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Welcome to the bunny. Man Name is Julian joined as allies boy Benny Clifton from the sports trading floor as you wake being Benny. Good wake. Obviously, the story of the week is the Mass Spain made mandatory. Head you with your mask wearing this week? That's ridiculous you are. What are we? What are we going here? That's anyway. That's title Roy vessel you to be Larry with. Sure people have issues with it or something, but anyway hopefully we're wearing masks actually really thrown. You're actually as completely open the offbeat. Treasure this week four corners last week. I think it's on after the show usually. Four corners last week day. Roar terrifying real pace on the Italian. situation the COVID nineteen over there, and just in the health department. What the doctors and nurses going through? Got To watch it. It's so brutal okay, and for the people doing an amazing job for the people. Tore Stra. Hats off, but we can do up wearing it moss caufield track. Do you think applied played great thought? At five maters when there's no winded coffee is probably the fares track in Melwood. Authority you could win from wherever. In saw. Win on the inside as well so authorities pretty fair in general, do you? Off Brilliantly played absolutely sensationally. Vince alqadi sent the toy story, so thanks for that put into our database crunch the numbers and it's rice as a genuine good for no problems with that whatsoever. Let's crack on rice one even tempo here a tenth of a second and so I'd standard. Time Benny Twenty, three, four, five, eight, twelve, flat, last, four, hundred glass, two hundred. K. and probably the story of the rice is the short price favourite heavy dance. Well he's very very good last up, but woods very plain on Saturday. Very disappointed are thought you say. The white loomed into the rice off that good. decision guy back was probably vindicated that it was a good Tampa. And at the three or made them occupied, probably thought it was still going to win and last hundred meters at Laden aren't enough. It's pulled out with an injury because it has had injury injuries in the past, but it's very hard to back from that. Always concerned when I heard that they were going back. Gate thought the the money for the whole suggested. It was going to go forward, but Are Thought the why the race pay the it was probably in a decent enough spot and it and it was very disappointing for one year. I think you bring up. Some really good points affected at lighting. Sort of that lasts four hundred meters is usually so as there is, there is a problem we know. This horse had a really long layoff. Inches to say what the price in came junior came come out with resource, but as you say, it's always tough to back from that job. Going forward. It's so sold in the market. Do you trust at market going forward or is there enough to to note to not worry better for the rest of the camp where we speak about it a lot, you've got to trust the with these horses so to ten into a dollar eighty, so that's the positive sign for the horse obviously doesn't run up to the market expectation, heavenly emperor, six, fifty, two nine now is saying. Father to seeks screaming twenty eight to twenty six, we talk about the pros wanted to I wanted to play with evidence, and they just got this one horribly wrong. We Sco I. Mean are twelve months ago. This would have been heavily supported the raisin being the person that's left fixed odds market Dr Nick all is wanted to back. They imports I up. When they first industry, it done over seven furlong plus. Back Horses Well obviously not happening this week with man. In Chris Wallace pulling not really a bidding. Can't you find some stables? If another state will had this horse in their camp, there might have been some early money for which would've prompted other more support for. A lot of the pros they wait to safety any money for the night back can really snowball and start a lot shorter, but in this case Chris and not really abating camping, and there was no late from the market for these Walla I just want to mention some stats for him. He's a Camp I. Find it very difficult to get a hit or and especially in Melbourne last twelve months thirty nine from three, hundred, forty, going in eleven, percent last six months thirteen from one hundred and sixty going ike percent. Far from. His lost twenty, three young at twenty two percent, Puglia in moments in. Maybe he's got this camp and foreing so just be careful of that, but it's definitely gotten better than what has. Chris Wallace Stat says well. He's never going to try that winning percentage. To twenty percent. He has a lot of. Which? Vying but he's also stay which take a few runs to hit the so those runs effective stats. Yep. Let's get into rice to hear Benny. This was a good fast run rice. Point six of a second inside standard time now he's the worrying part. Twenty four I lost four, hundred, twelve, twenty two loss to one hundred, which is both the worst of the die for both sections there. But flinders river cut the inside. rondos. A really good Rod Cute Rod from Craig I thought, and it wins the rice. Before these preparation good, I ran behind saw, which is a very promising. Hayes Horse Improved into its second outrun Craig Williams went on so really good set up for this rise in the money in the market really fanned it. Did as we talk about the pros with I knew here ten dollars, Wednesday afternoon the six dollars fifty Saturday morning, and then heavily gaining to five dollars fifty gets the job done saw allies since sensation whatever you WANNA call. Such noise action sensationalized. Three, ninety to four dollars forty and Zesty Bell for twenty hundred four dollars forty, but bark wanted to be with this winner through. On that horse, Finance and I'm not even GonNa try and side, but day of deliberately nine that to affect the rice calls. Possible interesting you did mention. Ice Is Rice at these flinders river came I. Want to just talk about this with the pundits pounding team follow that Rice had seen Dan that ice our one fourth since one. The Rice V was flinders river. It's one the rice seeks is coming out, and since ran third in an in another rice near the pro derive, and not a Zach second and third have yet to run again. Look for those two horses. The market loves these rice. Democracy love to Horses Bay with him. Rice three, and only a softly run rice. Here Benny but Acosta Standard Time. Twenty two six to last four hundred, which was the best of the day and eleven seven, which was very good. And she's safe got out in front sort of back to a dry tracks and positive signs to be honest, absolutely smacked him. What do you think of these rights in general? Originally thought going into the rice tie that always concerned about the Reis I. Now come out of and guy. I think the win is gone enormous for it. I'm worried about the rest behind them. Behind because I've got a theory because these maize rice. As we talk about him every way, can we? We always say how they know good. The. Not Good but they're not a rice to follow and I. Think the case they can be against the same to you. Get a foreign, the horses who? Taught Tom of their preparation and again I'm that really well so evenly. Matched talent was the met much more importantly May. Seven to seek, so we know the pros like a bit off the map. That's what the K. was there, so it was good support for air campaign straight ten to three dollars nine hundred dollars. Good I up, but I didn't want to part of its second up. Propel I'm going to get to it in a minute and river jewel eleven into seven so good support for river jewel, but runs seeks propel three to four dollars eighty finishes fourth. I did some work on propeller, so horse that. Punches, always one obey with and again puts a sort of flashing law sort of running fifty. Three wins from seventeen. Obviously, that concerns me fifteen times. In seven races started under seven dollars. We talk about it every week that you want to be with. Such lie percentage plays horses. They get back in the field and propels a bit of money much these days, absolutely right for it was over the staying journey, and this was at a pretty good tempo, this rice, Benny, half a second inside Standard Tom, twenty four, zero, four, zero, six and the average, but this is over the staying journey. And how emotion two-horse, paying off thirty five days off, but it didn't matter especially in this kind of camp. We'll talk about that camp a bit lighter, but. This is a good performance I thought. This is also back into made and when it got. Scripts improve improving every run on. They're trying to particularly with the person. They trying to get as many runs in their three year old campaign as possible while they're up and going picking off a fair bit approach money so. Think. She moderated their ceiling or she'll probably go for a spell. Try Comeback Light Spring early summer, but Of going to be Stein horse of SETAI quality, but nine zero anything above that, personally for the market perspective, grinning ally, three seventy two. Ford always runs fiefs off that. If it went rented Kramden Lord Boozer on rocks at four dollars eighty. It's a horse ran pretty well percent three twenty three dollars eighty finishes second again it runs well and emotion sixteen to. Another ponting teepee for the punt is August. Think Ma and EST is you need to bonus them? In twenty, four hundred plus rice and Rice was just short, twenty four hundred meters, but for the sake of the argument. Last year twenty two from ninety seven, going at twenty, two and a half percent, twenty four hundred meters plus Navy career is going around sixteen percent sixteen seventeen percent. So already there at high base, and then that's actually going when you get to twenty four hundred, plus so I think that's came. You can trust staying Janney just tonight on purse. Authority was the runner rice I- kilos ahead to give the win was lifting front to early or think and I think this is the horse who's got a real chance to be horse going forty. OUGHTA Majete gophers pound because he's been up a long time. I think he's the edge of all the horses in this is i. think he's got the best chance of progress into a high level. You spoke about a little bit rice like oversee goes respell. Maybe it's not a huge spell because I think a rice, the Barakat, which is worth a lot of money you know at the back end of the carnival reclaim been cop something like that. He's throwing up scenes Ellie. I would have thought going forward rice five. This is an even tempo here Benny. Twenty three, four, eight, twelve, zero four home which I thought was pretty poor. Half a second hand so I'd stained. Tom This is a rice that concerns me. Yeah always on tessie he I'll start with a Jisk-. She got caught three, but this was this was the running the campaign, and this is the Tom to pay and a on on being from now on. Even though she was caught, water thought she was a little bit plying. It's very odd to improve fourth and fifth running for a whole city I've as distances. Finished has been for more near, although chassis was a good effort. Auto Mall and John Processes are trying to little philly. Overall the race. I think they've won. The race of the told me from Th The LYSA law says three year old. I think they can maybe snug. One more win- This campaign, but I've role. I think the rights given the bunch finish. K., probably not wonderful. Yeah, concern, no margins Chessy! We SORTA at first stop. It was eleven into seven. It was a really good performance, said it was in for a really good prep, so that was a good result for four fifty rich for fifty four dollars eighty only went with chiefs over chassis that was an interesting move mark wanted to play with that, and you're not the only one that fan fitness test nine dollars into five dollars, so interesting to say what the market does Knicks dot, or just WanNa. Get up a graphic of these spray pie again of these last two hundred meters, Benny and just focus on. I think a lot of paper will black book. These was Patrick Pine first up off one hundred twelve days. We've highlighted. It didn't get a lot of walking this rice and then. Sort of is probably the flashing law sort of wants. It doesn't really even get spice at all so people. I think off the videos will go. Oh, that was a really good run. It's going to be winning soon and through the law and it's pretty good. Just be very very careful about these unlucky runners these black burkas. When you then go and do the rice in review, the rice and the rice is actually pretty junk. The right hasn't gone that good overall. Just beware and Modi go back through it stuff. It hasn't really put up a figure beforehand. That doesn't have a number there that I can build off. That I think is just be careful that because feeling a of people will charge into that whole dot on business. You want an unlucky run ahead of a really good writes. Absolutely Ron Rice still finishes off. Really well runtime well goes quick. On the right thing is when a horse caught on tape on sticks on really well, it's not visually appealing to the offer a lot of people, but if you do enough, you can identify those horses because I if they get software on the next round, the. Horses to follow I think the one thing about that is a lot of people WANNA black book horses that are charging. One thing got to understanding is I? It's a low percentage. Play every dorm. If they're going to be starting back. You want to be trying to find those horses. The considering the first four out of a fast run race. What have some residual fitness? Can really then. Springboard off that absolutely so for the black book there I think I'd be looking horses in the first four or five, not those horses that are the flashing law. It's because they get bit. No because they just have a bad racing pattern over bit next starred as absolutely sure. We'll be back after the break last four races at coffee. Welcome back to the money men we dissect in coffee obligingly stike! Here Benny slowly run rice. Half a second standard time four, hundred, twenty, two nine to last two hundred eleven, which is very good for the. Well. We could wax lyrical about this for twenty minutes but China tactics for Morrissey. Last two weeks ago were very scathing of the tactics on Morrissey when they decided to go back in a slowly run race. The Race Trevy, my friend one Craig said I'm not doing that again. He's a superstar goes forward. Absolutely Brian's them and. That's the end of that. It would have been the same result two weeks ago it. Was a similar rise. If not a little bit weak- and I think sometimes trying to get off for the word Gaetan. Tell me what again on Saturday. Love the gates. Come across. Is Nice painting silence disadvantage? So they obviously got the tactics right on the fan of these horse or I think he be at a place in early next year, coffee four eight hundred meter. It's a real specialist course. Are Think. This is a horse got the magazine the end of the end of August is. The end of all correctly maybe doesn't even probably along with the whole slug straits of Avalon who comes up in a lighter rice, but They can in these races. The stays prepping for the longer rice as hosted with Rice fitness. If they can get. Later Coalfield I it could run a rice rice all that I think you have a laugh with. He's a very good, but he's not. He's not anyway need him. Or our. Time will tell it will. Run. A bit, but. In terms of market Trevy, my friend, four forty four dollars sixty. Three to four hours, twenty and eighteen Morrissey three forty little bit software to three, hundred thirty, which was a surprise knowing the change of tactics actually came through these China technically artist on understand that they didn't do a change of tactics two weeks ago. They've anyway. I can't talk. Because just doesn't make sense. He has a piggy he, so that's a positive sign for Morrissey going forward. There is just another horse that I just want to mention just apply. Booker I think he can follow these rice. It's Rivet Deloitte. It was three hundred ninety Dicey Benny. It's best over sixteen hundred meters, probably even a little bit further eight hundred maters for Lindsay Smith. Twenty six back into twenty one little bit of speaking with this group one was. Over, in the UK early on scrape host called Yucatan. I've Ramal artists recognize really good prep for these whole was probably even just enlisted. Just find a rice somewhere. I've a sixteen hundred eight hundred maters. These prep e can win foyer Deloitte. Rice seven was the blushingly. Even tempo here. Nothing to a about this twenty, two six, six last four hundred eleven, five to last two hundred, which was the best of the dice. That's positive signs, but show it should be. It was the best race, and Damian all of our fantastic ride Jesus could rice radar and we talk about it all the time. You might as well just stay in. Treasure because he's such a beauty, but. It was a good Roy to go back to the inside with. These very versatile Oliver. Obviously you can him from anywhere in the field, but just when he lays him for that last. Ronnie always say everybody leaves a little bit UPI. Slave I'll think very. Dana taken advantage of the top sprinters on Iran, the moment in as up and going at the raw at Taunsa or think wants to be better. Horses come back in the next three or four ways. I've more putting me up for a spell. He Al- He'll get fan daddy tough, but this suit in the end of the grants rice. This is these level isn't when he tries to get. We've standing before we try to get to these great one. He can run a good rise. Rise Third Force Count Atlantic Win One, but he's going really well for the camp. Interesting from a market perspective, two dollars sixty into teen Sodas Senate, I- rice die, and then just got really soft light becker that two dollars sixty, which I found interesting jungle edge back to a good track. We know what the market does. They absolutely beans at four eighty dollars finished seventh beat of support for great again six, fifty, five fifty on that Santa might fifty six fifty and straight developments. Really the horse that the market really wanted to be with seven fifty into four hours forty was first up. We know it's going to be looking at Lawrence in two weeks and also the MMC. It I thought that was a really good performance from it. We for short great great return, and it is GonNa try and take dies rice as a little bit of rice fitness age on feel the other horses who will be resuming in those races so i. think it's a really good campaign on the fraternity last year. Bates Super, said yes, we know that was the boys track on Domin Day, but it does the things that you wanted to do with seats itself on Spe, which is a high percentage play, so it's going to be a horse. It's gone over. I'm really well in a magazine. He could be a metro playing straits. Tomorrow gets getting that way according to some absolutely right site over the stain journey he this is a slowly run. Rice Heeb any twenty, three, nine, four, twelve, one I not sensational home, so to Rice at an days, alright against each other, and they might rise against each other in two weeks I think there's a twenty five hundred meter race at Flemington again. Had the plight first time Mohammadi's. We've spoken about this a little bit in terms of. What the market's order does with coins of horses. Since January tweeden's men sixteen. They've on sixty, one, eight, hundred and thirty races, winning at a seven percent weaned strike right back to every one of them. Twelve percent on your profit on your turn. You would but defies it and boy. Oh boy, the market smacked it and we don't want a few stars. The markets it as well it was. The census stable inspired money more than pro money, personally that that's how it feels to me just in that they seem to identify the the time that is ready to go and may be the pros. Jump on the back of that stone for money, but. There are bang on with these. That's a really good point. Three sixty to fifty six to four in the old and of going back through its nine winds. All those winds of just a bit been really heavily supported knowing fifteen to seven fifty on debut, then five dollars solid the at laws when it was twenty, one thousand, one to two thousand, five into ninety sold at even money to dollar, sixty solid, seven fifty four sixty that right. She talked about three races ago when it went, and in three sixteen to two dollars fifty. They knew here and this is a rice. You follow because the market absolutely knows a bit. Mohamed is w Taylor. Tactics were completely wrong near A. Closer into Tommy Flemington last rice. Solely Ron Rice here twenty eight eleven six to last four, hundred last two hundred mystery short makes it far from five. You said it no good well wins again, but did so. It was not good. Produce takes you on Saturday morning months all the scratchings came in and said Hey hairdos. Mystery shot not just laid this win. And what would your reply? Leaving braiding yes, exactly and. Not wanting to jump of jumped on these holes white to light, because I haven't backed at any of his previous starts, but I don't think much went for it. He with weekly Tangun Iran and putting pressure on. Thought Markle Road Halley's nerve and I got a gallon at the Tom and to get the job done in facing adversity was a really good result. To into a dollar sixty five, but it's regretting. Writing didn't do as good as what to starts ago, so in terms of that the going to the paddock, and that's the right move. I think it more off the cliff. I went one more so well done to the camp far from five. On Tam was outstanding standing from timing. All of hey is just such a good rice rod. He was there to bake. Mystery Short wasn't good enough, but it wasn't from lack of trying Jesus Good Restaurant Decent Austin we. Got Another rice at least camp. Absolutely, we'll be back after the break for trash and treasure. Back with the money in he attrition treasure. What's going the bean? Benny? Fitness tests thought third out. This was the time to pay. She got caught Renoir, but I can't say peaking next up. Yes, spoke about it a little bit propel. Just not doing enough from a win streak, right paw gets back. No, thank you. The other one I want to mention is the tactics on W.. Take mentioned it just with Rice. Eight Mohamed is rice. Just going to try and put it in the rice settled, really also bred Gottardi out into a really good spot midfield, and then just let the rice evolve so maybe in two weeks. If they ride this horse a little bit more positive, he'll be hard debate at Flemington. I've a twenty five hundred mates. He'll he'll? He writes one. Rose on Saturday the most disgraceful bit. Reckless bit of ever saying he came to the at sort of the later took down Andrew Atkinson hot and hazy. Andrea can comes out with a broken collarbone, broken ribs, punctured lung and a broken leg. Made me feel, seek that. Yeah, it's it's not a great look racing. In look, this is not one to. Signing! Law here I think, but he's done a fantastic job or just think he got this one wrong terribly. He'll have to cop it. It should be a lengthy suspension. Hopefully the stool can do it really quickly, but we don't want this near rising. He's done a great great things for arising here, we byman. We're not bashing him here, but got to be better than that. Sport deserves better than that and every participant deserves to be looked after. That was poured watch from a betting perspective that was tough and and I'm sure he feels bad about it and condolences to connections of hot and hazy. A bitter pill to swallow Yep Yep absolutely well said. Treasure. He just needs to stay near. He's an absolutely jet or just thought. He's rice riding in town when it got, Peyton was fantastic tactics. Marcy we put it in the trash lost Gary back into the tragedies, white stress of avalon ready for a big campaign. We'll be back next week. We now head to the valley used to be called Mooney valley, but it's cold. The Valley I think detracts going to be a pretty good condition will be back to that seething.

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