Analyzing the Falcons 53-man roster for 2019


Want to know more about what your favorite ninjas have on their minds. Check out the american ninja warrior podcasts. It's available wherever you get your podcast and it's a great listen for any any ninja warrior fan because matt ryan deserves better than that and sodas match off and so does danny out link incurred vancouver and any of our quarterbacks like goodbye sean on don't let the door hit you on the way out holy cow gina level ask heartache right there <music> the guys welcome to a special edition of the podcast the official podcast and of the atlanta falcons on e._s._p._n. Podcast network. This is d w david walker. Thank you guys for joining us and today of got to special guests who we're going to help me take a look at the falcons moves this weekend to get down to their first fifty three man roster for the two thousand nineteen n._f._l. Season season it's an exciting time we have a lot to talk about some of the welcome to the podcast today first of all you've heard him through the preseason joining me on post game podcast. He is our photoshop aficionado. He is one of our writers at the alcoholic dot com. I am talking about evan burchfield in how you doing. I'm doing great. Thanks for having me again. Yeah absolutely and joining us as well is one of my favorites from the site great writer <hes> he is up and coming and he has been on podcast many times before you guys know him well. Of course i'm talking about odd non eac- each odd non are you doing. I'm doing very well. D-w football is in the air college started n._f._l. Is next week so it's a good time. It's a good time around yes. Yes indeed in the weather starting to cool off just a little bit and i love this time of year. So let's jump into it. We finally i think the the falcons skains announced the fifty three man roster about ten minutes before we're sup- before the deadline for those that don't know saturday august thirty first four p._m. Was the deadline for every n._f._l. Team to go from there ninety <hes> ninety man preseason roster down to the fifty three man roster. I do you want to put the caveat out there that this is the first fifty three man roster and very often teams continue to make cuts trades all the houston houston texans. We won't be talking about that but that's a perfect example of how the first fifty three man roster is not always the one that you're going to go into the season with but is the one we're gonna talk about. <hes> so we're gonna go position by position. We're gonna look at some of the guys who made the roster that maybe were some surprises erica talk about some guys who who didn't make the roster and what we think their status may be in the outlook for those guys <hes> going through the weekend and into the regular season so we're gonna start start at the top because we're starting ofensive side of the ball. I think the first position is not going to take a whole lifetime discuss because it's quarterback the falcons gins are keeping matt ryan they were. They're not cutting him. As many had speculated and of course his backup is veteran a seventy eight year old matt shop so i'm not i'll go to you first on this any surprises. Did you think that there is a chance of them. Carrying three years what you expect it given and i don't want to spoil it yet but given what they did with the running backs. I am not surprised at all. They didn't carry three. I think if kurt vancouver would have stayed healthy just showed out the way he did not hall of fame game than they may have carried three because you know you don't wanna risk someone blocking <unk> practice squad squad no surprise at all that they carried too and i'm looking forward to seeing the depth chart ahead of the minnesota game to see who starts a quarterback shooting this sunday sunday. We were starting with the trolling. I love it. Evan surprises acute q._b. For you the no <unk> it would have been a waste. I think to have a third quarterback on the roster. <hes> denny laine looked really good but like there was no reason to keep him on the roster so yeah i agree with what he said so and does not have to join the falcons practice squad <hes> he can actually go to any practice squad he wants if no team signs him to their fifty three man roster due on the put that out there in a lot of times these guys yes we make the assumption that they're going to end up on our practice squad <unk> in that's gonna be true of everybody not just at link but the caveat to keep in mind as we go through the weekend and we begin to see see you know the teams put together ten-man practice squad roster so all right. We'll move on because that clearly was not a surprise q._b. We got got it all right wide receiver going to go here next because i think there was one surprise here. It's one that i had actually predicted. A couple of weeks. Ago was reading the tea leaves. Little bit thought this might happen and it did wide receiver. We've got six guys. We know who the top three are. Julio jones muhammed sue calvin ridley after that russel gage had a fantastic preseason. He's great on special teams. We're gonna call him wide receiver four justin hardy. I think we have speculated that. He could be surprise cut. He still has a lot of values receiver. Falcons kept him on from the digital era. He's wide receiver five at wide receiver six. This is where i think a lot of people were curious. What the team was gonna do i had said in speculated that because <hes> marcus green had failed to stand out as a punt and kick returner and if anything he did a terrible job in the preseason even though he was drafted rookie rookie i felt like allama days keys was a much better option overall and in fact he got the final wide receiver for spot over marcus so this is marcus green. This is a little bit of a surprise usually teams lean towards keeping their draft draft player so evan. Go you with this. One your thoughts on these six wide receivers. Do you agree with zacchaeus. Being the choice here was sixth the right number. Whether your thoughts yeah i mean people were talking about them. Potentially keeping seven which i thought was a little rich for that position <hes> i mean i would. I wouldn't have had an issue with it if they did but i i just from marcus green. You know they really seem to have wanted him to be that punt returner <hes> more than actually like his wide receiver ability and he just really didn't show anything during the pre season that would make you want to get rid of <hes> one of these receivers that made the roster sure i mean certainly is made made the roster because he earned the spa. I think margaret green didn't it's like he had the because he was drafted. He kind of had the opportunity not that. It's a concrete thing or anything but you have a leg up on the others like you were saying like they want. They wanted him to win that spot and he just didn't <hes>. I'm sure they're planning on trying to get him on the practice squad and like you said anybody could snatch them up but <hes> certainly. I don't have any problem them with what they're with. <unk> with the wide receiver roster looks like right now. <hes> you mentioned there could be other moves in you know aside from something crazy. This is probably really what we're going to have and russell gauge definitely earned that fourth spot a hearty. Some people were saying should be released or whatever he you know he. He made some decent place during the preseason in if he's wide receiver i mean that's pretty solid like you wouldn't want him starting or being that third receiver but as a v receiver definitely so yeah. I don't have any problems with it at all on your thoughts. On the six receivers america's grain was terrible upon returner this entire season by he just went out. There never really did anything with the ball in his hands muffed two months all one early on the hall of fame game which recovered in then he must win against the jets which was just completely ugly. I agree with you guys. I think they wanted market's going to win that returner spot pod because then they could give him that sixth wide receiver role in they wouldn't have had to keep kenyan barner on the roster which is a luxurious a number of running backs overall which we have now but mark is green. He had the inside track. <hes> came in as a wide receiver as a punt returner absolutely absolutely absolutely did nothing with with his opportunity like you know i wish him while i hope he improves in finds a spot on an n._f._l. Roster in the future maybe next season maybe even on the falcons next season but alarmed as a key us went out there and he proved himself in the preseason he beat out not only mark is green but guys is like christian blake. Shaun bain who were other all undrafted wide receivers fighting for that scott alumnae zacchaeus also will have a <hes> has some value in that he also turned a few months in if anything happens to kenyan order anything can be slotted in the punt returner but i i like. I like at this move. Zacchaeus went out there and earned it. He wasn't given that inside truck. Mark is green didn't earn it and i mean i don't. I'm not really worried. I think they will agree on a practice squad but i'm not really worried about a team liking him author because i wouldn't want him on my football team based on the season already but i just point i think he'll be in training camp next off season flower for our next hour training camp flowery branch down into the point you guys has made. I actually think there would have been higher chance of zacchaeus being plucked off of our practice squad. The marcus green to the point you made on the green did not stand out he had some some terrible plays and i feel like if we had tried to stash zacchaeus <hes> he would have gotten plucked and possibly put on a roster given how he looked into preseason so i think this was a smart move by the team. <hes> they went with someone they went with the better player on the sleet and <hes> they deserve some credit on those only six round pick that they spent a marcus green but you know again. Teams don't like to waste draft capital and i feel like they made the right decision here so good on them. The next group that we're going to move to is pretty interesting because i think this is the one that's going to get the most fans talking through the next week and a half as we get ready for the regular season the running back group. We have six and i'm including a fullback in here so let's keep that in mind obviously the starter is devante freeman. We have either smith cordray allison the draft pick from this year brian hill who had a fantastic preseason kenya john barner who i guess we should put the caveat here that barner is probably going to be treated more like a quote unquote return specialist. It's very very unlikely that he's going to actually see any meaningful snaps at running back in and of course i guess i would say is was the bigger surprise is the fact that the the falcons did keep fullback ricky ortiz so we have six running backs on the roster odd non. Go first your thoughts. I don't know what the heck they're doing here. I understand i was expecting them to carry five running backs because devante freeman guy ito smith you know he's he's go to solid number two running back all new jobs drafted and he'll look good in the preseason brian hill just bought his way onto a roster spot with his performance in training camp preseason even if you did have that one drop touchdown pass anna in the jets game i think it was a i was expecting five five running backs barner one that return job fair and square. He is your return man. What are you doing with ricky ortiz on this roster as your fullback so you're taking away a roster spot from someone else which could have been better utilize keeping someone like keeping someone like on an austin larkin arken or a dull sean phillips whom i really liked the preseason instead you have ricky ortiz as your fullback. He's not even that good of a full bag. This is impact demarco marco. We're talking about here was gonna really contribute. You have a luke stocker who can play some full-back for you if you if need be jaden graham <unk> plates and fullback. I'm just i just am baffled with this move. I have no idea what they were doing keeping ricky ortiz on this roster i i think it's a bad move and i mean i guess i guess if this is the main thing we're complaining about keeping a full back on the roster than it. It's it's pretty it's first world problems in the football world right now. I have no idea what they're doing. <hes> evan your thoughts on six <music> six running back on the falcons. I fifty three man roster. Yeah i mean it's hard to add anything more to <unk> said. Is you know like i would have. I'm looking at the <hes> players we cut in. I would have been more okay if they kept like austin. Marketing chris owed him on the roster opposed to you know why why even avoir tease on up you know it could change still like you said at the top of the show <hes> hopefully it does but like i just don't understand it especially win all of a sudden i believe played some fullback in the final preseason game in like look serviceable like if they really needed him out there <hes> i don't know it would they use news <hes> full the full back position enough even have him on the roster out but looking at everybody else i mean it was they all pretty much deserve to be on the roster. <hes> <hes> tony brooks james. I think was the only running back we actually cut in. He actually had like a pretty good preseason altogether <hes> he had twenty five. You've twenty five carries altogether the averaged over seven yards which was pretty good two touchdowns in any ad that fifty two yard touchdown in the jacksonville game which was like really ed bouchette. It was more of a news more irving. Yeah yeah do more deserving ricky ortiz be on this roster for the non. I agree with that. I had actually correspondent on twitter with jason but of the athletic and he brought up one thing i think he even sort have dismissed it a little bit out of hand something to keep in mind he said one thing i'll say is that or four teas is still dealing with his ankle injury. The team is prohibited it from cutting him without an injury settlement <hes> so you know it and that's a good point i if you cut a player who is injured. You have to give him an injury settlement. Perhaps there waiting for him to get healthy and then they can just cut him outright this in. I think jason even agree. I don't necessarily think that's the case. I think they <hes> <hes> they view ortiz as someone who does well enough on special teams he has some value there and perhaps the they just weren't impressed with what they saw from luke stocker in june graham fullback. They felt like they still wanted him. In for the five or six plays a game. He'll be there as a fullback <hes> so we'll we'll see it's it's <unk> a developing situation. I'm not i'm still not convinced that we're going to go into the middle of the season with six running backs <hes> so we'll we'll see we'll see how this plays out but yeah definitely one of the more interesting <hes> parts of the roster for sure so let's move on the next position -sition. I think is not going to be a huge surprise again. This is going to have a name that i think all of us agreed. <hes> absolutely deserved the spot on the roster and that's the tight end group. We have <hes> austin hooper clearly starter luke stocker. <hes> who i felt like had a pretty decent preseason veteran guy obviously flee more of a blocker than than the receiving threat and then jane graham who was someone falcons brought in last year undrafted out of yale <hes> there were rumors is that apparently <hes> a foia lucon told the team about them and said you guys have got to bring him. Bring this guy in. He's actually really good. They listen. They brought him in to play tai. Dan he stayed on the practice squad. All throughout two thousand eighteen had a really strong preseason this year and he is the third tight end and i think it's fair to say that his strong preseason probably was a factor in the team trading away and moving on from eric sauber so evan. I'll go the on this one your thoughts on these three tight ends and if you feel like this is a good group yeah i mean it's hard to to think of anything. Better that could have happened in the falcons covered a sauber who ended up being cut anyways by the patriots. <hes> graham is probably i mean gauge would have definitely been if he played a lot more but grams been the biggest. I think offensive surprise <hes> aside from mcgarry did the other night. His graham certainly earned his spot. <hes> i think he led the team in receiving yards throughout the preseason just in his willingness to play fullback win warranties went down in the technically. It would have been what the force game <hes> in week three. <hes> you know it shows it was like he's willing to like do whatever to make the roster and he certainly earned it. You know austin hooper was obviously going to be the number one tight end so nothing thin special there <hes> soccer makes the as tied into basically and then they got rid of paulsen in outs gray was one. I was interested in <hes> through the off season because he was on the international program thing so he was finally able to make the roster <hes> but i guess they waived him with an injury settlement or something like that so you know i i like the tight end group. We have been graham certainly in the spot so <hes> <hes> your thoughts on these these three guys lining up a tie them of perfect absolutely perfect cooper stocker. They were going to be on the team regardless. If you cut stalker offer that would have been one point five million dollars in dead catholic. She would have had to eat going to do that. I'm going into this entire process in the summer. I didn't even look at the tight end position. I thought the main competition would have been between all logan paulsen in eric's albert if the team decided to carry three tight ends but i thought that at this that these four guys who per stock or paulsen in salvat how stranglehold on this position in maybe they did but then jaden graham just came and just like played with it's like his hair was on fire. He just inland it up he. He killed all all preseason all training camp. It made eric salver expendable. Eric sauber didn't really improve it all over these past few years he gets traded logan. Paulsen gets cut which was maybe the somewhat of a surprise when it was announced on friday but jagan graham completely earned his spot on this roster in this is just one of my favorite stories of the entire summer process for the atlanta falcons. This is a guy who just like came into training camp worked his butt off improved over the summer in just just earned a spot on the team he made it impossible for the coaches to stash them on the practice squad because he would have been snagged up off of it and he he just forced his way onto this team. I think that this can be an example to other young players. Were going out there trying to achieve their n._f._l. Dreams jason gram just did it. He just did that stuff. He went out there and he earned a spot in rhode article specifically talking about jaden graham in this entire process through the training camp and preseason. It just went live on the site yesterday and i never in my life thought that i would write eleven hundred words on jaden graham when i started when when i started doing this stuff but i love one of my favorite players on this team right now go out there and keep in keep frightening jaden. I'm legitimately excited to see what he can do. In the regular season and that's something we kept hoping that sauber would develop in developing that just never happen and it feels like graham has already made more improvements in his game in one year than sauber didn't three so i think that says a lot and it's clear reason he made the roster in suburb robert was just cut by the patriots as evans said all right last portion of the offensive unit before we move onto the defense the offensive line. We've got nine guys. I don't think there's any surprises here. I'm going to run through the name zero. Quick alex mack jake matthews chris lindstrom jamaa brown james carpenter matt gono tyson bro kayla gary and west schweitzer. I feel like it honestly. This was the unit that i thought would be here at this point in time. No one else you know stood out sean harlow. I think got his last go round with the falcons. I think they're probably going to move on from him. Permanently a <hes> really no big surprises here. I think this unit was going to be set up. Pretty is gonna be hard to crack this unit. If anything you may be hope that they carried ten guys but <hes> they're going with nine and these are the names so odd mon- any surprises anything that stands out to you with the offensive line. No surprises mag gano really stood out in the preseason in an i think there was a legitimate chance that he's going to line up at right tackle in week. One kale gary. I'm glad is healthy and i don't think that hell i'll start. I don't think his conditioning is really there yet. He said that he was tired at halftime the jacksonville game so i think it'll be you know week two or week three before calvin gary israeli thrown into the fire was super the best offensive lineman throughout the entire preseason process for me. I'm just glad that they finally moved on from sean. Harlow giancarlos carlos was a fourth round pick. I think he was the first pick in the dan quinn era absolutely terrible every year every single time i watched him him. He was absolutely dreadful. If i was lining up under center in my life was on the line and sean harlow is blocking for me. I would make peace with their life. This man does not deserve a spot on the scene. I hope is not on the practice squad. I never wanna see him in a uniform again. I wish him well in life but i mean yeah i. I never wanna see him. Blocking for matt ryan again because matt ryan deserves better than that in sodas matt job in sodas danielle link incurred banker in any of our quarterbacks like goodbye sean. Don't let the door who you on the way out holy cow but that it was a gina level. Ask heartache right there evan offensive line hard to follow that <hes> i do agree with uh sean hard i mean i think what makes it worse as they brought him back because didn't he go to go to seattle or something or was it indianapolis bouncing around to bring him back <hes> but now he's gone again so not to worry about that but <hes> no. I mean i like i. I was kinda nervous about them. Potentially starting some great low at right tackle <hes> but mcginlay it was just i was at the jaguars game of the week for jaguars game in everybody was taught like you know in the press box are not supposed to be vocal and stuff. Everybody was like oh my god. He's like bull rushing everybody just knocking the people down he like. He looked the part <hes>. If you go on any social media there's been more <hes> main media talking about him. I forget what the guy's name is. I wanted to do from n._f._l. Network i think baldinger or something like that. Did it good yeah. He did a good analysis on mcgee. During that game he just he had the instincts than i dunno fell start the first couple of weeks eight nine easy men because that was his first real action but <hes> he really like look the part so that's is promising. <hes> you know if they start go gano for the first couple of weeks. I think he's done enough in earn that spot. I wouldn't throw sam brillo out there anything but yeah no. I have no problems with offensive line group. <hes> you know it's pretty much like what you would hope like i mean could we always have better shirt by. <hes> mugabe has some optimism in my is where i'm like okay well. This could be definitely good on the right on the right side but we'll we'll see what happens absolutely so before we jump in the special teams and defensive players at the falcons kept this year. We're going to take a quick break. We'll be right back. This episode is brought to you by cox with contour t._v. 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I'm joined by odd on each evan burchfield from the phallic. <hes> we're talking about the falcons fifty three man roster that they announced on saturday before the four pm cutoff for the <hes> the announcement of the final fifty three and we're gonna talk now on the second half of the podcast about about special teams real quickly. The ones spend too much time on this one. <hes> hot takes on the special teams situation. We're talking about the defense so clearly the falcons kicking situation was getting bad in in went from bad to worse to vecchio struggled. This preseason zain was missing kicks wide left consistently. They brought in blair walsh who had a disastrous audition. If you will for the falcons they signed on him and he came in and did mostly what he has been doing since he got kicked a league a couple of years ago. The falcons finally reached reached out to matt bryant. They agreed to terms on saturday. He will be rejoining the team for the two thousand nineteen season evans excited about this <hes> i'll go to you first <hes> <hes> fox on matt brian bosscher josh harris rounding out our special. Yeah i mean it's a good feeling because it's basically what we're used to <hes>. It was gonna be weird weird having a different kicker back there any ways that you know it kinda helped to vecchio was just terrible the entire preseason <hes> i think it was wednesday or maybe it was thursday morning when it kind of leaked that that brian was coming in for a workout so then thursday night was the jaguars game so they had to becky oh and blair walsh ready in decky kicked the first half <hes> in mistake. If the i think it was like a fifty three yarder or something like that and it was pretty much like the moment if that happened i mean they were pretty much toast to begin with but that that ended his falcon journey in than the second half was blair walsh in <hes>. I mean he didn't look terrible or anything but you know you're not gonna go with blair. Walsh instead of map brian map on friday had his physical well in workout in did all the right stuff in the end now he's now. He's on the falcons in rejoined. The falcons in you know map ball shire's. I map all shirt josh harris. It's still snap balls so yeah. I like. I'm glad special teams is the same where we used to. I didn't want to get going on a rant so it was fun to they. Do i do think it's funny. I have to point out to our listeners. You guys aren't on twitter number. One follow both of our guys evan. I'm an odd non. We'll give you their twitter handles at the end of this but the atlanta falcons accounts directly directly tweeted at evan the map which was fantastic a absolutely fantastic odds on your thoughts on special teams unit now well. I just wanna say for one. I think i'm as happy for zaire. Through the entire lane. Struggling after brian dot released released on matt bosscher had a strong preseason josh heiresses steady as a metronome at lawn snapper and then we go into the kicking situation. The falcons really wanted <unk> giorgio tobacco to have this job. You can tell they gave him a two year your contract last season. They kept to kickers on the roster all of last season they had a plan to transition from brian <unk> vecchio. They didn't bring in any competition. The vacuum throughout training camp in the start of season in alta vecchio had to do was not suck yeah and wouldn't do that. He had it had a kick blocked sure from fifty two yards. He missed that thirty nine yarder <unk> four his kicks <hes>. I think if i don't have it wrong four or five minutes kicks in preseason in the problem is that he looked psychologically shot. We all know you've all seen tobacco's a good kicker kurt. He can make those kicks but when you when you're lost mentally when you don't have that short term memory of the kicker then you're finished in. I could tell with his his body language. He just didn't trust himself. I've seen it with a of wyo with the buccaneers before whom they spent a second round pick on him and and you know he was just like you know he just lost after a while with the bucks but this entire mouth brian choice and i just wanted to take a minute say okay that is this so hard like they botched this they released him and then they went back to him with their tail tucked between their legs the other day they gave him more money than what was on his team option in good from brian forgetting that brawl of his troubles throughout the off season that they they tried to bring him blair walls before i'm blair walsh was naps loot disaster as well. I'm glad that mob ryan is with the team and that this is a happy ending right now now because brian pro bowl level kicker in for you to go from a pro bowl level kicker to temecula potentially missing kicks that would have been noticed special teams. You don't notice special teams until something bad happens. In something bad was going to happen in that a drop off would have been would have been crucial for this team this season it could potentially cost them games that could potentially cost him late in the season the playoffs but i'm glad my brian's back doc. He was still nailing fifty five plus throughout the entire offseason based on videos. We saw on twitter and all's well that ends well. Let's let's get ready for the season absolutely grew. Both you guys. I think enough has been said. Bryant is back. The team i believe has learned a lesson lesson and i think this is it. This is more than likely going to be the last season for bryant in atlanta. At least we know that going in you know it's one year deal. Oh <hes> and i'm glad to see him back and i think it's important that your four no if if he never kicked again for the falcons the way it ended was sloppy as hell l. <hes> he had a game winner against the budget years to finish the season if they had a big lead up to it in happened. It would have been a much. I i mean obviously he wanted to keep kicking but it would have been much cleaner look as on on said dating back with their tail between their legs. It was ugly and now they've got to act like oh. We knew what we were doing all along that's b._s. Nobody actually believes that <hes> a now. They have an opportunity where if he just kicks this is his last season with atlanta or is last season kicking in the n._f._l. In general they get a redo to lay out the red carpet because he certainly deserves it but that's all i gotta say yeah. It'll be awesome if he just finished his career with the super bowl victory this season and you know just wrote off into the sunset that that would be amazing yep with the other i i would prefer blow out in the super bowl but if you've got a game winning kick in the super bowl that would be quite fitting so all right. We're gonna move the game winning kick in the last thing oh no. I'm going to have to drink tonight on. I was going to happen any not so well. <hes> we're gonna move onto the defense and we're going to start on the back end. Instead instead of in the trenches will finish up with a talk about trenches bell start with safety's. We got four for the two thousand nineteen roster. No surprises here here <hes> ricardo olympia under the o- clearly both guys are back. They played. They look like they're at one. Hundred percent can't wait to see them in regular season action the the two backups behind him. Come all ishmail good veteran strong safety. He's played strong safety for most of his time in the career. He's a kinda guy you like. He has started in a pinch a quality player and in straw newsmen who i felt like for some reason the falcons have had this love hate relationship with them and they finally have learned to love him. He is here to stay as a safety odd. Non your thoughts on on the four sixties. Were making the roster in this year on while i am kind of surprised that keanu neil oh just <unk> upset that he made his way onto the non getting no surprise is at all <hes> kamala schnell smell and rodney eastman or the backups. There guys of the team was comfortable with parker. Baldwin was good in the preseason. You know hopefully he latches on somewhere with another another team's practice squad or another team roster but <hes> these are the backups whom the team trusts. They've been with the team for a while. They're comfortable within dan coins defensive scheme kamala schnell is a guy who can drop down into linebacker very versatile whenever you need them to keep it short and sweet no surprises here allan neil ishmael in eastman. I mean i'm fine. I'm fine with this evan. Any additional facially ended ended up. Well you know they got rid of ronna. Martin was released in chris cooper parker baldwin. I don't think they did enough to where it's like. Anybody's gonna lose sleep tonight that they were like oh but <hes> i mean hopefully it doesn't matter who the backup safeties are because neil rico or you want to be perfectly fine so yeah no. That's all i can say over yup. Let's hope they stay healthy. I will say chris. Cooper thought had a really good preseason as well. He had several good games. <hes> i think he may be something <hes> someone that they look to <hes> to stash on the practice squad. Somebody might want to a see how he develops so that's the name to keep an eye out for all right. Let's go onto the cornerback so we've got six and i think you there's some key distinctions here because we've got a couple of guys or <hes> you know. We've got one guy in demotic easy who could always potentially switch over the safety. I sometimes you hear people refer to cornerbacks and safeties as just d._b.'s so we have ten. D._v._d.'s and i think that's a fair assessment but the six corners we've got listed are is as oliver desmond true font <hes> bleeding ray wilson demonte z. and then the two draft picks from this year kendall bill sheffield in jordan miller to me no big surprises. I think if anyone was going to sneak onto the roster it may have been chris cooper <hes> but but i didn't feel like he was a clear upgrade over anyone here so evan will go this one corners <hes> any surprises when you felt like didn't deserve it or <hes> should have made this group. I'm pretty much happy with what i see ryan. You got a lot of action during a preseason <hes> jason stanley kind of looked good towards the end there but then he got <hes> <hes> injured in that final game. I think it was like a shoulder injury <hes> but they waived him probably <unk> injury settlement <hes> but i mean i don't really see anything. That's like going to upset me. You know it's it's pretty much one of the groups. You probably could have predicted <hes> but yeah i'd i i like it. I'm interested to see what isaiah oliver does because i really didn't hear much about him. During the preseason <unk> robert alfred's gone now so you know taking over the starting job so that'll be very interesting and regular season. They're going to have a pretty good. He's going to have a pretty good test off the front. I'll know who is guarding. It'll be there adam thelander two days so he's not going to have an easy game or anything <hes> yeah i like. I like who we have yeah. It's i feel like it's it's a unit with a lot of youth and a lot of guys that fit the dan quinn mold on on your thoughts on these corners. I go evans sentiments of no surprises at all now. I'm having a really really hard time saying the word surprises surprises tonight. Man doesn't refund <unk> oliver or you're starting cornerbacks bleary. Wilson is competent veteran. A veteran backup on the squad casey is going to be your starting slot cornerback and they will put casey on the field as much as possible possible deservedly so he's an absolute ball hawk out there led the entire league interceptions last year sheffield and miller were to draft picks to guys assume you have high hopes for moving forward. Kennel sheffield is arguably fastest person in this draft class. We couldn't see him run his forty time officially kelly because he was he was hurt for it but kendall sheffield runs afford to forty by some by some estimates crossing jordan. Jordan miller is absolutely perfect for dan quinn's cover three zone scheme and i think i think we'll hear will hear more from mm sheffield in miller moving forward. I don't think we'll hear their names very much barring injury or some something catastrophic but no surprise with any of the cornerbacks just like what safeties ready to roll with them <hes> so i i think you know much. Many of these other positions not a ton of <unk> <hes> surprises here so yeah. I'm pleased with this group. Obviously sheffield miller showed enough that you're gonna walk away from this point right and again. If anyone bleary maybe you take a chance on younger guy but like what he offers as a veteran a bigger veteran the kind of body eisai's that dan quinn like so good group of feel feel pretty good about this <hes> we will be talking about a zale oliver. I think <hes> before the regular season gets here because is he someone who's flown under the radar and i find that very interesting especially for someone at the corner position so definitely named to keep an eye on. I think he could be a breakout <music> out candidate for the defense this year all right next group. The linebackers got some this is. I am really legitimately excited about this group of linebackers news with maybe one exception we are keeping five linebackers this year and here the names dion jones obviously early devinder campbell for your sawday lucon. Germain grace has made the roster fifty-three master and of course i do crowley about it was not intentional <hes> and the the big name here who did not make the roster was <hes> the veteran they brought in last year bruce carter he <hes> he ended up being the odd man out and i think exist that was a direct result of the fantastic fantastic preseason of germain grace so i'm on the on this one linebacker comebacker whether you think on german grace was absolutely fantastic. I would have been legitimately upset if you would have been left off this roster every time every single game every time i i looked up. He was making a play on defense all fantastic. He added that interception against i think it was a new york jets or maybe it was the dolphins and my memory's kind of easy right now for he brought about driving a two yard line and then sean harpo had a holding penalty in only a field goal out of it but i di gra but but <hes> german grace was awesome. I think duke riley did just enough in a preseason game against the redskins where he had that fantastic run stopped <hes>. I think dan quayle was going to talk himself into keeping duke riley on the team. He just needed to see something in he saw something in that game because does juge riley is he was technically a third rounder but they traded back into the early third round. He was actually the team second rounder in. I think twenty twenty seventeen if i have not yet in twenty seventeen so if i'm not super shock the duke riley is on the team bruce carter he. He gave us some very valuable snaps last year when he replaced duke riley who was absolutely awful last season. I think <hes> carter will be there in case we need him hill. He'll be the first call they make off free agency. He's familiar with the game so hopefully nothing happens but if it does then. I don't think think we've seen the last two bruce carter. One guy in i mentioned it earlier del chantal to someone who who also really impressed me in this preseason someone who i think had. Maybe an outside shot of a of making this team. I hope that he'd on a- practice squad they waived him and gave him an injury resettlement but i hope this isn't the last we've seen of him but you know i mean who who needs who needs solid defensive play when you can keep the target is that <hes> explained it perfectly. I i just i think with grace with the exception of jalen graham. I don't know of anybody who has earned a roster spot more on this team and you could say he may have even even earned it more than graham. He's just another example of this team drafting or not drafting somebody bringing somebody in and then he goes off but comes back unlike the bryant bryant hill did with going to cincinnati. I believe in coming back germaine grace they had brought <unk> undrafted in twenty seventeen. I i believe that if my mind serves me right he went to or he was with us had like a decent preseason or whatever <unk> team opted to keep bringing sean weatherspoon it was like old at that point <hes> and they let him go and then he went to he bounced around went to the colts the browns seahawks and then we came he came came back and all of a sudden this this preseason. He's lighting it up. He had <hes> he had an interception for touchdown and then i think in the last game he did but there was like a flag or something but he he's got that <hes> k._c. Thing where it's like. You don't know what you wanna do with him but you just know you want him on the field because it's he's he's a weapon ex-packer <hes> which is kind of like what casey's been showing <hes>. I'm very excited about him because i hate to brag or anything like that but i was one of those like when we first brought him in i was like because i already knew who he was in. I was really hoping the team would keep him in obviously usually he didn't end up on our practice squad <hes> or make the roster but when he came back i was thrilled because i didn't know like i'm not going to say i know what what he's doing now these balling out <hes> this whole preseason but he knew he had some potential any showing. I couldn't be happier form. He's definitely learned a spy <hes> yeah. I mean any so young too. It's like we. We have a great young defense. I mean if you look at the team. Overall our veterans quote unquote are like kiana neon dion jones. It's like you know you're still young lady gary. That's already leaders in their not <unk>. They're younger than i am. I i mean. I don't know i love the defense. <hes> just shows you. They're obviously going to take a leap leap this year because we've got healthy guys and stuff like that but it's like even the de is great so by it's tough to follow up on onset because he broke it down so perfectly and so i just wanted to focus on grace 'cause he's stood out clearly to everyone agree with both you and and i'm excited about grace dan quinn bottom the guys got fantastic coverage abilities <hes> you know he may need to work on his run <hes> his run defense but you put this guy against a running back and i feel like he's an yet again another linebacker that can stick with guys in coverage which is in in today's n._f._l. L. is arguably more important than the run stopping <hes> so to wrap up our conversation about the defense. We're going to talk about the defensive line nine nine guys over all this is going to include both interior and the pass rushers because i think this year we're going to see some odd formations. We saw some five two formations formations from the falcons upfront in the preseason. We could see some truth. Three four looks with guys tack kinley standing up <hes> so we're just going to treat the defensive offensive line is one unit nine guys here the names alan bailey who they recently signed from kansas city adrian clayborn who's coming back from the when <hes> when you're with patriots john kaminski the fourth round draft pick attack mckinley vic beasley junior evans favorites. It's jack crawford. <hes> who is criminally underrated <hes> fantastic interior pass rusher deodorant who think many people thought might be on the bubble. He has made the roster roster tyler davidson who was arguably one of the free agent signings of this off season and of course crazy jarrett grady did make the roster oster this year one name that we are not saying rasheed hagman who <hes> the falcons could potentially still carry on the roster he will not count towards is a fifty three because he has served a two game suspension at the beginning of the season so you could potentially say this defensive line has ten <hes> and i'm not sure if someone that factors into the long term plans for the falcons <hes> but he could be carried for the first two weeks cut in week three or the teen in could look to make moves full-back to keep him. We'll see that's that's. That's something that's certainly going to be a spoke. We the foul colleague. We'll keep an eye on that all right. Evan your thoughts on this defensive line any guys. You feel like maybe should have made it. That didn't make it here. I mean guessing <unk> liked would austin larkin was showing but at the same time i don't see anybody who makalake who made it that that i would want to get rid of except for you know if you start looking elsewhere and get rid of ortiz. I would have been fine with that but i mean everybody who's on the defensive line. <hes> pretty much earned their spot mickey. Look great this preseason. <hes> you know he was kind of limited towards the beginning of preseason but then when he did play looked really good that everybody remembers the mckinley interception happened. I think even the board game and you know oh. Everybody focuses on that but that was because sonata got back there in basically punched the ball out you know in mckinley just happened here. Yeah i mean i don't i'll have a problem with its defensive line at all <hes> if you notice they're all kind of molding into like they're all basically have one trait in common in its at. They're all all kinds of high motor guys or they don't take they don't slack off or they shouldn't be what dang gwynne basically has been preaching forever. <hes> even kaminsky in the preseason games. You'd see him like pretty much. Get pushed out of the play but he'd still run across and get back involved. He was in taking golf plays. <unk> mattered all <hes> bottoming. I loved the defensive line. I think it could be one of the strengths of the falcons this year. <hes> that's saying a lot considering. They've been piss poor for as long as i can remember <hes> all of a sudden. It's always been something thing we go into the season like oh god i wonder with a pass rusher run stoppers what it's going to look like this season. I actually don't have that a feeling <hes>. I'm pretty excited about it. Even vic beasley as bad as he's been is like look good in limited action. He's had <hes> intact back you know he. He looked good when he played too. It's <hes> it's going to be very interesting in like yeah you were saying jack. Crawford is underrated. I think <hes> <hes> also i think tyler davidson who we signed a in the off season who who was pretty good rotational player with the saints for many years <hes> <hes>. That's a very underrated signing. I think in limited action he seen look nearly good too so it's like i don't know who you would complain about removing moving to bring one of these guys that got cut back onto the roster aside from you know like i said looking at a different position but no i'm content with this defensive line on that is often good you on any the final thoughts on the defensive line. I really liked the defensive line. There's no superstars outside of grady jarrett in potentially tax mckinley. Hopefully this season but i think this is the deepest unit on the team except for maybe wide receiver everyone on this team deserves to be on the team like evans said i think any he one of these nine guys if the falcons had parted ways with any one of them they would've immediately been on another team's roster they brought in alan bailey lee which eases my concerns about the pass rush out we're not super reliant now on tack in vic beasley having to go out there and how great seasons as <hes> as pass rushers hopefully they do but before the alan bailey signing had one of them underperformed than it would have we would have been left with adrian clayborn born who's solid but who's not like going to go out there as this like incredible pass rusher unless he's playing chaz green in the cowboys grade <hes> <hes> john kaminsky looked really good in that hall of fame game. I remember he was maybe the teams best player even punt coverage. He was always the first player downfield appealed in punt coverage. That's insane for a man of his size he he was solid. He's someone who i was always looking forward to watching especially mostly in the late in the game when the starters were out and it was just like a punishment app to watch those games because they can get really rough <hes> jack crawford super solid very good player. I think he was second on the team. In sacks last season deodorant not was a third round pick and he it shows himself last season. He was very solid. I'm glad he made the team. Tyler davidson is someone. I'm i'm excited about. We snagged him from the saints. He's maybe abo the best run style for on the team outside of grady jared. You know he's a specialist <hes> as a run stopper in this entire unit. I mean very good very good unit. There are gonna be able to rotate. Dan coin loves to rotate is defensive line. Defensive line is bread and butter butter. That's what he he came up of teaching. That's his background right. There in we finally have like evans said for the first time in. I don't even know how long this defensive line is an area of strength and i'm excited for going into the season so to round out the podcast. Go the each of you. Once i want should give me one name. That was cut that you feel like <hes> is someone to watch out for for the future for this team <hes> or that you think even potentially could end up at some point on the two thousand nineteen roster odd non. Who's that one name that was cut that you think hey this. Guy's got the chance of of becoming something someday delphine phillips someone. I've mentioned him a couple of times. I don't think that the team would really call him. This season. I think <hes> bruce carter will be called before him just in in case but is someone in the future. He really impressed me throughout this entire preseason. I really liked what i saw from him out. There making plays <hes> unfortunately finally didn't end up on the team but i think i don't think this is the last we've heard of del. Sean phillips is how i'm gonna put all right pencil that name in falcons fans pay attention for twenty twenty one these think <hes> the falcons aren't really lies as you saw what i saw from daily <hes> i've for many years wondered if the falcons would cause they really haven't invested in any any sort of developmental <hes> they had <hes> sean renfrew <hes> john renfrew in that was like the most they actually did with it until banker looked good in obviously got her for emily. I thought had a solid week four preseason so it's is not like he was playing starters or anything but <hes> he so athletic <hes> you can see why the patriots moved him to receiver briefly before they got rid of a aw in his pocket. Presence is really good <hes> i think he tries to run a little bit more than he probably should. <hes> by. I i mean. I thought you know apply not. Don't you know if he if he makes it through. Put him on the practice squad. You know see what you can get out of the next year. <hes> in like i wanted to go with <hes> austin larkin in just because i thought he had a really solid preseason also <hes> he was like one of the leading tacklers so those would be the two but i like deadliest settling lot so we'll see for me. It was chris cooper a thought he we looked pretty good this preseason. The falcons actually signed them to a two year contract so i i think they like what he has to offer. He's a name i'm gonna i pay attention to <hes> throughout the season. I think they're going to again. Try the statue stash him on the practice squad. <hes> some of the key on <hes> should the team have any injuries. He's someone could potentially sneak on the roster in two thousand nineteen if anyone gets banged up and has to take some time off so with that. We're going to wrap up this a special edition that the faculty podcast. I'm going to go to these two guys to let them tell you where you can find them. <hes> they do fantastic work at alcoholic dot com of course we can find on oliver. Write ups in all of our analysis of the roster the games. Everything's coming up for this exciting two thousand eighteen season evan. Tell you you find us on twitter at burchfield <hes> usually talking about will not so much matt brian anymore because especially back so pretty much fantasy football falcons at this point. There's really nothing else to talk about. <hes> in working on a will have a after the game aim. I got to talk to jack. Crawford in e actually said a lot about the defensive line <hes> so i'll have been article on that in <hes> yeah. Just i'm <music>. I'm so ready for the regular season against here. <hes> you know it's like once once. The off season is kinda. Slowing down there <hes> towards towards training camp like it picks back up preseason just gives you a little taste a real football but not enough to quench your thirst so to speak so now that we got some real action in coming up a very excited going against the vikings is going to be a really good test for this team <hes> though yeah examining always odd none so our listeners really can find you what you've gone. I don't want you guys to find. I'm getting find me at say which way on twitter that's my twitter handle also talking a lot of football a lot of atlanta sports in general you can find my work on the falcons <unk> which you know i'm. I'm a little biased but i think i think it's the best site borough falcons news. It's just a one stop shop. All of our writers take everyone on the staff. Does a fantastic job everything you need to know about the falcons is on the foul golic dot com check out my article that i wrote about jaden graham ram the from i think published yesterday and go all right right and the of course guys you can find me on twitter at alchoholic d. w. and of course weekly here on the call at podcast and my write ups at the foul colleague like dot com so for on e. kitchen evan burchfield. This is dave walker. Thank you guys for tuning in. We'll talk with you next time a non nica chin evan burchfield. This is dave walk.

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