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From ABC, this is the ten percent happier podcast. I'm Dan Harris. Okay guys we're rounding out primordial needs week. That's what we're calling this week. With a meditation guided Meditation Four. Sleep we've covered both sleep and sex this week. So we don't have any meditations on sex in the ten percent happier optima aware of so we're dropping asleep meditation. Sleep is one of the most popular sections on the ten percent happier APP. In one of the most popular teachers within that section is the great. Matthew. Hepburn who's not only an awesome meditation teacher but also an awesome colleague to all of us at ten percent happier. just before we dive in here with Matthew. I want to just remind you that today is the last day to join the Summer Sanity Challenge, which is a free twenty one day meditation challenge that launched on Monday it's not too late to sign up. If you sign up every day, you get a short video followed by free guided meditation. The goal here is to help you boot up or reinvigorate. Your Meditation Habit. You can do so low or you can bite your friends and family to join just go to ten percent dot com slash challenge, and as I've said before, the link will be in the show notes. All of that said, let's let's get to sleep now with Matthew eappen. Hi. This is Matthew. I'm glad to be with you. So much uncertainty deeply concerning news and the ambiance trust during the current public health. Crisis. Of. Course we're GONNA find ourselves Kita at times just when we're trying to wind down and settle in for some rest. Asleep. Session will help. He's the nerves anxiousness from the day. To help you relax and does offer some quality rest. To start. Go, ahead and get comfy. snuggling in. If you like you can stretch her limbs, fingers and toes out long before you curl up and relax your body into the bed. As practice is meant for times of stress or anxiousness. So. It's completely fine if you feel some residual nerves from the day as we begin. All that will begin to settle down and fall away on its own. To begin. Start to notice the different pleasant feelings of being where you are. The blanket is warm. The covers are soft. Would feel good to lie down. Highlight, each of those things enjoy them for a moment. Pick out different specific pleasant feelings you're noticing and really feel their pleasantness. Right now. You're safe and okay. In a place you can rest. And let go. Take a moment to appreciate the safety you have right now. Every mammal in the world can appreciate shelter and piece. Highlighting this can cue the worrying their FRAT for mind to settle back a little. A simple phrase repeated gently in the mind can help to encourage that settling back. You might try. I'm safe and okay. More. I'm safe right here. Take a few moments to slowly repeat the phrase. And release any tension in the body. ERECK sales belong and deep. You might find that as you're winding down. Thoughts and images pass through the mind as remnants from a full day. Some of them may have some charged with concern. A sense of things to be done. Or that happened during the day. Let them flicker through as you come back to appreciating that you're here. In a safe. Comfortable. Place You might find it's natural to express his appreciation as gratitude. which is good for sleep and rest. So taking a moment to feel thankful for your place of rest. Leading gravity cokes the muscles of the body to release down. Leading tension melt away. And now feeling again, the pleasant sensations here. Finally Resting. And letting go. Noticing what feels could? Let the mind enjoy and appreciate it. Enjoy. And appreciate. For now, there's nothing to do. Everything to be done as for another time. But for now, it's just time to rest here. Letting the body. Let go. And enjoy what's here supportive for sleep and rest. In this session. Practice gratitude. For the calming and relaxing forces in our lives. There have been countless small moments of a little calm. Or relaxation over the course of life. So, many times our nerves have been soothed. And troubles have felt eased for just a moment. You might find that the sound of rain is calming experience. Or. Long. Warm Bath. or the smell of your favorite tease teaming off the mark. or the smiling face of a calm kind friend. Bring to mind the image of something that brings you calm. See if you can picture on of the most enjoyable details. This calming experience. Now. With the clear image in mind. Slowly a gentle phrase of gratitude to this mental image. Thank. You for bringing me calm. I'm grateful you're in my life. For this practice. Want to invite the details of the image to reveal themselves to the mind. UNSTEADILY repeats the phrases. which consumed with the anxious body and mind. Thank you for bringing calm. I'm grateful you're in my life. Breathing gently. Try finding a steady rhythm for a few moments. Remembering you're safe settled. And? Okay just where you are. Even if you're not sleeping. Recognizing this his very good quality rest and care for the mind and body. At any time, you can repeat the phrases for recognizing safety and peace. I'm safe an okay. I'm safe right here. Pick some time with whichever phrases feel most soothing. This moment. You can let the phrases drift off for a moment. And come back to noticing whatever sensations are pleasant right here. Maybe. It's the soft rhythm of breath. The fullness of support from the bed holding your weight. Allowing you to sink. Down And released. If distractions come. You can let them pass by naturally in the background. Take a moment to tune in and enjoy these pleasant sensations. When you're ready. Slowly, call to mind another place or experience. Gives you calm in your life? It could be a place in your own home. Or in nature. We're in the home of someone who's dear to you. Could be an experience you have every day. Running warm water over your hands under the sink. Or the feeling of PAT. Curled up in your lap. Let the details of this calming experience come. Forward. And as you have clearly in your mind. Begin to gently find a rhythm. To offer, phrases, of gratitude. Thank you for bringing me. Calm. I'm grateful you're in my life. Thank you for bringing me calm Grateful you're in my life. Breathing softly naturally. Letting go of any tension in the hands. In the CIA. Behind. The. Is. Simply arresting. And releasing. Thank you for bringing me calm. I'm grateful here in my life. Thank you for bringing calm. I'm create foil you're in my life. Enjoying whatever sensations are here to be enjoyed Having attention flow through the body. And, relaxing part as it moves through. From. The head. DOWN THE NECK Shoulder arms. down. The chest. Back and. Belly. Releasing and relaxing the hips. Town. The legs. To the knees. Ankles. And finally down to the feet. Now letting any remaining image in the mind fade. and letting something new emerged. Letting anything that soothes you. Eases your mind and body. And brings you calm and rest come to mind. And here. For these moments. Offering some warm and gentle. Thanks. Anc You from bringing me calm. I'm grateful you're in my life. Steady in easy with the breathing. Steady and easy with the words. Thank you for bringing me. Calm. I'm grateful you're in my life. If, it feels easy and supportive for you. You can let the rhythm of your breathing. And the rhythm of these phrases. Mingled together. You might find that different thoughts and images. Still come to visit and pass through the mind. They're just access mental energy. Being, released. Thumb. Fade into the background. From where they came. I little ripples on the surface of a deep stove bond. Quietly resting. Until the ripples come to on their own. Pond doesn't worry about the ripples. And chestnuts them flow and pass. Move through. And release. Gently breathe. Let the body like, oh, of any residue from thinking. Return to appreciating the you're. Here. In a safe place. In gravity cokes the heavy bones of the body. To release town. Letting tension. Mouth Way. and. Now feeling again. A pleasant sensations here. Simply resting and letting go. Sleep is fine. Win Sleep comes. But all rest steeply. Good. All rest is good for the mind and body. Odor thing. What's here? And does feel good. The mind, enjoy and appreciate it. Enjoy. And appreciate. Now. You can let any and all images. Of the things that are calming and soothing. Come to mind naturally in their own time. into. One. Expressing your thanks. Thank you from bringing me. Calm. The words Thankyou. Are deeply healthy words to think. Each moment of giving. Thanks. Is a moment of healing and glad ending the mind. Before we bring our time to close. Take. A moment to say thank you to yourself. Brisk pending this rest time. Doing something that has deeply beneficial effects. May you continue to find ease. Find Calm. And rest deeply. Until next time.

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