Episode 62: New Years Bitches!


Do we have to keep me happy new year. Everybody Happy New Year. Hey Hey Jacoby and together we make a random stuff. Plus yes patrol and not stock act knocked out in Kansas and cat. That's almost went to wine club party tonight. Yes she did she would knock it off the car. She was a trunk or not. The trunk of the car and Kobe kept telling me as we were backing out of the driveway. That cat and this would jump off. She did not like Oh shelter and I had them remove all right so I stopped like okay. Can you just go get her off please. Yep and that's exactly how this went down cat. This is going with the wine club party. He would've stayed on there the whole way. Yeah and then we went out to carrier eared. They were going sixty over the bridge or something so that wouldn't have been good for her little Stinger. She so fucking cute. I hope everybody had an awesome New Year's. You're on your way on your New Year's resolutions. Yeah you should've started them by now so you can quit next week. I'm sure everyone has quit smoking. They're down ten pounds average money. Super like exercise. Stayed in your buff now right so in a while I am. Yeah Hey it only takes a couple of days right just you know. Think it and become in anything everything. What are you doing to my cat? She has gab on her head ticket. I wasn't going to pick it up. I'm going to see how big this thing is. Just make sure it's not a tick off left and right here. Okay come into you now touch you. That's not a tick. That's a scab. Okay that's fine okay. I had a cat. I got a tic on her head one all they are friends they are so sweet. Cat just loves him but she tolerates him you guys are like Aw. Aw She's like I don't beat the crap out of him like all the other cats do so I was like I never really loved his mommy. Look she's going back to you. She always does so. Does anybody have any new year's resolution. I do you do you. y'All yeah I always do okay. A New Year's resolution number one is to finalize the will one hundred percent okay to be actually legal. So don't have just the written one that you have to find in my house. After I die yes I wanted to be actually illegal notarized in in there because now I actually have guardians for every animal in my house. And I'm I'm ready to rock to the guardians or on this podcast radio. Hey Look my teeth yeah. He's good at that now. You just had his teeth cleaned last week. That makes you feel better. Your only resolution. No what's the other one. Oh God of what's the other one I have a few. I don't have any F why that was my main one is get back bat down. There was another thing along the lines of that to get done as well so lowers the will. Oh I need to get life insurance locked down a little better okay. I need more money. Everybody needs that. Yeah I have to have more money if he dies because what he what we have locked up right now is not enough not enough to sustain your lifestyle l.. Now I need to say no. I don't WanNA survive. I WANNA sustain the lifestyle. That's all I'll is so that needs to be upped and any better because I eat like a fucking saint. Yeah I drink on fish and that's all I don't know I think it was honestly I was going to. I can't say I want to be more fit because I don't want to work out more than I do. You know what that's pretty good though. If you can't think of anything that you want to do to improve yourself that means you're probably pretty good. I'm pretty good. I mean the other ones I have is for the animals and I can't do that by myself uh-huh I would like them all to get along. Well that's not gonNA nominally that's not gonNA happen meaningfully Merlot and the cats no so you know I listen to our podcast from last New Year's okay now what birth or New Year's resolutions from that so we didn't really have a lot of resolutions. We had a lot of Steffi wanted to do so well and I'm in La some of it out here explain why we never crap basically all of the stuff for this year we wanted to do involve going somewhere. So could we achieve any of it. No Thuc so good. What about the lodge when you guys? I don't even think that we mentioned I knew that was happening. And so so the first thing we were going to do and that there's reasons why this didn't happen okay. So the first thing that we wanted to do is we're going to go to Florida. Oh see our other friend Aaron and go to Disneyworld. Well while she he moved back she moved back. So she's not. There's nobody in Florida for us doesn't count unless you wanted to go see Cammie I do want to show me And because so go to go see Cami and Disneyworld. Yeah drink wine from around the world but I just I wanNA drink around the world that they have this place called Epcot. What's center where you allowed to drink? Drink around the world rink around the world I want to do it really cool. I mean is neal you'll de Imagine we're now seeing off your ass. I know spike dream dream fucking country and then goofy or Mickey have to help us to our car. Hey and we'll have to have shirts. We were going to get for the Disney Marathon said if found on ground non-pleased drag across the finish line. The hotel room found on ground. So we didn't do that. 'cause Aaron with back the other thing we said we're going to do it was you're GonNa go to Jersey and see Marla Merlo move back move back to also and not just never happened. We're going to go see MARLA in January. We're going to go see her in January. We don't have to fly across the entire country wheel drive an hour and a half to drive an hour and a half now to Ellensburg Berg a lot closer towards Z.. Jerk 'cause they're GONNA Jersey and go to New York and go to Broadway plays and see Alexander Hamilton's grave ORLA and it's not as fun now. ELLENSBURG Are Not Ellsberg meet as New York. Whatever way we have mics meat and ELLENSBURG? What makes me Mike's made need? What do you mean or isn't maybe not mike meet what's up? It's Mike Smith Okay. It's not makes me something else Watson Ellsberg it's a meat store sanctuary in north thinking ecclesial. Babe Fuck was close enough. No what is that place called. It's what's it called something meets. It's a meat place that you can buy yards of pepperoni yard. Yeah meet no bill McKinley as me know what's it called. I don't have my phone. I know what I have my phone. What I'M GONNA eat shop yellow Google this shit you ready for this? You know they have a Vending machine okay. Bye shopco to have their meat. Oh ends meet. It's always is is them in Cleland in. Oh thank your right. Oh it's mates before that. Yes you did. Good Ole Owen Day and they also have other stuff soup mixes and like you're all mixes Mexico. So they don't have a lot aww chicken. Nobody wants chicken. They want the Pepperoni the beef pepperoni stick by the yard. They want state go. Hey gimme five yards a pepperoni man. They give shit out and they give the two in a bag that you just have to haul with a wagon and you just you just chew on it all the way to Seattle just chew on their Pepperoni Five Years Pepperoni me but all the way to Seattle. That's perfect. That's always doll visualizing coaching pepperoni. Yeah yeah hours. Yeah then you go to the Mariner game while you go to the parking lot at the mariner game and get totally shit faced drunk and then go to the mariners and then and get a bucket of or a helmet full of knock off the Korean blanket and come up with the listening listening. Guess what dirty blanket is still around. But it's been washed multiple times. I guess what it is the base of the blankets and in that cupboard car it needs to be in the car now. It's on a blanket. No because I knew you would use it. You washed it so now I would use. It really wasn't on a fucking dirty floor of fucking stadium. They were with a family of kids. It was on the floor the same floor. You're eating Nachos off it's so good Nachos all the why would I wrapped myself in a blanket from their familiar. Eat off of him and I don't know I'm surprised you took peanut butter from a homeless person. So and we're bringing that you took uh-huh I gave alcoholic exchange for it. Let them drink out of your drink of her eating a peanut butter sandwich and she kobe. He's trying to say they're homeless. They had a band. They had a van Aaron Aban. That's homeless homeless. No it's not homeless. They're on a road trip from Boston. They were not they had nowhere to go. You ate her. Peanut butter should have anything delicious. I was so hungry hungry and she had this peanut butter and we were visiting and she offered her peanut butter. Oh that's I would love that. What do you want to drink? Drink my drink. While you're peanut butter and drink drinkable. I eight or pay. Hey with Bluetooth. She had all her teeth. Oh Oh good. I'm a picture of it. Yeah there's there's a picture of me I wanna see that with the Van Lady. She calls her a homeless chick which not homeless. She has a van. That's homeless homeless living in your car. That's considered homeless does -partment back in Jersey or something if you had like a motor home. That would be different but it was like a crappy old van. You know there was like five to tell you that night. That peanut butter was the best fucking of our hat. Because I was so hungry. You're starring I was so hungry I needed it and we were so drunk. I think that was bad. We like couldn't even winker away back to the house so we knew we had some friends staying at the hotel downtown and so we went our like. Hey safe call area or here and guess what they didn't call like made us leave you know. They called her like there's no answer I'm like well. What Room is she? And we're just GONNA up there like we can't tell you that they're like man pippa violation and we give information. It seems so we've been drinking. Luckily the whole place is crawling with people so we ended up find Lori. Yeah who gave us a ride back. Who is Kobe's childhood? Best friend Larry King is right back to where saying she was so excited to give us a right back. I'll get us out of her house. Where are you staying? Where like Like over there somewhere. We don't import Megan and thor. We're looking for US Ah Good no no no no way no have to be more careful we have been ever since then we have been. We know that we can't trust people to watch Megan or a case or has thorndale drinking too much to and then he got drunk in front of Megan the drunk thor and the sober Megan. We're looking for her mom and her second mom. Oh around seaside confined us and then they both were in a heap crying on the ground. Oh biggest crime because there was drunk and couldn't help her in the forest cry because he was drunk. We've ended up here though the next day will. Yeah I got up so fucking waist. We're so hung over about we. Promise here we go to the enchanted for and we went to the forest all over with thorns driving in the morning that we both want to throw walk like I took over but we promised we promised we go and we all had a good time. We spent the entire day writing on rides with co searchers searchers. So and I bought her everything she wanted so she felt better by three mom. She wasn't good but at the end of that day is day three. She was good with us. She's still torturing is a little bit on day two because I bought her a lot of stuff there too she brings she brings incident luckily for me she lives in bringing up. Did you see my allan errands lap. I know time on time the the purring kitty loves my thighs every so. Do we have any trips planned for like this coming year. Twenty twenty where mccaw. You're going to call the call. The call ninety going to McCall going I think going to McCall. My my boss doesn't cancel my plans wait. Patrols ongoing the McCall. No you're not he could go. I don't know if he can go. I don't think he can go but I is scrapbooking the whole week and they're on pets allowed. It'd be like really nice to have him. You need to figure out what we're doing for Heather's away by the way Lord wants to be involved and you want to plan with you too. He said he just wants to plant doubt. It's thorough so he fucking socks. I love you baby but plans shit very well. What that like? What's your preference or call us? I just want all together. This is a biggie. The big deal. I really just all be together okay. That's my main thing I would. I'd love it if it's something that can include patrol with. But he doesn't have to be okay if it's something else I can just find someone to watch if we were to go somewhere for like a a week. Didn't you do have someone that's GonNa be there. My sister will be home that week. Okay I have to watch the animals a couple of weeks before that they go to Disneyland. Okay but then. She said she will be home. The week of our birthday. Okay so she can watch my animals during that time. If I need to and I'm gone for a whole week she can watch them for sure. Okay she owes me own me so I don't know how who are we inviting. Who's it's all going mainly us three in her family's K.? Who Else I mean? I wanted to be small. I think think small fine I do love Kathy and Robin yes I do love them. So if it's something big enough and they will be there to go. Yeah so we'd have to kind of know who all going It doesn't matter how big or small it is. I I want my core people there. There's more they're fantastic. If there's not I get it now. People have line. I can't be the center of everyone's lives. It's like I think I am. You can't be on your birthday. You get to be the center. You get to be the center forties huge too. I know it's big big. It's a big big deal especially when you look like you're twenty. I know like that. What do you like your what twenty-something these things said that I didn't think I was twenty one twenty one card her? She's not even twenty one of my life. I'm like look at this face. It's never seen Sun. That's why it's no sun on this little baby. Cute guy he was. He was the entire time we were there. He was yeah oh he was yeah. He's a Vietnam vet pilot. talked a bit league so he gets extra pours for that he does he shows yeah. I'm sure it is. I always thought about the military never ever did I never ever because I like the whole coaching gene thing. I know that's like a coaching thing with the drill. Sergeant thing but then there was this thing of them telling me what to do and I have to listen. You have to do it. They say you have to. I didn't WanNa do that unless I could. Just be the one in charge right but you have to go through that to be the person insurance and I want to do that. I just wanted to be the person you are bad. Ask hard ass surgeon I like. Yes ma'am he's maybe twenty. Okay do twenty that. I can't even do you do those. Twenty me sitting on you brother went fully into the military. He went right into the into the navy after high school. But I never wanted to do any like like. I know that that was not for me. No no it's just like there's no fucking way I knew I wouldn't do vary a guy in the military. I knew that it's like one one of the first three questions questions. Are you hunt or fish number one question. Do you kill animals number two number number two. Do you have a job make good money. Basically number three was the one we just talked about the military. Do you want to be in the military. Because I don't want a military man. Sorry I don't want to move around everywhere. No one know if he's going to be dead or not. I'd prefer even though he's always for the most part of life unless Dr Damn Pass for bind that have a husband in the military monetary. I can see that about you. Yeah fine with them. Yeah I could see that you being okay with The way the way I am. I'm not okay with that. You'd think I would be with being on four or five days over time. You think I'd just be okay with months. I don't think well not. All of them are gone like that. I don't think there would have been gone like that. Yeah Yeah I think they would give him a desk job. You're you get to clean the train now. I think patrolling could have been like the best military dog in the world really. Yeah he would have been so supportive he would have been right there in their poon. Look tune whatever that's screen latrine right. There begging for all their food and keeping company me at light rain is the bathroom. Oh no you're not going to be there. He's going to be where the food is Tall Mess Hall. He'll be right there and then he'd be there in their little barracks. Yeah Yeah Yeah cuddling with them like in Mash now. Yeah that's what he'd be doing as for sniffing out the bombs and shit. No He's not doing that you know. He's he's shown running for the hills. There's a bomb more rain like an emotional support. Animal Animal. See what we're doing. He's like passed out. He's passed out cold but where is he passed out. He's your legs curled up. He's a key he's my baby. Loves them now. This this is not a bomb sniffing all right all right what our goals for next year mind deny will a well life life insurance fortieth birthday. Oh my birthday. That's huge guys. So we gotta get any ideas just email email us at random stuff yahoo DOT YAHOO DOT COM. Yeah do that day and has to be big Scuba Diving Roy. Anything with water sounds fantastic emerging in water anything of that nature if between shark diving actually shirts. Okay stragglers so I want the Mama Shirk Baby Shark Baby Baby Short big twenty three to thirty foot short seriously though we do need to get together and talk about mentioning launch at I was like do you gotta play on this Tali. Me does not think a lunch date to talk about that because he was gay. Got Your phone numbers from me. And I was like hearing a Kobe's as he didn't have yours he had Jason's have them text me and I was all me. We'll meet up. We'll have live. Finally I was like. Do you want me to set this up. He's like no. No no no no you should not I. I don't want you in and I was like. Oh right then really hard for me. Let go of that. I know because I'm fight is over to your house. And then you can go for a walk with the dogs. We can play pinball and plan yes the pinball play I e Yeah pinballs fantastic. You'RE GONNA Wind Koby. I know I'm totally Out of that happening guys like not keeping up with me at all. You were the one that the leader at the party. I know I now look. I poured him equal. Look could you guys have all that library gone out like what the fuck was going on. What is going on? Why talk we know what's going on what we both have a half hour drive? Yeah you guys do very slow tomorrow Saturday and tomorrow sanity for you guys not for me. All right yeah. It's drunken Mexican. Santa Drunken Mexicans. I think he's drunk when he goes. I think he has a little nasty like peeps out. Once I don't blame him one bit. For God's aww he hits on everybody's like seems drunk. Oh my gosh. Don't even kidding so I wore my Mrs Claus outfit now last year the year before that guy. I couldn't stay out of my fucking skirt the whole time because like aw Mrs Claus where you been my whole life and like dude remarried Arshad five with the song for the kids. We've been married for Meghan. Don't touch me there Bad Santa Ana below the boobs Santa. Oh Oh my God yeah. He's like he's funny. And he's a very short Santa Hispanic Center. Yeah energy goes low bell through our hallway a Greek patients. This whole they say that. Sound horrible allergy there all day tomorrow. Yes aren't cookies all day. donuts cookies and juice that I come over there tomorrow. Lalli alley as Lee. Are you freaking kidding. Me What did you what you just drunk. Santa I'm not bringing her to drunk Santa Dan. I'm going to take your two pipes to me good Santa ever better cinemas bad hits on everybody. Ah He just said he was drunk and he hits on everyone. I'm calling Oh let me see you on nice boy you. I'm calling bad Santa. He's not as bad as bad. Santa though uh-huh nothing's worse than bad Santa. Have you seen that movie. God love. That movie is pretty bad. Pretty bad. What's what's his name Billy Bob and then there's in what Bernie Mac in there too? Oh yeah before. He passed away bless his little soul. This is funny soil so if anyone anyone has new year's resolutions or an idea of what to do with Heather for four zero and she saw the three of us never once mentioned losing weight. You know it's fucking done. It's I don't even give a shit anymore. You know what it is what uh I would love to weigh one fifty five. Oh me too. That's my target goal as well. It's harder one. Eight is my goal. All it's fucking number ten pounds. Yeah you can do it you can wear. It's yeah yeah I mean. I get a little bit of weight little muffin happening. I have a little often towns little site that I could totally you know what I'm willing to lose my boobs. Those about forty pounds. I would totally losing weight. My boobs I would too I would too for my waistline. It'd be a little bit how I would do it. Yeah Yeah I was barely AAC up for so many years. I'm not losing my fucking boobs. Aw You know how much better look enclosed these boobs. You have awesome boobs though. Because they didn't come 'til I was in my mid twenties twenties interesting. Get them later way later. I'm an across them for a while. They're Nice. I missed COPAYS boobs time. Women does our Longtime Jeff is written right across your day as right a call holiday spirit baby a wine and there she has boobs. Jeff Jeff into your sister's boobs now life wait surveys. That's amazing booze. It's not just me. Kobe show the SCHICK. Yeah Aw Look at that do realize jeff she can flashes right now. We won't tattoed naked. Nobody would know all get up because she's jumping does. This episode has go down back to New Year's patrol the nation's let's all right so new year's resolutions. Do you have any Erin. I JUST WANNA go to vacation. I want to be less stressed going. -cation a stress do Marseille like we're sit-ups leg lifts and vacation. I want to be unless I want to be more organized on more more antidepressants and more value they go oh my God. I Have Valium at work that I order. Why give me some I always whenever I see the spoonful a valium. I'm always like I'm kidding but I'm not kidding. Really not kidding. Dr Justin. How much better as life would be? If you give me a valium pill every morning. I know I can't about often but I'm not kidding. I'm kidding I'm not. He knows I'm not kidding. I like wink. Only come on woman come on a little bit right there. He knows I'm not kidding. Give give me a value like I. Literally he laughs and look it. I'm like dude I mean serious. You want better data they give me give me one of those pills man. I swear to God aww work through a good new year's thing we should all hang out more off I- husbands to get to know each other now now how our husbands are actually are fantastic. Has Javed provide the sports that yes has as my husband met your husband no okay Jeff NBA. John can do the sports together. And then Thorne Jason can do the weed in the alcohol together and then they're fantastic then the combo of the three of them that my even make a better for the three. Yeah Jason can bridge the gap between Thor and Jeff. Because he's got a little both in there. Yeah Yeah 'cause Thorin Jeff don't have the both right. No Thawra zero no zero sports or alcohol for Jeff though. I mean we have some issues but yeah well you get three of them together. I bet it'd be that'd be GIC. I mean Jason might have to work a little harder. Because he's the Bridge Casey but I think he's up for the wedding. Do it petty can do it. You're you're coming in my lab. My cat coming to see how she just curled up right there it. She'll start pearn too. Yeah she is. She's like totally rain yet. No bigger. She's totally content right here. She's good there's no way in hell. She's coming over to me. He's not look at her she's like eleven right. He'll what though about fucking time. That's your cat. My cat my cat but you bought her. She lives say your house. She almost went to the party tonight. She wouldn't get off the trunk of she who are gone quite a few places because she doesn't she crawls and Jeff's car and he doesn't even know she's in there and he's driving and he's like oh she's like and he's like what the fuck and he's asked a right turn around and come back home and bring her back. Josh get in his one of his window. Work Window doesn't roll up all the ways as you crawled there all the time. It goes to sleep. Because she's an indoor indoor outdoor cat. Where am I now? I know right where we go and make you so happy. Oh I don't trip I'm traveling GATT. stinker she's not at all freaked out by the car moving she doesn't. She just sat there like literally Kobe back almost all the way through out of her driveway. That it's quite a long driveway. She's right on the hood of the car. He kept saying jump down. When is she going to jump down? Talk to her. But she's really happy eventually had to get out and move her off the car before we actually got out of the driveway. She's very chill. She's very she's so pretty all right. We'll help everybody had absolutely fantastic new year. Hope you're not too hung over over and over and just dive right into those resolutions. Get it done to Kip month. Guys Resolutions for twelve months. You have to keep doing it or watching like two choices twice checking our lists checking to see if you've done it. Yeah you're losing ten pounds fucking lose twenty year to walk away. We'll let you down and make sure you did your resolutions. That's what we're about. EDCHOICE DOT COM. Give us five stars on and I to go to our website and check it out because it's frigging awesome damn it genders random stuff who yes dot com that's why hi L. is urging house. Well no there is Yahoo. Yeah you got our website. I'd contact us our website Kobe's house Oh yeah. Let me address. If you know where I live to show up at my house I Washington. It's somewhere in Washington state. Yeah I actually can't tell you the address because I have two techs techs Kobe every time we need. It doesn't even fucking remember what the ad even though she goes. Every way eastward ask oh how I only know that road and the in the city and the ZIP. I don't know the numbers. That's okay nice okay for all. Oh and by the way this not because I'm sitting here of course someone else's Heidi really. Yeah that's why she needed to address. Should I send her one. Probably I didn't. Is it a family picture of them. I don't have any pictures. I didn't send out any cards. Do you want me to give you a car to give her. I had car. I don't have a picture. Wait for her card and Cinder a card back okay. I haven't seen anybody heard me neither. I've only sent the ones I've gone. which is one I have but I haven't I just? I'm not doing it this year. I'm not doing it okay. We're past that we're entity ears and everybody resolutions resolution Right do it. We're going to sign off and we will see you next week's first week of twenty twenty what we'll have some super awesome sub topic to talk about two sub fucked up news. Yeah they'll be fucked fucked up news. Yes we'll due fucked up. News a gruesome.

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