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Hello and welcome to the M. qb Monday morning NFL. Podcast Tuesday edition because this is the final member of our power trio of NFL draft. Recap shows I'm your host Gary gramling. I'm joined by the specialist guests I could think of and that is and even You go if you go back on your feet you get the AFC rundown all sixteen teams in the AFC down the draft glasses. This is going to be. Nfc Right now NFC and the way we're going to do this. Andy if you remember as we said yesterday we always feel bad for the divisions the West. Because they're they're always last in these kinds of shows that we were going to reverse it bring FC West than NFC south than Anisi north than NFC east. Those guys in the East can can wait for once and within each division. We are doing alphabetical so If you WANNA skip around the show you can pretty much followed that map and just succeed in life but Andy Are you. Are you ready to go here? Do we have any? Ah Chitchat to do at the top. No I assume we're doing this order because the power is at the top got out reached out to you and said we gotta get more Arizona. Cardinals leads on our shows right now. Yeah I mean that's that's that's where it's at I don't know I don't WanNa bust on the carnal. They're an interesting team. I guess they've been really good in the past and nobody. Nobody cared that much but They're an interesting team with cliff. And cuyler and Deandre Hopkins now and there's no better team the better team for sure and I think there will probably I don't know if I'd be among but I think there will be people this year. That forecast them to finish ahead of the rams in the NFC west probably. They finished third the random before I would not be among them. That's the the the the view is the cartels are team certainly training in the right direction. I have some random takes when we got there. But let's let's talk about the cardinals. I and their drive a class here. Isaiah Simmons at the top of it and look the question was still persisting into the third and fourth week of April here Isaiah Simmons Safety or linebacker and when I guess now that he has a home and you look at the rest of this defense You know you got Buddha Baker. You Got A. It'd be Jalen or Thompson at the other safety spot What are they GONNA do with? Haas us on rettig. Where does Simmons If he's fifty fifty whereas Simmons best fit in in this defense I think the question you just asked where is easy linebackers safety. That's the question you want your opponent asking when they take the field lineup on any given snap. I think that's what this system needs to be position player. If you WANNA call him that what this system has been in the last couple years. It's it's honestly had trouble identifying. Exactly what their identity is. I've watched all their snaps. I don't know what their identity is do. A lot of zone coverage though play matchup elements within the zone. They're one of the few teams at travel. Their corners in zone so a corner is GonNa follow a receiver even if that takes him out of his own positioning. It's it needs to be adjusted because if you're going to draft Simmons where they draft if you're gonNA take Isaiah Simas have him on your team and you have Buddha Baker already. There who's very versatile boo Boo Baker of me is in the Tyrone Matthew Class. Then you need to be playing to those skills and those talents and building. The system around being an attack oriented defense. Because you don't want Simmons just being reading react linebacker that's I don't think that's a strength and I don't. I don't even know what that would be a strength for him. I think he's better as a space player. Who's in an attack mindset? Yeah I was kind of confused in the lead up and look people were saying these things. I I presume are smarter than me because they they work for teams and whatnot. But there's a lot of You know well. Some teams are down on Simmons because they wanted to find role for him and they don't know what is defined role is and it's like. I don't know it's kind of Nice. Do you have a guy who doesn't need defined role and can do a lot of things. Well dime defense is becoming more popular in league right now and I could see Simmons being a dime safety for somebody that would not be his only role. You'RE NOT GONNA play thirty snaps game. He's going to you. Want him on the field for all sixty five seventy snaps. So when you're dying that's your third down in situations that's a lot of your two minutes situations you could argue. That's where the Games decided in today's NFL critical snaps. I could see him being a linebacker in those scenarios. Taylor wrap does that for the rams. He is their dime linebacker. Strong safety to me and I. I have not watched Simmons enough ought to make comparisons but to me his role his style. A player for what he'd be in this scheme would be similar to a Taylor. Wrap probably more dynamic electrifying Taylor rap. Okay cardinals didn't have a second round pick and then they They get Josh Jones. The Houston tackle in the third presumably becomes the heir apparent to Marcus Gilbert. They're on the right side A lot of people thought he might go first round A bit of a developmental guy. I know a lot of people like the fact that he had some I I think it was. He didn't give up a sack or something. But I always tell people it's the The AMERICAN ATHLETIC CONFERENCE. He plays and he probably shouldn't be giving up a lot of sacks if he's an NFL caliber player. I will say another. Act My my university of Connecticut. Huskies were well represented at this draft because basically any prospect who played uconn this year when they showed their highlights they definitely showed a number of well and one other thing about the whole. Give up a sack not give up a sack number thing. A lot of SAX created not by the guy who gets be not like. If I'm blocking the defensive end that doesn't necessarily mean the defensive end beat me someone else beat someone else in the protection it breaks down the way they credit who gets a sack and gives up the SAC. That is in the eye of the beholder. A lot of the time so I I wouldn't put any stock in any kind of stat especially coming out of college where the competition is. You're alluding to it's so different from one game to the next and one conference to the next. Well let's let's move onto the rams and before we get into the draft class. I just want to ask you real quick. I thought the rams were. There's a narrative about their season because you're defending NFC champs and then you miss the playoffs. I keep trying to point out to people that if Greg Line makes a forty three yarder on Thursday night in Seattle the rams are in the playoffs and obviously if you had the expanded playoffs the Rancho have been in the postseason last year. I don't think last year was as bad as season as as people think I realized people are are sort of down on golf but they were I mean they average about three points per game December December Games. It looked. It looked like they were starting to get a little bit. I mean they looked really good at San Francisco on a Saturday night in week. Sixteen is the offensive line. Getting right because obviously I mean th th. They took a Clemson guard in the seventh round here but they did not address you off into line. At all of this off season is retaining Andrew Whitworth correct. They did not. They have reason to feel good about their offensive line. It did I think I improved a little bit over the course of last season not enough of course in the offense never really did completely get on track. It was it was close there at the end with San Francisco. They were playing very well down. The stretch in some is the rams had some ugly losses on national TV. The Ravens embarrassed on Monday night. Football the cowboys really blew their doors off on a Sunday afternoon game Even the bears victory that the rams had it was not a ram style. Game that was a draw str- slugfest draw out the victory. Slowlyk your win out there so the offense was never as rhythmic last year as it's been the previous Couple Years Under this coaching staff further offensive. Line Whitworth you feel good about him and left tackle. Still Austin Corbett was. I believe the thirty third overall pick in the draft a few years ago. Not every team saw him that way but enough would that you know somebody took him thirty third overall so there's some talent there and I don't think he was bad for them once he got into the lineup. Brian Allen at Center Austin Blight the guard your decent enough there and then Bobby Evans a Rob Havens Dino right tackle Gary if I said to you okay. The old line needs to be better. Which are you replacing? What's your answer to that question? Yeah I don't know if there is an answer at this point I thought they really steadied it. Nicely late last season I would agree with that and it'll be interesting. What happens with those guys at the new? The rookies who play Lesser David Edwards. At Right Guard does he get a look for maybe a starting job this year. Bobby Evans at Right Tackle Evans played pretty well in some scenarios. Now what's interesting is they had some different schemes with those guys in eating. They didn't run just purely the outside zone designs that we know from the rams there were some more north and south blocks inside zone where instead of stretching to the left or right you're going up the field and you're just double teaming running behind the double teams so a little bit of a different game and that's what the rams had to do to adjust their ground game they just weren't the same rushing attack overall. I think there's reason for optimism though with this offense viner's price something to be said for continuity as well having these guys play together well so they They go offensive skill position. Where two second round picks cam acres the Florida state running back who I would think. When I'm looking in their two running backs acres and and Darryl Henderson's the other young guys assume they haven't given up on him in any way shape or form I would think acres is kind of your insides zone. Power type guy and then Henderson is kind of your outside zone slashing type of Dude Which you know stylistically. That obviously is nice to have those two backs I I just I. I guess I was caught off guard that they would you know. Go with the running back in with their first pickier when they when I saw they took it was acres. And I'm going off what I've heard from people within the NFL on acres versus. What I've seen myself but from people I respect and what? I've heard kind of a gliding mature. Nuanced runner is what he was known as coming out. And then one of those guys were the more you watched the more. You appreciated him to me. Gary that suggest I think he will fit well and they're outside zone scheme. I understand the idea of Henderson. Yeah one cutting might take it to the house. And that's certainly something to be said for that and that's what. They drafted Henderson last year. In the third round I think acres will fit what they're trying to do them remember even if acres inside zone type of runner. They're not going to do that on first down because their whole play action game comes off that outside zone stuff so they're going to want to keep doing that because otherwise they lose their passing game so the game where the bears were. They were really running a lot of insight zone. They didn't throw the ball and all of that night they didn't have the wet. Robert Woods is out for that game so if they want to be who they are. That's going to be outside zone. And I'm sure they feel that acres can be the guy for that and and then they go van. Jefferson the receiver. Obviously they they lost Brandin Cooks Brandon It was sort of You know he's down last year. Add some cussin' concussion issues. But they take an very rudely I might add. They take van. Jefferson two picks before Dan Jefferson's father's team was on the clock. The jets Shawn Jefferson is there. I didn't know that was his son. Yes they snagged them. Fifty-seven jets were picking fifty nine ended up with Denzel mims which which they're fine with but again it's it should be like literally rules you automatically go to the team that you're Van Jefferson is. I look at this receiving Cornell Robber Woods Recap Band Jefferson Josh Reynolds and yeah I mean all yo precise route runners. I think the you like them all but I there's no really explosive element among those four. So I guess you're going to have to generate that. Those explosive plays yes. You will never be one. Concern is yeah. Who takes the top off the defense because when they go there play action game? A lot of it is flood concepts flood three level stretch. Three receivers on one side of the field. One is deep ones intermediate. That's the guy that's usually running the crossing route and then one is shallow and underneath and actually the rams will put a four th guy over there late in the down a lot of times. That's the foundation that Niner's game where they were killing San Francisco. They did that. Probably Twenty five times in. That game is incredible. They just did it. Snap after snap. Who's the guy that's going deep now because it used to be brandin cooks? They don't have anyone with that kind of speed. Now on the on the flip side though. Brandin cooks was struggling a lot against press coverage at times so when he was not afforded a bunch of help from the scheme the designs. When it wasn't play action he could be taken out of some games which is part of the reason he was available for trade so I would assume they feel. Jefferson will be better in that regard out. But it's you give up something. If if this guy could run the way cooks runs and still be as big as he is not get pressed he'd be Julio Jones and then we're not talking about it was the second round pick up and then the rest of the day to hear they had two of their picks Terrell Lewis the Alabama edge who You know injury prone guy would have gone higher. Had it not been? For some durability concerns you presumably you pendulum into sort of Dante Fowler rule and then a Tyrrell Burgess the Utah Safety who converted. Cornerback I don't know if he's quite rangy athletic enough to be a single high type guy but he did a lot of different things in in. Utah's defense and data pretty advanced Approach there and I assume he can help early. I would imagine they'll have them be the single high because if it's not him who who is it then it's not rap because we know he's a linebacker guy. Aaron Donald Good at that to jump in John Johnson's at his best as box guy down there Johnson could probably play. Single high is good all around player. But I would imagine burgess is here for his ability to play center field. I know the rams staff likes Marcus Williams who they liked him as a rookie. When he was with the saint he still in New Orleans but Williams came out of. Utah's well it doesn't mean that Burgess will be Williams but I would be surprised if burgess is not the single high guy but I don't know a lot about them I again. I don't study these guys they get to the NFL okay. Let's and I should mention real quick. Just because I just saw this factoid. The Rams did take a tight end. Bryson Hopkins of Purdue and round four Did you know Tyler Higby in the month? December last five games of the season Tyler. He led the NFL receiving yards. I would not have gone that far. I knew he was very productive. I didn't know that he was that productive. Yeah he had A. I had the number up. I lost it. I I believe that it is If I remember five hundred twenty two yards over those last five games and he played. It wasn't just that always catching the past. Now he was a he was more athletic. He'd looked more abiotic down the stretch and one thing. I've been watching rams film quite a bit. Actually lately Gary is he is very good higby at releasing inside and creating space for himself off the snap. He's become a highlight. He has become a high level route runner. Let's go to the San Francisco. Forty niners They picked up that thirteenth. Pick For Deforest buckner and they ended up trading down one spot with the Bucks Antique Giovane Kim Law South Carolina. We talked a little bit about it. A lot of people say like Oh they trade buckner for Kim Law and they did but you know the treaty Buckner at twenty million dollars for kin law at a much less than that and that's kind of how life goes at this point. It has to because they had to resign. Eric Armstead and then Brandon Iowa who we talked about as I said he is Probably a better version of Jerry rice adding to the offense. I love rain and he's absolutely perfect there. I did I sit on the Friday. Show if if you miss I I think he's a slightly more dynamic version of deebo Samuel Really like my attention. Because I think you'll Samuel is a man I do too. I agree with that but the you know they made three day three picks. We're not GONNA dive too deep into those guys. But obviously they added Trent Williams. Joe Staley announces his retirement. They go out and get Williams. Obviously we haven't seen Williams in a in a while now but you would think that this is a this is a pretty good trade offer them. And we'll see how Trenton Williams ages into his thirties here but at least in the short term they've solidified that spot and when we last saw Trent Williams he was the most outstanding. I'd save an explosive blocker out in space on their perimeter probably in the NFL. He is really good in the screen game. He's really good at what they call running the alley getting down kind of by the painted numbers and clearing out space there. And when you consider all the misdirection that they do all the stretch zone all end arounds to Samuel and some of the screens that they'll throw in San Francisco having a guy like Trent Williams. That can do that to get to the perimeter. You could almost argue. That guy's a weapon now. I mean that's that's I think he'll fit really well for what they do in Shanahan and obviously knows very well because there's The Washington background over all their that was a really good trade and a good commentary on the niners organization. That Joe Staley went along with this and didn't break the news to anybody till after the trade which I don't know if that's how it went but reading the tea leaves. That's probably how it went. Staley did right by the organization on that and you know he would probably only do that if the organization had been doing right by him for a long time. Yeah and I should mention respected private citizen. Peter King in his Monday column he was embedded with the box and we talked a little bit on Friday. The bucks up one spot you know was someone else bidding for that forty niners pick. And that's why they had to pay for that sort of thing Jason told Peter that he had heard rumblings Joe Staley was retiring so they thought the forty niners might be in the running for a Tristan wharfs. Who was the last sort of Of the big four tackles on the board in this race. And that's why the bucks felt even more urgency to jump up to thirteen so we wondered about that. What did they say to the bucks on the phone that made them make that trade? Because the niners to us. We didn't know that Joe. Staley thing it didn't look and John Lynch actually said the opposite. Joe Staley will be back here. That was a smokescreen so we were wondering how that conversation happened. I I don't know who told Jason like that. I would guess to be an agent if I had to guess. But that's that's total guesswork. And that's that's where a lot of the information comes from the Seattle seahawks so the seahawks they take Jordan Brooks the Texas Tech linebacker and Dernley up to the draft we earn more and more teams really like Jordan Brooks I know obviously add Bobby Wagner cage a right Those guys are getting up there and Brooks at the very least becomes an option for the future but I mean they they play a lot of three LINEBACKERS SEATTLE. They do and so. I'm wondering if it's one of two things why. Why are you taking brooks because remember last year they drafted Cody Barton in the third round? Pete Carroll said Cody Barton's our best coverage linebacker already or at least they feel he can become bad Okay yeah no I know I hear you but let's get the here's the point here is we can agree on this. They feel good about its coverage skills. Yes he's not. As good as right I would imagine in Wagner who are the low overrated and coverage. But he's a very excellent player in hall of Fame Guy. So Cody Barton's in the mix. He's going to play for them so now they've got four linebackers that they're planning to play in the next couple of years is Brooks here because keys replacing K J right which is quite possible writes in a contract year. I believe is he replacing Bobby Wagner as well since Barton's here to theoretically replace right is that are we seeing a total change of the guard over the next two years or are the seahawks going to stay committed to this four? Three approaches keeping three linebackers on the field. Not playing with Slot Nickel Corner. Is that going to become the standard for them? Because they really did not address that position in free agency at all this year I think the best slot guy on on the field for they were probably quandary digs. And that's not how they use them. He's a free safety so I wonder if they're going to stick with US four three thing. Yeah it's a I was again. We talked a lot how there was sort of a lack of edge rushers. And they did take Daryl Taylor in the second round. I thought he was very good at Tennessee. Really an edge burner So maybe they address it there. Maybe they didn't like anyone at the end of the first round. Of course they trade out of the first round every year. So if you didn't like anyone figure that's what they would have ended up doing but They do add Daryl Taylor in round two. That's kind of all they've done is David Clowney GonNa be back. That might be function of. Is anyone else going to take the risk on? Cloudy when when your doctors can't sort of put your hands on them. Maybe that changes this summer but Look I I I don't want you further enrage seahawks fans because I said this all last season. This defense got a lot of takeaways. Those takeaways were. I mean they had a lot of fumble recoveries. I it just and it's not a front for you would've looked at and said like well. There's really disrupted. I can see why they were getting so many strip sacks and fumble recovery. I think they were just sort of. Yeah big got him in clusters when maybe they shouldn't have been coming closer so again. This is a team. They finished plus eighteen point differential. They had a lot of opponents. Missed field goals over the course of the year. I was hoping they'd be a little bit more aggressive. And sort of rebuilding. This defense is off season and they weren't and I mean look. They win every year so I probably shouldn't criticize him. But I thought they'd be seventy nine last year and what I think facial eleven and five words. That was at their final right they were. This has been. This is a really really well run organization top to bottom They end up going. Damian Lewis the guard from lsu really a fire hydrant type. A dude Pure Power Guy Guard and yeah. We'll we'll see it's GONNA play. He'll play for him now because they got rid of. Dj fluker Yohanes a fourth round. Pick a year ago. I don't know anything always. He was not on the field last year. I don't know a lot about him but that's the kind of lyman they've been getting. Its these bigger north and south guys. Seahawks used to be an outside zone running team back with marshawn. Lynch is here. Even though Lynch never stretched he always kept it. Frontside just cut it up inside but the blocking structure was outside zone. They're not that kind of blocking Mississippi. More it's more of a power man-to-man downhill north and south kind of running game yet. They moved on from Justin Brit as well. So yeah. They're changing things up on offense of line again. And before I add you just want to mention the number was sixteen Fumble takeaways last year. Which I just a lot. I don't think is sustainable with what they have. I mean that was tied for second. The steelers were ahead with eighteen. The Buck also had sixteen. You look at the steelers and the bucks those are very disruptive pass rushes Especially coming off the edge and used. Don't have that in Seattle I. I don't know if they can count on another sixteen pummel takeaways next season. That's when we're talking about the forty niners in the reverse lasted twenty eighteen. They had seven takeaways. And then they they rammed up that pass rushing and it just took off and that was. That was the big difference last year. But enough of the twenty nine thousand nine recap. Let's let's move onto the AFC south the Atlanta Falcons kind of just a straightforward draft. I mean they had three picks in the top one hundred and they kind of addressed. What I think people would have seen as needs with the steam they take. Ag Terrell de Long Quarter cornerback from Clemson in round one stylistically. He fits you know that whole seahawks corner thing that we've heard about what Dan Quinn and there's probably something to that is as Oliver who will probably be there number three corner now because I think they like kindle Sheffield quite a bit their fourth round. Pick a year ago but Isaiah Oliver's another long bodied. Guys they're drafting similar types of corners in recent years. Are you reading the next guy going down the list and I'm talking about each guy? Is that how we're doing this team? Sure let's do it that way Marlon Davidson Defensive End. But really more of a Guy. I think he reduce them inside on on passing downs. You know. He's he's a guy. Believe with Derrick Brown really really good. I really like them. But you know we talked a lot about the need for sort of an edge burner. Here they did add Dante Fowler. So you do have an edge guy. So maybe they just sort of went Best Best Defensive Lineman available. Pick forty seven. Yeah that's possible. That's what they did. They must like tack McKinley as a D. end more than I like him as a DNA. I mean they don't love him he's I don't think they picked up his fifth year option. So he's this. Pick of Davidson could suggest that McKinley on his way out my point. Does I thought for a little while now? Why not slide McKinley inside a D. tackle? I think he's got the body type for that. They apparently don't see it that way. Because who else will play. Diene for it's GonNa be Fowler and then who Davidson if you're saying he's a D. Tackle and I think that makes sense. Mckinley becomes the other. Nickel pass rushing defensive end then and then the center that Hennessy. Another another good mover At a temple and we've talked about Alex. Mack is is probably a young nearing the end here. So now you got his heir apparent there. Yeah that's just drafting one. Oh One. That's a straightforward as it looks right there all right nice just this team by the way gear. I think they're in win now mode no I think so too. We talked about a lot. They really rectified. What was going wrong? Defensively We've mentioned a couple of times. They finish sixth into down the stretch. I think a lot of people saw them as sort of you know in the Super Bowl conversation coming into this year I mean they were just at the super bowl a couple years ago. I can't quite remember what happened in that game but You know that's a. That's a team that should be going for right now. You saw Matt Ryan. Julio Jones D- The window if it's if it's if it's not open I mean it's open it's Open Matt Ryan. Somebody asked me this weekend if maybe they would move on for Matt Ryan. I don't think they see him like that. He's he'll be thirty five and man. It's a little older than I thought he was. But I don't I don't think that's how they see him. I think they believe he's still an elite quarterback go Carolina Panthers. We've been wondering what they're going to roll out this year. A lot of college coaches coming up to the NFL here They take all defense. Seventy six seven defensive players Derrick Brown and yet or gross mottos for their first two Brown obviously interior linemen. Gross Mottos In Edge Guy. Who I think you'RE GONNA ask to do a lot of sort of looping inside and sort of sort of ten you know tackle and games here and Cohen shorts already in the mix. There is still an elite defensive tackle. They signed Stephen weatherly. He'll probably play on bass downs. Maybe play some defensive. Tackle in nickel situations be interesting to see. A Brown can be a fulltime Nickel D. TACKLE. We know he can play first and second down. It'd be hard to justify taking him as high in the draft as they did if you didn't feel he could play. Nikko Defensive Tackle but whether we can be in the mix member. Last year Brian Burns. They took in the first round so their their front forest pretty defined. I think it's going to be a four three scheme straightforward zone coverage if I had to guess that's what they've been mostly the last few years now a- that's defined what they're doing on defense at least which is should be they just had a bunch of players. Yeah Yeah Jeremy Chin from Southern Illinois sort of a safety linebacker hybrid type. Guy I would. I would assume they'd they'd play him at safety. Eric re role there and then I will mention Tony Pride The cornerback from Notre Dame really fast guy Because they are just I mean. They are incredibly thin at cornerback. You'll get cornerback group. I don't know who starts opposite Dante Jackson right now and I don't know how crazy they are about. Donte Jackson who was a little bit up and down my season. Yeah that's a good point. I had not. I guess I had noticed that. But it had operative in front of my mind. They have corn elder might be in the mix. It cornerback. Forum Cornell is a fun name. He's been around. He's been on rosters. Been with this team for a while. That's a position that will need help though those safety that you just mentioned they're going to be playing back quite a bit here. Yeah let's go onto the saints short one here that they did at one point trade all their three picks to jump up and and get another day to pick They did end up jumping back into the seventh round to take the the quarterback Tom Stevens and other sort of athletic vote. Mental Guy But They end up going with our ruis who that SORTA CAUGHT US OFF. Guard and best we can figure is he is going to replace. Larry Warford a very soon. And how soon is to question? Warford did not look like he was in decline last year but the saints a lot more about them than I do. His contract is up this year so even if he if he was not in decline. Yes still to make a decision on him. That's why Ruas here the these other picks to that you're going to list off your these third rounders. I don't see an immediate role for them. Either I I see how they fit the system in the program. I don't know where they're snaps in their reps will come from in year one here. Yeah Zach on you you would think his value is probably going to play on downs and just get after the quarterback speed guy And then he's not a real pure speed edge bender type guys for as far as I understand. He's fast I'll say that he's I mean he's small he is he is fast for. I don't know what he waited. The combine I I would have said Summer in the to thirty range but Yeah so I mean there you go. I think he's a guy who just send street at the quarterback and You develop as someone who can play off the ball a bit as well. And then Adam Trautmann who I presume. Adam traveling to just straight up hill. Replace Jared Cook After the season or or two seasons down the road if they if they bring back cook for one more yeah I would agree with that and the trump might be a guy who needs that kind of development as well. The good teams. When you're in one of the benefits of having a complete roster and hitting draft picks. You're able to take a lot more chances and freedoms with what you do in the following drafts. 'cause you guys to play right away a guy like Trautmann you can develop within your system. He doesn't need to be on the field very often. We talked about. That's how Seattle does things. It's sustained success in the NFL. And I think the saints are kind of. They're kind of near that territory now. They've been a playoff caliber team for several years in a row now The bucks as we mentioned they they end up jumping up one spot in the first round. Take Tristan wharfs which we talked about quite a bit. On the Friday show. And and how that sorta signifies and maybe this is a little bit more of Bruce Arians offense with some the downfield stuff as opposed to Sort of Tom Brady. Quick strike stuff but Day to they end up getting Antoine winfield junior another safety there and they take the running back keyshawn Vaughn and and you kind of wonder it seems like Arians has been less than thrilled with with Ronald Jones. So you wonder if Keyshawn Vaughn is going to be the guy who ends up being sort of the the workhorse back in this offense. Yeah because they've sure talked Ronald Jones up a lot. We hear a lot of positive headlines about how the bucks feel belt Ronald Jones. And you don't get those from Christian McCaffrey's team a whole lot because you don't need them so it's and then to take a guy in the third round his position you might be onto something. There has some nice skills I could see. Jones got drafted where he did. There's a lot to like. And they took a guy his position coaches and teams. They tell you how they feel about guys. By what the what their actions are and Winfield is nice in In Todd Bowles Defense here. Yes because I think windfall. Let's assume winfield play. Let's say he's nobody's a safe pick but let's say they are very confident that he'll be on the field for them. That solves a lot of problems because their secondary last year. Jamaldini Corner Third Round. Pick got better over the course of the year. Carlton Davis Twenty Eighteen. Second Rounder Shaun Murphy. Bunting he's actually a pretty good looking player but he moved around a little slot guys outside. Guy. I'm Jay Stewart. These are all young corners. And I think they're good not great and the that a good not great through highs lows safety is a little bit true as well Mike Edwards third round pick last year and this is where it applies more to Antoine Winfield Justin Evans. Rangy guy but didn't play last year due to injury. Were talking talent here. None of it is proven other than Carlton Davis. None of these guys are totally proven. Three down players if you can get that out of Winfield. That's a lot more freedom and flexibility. You have with deploying these other guys could now. You're only fill in one spot not trying to fill both spots out there at safety so I liked the Winfield pick because I think there's a potential domino effect with it. Hey everyone I'm John. Wertheim senior writer at sports illustrated in our new podcast record. We're opening up more than sixty years of the SL fall. In examining our most consequential work about the moments that defined the most legendary athletes in sports. From Michael Jordan Serena Williams. The record will tell never before heard stories behind the stories that turned athletes into icons. Subscribe now to the record on Apple. Podcast spotify stitcher. Wherever you get your podcasts Let's go to the NFC north starting with Chicago bears. They came into draft weekend with only nine tight ends on the roster so they had to address that shortage and they get coca met with the forty third. Pick What they have a lot of tight ends. Obviously they're not all at. I'm sure they're all perfectly nice guys but there are not all necessarily great players. They did I mean they. They signed Jimmy Graham and and they pay Jimmy Graham. I think a little bit more than everyone expected. Jimmy Graham to get But now now you have coal comment they brought in Dimitrius Harris. Adam Shaheen is still there but I assume some mix of Graham comment and And Harris are what you're looking at here. Yeah and I would imagine that. Shaheen's going to have a tough time making this roster because those three guys you mentioned grandma's clearly receiver Harris is. He's he's he can do everything I think he's a little. He's here because he's a good receiver off. The bench commits an all around classic tight end. They need a blocking tight. End Somewhere and Shaheen has not been on the field at times. Brana Ker Ben. Bronner got on the field ahead of him last year so JP Holtz but we don't. We don't need to get into great depth on the number four tight end of seven in one thousand nine hundred nor for year ago. I guess what what this tells me? Though with what they're doing in the position they've invested in. They want to do what the chiefs do which is an obvious passing situations third down and long second along even especially third down those. It's three by one or a one by three. When you say one by three you mean tied-in as the one and three receivers on the other side of three by one. The tight end would be part of the three receivers side so anyway. It's a one by three formation. Travis Kelsey is a huge piece of that for Kansas City. They know that they don't have a Kelsey on the roster but you want a guy who can be a receiving threat so you can at least scheme the way you might with Kelsey and that's Matt Maggie comes from Casey. He knows the value that kind of thing. They signed Trey Burton for that and they've lined up with Burton a lot. It didn't work out for a number of reasons. They're trying again with grand. They'll probably try recall commit. They'll probably have these guys all of the field the same time as well not necessarily in third down. But when you go with multi ends you can simplify some of the coverages and looks and if they're going to salvage Mitchell trubisky and that's a big gift because Nick foles is here now but if they're going to salvage trubisky you you want to help them as much as you want to put him in a chance to succeed. Give them some predictable. Looks to let them find his rhythm and feet as a passer ending. Nick foles is going to Be The quarterback there. I kind of agree with you. Because what fools gives you that we have not yet seen from trubisky of? Maybe we'll see it. He's he's still relatively young member. Yeah even play a lot in. Call it so he's basically were most second year. Qb's would be right now. He's entering year two in terms of total reps at a high level. But they're not running the full offense with them. They look like they do a lot of stuff before the snap and at this well presented in their formations their route combination. That what they're doing they're not close to doing what the chiefs do for example. Nobody is but they're not running an expansive offense trubisky with fools. They'll at least run almost the full offense. Yeah it's a lot of tight ends you got to Rico in Not a whole lot of depth that receiver Allen Robinson Anthony Miller after that. You're you're looking at you know. Cordeiro Patterson John Williams Riley Ridley Types. And then they just they couldn't get anything going on the ground last year and I I know of David. Montgomery plays faster in the second year. they did not address the offensive line outside of losing. Kyle Wong so Just just still a lot of a lot of question marks on offense but They have a chance to do some creative problem solving here with the with Matt Nagy Should mentioned they did have a second second round pick and then they didn't have another pick until outside the one fifty but they do take Jaylen Johnson. The Utah cornerback. Who seems to be good value where they got him need to have Amanda Band Corner? Chuck Pagawa wants to blitz. You play man to man behind most blitzes. If he's not blitzing he's usually playing some kind of cover. Four quarters coverage and for cornerbacks for all intents and purposes that's manned demand as well the Lions We Jeff Goo Okuda we. We know why they took him. Because you need to cover people in the in in the NFL round to go. Deandra swift the The Georgia running back. Who can do a lot of things and I don't know if you want to call them Stylistically a James White type. Alvin Kamara tight. But he he's that guy who has a dimension to the passing game. Kerryon Johnson is capable in the passing. Game and swift is more Definitely a movable Chesapeake stubby guy definitely a guy who is well frankly more of a threat in the passing game and what I like. Is it drafted Jonah Jackson Guard in the third round. Got Logan Stemberg the Kentucky Guy in the fourth round as well so when whenever you're pigs can boutrous other picks. I really liked that. And they've invested in the running game now in three ways a couple of guards which the they could use an infusion of talent to that position and then what you just outlined in swift and the other guy. Maybe you were going to get to him. Gary but I'm GonNa Steal Your spot here. Julian Okwara as a pass rusher. They badly badly needed. Pass rushing help in Detroit and Romeo cars already on the Roster Julia. Romeo from what I've read about Julian and looked into a little bit very different types of players. Row meals kind of more. That classic Devan Canard kind of guys. GonNa hold the block. Hold the edge and Julian's more of a bender and more explosive athlete which probably explains why Julian Win. The third round and Romeo. I'm clicking on to see when undrafted Romo made the NFL in two thousand sixteen though. He's had a nice career. Yeah they've They've cornered the market on the OKWARA. We'll see what they do it's I I'm plugging this. But I'm not proud unplugging this we have the I M Qb power pole coming up today. it was me and Jenny Brenta's encounter or in Algebra and Mitch. Golden voted and I. I just noticed a lot of people had Detroit like thirty one thirty two and I have been very critical of of what lines of done. I mean. They've invested so much in an offensive line. That just hasn't really done anything and I think they've sort of squander Matthew Stafford doing accent but but before Stafford got hurt last year I mean this was the the they were what they're saying like three three and one they they got raw body officials in Green Bay on a Monday night That one Thai they were in ill-fated timeout away from do but stafford with playing an MVP level You know obviously the the defense sort of fell apart. And then you can't really keep pace when it's Jeff Driscoll or David Blau under under center for you but I'm not going to sit here like I did. Two years ago and guaranteed Detroit Lions Dynasty but the lions can't be a nine and seventeen if Matthew Stafford is going to be in the line. The savage hurt again. I mean they'll they'll be the football. I agree with you if they gotta learn to finish games and it's easy to say I don't know how you actually go about finishing games other than playing better that past shows a big factor in the inability to finish because half what would happen is as gaming along their pass. Defense just got worse and worse a lot of the Times last year and that wasn't necessarily on the secondary of is more on the guy is trying to get to the QB so they follow the Patriot model. They don't necessarily need big time. Pass rushers but you need some guys that can at least win when they get into one on one scenarios execute. The schemed rushes. Lot of stunts. Lot of twists Jamie Collins will be part of the pass rush nail. Trey flowers needs to be better than he was a year ago. I didn't think it was a very high impact player for what they're asking him. And now Julian Okwara three guys that give you a chance that maybe being a little bit. Different defensively now. Okay so here we go on the Green Bay packers who we talked about during love a lot on Friday night. I'm sure we're about to talk about him a little bit more because he is look at the draft class as a whole and kind of wonder but before. We really dive into this. I want to throw out a trivia question and you can maybe think about it. Just it's a number guest so it's not It's not a big deal but the listeners. Here both. I'm asking you but the listeners. Are You It it's like. Oh we have a better audience in that. It's it's like you're it's like a choose your own adventure type thing. What should Andy Answer? And I'm actually. I'm stealing this of Kokubo. Aqsa twitter feed so if you know the answer and I assume like most people you listen to this podcast with an audience like a bunch of people together. That's that's how you're supposed to be experiencing it. It's it's it's sort of a you want to be within a crowd this this time in our world. I mean socially distance but I mean you know. You can't just listen to this alone. You're you're missing out on all the fun. This is the Trivia Question. How many first round picks has Aaron Rodgers thrown touchdown passes to in his career? Like how many different ones and you can think about it. And then you can answer at the end of this section here so Jordan love. And we're not quite sure what Jordan love means year. I mean they yeah I I have not gained any clarity. He certainly an inexpensive backup. I guess and then I don't know if you put on the field maybe you end up in a situation where someone will give you a high draft pick for Jordan down the road but also you just spent a high draft pick on on Jordan love but round two they go. Aj Dylan they go with the big back I mean I would say in a perfect world. Aj Dylan becomes your Derrick. Henry I I don't know is that. Is that what you want to build? Now with Aaron Rodgers their and do a bunch of zone and then a play action off of that. That's that's the answer to that is yes. That's what Matt Leflore wants to build. Because that's what he had in Tennessee. What Derrick Henry and I know. He's not in Tennessee anymore. But they've continued to run that system since he's been gone. That's that's what Matt Leflore knows and it's worked really well towards Shanahan ruins what mcvay run so. The last couple of super bowls have been represented by that scheme Tennessee. Titans were a game away from the Super Bowl. Green Bay attempted to be that kind of team last year and I think they got pretty close or not where they want to be yet. These outside zone teams are the most successful offenses in the NFL. Right now. So La floors thinking is. That's what we're going to build the. It's going to start from the run game and Jazirah d'Ivoire the the I mean he. He's h back. He's not ever going to be a a Y tight end in in the league out of Cincinnati smaller tight end. Tight Guy You did you ask me about him before the draft there was some someone. I won't say I think we we talked about a talked about on the other night because we recorded that right after the first round but I I feel like we have asked about him at some point. If on the field is going to be your second tied in correct. You just said he's not a y tight end so that's even more evidence. There's a lot of evidence your gear that these guys want to be a run type of team. They drafted Dylan. They drafted Guevara. They've invested in that kind of scheme. You could even argue that drafting. Love is a little bit of a commitment towards APP because love is stylistically in what he can be? If it all goes well. He'll be a more on schedule player than Rogers doesn't mean it's going to be better than Roger. No one's saying that maybe he will be you know they. They might think he could be one day but stylistically. He's more of a rhythmic. Qb Rogers that's not in his innate nature so green bay has known this and that was the biggest challenge you had last year and I thought they did a pretty good job a really good job of massaging that in heaven. Rogers come back to them and then they meet Rogers in the middle and it kind of goes that way. But they're making a commitment to the run game for sure which means to some degree they're asking rogers to come a little more towards the middle towards them. Okay when when someone did ask me. That do are my scouting report was. He'll he'll make you forget all about Klay Harbor but I needed to not talk so long because you. That's a good joke that That's funny you need. I'm sorry that was a good one. I Aaron Rodgers Ju on that actually I kind of went into my own rhythm and schedule there. I like to think I still made the play but it was a little frustrating. I only have so much. Clay Harbor related material. That I can go through here. Are We answering this? Rogers Trivia thing before resilient to when whoever's home right now when you're listening to this please shout out your answers and then like prices right and then Andy will listen to the audience and then give his answer all right. Okay give your answer. I want to say one guy. It's one as the answer is a number answer. Do you know who it is you you did you look it up. I initiated not look it up and I thought about this guy and I almost clicked to confirm thought no less. I'm confident enough that I'm going to answer it anyway. Without looking at Marseille Lewis. Wow do you really not look it up? I did not look it up. He was like a late first round. Pick for that was. That was a lifetime ago. You and I were not alive when Marquette trapped in the league so I would almost argue. Is that even count? Does he wasn't their first round pick. He's he's on the back end of his career. They got on the sixteenth hole of his. It was outing here. Yeah Yeah so that is the answer though. That is impressive. I still think you looked it up. I promise you I did not. I have always answered these with integrity. And if I mean by that I mean when I do look it up admitted I have not looked it up this time. Okay I mean. I hinted that it was a small number so I wouldn't surprise you answered one. I was just really were asking if that were asking it. It's a small number Rogers around for ten years. What do you mean we yeah? Small Number Twenty three more than ten years like yeah fifteen years for Rogers. Why WOULD I ten? I don't know honestly for three is in the middle in the middle US around for twelve. We're you are offering now because we are on what this team twenty-six of of this Weekend of of draft media but Let's go to a L. We're arriving at the Minnesota Vikings so now. We have a full hour to devote to the Vikings. Seventy eight man. Draft class here Fifteen players for the Vikings we talked about just Jefferson and Jeff Glad Ni You know we still sort of wonder how Jefferson and feeling What you do with them. Winding-up Jefferson presumably is going to play outside which he didn't do in college right presumably. Because there's there's not a slot receiver in their line-up they're not gonNA put three receivers on the field very often they will play with base personnel. A lot of the time now is we talked about the other night. Though with the nature of their offense. I think stylistically Jefferson. Do More things that he did it. Lsu than you would guess Stylistically by the way how many Lsu guys have become Minnesota Vikings like actually big time players because Justin Jefferson will have warren nothing but purple and Yellow and white and his football. Where did he go to high school? He he's going to be in the same color of for his entire life. Do you know he was a he was a zero star. Recruit at Lsu. I I didn't even know there were such thing. I was as Eurostar recruited. A lot of place. I guess I guess we all were. Us almost a podcast. So it's been said he went to Lsu and became a hundred eleven catch a national champion and now a first round NFL. Pick Yeah They Take Jeff Gladness who I mean they. They need cornerbacks They lost three of their first four cornerbacks from last season. So Jeff Gordon is GonNa take more of those spots. They also took Cameron Dancer. I think dancer was maybe first round. Darkhorse stubby guy until the combine. He just didn't run well. I I hate to emphasize the combine that much but I do think when it comes to cornerbacks combine measurable 's because such a purely athletic reactionary position not not fully be still. Need you know a fairly high football IQ. And all that. But I think it's easy to sort of bump guys up or down based on what they run in dance or did run some the four sixes at at the combine. But he's a big corner. Speed is one thing that can be hard to play without at cornerback in the NFL. We could debate. I think speed say it's overrated the forty time certainly overrated that to me the forty time means almost nothing so but let's say this Dan. Did you see Dan Slur at all in college that he does he play fast at all? I would not a he doesn't but I also know run it solely as he did. I mean I would've I would've called in. Probably an average speed guy with good length. Speeds are hard when somebody I for. I wish I give this guy credit because it was a really good tweet. Somebody had an image the other day. And if you know who it was tweet officer or send us an email talk back because it was an image of all the guys that have run slow forty times in the draft in the names of the corners. And you wouldn't recognize. Hardly any Josh. Norman was the only name I recognized on first blush. I think if there aren't a lot of slow corners in the NFL's two point and they take Ezra Cleveland which maybe spells the end of of Riley reef coming up possibly by the way just in Jefferson to clean that up when he went to death. Strahan Highschool Louisiana. They were red and white kind almost like Washington state's uniforms. Yeah so anyway he. Unfortunately it's not. It can be all purple and yellow but Cleveland. Riley reef is on the outs probably next year. You can get rid of them for minimal cap damage. If I recall one thing you might want to keep in mind is is accurate floated to me. I was on the Boise. Radio show today. Did a bunch of radio stuff boise by coincidence was one of my buddies down at. Ktar pointed out maybe Riley plays guard for me and left. Guard was a position of need this year. I think pat lanes had a lot of chances. I don't know if he's cashed in on him well enough. So could you kick Revi- assume it'd be reviewed move inside because you the guy who's been there awhile and the guy who probably won't be there much longer you would be more willing to tinker with his position than in. Cleveland'S I would guess but that you know I could be wrong on that. They'll figured out. Cleveland gives them more talent along the offensive line. We know that and he does fit in outside zone scheme. He's a better zone blocker than man-to-man blocker and look. I mean they had a ton of day three picks here they at one point were scheduled for thirteen. They traded a couple. They ended up making Looks like eleven day. Three picks up and they just they need is in there. And they're gonNA have competitions and yell for their sake they're gonNA try and shake out some these guys. I'm sorry we're not going to run through all of them. That what what surprises me with. All of the skiers is the discussion around Minnesota in the kirk cousins re signing the contract kind of propagated. The discussion is that now. Now's the time our window is now. It looks to me like your window was last year. I mean this is a lot of new personnel that they're incorporate especially when you factor in who's going to be coming off the bench for them. This team is not nearly as good on paper as it was a year ago. It's a lot of new personnel and I mean look. We're we're GONNA talk all summer about how you know. The the the lack of mini camps and all virtual stuff is going to make it more difficult for new guys to be broken in an continuity is going to be an advantage for a lot of these teams so Look that they were a lot of trouble cap wise. I mean I guess that necessitated the the cousins restructuring to an extent someone someone pointed out to me after I had floated will the Vikings Take George love and intrigue back in mock draft. Which is not supposed to be read by anyone? Let alone followed at all but Cousins Twenty twenty. Two contract becomes fully guaranteed. If I have this correctly an amoeba butchering it comes fully guaranteed on like the fifth day of the twenty twenty one league year so basically. They're locked in to kirk cousins through twenty twenty two on on expensive contracts. And I'm looking at now. I can't cut him now because that would trigger sixty two million dead cap money. So he'll be here for. The duration of this season now sat for analysis cousins. Look it was hideous. It was in his interest to sign this deal as well because there were. It's it's it's a yeah yeah absolutely. I don't blame him. I was just you kind of head scratching that they were making these sort of three or commit. I really thought the Vikings at some point. We're going to kind of say cousins thing is going well but look at how much we're having to tear down. Maybe we want one of those rookie quarterback contracts here and we'll roll the dice. We don't need necessarily need a guy at the top of the first round That sort of thing but yeah. I wonder if they would have done that if they if they had had any clue at all maybe they had a clue but if they knew that. Green Bay was going after love with that of change their approach. They had lot love before the packers got him. I gasped at the same problem I mean they. They are locked in. They are locked the cousins through two thousand twenty so I guess I'm thinking before. They locked themselves into cousins if they had all right. Okay Yeah I Gotcha I gotcha you. I read you one more division. And then we're done Dallas COWBOYS NFC EAST. The Dallas Cowboys have won the draft They they will hold a parade as soon as they can And that's that's it. I mean we talk about. Cd-rom a little bit on Friday. And how lamb really allows Amari Cooper to play in the slot. A Lot. Which is really where you want him but Dan I'm getting tremont digs who I mean. Look maybe a little bit raw. But I don't know if digs necessarily has to play a huge role as a rookie and I mean my goodness the you know. He's a converted receiver and the the physical traits. Are I mean? This is a quarterback built in a lab thing. Yeah long arm. Physical guy probably doesn't have to play right away. Although I I would think they would want that. Because if he's not then who's your number it's either Anthony Brown playing outside probably be Jordan Lewis outside Anthony. Browne would stay in the slot in that case which I think it's serviceable. Yeah that's that's probably fine. I like Louis as a really good number four corner and the way I I want him on the field at times. I don't want them just being on the bench and we feel good that he's on the bench and he might come in if we need them. I think he deserves to be on the phillies. A good player. I liked him in the role. He's been in as a number four corner who can do a lot of different things for play all the play all the corner spots and they end up with their other dates you pick. They take a Neville gallimore penetrating interior defensive. Lineman what might Nolan GonNa do upfront here with this With his unit. Well less so Mike Nolan. Colin plays in the NFL. Believe us with the Falcons is their defensive coordinator. They made a conscious effort under him to be a blitzing defense. They even had meetings about it with the front office and said we feel. We can manufacture our pass rush. So let's not go. We don't need to get. They didn't say it back then. But we don't need to get a demarcus Lawrence type of guy we don't need these super expensive premium pass rushers. We need corners. Who can do that? 'cause we'll manufacture the pass rush. Just give us the coverage on the back. End makes us feel comfortable being aggressive. That was his approach when we last saw now. Maybe he's shifted his philosophy a little bit. They did signed on Terry Po. They signed Gerald McCoy. You just described. Gallimore is a one gap penetrator type of guy. Those players fit a four three zone base scheme. So maybe they're wanting to stick with that. That's what they had under Rod Marinelli and Chris Rashard this past year quite frankly. They didn't play that scheme very well this past year. It has not worked. It should work out for them because they had a lot of talent on defense but it did not work out but they weren't good enough in it so I would think Nolan's going to do more of the blitzing and be a little bit more multiple than what we've seen but we don't know that for sure. Yeah he's a. They just didn't tackle well last year. And maybe maybe getting latent Vandereycken back in the lineup rectify some of that The giants We talked about it they they. They chose Andrew Thomas. They'd like Andrew Thomas Best. There's nothing wrong with that. They'll be right or they'll be wrong but Thomas will be there right. Tackle Xavier mckinney. Was there early second round pickier. A lot of people don't mckinney was going round one versatile safety can play over the slot a little bit and I think we were gonNA play him over the slot. It's more of a zone. Look type of thing but very good at undercutting routes there you go and they they whatever it is. They could use that kind of peace over all they could use a third safety if they want members Patrick Grandma's or coordinator now a he's not a pure patriot guys had some other exposure to other schemes. But my guess is Joe. Judge hired him because he's more patriots than not Patriot. On Defense Patrick. Chung enormous player for New England in terms of establishing the style of play that franchise prefers do you. May Be view exhibitor mckinney and that kind of light do everything type of box safety slash. Corner Chung. I see it as kind of slot corner at times. They'll have options air and there might change week to week to another Patriot trademark and we wondered if if they'd address offensive line again. Thomas will start on the right side this year. Does he move to the left side where they do but they probably need another tackle long-term nate solar stays there but They do. Dave goes back to the old proven formula of taking the best Yukon offensive tackle available last time. The giants did that of course led to two super bowl championships when they took a baby in the second round. Back IN TWO THOUSAND. Nine hundred eighty. That's that's a guy that just I just for he was. He used a nice player when he was at his side height. Yeah he was and that pair it is kind of a late comer to football but But a really good prospect and again as as a as a yukon supporter not very passionate one but is Yukon supporter. It was nice to see some Yukon highlights that were not them getting There's there's I just there's one of Dylan The running back from BC. The packers took and There were like eight Yukon guys trying to tackle him like the fifteen yard line and he just carried them all into the end zone and like that was. That was the contract weekend that I have a quick will bady story for you. It comes out of twenty seventeen. I WanNa see I wanNA make sure I get the timing right on this Our old friend Mack Gonyea. The Eagles signed Will Beta magazines are editor the QB. From the beginning of it he was original guys The Eagles signed will beatty. I guess I'm going back. It looks like it's November of twenty seventeen and when they signed him so let's mid season. We'll beat he'd been out of the NFL. He was thirty two years old at that point. Matt Matt Mack. Gonyea contacted me. Want to know if I was wanting to. Do you want to write up? The will the big breaking news on we'll Beta they signed left tackle. I said what do you mean what what breaking new baby the giants tackle? I said. It's no we're in the middle of November though he hasn't been in the league. He's a retread guy. I mean I just had a nice career but this isn't this isn't new not gonNA play and Ghani was blown away by that. He couldn't believe turning the story down the will be. What would I have said in that article two time? Superbowl champion will baby signs with the Eagles? Yeah and I guess you know he would have won the super bowl that year right. I'm telling you you take a Yukon tackle on day two and just watch the multiple super bowls roles that way does will beatty have three rings in no no. I don't think he I don't think he stayed in Philadelphia. Wasn't there long enough that well. That's the story we should have written in was when they got rid of wilby early in two thousand seventeen after signing him He was on sorry. Sorry he did win. That's right twenty seventeen. He won with the Eagles. He only won one super bowl with okay. All right you bet. That seems that makes more still. I'm sorry not paired only leads to one super bowl for the giants here so that you can. You can deal with that That Developmental often to tackle here so they got to tackle who hopefully become their their tax with future here day. Three Lots of Defense Darna homes is is very fast the one hundred ten pick and sort of up and down at Ucla but interesting guy and most we'll see the giants still sort of building up and obviously the cowboys are very good in that division and so are the Eagles The Eagles had probably the most controversial pick of the weekend. And we'll get to that in a second but look when we came into this off season. We kind of said boy. Eagles got add speed. They gotta add speed and I mean my goodness okay. Okay we'll do with heard Jalen Rieger. And then he took John hightower out of Boise State. Who is just a pure burner? And then they trade from artiste. Goodwin they get to Sean Jackson back. I'm sure someone's made the joke that that's a four by one hundred relay team but that's also not a joke that is like bronze medal winning for by one hundred relay team. If you want to put him out there. There was a lot of watch on this marquees. Goodwin trade it was all these updates goodwin trade could go down. Niners rip open to Goodwin Trade Marquees. Goodwin didn't play last year for them. So I mean it's nice it got and speedster goodwin will have to beat out. John hightower because otherwise they're going to go with the the fifth round rookie and hightower is going to have to beat out the Sean Jackson for significant. Snazzy probably won't do that but he'll be in the lineup yes speed overall. They got speed and last year. They addressed the need to replace. We'll bady at left tackle with Andrei Dillard. So they're all set there as long as he can be better against the bull rush. It's an athletic offense overall. When you look at I mean Lane Johnson. Gelson Jason Kelsey Andre Dillard at offensive line lot of speed at wide receiver. I little tight ends and a quarterback who will be aggressive with all of that and Jalen hurts they took jalen hurts. Everyone in Philadelphia. I couldn't believe how much vitriol was being Spewed out on the jalen hurts pick. I'll say in a number one carson. Wentz hasn't made it to the end of a season since his rookie year I know people are GonNa say well. We started the playoff game. But yeah you got hurt during the playoff game. And then they had to put Josh mccown out there who was limping around on a bad hamstring. Because he's He's my age and trying to play professional football He's he's a little younger than you. But that's where I go. We're the same age is Jamie. Yes same athleticism and similar success in our careers. Right Jalen hurts. So yes. You have yourself a backup quarterback again. We saw what happened. Nick foles they probably feel pretty good about their ability to develop quarterbacks here But more than that I mean. Look they clearly have some sort of plan for? Jalen hurts to be involved in the offense in some way while Carson Wentz is healthy and starting in playing so yes I it's it's it's too early to know what this book is therefore too early to be so upset about this. I think the pick will be some kind of form of ran. Antwan randle El when he was with Pittsburgh and former quarterback and he was more of a receiver than hurts. Obviously but that kind of concept that extensive gadgetry type of pick the problem is. It's going to be hard to find enough snaps for him. Tay Some hills the closest equivalent that we have and he gets on the field for about half the stats. But he's a blocking tight end at times where he's an H. back. He's a a receiving tied in hill can do a lot more than what? Jalen hurts can do based on what appears hurts a skill set is entering the NFL right now. Yeah I'll just say this I mean look they're the same size tastes them hill and I'm not sitting here saying the eagles Really like the thought of Jalen hurts blocking and tackling on special teams. But you not some hill. If you watch them in college you would have just said like Oh. That's right handed Tim Tebow. That's that's A. That's a quarterback who can't really throw what are they gonna do with them And this is what they did with. I don't think anyone would have looked at taste. Hill coming out of. Byu and said by God this you know. Here's a special teams ace and a potential H back tight end type. A guy you make a great point. I didn't I'll be honest. I didn't realize jalen hurts was a stick as he was. He's six one to two. It looks like he doesn't tell me if I'm wrong I don't my eyeball test doesn't seem to say that's what he is he. Actually I used to think the same thing about him. I did not think he was that big until I Until I saw the measurements before the combine when you went to Oklahoma. 'cause I'm here. He said about his. Nfl prospects of that point being snarky or anything here. Maybe he was different padding than as the milk as them. Hill looks big. I'm surprised hills not to thirty two twenty something as its weight low twenties. So yeah. Maybe you're onto something there. Maybe I need to expand my thinking on it. We know this Gary Philadelphia would not make pick unless they had a clear plan in mind right now of what they're going to do. Jalen hurts and they're not gonNA tell us what the plan is. They're they're a secret of team for one but for too it makes even if they were a blabbermouth team or media-friendly team. They still shouldn't tell anybody. That's that's good trade information that they have in their hands right now. And what can I give you my Josh mccown story row? Quick Yeah definitely. Do I told this a few years ago. Do you remember the story? No I saw Josh mccown at the combine. I guess I can say now because everybody's moved on. He was meeting with the bears staff so it was Adam gays as as a coordinator in John. Fox's head coach Ryan pace was the GM so mechanic come in sometimes combine every once in a while. You'll see a player Frank Gore. I saw a few years ago. Just sitting there in the lobby. They come in if they're still unsigned and they're looking at long term contracts like two year extension type of deal anyway. Mccown was in town talking to contract. Maybe now I think about me. I'm not supposed to say this at all who may have been a tampering meeting. But anyway what how they were at the high it at a eating a fancy breakfast at the Hyatt restaurant. Would you have guessed Josh? Mccown war to that meeting. Specifically what kind of footwear crocs the good guess you WanNa take another one. I'll tell you this I guess it it's way off both in berkinstocks. No combat boots like a goth like those kids from the mall and you were young. Yeah and they were the kind that went up almost up over most of his Shin Really. Yeah these were. These were heavy duty boots nice. Yeah good on him. Yeah and with that we go on to debut on Taylor the from David Taylor is also just incredibly fast. They they have Whenever they do attract me if they decided to track meets instead of Football Games this year. The Eagles are going to just blow. Everyone away David Taylor Colorado linebacker four three something guy just just incredibly fast track athlete. And just awful publisher. You didn't play High School baller. I should say he I believe he appeared in one game and he was a an and still possibly still is a seventh day adventist and they did not participate in football because of the schedule and then cave on. Wallis kind of a big Slot Guy Safety type A type of dude from Clemson so yeah I look. I think the eagles are in good shape. I don't think they had desperate needs I really like adding Darius slay and and John Hargrave during the free agency period and young. Yes jalen hurts is a luxury pick. I didn't really have a problem with it. I'M NOT GONNA say it's great but I just didn't have a big problem with it and apparently everyone just wants to I don't know just punch Howie Roseman in the back of the head or something Y. In I I always struggle to criticize individual picks because again these teams they know so much more about who these guys are what they need all the variables ago these teams have infinitely more information than we do. So who are we to ever criticize and individual pick? I do think it's fine to analyze a draft and look at the concept of it but it's hard ever say you should not have taken back guy take this guy instead. How how do you tell that to now? Now I'm I'm I'm with you. I was just surprised at how upset. Of course yeah. No and I guess if we didn't do that if we didn't have that freedom none of us have jobs too. So maybe I need to backtrack a little bit on that. But let's play it out. Let's see what they have in mind for. Jalen hurts and then we'll analyze it. I was surprised by the pick doll. So that okay. I was just surprised by the I was trying to. I was just surprised by the reaction to make especially for the team. That just won the super bowl two years ago with a backup quarterback. I I thought you you know. Be a little bit more and not excited but just sort of understanding of what might be going on. But like I said I- jalen hurts is going to have a role outside of backup quarterback and we'll see what that is Deb resisted the last team of our draft extravaganza that is Washington Chase young obviously became the second overall. Pick that kind of surprised. No one they have a chance to have a really good pass rush their day to sixty pick. Antonio Gibson. I've seen running back somewhere or receiver somewhere. I would think running back in Washington and honestly I think he's a really good running back. I think he's really good running back prospect. I think he's a guy who Early on you'll put him on the field on passing downs and I think he can become much more than that. I think Down the line. He might be a a three down sort of lead. Your Committee type of guy in the redskins have seen over the years. How Valuable Chris? Thompson has ended them when he's been available and really how how much the offense was reduced when he was unavailable. Different system. Different team all that stuff. Now I get that same uniforms though but the point is having the dinette dynamic running back that can do a lot to help especially a young quarterback 'cause those running back routes limited route trade just by nature. You can't run every out of the backfield going run. A certain number even if Gibson gives them a weapon there and I think they'll use him in more ways than just that but even if he's only that kind of weapon that'll be important for Dwayne Haskins especially considering that they really don't have a starting caliber tight in on the roster so they need some kind of yet to have a gadgetry night dad yet to have a matchup piece somewhere in the offense. If you don't have it at tight end. You needed receiving back yet. They ended up signing rainy. Moss's son thaddeus Moss in the free and superior. I'm not sitting here saying well. Now they have a tight end they got this undrafted free agent. Trying to say it's more that that is more of a factoid you me of the factoid by Los Angeles chargers Sort OF SUPER BOWL fodder on the last show. But that is a factoid. They signed that is moss and thaddeus. Most probably would have been drafted if not for a foot injury that. Sorta kept teams from getting a good look at them but Yeah the the trend has gone. They end up taking a city Charles. LSU offensive tackle who they hope will one day grow into that left tackle spot and Everyone Loves Antonio Gandhi Golden Because He's the Liberty Receiver Really big dude someone. I don't WanNa pick on someone especially 'cause I don't remember who the analysts was but someone gave him a Calvin Johnson comp. Look when they're doing that they're doing that. Stylistically I mean come on. Don't be a fan boy on we deal. We've all dealt with those kind of people you know that but yeah I agree. I would not have the gall to do that. Even if I'm saying stylistically because of what you just did be yes. Yeah BUT GANDHI GOLDEN EIB. He's he's like A. He had a bunch of NEAT FACTOID. Up in the morning when they took him. He's a gardener and I think he bowled like three hundred game and he's a guitarist and probably the most interesting draft pick. I'd say since a clay harbor he worked back in Nice job there. That's how you that's how you wrap up a trilogy and by the way I honestly don't remember if clay harbor was drafted but he had to find a couple of years he didn't. I don't know where he is now. That's all we don't need to find. I'm going to go but we we can end this show. That's next week's trivia question man. I T's on something called team nine. Oh xfl that was under the team name on Wikipedia or something. Okay all right. So they're all right. He's out there. He's doing all right. Thanks Andy I'm so glad you did this. This was this was a fun three shows. I think for the first time ever. We actually space these out properly so that we didn't want to Just kill each other by the end. We had some long Sundays in the past And this was nice. This is great to spread it out over several shows. I'm with you on that and same Shelby Royce in our producer. Also as far as we know Does not wish us any particular harm. Now that this is all over I will just remember the one year. Liu Pelegrina was so our producer at that point Probably two or three years ago and we needed multiple bathroom breaks during the podcast because it was just it was just so long and we thought it was. Never GonNA end. Yup I remember that. Yes kinda the euro. That was a Sunday afternoon. Never speaking of Well Andy once again we thank you for joining us as our special guest and I feel this is just goodbye for now. I'll talk to you at some point in the near future. I'm sure Gary M. qb Monday morning. Podcast is me Gary gramling and special. Thanks once again to Andy for joining us for the NFL draft recap trilogy. We are produced by shelby. Royston essays executive producer of PODCASTS. Scott Brody then Eagle is director of editorial projects and Product Markovic. Raven is emeritus editor of the MTV and he is the founder of the NFL. 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