S2E44: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 10/23/20 | Happy Birthday SennyJ!


The. The cousins is. One. When I want. The. Golf Maggie. Again. Your. Automatic has been. Feed. To. Talk Live is one. com. Dead I'm the. ALMANSA. GonNa get the. Day. Coming. have. A. Renter people. Come come. On everybody. Let's own hell. No this crap. Yeah. y'All on the side that come on. Let's try. It is. Good as Friday October twenty third twenty, twenty, seventeen minutes up the I'll walk back to shaw show featuring Cindy J. Lumpar Co host Bob Cologne where you get your morning started right. Earth. We get. You started right that chat room wide open or please call in five, seven, zero, nine, two. Six nine zero iheartradio radio DOT COM SEAN SHOW DOT COM fan radio. Will Radio Or podcast platform is right here on the facebook live only place on earth where you get your morning started right. Let's clap for that. Come on. Right. Okay Barbagallo. Birthday. Celebration noted. Let's clap city Jay's birthday. Hey. Good Morning. How are you? Sean I am going to have you. Here in Bethlehem, we work live to you from it is sixty three degrees right now Is Cloudy in we may. It May rain a little bit later on today's you out and about you have an umbrella in Strasbourg, sixty three also cloudy cloudy skies this morning. I'm just going to be cloudy for the whole day in Strasbourg in Newark new. Jersey. Is Sixty three degrees light drizzle So if you're out, please have some wrangler on standby in New York City. Sixty degrees with light drizzle as well. Sixty eight, four, the high and in Atlanta Hotlanta asthma girls he called it sixty six degrees. Seventy nine for the high end. Clear 'em Miami is eighty degrees right now Gordon, to a high of eighty six today a lighter to this morning, but it's going to be sunny around the afternoon time. So the rest of the day should be beautiful. In Chicago it's sixty three degrees is sixty five for the high light rain all day. It's going to be a little annoying rings. And Las Vegas Sixty eight degrees and clear A to a High Los Angeles sixty seven degrees cloudy seventy five, the high but afternoon Sun. For there and in Louisville Sixty five degrees clear eighty, four, the hat best the way I have for you all. What's look like where you are coming to you live from the shore hobby show us any celebrate say When you get to Go. Get Your we're only doing this intro Foley's phileas of Atlanta. So wrapped today we party and we celebrate but we have the morning buzz and I guarantee you before nine. Am Your head will be buzzing and we also have front page news with Cindy J. where we get the news locally nationally globally and how I like it in the hood barbeque does he have it'll be some Harvey House maybe okay. So. Don't don't go. Right. Guys. Go Nowhere we go party, and before we go to to the to the next break apart Cologne we have a special guest in here I. I want to say let's introduce. Everybody could look the Queen Diana's interest. Rate Camera Right there. All over the I way back them you're. Just show. Belgian Belgium. Did. Cologne. You're number one best the buildings. Joy to see this young all the time she's in the building everybody come on the sean run out here. Feel like I'm doing a star in the line of. and. Here we have in here and also and also discarded. We have some more folks coming in right now but this young man is in the building as well. Bobby Cologne jumped aboard this our love and group, and. has showed everyone love and everyone's show love and we need a young man like this in this group and not only that. He is the man. Of the hour. Yeah for his queen. If you, I don't know everybody up Sam. Said A. Matter of fact, sent her superwoman woman. You might as well. Everybody. The world fame is Hey Mickael. Door was. Sick. Veneta George? Henry's well, we say, hello to her as well. Ken Black is here. Debris, lessees in the building so Party. Let's clap for Cities Birthday. Lessons. So what we're doing well We'll go back to. Go back to some music real quick, right. And let's come on. Let's clap. We'd be. June. would. and. Do. Avenue. took. Wanted. took. Nine. Jay's birthday. Bash. Data. She coming. Twenty seven minutes after the hour. Welcome back. Show features Cindy J lump. Cologne where you get Shimon. Yeah. Crazy in here. We get. You started right bobby just a web across street and we're GONNA go around because we want to. We have some got some all star in the building of on Komo. So. Back. And we can. Enjoy. Our beloved folks in our family members that sent here. So quick weather, and then all the other folks these affiliate may God, bless. Your is not next we're not GONNA do regular show today So just Party most of you're listening or any other sides just. Get into a party move we. Party here in the morning. Right it's absolutely. But this is action this morning. Local just across the street and then we'll get into. Okay. We were cast my right on the corner broad-market. Land we broadcast live from it is sixty three degrees right now a little warm here. Yamaha does this on. Over, here sweater these things. It's cloudy and it's going to be seventy one for the high. It May rain a little bit later. So if you miss your take some rain here where we see live still have job. Day. What Thyroid. Everybody, the show Sydney some love but A. What we're. Yes always hot licensed. To. Forgot. A whole bunch close in my car because I'm going to go. We're do a Barbie we go around rule right and we're going to start a to introduce everyone and then we shot out the room and we'll show them some love are right now. Okay. So I on deck I guess is right here to my immediate left is the queen. Coin Bill De. Hale. That's it. That's all I got. A? Bobby. This is special. And you know you know. And you know Bobby I'm very emotional. Cry Like and this Guy Right here is in the building and the only reason why I'm not gonNA cry. Jet The my. Jet Fans. I think he's being sarcastic with love at the same time. But this? Right. So, so everyone wake. Angle. Okay. So everyone you right there in. All you all the way over there you're next to everybody. He's here. He's in the building live in the flesh, the one and only saved my life. Six years ago you did when I was drunk as hell and I was beaten man and you you you show me love. That's right there in Harlem. One Hundred Eighteenth Street. Right around the corner from Lizzy, everybody. When I did. A funny asked comedian come on. Let's. Twist. Thanks. Good, role. Hey what's up? You're doing right Chat Room Chapman was. Ptolemy Beijing. City I'm just I'm just not Harlem invasion and saw this. Is. Kind of boost up your spirit, I know you always six so I just figured out wearing. Boost up the spirits and this. Is Only my real name on it on the back. So that's why I gotTA. So but allow my this is my cousin. So That he gave me. You'll be good. You'll be hearing more from Ken Yeah when the rest for the rest of the show but can't goblet glad that you hear this is such a pleasant surprise. All right, we'll move along. To the next person. Everyone When? Those folks travel he's having. A barbeque alone jumped aboard this thing in in Barbie Barbie. Blessed to have you here each and everyone and thank you A. Queen was a package deal when balked bargaining through. With the. Right I didn't know it at the moment. The Shaw Ron. Ron. Part of that deal and God bless a, it's been a joy to have you. A part of what we do here and pleasure knowing you. So everybody come on say. They'll be. Pumped up on facebook to. Talk now. Let's talk. Just. Wanted to say I am happy to be here. Guys are dope. This will. Right here, I'm very thankful to be a part of it and I just wanted to be here for his birthday and I'm so happy to see everybody from detectable in the room. Yeah. Have a good one. With the head of my life. Right. Given all God who's the head of my life? Without. Him, there would be no me. Lords. The Lords. Right right. Right faith the maximal charge. Godless. Loan now I got to speak here. Oh. We played music. Next on this. This woman right here we have a special bond now say. He did all the shopping. Save and plan. This woman right here connection along with Ken black mope algae every Monday night. To Boy Lizzy was part of my comedy journey. Every Monday night when I was. Barbie when I wasn't funny at all. She was in the building she was in the building, and this is a same that I broke up her relationship with. Because I spent the night at our House A. Might Real quick. This this. The. Right. Calm? Everybody. A. Young. Him Blast. Nine. Komo. It's fine. You. Better. Go. On right with all the way you gotta get. You won't do it again. Hear. A. Mike and say something real quick. Is I'm so happy to be on television. Looking. Here. Bora reporting live from Elizabeth Street. Also A. Ki. Moving on. We have who I believe is my FAV-, right? Long. Hey. You took away from me round. Everyone. George Bananas. Custody. Rising everybody is great to be here. Of course, my little says and I'm just really excited for her. God if you don't mind. Mikhail. Before take we don't take. Great. Over here. Right behind behind her Everybody can see. Avenue. Delayed Everyone. We got special guest here and I don't even think he's GonNa Guess at this point. He's a family member. He's here. If you haven't seen. You know he always had the silhouette in several, but now you see him in flesh. He's in the building. The building is in the building. The building is in the building. He was outside in the parking lot at four o'clock in the morning. Thank. God. Instead of. Everybody couple. I'd. Say My friend. That I. Let you know. A met this little mommy at the Deli. Sending. On heavy. Sean Babas. Ready. Cola girl why she's so sexy. Fed come next. Check Me Shit we'll get real messy. Halliburton Baby I love girls. Too. Big Drip or day. I love to chat room everybody here with viral I. Appreciate All. You know. Girl. I. I. Don't. Hear it. Yeah Say say say Hello Hi hi speak? Semi. visit any Jay. WHO'S S? Hi, this is Keith. Cochran. Calling all the way from New York City. Birthday through euro. Per Day, to hey. Nuclear. Who Hay Fever Day For. Blast all your De. Oh, thank you so much for. I really appreciate that. That's One good. One little verse that singer. Her. Naming. NEGRAS morning. How she's sticking in the hallway. Thank you. God bless you. Bless. Everyone. L. Doing over there. Thank you. Do, chicken. WAFFLE. Bowl I want to see them. Will. Anybody. Tied Good. Morning it's not Ramadan. Hey. Thank you appreciate you. Don't. ME, to open. Earlier. Yes I am are you have the floor? Sydney somehow. Yes hearing aroma. High Happy Birthday to. Enjoy yourself I'm so glad you have of meat to really. Raton. and. Our Jack Beatty Y'all we makes. It comes the again. Yeah Romance on I can't see the show I can't see US celebrate. Yeah you you can't see the show. that. I was trying to get get on their but. Clicking. Refresh your page we're on Roma. And so much and next year. Yes. You have to come up here or I'm going to go up there on this mega bus. I'm trying to get in but Jahn Joy, love you all. Okay. Yes we love you. Thank you for calling. So guess what on this special day with all our family members building where we do we go show the chat rooms love. By chabrol. Just turned up Yeah we'RE GONNA. Ask GonNa shut up the chat room. For City and say. Hi Three hours. A little. Thanks. Even, drink yet. Okay. Code already. I got half. Way. Pitch. Stop. We Own. Could Be a best ever. Dong Bang. Here we go. Girl. No. Campus. Yes our bill. Break. down. What Do She's bomb. Put them close. Jesus. had. And you hear me. Yeah. Happy Birthday sent me. Think this. alary. Because you haven't been calling in. I know. I'm at work. On the now. Valerie I really. It I miss you so much. But yeah, she. Freshman. Valerie just leave that job. Yeah girl just run down the bladder. Right come on and tell them. Through and you get a break, you get a fifteen minute break. into. Fifteen minutes as possible. Not. Supervisor I love you Valerie. Love, you to. If I, get off early Cindy I. Will Stop By okay. Thank you so much I really appreciate it. And love you but. Before. Much Valerie. Elusive that you're gonNA play. Okay. I gotta go. Okay. I will think salary. Bye Bye. Going on. I'm so excited. So Great. Thirty. Hello because I want to say happy birthday you beat a within. Oh. Thank you so much. Della, Anti. I've just moved. Say. A. Beautiful Warm and enjoyable. Thank you. I will thank you so much. Okay bye bye bye. All right. Good one aspect. Are. Who is it? Hello. Good Morning. Happy Birthday to you. Thank you. Hey Good Morning. Good Morning Good Morning. What are you doing? I'm alright on my way to work sitting at this call. Wish you a happy birthday. Thank you so much. Turn up I will. And the count. Thank you for making me. So happy. Oh, my Wife I. said. Sir. He says, thank you. That made you. Know Young. Man of few words. So he calls in Israel Spencer. I enjoy the rest of your day continue once in this show. Okay. Thank you. I appreciate your day to. Take care. All right. Number is five, seven, zero, nine, eight, two, six, nine, five, call in. Which called morning John and Happy, birthday. This. Thank you. Don. How you doing I'm. Reading for your birthday, but I'm working. No worries it's OK. Happy Birthday. Let's deal. Thank you so much. I'm having such a great time. Over Forty Oh. Yes. For sure if you're going to be in the city I will. I got you get. Birthday. Thank you sean. Day on the guy you. Just cut off that was Shonda. Thank you, Sean. Sean. How? Good Morning. Morning. Was this Angel in Las Vegas? Wanted to just sing you a happy birthday. Thank you. So I just wanted to tell you happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy. Birthday Dear Beautiful Sandy. Her Own. Beautiful. Beautiful happy where they from Cedar Network. We love you anywhere love your show and you have the most. Birthday. Off, thank you so much I really appreciate you guys everybody their comedy where on that you angel you crystal everybody I really really appreciate it. Thank you so much. You. Look Great Great Day thing to. Hang up the phone got disconnected as is cash knowing he didn't do that. Big Fingers. To City James. Hey. Hey Good Morning City Jay. Julia. Day. Thank God. Thank you Joe Louis Alan I'm so excited. Thank you so much. Enjoy the rest of your day I. Should Still on. We'll be there. I'm starting right. We're still coming. Off. The Bluetooth still ear. That's right. That's right. You don't WanNa Miss. Do you still have. Your ear right now. That's right. They. Could Day. D. uh-huh. Way. Talk. Voice. Stop. Fill. and. Everybody. Take. Bud. Zero. Always. Does it. List. Put. Took Win May. Just. With May. Just. With Just. With may not Jess Marxist. Just. So. Important. Can't. Just. This. Game. With. His Patch. Insane. Talk just not. Just. This. No one. She's Back. May. That's Guess. Look like. Air Conditioner that morning. Yes. Air. Show him on to show. Good Morning? Good Morning Everyone Everyone, I just wanted to call one. Thousand four she said New York in the house. York. Yup Yup. To be active. Own. Hager. Happy. Birthday. Jay. Thanks. For the great great great great. Age. I just wanted to let you know that I. Love You saying help me so much in the last year. For Math. Lives. Without being. Judged yeah and I. Love Your Spirit and I wish you but they're. So Nice. I appreciate it. Late for work I, watch his show. To other. Things I will you have a good day to Thera thank you. So rights are right. I love Deoras. So sweet. So WanNA show Cindy Bobby. G. O. Semi ask. What you`re Happy Birthday this team. Missed the show because my behind has not been getting up early enough. Come arena. Ten 'cause I've been going to sleep after three in the morning, right There's no way. His Birthday. Ralph. A Honda. That's right. The let me. She's Dan Horn. And I I WANNA say Cindy I'm happy for you you patiently waiting. For Rather. An and in all this madness, the twenty twenty and found and I'm happy for you. Guy. You know I'm happy. She found you brother. You know what I'm saying you hold now. So much love for you. You know what I mean on. Sydney joy to enjoy the birthday. Know have a good time this weekend. But I wish we could celebrate you know I wish I could show up you showed up for me. No? No problem row one day if I do party. We go get back the party and no worries come. Enjoy the day I love y'All. Saying. Like later I'm going to meet some coffee. Thanks. I appreciate it. Yes. Sean. Yeah Off. May. Wasn't wasn't about. Him. A. Is Line. I. Don't eat, right. Sean? Sean city bobby US cities birthday blast. Morning gives me a chance. Calling the any a happy birthday. Tanna what's going on girl? I look forward on so a forum both I haven't immediate you yet. Alone by restarted. Two witnesses older or y'all have to function come up here 'cause I ain't gonNA. Come from the Bronx early in the morning. I don't get up for nothing but Josh showed listen to your show and I'm back in bed. I hear that girl. And I love your show so much in love your energy and Semi J. God. Bless you wish you the best and. Nothing, more beautiful than having your man that the. Fan saying. To and eat some cake for me a turn up and girl God. Bless you continue with greatness. Oh, thank you so much. I. Really. Thank you. For the last day and trust me a job jarred having someone come on the biases over I'm Dr Malaysia. But from the Bronx and come from town with you, we can't blame the problem with that is. Over with that. Which Mass WanNa come out hang out? We. Do give it the Jesus. That's it the next thing. I'm so scared for Y'all have a blessed day and again. On Your Day you look at beautiful coins. Thank you. Thank you. A hug everyone who says she said, well, the virus. Song. Good Morning. This is crystal run from comedy role. Network. Happy peaky. So much crystal I. Really appreciate that. So lively. So early over there, right? Year. More. Get up and. Part of part of the team there? Yes and I appreciate you guys so much and everything you do to help us out on the show and. I really appreciate you guys. were. You read appreciate you all as a plentiful being harder. Thank you. Love you. Have a great weekend. Thank you to. You know she's showing you love. Cine and crystal. Thank you so much because she everyone at three o'clock in the morning. Ever meet every morning. And City, city I said to her listen. All those commercials and all that ain't gonNA. Happen today. And it's throwing her because she's a radio person Oh my God I need. This is cities birthday. Throw everything off the table. But. We appreciate you crystal. Thank you for everything you're doing you're doing for us. And Cindy she show you love I. Know I love her. Thank you so much Chris. I can't wait to meet you. So. Having, a studio up in east. So let's Enjoy carry on. Sydney's two drinks cross nearby. So. Great. Shaw is your city Bobby. I, this is Jim rule from Henderson of CAL. Thanks. Charlotte. I appreciate you. I love you guys. We love you too. What do you do a? I'm sure enough get ready drew go out shopping. Girl we'll take a shot for me sitting right right. Right. Beautiful Thank, you took forever to put together girl. So thank you. Say in Meka Yell Shine that light longer. With later. Accident when she's Possibly be doing today in Henderson does. Talk. About anything. Appeal. You better go to Orangeburg. Aspects. Great Pleasure. Thank you. God bless God bless. Thank you. So exciting city. especially, shut outs. So dark. City especially shut out the Barbie cal. Came here yesterday at the No. At the we left yeah and did this whole thing Oh. Really appreciate you. Your slave ordered the balloons and all that. You guys a city. It's working behind the scene. Buddies. And everything. Last minute stuff. So you know how? This last minute. Sally. Picked up the cake cake within show up. All right. Thanks Sal my cake and give it to somebody. Somebody named City Jake? Donated to somebody. Signed and Katie and a special thanks to of. Mikael looking at my. Right. Now I wanted to say something real quick. Mikhail, could you please if you don't mind? Could you give them that Mike Veneta. Could you describe this case? This is. It's so beautiful I. Hope you said no problem Sean I look at look at the. Can't thank you and I don't have to worry about that. But? Put a fans. What could you please describe? Even. Give you a breakdown? Cake real quick that just got them most on it. Right. On the everybody looking at you. All right I got a nice. I would say nine, hundred, ninety, five, old school billy Kimba og blunt on the top. Preferably from the Cheech and Chong era which I love. With the nineteen fifty. Curtis Mayfield bringing it back to the temptations with a little five heartbeats. Microphone. You know he's a movie stars so you have to click on the bottom with the. Oh that's so cute. You see that it will second movie being shot out the black designer cake Lloyd? Have you fill me? I was GONNA go to my homeboy, but you know at this. Jazz shows them a little bit more support. You know the film. Roles is on the top or gold could the melon is our skin? All that while that predicate. What kind of cake is? Going, on over here. I wish I could sigh because he knew. Can't bring that. To Not Picture. We'll take a picture of it. L. Posted. This is also Nice I. Do WanNa take a picture of the I not my camera. I, spelled elevate on here. because. There's a lot of spillage going on hey sean. Here's city faster Japan's come off at. All that. All the time I needed. Any entire. City was any resistance. Gaza to love. Couple city. That that was immediate. As really. We're so happy for you on your birthday man because we get into all your journey you know before the show ends but everybody let's show Sinisa love for her birthday she. Let's clap that. We'll be right back. Really appreciate. When what is. What is this? Her. Second The only. Like. Already. owned. Policy. That's the DJ's play music come on. A. synagogue. Need. To. Hey Hey Hey. Happy. Morning Service John, Hey Joe's have. You Horny Bobby? Mooring. Jabbar the way my Mike. Have you is. Haley Shaw. Thank You. And Plan on being there to supply I guess what? The surprises on me. I hurt my knee. Oh no my man down. Be. ally. But then I just. Have a blast the whole weekend all. S. I love Y'all and guess what I had to get rid of the baby. Drink with so token to you right now. Taken, Jack Wine. Okay. Okay. thankless Sean. Many, leading. Will thank you so much Leshan. I really appreciate it and yes, drink with me right now. Right Hey. There you go the. Baseless. Sean. Said Hi And your daughter ex husband with the wife. Is Not. Walk for got the best story. going. Back. Just saying. The show hey. You're. Right now. I'm. Doing? Yourself okay. Guy. By Leshan. New decided we should converse about what the? Next regions yesterday. was wounded. Words in the second I didn't have much to say courses and I got a snake. Trying to watch a figure that you say but you substituted. Double China, would Jerry's is something with cream. After the meal, we decided to take the park a lot of mindy sculptures that rekindled odds of four. Drifted off into your. JAM member she was I gave the. Closer regard accused. surprised. He pushed away to say that you would like to take. In that is hitting. Home that Tida had played the do. London. They've been results. I was the wrong how? The British played, Michelle. I'm talking about forty six have your man's bluff I can. Give. Myself I must have. Played expertise. A Gulf and this Christopher. told. GALS. ME. Angry. You. One. A couple of weekends. Water. That I never had either. Like what it means. Xix with dark image. On his to begin with I, was trying to kill. Business around the lease, the title. Of Mutual. Friendship Never. End Up affects. Am and then that one light Jane went out with the boys came back a few drinks Brazilian air ask and the quick wink what grabbed my attention and really made me think we're back to the present at a nice Tom good sex by your place, a red wine and home the next day you never was fine stress on your face Agassi. What's on your mind? Snow. One. Which I Can't. Say. But you. Last. ME. November. We're. Celebrates. Assist. During. Who? I. Never. Crab. I can't. act. Ball. What I. Had A little. Around. Promoter. With a mumble. Screaming. Best. took. Bharti. Food Good morning everybody families. Hey Street justice s what's going on. Hey I'm kind of my studies Roy early. Thing that I'd be. Every day. You know she alleged much much love to have much appreciated. Your for one of a kind and I wanted to sell it also on the Mikhail you know. Who they say what good character man that that woman? Every time, his name Mexican distort smile. To me Seattle Peel to sell to the family that there in on the mind your phone senator deserves. You Know I. DON'T WANNA keep nobody they don't want to talk to say. The everything you deserve more and a happy. Birthday. Thank you so much streets as always appreciate. Hearing from you always. So heartfelt. Thank you so so. Could Cure. They like us the. Be Safe out there. Nobody ever knows well Mike Craft. She's doing the New Straits. Over there. Yes Sean Picture of Party so that we can post it up. Exciting. So glad. Washington. From select Iraq. Coupon. Shopper. View. A. Thank you. Who is this? Okay. Why? Does. Hi everybody. How are you? Good how are you doing? Good. You look so happy and your relationship even more beautiful. Thank you so much Wanda. I really appreciate you I miss you know. Are you working today. Of course, I work every day but I never miss the show. I no I appreciate that don't work too hard and take as many as you need. Thank you so much one. Thank you enjoy your day. Thank you for putting a smile on our fencer throughout. Okay all no. No we're laughing so many blessings to you and I send you. Hope it. Got There. Oh. Okay. Thank you. Yes I unfortunately I forgot my phone today. So many things going. On An. Alternate up. Okay thank you so much I. Love You. You love you guys and. Tie. Love. So. Sweet. Guys don't. Show Up, you need to get to know her she's awesome people. Always helpful always Swede shout out to her George yes. That's one. You don't WanNa lose his watch shows anybody. Go. Johnny Cochran. Ham Radio in the. I'm looking at Rome and let me just say this Nj. Man Looking into Rome and he just reminded me that. Got People around you who and and you know who understands your pass who believes in your future and who has accepted shoot away you are. Sending me an outstanding sprint dot people can come celebrate you. Up to your boy Mikhail. Happy. Birthday to you my sister. Take. You saw so much I really really really appreciate that from you guys and can't wait to meet you and we could just grow our partnership and everything like. that. My sister in New York? City Keith. Saying. Yeah, I liked that. Radio. Talk. About? Fair. New York City. I loved. One love guys. To See a god, bless John his sister called. When we arrived here for four, we went on Air Yeah. She identified herself and she wanted to sing before you were hearing before everything. Yes. So shout out to her. Yeah. Was Against. John System. Lab. John is that the sister you don't speak to? He named. Guest through. John. No doubt one love your. Family. Listen. Thank you. Thank you. John we appreciate you. See, the phone is ringing off the hook this one. Just. I'm talking to myself worry about. Your Modern. Good Morning. Good morning was that. Joe Brown. Hey What's going on? With you happy birthday. Thank you so much Mr Brown I appreciate it. How's your back? Care about to go to therapy. Thank you. nappy assist bond. Just. Her. That's right. One and all the shots. were. Direct from Germany that's right. In full effect. Thank you so much around. We're always such an honor to get your tongue to buy you right. Thank you. Joe Route. You have you have you closed on why you're seeing the? Close by singing. Singing. Your. Whatever helps you back Yuck. Brown he's late. You play a big part of what we do here and see such a blessing brown causing all time. At such a tree. Thank you so much Mr Brown I. Hope You have a good rest of the weekend. Yes. Okay. Thank you. Great. Phil freezing we. Got We. Organ in the Crib, then the next selection is play right brow CIGNA CIGNA oversaw real quick. Save if. You don't. mind. All wait? Yes. Brown. Brown Brown Brown Brown listen the. Diana's is in here on out. Here. We go ahead. And delegate the Kim Black. Didn't. In Like a month old. Many eighty. Five in the middle. A. Using a long. Okay, Mr. Brown. either. been. Belen talked. You say. To. Do. Thank you. I actually. Your. In Your Own. Brown. Okay. Thank you. All right. Thank you. CARULLI HURRY UP Getty. Braga. Boxes. You'll see. Good Morning Sean. Good. Morning Bob Good Morning Chat Room what I want to say right now, I need everybody to participate the shine a light on hey. Shine a light on. vk. Happy Birthday. To. Call. Your young. Tastes been a blessing and listen to you all these years and I'm looking forward to seeing your. Your Sunrise. Yes. Thank you so much. I, really appreciate it. Knock again a chat room I don did my. Fool. Now. The. Guy. To fly from yours I can't bring. Right now, Sean told me. Chick you. Tricky. Can you sing your favourite Kim? Song, if you don't mind. Kim. Challenge. Takes tricky we. Still Listen. Stop Bodies Calling Lewis. Who is that? Can You saw show cinnabar? Splash around every. Mile. Lots. Happy Birthday. Love you and I loved that everybody they're celebrating your day. Thanks so much everybody and we guy out. I really appreciate. I'll see you later. Are You guys have a great time. Okay. Thanks. Love. You. All along the way we. Should. Beloved. Yes, your beloved daughter. We need more enthusiasm behind this. One more, time, you love your daughter definitely come I. I. Didn't like I didn't like that one. Get into it. Let's go. She hung up the phone. On him he act I couldn't hear you. Need you to show you a luma. Loved. One that. Just a little bit come come from comforting belly with this. Lead one, more time please. Happy. Birthday the actually you guys know this is not her actual day. My mother. She was like I don't know why get into lots. Bill. Today. We'll city. Sitting. Around. At least we know where you got that. Back. I appreciate your day to mom. Thank you. I appreciate you for having. I know I love you too mom. Thanks. She Gosh. Lower that way? No. You a among stated, I love you through social distancing. City. Alkaline. Poppy. Style. And we? Thank you poppy? To eat. Looking. Guy On. How you. Don't do that. Cloud of. Smoke. Young. Your. That's right. Yes Michael. Out. For. WAS THAT Got Me All. A long time. Okay, I want your take medical care. Older. Adults. was. Not. One, sector. Okay. My he's bringing the cat. Bird Hey who's this Poppy like that, right? Now. Now I. Will Take them where. I can feel. Even about about me, it's about you wind the mazing. Young Lady Mother, and daughter congratulations to your mom as well because this as well. Thank you. Jacob congratulations. And you know like I said. Nothing beloved baby. Happy. Hour which you so many long and just continue be awesome. Bobby I. Love You Sean How My, my free to he gives the best shot out. Doing you. Mike. You still. Where's it. MIC. meet. Up Kim black here. That much. allowed. That work. You guys are so funny. Day. Long. Cut. When I? Walk. I. Looks. The other. Last words. Way. Back. Batch. Career. I can. You WanNA show city bobby. Hello. Cindy. Sending got special guest is calling in for you. Yes. To. One and only a David Phoenix. Hey what's going on? you. Too. Own. You. Thirty. Forty. Thirty. Thirty Four Thirty. Four Tabs. Eighty. Eighty six baby. I remember any H, the belt dumbing down eighty six was called no jabs. Alford. On today's yeah we're. Over here, come over to Elizabeth Avenue. Jerry. Coming. Wait a minute. You. Live you. Mean to tell me you two cakes for you. Call that time figure out what the? Game I. GotTa blow. Will. Keep you on my back pocket. Enjoying birth game will. You get another birthday. You. Cherish. A day. Man is here and he did a lot for her for her birthday and I know. That Dave is the relationship with his lady right. To Dolphins relationship initial ladies, Berkeley adults rising. Goldfine do. What are you doing? Judah two two draw. Judy my lady to. Give. A little extra. Smoke Thank. Out. Jacob on. I do. We we know. About that young. So. Back in the day was your best bag the new Jack City or they tangle pass. The tango a casual, not the horse. Named back in the day with some? Control. God. I'm. David any last words for Sydney for her birthday if you don't mind. Both days. Thank you every seat to. Holy Name and. of He. Got You. Hey. Guys leg. PUT THE MIC back to This is about okay. Well, we're going to talk outside. Sydney J birthday bash. Glad. You grindstone this. So. Let's start with. Veneta. Joyce Henry Fleas going to migrate daily. Say A few words but. She's a few. They write paragraphs. I really don't. But I just WANNA say hold on. Now Sean. Interruption we. Go to war day. Hello Yeah Yup. Oh Okay I just want to say I'm just really excited for what's going to happen for you from this point forward I know for me thirty four was actually a very pivotal year and I made a lot of changes in my life. I actually felt grown at that point and mature because when we hit twenty one where legal but it's the difference from being mature and grown right? Around thirty four that's what actually felt mature. I mean a lot of changes personally in my life. So that's really when I felt like I came started my evolution. So I pray that you get the same thing and you actually get an awakening from this point forward. And it's nothing but positive I've from him on end. Every. Step of the way to make sure you don't. Shoot. Because you re going. Let's go. Thank you, Bonetto. Let's go to our. Getting. Ready for the. Thirty Four Own. Every birthday city. Been what a couple years it seems like. Years ever like cine remember we first bonded. Over stealing toilet I, mean. Yes You need to take it from wherever you get. What. Somebody's cry. called. WanNa show synagogue. Sean is goes. How I am. So. Happy. You guys are up. To anyone. Yes thank you guys so much. What are you guys doing? Today. Nothing. I'm just GONNA. Thank. Street. When you get out of work. Okay. Everybody shots everybody in the room we gotta go. You get off. So. Much. We appreciate you is. Okay. Sweet love. Their. Contact Lydia yet. Leo and we would talking I N. No. I know. Guys you. In here. Housing I was making it. Up. Franken. Schwab. Now, every Cab. I love my favorite winemaking. Yes Sean Cindy romay something's but Dj Romay something special for you. Do you own. Hey. Your. Dj Will Represent Mississippi and Open House radio? Show. This is a special make put together just the you wishing you the very best, and the Berry happiest of birthdays since. Birth. Crap. Out of. Crash. report. I walked this. May. The. Game. Campus. Right. Third. Party point five. Twenty. and. Back. By clever the birthday. Celebration. Sydney. Sydney. Sydney. WHA- before we get back to Deboer Lese. Hyphen. I'm feeling really gre- like everybody calling in chess. Amazing. Anal Sean I'm really like really humble I don't like. You know I don't like all of the attention and all that but you guys are so great and I really appreciate it. Because, alive no. Thank you. I can't believe you guys here. Below Yeah WanNa give you guys all agree begs. The few words if you don't watch any unknown what this is doing to your you know. Yeah. Thank you. Guys are so great I. Love You. All the way up here. I know. It's a trek. Threw it in the morning if I it's so worth it. You know. This girl in. Love you. Know Edges feel happy to be a part of this family. I know you had thought that I didn't WanNa, be harder to family for a minute Jawa talking about it, but it wasn't true right? I just got busy. and. adhd like Sean. While, we're glad that you're back here. Guys Call. Thank you so much for cutting me off because they do it all the time. I do do it all the time I love hate it. He saw Moore show simple. You Sean. What we do Show how? EPIC. I'm just calling to say Happy Birthday. Day and I want to beat him in with me. New. Way. I. Know. I. WanNa chat roll number. The. On. Johnny. Yes Omar. When he one of US pick you up with. One. Oh. Well you can tell surprise me. I'm on my way. member. WHO Had No member to join next week to one day? Right here. Okay. Well, who is he? What's her name? Own Harvey Show. What's her name on? Like they live. Oh Just. Matter what is your name? Online. I'm back on. Their says you. Around. Marriage. She says she's the buzz well yeah. Well. We'll arrive safely. Well as Looking at about ten o'clock. Let's go. I wondering is. For the Land Okay. Drive. Okay Rap Say LANTA. Slow. Driving. Much. Land. Company. Swamy. Muslim. And Mobility making. Show huggy city barbeque. The morning eight from just calling to. Five city I hope you're enjoying. Thanks to the fullest such beautiful person. and. I'm just relax Gino to live life to the fullest into. The all thank you so much aided. So much from you. Thank you so much. Sir. Going to bed now, right. Just to girl take you. Appreciate you even love you. You're welcome. Okay. bye-bye. APIS worked so hard. Metal. Show, how do you to show Sinbad? Office late. least. Happy Birthday. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Really. Welcome back and one dollars. A Legs I appreciate it. Gets Candy today or song. By. Julian Lee causing a few words never calls in right the special. To say, the chat rooms. SMART MOUTH Call him terribly. Banners poly. Poly. Yesterday we saw. Her happy birthday to your sister. God, bless Pinchot job. So sweet? So how? Barbie. Hi. This is Vanessa. Hager. Just wanted to call. Wish my Carla Happy Birthday. Big. So Much S. I. Wish you were here. So we can turn. Me To turned up too many times girl don't worry. We have enough. Turn. Lives. On. You not see you soon. Girl I. Love You love you to Alexandra. Abe I said I oh, he's hoping. To The music he's loving the show hey Alexander. By you guys and joy you say. All right. Bye. Love you. Turn, a Beli-. Just an attendant thirty, four years a lot of turnover. Up Sixteen. Shot one show. Hey, Son Arbi. Alice Chat. Room member the week keys. To, say happy birthday sending Zhang. Thank you so much to senior great celebration in the this morning you got Sandy Alverson. Woman Right. This weekend. Oh he well, I'm so excited for all the surprises he has in store for me. It's so good to see you though good on your birthday. They use so much alice I. Really appreciate you. I can't wait to meet you. Guys love you to God. Bless you. God bless. I guess. Sean. Sean. Show have you WANNA show city park we have Kim black here the Queen Diane the Sean Brown Oliver. Leslie only. Annetta joys. Hey A. George. I thought author. I'm sorry. Soggy one associate Barney. Favorite billion. said. My last night. Did you hear him? Back. In only right I got. Definitely. I will I will. You don't want. She said, she'll what. I know one more. Seeing Sin City. billion. Metal. Sean Queen and Mikhail. Fellow. Morning. How everybody's doing this is a budget. Landau. Hey. Murray. Hum. Hey. Hey. Hey. Bless you. Hear this as. You Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you I love you girl. Thank you. Thank you you too your weekend on a field goal. Friday. Forty One My Pit. Jessica. Do. Glenn. Another. Show morning show. Men. Strain. Of Avian. Thirty. Day. Happy Happy Happy Birthday. I remember when he first started this thing when they. Had the interview. With the other guys. Like yesterday but it's so good to see how much you have grown spin. So proud of you and I, love you and you are rocking it out. Happy Birthday baby girl all. Sign. I really really really appreciate and love you so Y-. You know we don't make these phone calls, but I just had to make an exception just to say happy birthday now. For. I remember that interview you're so excited and so happy. Getting on this show it was a long journey and both men gradual hand and to keep through it the whole time. Yes. That's right. He never like, oh Thank you so much China I miss you so much. We have to get together soon. Yet we won't get time to hang out one day is coming soon. Okay. Thank you. Happy Birthday baby thank. You already know. Accomplishing no-doubt back before. WHO's you and Iraq East St Oh I. Don't know if I don't know what DETROIT APART We'll wait short. Cash. Is. Brian. Thanks. Hey. Good Morning. Good morning go ahead my friend hey good morning guys they sign ask. Ms Sandy. Magnificent, CJ. Be Birthday from KASA CHECKING DOT com we really appreciate you and we wish you and well. Bless Day. Thank you so. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate guys. Thank you so so much I really means a lot to me. Absolutely becky Sean. Thank you so much. Thank you. Go. CHECK ASHLEY CHECKING DOT COM, a three one. That's right. Get your credit and order and get them fallen. Asleep, pick up these I don't usually pick up be strictly call, but I'll do it this time this. Bit Sean. I had to call back in. You AIN'T GONNA get cut off this top girl. No I love to grow, right? That's right. I wanted to say happy birthday or not I wanNA link up with you went on the weekend the Dole. Okay you know so. Take you out into some nice. Thank you. Thank you so much shawn I really appreciate. You Got To happen girl. And I think that. Beautiful. Thank you so much. It is such a mask. You did a great job. Yes. Thank you so much. Enjoy your day and I'm saying. have A. Big Shana I. Love You too. Have a good day at work. And leave early. Friday. If you want to. City? Up My Break. So. Have you WANNA show cine body. Queen Meka. Ask. I have a delivery from bond LX for trying to get a number East Elizabeth. Coming out now? The delivery? Thank you so much. For. Your. Patience Avalanche. Whereabouts you see I, say exercising me what? Flower I don't know. I got a delivery guy. and. Thank you to call them brother I appreciate. Your calling how do we? How do we give you five stars? My I want the. Wow. He doesn't work operating. You're getting five right. Hey officer mark. Happy Birthday sitting. Hope you have a good day and. You get all the gifts that you wishful. You so much I certainly am getting all of them. All right. I. Hope. Hope you got a lot of ood drivers lined up. That? Jews, yeah where we're going to stay here the rest of the day I. Hope You have some DVD's and I don't mean Dunkin donuts. To. Hold on hold on this evening driver. God bless. Sean here this is the forever DD. This is. This is how I will police officer Babylonian? That I loved it is a friend of mine he has managed rather. Hold always married to a black woman. So we're going to give them a plan, right? You're. Not GonNa go all you'll. You'll your vehicle around here you know where we? saw. that. We've good over here. Okay Sir. something. What God bless you, brother. Sean back. Better. Sydney Bobby Her here's the Godfather. Yes God, Love Party and you're look you're having a great time over here. Yes. Very happy, birthday. I love your entity. Bobby. Reverent shy I love your. So. Much. Thank you so mine. Thank you the foot. You know. Nick from day one and we truly appreciate you a folks like you guys that have us coming here each and every morning and I always say, right Barbie like if I get ten of two characters, some of these folks in this chat room, I'll be a better person. So you want to those individuals, my friend. You, do a great job. Every morning. If they. Have a great weekend. Cindy. Turn turn. It up I will. Appreciate you. Thank you. Thank. You. Better say. No. Shift. We. Give. Away. To the thirty four fourth quality city. You want give it. We're going to give it away to the thirty four th quality. Do you. City. Someone, made you something very special somebody made me. Very on Diane. and. Oh. Oh I think that's the the flowers. down. Is it's A. Mix. Okay Okay Looking for flow. You they will pay digital. Argue Ready. Hope you walk the goals live. There's. A. In. From around the week because the front pages. Around the which is typically devil everywhere and you can't deny concern the hope the hope. Hey cine. Was a girl hope you're doing fine. Calling or Asham. Now calling I'm sending you a singing telegram but I'm just want to give you a shout from me and mark. We wish you many more happy birthdays and we hope that you. Enjoy Your Day God bless. Little producers they are. City daycare. I we have a special US everyone. Our Even, though there's an alumni here, chat room as A. Right to take that guess where we have another family member here. Yeah. Who was actually current chat room and we? saw. Let's clap for the current chat room but we have. Come on this kind for come on. You took you took the bus. This. Doing everything. SA-. Say Hello Hello Right all right. say hello to everybody feeling. Chat Room, family I love your and to Mr Shawn Harvey. Okay. Listen. Yes. In the flesh, right? Okay and all the lovely chat room here. Mild beautiful. Lovely cousin, Barbie Paul, and my sexy. Cindy J.. The birthday. Some. Dumped him. Were good. Lord I. Logically and I had eight kids my marriage, right? Okay. So my oldest cow, but he's in Georgia finds. Youngest is in Allentown he works kidspeace fees. Okay. As a manager book. It gets lonely. So I love kids. Begin and You got a good woman and I could just tell by her appearance and her what she's a lovely God. Bless you saw the. Yeah Oh. Absolutely. I can't wait to open it. Would open up all again. I'm glad to be here with everyone to see all you guys in person together in a chat room. You know. Take so much for coming. Here, every. Could stop me. Coming off. Kit. That's right. Day is getting starting. Here. Attending I have to go to church. Get away yet. What is The. Need of a blue box USA? De. Truck will be there at eleven and address sixty. Ten Sixteen would street and Buffalo Second Baptist Church also on facebook. Every Sunday. At Eleven and Wednesdays at seven passes to Patrick and Lady Tara Pastor is. White so yes. Come on now get a box or two. And we doing this all the way up until Thanksgiving to the food basket your. Great well to four thirty. And come on out. skit showing border. What's up? Hey Hey, who's this right at the very a Cine. As. A to. Try To. Finish J.. Shoe, they used the savage. You. So much. You have. Worker. She's not going to bash. I'm you just like sit on the China to you had. Nathan Jacobson? Thank, you King My. Yes he is here girl I see my team and they're. Good today. Love you I, really appreciate you Kim. I spent such A. Few. But I'm going to get there one day to all. You got. I, love each and every one of you for sending today's your day. I'm loving the most today. Thank you so much I love you too and I can't wait to see you. WE'RE GONNA turn up girl everybody whose neck is. An. Album came all. Looking to do. All these Selfie, he's taken these days. He's feeling so He's got. LIKES UP YEAH China. That was delicious juicy. He got a fiancee now he wants to see if he's still got it putting out these selfish. Off. That's what it is. What it is a little bit life crises. Have a great day and I love you and I'll see you soon jay thanks. I Love I two don't work too hard. To solve. Black. Kids. Was Sean Brown Oliver. I'm. Barbara come. On. August. The. Georgia and. The. Whole. Bobby. Hello Good. Show city. I don't know. WHO SAYS Sean. Fossil might. Thank you. For. The maxine. Lynette I can't even see the chat room Serano just got me these beautiful flower heiress. And hold on. Very pretty base yes. Yes. These flowers are so beautiful. Look at the orange rose right there. Thank you. I wish you were here. News sweet. Thank you I love them. I'm going to contact you later. I love. I've got to try and keep them alive. I can't. Look. So good on camera. Zanan wrong. Do. Yes Hi. Good, morning. Everyone. Good Morning. Hello how? We want more good. Morning. Happy States sending. Thank, you so much. God bless you. And keep you happy and healthy for many many more I. Love You. Thank you I. Love You so much Linda and thank you for always supporting the flowers. Got There. Yes. They the guy here. And they are so beautiful. Thank you enjoy the rest of your day and your birthday month. Thank you. I will in that. I just wanted squeezy. Oh. Okay take care and hello to Mickael. I'm good king. Love to see the way you got a smile on my queens face. A yes, he keeps me smiling. or looking to everybody have a good time talk to you later. Bye. Thank you God bless. Lewis. Blah. Take it overshot. He's working figures out today. Offer you. Say. Sauce. Excuse. wiki. wiki. Thank you so much I appreciate it. Getting. Old Life. Yes I am what you doing, where are you? I'm. Fishing. Accord a gas bag. Big. Fishing. I worked fishing. Oh. Well, I'm happy for you. Did you cook it? Did you cook it the fish now in the freezer, it was too many fish I caught on. Well you're GONNA have to fishing one day then. You come I, wonder if he had a group of women who liked. To Fish I learned. But it's really amazing. Oh. My God. Oh my God. What I want to talk to death bridge happens wonderful birthday. Okay I. Miss You all. We miss you. Gigi. I'm in and out. Brett. I'm still in okay. Where still. Girl Right. I love Y'all alive okay we love you. That morning show together. That's. Okay okay. Okay I. Love You. Love Me. State to. Fund remember we had a day right? Well. Yeah. We have a date right now if you want. No you. saw. On. The phone. You. Say Something Real Nice to me. What you what you want me to say with? The wants you to do what I tell you to do right now. Can I see? Good Saturday. With any in the morning for that you see. something. New Lineup you. Hey I didn't. Follow. Related. Dow. Go. Off. With the down. In cloudera. With the. Taurus. Women with the women. The boy. Texas only. Chill cannot. accept. I go back. Deplorable Mind what are we going to do because the phone ringing? You said, we had to say about sending, right. Okay. So let's move on to. don't look that way. Let's. Let's look. Let's move on over to the Sean. Brown. Audible. Sean, here if you. Could be. Sitting. Along. Who? Like an invasion living. Room and. The. Scene. I just quickly want to say that I stumbled upon group. On the way of Barbie Investi boom, of course. Known Sean for a very long time, but he just don't remember right. Apart, come the fourth member yard. That's right. I'm default. Solid partner. I I'm very. I'm happy to share your birthday what you today yeah. It's a pleasure to meet Kyle. They do. Want you to know when you get married I would love to be the flower. Course you guys all. Thank you so much shawn appreciate. Thank you so much those kind words? Can. Be. Black, water, CITY CJ City. Right. You could fill in for Sean Day Okay, so you get shot the your Nia. Sorry. There's no basis. Say Happy Birthday. There's a lot of things that I can say like the zone I stumbled on the show From getting getting inboxes again, the Texas and I just didn't want to listen to it because it was sean and I. Have my life. I. Listened to it, but then when I did get on and I saw you with the holding the phone struggling and try to. Say. You know what? We. Check out. Here let me check out Godoy but. Honestly you have what it takes to be a radio personality. Talk. Radio personality you deliver it really well. So hopefully, man, this is just the first step in many steps of being in this entertainment Oh. Thank you so much. Wealth. Cat. Real quick the queen. He Yeah. That's right. Upon You Because I've been following you guys. been. We let Cindy I like this look. Thanks so I. Don't just love each other like each other yeah. Yes. Support Difference. Respect each other. Respect. Each of them. Continue to be there for one another. Whole him down city. I will yes I am. Ryan. Calm down calm down. Right Right. So. Much. And continue to enjoy a birthday weekend we not actual bar. Now. It is I need to start celebrating that the whole month like everybody else I'll jibing habit gyping myself. You got the. You. Thank. You so much. You. So Beautiful, I love you whole. Let me borrow that. No one thing. Cities Birthdays Tuesday you're not going to be here right. Right. Off. A. Few words if your mom. Well, Miss Sinica I just want to say I has been a blessing working alongside of you past year and a half almost two years I have asked learned a lot from you. You have been already you've been experienced so I was just thrown into this. Film Lap, and I pretty much had learned so much from you guys and I really have I appreciate you guys giving me the opportunity to be here and you are such a joy to be around I. Love Coming here because you are like the best like your best. LEVICK VIC. So thank you for being you and continue to be you and I love you to death girl. I live in so much Barbie. Agencies. KOMO's all the craze they make. They make easy to. Make It. Easy. City I would like to say that. Right this forget about the show you've been in my life is. One of the most gratifying films for me. Because we come from almost different generations. And a whole different lifestyle, but the universe have allowed us to be together. So I four. I want to say that. I Love I. Love You one of my daughters. Yeah. 'cause you you're you're you're that age but. Also A also want to say that this show to show how morning show featuring the but team isn't this show without you. Never work without you. Do this show with without you. Even starting. Back. A lot of folks are attracted to what we do here is because of our transparency. City. You had been through a lot within the last year and a half and we've been on that ride which you and every time you talked about like sending we don't worry about. The lowest lows we were there for you. was there for us. Turn Full Circle Cindy J. With the blessings that these folks have given us for this show and you're a part of it. So I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This show is not this show and you're not the person that you are without being here. I WANNA say period. Cry His show. This show is leveling up and it will level with you ns because if you in this because of God also I to say thank you for being here. And being dedicated because what's happening with this show is because of that and because of. Showing up each and every day. It goes to a whole `nother level and it's going to go to a whole `nother level because if you Thank you. Thank Sean. Record another. Listen to. Take a break. We go on demand of the our safe you things, and then we're gonNA play an had him to my and we're going to say a few things because this young man is. A. Before you said, he say anything. This is what I want to say. Mickael before saying Swanson. When city discussed you in the beginning. And the first thing I said to Sydney was like, do you understand that you have a whole entire family? Stand that. Family behind it and she said, yes, I'm getting I'm getting. All of this, I WANNA say for the record that when she shared. A relationship with her I was for the record I was the first one to cosign all of this. and Bobby Cologne came second. Whatever? because. because. because. Happy because we don't you know senior has been happy like. Definitely makes a great. Beautiful thing not now. So. If you don't. Beautiful sweets. City. I ain't GonNa last since since I started Day Beautiful Beloved Queen My Wife? Seneca. Oh. Sweet, on a book on you don't come. Let me go. Green. Sinica you've been dope. You you really understanding good woman. Your woman that learns and knows how to nurture in you know I have my own way wave and Lincoln life you know me baby. Where you just bring a lot of wisdom. And Grace. Our A lamb chop master. Bakeo a lot of lamb. Demand But I ain't GONNA lie. You have slowed down my shepherdess. It's good. It's. A good. Because it's like you know I must say that I'm og non thirty. I'M GONNA BE I'M GONNA be fifty fifteen years one. Apprentice in the ocean. When you was born again and I was running around getting. Your You. Listen I was I was Robin 'cause nine. Continue on my friend. Gotten. No Big It's like it's like a freshman because there's Also my friend and it's nothing good that we could share both them and I just wanted to tell you my Seneca leaguer. Decor. Together Many more birthdays and a lot of big drip. Now. Get. Hold on. Before you open up. Say One thing. I want to say one thing before you open up. On with. Cologne publicly says she's in a relationship now he Let Paulo. City Alabama's. City. We have we have. We have a you Cologne celebration coming up as well in. December. Being. I. Want to say this to. Bobby loans beloved. You come through here with a horse and carriage. My kids. Take home now. Coming. Along Cherry. Gibson. See both of. People like me. You. Break up now. Welcome. Bugs. City. And give so she could give. ME. Josh. Keep it in the. You, guys are. Still. Joint you. Know. Now. I was supposed to. Be On. Ahead. MIAMI. FBI. Hey. Ho Hey. Alley. Of. The Megan. This Is. based. To want to. Take Me To church. To. Check. Cake On you got this. Everybody to the city. I can go. It. Will. Right. Gift, you won't have to do something different. Something different. Nothing. No. I. Got The Grace Jones. Could. See. Your. Kids. Back Here, and show. You. Guys. Do. Drinking I. mean. I'm simple. I'm simply. Nice. Oh. Thank you. The man. Oh. No. Thank you. SEAN WE WANNA show city. From Florida. You guys back and. Fabulous. Guys are doing such an awesome job. From Florida and saying, you know what? It's Times like these that I wish I was closer to you guys. Job I love you. All you. Diane. You know you know. Okay. All right. I. Just WanNa make sure that you guys know this because I don't know if anybody has told you. But like I said I'm sitting here in my family room in Florida, the weather's great. And I just wish I was there with you guys. Thank you. I guess we do. Look so happy arm. So happy for you. I am so happy for you. Thank you Audrey I. Appreciate you guys have a great weekend. Okay. Thank you so much. We appreciate you. Audrey I. Love You. Steve. Now. Yet. Correct. Okay. Below. Average. Went. Short. Thanks. Danny. I. Any high. Thank you. Love Man. Hey. Hey, hey lane as had a chance how ya doing happy birthdays, fanny. Thank you so much. I wish you were here girl I? Wish. I, was here. Old. Yes no I know. But I. I, appreciate you. Yes. That's because you're gonNA come down to the beach and I'll be there. Yes. I WANT WANNA come down there again sues. And tell me. I am happy for him. I'm Happy Football for OH. Thank you so much Ceelo I. Really appreciate you. Okay but the. Weekend. Season Before we go off. We're stay on a few more minutes on facebook. Courage chat remembered week we can find you WANNA patron. Going We can find us on facebook and To WanNa, pay them in baseball. Look I'm new at. This is exciting for Jay. So yeah, do Sean does took me off on this one. If you don't mind Salah. Liberalize Leone facebook Auntie is live on instagram. To say. TOO, so Social Media Street. Can. Find me on facebook on dillashaw Brown Oliver Instagram under pretty confidence. That's pretty would I Write. So Kampot. Arm Platforms Facebook Instagram Twitter K. E. N. B. L. A. C. K. k. e.. L. A. C. K.. Awesome Diane where could he find him with Russia radio? Yeah. Go ahead. You can find me Diana a on facebook in Arlington clarified on Instagram and you can check out my facebook show. Getting real a about divorce every Wednesday night eight PM, Eastern Standard Time on facebook and Youtube. Yes. Unreal Andros. Bobby. Hi. This show have you WANNA show city. Hello. This is on tease me I just WANNA worth my. Fellow Disney but not my favorite he's happy birthday. Thank you. that. On your birthday. Your favorite you just have to say that for the other. Day. Off I love you. Thank you so much, ed. Love you all. Always, thank you I, love to. Crazy got it. Okay. You got to catch him facebook probably Columbus Design instagram because stylists Harvey Kellogg designs, I'm sorry facebook, Barbie Cologne and design babe. For. You guys get by me Seni, Jay on facebook semi underscore Jay on instagram and Sanjay on snapchat. The is three I want to say thank you. Thank you you to everybody who called tax. Sent in something I you. This is unbelievable. I want a great start to my birthday. I really really really appreciate guy. I. Love You I. Love Everybody here. Thank you again. Your instagram at Gun Jaffar Eighty five now gone to form eighty-five dealing all your back pains off rightous than anything else you need I'll take care of you I'll let me Listen God bless each and every one of you guys. We see one day we're going to go into the. Everybody Yawkey way you're looking at camera. Everybody. Here D. Details. But On this. Thank you fine. Bernie J. Birthday Bash. BINGO THANKS FOR Coming through. We appreciate Chalk Board. He turned on the. Thank you. You are. I appreciate. You out. Thank you. Whatever? Islam. Way. got. This. Off. took. Perfect. Open House radio. Show. This is a special mic put together just a you wishing you the very best and the happiest for Birthdays Cindy take. Like, that Over. Could. No. took. took. Thank you. I. Just. Mountain. Back. and. Map. Chicken. She.

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