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Monday Night RAW Recap


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Bully Ray the ups and downs the good the bad and the ugly about Monday night road the main event with Baron Corbin and drew McIntyre and also Charlotte and Ruby Ryan. How that match should have been played out a lot different. Also we get into Selena Vega in Austin theory all that right now on the busted open podcast and tell me if. I'm wrong a wrong way until I say what I have to say I most of the time. You're wrong so might as well. Just give you the answer before you even answer the question. Appreciate that We talk a lot about an t eighty W IMPACT. We talk about all the world of pro wrestling. You know we're going on. I guess the third month of this of this pandemic than what we're dealing with here in our world and the world to pro wrestling and it seems like as uncomfortable at as as it is. A lot of the shows have kind of found their footing when it comes to handling this situation watching. Monday night raw it. It really truly feels like they haven't figured out what to do how to deal with this situation and it seems like each and every week. There's a different vibe. They haven't found their footing yet. Am I wrong I'll say this I'm starting to enjoy smackdown more than RAW. Does that tell you something well? And there's a better vibe on smackdown and there is raw. I mentioned last week. That annex t finally started to get a little bit lighter seemed to have more fun smackdown as well. First of all smackdown probably has one must see wrestler in the company. Right now and Otis so you at least you have him every Friday. You have a three hour show on Mondays and it's still feels very cold. They do have the street. Prophets in the Viking raiders which will get into And that seems to be the one thing that they build up throughout this show with kind of a fun and entertaining payoff outside of that. I don't think they really have that formula that they're comfortable with yet on that. Show bully. Listen. It's been difficult without the fans there but there seems to be some shows that are doing a better job without the fans there. We could make a case for last week's xt and we can definitely make a case for all of the dynamite set. We've seen so far because they have. They have found a way during the pandemic era to make their television shows a lot. More fun and a lot more entertaining at least to me. There's a very cold feel to Monday night raw. Yeah this this for three hours. Things are very very serious on raw with the street. Profits and the Viking raiders. I find myself extremely entertained by them. I love the idea of you. Know the profits not thinking that the raiders can play basketball and the raiders not thinking that the prophets could throw axes and I think these are little entertaining things that are showing the diversity of of both teams when it comes to outside of the ring. And that's the kind of if you're going to give me a three hour show on a on a Monday night. Give me some of that levity. I mean there's a lot of real serious stuff going on dark seth and what's going on with Selena and her crew randy and edge. Everything is really really serious. And I'm not saying you gotta take that seriousness away but Gimme some fun. Stuff to you mentioned Otis. Man That whole Otis thing that's going on with Otis and last week with Braun and then the whole thing with Mandy and you know him gyrated and thrust in and try to hump briefcase every chance he gets. That's that's making me laugh. It's bringing a smile to my face and I'd like to see a little bit more of that on on raw. There's so much talent there that you can show me. You know a little bit of diversity within these characters and I think that's what I'd like to see a little bit more of well you know you mentioned about maybe being a little bit more fun and a little bit more lighthearted and I totally agree with you but I'm even going to take it a step further and you and I talked a lot about last week after Monday night. Raw how they're using the term wrestlers and wrestling especially in the match up between edge and Randy. Orton that we're GONNA see a backlash but for a wrestling show and this is where I actually gave raw credit. They really gave a lot of depth and layers storytelling in their matches. There were some fans that did not like it and there was some criticism that the matches were too long. I actually loved the lengthy matches because when done the right way bully matches should tell a story and I thought the matches that were seeing on Monday night raw. Those lengthy matches those twenty twenty two minute matches on Monday night raw. Were telling a story. That was the one positive but they went in a completely different direction. Last night some matches that on paper I was really looking forward to wound up being two and a half three minute matches last night so they went from one direction going in a completely different direction and there absolutely no storytelling and our matches on Monday night. Raw last night there were there. Were things that caught my attention last night whether they were executed. Well or whether I would like to see things executed in a different way or people that just entertain me you know. Obviously the Randy and edge thing is going to catch you right off the bat because that's such a serious deep-rooted story with guys that we we know that we love that. We hate that. We appreciate whole. It's just there and we wanted to see was edge going to accept the challenge. And he did you know something like Ruby riot caught my eye. It's a non title match against Charlotte Flare Right. Yeah to me Ruby Riot. I think there's something there with Ruby. I'd like to see her. Get more of an opportunity would have absolutely killed them last night for Charlotte Flair to slip on a banana peel and ruby riot. Get a one two three. I mean what would what would really really happen. Like what negative would there be. I think people would appreciate Ruby a little bit more and maybe they could get a little bit of steam underneath underneath Ruby. Think she's got a unique look. I think she can get the job done on the microphone. She needs more reps in the ring without a doubt. Because listen if you don't get the wrestle all the time you're going to be a little bit rusty and she's got to step up step in there with Charlotte who's still getting plenty of reps so you know if if Ruby would have got the one two three in Charlotte would have kicked on three three and a half and would have been absolute shocked and that would that would have been a world good for Ruby riot this morning. And we'd be we'd be talking about. Oh my God ruby caught one on Charlotte but they went the typical way last night. Which is okay fine? What did you what did you think? I'm GONNA stop there. But what did you think about that? Well I really you know first of all I agree with you about Ruby Right. I've liked Ruby. Ride even going back before this return and when you look at Ruby Right. She has a unique look. She has a unique personality. Why not run with that? First of all ruby riot has done nothing but lose since her return. I don't think she's won one match since her return so that I have a problem with. Then she's in a non title match with Charlotte Flare. Okay I mean. I don't really understand. That doesn't make any sense. She hasn't won any matches. So why is she walking into a ring with the champion? It's a non title match. It is what it is. You're right why couldn't you have done something different? But I'll even take it a step further bully. Why not have a lengthy match? Where Ruby riot gets a lot of offense all what we saw? That live Morgan. Not Too long ago make it make it a match where or maybe ruby riot loses but she loses by the skin of her teeth like. Charlotte we show the wins the match by the skin of her teeth or like you said why not go all out? It's a non title match. Why not have non title match? If you're going to have a non title match then why not have the champion lose where you're setting up story having a three and a half minute match where Charlotte flair wins by using her submission? The figure eight like what is that. That does nothing for Ruby riot so coming out of there it's just another win for Charlotte flair and it's a loss. Another was on top of loss for Ruby Riot. I disagree with you when the match should have been longer like Charlotte was still going to go over last night. Then yeah you can give me a little bit of a longer mattress Ruby and help to get her over a little more showcase or a little more just like Charlotte did with live. But if you're going to have ruby riots slip over you don't WanNa have a long match because the longer the match goes the better. Charlotte flare is and smarter. Charlotte flare is. There's no way in hell. That Ruby riot would be able to find a WAY TO BEAT CHARLOTTE FLARE. Fifteen minutes in because Charlotte's damn good but if something would have happened at the five or six minute mark where Charlotte would make a small error or ruby was able to get out of the way roller up and the and the REF counts one. Two three and a soon as the REF counts three. Charlotte kicks out and she's right on her feet and Ruby has already slipped out of the ring. We're coming on today and going. Holy Shit Ruben. Riot with one hell of an upset and now just like you said Ruby Riot. Hasn't won in God knows how long but all of a sudden that's all washed away because she caught the quick one on Charlotte. That's what I would have liked to have seen Charlotte's Teflon. Nothing is going to affect her. I mean we put her over to the moon on this show. Why because she deserves to be put over to the moon. She's earned the the the being put over to the moon. How is she earned it because of her performances and because of her ability and because her talent if that was if that's me last night I'm I'm probably suggested? Hey let's slip the kid over. Why not we need to make somebody and in that case a win could really help make Ruby and the other thing to bully because of the outcome of the match you probably forgot but the whole setup was a freaking mess 'cause you have Charlotte flair in the ring on raw and we'll get into that because you you joked around about the wildcard rule again with this brands. They haven't under a different name. But it's the same thing you get. You know four appearances a year and you gotta give notice and you call your appearance. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but I think Charlotte is already used up over appearances because she's on every show every single week. But I digress. That's a topic for when we come back from break but bully when you look at the setup from last night Charlotte flares in the ring. She's talking about Bailey on smacked out. Then she says about how ruby riot it has something to say to her and she calls Ruby riot out. Ruby riot comes out makes our insurance. They go to break when we come back from. Break there in there in the match. What what the hell was that? I'm thinking some kind of verbal confrontation between Charlotte and Ruby Riot. They there is verbal confrontation. Even though she said Ruby Ryan had something to say or and when they come back from break there already in the match a match by the way that lasted three minutes. Forced right yes. Very force forced based on the verbiage. And then Oh rubies got something to say to me so the whole segment seemed forced to you and listen. We could sit here and we can talk about that. My main thing is this. I think that there's something there with Ruby and listen. I'll go. I'll take you back behind the curtain. It's hard for me to say or acknowledged that I know. Heyman see something and live. I'm not sure if and why he does not see anything in Ruby because like I said we can agree unique. Look I think she has talent that has not been tapped into yet. Let's do something with her. Let's let's do a little something as opposed to just throwing her out there and losing the Charlotte. Yeah obviously okay. Yes she wants to Charlotte big deal. I mean okay so so she got some TV time. She got three or four minutes on TV and and she lost so that coming from miles away. Yeah dare shock me. I Dare Dare Utah to me and go. Oh my God that was awesome now. If if it was somebody that I did not hear. Let's just take We got ruby riot. We got live Morgan and we had Sarah Logan in the in the riot squad right yes. I don't. I don't think live should have slipped over on Charlotte. I think I think live more in having the longer match and getting over in losing last night I would have definitely had a ruby ride. Go over. I don't think I would have said the same about Sarah Logan for some reason. Live and Ruby. Stand out to me more than Sarah. I'm just thinking those three girls because they were altogether and now it Sarah Logan gone from the wwe and you have Ruby Ryan mortgage all right. They see the potential in these two. And you know what you didn't like again for live Morgan. Where she was and what she was able to do in that match made sense and she beat Rubi riot twice so imagine ruby riot going off on Charlotte that also helps outlived Morgan. Too because live Morgan. Beat RUBI RIOT. So now all of a sudden you have contenders for Charlotte. Plus you know in these times you need to put over superstars that gets you something excited. Hey anything can happen at any moment. Hey I can't miss a segment of Monday night raw. Look what happened if I have miss that segment? I would miss the end of that matchup now. It feels like what you just said. I saw that coming from a mile away. Anything can happen at any moment. You just brought me back to like two thousand four. When Vince told me and DEVAN. Hey I want you to put over London and Kendrick Not London and Kendrick. I'm sorry Billy Kidman and Paul London for the TAG team championships. Someone like Vince added nowhere. You they're just going to beat us out of nowhere and just. How does this make sense? Anybody can beat anybody on any given day. And he gave some reference like some football reference about the forty niners and the jets or or something like that. Whoever was good back then he goes. You never know what can happen on any given day. Sometimes the last place team can beat the first place team if the stars lineup last night the last place ruby riot could've beaten champion. Charlotte flare no reason. Why a roll up not KIT FINISH LAYING CHARLOTTE OUT. Hell no just catch a quick one. Soccer is a passion that goes beyond the sport and Sirius. Xm FCC podcast more than a game brings that passion to you you any episode FC Panel of experts take a deep dive into club mysteries. Iconic grounds rivalries and so much more nothing like adobe diametric new episodes are available weekly by downloading the Pandora and searching more than a game. I didn't like to show. I'm sorry I didn't like it. Man did not like that show last night now and listen. That's my opinion reading social media bully. There were people that did enjoy the show and I understand. Some people like the quick matches move. Let's keep it moving. Let's keep a move and show you something something different the next segment something different the next segment in that respect okay. That's just not the way I like my wrestling. I like lengthy matches. I like matches that. Tell a story on paper. There were good. I mean bully you have. Shane obeys ler going up against the Talia. Three minutes three minutes for a match up like that bully come on. Wwe could do better than that. Listen I agree that if you have Shayna and natty in a match that that could go ten twelve no problem but if you take a look at the entire show I mean if I rattled off the entire three hours. They threw a bunch of stuff into this show. There was a lot of content. Last night you said you didn't like the show. Tell me something you did like about the show. I loved I noticed is going to sound like a cop out. I love the edge or and stuff. How would that be a cop out? Because of course I'm GonNa love the edge and stuff. I mean for the most part when they're in the ring together they're gonNa make magic and they did again last night continuing story from what we saw last week. I really don't think it's a cop out. I think it's a fair assessment of two guys that you're emotionally invested in and you love their story. Why because these guys were done? The right way from day one in the wwe you were allowed to get invested in them emotionally. You care you care about edge and his busted up neck and you care to see Randy Orton. Get his ass kicked again. You Love One. You hate the other. You WanNa see what's going to happen. Who Else do you love and hate on the current roster? Exactly I among though there's people really like you know I think Zelina Vega does a really good job though they could be doing a hell of a lot more with less in that do house good. I'm doing a good job was not the question. Do you love edge. Yes Do you hate randy? I hate him. Tell me current roster stars that you love and hate just like randy edge. Oh they're just like Randy Ed's there is no one because the talent these days are not being groomed and bread the same way an edge was or the same way and Orton was. The machine was behind those guys one hundred percent at any given time. Listen the machine was behind randy since day one. Why obviously because he's an ordinary had so much for Catala nt but because his talent was forced to period his dad or his grandfather. Yeah I mean I mean he's light years ahead of anybody else in his family and probably light years ahead of anybody else in the company. That's why the machine has been behind him. Why was the machine behind edge because he was a great wrestler him Christian had awesome chemistry when they branched off off on his own he was worth a million dollars a singles talent so we invest stories in these guys. We invest time in these guys. Are they doing the same with others? There what do you love Apollo crews now because they haven't given me a reason to love Apollo crews other than the athleticism and how good he is in the ring as far as emotional investment or a chemistry between him and the audience. That's watching there is none and five away bully you bring it up all the time. Look at Angel Garza. I mean that guy is a star like how are they not doing more with angel? Garza like if this was. I don't know ten years ago. Twenty years ago thirty years ago forty years ago Angel Garza would be wanted. He would be Gino Hernandez he would be somebody that you would just love to hate because look at him. He's so athletic. And he's know he's great looking. You know you would be jealous. There'd be there'd be hatred there is no hatred frayn's Garza because he's not presented in a way where there would be any eight for angel. Garza Selena Vega I think is a wonderful mouthpiece awesome manager and are awesome advocate if they gave her some meat to the bone a little bit where she could give you a little bit more for personality and character and give her a reason hate. I mean for the most part everybody. She's managing they lose on a weekly basis prime example. What we saw last night. So there's no reason to hate Selena Vega. They have so much talent on the current roster. It's sick it's almost like they don't know what to do. It's like having a kitchen full of just the best ingredients to make the awesome meal. But you don't have somebody that can cook. That's what's going on with Monday night raw right now. Angel Garza is dripping with heat. He's got he'll he's almost. I mean. Obviously the Eddie comparison which we've made before but he almost has that rick rude s cockiness with the women. I mean dear God. There's so much but now he's a for lack of a better word. I'll say he's Kinda watered down in this group and at the last night Angel and Angel Garza and who they they beat up They beat up The the young kid the younger Guy Austin theory. Yeah but it was angel and People Post Concussion Syndrome. But are you talking about the beatdown that they gave no? Yeah come on Hamouda name here. God I'm asking the wrong guy. We'll worst your scores. Oh my God what is wrong with you. I don't. I'm drawing a blank. Who is in the Angel Garza? Last night on drugs the Andrade saw thank you. God draw eighty get killed the crap out of Austin theory right. Yes did you care now? Why because there's no reason to care because you don't care about Austin theory because it wasn't theory has been in a ring on Monday night raw for a cup of coffee exactly. There's not been any time to care. So when I see these guys beat these guys just like okay. It's a beatdown build Austin theory up a little bit before you beat them down. And then maybe I'll give a shit about why you beat them down. I thought Seth and Austin Theory did a great job in the hugged moment later on in the show. Because I thought Austin theory did a phenomenal job of selling just with his face the disillusionment or the shock of seth hugging him. But we're taking Austin theory out of one group and it looks like we're going to put him in another is in. Here's the thing and I had brain freeze when it came to Andrade and listen. I don't mean to have brain freeze when it comes on because he's phenomenal but again there. There's there's no emotional connection because it's fill in the blank that could have been Angel Garza or Austin Theory or Buddy Murphy. These are all just kind of like God excused. Turn please but almost like latkes to say like you know. Because they're just little pieces to a puzzle and instead of being who they should be. Those should be must watch superstars each and every week but when there's no emotional investment they are just pieces to a puzzle. And I'm sorry right now. They are just piece to the puzzle. Bully you know. I love Zelina vague appraiser each and every week and everybody knows that her and I are friends and this is not buys. You Know Bull. She is ultra talented but when she she's managing wrestlers than on a week to week basis. Just lose how are you emotionally invested in that faction you know are you know. They're no threat. I mean I know Andrade got the US title but does that mean does that mean anything. It means nothing. I would rather see to me a better use of those four talents. Zelina on Broadway On the names again Dave Way. Way Down with Selena Angel. Garza Andrade in Austin theory. And then with Seth Rollins Buddy Murph to me I would Li- forget it. I don't bully not interrupt. Forget because see each and every week. I don't know how you forget it. I don't know how you forget it. I've had my brain's caved in a couple of times. I have an excuse choice. I sleep walk through raw Monday nights. Okay I would like to see the three of those guys all vying for Selena's attention like all trying to outdo one another because they want her managerial services or because they all have is for her. I'd rather see these guys all competing for that one manager and see her playing them like one day. I give this guy some time. One Guy got this kind of sometime. But they're all doing my bidding. They all get lumped together and as you said not. They never win. I think that would be a better use of their individual talents. A specially. What's the guy's name again? Dry Angel Garza clear. Yes that's just my opinion because like I said you see a beatdown last night on Austin theories I twenty twenty two years old yeah talented. I get it but I don't give a damn about him and now not because he doesn't make me give a damn about him. I haven't seen them give him anything to make me care. That's what it's all about. It's not about moves it's about emotions. I don't care that he can have a really great match to me. That's Gravy I to care about Austin theory and don't you think it's Kinda rushed that in one segment you know. He's getting a beatdown from Angel Garden on and then the next segment. He's being helped by Seth rollins. And then helping seth rounds in a match like. I mean you talk about going from one emotion to another almost on top of one another like. Why don't they let that play out a little bit lead? Have Let's have Austin theory? Have some self doubt. Let him leave Andrade and Angel Garza and Selena go out on his own start losing matches and then saying to himself? Maybe I can't do this on my own. And then Seth rollins reaches. Because that's what somebody like. Seth rollins does right. He waits until you hit rock bottom and then reaches out to you and offers his help. It was five minutes after the fact like five. What what what are you doing? Like first of all have awesome. Theory become a star under Selena Vega. Then get dropped from Selena Vega hit rock bottom by losing matches and then reach out to seth rollins. They had that all happen within twenty minutes. Fish this for for enforce and you know what another thing to watch raw and you just said it before water down. It feels very watered down. He's Rick Kamler Mall Man. He's Antonio Daniels you got to be more together. They host giving go plus six games in a row. You just had a terrible ending regulation. I'm rolling the dice. A player is worst enemies himself. Of course he's GonNa WanNa play because he's a competitor you don't get to that level without compete but just because you wanna be on the floor time that does not mean. That's what's best for you at that time. Even go weekdays one to four. Pm Eastern on SIRIUSXM NBA Radio Sirius. Xm Eighty six. Two things that I did like was one the packers to start to show and then of course edge and Randy Orton and I love the fact that you know. Ed's called it a sport again. Something that you really don't year in the world that the WWE way The Word Sport and heard it last night you heard wrestling. You heard wrestler. You Heard Sport and boy watching that segment last night bully. I didn't notice that there wasn't a crowd. I didn't notice Charlie Caruso it was edge and or you know having that conversation that heated conversation between the two they wrote me and there's no doubt about it what I loved about it. You just heard it in. The clip is edge is hitting randy right between the eyes with fact based on Edges Passion Passion of winning championships and passionate about making it back to the wwe and Randy just keeps shutting them down basically telling him shot up yes or no. I don't care about all of your your tale about coming back and your passion. I could give a damn less. Are you taking the match or not? Randy's reeling edge in edges. Anger got the best of him in that segment. Last week. We saw the self doubt and the fear in his face. Edge told such a phenomenal story last week. Just facials without saying a word and then last night he says a bunch of stuff that makes complete sense but randy just keeps cutting down and cutting them down. He baited in. He got into me and he got the answer that he wanted once again. Great stuff from Randy and edge. Because I could see that playing out between anybody if me and you were got got into an argument Dave and you started hitting me with all of these with these facts or the semantics have taken place all the time. I would just be like dude. Save it I don't care yes or no. Just give me an answer so I can move on and you can on. I don't care about your passion and I don't care about your broken neck anymore okay. Yup It's a sport. Can You beat me in the sport of pro wrestling? Yes or no Yup. I'll give you. I'll I'll I'll put you over that you beat me in the in the last man standing match. Good for you. God bless you more power to you but this is not the this is not the professional last man standing business. This is the professional wrestling business. And when it comes to wrestling. I'm a light years ahead of you and always have been. So what's IT GONNA be boy? Yes or no love that paradise but it does Board Light Song Meatloaf. But you're one hundred percent right Bali and I wanted to be a rockstar but the but meatloaf forty cornered the market on the three hundred pound frontman so I was shit out of luck. Know but really bully what you're saying. It's it's right. What a different story they told last night as opposed to last week because last week is all about the self doubt where and again I was upset about the fact they ended with Charlie crusoe because it should have ended with the expression on edges face and funny how it is. Poli that last night. Randy your and mentioned that expression on his face another reason why they should have ended it the way that we talked about on the show. Last week I love the fact that Randy was able to frustrate edge because edges trying to make all these points about you know everything that meant so much to him and randy could care less. I don't care. Screw you and everything that you cared about. Screw your family scree passions career Intercontinental Championship. Screw broken neck. Don't care words words words bla-bla-bla want while you sound like Charlie Brown's teacher yes or no you're gonNA wrestlemania you're not boom He. He set the hook in edges mouth edge bit and and Randy real them right in your home for all things. Combat Sports is Sirius. Xm fire nation. Start Your Day with Hall of fame. Pro Wrestling talk on busted open. Respect these men and women that build the business and the Aachen Barak show keeps you up to date on all things. Boxing boxing. Fear of young expect and Luke. Thomas has you covered for mixed martial arts Joe. Rogan is the most important influence in all the fighting broken down like nowhere else only on Sirius. Xm Fire Nation fifty six. What shirt are you wearing a shirt? Get at pro wrestling. Tease asserts David Greco. You're wearing a shirt of yourself. Yeah you know it's all I do is where my shirts eyewear to shake hyphen by the way I we're marks now it's like I'm. I'm like a wrestler with the. Wwe come out with my shirt ahead is so big. It's a big cat. Had A big edge moving on long neck. Big Head I'm just saying I saw old. That's what I've been telling Andre. He's laughing so hard smarts coming out of his nose. Of course you'd get my shirt and pro wrestling. Tease asserts. David Greco you know. Get my shirt where nowhere. Why because heels don't have march ago do it definitely he'll today. Somebody's got to be the bad guy on this show. He liked the stir. Your Pot Star Star Star Pot Stick. That never mind Salinas starting to pot last night. Yeah she did. Is Lena again? You know mark and I talk about you and I talk about it. She's definitely one of the reasons why you have to tune into Monday night raw each and every week she oh down house we we. We've been praising her for a while now not because you're friends with her but because I think she is maximizing all of the opportunities that have been given to her last night I saw a comfort level within her on that. Microphone with Kevin's so to me. If you're on if you're on a little bit of a verbal battle with Kevin Kevin's really good on the Mike. Yes and I think. She stepped up. She worked up to Kevin's level. Last night did a very good job. It almost feels like this. This faction has so much more potential. Yes and I'm not seeing it. They they're like they're like the faction version of Barron Corbin but not nearly as over or or multidimensional as baron see baron. He'll and I don't care why hate baron. But but people hate him and he can lose every night but not losing out to steam. Selena's group is losing all the time and losing steam. See The difference. Yes okay I do. Because it's it's all in the presentation baron. Corbin is being presented as a main event wrestlers case in point last night. He's in the main event going up against the WWe champion. They have him crossing shows. So even though Baron Corbin loses and he loses a lot he stood win when it mattered. That's why he's King Corbin and also presented as a main event guy that's not how. Selena's wrestlers are being presented right now and to me. If you have Selena Vega and you have a towel and you know. She's great on the microphone. Because we'd we first of all we knew she was great on the microphone before she ever came to the. Wwe Give her the microphone and let her go. Let her go. We talk about edge or an endless. It's hard to compare to anybody else. They you saw on that show last night ed edge in our first ballot hall of famers. But you have to make stars so you know what I would do if I'm the wwe especially now in this current climate you know what Zelina. Here's the microphone. Go also to. The show wasn't live last night. Show is taped. So if you're in that type of Situation Selena. Here's the microphone. Let's see what you got. If it's terrible bully then you cut it out but give her the microphone and let her go. Let her go. Let her tell us a story. Let her tell us why we need to fear Angel Garza and Andrade tell us store led Selena Vega. Tell us the story. Now is Selena Vega Paul Heyman. No but maybe she could be. May I gotTa Tell You could be? It's interesting you bring that up because when you think of managing the WWe Heyman is is the be all end all when it comes to spokesperson manager advocate. Whatever you WANNA call it when I sit back and I look at the role that Zelina has fallen into and the potential role of MVP. I I see three personalities there that I can definitely get into. I think Selena's done a phenomenal job on the microphone. We all know how great. Mvp is and he's showing just how valuable he can be the company right now by doing. He comes across very very real. Mvp doesn't also job of taking wwe's verbiage and delivering it as MVP would just getting back to andrade theory and Garza real quick. You Know Zulema and Andrade were together. I him being the talent her being the manager and I could the story that I almost would have liked to have seen his her trying to expand her her stable. Kind of like Selena's version of a of a dangerous alliance and now she wants to recruit an Angel Garza but andrade doesn't take too kindly to that and then and then you know and then angels like the flavor of the month and then she goes out she gets Austin but then angel dry. Don't take too kindly of that. And now Austin there is the flavor and they're all trying to win her over for her services for her managerial abilities and I would have liked to have seen that stable come together that way with all these. Listen it mirrors real life. How often do we see? This could be a man or a woman but like playing. You know people people at one time. I mean Greco Hermit at one time you had dozens and dozens of women vying for your attention. Now maybe a half dozen half a half a one. Yeah but like that's what I would have loved to have seen out of these guys because it would have would have almost got me to invest more in them and then you almost see like that gang mentality when it backfires where the Hyenas of Andrade and Austin. Now I'm sorry Andrade and Angel Start Looking at awesome like you're the one that keeps losing your the one that keeps causing us and then they gang up on them on him. Yeah Yeah and then you know what have the commentators tell that story as well like you know Byron Saxton at the end saying he was just trying to help like why is he saying that. Like first of all he. He was a distraction. He wasn't involved in the match. What he was trying to do was illegal. Like I don't need Byron Saxton Company while he was just trying to help that. That was a foolish line by buying Saxton. But you could have done it the right way with the commentators week by week saying Poi- boy Angel Garza did a great job in that match but once again Austin theory takes the loss you know its g's Andrade. Us Champion man definitely had that matches look look like dry. It was going to get the win for the team. But Austin theory took the voice let the commentators tell that story and how you know Austin theory is the weak link and then you get the beat down on Austin theory when it's just one loss to many and Selena vague is like I took a chance on you. You failed to me. You lose you lose for US each and every week and then you get the beat down and then you can have what you had with Seth rollins instead of it being forced in rushed like it was last night and you could have given me a week or two of Austin feary trying to get back into the good graces of Zelina and she shuns him the other two guys. Just keep him down eventually. He's a broken young boy because listen awesome. Theories only like twenty two twenty three years old almost tell the story as if his career is over before it even started. He was on annex t all of a sudden he's on the main roster now he's getting his ass kicked and the wrestling businesses about to forget about him he's going to be a blip on the radar of wrestling history and then the black hand get extended to him and when he has no place to turn and nowhere to go to and has no idea where his future lies. That's when seth brings him in because now it shows a weakened Austin theory a mind that can be manipulated and now it just shows how much more of an evil maniacal kind of David Koresh esque Messiah. Seth rollins is and just a bully. First of all you have three hours each and every week you could tell that story beautifully on Monday night raw and then you can have the build up throughout the show and again. The commentators need to help this out. I think Samoa Joe is definitely improved. The commentating team on Monday night raw. Probably not as much as I thought he would do. He is by far the best of the three. But Tom Phillips and Byron. Saxton aren't really doing a good job of storytelling on Monday night raw. They're actually if you look at an x t right now with moral being back and especially Beth. Phoenix are killing it on commentary. Compared to what we're seeing on Mondays it kills me to hear you say those words about Tom Phillips. And why's that about a year ago? We were putting Tom. Phillips over to the Moon we were as like V. comp like one of the best guys there i. I don't think it has anything to do with Tom. Phillips I think it has to do with the voices in his earpiece telling him what to say agreed and and I said this on Friday coming off exte- from Wednesday Beth Phoenix was amazing on commentary. This past Wednesday I to the point like I can't wait to hear her tomorrow night on an xt you know Byron Saxton like they don't add anything there they really are the definition of talking heads and I hate saying that because like you said we praise Tom Phillips to the Moon. But I think you could definitely tell that. They're not given the freedom or creativity to honestly tell the story that's happening in the ring and the biggest glaring thing is the storyline. Right now with Austin theory. That's where you really need the commentary to tell the story again Byron Saxton. Say why are they doing this to Austin theory? He was only trying to help. That was really a terrible line Byron. Saxton coming off of what we saw last night. Listen you've heard Mick Foley talk about it. You've heard Tash talk about it you've heard. Jr talk about it. Who is in their ear? Vince McMahon so this is where the commentary is coming from. At least fifty percent of the time he feeds lines based on the story that he would like told and this is where the commentary position. Wwe Come becomes. It's a difficult job to do. Because you're trying to react to what you see with your own eyes and just as you're about to react you have vincent ear telling you how you should react or what you should be saying. And that might not mirror what you wanted to say. So you're saying that Byron's line shouldn't have been said or is not the right thing to say it didn't work or didn't and the naming was terrible it might not have been Byron's line glisten that's as honest and factual as I can be about commentary that you have a lot of people in your ear and I understand that and it's easy for me to criticize but I have to criticize because we're basing it off of what we saw last night. Now I'm not pointing. It's hard for me. Maybe the point the finger of blame from Bombay. But it's coming out of his mouth now whether that comes from somebody in the back. I'm sure you're right. Bully because the proof is in the pudding. We've heard it from Mick Foley we've heard it from Das- where you're constantly have somebody in your ear and that's gotTa be impossible if I'm hosting this show with you. Bully and Gabby. Who's our producer is constantly in my ear. I'm going to miss things. I'm not going to be able to concentrate what's going on in the ring and I'm going to say things that are being said to me without even fully understand why. I'm saying I think that line from Byron. Sax last night is an example of it because when he said Austin theories a he'll Austin theories wit Selena Vega she's with Angel Garza and with these as with Andrade. He's in the ring with faces now. Things are getting. We're in the process of things getting turned around. We're in the process of where Austin theory is now getting caught up on a distraction where he cost his team the match. He'll legally distracted and hopes for his team to win and it backfired on him. That should have been what Byron Saxton talked about now like. Hey wait a second. Why are you yelling at Poor Austin theory? He was only trying to help. Awful timing awful line so if that was fed him horrible horrible because at that. Moment Austin theory is still Akil. Let it play out first before you say something like that. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nation Channel. One fifty six busted open podcast.

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