02-28-19 NASCAR America Motorsports Hour


Win in Atlanta. He heads to the desert. Nascar's west coast swing is on her stuff Vegas and big news and IndyCar season begin in just over a week. And it falls qualifying for the Indy. Five hundred. We will talk about that must returns in two weeks with twelve hours of Seabrook. We're going to be joined here in studio today by one of the series top reiver's and supercross takes over where NASCAR wrapped up last weekend's. It's two wins in Atlanta in the same stadium for the Super Bowl was just played. Welcome to NASCAR America, it's Thursday. And that does mean the nine ninety nine fajitas special beef o Brady's also means you're in the motorsports. Our you just I looked that up. Also each week when you fill up on all racing. See fill up heaters. Okay. Hearing aid Almaden Parker clear. News right off the bat today. Guys NASCAR Kyle Busch resigns with Joe Gibbs racing. His sponsor Mars back as well. Parker. I feel like the futures pretty so I think this guy's gonna make it yet. You know? I mean, we've washing for awhile. He's won a lot of races. But I think it's finally time that we start to get behind the couch train a little bit. He's gonna be around for a while. But you know, what this is cool. Not only is it a shock. No. But the cool part of this is Mars coming back on time. When we don't see many sponsors committing to full seasons the length the amount that Morris does for that eighteen car, we see them reopen for multi year, that's really cool for the sport and good for jobs racing. I that's the biggest takeaway is March coming back. So I mean, it's I don't see why they would change it kinda kinda got good thing going, so. So unfortunately for the competition that just means many more years of Kyle Busch. Yes. Yes. Having a race against. Yeah. What we do have a guess today. Coming up in just a bit. We'll be joined by a guy AJ has raised against an M. So last year's Rolex twenty four winter Joe Albo Sa's going to be with us. But first we're gonna stick with NASCAR only two races. And and we have seen some fields. You had Lugano McDowell at Daytona Larson versus Hendrick motorsports this week, but the latest one making headlines was this past Sunday in Atlanta, Martin show x and Ricky Stenhouse. Ninety two. Thank you. Another racing for lucky dog, which is all good. But once they got strung out seventeen straight away all of me, and he would just wouldn't let me by leaders get within five Carling. I let it go fast enough and that much faster than me all that he could have called us. And if you want to call this guy within five Carla to let them go, you know, generally when I have a faster car. I just drive around a lot cars that I'm laughing. So once I slipped up a little bit tricks closed within five car links and pulled almost on the apron down the back straightaway to get in whatever Laney wanted and and slowed up on. So no hugs for the driver of Phil little hug, I feel like those two drivers. So take it away. What do you think is proper protocol? I can see both points of view. But you know, at the same point Ricky is racing for something. And the bigger thing is he's not there to make friends, and that's kind of like that whether it's right or wrong and some of the stuff that's happened on the super speedways Ricky Stenhouse out there making sure that he's racing his own race. You know, Martin. I can see at times when he gets frustrated with where cars not getting out of the way. I do think he overreact. Sometimes last year at the Royal. I mean Jimmy Johnson battling for the win. He made it seem like that. He made the most dumb move ever on the planet going for a win. So it's one of those things that. Yeah, there's frustration there because you're trying to catch the leader. And but lap cars are part of racing. They always will be and we see Martin. They're getting mad after the race. You're going for win. It's so I just think Martin tricks at times just gets so frustrated and just feels like car should just move out of Zohreh. No matter what whether the racing for physicians or lap cars. But at the same point if I was in his position, I'd probably be frustrated about as well, I think you had a term for him. But you call them diva. I didn't call them a diva. I I just I just said that it's he just makes it a point to cards out of his way all the time. So there was a point when that team so. Struggled and he was one of those cars. Yep. But like I said if I'm in second place in the lap car won't get out of my way. And I have a chance to go run Brad down. Yeah. I'm going to be frustrated as well too. So I think interesting part of this is Jeff Burton earliest week talking about how we're kind of readjusting this package, right? In terms of what does it mean to have be affecting car behind you? And Stenhouse said when a car gets within five lines, I'm gonna get out of the way. We'll now this new package and how big the spoilers or anything and how big a hole they punch in the air. It's harder to get that close. So I can see where that Martin had a different point of view of. Okay. You know, I need to be I feel like I'm being affected even almost ten Carling's arm. Ten carlin's back from that seventeen. But as you said, I like Stenhouse, his attitude and this goes back to Daytona last year where he basically wreck the entire field twice. And then didn't apologize for it. He in Bush getting a feud. He said, basically, he didn't mind if he was getting lapped here. He is wrecking basely entire field e was very confident that week. But you know, what I've seen? Out of him. This drivers would have this kind of event. And then they would go inside their shell a little bit retract not make the aggressive moves. But he continues to make these aggressive moves week after week, and especially in the super speedways any backs up. Also the way he talks and saying look I'm not here to do anything other than win races. And I'm definitely not to make friends as you said. And I liked that attitude I out so I think I don't think either one is right or wrong in this situation. But I think what we're seeing Ricky Stenhouse is really cool because he's not he's not really taking anything from anyone. He's saying this is why I'm here to do. And I'm gonna back it up with this aero package. We're just going to see more of this conflict between drivers because guys are going to be on top of each other. There's going to be feuds because we're going to be side by side or gonna be knows detail and guys are just going to get frustrated with it and its fans. That's what we want. I think it is a great thing. At least we kind of stir the pot right here. We're following on social media. There was sort of a lighthearted moment with all of this. And involved Stevens hard. I know is getting in on it. So what this here Parker is. Okay. So you have see the chart saying discussion on Twitter, do you block or mute people? Look only I'd lock no one that muted. No by certain someone had a rebuttal that junior comes on screen shot that he says Mark trick where it shows that Ricky Stenhouse has blocked March junior. Junior profile. So I mean a little controversy here. Right. I mean, say never done it another obscene a feud with right now saying he's blocked on Twitter may maybe one of Ricky more blocked larger exactly or is Dale stirring, the pot little bit. He says it's real but less than Dale out. I think the emoji. It was the monocle is that what you call it. When you just have never used the Monica Lhamo. Gee, I know snow. That's when you know, it's serious. It's bigger. I don't know. I have no idea we mentioned being sale Hendrick. But on the track. It's disappointing start to the season. Four hundred motor sports looking at the numbers. None of the four drivers finishing in the top fourteen last weekend there, you can see I think it was Alex Bowman the best at fifteenth Jimmy Johnson twenty-fourth Parker. It's only two races into the season. Is it fair to even show this to show the these numbers? I mean, we're what I mean. We've had Daytona. And Atlanta, I think the big thing is, you know, at Atlanta. They obviously struggled not only for single car speed, which we saw. Paul in qualifying salt and practice in what the interesting thing to me was that a lot of us in the garage. I felt like Saul their performance in practice and thought okay, they've built a lot of downforce cars are not going fast in a single car or single lap. But they'll be fashion long run. But we got in the race. And it just was not Evan at all. I mean here if you want to know how bad the forty eight was I passed him on a long run on the scene tire. So at that point, you know, he's struggling, of course. I just retired. I looking at your retire. Yeah. I I'm sure some similar thanks set on the radio. So I think this was just glare or very showed that they didn't have the speed. They didn't have speed in the short run. They didn't have speed the long run. And that's what's worrisome because of this new package. It -lanta is unique in that. We've had one run into this. What I'm saying? That's just brakes a little bit Parker Daytona, which means nothing comes to performance. And then it's at Lanta and it's a unique racetrack that's worn out. We saw setups or critical there. Why? Don't we get through like five or six raises before we start doing this? Again, I feel like a like five fibers because you get to go to Atlanta, which is yet to mile and a half you go to that's half. But they're two completely different mount half restricts. Then you go to Phoenix at some point there. We just need to pump. The Brett we do this every feel like every year. It's like Hendrik. They did a top ten. They struggle ninety is now on this side of it. Actually, you're in the garage. And you're like, I can't believe these media people or. I understand. Yeah. Of course would wanna run better. And she, but why don't we just wait for another four or five races? We get to all different types of racetracks. Go to fond Tanno. You just start to find out. Then where everybody really is. All right. So in your so I'm gonna give little optimism though. The forty eight intesting Vegas was very fast and showed a lot ability to move through the pack. Very well. So we could see a turnaround like you're saying in the third race. And then this is just pronounce death. It seemed like just got me. Yeah. So I do want to point out the heat special probably out of face today because to twenty eight twenty eight the last day of the month. It's actually national chilly day and national toast day. Oh, go hand in hand, chilly and toasts like put your toast and chillier. Right. Something like that. I don't know if that's how the days are determined this. I'm just trying to get us to break. And that's what I have. It was the mom or it was. Joe Albert got save this show. He joins us live. We'll talk sports cars debriefing answer biting trip around the track with his wife as the passenger. If you haven't seen the video is awesome. The NFL's biggest Starshine on Sunday at twelve thirty NBC. Niklas backstrom. Emmy raining family Cup champion capitals. Take on Chris Kreider, and the Rangers that at seven thirty on NBC, F N, Bill Forsberg and the predators. Take on Ryan Suter and the wild. Inside just gave me the opportunity to to race breaks. Tries to force one with not gonna be able to do both. And that's just. Believe a lot of himself was doing initially. But digressing was right coming from Europe. Everybody was talking about how great the racist. Where to watch the level. Just kept raising raising give me. The best drivers in the world. The best in the world. All these years. I'm still here racing doing what I love 'em sites. Being. I would. I would say like the most important part of my career in the last few years. That's where my career is being. That's my heart. Couldn't be in the spot. Race. I love that. So who is Albert Bosa forty three year old from Portugal? It's starting carts that became a fixture in the sports car world he and has Portuguese-Speaking band of brothers, including Brazil's Christian Fittipaldi won last year Rolex twenty four four Cadillac there. You see some of his numbers at champion of sports car. And he joins us now here in the studio. Thank you for coming in. I know last month twenty four didn't go according to plan Seabrook right around the corner. So give us an update kind of what you've been doing the last month since we last all you in Daytona to fix. Really typical race for action. X-press that Cadillac usually runs superstrong firstly. We have. The problem with the car within hours of the race. Oh, we lost fifteen laps right away. So we're just. Driving around to to finish the race and get the most points weekend because it's a long race this points that doesn't mean anything you usually go to the twenty four to for the Watson to win the race. But it's important on a long run for the cheap. So just the best weekend to to get to the end. So I mean really talking about Daytona in how different is as a twenty four hour race. What's the differences knowing it's just a twelve hour race ring, but that place being so rough it's technical. It's it's hard. I think physically even drive the racetrack. So as a race team as a driver tip prepare for wonder, the biggest differences that you have to fight going into see ring. I mean, really people say they feel less twelve hours in Seabourn you last hours anywhere else. So the preparation of the car, and it's been spot on. It's very very challenging also for the driver, not only physically mentally go through the dark. You got like the bumps to get of starts playing with your head a little bit. And then you have really tough competition for twelve hours. So it's gonna be a great race. Last year. We had a really good Rolex funding for we want to race. We had a terrible Seabourn twelve hour race. So this year we had the not so good far. So hopefully, we'll catch up on simmering. Well, I notice you're wearing the right watch right now is that one of the Rolexes for tone up. Worse. Right. You know, one thing I noticed in that piece. We saw the beginnings. How many different sports cars over the years? I mean right now these DPI's they were really fast Daytona setting some records. I mean, how do these cars compared to the things you've driven over the years and sports cars are we in golden era speed-wise, I think so I mean, this guy's are the most advanced that they're being inside right now. I mean, they're very fast. Rare reliable as well. But the problem with these cars cannot trace them as hard as it could do in the old days. There are a lot more aero sensitive. So everything that happens in the car, if you break a little pissed, and it makes a difference in the old days. It could race really hard above a little bit like it'd be there. So. So we could write a very different way. Now, it's like we're talking about before like arrow, it's very important. So it's very difficult to get really close to the guy in front. So there's a race strategy has changed quite a bit more physically demanding nettle. Yes, they're very physical because the forces and the break zones really short and the cheese around the corner, and it's really high. So it said, it's really fun. The faster the better twenty four and twelve hundred Parker if you wanna actually get one of those you might have to work out a little bit more. Jim. Yeah. Perfect. So so being over. I mean, you've been over in sports car racing now as it's changed from grand dam to IMSA and all that for over fifteen years. We saw in the piece you've won two championships. You won the Rolex twenty four hour race three times once sea-bream back in two thousand fifteen so with all that said is there a certain moment that really stands out is is the peak of your career just. What is the most defining moment in your career? The most funding moment of my career when I moved to to US in. And I started racing racing at the time that was able to to do some races with Hurley Haywood. And then I was probably at the right time with the right spot. Usually doesn't happen very often with me, but that really happened. That's when early would decide to retire from racing. And I was there and they decided to so why don't do trust jumping on Hurley seat than I was able to to do the to do that drive with Jesse France for a long time. And then just in relationships and the results start showing up the asked me continue and from Rumas went to express, and I've been with them since two thousand ten which is a long long time since I began and you've been driven so many different co drivers. And we notice you get f one drivers that come over and IndyCar drivers and such. I mean when you had those drivers come in and of the sports car guy. I mean, do you. Help them out. You learn things from them. And how does that dynamic work? Having all these women drivers you worked with over the years. Very interesting because you always learning in like racecar driver. You're always learning curve. Drivers don't want to feel like, you know, everything because there's always something new to learn the different cars bring different experience to the car and the Canova's catch up on that. So, but it's very very different to see for more on drivers that they're very selfish and the themselves when they have to share the car with the other two other guys thrive changes and make sure the car runs for twenty four hours, not just an hour and a half. So it's a very different mentality. And I can help them with that. And they can help me with their experience from pharma one. And I know that their method of working and breaking and all that stuff. We're always learning. So that's it's like getting TV AJ. He's very selfish. On the team. Did they I mean, they're not in the car at the same time. But you did have a passenger with you in the car. Yeah. Well at one point and that God, really interesting. You took tell us about you took your wife in a twenty two was a prototype. US few years. It's really funny. Experienced people. Not I think it was like maybe seven hundred seventy years ago or something like that. And people still talk to me about that every race. I go to that. There's something happens something like I love the video. If your wife is one of the best things I've seen. And my wife likes to talk, and she talks a lot then secret on talk for like the. So are you are you being hard on her at this point? Or I didn't think it's super easy still hit the what hundred six mile an hour on the street. So is this racetrack. So it was pretty fun. And that was like coming really close to the wall on the on the notch car one-two-three floors. So just to give him a good a good idea of how the wall would be. But it was like I was still pushing eighty percent. I know the car wasn't the fastest one. But I was still pushing the car a little bit. But see see had no fun for folks at home. We do have her reaction. So go ahead. Back to that moment. That's my favorite. How long was it before? She actually started talking to you again, it took like a full day. But trouble sleeping rough time. But got over hits. It was so funny. Just like it was a great experience. And the funny thing is like she always asked me, I would love to go in the car. Like the just to see how it is. So I mean, it's not like I made a day. It wasn't really my fault. It was really funny. I love the expression outta here all hearts in the beginning. And then I'm done with this. Let's get out. Yeah. And like you said you continue to get asked about it every race. But always asked me about about my if I'm going to take to that cici's with it. So what is more common question that or how do you pronounce your first name? How did how did we show? Al. How did we do? I know you said. Close. I mean, people say, it's all kinds of ways, and it's it's been going on forever. So it's an import chevelle, very or Brazil, very very coming. Very I guess like the pronunciation hard. Yeah. We search here are some other house interesting. Yeah. You have all sports. So yeah wins like there's a really famous. Pucker player. That's has my first last night. And so. So there you go some other famous show. Our we have sports reality. I don't have anything stars. Well, so that's true. This is why my last name dinner because I can come out to them. Announce it. Could so Safeway get it. Thanks for coming in spending time with us. The season. Also moves to be here. Thank you. It was while you can watch him at sea bring right here on the NBC platforms and be the incest season. Coming up we will shit fierce back to NASCAR wire drivers using aggressive and insane. And these two are the only ones doing it. We're talking about rate setup. Get to us at Vegas, and what do ducks have to do with it. Over forty two million to visit Las Vegas each year this weekend. Huge majority of them will be wearing. I dunno Busch. Beer doubt. But ex insert your favorite sponsor at will through country. USA anyone? Plenty of things to do in Las Vegas, especially this weekend with NASCAR in town and this weekend Brad Klaus scheme will honor the great Mark Donohue by carrying his helmet design heat past Donahue for most wins and Team Penske history last weekend, Atlanta, really that he's honoring mar also going throwback is Kurt Busch. His special paint scheme is based on these star nursery Chevy the keep drove to his first NASCAR title that was twenty years ago in the NASCAR southwest series. Which takes us to my home track is Kurt Busch. Returns home for the weekend. Look at him one of the places where Kurt race during his time on the southwest tour. The bowl ring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Short-track oval part of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway complex which hosts NASCAR this weekend of force weekly NASCAR racing at the bullring gets underway in just nine days. So there's always the season's around the seasons. You know, all the grassroots racing really getting excited for their seasons to start. So. We're going to talk about what we're going to see at Las Vegas. And really, it's I mean, I know last week it was all right new package Atlanta. So why is it such a big deal we've seen the package before? But you guys talked about this a whole different type of mile and a half track. It is totally different half. And this is the full innovation of the new twenty nine thousand nine package. So it has the drag ducks and has a different panel. That has the large spoiler the large splitter and five hundred fifty horsepower in the hope here like we saw testing and throw this gender. We actually had this show you that there's the largest weather. Okay. Split going on and this is on xfinity carbon essentially the same thing. And then this is where the ducks go. No, maybe break ducks there. These are now dragged up they foresee are out to the side create a bigger hole in the air. So the car behind maybe gets a bigger draft. That's the whole intention of these drag ducks, and what we've seen is that they do create a little bit of that. Like we saw the testing here back in January get three four wide guys using the draft there in the throttle. And this is what we're hoping to see this is what I expect on the restarts. And the reason I. Hey, this is because at Atlanta attract that's worn out and multiple grooved. We I personally could go five six maybe eight positions forward on a restart, and then being a pack of cars three and four wide. And then slowly we'd shift back to where he kinda were speed-wise over the long run. But it was really interesting how he could use the draft of drag ducts to move through and really use have multiple lanes available. So if the temperatures right I think we could see that kind of racing this weekend throughout the race. And I think that's really interesting. It's possible fans. We we all hope for an entertaining race for their side by side. I still think it just completely comes down to restart. No matter what aero package you have no matter what type of racecar. It's all forms of racing clean air clean air. And if you get clean air, you're gonna handle better. So we're gonna see restarts. That are going to be really insane. Because every driver knows that if they can gain five or six on a restart that's just going to put them in a faster. Pack of cars in to me. It really depends on the group widens out, and that's really gonna depend on if the cars side by side. But if you get it where if the temperatures are cool, and they can run wide open at a consistent pace and never really have to get off the throttle. Then I still think we're gonna get single file at times. And yet your car's fashion, you still might be able to make a move here or there, but it Lanta the biggest thing was tires went away. And at times we heard it in car they had to get out of the throttle. They had to move around and still carry the momentum at beg at their wide. Open still though, well, we're gonna fight you're going to be on the race track. I disagree because I'm telling you on telling you, look, here's Atlanta the restarts. I mean, look at we're doing their three four wide up at the front. This is craziness. I mean, I never thought we'd see that Atlanta. And we did with this package which didn't have the drag to go into a place that is primarily flat out by yourself. But in the pack that means draft, you'll be all the more important. I seriously think if the temperatures are cool we could be looking at something similar that we saw the truck race about a year ago. Which was they were. Being able to pass the lead. They were groups in packs constantly changing -sition using the draft. I think we could see a lot of that. If it's hot and slick which I don't think it will be then might could become a handling race. But I really think we're gonna see something maybe that we've never seen before about half. Once again, there's a lot of ifs. What's gonna have on us at the very beginning. You lost me a little bit, very, ducks and spoiler. But I just wanted to as a fan if I'm sitting in the stands, why should I be? So except why should I get up from the table, especially if I'm on a heater. If I'm on a heater. Why should I come out to the race track? You have to ask him. But the I would say for me the reason being that'll be in that race is that like I said before you might see Racine at amount of half. Like we've never seen before and possibly believe that can happen. No doubt. They're still going to be tight racing. There's going to be knows detail SABA side racing restart. You're going to be crazy. But it's just a matter of we don't know until we see it on it. They can stay side by side. And that's what I really wanna watch is can car stay side by side. We have almost two rows deep throughout the pack. But it's going to be tighter than it's ever been in Vegas. Okay. No matter what. And that's what this aero package is set to do that. We can agree on. Yes. So let me throw out some names who if again who should I watch who is going to be. I mean Brad Kozlowski comes in with momentum. Is that enough? Well, I think the momentum is helpful. But the thing I look at is that back to that testing that we saw he was really fast at that test. He was able to get to lead the pack. He was able to kind of control the pack almost like he does this speedway. We obviously have seen a lot of speed out of the fours. At Atlanta, especially in single car speed and qualifying they were really fast. So I think that kind of bodes well for the two car definitely for as Brad as someone to watch. Like, that's what I believe is going to be a contender for the win. He's a contender to go to in a row here. And I would that be fourth win in Vegas. Kevin Harvick ready, but somebody that stands out to me Clint Boyer because we saw every practice session and qualifying up until really the last stage of qualifying. We're arrogant Merola stole from him that fourteen car was fast every session. But Atlantic seemed like his tires didn't last as much as other cars did. So what baguettes maybe we're tired aren't as important. Does that fourteen car have that continuous speed that it had like you did Atlanta? So Clint Boyer I went called a sleeper. But if somebody out of the top five that you wouldn't really pick at first that would be my guys Clint border and see what happens, and I think the fours are just a great. I mean, they looked really strong this new Mustang. Looks to be really strong right off the bat, which we haven't seen in recent years when when manufacturers introduce new cars, but they have that route sheets horsepower. That helps a lot. I think they've really nailed the five hundred fifty s power package. So I think the Fords definitely if this is a drafting rates are the wants to watch some put my money on two four and a fourteen at the tables ninety six they don't have. They don't have that on the roadway. Yeah. That's. Amata heater. Okay. See I'm just going with the Vegas lingo coming up. We will turn our attention to supercross where he lied Tomac in Austin fourth ner are riding high recap of last week. It's action from Detroit is next here on the motor sports. Our? On March ninth monster energy super-cross will be at Daytona International Speedway. Earlier this week the dirt started going down in the Daytona triable nearly seven thousand tons of it will be used to the track which is designed by our own Ricky Carmichael, it's cool to see speaking over Carmichael. He was at Ford field in Detroit for last weekend's event with Ralph shaking, and let's join them both for a recap of round eight. Told that dominated the triple crown the motor city of Detroit Michigan taking the win in the first two events of the night when it came to number three. Toe. Mac battle back as far doctors fourteenth to finish six to get the lowest point total than to win the overall Telemaque with eight beats the points leader that season Cooper went up by just one tape. The big win in Detroit. Let's here for the winter with wilt Christian. With me. Now, you started tonight. Great to wins in the fuss two main events third. One was a little tough to come by focus through that third. Moto? Of course, I had to make the thing. Interesting thing at the start. There was working my way up, and then I think it was somewhere I'll app two or three little off off track excursion. They're almost clipped the top block. Actually, my second one on the night of getting close to those things. How to jump back on the track lost spots that addict deep and this was watching the pip from Krantz? You know, I knew I had six point buffer. So got done by one spot. Gosh that was close but felt so much better this week on the motorcycle and just looking forward to the around sir you lie to the track out in southern California found the comfort. He was looking for picked up three points in the championship was a fantastic ride by ally. Tomac no one was even his level in his league. I mean, the guy was just so fast all night long. You made it close in the last main event like knows you're gonna throw it away. But he pulled through great adjustments to his bike. He's on a roll. He's gotta continue to put in performances in rise like that each week. And he can't do it this weekend. And then fall off next weekend starts, more great. And that's something. He's going to have to work on. He won the first main event from eleventh at the end of the first lap in fallen as far back as fourteenth in that third mate events. If he can prove those starts who knows he could go on a streak here. And really starting to click off some wins next for the tour. Or is it Linda? Okay. So like Ricky said, I mean Tomac can't really slow down. I mean, it's great. We want to celebrate his win. But his such such a great season. I mean, there's just so many guys that are sort of air in really he was dominant all night from practice through qualifying in the first two main events, you know, as I said, he charged from eleventh in the first main event in row the lead in won the race the third main event, and this is what we've seen that. It's a perfect example is he just looks like he's spot. All of a sudden the third have been he had a bad start and then compounded by crashing. And at one point. I believe it was back to fourteenth fifteenth Krueger web which actually surprised me because he was struggling all night struggle on the first mate event. Got it together. The second main event got the whole shot in the third mate event and was actually leading so alive with two minutes to go really had to get back to six place to really get the overall win. But those are the ride seems like when he LA is on there's nobody in his world of speed. But it. Just very weird because at times all of a sudden, he just falls off. And he's just off that night and finishes out of the top five. And that's why he's really not the points leader right now, what Cooper web is doing is taking a bad night, which looked like it could have been an easy fifth or sixth and turn it into a second-place, which almost got him the overall. So I'm going to call you strip across experts these days, I've got a question for you off that you know, you talk about making those mistakes. What do you think contributes, say stamina is just gets way from why what do you see that make allows him to make those what contributes it's definitely not stamina. He's I mean, all these guys are in such great shape, and and he by followers one of the best ones in it to me. It really comes down to is. He's always just on full tilt. Meaning he's at one hundred percent, and you've got to be with super cross to have the max speed. But it just seems like he's always right on the verge of kind of making that one little mistake throwing it all away. But as I said when it when it comes down if I had to pick one guy just on one night on raw speed. It's tomac. And you look at Ken rocks on the kind of opposite end of the spectrum. He's fast, but he's not winning. He's just there. He's running finishing on the podium, finishing some force to me we see here we saw two weeks ago with this last corner pass, and it's just one of the things if he can get over the home and get a win feel like he'll get on a street. He's the only guy that can really match ally. When it comes to raw speed, but you know, what super cross all it takes one small mistake. Whether it's thrown the rice away or crashing big. We're injure yourself. It's something that can take you out of the whole season. But we this weekend Justin Barsha crash and testing and he's in concussion protocol. He's gonna miss this weekend. So it's one little mistake like that that can injure whole season if you can get that consistency for oxen with EBay, that'd be it would be a little bit of it. Yeah. Exactly. Every thursday. We recognize our global motor sports stars say that really. Fast right now. Stay with monster energy super-cross where two fifty class rider. Austin Fortner has had a perfect start to the season the twenty year old from zuri swept all three racist. So far in the east of vision of the two fifty class. So I mean AJ there you've got speed and consistency. I mean, he is doing everything. Right. It's crazy. Because if you watch him in practice, we see it here. He's he's got thirteen point lead over Jordan Smith enough fifteen point lead over Justin Cooper, you really in practice. You talking about whole to be wrecks every week in practice. I mean he cracks once or twice during practice to find that limit. And then he gets into the racist. He brings it back just enough. And when we say he's undefeated he's literally undefeated because he hasn't lost Iki rice. He didn't hasn't lost any main. He was the only rider so far since they did this triple crown format starting last year in either class to win all three main. So right now, he's on it. Tell us how that works again. Because for people used to always be. Had that that sort of big event Vegas and that was at the end of the year. Now, they sort of have these also yes, they started a couple years ago or two years ago back in twenty eighteen in the fact that they started this triple crown race where it's just three main events, you take the lowest points total, and that's the overall winner. And then with the the two fifty they used to always do in Vegas the east west shootout. And that's where both coasts riders would come into meet one race. Well, he do it a couple of times now year. So it makes it fun to watch. Last year was the first time they really combined the two fifty east and west coast for a couple of different races. So you see the best from from both regions go out there and get after it. And you know, these are the future stars of the four fifty class. We're going late this back to NASCAR stuff that's like their face series. This guy reminds me live like Christopher bell out there winning races. Just puts it all on the line. It doesn't matter. If he read some practice gets a car damaged. He's gonna find a way to win it for sure just figured out why he's from Missouri. The show me state. Yeah. It some from the world of IndyCar and the greatest spectacle in racing. We will bring you that next. Welcome back the month of may Indianapolis is getting even more intense as cars announced major changes to the schedule for Indy. Five hundred qualifying weekend on may eighteenth and nineteenth here is how it goes on Saturday may eighteenth drivers will try to make the fast nine shootout determines the full winter positions. Ten thirty. We'll be locked into the field. Then Sunday nineteenth NBC. We'll have the fast nine shootout. And a new last Rome shootout which sets the final three spots in the field a field. Practice session will then follow on NBC. We're going to Scott that just a moment. But Clawson Marshall racing hopes to be part of the field. This may yesterday the Usak team announced its first ever Indy. Five hundred entry for British driver, Pippa Mann. The teen is co owned by Tim Clawson, father of late spring car star and three time Indy. Five hundred starter. Brian closet that will be special. Indeed. And this year's Indy. Five hundred marks the fiftieth anniversary of Mario Andretti's Indy. Win. And sixty nine today. Mario was celebrating his seventy nine birthday. And as his grandson Marco mentioned on Twitter, that means it's Mario's twin brother all those birthday as well. We wish them both all the best. And here's what the birthday boy tweeted after getting some champagne from his good friend AJ. Boy that is cool. I know happy birthday. Mario for sure that's much bigger than national chilly day the nine ninety nine special. Mario Andretti legend. Driver. You no matter your era, you have to look up to Mario Andretti because he could wheel absolutely anything. I know. I know. So let's go back to the qualifying changes for the Indy. Five hundred what do you think or how can a fan if they're watching that you're seeing all the words on the screen? What does it mean? It really means that on Sunday is your action packed day as we see here. The whole thing is is trying to qualify for five hundred is if you have a car that feel like you can compete for Paul. You're trying to get in the fast nine on Saturday. So you can go rerun on Sunday and that determines the first three rows. And this we see here. Ten thirty are locked in the field where last year bump day was on Saturday and that whole build up was only for the fast nine on Sunday. So now, we kind of setting the stage for this dramatic thing between whether you're trying to go for the poll on Sunday or you're just trying to make the race in the rumors that I'm hearing and talking some of the IndyCar people and teams is the fact that there may be thirty seven to thirty eight cars entered. For the nap was five hundred. So this bump day could be back to what it used to be. You know, we saw Pippa Mann announcer, right? We also say today announced his ride with drier Ryan boat racing. I think it'll be his sixth attempt for the Annapolis five hundred and you've done it before. There is no more nerve wracking intense. Qualifying I've lied personally in the world than for the five hundred. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's incredible TV. It's must watch TV doing to try to put it into words. Just doing four laps around Indy. Wide open. Remember, my my last temp, I was in the fast nine, and I had put my left foot over my right foot on my last lab because my car was so loose. And I was like you can't lift and you just whether it's going for the poll or unfortunately, you see the heartbreak like James Hinchcliffe had last year of not making the biggest race of the year. But that's what these all about. And that's what we need to get back to is is whether it's going for poll or just trying to make the race to be in that race is something special and you bring up it's almost every year. We see some star. Some big team has the heartbreak of not making any also see the incredible battle for the poll when I remember Bashan board day with that wreck. I mean, he was on it for the poll. It's just an incredible TV as I said must watch you got to check it out. All right. So that's may eighteenth and nineteenth. And this reminder Sunday March tenth yet not may March tenth the green flag. Drops on the two thousand nine hundred eighty car season from Saint Petersburg there. You see that? And this may again, the greatest spectacle in racing you need. Atlas five hundred is on NBC, the new exclusive home of IndyCar. Las Vegas is the place for all kinds of racing. This week last night the world of outlaws hit the dirt track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. And I had plenty of star power in the field. You had Kyle Larson. Christopher bell. Casey Cain, an Rico abor joining the outlaw regulars. They're all back at it later tonight to me a good crowd for that also racing tonight on the dirt in Las Vegas. The NASCAR Hanan pro series west which opens a two thousand nineteen season. All eyes are on seventeen year old Haley begin made history last year as the first female driver ever to win in the series digging finished second last year in Vegas to show them. Creed is now in the truck series you see your they're celebrating for win. Which I think was what? Yeah. So entering tonight. She said this weekend if I don't win because Sheldon Priebus fast last time, really fast. But since he's not wanting to be there. I have to win. Now anything else I'm going to be disappointed with that's a lot of fresher that it's put on yourself. But you know, what's impressive about how he's that. She she has shown tremendous amount of speed in a lot of different disciplines in the Canaan series. And I've had to watch lows races commentate on them. And I've been very impressed by I think, you know, she says a lot a lot. But she wants to be race goodbye. That happens to be a girl. And I think there's a lot of places I watch race it. I would think if that was a guy or girl I'd be impressed the speed. So I think she doesn't credible job. And it's cool to see her so fast on dirt see doing right now Dirk sprint car. Because I think that's something that many people expected out of her, and then she goes out there and has this incredible speed under. So it'd be very fitting to win that race on the dirt in her dad has done such a great job getting her in so many different types of vehicles racing the Lucas oil opera racing series. So she. Got a background dirt. We just saw videos of running a sprint car. So it's one of those things that Haley, and isn't just hey, I can drive stock cars, and that she can kind of wheel anything, and it's fun to watch her progress because I feel like she's got so much talent in so many different varieties of motor sports that she can go do. So I'm looking forward to seeing how she kind of keeps moving up through the ranks. But the big thing is what Brian her dad is doing such a great job. They're not rushing it. It's not like, okay. You did Cain in. Let's go put you in expanded. Now, you're ready to go. So they're not rushing to move up quick. Which is the right thing to do. The great job of social media to of all this. She has huge social, I think she's great for the sport. So I'm excited watching as well. Because this is the motor sports. Our course Brian Deegan. If if you're not familiar with that name grew up racing onto that Alicia. Yeah. And by the way that race is tonight became an west season started. But you will see it here on NBC and next Tuesday, March fifth at six PM so right after NASCAR America right after maybe Kyle Petiot singer song. That's on Wednesdays. Does that watch that? That's yeah. But they'll be you just never know what you're going to get on this show before we go. We do wanna get to our fantasy picks for Sunday AJ and Parker's rosters ready. If yours is it to where you can go to rota world dot com slash NASCAR. Dan beavers fantasy live notes for Las Vegas are up. Now, they can definitely help you out a lot of trends a lot of things to look for. So let's go ahead and look at age as kicks over these great pitch right here. Okay. Three four drivers Harvard. We talked about four his speed week. Joy lagaan. Oh Kyle Busch. Home racetrack in Kyle Larson was pretty good. God, I notice that. Notice it right away, just ignore his face. So I I said last week. You must've mistake that I was picking what thanks for the conference. I got junior by Toyota guy beside myself. I also got his teammate Joe Gano cow Larson a tremendous you really get yourself again. And I took myself again. Hey, new packaging? Learn from last week, and then I got Kevin the garage because you know, he'll he'll be good. And I will have the chance to put him in. So he'll say so is there a chance that, you know, you're you're struggling any park it to save between the two actually. Night. They might still been talking next Thursday when we're back with you are thanks for joining us in the studio today have a great weekend.

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