The 75O: Have we reached Patrick Surtain II szn?


Support for this. Podcast comes from progressive. What would you do with an extra eight hundred dollars. Buy a plane ticket. Pay down your student loan. Treat yourself to those shoes. You've been benign with progressive. You could find out drivers who switch and save save an average of seven hundred ninety six dollars on car insurance get your quote online at progressive dot com and see how much you can be saving national average annual car insurance savings by new customer survey to save with progressive in two thousand nineteen. Welcome back to the seven five. Oh i m euro arjo showa. Here's your seven five two time superbowl champion college. Football hall of famer and the newest the freshest member of the ace club. Tony casillas. T see what a iraq i'm going to great by the way are j. It's one of those things. I've been chasing for a long time. And after all these years why and countless rounds of golf finally got that That prize we all tried to get a hold on. So let's forget it was I gotta tell you man. It was just an amazing feeling. It's it's really kind of hard to describe. I mean i know it sounds kind of corny that people that play golf and you play golf. It's the odds are get one is in your lifetime. It's pretty pretty small so before we talk about football you have a lot to get into cananea and everything but i. I wanted to wait. I texted you congrats. Because he posted the video and everything. But i wanted to hear the details. Here give us the full details. The course the whole the club the reaction. I mean what. What was your thought process and everything. I'll do the reader's digest if people don't know what that is it's a very small description it's if you google reader's digest but First of all a friend of mine on replacing the gotham is the golf term. Saturday when i got my whole one so a good friend of mine and by me to play in the sculptor armagh and thinking. Okay me. Check my schedule in everything to do So the end up playing a sculptor. That was a fundraiser. As a champions golf club in fort worth Greg norman actually designed a course. Probably i'm gonna say fifteen. Sixteen years ago. It was so hard he went out there and shot seventy eight so they had to read renovated to make it easier so anyway we've been playing in the scott and all day long and so there was a group ahead of us or behind us and appointed a tournament. And obviously amy said. Hey why don't we just. We're not gonna win. I think we're like ten or eleven on sundays. Gop silence jay people have like a twenty one hundred to drink and and probably living. So let's let's play the last two holes for salani little wager. So they join us. And it's a par three hundred forty yards. This is number seventeen. Same seven number seventeen so there and so the first group the guy is so funny the guy in front of us in the group that were playing against he. Shot ricocheted off the flagstick. Only probably twenty yards off the green. So i get up there with the pitching wedge and it's like one of those flush shots you hit nocco man looks good so i see hits green. It bounces once and slam. Dunks the whole out decade. Oh my god eighty dollars a great part about eight guys that were there at the goodness like. Oh my gosh. I'm like jumping up on sun. I get this youth adrenaline made. I'm just now. I got a whole lot and i'm just oh my god i just. It was just ridiculous. Halloween celebrate all. These guys are like dude. You got home. One in the best part of baden is i know that in some time and she play that You know there's a car something on the prize. And he's the mets closer to the pan is sometimes you can't see it. I was able to watch it. Watch it and it's almost like slow-motion see bounce and disappear in the cup. And i thought i was walking again. I really wasn't convinced that it was a whole one until actually in the video i posted walked on green. I looked at home. There was. I had one of those cova cups because now. Don't call the balances out. So that's another thing. It could a hidden all balanced out. Man that was beautiful and it was and it cost me a lot of money. I don't know ever brought ever thought of this but if you get a whole on this is for future rapids. I don't know if you know someone sitting very play swan. It's got hold of what they're supposed to pay the bartend and It didn't cost me that much. That most of the most of the tablets made drinking because celebrate brother. I bet that was the happiest. You've ever been to pay big time bar tab that's awesome. The covid cup is a scary situation for all in one. I guarantee you you would have been. I think you'd probably still be mad if because it's got that like What is it like those. Like pool floats. Whatever those pools and so if it had gone and bounced out of the kovin that would have been awful. But you're right like sometimes you can't see it like sometimes it's kinda like the deco in just like you're in this and then you get up there. You're like odds to feet adequate ever but that's awesome dude really happy it was like it was like a professional like a golf like you sound like on. Tv see someone get warranted a balance lawrence and yeah i was just you know i was looking at the odds because i knew where we're gonna be talking about this a little bit. We got into our our podcast The odds are getting the whole on. Like twelve thousand five hundred to one. I don't think about how many rounds you have to play. And some people are lucky. I mean it is luck right thailand but but think about how many rounds you have to get to get a hold of one now but yeah that was on. Those of us wants man. That's awesome dude. Yeah i mean. 'cause it is i would say it's like ninety percent skill not enough. I don't know but it is luck because sometimes it bounces sometimes dudes. They going on the fly. I mean you win bounce. I mean like it really is just like a lot of mother nature but But that's sick. that's awesome so well. You had a good weekend. The dallas cowboys. I think most people were satisfied with what they did over the weekend. Obviously signing united. Neil one year five million dollars. Technically a three year deal with to void. You ever do a contract with where those like a thing are all these things new donor and i think they put that in just because just the language and the advantage a basically a one year deal but now it's I think it's funny because some of these deals that they sign off. We'll get into the list but some of them are players at one. Year deals in in the thirties and are not expected to play a lot of snaps. And say i remember. When i saw microage deal with cowboys i add saying terminology and incentives in there and i ended up playing like almost sixty percent of down so hopefully it won't cover that get to that point but definitely was was good moves. I thought what was the hardest incentive for you to reach that when you when you looked at that last year like i'm never got now like what was the most impossible one. Well i i really thought that my last two years i was going to be a backup. Candlelight blake twenty twenty five snaps the game and that was in. Leon lett Had some hiccups and ended up. Get suspended so lo. And behold i wanted to do was thirty four years old thirty three years old plan. Sixty percent said sixty five percent sap so they put that in there too. They thought the cowboys. When we sign the deals that i would get there. And i'll actually audi i ended up getting paid a lot of incentives but the only one i didn't get paid for is the one that i i i played in. I needed nine snaps. And they were set and plays they took me out the play of the game and that cost me toner. I'm still bitter about that. But when i out here about that but anyway that's It's in the past. But yeah i think all in all i think they address deathly the positions on defense and needed to man. I don't know what's worse like bouncing out of the whole because of the covid cop or not getting that lasts that i mean those are two very different things but man that sucks member of the game and it's so funny because we're going to go down. This whole is that greg bowler was defensive. Line coach back then. And i remember the i remember vividly In like like. I mentioned i wasn't expecting play the whole i wasn't expected to play sixty seven sixty or sixty five percent of the saps in during the season now and so it goes like a different agreements that goes forty nine fifty nine and all these different percentages and expecting that so. It's still ironic. Here we are talking about this about two months ago. I get a phone call from coats bowler who was a defensive line coach in nineteen ninety seven. He just said we had this conversation. Says tony i i just. I just want apologized. So what do you apologize. Because i remember that day whenever the whenever you had one more snap play and we pulled you out of the game and it costs you two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. So i'm just telling you that i was so sick. He lives in iowa. You're some i. I will now gotten a scar after the game and drove all the way to. I would because he felt so bad but It's a doggy business. Yeah you know some of the incentives. I put in there. You think you're not gonna get it on because it's outreach but if something happened crazy like that and you know. It's a continue to do that. But incentives the contract but they do count plays you're not thinking her count blaze rj. They are counting beans. I would hate to be the guy that was pissed but that i would hate more than anything but i would hate to be the guy that has to count the place mean like because because everything's happening so fast and so it's like you're number was nine on that last day but like imagine being like to tony. Played is played seven snaps. You know what. I mean like being on sure you know i would hate to be wrong and then jimmy or whoever it is life do what the hell you had one job to count. Tony's plays and you messed it up. He hit bonus. Or whatever switzer switzer back then. And i just i knew i knew whenever whenever i came out mike okay and i remember almost get my uniform on after the game and it's just gonna go straight from the field to my car and i was like i said let's go because what are you mad about so i'll tell you but anyway that's a long time ago. I'd never jersey. I'll make it right all right. Well i guess away. I made it right for myself. Because i played on those teams have been able to monetize. Gabby is twenty. Seven years. Later i get to do a show great. Rj troy so. I guess in hindsight. I'm getting repaid right. That is a hike. I need a hike my salary by the way all right. Yeah hold on a hole in one bonus That is really interesting. So we'll keanu neal's getting five million dollars for one year Get him in a second but the cowboys did address the interior of the defensive line. They continue tony to you know. Just chill i mean. It's just whoever i mean. And i think a lot of people really like brent urban. He grades really well as on the run game. And that's really nice to see the advanced metrics or a fan of his The first defensive player that got the cowboys on the board presiency wise was carlos watkins. And i mean it's i think it's pretty rare in today's nfl. With with the average fan the list of the seven five or whatever because everybody is so plugged in that you get a player. You've never heard of carlos. Watkins was definitely you know not under a rock but not necessarily you know the face of sunday night football or anything and so i mean us. Watkins was kind of you. Know whatever brent urban okay. There's something like bear they did. Science sorelle basham As an edge rusher option. I mean fine. And then keno neil. And so i. I don't know that i i. The thing is interesting. Certainly and there's obviously the dan quinn factor but i think overall they're having a fine free agency but but i don't think they're having the Free agency that they needed. Which is the most concerning thing. I think i just kind of what i expected. I think that the new address that and count. He's countervail is very several serviceable defensive. Back i mean. I think that they talk about. Maybe houston as a hybrid. Maybe moving down as a linebacker. But he's more of a guy around in the box and then he's gonna balk at safety right. They had one hundred tackles last year. Had nine tackles for loss. And so he can. He can hon- around the line of scrimmage so i i do like them going with him i. It's not cost a lot of money in doesn't to me doesn't take out the notion. I'm trying to draft someone deposition. But i think the familiarity with dan. Quinn dan quinn mohsen him. I think he knows the system. So it's an easy adjustment. He can help a lot of other guys. I think to me. That's something that he could really fit in. Well really just kinda help. Other people under the other defensive backs secondary kind of the flossy. I like the leadership but he can play. I think that's you know. Sometimes i think that that's a little misleading when you talk about a safety what he represents because the look jamal adams in a guide to not trying to compare them to them but jamal adams i mean he can. He can make plays around the box last year. I think he led the was leading the seattle seahawks in sacks so there's a lot of volume that goes along with that and if he can continue like said he he gives them some veteran leadership in the duke and make plays and well so i. I'm good with that so this was something that cowboys. Twitter was kind of talking about in kind of just floating out. I don't i don't wanna call it a conspiracy theory but really just a theory. And it's a little bit out of the way now on sunday portions of jalen zeke's contracts became guaranteed So they're they're more difficult to move on from but you're right like okay kiana now. Maybe you're gonna play some safety and you're going to play some weakside linebacker linebackers obviously jalen smith position. Because he's not a great middle linebacker. It's unlike the cowboys have a great middle linebacker. But that's fine you know. Apparently they'll just operate without a middle linebacker. It's fine but i mean the idea. I guess that people had is okay. Maybe maybe can't kneels here to kind of not phase jalen out but but impact jalen snap count told maybe jalen is not hitting his snap count incentives or whatever do you view in his that i mean because i mean i don't know of a position that and i don't i don't mean this a meeting wipe a position that i feel jalen. Smith is good at right like people have talked about before like let them let them rush put his hand on the ground and let them just you know like minimize his job That's a whole different conversation. But i think i truss kiana neal to be more explosive than i do. Jalen at this point. I i don't know if you feel the same. Well here's the thing. I think whenever you have a new defensive coordinator dan quinn and you wanna bring their type style a guys in seat a lot and i think that part of the whole evaluation and in looking at what you already have is watching a lot of film looking at personnel and i think that maybe this may be kind of something. That made me motivate jalen. Snap a little better to kind of send a message in a indirect way and maybe a little threatened because i know even if he gets a guaranteed money. Still doesn't if you're if you're an oppressed laughing. I think the thing about really kind of motivation. Slow insecurity and really. I think last year if you watched way. He played in that system. What's a little ambiguous. I don't know it was just a little being really nice. Well yeah i. I'm not because i mean we've all throwing him under the bus. I mean we've all like really he's been guy that and rightly so but the point is i know as a player when he brings some one in. You're like when that. What are they doing that for. The bring a guy in it's gonna be has a chance to be waiting weeks. I don't know if they'll go that that route but certainly whenever they struggle whenever they just bring another guy down. Inside the around the rhine scrimmage and to build a hybrid guy like that that can cover mean. This guy's not like would williams used to play when the cowboys that's true true box safety right. Yeah right right so this guy can cover. But i think his skill set and just says his football. Iq this instincts to be able to just move around the field and over the ball's going we didn't really see that with just massachusetts to me. Just all his instinct is kind of vaporized because he was just out of out of proportion. I mean all agree with that. So i don't i think it's an indirect message but it's a it's a concern that they had on this team winning safety but we also need someone that could really add boggy him. Around a line of scrimmage and may not be so insecure that that that position support for this podcast comes from pal. Small business owners. Turn your smartphone into a cash register pay pal. Qr codes or the safe and easy way to get paid in store and they deliver the same security and trust pay pal is known for online in person. 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You ever go back on vacation you ever go scuba diving or something. I'm sure you've like okay. Well but you know how like. I'd you get this really freaking glosses phobic. I mean what are you. When i'm talking about is like whenever they make you put on like the wet suit and flippers and everything but when you put them on on dry land and then you go jump in the water right but like so when you walk into the boat or whatever. You're like all clunky whatever that was jalen and because like it was almost like he was out of environment which is weird to say but keno is this hybrid of player. I mean this isn't new. But i mean today's nfl. Such a passing. There's so much nickel play now. Do you think this is. I don't want to exaggerate. This is the cowboys are getting with the times. Do you think this is the cowboys realizing okay. We you know we gotta have runners because there's so many wide receivers every tight end can run. I mean we gotta have dusek can cover in. Is again that hybrid sort of plan that lets us. Live right in the middle. I think that they really just understand. I think our our criticism. Is i think a lot of wanted to go out and get these big name guys and i think we talked about this last week. They're not gonna make a really huge splash. The first week of free agency. They're going to see any kind of settle down. And you know get some bargains gets the players that can add death and can really contribute and you know for me. That's you know. That's what they need to really really address. And and look. I think that we've seen this before the aussies. Last i went out and ha ha clinton dix. You saw what happened to him. That really didn't cha transition to. But i think dan quinn. That's one thing i do like about this. And it's got this all written all over it. This is dan collins type of players. He understands is. I mentioned not nosing from atlanta's been winning. So he knows what he's getting and i think that mike no one that was that didn't work and mccarthy i think it's a thing where look we're going to give dan quinn. He's to make the decision making inch. You go out and we draft and the first second third round we go defense these your guys and also free agency and to me. I think to me that's a good sign. I don't know what's going to happen. These players. who knows we. We not salt last year hoping to develop into contribute. But you're not spending a whole lot of money and you could still go out draft players in really develop through that way so on the subject of that. Because i mean you're right like i mean i think we all just it's one of those things like you can't help but just have hope that maybe the cowboys are going to be players in free agency. But we all knew better. And so. This is predictable. They were going to go out and get some role players and theoretically do their damage in the draft right now is on march twenty third i would i would personally guess. It's just a gas. I mean nobody's told anything but that they would. They would love to if they walk away with a corner. What the tenth overall pick. I think they've done something correct A few interesting notes on that idea. Tony on monday because it is tuesday. The two top cornerback options. Entering the draft. Obviously have been alabama's patrick 'certain. In virginia caleb farley some people might jc horn but whatever. The case may be adam. Schefter reported that kayla farley is having a micro dissect amee with noted back specialist robert watkins. It will not work at his pro day for a while now. Farley had been kind of falling on different national mock drastically. Daniel jerem is and tom mcchesney. Milk hyper the world and nobody really understood why it appears that this case is why obviously nobody. It's it's got people spooked So it seemingly makes patrick's retain the top cornerback option for the cowboys. And it's worth noting while recording. I saw a tweet here. Alabama's having their pro day today. Mike mccarthy is there so there's you know it's also worth saying it's alabama's product so you've gotta go there. I mean you know. He is at patrick's retains pro day. Which i mean. I guess if they walk away with patrick's retain. How confident do you feel like. All this is enough. I mean you know you got the mighty. Carlos watkins brent urban tale basham. You got o'neill now and that's just one pick but i mean is that enough to make the secondary legitimate again. It's just depends on what you know. Some of these. You know these guys. You know how they develop. I i think that you know. That's that's what you gotta do before after the season gotta have the strategy. We're going to go look main. You wanna go to pat alabama word. Seems like half the national football out of every day the sec. But i think patrick retain he is. It'd be ironic got to corners and with alabama and that just two teammates right like not not like six years apart. It's like literally back back. That'd be so cool. Right just symbolizes where this league is gone. And i think that you signed your franchise quarterback you got that done now. And that's we've all talked about this but you have to dress. It's not you're gonna draft the best player. It's kinda like we go back to ceedee lamb. They never thought the cd lamb would be be available the seventeenth that last year. Okay and so hope you know whatever is available but certainly i think there's a not players they can impact but if it's patrick retain. Whoever it is and again with what they've added it's all about looking in the future. I think sometimes people think okay. We wanna do it now but when you when you draft some somebody it's more report died in the first round can be around five or six or seven years this gonna be a potential pro bowler that has the potential to be a hall of fame player. You know you hit on those but at least consistency with what they can. And i think that's hard for people to to understand. You know the the fan. And i think after last year with the buckled season ahead on defense i may or so hungry to get better on defense. I agree this has nothing to do with patrick's retain. I think this is cool. This we should just just give credit where it's due here. Also with regards to the alabama pro day. Adam schefter tweeted on tuesday morning the alabama running back nausea harris one of the best players in college football. His flight from dallas to birmingham was cancelled. Monday night due to lightning. You have lightning around the casillas. There was it was. It was a light show. It was just it was. It was ridiculous so well thank god everything worked out for you but so cordell schefter with no other travel options available now z. Harris drove nine hours to make it to alabama's pro day by ten. am today. he's not working out but wanted to be there to support his teammates. That's pretty cool. That is pretty cool. Dr nine hours and be. They're not only nine hours but like in the middle of the night. Yeah i that says a lot about salon and and look the fact is not working out. He's still there. It can talk the person like dry you'll network and everything else like that and i think that that's what you gotta do is player so some of your character your personality. I mean people know you can play. I mean we seen this right but let's get in by sing my personality new. I am because that's the best part about the valuation is really escalate do now. It's all about the character and the personality. I mean there's more volume put on that hopefully now than there ever has. I agree very cool story about naushera. The alabama produce just the center of the nfl world. Right now obviously. We'll see the cowboys still scheduled to visit d'amato in me hooker. I think most people if they could choose one would rather have me hooker because he represents it true option at safety. That's the one. i mean. Shocker here the cowboys have not addressed the safety position if they land him. I mean it sounds like right now. You're kind of like a five to six out of ten on the cowboys what they've done so far. How much would that move the needle. I mean for you needle for me a lot. Because i think the safety position. It seems to me. And i think this has probably been throughout the national. Football league certainly would dallas. It hasn't been a position that you really need to go out and spend it first round. Pick them and to me. I think that this is something that the cowboys hadn't had in a long time and really someone that can play center field and the secondary and be director. You know be the producer director. Try to really be that leader in the huddle leader on that side of the defense and especially if they haven't skill set because a safety. That's a tough people realize that you know. The safety is not is valuables a corner because you're not allen island but in all actuality i mean he got these these tight ends at a running four or five now and you've got guys that you know all these different cut different formations abbas. Smart really intuitive player. And a if this. If he's the guy i think it's worth spending personnel draft pick. I mean why not. it's an investment. Now i i agree. I'm very interested to see what they will do this week. Just because it's sort of predictable that they wouldn't do anything and last week was very predictable. So i just i wonder exactly from. I wonder how predictable they're gonna be as the offseason continues to roll on But we are about a month away from the nfl draft which is exciting. So we'll certainly have that to look forward to. But but yeah i mean. They're they're doing the cowboys thing you know like why. Why is anybody shocked right now. Were you shocked to see. This has nothing to do with the couch but the new television contracts. Oh my gosh was like a one hundred five billion dollars. Yeah it's it's worth ten billion or like ten to thirteen billion dollars a year for eleven years. It's just it's ridiculous i i. I don't get me started on other things. Besides our task in hand on this show. And i have a tendency to get off track but i just i don't really my whole cinema on is that there is a different motive for me because former player a look at some of the things that they have not done for former players. But it just goes to show you how huge the nfl is and the thank about ten years and a hundred over one hundred billion dollars and who who's going to knows what the salary cap is going to be in the next two in the next ten years. I mean it's ridiculous. How much money that they're paying and then think about it you can see it on all platforms now in the freaking. Nfl and how strong it is. And it's just amazing where it is. Look i mean even five even ten years ago. Look at the numbers on the differential on that brother. It's crazy it's what we said this a lot during the deck negotiations but three just three years ago matt ryan was the first to get thirty million a year and now we have. We have four forty. Isn't even like the goal anymore. Like forty is the going rate and so like in in just three years. It grew by thirty three percent saying like. That's nuts when you really think about it. But when you look at the talent with cowboys franchise most valuable franchise world in. Nfl in in the sports the ford grew the four food groups. Sports know the nba nhl major league baseball in the nfl. Five point five billion. Look what they do this. If you look at that thirty three percent you look at the value of their franchise at ten years by going to double. I mean it's just ridiculous man how much money it's great to be an owner national football league. I am. This is again like an nfl team. But you mentioning the four major american sports. I'm super pumped for the rest of this year like it's already about to be like because like the sports calendar is for all intents and purposes back to normal. I mean just as far as when things are happening so like we're in the middle of march madness soon enough. We've got the masters in april. I mean then. It's going to be the nba playoffs the nhl playoffs. And we get the olympics like and then you know before you know. It's the little league world series another world series but and then it's time for training camp. You know what i mean like. It's it's nice list. There's some watson normalcy. But we now the kobe still out there but certainly we. We've come a long way since a year ago. right speaking of march madness. How's your bracket doing you know. Well how how bummed pickens aga- when at all. And so i did not enjoy them thrashing oklahoma but look i would sir i. My mine were bounced illinois was bound and just a whole the i. I've never seen a march madness. Were to spend so this out of whack and all the cinderella teams and and you know the big and i got arkansas. Arkansas's matt okay. So pick them for your daughter. Aalyah picked up so we got one laugh. I thank arkansas yeah right. Arkansas slaps the sweet sixteen but other than that. Or roberts i'm from tulsa on the wall about over roberts. I was cheering for them. But isn't it. The greatness of march madness just never know. And you know it's the thing about college football playoffs. That needs something similar this because especially in basketball. I mean you can get hot. You can have one or two players really. Does this go off and gonzaga man. I'll tell you what brother yet. Like a number one eighteen. I agree with you in everything you said. Especially this isn't the same thing. But like i would love to see like an oral roberts story in college football playoff like you know what i mean. That would be awesome like it would be impossible but it would be awesome. And so i would. At least like i mean again like an extreme but call it your central florida. Kala boise state. You know what i mean. I would love to see that play out. You know deeply in the coach playoff. But i wasn't when. I said he patronized me. I was like because we weren't. We have our own back in the blog. The boys and i don't know where i'll in my son actually join it. So i wanted to as i wanna beat my son which i i may. I should be hammond are bracket. And i wanted to beat you. That's not gonna happen. Yeah i now see. I didn't know because. I have the big iphone and so when i opened the app like even though i have the big iphone i could show tony like you were swipe several times to get to the more. That's that's okay. That's okay thanks. Thanks original matt appreciate that. Hey tony how's your bracket. Look you know you had a hole in one. If you don't get to have the perfect bracket it's okay so that about does it for our episode. Today everybody make sure to subscribe to the blog and podcast network rating review. We'll be back next week. This was the seventy five.

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