Ruiz vs Joshua 2 In JeopardyRuiz Wants Significantly More ForSaudi Arabia


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Sorry it's pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law. Hi it's jamie progressive's employee of the month two months in a row leave a message message hi jamie. It's me jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool so when it's like tell us what you want to pay hey hey hey and the trombone goes blah blah blah when you say we'll help you find coverage options that fit your budget then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes savings coming at ya savings coming at ya. Yes no maybe anyway. I see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap. Break progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law. Take with food dot com combat. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another edition of the box voice radio. I'm your host and nesta. Gibbs joined alongside michael gross and we are here to discuss the class on the dunes. Ruis versus is joshua to in jeopardy according to the athletic and michael carpenter. Andy ruiz has not signed his contract and is threatening not to sign unless his offer is significantly increased to go to saudi arabia. Michael carpenter gave some very key points as to how he will be able to get out out of this litigation so stick around because we will be having my good cop and you're on the show a little bit later to just discuss all this and <hes> yeah. We're going to bounce this back and forth off. Listen man <hes> when we reported any four million obviously thought that andy would begin a piece of that. I didn't think a piece only nine million nine million is what is being reported. That envy signed four in the first contract so like that's his paycheck this contract but he's like no way. I'm not going to saudi saudi arabia for nine mil so this is what we're going to be talking about. This is what we are going to discuss. 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I know you probably are irritated with everything that's going on but bench sign a contract then she signed a rematch clause that if you want then you get a rematch they already said the and what's as an good enough then so why isn't gonna now because you see the money that's born here. So did you not read the back end of your contract. Did you not know that you win beginning part of the sightsee if it was going to be in a rematch lot of questions that i have a lot of questions that i have but what's going on as i was going cool man since you take an o. D. andy knows stance. I'm taking the d. in eddie. No stairs what fuck did eddie make posters release press conference of press releases press conference information had he had zone tweet in it but let me tell you where it gets even better. Okay this people in an chat talking about fake news right. It's so fake. The p._b._c. deleted their twee and instagram where showed their official fox on posted is so fake that if you put has tag matter of fact i'm gonna do right now. If you do hashtag josh will mike. They suspended the eh p._b._c. Got that fucking power yo listen at first yes. I thought it was only if you do joshua ruis joshua to the number two. That's gone suspended. I'm gonna but i gotta pull it up. I want you to read what this says. I mean it's unbelievable but you up conspiracies. Though i love theory suspended right became use the hashtag more not since not any recent you cannot l. k. I'm from the standpoint. You know saying look got under contract. You gotta make sure that there that they when you sign something you know it through and through. I mean it's not yup. I thought it was going to have like people off the conversation. I'm sorry but i thought like if you're anti you're doing what's best for your fighter. You're you're. You're secure a big sightsee a lot of thing i thought n._b._c. I want it to be in england. I don't wanna go fight. They don't want to come to the u._s. So they wanna neutral ground does not neutral if this does anybody have any ties to to saudi arabia i don't know about maybe they do but look at the end of the day man. I just sometimes shit might go your way but if you say you're going to do some <hes> you gotta do right so ruis joshua to nothing happens right. I'm gonna just i'm going to have to share share it and look it says right there no results right no results. Now i go back to i take the two off. Put ruiz joshua you see three hundred and eighty eight right joshua two or joshua roy so now you put joshua ruis lease that space it there. Check this out hashtag right because what's going on. I boom click it. This is so wag that it doesn't do it the same way as on the phone like if you do joshua ruis on your phone and you click it is going to give you the message i'm telling you so. What do you mean they'd. He like took it out like i do you okay so look. I am going to have to put it like this because i don't wanna gonna look like alive about that. So when you clinton joshua ruis look at what you get can you read it recent polls from joshua we are currently hidden because the community had reported to them and be meet instagram community skylines so obviously like yo that fight is fake. They're using our brand. Shut that down so they shut down joshua louise which already existed but anything new is shutdown so joshua old exists now you go. I'm gonna put the number two here because again. I don't know why it's is not doing on a computer on a computer you know search results but then you pull it joshua louise number two which was yesterday pop and if you go to match room they still using that right but that's even better that let me show you what happens when you go to match room. That's great. I'm telling you the power of these people are more natural. Hopefully only a dozen on the stupid deaths soccer's on on the phone so tell him right so he goes there. Post the right look ruis giant. Stop acting like the same nothing hi how you scrub the entire internet of all those graphics that got re posted how you scrub the internet head of everything josh ruiz back in like this is insane insane bre no. We didn't sign for that fight. No we not going to saudi arabia. You gotta you gotta put some more money in the pot. How mu- how much money you deserve. I didn't even about aww deserve. I'm gonna cop. Injures twit tweets now about the twit a pain but i wanna brought up the company brought up i._b._m. And cooper pillow now if they he somehow had this drawn out the man wayne got to be part of this shit our title my eighth title does therefore the contract because all three are no longer on the line. I'm sorry when you have paused for my the only one loses his josh as well listen. If joshua can't come to an agreement the sanctioning bodies listen to me. The sanction bodies can't strip ruis. He got got a contract yeah. Let's ex-cop when he got a contract with match room woody. We're going to dan i the day w._b._a._l. What they do they do. They can't strip release. I'm not saying i'm saying to be of kaz. He put up the twenty albin kubeck parallel so this thing here so what's going to happen is they got to come to an agreement or they have to file a lawsuit before andy andy ruiz guidance schedule his next fight. They have to block him from fighting year. That's a lennox lewis to rodman mocking a day now. Check us out uh-huh but but yeah you know while lennox lewis one because he wasn't trying to how to fight in saudi arabia number to a level to let me just show the world. Would this says travel advisory from june twenty fifth. This ain't january this june. There's a couple of days ago. America telling it's american citizens fall of fuck back. Stay the stay away. Stay away. What an attorney for terrorist right this. Although i said this the first day i didn't say like this of course i fucking number two but i've seen any concerns about going over there on the sand safety and not not only say how the the <hes> the human rights are notice and so that's always a case for me. Eddie eddie's disrespectful accent andy. I like how how you not gonna ask andy. If you say they can say us. We put on a successful show last year. In jeddah saudi arabia with the world boxing super series finale would catalysts myth enjoys groves also we we recently did it again but a month and a half ago would amir khan and unbelievable so the concerns that you guys have maybe shouldn't be that a high because we already put onto successful shows without incident that may abuse something that they might try to fall back on but at the end of the day man. It just seems like i know this listen. This fight is getting more and more lucrative every time that i even look because you factor in a forty forty plus million dollars sightsee you didn't you factor in. We may not happen find on his own. I know they're tweets came out that set the tone finalizing agreement but that was the best. I plan on e._s._p._n. Fucking fox if they come with the right proposal n._y._u. And pay per view in america we all know that fatty the ferry move people as right ain't no fool anything she at this can be my and i'm gonna get all the money all the money and that's exactly what he's doing well. I'm just excited that again. Ah prophesized this and it's coming true. I knew that they would be pay per view you officers and then it was just so shocking that we didn't hear anybody show interest in now to day. It comes out that there's two different networks that have have submitted offers and i knew it. I'm like how is no one willing to take the risk on paper. Really comes true happened right bravo the bitter for this shit imagine bravo pay per view ew that it'd be crazy that that was crazy i didn't i didn't think the zone we'll let get this for you know so i thought you were figuring at because dissolve fucked up and you can't give a guy that that much money and not have his damaged fighter even dealing whites not even with the zone officially so you've got the two top fighters matchroom not would zone. Would you guys doing man. I think is beyond zone. I think it's eddie not being sure like how do you. How do you announce a fight without a signature and now this can happen. You know 'cause i'm not gonna. I haven't heard throughout the industry that fights happen and the day of they get signed. You know oh man we got. We got michael coppins. You're on let me just go ahead and get them on here michael carpenter of the athletic wanna wanna thank you obviously for taking out the time to talk a little bit of boxing with us and if you could just obviously it's your story that everyone is running around here. Talking talking about the joshua joshua to falling apart is money going to do it like because i've seen one of your tweets says that's andy wouldn't go unless the offer significantly more. Is it really going to take money because then i've seen another tweet where you're like you know the increase caution level to do exercise increase costs and go to saudi arabia select is even gonna wanna bring his family over there with him. This is just a lot of leverage and posturing my opinion. I mean when when andrew re signed the contract back in the spring. Please terrell miller contain. The rematch clause was pretty much said hey look injuries. Beach joshua joshua has the right to triggered a rematch clause and events eddie hearn and anthony josh full control the date the site and andrew. He's earned something around nine million dollars which fixed purse not a not a percentage split andrew. We sign that so. He's contractually obligated to to fight anthony joshua. Now what i was seeing is from what i've been told i could see andrew. He's trying to use security risks as you know some leverage leverage play and he's going to try and get some more money can't blame the. I'm trying to get more money but i don't expect to fall apart. I just see it as andy rees wants more more money and he's gonna use everything he can to get under hayman how much more you think he wants from the leads nine. I don't know the answer to that but you gotta gotta figure look if if he were to say hey look i'm not going through with this rematch at all he had then he's going to get sued. He's going to sue him. We've seen this hi. It's jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the hey jamie. It's me jamie this. Is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony any but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note and and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year sorry it's pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law of course the lexus golden in an opportunity sales event is about exceptional offers but it's also about having advanced technology and a safety system designed to alert you all all coming together for you at the perfect moment. Don't miss your perfect moment to experience exceptional offers on a line of vehicles equipped with advanced safety technology now until timber third experience amazing at your lexus dealer. Slim advanced safety features not available on jack's happen before back around the early two thousands after rock shocks lennox lewis rock don king threats by somebody else they add match caused lennox lewis sued he won in court and they got got an injunction. Stop out and run from anybody. Other than lennox lewis next so that's where we would be headed here. I don't expect it to get to that point. I just think andrew you'll we'll say hey gimme a few million more and we have a deal and yes. He still has to sign something. Even though the rematch causes there you saw spine the the dow agreement for the next site. Let's just say that this does fall apart in goes to litigation. How likely would with the i._b. Of beat to step in and pulled away their title for the cuban pull out in your opinion i._b._s. C._b._s. could strip worries next week because they don't auto rematch clauses and there's battled out i reported on last week. Basically kubrick pool evan top rankers saying the the mandatory is now do the pool of tool imitators wanna get there were years ago another one last year against tyson causing they're pushing fort adam cope maskey who cares chris ariola over the weekend. Send it to the number three spot and for some reason i this is number two ranked so if so right now there's a battle going on between top rank and epic sports which has poops co promoter and then tom brown on behalf of andy rees trying to get an exception to do the rematch match. I think we'll have a decision in the next couple of days and if they do stripping with i think is very likely we'll see a fight between adam oscar order that they can title. I was wondering why adam got that title and you know he had like an i._b._m. Interim in his last i would areola and i'm like way wasn't he. Highly ranked in the w._b._z. and he's changing directions but he's well let me just actually we had kief chief ida yesterday and we asked him would he go to this guy and he said he's not sure he says you know financially. It's not an issue but he is worried about. How the like like you tweeted out the increase caution that you have to have when you're going to saudi arabia so i'm asking you would you cover this by being the no the magnitude of it it or would you rather stay home in the safety of america. I would like to cover it because like you said it's the biggest fight of the year and i want to be there. What did you my job but it's going to be up to let it competitors there if they want to send you or not let me play devil's advocate real quick. The same level to caution that is over in saudi arabia i seen you without is in mexico in any hearn is putting on a show in mexico. I believe on the twenty four so what's the difference if they try to come with that argument you're right. That's what eddie and he's going to come out with something like that so <hes> so you know. I think it'd be an interesting legal battle. I just think that what this all boils down to is andrew is using the cortina's. Try to get more money and eddie earned has a fight signed right now. He's going to try to push through with the fight. I think the fable happen but they're going to have to probably placate him. Why what did autozone let this get this far like speaking of light. They're like just now and talk so finalizing a._t. Broadcast deal for the u._s. Like how did it get dislike. Why wasn't this already pre determined and the first night. I believe the reason for that his win and he did the deal with zone last year. Anthony joshua is not included as part of that deal and the zones wait and see where i was going to take place if they would get a much larger licensee in the u._s. It will get electoral license in the u._k. And now in a far flung place like saudi arabia it will get substantially lower license the and what i was told that somewhere figures less so i think that's all be settled right now and you know disown region have in this whole thing unfortunately for them but but you know this is eddie and joshua driving the bus you says saudi arabia's paying them eight figures less <hes>. I'm going to pay eddie hearn eight not eight figures less than they would have. It was in the u._s. or the u._k. For the rights to televise the fight muse now one of your tweets many other hold the other holdup. Sorry i was gonna say the other hold up is that the zone is trying i to land the rights to the fight in all eight of other markets to now. One of your other tweets mentioned the possibility of two other broadcasters that put but in office could. We assume that that's e._s._p._n. Showtime or fox i actually i don't. I don't have the answer of that right now. You can speculate what you want but it it would make sense that those are the two yeah or showtime who knows no eddie randy reason al hinman fighter heyman does business with both showtime talks but i don't know the answer but no e._s._p._n. Though like bob didn't wanna you know. He didn't bid on this city. I go no the answer i i don. I haven't really answer that in your opinion. How likely is eddie hearn to budge and give of a andrew raise more money when east contractually obligated to the site to the rematch to the whole bank so i don't. I don't understand why he would but i can see just what you say make it happen but if he doesn't he's gonna win in court so is he's like what do you do. Well like any businessmen eddie her. We have to figure out the opportunity cost here. It's a fight doesn't go through december seven then saudi how much that cost him. How much is it worth to make sure that it goes through him pressure on him. Could i see him going. A couple of million william more sure. You're getting a ton more now. So now gareth davis yesterday early morning or i guess surfer the u._k. Early morning he posted an article stating that who somewhere around eighty four point six million dollars was decisively but then you posted it was is a little more than forty or upwards of forty. Where are we with that figure. This is the thing where i don't have the exact figure but i was told that it's somewhere around forty. It could be it could be an excellent forty could be fifty you know but i oh i think it's probably. I don't think it's a hundred. I don't think it's seventy five. I think it's in the vicinity of forty whether that's forty or fifty or sixty and for context it was reported by meltzer who was a wrestling reporter dot w._w._e. Is getting around forty five million for their events and they're big events. They're doing but i have top draws and the current contract is andy guarantee any of the u._k. Pay per view buys. No this is a flat flat in the vicinity of nine million dollars guarantee now us vision of services so in a fight like that. I'm sorry i was going to say quickly that provision of services which is a little different and not when there's a co promotion which which were not a co promotion. This is a mattress event right and in this case. Tom brown promotes and the reason naming him as the manager. There's applying andrew on a provision services which means that it would be negotiated. A package is nine million dollars or around million for andrew. You have to pay promoter fee or managerial out of that shirley his purse. It's the package where the provision of services so common to do a little speculating for worst case scenario andy. He sticks to his guns. He doesn't go through the rematch day sue them is it worth it's al hayman and just pay off the settlement and keep the titles those in do their own thing or would it be too much like with the loss loss before obviously way more. It'll oh be something other than that would they would they would do is if you look back about lennox lewis hocine rock monkeys and i posted a link to the case earlier today on twitter they would they would seeking junction junction which would mean that of course could mandate injuries not to fight anywhere unless it's as me joshua next <hes> wow interesting. When do you think will get an outcome to all of this. <hes> you know i i would assume and when i say i'll come already been officially announced but like you know as terms of seeing andrew announce it or weigh in publicly and everything suit failing. You'd have to figure in the next seven to ten days. Well i mean you say it's officially been announced but p._b._c. retracted their instagram and twitter <hes> you know fight posters that they created and the the hashtag which was active is suspended both joshua louise and josh ruiz too so something is definitely own hall yeah where there's smoke. There's fire for sure. This is a part of the players like. I said to make sure that they have the protecting their fighter. They're doing their job and i would expect to see a global press torpor fight of this magnitude hanging. The usual stops in new york l._a. England maybe even mexico so i think once we over underway. We'll know everything to go but i guess yes seven days. They need clarity soon last question. Since you brought up press store they did put an official press. Release would only one stop in london. I was told that both josh were end. Burris will not be there though it's going to be eddie hearn and one of the reps from saudi so i would assume there will be a press tour beyond that with the fighters. Maybe there won't be but that will be surprising to make. I'm not said that was my last but we've watched. Big fights not do big time promotion in the past because it's a rematch so it'll sell itself as with these promoters and broadcasters think do we see that with this one and we just might not get a press store because it's so big you're right and now we did see that with canola triple g to that's not eddie hearn's style knowing the way editors business that show i will be quite surprised if he's pull out all the stops to make this bigger fight possible. Well mike thank you. I was coming on. If you have any social media you want to give to our listeners. Please do so thank you again man <hes> we can't thank you enough because we use everyone you tweets and your headlines headlines. Lands pug my breaking news on a daily so we appreciate the hard work you do keep giving dan hail cruciate report. I appreciate this guys. Follow me on twitter at my cop and read me over at yet again. No problem thank you there. You have it ladies and gentlemen and michael carpenter the one let us know all these details so mike now. It's time to speculate we got the facts out the way or at least whatever information that we could give directly from demand demand broke the story now. It's time to speculate here on the situation man because you know he went anyway. He said he was like look. You know they sued rochman. The add an injunction zhongshan but again we got the level truth thing you know to factor in and i mean if i'm if i'm andy i'm taking a stand. Dan put me on the stand your on put me on the stand now. Let me say for the biggest fight of my career. I want my daughter's there. I want my wife. There is not a court well. Let's make it that kind of cool. That's got to be one of the snags in the contract like some people like the <hes> kief bring his wife for the biggest fight of his career so like andy suppose to leave is because of the probable danger you know because he doesn't want on a mentally stress about what could happen. I don't know andy save my no. He <hes> he has taken stands and i i can respect because i probably would want money too but when you adding earned you gotta look at it you have more on the contract. I look i don't wanna go out of the gatien and in all this traveling on this area so now million brother we only fifteen i fifteen now dying going out and fifteen s. nine. What you're making right now what you made the the last night fifteen million that that life changing enough for you we we are got you on a contract so you know going to court. You're going to lose money. You go it just highly house gonna play. We've seen it with lennox lewis. We've seen awake ride. My the contracts are meant to be oppo unless there's something in it does not make sense or or or has out. This contract doesn't seem mccaslin out for andy descend. If i was eddie i would give them extra money but i'm not about to give him shit thirty million dollars no crazy number like that. I mean you say he. He ain't got out. I think he has a lot of leverage boss stolen right. Whoever <unk> is in saudi they got deadlines. You know they need to have shit up and running. They need to be able to start selling tickets without having sure that's that's what everybody tells me about like even said those guys over there they move with a._p.'s and they're gonna hang on every bit. When i get a bill okay my other angle is still the belts the longer it takes the more the w._b._o. Decides to do what they they want the i._b._m. Decides to do they want you know and this fight becomes less and less meaningful. You know he could be obligated to rematch age a._j. Ain't got nothing to do with the strip away from him. How important is the fight when three of those belts are gone because let's be real distribute the i._b._f. You ain't walking in there with the i b o. Oh you got the other three. You'll need that one if you ain't got the other three. That's what i'm thinking too like. If one of those bills are strip or something like a an argument experienced driver looking for a career that pays well and offers vacation days from the start if so then drive for penske talk to penske representative representative today and apply now call eight five five c. d. l. penske start driving with penske today. Of course the lexus golden opportunities sales event is about exceptional exceptional offers but it's also about having advanced technology and a safety system designed to alert you all coming together for you at at the perfect moment. Don't miss your perfect moment to experience exceptional offers on a line of vehicles equipped with advanced safety technology now until september third experience insomnia at your lexus dealer. Some things safety features not available on jack's. Thank comes down from a sanctioning body does that now void the country because everything not how was last cycle light so like we can still fight but not going to be fighting for what the contract stipulates right. I mean i'm just thinking out loud and listen. Rodman went to core four people like these u._k. Fans are acting like oh. You know they got a win because he loss. He still went to court. Might they drug it out. You know what i mean. The fight didn't happen when the pomona wanted so again. If they go to court they lose their venue. They lose this potential safety. Everything happens even if in court. He's forced to fight like rodman. It's still now. Gotta get renegotiated. A whole new location is just gets dragged. Out and money will be loss. I i wanna know who fucking took the handle your way this will need. Does this the biggest mystery or today right here who who had enough cows another the bridge to make that happen power who had enough power to make an entire hashtag disappear influence that is insane. I mean look i was do. I do all the stuff in front of my girls so i'm preparing for the show and i'm like what the fuck she's like. Well look at this shit. It's gone like that's the power our house. An entire first i avoid joshua ruiz used exists. There is fight shit. That's just say no recent stuff could be used with that. That's over and that's garbage because we know without auto news the past couple of days joshua reason but but they also took that andrew is joshua two. Which was the official hashtag. I mean it's it's so powerful that you go to match rooms like i said in direct you to nowhere but anyway. Let's open these phone lines. You know the number to call in to what the how about say six hundred eighty watcher so if not already subscribed to the channel go ahead and do so now if you're listening right now go ahead and smash thumbs up but it helped with the visibility of the show look if you want to go one step farther and really support the boxing voice it over to patriot dot com slash boxer shorts and sign up for as little as three bucks a month like three dollars five thirty six dollars a year man that's like not even a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans. No it's nothing supporters and we will support you by bringing out more and more shows and i'll pay drama and you get a lot of perks whatever yes decides to get his ass post office. Yagi shirts yemen. I mean today's already three shows shows in in one day and will definitely be back for more <hes> but let's go out to the sponsors and get to our call us. <hes> we want to get your thoughts on most remember to raise five stars on itunes. These calls are brought to you by el camino electrical services experts in electric vehicle geico charging stations for consultations and turnkey installation visit us at el camino electrical services dot com. We got a couple of civil jets. Let's one coming from no name no methods to showing some love i guess is he deleted his ship but we got one from erin. Stinson drop the bills and the untied eddie hearn's and we got one from andre the new right there right because remember fury did and he didn't fall from grace. He got stripped to the i._b._f. And after he got straight so you know what fuck that i'm already to chin. I'm lineal champ. I'd be demand. It'd be demand and really you know that makes andy some type of lino right not truly new 'cause that's still a fury. He still is demand like a._j. Was still demanding the division. Let's not you know you can laugh at off. Yes he wasn't the man that was vladimir when tyson beat them but he is the man in the division even right now he moved. No one moves the needle like him besides wilder. No one and i think honestly speaking. He might move more than while. They're like wild gets the job done with those viral knockouts and shit like that but like a._j. Talks and does a million views bro and we see the forty million dollars for your plus. I mean so so i mean there's no no stress to say that we got one from andre the new nine million mine is legal fees has has tagged air tight deal. We'll see man. We'll see listen. You were out now. I gotta understand i'm with al man i'm with with al al got in his game because dues try to play his brother. How so no one getting played remember at listen. If anything yoke oh guaranteed to be good remembered. This is a al hayman investment. Al hamer set hunt. Take this eight hundred k. bang freebie this freebie go pay that top rank contract br he seen the vision. We ain't good enough. We now worthy to talk his name. I'll tell you how much power l. ham. I am against. He got. He got bored. Warfighters smell than what as because name i just wanted thing would achieve and when we talk about hey i just wanted to have because you know he he do the best fighters but hey i'm the i'm is a great guy i had never met him but the mall intents and purposes everybody everybody speaks highly all inside of show show them the utmost respect even when fighters leave them. They still have shown. I don't want to tell bad about our first thing people. Oh say whenever you wanna talk about but i just wanted to active as i would like to be but you know active active and came back to p._c. And start getting wait to get his name jump brass knockout a._j. Thought that who would have thought that we had called the three way when he did the little conference because say oh you know i got eight hundred but i don't feel like open in the bank for like going to the same who who who wanna put in on this is eight hundred on this little investment. I got you know like damn breast right now bobby. You had andy are we we even though he you had she'll fuck out of here. Let me go to these calls man we have we got bouma ranga j._d. In texas rex is talk to me. I know my in. I don't know what a nice all good. Is it me it seems like when it comes to like kamilo canal on jacob easy fight than me. Why is it everytime either eddie hearn turn or josh will or the protecting i don't. I don't know what's going on with this thing like it's always some bullshit revolve in you know around making a big fight with us and and it's got to get you in the date is releasing lisa. He don't wanna he wants more money. I don't know put the blame on any earn you. They just doing of josh. They you gotta do is very true. Man got all the belt exactly like my family okay. This is what i'm saying though bit <hes> it sounds like <hes> andy didn't agree to go over there right got a degree. He agree and the first contract when he signed you. You hurt my copy. He this when i'm saying it's always on revolving yeah man. I don't know everytime everytime <hes> you. You know. We we make if it used to. I gotta stop point my finger at at the at the at the problem at the root of the problem nine everybody you they listen j._d. Just just to piggyback off you you know mike is trying to play devil's advocate and that's cute but a._j. Eddie all the problem. We'll tell you why delia white said this he foreseen. That's why he said no. I don't want you off. I don't want to fifty fifty. Why are you controlling the rematch so you're telling me i'm i'm beat the brother and then i gotta beat the brother again how he wants me to beat them. No no and that's why dylan white paul dow you you know what i'm saying but what was nello which was canal can do the same things did they do that. There's been a lot of cases as you come out we won't they made they made it easy. Can mellow get every fight and fight right. Oh man oh mama leo. I'm accused money on my pocket. Now i got you hold on. Let him leave. Would you say he wanted the family. Oh this nah. Maserati is mine. He's mine. I heard recall talking pig. James tried to on spots on boise canal ally so real quick as easy to the bunk right so gennady gluskin is his release remember his rematch clause. He asked for more so then golden boy did what the same thing eddie gonna have to do. Fuck you'll his this forty seven point five but remember mike you doing all this you know talking to your neck making your finger snap but you remember that he got pay per view up saw he got concessions. It's easier for them to make the he was smart enough not to fuck up and the reman smart. Don't use that word in this in this phrase you know why because this this was late minute replacement you went in there. This is exactly what you do you say yay then you get the big dogs out at noon that the labor and replacement and you believe in yourself and you knew you was gonna win so you knew what you side in the fucking rematch but that's what i'm telling you might you did your job now. Lawyers turn it yo. Your job was to win. We're gonna take care of arrests. They want to go to court. We got money. Then we go to court. Were out. Yes yes then we can suv. What fifty million wasn't a delaware wanted fifty mill we went to call for that right fucking shutdown right and they want for no fight though it it was more for state boards and this ain't a fighting. There's going to be a fight in the court ruled say no fighting the album of fucking greg's of all time alley is my opinion allen. Gotta do much because eddie can afford the weight. You let these things in a fortnight that unhappy no forget not let happen because it's going to happen. He he got the rematch close what you ain't got no dibs on his those belts the minute you start losing belts despite despite the same so you got him he's on. This time is ticking. He got us solidified his deal before though sanctioning bodies stick their clothes in his deal and say oh this this this is going back and forth. You know we ain't got time to wait. Wait we got bob's big bucks so we know once anxious about it that they're going to without wills a bill. That would be definitely gonna do. They gonna be like you know how would wait for the rematch wing champs. If you're watching this on youtube. Don't forget to hit that thumbs up with the visibility show going out to a mastermind in texas big supermax talk to me <hes> neck real quick. You brought up the good luck and rematch clause deal but don't forget that fight was a draw that that worry matt cloth went out the window. They had to read about the point good point but he got more money. He wanted more money yeah but what i gotta say <hes> although i understand completely what he's doing what he's doing mike kind of right you took that last minute but when you signed i mean who takes the fight not thinking they're going to win so we're gonna win dan. You can't agree now. I'm not saying he should've tried to get paid more especially if auto table book that brainy off but i couldn't understand why this is going to be good things is gonna get ugly ugly in a hurry and i'm starting to feel like we may not his this rematch by the this year unless they just don't put the energy out like that. Hey remember that other caller said that he was like yours. Feigen we're going to think is going to happen. There's going to be a frie- accessible won't happen is fighting nine i. I think it's either ed wood in alabama. Will someone else somebody right yeah yeah yeah i remember but they you know they they right so <hes> 'cause look man nine million good but that's not what anything home after he had the taxes paid hated team especially. What's on the table right there anyone that to you when i seen oughta money that i'm gonna tell you what i'm doing. I get that one hundred million dollars a day when you take it home ninety one. Let me tell you i was upset yesterday today. We're not seeing he was only getting nine. I'm like what in the world or isn't dimmer huntingdale on table that we know of and that's it and like you said that's what we know noel as crazy yes crazy. It is crazy but that's why that's why i'm outside down. It was like nah man. Nah the lanes to be real. Which of course not you know him. Let's say let's shake these trees one out to let me see make sure no masterminds awesome boomerangs out here man we do is we do got when we got one. We got one mr t. Save save thousands of get old navy saturday and sunday just in time for back to school. Girls and boys polos are three bucks in stores only plus saturday. Only genes are ten bucks for adults seven bucks for kids at old navy and old navy dot com. Tom fell at eight ten to eighty limited. Five polish exiles only the starlight lounge presents an evening with the progressive box tickling the ivories. He just saved by bundling home and auto with progressive. Gonna finally barring that gal of yours ugo send condolences this this next in my thank you progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates discounts not available in all states or situations p._b._c. man. That's keeping real behind playing games once again with money. Train people like peasants. You know he's doing that mr candy from that django should should but <hes> i wanna see the fighting now but i i feel like when it comes to eddie. He always fucks it up. When it comes to big big fights beyond walnut is prime example. You know he's not memphis the american public he's not good at doing this type of thing. He wants to at wembley type. She can sell tickets on his snapchat or some shit. I don't know i want what this fight because i want to see if he really can do. I wanna see anthony joshua go the path he wants to go. He wants to lose his head. Should i wanna see it phone. Call already. B._b._c.'s got a business donald in richmond california. Talk talk to rich who was going going on. Hey this is you know this is some real because i'll be thinking about it and he actually getting nearing hearing win and get to build this like i got the bills now fuck all that she we renegotiate and guess what i need more money and if i don't get more money you you never know i might pull a hamstring. I'm might hurt her all her my own on my back. I mean who's to say what will happen. If this by you can start talking like that and say you never know he might get an injury. You know who's to say. Maybe i sit down and talk that al hey me and he has this whole thing out and we say fuck the whole thing and he just willing to go to court and cash shop the whole seat. He probably can't really think that he's going to get that much. I would think in my mind. The most he might say he would want is twenty but that could be too much but i'm thinking back mama m._r. Read might be sending nine. If you give me fifteen we can make it happen so gimme fifth and it could be like okay. We'll give you this now. That's not the number. I'm thinking we'll give you this as you know he could play a game but i'm just hoping to get made because i think you'll brain in joseph bag on the boomerang. If i was ending got to give me about about half a million and bitcoins instead of the government cain tax jubran on the ringwood up shut the t._v. Florida oughta work and were of mike smashed headlight but <hes> my opinion i think that <hes> anthony joshua and eddie hearn brought this on himself. If you remember the interview in new york when anthony josh was sitting by that window he said you know <hes>. I'm the landlord and i come to collect rent and then if you beat me you become demand so when the hell do somebody become command because they try to control the fucking rematch clause and this is why nobody wanna fucking fight them and get an ago she with them and <hes> one one other note <hes> reading the article it seems that <hes> they passed they passed the bill over saudi arabia to give these women rights and to be able to travel without men and get equal rights and workplaces in different things of that sort so maybe matchroom eddie you know knew about some of the politics politics that was going on over there to try to stage it over there but <hes> continue all the hard work at our door and shot t._v. T._v. for life and and <hes> that's all i got follows. Bring jobs back on the boomer rainbow real quick guys six hundred forty watching. We just had my carbajal wanting wanting to lead reporters in our sport is of the world or whatever it guests you want us to get on. They don't want to get on a show. That doesn't get the numbers right so make sure that the numbers are there you share in it. You help grow so that we can continue to get you these. You know top interviews. I was gonna call stevenson but i know sometimes sounds. Bob acts little little wear he'd be like oh. That's not even my fighters or how would i know what he's thinking but i wanted to get his thoughts on like like if i would. You let them go to saudi arabia. You know what i'm saying like catch by at least at the by mohican. He talk to y'all day. Let me see so for for joseph and others like joseph right the way that it works as you got your boomerang but if there's like a mastermind or ringo the hasn't gone i gotta go to them. I figured that there was no sound. What was the pound. I what what what you say right. Well yeah pound for pound goes before joseph regardless so they go before it. Everybody no matter the the align yes r._v. Into he's speaking he will appear man this bullshit borough it is disallowed. Nobody wants to fuck this. Let me get my point. The only got like a million and a half now you could talk about shitting me. All you want but look. I'm not only reason why i'm saying man. Eddie is like my negative. You really want somebody to bus down down nine million and he's got a hundred dollar. Check like you you you ask them for too much like they could have just say no. We're gonna throw your exit ten million to set set you up or five million all all back in on on something but bro you they they were communists was trying to bust on the dollar and this feel special. What do you want me to dollar. Everybody want me feel special. They identified the onset of scientists. Why or is this craziness. You ask them for too much. Your only only get probably two megabytes your whole entire fight you telling me you want the man to go to two megabytes in his life and still not not castile type money damon nichols. Take your hands off. We see our. Will you go. You keep doing sheet frame because hey you should hurt my day. Mike say that coffee versus spending sailboarding packers expense. That's not being asked pack jabre suspense at the spans the cap as patio that crossfire going be heaved and we always want to call it always wanted to bash the behavior turns doing with fighter. He secured in a bad light at the end of the day. We found the right. I you know everything that's going to going to go on. If i can get a better venue for my guy and get more money then that's my prerogative. Dan got none. Do what you don't wanna guaranteed. You can get the man pocket. Do you my my if you were where buckman package and be prefight of the first fight. Don't don't do it now. I don't know why you taking this stance. You know good and well the andy going to get what he wants. I know it's good for chad i because uh they got they in they yell. He got him by the balls. There's not much you can do main like he got him by the balls 'cause day and then the daylight a._d._m. A._d._m. can take it accord indians throughout haven for their legal fees if they if they win you know what i'm saying in verse and how how history repeats itself they will win tyson fury. Did this man like once you beat the dude you won you won and and you can i can see from ruiz's personality he reminds a._j. He won. He called him a robot uses. An emoji like come on hill need the fighter mcginn a._j. Safai defy him again so they better make sweet. Apparently not i mean talking about if we talk about the about months you buy the making money exactly and that's what the and that's what the u._k. Do best whenever they see they may can't fight the man can make check though i know you're way but checking shoes that's okay. I'm not saying they i it before legacy. Did i agree with you one hundred percent but we just talking about making money in this bert he can't do it regardless. I hear you man. Let me see what we okay. We got mastermind elms in the building your ankle don't come to heat. You know our delete shit not into that business his supervisor upper six on the way you talk about your <hes> because you tom probably <hes> retract tried to his message but i did it before the super. Why do you know what he's doing. <hes> basically tyson few situation he he got stripped because of a rematch close so he had to remove lead <hes> when it comes to do a._j. Yeah but remember. I'm only used incisive incisive theory as an example in the stands that like he didn't go forward with the rematch and didn't lose any cloud as long <hes> as you can see he came back after two years and got a super duper american pay per view in hasn't been yet to do. I always always foundries frozen boss away he oughta clout in the world but when it comes to the saudi arabia and safe mexico level two as well so ford out the window and he wants mexico colder mexico a different type of level now kinsey the head of saudi arabia all inclusive resorts on monday should run. They say on fighting against the government over there. Stay in charge as offer. Let me let me tell. You can't smoke weed so that's crazy andy. Andy wants a little bit extra money he begging so we're going to give a little a couple of million for over the no peasants some money over there and boom. 'cause you see the only u._k. Do listen think about it. Who used the word peasant day. We already our not come on man. It's too easy tribute so i've been talking about so. Tell me about who a._j. Not not white and didn't why is who firefighter comes full circle big dog costs surco big. He sees it. He wants to repeat it. You know no but it's whatever i'll see you. Try you. Try and get us your boomerang. That is though you know. Let me see make sure nobody else over the way wait. I gotta see where's this guy. He just do a do that. Don't never press one didn't go against boomerang night. Then we're going to joseph where you at look. What makes my bed man now nine. I got you didn't get skipped them nothing but he's not only known known seem okay so much on these six comes up to me i would i was up to them. They saw the show today but this speaking on his contract situation read the thing about it. If he going to say that he felt like it was a dangerous situation. They're not gonna enforce that shit and it ended today yeah he he. He's contracting obligated to fight him. Next louise go home to set the house on his belt gets stripped away and i do shit you can't you can't force him to get up do anything so what would be a victory or with no no belts i mean what are they doing that but you know there's obviously something to him. Gonna flat flat fee. I if if that first number you guys are talking about eighty million. Oh eddie doing what that's where fire and he's doing. What's best for him because if he was doing what's best for his fire. He wouldn't be having fire fighters again with clearly. He hasn't figured out what you did wrong to lose the first fight. This is the him trying to cash them out and it's obvious so he's willing to take them anywhere. Whoever pays the most money he's gonna go get so the reason we get down on her because if this is dr king everybody's where he was the devil they talk so bad about our heyman and he ain't never talk talk before so it's ridiculous. I just want to see the fight but she get a man fifteen million. I it got eddie. Hurt is a master's stopping fights and we keep act act like he's doing some big. We can't name one big fight that he's made. I mean we can't think of one big fight and he made the any of us to watch it. It just made ruis joshua to watch this shit cure brick. I definitely flee wanted to watch come on man which one real quick just made ramirez hook good. I wanted to watch that real quick dobra what is age as playing chessman man. I like me all right. What is he already knew that saudi arabia wh option ainu the two. I'm not saying he's this farm to say in where you're going with this so those out i will you could be the referee down. Tijuana andrew weeds comes out. I'll fight you until one and it makes it go do that. What is tijuana mexico level to and what do you use in court. If you try to bring that up that sound bite that tweet right there god damn. I mean i can see that. I thought he was gonna add the full. Bring it full circle and say that's how you get it back in the u._k. You know because it's like oh you don't want to go to saudi is. I don't think anyone back in the u._k. Right now in safety i think he's a he'd we'd fight in saudi. I whatever andy i'm gonna give them a little bit more money but me alan just said that. Eddie is receiving eight million less than what zone is willing to pay for an american site. We chant but that's the that's the the best broadcast she got to the time difference now because of of the actual sightsee by an american dougie begin more money to cross the it'll be a bigger audience 'cause he used the word sifi so i thought dissolved was paying for the american psyche step paying for it to broadcast a fight but it might be are you looking for a rewarding career that pays well and offers vacation in days from the start. If so then drive for penske penske is hiring safe experienced truck drivers to operate their fleet of more than three hundred thousand vehicles for dedicated routes outs join our penske team and drive the difference talk to a penske representative today to find out what jobs are available in your area and apply now call eight five five c._d. The l. penske that's eight five five two three five seventy. Three sixty seven. 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Talk to me so any eddie hearn brought out here in cali ahern has brought the era of flat fees. I mean why isn't it just as a split up percentage. When did he start doing this because it's never been this way in boxing hardly ever you. You did give us forty percent. He's going to be happy right so he's already bowl sitting out heyman and what we have the leverage. Even if we doesn't take the fight for whatever reason he'll he'll come out the winner because tyson fury he never lost against a._j. And really hearn an as air offer the belts more than what we used to the basket and leverage so don't take the fight that the basket fractured up hayman. We'll probably the fight with wilder for sir and that's it. I mean i i lived yeah well but if it up wow it's gonna have one of those three belt. No no no no. He's gonna have the leverage. What i'm saying is if he doesn't take the fight. I think the only sanctioning bodies he's distributors w._b._o. And i bef you'll be able to stay with the w._b. And unified wilder perfect perfect but still have the fighting t._j. I i'm in san diego and if you guys come out to <hes> ortiz wilder in l._a. I'm gonna take you guys down to hong kong taking outta. Leaders like you see what's really cracking what strip clubs. It's party time at t._j. Man so. I don't know why anyone would not wanna avin t._j. 'cause everything anything happens under the sun at t._j. T._j. his cracking cracking so <hes> you got hana. He's saying it got him. One okay onto whistle the strip clubs are cracking me along with cracking tour. I i'm salmiya. They cut his saami up. I'm by down in flooding tijuana right. I don't know but we got checkmate. Take my box and what's the big deal with with my with them ned a._p._i. Emmy and under okay yeah first of all with the contract or want to say this real quick <hes> we can get out of that contract under the unconscionable contract that i'm conscionable contract is one that is one-sided that is so unfair to one party there for unenforced ones of the law and this type of contract at least one party with no real meaningful choice usually do two majors. They're yeah partition bargaining power between parties. I've actually a couple of people out of. Can you do that to a contract threatened we already this is a rematch. Well remember this. This gift started so if this no no no no yes coupon mike if if all of a sudden listen i'll what i'm saying is he had head less than forty days to get the fight and you know stupid. Everything was so rush rush rush conscionable contract back acts but mike mike. I'm trying to tell you look it up. Please google uncomfortable contract. I've gotten three people uncomfortable contracts okay at the so one-sided okay the and it's being because of the part of the bargain about <hes> the party. He can't get out of it. No one is mitch and i put it in a text many many times. I'm conscionable contract a one hundred percent. You can get out of this one hundred million dollar fine because they got the u._k. <hes> pay per view. They got the zone money and he got the <hes> the other the money from <hes> saudi arabia guess what then that's older a hundred billion dollar ponzi paneth man of nine. That's an unconscionable contract. One-sided sided no way a person who's holding four belts is going to get less than ten percent of all of them when you come on. It's unconscious contract so let me move on from that and say it is. I told you this is the because the fight is not meant to happen this year. This is how little bulb a._j. High low ball wilder is how he low balled. I'm no-balls everybody so this is cause. Commotion too fractured the situation. I'm telling you there's no way despite half of this year and this is eddie's first salvo. This is his first ball because they know how are you going to call a contract. Oh i'm gonna give you this day. Speak to release about it all of a sudden. Oh oh i didn't come on. I'm i'm guaranteeing you. Guys is not happening this year but this is unconscionable contract that the terms can be <hes>. We work now. I got three people out of his check. May boston study do real estate. You got three people out of them but i think breeding says nazi-era is doctrine contract law the describes <hes> terms that are so extremely unjust or overwhelmingly one sided in favor of him which who has superior bargain about wow then the articles contrary to good conscience tires. You've been checkmated. Might you've been no. I mean i i agree does does it. <hes> <hes> candidate bring a halt or stopped up to a contract that was already agreed upon and the first fight you and you already took money from the first fight this mike it. Don't no matter you drag this out. It ruins it for the other party so it makes them more liable to settle. Don't matter that this is all part of the game plan ultimately you just gotta give what he wants because either way you lose. You're in the long run. You might win. 'cause you get the lawsuit if it goes to that because they'll still give us options settle out you know and it can still be rochman where he is forced to fight count that the court has to dictate were whether it's uncomfortable so they take the court then there may may be a reason where it's hoops are cast was still on that so i want to so okay so i said well bring me to in the beginning so he ain't that type of core. If the court is the one that i'm saying the core obviously is going to hear the defendant and plaintiff breath and that's what andy kicks everything. He can't even bring his wife and kids more man but you want to get too soon yeah one more more from benjamin franklin. We talk more business than boxing. Eight-man boxing is a sport. This boxing business disguised as a sport hell yeah. Boston is the last thing that happened. They fight more on the business side than anything else all right. We got oh alumna info giant portion of we call living. You don't file yeah yeah yeah. I <hes> everybody hits. Those thumbs up t._d. Is putting in network hit. Those thumbs up ios shutout checkmate eight four info on that but i think that andy release is just posturing for more money saying that <hes> he's in endangered by going to saudi arabia. Do you know there's a travel alert from the old coming to america right now but for the shootings in el paso saw aw but <hes> i was hoping that the fight would be in l._a. I hate is going there. Who would want to go to a fight that you can't have a beer or have a drink. May i could i can't i can't see even being live. I don't care what they saw on t._v. Y'all i never had a drink when i watching the fight of you know what i'm saying yo the bars the full mike i did take saudi authentic saudi arabian food long beach and it's basically lamb chicken and go in in rice in the city was bombed at all. I actually did <hes> putting surveillance. Abandon cameras put his restaurants so a lot of these sipping a lot of that shift comprom- overseas and stuff but i thought it won't be over spicy man but it's actually good and they use that kind of like pita bread and <hes> sheik was bombed in the city was called open sensing me you know but i hope that fight it happens. <hes> i think ruiz it gets fifteen million and <hes> some somewhere around that area no higher than that with no reno. Maybe thirteen fourteen changed fifteen should be kept you about that and you should get that but going to saudi arabia though that's my call brothers. Thanks for the work piece. I disagree with that fifteen the report yeah it's funny man u k fans are like oh. You know you pass they now. Oh you guys don't wanna fight man you guys you know so you're not real boxing fans. Look at you telling them to go to court but that's the difference between us. We fighting for uh-huh fairness. You guys are calling in peasants. You know take that maiocco. Boxing is not fair enough fair sport and that's why when you got a powerful guys out you use them. That's why this is terry a side and b side and then it's not a fair sport shit is shit. There's always going to be a this is truly a fifty fifty. Five is going to be always a little bit one-sided towards asia a my show me how heyman fighter the winning to his super fight unhappy our way remember trout was his he got kodo and cannella more was this is he got he got cannella earl. Mike thurman paco danny fucking matisse. He's i mean. He got thousands of south. No no no no no no no no no no on on suicide but danny on put them on the map but remember he was under that was that crawford moment except crawford for prescott in danny four kind you see the difference and then go beat the guy who become your are you. You're right. Oh my gosh. I'm not you know what we ain't going to do. We ain't gonna do it. Do it. Do it. Man that's funny is crazy crawford in the finding both if now think about it full circle full circle now you see on social social media say he didn't wanna dick schaap member member. He was like yours talk boxing and he was like yup. You try and change something now. I'm very raw. Oh god danny carbon info going out to <music>. Oh let me get to some of these new callers. I got elisa talk to to me. It's gone on your logic that utilizing imagine. How can you hear me now. I can come at this from so many hours yeah. I'm gonna come just from a few. I angle do you americans upper thirty trinity towards storage that bring this just age as a robot a._j. Stink you go up twice and never have to hear about him again. Why are you know another another thing yet. You guys never make this money in house but when you want to a._j. You wanna say you just take the money from five guy being a move one. You guys that atla pussies as if you're getting but beat up in front of you you'd run your pistol. You always fucking duck <unk> budget. Hey guess what happened to a._j. Go fuck up again a me one. When have you seen a big man. Where have you seen the by a had the beat you up twice because he's a robot is giving the highest painting still crying and that's smile. After the fact we don't have to struggle no more optimism humble looking at compete. Just fucking one coming from a man can take it easy. You don't graduate you played ages out. Don't bus a blood vessel champion. Don't bless above vessel who we got. Let me see her. Hopefully we we. We got more like a lot in charge. The talk of the one of mine is it because that's honda alex boys. Were actually on your side. He's british. It's jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave leave a message at the hey jamie. It's me jamie this. Is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acapella group mad harmony but you will bounce back back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way way to nationals this year sorry it was pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. The stylized lounge presents an evening with the progressive classic box. That's you go tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally i buying for that gal of yours hugo sending my condolences this next one st there's thank you progressive casualty insurance company affiliates discounts on available in all states or situations the crocodile fucking unhappy start over having yet over. Let me start. Let me start these days british bitches. I loved the why did they change the narrative every time it doesn't suit them at the start. It was ba- take the money beat anthony joshua then you have the case to the kingdom now now someone is beaten. Anthony joshua like take the money again and you'll never have to hear about him again. What what are they going to change the narrative when he gets beat again. It's just ridiculous like eddie keeps throwing out these dumps live contracts non million six million no one on the planet <hes> no-one on this planet in boxing basically as you said this has a superfly and doesn't pay up but eddie hearn and every single time eight hundred puts up some bullshit contract to avoid some sort of we had this as for us with the answer walter. It's ridiculous every time this happens the british public come out onto. Just take the contract. Just take the contract. You have the case to the kingdom now all of a sudden. It's take this contract again and it's all good you know like then. You never have to hear from us again. It's bullshit man donny good one coming out of these countries killed brooks damn australia cut is in until queen power over there might reach man say it ain't so alex alex. I met that guy in biggest call nine alex. You find yourself. Let me know caused by new like lodging. Wouldn't you people at people. Actually actually we got a._j. Talk to me a._j. I wouldn't go man won't be real. You can tell them over here so i can kinda talk all that shit over one day. I'm lying. You know happy muslim head what had to manage if they were the fun of somebody who dipa power movement bovine on the roof <hes> from what i from what i was seeing on the on the venue is shit got less than ten thousand motherfuckers the whole motherfucking world oh and all of the fucking u._k. And the dams from maine everybody in the u._s. Trying to suck ac- you. I'm saying plus one does want does he could sue here the shit don't add up if you got big man in the whole k. Come i get the i'm not. I'm not chipping on the venue. It's the fact liked the viewing you gotta. You gotta understand on this <hes> we. We've been seated at what twelve o'clock on that i if the schedule the way it is that's why mike my copy is going to be like eight cigarettes from the broadcasting fee. That's leaving me man. You get what i'm saying like the shit don't add edit add on a business standpoint for the pelotas shit but in in in terms of the fans and i'm not talking talking about it. I'm talking about the u._k. Phillies they want to get fit again downplaying but i'm open to they. They won't be everywhere trying to talk to you. I'm saying that they don't add up but the meeting a._j. Thanks for calling him bo obama. Talk to me. I've been online as my time. This shy shut out the tai-bo redick bo bo bo jackson who is a._j. Who is alive. Who is who is checkmate who is and who was done on trying to stall call interrupt me while ball shoutout to eighty for maker released by most shut out to ruis but acting brand new shutout protecting tyson fury every route if it was tyson theory and deontay wilder was the same thing going on in this case. I believe that we pretty much act like a fury with deontay wilder rematch. We take the entree waterside on to that. I know that fight turned out differently but it was really was the b side got blessed opportunity when fight came up in the regards happened the way they did you take the hollywood rail and act like you never got made by. The mayor who major is understandable also shutout shut up to the rules protective. Will i feel you. Could i blame where we you know. I like to actually talk about. Five don't happen rather than unwanted not happening no time soon anyways so they're being said. I'm looking forward to the code levin yard y'all trying to do <hes>. Russia knows a man. Do vote wrestling cut but i wanted to ask you. How often have you seen a site in excess of forty million dollars or even heard of something like that. I mean <hes>. I guess that's part of the elite at broadcasters. Should i mean i guess the i mean. I'm not even go down that road. Yeah you're right. I'm not going to nkala old school row town road. Let's go now. I know it ain't it ain't true is going to be the listen they going. They are they going to be like oh here. We go again and and you know what i'm done with that man. I'm done with that. I i moved on. You know the universe took care of everything did you did not the universe took care of it so like i'm done with that and we got. Dan been a minute alabama. Talk about acting brand new. Hey ma'am and i hear a lot of motion. People come on y'all nigga card in and six years nigger on the comeback arar because of course look look who's talking out man on. I've been busy <hes> but you know what i think. Is this little salty 'cause fat well. When i there whooped you and now he wanna stand on you. You know like she is like we used philip fat girl. She put you out on social media you out in the open. You can't get it back is tough man my boy my boy voice. There ain't taking that bullshit awfully. I see all your nigga. Ain't i good snicker sending me money. Y'all be sending me money. It don't matter he's gonna keep on. The parents is go choo. Y'all give him what he won't even to just take nine million dollars. Why you making wet ninety something we're going to do that. You know he got the message is on his side to and he got out on no way. You should make demanding nine meeting. He just woke joyous. I will joe ass now. You want me to take you want me to take these limited as our our joe as you want on your bag. All your knees calling around trying to fat. Boys is up for the wind man we we we hear me and <hes>. I think it's gonna happen again anyway. Naked low low ball the how the money that night one night a._j. Partly a._j. You were raised by knockout in a in a ray robinson and jazz kept what he put draw and they'll probably like two hundred thousand one like two to three hundred dan. That's it for fucking ruis. Bond rock out and you want a dollar a dollar bit he he was mad because he he <hes> he he's. I listen to you on the dollar. I three hundred dollar. That's still great. I know three hundred is is great off of five fifteen the hammer home the one that he'd been missing mayb and spending that money out the boland colonist shit tana goto boom van gogh parts of what's dot com dumb his home base second so you know what's going on is show boy h. Money mr zone the boxing boys two thousand nineteen rookie year and is a sad day. Anyways is keep finding excuses this anthony joshua first of all he does the u k. He's already you you. You have the cojones dishonest zahn contract for the rematch but you scared to go to the u._k. Now you making excuses to come to saudi arabia because you know what's go- i happy you know you go get nocco. Go like how seen in the rematch against lennox lewis you go. Get don't like buster douglas in his first title against evert hog. How do we feel what's up excuses. I thought he was a mexican. I thought he was a champion. Last time i checked. He got his ass be by joseph parker. We you did a study. Oh patriarch everybody signed up right now barbershop conversation on the knockout bitch ass out they do you. Can you doing good right man all right all right included barbershop man come on man energies energies bob barber shop. Go live to get shit tobacco. Hm we got a new calling nine one seven new call for why they're walmart arado auto status. We got stunner jersey download t._v. Ios salute t._v. Y'all wanna touch on this. <hes> oh i wanna make an appeal out to the iowa and then we can see while the versus <hes> komaki nike barclay center sold out split crowd half the while hassle nagy res josh. What's going to happen regardless but this is my last four. I don't wanna touch on. I rarely you know me. I don't like the u._k. Come out and they j. watt but i wanna say something now. For over a year. Y'all used to have shows having people call in making appeals to wilder to take these flat fees. You guys like not not you. You got per se. I'm just talking about the callers so i find that funny. How now we have any release a guy who had half the pfizer you know ten wilder are doesn't have nearly the type of profile wilder does he signs flappy offers. You got were encouraging wilder to take for over a year and now you've got to call it and say oh. This is bullshit. Oh no don't do that now. Keep that same energy encourage them to call him a coward for not taking agents say bullshit so don't try to wear now that a j release are no. This was the judge no fucking contract. No i don't could could cut it. I realized his angle but one thing you got to rely when gosling house win titles and they ain't quite sure they can beat the other champion danny rushing. It's no fucking implication. They wanna home down like maybe a couple of voluntary's. Maybe a mandatory for the unification buddy. Let's see we got <unk> search and see. Who's this first time caller now. One seven year was going out then. Mike mike upbeat genetically now deserve. You understand where i'm saying. We won't stand. I got a couple of seconds. Let me do my pain but listening if you take them in nine million dollars. That's nothing it'd it'd be and then you won't get more money going to get more money. Do try to lose weight. So what does that mean. They get their money here in about her that signed the contract dry. I'm any time you end up going. Some different. Things is in contrast is all about nicosia borough and push it too so i enjoyed my worker and keep doing it saying babies all be baby boomerang on on the talk to me or donna reason why y'all not destroying ryan joshua is because he got an american black side because the floor mayweather would have pulled this bullshit they would have had articles out to date <hes> pieces out today about how of fantasies it is is craziness. Man buzz down nine meeting is create and all you care. Call us all y'all the jonah's bro all took steroids last night on the way all came from y'all got all this testosterone. All y'all the giants. I haven't heard not single. One of your own personal hurt his the deeds deeds is only one as incredible around here in l. possess but you'll have them because he got a fake brother but hey you can't call us. Keep the same industry and it might. It might be a reason eight joshua because we don't have you can't call it. A thank god the rain so i guess i got y'all might in january and be the bounty and be knowing their my energies always in sync you see like that's just me right and explain what i mean. When wilder was being offered them webcasts offers i was doing show after show and shot out the stunned for reminding show after show you know telling him to take it you know and then when we hear shelley tell us about the rematch and how they dragons like oh. Why do we met has got to be this way. My energies like why gotta beat you twice while i gotta beat you twice then went billion a year. Now it's not just wow the now you can't just say while does make an subbing subbing. He's hard to negotiate even dealing away saying you know and then it just came out more and more so now they did take the flat theo toll while the tape. I still got at the same energy. Fuck you re matching your fifty fifty s shit. Ain't nobody beat you. Don't control the second fight. I get the contract from you know i get that. It's a legal battle at this point but morally it'll go down that way and that's why wilder never some because how you gonna control me twice hi. I'm a beach when i gotta beat you again and i gotta do it the way you say now. We're gonna go to court but but he didn't sign right who wowed loud year doing white insein right guess who did sign it. Though andy roy's june joe you you major baby. Hey baby lying. He is that dog he he dylan he plant at hand. There was doubt got still got excellence league league as he got an. I've been doing this man. You can help me because i smoke right. Let the cia help me help me. How many times we've seen a file get announcing this happen. I mean we had posters has tags. We had press releases press conferences. France's monday is the press conference. Are they going to settle their problems before monday. Because everybody was everybody we are now they. They weren't supposed to be at the press. Covers is is one of the ain't got nothing to do with that any what's so what was that he going to well. We're here to announce a fight. The widow is going to happen. We're we're eventually going to squeeze a lot of. It's a month. I'll tell you that yeah yeah and that's all i'm saying is show me a fight of this magnitude four belts on the lawn that was announced and then was in question. Just doesn't happen not here because this is unprecedented really exactly so they got to. They got to treat this delicately. Gotta treat it delicately all right. We got some more calls. We got a lot of people in calling in today so if you're watching this on youtube don't forget uh-huh up on health with the visibility show plus. Let us know that you do enjoy what it is that we're doing around here. You know you know how's the visibility visibility ticket. Atlanta talked him g._t. Yeah you're going on. Mike glad you just came to be mad because mike hit it right on the head. I didn't sign because he thought the contract wasn't right. Lotta didn't sign because he doesn't want to fight but that's neither here nor there any re signed her contract and so now you gotta obligations and if you thought it was wrong. You shouldn't shot now. You talk about all this. Oh you know mom. You ain't gotta struggle. No more would change my life who okay now. It's rematch time contract. Stipulations for the contract for the rematch are in the original contract so i mean there's there's nothing there's nothing to discuss taking nine million taylor rematch. If you beat joshua you write your own ticket aside against fury or wild or any other heavyweight. Wait you know if you lose you lose. It is what it is but i mean you still get paid. Now you see you don't go to the fight. Don't take the fight. I mean you're gonna end up in court. You ended up poor. I mean this is easy choice man if you didn't like it you shouldn't sign a contract saw to it. I mean it's boxing you know and if there's nothing else to discuss yes i've i've gatien's or take ale. I mean it's only two actions you finish yes. You didn't so you done brian huggins. He must have got we in america. This america is america. There's a judicial system in every county. He bugging it don't matter where he think i saw like he obviously never bought nothing. You know what i'm saying. He ain't never the argument is cable company for pay-per-view glitzy nothing. You ain't got zero negotiation skills dog. I want you to keep that same energy when we announce in a chauffeur ruis person going stocker. Stop falling on this can we. We cannot blame eighty breeds sitting back seeing sucking eighty four million dollars on the heck out rats did he got the u._k. Pay per view didn't get design. I'm only getting one hundred million dollars that i can see only nine million contra trek thing i can see both both parties know better. Argument is going play. Play eddie harris glad to focus on their money got he. You don't want to fight to be in jeopardy ended. They go style and on that day so ease in dallas. Absolutely it's going to be eighty in the media say now we can give them but on on the on the hush-hush yeah he he happy l. Happy everybody happy by going forward. They squeeze in them and he going to get squeezed. May give up that bread man. Anybody that thinks otherwise is crazy. I i hope any don't come in with a realistic figure twenty five million twenty million library you can't you can't get w perfect whatever he got. The first asahi probably won't like you know three or four times the mana. I got four belts on the terms in this. Hey a a oh you know what i bet. You wish that fifty million now. He got forty million four five. Oh is he because last. That's got that shit in jeopardy. That's what we talk. Show on better. Stop supermax actually sorry super mexico elms on a boomerang he acts with i go <hes> i. I don't mind like like this is funny 'cause if a._j. Was getting for a million would andrew heath care or is it because ages getting seventy five close us. Yeah remember ruis ain't a._j. Got thirty five million ruiz's just because released didn't complain about it is money until the information of what age is getting came out recently. It was always where the fight would be now that the fight is in the money got shown. He's a now. I need a bit more like that's that's on pocket watching and if i don't mind like this for me go to don't care how much they i mike. How do you know the contract they d- he wasn't the day found out how much he was making. We say in the media in the me look out. That was the meetings secretary. Yeah i approach to win but when you have the power of the money was only the you. I'm not going to the u._k. I wanted to be based. I wanted to be l._a. Or even new york he he never saw rodeo arabia. He never say anywhere else. I'll sit. You're not listening. According to the information that we have ebanon just speculation. Michael carpenter says that he said he's going to need says significantly more to go to saudi arabia. That is the problem. It's not the nine million issue you want. You want not merely giving neutral territory. I'll do it in las vegas. I'll do it in los angeles out doing a new york. I'll take my now you want me to go to the middle east. You wait. You say ganic cutting yeah. That's what i'm saying. That's exactly what i'm saying. Read the tweets. That's exactly what i'm saying as exactly what i'm saying. Let's say andy ruiz says he wants significantly more to go to saudi arabia so no no no that narrative about why he had a problem with the nominee cause. He ain't have a problem with amendments because the fight was supposed to happen in new york. Hello las vegas. Los angeles mexico or the u._k. As you know as well as i know what the way they come out with with these stories and the way they presented to the media. They're gonna have it word properly. He wanted more money because he's seeing what the money came out. It's not funny. Fight being and saudi arabia is likely spend significantly more money to go to saudi arabia what why andy. Why do you need more money. Go to honey rabia. What you see come out. What do you mean why there's only been two big fights caliber smith and george grows and amir khan conor fucking billy they were smooth but it that that's not joshua versus released for four belton heavyweight division before before before a security shooting you you you wanna be security beefed up my check. Why you would be up everybody else. Check you gonna hire more security being y. You ain't gonna lie my pocket audience. Saudi arabia ain't going to saudi arabia. I thought you was where about. Are you worried about the saudi arabia or are you worried about to let me know say what you read about. What are you worried about coming to saudi arabia or are you worried about you know. I'm worried worried about going to saudi arabia for that amount of money yeah. That's what he's saying. I can't go to saudi arabia for that amount of money. That's not what we talked about and you can't talk talk radio to fight me for lindahl. Nah i right. I've been i've been with you know listen. I've been dying to say this that that we haven't put into perspective right yard is going to hours from the u._k. For four point four million okay kovolev excuse me dirk janko was fighting in america for five point five million and he still might be fighting in america for five five point five million versus ghana gluskin now jacobs four in america for twelve point five million with one belt. Oh so yeah man yeah you gotta. Give me more to go to saudi. Arabia did not have a pre existing fighting from that. You already agreed absolutely right absolutely right but guess what that fight i guarantee you eddie didn't tell them it. Who's gonna be saudi arabia. That's a big up. The buster douglas mike tyson. I need more money to go to a japan fight you there buster douglas. Tell mike tyson. I know he was the b side not to be fired not anymore. Don't you get it. Oh my god you listen the only thing that they got his rematch clause which continues to be less if he gets stripped. I wanna see mexico. Put up a forty million dollar purse bid to why didn't tell me a._j. Is no no longer decide. Listen mexico and got to put a forty million dollars purse because andrew. He's got a flat fee so he ain't try. He al his shop in a fight. He got a flat fee. He just ain't going to saudi arabia and he wanted to go to saudi arabia which is very far for him. Give him some more money so sir. I don't know why anybody is shocked and upset like we haven't seen this before can nello like we just see sergei kovalev say on the mall and and say that the offer was almost there like that's negotiations. That's human nature one hundred dollars. I'm telling you i'm getting not ecorse. Even me you fuck me. I'm getting different. It's one hundred bro. You got ninety. One you gotta now with a one nine. He going to get that bain doing all this for nothing we one other supermax on boomerang these point and i would be in the same way but the other day fairly says playmate. Her hearner's fulfil his obligations. Contractually you know nobody. Nobody knew with rewrites. When you negotiated a rematch clause for the first fire i mean i don't think for for one thing anybody on any heard side thought it was gonna be a rematch and then here comes saudi arabia thrown out all this money but then like. I said their their obligation is fulfilled. We'll give you my million which you agree to you signed up for you said that you felt like you could win that fight at and that's what she would take for the rematch. Let's see now. That's just playing devil's actually 'cause you. Gotta take walls out of it this business and now if i may say i want to spend it for the media. I'm gonna say i will say that just means andy released didn't believe stuff the first time that's why he didn't. He don't care about three match clause. He won by accident. I would i would try to twist that as best. I could if my favorite favor you don't even say andy didn't really believe south. That's how that's how i know was luck because now he's stuck with this rematch that he don't want to you know agreed to you but it's just a whole like i said i agree with annual lease for do what he's doing but also could see why do why doing you know it's is business. Advanta is to save situation is as jerry zeke elliott. I'm like fuck you jerry but jerry jerry hold up the deal l. Contractually you know so it's kind of it's just it's shitty situation man ziyang about the cheese cutter duane talk to me what i'm doing joe wang dwayne north unb. You'd on skype once talk to me. You know yes s. What's up. What would you hear me. Yes sir okay so andy agrees sweep audits right now oh c- was more money but contract call do anything he's already mytalk than earlier and he said about tijuana already talk every way. He's willing to go into these. He's he's gonna. Maybe bogging for more money. Even if he wants to vacate he goes flights. He's compares. We'll see gonna get. He's going to be nine million anyway. So he stopped between a rock into place. He needs to take the fight and get beat and go back to. Maybe get daily <music> so i let that go. That's a competitive because you ain't gonna get no one million the world's unless you're you're waldo a negative one more anyway so you know you stop between a rock and a hard place real dumb hang on nam-il anywhere else unless few real options yes to auctions by de take that she could lose the same thing so he could get off the around he could lose any yeah. That's what i'm saying. This is much much else. This is this is max. They want them to vacate his heading. You'd have to vacate because he's not gonna take their fights and e._s._p._n. Will get one with his left boy. That's involving him. They don't need him that they put out with fury. Do they send back waiting it. Were going to wipe him as a p._c. File fake baker's vacant it could it. We got one from a jamie him and this site. There is no a side or beat side. He has already signed the contract so he can't change the money. We got one from benjamin franklin. If i hear once again that ten million it's a low ball offer. I will grow up through one from karen howard if you already agreed to to a see and the rematch. You can't start trying to turn the tables. That contract was signed as court case coming. Let the court case come because we didn't agree to saudi arabia a._j. Rx respect to h money for smoking release combines combo for smoke bs combo for smoke a sunday show. Catch it on youtube. Those guys do great jobs on the morning man very very tight. We've got one from lewis sixty nine. Big raya for mandate paid a man twenty million. We got one from goto. A piece came. Andy louise were clean a._j.'s chan anytime any place they can fight it as embodied same. You blew off your you know. I was watching ali today the one with <hes> with milk edify he'd beat the shit out of its name. That's all get one from undertaken doc in last one ness mike. What do you think andy's percent is of the nine million promoter could manager kurt cook and travel plus taxes. Pay the man more money. Please and don't forget training camp expenses sparring partners saying everything he just been right now. This is the house mansion speaking of maj. I'd say people rob roy out of all people talking about. I hope he moved into the mansion stramonium. I'm all man. It's bad you try to be funny me on is <hes> as bad as are you done with the soviets hundred yagnik. Everybody sympathize man. We appreciate it. Let me go to tony p p. That's just like my fucking pimp name. I know a pimp named tony p. pimping the name learn to deal with skype yet you win yo listen question. If this fight does not happen what happens to auto both the strength and support from winning bear with me might bear with me. They stripped. They don't go back to joshua accost not been audited. That's all the leverage that we've got all people talking about we. He's don't got leverage. Take the non new. No you know what if joshua wants to be lit again. He got to go through andy ruiz or get more to come among his man. My you know what that one is the mike. How many times have we seen these bodies. They don't come built for favorable champion. Let me finish let me finish and then y'all come. You're not getting it is who is the going on right. Is it the u._b._s. Okay in w._b. Is going and you sick right nah w._b._a._l. There'd be oh okay and that was so joshua four people to get all your shit back example. Hey we've we want money or you. Fucking audit leverage that reads knee also but mike that leverage. I'm gonna tell you how to cut it if they drew brees day on the w._b._z. Is going to be one of the one of and i'm thinking they tag on with the deputy up. They knocked josh wolff for the w._b._z. Title w._b._a. Gonna put a bit along with it and probably the only one that's probably get away the idea i that's going to play out on the w._b. Strips on because the w._b._z. relationship with bbc strengthen now with the w._b. They they don't got no broadway stripped fucking. Oh what they do. Name never stood l. Engage machado super champion remember babies. You can't even a strip <hes> ruiz from the w._b._z. A super champion dave before her who was super champion. They strip a metallic machado. Let me see how does take he was the regular and they elevated <hes> they elevate took belt. I thought they elevated japan burden in college garamba. Tell them you and story so they're all the time but that's what happened. Machado ain't nobody gonna get you. Ain't you'll get stripped. Anying being orchestra you see floyd never got strip. Neither determine come on. It ain't gonna happen bro and neither did a._j. It ain't won't happen bro. They never even mandated w._b._z. Don't mandate the on. I know what you're talking about our story you too but i'm pretty sure we read somebody was a gold or a regular on insecure no way no way both of them were super champion dangle. Don't make that mistake did it went to some golden boy with a pseudonym that machado's golden boy and miguel cotto remember they gotta go belt that we just found around about a month ago joe joyce which one is it. He flawed jezora karatas for vacant title who would champion with four refunded yeah but what's the name of that belt though that's what's important were the world boxing association world title w._b. That that that sound. I don't like the the the the real real sound like no. I'm at the top. One like this who fought for that. Machado jesuit kerala's based monday and lose. They gotta be article article. I'm gonna take a call read the article stephon talk to me. Stephon got you can can you hear me. Can you hear me yeah well. I was going to see him in this situation. Have everyone saying about <hes> the w._b. I won't strip him. They going to strip him because when they have that court order on him he won't be able to fight so they're gonna eventually strip him. I'm cross everyone's mentioning this whole slave contract thing. Nobody complained when mayweather used to give flat fees people to fight him so it on the stand up that's it. Are you a zoo he did off. I guess <hes> i don't i don't even know if mayweather gave lefty. I'm pretty sure can elaine get no flat fee so i don't know what he's talking about but they more fucking roberta tejada guy was fighting in devante davis and i think south for the super bill and they do a machado the regular that's how you got to regular against conceal yeah but but but he was the super super <hes> devante salt shaker he was a super. You found article because i'm shaw you're in an addict or or article. It's going to explain what happened again. There's no way one guy was a super. Something has to happen for someone to be stripped of that. 'cause i'm sure golden boy with a sued why not sue charles. Nobody listen dillion white to to to to the average american. Thank you know that he's nobody and he was threatening to sue and it was like people took that seriously. I i highly doubt jay. Jezreel corrales had the w._p._a. Super built a child who beat him. They gave him the regular instead of one arctic warning. I don't know how we don't lie with somebody with somebody. How do we know that it's true though if devante david fonseca for the w._b. Super title i was telling you i can't distinguish the difference between all those w._b._a. Titles so aw i feel you know i mean there's i think it was like five shows ago which could have been just one or two days ago where we just found out at uh-huh thursday w._b. A gold like that's what virgil ortiz's enforced today but that's not the interim. That's not the regular. That's it's not the super either you know so like. I don't know what they got going on. A brandon talk to me cincinnati kasese. Let us know can't talk fine talk to me. I just want to ask the u k callers wiz that same energy yet the boy dealing white have a contract with oscar rivas about glows and then the next day kim some other gloves whoa how come during screaming about on a contract then but now you want to talk about somebody on on the contract now i wanna stay and with other call komo andes holding all the cards because a._j.'s never going to have a change to the all those belts in one fight again. He's never gonna have that chain so he has to fight eighty well else those. Those belts are gonna go to four wins gonna. He's wanting to fight like four different people to get on belts bank and then we all know he's not you can't do that and the only way that they're going to mandate some of them. Belts be for one five if somebody like wilder fury and we know that that's not gonna happen because they're not trying to see that fight because they know he can't beat them and that's my call all right going out to deny production. What's up fellas man. Wait the hell is going on out there man in the boxing world. Then people are delusional day they crazy. They're not thinking straight ban. Any rees is the heavyweight champion of the world who else going to tell him. He has to fight in saudi arabia if he does it walter four belts that's that's definitely as a <hes> asian the deck right as an asian hand. I mean you know what i mean. This is crazy. I understand rematch tongs. I understand that he has two. Josh got it but i mean i mean staples center and g._m. Okay madison square garden even wimbley weirdly stadium over there u._k. Okay coup nine million cu okay but saudi arabia and take me always wanted him to the middle east man. If i don't wanna fight there and then check check this out and say okay. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna fight. They're all he said. Was you try. Take me all the way to fuck over there. I want more myrtle and everybody's say like the he's saying something wrong. Though he got stripped restrict he argued negotiating. That's it does nothing well when you go. She aided so he it does not does nothing negotiate. He's an effort thinks that any risk not the inside look at look to build cities design does i can't joshua was shot calling shock on everything the whole dollar situation and everything was shock on every day because he had the belts and another things hit refresh my memory i miss an might did not offering to like seven million yup right right right. That was the rumor that they you know he didn't. He didn't take and everything seven million in good. They're giving nine. It has four belts. Ortiz has no doubt cut. I wanna say the w._n._b._a. Is despicable the top. Dan abend tone you that. His name is mendoza. That's the dude. I said i wish i could run ought not to interview the quick one now. They're an article by boxing big up to them. Bob mcgeer rivera there is a lot of confusion going on on when it comes to the by the way title of the world boxing association jezora garelli was w bay champion at one thirty lacks october tolbert was knocked out in the round by a bird machado who catch the world title at turning stone resort in vegas however last saturday night at barclay center in brooklyn devante david's demolish. Hey zeus quasar and three rounds to capture the w._b. The other way title meaning you were under the impression that davis was captured the w._b. A regular version at the way it appears that davies was winning these super super version of that bill but china was somehow downgraded to regular status when he was ready willing and able to fight davis to to make matters worse with mood up from one twenty six and had not fault in seventeen months angry no more well. That's why you gotta always read because it says to make matters worse. No <hes> it appears that it might be claimed by the sanctioning body and i'm using brackets by saying w._b. That machado never actually captured the w._b._a. Super super title if you recall kerala's failed to make weight for the contests and machado fought for the vacant bill. It's now listed on various online records. That machado fought for the vacant regular bell. I aw i'm sorry and previously the records appear to state that he was fighting for the vacant super bell. There are also issues with machado making bacon. The mandatory defense against rafael menchaca who is promoted by veteran promoter don king to purse bids have already been pushed back because king refuses to move forward under the terms of the w._b. Monetary split machado was promoted by promotions and magoo code like i told you and the w._b._a._i. Being made a super champion title when the champion of the organization is alberto machado and he and he's available to fight with anyone and is not not injured either. What is the explanation of the w._n._b._a. Four that we have been working with the lawyers and golden boy a letter etter was already sent to the w._b. President gilbert though has seuss mendoza revealed hector soto vice president miguel co promotions to carlos neurotics. <hes> <hes> what we want is for machado to fight and defend the title he won in a good fight to purse bids have been postponed by don king who refuses to accept the mandatory terms terms of the seventy five twenty five split and said wants fifty fifty. I know you want in. I just want to remind everyone that this is the same that <hes> sanction daniel jacobs to get more than this very same mandatory sony five twenty five for the challenger so <hes> don king's strana lobby which i did last year. That's what happens when you get favoritism on santa's man even though the man didn't make way does not my thought <hes> there's no way that you should should somehow downgraded to a regular title defense and he will zhao champion right so let me fight for that bill put online i if you win it becomes become they can but he didn't win on knocked out. The champion. I'm not out wasn't no go to cards. I knocked him out. I should get their w._b._z.'s title. Not not agitate davis who's fighting coming up from one twenty six. Now that went thirty who's been seventeen months seventeen months should not get elevated to super oprah over me. That's my stance on it but if you did disagree with who got who we got we got we who are we got a new caller. <hes> i'm gonna go with sid. Sid you there. If you've been waiting awhile and you know and you don't think your name acid- and you've heard me say your name that you know. I'm not talking to you but if you haven't called then but you know you name is sid but you've never called in. I'm talking to you. All you gotta. Do you all right in the meantime <music> phonebox in boombox and what a what a what a hey mike how how much how much do we say he wanted to go just to go to u._k. On much money did he say wanted okay. I saw you telling me he said just say oh. What did you say so. I don't wanna more money. Stop it even when he when he can't timothy he knew how much you get. Don't let him don't let him fool you by seeing what he won't win the hour now hold on hold on. Did you not see the eddie her right after the editor fifty is absurd but he is entitled to more money if he's if we're gonna fight outside of america his exact words guide god wouldn't get listen. I know y'all some of our viewers. People who behave on the l._d._c. breath <unk> grilled him about that and he he stated hey. This is just an arbitrary number. Anybody who's ever handled business. I'd and been in a situation the jail say hey if you went from a ten dollars situation to one hundred million or ten million two hundred million situation you gotta arena negotiate in good faith. If not then the person with the belts has all right to walk and there's no gap stripped keep term. He faked can't say faked injuries. He didn't find the two years he didn't get stripped to w._b._z. A book guy lies said the super champion does not have but mandatory you as a super champion days no mandatory. You're not mandated fight. Nobody if you regular champion you are you have mandates but a super champion for coverage cocoa stone boombox. We're going back out suceed one more time you there on new in the meantime brandon your love your mike <hes>. I didn't get to hurt his show. Really my son had another bargain. Daddy wanted gas little band. I keep getting these jobs the <hes> as far as they should goes <hes> i mean i don't envy res exclamation money. I mean he c- biggest got party s._o._s. on the right but he asked for money but eddie hurry obligated to shut out really amazed at the end of the day if the contract were so should we wanna do sand if your team so good why y'all sap some like sixty forty on the rematch if i win. Why did you agree to the shitty number. That's all about now. <hes> now understand that they don't have to do nothing. I mean what's the alternative. Were not taking this fight for the non millions and millions of dollars going to court enough tall thin skinned boasts took him from eating things that dose reason why you get these days anyway so you're gonna go to court. It's been money lose. Lose the belts and not be making money so i just say no suck it up. I mean more money if they can't give it to you again. Good and make the mi- billion oh beat him again and then you call the shot i mean i'm just tired of the complaining. I wanna find a u._k. Not at dame by the u. K. couldn't sardinas audio nugent. Now you plan about the more money as it's like. Do you agree to ship arms now a me. That's how contracts contract work. Could you stay stuck in that contract. Man final thoughts man ruis. I head uh showing. He boss you know they wanted in the u. K said i need fifty so eddie scramble. He had to look for different locations patience. You know yacky thinking ruis ain't in control but a fight there was announced is in jeopardy fight. There was announced his no longer longer being announced. You know so i'll know man ruis look like he ain't control to me. Definitely shaken and i know what's going fall from money. Money going for you know. Dass was gonna fall from it because let me tell you a little story how easy easy it is for release on his two years. Two years mike two years two years in court tweezers litigation like mikey still two years at it right fuck it in two years is cool kirby gaz and fight adam. Adam beats the shit out of him because he old is faa far dust right now. Adam beast breaks over him and wild a unifying barklay in front of twenty. Maybe seventeen twenty you know <hes> the best man win. You know i'm still ride with my man. No disrespect to adam some say wow does going win bot in you know andy been coming out of litigations. He ain't ready to fight wild. It'll be he coming out of litigation going areola fight. Mike love so much and then wild. They're going to be fighting. You know feary. Maybe somebody like that then andy back and guess what i'll hayman i owe you. I oh you andy you want your shot. Go get it. Mexico versus wild liz. Get it ceesay man like the one they can't win them titles bags a._j. How are you going to get all the bells bat. Tell me if dumbbells mm-hmm bells get dispersed right now. Let me tell you how these rankings setup. Let me show you how these ranking setup. Oh man and i and i and these rankings been changed. Ilya white not even w._b._z. Rank is no more right. I've been told he'd been dropped in china. The status is placed vizquel suspension right now so but i've also been so he was dropped from i._b._m. W._n._b._a. Maybe maybe because they came young w._n._b._a. Obvious already got older while in at number. Four dealing is no longer there. Let me city i._b._f. Lasts updated dan. This is july third so this one is old whereas why why why why why why why and even in eased oh why in an i._b._m. Polish let me screen. She okay four member when we did a show yeah. That's why i remember it was it was it was dimitri like nah. Ota wallin's number forty semi updated screen shot that day but <hes> so yeah man i mean a._j.'s row is the w. b. O. right because eddie got all exam to use it. Who's who will fight like fury for that shit or something you know <hes> a._j. Kaffee oscar rivas after that ordeal. I'm sure he's going to be offering oscar. Rivas some fights to keep them chill damned was ranked number eight in w._b. Already he common in an i._b._m. Look you know age as number six six but it's gonna take some tom because he got adam there. I mean he'll get there quick vacant number two so he'll end up fighting. He can fight his sparring partner corner. Ajikwa bell relate now. I mean either even even if you get up to fifteen. You gotta be happy with that 'cause again. You were megan kind of check the first you you ain't been on a free wilder no even dealing wi- level. I don't know how much it was making over at ta bring but apparently it wasn't enough to you happy. Neither was fury italy for vlad and let me tell you and let me tell you something else. When fury came back he still made more than this right. He was donating more than this arrived. They don't perse i then and fury fury then did exactly what we tell them release the do with wild the didn't sign the rematch said fucked every matching when he got a bigger deal same the thing the rules could do though he got he got the win already is over that care race that they can't erase that just like marquez. He never gave back out a rematch. You can array embrace that cannabis them some big dice to roll. If you wanna come back. Let's say you wanna come back to p._c. And do fox pay per views as can you. We fight wiler you. I fight back probably for like areolas light go here. Are they going to put them on rogaine. They won't put him on good. Listen to me. They don't put him on rogan. Good day america to walk. Show scheduled to fight man doughty's all these fools instead of doing it l. a. You know instead of the do it. In america he going to tell everybody to say. Listen mike you miki lie and do go back and forth for radio radio. No american believes that the fight took place anywhere else besides in america no one that lives in america uh-huh okay. No one lives in american. Regardless of nationality is talking about this shop in in the u._k. Or saudi arabia everyone is still hung up on. I'm coming to partake. I'm coming to take over. I'm the landlord i i'm charging rent all that we we are a different breed over here so the shit you talk. You got a back up so fighting in another car. That's not what we want. We don't want that at all so we going back up on jimmy kimble say man. They stripped me food. They stripped me. They want to see a mexican. They had a strict me out the rain. It can't be me in the ring full tunnel. Come find me. He wanted to take me to saudi arabia. Come on we go back story. We going back on a u._k. Dues now. I'm sorry i know you wanna talk but i'm i'm just saying i just put on your fucking thing being american holly. We know how should play out. We see joshua. Get beat up literally beat up you. You think they're going to do everything in power to maintain and their favor okay. You don't wanna and the u._k. But we come into american eddie hearn base ending weeks ago maybe he don't want to fight if i was <hes> in charge of things i don't want to sign in america. I would do it in cardiff this what he's saying from day one they they want you really think that they want america so we knew we knew that already going into this. I will come back here more grounds for andy to get out this deal. Simple your whole your whole campaign was based on coming to america campaign contract to different things. I chant but that contract obviously usually ain't worth shit yesterday. We had asaf fight today. We ain't gotta saw fight who was signed yesterday but anytime you put out all that paraphernalia ellia posters fucking press releases videos now man. I'll maybe it is. I that was done something different. They saw because andy kopplin spoke to any. Andy says i don nash it. I signed for saudi laudi arabia unless they significantly gimme more and he ain't sonnen and then guess what happened when he said that magically the hashtag disappeared and all the all the p._b._c. a._b._c. Promoted ben is gone poof because we rob with. I was man. You need to ride with choice. That's all i'm saying. We're going out to age money on a boomerang told 'em sapphire chats firearm. I mean u._k. Rob with dez. You're seeing it. They're seeing the logical perspective active of a business man. They don't care how you bound to the contrary to. It's over with h you talking on a boom there you over there arguing in sky. Chapman is do argue with what you're what you're a trucker though yeah so you tell me let's say you gotta deal as pay fifteen hundred you fuck around thirty see they making got three hundred thousand for that run you going to say oh you know what i am bringing it back on the money but before i come back i mean i guess what they're going to do. Go go. Have somebody exactly exactly what you ain't got. I guess <hes> ha you fight takes. He got titles and you ain't gonna titles ben trump now but it still boils down to you can't make nobody fight. You can't make them fight and talk to me and then on how you guys doing was above saudi arabia's in back interest in venue for this big fight. Yeah i don't know can you see a kind of just was more up for this fight than ever been for a long time. Can you see the change in his energy. This everything is on the line now. He has reason to be four or five he said <hes> and is the j._d. Interview that he wasn't up for because he is and you we now yeah see how you should play. Yes <hes> i. I don't know i feel like a skirt for louise now. Isn't it 'cause just you really you know <hes>. He's got the same amount of pressure on res. He got approved everybody that was was i gotta tell yourself man build you this kid. Is you know you can't you can't guys are gonna share it by the saddest addessing is believed. You guys june first. Pick in the i feel i feel dirty. I feel dirty yeah but there was new cause us thinking in about walden. Everyone was talking about water because what i love about you guys overlooked. That's what i love. I love regardless. All of skill you guys ride with guys you die on flag. I should've oh my god but now i'm wrong with them. Unlike mike fuck that ron with my chin i got listens while this isn't a dreadful was thinking about well because he really it's no colorado cut it cut hair case champ hurricane min have though hake as man whenever you in a second around you ain't even get knocked down here and you got you got visions of wild some rome man some home. Yo you see no fear in my eyes. I got to know man. There's no man i'm praying. Everyone is our. I wasn't raised like that. I wasn't born like that. It wasn't a plot in my heart babe and this is what i do know man can ellison. He looked into my eyes. See fear because fear though is this is no home fear my heart. The things i had to ultimate asked about me takes you sound like a brother wilder. You told us years ago. Oh yes he did. Hey mango. I get a man he making. That boy look like a proud of it. I said <music> mike i said a._j. Made him look like a prophet. Tell you boy jemmy talk to me. What i what i'm just here in a chat <hes> he age money brought him into arguing chat in skype chat argument rule. Let me find out you ain't talking either you on some age money in a gang fighting in the chat shit. They got ruined too. I'm not talking you had to talk or you hit an chat with the with the with the voice a quick opinion on us and i look <music> at that one i called in after the a._j. Ruiz using l. tieman or something happens with this rematch negotiates and it looks like that's exactly what was route so would that shit. I said it was like like listen. Al hinman has all the belts now disguise about the throw his weight around and that's what we're seeing so hopefully they can work out but i wouldn't be surprised brian f they will display the waiting game. They know they have a._j. In hearne by the balls and that really sucks because the longer they wait the more those the other guys are gonna hurt so it's not looking good but i mean i wish all of them wrong but that's my call all right got h money finally on the boomerang money catch mobile hunted. Do you do with more. No man is going to be a great fight. I can't wait to watch the rematch. The first fight broke records thirteen million views on you to nass s. u._k. Name another fight no matter what you say you can't name another fight. They got thirteen very of you. Answer the question that s the question that the question that ain't a fight fight. That was a heavyweight unify. I'll try talking talking about them. P._b._c. fights a million pay per views since can now. Lets talk boxing since you wanted to watch it. I i got you have ever see barbershop conversation durkin and you come on <hes> you. We're gonna talk about barbershop <hes> so the thing is he said the fight got thirty million views but i was looking for the fight on youtube is not dead. They got hot lights shone years. Go now. Highlights allies got the thirteen million views okay highlight n._o. Four four fights on a zone at so mr h money mr dissolve he's been given false. Information highlights got there. Tim is totally different than the fight. You know somebody's sitting. There wasn't hope is totally different so what he says about pay per views who commits giving them a chance. Do not come here this and other youtube channel uh go today channel with that finish your call or only guy saying what's up and i'm i'm here. I'm hearing a lot of things you know. What i'm saying is school. I'm gonna keep it boss which you defended. What people call the aw jeez so you would keep the same energy. U k barks it okay. I could go either way. I talk about you being a snitch. Let's talk about you know you. You have any money what you you know. I'm real so you me everybody. Everybody coming at you mad because they're coming at you. We ducked you h money. How could we duck you. You ain't never been nowhere. I'm here and i go everywhere like you can't talk that crazy shit to me. I'm here every day and i'm everywhere so you know nobody could duck a do. They never been anywhere. You haven't been seen your own photo like stop it. <hes> we got said talk to me would've see sit well. That's the last call my phone calls man. Look here. I can see both sides of the argument when income to andrew <hes> one more money and i could see the the stance the hardest thing of the might take but i know in at the end of the day that it's going to be tough for them not to say <hes> say yes to end because they want to fight the happen and they won't that a big sightsee so they might have to chuck up a little bit more money so and they've probably going to play out any power to interview next big. Sit down with coogan. We'll we'll get more answers and hopefully get some more answers at the press conference coming monday but yeah hopefully hopefully we get excited man. I don't want to go into next year. You're not knowing the rematch of joshua too yeah. We got southside ducey talk to me it. Please keep y'all saying energy come. Border wars can't wait to meet you t._b. For life l. d. b. c. The book up lou media hashtag dead right final thoughts <hes> ah ruis pulling ace and aho man. They're gonna try their best to milk the situation <hes>. I don't think saudi arabia. I mean look how shock we were. You know <hes> to hear saudi arabia as an option and let alone when it got finalized so i'm <music>. I'm sure that was never in his mind when that rematch clause was signed and and that's what they're gonna have to pay for. You know that was just never a thought you know and i think that there is a difference. Everyone saying you know it's neutral territory and acting like it's no different than the u._k. And the u._s. It's it's i mean there's a difference right. You muted might i was saying come coming to the <hes> when it comes to the time difference. That's a huge advantage for for agent because we all know reasons like ten hours behind <hes> the saudi time so he has to go with after like a month earlier just to get accustomed to dave and how the food you don't even understand like the water could be different. Don't send the water so that's probably wanting more money camp expenses more you gotta bring other shit over and i casino like i said i can see both sides but i see a plan out eddie metro or design or can we chocolate level a little bit more money in an empty room. We might want to say i want a piece of paper by or i want a piece of the of the siphon so you don't get it. Get a percentage of both actually give me two million dollars for sightseeing and then we get to pay per view back in say up to twenty five percents. I'm like that. There's all kinds of ways to up their money but the bottom line is they got to build up that money can't wait to report on it man subscribe to the youtube channel. We'll be doing a lot of fights f for virgil or your team's stand right now. Jets go to is dissolved. The corridor started the muslim. Well all right catch a sore the next one who's it don't get old navy saturday and sunday just just in time for back to school. Girls and boys polos are three bucks in stores only plus saturday. Only genes are ten bucks for adults seven bucks for kids at old navy and old navy dot com fell at eight ten through rate eleven limited five police only mattress. Firm's flashback sale ends tuesday. 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