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Does Ross Have The Rona? Maybe Baby


Irascible than you back. Welcome back for episode. Two hundred and seventy eight of the Rose Bowl in podcast otherwise known as IBP two seven eight presented by bowling media. I'm your host Ross Bolan and today once again I am recording in the comfort of my home. Actually being remotely produced by producer. Mike who can say hi to you now. Mike how are you? Sir Am Good. Ross how are you how Z? House Gang? They've been reaching out to you. Yeah I'm hearing from a lot of people trying to keep their spirits up find ways to take their mind off things and stay healthy and looking for tips and Shit and I'm like. Hey Listen We got two hundred seventy seven backlogged episodes talking about just that we cover pretty much on every episode. We've ever done something along those lines. That could be helpful for this situation. Am I wrong? Yeah thinking you you mentioned that the other day I'm like this is I know I'm invested in this podcast but I really think this is a perfect podcast to listen to during all this madness because not only do you put two or three sometimes four episodes a week but has such a huge back catalogue all about Random Shit. Yup So whatever your interest is you're gonNA find an episode of Ross Bohlin podcast. You can enjoy right now. And I'm actually recording from the comfort of my home for a reason because I'm actually on day number two technically of like self quarantine now Mike and I have Obviously the technology to to make this happen still which is fantastic and big shouts to Mike and Permanent Record for helping. Make sure we still have our setup so we can still record and everything sounds decent at the very least it. Sounds a hell of a lot better than it would if I was by myself trying to figure this shit out. So that's been huge. I'm not at liberty to discuss the full details around my potential exposure to the virus yet but suffice it to say I am concerned that I may have contracted it from a semi sexual relationship with the professional colleague whom I was striking repeatedly with a horse. Whip as we recorded a podcast. And I'm not and I'm not joking. I'm taking it very seriously by avoiding all contact with the other human beings because I am not a real dickhead. Piece of Shit turned boy. I appreciate that thank you. I would like a metal and this is not a joke none of what? I just said joke but I know it was. It is fun as it is when I know it's not a joke because I witnessed the horse whipping via via video. Leclair was not there. How is that sometimes? It's not a joke but it's funny. Explain that to me mom or Mike. The horse whip has been sanitized by the way which I did inherit from my mom's mom who got it from Saudi Arabia which makes all of this entire situation all the more outrageous. I believe that I will use the whip again one day when it has passed its fourteen day quarantine as well so listen everyone and listen good because now that I me a person whom Ross Bowl and considered to be very important and worthy now that I might have the virus now. It's time to start taking it seriously. Not when Tom Hanks gets it or Rudy. Gobert or even slim thug where any other tens of thousands of people or whatever the fuck. Oh no baby now. Now that I have it now. It's time to take it seriously folks. I'm so fucking cereal right now so along with opening my podcast talking about today. I'M GONNA make an instagram video explaining for Nay not just all my followers for the world how super serial the situation is because I know before I got it. Nobody was taking it serious. It wasn't just me. It was everyone failing to take it seriously until Ross. Bohlin got it right and now my video is going to save the world. I keep seeing celebrities being like. It'll be like a fucking nondescript. Nba Player first of all there's multiple NBA players. Whose families are being just in general. Everyone is being impacted by this. At this point everybody either knows somebody or isn't personally impacted by themselves. It's fucking terrifying. It's total utter mess. But that being said I am getting a bit of a kick out of like nondescript power forward for a non playoff team in the NBA popping up my instagram. Now telling me now now. It's serious pro. It's been serious. It's like January. It's fucking march in half the planets that got this shit you you there is like the the you know. Say you are not alone on twitter Mike. Yeah there's a perfect example of that type of shit where every single one of US feels like. We're individually impacted by this. Oh my God me in my job and my situation in my career and my family and my bro. It's the whole God damn planted. You're you've never been less alone. We are all sitting in the shit so I think it's really easy to forget that when you wrapped up in your own situation like I did yesterday momentarily a little bit when I was like fuck I might have it started freaking out and then I was like what is wrong with me. Why freaking out about this. Like that's going to help anything at all just feeding more negative energy to the problem shits bizarre in an acting. Like it's like your special circumstances are special because they're not not during this not during a situation like this. You don't get the special anymore. The Shit cracks me up and I fucking love all the antisocial people. I'm one of them but I have not been up on my high horse like some of them who all these people on social like you sons a bitches you dirty rotten infected sons a bitches. You should have stayed home like I did like I said and look at you now. Socially healthy inactive human. Look at you now you sick. Fuck you disgust me. The people that have been less than socially healthy in some cases their entire lives are now reaping the benefits of of of of what was a negative by just being prepared. And I keep joking like I've been here since October. They're people who've been here since you know since they turned fifteen and shit since they got teenage angst for the first time but seriously they're all on twitter like shaming no one in particular because Jeff from their high school took his dog to the park and shared it on instagram stories. Which omg Jeff You plea special needs idiot? Do not understand that you literally just murdered one hundred grandma's by doing that by going to the park with your grandma killer your murderer your murder. Danger the antisocial people shaming everyday. It's fucking UNBELIEV. We'd cough I don't even know anymore. Unidentified COUGH VAT in public. That's why can't go in public day to twelve more to go. I've got no fucking symptoms. Feel phenomenal. This is literally the best. I've felt since twenty twenty seventeen. Wow you have diarrhea. That's a symptom. Yeah I get diarrhea. But it's mostly from smoking too much weed and then eating cereal in an ice cream in bed before I go to sleep every night. actively refusing to identify dairy is very very bad for me before sleep. I set them up. You knock them down sir. Very good goes Mike. That's the game last night I was in bed. It's about twelve fifteen and I'm sitting there and I'm like I got the munchies. It's been a long fucking day. I found out earlier in the day. I might have the Rona Rona and thinking to myself. I earned this bowl of cereal and I'm also thinking to myself. Bro. You're GONNA get night sweats. And then you're gonNA shit all over the place you're gonNA explode over the toilet in the morning. Why would this isn't worth it honey? Bunches of oats are good. Sure you switch to almond milk but this is still a problem so I ate that bowl of cereal and then I remembered that groceries delivered yesterday. It took me like six days to get groceries by the way finally got a slot. I can't go to the store. I'm one of the infected. Their walkers out there you want to go out there fine just know Karl. They're fucking walkers out there so they bring groceries and I remember. I've got a tub of rocky road ice cream in my freezer along with enough dog food by the way to feed this entire block. Humans and dogs alike thank you. Ali Hashtag spawn. But I'm not joking. Please stop sending dog food for a while. We have enough. Please stop sinning me. Free Dog food. I appreciate your sponsorship and support of the show. My freezer human food needs to be putting it to the dogs are a ten pounds eight pounds. I'm one hundred and sixty five pound grown human being. I need to be able to fit food in my own freezer. I'm a man. I'm forty three to forty from Seinfeld or wait. Snl Oh yeah yeah the fuck was I talking. Oh so I ate the rocky road to because she have. You started eating the dog food not yet but I tasted it. I took a little finger full. I just gave a little. You know look. It tasted good. If Shit hits the fan which it did and I can't get any more human food. I am not fucking with good for awhile. I mean will I get on all fours and eat out of the bowl with the dogs? Maybe maybe this is when I go. Full dog four. Canine Dog Ross Dogra. I'm starting to look more like a dog. My hair growing out. My face is key. I haven't shaved definitely not shaven now. That might have the Rona. If I'm going to go down I'm going down looking like total and utter fuck. Patchy as beard smell good though when they find my body Bro. It might look terrible but the first it's going to be very very confusing because whoever finds my body you're going to see it and they're gonNA go Shit this is going to smell. And then they're going to get close. Oh Wow that's quite pleasant. Who is that is that Hawthorne? Oh Oh wow. This man had incredible hygiene. Did he shave? No did he cut his hair. No but wow. That's a dope shirt and he smells. Nice remember one of the first things we ever talked about on. The show was how every day and this has never been more important. Remember every day you should present yourself in a manner that if they find your body day no you were dope it cannot be that you look so shitty that whoever finds you depressed by your by your being you need. That's what gets me swag up every day. That's why I put on a nice pair of sneakers when I'm not leaving my home. Take it from a man who founded dead body once dude. I told that story to a to a newer friend. That hadn't heard it the other day. The People Lord Shocked and appalled by the fact that I had to do perform CPR in a dead fat man who was spilling up. And I honestly it's like I suppressed. It's so hard that it's only it's only gets a fever dream almost in my head. Yeah I don't blame you one of those weird things we you make it like not real. It wasn't that bad. Imagine being a paramedic that's like every day right which by the way shots to every single fucking hospital worker nurse. Doctor Policemen Firemen fucking. What are the EMT all Y'ALL HOLY? Shit not only are y'all killing it by literally killing the virus and fucking saving lives in putting yourself on the line every day. You're doing content now. I'm seeing hospital. Workers putting dance videos at crush. Anything else on talk now. You have time to do that. I don't fucking know but everybody needs a break Karen on facebook. How were the hospital? Workers Dancing should neighb- shouldn't they be treating the sick? Karen shut the fuck up Karen. You're on your couch care and you're not doing anything and you never literally ever have ever. Who are you to question when the hospital workers dance on? Tick Tock fucking Karen. Facebook Karen is in the heat of a very. It's a crossroads for all the facebook. Karen's out there for real because they've been craziest fuck for years and years just bat shit off the wall life. Life took a turn somewhere and they never recovered. They've been making political posts and slinging essential oils on facebook. Ever since and Karen is now in a place where the whole world is all doing what she was doing. Karen is no longer in a special lane. Does she rebrand Karen? Maybe maybe now's the time to turn to the positive become a light and the dark. You were such a pain in our ask for so many years. I had to fucking You on every social platform. Maybe it's the rebrand Karen go positively one of the more off. The rails starts to the show. We've ever had if your new by the way or one of many listeners. Who has struggled to explain what the show is in the past? Allow me to help you. The Rose Bowl in podcast is a comedy in lifestyle. Show centered on mental health. Animals Sports Music Current Events Pirates serial killers finding happiness and purpose in life and really building a better world for each other through a more common understanding within this community. We call the our gang if you wanted to shorten that. It's a comedy in lifestyle show that focuses on mental health animals current events cool history and whatever. The host finds to be cooler important at the moment. For those of you. Who've been around you know we have a rotating cast a coast Mr Mike Moody is obviously one of Mike. Say Hi Jared. Boris Slow Anthony Johnson producer mariah gossip. It's been on the Mike Lately. By the way feedback on Mariah. Big Hit. Mariah is the best. She key dude. She crushed the last episode. She was on you not only a great producer but she is such great on air. Talent blows me away. I'll tell you what no she. Legit like One of our interns made a video from one of the episodes. She most recently did. It's on our instagram. And I can't even remember the topic but she was so goddamn funny But all all your phenomenal all the all the voices on this show. I love and long term. The goal is to bring you more consistency with those voices. Obviously and your support in the meantime means the world to me especially now more than ever which by the way if you want some extra support get some extra episodes Ad Free. Patriot dot com slash. Ross Bohlin podcast figuring out who our interview for March is going to be in. The next few days is GonNa be fucking interesting because we're obviously going to have to Video that that Shit The way that actually it shouldn't be that big of a deal because Mike already has me completely set up. It'll just be about making sure the other person is set up to do it anyway can do. I'm the most stoked to have you back whether you're new or not young or old. Whatever you black White Brown whatever. Beautiful color you are. I hope today's show brings you some levity and laughter in this incredibly strange in all of our lives just like I said last week and just like I said earlier you are not alone truly. We are all in the shit together. Rvp Two seven eight is brought to you by mybookie. You know. There's no sports right now. But did you know that's not a problem? Because mybookie offers the latest and most popular game titles in state of the art software and their casino. No need to leave the comfort of your home. It's all at your fingertips it's probably GonNa be a while before you're in a physical casino again. The good news is thanks to the Internet. It doesn't matter thanks to my book dot. Ag It really doesn't matter and use the code RB CASINO. You get one hundred and fifty percents bonus on your first deposit with a forty times roll over. That's how online sportsbook and Casino bonuses work. If you get a bonus there's a roll over you have to hit before you can cash out. 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Big Ted Day mybookie dot. Ag Code Rb Casino. Some announcements in shouts first announcement. Squirrels masturbate performed so FELICIA and eat their own ejaculate according to a professor at the University of Minnesota. Okay this is why they impose such a threat to us. Mike their self sufficient right every time due at all. Yeah every time I hear somebody With the phrase so Felicia know what the first thing that pops into my head is. Mike. I don't WanNa know Marilyn Manson. Oh Oh yeah you because when we were in middle school everybody there was always that rumor that Marilyn Manson removed a bunch of his ribs so he could filleted himself and I never understood that. Like regularize masturbation makes sense to me but trying to suck your. Dick just never had that urge and I like my Dick. I just don't want to suck it. It's my Dixie. Somebody else's supposed to do that as your first announcement. Happy Birthday macey. On March thirty first another one. I remember you from last year. Happy Birthday Brayden funderburk. And congratulations on that last name. That's good shit funderburk. Fuck them all happy birthday. My Dude Happy Birthday Cayo Calendar. I hope the twenty-first in quarantine wasn't too shitty Jacqueline Danielle happy birthday baby. Happy Birthday Blake Law. Sorry it's a few days late if you're looking for an internship or even more substantial work creating social media clips video clips from the Rose Bowl in podcast for distribution on instagram twitter and perhaps even the hated facebook. Holler at my email Rossett. Ross Bohlin PODCAST DOT COM. We need more of you. Are VIDEO INTERNS? Dropped off because if you graduation of the chaos in the world or whatever the fuck Ross Ross Bohlin podcast dot com. If you're interested you're also looking for more view to provide work as freelance writers columns and articles anything. If you're wondering what what. What do you want me to write about anything that would work as a as a subject or as a segment on? This show would work as a column or an article on Patriot dot com slash. Ross Bohlin podcast. We're going to start publishing columns and articles written by members of the our gang. We've got an incredible member of the VPN kind of taken this project on. It's sort of a test if you will And I'm very excited to hear from you on your work and then get to share it on. Patriot dot com slash. Ross Bohlin podcast as well just as sort of another added benefit to being part of that community who supports the podcast also good at twitter dot TV slash boss role than. We're pretty much every day during this quarantine especially in these next two weeks where. I'm literally not allowed to leave my fucking house. I'M GONNA BE STREAMING LOT APEX LEGENDS WARZONE BLACK What is it called caller duty black OPS warzone warzone? The call of duty battle royale mode fucking awesome. There's almost no chance I play anything else. Other than those two games. I keep saying I'm play four nine again. It's never going to happen every time I log into the thing I feel like I'm a fucking child on acid. What the Hell is happening there? Too many Goddamn Casino. That thing that whoever those MOMS were that filed that lawsuit at one point saying that the children were addicted because of the flashing lights in the noises. They weren't wrong when I log into that game. My brain is just so horny for the colors and Shit Book that beautifully Master Master for master full master for what master. Shit internationally sent me some amends for BP to seventy six. Let's see twenty two percent of adults reach out to their grandparents at least once a week and numbers too low. That's way too low but it also seems it's way lower than we need it to be but it also seems higher than I would have expected you telling me a fourth. Almost of adults call their grandparents every week. I don't buy that way low way too. We gotta get the numbers of especially during these times. You grandparents for sure can't leave their crip. Call Them Yeah. It should be higher although I don't call my grandparents every week due to call my grandma every week every week. There's not enough going on in either of our lives to share that often plus a lot every week for my grandma that'd be like somebody texting me every four and a half minutes that's the communicational equivalent like in her lifetime. She expected to speak to her friends like eighteen times. Total between the age of thirty and ninety she was like I'll speak to to facebook. Karen Eighteen Times Geneva here for me once a week in fact. I'm sure she would love it. I wish I could talk to my grandma I can if I want to I should. I will call my grandma soon as we're done I'm serious. God I'm calling my. Let's all do it when the podcast is over. Call your grandma one of them. If you don't have a grandma call somebody else's I always say you could do. Just call the fuck in nursing home or memory care unit and asked to speak to Karen. There's going to be a care and they're really picking on. Karen's today shouts Tall Cairns out there. Karen is just a really good name for like a white social media lady who doesn't have it together and who doesn't get it is the male version of Karen. Kyle Kyle Kyle or like a What's a really good afternoon? I always wanted to Steve. But my DAD'S NAME IS STEVE CHIP. And we don't have any digital more chips around our tanner's always a good one. Tanner is the Lancaster. Who's in Rehab? Donate Kid care unless you want her to get made fun of don't WanNa do an actual segment. Oh God I forgot. I was reading a Men's what else adult film industry shuts down production But porn hopes free though but believe I grabbed that shit. If you're gonNA give it away I'm going to take it most of the time if you're giving away porn premium pornography. Which by the way. I still don't know what to feel about this four K. situation with porn. I don't want I don't want to disrespect the porn stars but like nobody okay. Point one percent of the population is sexually attractive enough to be filmed in four K. Fucking and not. Have it be a little disturbing. That's too much definition. You Remember Mike You. Remember when we first started getting really? Hdtv's and you'd walk by one and it was like before the technology was perfected and there were certain versions of TV's I can't remember if it was led or whatever but it would look weird because it was almost like two real. Yeah it was disturbing because we're used to that old. Tv or old film where it looks. It looks fake. It looks artificial but when you walk by. Yeah. I'm old enough to remember those original like have. Tv's and be like there's something wrong with that TV. I don't WANNA I don't WanNa see what's her name ends in Branson Court Jennifer Aniston Courtney Cox is like pores ranks like. There's pot marks there that I didn't need to know where they're also shouts to Courtney Cox just for everything forever. I mean go go watch ace. Ventura one or any episode of friends ever look up what you look like. Now have yourself a day? She's had some work done. But Oh my God cougar. Town Courtney Cox could get it for four or whatever you WANNA do a segment. Let's do a segment Natalie. I didn't read all your men's I'll get the other ones in next time I segment. It's Kapadia grab your. This is stop the when a today stuff the wikipedia when you're high as project artichoke. Otherwise known as operation. Artichoke this is a. This is a tight one. If you're one of these people who loves the our government doing crazy shit that you didn't know about was the Central Intelligence Agency otherwise the CIA project that researched interrogation methods. Okay it was preceded by what was called Project Bluebird. Artichoke officially arose on August twentieth. Nineteen fifty one was operated by the CIA. Office of Scientific Intelligence in the primary goal was to determine whether a person could be involuntarily made to perform an act of attempted assassination studied. Hypnosis forced morphine addiction and subsequent forced withdrawal and used other chemicals including LSD. A lot of people who have heard the project. Mk Ultra episode. That we did. We did stuff that we everybody started. `Kolchuga we did that stuff that wikipedia when you're highway way back in day is one of the. Oh Jeez I believe and this one is very similar and in line with that in that they use the LSD to produce Amnesia and other vulnerable states in subjects. There was all kinds of weird testing. Oh in fact project. Artichoke led to project in culture. So it was it's predecessor artichoke coming up in nineteen fifty one thousand nine hundred fifty three. I love that our government just kept going bluebird was tight but what they run out of acid so we bring we we re up. They got some new sheets. We switch over to project artichoke. We're now we're just seeing. Hey can we fuck somebody up enough that we can get them to assassinate someone for us and who fall into Mike? How who do they pick to test cut? I can't imagine the type of person who would be willing to take all that acid and also willing to trust the government when they say. Hey Go kill this dictator or anyone or anyone. This shit is bizarre. So they okay. I'm just GonNa read you the rest of this. This is nuts. It was a mind control program that gathered information with the intelligence divisions of the Army Navy Air Force and FBI. That's a lot of involvement. In addition the scope of the project was outlined in a memo dated January nineteen fifty two that asked quote. Can we get control of individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against fundamental laws of nature such as self preservation? How why off the rails do you have to be in your career that that's a question you end up asking professionally? Because that's this person's job in our government to and they and that's what they decided to go with. Can we break a human being so that they become our mind slave? That's what that question is so then they were like well. Let's what's the most hord core shit we can do to people? Well we can hypnotize him. We can get them really fucking hooked on extremely powerful and addictive painkillers. Then force withdraw by the way if you've ever experienced withdraws from anything anything nicotine booze cocaine if you've never done heroin if you've never experienced that level of withdraw go watch like Any of the three good heroin movies that exist trainspotting tr. That's the one that will do it to you though. Because here's here's what's up folks. Here's why here's why. This is literally the reason I don't do heroine. I don't WanNa see a baby crawling on my ceiling it'll happen. I don't I don't want to see that Mike and just a baby. I don't do heroin. Dead baby crawling on the ceiling. That's what that was. That was Zombie Baby Zombie and it was on the ceiling. And that's what happens. You do here when you had to withdraw from like the government forcing withdrawal of morphine addiction to anyone is just next level fucked so again project. Artichoke was the codename for carrying out in House and overseas experiments using LSD hypnosis in total isolation forms of psycho physiological harassment for special interrogation on human subjects at first agents used cocaine marijuana heroin peyote but they increasingly saw. Lsd is the most promising drug now as someone who has done LSD cocaine marijuana and none the others on that list. Unfortunately I can tell you that it is the most promising drug I've done. I've done it one time. That was all it needed and I was like I now understand the entire universe and everyone in it and I can make a podcast by the way guys. I I just want to remind you that now over to serious wash your hands please right now while you listen it serious now. I have it probably. Maybe nobody knows tight that if you probably have it. They're like yeah you have it. Stay home now. We don't need you to come in and get tested you sleep. You're sleeping with somebody who has it. Oh Oh you hit someone who has it with a horse whip. Now you're good stay home. You have stay home no tests for you. Listen if there was ever a time to sign up for project artichoke. It's now hit me with all the acid baby. I'm stuck in the house. Let's find out what this shit does. Yeah I'd like to see that. A live stream it. Mike for the people are recorded for posterity America. No Cow Tron is living for the city so the subjects who left this project were fogged with him Nesia resulting in fall off the vague memories of the experience of the couldn't really testify to what the fuck happened in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. Lsd was increasingly given to unknowing CIA agents. This is right before Mk Ultra started up. Which was like the next iteration where they just started dosing everybody with LSD to see what would happen Nine hundred fifty two. Lsd was increasingly given to unknowing CIA agents determine the drug's affect on unsuspecting people. By the way that would not be fun. It's not funny. Don't know somebody with with with Sid. That's not funny. I've never can you imagine if just suddenly you're like oh on losing my fucking marbles like you see Shit Man. It totally changes your brain perspective like. That's not a thing that would start to happen to you. And then you'd be like this is funny you Lou. There was one agent a literal. Cia agent that project artichoke kept on LSD for seventy seven days. My God a trip is supposed to be twelve hours. Not One thousand forty. What the fuck. How many hits of acid give this dude? And that's not pink. Floyd lost its lead singer for some shit like this. Wasn't that Dude's name. Sid said Barrett. Wow shine on you crazy. Diamond so Anyway the CIA was trying to establish control over what it perceived as the weaker and less intelligent segments of society or for potential agents defectors refugees repeal ws and others. Do One of us should on and the report suggested that if the hypnosis succeeded assassins could be created to assassinate quote a prominent redacted politician or if necessary American official who got it guys same team. How many times do I have to say it? What why the fuck is that. When we're establishing these little secret of elements of government that we're always like let's include just small sentence at the end here. In case we need to take our own president or any other member of our government. We can kill our. Oh got damn it yeah? That's the that's problematic. Those are the people that are supposed to be making that decision anyway. I Love Shit like this any type of project. Artichoke Cabbage Project fucking pawn. Whatever their incredible cinema all to me feed me all of them. What's the iteration after him? Kilter I've got to know what's the one going on right now that we don't even know what it's called Project Peanut Eminem Project. Kale your a wise. It wasn't all these green vegetables. What else project CELERY ARUGULA PROJECT CUCUMBER? Pear is an rubislaw. Like a like a like a spice. It is a spicy leafy green. I feed it to my rabbit. Do what might you got a rabbit? A bird what else a human wife in a human wife whom and wife Spouse Kuhlman wife Ted Cruz for whom in President Dot Com. Yeah the bird is locked up in the bedroom because she likes to scream in the morning sometimes. The bunny makes no noise. So He's down here by my feet they go opioid droid this week. Stuff to Wikipedia when you're high in a short update on Mike's pet situation and is human wife College Seniors freaking out so I've heard from a lot of y'all who are in college who were either You either seniors in your graduating. And it's you. That's freaking out because you're graduations cancelled. There's no walking for you after spending all that money and doing all that work and reading all those books In coin to all those classes or or not picking up all those. Std's after all that you don't even get to walk across the God damn stage and grab your piece of paper. Do a one hundred hundred grand you put in there and you get nothing. Virtual online e-class press space bar to accept your diploma and you freaking out as a result and then and also it's even more instability and insecurity and uncertainty entering the real world and the job market. Then maybe ever in my lifetime for sure I mean that's always the scary part graduated from college right. Mike is like you're like what are they gonNa do with my life. How am I going to get a job? Do I pay bills and become an adult got? Yeah Yeah back when I graduated I was like fuck should learn how to drive a forklift or something because I I graduated with a journalism degree. I mean what what am I gonNa do with that this? I guess it wasn't an option back. Then that's the same thing I graduated with and I was like. Oh my God so I feel you and I and it's even more. That feeling has always been there for people when they graduate. It's even more magnified right now for everybody. Who's on it? It's just an a very listen. They're all number of extremely strange circumstances that every single one of us are facing as a result of the situation. And it just so happens we have a large amount of y'all listening who are eighteen to twenty five who are in this age demographic and either affected by it in this way because you were gonNA graduate now? You don't get to enjoy the way you would in entering the real world and you don't know if you'll be able to find a job and unemployment is going to be at the highest it's been possibly ever and all that fucking good shit. Here's what you've got to remember. It's the same thing I said at the front of the show. It's all of us in this shit together. I would honestly argue. I have felt less anxiety in the past few days. Then I have in years because there's some type of unifying force behind all of us being in the same shitty boat and it not feeling like it's just me by myself. Yeah I feel the to do you know what I mean. Yeah and it's almost like an even a more even playing field like as a person who deals with depression and anxiety and his literally always on edge like I. I know it's a joke. Everybody wants to joke about chaining this my whole life and it's like how how we all have different reasons but. Nah I mean it's just an. It's an insane time for everybody. You gotta remember that in. There's nothing about it and how difficult it is for you that that makes you need to harp on your individual circumstances as if they are more difficult than everybody else's because it's all relative in it's about how you respond to things in life not about what life throws at you. I don't know how many times we've talked about this during the over. The course of my podcast as results to lessons that I've learned or you've learned Mike or any of our other co host. It always comes up. It's like listen. There is their life is going to throw shit at you and if you want to be beaten down by it if you WANNA freak out and be anxious all the time and you then you will be if you allow yourself to be that way to respond that way but the life is all about deciding how you're going to respond to things and in this case in what is an extremely shitty situation for so many for college seniors Inter in the real world like holy crap. I can't really imagine for imagine this. Imagine you just had a baby. Imagine your delivery dates in a couple of days in your and you have to go to the hospital. Imagine the number of extremely individual circumstances. That make whatever's happening right now completely fucking bat shit in once you sort of remember. Oh Damn okay well. This is fucked for everybody. There's something peaceful about that and honestly it's it's it's like Revolutionary like this this idea for me because I never really. That's always been the case. The world is fucked. It always has been. This isn't like a new degree to. We've always been fucked my whole life. The world has been a total and utter nightmare and and I mean that in all seriousness you could always look around the globe and find an absolute fucking tragic disaster unfolding at every point in my life. There hasn't been a point where we've been able to stop and turn on the news and it was like today. Everything was great and dope and everyone smiled and made happy. No that is never occurred so really. This has been a realization for me. Like dude you don't have to carry the weight you carry all the time when this is over even in just like everything else. This too shall pass. Which is the lamest most annoying fucking advice in the world that every time? Somebody says it's going to punch them in the fucking face and every time there right and I've been told this you shall pass a thousand times since the month of October. Twenty nineteen and I wanted to punch each and everyone of you. Mother fuckers in the face. It said it to me and you were all right because I that ship past like two weeks before corona does have the Rona. We don't know we don't know but either way I'm going to be fine. It's so are you. And we're all in the on the ship ship together. We're swab in the POOP deck. Baby Hoist the fucking colours. We're going down on the RB. P pirate ship. I just wanted to say college students. College seniors that are graduating. Look you're you're you're fine is it. Is it good timing? No no it's not but I promise you. There isn't a period of life where people are like my God. I'm glad to sit when I was in my forties and not my twenties. No there's no period of life where this is a welcome fucking change. We're all screwed here. But we're all screwed together which makes none of us crude ipso facto. That will do it for today's show. But before you had to take on the world. It's time for some very important announcements. 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I'll laugh about something I'll think about how they fucking stuck. Vinnie off and Weiss and drogue on in there just to toews. Oughta go fuck ourselves and I and I smile and unlike Dan they're hitting they're hitting something there that that I know is great not just good next level shit. I've got the inkling for for season three awards. We'll that episode to because it Mike. I just keep sinking into my head. Yeah it feels like they're really trying to get that audience. The audience really back on board after season to the kind of threw some people off because it was so confusing yes and I was one of those people. Mike Whereafter Westwood Season Two. I was one of those. It's not something that I admitted very publicly but I was very disappointed with the sort of repetitive nature of season. Two compared to one the failure to get out of the parks quickly enough and apparently I've heard that that was sort of a an issue. 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