Mon. 3/16 - RuPaul Is FRACKING!!!


Good afternoon everybody. And welcome to the CELEB- news ride home for Monday. March sixteenth twenty twenty. I'm your host Kate raft and thinking like the podcast is called Celeb- news ride home. We're on the ride home network. You know run by ride home media but most of us are working from home or just straight up out of a job at this point so I feel like we should call the podcast. Celeb- news stay home. Because we're all supposed to be doing social distancing celebrities stay home celeb- news stay home. I mean I'm not like allowed to change the name of the podcast but if I was I would temporarily change it to Celeb- news stay home because you should stay home and listen to me. Talk about CELEB- new. God can you tell? I haven't left my house like four days. It's fine it's all good it's going great. It's actually such a strange and kind of incredible time for celebrity news like celebrities are acting weird. I mean we're all acting weird but it really truly like is one of the weirdest celebrity news days I've ever experienced in my twenty nine years of being on this earth so you know what let's just like get to it. Let's talk about today's topics. Okay first of all. Rupaul is fracking. Kristen CHENOWITZ has a corona virus slash high note singing. Themed Tick Tock Account. Heidi Klum is sick and couldn't get her hands on a corona virus test. Hey celebs are just like us. Brandi glanville dish about Ben Stiller's Dingaling as well as her hookups. With Matt Leblanc. David Schwimmer and Gerard Butler. Bond Girl Olga Curie Linko has tested positive for corona virus. Britney's snow defied the public pleas for social distancing to have her spawn. Con Wedding in Malibu on Saturday and finally we're going to close out today show with a Garner Karner. Here's what you missed today. In the world of Celebrity News. This one really caught me off. Guard this topic the Rumi for a damn loop but I guess it's real. And it's twenty twenty so literally anything can happen. Rupaul is fracking Rupaul. Is fracking Rupaul? Is fracking Rupaul? Is fracking yes? That's right Rupaul. Is fracking. How did I find out about this? While I saw this tweet that went viral this weekend. It's from Rory. Solomon who tweeted quote. Hold up non-co vid content at Rupaul was just on. Npr fresh air and shared that he and his partner owned sixty thousand acres in Wyoming and they quote lease mineral rights and sell water to oil companies. And quote and Terry Gross did not follow up with one question about the fact that Rupaul is fracking and quote rory then posted a Google maps screen shot of the Libor Ranch and then cross referenced it with a map of fracking sites showing tons and tons of fracking activity in that same area. Dear God I mean what Rupaul is is what Rupaul is for. That's not cool. That's not good for the environment. That's not good at all. Oh my God rupaul. What are you doing too? Damn shame shame on you rupaul. Anyway I have to say I loved Ono. They didn't coverage of this. It's it's pretty savage so please don't ask me if you're a Rupaul. Fan Okay these are oh no. They didn't S- words not mine but I do kind of agree with them. All right they wrote quote Rupaul appeared on. Npr's fresh air with Terry Gross. They discussed route sixty thousand Acre ranch in Wyoming. He owns with his husband. Roose said they let people frac their land without actually using the word. Frac TERRY had no follow up questions because she is overrated as an interviewer she also did not ask. Roo about his transphobia. End Quote. Who who who? Who's by? Rupaul? Is fracking twenty twenty rubles? Frac race lead. The I'll company okay. So we're in the middle of pandemic. It's breaking all of our brains lake. We're losing our minds right now and kristen. China with is no exception. But luckily for us her tic account is the manifestation of all of our unraveling. And it's so good. Kristen China with I kid you not. She has a tic account and it seems to be corona virus themed and singing high pitched notes themed. It's it's so good. She recently has four videos. Where she's like doing stuff about the corona virus like cleaning her house etcetera etcetera. I'm going to play you an audio clip of her tick tock video but fair warning. It is it's mostly. Her singing. High pitched sounds so it's not pleasant to listen to. I'll try to put the volume way low so that it doesn't hurt your ears but before I play it. Let me paint you a picture okay. So it's a video of Kristen With she's not filming it. It's like some assistant filming her and she's in her apartment. She's holding to clorox wipes in her hands and she's staring dead into the camera like just like mugging for the camera as she rubs down her refrigerator door handle and then she pauses to hit a high note. Then she rubs down her kitchen faucet then she stares into the camera hits another high note then she runs over to the bathroom faucet hits another high note. I I have to say the best part is that throughout the video. She's just like desperately trying to maintain eye contact with the camera. She's truly a performer. Okay here's the clip. Get songs stuck in your head. I'm just going to have those three insanely high pitched squeals stuck in my head for the rest of the day. May God help us all celebs. They're just like us. They have no access to any corona virus tests either was into this audio clip of Heidi clam everyone. I just want you to know why I have not been sitting in my America's got talent seed and just Gone to work Started all with like a chore. Feeling Feverish Cough runny nose I'm just not feeling good. So that's why I've stayed home to enact affect any other people I hope it's Chester cold I would love to do. The Corona tests by. There is no one here. I tried to different doctors and I just can't get one stay safe. Everyone stay home. If you don't feel good. She eventually posted that she was able to get a corona virus tests done but she did not post. Her result. Said she didn't have them yet in a follow up instagram post to the video. I just played for you. Heidi wrote quote like many of you. I also have been sick all weekend. And unfortunately my husband who returned from his tour a couple of days ago is also feeling ill to be saved. We are staying apart until we get the results of our corona virus test that we were finally able to get today back. We don't want to spread germs and risk others getting sicker even each other as much as they want to embrace him and kiss him. It is more important to do the right thing. And not spread further and quote. The caption was accompanied by video of herself kissing her husband. Tom Kellett's he's from the band Tokio. Hotel through a pane of glass. A God I hope Heidi clues okay. 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That's third love dot com slash celeb- news for fifteen percent off. Today come on you gotTa do it. Thank God for Brandi Glanville. Brandi Glanville is truly doing. The Lord's work right now and frankly everyone else. Who'S A D list? Celebrities should do. Exactly what Brandi Glanville is doing? Okay if you're if you're a minor league celebrity you absolutely need to be spilling all of the details about your messy love life right now. Okay we are all stuck at home. We desperately need the T. A. New desperately need to spill it for US okay. This is the CELEB- Gossip Distraction. I've been praying for Brandi Glanville recently went on Danny Pellegrino's everything iconic podcast and she dished about some of the famous dudes. She's hooked up with end. Oh my God. It's so good. The quotes from this podcast interview are delicious. I think I'm just after this. I'm just going to listen to that. Whole podcast episode. Because it's just it's got to have more gems in it. It's gotta but this is what's making headlines Today. Okay first of all. She talked about how she hooked up with. Ben Stiller she said quote. I dated Ben Stiller for a little while he has a giant penis and quote my God. Okay okay okay. Here's what Brandy said about Matt Leblanc quote. We went back to his house. He let his dog lick his ice cream and I was out. I was like Nope I was totally going to have sex with him. And then the dog liked the ice cream and helix the ice cream and I was like I can't and quote. Oh my God screaming. She wouldn't go both Matt Leblanc because he let his dog like ice. Cream like that is iconic icon. Nicola Soga is Great. I love that I mean same. My guess and here's what she said about. David Schwimmer. I guess. David Schwimmer made her. Love Life. Dio Way if you will. She said quote he wore makeup. He wore conceal out during the day. And it really annoyed me. I understand your onset. You're used to wearing makeup. But I wasn't used to a man wearing makeup in the moment it bothered me and quote. Wow Okay I mean there's nothing wrong with men wearing makeup brandy. You need to get well. Okay she also said that. David Schwimmer referred to her as a quote bigger girl and quote even though she was only like a hundred and nine pounds at the time. Yikes Anyway David. Schumer's REP denied. All of this said the this is a false story so who knows anyway. Here's what Brandy said hooking up with Gerard Butler. She said quote. I was on housewives. But he did not know that and it really bothered him that. I didn't tell him that I don't lead with. Somebody comes up to me at a party. Hi I'm on housewives. That's a whole like she. Then also called Gerard Butler lovely very handsome and sexy but claimed he was quote a little paranoid about the Paparazzi. Anyway Cool Brandy thank you thank you. I needed to know about the size of Ben. Stiller's package I needed to know about. David Schwimmer wearing makeup. I mean I support. David Schwimmer in wearing makeup. But it I love that. I know that about him. Now Matt Leblanc's Dog licks ice cream. I mean so many gems so many gems so many gems. Oh my God brandy thank you thank you thank you thank you. God bless Brandy Glen Bell. We must protect Brandi Glanville at all costs bond girl Olga curious. Hanko has tested positive for corona virus. She posted a photo of her window on Instagram. Saying quote locked up at home after having tested positive for corona virus. I've actually been ill for almost a week now. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms. Take care of herself. And do take this seriously and quote God Hun. Another celebrity has had a diagnosis for corona virus. Prayers for Olga Cure Lingo and Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have to say. I'm a little worried about Rita Wilson Right now. She hasn't tweeted since Friday sure. She's posted a couple instagram stories. But they're mostly re posts of people who've tact her okay. It's not original posting. There's no original posts since Friday. Okay this next topic is so it's maddening. It's just maddening okay. Brittany Snow had a spawn con wedding on Saturday. In the middle of pandemic the day after our president declared a national state of Emergency Brittany Snow how to spawn con wedding defying pleas from the people to do social distancing. She didn't call off the wedding. She went through with the wedding. It was in Malibu and I'm going to get to why I'm calling a despond con wedding in a second But just listen closely to how people dot com covered the wedding. It's littered in brand names. And you know she's getting paid for you know name checking those brands okay. Here we go quote. People confirms the Pitch Perfect Actress. Thirty three and the realtor thirty tied the knot in Malibu on Saturday. The couple celebrated their nuptials with an intimate outdoor ceremony as first reported by the not the bride. Who Wore a Jonathan Sim guy gown for her ceremony? And groom exchanged wedding bands by Tacori ahead of the wedding which was planned with help by. Hulo gem events snow told people last month that she and Stanley land one of their ceremony to be low key and not stuffy and quote So here's how we know it spawned con first of all. They had the logo the not plastered all over their wedding. Not is like a wedding brand planning company type thing and then of course she named checks the Simcock gown sure. She got some kind of spun con for that. Allegedly and also the tha corey bands. And the hello gem events those all sound like Spahn Konta me. I'm almost positive. This is at the very least branded content for the not because their logo was featured on like one of the poster boards for the wedding. I'll post a picture at celebrity homes instagram account. I don't know it's just funny to meet how respond CON wedding in the middle of a pandemic like a lot of people. Do SPAWN CON weddings. That's how a lot of celebrities pay for their weddings. These days and listen. I had a wedding. It was expensive if I could have gotten spawn con for it. I would have. But maybe if my wedding happened during a pandemic I would've tried to postpone it or at least like donated all the Spahn con money to like you know waiters who are out of a job right now anyway. Sorry being so mean to Britney Snow it just. It's just funny to me it's just it's funny Brittany. Snow had a spawn con wedding in the middle of pandemic. Okay and if we have a laugh at that WHO? What can we laugh at? Who can we love anyway? I I strongly urge anyone to consider postponing their weddings or not attending weddings health professionals are pleading that everybody practices social distancing and avoid being closer than six feet from anybody else. It's kind of hard to do that at a wedding anyway congrats. Brittany snow congrats on marriage and congrats on all those alleged brand deals. It's good to have brand deals. It's good to have brand deals. It's the Garner Connor Jennifer Garner. Don't be scared of a virus is behind us. It's the Garner ear. Come welcome everybody to my segment of the show that I like to call the Garner. Karner WHY DO I call it? The Garner Carter. Well it's because my favorite little corner or should I say corner of the Celebrity News Cycle. Is Everything Jennifer Garner does? She's just wholesome. She makes me happy. And what we need right now is a little more Jennifer Garner. Okay what the world needs now. Is Jennifer Garner all right? Let's talk let's. Let's do the Garner Garner. Jennifer Garner is trying to ease all of our minds during this self quarantine period. She posted a screen shot of a notes APP message on her instagram. That said quote this time of year has so many people from pre-schoolers to professionals working their tails off her perform and now the games the meets the recitals. The productions big and small are shut down. Well the show must go on. People breakout your Oh bows built. Torch Song run in place. I don't care. Show us what you've been working on and we will show it to the world use Hashtag. Hey Jan look at me because I want to see heart EMOJI end quote. I love it. I love this. Jennifer Garner is bringing elementary school talent. Show vibes to the entire Internet. And I'm thrilled. I mean this is what we need right. Now this is how we can do social distancing and still have Jennifer Garner watched. You are talents. It's fantastic I definitely will be posting. Today's podcast episode and using the Hashtag. Hey Jan look at me because honestly reporting about Jennifer. Garner is my talent. And I'm doing it for this. Virtual talent show okay well. That's it for celebrity news ride home or should I say celeb- news stay home. I've been K. draft. You can follow me at Kate Raft. On everything you can follow the show at Celeb- ride home as always my. Dm's are open if you WanNa send me tips or just like story ideas. I also am always checking these celebrities ride home facebook groups so if you're wanting some plays together and talk while we all stay at home go to Celeb- news ride homepage. Homepage is all one word on facebook. It's a secret group. You have to apply to enter. But guess what you'll probably get in and it's not that exclusive anyway thanks to ride home at media and my co producer and engineer Jack. Allison we've US those reviews on apple podcasts. And if you're having a hard time right now or out of work or just struggling or you're sick with the corona virus or taking care of someone who's sick or you work at a grocery store or you work at a pharmacy. We work in a hospital. My heart goes out to you. We all have to watch out for each other and look out for each other and if you have a friend. Who's out of work and you're not out of work. Consider then mowing them some money right now. We just got to take care of each other okay. We've got to get through this and I'm personally choosing to get through this by talking about celebrities. So if you're like me Ben. Continuously this podcast. It does make me feel better to talk about the celebrity news during this weird time it just it is. I like it. I don't know it's a nice distraction. Even if the celebrity news is bleak. It's like at least we have something to laugh at. You know we got to laugh. We've got to laugh anyway. I love Y'all thanks for listening. I really appreciate all of my listeners. Especially right now. I'm lucky that I get to do this. Podcast and that. I already worked from home before and I could continue working from home. I know that that makes me insanely lucky. So I just. I just couldn't be more thankful for all of your listeners. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart and I'll see you tomorrow be back tomorrow. I'm doing this every single day except for weekends. Of course socio tomorrow I love you goodbye.

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