Hotboxin with Mike Tyson & Henry Cejudo


Uh-huh. Tell me men laugh. Dillashaw? He was to stop. Yeah. I think I think I think for me, I think you'd wanna thank thank the wrath, man. The referee stopping gonna kill the man. No. Harlow? This might have another episode. My Kobo fear. Everybody. How's it going? Another great Dave rather UNIFIL day outside and I'm so happy. So we got a great guest man who is this guy. And he does the budget the current. Oh, flyweight champion of the UFC. Henry suharto. Great to have you man. For the wealthy to bad way. But guys sticky. It's an honor to be here with one of the legends right here. Mike tyson. Thank you for having me might appreciate it from his originally from actually from here Ridgely from LA born in born in south central back in back in eighty seven. I think those around when you want. One. Yes, you're eighty eight seventy six like that don't matter. He's got it. Yeah. But you know, cool. Just so grew up out here grew up in. I'm sorry grew up in Arizona. So lived in living LA lived there for five years in south central born MLK hospital, and then eventually, you know, eventually just recited in Arizona, and that's kind of where I live now. How'd you get involved with boxing? I mean fighting. I think as a as a kid. I think sometimes it's. You could say it's the nature in the nurture of it. Right. Kiffan the ghetto kid that kinda girl fighting it's the it's the struggle of it. I guess it's the nature nurture, but I got into because I've always been this. You know, not all great St. fighters guy, this tough not get into boxing, all fighting to go the other directions. Yeah. Yeah. And what that's actually kind of how I started wrestling. I seven years old and then eventually got into got into boxing. So I have a lot of respected amateur boxing for for some time. So it's been it's been a journey and a half. But it don't just excited and happy to be here. Mon awesome. Tummy men. Laugh fight Dila. Sure he was here from complaint about the stoppage the situation happen. I think I think you'd think you'd for me. I think you'd wanna probably think the thank the raft man reference stopping 'cause I was gonna kill the man. Oh. Oh, so a lot of people say, you know, but it's it's it's the fi biz man deep down inside. I mean, I think I think Mikey. Can you can attest to this is you know, we're all kind of sort of losers. You know what I mean? We can't accept sucks, and some I think some people just demonstrated more and TJ you really pissed off. Yeah. He's really I mean like I said I would have wished the ref would allow maybe another another another ten seconds just to just to kind of finish the job tap. So but taken out alleged like him. And it's it's it feels good minutes. It's it's good to be. It's going to be my position right now. Especially with them trying to get rid of the flower division, get rid of my division. So a why would they do the how will they be entitled to enough people in the division war? No. It's not that. It's just I think the US's always found our division a little. You know, a little boring. Guess you could say remember Dimitris Johnson dominated is this division for the last week in twelve you know, for the I think the last six seven years until I beat him. He don't to meet your Johnson was such a dominant fighter, but he really wasn't much of a showman like the UFC wanted. So he was beating everybody up. He was dominated. But he's so the division sucks. But the the reality is I felt like he had to be a little more showman. And there's a little there's a little credit that you have to give Connor mount whether you like him or not he's putting us on the map. We know. There's a lot of fight of delighted they're great fighters. They have no show mrS. They have no character wants to see them. No one's interesting. Yeah. Then that Kofi on the ride, and I think, and I think that's part of it, Mike. I think that's that's just that's what it is. But now that I'm here. I wanna I wanna resurrect that he no coming out with the snake. When I beat it to the ground things like that. I mean, that's that's been a showman. It has nothing to do with me being punk of whatever. Yeah. And plus an absolute you meet it though, too at the same time for sure you're describing your mind to your phone is I'm gonna grab that snake? I'm gonna whip it on its head and kill it. Right. Good thing of the same thing. I had to unpredictable psycho tough guys stuff. But the people who I stuff. Was that a conscious choice for you, Mike? Yeah. New this. That's just the role. I had to go. You were going out as the monster. Yeah. Yeah. So talk a little bit about that man as a fighter and sort of developing your character on the stage because that's what it is. Right. I mean, that's that's what Connor does doesn't it? I mean is he liked that talk and shit. Like if we were hanging out here would he be just talking shaking? He might be. Yeah. No, he he's a good guy. And I think I think it's been a persona. But I think now he's at the point where I think he's actually starting to believe it. And that's the scary thing. Now, the luge no fighters, we get to lose, you know. Yeah. Yeah. It have always tried to maintain myself like knowing this. Hey, man, I'm good. I'm Gramma world champion. I'm not. I'm not some time. I've not from time. We believe we regard. Human. Yeah. That's powerful trip. I gotta wanna say, but it's that's powerful. Mike said, you know, like you were were we're we're David always. No matter who you're fighting you feel as though you're the underdog. And you have to be ready to kill. I think that's a really interesting thing about the warriors path, you know, because you reach this certain level of success, you defeated so many opponents and your ego really begins can begin to take over. If you don't keep it in check. How do you keep that in check? And it's it's a healthy. It's a healthy nervous. Like you have to be. He had to be healthy nervous. You know, you got to be confident that you have to have that healthy nerve. If you don't have that healthy nervous to hear Rulli early over your head, man. And if you don't check that what happens is is fighters start to they they start to lose an it becomes a domino effect. You know, and it's it it's and then later just are hitting the sportman it. It happens to happens. You start hating the sport. Yeah. Yeah. That makes sense that happened to me in all too. Yeah. I've started hating it that healthy nervous feeling. That's this feeling of. I've always got to be training. My ass off preparing the best. I can because I could lose. I I'd say that in probably a bit of of respect for your opponent. Like, you had to be a, hey, man. This could possibly beat me. And you gotta see all these strengths. And all these weakness, you got to analyze everything that, you know, about yourself, and then everything that, you know, about him, and then you'll reflect on the strengths and weaknesses like it's very his very front as very profound free to think. Like that. If you ain't thinking like that, man. It's a starts internal men. This is an adult wanna say it's all in your head because that's very cliche its internal something much deeper than than than than than. Than than passion. It is. Also, you can't explain him. 'cause like on the flip fat didn't have ever guys when the eagles. Take them a good put don't go train for him fucking bomb. Worth their can beat him on bigger than her. Yes. Thank all men. The egos just takes you to dark places. It's it's scary, man. That's why you need the toad. Yeah. Every once in a while check in with the toll, you know about the towed Henry ten. And he's laughing. It sounds funny. It'd be coming over two days. Something told actually told told us in our debit Sonoran desert in electrical, Mexico and hibernate play ten months out of the year. And when you capture it had Venemen. Of course. So to speak, right. Open up your bussing put on an bus shootout win on the glass heart. Did you take off the class you pulling pipe smoke it? And then you you become reborn again. Dan, have you heard of DM t? Dmc. I ask you. So you know, what my talk in about. Is you experience like an ego death you die. You see all of your trauma and pain and everything that's happened to you and your life, and it really comes together in a way that gives you context about you know, who you are. And what your purposes and people are cured of addiction and depression, anxiety, all of this stuff from doing this towed. And what it does is? I think is it shows you that. We are all connected that we are all part of Henry's like I've smoked a little too much. Tone. Is getting it's getting. And here came back to life life. Really? I think it's a incredible medicine for fighters for any warrior, you know, because it it brings you back to that place, you know, of humility and love, and so that it's a good balance for you in the midst of having to prepare yourself for battle over and over again. Anyway, it's interesting, man. That's crazy, man. That's crazy. All these all these different natural remedies human mind. Yeah. Everything's out. There has humans. We have to discover that. You know? No, people people inform. We have to read the messages, you know. And that listen, listen, right? Mike's like hanging out with sage. The wise elder of the tribe. It's crazy. You know, that'd be trying to inform a young. We didn't wanna listen. He. Oh, yeah. Let them before. I involved myself with the told this. I don't think the way could tell me shifting FINA. World Cup of times. I've been around from interesting people anything in the wake of shit, you know? Know told like fuck, I realized I didn't know anything and realize that was afraid all those years. I was actually afraid you know, my little eagle start going off guard. I'm dying fuck out crying to the guy. I'm dying on I'm dying because I feel know how to live without my ego. You don't live without somebody confronted. You can think what motherfucker. But when you're eagles going to frontal you like fuck, what do I do, you know? And that was real scary situation for me. I used to know what to do. I was dying. I didn't know to do. Fuck. I miss my kids. My wife everything leaving me. Fuck. And I was happy with it. Powerful medicine dote powerful. You gotta be thinking. Also with this token, just. Guy. Yeah. I wanna try that stop. Yeah. Yeah. It's Barack fifteen minutes. But like forever fifty minutes. Long time your head your head fifty minutes. Long time godly. Oh. Two minutes. Two hours a fifteen minute blast off man. You don't want one in fifteen minutes. Can you imagine that? I Awadh SCO which is a little bit less intense. That's like twelve hours. Yeah. I can handle that stuff to twelve hour ride. I want one headed quit a boom years co why your life flashes right in front of you may stop breathing. Human music and found taking places. Yeah. It's like. Have you ever had an experience with death death? What it is. Yeah. Yeah. That's just what it is. You died there. No, no. Besides besides, you know, doing something like the besides our natural remedies. Have you ever like? Got caught like almost drowning. Shot at me. But I ran and got away. This is Henry tells us about have you had one. I've had in. That's that's kinda how when tightened talks about that. You know, you like your life flashes before your eyes. It's it's death is what kind of flashing for your eyes. But it's like a it's this is this memory assist. Video that goes to you. But you're can rule motion. As you're you're watching yourself right now, just senior whole life, just run through your eyes, you know, and your mind, and you're just like so when you're talking about that experience. I'm just like that's what I thought of like, it's real, man. Like, it's real like, I this is this is crazy like I'm dead, or I'm or or uncoming alive within the holy of if nothing physical ecological, you don't feel nothing touch your soul. What you see though, visuals stuff? Henry tell us about your near death experience. It was poof, it was it was it was a few years ago. And they. No, I'm sorry. It was about a couple years ago. When I got caught up in the California. The Senate Rosa fires. And how to escape from all from a hotel. You know to how to jump out the one that was like the last one I get out. All right. What I do. Hanafie rented the blazing. Again, breed can't see so talking about the whole hotel, which just lit lit up lit up on fire and every jumped out like three fourths of it was like done everything all the house in front of me. There are burn to sticks cars on fires of buildings next meal jumping out that window, but but that's kinda would have. Yeah. That's what happens like your your life flashes before your eyes like it's like shit becomes real. Well, in those experiences, they say you're getting a hit of your own natural DM t because DM tea is produced in your third eye in your pioneers gland, and you get a hit it when you're born when you come into your mother's womb. There's your first hit of D M T. And then your next hit of DM Tae. You get to in your life is when you die. So having a near death experience. They say could trigger a blast of DM t- naturally. So that's why people say, oh, I felt I saw my life flash before my eyes because you did that was your soul going. Oh, fuck it's time to go and lift him if. If we're in I did around three times. And wanna do it again? I'm so scared again. You know life flash. For your is your life lashes before your eyes, if that's the Philly, Mike, I don't know. I don't know if that's. Watching it. Some people do once people do one time some people never do it. Some people are like crazy about it. Do it all the time. So you guys you guys tempted me. Hey, man, we're just offering it. This is an option in the world. You know that when you're ready? I think I believe that you're called to these medicines. You know, you start seeing them you start hearing about them you start educating yourself. And then the time is right for you to do it. You know, but that's on your journey. It's not about somebody going here. Dude. It's time. Now, that's not what it is. Yeah. Right. Right. But do let's get back to the real world. Let's get back to reality. You've got your beautiful championship belt, man. What did it feel like to win that to earn that? That really high then fighter behind qualify to. It's it's a satisfaction. It's a satisfaction feeling that that lets you know. Let you know K everything that I've been doing is right. I finally the stuff that I'm thinking here as manifesting physically. And so it's more of a filling to me like being a world champion is more those feelings to me. It's not it's not so much the number. But it's the emotion that comes with one in that belt because in every camp you get hurt. And every camp a lot of things happen. You don't you start that starts to enter you. You had to make sure to check it. So when you win, and you wouldn't big fight like that against a very high opponent menace. All right, man. I may be an eye you become kind of an alleged -ment like an instant legend though because you beat Dimitrius Johnson. Who's probably one of the greatest of all time. And then you go out of you beat the greatest benefit of all times. I do them on top of that. You know, be the best in the world and another sports. At least my print in the sport in some way, you know, and that special me to be able to you know, what I I I not I did this. Yeah. I always been well fighting always wanted to be part of that fraternity. I wanted to know my name, you know, what I'm dead staying. You know, my name is implanted in this fraternity here, then thousands of kind of come after. I'd I in the union that see a pitcher and shit. Yeah. Just powerful, man. Leave your Mark on your sport. So that's that's more the celebrations to me. I guess for the most parcel, it just it means the world of me, man. Really does. It's cool, man. You've been working since you were eleven. How many brothers and sisters? You have. Of a would've seven kids. So one of seven a half. I'm sorry. Three other brothers three sisters. So I I come from a big family. How was the dummy? The bring in is the family. Came out and fight. Yeah. Very very very, you know to minority family Mexicans. You know, we're all close. But you know, you do fight a lot as a family Mino. So the upbringing was was was very we fought a lot. But at the same time, it's we helped a lot. You know, we we showed each other love. So I come from that kind of type of fun. He's close to two brothers and sisters now. Yeah. All of my brothers. Sisters are all the. Yeah. They all Faisal one. That doesn't come to my fight is my mom. Really? Yes. She don't she was white it. She don't like this. It's tough to watch you baby. Get to. Right. It's it's hard. What about you anybody the people that you grew up with anybody ever? Hey, but it ever not come near fights are not like you fighting Jamaa like you find them on the pathway before. I started fighting. No, I wouldn't have guide that people feel going gonna get hurt. You know, maybe wanna know them and pull them figure at that particular time that you know, the guy doing the damage you fight for the other guy. I mean, I don't know you have that kind of fiction for people. They felt thought and get hurt thoughtfully hurt and stuff like that. So I got hurt. Yeah. Rose. The first time he got hurt. Mike. Did you get hurt in a fight? Yeah. Both my fate nineteen ninety Japan with both the Douglas and stuff people really worry think affair in coulda had a really big high intrusion. And I've never lost before. But I've lost the amateur before. And I understood Lois. I never thought loss at amateur fifteen was just as big of a loss of being champ the world amid time to for this to the thought of losing. And my my ego in my my my thank logical way of looking at fighting in the stack of losing is really gave me a really bad ecological opinion about myself. Didn't do something. Right. Which is normally the case. A loss. Yeah. But you learn so much from the wall, absolutely absolutely very painful you have to take. And I look at yourself and your character and sided this. What you really wanna do the really want take a possibility going through that again? Hey, that's deep. And I think that's what I think. That's what's made him the best in the world. Is the way he the way you with the way you carry a loss. These are a lot of a lot of people have to a lot of people have to almost really. How can I say work on work on the mind due to understand what it's like to to accept defeat, but not become bitter because of or too bitter, the concern around a bite you in the butt too. Yeah. You give you a duck shadow. It's all about it's not this. This is a sport and two guys in the best man win. There's no fight afterwards. It's not personal. Oh, no objective. Nothing's personal. Henry view at a tough loss that you know, you learned a lot from. Yeah. I'd say losing to Dimitrius the first time for the when I fought him the first time in a being like he knocked out in two minutes. Two minutes. Thirty six seconds. To the body you've ever been stopped to the body. Bach. Mighty a hit me in the body. And I went down right away. Right away. I stopped breathing in breathe. I quit it to not breathe into dying. Couldn't be ninth note a five. Come out. I couldn't even cry. I wanted to cry. No air. No, nothing. I can anything. That's what you felt Henry. That's what I felt mad. But at the same time if physically at hurts. Physically at hurts. But it's Bora Baffin ticker shit after that. Shit. I feel bad or. Yeah. But anyways, but it's also very humiliating. Because you're conscious. A knockout is different. If you get knocked out put me out about I wake up, and I'm just would happen is Christmas. It's it's humility because you hit to the body. You can you're conscious. You're just curling up like a little girl, you know, because you're systems to shutting down the listen. This is this is about body punches, right? Anybody anybody? I don't care who you are tough to anybody could make a boom get hitting king and down blackout. And you've got hit in the blackout that. Stomach, right. You make a decision. Hey, I don't wanna do this shit. No more. As can't move because that's what happened by should stand. So the next time you fought them. How did you defend from his body punches? I, but that's what I'm saying about how to how to really strengthen my core at a. That was one of one of the areas in an, but I think more importantly than that is making sure that my Waco was done even better correctly. And that's kind of fatigue me. It was it was it was a few things, man. And then the problem is we hit to the body get stopped you start to be very cautious with your body. You change. You change auditor. You could change as a fighter because you're so fearful smaller guy everybody with told me very hard from the get to my body. They normally head chef new way that though punted that. You took a lot of heads shoulder Shah. I don't think shadow. Yeah. Yeah. He learned from it you move on. And as a competitor at the I had him on my hitless, really hook it became personal almost a defeat. Like that becomes extremely purse became extremely personal to me. So I knew that I knew that. I had a sacrifice a lot to to be to beat a man at his caliber like even felt f I thought I was doing shit, right? Then who it just got worse that showed you what you had to do? Yeah. Level who's your favorite fighter growing up Zor. Somebody watched somebody idolized. It actually it started. It started more with boxing, actually, and even still to this day like almost prefer watching a good high. I world championship boxing fight than the ceiling. Anytime. Yeah. But if you could find somebody like if you get to good like triplets. You know was a good fight trip. Which he canal was a good fight. I would prefer watching a boxing fight like that. They'd probably any UFC fight in the world, a really do because boxing the world is so so ancient it's it's it's reached its peak minutes. Tata's best boxing. Yeah. We're we're Emma may still volving. Emma, may get some awesome personalities in their John Jones. Connor and got a little guy the people don't get enough with the new guy Israel. He got awesome personality. Henry yet all I'm talking about all those guys that category too. Yeah. Guys. It's exciting. Stephanie exciting to most of your fight it much a fighter, and he should know usually the top professionally if you if you mostly attached to somebody like a fighter somebody if he lose you feel like shit, you're shit. You wanna fuck knock the no, you experiment. You wanna fight other guy? My fucking clan. You really mad? Yeah. You got to be who, you know, your your passionate the too high and fighting the guy be cook control yourself. It's amazing. There's not more mayhem that these fights more fights don't break out on the sides. You know, that me he had even Connie look at he didn't stuff that happens with human beings. You know? Yeah. So what's your next thing? Man. What are you doing right now? Yeah. Open for acting gigs. Anything? I see that. Takeover takeover takeover Latin America, right? Other some soap operas big big audience over there s. Man. I think has also it could be possible. You know? Mr. Mr. Cazenove every night, Saturday, seven pm Telemundo. Bring them money in. No, I actually I would I would like to get into at defining. I want to get into real estate. I really. I, you know, I love the sport. That may I love wrestling. But I could never. I could never do it. Max I understand the commitment that it has. So I want to. I want freedom in my life. I want I want to get into real estate and. And I wanna continue to keep doing one of Asian speaking whatnot. Like all across the country. Great man, how many more fights. He think you got you. Our question we have a lot of faith in you with only one certain amount. Around twenty three. Yeah. Yeah. Dan. That's that's that's a that's a good way to put it. Right. That's a good way to put it because the body could take a lot or it can't take that much. But you're thinking, you're just thinking different thinking more you're but you're giving less. So I think that I think that talks yet to be determined. I don't see myself going pass thirty four though, hold you. I just turned thirty to thirty four thirty five or you're eighty seven and he seventy two okay. I'll be thirty two October. Eighty seven so good. Young. We were like, let's drop into that shift. That's cool. That's cool. When you do meet somebody. That's that's your year. It's like, there's camaraderie, there's a there's a connection. I. Fifty six we have bad drug errors. And all that these guys gang bangers, then all that stuff, man. Eighty sixty babies out Henry tell me if I'm wrong, but I feel like being born eighty seven coming up in the early nineties. We have this really interesting experience of like seeing the internet come up and seeing social media be created. And we were really at the time to like grow with all this shit, full, gene, gene. The ring the phone like that. Going back another two generations over here. That's what we do, man. Think that's interesting. I have a nephew who's who's twenty three or twenty four. And I still feel like even that's the separation. Yeah. Yeah. For that generation is like the will you really have a turning point two in when you turn get into your thirties. I mean, something really happens like twenty seven to thirty should starts to really change. I think in just your mentality about what life is, you know, you get more focused. You know, you get more just dial them, and you know, you you've got less time for bullshit. You've seen some stuff. You've learned a lot, you know, your twenties or a tough time. And then when you get your fifty lake meets to one guy, I'm with to be able to fuck my wife. Got some good herbs for that. Tell me about that. You've got to be taking toes you're going to. Greater than Jin saying Shino stem t. Book. It's awesome. It's like horny goat. We have you heard of that again. You're yet getting fifty man you seem so much minimum. I can remember when rap for its blew up. You know, I started the only thing with arm be before unwrap blew up Sugardo, I Rapids divided. You know, this guy used to hang out with two pock? Yeah. By with just so wild see this guy was this guy. Now most like think now, you know, so legendary so Gindiri, dude. How was it? How was how was it hanging out with with with to call two or two pot? Partly too often. The guy's amazing that he got shot. I'm imprint so he got shot. I'm improved them wanna hear. But you Mike menu your book came and visited me for somebody coke from the gym. And I get somebody else's coming from the child hole and Philip your Mike, you you man that you they came Ville yet. He got e they hit him up a something crazy to that effect. And so I got I went to my this when he was killed. I one of the shot in New York, and I got three way three way to where. He would I think he in house he came away with talk to them and. He was telling me it was just crazy in. I don't know what happened. It's really bad shot, really, bad and. My who wasn't. He had mentioned some name to it was. Now, do we absolutely do? We know that was in the public does the public. No that was one out. No, they probably do. Just everybody know everybody. Have there conspiracy conspiracy year done it, you know, to fit who've done it shit was so crazy then dude they were shooting each other Buchan killing each other. Yeah. Yeah. Over over entertainment really think about it over over what about west coast. West coast over poetry. Hey, dude. We used to kill each other over a whole lot less. I mean, somebody fucking pair of Jordans. Hulking by far worth anything in the eighties, man. Life with nothing eighties, man. But think about it. But it was it was it was real people you walking over people in the streets, the big city organ over people got people walk staggering across his right across me walking for these. Yeah. You think? Yeah. Think think? I'm just thinking how strong the weed is. Bro. Try of Joe for about the last. Rush. Somebody please help Mike Tyson. I'll be honest with you, Mike. I've always. As a man, you always you always portrayed. You're very he know as somebody that grew up watching you watching your ranks or would not known about. She you come out like this free this bee's man, like they don't you just you don't cross that bee's Becca day. Bullshit. But what I'm saying is that's the persona that a lot a lot of us have have about you go by love phasing. Yeah. I was like I of I've still frayed of. I'm afraid to that guy. Trouble man. I'm yeah. I'm free to that guy to me. I love the way. I am. Now the world we them in the sociation. I am with the guy here. This is just heaven starts start smoking recently. In my life. But. They have you done the drugs to use liquor. You a prescription drugs, and I was mixing stuff, and I was just out of the mess now the suicidal. I was in psych ward a couple of times. Okay. Mike. Let's do a little juxtaposition. Go for it old, Mike or pre towed, Mike, what was your favorite drug? Ono toll makes no Newman. Think about any new new. You're going to say the toad was just the end. All anyone think about this stuff? No more to think about having a better life and how much if he get out of your own way. How much life is on your side? Yeah. What do you think way? What do you think about weed man, because it's like, you know, it's so stigmatized and yet it's just it helps in so many ways. And what does it do for you? Do you think hey lift him? And this is what I know what it does. I know without it. I'm a miserable mother fucker. I'm Erin -able miserable. Not kind to be around guy. You know would have love. Everybody sound weird and strange just as relaxing me and any vote feeling the just happiness with me relaxation such a good answer some cutting that on go to because if I'm there for more than the time, I won't go if I could make the ban. We'd I won't go. How Cowboys they pay me. I won't grace. Can't I won't be people in like, no wouldn't be nice mis- miserable without Middle East irritable. My wife went like me. No just couldn't do it. It's powerful, man. Because so many people are walking around this country. Can't go ten minutes without a cigarette. There were no tear pollen multiple pills just to get through the day. And yet, you know with weed they wanna think it's different. You know, my fell f- without loan to point my, friends and. Cannabis. I would be just be ugly story about me when the turned out pretty good. Very healing. Henry you didn't think this is going to be with the pod was did you now not really? How expe- house thinking more of kind of like a CNN type interview. Real in. My guess catch me by you guys. Catch me by different angles left hook right hand sneak attacks. Fuck them mind ninjas. What do you think Hindi about immortality death? It won't now gray. Fifty start thinking about this shit. And it's it's scary to hear your mom kind of talk about it like the old woman. They thought talking about that. Till I kid, you know, kid, look you look fine. What's wrong? We have another fifty years that. Yeah. Happens. It's it's it's scary. Obviously, it's you don't you don't know when when your time is meant so. I mean, if I hope hope when I die. I hope it's hope is fastened quick. Sometime. How no I think that before it took the towed than some time. The toes makes you really open and willing to it wasn't hard to die. Toiling difficult dying. Powerful, the powerful, you know, this idea of immortality you've seen like vampire movies, or whatever where somebody can't die. It sounds like a curse when you really get to because if you can never die, then you're constantly just being put through watching everyone else around you. That's worth than dying, right? Dying to be glorious because life is glorious and so life can be glorious deaf wasn't glorious. You know, we have never experienced, you know, I mean really in the way that we understand it. And we could tell somebody else. What about you know, that person experience when he died? No me. No one knows where he goes just black. Everything's just black and quiet. This thing right here. Dude. It's just falling. This thing. A little bug. That's right here. Look look at this. What is the what the? The fuck is that? In balls. Swede? This weed is laced with the toad. Laced it up. I knew it. You guys got me doing today? Hindy I'm gonna be I'm gonna be doing a couple I'm gonna I'm just here all your PR mount for kind of just promotional agency. We're gonna investment people don't investment and doing some kind of sponsorships with you. Tic TAC with them. Great tif. The what wrong we would've that that have beautiful teeth? Fill my teeth. Stop. You have not looking at just the market yourself. I mean, you money now you've got marketer. So off you said that could be like I can do commercials for tick. Package. You say. That you Lacey with that tone. Gosh. He side of blame by Mike. You Sada quick. Real quick. Thank you so much for coming on give a little shout out. Let us know where can people check you? Nowhere to get you anything that. No, no. It's just my chagrin match wants more than anything. Thank you. I think into the fans. Thank you. It's it's awesome being the chatman. And it's thanks to you guys. I could see guys make possible for us, man. Oh, it's now we're hard at sometimes we can't do everything for you guys and take pictures of whatnot. But thank you guys. It's some. Shit off the rails episode, Mike. This is a good one angry as a good one. Thank you. Again. Henry appreciate you, brother. Good luck to you with everything that don't. All right chant. Bro. Carry that thing until next time. Everybody was hot box now, Mike Tyson. I'm Evan Britain. We'll see all next time. Please.

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