Mon. 05/18 - Phase One of Moderna's Vaccine Trial Looks Promising


Welcome to the good news ride home for Monday. May Eighteenth Two thousand twenty. I'm Jackson Bird promising results from the modern vaccine. Trials Brazil's cases are mounting. How much of a difference it makes when everyone wears a mask plus why you might be having trouble replying detects recently. How climate change played a role in the evolution of rice varieties and the hottest news sport in town marble racing. The big news of the day is promising results from phase. One of Maderna's vaccine trials. We'll have more on that in the next segment so first. Brazil is looking to be the new hotspot as it overtakes. Italy in confirmed case numbers. They currently have over two hundred forty. Five thousand confirmed cases but experts warn. The count could be higher as the country is only testing people when they end up in the hospital says Domingo from the University of Sao Paulo Medical School Bruno Kovas. The mayor of Sao Paulo says that public hospitals are at ninety percent and expected to reach capacity in two weeks time. He's in talks with the state governor to introduce strict lockdown despite opposition from President Bolsonaro one hundred sixteen countries have joined. Australia's push for an inquiry into the origins of an early response to the Corona Virus. The coalition includes all e U member countries fifty four African nations along with Brazil South Korea Mexico Turkey New Zealand Indonesia India Japan Britain and Canada. The resolution is calling for an impartial independent and comprehensive evaluation of the international response to the pandemic though. It doesn't name China outright. It is already causing rifts. With the nation Beijing has threatened high tariffs on barley and already blocked some beef imports. Meanwhile in the US more states cautiously begin phased reopening plans Massachusetts introduced a four stage reopening plan with levels called. Start cautious vigilant in new normal. Which will each last for at least three weeks and only move on to the next stage when there's been a significant decline in the viruses spread stores and malls reopened in Minnesota today? Connecticut will reopen salons museums and office buildings on Wednesday. Stores and restaurants are reopening in Kentucky by Friday and as stores restaurants and salons began reopening at limited capacity starting on April thirtieth in Texas. The State reported record fatalities at the end of last week hitting fifty eight deaths in just one day their highest single-day peak. Your case numbers are also rising in Texas. Although the state has also been testing significantly more people Scott Gottlieb in sharing data of hospitalizations by state on twitter. Pointed out quote time to hospitalization is typically about eight days from infection so if policy and a relaxing of social distancing and of individual practices less. Caution Masks handwashing is impacting spread. You'd be expecting to start seen get picked up in data heading into this week and quote. Apple's doors are continuing to reopen with different restrictions in various locations. Wile all will offer item. Pick up and genius bar reservations. Only some will allow customers inside and those that do will be temperature. Checking out the door and requiring face coverings of all staff and customers apple will provide face coverings for individuals who don't arrive with one and we'll also be enforcing social distancing and limited occupancy inside the. Tsa is looking to add temperature. Scans to their screening procedures and will roll the checks out at a dozen airports across the US next week if approved while airlines the Department of Homeland Security and some of the TSA are in favor of adding the temperature checks others the TSA as well as some the CDC disagree they point out that. It's not a foolproof check for corona virus. It may prevent customers with other medical conditions from flying and some the TSA say that it doesn't fall within the scope of the TA's security mission. Madonna who began the first human trials on a vaccine back in March has announced that findings from their first phase of trials indicate. The vaccine is both safe and able to stimulate an immune response to virus quoting the New York Times. The findings are based on results from the first eight people who each received two doses of the vaccine starting march. Those people healthy volunteers made antibodies. That were then tested in human cells in the lab and were able to stop the virus from replicating the key requirement for an effective vaccine the levels of those so called neutralizing. Antibodies matched the levels found in patients who had recovered after contracting the virus in the community. The company has said that it is proceeding on with an accelerated timetable with the second phase involving six hundred people to begin soon and a third phase to begin in July involving thousands of healthy people. The Food and Drug Administration gave Maderno the go ahead for the second phase earlier this month and quote if all goes well there could be vaccine available for widespread use by the end of the year or early next year but widespread doesn't mean everyone gets one. How many will be able to be manufactured remains to be seen however there's promising news on that front as well this phase one trial included low medium and high doses and found that the low doses work more than well enough and the lower the dose the more vaccines that can be made while. This is all encouraging news. It's best not to get our hopes up too soon. These are only preliminary results on a very small sample of people. There are a lot of ways. This vaccine could still prove ineffective or unsafe as trials. Continue Graham would staff writer at the Atlantic re shared an article. He wrote about the Maderna's trial when it began back in March in which he pointed out. That are in a vaccine's like Madonna is working on have never before been approved for human use. So that will be an additional hurdle to overcome nonetheless. As News of the success of phase one broke this. Maderna's shares rose twenty six percent overall the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded eight hundred points higher. Three point four percent so even while being cautious about eventual incomes today was not bad on a few fronts mentioned briefly last week a new study that said if eighty percent of Americans wore masks the infection rate would plummet to one twelfth the number of infections so I just wanted to elaborate a bit on that study today. That number comes from study put together by decry in American computer scientist with joint appointments at UC Berkeley and the Hong Kong University of Science and technology along with the support of an interdisciplinary team. From around the globe the team built a forecasting model called the Mask Sim simulator which enabled them to create scenarios of populations that generally wear masks compared to ones. That typically don't quoting vanity fair masks him takes sophisticated programming used by epidemiologists to track outbreaks pathogens like cove in nineteen Ebola and SARS and blended this with other models. They're used in artificial intelligence to take into account the role of chance case the randomness and unpredictability of human behavior for instance when a person who's infected decides to go to a beach declines team have also added some original programming that takes into account specific criteria such as how effective certain masks are blocking the invisible micro droplets of moisture. That spray out of our mouths when we exhale or speak or our noses when we sneeze scientists believe are significant. Vectors for spreading the corona virus and quotes. The team plans to publish the study in a major journal soon but so far it has received promising feedback from other researchers who reviewed it. You can see how the model works in video that I will put a link to in the show notes. In addition to demonstrating how the computational model works the video also shows how at eighty ninety one hundred percent of people wearing masks at the seventy percent effective rate the team estimates for homemade face coverings most of the dots representing people stay free of infection. However you have to be at pretty much eighty percent mask wearing at the minimum for there to be any effect decay said quote. If you get down to thirty or forty percent you get almost no beneficial effect at all and quote so while this study reassuring that masks most likely do have an impact. We really have to get most people to be wearing them which is easier said than done. And a lot of places and while masks do seem to prevent spread the World Health Organization is always careful to note that they need to be worn properly and that the wearing of masks should not lure people into a false sense of security social distance. Seen staying home impossible and other precautions should still be taken so over the years. I've gotten worse and worse at replying to messages emails texts. Dm's I started twenty twenty making a resolution to be better about it. I implemented some system to try to help but then the pandemic hit and for some reason it became even harder for me to reply to messages if this sounds familiar. Or maybe if you are great at reply messages but you've noticed that some of your friends and family are suddenly awful at it. There might actually be a rational explanation for why this is happening. Sheera Etzion Marriage and family therapist told vice quote. Were suddenly in this position. Where the way of communicating is one hundred percent virtual and the technology that we're used to using for fun or by choice is now are half to form of communicating and quotes. Is You also explains that people are having to adjust to the fact that just because many of us are at home. More doesn't mean were present in available all the time that we need to remember that fact in and accept that reality for ourselves and that those who feel the pressure to reply immediately because they're thinking the person who reached out knows that they're at home and therefore have no excuse for not replying might be causing themselves to be more unresponsive by creating that unnecessary pressure quoting vice. According to Relational Therapist Racine Henry that assumption in itself is the problem? Quote the benefit of all this is. We don't need an excuse and I hope we get out of the habit of feeling like we need one she said just because we can't leave home as freely as we used to doesn't mean we don't have things occupying our minds or emotions in other words it's valid to be busy overwhelmed and unable to text back even when you can't leave your house end quote the therapists quoted give the following pieces of advice. I communicate your capacity. Be Clear about expectations instead of feeling pressured to give a complete response when you may not be up for it try responding with something like can we talk tomorrow when I can give you my full attention. Additionally they say we need to cut ourselves and each other some slack right now. The middle of the pandemic is not necessarily the time to be trying to tackle bad habits or judge ourselves by the same standards. We did before and we need to remember that when we interact with others. How someone is behaving right now might not be reflective of their usual self. So I'm not saying we're all off the hook but maybe we can ease off on how hard were being on ourselves. And if I oh you attacks I'll get back to you soon. If you've been stocking up to avoid going to the grocery store to frequently you might be eating more rice than usual. So here's an interesting recent discovery to spice things up spice things up intellectually anyways. I can't help you. You're out of recipes. Researchers at the NYU Center for genomics and systems biology have linked a major cooling event four thousand two hundred years ago to the evolution of new rice varieties and the spread of rice to more parts of the world quoting. Nyu For the first four thousand years of its history. Farming race was largely confined to China and Japonica was the subspecies grown then a global cooling events around forty two hundred years ago also known as the four to K. events which thought to have had widespread consequences including the collapse of civilizations from Mesopotamia to China coincided with Japonica Rice diversifying into temperate and tropical varieties. The newly evolved temperate varieties spread in northern China Korea and Japan while the tropical varieties spread to Southeast Asia. This abrupt climate change forced plants including crops to adapt said reform Tucker a post doctoral associate at nyu center for Genomics and systems biology. And the study's lead author our genomic data as well as Paleo climate modeling by our collaborators show. The cooling event occurred at the same time as the rise of temperate japonica which grows in milder regions this cooling event also may have led to the migration of rice agriculture and farmer communities into Southeast Asia and quotes researchers originally thought rainfall and water would be the environmental factors most responsible diversifying rice varieties and were surprised to discover. It was primarily temperature connecting these dots will hopefully enable scientists to develop new varieties that can withstand future environmental factors like climate change and drought with most sports. Leagues Still Suspended Sports. Networks commentators and athletes have been getting creative to pass the time and fill the airwaves. But one socially distancing approved sport that I have been a fan of for a couple of years is finally getting the mainstream attention it deserves. Don't they come as irs to the league green ducks into the water? Now they have a lot of trouble moving through those chicanes to start things off. And a sandwich speeders. Keep their momentum fall into the final fun. Rascal racist tried to fight. Now that may sound like a fairly ordinary competition you just heard but the thing is in the footage that went along with that. There were absolutely zero. Humans onscreen the athletes. The coaches and the fans packing the stands are all marbles. That was a clip from dutch-based. Youtube channel yellows marble runs which creates highly produced videos of marble racing. And I promise you it's amazing. People always think I'm nuts when I describe it but when you watch it I guarantee will get sucked in the brothers who run the channel yellow and dion construct ever more creative structures for the marbles to compete on including the final race of Five K. Dash Long Jump Collision Course Santrac and even in underwater course plus there are marble fans in the stands with signs supporting their favorite teams. There's ambient crowd noise detailed stats on the screen. A totally serious commentator it feels like watching an actual game on TV and they keep track of all the teams players and their stats so that you can stay invested video after video tournament after tournament. I literally own merchandise from my favorite team the green ducks although I have to admit that the Rojo rollers and the snowballs are pretty strong. Teams right now. The green ducks didn't even qualify for the two thousand nineteen marble league showdown. It was embarrassing. Every now and then videos from yellows marble runs will go viral. But this weekend. Their profile was kicked up a notch. When they were featured on John Oliver's lest week tonight Oliver did a deep dive on the current state of sports and various proposals for resuming various leagues ultimately concluding that despite the very real threat to so many employees livelihoods. The larger threat from the virus remains and. We can't rush starting up again instead. He suggested yellows marble runs as an alternative entertainment source and to help the marble racing channel really deliver for all of their new fans. Last week tonight became the sole sponsor of the channels upcoming Marble League twenty twenty in addition to providing funding for production last week tonight is also giving winning athletes thousands of dollars in prize money to donate to various relief organizations. So if you weren't into marble racing before there is no time like the present to dive in and while the twenty twenty marble league sponsored by last week tonight doesn't start until June twenty-first with qualifying rounds on the eighteenth. The brothers at yellows marble runs have produced several years worth of Marble Olympics both winter and Summer Games Marble Rallies Marble League tournaments and even marble one most seasons include qualifying rounds friendly competitions as well as opening and closing ceremonies so there is a ton to watch and get caught up on link to their channel is in the show notes. That's all for you today. As always the show was produced by ride home media. I'm Jackson Bird. Have a good rest of your day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

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