fifteen burying a child is brutal. Doing it twice. As worth my dad buried tucson's much like biden one of them nineteen seventy-two one in two thousand ten. The second one broke him. My dad was in home by the time he was the age. Joe is now like baseball cranks. Like really turning it around. He's like oh. You don't think i can joke about family tragedy. We'll let me one up you. You just point theory your ass. Baseball crank is doing my favorite thing that people do when they argue online. Where they're like. Oh yeah you think my live ceesay will. My grandparents died. And they're like thirty. No yeah you're like seventy five. Of course your parents are dead. I'm in either baseball crank in an orphan. Now well yeah. But i mean. His brothers also died so he's got that going for that's got a little extra. It's true i mean like that's the thing it's like i don't really. I think it's sort of lame to moralize against the baseball crank but i just don't get it. It's like all. He had that article where he's bragging about his dad writing the letter to break in about apartheid baseball. Craig do you remember that. No what was that again. Remember his like he's like. My dad wrote a letter. My dad was in new york city. Cop wrote a letter to reagan about the situation and how veto sanctions or whatever. It's evident why is like a bad guy or at least like believes bad things. But i don't know i don't know what i think. This thing where people like met. You pointed it out how it's like equally lane to when people would get offended on behalf of the trump's lake h-honestly. It's like come on like remember when they were saying that barron might have seen the picture of kathy griffin holding trump's fake center at and that was you like do you like having to deal with that sanctimonious bullshit and the answer is. I really. don't like being on the other end of it. I love doing this. This is their favorite thing to do to to to pretend to be morally superior to their opponents. That's their favorite thing that they get frustrated when republicans do it because they think that they're cheating because they think they're not being honest because they know in their heart that they love doing that stuff and they're being disingenuous but they want to be doing this they love it. They love it way more than Doing jokes about someone. That's kind of uncomfortable getting to get offended about jokes. That's their fucking comfort zone. Yeah that's what they love doing. Better country if there is just like an agreement that all these people are like disgusting. And if i'm ya the eric out of eric adams nation. Let's just like i feel like if you reach a certain level of power like it's okay to make fun of They were intensely personal terms even dealing with family tragedy. Because it's just like look. He's president of the united states. You fucking mounted a spiral staircase made of human skulls to get where you are you. Have you have broken. Free of humanity in most respects turned into a reptile. Like how you treat. The rest of humanity within the limping cannibalistic disdain. Why the hell can't we do that to come on. I think it's funny. That crank has put this in terms of shakespearean tragedy and just be like actually being quite sympathetic to the biden family. Because i to acknowledge that it's hard to lose a child. Devin child die. I'm not made of stone here. people also. Yeah you're right i. Do you remember the baseball cranks. Dad was like a fucking hard nose new york city cop in the bronx. And he was like the dudley smith of the east coast. Yeah michael michael. Corleone shot his dad in the head italian restaurant. No i was gonna say. I like dad was really broken up when he had to kill. Shoot his friend. Frank serpico for school. No but yeah. Ee goes on to compare the biden family to kennedy's and talk about how like like the kennedys had two good sons that had to be put down and then they ended up with a ted. Who is the fat kid in the family. right here. Ted the fat kid in the family that valued looks in vigor. The one who got kicked out of harvard for cheating the one who destroyed his own white house and he killed the girl and covered it up even that did not mend his boozy womanizing ways for decades. It's still get a ding in on the kennedy family while he's going at the vitamins. I mean you can criticize kennedy. But he was the inspiration for the film. Tommy boy so craig goes onto right with no good son to inherit the biden legacy the black sheep of the family assumed unexpected prominence that nobody had planned or wanted joe unable to step back and bask in the glow of bose rise the way george h w bush did after nineteen ninety-two decided to run again himself in twenty twenty visibly well past. His prime hunter embarrassed him at every possible term. But joe would never turn on the only remaining son. The last remnant of the family he brought with him in hundred seventy two no matter what ethical compromises demanded no matter how many people warned him about one hundred was doing. We can blame joe biden for all the risk is willing to run and the things. He is willing to overlook order to let his son and brother. Jim cash with shady foreigners and for an approach to nepotism that makes it mockery of democratic crocodile tears about the trump's but that is all political fair game and it always is. We can't blame. Joe biden for having an unshakable devotion to his last remaining son or for the independent misbehavior of kid. Who is now fifty one years baseball. Great kind of spitting facts here not gonna watch. That is he is dead on here because it's like. Isn't that one of the most hilarious things about onto like it's it's equally lame like getting mad at crank is equally lane to like the fucking shit and people were like. I said the n. Word you don't like. How many times do you think donald trump said it like what the fuck but the funny thing is that hunter is a fifty one year old man who is saving beams about his dad saying the n. Word yep eric. Sending it to is lawyer. Yeah to his booking is poor fucking lawyer just sick of this shit and like that was that was always the thing where i thought that like biden was. He's the true king of whites like there are so many biden's in this country and very few trump's biden you know kissing his fifty two year old son on the lips. Way too long and being like you're my most handsome little guy you know. There are a lot of people who do that in this country. And that's really the funny thing about them. One of the many funny things about them Crank finishes out by reading. The tragedy of joe biden the years when he ought to be enjoying his retirement. Is that being a dad means. The family doesn't always work out the way you planned it sometimes. You can't retire when you wanted to the things you would do for your kids sometimes. Go beyond the things you might ever have done. Just for yourself. Joe joe biden would have done all of this. I also like i'm sorry. Joe's having the time of his life he is so happy. Did you see he was like him at the g. Seven is like it's like when you bring a dog to dog park. It was great for him. Saint patrick's day like oh god save patches dreaming about doing this stupid bullshit forever. He loves it. This is the happiest he's ever been well. I mean just I it's it's been too long since we've talked about crank. I mean he was such a especially important part about the early rise of chapo. And i'd like to see i'd like to see more of his little baseball face everywhere i miss. I do miss him a lot. I you know like. I guess like i don't know i guess we have two sons. We have two sons that we brought with us when we first came here. Unlike unlike the biden's we have Crank and we had raw. We have rod but we don't. We don't forget killer. Covy or other unofficially son. When was the last time we read after his ways. He's a dj. now he's awesome any more. Yeah we but yet rod and baseball crank just to giants and you know i it. Just crank is a hilarious dork in so many ways but i mean more nerdy all the fucking people getting angry at him for being like. Oh god how could you make fun of this dog and his son or whatever it just like. Okay i mean maybe if joe biden never ever talked about bo because he was like that grief is private but no he shares it every chance he gets. No yeah i mean like i mean i'm not. I'm not sitting on one in for that. Either people process grief in different ways. And he's a blubbery irish guy who doesn't drink so it's gotta come out somewhere. None of no one who is elected is really like you should never release the museum being really. Yeah there are a few very few jeremy. Corbin's out there who are genuinely beautiful beautiful people. But for the most part whether it's joe whether it's donald trump whether it's fucking chris coons or whoever that's not yet none of them are real people. None of these people like make the decisions or see the world the same way that like Nor even a normal weird person that you would know does their freaks. They're one of the ways to know that. Is that if you've ever seen a picture of a politician that they post on twitter to show them watching a sporting event across the anglosphere. You see someone like on a barstool three feet away from like a fucking portable television. These people do not sit and relax and enjoy things sporting events the way that you and i do. They don't relate to their time on earth the same way the way you remember like those disgusting pictures at scott walker would be posted. His horrifying him meals he'd be like watching the brewers with my sons. And he's just he's just standing straight up like this. He looks like a coat hanger and his polo shirt. And he's eating like he's eating like a perfectly room temperature brought at a hot beer this shitty kids at another their standard watching tactic for Western politicians is. It will be like instead of the tiny portable television that they're they're like staring into It's like like a big sort of a den tv style furnace basement room and it's like it's like an eighty inch television but they're standing right in front of it like bolt upright hands in. They're gonna love standing in front of large televisions to like just like they're so close at all they're seeing is just pixels move around. Yeah yeah and if they do sit. It's never in a chair that anyone would sit in to watch an entire sporting event. That's why america rejected mitt. Romney was because he was like he was openly that the last guy since h.w. Who openly that thing where it's like. Yeah my favorite game. Is this thing where we torture a horse and make it. Dance was hot dog favorite hotdog. My second favorite meat is hamburger and he also referred to sports sports as he sport cover for just sports as sports. That was the same interviewer. He's like i like jokes and things of humor yeah. I wish i could vote through auburn so moving on from the baseball crane on this week's official reading series which is a. It's a rare one because it's a tweet thread. That i thought was so wonderful that i think i think a lot of reason it warrants including in reading series cannon but Going back to beginning felix expansion like this is a certain style of weepy white european conservative version of buck breaking but the main threat of this this week threat to get into is being gay with your homeys. Yeah rather not. It's not a cure. I let me correct myself. It's not about being gay with your homies. It is about being perceived as being gay with your homeys when in actuality what you were doing is Cultivating a sense of intimate male partnership and friendship. That because of the acceptance of homosexuality is now coded as being gay whereas it used to be you could just like oil wrestle with your friends and loved them and write letters and poetry your best friend and each other's arms fighting the macedonians. Yeah exactly y- yeah just get gas together in a trench in world war one. Okay so this is a. This is a threat by peg. This is a peg o' bree peg. Aubrey peg was calling peg. He's guy's been around for awhile he's he's a. He lives in france. And like i said he's. He's a species of conservative. That i wish we had more of america which is of like these restoration is kind of promo types. That have been crying ever since the french revolution. But they've never toughened up in that way. Remind me a lot of the left is because like they left in america because they like they stay losing all the time and because of that. They haven't gotten smarter tougher. They've just gotten like wheat. Beer and weep here. Yeah i do like. I do have to say thread. It was like you know you look at the guys by look at. We're every everywhere he writes. It's like why can't that be tariq nasheed. He's doing this but better. he's better at it. So i mean like you said at the beginning of the show and i. I wasn't planning to like. I wasn't planning on your impromptu. Your review of breaking. You're right this whole thread is like the white guy version of breaking. Yes thing that gets shittier. But it's like the exact same thing that That that That animates the the buck breaking narrative. But let's go to peg here so the whole thing. That kicked off this mega tweet. Thread is the new yorker. Had some some post about The skeletons two hundred and fifty. Four warriors from this fearsome sacred band of thebes were discovered a mass grave in sharoni a- a number were buried with arms linked. If you look closely you can see that. Some were holding hands now For fans of antiquity in classical greek history. You'll the sacred band of thieves. Were pretty much. I mean this was written about by contemporary historians. As being i mean this is the whole sleight of hand. He's doing in this threat. Because i guess like you know they weren't gay in the sense that like modern gay people consider themselves get but they loved fucking each other. We'll do love fucking men like exclusively the at your average like ancient warrior equity elite forces. They were exactly like jok from seeking derangement. We'll you had a really good point that like in in the past before this wretched modern era that we all live in. If you were a gay guy like the can do join the military if any country real like like one hundred percent like just a pussy destroyer you can go into theater. You an actor. Yup that's the thing is like one who is one of the greatest military leaders of all time frederick. Degrade frederick frederick do create was gayer than any modern man. Like he was if he saw a woman he would be like. Oh talking gross fucking shit out of here fuck you wanna look at that fucking gash. Get her out of here. Fuck in the throw up give me some dudes and very tough guy like brilliant commander but that was more of the norm for like great military commanders and like the not even you go even to world war two like was it eisenhower. Who is like. I think i'm going to leave my wife and having get married. He tried to the middle in the middle of the war. He said his fucking resignation. To marshall said i'm in love with my jeep driver and i'm getting divorced that i'm going to reside and he just said it's fucking world war you get cancer. It's not like sometimes even if they're not queenie like pat macarthur. Patent pauvres is outfit city designed for himself pat pat and wanted to have a custom-made tank commander outfit that he designed himself with like also social relationships created the theatrical aesthetic that then was legitimized into being an open gay identity if he thinks his awful but that was yeah before it was really an option. It's like going into the military and you'd go in front of like all these fucking poor conscripts. You can't read in front of you and be like places everybody come on like me theater guy and you. You're still tough but yeah if you're like pussy it's like yeah. I'm going to put on a wig and become gilbert and sullivan. Did you see dilbert and sullivan. Not really interested gilbert and sullivan. But i would see a dilbert and sullivan comic opera. I there is an amazing thing. Buck breaking where like one of the experts is like he is talking about this like he is is way better grasp on history than pay and use like a soldiers in greek antiquity. But then he like fucks up. He's like and they would actually ty them together at the ankle if they loved each other and then he goes i think using the story of achilles and patrol yes with yes he does and then he goes and that's where the phrase tied together at the ankle comes from. You know it's us. I've never heard in my life time. euro times. Yeah but i mean his thing he starts with is right that a lot of these guys were. Whoa what is still rolling over is like homosexuality or just like the act itself of l. Social of almost all of human civilization in almost every human civilization. It's just like what peg is complaining about is a lot of these guys like rod dreher to like. I'm taking like the civic brand conservative. That is really obsessed with Being afraid of gay culture and now trans issues like they really want to go back to an old older way of being gay before gay identity was a thing that could be ignored. They thought it was a better superior way to gay. Then the modern version and i think that's what troubles in the because it doesn't mean it doesn't it doesn't involve alien nation from like a culture that you have some sort of fixation. I like for guys like rod and peg. They're looking. They're looking at gay sex like longingly across this cultural divide. But they can't cross it because doing gay sex now means being gay that alienates them from a sense of themselves that they find very very crucial and they resent that that they resent. That's been taken from them. And the thing is they're right. That is the thing that we don't have any more like. You can't be like a guy like a like a normal square. John type with a wife and kids who nonetheless is primarily primarily romantically interested in sexually interested in liaisons with members of the same sex. Like that doesn't mean you're a gay guy you're a straight guy who happens to have sex with men that does suck. I mean that should be enough that kind of conflict within you. That sucks and why you might get pissed especially if you really hold onto like notions of traditional society you feel you feel like those give you a sense of meaning like old religious notions give you a sense of identity. You don't wanna trade them for the like the pleasures of of gay liberation but man. Wouldn't it be nice if you could. Fault is it. It's this culture that he is totally otherwise hates. So why wouldn't you want to blame that g do you. But do you think like paker arrived would have the ability to be like. They are not modern pianos fixation on that old way is is a. It's it's fake it is it is it is itself a costume. Yeah no the thing they want. They couldn't handle either because they are like us like. We all are modern creatures. We are creatures of the world that we live in and their whole project is doomed because imagines that they can turn back into different people regressive -ly and you can't the only way out is through so i mean so peg has a lot of thoughts on this and like he kicks off this threat by saying on top of being a stupid lie the ret conning of ancient male friendship as homosexuality has damaging implications today so right off the bat. He's claiming that the sacred band feeds. Were just good friends with each other. That is the fundamental like. I guess it later posts. He backs away from a little bit. Because he gets into that distinction between gay axe and guide entity. But that i post really does seem to be denying the well established historic fact. Look at any greece and earn each other. There's in a giant daisy chain for christ's sake mo- most grecian urns if you go to the mat or any like established collection of of the art of antiquity. Half of them just have shit. Looks like palmas twitter. Feed all right so Getting into this red Pay continues says it seems harder and harder to deny the normalization of homosexuality has killed intimate male friendships. I like bronze age. Mattis's in on this. Okay if you're taking bronze age mantis okay. I reverted the bronze age now. They're to the fucking insects. He enjoyed the bronze age mantis. Spin on this that the powers that be made strong male bonding impossible because it's too politically dangerous. Small bands of men bound together and do or die. Friendships can destroy a regime. I mean i think. I think chapa trap house is good. chuckled trap house in the nine. Eleven hijackers are good examples of this phenomenon. I also agree with bronze age mantis on this point The homeys having fun dude having fun is is dangerous and it seems increasingly to in our society if you have to ask cui bono. Who benefits if you're three men. It's like one of you is an eisenhower. One of us patent and one of us marshal which one guy has been all right. Get it together guys. He goes okay. He's getting some attention here and he goes okay. This threat has gotten lots of attention. So ha you have no friends funny. Inventive arrest this. Iran relationships in ancient greece were not at all the same thing we are told today is gay identity and yes i believe. The normalization of homosexuality has had a chilling effect on certain forms of male bonding. Many other things have played into the current situation from anglo puritanism to the erosion of male only spaces but that to the very fact that past. Nil friendships like montaigne. A today read is a gate. Some people as evidence of this have a nice day. God dammit i will die on the hill. So he's he's he's going to die. On this hill he goes further to. But i mean. I don't know i like this takes on the flavor of another sort of another species argument where people are just complaining about that. No one has friends any more. But they're only talking about themselves. The main problem here is that his argument stems on the idea that the dastardly elites normalized thomas sexuality so that straight dudes would be too insecure to be friends with one another because the whole argument is premised not The there any direct attempt to interfere with male friendships. It's well the the males themselves. The straight males are going to be so afraid of appearing. Gay that they won't be able to be intimate with one. Another i mean isn't the opposite true though because i mean like i mean just from casual observation. Wouldn't it seem that like the normalization of homosexuality to use pegues phrase has led to it being much more okay to like emotion and vulnerable as a man who's Heterosexual or to display. No but only manning is i think what he means is that you have to acknowledge it like you have to do a no homo thing. You have to make a joke of it which means you can't be truly intimate in relationships. You have to keep you have to keep all male relationships. Iran is to prevent against the encroaching anxiety about being gay and like what he's complaining about is It's not some dastardly fucking mechanism of power. It's the fact that all fucking friendships are less potent than they used to be. All human connection is less potent than it used to be. All of our relationships are are thinner. And more tenuous than they used to be because our relationships are been dissolved in the fucking acid vat of capitalism to the point where we cannot believe in anything beyond ourselves where we cannot operate in the world without having an entirely self-focused motivation because otherwise we will be grounded fucking pace. We've all been turned into. The homo economic libertarian. Psychos said we always were and that means we. We cannot if we literally cannot afford to have relationships that obligate us beyond our self interest. And we all know that and means our relationships are thinner. And that's nothing to do with the type and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with liberalization of sexual mores. It has to do with the fact that no one can. No one can sacrifice realistically and also that emotion has been totally coded female in the modern era. Yeah i mean like it's if your goal was to you know. Dissolve mel friendships or make them thinner and weaker ironic The most roundabout way. You can do that is by case sex. I guess but the easiest the easier way you can do that. If you control capital control everything make it so that the line between work and not work is blurred. Make it so that none of you. None of your moments are really for you. But you're told to really only think about yourself to really only focus on yourself your success. Your personal interest as a your personal feelings is the only true thing in the world that seems like it would work better for dissolving melt friendships and everyone's friendships and it has like. I don't agree. I don't disagree with the idea that like there are fewer friendships and people are lonelier than they had been a while. I completely agree with that. But it's i mean we're talking about this when there is a conservative thing where it's like they point out a problem or they point out a They point out like a historical facet. Where you're like. Oh okay yeah. No that's true and then it's like and it's because of people are afraid that people will think they're like well. Well what the fuck are we talking about the same thing here. I mean the thing is like okay. People will think you're gay the whole point. Now that is that's okay right. So the thing stopping you is is An internal insecurity. Yeah this is. It's a perfect example of. I mean really doing very modern thing of taking a broad social problem like loneliness and lack of friends and then putting your own extremely fucked up weird personal thing on it where it's like. Well my you know my reason and therefore everyone's reason is that if people think we're gay i'm just imagining like Like herman melville's letters to hawthorn. He's pouring his heart out and at the end of it he just postscript no homo but year he goes. The point isn't that no greeks didn't engage in homosexual conduct duh but to say some greeks up but to save some greeks they were lovers and leave it as that implying that they had a gay identity in our senses other simply is simply either ignorance or ally and all scholarship backs this view. I feel like i said it all becomes this thinking about gay identity and it's just like nobody thought of themselves as like no thought of themselves in like the i mean shit. Fukui made. This point is history sexuality like nobody thought of themselves as having a sex life until the modern era until like until time had been segmented by productions areas of your life became discreet things that forgotten identity right so like if you had gay sex which plenty of people were doing throughout history. Didn't necessarily make you gay. It was just a thing you did even if it was like kept quiet or whatever but like i mean. So he's like is it is it's not about the sex act itself it's not about homosexuality but it's about Just it's about it's about. It's about the sex acts forming an identity that is a then political category. That is then a sort of a a group that needs to be advocated on behalf of or certain disparities in law and society need to be redressed on behalf of that group. But like it's really. I mean with with all these guys it really is just about saudi. Mean like that's really what they're thinking about. Or i mean like what is more like what's more threatening here is it. Is it the active sodomy. Or is it the what he calls the social acceptance of. Well i presume. It's probably like his argument. Is the social acceptance. Yeah it's the social acceptance that that's what that's what gives it the that's what gives the social Breathing room to us a a culture like a public persona that can be associated or public set of behaviors and attitudes that can be associated with the act. Yeah well this is so insane though. Because it's like okay if your argument is like this problem exists because of acceptance of homosexuality as its own concept and gayness as like a lifestyle is or an identity rather base isn't really going back in the two right. How what is your plan to like. Get people to forget option. What are you gonna do like none of these sort of like you know integral s or whatever you want to call them. Monarchists or return to tradition types. I mean none of them. Were like ever very explicit about how they would get that toothpaste back in the two because they know if they stated it outright most people would regard it as you know thoroughly monstrous. I honestly think that their plan is they. Fingers crossed that they survive the apocalypse them. They're buddies can all like dua. Fucking society of creative anachronism rewriting of the earth. Like good like we we could. We could take this The bricks out of this walmart and turn them into a castle. Keep and start having tournaments. I mean again. I got to favorably. Compare buck breaking one of the Thesis is but breaking That they say at the start of the movie is that the default state for a lot of white people is just homosexuality. Amazing thing to say but it's again this is way more interested in this. Yeah yeah no awesome movie. I've been like what would peg agree with that statement or no no no. He wouldn't because he believes in order to talking about saying this kind of very intimate flowery pseudo. Erotic connection between men of the past is superior to that of today. But that's not right. That's the argument. Like with buck. Breaking the argument is like no. That's gay like even if you there. They had no concept of gayness back. Then that's still. They're still gays. I see them today whereas pay is going. No it's not gay. They didn't invent that until nineteen fifty. One i mean he's going on here he says on the link between normalization homosexuality and the decay of male friendships perhaps the perhaps the best way to go about. This is through pop culture since it's both a mirror to society to society and amuse john. Woo's a better tomorrow. The dramatic not of the story is the conflicts between friendship family loyalty and honor to establish the friendship of the two main characters. The opening scene shows engaging in horseplay wrestling etc. At one point champions fats character tries to shove a piece of food in his mouth. You would never have those scenes in western movie today. Why you know why it would look gay. Asian cinema is an interesting point of comparison since it's so often concerned with those classical themes of friendship and culture and it comes from a contemporary society. Where homosexuality is or was very tabu contrast red-letter media's review of the j.j. Abrams star trek movie where he various points out that the movies need to establish that all the male characters have a case of the not gays. The point is that subliminally but inevitably normalization of homosexuality has added a question. Mark to countless male interactions. This axes a subtle but nonetheless. Real break on male intimacy that rosetta stone of american culture friends the intense meal friendship of the series joey and chandler and the show never stops getting left from creating an a. Is it gay subtext. Whenever joey and chandler move for a hug there's an awkward pause followed by a laugh track which works precisely because the show and the audience having inevitably the same split-second. Is it gay moment every time. Joey and chandler an intense emotional moment. They suddenly feel the need to do something manly with that intense. Male bonding a little bit. Gay laugh track. It's funny he brings up a john lewis movie. The killer is another movie that has very homoerotic themes very homework. I don't know like but the question is like From moby dick or huck finn on these think of major theme and like american literature like even not american literature is like The friendship scene two men like it's you know i wish my hell and quickly or or or or you know huck and jim and it's like a much has been written about this but the question is like for peg is he saying those authors like herman melville for instance was unaware of the the subtext. Here that this was an accident or it's only read as gay through a modern lens. That's the case. Yeah that's moronic the literary trope for like maybe hundreds of years was like the idea that this is tragic. Because it's not even an option to fully consummate this and to fully like for these dumez like live their life as romantic partners. That's not even forbid and it's like you can't even do that. That's not available in any sense. And i. i don't know ted's deal is but like i read this into a lot of rods. Work on the subject well. Is it like now that we live in a modern era in which being gay isn't identity and you can inform a family nba openly gay and fully integrated member of our society and indeed a very successful one that option being available whereas in the past it wasn't i mean i think there's a certain sense of like a loss of the free zone created by the tabu of it also a sense of the loss of like i've wasted my life because like if i could have just been doing this all along. Maybe you would've well. Yeah i mean the the characters. Avera i mean not literally the same thing you know. Why do i think air kills themselves at the end of this. Storyline miserable. He i don't think he kills himself because he's like. Oh broke my moral code. Time to kill myself. He kills himself because he realizes he can break his code and that he that that way he can adhere to a grander sense of morality. And then he goes. Oh my god wasted my life. How many years did i devote to this code. I could have done this forty years ago. And i wouldn't have waste my life. I would have lived. My life is an actual moral guy. Okay i have to kill myself. Hot stove i mean. How many people do you know that like live a life. they don't really like but won't deviate from it because that fear of trying it a different way whether they're thirty or forty or fifty or sixty that the moment it works which some mobile they know it will. they'll go Oh my god. I wasted my entire fucking life. That's the fear that keeps a lot of people where they are and the other interesting thread to this peg. Threat is that. He's writing from a european sensibility. And what. He's talking about the this kind of the smirking winking sense about all like you can't be too emotional or physical with another male friend or else you have this kind of this no homo moment in. Like he's harkening back to like mean he goes on to talk about salmon. Frodo lord of the rings or british guys who are writing sonnets to each other before they got ripped apart by turkish machine guns or whatever but the thing is like that that old sense of masculinity that he's harkening back to this intense men love this platonic male love and dedication to one another and really like deep sense of intimacy has never really liked chick. Taken root in america is like a frontier culture like america's codes and masculinity are very different than european ones. I feel like you don't make out when you meet somebody for example that is a funny thing in the. He has something in the thread. where he's like. This guy he knows is is doing some deal with like aramco i think saudi aramco and european lawyer comes in and kisses him. And he's like you can only do that in europe talking. And i think the difference comes down to the fact that we're the frontier country where the where the country of individuals and isolated stoic like lawrence called us and that means that intimacy has always been less than america and that now and because of that we capitalism became enthroned headquartered there and then made things even less fucking communal unless intimate and more individualistic and yeah particularly for like a male displays of a vulnerability or emotion always been more circumspect in american culture. You had to be like you had to be the strong silent type you know how out on the frontier or whatever He goes on. He writes here I used to blame anglo protestant puritanism and i still do but obviously normalization of homosexuality plays a role. A lot of things that used to be natural between men are less so maybe you think this is just because people need to become even more accepting of homosexuality. One wonders how that could even be possible. Maybe it doesn't affect you good good for you. You're very special. But don't gaslight me this isn't real three then he goes three lord of the rings if you know anything about lord. The rings token tolkien when sam. I love that that tweet right. There is like a perfect tweet for me. Because just i don't know maybe because i i am affected by today's ironic distancing between masculinity and feelings. Or whatever i mean to me. It's funny that he's lamenting the normalization of homosexuality but he's an adult man talking about. Don't gaslight me an adult. don't gaslight me here's what happens to my story figures frodo and sam. I mean i it. As as we're reading through this babble the thing i think about is like all the close male friendships that i know that i see and you know what make no mistake. A lot of them are between people who if not necessarily rich do get to escape a lot of the rowdiness and collapsed and fled existence that most people with Who are totally reliant. On office jobs or manual labor service jobs are subject to its people who like are able to go have a supplemental or primary income from like internet entertainment thing and i i think i don't think there's a total across the board correlation but it is notable that people who aren't as subject to the flattening effects of our current reality Are able to have these very deep male friendships but of course also for most and also just like this is only really a problem to the extent to like okay so homosexuality has been normalized in our culture. I mean y you know what his prescription is turning the clock back on that who folk note but now that that's the case and like like you said if you're a straight man and you're being affectionate with another man there's always this tension like publicly of like. Oh well something. I'm gay or not. That's a why it's only a problem to the extent that you let it into your head to begin with you can do whatever you want. I mean you can write sonnets. Your home is wrestle with them. Sacrifice for them love them. I mean if someone snickers at it and you and you you feel like you're back is up against the wall. I mean that's your problem. Maybe you're not as close. Maybe you're not as close friends as you fucking thought you were i think. If if if some anonymous snicker is all it takes you like what he's saying is is. That is that the effect of this scheme by the elites is to overtime disincentivize it among all men. So yeah this is essentially your fault but hey this most guys are going to feel that way and so guys are going to tend to be less intimate with on another even though it is just in their own head it is still the it is part of this this this evil strategy of like demobilizing masculinity away from what specifically. He doesn't say all he says. His homes are threats too ill to power. How and why like what that means. He has no. That's the extent to which he sets up this entire theory. That will you know if guys were friendly. More friendly with each other they would Maybe overthrow the government. Well how exactly that's supposed to happen. And and like defining that as like the load bearing element of of any kind of revolutionary movement is. It's all just picking through the whole broken pottery of history just to find the one thing to justify your weird hangup. Yeah i mean. I mean like i do think like very generally like genuine friendships and genuine connection are like you know. Sometimes they can be of great used any political movement our social movement. I think they're i think they're just important as a facet of life but Also i mean guys during the british empire wrote fuck in poems to each other. They didn't really destroy create evil of the empire good right. It was the british empire and the capitalist system that they unleashed that gave us all of this. Yeah like the system that even in these guys wanna go back to before that your only chance of doing that is building a fucking a medieval times on the wreckage because we are not those people anymore at a fundamental level. I mean if you wanna point to like the real thing that normalized homosexuality as a lifestyle and an identity separate from the act it was fucking advertising. It was it was the commercial instincts to take the desire to have gay sex and turn it into a market and then identities formed around those markets like. That's how all identities get four market because it reflects it reflects a group of people with a lot of disposable income and you know and as such capital and power in our in our society and so if once again you're not find you find the culprit and it's not your scheming Judeo masonic hall. Which is the european catholic traditional explanation for what happened but the good old fucking profit motive so you have to pull the machine out of this thing. That's pulling away each other and turning us more and more into just fucking graphics but you can't turn the clock back on the identities that have been formed. We are those people now at to put an to repress is two fatally alienate huge chunks of the population from any communal project. A non capitalist government would have to be also another thing. I would really like guys like this to happen. I think we should have to excavate a lot more clearly. What exactly they think is wrong with being gay or homosexual acts themselves. Because i mean if you go down further in the post he just says well i'm a. I'm a conservative christian and i think that they're you know. Human beings are naturally ordered to certain behaviors and unnatural quote unnatural. Behaviors makes us you know Sad and miserable. And that's why they're prescribed by god or whatever but like i mean if if these acts are so unnatural how come. They're so common in all of history and human civilization. Seems like one of the most natural things for people to do right but once again as a as a occasional indulgence or as a parallel structure. Not as a thing that is validated by getting an organ transplant is pretty unnatural to. But you're gonna turn it down if you need a new kidney. This always breaks down. Because that's why they always have to end up arguing about things either very very thin metaphysical arguments like it. Somehow it reduces the strength of straight relationships or the idea that it it literally spreads through recruitment. And you have to make an argument. That has somehow undermines Conventional relationships like straight relationships and and every argument to do that is is very Very the previous classical model. Like i mean. It didn't exactly uphold Heterosexual relationships. I mean that was the standard but it was very clear. That like your your your wife or husband was just like assigned to you. That was that was your function society. Your actual romantic and creative and imaginative flights of fantasy and trysts just like creativity. Come from outside the the marriage and family unit well the highest loved. You could have her have for another person would be someone of your own sex whether that was sexualize. They're not is is is another question. I mean sometimes it was. Sometimes it wasn't but it wasn't like guys who love their wife didn't exist until about nine hundred eighty five. I mean it is a relatively modern moment but even more moment even more so than the fact that romantic love between men and women is is a relatively recent innovation of the early modern era renaissance. And stuff. The other thing. These guys are fantasizing about conventional relationships. The nuclear family is a complete product of not of fucking like modern capitalism. That is that is absolutely modern artifacts like those social relationships are as tied into capitalism and as tied into every godless move. March away from the sacred that these guys have been bemoaning seventeen eighty-nine as homosexual identity. It is as much modern A social artifact and so they want one they wanna keep one that they have They have turned eternal and elevated. And they wanna get rid of another. Because they're not they're operating just from a a sense of what they're horrified by what they finish that is entirely generated by their specific array of fucking repressions psychological. like pathologies not any of clear eyed analysis of like the state of the political economy up extra point opponent made about like the for the sort of split between europe and america as it regards masculinity i mean i think the only thing that's going on here is like he's bemoaning the fact that a lot of these things that were traditionally regarded as being normal and masculine are now coated in our modern context. Which let's be honest. Only means an american context because like we create culture for the world like we we. We set the standard. Everyone else are coded. Now is being fruity. And i think that these guys are upset like their natural setting which is soft and a little bit theatrical is coded as being kind of being swish now. They want to go back to a time. When like like that was you. Could you know like there was. There was no difference between being a cowboy and being a montaigne. a poet who writes the three musketeers. Were like the bushes. Dudes on earth were cravat. S- and and long ringlets incented scented handkerchiefs. Fucking sleeve callers. Well i'm not going to be like the whole thing. He goes on for a long time. When this threat as you might imagine but he says why will i die on this hill. I'm going to do something. incredibly stupid. And actually exposed some vulnerability to the pack of hyenas on this whole site. I mean again you know. This is not traditionally masculine behavior to me. That's because i'm in an american context. And i'm in a modern context that men talking about la- health site and normal world. Being gas by popular culture is not something. I stereotypically associated with heterosexual men. But perhaps in a more classical context that wouldn't be the case so Pay continues here. He writes Ha you have no friends loser. Well not only do. I have friends but not all of them are internet. A non so there but k. Through twelve. I was three years younger than everyone else in my class. So that made making friends difficult and yes. I was bullied but thankfully unlike libs who act out trauma by trying to recreate their bullying. At the level of politics. I grew out of my loser. Nerd passed in the immortal it. By in the immortal words great justice brad kavanagh lifting weights drinking beer and hanging out in any case typically. And whatever you're was in. I had one friend and so i invested in this friendship with a lot of meaning and intensity and since i was a nerd i was yes inspired by some of the great friendships of classical literature. Including yes the iliad. Some writers speculated about the achilles petroleos relationship but homer himself never says her implies anything not projected by the reader. But also the great stories of the knights of the chancellor's the guests and others. When i eventually found out that some of those scholars asserted those relationships are gays were gay. I felt like an incredible violation. I knew it had to be false. Because i knew that the way they described those relationships describe my relationships and i knew they were gay. It's intrinsically debasing to suggest that someone's friendship is really based on some other motive. Whatever it is and just to be clear on describing experiences that happened before puberty so please no talk of sublimated or repressed homosexual attraction. I grew up in a household where sex was openly discussed. So i was aware of homosexuality concept but it. I had about as much relevance to me personally as the rings of neptune. The point is that. I know what it's like to experience this kind of pure intense mill friendship and i know that it's different from sexual or romantic interests. And i know that. I know that it is the same thing as the great classical friendships. It's just it's just incredibly destructive for the discourse to point out these examples and go wink. Wink nudge nudge. Shayna more on top of ignorant and stupid of course. Hey look i'm a christian conservative. I believe that human beings are naturally ordered towards certain kinds of relationships that engaging in homosexual conduct is intrinsically unhealthy and that society should encourage it today. Some people find this. You not only shocking but fundamentally unfathomable incomprehensible that's fine i find the contemporary. Live your truth. Ethos of the self creating rootless domestic individual both laughably absurd and horribly crude anyway the. I'm not crying airline since you pity of the replies has confirmed for me that we need more critiques of the consequences of normalization of homosexuality. Thank you for attending my tedtalk. So there he goes It just i. I think he's just he doesn't wanna be called where i mean. I think he just doesn't want people making fun of him for his in today's society where very gay coded behavior you wants to be able to wear paper cape in public. That's it. I just written the thing about. Why why can men no longer. Why why are young. Men no longer dressed in velvet coup. Lots and stockings. The way they were in the victorian era that that's why aren't we dressing boys as girls until they're eight. Yeah that that. All the time in victorian society wasn't able to be a little bit publicly fabulous without self consciousness. That's it. I think he wants to be like a little bit flamboyant and i don't mean this in gateway not i'm not saying that he's a closet case or whatever i just think like maybe maybe it is a tragedy that people have this internal sensor in their head if they're heterosexual about being a little allergic to sweat like they shouldn't allergic to feel that they should take all the money out of the thirty five program and have a completely ceremonial branch of the military. That's like the cavalry or you can do this and like have a silk pistol holder and all that like that would be positive. I wanna go back to a real man A good eric adams thing the best concert. You've ever been to curtis mayfield at wingate concert series. At that concert there was a rain storm and the lights fell in curtis mayfield and they actually paralyzed him at that concert. He died a few years ago but risen amazing concert before that happened. Just so unfortunate concert you ever saw when that was rained out. And we're curtis curtis mayfield. Paralyze falling late fueled. Curtis may feel if someone that's literally paralyzed for life after that like literally. How was the play other than that. Mrs lincoln but he responded like my favorite live music experience rolling stone set and ultimate. They also asked about Israel because he's going to be new york's mayor and how he's going to advocate for it and he said i visited israel twice. I'm going back again. And i'm going to try to find a plot of land so it can be my retirement place i love. He's only the dance everything about israel. Okay ask him. we're areas. You plan on retiring. He says in the golan heights area. He's going to be mayor. Sorry like he's going to win tomorrow. I'm sorry vote for him. But like that's like you know you know what. He didn't even think that before he was like. Oh fuck israel. i'm gonna retire. Golan heights number one controversy. That has dogged. Eric adams in this mayo racist the fact that he lives in new jersey. And then he's just like yeah. I'm gonna move to go on heights. Yeah i'm gonna buy property there and moved there. He's gonna be as settler like he's raising. I would love to see how. How how. Warm the warm embrace that. Eric adams and his family receive among fellow israeli. So it's still love. It'll be great. They'll be so nice to him. I he's. He'll give him so many vegan pizza meals that he can enjoy what he's like. I mean i don't want him to win but it's like he's he's such a completely like fucked up person that it's like he. Yeah kinda think. He is going to use the biden of the race. In every respect. I mean if if our national politics holds the former the local level. I mean eric has got this sewn up. I mean to say it yeah. My favorite concert was when curtis mayfield got paralyzed before he got paralyzed. Of course like what a great interview i mean. Yeah no i don't like his policies but just he has the right personality to be yelled at all the time that you know. He does because they asked him about how he's feeling about. Being up in the polls he said not happy not sad. The man with the waxwings flew just enough not too close to the sun not too close to the water steady. That's the opposite of what happened on all. I think he's imagining like he probably heard that story. And then you thought. Well if i if i was i would have just said exactly the right altitude. The wax wouldn't melt up. I know again like he sucks pretty much everyone else. Running for mayor sucks The job is just to take the orders of the cops real estate. What what else do i thank. I mean i wish i could. For debunk loro. For third honestly s. They should do the the bloomberg thing for him. Another term sorry finally having fun after eight fucking years because he realized the thing that every new york mayor should know going in. You will never get another fucking position. You will never win another election after you new york city mayor and you should just accept that and then have fun with it. Look dibango beat. The trump virus no ends or buds. Any beat it for the entire east coast. Dibango is my mayor. There'll be statues of him so now he's a guy who's like not really gonna get appreciated but by history history will redeem him. I will be dibango history. Well that does it for. Today's episode guys asked not who the baseball cranks were. Really by curious. I am the very model of a modern major general information. Vegetable animal and mineral. I know the kings of england dakota vital over merrin waterloo. in order categorical. I am very well acquainted with mattis mathematical equations simple and radical about root theorem. I am teaming with a lot of news with medical about had plotted new deal. I am very good at integral and differential calculus. I know the scientific names of beans and immaculate animal and mineral. I am the very model of a modern major tender.

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