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The Hidden History of Flint


Okay this is Bush and you're listening to Radio. Free a good show all the great and for those of you that are into the history of Flint and the and the memory speak of places. Be Your this show. I have Author Gary also forever called for the Journal and Gary a throw numerous books about the city and let's talk about his work which is back native and you're welcome to radio replant broadcast. Thank you take a few minutes. You broke down. Looks up some of which are still wanted which is back the couple of books that you wrote recently in a little bit about them. Jura the most recent book that came out in the play. Seventeen called didn't which like my first book which came on playing in Flint Michigan Stories from the vehicle city feature articles. I've written for various publications. Osnos young common sense all the people that the mets acts population way back when the which was first book and ultimately obligation go along around on side was Where most of the material in the history of length one night in Israel and aspect as doors to theaters that were close. Reach other along on over on the. East I and Harrison them east on east I Harrison. That was lind's first large theater which was dumped. I call them using all mostly known as Stones Opera House and finally a majestic theater job was anyplace. Make them for the flaming L. Bill and Just KITTY CORNER ON. East First Street was called Jew Theater. And finally that's now side of what used to be. Genesee powers But the most significant at the Marx Brothers Got Comedy Group You Know Round Joe. Jayco Zeppelin Gumbo. Performed at the those theatres was at the what was then called majestic theater of the gallstones when Jill building was built on it. Was that time all five marks of this appeared onstage resolve to be the only time all that was groucho. Aren't article Jayco at whole and Gumbel was youngest brothers and joined the group after Donald Left and then the Lady of the building. They're the Old Lady of Harrison a general and we think of the dissolved for something theater. Somebody that's now The Michigan State University School. That's interesting now your book here Doc. The the I think would be fair to say. You've just documented devolution. In history. There's problems obviously. There's history things were happening right. Both of the ball blends glory days. We call up a review about Central Michigan University of Europe from Princeton. Where he talked about. I've been call. Lind's blurry dating San how some of the chapters started with remembering like the the title of my first book how local entrepreneurs of a varying levels of expertise summer successful summit not one of more successful or unsuccessful. Lot invaders was David Buick. Who was Beta billion engines but was not good businessman. Although his name's Dollah is down all mobile he wound up Teaching Trade School and not able to afford a telephone at that time. What you know buildings have went down. Job would call project for man who these great leaders were downtown from to make. Jerrell but building thoughts down period of time in the Flint area to build expressway that the sitting relying on so much lifeblood NASCAR call one thus normal school which was Roselle school which is located on thestreet. North of Stuart stuff. That was an avid the. I four seventy five expressway and the flood schools at the history of facials every Asian mostly because of Housing Patterns because restricted covenant up when Roosevelt School had be closed because the seventy five up. A new school was constructed. Liam School Also students from scores. I E caused junior high school was Ursa seem so Lewis. Goal the be an annex of all junior high school a Williams was built next rarely part on Minnesota Avenue at Utah and became a racially as we all all the. Unfortunately you spoke on the being close to now bidding to go on and near DOT COM area businesses. But they were married door. Homes have been torn down to make way for a or seventy five. Exactly it's personally the alive. Fine homes that were built on each Kersley street back. When the length was or of a carriage billed as hosted ill up the colder and some mobile up nine buildings around the being lost by the wayside one Nobel next does dance is Ueli house which is right next to the I seventy five service drive. And that's our museum or as as you know once a fire in recent years but it was to be built in redecorated now looks better than ever still has On looking pouring now fall practice shoot. It creates problems when expressly sample is create a lot of jobs maintain commodity east South Heart. Great provide opportunity for cargo rate. Come up in subway also appeared in downtown. 'cause with folks we're those Expressway Wendy cut off. Neighborhoods the downtown news amid athlete. Killed them out driving a central city. You have to have people and people nearby hopefully gives you the core and four about thirty four years along with the struggled buying a pollution problem. Yes I can think of. One example expressways went through For seventy five is six nine and a good chunk of the fall heart neighborhood. Which does story expose located air and there is one jazz club s still omen that neighborhood. The neighborhood still there but one aspect of that name through late which was once a driving expert. Fiction for seventy five. Cut that off as McKinley. Arca long signed lake is still around. The last week it was once a thriving amusement park dykes of you know the pressure. Lakeside aren't that was taken over by Cindy and became part of McKinley. Depart Rats in there anything about the history that naval there was the naval station. There wife serve stace. Yeah I think that's now community center. A jazz barely used when I looked over Arkansas. Act like it was empty there. We're taking a break for our sponsor anchor DOT FM. Let Me Tell You. A bit about anchor They have a creation tools. Set are free like you can Create your own podcast. Using an Epithet. Podcast using your phone. Or your computer. They'll distribute through podcast for you on spotify apple on or many other Podcast hope hosts. And you may even make money off your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make podcast in one place. Download inker for free by getting their APP at Anchor Dot. Fm to get started. And we're using it and hopefully you will too thank you very much and will resume our our program. I don't know if they're using that. Now if you go back into high looking at some of the some of these Areas strength by one night looking at your work. Where the churches that have. Been Free Repurpose repurpose. Initially make them. Churches tainted nothing all for the churches Managers as nor fronts or office space but as they got larger they began to have their own elite suspected and I can play they were. Oem beautiful up as the demographics change. The the churches either consolidated with other churches or suburbs. Just those all. The other one ALA engine was leave. This church up I was looking on North Zyganov Amilton and is now and deteriorate. Now when I can't remember this yearbook were at one time. This May Fifteen Matha church now the water to S I. I recall that most Los Churches did get sold in are now another the nomination. I do recall off for example stirred John and you'll design us all round and all Green Question Road. Estela her as you mentioned most of them either consolidated or closed so as you will around. The committee used the Churches. That have been have been ray and we see buildings that were built to try revitalized plants. Also the wrecking ball. More or current. Luma talked a little bit about when they'll place was up. One of the Royal Infirmary no project. That's the barn of north of downtown North on Fifth Avenue between North Saginaw and the river. They took long rundown of both residential commercial buildings of cleared. Most of them holidays some for oil school which was a be purposed in and so they had the river. Village was essential also apartment building and then there was also a commercial officer at Colwyn place which consisted of orbit only which had several places to eat some officers aid a bookstore and the shops and it was so full of promise on a a mayor. Don Williamson fancy blew off the building later on but in the end. They sold those buildings. You love a church back. Well didn't turn out that way end in one. I want at the largest of the place buildings building a it was spirit control damage from roughly and so excited tear down to make to make way for a family dollar store as well as sufficient. Parking for y'all's borough which was read by the demolition of a which based First Avenue North Avenue. I should say the your your book talk about the the talk about the just appearing. Play the the sorry there at some of those also into talk about school buildings and torn down We have really talked much about within the city of factoring laugh with the operation the engine plant and the and the the truck plant though Ron brands like road which was expanded in recent years to include a Dr Paintshop and is the the major GM developments. Dole they're also have over on Occurs Stevenson Also have a tool and die. Plant is still around. Which is what's left the Germany the whole and then what was left of. Ac is one old easy background able and a paper company Base and then the Atma just built a new facility in Burton replaced sold the also. Now Gary You were. We were talking a little bit about buildings. Work quite out the standard one of the reasons. Why building at the time like your for construction. That's par talk a little bit. About what building by been I mentioned three high rises downtown area that were built in nineteen sixty s even last a half century or like. Make one comparison with the Tell which was closed in the seventy s abandoned for decades but because the the bones were still less sound it was needed and into arguments on the other hand across Detroit Street now. Mlk was devoid U. N. Which was built in nineteen sixty also in by the war again was all the end with times bond the being a home for it for the agent and just housing college while but abandoned was tier rating analyze wound up the point now and then there was the old. Ywca on Stephen Street which wound up being too big for the YWCA as use. So they they moved into a much smaller facility the peak they'll be on the being on down be placed by a US to housing. All's fantasy example of course was Jesse Towers with was when all that the after the bank moved out it. Round up having more vacancies and the owner of the building. I guess an object in further and so on the bean loaded. Stand up the required for Valium and the the property owners flint. Hey up or a a legal judgment rich Paul. Though was important the guy at it looked better than it didn't years just the viceroy pile of rubble which commodity year for declare that building that shaped by the time came down. How many stories recall eighteenth store and some of the building laugh fifty years but we have to laugh along time? Will we look at courthouses intersection? Course St yes I guess was the third courthouse built on the site the other courthouses but he was right by Meyer. And when the county jail the McAfee placed the old jail was eventually imploded and the courthouse is granted Do takeover that site one of with was movie theaters particularly you. That can you give up the history of the Strip plans? I because e have an interesting history. The little history of the Sun Plaza was the I can live. Trump sent the had like the first round of more on foucault which Ababa's those standing at the corner of all hand. Here's Renton Rozonda. Ossa was built in the mid nineteen fifty s by the top and company which later on was a leading developer shopping centers. And it's and it's anchors a federal department store and the fair up as all civil small shops One tenant is still there was originally density. Bank I was which uh branch over there and later on the award a built in addition that plaza which later on was a Amdi supermarket Martin later on save a lot of our as a new shopping centers were built. You'll shopping centers wind up losing their tenants of now. The southland laws. It is mostly empty. Fortune the largest mall and by I'll that our from Detroit and then those twin projects that he didn't I told by the first all as it was anchored by federal departments door which is in that More the of the L. Shape Sarah's on as well as a coke market with all Mr boots over what we will get the history of Lisa Zomba. Soko had quite a few merchants who who will expanded their operation if not relocated them down. Yes I recall that the fair stored. What's basically lucky to downtown? What is now a all? The Legal Services of Michigan Bowling after the fair moved out Along the be an office building which was called the after the opening of the Southam store store it service not lessor awhile before they hosted. Twenty-three drive there that I don't drive in the area of the obviously a lot of people from the area. Yes the IT was developed by Lou. Warrenton and partner is on point in junior took over in nineteen. He ran the driving for many decades until until he died. He family was thinking of closing after year but then they leased into a an operator which later bought it and made some changes Dr taking out the speakers and Evian third screen them and the drive in theater all now closed because of the St at home order which hopefully they'll be able to open up in summer to dive. It would be safer supposed to indoor the covid nineteen pandemic his last. That's operation is also environment theater. Apr Of Bull Miracle Twin Drive in Iran or speed. Skating still there. The other structures bound Dole the attraction board upfront all boarded up and lot of vegetation growing in the driving Healdsburg there were also other guy it is a they were torn down the nineteen sixties because bill estate land is it become so so expensive it was cheaper to all drive into something else. Grace Apple the first driving. Dino's and play was adorned drive in theater at the corner of South Eilly Erstwhile Don t three and the wall was built on that site. The developers off call. William all ex also bill other drive in theaters examined the West. I drive in theater on a road and the northland drive on way. Green Mess. Emily Maw voice rose when he tore down the Detroit drive drive in autosound and Maple Avenue and fact the be prefabricate. Here speak houses. Driving became the I can Spain for the drive in theater as being replacement the power for the burn down. Us Twenty to drive in theater tower. And I think the The little drive and tower was about was a much. It was a very wide screen out the sixty one. Twenty and the A to drive and powers derive from the towers of forty feet and I was built up utilizing the US shipping containers as the support for the screen. Out there for a while. It's going to be there for a long time. Their Mission Act. Another normal drive in theater is an old water which is still a thriving drive-in beans and run still by the same family. The oldest drive. I recall still around the highway. Driving the in between send us your hearing. We need to wind up. I'd like to give you an opportunity writing the book. A Lot. Lost is the working title and your books maleable by the way purchase Love the arms. Noble Store Genesee Valley has been offering both Bosa. You can also get an online sources putting the nobles into Website Amazon as all other places showing people despite their sport to be backwards remember Michigan See. That's my first question off in two thousand ten and the second book which came out in two thousand seventeen as in history of flint tail hours but I wanNA give you a chance to leave melted. Everything's being torn down. I'm usually you're an expert development in this region for what is the future crisis giving a lot of attention has also brought some needed capital new plant actually downtown right now the all. Gnc BANK BUILDING OVER AT SAG. Non Lee is keen to hotel with room for the older brothers building. Became an heiress. We love you. Jason Williams was be stored and and also of course most ball. The apple store is the last remaining movie policy flint has and I can tell you stories. Done amphitheater three years. I'm glad that This classic Atmospheric Theatre that the John Gibson design as as beautifully stored and. The show's over there and do anything else. Inflict Huger what would you expect like to see? more people especially up. Housing prices are backed up next month. The NUP SODA OF ON FROM H. Gt Some family in Grand Blanc on the move back to the city of Flint and knowing the house his the choice of seen some Houses Clinton and they'll choose which one you and the Avi looking for seeing that. Oh so when it comes on each DVD. All the all the buildings neighborhood. Pitch you study. What do you think was the most interesting to you? Now unfortunately eras irrigation where African Americans were only able to live in some areas of the fall. Apart was out the downtown was a thriving the place to go out town of had some his vibrant churches at Michigan hitter. Not Long Gone. West located there for the movies remaining businesses one example furniture and appliances on. Unfortunately they had to move away. The I seventy five expressway and while the road and then the that's injust physician you'll industry input from shadow of the factory with all the pollution evacuate African American families who they had the money they were preferred. The lives of wall art in Saint. John's St Neighborhood. Volt appreciate your time question about. The Capitol Theatre appeared on history of the people that he was not from other generation that perform eventually the Campbell spill it open in Nineteen. Twenty eight was right after honky movies in being. So it's live as Vago Theater was Unfortunately Short So it was a movie theater mostly after after it On the bean just war movie theater. Imagine one theater up. Blackstone restaurant is now or state theatre used to be which was was a seven story building but After nineteen two was mostly gotten up and down to one single story with a high ceiling. These playoff the state theaters because that was when a very first talking movie the dancing during Jolson had a split near Premiere at the State Theatre back to my in history of off. I do show poster or the showing of the JAZZ SINGER. This have to do so. I don't the backwards. This is the ask for Jazzy or steep theater. And here's the phone backed fact over here. That was eight theater and next to it was a strand theater next to that was democratisation building of interesting held with my hometown. And all that those who are listening a will join these stories in case can learn more from your own kitchen for getting your book Losses Flint. And I hope to be able to meet up with you again and talk some more. Thank you very much giants here and thank you. Africa Day

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