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Hey Folks Bez here. Let me begin this episode which drops towards the end of black history month. Twenty twenty with a quote from Frederick Douglass from eighteen fifty seven. If there is no struggle there is no progress. He spoke these words on August third. Eighteen fifty seven during a speech in New York on twenty third anniversary of the west Indian emancipation. He went on to say later that this struggle may be a moral one or it may be a physical one and it may both moral and physical but it must be a struggle power concedes nothing without demand it never did and never will hello brothers and sisters. This is the solidarity podcast from teamsters local seven six nine. I'm Brian Busby Eddie. But everybody calls me says we have an info rich episode lined up for you this month in this episode. You'll hear a negotiations update from the bakery division news of some Shenanigans in Tallahassee and a victory in the house in Washington all of this and more along with news from our most recent general membership meeting. So we're glad you joined us. Knowledge is power if you or your co workers find it hard to make it to a regular meetings. This is where you can learn what you missed and more. Make sure that you encourage your brothers and sisters to listen and subscribe to the podcast and helped bring everyone up to speed. We WanNa make sure. All of our members are empowered to face challenges. Both on and off the job. We'd love to hear your feedback as well so reach out to us on social media. Email us at podcast at teamsters local seven six nine dot org or call our solidarity podcast voicemail line at seven eight six four five six seven nine three six and we may even use your audio in the show. We appreciate you taking some time to learn about our union. So let's get to the news on February six twenty twenty the US House of Representatives passed the protecting the right to organize act of two thousand nineteen also known as the Pro Act or HR twenty four seventy four. In one opinion piece on the hill. It was described as one of the most significant pieces of labor legislation to come before Congress in years. Among other things the proactive would make it substantially easier for workers to form and join unions and for those unions to negotiate meaningful contracts with employers by extending rights to workers who have been excluded from the reach of labor law and introducing real penalties for businesses. That break those laws. When Workers Attempt to organize a union companies would be required to bargain in good faith with labor unions and it would reinforce a union's right to use the most powerful weapon they have to strike against their employers. The PRO act would also help to end employee misclassification such as those with X. P. O. Were they have repeatedly insisted that port truck drivers who work for them are actually contractors not employees and thus are not entitled to even the minimum wage never mind benefits or workers. Compensation workers demand to be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace and this legislation would allow that to happen now. It's up to the Senate where COMPANION BILL S Thirteen O. Six has been introduced but is unlikely to move forward without extreme pressure. We'll keep you posted on the progress of this important legislation and follow us on social media or our website for ways you can help on Wednesday February nineteenth. We celebrated the forty fifth anniversary of the winegarden decision on that day in nineteen seventy five the. Us Supreme Court ruled in favor of sales clerk. Laura Collins and her union the retail clerks in our be versus J. Winegarden Inc the case establishing that workers have a right to request the presence of their union steward. If they believe they are to be disciplined for a workplace infraction. Keep in mind. Winegarden rights extend to units operating under the NLRB and not the Railway Labor Act and our final news story of this episode. The new teamsters local seven six nine mobile APP is nearing the end of its Beta testing phase and will soon be released to all members stewards at numerous companies were asked to download and test the APP during the past month and the reactions have been positive if you are a seven six nine shop steward. Ask Your agent about it and if you are a member the launch date will be announced. Soon we'll be back after this fellow. Teamsters Mark Your calendars our annual. Teamsters local seven six nine. South Picnic is scheduled for Saturday October. Twenty Four Twenty. Twenty at twelve noon. It will be held at our usual location in Markham Park located in Sunrise Florida. Just off of the I. Five Ninety five in Fort Lauderdale good food and great beer for the adults treats and fun activities for the kids from bounce houses to a rock climbing wall. Come enjoy a full day of fun with your teamster brothers and sisters from all over South Florida as always our picnic is free to members of teamsters local seven six nine and their immediate families. Admission price for a guest is ten dollars per adult than five dollars per child. Remember to bring dry nonperishable foods for our food drive benefiting feeding south Florida for updates and more information on this event and everything related to teamsters local seven six nine follow us on any of our social media pages or visit teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity time and again. We mentioned politics here on the solidarity podcast and before any of you tune out. I wanted to bring to your attention. The subject of our main story. I mentioned some shenanigans in Tallahassee at the top of the show and I'd like to take a moment to explain how our elected representatives have our union in their crosshairs up in our state capital. We have long known the challenges of living in a right to work state. But that isn't enough for some of our Anti Union. Legislators they clearly will not rest until they have taken all of your collective power from you. Josh village had more at a recent general membership meeting. We've had folks going to Tallahassee. John Kinsella went Andy. Madison up there. Right now Aldea's who's a steward from city of Fort Lauderdale Steve went up. Chuck told me went up. The legislature in Tallahassee as usual has their slew of Anti Union Bills. That are out there. Things that will undo from Tallahassee things that What we call a preemption bill which will do things like the Living Wage Ordinance in Miami Dade County which is important to a lot of our low wage folks. That would just make that totally illegal okay if the the far right within the Florida legislature gets their way. They'll be able to do that. Okay luckily we do have some friends. On both sides of the Aisle Democrats and Republicans were working with trying to get legislation like that killed the other one. That's a big one is House bill one which we talk lot about politics and if this is old hat. I apologize but it's important to discuss this house. Bill one is for our public sector members. Anybody that's employees city coral gables city of Key West Monroe County City of Fort Lauderdale. We have over a thousand members in our local alone that are public employees for whatever reasons the Florida legislature wants to dabble in their relationship with their union and mandate that. If you WANNA be a member of your union have your dues deducted. You have to sign a new union card every single year. Okay that may not sound like that's the big of a deal but the additional move on this is that then the employer at that municipality whether it be a city or county. The employer has to verify that that is that employees signature. The only goal of this is to reduce our membership. The only the only goal of that is to hurt our pocketbooks into not be able to fight. Cases take cases to arbitration. It's an anti union bill incident anti-worker Bill. It's going to pass the Florida House with flying colors. Unfortunately and we're hoping we're going to kill it in the Florida Senate okay. We do have some friends in particular a committee chairman in the State Senate that we think will kill this bill. But that's gotta be. We've got to start thinking about this when we go to the ballot box right. It gets old me saying this stuff. You hearing it from us. You got to take a look at how these folks vote. Why would we vote for people that want hurt working people? We can't do it okay. So that's that's that's what's going on in Tallahassee. We will keep you posted on the status of these attacks on our union. And if you can help we will certainly call on you to reach out to your elected. Representatives some of whom are clearly not representing your interests as always subscribe to this podcast. Our website or any of our social media pages look for more details at www dot teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity. We'll be right back. He teamster members. Are you aware of all the benefits of your teamster membership? You're teamster privilege entitles you to members only savings on everything from renting a car to sending a bouquet of flowers all teamster members and their immediate families are eligible to receive savings on legal services entertainment discounts car and truck rental discounts. Credit counseling flower and gift basket discounts and interstate moving discounts for more information on these and other benefits to your teamster membership visit. Teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity and Click on the benefits tab on the right side of the page next here. We are joined by our bakery and laundry business agent and member of the Policy Committee. David renshaw give us some industry news. Hey Brian how you doing good good David Good. Good thank you. Yeah wanted to give you an update as I have the pleasure of Representing all of the bakery and laundry with our division and Just kind of backtrack within that division. There's approximately eighty thousand members that we represent Throughout the United States in different divisions In classifications within the bakery and laundry and Kind of a tidbit. If you will The Bakery and laundry conference is the oldest conference under the umbrella of the teamsters really international. Yes yes Pretty good fun fact. They've been Baking the bread and delivering the Pastries for quite a long time. Yes you have. An update from the conference itself Not Necessarily update from the conference itself. But I do have a local update. We are in ongoing negotiations of one of our long standing shops in. That's intimate doughnuts. Okay those nice chocolate donuts. We all like at the grocery store right. They are actually owned by Bimbo Bakery. So we are currently in negotiations We do represent the intimates drivers throughout multiple counties including all the way up the middle of Florida okay. So it's all one collective bargaining agreement for all those regions. Gotcha we have had multiple sessions With the Labor Relations and we've had some good discussions and some good tentative agreements on non economics. Okay are getting ready to continue our negotiations. Next week's which is the tail end of February to continue our ongoing discussions pertaining to economics. Good as of now Our agenda is being addressed and things are proceeding as planned. There's always some unforeseen bumps in the road right negotiations but It's a good solid. Group of some of these drivers have been delivering our bread and donut and pastry products We have drivers that have been doing it for above twenty five plus years. That's great you know. One of the benefits. They always talk about not only being a part of a union. Is the pension plan that they have. And they have a a good lucrative secured pension plan And it spits gives them something to work for and right there quite a few must be getting close to yes and some of them are exercising now and it's They're they're happy they put in those hours. Yes absolutely and they put in some different hours. those Roy Moore's representatives. It's not uncommon that they would start at one o'clock in the morning right right out to the grocery stores before they open that is that is it before they even open for us so no. It's a good group a lot of senior folks that have been doing it for quite some time and they take a lot of pride in the in the product that we take a lot of bride to eat in maybe a little too much So look forward to giving you an additional update of we are hoping for a tentative agreement as an entirety and bring it up for Ratification through the rank and file. When's your next scheduled? Dawn negotiations our next scheduled. Negotiations is for the tail end of February. Which would be next week? Okay great so we'll look forward to some update absolutely. Thanks for having me. Great David thanks again. Good stuff special. Thanks this month. Goes to David Renshaw and be sure to check out our newly redesigned website at www dot teamsters local seven six nine dot org for more information on any of the information contained in this episode. And as always teamsters local seven six nine solidarity. Podcast is produced by the officers and staff of local seven. Six nine including Josh Zimmerman. Brawley PENA and Steve Myers with contributions by local seven. Six nine business agents and by me. Brian Busby we encourage you to visit our website at teamsters local seven six nine dot org slash solidarity there. You will find. Show notes additional Info as well as links to our social media. Ps you can also email us at podcast at teamsters local seven six nine dot org or you can leave voice mail at seven eight six four five six seven nine three six. If you leave a message we can use. We may include your comment or answer your question in an upcoming episode. Be Sure to subscribe to our show on Apple. Podcasts or anywhere you find podcasts. And we occurred to tell our sisters and brothers about the show as well. Our theme song the Vendetta was composed by Stefan Carton Berg and additional music titled Onion Capers by Kevin mccloud at incompetent dot com used in this episode both licensed under Creative Commons attribution license. Until next time remember in unity. They're straight by folks.

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