The Lightning Round Podcast #177: Top 5 Free Agents


Hey, buddy, Gary sixty here. Just want to give you a little message up front before. We started this podcast. We recorded this podcast Monday night, which was the night of the first day of legal tampering, and we came up with these lists before anybody was signed now as releasing this on Tuesday morning, some of the players on both my list and Jamie's lists have already been signed. So we are aware that it just so happened that the players got snatched up before we get this podcast out. So we're aware, but there are still a lot of players on this list that have not been signed yet so listening enjoy it love you all. On. So like. Mold clark. This is the lightning round podcast with your host GARRETT'S, Steve and Jamie, voile, go chargers skull. Everybody walking through the lightning round podcast. I am Garrett sixty which is at Garissa see on Twitter. Jamie Hoyle is here. He is at lightning underscore around. And we're going to talk about free agency. And some of the moves the chargers made this off season internally. We'll talk about some moves we like them to make on external free agents. Some that have been signed yet. And we'll go over all that. But first, we got some donations. So the first nation is from Michael Lawson. Thank you very much for the generous donation, Michael. We appreciate it. Thank you, Michael next Junius limb who says here's to no more a die. He can quote unquote, hit free agency. Very good Junius. Thank you very much. And the last one is from 'Antonio Stevens who says solid offseason work as usual guys. What kind of beers? Do you buy with all your beer money? You got a favorite bear. You're drinking right now. Normally what I'm drinking beer, I like the craft stuff. I'm big on the belching beaver. Peanut butter stout. Yeah. Still going with it. Yeah. I've been going with that. I still drink that Tony Gwynn beer the three ninety four because I just love it. But a lot of logging nita's recently for whatever reason. But thank you guys. Appreciate it. Michael Junius Antonio for donating and now we got a call, and we got a question. So let's hear it's from Daniel hating. Hi garrett. My name is Daniel paler, and I am calling in from Washington DC. So first off thank you so much for the podcast. I been avid chargers fans are liens age. But even so I learned so much about the team through lightning round that it adds a layer to thank you from my question. I wanted to throw out a rather bold statement. And just see what your reactions are to it statement is the chargers must address offensive line and route one or two. Draft. Now, I agree that you have to balance team need with who's on the board and agree with your session that there are a number of cool places. The chargers could go in the first round. But well, look at the limited free agent market for offensive linemen and for tackled especially I don't know that anything scares me more with this team than the idea of them going into two thousand nineteen with the same starting five allowing rivers to get thrown off his game. Anyways. Thank you, Jamie. Thank you Garrett libido, she speak about that and Goebbels. So Daniel, I think that's a very astute observation I think I'm kind of as I'm seeing how free agency is unfolding and hell guys like Trent Brown, and John James or getting paid. I think that's how things are kind of leaning towards the for the chargers. I think they're they're going to build their offs their off-season around putting themselves. In a position to take offense of tackled. Probably in the first round that was probably always the plan. But I think is just been kind of reaffirmed by how these guys are getting way overpaid in free agency. So I think I'm fully expecting an offensive tackle in the first round. I think whether it's the fourth best offensive tackle or the seventh fest offensive tackle. It's arguably the biggest need on the roster right now. And Thom Tillis go always goes the biggest need he has a habit of alternating between offense defense last year. It was offense defense third last year. It was defense getting Dermot James. This year. I think it's going to be offensive tackle. I think he's going to try to plug some of those defensive holes in free agency and as offensive tackles are getting signed. I think some of the top tackles some the top four or five guys are starting to slide down boards a little bit as teams fill needs. So I think it's setting up well for them to get a get a tackle. And hopefully, get a good one and not get stuck with one of the lower level first round picks, but get somebody who might have been expected to go a little bit earlier. Yeah. No. I I actually agree this offensive line free agent market stunk from the beginning, and it still stinks. Even when you know day one is almost over. So it was never anything special. And I was hoping the charges wouldn't go tackle. And obviously, right. Tackle is an immediate need left tackle, probably sooner rather than later. I think you're probably right. I also assume it'd be offensive tackle in the first round in round one or two is probably a good bet. It's probably the favorite. Half to probably have to at least in day one or two. I guess you could make an argument the right tackle might be easier to find than a left tackle. So maybe you can push the third round. But I think that's probably the way to go first or second round. We got to see what happens after the dust settles after free agency happens. But I mean taking tackle early in the draft is by far the heavy favor because you look at the free agent market right now for defenders, which we're gonna talk about defensive tackle still has a couple of good names. Their safety is obviously probably the heaviest market with the most talent. So the chargers could get themselves a defensive tackle and a safety a free safety in agency. And there's a couple of good. I heard this defense attack classes, pretty good. We haven't got we get in our draft podcasts. But also an option to go later on. So, you know, it's kind of fallen into place that attack was probably going to go early for the chargers this year in the. Draft. Yeah. And you kind of hinted at something that I've been talking about Aussies in which is you know, they're going to need to replace Russell Kun probably sooner rather than later. So I would not be the least bit surprised if we see two tackles taken in the first four rounds this year just trying to get ahead of the curve and fill a future need with a developmental guy that they can kind of stash behind Oku. I think that's a very real possibility. Yeah. It's kind of like what they did in this past draft when they drafted to lime into whoa, sue and then Kaiser white two linebackers. They knew they needed to replace Kyla manual sooner rather than later Perryman is going to need eventual replacement. So they got Kaiser white so they could definitely do that and draft tackles. So before we get into free agency. Let's talk about some of the moves the chargers main because we were kind of knee deep in these draft profiles on the podcast. We didn't get to all the cuts that happened in the off season so far. So let's first talk about custom. We'll talk about some re-signing tender the happened today. Corey lead. You got cut they declined his contract option made him a free agent. He was set to make nine point five million in two thousand nineteen it costs the team one point five million. And they saved eight million the process of these two guys were names. We actually suggested in the internal Frazier podcast. Yeah. We we talked about Leauge it being the most likely guy to get cut. We thought there was maybe a chance they might get cold feet, depending on what happened the file on and square me being. But he was always the guy that we looked at it and said, it makes the most sense, it's the easiest move to make you can't keep paying him nine and a half million. They made that move, and we talked about to die. We said we weren't sure it was going to happen because they keep talking about how much they love him and how he's a leader on the tone center and all that garbage. And then what do we find out this weekend? How Luigia they cut? So Jalil is on the free agent market. The chargers, I think save themselves five million if I'm not mistaken against the cap while eating about a million and a half a million a quarter something along those lines. So big savings. I think that pushed their their cap space from like twenty one million to twenty six million somewhere in that range. So it was a move that everybody knew they had to make. But everybody wasn't sure they would make I think them bringing back Jaylen Watkins, which we'll talk about here in a minute kind of buried the lead there, but bringing him back helped being able to get a look at Ray Sean Jenkins at free safety in the playoffs. I think that helped so they have their options there. And there are some some nice options on the free agent market, which I think helped make that transition a little bit easier. Make that decision a little bit easier. So good Corey goodbye Jalil, just one more cut to go. Exactly. Not just because make us right? But because it's the right move to make. But also because it too. We kind of talked about it on the internal free agent podcast. But it was the right move to make leisure played better than he had in years past. But the team was much better with dairies file on us three tech. And you know, the obviously drafted Justin Jones in the third round five hundred still free agent. So we'll see about that. But cutting Leija was right call you're right. I don't think anybody thought they would make this move. We all thought Jalil die was untouchable. But you know, they say the five million, and he's an easy target Jalil values. And we've obviously taken our swings here on this podcast. No doubt about that. But you know, logistically, he was just out of place on this team. You know, he's so much better in seventeen when he was closer line of scrimmage, they draft her when James who is just world's better than Gelo die will ever be. And so they move him closer line of scrimmage. They tried to play him a free safety didn't work. They try that linebacker spot a couple times it didn't work. You just didn't. Have a spot on this roster anymore? And it was the move the team had to make and they did. So I applaud them we probably could've told me. He wasn't going to be any good playing center field. But we did regardless we. Yeah. We did when they tried to force that round peg in a square hole. But listen it opens the door for free safety which chargers, obviously, you're going to need this offseason. Again, we mentioned it. There were some nice names. We mentioned on the podcast the safety podcast and the draft. We liked it in the first round. But there are also some very good frigid free safety still left on the board. So we'll talk about them in a little bit. So let's talk about the signings. Of course, the big one being the chargers reciting the linebacker Denzel Perryman two years twelve million dollars. And this is a deal that is a very charger friendly. Very team friendly built like a one year deal team. Put most of the bonuses in twenty twenty kind of able to prove it this coming season for Perryman. They can cut him after your two. They saved six point five million in year two we were kind of split here on the internal podcast. I thought they would re-signed Perryman. You didn't they ended up doing it? And man what a great deal they got for them. I. Thought they'd resign them. But I thought he'd they'd let him test the market and he'd find a bit. I thought they try to resign them. But I figured he'd tests the remark the market and find something better out there as it turns out, they didn't let them get to the market. I've. I'm kind of lukewarm on it. I think it's a great deal it structured, very well. I think you know, kind of throwing money at him hoping that they're going to get different results from guy who's never healthy is not the way that I would have gone. But I know they love his leadership. I know they value him as a run stopper. A run stuffer. Excuse me. And you know, I think it I think it works out. I think the deal eventually works out because they can get out of it after your one if he's not healthy. And obviously he's an important part of the defense. They value him in that way. So to be able to get him on a two year deal, not make a huge commitment in terms of guaranteed money or really in terms of total value and have that Ripcord. I, you know, I don't think they could have done much better than they did. So good job by two us, go if there's one strength. He he's always had. It's structuring those deals finding really assigning proper value and figuring out a way to get out of it without really hurting the team financially. So a very well negotiate a deal coupon. God's strikes again Paramount's back, and hopefully he will be healthy and help that run defense. Yeah. He's got something to play for. But yeah, they hit it on the nose here with the structure of this deal. We were both personally split on bringing Perriman back. You know, we we saw the pros and cons. But. We've seen enough meant to kind of know what he is. And, you know, expecting a different result. Like, you said is maybe a little far fetched. But they got their guy in a very team friendly deal. And this is definitely not going to stop the chargers for bringing in another linebacker because this deal means to short-term option. And you know, we'll we'll see how Perriman does. And maybe he proves the team, right? And they can re-sign them, and he can stay healthy for the next two years. But they'll definitely be looking for another linebacker whether it's free agency of the draft. And maybe a deal that they felt they had to make because as of now they don't have a deal done with Adrian Phillips, not even talk of anything being done or even being close. A Davis Brown is still an unknown. Kaiser white was injured his first year, mostly a safety. But now playing linebacker. So maybe they felt like if we don't sign Perryman, then we're going to have to go out and get another linebacker free agency and the draft and maybe that was too many pieces. So they. Need to get somebody on the roster, and they got Perryman who was a leader on defense and a guy they love in the locker room. Yeah. The they've out they've always valued continuity instability. And they wanted that stability and continuity in the middle of the defense. He's their signal caller. He's emotional leader of the defense. Whether he's on the field or not. I questioned whether or not he's the best linebacker on the team. I don't think he is. I think that that title goes to injury and Phillips who hopefully they will find a deal for here, very soon. But like I said, it's a minimal. It's a low risk potentially high reward with that deal. So hard to hard to be upset with them bringing him back the way they did. I was afraid they were going to overextend themselves get into a long term deal. Give him big guaranteed money and really hurt themselves. But they stayed away from that. So that's good. Yup. Agreed. So then the next one is the name you mentioned a little bit earlier. It's db Jaylen Watkins, they signed Watkins to a one year eight hundred ninety five thousand dollar deal and Watkins is a guy who was in competition for the free safety job last year before he got hurt in. I believe the second preseason game. If I'm not mistaken, he was getting rave reviews. They were really excited about what he was doing in practice during training camp. And then of course, he hurt his knee. And and they lost him for the season. So we talked about them bring him back. We thought it was, you know, low risk potentially high reward he can contribute on special teams, maybe create some competition at free safety. We didn't really think that he would be a guy who was likely to force Jila will die off the field. But now based on the way the roster's constructed it looks like he and Rishon Jenkins will be competing for that starting free safety spot barring in addition through free agency of the draft, and you would have to think that he might kind of have the. Sidetrack on that job based on the way, he played last off last training camp and early in preseason seems like he might be guy who slotted for some snaps in that role again, barring any additions in free agency or the draft. So another smart move, you know, less than nine hundred thousand dollars to sign him, very minimal guaranteed money. Special teams player at at the very least good depth. He can play nickel. He can play corner. He can play safety another versatile piece. They can move around in their dime. Heavy defensive scheme. So he's a good fit. And we'll see what happens here in free agency and the draft. But he like I said he might be in line for some snaps it free safety an obvious hole on the chargers roster. He's free safety depth. And like you mentioned he can play every spot. It could play both safety spots you can play corner. And he was a standout special teamer in Philadelphia. So, you know, nothing really to lose here, you've got some free safety depth. You know, maybe he does push ratio Jenkins, and he becomes a starting free safety in that case, you've got a real high reward. But you know. Nothing hurt here and a good depth signing in free agency. So next guy here in the last signing the chargers have done internally is the wide receiver are tavis. Scott Scott signed for one year four hundred ninety five thousand dollars are tavis had a really good camp in preseason last year before you went down and a brutal injury in the last game of the preseason. He was on his way to be the wide receiver five beating out potentially. Both Jeremy Davis and Dylan Cantrell in that role at a camp, you know, with the uncertainty looks like the chargers won't be resigning tyrod Williams, and if things go the way, we hope they do maybe another wide receiver on the roster may not be have a future on this team. So, you know, having some wide receiver depth in camp will be needed and another guy who's a low risk maybe at worst wide receiver competition, but potential high reward. Yeah, he was a guy who was a favorite target of all the quarterbacks. In preseason last year and in training camp. He was making lots of plays seems like a guy who could be ticketed for a slot role, potentially good hands. Good speed. He was contributing quite well on special teams as well. So he can you know, be that two way player for the team and figure going into this this off season. He's probably got the inside track at the wide receiver four job potentially as high as wide receiver three. If again, they cut Travis Benjamin, so low risk potentially high reward a guy who seems like they're really high on and excited to get on the field and see if you can contribute both as a wide receiver on special teams. So another another move that we both thought they'd make make sense on paper makes sense on the field. We'll see how it plays out. And lastly last charged a made is today they tendered quarterback Trevor Williams, they place the original round ten room Williams. It's going to concentrate as a shade over two million team. I recently can match any offer the wombs gets. From other teams of free agency. But by all accounts seemed to chargeable most likely retain Trevor Williams for another year. So we talked about this on the free or not free agency. But on the cut restructure and tag show at the beginning of the season. I thought they do the original round tender you thought second round I could've seen a going either way. But I think the original round makes sense granted if he signed somewhere else, and they let him go. They're not gonna get any compensation because he was an undrafted free agent. But he had such a bad year last year so banged up. It seems like they're probably going to be able to retain him on that original round tender, and again, the very little cost potentially high reward if he can come back and be a CD four CB five forces way into the rotation somewhere contribute on special teams. A guy who could be at at the very least important valuable def p. So a good a good kind of no brainer move that we both thought they'd make. I'm music colleges. Nate Sloan songwriter. Charlie harding. We're the hosts of switched on pop the podcast where Charlie and I breakdown pop hits to reveal how the music works. And why it matters. It's our job to help you find those hob moments within the music, whether you're a pop fanatic or a skeptic a teenager or an octogenarian non musician or professional composer every music lover. Will discover something you're opening in switched on pop yet. And we think you'll have a lot of fun with us because you're going to get to hear from amazing guests musicians songwriters producers in journalists. Listen to switched on pop every week starting in March on the apple podcast app or wherever you get your podcasts. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I want to tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it seems smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another seems smart at the time. Those things might include doing a little cocaine and driving a bike up a mountain or I don't know maybe racing one hundred miles per hour across the country in the middle of the night with no one's permission or even stealing a bat from an empire is room in a major league baseball park, check it out. And if you like it Tele friend, I'm Spencer hall. Don't do anything smart. Yeah. Yeah. This was easy an easy move. And they did it. I I put the second round tender just so they could get something back in return and still retain them. But if they if they lose out, he's gone. And you know, there's a possibility that we see the two thousand seventeen version of Trevor Williams, and he was just banged up last year. And he's the starting corner opposite Casey Hayward at the very least he's gonna create competition for Michael Davis in a CB to role as the outside corner. Obviously does playing inside. But that's going to be a fun competition going into camp. I'm looking forward to that one. So a retaining Trevor Williams by all accounts, you know, hopefully, they do, but this was an easy move. They make tendering Trevor Williams, and we'll probably retain him for two thousand nineteen. Yeah. I would think so. All right. So let's go ahead and go into our top five free agent. So what we did? Because today was the first day of free agency recording this on Monday night. A lot of players got signed a lot of play. Got taken off the list. We're going to give you are tough. I free agents. Combining both offensive and defensive free agents will work five to one. So we don't bury our favorite free agents. So let's go ahead and start with five and Jamie who is your fifth best free still in the market. So my my fifth best free agent still in the market based on T need and fit and affordability. And all that I think my number five guys, Henry Anderson the defensive lineman for the New York Jets. He's a guy who can play end he can play defensive tackle. He's six six three hundred pounds. He can play that three tech. You might even be able to try him at the one tech in certain situations. He's not all that much smarter than me being was and he even played I think some linebacker for the jets. So maybe you could stick them out there and see if he can play some Sam, I doubt it, but it's worth a shot. He shouldn't be too terribly expensive. You know, I'm thinking he's still young. He's worth an investment to see if he can continue to to improve his game. I think he had seven and a half sacks last year. Also played very well against the run. I've got him getting a three or deal somewhere in the neighborhood of about eighteen million with eight million guaranteed, and I'm kind of modeling his deal after the one year deal that Sheldon Richardson got last year and the deal that Bo Allen sign last year kind of somewhere in the middle there. Okay. So I'll start with number five and number five was lamarcus Joyner, and he got signed. And then I went, okay. Well, I got to pick somebody else. And then it became John James the tackle that the Broncos just signed. So number five is a real eight addition here, it was a safety, then became a tackle. It's a tackle again. And it's the Panthers tackle Daryl Williams when he was healthy and seventeen he looked like a star in the NFL looked really good. But hasn't been healthy for three of the last four season as a pro. And because he hasn't. Been healthy Williams will probably not cost much and won't get a long term deal. So pretty good pass protector is all right in the run game. But he's definitely the best tackle left on the free agent market at worst to stop gab until they find their franchise, right tackle. But he's got the potential starter. Direct competition with say MTV right tackle, give the charges a couple of years before having a draft offense of linemen if they want to. So I'm looking somewhere at a two year deal may about seven million a year. So about two years fourteen million you'd have to protect yourself in terms of an injury. But could be worth a shot. One of those guys. It's kind of a low cost possible. High reward looking at like a Joe Barksdale kind of range like, you know, above average will fill fill a need for a couple years, but not going to blow the door off here. And nobody's going to get a really really excited about it. But again, a late addition here, I put Darah. James as my number five. I'm at the point now with Trent Brown and Juwan James being off the board and getting paid what they got paid. Am out on the tackle market in free agency, not interested at all. So I considered Williams. I've seen people talking about him. I just think that you're better off using some drought draft capital to go out and get it, right tackle. So that's why I did not include Dera Williams in my list. Again, late addition wasn't going to add any offense of players to be honest with you. That's my only offense of player and number four is actually your five. My four is Henry Anderson from the jets didn't didn't quite live up to the height in Indianapolis. But was traded the jets had the Krier like you mentioned seven six last season was the twelfth most and pressures among interior defenders was ranked among Sheldon Richardson and dump consume last year in terms of production. So they obviously have to improve the interior to Lesko wants interior guy. Who can also rush the passer. Anderson can do that he proved that last year he's not gonna come at a steep cost. I've got a five to six million dollar range. So we're in the ballpark. I gave him a three year fifteen million dollar three or eighteen is six million a year. Charters get better inside. He's only twenty six. So that's great in a not a guy that's really proven enough that he would get a forty five year deal. So you're getting a shorter term two to three year deal. At Henry Anderson. Love the speed inside would automatically upgrade the run defense. He's a great run stopper and flashes the past for last year. So he's number four for me. So who's number four for you? My number four is taste, Shawn. Gibson recently cut by the Jaguars. I have I just think, you know, he's at the center fielder that they they desperately need. He's a guy who played pretty well last year, but wasn't dominant or great has productions kind of declined a little bit last. A couple of years, but still a good football player. Still a clear upgrade over Jalil die still a guy was symbolic skills and some range that I want back there. So I kind of looked at Eric Reid's deal that he signed this off season as as a kind of a cop, but Reid is a better football player. So less years rotation Gibson kind of similar money. I've got three years nineteen and a half million with ten million guaranteed. And I'm looking at a record after a year to just to give yourself an out. But I think it's a minimal guarantee. It's a short. It's a kind of a medium-term deal. Not something that you're really hamstring in yourself. It doesn't work out. But I think you're getting an upgrade you're getting a playmaker back there. And it changes the back end of the defense. So he's a guy who I think, you know, if you're looking at the way, these safety deals are working out right now, you're seeing the top tier guys in that ten to fifteen million dollar range. Lamarcus Joyner is said to assign. For about ten million dollars a year. He's kind of round out the bottom part of the top tier Kenny Vaccaro got about six million a year. He's probably somewhere around the bottom of the second or third tier? So Gibson a little better than Caro. More of a playmaker kind of slotting him in in between Vaccaro and Joyner. And I think that's a good place for him in a good price. And probably somebody the chargers can wait on a little bit as the rest of these top tier guys kind of fall fall to other teams and kind of slot him in for a little bit of a discount. Okay. All right. So give me your number three. My number three is defensive tackle, Sheldon Richardson. Richardson is a guy that I'm really high on. I just think he's an ideal scheme fit. He was again, kind of like Gibson. He was good last year, but not dominant. He's good against the run. He's quick and explosive inside he can play the one tech. You can play the three tech. You can even play basin and elephant packages if you want to. He gets you pass rush. She stops the run. He does everything you want interior linemen to do. I'm kind of looking at that that deal that Maliki Jackson reportedly is going to sign what the eagles something along those lines just to step above what Jackson science. So I'm looking at three years thirty three million with about sixteen or seventeen million dollars guaranteed. He's a guy you probably don't desperately need a Ripcord on. But I'd be looking to give yourself out after your too just because he's getting up there around thirty and he want to kind of protect yourself. But it's not something that you'd be to worry about. I don't think with him because he's been pretty steadily productive throughout his career. So Sheldon Richardson is my number three thought about Sheldon. He didn't make my top five just because of costs in age. But yeah, definitely great scheme fit would would fit in perfectly for the chargers. Number three for me is a popular name. It's haha Clinton Dix from the Redskins, formerly the Redskins. He's a popular name. But the. The reason he's three is because you know, I'm kind of weighing value and price here, and he's going to be a little bit pricey. We talked about we we sell. Landon Collins Tiro, Matthew, the Marcus Joyner all signing these big deals, and I think Clinton Dix is probably going to be the next tier safety or at least at the bottom. Like, right where Joyner signed. He had three interceptions in the last two years five picks and sixteen where he made a Pro Bowl. He's twenty six years old. He might be looking for five year deal. But I think he might have to come down a little bit because he was traded last year. And then when he went to the Redskins. He didn't really do a lot wasn't all that productive. I'd give Clinton Dix a three or four year deal. You're probably looking in the nine million dollar range, eight nine million dollars a little steep. But I mean, if you're taking into account the championship window cock Clinton Dix covering the back end would really improve the chargers defense. So number three for me is ha ha Clinton Dix. So I'll go ahead move onto number two. And number two for me is the defensive tackle. Formerly the eagles is TIMMY Jernigan Jernigan helped spark that Philly d and seventeen during the Super Bowl run. How the back injury in the offseason cost most of that season. But when he returned the playoffs a really made an impact on a Sacco that game you signed a deal which was four year forty eight. Million dollars in Philadelphia lasts offseason. But the eagles cut the quarterly, and they say thirteen million dollars when ended up happening was during the offseason. He had a back injury which didn't happen on the football field. It was just some mysterious back injury that nobody really knew about. And that's when the eagles Rabl to restructure the deal, and they're able to get rid of them this year. But once Jernigan came back man that run defense for the eagles really came back. They averaged only forty one yards on the ground with Jernigan in the middle of that defense, both Chris long and Michael Bennett. We're talking about the whole playoff run was all because Jernigan he really sparked the defense. He brought fire and energy up front. If you're looking for an interior guy who's gonna make the guys round them better kind of like how we all had hoped. Brandon EBay would do in the last couple of years. I think this is your guy he can get after the quarterback to he's only twenty six I think with the back issues there that might kind of scare some teams off. But Jernigan says everything's good. And he looked good when it came back. So he might be looking in the two three year range for a contract. And just so we can prove that the back is all good. I'd give them about eighty eight million. So we're talking three you're twenty million dollars. Give Tim gimme TIMMY Jernigan to play interior and that defensive front. I'm ready to roll, man. I like Jernigan I'm a little worried about the back, but I like him. My number two is actually your number three hawk Clinton Dix. We're in kind of the same ballpark here. I think he's going to command somewhere around ten million. It's probably somewhere right around where lamarcus Joyner wound up. I agree with you. I think he's probably looking for five years. I would personally I would give because he's twenty six I would give him a five year deal. But I would structure it like a three year deal. I get a record after three maybe a second record after four just to give myself some some coverage, but I'm looking at five years someone in the neighborhood of fifty million about twenty eight million guaranteed. I would just go to him and say, hey, look, we love you. This is where we value at. We think we can win title with you and Clinton hod with you and Derwin James ten being tenement safety. Let's go put the put the best safety tantamount there. Let's go get this done. And I think, you know, having having Derwin they're having Melvin Ingram. They're having both of their I think that's a draw for a guy like Dicks who's moved around a little bit might be looking to settle down in a big market where he's appreciated. I think a lot of hymns kind of sliding under the radar is just because he was in Green Bay and you got shipped off to Washington. We're nobody's really watching them last year. He might have more eyeballs on him in L A. And it might be, you know, more of a more of a. A an attractive fit for him. So I would I would go that route five years fifty million Twenty-eight guaranteed. Give yourself out after your three Seaview can get it done kind of structured after that Harrison Smith type deal that Smith signed a couple years ago. Okay. This is it we've both given our to gimme your number one free agent for the chargers this off season. My number one free agent for the chargers is K. Jay Wright, the linebacker from the Seattle Seahawks. Oh, man. Okay. I normally would not go after a guy who's about to be thirty years old and has had some injury issues. But right came back from his injury played a really good game in the playoffs. He is a leader. He can play a both the Sam and the will probably a little better suited to be the will. And I think you can get them on a pretty affordable to your deal because he's probably looking at entering his last his last, quote unquote, big NFL contract, maybe his last contract period. And he might be motivated to prove the. Seattle Seahawks wrong because they didn't offer him a long-term deal when his deal expired. So I see right as the will linebacker playing alongside Denzel Perriman. He's a big guy. Six four to fifty. She's t- easily be the biggest linebacker on the roster. Got the range you can cover. He can defend the Ron he just fits the Bill, and he's familiar with the scheme. So I'm looking at two years seventeen million with nine million guaranteed. Give them a little raise over his last deal kind of structured over the deals Avery Williamson and tomorrow Davis sign the last off season. And you're looking at giving yourself an out after year one just in case, but hopefully, he can hold up for two years and be kind of a central plug in the middle of that defense. So let me talk to you. Then if he's playing will where we where is Kaiser white playing into dozen nineteen I think Kaiser whites going to fill out, I think he can play middle linebacker. Maybe not in two thousand nineteen but as soon as two thousand twenty maybe rotate Kaiser in on dime packages. To give Denzel break and kind of keep those both those guys fresh and easy men. But I really think with his instincts and his range in coverage. I think he can play middle linebacker and be a very good one. Yeah. You know K? Jay, right. Was on my list, and then the charter signed Denzel Perryman, and I was thinking we'll where does he fit and obviously he's an upgrade? But you know with the team as much as they love Perryman. Where would they stick them? So it's interesting that you cagey, right, obviously, great plan would be an instant upgrade for the chargers defense, especially in the middle where they need it. So good one minute number one was your number four stay Shawn Gibson, just because the talent and value of what tashaun brings he might, you know, Clinton Dix might be the better player right now today, but you know, he's one of the better free safeties Gibson is is going to be a bargain free agency. He's got sixty seven pass deflections over his career twenty interceptions. He can really get his hands. Footballs. Major ranges center fielder played sixteen games last three seasons. Never played less than ten. He's durable makes sense too. Because obviously the tide of Gus Bradley when he was the coach of the Jaguars. He brought Gibson to Jacksonville. He's twenty eight. So like, you mentioned I would do like a three maybe four your deal, and I just think tashaun Gipson would absolutely thrive in this defense cleaning up in the back end much like a Clinton Dix would I have three years eighteen million or maybe four twenty four. So we're in the exact same range there for Gibson. And you know, if you're talking six million dollars a year versus ten million dollars for Clinton Dix. You know, what's what's the train out there, you then have some more money to go after some other guys if you do sign Gibson only six million dollars a year. So I think that would be a big bargain. That's why he's my number one with a true talent. And would really propel this defense. All these free agents are great. Let's go go sign one of them. We know you're listening just something. Go do something. All right. The dust is settled they ones over. We're glad you step back and didn't do anything because nobody wants to hand out any of those contracts that happened today. Even with all the good players that happened. I wouldn't give any of those contracts out fourteen million for Tyron, Matthew, really, I don't I don't know. I mean, he's a good player. But no has anybody mentioned he wasn't very good last year. I don't feel like anybody's talking about that. Because I have going back and watch them, and he wasn't all that good. He wasn't the Honey badger from the cardinals. He's from what I saw he's getting paid based on reputation name value for sure I mean, he he wasn't bad. But he is. No, no, no, no, no. He's not the ball hawk that people give him credit for being that. He looked like he was going to be coming out of college. And that he was for the cardinals. Yeah. For sure, but he's versatile. You can move them around. I mean, there's value there. But to be one of the highest paid safeties and league making fourteen million. No, thank you. Yeah. As much as he would have fit with the chargers. Not at that price. I was going to say Trent Brown is probably the worst contract we saw handed out like day of free agency. But Nick foles might actually take that. There was some bad ones today. I mean, foles fifty million guaranteed. Are they bringing Doug Peterson with them? Because if not you're in trouble. Yeah. The raiders made a lot of a lot of hefty moves today that weren't I I wouldn't give Joyner ten million dollars ten million a year. No. I was I was more on the eight seven eight, reg. Yep. Yeah. He that's not worth it. He didn't even I mean, he's not really the ball hawk that people think he is either. So I don't know. No. I don't know what these guys are doing. You know, the Philadelphia Phillies talked about stupid money, I'll offseason when they recording Manny Machado and and Bryce Harper. And I think I think the raiders took that to heart. They threw some stupid money out there today for sure oh, man. Have they ever? So let me ask you if the chargers came out of free agency with having re-signed Adrian Phillips having resigned areas Filon, and let's say for argument's sake, they scientists Shawn Gibson. And k Jay, right? Are you happy? I'm ecstatic. I was happy aftertaste on Gibson throwing K Jay Wright, and I'm ecstatic. Yeah. Of course, I mean, they they have to re sign Phillips and file on. I mean, they unless they can find some upgrade if they're going with like TIMMY Jernigan over file on maybe that makes more sense where Sheldon Richardson or something maybe but getting re-signing agent Philps as a must now with Perryman, especially with the contract knowing that he's not a long-term answer. And then you throw in taste on Gibson and then Heathrow McKay j right? Yeah. Man. I'm ecstatic. Would you be happy if they just signed Asia Philipson dairies Filon, and then some like lower level, you know, like a tight end three. And, you know, another free safety depth. What I'd be. I'd be happy with re- with OB happy that they were able to retain file on Phillips. But I would not be happy with the offseason as a whole. If that was all they did. That makes. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's got to be. I think Filon Phillips is fine. Like, we're talking sea level grade. There's got to be one move just one they got. And I'm not saying like, right? Yeah. I'm not saying Earl Thomas, I'm just saying a move. Yeah. Whether it's a cage as one of these middle. We're not talking Dominic ensue Earl Thomas, I'm just talking, you know, one of these moves at a move the kind of move the needle a little bit more taste on Gibson, TIMMY, Jernigan K. Right. You know, something mid level may show them Richardson. I mean, that's maybe not as big of a name as he was when he first hit free agency. But you know, still still worth a try. Yeah. I mean, even let's say, for example, they wound up resigning there two guys, and they got right Gibson and Henry. Hurson that'd be a hell of an off season. And they can afford to do all that too. I know and they not that I'm endorsing this. But they could afford to do that without cutting Travis Benjamin, I'm not endorsing that. No. I'm just saying. In fact, I'd rather they do that. I mean, I'm endorsing the signings. But I'm not endorsing not cutting Travis Benjamin I wanted to be clear cut Travis Benjamin. Travis Tom Travis. Well, I think that's a good place to start. Tom. Go cut Travis Benjamin. Okay. That'll do it for us. I'm at Garissa see on Twitter, Jamie lightning underscore around. And we will see next time. Thanks, everybody. Everybody. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason Kurt. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the shutdown full. I keep telling you, we're not this forecast is technically a college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman, homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh. Batman the hell of being drafted a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having used contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village, it with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one. The forecast. It's not voltron unless it is.

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