140 - The Legend of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and More


Who hasn't heard the following names, King Arthur, Camelot Excalibur the sword in the stone? The wizard Merlin lady. Gwen aveer, so LANCELOT and the knights of the round table actors from Richard Gere to Clive. Owen, Charlie Hunnam played the various characters of the Arthur in world. Disney's at a field day with our theory, and themed rides. And it's classic animated film the sword in the stone. JR Tolkien's EPA trilogy. Lord of the rings heavily influenced by our three and legend token, even wrote an unfinished poem the fall of Arthur, published after his death, basically almost every movie or comic book or graphic, novel or animated series, or television show that deals with armored knights jousting matches English castles, powerful kings medieval dragons, and witches and wizards at cetera have been heavily influenced by the legends of King Arthur, including game of thrones ever been to medieval times. King Arthur fan of Monty, python tons of sketches based on our three and legend either. In the name of roundtable pizza comes from king Arthur's, tales. I daydream about being a bad ass. Medieval Knight as a kid, so much imaginary fund saving the damsel in distress ride into powerful. Steed holding a more powerful magical sword. Maybe I was the one destined to pull from stone. I love medieval themed film, TV and literature to this day. But what did I actually know about the basis of all of this before this week? Approximately not we'll lose and digging today to find an answer to the question, did any of these people actually exist, King Arthur, real, this story will accuracy of all these characters has been debated for centuries. If they didn't exist who made them up and why we're gonna go on a journey that will take us to the origin of jolly old England and lead us through centuries of powerful myth building will travel through tales of sorcery magic stones dragging sex, triangles, bad ass nights, and much more on this fine Monday, it feels like we hear in the cult of the curious could use a little break from the extreme depravity of the KGB glands. The death destruction cultural polarization of Vietnam and the horrors of Madame Delphine and slavery in nineteenth century, New Orleans time to light shit up beyond a British origin tale in makings of king. Arthur in his cast of heroes monsters, and villains will also take the opportunity sake, a closer look at the mythology of dragons and additional info, wizards knights and dragons, my so much wonderful curiosity to explore today on time suck. Happy Monday made sack nation. Welcome to the cult of the curious. I'm Dan comments. 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Jacksonville, Florida may thirtieth thirty first in June first, then Omaha June, seventh and eighth, then Raleigh North Carolina June thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth. Love that city. Love that club. Try to good nights. The funny bone in Omaha. Check it out. Come come for a fun time. Ticket info for the entire two thousand nine hundred happy murder stand up tour, so many more cities, Dan, Komen dot TV Los Angeles and San Diego. Tickets on sale now. And detroit. Tickets assess the last day of the year, going to be addicts. I'm taping a new special Detroit October. I just don't have the ticket info, yet tickets or not on sale yet. But we did this lock. Down that venue pumped to record a new special video and audio now time to get medieval on your asses. I love this little break from the recent heaviness and darkness, and it only is going to be a little break. So hope you enjoy, because next week we're going to be talking about one dark, motherfucker, Albert fish Jesus, so weird. And so dark, let's just say he and Ed Kemper had lived during the same era and had been prison, cellmates. I think Ed Kemper will be the one tap out. I think he'd be the one asking for new cellmate because fish would have creeped even that psychopath out mother pushed Jill the ward, nurture, taking mother or do not enjoy listening to this discussion pervert Muller. My Zappa's just threw up. But not today. None of that today. Let's get to the legend of King, Arthur. If King Arthur, and his band of interesting characters did in fact, exist, they supposedly existed in the fifth, and sixth centuries. Lot of quickly written web articles say, that's when the deeds of some battle-hardened legends were first recorded, however, when do just to bid digging you, learn that if someone did do the deeds of King, Arthur. They weren't recorded when those deeds went down, and they certainly weren't called Arthur, no one named Arthur was mentioned doing anything remotely cool in England before the ninth century, there may have been some dude named Arthur, like, yeah, I don't know beaten often wheatfield, maybe making a fool of himself in an in or could have been at Arthur now, and then we tell you know, thing sig. Sagawa n-, Pena's, attorney, lia- hours, pay for my drinks is a misunderstanding now the past that once in his in alone to three times a week. That's wench accuses I've Milena. Where my I but again, this is unfortunate. It's not bode. Well for my case that could've been that Arthur Goodman, some putts like that, but not some bad ass. The Arthur, Ian and Marlin are Merlin Marlon Marlon the wizard. Right. And Merlin legends as we know them today, we're really created didn't really get going until the mid twelfth century. So why did it take seven centuries for this tale to to get moving along? If Arthur was, so legendary, probably because he is just that, that is what I strongly believe a legend, a story told to inspire, and the story may have really gotten going in the mid twelfth century because England desperately needed a noble leader for people to dream about, at that time England, had devolved into anarchy literally in the mid twelfth century in eighteen year long fight for the throne sued when king, Henry, the I died in eleven thirty five CE left, no clear successor to the crown for nearly two decades for nearly two decades. Lawlessness ruled the land during a period that would become known as the anarchy a lot. Was being shed in the name of misguided attempts to take the English throne by variety of claimants for years, villagers didn't even know who ruled them from one day to the next. No one was protecting them lawlessness abounded guessing the story of the noble king who protected his people in unified, a nation was very reassuring. And comforting in the twelve th century English trying to form a new national identity land of present day England been home to numerous different kingdoms for centuries. It would take some cultural unity to take Britain from being in the midst of anarchy to become into colonial world power will examine some of those early English kingdoms and come to an understanding of the origins of modern England in today's times a timeline, but first, let's look at the literary basis for the arthurian legends the tale of king. Arthur begins with a brief ninth century mentioned of a legendary British fighter like the best fighter ever, like fuck everyone a game of thrones. This do would've made short work of the mountain dew to chop down the mountain, and Jamie land. Mr. in his prime with one hand while calmly just munched on apple with the other, the history of the Britons is the modern English name of a book, generally attributed to a Welsh monk named Nene us sought to have been written around eight thirty see an in this book, or through makes his first cameo that we know of what has come down to us throughout the years. What we we have access to. This is the first time he seems to show up chapter fifty six this big mostly boring, as hell book, discusses, twelve battles fought and won by dude named Arthur called a war leader in the nineteen set in the ninth century, skews me not a king. He's, I mentioned, not a king, a war leader that the king would come later, then he only provide specific details about two of these twelve battles. The first is the eighth battle, when he says the as battle was as fortress of Guinean in which author carried the image of holy Mary ever virgin on his shoulders. And the pagans were put to flight on that day. And so the power of our Lord, Jesus Christ and through the power of the blessed Virgin, Mary, his mother. There was great slaughter among them. Interesting carried some immature round of mother Mary, on his shoulders and battle. I don't I don't picture mother, Mary loving, bloodshed. But okay, too many couldn't have carried around an image of Nimrod now. That's that's nimrods ready for battle Nimrod scary looking Chuba Kavre, ass would win great for battle scare the shit out of some pagans. And then then he has rights one hell of a gun boat tail regarding the deeds of Arthur during the twelfth battle little bit over the top says the twelve battle was on Mountbatten in which there fell in one day nine hundred sixty men from one charge by author and no one struck them down except author himself and did all the wars, he emerged as Victor really nine hundred sixty dudes, one battle by himself in the days before explosives and guns and tanks and other advanced weaponry gets the fuck out of here. Do is apparently the original Chuck Norris you, he was like Chuck Norris? Wrapped in Steven Seagal wrapped in Jason stadium Repton. Chris Hemsworth, wrapped in Wesley Snipes blade era. Repton Arnold Schwarzenegger commando era rats in every other over the top action movie star in the history of cinema Rambo with fucking sort. Or maybe it was missing details. Maybe he was the only guy that have armor net battle. Maybe he was fighting nothing but small children, maybe there was that maybe in addition to the armor, he had a sword and a horse and the kids didn't have armor and only had goats to right around on and just held small sticks to fight with or maybe, for some reason, none of the enemy soldiers had arms. Maybe he was fighting a weird tribe of completely armless people. Or maybe he had one really strong Lance in a good horse and the enemies made the mistake of attacking him in a single file formation for some reason, and he just mowed them all down in like one super long charge. I just feel like we're missing crucial details. Understand how this one guy in the day of hand to hand combat could wipe out almost thousand suits and one battle. Anyway, then he is chronicles a lot of the same history in the history of the Britons that was already covered a century earlier by Saint bead, an English Manca story and in scholar, who lived in the kingdom of Northrop north north rumba. Saint beat was a prolific writer and many of his works have survived to the present day and beads most. Well known work is a history of the Christian church in England considered to be one of the most important sources of Anglo Saxon history in existence. It's believed to have been completed in seven thirty one CE, this book earned Saint beat the title of the father of English history and be road of the same battle. He wrote about the same battle on Mountbatten never mentioned Arthur, a single time, never mentioned anyone killing nine hundred and sixty dudes which I feel like as an important part of that battles description, he did write a Celtic Britain leader named Ambrosius orleanians winning the battle against the angles at Badin hills and four ninety three CE it seems that Nene 'Send for reasons, unknown may have swapped Ambrosius Arlene is for Arthur, I guess, I guess all the words do start with letter as some historians think that he ended up swapping this character for Arthur's, father, louder for stories will be will be written about Arthur will find out soon some mistakenly believe that a sixth century monk in Britain historian named Gildas road. The legendary King Arthur, sometime around five forty see the year after this legendary Arthur supposedly would die in battle. So he would have known Arthur, right? They would have been contemporaries. However, this is not true Gildas, did not in fact, ever mentioned Arthur, as did write historical account of the Britain's before and after the arrival of the Saxons, but in his account titled on the ruin and conquest of Britain, he never mentioned Arthur, although he also covers the battle of Mountbatten, most historians do think that battle took place sometime around. Five sixteen five seventeen five eighteen CE but Arthur didn't fight in it. Gildas also does not mention some dude who supposedly killed nine hundred sixty enemy soldiers in a single day of battle, but people did come to believe that you'll just wrote about Arthur, because centuries later Caradoc of Len carbon a twelfth century Welsh cleric wrote a book called the life of Gildas, sometime between eleven thirty and eleven fifty and this book is not considered by. Historians to be historically, accurate so centuries after Gildas wrote about his own life this other character, this Caradoc wrote about Gildas life. And then added the character of Arthur, he acted like Gildas did encounter Arthur, but he seems to just kinda pulled that out of his s he wrote self like Saint kill this was the contemporary of autho the king of the whole of Britain, whom he loved exceedingly, and whom he always desired to obey. Nevertheless, is twenty three brothers constantly rose up against the aforementioned rebellious king refusing to own him as they load. But they often routed and drove him from the forest and battlefield. Before I address this little bit of propaganda twentieth year. Others as less a lot of brothers Ali. I don't even have a Jonah, but my vagina hurts just thinking about that. Some poor woman really pregnant for three out of four seasons for twenty four years since babies died back, then if she had twenty four boys who made it to adulthood, how many did make dude, what two three four at least what about girls highly unlikely to have twenty four straight boys. No girls, I would say she at least had five girls six seven. What about miscarriages seven eight nine basically we're talking about thirty thirty five years straight of pregnancy during the time when women died of pregnancy, or was she cranking out twins and triplets every year two that's gotta be it a good. Okay. I'm glad we figured this out, and you Caradoc wrote lots of other details about Arthur like who will the elder brother and active oil and most distinguished soldiers submitted to know king, not even author, he used to harass the latter and to provoke the greatest angle between them both. He would often swoop down from Scotland setup conflict rations. And carried off spoils with victory and renown in consequence. The king of all bitten on hearing that the highest spirited youth had done such things and was doing similar things pursued the Victoria, some excellent youth, who as the inhabitants used to assert and hope was destined to be king in the hostile pursuit council of war held on the island of Manal he killed the young plunderer after the mode of the Victoria's author returned. Rejoicing greatly the heat overcome his bravest enemy one brother down twenty three ago or twenty two. Little more details about this mysterious, and in all likelihood invented Arthur, fella, his legend grows a bit, and then it grows a whole bunch with the writings of a contemporary of curd. This. This guy Geoffrey, we're talking about her in a second this, this cared act that guy though, I mean is interesting how he added so many acted like this guy. Gillis had totally seen this guy Arthur, and that they were temporaries when that was not written by Gildas in his own time, but the Arthur legend it really gets going because of another twelfth century cleric bridge clearance, name, Geoffrey of Monmouth Jeffrey puts ours on the map when he writes the history of kings history of the kings of Britain, sometime around eleven thirty sixty book that was considered to be historically accurate until the sixteenth century. Once you remember that if you talk about these tales going forward, this is a book considered to be historically accurate. It has the craziest shit written in it. And back then people like, all right. This ends reasonable how many dragons with it. All right. This book, okay? Now considered to be a mix of actual vents. And a lot of folklore Geoffrey of Monmouth did so much to introduce the legend of King Arthur to the world. He is now considered the father of our three and legend. This book would have been written just before perhaps a little after Caradoc spoke. I think it was written after for reasonable state in a minute in the preface to this book. Jeffrey rights oftentimes, intending ova in my own mind. The many themes it might be subject. Matter of the book, my thoughts would fall upon the plan of writing the history of the kings of Britain, in my musings, thereupon me seem to, to model that's beyond such bench in his guiltless and bead have made of them in the luminous trek Tate, not could I find as concerning the kings, that had dwelt in Britain before the incarnation of Christ. No, not even as concerning author in the many others that day to succeed him after the incarnation Albie. It's that did deeds be worthy of praise everlasting and be pleasantly rehearsed from memory by word of mouth, the traditions of many people's, as though they will written down very clever, what he does here if what he was doing was intentionally writing some are thirty and propaganda Jeffrey is claiming to write historically, historically accurate depiction of the kings of Britain. And then mentioned that. He's bummed out that king greatest King Arthur, a man who clearly accomplished deeds worthy of praise wasn't written about in a lot of detail by the historians Gildas and beat. Yeah. He wasn't mentioned at all by those mother fuckers. I and I think he wrote this book after care docs book because he references Gildas mentioning Arthur, which never happened. What did happen was Caradoc reference Gildas referencing Arthur? I mean who knows maybe there's a source book, lost to history that connects all this stuff, some book that Jeffrey and Caradoc leaned on some book associated guilders with Arthur or or maybe just cared about invented that association. That's what I think, anyways. So now we have Jeffrey actions. Arthur's been written about for centuries. It's yes. Coming out not true. Unless a whole lot of other books that were written about King, Arthur, have been lost. I personally do think he's making his shit up just based on campfire tales because Gildas original account of this battle, the battle of Badin did in fact survive Jeffrey knew about this book. And in that book, we know the Gildas didn't mention Arthur. And if anyone should have mentioned him, it should have been gilded to me that is enough to prove that, like, now this guy, this guy didn't actually exist in zone time now, the Jeffries given Arthur, far, more historical legitimacy than he deserves the twelfth century proceeds to write a bunch of historical accounts about the guy that would become the basis for a lot of our thirty and legends bunch of short stories about Arthur Merlin, all sorts of people who probably never existed, doing this, or that, and what he lacks in his historical accuracy. He makes up for in great imagination Jeffrey with his inspired writing turns Arthur from an interesting, bad s briefly mentioned by a few other authors into an inspiring legendary mythical figure that we still talk about to this day with Jeffrey Arthur's given armor and a helmet. A gold adorned with a sign of the virgin. Mary, his weapons. Become the powerful lands known as Ron the mighty sword caliber, n-, caliber, and sounds pretty mighty. I like that work and compasses the word burn pretty bad ass. Makes me think of some sort of fiery weapon used to kill white. Walkers game of thrones, but Ron. Like RO in, like fucking like wrong. Like your friend, Ron. This is my powerful. Lance ron. She doesn't hold up. Maybe maybe that names animal more powerful back then. I don't feel like Ron translates to the present very well as the all inspiring moniker. Some powerful death weapon Steinbeck do not make me attack. Hugh, with Ron, if Ron does not frighten you. Maybe I should grab my Mace, Gary, perhaps, I shall pick up my double X, do not make me take my double ax into battle noth- Haniel. Well, these saves gonna tax with aks, Nathaniel Jeffrey, also changes the name of the battle of bad and hill to the battle of the bath, and he gives Arthur specific personal enemy to fight in his battle awesome. Nice story building here. He's doing the Saxon leader. Children name change later tales to certify the Saxons, and Jeffrey story have taken an oath to Arthur's tributaries and just as quickly have broken it, the great battle is transformed from a defensive stand spoken of by Gildas bead, and then into an offensive campaign for the very welfare of authors country, and his personal data for the glory of England. Although Arthur, loses significant of men in the battle of the bath, you wins the day, personally, killing four hundred seventy sex swine and he drives children from the field for seventy what a strange number to switch to. Well, the Jeffrey felt at nine sixty that's, that's just too much, man. That's an unbelievable. Number dudes for one guy to kill him days battle. So he went with the more reasonable some four hundred seventy dudes. No big. Whoops. Just lands in the fuck out of a couple of hundred dudes was Ron. Arthur builds from this victory Jeffries, tail goes on to conquer Europe and subdue Rome, Arthur's, making power moves the history of the rest of Europe, kingdoms in the history of the Roman empire pretty well documented, they do not exactly back up these claims. So he's kind of alone saying that he wouldn't just kicked. Everybody's asking Europe and Roman. Although he's the greatest king of his time Jeffries, Arthur, still remains humble and gracious to its friends is tentative to the needs of a subjects does remain characteristic of Arthur throughout the development of his legend, his chivalrous nature will inspire the chivalry that will become a socio with medieval knights, and what a great tale for English peasants, living through the anarchy in twelfth century England to look to Jeffrey is the first author to introduce other characters who will go on to become integral to the later, legends of Arthur, Arthur's wife, Gwen aveer, again, the wizard Merlin ser que ser better veers, gallon, Arthur's, father, youth, or Pendragon, more drid, the nephew and treacherous killer of Arthur Jeffreys, worked big hit New York Times bestseller equivalent. A very I've had that equipment because one person, but actually the New York Times, did not exist in full century English wanted to let you know, just so you're clear, there was no New York Times, very popular arenas day, spread around translated in subsequent decades in English, and French from Latin by number of authors, and poets, such as Robert wass in Lebanon, sixty criterion, the trial, and eleven seventy and Robert de boron in the late twelfth century, these authors, and many others added more details to Arthur's tail change in the name of his store to x caliber, which I gotta say is better than caliber, n- and fucking light years ahead. Ron Arthur's quest for the holy grail is added, sir. Lancelot suddenly shows up. Arthur is a boy suddenly pulls the sword. Excalibur out of the stone in a future tale. The mythical land castle of Camelot appears additional magical swords, you know, the legend of volts additional writers would continue to add additional details for centuries. Lord Tennyson further popularized. The legend through his works beginning in eighteen thirty two with the publication of his poem, the lady of shallot. Continue with others along the same theme, including the eighteen fifty nine publication of idols of the king tenison had long been fascinated by the arthurian legend. And he revised Arthur to reflect the values Victorian, England Tennyson work inspired other Victorian, writers and poets. Take subject matter or thirty and literature was reborn again, in the modern age, lots of authors did this throughout the centuries. They would bend the tales of King Arthur to reflect the values idealized in their own time. Why was this all done again, a short because people want a hero to believe in historically? They want someone from their own land, one of their own tribe to rise up and give them someone to be inspired by someone to show them, what it looks like to live noble virtuous life. I'm lucky that way, I'm lucky that I have my grandpa award for that. My, my grandfather is my is my life model in many ways. My cue document my blueprint, my source material. Not everyone is so lucky historically, people want to believe that some mythical hero can find to defend them against any foe. They can feel protected and safe under their leadership. They want someone is noble and fair is, they are powerful, someone who will both defend against enemies. And also, not turn on their own people hard to find a leader like that in the ancient world hard. Now we still want that today. I feel like people in general people from various political parties, Democrats. Republicans more pretty sad about the current state of affairs in America. And that is not a shot against Republicans or even Trump. Specifically lot of people I talk to are just disappointed with the whole machine in general, how nice it would be to have some godlike King Arthur to lead and take care of us. No more backbiting posturing, congress members, no more White House, mudslinging and passing the buck no more, you know, senators seeming to try to just appeal to their to their base as opposed to doing what's right just noble. Just mighty mother fucker making shit. Great. I all what a legend that's allegedly can help unify a nation. No more. Polarized us versus them culture of liberals versus conservatives, and more. Everyone could get behind Arthur, you know, or, or some female equivalent in the twelfth century with the anarchy England need. Did this unification thing, the thing about the way this is a weird analogy? But think about the way Tom Brady has unified. The New England Patriots fan base. I know it's a silly example, but ninety percent of patriots fans would not give a single fuck about that franchise. If you took Tom Brady away from its existence over the past two decades, his consistent sustained excellence on the field outside of a few football cheating snafus, but of a scandal from anti beginning with his wife. He's come across as a pretty noble dude. Dude, it kind of looks like a night what you think of when you think of a night patriots fans will bask in his gridiron glory for decades after his retirement. Their fan base has been energized. And united. Now imagine if you believe that someone more, handsome, and Tom Brady, someone who dominated battlefields, like Tom Dobbin dominated Super Bowls, some without any skeletons in his closet to be dug up even in the social media age. Imagine this dude. It's established your nation defended against all enemies kicked. Everyone's ass was the most likeable just kind of motherfucker in history. That's King, Arthur. He was George Washington. George had beaten the British basically. Handedly said absolutely not to slavery, major women could vote and own land immediately, and then just carried a magical sword to top it off. King. Arthur wasn't a real dude. We know that now. But back in the twelfth century, the British thought he was a real dude. And this belief helped propel England gave them so much pride. It helped move them into becoming any world, colonial power most blog spend on that here in a little bit, too. Let's let's look into the rise of England. Now in today's times timeline before bouncing outlook, deeper into more aspects of king Arthur's legend and the legend of those around him. Right after word from today's next Bonsor days time so is brought to you by movement watches. So I'm where one now or one rhino stop. What you're doing. Look down your wrist. Our friends at movement, m v VM t watches have got exactly what you're missing. Sweet ass affordable. Watch when I was contacted to see if I was cool with 'em via Mt. 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Let's start way back like eight hundred thousand years way back or gala, just found evidence of some type of early humans living in England as far as eight hundred thousand years ago, it these early humans establish any semblance of civilization. We don't know about it. Pro- probably not much going on back then other than clubbing Grun trying to freeze to death because the ice age, especially highly unlikely there was any kind of civilization back then the Pleistocene, epoch, or last ice age lasted from roughly two point six million years ago until about eleven thousand seven hundred years ago, and England isn't believed to have been continuously inhabited until after it ended early. Tribes started using javelins, and, bows, and arrows, and living in little groups and England about ten thousand years ago, tribes likely Germanic in origin. The weather steadily got a little nicer and by thirty eight hundred BC civilizations began to arise in the lands of the mythical King Arthur, based on the discovery of timber trackways, aka ancient roads in England between thirty one hundred and twenty eight hundred BC the great curses of Stonehenge. A big ditch and banks round in those misc- rocks, about three hundred yards from the stones of Stonehenge was constructed around twenty seven hundred BC Stonehenge itself was constructed. So clearly there were people in England with a civilization advanced and organized enough to build a giant monument is still stands today, at least five thousand years ago, likely built by the British Celtics druids also dramatic and origin or possibly as many people interesting to believe billions, maybe nefarious reptilian, luminosity members built it like David is seems to believe, but let's not go down that were home, a win the bronze age hit and twenty five hundred BC trouble warlords us, new weapons at allowed for more sophisticated warfare, which began to lead to bigger kingdoms, the Atlantic bronze age from thirteen hundred to seven hundred BC saw the rise of trade routes between tribes and minor kingdoms and lands of present day, Portugal. France England Ireland and more Germanic tribes also spread out across Europe into the British Isles many of these tribes, which arose out of early hunter gatherer communities. Have been lumped together in what has been called the house dot culture house at how stat dot house dot is German for the place of salt hall, meant salt early Celts, the whole sad tribes learn to mind salts and other precious metals. Accumulate riches for the rulers house that burial sites from the twelfth century BC to the eighth century BC show, a lot of commonalities between people all across northern central even eastern Europe, Iberian peninsula, modern day England early. Celtic arose out of the whole stat, kosher. Our thoughts would begun to colonize and inhabit, the British Isles around five hundred BC Celtic culture started to evolve as early as twelve hundred BC and mainland Europe. Even though there is obviously some discrepancies here because some people think that some form of Celtic culture built Stonehenge. That's just I guess I should clarify. That is some speculation. No no definitive proof there. And for modern British Isles inhabitants. He Celts form the basis of modern UK kosher. Their legacy remains most prominent in Ireland and Great Britain were traces of their language and culture still prominent today, then. Came the Romans in fifty five BC led by none other than Julius Caesar when he first arrived on August twenty six of that year Caesar within leave, then return again in fifty four BC then leave again. And then in forty three BC the Romans come back to Britain to stay under emperor Claudius. They conquer numerous Celtic kingdoms, including the cat to von Villani cut Villani and the ice. Seni- kingdoms by ABC, Romans have an amphitheater and governor's palace in London. They're building roads, strongholds walls towns around England, completing almost eight thousand miles worth roads by hundred CE some stories also believed the first ancestors of England's future Anglo-Saxons come into England. At this time, mercenary of Batavia and troops based in modern day, Germany, brought over by the Romans more and more dramatic people would migrate to the island over the following several centuries, basically, all of the various cultures that arose in the first few centuries were derivative somehow early dramatic people from northern western Europe. And most those people if you go back a few more. Thousand years are believed to come from Asia and the Middle East. And if you go back, thousands of years earlier most thought to have migrated out of Africa, pretty funny, really the history of human civilization has been a constant battle of us versus them. You know, those enemies aren't us, and we want what they have, so we need to kill them. They think different than me, but the truth is, we're all the same meets AC. We've just been split up for a while. And one twenty to see Roman emperor Hadrian orders. The construction of the famous Hadrian's wall northern England to try and keep the pesky warriors in Scotland warriors such as the picks. Celtic confederacy of tribes from attacking Robens completed by one thirty CE the Antonine wall is built further north a decade later by four Tennessee after three centuries of constant clashing, with various Celtic tribes and various Germanic, tribes, such as the angles and the Saxons the Romans needing to focus, their military energy elsewhere in Europe as their empire begins to fall apart. Leave England for good these angles and Saxons, then go on to form the beginnings of England's Anglo Saxon, cultural future. The name England can be traced to these early angles. Their name is thought to be dried from the name of the area. These tribes originally inhabited, the Anglia peninsula Anglia also the Latin name of England. The term Anglia is thought to be derived from the term for a fishing hook since the angles, had were tribe, sustained by fishing think of angling being synonymous with fishing England would come to mean land of the fish. Sherman and English would come to me, the fisherman's language, so cool trivia, writes a love it. Well done, thanks for that three to five stars in the fifth century wake of the Romans leaving England would begin to be divided up into seven separate primarily Anglo, Saxon, kingdoms, whom local, Celts will battle against north Umbria Murcia, East Anglia Essex Kent Sussex, and Wessex. Details of king. Arthur placed him in this period of English history and most legends pit him against the Anglo Saxons fighting on behalf of the Celtic Britons more on the Britain's just a moment. King Arthur, said to have lived roughly from four sixty CE to around five thirty nine or five forty c got varies a little bit from tale to tale. He was said to be born this, this really cracks me up, you said to be born at ten tangle castle, which is hilarious to me because that castle was not even fucking built until the thirteenth century. It was built in twelve thirty three CE by Earl Richard first, Earl of Cornwall, who wanted. To establish a personal connection with our three and legends written by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Right, almost one hundred years earlier wanted to connect himself to Arthur in a quest for power like so many kings would do over several centuries. Earl Richard, even had the castle built in the style of earlier castle construction, so it would appear ancient legit. The ruins are still there today. If you want to see the site, where King Arthur, for sure never had a castle since no fifth century castle ruins have ever been found. There was also zero historical record of a castle ever existing there prior to the thirteenth century clear to me that this place is now in our thirty and tourist destination. Sometime between five hundred and five sixteen. C E, L likelihood, the battle of Bayden took place and again, this, this year's fluctuate because a lot of speculation this is that famous battle he's spoken so much about where King Arthur killed nearly a thousand dues by himself in the legendary version, does battle between Anglo Saxon, aggressors and Celtic Britain defenders king Arthur's, I mentioned supposed to have thought on behalf of the Britons the name Britain to drive from the Latin word, but Tony. A term invented following the Romans initial conquest of the island in English the terms Britain, and British for many centuries. Denoted only the Celtic Britons and their descendants most particularly the Welsh Cornish and Britain's who were seen as heirs to the ancient, British people. That's how it's used to describe Arthur here. So he would have been Celtic one of the descendants of one group of people who over for mainland Europe's Germanic tribes centuries. Earlier now fighting a new group of Germanic tribes. Celtic tribes, such as the Britons were United by common speech. Customs and religion. Each tribe was headed by king was divided by class into druids the priests warrior, nobles, and commoners. They'd been in England for centuries by the sixth century. Then the angles come along from of present day Denmark, and the Saxons come along from present day, Germany, and formed, their own kingdoms with their own language old English, bring their own customs, and religion, which essentially was the same pagan religion that Norse mythology would evolve out of before they adopted Christianity, the. Terms, British in Britain, eventually came to be applied to all inhabitants of the kingdom of Great Britain, including the English Scottish and some Northern Irish after treaty and seventeen six unify the king. Nos Galan with the kingdom of England. Celtic and Anglo Saxon cultures. Now United for the most part into one, kosher. So anyway, so this early battle all these law. These words, change meaning over the years, anyway. And this early battles. We learn King Arthur supposedly fell nine hundred sixty men another battle in the arthurian time line is d battle of Camden said to be sometime around five thirty seven CE, maybe five thirty nine. This was king Arthur's final battle will be his final fictional day. Now, we move ahead of few hundred years to eight thirty CE and that's where the first stories about Arthur begin to be told when Welsh historian Nene as mentioned Arthur is king and hero of the battle of Bayden hill between ten ninety five and eleven forty three c historian William of Malmesbury a man, I did not mentioned earlier, also mentioned Arthur, as a war chief of the Celtic Britons and a book called deeds of the English kings. Seven twenty. He mainly just quotes Ninian, his ninth century depiction in the twelfth century, the French poet, Christiane soi introduces the legends of the grail quest the character of LANCELOT several other elements of our three and legends. We said earlier, and, of course, as we said, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and many others greatly add to king Arthur's legend in the twelfth century various other English German and French authors. Especially let a French others wed more king Arthur's legend over the subsequent centuries. In eleven fifty four see the anarchy ends when king Henry, the second takes the throne and attached himself to the arthurian legend some story insane. He searched for king Arthur's tomb others say he claimed to have discovered king Arthur's tomb, and then also recovered Excalibur. So he must be the one. True king by Levin. Sixty things have stabilized things are improving again England. The nation is unified under his rule. He actually ruled part of present day, France, too. But let's not complicate this song even further with the cultural Royal blood connection between England and parts, France king. Henry son in subsequent English ruler Richard the first aka Richard, the Lionheart would also associate himself with King Arthur, some say he searched for king Arthur's tomb as his father had done other say his father gave him Excalibur, either way, the continued association with King Arthur, cements, the mythology English culture forever, and generations of kings will do the same claim. You are descended from Arthur and immediately. You give your rule and noble and magical air in fourteen sixty nine to east. Thomas Mallory, an English night during the war of the roses composes, the whole book of King, Arthur, and his noble knights of the round table and fourteen sixty nine again while imprisoned and has published after his death in fourteen eighty five under the wrong name initially actually lay Mortz. They are which was actually the title of the last chapter and French for the death of Arthur. This book became the definitive, fifteenth century version of Arthur, three legend is passed around a whole bunch, then, of course, many other authors, add further to the legend, others, like Lord Tennyson bay. Basically are three entails have become their own genre. Think of it like Dracula, who is Dracula, vampire. What is Dracula's exact story, he doesn't have an exact story? He has qualities. He has some identifying characteristics, but many of the specifics are very malleable, tons of authors have written about them as we talked about net Vlad and paler suck longtime ago long before Bram Stoker wrote about Dracula in eighteen ninety seven Germanic monks, were writing about a Dracula, like vampire character who had evolved out of propaganda written about flat, the Impaler by people scared of that Impaler Sandra's before, Bram Stoker, Romanian folklore had tales of destroy troubled vampiric, spirits, that became part of Dracula's modern mythology. It's like that with King Arthur two and his band of Camelot. Wizards and warriors. The story of Arthur is legend stacked upon legend folklore presented as fact by one English king after another bending the tales to strengthen their claims to the throne if they were descended from Arthur. They were descended. From a man who is more God than king. They were the rightful heir to his caliber, and therefore the rightful heir to all of England. Okay. So I think we have the basics of how to legend started down down pretty. Well, now why they started why they're important English identity while we come clean, and colonizing the world. Why? Because we are the most no motherfuckers to of ever lived, we descended from king. Autho the first truly noble king in the world in his blue blood runs through all veins. Okay. So let's get out of this timeline. Have some fun. With more details of our thirty and folklore right after a word from today's final sponsor plays. Time soak is brought to you by Lisa. Love the, the visa had leesamattress for almost two years now. And that mattress holds up the brand is as awesome as ever. So lucky to have kick ass sponsors. Lisa believes that Abed is more than just a place to sleep is a place for relaxation and rest. And they believe that everybody has the right to quality rest us why they make too awesome. 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They can impregnate human women, or maybe they just come magic then they don't get into a lot of those specifics, and a resident in house. Demon Radicati Woody. Oh man. What he wishes the world was just plump full of incubus. I sure do was your whole he didn't you might have a whole lot more incubators. I wouldn't be sitting on a warehouse full of wounds paranormal rape, repentant, losing my skinny would. Those Mike man shoe protectors. His not enough. David Roddy bitch to create a demand for my supply. Beijing economics. Well, I run. Drills worker, little shot, a former show to knock off Rolex downtown. When I finish up my hip. Best luck. Would he be careful? They're worried about that strange. Little fellow. I've come to care about him more than I expected. I would anyway. Merlin's story first came about in the twelfth century. See V Geoffrey of Monmouth history of the kings of Britain. The Merlin figure was based on two older myth mythological characters that merged into a Merlin that we recognize today. The name Merlin comes from the Welsh Myrddin, the name of the Bard who is one of the chief sources for the later legendary figure Geoffrey of Monmouth Latin is the name to Marinus in his works. Medieval historian, Gaston. Parra suggested Jeffrey chose ass- rather than the more proper Latin translation of Medina's, because the Norman word for feces was Murdy and he wanted to avoid that association. Good call tough to root for magician whose name sounds like shit. Are you ready to be amazed? Welcome to the stage, the great and pow full illusionist master Todd kiss. But he's. Later, translations Merlin's will be shortened to Merlin, according, Geoffrey of mindless imagination, Merlin's semi divine demon. Birth gave him magical powers as you would expect. His most famous powers is built to see into the future. Many of the are thirty entails would plan psychic powers, but psychic powers around his only supernatural gifts in one story about the birth of Arthur Merlin paves, the way for the birth of ours through some dirty wizard trickery, check of this nonsense Arthur's father who three Pendragon a king falls in love with a grin or grain. The wife of Duke Gordo's of Cornwall, or whole of tin Taegu castle, depending on who was telling the tale and utha. He's fucking names are so dumb, by the way. I'm sure they're good at the time some names do not. Hold on. I paul. If we have a lot of youth, or Pendragon out there and a lot of grins and gore Loiseau's fuck while. Oh, my key magin naming a kid like that today. These are my these are my children, we have youth over, and it grain and tin, tackle, what fucking. Do because at my house youth or asked Merlin to help him figure out a way to impregnate grain knows you can't just barge into the castle and take her by fourth force, which he obviously, is thought about because the story includes him, discussing the only one entrance. Do Duke Gauloise castle in the duke's men were too strong for him to easily sack is fortress, so Pendragon turns to Merlin and Merlin shapeshifts transforms youth are also written his almond. That's even dumber. I don't like the name change. It's sexy up. How about how about oment do you like L mud? Do you want to be called own mud? Yeah. Yes. I do like that. You have written is into ingrains husband so essentially author becomes his enemy. Walks or raw walks right into the castle and basically raped his enemies wife impregnating her with his Royal seat. And then he walks fuck out, and this is why Arthur is referred to his ambassador to many stores part of the reason makes him more likeable like Jon snow. He's Jon snow. The more learn about all of this. By the way, the more obvious. It is how the game of thrones saga also heavily influenced by Arthur in legend interesting orders. Dad being pretty rapi was a real problematic for, for people back in the day, when they're hearing these stories, a lot of old myths. If you really look at him loud, pretty rapi old miss out there. No wonder sexual assault still a prevalent crime today. We, we gave it a pass on some level for centuries. Merlyn was introduced into the service of king Pendragon well before the birth of Arthur in another EPA tale. This one involving dragons, the stories actually Geoffrey of Monmouth attempted the origin of Britain's story, the people of Merlin's time or bit bit backwoods -i at a pretty strong pagan streak and then that included a fair amount of human sacrifice at one story. They were actually searching for a bastard child to kill place under. The foundation of a tower. The king was building to keep it from falling down, because, you know that's the best way to strengthen your foundation is to put some kid bones in there and sadly, a lotta shit is based on truth, which which reminds me of the Aztec suck bunch of meat. Sacks. At one time, thought it was totally reasonable to kill an innocent child and bury their body in the foundation of a castle tower, the gods demand it. The more I come across age religions, the better. I feel about the historical Christian atrocities committed by the way, a lot of people died in the name of Christianity. However many pre Christian religions arguably much more brutal and much more. Violent in one version of the story, it's the bastard. Child's blood that is needed to be mixed into the mortar to keep the tower from crumbling. Can you imagine a contractor showing up to do some work at your home, and you find them just mixing kid blood into the door? What flush what are you doing what you want your driveway to crumble, or not to parts mortar, mix one kid blood? Thank God everybody knows that the teacher's union pun hearing about the child sacrifice Merlin is able to talk the king out of it. But not for some noble reason, he just didn't think kid bones would help the foundation. He thought they had a dragon problem needed to handle Berlin, told the king and his men, the beneath foundation of the tower would be a pool. An inept, who'll be two stone containers after the men laughed at Merlin, Horowitz drag into we'd some kid bones. Everyone knows the men. Dug sure enough there was a pool after draining the pool they found the containers turned out to be dragging aches to dragon eggs, one red one white, and then the dragons would would take to the skies and fight each other. I don't know they grew up fucking super fast. I guess, like immediately group immediately. I don't know how was possible the white dragon takes the victory. But in that moment, Merlin's show shed. Showing the king, he was a seer, the red the white colors. The dragons are important to the red dragon would represent the Britons the white dragon the Saxons and what the Saxon dragon did defeat the British dragon in this tower story. It also led to Merlin's version of Britain one day vanquishing the Saxons and solidifying Merlin's service to the king, plus they can build a tower now for your dragons. Yeah. Which is great. So great dumped of the dragonstar. The king would go on to ask Merlin for his advice all the time, including how to make a baby with his enemies wives without anybody knowing. And if all sounds crazy, it's because it is what I like to think about again, is how people in late twelfth century were presented this yet, as fact, like peasants would listen to stories like these and just walk away thinking, oh, good thing Mellon found, those dragon eggs that talent is Shelly fallen, just as surely, as my name is Mildred donkey Shah something else fucking stupid. Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to buy witches potion need to get rid of some pesky witness in my garden people dumb as rocks back then they were dumbest fucking rocks. The dark ages one of the most time, listen, best known tales of Arthur is the sword in the stone, legend that comes to the twelfth century French poet, Robert de Barnes work simply titled Merlin, we mentioned Robert before the story starts right after Arthur's birth born of Royal blood Arthur was secretly taken by Merlin to be raised as the bastard child of a loyal ally to king user, or third Pendragon, a man named, sir actor at cer- actors castle know what, including extra new, the boys realize entity the son of the king, and his enemies wife thought to be illegitimate, the boy grew up being looked down upon tease by his adoptive parents, his stepbrother Circe and his friends, and it's a couple of Dicks for parents are real kid. Suck for you are the group ashamed of was birth unaware. He was a prince. Meanwhile, Arthur's real father was sick, like, really sick. You died just a few months after forgiven Arthur up. No one knew Arthur was the king's son to the kingdom fell into disarray without an air to lead them in this chaos. Very reminiscent, I might add of the real twelfth century situation and Carina half-century before this tale was written, the anarchy rival lords and dukes debated, which amongst them was most fit to lead England and again this parallels. What happened during the real energy with no answer inside to nobles of the time called upon Merlin to help them? Figure it all out Merlin? The only man aware of baby Arthur's lineage, creative solution. Merlin brought forth, a large stone, as one does a must about it kind of a magic stone quarry place and placed a heavy anvil on the stone churchyard in the Westminster region of London inside the anvil is you guessed it a sort the inscription on the blade. Reads who, so pull us out his sold from this stone is right wise, king bone of All England Moore. Erlin revealed the magical properties of the sword explaining that own only the most qualified men in all of England would be able to pull the sword from the ambulance claimed the throne nobles from around the region came to give it a try. No one, not even the strongest nobles could do it. The sort of eventually was nearly forgotten. No king was crowned and subsequently England some further into anarchy and disarray, and people were prettier -tated with Merlin, for adding this useless fucking stored stone situation to the promise as Arthur grew Merlin, introduced himself to the boy the two began to meet after Arthur would finish his chores around, sir actors castle. They became fast friends as old weird mail loners and unrelated. Children often do nothing to be alarmed about Merlin became the boy's tutor Merlin's teachings, including many subjects, but his major emphasis was in knowledge over brute force hailed him rot. Arthur in this tale is described as a scrawny lads scarcely capable of lifting his sword from sheath. But Merlin saw the potential future king. He thought Arthur would one day be wise and honorable enough to unite Britain, and save the nation from its current level of horse shit. He saw greatness in the boy, and since he was psychic, he knew what he was talking about the one day when Arthur's fifteen the wizard brings the boy to Westminster besides being a great wizard. He was also an excellent promoter. He assembles an anxious crowd to witness the boys attempt at pulling the sword from the end Ville Merlin stepbrothers for K also makes the journey bigger and stronger than Arthur Circe can't even budget sort, the crowd's not surprised. Yeah. They're, they're remember to bunch a buff adults couldn't move, either, when his Arthur's turned the crowd goes fucking ballistic. When the scrawny son of a bitch, does what no one else could do. Just pulls the magic iron blade right out of it. Stony resting place. Just can't. Yup. Yeah. But he's. He. He's go kill now something like that. That's one version this tale story ends up being retold in several ways one of the most popular being a situation where Arthur supposed to bring case or to turnament, but forgets, so the fifteen year old Arthur goes on the hunts replace it. See the sword in the stone. Pulls it out with these not even realizing what magical DD just done. And then when Arthur gives that sword decay in this version, he notices it has inscription that basically says he's won the fucking lottery and is now the king of England. No one believes that a teenage boy, had done the deed that no one before him could do. And they make him do it again. He does the people are blown away. He's crowned king by Saint Dubravice a big part of Arthur's legend is this sword. This magic sword. Excalibur the sword of the stone. In some of the stories is Excalibur in others there it's different weapon, and these other tales lead us to the lady of the lake part of the mythology and some tales local leaders not happy about Arthur, pulling the stone. You know, pull in the store from the stone they don't. They don't want him to lead by their their, their one to lead themselves. They don't like the fact that they may have to bend their needed. Some fifteen year old bastard. They form an angry mob to rebel against his lead against his rule. Needs tales Merlin helps the young kid escape, the mobs brings him to a magical lake where the lady of the lake lives beneath the waves. Incidentally, Merlin said to have had a sexual relationship with lady of the lake in some stories. She's his sister. So there's that two very different stories or they sister fucking not frowned upon back, then like it is now. But anyhow, these tales when Arthur and Merlin arrive the lady of the lake basically just reaches up from the water hands. Arthur, the magical a magical sword Excalibur when given the magic blade. He's told he will always defeat his opponents when he uses it. He's also told that as long as he wears the blades, scabbard sheath. He will be invincible and both of these prophecies of become true not a bad gift, not a bad gift. You know, I've got to say my birthday was last week. And while I do love my wife Lindsey, and I love my kids Katamon row now. Now. One of those mother fuckers got me anything even close to his cool as that not close to his cool to sword that will kill anyone as shape that will make me immortal in which really frustrating to me. Because those are the things that's all literally ever wanted, like what the fuck it's like it's like they don't even care every year for so many years now. I asked the same question can you please just give me a fucking sword? That will kill everyone. And also a matching sheath that will allow known to kill me. Is that really such a big deal you cheap assholes, and I slammed the door to my room and I saw until I cry myself to sleep. That's, that's every may sixteenth for me is crime is sleep knowing that the next day, I'm not going to get anything that I want. Anyway. Or -ther gets the coolest gifts ever. Which I gotta say, helps me understand how he killed nine hundred sixty days in one battle. Okay. All right now, I get it. There are lots and lots of stories about lady of the lake and legends. And most of them, she seems to had different names relationships empowers in one of the legends. She said to have had stolen orlands lot when he was a child. Also, cured his madness later in life. She is also the cause of Merlin's death in many of the stories. She she's complicated. She's nuanced halo. Safina. King Arthur, or thir Pendragon as he's also known, of course, the main focus of the Arthur legends historian, Merlin story. Merging bend over the centuries. While various details about Arthur's deeds would change over the years certain traits about King, Arthur would remain pretty consistent. He's always brave just and wise. Powerful sense of honor duty loves England, loves his people these traits, of course, become a source of great national pride for the English. But he wasn't perfect. He did have weaknesses and his major weakness was his love for Gwen of year. The marriage of Arthur Gwen aveer is warned against by Merlin from the very beginning Merlin told his young friend that she was not wholesome enough to be his bride, and Merlin will be right. Gwen avair would go on to have a long affair with Arthur's favourite night, sir LANCELOT. And this unfortunate trait of Navarre's, this unfaithfulness would go on to be retold by various authors and artists in bards and musici- musicians, just like, you know, Arthur story would change actually the American twentieth century. Poets DJ quick. AM G e would join play a ham, and tweet Cadillac aka penthouse players, clique and release a song about Gwen aveer on their nineteen. Ninety two highly influential hip hop album paid the cost called trust. No bitch. Kidding. All that info was real, though except that song that didn't have shifted with one of your. I just am happy that I could throw out a reference to penthouse players clique. I wore that CD out in nineteen Ninety-four. Gwen is the daughter of king, Leo grants, and upon their marriage Arthur's, new father-in-law gives them a dowry of one hundred nights and the roundtable, the nights would sit sit upon or sit sit around there. You nice roundtable. Roundtable's nice ring to it. Good thing that table was rectangular that would've kind of ruined things nights. So the rectangular table doesn't a roll off the tongue in the same way nights of the rectangular picnic table nights of the fold up squares poker table. Round round definitely the best best shape, a poor Gwen of year. She's really not much of a developed character. Why because English society in the twelfth century was incredibly patriarchal and was in just about every part of the world at that time and mail readers and authors didn't really give a shit about showing any complexity with her female care, even lady lake. I said nuanced earlier. Not really. She was always just kind of mischievous Jeffrey, and other male writers were interested in a strong, female character. They're interested in a strong male character saving a week female character. Gwen aveer, really is just a vehicle for Arthur to be brave in the legends bit of a foil character. Really? We see his strengths because of her weakness. She helped kick off one of my least favorite literary tropes, the damsel in distress waiting to be saved by some Knight in shining. Armor. Doc that strong women only please I'm not interested in saving anyone, you want to be saved. Save yourself. Hail FINA anyway. Help us win aveer concert and kidnapped neck, deep endanger, fucking, his best friend behind ours back, and he keeps calling and carries on throughout at all orders, chivalrous nature and the honor of the knights of the round table in general will influence. Medieval England greatly England still nights people today, who have brought honor to the realm, but we're not here to talk about new nights or to talk about original nights some case. That doesn't sound nearly as cool as, oh, gee, that's okay. We're here to talk about awesome nights. Some case that doesn't work either. Let's talk about wouldn't after Arthur received Excalibur. He fought many battles, and like the lady of the lake prophesied he won every one of his battles without injury. The eleven lesser kings who initially refused to bend their need to him. All ended up agreeing you know what? Hold on, on second thought we now think that we should follow the young invincible king. That's probably a better plan than continue to fight. Someone who can kill Arthur went on to set up his Royal palace Camelot a mythical walled city with a castle. It was said to be surrounded by Woodland's, enlarge fields where many tournaments were held and many would camp when the city was full, there's no specifics, the city size or layout. I mean it's not a real place. Camelot is made up. Camera is a major city of ours focused in many legends. But actually isn't mentioned until the thirteenth century as we just noted Arthur married Gwen of your king Leo. Whatever king fucking Leo. Stupid name gives Arthur, a giant table as a wedding present. And then Merlin is then sent to help fill the ranks one hundred fifty nights. Apparently the biggest table in some legends. Merlin himself creates the table and in one legend, there are sixteen hundred seats around it. No wonder wizard had to make eat it. You can't pick that up. But I care he can't put together home only a magical table, c sixteen hundred people, which I had wizard making me tables. That's, that's what I should ask for for my birthday now. I think about it a good wizard. A good strong wizard next year. I'm gonna ask lending the kids now for two things, which is for like one, one just good wizard in the wizard can make the magic sword and the magic sheath, right? And a cool table and probably conference and dragons, and gold and probably some sexual butts. Why not in a new family that gives me undefeatable sword? When I fucking ask for it. Plans really starting to come together. Okay. The vogue, eight cycles the thirteenth century telling the author tailored, among the first to mention Camelot also says that when the nights were assembled Merlin said to the group now on you must love one another, and hold one another as deals. You'll brothers full from the love and sweetness of this table where you will be seated, they'll be bone, and you'll hot such great joy and friendship, that you will leave your wives and children to be with one another and spend your youth together in new Denise unto God and touching one another's glorious muscles, in rubbing down of size after heated battles and relaxing and doing shoulder, massages and sometimes touching nibbles in the frolicked the fund way. And then sometimes just gently stroking one another's. Cox on the battlefields to reduce tension from the walls, and then putting Cox mouths and buttonholes and really enjoying he didn't say that, but I just feel that there's a lot of homoerotic tones. When Merlin comes up hanging out, dudes, you know, just spend a lot of time alone with them trying to talk them out of marrying, ladies tell them much. Dudes, just fucking forget about your wives just, you know, have found each other and the names of one hundred and fifty six hundred sixteen hundred nights would be engraved in each of these chairs. What a great legend by the way to inspire unity in your army. If you want to be a good night, you have to love each other more than your own families. Why are you with each other in the first place to defend around with England to advance glory long live England? I mean, this should is fantastic. Propaganda like the best Merlin left one of the chairs open for a great night of the table that he called a perilous chair that share will be filled by only the bravest most capable night of the mall and that night would end up being Sagala hat, the son of the already famous nights, a LANCELOT and some legends. Galahad also pulled a sword from the stone his case, he was named his strongest night in the world for lasts less stones and source loan around the store today. Sir galahad sounds like a real bad ass. Arthur light weren't talking about him in a moment, I was talking about his dad arguably the most famous night of the round table, sir LANCELOT Selena was the first night of the roundtable. And he's never failed in gentleness Kerr. Courtesy or courage. Lancelot is Arthur's favourite. And every turn landslide is totally devoted King, Arthur, and never betrays him other than constantly fucking his wife like so much. That's the only little tiny chink in his armor as the only minor tiff between the two is to constant y fucking other than that devoted besties when landslide is not being led astray by his Nadi dirty pain. He's doing all kinds of noble. Cool shit and legends killing bad guys rescue other nights saving damsels, fight giants, that kinda shit, and he was one of many nights, sir gallon. Another famous night of the roundtable said to be Arthur's nephew prominent figure many legends in France. He's generally presented as, as one who has adventures paralleling but not quite overshadowing or Thor's and Lance lots ventures in English tales. He's also sometimes the star of the show gallon is the principal hero, some tales, a great example of courtesy and chivalry he is sir gawain. There's like one of the stories that sir gawain and the green Knight's. There's other arthurian romances. He's the lead character. Kevin Gallen sometimes arrival of selene Salat, the accidental death of gallons. Brothers at salons, lots hands causes gal one of the mightiest warriors court become the bitter enemy, his once great friend. He ends up getting mortally wounded in a fight with LANCELOT, who it is said, lays for two nights. Weeping at gallons tomb before his death, gallon for Pence his bitterness towards landslide and forgives him because the bonds of knighthood, too strong for the two petty. Squabbles. I know we fought. But think about all the times the battle, we were just laying cuddled up spooning together your little spoon. I was a big spoon. Just thinking about not being with their families. There was also, sir jaunt so drawn to cool last night, who best night, known as the night of the sparrowhawk and only, let's sparrowhawk live in one famous tale when sparrowhawk promises to take his dwarf to Camelot and apologize to one of the queen's maidens for being rude seriously. That's, that's the story. This story is a good representation of foul fucking weird and crazy. All these old nights tales were here. Here's it in the racial regional while I guess, a version of the original language, this is the story, the nights, face each other as the trumpet sound, and these ninety talking about here are, this is sir Geraint, and the night of the sparrowhawk the nights, face each other as the trumpet sound and they rush towards each other the horse hooves trumping like thunder. They crash together in the middle of the field with loud role in the sound of splintering. Lance, it is the nights. Lance splintered into twenty pieces. The Lance of suggestions was held and passed the shield of the night, lifting him out of his stats. Throwing him onto the ground with great force, causing him to roll over and over the excited crowd calls out. Who is this night in old Armagh is he sa- LANCELOT of the lake who is he as the crowd rolls? The night leaps to his feet and draws his sword. Call it out to Jarett come down here and face me on foot. I've still got my sold the crowd cries out, get off your horse and fight him on foot. Is that really what the crowd cried out, seems like a little to worry, you know, get get off your horse and fight him on like in unison? Get off your horse and fight him on foot. So Jared leaps down from his horse and draws his sold with his shield before him. He approaches the night, then suddenly they spring together like to wild bulls bashing into each other. Now hockey in a way to each other was sold until the dust cloud surrounds them and no one can tell who is winning toront- goes, very angry in the night withstands all his smashing blows. And he smashes away at the nineteen harder the night begins to weaken and drops his shield, a little Durant les blue. So blows, so heavy upon the nights, shielded, knocks it down to the ground, then Durant hits the nights. So hard on top of his helmet. A direct hit on the crowns of the blade cut straight through and into the bone, which can somehow doesn't even kill this guy without blow the night of the sparrowhawk falls to his knees. Now, I would think so catching hold of Germans legs joins snatches the nights helmet from his head grabs his hair pulls his neck forward as if. To chop off his head the nights Biggs for his life. And during agrees to spare him on one condition, if he will tell him his name, the nights response, my name is Szigeti miss of the moles Duran says sa- Gotti must must you must do another thing. And then I will let you live. You must promise to take your dwarf, and go to Camelot where the dwarf will apologize to the queen's maiden for his roughness towards her. The night promises to do it. And Geraint says arise Sugata miss a fly spare the what. Okay, if you're wondering, like what did the dwarf do? And that's not me being derogatory like like just referred to as the dwarf in this tale. What are the dwarf due to piss off Jarrett earlier that day? He gave Jaren back at Camelot a quote, dirty, look and okay. That's not all. And he turned some maidens horse around in a way that caused her to almost fall off a horse you turn it around some out, and she no one care for it. Then he wrote off with Saudi Mus and sir, sir Drenthe was fucking pissed how dare that dwarfs look at him at thirty way, and almost knock a made enough a horse by kind of turn it around a bit, somehow social drink. He fucking chase those dirty look, given horse turn in sons of bitches all the way to some night, tournament and got to Johnston atoll. Seriously, these dudes took chivalry. One dirty look from a door. I was like, oh. Fucking cut. Your best friends nights head off. Sanity and people again, would read this back, but found sounds reasonable is good for him being chivalrous in defending her honor, guests have not into off. Another night is sir bed, aveer, cer- better here with a trustee supporter of king. Arthur from the beginning of his reign. One of the first nights to join the fellowship of the round table. He helped Arthur, fight the giant of Mont Saint Michel or Monsanto, Michelle. Yeah. A giant is a giant ravaged France until confronted by King Arthur, this giant of Doug to the niece of the king of Brittany giants. Do these sneaking places fuck? Take ladies took her to his cave in the mountains known as Mont Saint Michel and just, I don't know. Eight a big old, elk lake bone, and just gave a weird looks and this big bastard. Plunder some nearby villages and spread fear among the locals big son of a bitch crocodile skin for armor fought Arthur with a club there was on fire. Luckily, luckily, Arthur, had his trusty invincible sheath super handy to have that when you need to kill crocodile skin. Aware wearing giant dungeons and dragons. Clearly influenced by our three and legends. Bet aveer ended up with only one hand later in life. Just like a certain game of thrones night. Better your lost one of his hands in battle, but continue being kick ass night. But of your was also present at the last battle the fateful battle of Cameron. He and Arthur alone survived this battle, he was given the command by Arthur to throw Excalibur back into the lake after line twice to Arthur finally tossed a precious sort out into the lake and the hand of the lady of the lake came up and retrieved the sword. And then sunk back to her watery depths of why would he do that? Why would he get rid of the coolest shit ever will in one story, lady lake told him he had to eventually return it or Excalibur, eventually bring about the demise of the kingdom, bummer does kind of make sense, though? Like if he's caliber films, the wrong hands. I guess that would spell disaster for the right kit. Chemists get now. Let's revisit that bad. Esther galahad, sir galahad against son of LANCELOT. One day another sword in stone was seen in a river by authors nights, because this was everywhere. Back then. And it was said to be said that only the world's best night could pull out this. Ord galahad was led him to Arthur's court. He drew the sword out. No problem. It was later on when the grail appeared in a vision at Arthur's court to galahad was then chosen to be one of the three nights to undertake. The quest for the holy grail. He was given a white shield with the Red Cross drawn blood. Right. Just like the crusading knights Templar an order, founded around the same time, by the way that these stories written in the early twelfth century also probably not a coincidence. I'm sure the knights Templars were inspired. But the nights at their own table, and vice versa, in the sense that the author's writing about tonight's roundtable, we're being inspired by the real knights Templar no fits on board a ship during his quest galahad obtained, another kick ass soared, the sort of David disorder taken by the biblical David when he beat Goliath, another magic sword that no one balmy from my fucking birthday. Gal had ended up finding the holy grail after beholding the holy grail galahad requested that he died. He accomplished the most noble mission. Any Christian night ever could find the holy grail and his work on earth was done. He's granted his wish and ascends straight to heaven. He's given the spiritual shortcut for being the perfect night. He was perfect encouraged gentleness, courtesy, and chivalry and immediately peasants started selling and wearing W w S G D bracelets. What would sir galahad do? And this little story, you know, because this story we still have jackasses digging an oak island today. Looking for the holy grail? Okay, one more there's a ton of these guys. Honestly, their stories get a little redundant. He was fucking chivalrous. I get it. You want some battles. All right. Yeah. Yep. Has worked out okay. The last night. We'll talk about today also related to King Arthur stepbrothers K history, records ks being a very tall man as shown by his epithet the tall. He appears in some of the legends as the foremost warrior at the court of King, Arthur, and apparently had mystical powers and was called one of the three and chanted nights Britain. Here's why here's an excerpt from one of the old tales nine nights nine days, his breath, lasted onto water nine nights and nine days, would he be without sleep, a wound from Kay's sold? No physician might he'll when it pleased him, he would be as tall as the tallest tree in the forest when the rain was heaviest, whatever he held in his hand would be dry for a hand breadth before and behind because of the greatness of his heat. And when his companions coldest, he would be as fuel for them to light a file, and it was like one of the vendors so I get a sort almost as good as Arthur's, another cool sort out. I didn't get while he didn't have an invincibility sheath. He holds brother under water for a long time, like almost all command long. He didn't need to sleep very much. That's pretty sweet. He could shoot some kind of fire somehow, I, I'd want him on my side for sure. I've got a knife, fight us, archaic times at a volatile and cruel nature, but was also one of Arthur's most faithful companion well spoken super tall. Sometimes get fired. Get dealing with, you know, gives them cranky almost done talking about nights. Let's just touch on the holy grail a bit more than the code of chivalry before moving on one of the most important things are three and night could do was hunt for the holy grail. The fabled artifact that usually shows up as the Cup Jesus drank of the last supper the Cup of supposed miraculous power that can provide happiness, attornal youth or substance in infinite abundance, pretty cool Cup. Can it just kind of reminds me of gifts? You know I mean I got a coffee Cup for my birth. You know, Joe paisley gave me coffee Cup but not not a grill Cup. You know what I mean? Just regular you know what? It's just a regular parade of disappointment today. Just think about this stuff during the during the late twelfth century, French and English poets and troubadours transformed, the Arthur legend from political fable to tail of Shiva, Rick romance. Mysterious holy grail. One of the most captivating motifs and all the literature, I appears as part of the thirty and legend in Christiane, the twat this unfinished poem Percival, or the story of the grail, Brennan, the very end of the twelfth century and one of his passages about the grail. He writes, a girl came in fair and Komi and beautifully adorned and between her hand. She held a grill. And when she carried the grail in the hall was two fused by light so brilliant that the candles lost their brightness as do the moon or stars. When the sun rises, after her came another girl, bearing a silver trencher. The girl was made of the finest that grail, sorry girls. The grail was. Made of the finest pure gold and it were set precious stones of many kinds, the richest and most precious in the earth, or the sea. Krit jahns image of the grill, luminous, and other worldly became a mystical symbol of all human quests of the human yearning for something beyond desirable. And yet unattainable with that the Arthur legend entered the true realm of myth, now for some final notes on chivalry, the hundreds of nights in around that magical round table, all to live their lives by code of chivalry, a moral system that rewarded bravery, courtesy honor honesty, valour loyalty gallantry towards women. The chivalrous Knight was expected to be a great warrior in battle. But also temper his aggression with a Chevrolet side to his nature when not in battle chivalry is defined as the combination of qualities expected of an ideal night, especially courage on our courtesy Justice and a readiness to help the weak and to be chivalrous is defined as courteous and gallant, especially in the context of a man towards a woman. If you're a dude, and have a lady in that lady expect you to open doors for her, or walk on the side of traffic. When you sauntered on the sidewalk as Lindsay does with me. She is expecting you to be chivalrous not for everyone. I know. But we liked. The r thirty and code of chivalry was emphasized by oaths vows that were sworn in the knighthood ceremonies later. The code of chivalry was written in the epic poem about Charlemagne called the song of Roland exactly when it was written is not known, but probably in the early twelfth century and then it was extremely popular from the twelfth century to the fourteenth century in the song. The chivalry knights were, here's her qualities number these out, one to fear God and maintain his church to, to serve the Liege Lord, invalid and faith three to protect the weak, and defenseless four to give a systems to widows and orphans a lot of stuff with ended up being taken by the knights Templar. I remember this from that suck. Five to refrain from the wanton giving offense, six to live by honor and glory, seven to despise pecuniary or monetary reward eight to fight for the welfare of all nine to obey those placed in the thority tend to God, the honor of fellow nights eleven to eschew on fantas meanness and deceit, twelve to keep faith thirteen at all times to speak the truth. Fourteen to persevere to the end in any enterprise begun fifteen to respect the honor of women sixteen never to refuse at challenge from an equal seventeen never turn your back upon a faux eighteen never run from giants. Nineteen always fights dragons, with magic, swords twenty to look at a woman when she is naked leads to certain death twenty. One always touched one sold instead of one's penis, twenty two always attempt to go number two before jousting match begins because it takes a long time to get the armor off, and then back on again, and it's not cool to make everyone wait to watch you launch your foes, with the mighty Ron okay, I made up eighteen to twenty two but the others were real at the end of most of the legends, sadly, Arthur, and all of his knights will die, but they die for the most part with honor and their fictional lives not lived in vain their ideals. Inspire England and a great deal of others and helped push England and also other countries like France to become the colonizing powers. They do become. Yeah. These stories also very popular in France now is talking about Arthur's enemies from dragons and giants to witches and rival kings and nobles. He battled with the Saxons in the Irish from the north. The also battled with love nature. His two greatest enemies were actually relatives Morgan lefay and his nemesis mortar. Talk about mortared first mortared was on a mission, destroy Arthur from early on mortars, parents were Arthur's half. Mr. Arthur himself. Gotta have a little more incest. It's not going to be a proper medieval royalty story. You don't have enough incest. Mortared stepfather is king. Lot of Orkney and his half brothers are the nights gallon, aggravation Harris and Gareth. That place all these old medieval names, and then, like a modern name we have gallon, aggravating, Harris and Tim. And also, Timothy, it was Merlin who saw into the future and warned that a boy born on May Day would grow up and caused the fall of both Arthur and the knights that are on table upon hearing, this Arthur makes he completely rational choice of decree that all boys born on May Day or did he placed on a ship and sent to Europe to find new families for which is pretty nice really lesser king would just stop them the second, they popped out of their mothers' wombs, but noble, Arthur, just took them from their families, and shipped them off to Europe. Just a just a ship, little babies and own wants seems reasonable. Unfortunately, the ship was caught in a perfect storm one year and wrecked killing everybody born on may, I almost can you guess who survived Mortensen that baby fucking swim man baby mortar swim gets dumped into cold Atlantic Ocean during the storm that just took down a whole ship and he just motored his chubby little baby has to shore. That's impressive. Michael Phelps descended from mortar, again, many people's out these stores were true. I'm sure some people still do probably somebody out there who thinks that the others flat, that we never landed on the moon and that baby. More driven swam his fucking baby ass off. A mortar was raised away from the court until he was a teenager. Then he came to Camelot joined the roundtable, his actual identity was unknown until it was too late. Mortared was instrumental in uncovering the adultery. Gwen of your and LANCELOT tells tells about it talks about King Arthur force them to sends the Queen to death when Arthur pursues LANCELOT or in some stories, he Roman emperor Lucius mortared seizes the throne in Mary's himself forcing Arthur to abandon his battles in France. And rush back to Britain the to face, off, for the final time in the battle of Camden, which results in more towards death by spirit, the hands of Arthur, but not before he mortally wounds. His father who's also was ankle who's also was king shit held onto that invisibility sheath Arthur or there's other mortal enemies more going to say mortgage was Arthur's half sister. She's normally depict as a witch and militias enemy prior to Arthur's marriage to Gwen aveer. She tricked Arthur into sleeping with their sister mortgages, which gave birth who gave birth to Arthur's son and nephew, mortar mean which trick some legends say that more. Faye was the mother of mortared herself. I buy a lot of barely a lot of sexy, half sisters. This guy was talking about fucking Morgan was involved in all kinds of conspiracies against Arthur from killing some origins best nights, and subjects trying to poison him and ultimately didn't him to his death by stealing the enchanted scabbard of x caliber leaving Arthur vulnerable. Okay. That's what happened to the sheath damn sexy. Half sister took it. Okay. So that's some of his enemies. Let's talk about some of his dragons or some dragons, general, they weren't named in this, especially fun to talk about drags right now. We'll game of thrones is going on, on a lot of reminds you after just wrapped up an integral part of the legends of Arthur, come in the form of fire-breathing four legged winged. Reptiles known to nearly every child on earth is drank. It's they didn't show with big backstories, or even specific names and are three and legend, but their presence definitely felt again, kind of like game of thrones. I can't name any of the dragons in that show, but they don't really show up that much, but the presence alters the landscape of the show, and the plot and everything, while dragons are mythical creatures legends about dragons have been recorded by cultures around the world, the western stories of dragons differ from that of the eastern legends, and it western dragons breath. Fire have giant wings, generally pretty evil eastern dragons, wingless fareless, and assign a good fortune, for the most part, dragons, are a massive part of the lore of the H, Britons Celts, and the Icelandic people spoken of long before the time of King Arthur. And one famous British legend about a medieval Knight, named Saint George story goes dragging decided to kill all the beautiful women of the land and kidnapped the king's daughter. Oh man white. What a dick dragon move messed up. I kill his. Why can't you at least, you know, tweet a little bit. Like I'm going to ban the ugly ones. Oh, please don't but well, okay with the help of an enchanted, orange trees, Saint George slay. The dragon rescue to Princess trope has been repeated throughout the centuries saving the Princess from the dragon the Celtic peoples revered dragons for their power wisdom. Many Celtic myths say the dragons had the gift of prophecy and thought they were the guardians of the underworld symbolized the joining of this world in the next life. So, basically upon deaths when entering the pearly gates Celts were met by snorting monster as fun. The Danes also tons of dragon stories including the story of a Danish king sending the spirit of wizard scout of foreign land to see if it can be invaded. The spirit goes wizard returns after being scared away by dragon an army of snakes and insects, a giant bowl a massive bird. And a mountain in mountain giant needless to say the wizard picture of these four monsters was a bit off putting the Danish. King was easily convinced not to invade the country who focus writing these stories like if I sent back in time and stuck there, I want that job. It seems pretty easy soon. Like he's got to make up just whatever shit you want it. Right. You can just use that to, to Ben things to, to your desires. No, please king pays we, we, we should dare not go further north to settlement. And I'm not just saying that because I hate the cold and I, I have a pretty sweet natural hot spring in my backyard right now and the women here are super hot and kind of into me. The real reason we can't move up north with our people is because there is thousand snow dragons up there. Yes thousand in may can bring more pain than you could ever imagine. They breathe in a new type of fire. It's ice fire. It's both ice and fire, and they do that to you. That's listen. Listen to. This. They're the least of your problems, the dragons are the least of our concerns. If we had no us, there's also the, the ice giants and ended the ghost with. It's of course, this can't forget the ghost with its and also if you're still not thinking about moving there. What about giant snow scorpions, have you re redirected we could handle them? They shoot lasers from there is all of the scorpions all being ridden like horses by three headed witches with poisonous snakes for tongues. And they can curse you with never ending diarrhea. If they look you in the eye wink before you look away, our winked is. And then you feel it so head. No. If you won't but that's your call. You're the king. But boy, Howdy gonna be a literal shit show. We leave this land of the hot springs in the in the sexy, ladies and whatnot. No one really knows what the original idea of dragons comes from so many different types of dragons, and somebody from with allergies hard to say they're important enough to our three and legend to have Arthur have his last name. B Pendragon, the chief of dragons, now, let's talk about wizards briefly electrical. While there's only one Merlin, there's no question that he is the most famous wizard of all time. Others have been labelled as wizards. The Merlin of Japan has to be ABI. No see may the Japanese legends of AVI. No seem a ascribe him a number of supernatural abilities. He would oversee the emperor, spirituality, banish evil spirits to rid of illnesses, one famous story says he got his power from his mother, who happened to be a white FOX. So dad real kinky, dude, a little bit FOX fucking op seem as story filled with demons slain magical combat some serious, jet masters shit. That is kind of weird. All these animal store. It really does. I know joked around the past, it's like we're just fucking animals a lot back then why does someone of these myths have like one parent, who? Human on the other parent who's an animal and it doesn't seem like anybody who's like what, what I mean? If you thought that through you're like, okay, guess his guy who's out fucking. Fox's the story of Merlin actually helped create more interest in becoming a wizard back with when more people sauce, itself was real. One of these people was out, you know, thirteenth century scholars thought to be a source for Michael Scott, one of the greatest minds of his time, he's remembered for having doozy Asiatic injuries and occult subjects and practices, as well as more mainstream, subjects Scott was the personal astrologer to the Holy Roman Emperor and was a tutor to the pope probably wasn't shit when he's with the pope, but maybe you know, aluminum d do what luminosity do Scott was credited with making successful predictions, curing illnesses changing the course of a river, even making a robot a sand us, even reference in Dante's inferno. He ended up getting stuck in the wizard level of hell, probably pretty fun level to get stuck on really one more wizard his fellow. This guy was the adviser to Queen Elizabeth and the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. His name was John D. Said of being called a wizard usually called a mathematician, astronomers geology alchemist cold philosopher, he also advocated for the expansion of England, credited with coining the term the British empire while he was a man of science expert, navigation and promoter of Matthew, also a super interested in some wizard shit. He's with last thirty years of his life, trying to commune with angels to bring about a pre apocalypse situation by learning the universal language of creation, low cookie as you got older. And then there would be other people like former sucks subject, Alex Crowley, who thought studying the Colt, give them wizard like powers and. Yeah. And so that there's some additional wizards it wasn't just Arthur. But, you know, I'm sure Arthur in legends inspired other people to have wizard mythology in their own cultures. So now time for some final thoughts. I, I hope he learned way more about our three and legend, and how it helps shape England, which then shaped United States, and so many other nations, we learned way more than you already knew thinking about how much talk of knights wizards dragons cetera exists, in our culture today. Lot of it comes from the tales. King Arthur Merlin nights. The roundtable. In conclusion was was Arthur real. No. I don't think so. But, but some do think he was at least based in part on some real people like Ambrosius orleanians that doodoo showed up in the battle of baton, as told by Gildas, who actually live in that battle was fought one of the greatest figures of Britain towards the end of the Roman empire. In the fourth century was a Celtic prince called Magnus Maximus. That's a fucking great name does a solid warrior name by some of the names, today's episode pretty dumb pretty soft. But if you're, you know, if you're some guy, like, ooh, you got a Lance called Ron gets fuck out of here. Take Ron home weirdo. But if you show up I am Magnus Maximus. I'm listening, okay? You have my tension. Many scholars think it's max. That's the basis for Arthur's heroic deeds, max kicked ass on behalf of Roman Gaul Britain Spain. Even northern Africa. Real dude a ton of battles even helped knock emperor Gration off the throne. He was certainly the most noted military commander in the area of England around the time of King Arthur, another candidates man named. Arth. No are so was a Celtic prince who lived in Cornwall in the sixth century, a piece of slate was found called the Arthur stone discovered in excavations in tin, toggle and nine hundred ninety eight the name Artic. No. This name, they show up in different spellings in two different different places. Sometimes it's arth knows sometimes it's like art. No anyway. Celtic historians have have said the name could have been related to Arthur, somehow or they thought that initially, but then upon more review. No, one really seems to think it has anything to do with King Arthur, basically, there's a lot of theories out there about real people who are may have been based on, but they're all pretty flimsy from what from what I read and what I see overall this folklore seems to be at least ninety percent just pure fiction and what great fiction. It is love. Good night. Dragon wizard tail pretty cool to learn how to collection, a story can shape a cultural or a culture, excuse me, identity Merlin Arthur, and others. Help take England from the anarchy to the crusades to colonization helped fuel the belief that they were the greatest nation on earth because they had the best origin story they had to go kick some ass. They were, there was the land of the knights of the round table and King Arthur oranges, origins matter to a lot of people feeling connected to a powerful pass. Is important. Too many fuels the desire to reclaim loss glory, even when that glory, as is the case here, never actually existed, and twelve twelfth century England what actually happened centers before it didn't matter. What matters is what people believed happened this type of historical revisionism still goes on today randomly, I think, as part of the reason nited states has refused to apologize for its ugly history, slavery, slavery doesn't fit the narrative of being a kick ass. Just fair every man is created equal one nation under God. USA USA were number one type of mythology, but I guess, no need to extrapolate too much like, applying stories that have happened. Centuries ago, two things that are happening. Now. Let's just let's look back at what we did learn today and learn something new before we move onto some amazing time. Sucker updates based on experiences in Vietnam with today's top five takeaways time. Bye. Merlin and Arthur number one Merlin, and Arthur, or the George Washington. Thomas Jefferson of England. That's certainly one thing we should take from this is part of the reason, ledges stuck, the British were also the most powerful empire in the world. Just a few centuries after these legends really got going just like in US and probably most nations. Really, we deify, our founders in our in our founding seems to be part of the tribal nature of human DNA. We're number one with a magic sword. We have a kick ass wizard and you don't have shit. Number two, Ron really who names, a Lance Ron, I still keep thinking about that. Number three. We love. Wizards magical swords impossible powers just about every culture on earth is had psychics or Sears prophets, shamans, warlocks, wizards, wizards are important, no matter how science minded and rational, we tried to become. There is something are very DNA that seems to lead us back to the supernatural. We want to believe it's what our brain does best. We seek patterns that match the world that we either want to see or one. To believe in as cold, the political and skeptical as I can be here on time, suck. I do hope that we as a species. Never totally lose our belief in magic and folklore number four, another take away from this is once again, the old telephone game has been played a ton in every historical episode. We've ever done the hardest thing to do is find a cohesive time line that is actually agreed upon in the case of the Arthur legends is really hard to talk about exactly who in the other characters were because a lot of creative license was taken by a lot of people stories tend to change over time. And that is certainly the case with stories of Arthur, number five new information. We've talked about a few swords in stone say that are nothing more than folklore, but there really is an actual sword in the stone. In Italy today, once fucking crazy. It's been there since twelve th century, Galliano would Dottie was born in eleven forty eight and Tuscany under spending his youth as a wealthy night. In eleven eighty he decides to follow the words of Jesus, and retires as hermit. He begins to experience visions of the. Work angel. Michael leading him to God. And the twelve apostles on the hill of Mont sippy, see when one vision, Michael told Gadhafi to renounce all of his earthly possessions. He responds that this would be as difficult as splitting a stone and to prove his point thrusts his sword into Iraq, did surprise the sword. Goes through the impenetrable surface as though it was water shortly after an errant horse leads to the very hilltop, that appeared in his visions where he was moved to plant across not having any would handy he purchased his sword again into some rock, just as he had in his vision and its, it slides in easily again, and then it remains, they're embedded until the present day, one year later without he dies in eleven eighty five pope Lucius, the third declares his Saint, and the Monte, CIP chapel build up around the sword or build up around the store that he put into that stone, allegedly callous, people have tried to steal this sort on display the chapel or the mummified hands of a thief, who tried to remove the sword and was. Legend holds suddenly slaughtered by wild wolves. I don't know if that have while only the hands of survivors unexplained, they do serve as a warning to would be sourced natural. They're still there today. Seen a picture of these days. The sword is protected by a by little shield, as well as the disembodied hands, while the sword was considered fake for years reason studies examined the sword in the hands and the dating results as well as metal in style of the sort are all consistent with late eleven hundreds early, twelve hundreds, while it was impossible to verify the storage, legendary history. And all the details it does match up with Saint Galliano with time line. And it does certainly appear to be embedded in this stone. So how weird is all that Google that if you need to see pictures for yourself a real life sword in the stone time. By away. The legends of King Arthur have been sucked. Wizards dragons, swords, and more. Hope you enjoyed look into the legend. Nice addition to the suck catalog, I think big thanks to our space losers for voting in a topic that I don't think I would have sucked. Otherwise, I would have never learned all that big things at the time. So team thanks to the Queen of the suck. Lindsey comments high priestess of the suck harmony village camp. Jesse guardian grammar dope ner, Reverend Dr Joe paisley time, suck high priest. Alex Dugan, the guy's a bid liquor danger brain access to peril. Thanks to Heather knowledge, ninja Rylander, forgetting that started on the research huge. Thanks. Zach script keeper Flannery for his men's help on this next week return to darkness. So do we ever, the weird darkness of Albert fish, our fish known for being one of the one of the vilest, pedophile and child, serial killers and cannibals of all time after his capture, he mid molested, over foreign children, tortured and killed several others? And he was also a huge pervert in ways you will just have to listen. Into next week. If you have the stomach for just really into Bedia him in the most ridiculous ways he was a small gentle looking man who appeared kind and trusting yet once alone with his victims, a strange monster inside of him was unleashed a monster. So perverse cruel his crimes. They don't even seem real lot of nervous laughter in this one, because just like what, what how he was eventually executed, and based on his strong interests in Beedi, SM, extreme masochism. I think he might have enjoyed getting fried and literature. Okay, excited now to move onto a very special Vietnam. Addition of the time, sucker updates all of today's updates our Vietnam related hope you enjoy him as much as I have. In times updates. As I update comes in from island ferris who shares, a lot of love and respect for his Vietnam. Vet grandfather. Right. He writes this one is a long one. So I apologize in advance. Island says, oh Lord sucking ten. He who sucks, sweet life. Nectar from the teat of Nimrod praise be upon you of a second with us since I, I heard you. I'm Bert cast and have always been amazed. The way you approach hard topics with such balanced perspective. The Vietnam war being such a polarized topic for some I wanted to share the story of my grandfather, who was a helicopter pilot in the war, and no, he wasn't just your ordinary pilot, my crazy as crapper, flew rescue missions in Huey. Which means he would land in the middle of a firefight. With only one co-pilot lane cover with the stock M16. fucking crazy on one particular mission. You've got a call that a group of our guys were pinned down, outnumber four to one and even after being told not to go because it would be a suicide mission. He went anyways and didn't make just one trip. He made four successful trips when he went back for his fifth trip, he was shot down when an RPG hit the tail of his helicopter as he was spiraling towards the ground with his helicopter on fire. He made this split-second decision. To jump, but couldn't chopper was so shot up. He couldn't get his cockpit door open enough to jump, there was a glass portal in the floor near his captain seat that he threw his camera through so that he then could jump. He's revived spent three days in the jungle along alone. Crawling towards base with only his side, arm, he had broken in a broken right leg and a seven six two AK forty seven round lodged in his left ankle. He took on his second mission. He never told anyone about. He never bragged a really ever talked about the war. And the only reason I know this is that at his funeral a man showed of the, my family did not know he stood up and told us who my grandpa was that man was one of the men that was saved that day this guy told his story, he was only eighteen and it was only as fourth day in country moral of the story is my grant was a bad ass heated three tours and nonflying rescue, and was shot down four times. I got his portrait tattooed on my arm. And then he tash a foes, is beautiful in two thousand fifteen six months before he died. I'm so happy to able to show it to him. And. Old his hand hours before he passed away. He retired sergeant major in the US army was awarded multiple purple hearts, a silver star Distinguished Flying Cross, and many more. Medals thanks for everything you do. And for creating the cold curious future space hazard island. Parents were hippies ferris. Wow. Thank you for sharing for sharing that incredible tale. No arthurian legend here. Just some real shit. Nice reminded. There are in fact, real heroes out there walking amongst us thing that the next time you're noise, some older man is taking too long crossing the street that dude that you're annoyed by that, that nice. Sweet looking grandpa might have been the baddest motherfucker nomin nine hundred sixty nine we have no idea what most of the people around us have done this guy, this guy who never talked about. It was a bona fide war hero. Next up is mad Baker who has another tale of how difficult of a war. Vietnam, really was terrible sacrifices were made and about being lucky enough to have known a kick ass vet Matt writes. Hey time suck thought I would share some of the time I got to spend. Favorite customer from my previous job. Mr. Williams was marine. Sergeant who served in Vietnam over a year and would always talk about how much I looked like a member of his platoon, but he always did so without a smile, and always sounded Sambre when he brought him up, I had the chance one day to ask him. So he told me about going on one of their search and destroy runs with the big guy guy that looked like me on point to hear the story told they came across a boy, walk into the jungle who looked ragged in a Macy's bigeye, grab some of whatever food he had out in his pockets and gave it to the boy or out of his pockets, the boy intern reached in his bag pulled out something closed in both hands and place it into big guy's hands and trotted off. It was grenade with the pin already pulled. It took off both his hands half his face and sent shrapnel into his chest causing big I to bleed out in the jungle. He told me through tears at the moment, find the conflict for him as much as he was proud to serve his country and do whatever was asked of him. It was obvious that, no matter how much kindness and compassion. They could show they were not. Wanted or accepted there it was hard to see a man three times my age choking back tears talking about regrets from a lifetime ago. But I've always remembered the obviousness of the hardships, and entire generation faced well enough in the eyes of a man that has showed me, nothing kindness as much as kind as had caused him. Sorry that's a little wordy but I heard Mr. Williams past about four years ago when the sucks you brought up some good memories of him. Thanks for the outlet and prayers for all from a loyal sucker. Holy shit madman. Thank you. What an intense tail? What a terrible way for someone to die. And I'm so glad that this brought back some fond memories of Mr. Williams for you and men. Hopefully, he, he is rest in peace right now. Another personal. Vietnam tale comes to us from time. Sucker named Drake, a tale that again, those traits how a war can haunt man, Drake, writes, greetings, Mr Collins, load of all, that is suck. One is start off by saying the Vietnam, war suck was gripping. And I'm sad. It was only two hours long you asking at the end for stories events of the war, a close family friend of mine was drafted into the. Himself. Sadly, he isn't the greatest technology, but I wanted to share what I know for that human element. His name is rich, w I want to respect his privacy. So that's all I can give he was drafted into service, and sent to the jungles with a rifle he was around eighteen to twenty time and sadly, I don't know, when he got back from what my Grandpa's told me he enrich used to go hunting, camping and fishing all the time before the war, which was amazing shot loved the outdoors very full of live in a very funny person. When rich guy back everything was different. He stopped campaigning for roughly fifteen years, the annual trip he my grandpa started he no longer continued after those years, he did start joining the first day of the trip leaving that evening it was about a three hour drive there and three hours back after a few more years. Invest in blow Abair matches and was able to camp again. He vowed never to sleep on the ground, again when he got home from Vietnam. Rich was also silent. He didn't make jokes anymore. Didn't talk much at all. I honestly, couldn't tell you if I'd ever heard more than fifty words out of his mouth in the eight years. I attended that camping trip he would just. Sit back and listen to everyone else not to say he was rude. He would always answering speak with people, but not often on his own accord, the biggest change in him. The one I saw first hand was his attitude, towards guns before the war. He was a hunter when he got back and even to this day he has never touched a single gun. He sold all his hunting rifles and shotguns, and will not hunt on camping trips rich took the same vow with guns. They took about not sleeping on the ground. The account I saw with someone someone was loading his shotgun to go hunting. They leaned the gun against the car. A safe distance away from the camp and walked back for whatever reason the shotgun began to fall rich was next to it instead of reaching down and stopping it from falling. He stepped aside and let it hit the ground. Everyone looked saw what happened and just asked if he was okay. No one was mad. They understood why he wouldn't touch it. The only thing I know about him in the war, because he would never talk about it. And this was from my grandpa was that rich would have to clear tunnels, I can only imagine the hell that was those tunnel systems and what he had to do. I'm sorry. There isn't more info. I can give I don't. Known rich for about ten years before his health kept him from coming around as much. He's a good man. It's sad to hear about the life that was destroyed over in Vietnam. Thank you for your time. And thank you for all the great knowledge show once a week have a great day week month. Keep on truckin Hailu Safina Drake. Well, thank you, Drake and holy shit, man. Clearing tunnels hell on earth. I can't imagine clearly doing what he do or what he had to do took a took an enormous psychological toll on him. I hope I hope you always knew that there were people like me who had enormous respect and gratitude for the sacrifices. You made don't know if that would make a difference. I guess, you know, you doesn't matter people appreciate it or not some memories. Now I'm sure you just you just can't race. And they just it is high 'nother family, bad ass veteran tale from Jacob Davis who writes, saying, suck master, Dan, my grandpa retired from the reins as a Master Sergeant was bad ass warrior in Vietnam. He did two tours one in sixty seven another year later in sixty eight and received a purple heart. The Viet Cong shot at him with an RPG and the explosion was so close a piece of shrapnel about the size. Gulf all went deep into his leg after he died, this past December. My grandpa, grandma gave me the shrapnel that he kept all those years ago. Then you a picture if you wanna see it, he didn't speak of his time in Vietnam often when he did it was brief the few times he did. He spoke about being shot out ambushed, fighting hand to hand and getting wounded, my dad has my Grandpa's K bar, which was the marine issued combat knife. And it is covered in blood states. Wow. He never said more because it always brought him to tears he definitely faced horrors, and how to do things. I can't imagine he carried that pain strong like true, stoic. He was the baddest motherfucker. I knew. And my father figure his name was Jackie James Davis. The means a lot to me to see the way you factually talked about the Vietnam war, and it would mean a lot to him. Thank you for the sucking all the awesome stuff, inhale Nimrod your fan. Jacob davis. Will. Thank you, Jacob and rest in peace. Master Sergeant Jackie James Davis Nonni to send that pick. Jacobs store was enough man insane. What people again walking amongst us have seen and experienced have had to do to survive. Thank you for bringing some from wrecking I for bringing some recognition to another unsung hero. Switching it up now for a different perspective on Vietnam, sending by MS evergreen. She writes, nice work under Vietnam episode shirt, took a ton of research, but you broke it down. Well in the time line, always helps. I am teaching in Cambodia right now in this info, really helps to put things in context, the recent history of genocide is still deeply felt here today. I saw the first elderly monk I've seen since I arrived, I read that something like half the country's population is under eighteen as present as it all is it still far beyond my imagination to conceive of the horrors, that happen here to think of what so many people anyone just a couple years older than me live through and the trauma, they must be carrying. It's just astonishing. One thing I was a prize, you didn't mention was the link between Agent Orange, and its manufacturer Monsanto Bayer legal issues. Now just, you know it was hard to hard to get into the only so much info in, in one of those. Episodes. But just as in the case of the chimera Rouge, few, if any of those responsible for Agent, Orange have been held accountable for the thousands of brutal deaths. In fact, how many former employees the Monsanto went on to work for the EPA and USDA. Yikes. So in a way they make Pol Pot in his cadre of lunatics. Look a bit like caveman in comparison sad. But true. But hey was billions is the most important thing on planet earth chimera food is amazing. People are so kind and friendly and the land is gorgeous beyond belief. I hope more people in the west can come to be educated about the US secret bombing campaign and how that pave the way for the rise of radical bass ackward K are extremist takeover in a visceral. The population with primitive control tactics and heavy foreign firepower. Dang it, this was supposed to be a quick note. Anyway, I do certainly enjoy show. Thanks for your hard work. Keep on sucking. Thank you, MS, evergreen, appreciate you letting us know about how the effects of that war, obviously, still being felt over in that part of the world being felt in Vietnam. Neighboring nations today, not just veterans over here that are suffering. A lot of suffering still going on. Over there, because of that conflict in and gotta do a Pol Pot that one of these days, so many interesting topics out there, too many to choose from next up, Josh Taylor who shares his father's. Vietnam story with his all Josh rights. Josh just listened to your Vietnam war episode last night at work and have to say to the damn good job, you mentioned wanting to hear from Vietnam veterans. I thought I'd chime in with Mon. Father's experience in the war. He was twenty one year old plumber when he received his draft notice on heat and my mom's first year wedding anniversary. Oh man. Upon graduating basic training. He was elected from medic school. He was extremely happy about this as he wasn't going to be like everyone else. Little did. He know that medics go out into the field with the infantry upon arriving in Vietnam. He became a combat medic. He was stationed out of coochie a city mentioned on your podcast with the twenty fifth infantry division, who you also mentioned on your podcast over the next three thirty three hundred sixty six days, it was a leap year. You get an extra day in Vietnam. He saw extensive combat. He carried his shotgun because the early M16.'s were so unreliable and the air, they were fighting, it was covered in dense bamboo. Once I became older me and my dad became hunting buddies. So eventually after a few drinks around the campfire at asking questions that I always been curious about. He never spoke of the war at all until he became older. I once asked him if he thought he would survive the war, he told me, there was no doubt in his mind that he was a Dead, Man, Walking Vietnam. Is that that's intense? I asked him how close he'd been physically to other people who were killed. He said men were killed directly to his left and right. He. He once was in a situation. So dire that he actually had to call in artillery on top of their own position. This means that death is imminent, and you hope and pray you somehow survived the onslaught of death from above you read the letter of the soldier talking about going to Hawaii to meet his wife on arnuhar. My dad being married was given this option as well. They'd fly your spouse to Hawaii, and you'd meet them there. He declined, however, due to how many people he'd seen come back to beat Phnom after arnuhar an end up dead in a week or two their minds were still on the world and their loved ones and they dropped their guard. My dad is and always will be my hero. It saddens my heart. There were no parades for those craziest boys who didn't even want to go to war. They were drafted not given sufficient training sent off to hell itself. And they had to wait thirty years to finally hear people thank them for their service to this day. The only people I've heard my dad's speak up with hatred or LBJ and Jane Fonda. He came home burned his uniform didn't talk about it again until his nosy pesky. Son may started asking questions. Thank you for doing. Vietnam. Veterans Justice in this episode of Justice. They didn't get for years. After surviving. Hell keep on sucking, Josh from Texas. Wow. Yeah. Powerful story. Josh? I'm Saudi didn't get a parade either. I mean, your dad and others fought bravely is meant in World War Two, they didn't get to pick the context of their war. They were just drafted like millions of other men have been drafted over the years. Glad he made it back. 'nother grandpa tale now from Caleb for girl Caleb writes, dear Mr. suck master one point. Oh, great leader of the spaces are army bringer of truth, and all things sucky savior of the soccer. I absolutely love the Vietnam, suck. A group was stories from my grandpa, Kenny about it. He always told me about how he tried to join the airforce when they started up the draft to take the easy way out. He always said, but he drug is feet and was drafted as a combat engineer in the army a story that always stuck with me and one, I think would also be interesting to you took place basically right after he arrived in Vietnam. He had been on patrol in the morning hours looking for mine's other explosives. The enemy had possibly dug up and placed onto pass the GI's would normally take he always mentioned how he would tape his dog tags together. So they wouldn't make noise when navigate through the jungle with the clashing of guns and heavy boots tripping over down trees and other foliage couldn't have been any quieter, they'd stopped for a brief rest and started off again when the entire treeline ahead of them lit up everyone dropped returned fire into the. Would line and then silence. No birds, no bugs nothing making noise. He said it was so quiet he'd here, his buddies heartbeat next to him. Not a single person was blinking as fast as it started. It was over. And then he said, we picked up our shit moved on. And then he laugh and I remember thinking, what the fuck when I was sixteen sitting his house, Sharon, a joint and watching twilight zone. Yes, you'll bass, you're still parties. Ha ha. Anyway. Just thought you'd like to read a story, I fucking love your show and I'm very proud to be spaces or keep on talking give Django so good. Head-scratching for me. Yes. Praise jingles and can't imagine someone going through stuff like that Caleb. I've in the woods at ton, and it's such a place of peace for me. So lucky to never have had to worry about just being lit, the fuck up at any second, again, like I said during the episode no wonder so much PTSD from that war. Glad he made it back as well. And now a tale from Eric staffer. Who wants to let everyone know how bad ass his. JR OTC assistant army. Instructor was Eric writes. Hi, dan. Absolutely. Love the show. In been an avid listener since episode one. Wow. Thanks for being longtime listener. I've been to both. You're both. I've been to both of your Grand Rapids shows absolutely loved it looking for returning later this year. Just finished the Vietnam, saw you did an amazing job who's incredibly entertaining. And I learned a thing or two. You ask people to Email you, if they had experience with fighting or protesting. Well, my old Jero TC assistant army instructor. Sergeant. Mater sergeant major Adams? He was an amazing man who taught me a lot. He was the first man of Tommy shoot and later coached, my marksmanship team to a state championship on one of these trips. He told us about Vietnam, and the one firefight, he was involved in that haunted him to the grave, he was patrolling through rice, paddies when a stipend bullet struck his rucksack knocked him to the ground gunfire erupted around him in his squad. They stepped into an ambush they fell back some wooded area and held their ground and the dense forest hours of fighting he attempted to regroup and make sure as men were. Okay. One man was MIA once they realized he was missing. They began searching the surrounding jungles and known VC hideouts hours later that missing soldier, and this is going to be very graphic was found tied to a tree with barbed wire and shot multiple times as though he'd been used for target practice. His body had been mutilated, and desecrated sergeant major Adams blamed himself for his death and suffered from major PTSD years after high school. I learned that his. Mental state deteriorated rapidly and who's being detained by police for calling him bomb threats to local businesses. He said he was trying to save people from a box of live grenades. He died a few years ago, and I can only help he was able to forgive himself. I still have an old message from him where he congratulated me on winning my first target shooting competition apologies that along message but wanted to share that with you and your team. Thanks, Eric staffer. And thank you, Eric who good thing to think about when you when you see a homeless vet to, you know, may maybe not so fast with the lazy bum type thoughts, maybe they saw some shit that would have fucking completely wreck your mind as well. Hope he did finally, find some peace, so yes, rest in peace. Sergeant major atoms nother tale of Vietnam service comes in from Jason Scott, who shares his father story, Jason writes, dear sergeant suck and the bojangles army third. Triple m division LUSA FINA company, thanks to the Vietnam, suck. It's still very personal to a lot of listeners, and I feel like you handle it with a great deal of diplomacy and not too much humor that could've taken away from the reality of it. My dad served in the army near the end of the conflict in the eighty second airborne division. So Vietnam lived in my home for my whole life. He wouldn't shy from talking about it with me, and I learned a lot. On his perspective. I don't wanna go onto long but I wanna share just a little bit of his hard earned wisdom. He objected to veterans being called a hero, not excuse me. He objected to veterans being called a hero just for signing up and he always made a point to remind me that sometimes people weren't brave saying, son. Sometimes they're just stupid. And sometimes they are just run into their own grave on purpose. He volunteered because he didn't want to suck hind teat in the regular army, and got in the eighty second dad sounds like fucking Chuck Norris. Tough motherfucker despite being an impoverished rural kid from the south. He understood some of the political wrangling behind the scenes Vietnam and knew it was a shit show going in throughout his life. You always said that he knew Kissinger, LBJ, etc. Took advantage of the mostly poor soldiers in the war was about free market space that his heart, but he ardent patriot always said that, even if all they did was make life, a little more tolerable for one Vietnamese kid, it was all worth it. He said that he never felt he was fighting for the president or for congress, but for the ideals of freedom and democracy. And that any amount of bloodshed. Was worth it. If it meant people could have a chance of freedom, sadly, Vietnam, became what it did. But I know that hard bastards like my old man believed in a greater cause we're willing to lay it all on the line for it. If nothing else comes out of it. I hope the experience in Vietnam serves as a sad reminder of the human costs of advancing political agendas, and the lives of our vets can remain a daily reminder of the debt, we owe them for their selfless service, even if they are polish. Or in the air force new listener. That's a callback to small jokes. Anyhow, thanks for a sobering, suck. My dad passed last year, and this reminded me of him, and I hope some other vets out there know that despite the political fuck, ary surrounding surrounding the war. We appreciate all those willing to serve a country. No matter what to our vets, my lose FINA be ever. So merciful, and her temptations. Bojangles bite, the ass of our enemies yours, and sucking humble spaces are Jay Scott man. Thank you, Jay for such a poignant message and rest in peace, Mr. Scott. Love the way your dad, rationalized the service, J perfectly. He fought for freedom fought for his for his own notion of freedom and spreading that and didn't care about the politics is surrounded. It's okay time for two more tales told us going to be big one. I the two comes from Rochelle, man, Rachelle you got tricky 's name sticky. Okay. I know you didn't pick it rebels to Katie who writes in with a subject line of fuck Vietnam and shares a tale of her father, Rachelle writes. Hey, Dan, quick. Vietnam story for you. My father was born in nineteen fifty one was drafted just days after eighteen birthday nineteen sixty nine for years, he'd watched numerous other young men in his hometown of dodge city. Kansas, be sent over for the war, including two of his older brothers. He went off to boot camp in Georgia, or maybe Texas and said they would decide who set up the mess hall, who cleaned up the mess hall by line is all up in having his count off one two, etc. He said this was a common practice for breaking up. The man who was used for all situations, including deciding, who is to be stationed in Germany, and who is going to be shipped to Vietnam. His words were if I'd been to that day, I would have died. He knew many of the men who are the unlucky twos. The regiment those men were a part of was complete. -pletely obliterated in Vietnam, not a single one survived. While my father was stationed in Germany, for two years and immediately pond, getting back to Kansas enrolled in college to avoid for service. He was one of five young men drafted from dodge city to make it home alive. I visited Washington DC with him last summer. He never been never had the chance to see the Vietnam memorial before took the time to find all the names and pay individual respect all those who he knew who weren't as lucky as he was before that trip, he had never talked about his army experience twenty seven years a life. All I knew was that he was stationed in Germany, during Vietnam. He definitely believes that the military conflict was nothing more than a giant, fucked up hamburger hill. I've included a picture my dad at the memorial pointing to a classmates name as well as a picture of the memorial as a whole and one more of him smiling to light. If the mood you're loyal spaces Rachelle will. Thank you for shell. Thank you for the pictures. They are wonderful crazy thing. How close he came to not make it home alive. Now just random chance. Crazy thing how, how close you. To not existing glad both made it to that memorial. I have seen it in his definitely on Spiring, and that's for someone who has no personal connection to it last message nother perspective on Vietnam veteran. Tara Snyder sending a message titled shot down during a ceasefire South Vietnamese, South Vietnamese pilot is kind of a nice one to end on terror writes, dear suck master flex, I just finished the Vietnam, war, suck and as a bit of a history in Vietnam war buff. I loved it. I wanted to write you however, to share some perspective from the South Vietnamese air force pilot and two thousand and two I listed in the army national guard was assigned to an aviation unit at that time, there were a thank you for your service that time there were small handful of Vietnam era pilots still floating around the flight facility. One of those pilots was a South Vietnamese man named Chief Warrant Officer chew Lee. I took advantage of Mr. lease friendliness and openness several times during one of my conversations with Mr Lee. I asked how many times were you shot down? He cast. Only four times that's fucked crazy. That's four times gets shut down. Then continued by stating how the first time he was shot down was during the ceasefire. Nine hundred seventy two his casual demeanor to the questions still stuns me to this day, but I'm not writing Justice share that story, actually, it is actually his story of how he came to the US permanently though. I wanna share he flew you h one or Huey helicopters throughout the war. He was flying his helicopter on a mission when it came across the radio, the Saigon and fallen at the south surrendering, he suddenly found himself without a home or a country, he landed his helicopters airbase sock Trung, located fifty miles off the coast. He knew he stayed in Vietnam. He'll be treated as a traitor, and you're killed or sent to reeducation camp. He knew the US navy seventh fleet was somewhere in the South China Sea. But there was no guarantee he could make the flight with the amount of fuel onboard, seeing no other option. He turned on his helicopter prepare to take off at that moment is helicopter was flooded with other people wanting to escape the communist regime. He recalled that when he took off his helicopter was alerting him that had too much weight on board. But he nor the lights, he saw no other option for himself, and headed out into the abyss with only twenty minutes of fuel left. He was able to make contact with an aircraft carrier who guided him to a safe landing as soon as Mr Lee landed, and everyone was off the aircraft carrier ship crew. Pushed the helicopter into the ocean to make room for the next helicopter trying to land. There are still hundreds of aircrafts sitting at the bottom of the ocean due to the mass exodus of people from South Vietnam. Here's a link to a longer interview, they share in that in total nearly one hundred and thirty eight thousand refugees fled Vietnam, to seek refuge in the US and other countries around the world. I have an entire twenty page paper somewhere regarding the US hailing, the Vietnamese refugees, but I won't bore you with those details details, also, if you ever curious to read a first hand account of what it was like grope and South, Vietnam, I recommend reading the book, a thousand falling the true story of a Vietnamese family torn apart by war, communism. The CIA written by young crawl. Ms, crawls father supported the north from other supporting the south MS crawl would marry a you. Air force pilot moves the US prior to the end of the war, she would work alongside the CIA and FBI to gain intelligence through her father, who became the communist Vietnam's ambassador to the Soviet Union or excuse me, in the Soviet Union served as long as just really wanted to mention the South Vietnamese men, women and children who fled their homeland terraced Snyder will thank you Tara, what an ice message to illustrate what soldiers were fighting over there to free people, many of whom clearly did not want to live in a communist regime, and like, like one of the veterans we mentioned here today, spoke of, you know, to me that makes makes the involvement in the war in the war. Definitely morally justifiable, thanks to all of you who send in your tails ED's. Great personal touch the topic, you know that just reading history ports just can't do just just makes it so much more real, thanks to all of you who have served in that war on any other serve your message did not get red. We were flooded with tons of Vietnam messages being sent our way this past week which were so thankful to have had that happen. That's all for today. And of course HALE Nimrod. Thanks time. Nine. We all did. Thanks for. Listen to another show suckers pre she had the support have a great week. Hope you find a magical sort. If you do. I mean, it would be kind of nice to get it for me for my, you know, from expert they to may seventeenth two thousand two hundred twenty I'm not gonna beg for magic sword. But clearly my fucking family's gonna give it to me, so you know, when you think about that. And I guess, price price keep on soccer as well. Can you? Please just give me a fucking sword. That will kill everyone.

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