Congressman Greg Meeks 6-23-19


Good morning, New York. This is cats roundtable trunk cats Matiz here. It's Sunday morning. What's going on in New York City? Well doesn't election on Tuesday. There's election for a of the pres county and witnesses warning is congressman Greg Meeks, who represents the fifth congressional district. Jamaica, the rockaways JFK airport and also is chairman of the queen's Democratic Party. Good morning, congressman Meeks. How are you this morning? Good morning. Good to be with you. Now you guys having election on Tuesday. Is anybody gonna turn out? It's in the middle of summer. Well, you know, raise the fund the new law, all of our elections, and now movie in general, and this is the first law. That's a non wrestle zoo. So we're trying to get the message out loudly clearly to everybody creams county come out vote that we hope that we get a good turn out how many candidates you have their seven candidates. When our they're six candidates that are in the race then. So the only one that I want to talk about is Melinda Katz. I know I know Melinda. Well, she, she was borough residents of threes and before Melinda. I said, there was no sign in queens. Now there's a skyline. Is that correct? That's correct. Melinda has been a dedicated public servant. She knows the borough. See knows the people of our own. She knows how to serve the people of c become a natural fit. We talk about being next eight defects. The fact that do the kinds of things in our community and have the kind of communication with. And the district attorney's office, fake sort of Justice, as well as keep people safe. Now, I understand you, you interested queens county Democratic Party has endorsed. I also understand the governor Cuomo has endorsed. That's right. That is correct. I think that what you find is. And, you know, oftentimes people ask what's the queen's county organization, and they make it sound like some missed or something of that nature is basically the people of coins who are involved politically because they care about represents them, and they get all the district leaders elected officials, and people that people trust. They all came together and decided that the best person for this queens, Terry's office is the cats because she is from this community and she knows it best. And so governor Cuomo, also listening to those going through it, and concerned about community concerned about criminals dusk. Have all comes together to, to support Melinda cases. To become the next in queens. And she'll be replacing Richard Brown who passed away of a no, this and he was the eighth, thirty years, a long time. And I don't what mitt. That's why it's important that we election when now who is Representative of the community knows how to include the community create a, a district attorney's office and is inclusive of all of the communities, you know, queens is one of the most diverse community and all of the United States of America and, and Melinda in her job as president as inclusive of all of these communities. And so we continue that she the only one that's running that knows how to be in administrative and large in office candidates, huge budget to manage people because that's what the, you know, John, I used to be assistant secretary myself at started out my career so I know the power of office. And I know the kind of mindset that a good DA would have. And I know that that belongs to the cat. Greg bakes Democrats him in the queen's, thank you so much for coming on the Sunday, boarding. And thank you for your recommendations of Melinda Katz. I know her she's a great lady. And I hope she was on Tuesday, and we're catch-up again, real soon, I look forward to doing John thank you for having about it. Come out to say June twenty fifth live in queens county. Thanks you. This is the Caltrans table. We'll be right back.

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