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The. Is that game misconduct podcast with Don league-record and welcome to the Tuesday Dacian of games conduct down down the Greco. Hopefully, everybody's having a phenomenal day. A lot of great games last night. A lot of interesting storylines as we get deeper deeper into the Spurs round. Let's start from the beginning leaves take a two one series lead on Boston courtesy of their three two win over Toronto. And the guy that's really emerging as a star we saw there. And of course, the regular season it has really been the play of Mitch mourner. And just what a difference maker. He can be as a player. He's just so well rounded he blocked shots, he assists. He scores. So you look at Matthew's you look at. Yonsin and what they did all certainly that was big, but Mitch martyr is just such an important player to this team. And that's really how you know. You're good playoff team. They can go far you've got your stars in martyr is emerging as a flat out star. But even when Neil Neil Lander doesn't give you much didn't score a point in this game. You know, Marlowe nothing captain was minus one no points. Matthews did have two points including the goal for. Sure. But Taveras had just an assist no goals. But Monir gets a point. He had two hits in the game. Five shots on goal. Which led the team? He had the big block shot late in the game. When the in the the Maple Leafs are trying to protect the lead. Just a great great effort by Toronto. And they're up two games to one and they serve to be up two games to one based on the fact that they bounced back after the game two loss. Boston bounce back after the game one loss, but where's the consistency? With the Bruins right now. I mean, really. We look at this team. You know, they become more like a one line team stopped the one line and your great shape. Pasternack? They're trying to feed him. The puck did have three shots on goal. But no points in the game. Which is a problem. Bergereon no points in the game last night marshawn no points in the game. So really Toronto's been able to focus on the big three shut them down for the most part. But when I watched the three games, and you guys could tell me at Donald Gregg Nash tag game is conduct. I don't think Boston's played their best by any stretch. I don't look at the series and go well Toronto is just such so much better team because they're not you know, Anderson made some big saves obviously down the stretch when look like Boston was going to tie the game. But for the most part Boston's just played inconsistent. They gotta wake up here. They really do. And maybe they will eventually when the the series in six games and nobody's going to think twice about it. But you thought they recovered after the game on loss. They played a much better game thoroughly beat Toronto. And then you turn around and again, the efforts not quite the same. They almost still win the game three touring. That's be disconcerting for me. If I'm if I'm Lee fan is that you're really not getting Boston's best, but you not kill them either. Right. So Boston plays a little bit better place more to the back of their hockey card. I think they're still winning this series. But still you're down two games to one. You're one loss away from facing elimination. You're playing around this team. And you better be careful because Toronto's always played a little bit better on the road than at home. So even if you get the victory in Toronto in game four that doesn't guarantee anything I still think Boston's gonna win this series. I wouldn't panic based just on the fact that I think Boston can bring a little bit word of. A table so game one wasn't a wakeup call. We'll see if game three is and see if they can't even the series up at two the other story hurricane shut out the capitals five nothing. First time in seven years. The capitals were shut out in the playoffs. And they were not shut out all asked you're in the postseason and the thing with the hurricanes is that you knew they were going to push back at home. They are a team that's played berry well on home ice. And I didn't think they were gonna go away. They lose game to overtime. They fought back from three nothing down three two in game one, and they get home that little bit of an advantage was was a big help. But you know, the big thing is special call fighting Ovechkin which probably isn't the smartest thing to do. And he got it. Right. And a chin gets knocked out. But look how the team was inspired. I think they were outshot thirty to eight the rest of the way after the fight because nineteen year olds going after one of the best players in the NHL. Even though he got knocked on his fanny the fact is that he did it. He defended his teammates. I guess Ovechkin got into it with slave and a little bit early on the game that kinda got everybody going in the right direction as far as the physicality was concerned. But the fact that even though he didn't push back by getting knocked out the fact that he went and danced with the best in the league and animals to tougher -fession golf to do. Ovechkin felt bad about it after the game. That knocked them out. Everybody did what they had to do before nineteen year old to do that going against an icon. I think really spurred the hurricanes on the rest of the way and really the third period was flat out disturbing. When you consider the fact that for the majority of the third period, the capitals didn't even get a shot on goal, which is ridiculous and the secondary and tertiary scoring shoes. No, Otto notaire vein who is it. It's fogel. It's hamilton. That's when you know, you're gonna be winning some playoff games McGinn had a great goal to in this game. So you get four five goals on the night. But you don't get a stall goal. You. Don't get a special cough, coal, obviously. Because it got punched in the face. So it wasn't like you were carried by your superstars. But the secondary scoring tertiary scoring. That's what's gonna really help the wash the the hurricanes beat the Washington Capitals. So that was pretty big so nice win for Carolina. And also they they went up to the blue line. You kind of maybe they're gonna charge towards the the the wall to the glass and do that celebration. We were kind of thinking how would they handle their first playoff win? In ten years. And they do the things that they did the history onyx that we saw in the regular season. They didn't do that. Because I don't think there's a place for it in the postseason just because you gotta play the same team. Again, you're down to one in the series. So wasn't like really accomplished anything. Maybe they'll do it after they win the series if they shake hands with the capitals, and they move on to the second round the capital's go back to the dressing room, if they want to celebrate in that way, it just awkward to do it within the confines of the series. So I was curious to see what the hurricanes with do. I actually stayed with the game to say and the hurricane celebrated just as any normal team would went to the blue line raised their sticks to the fans, and I was probably the right thing to do. I think Washington is fine. But it was a huge statement by Carolina for sure we'll see what happens in game for back in Raleigh predators. Three to him. Over the Dallas Stars the big moment in this game was pack arena and a huge save on Jamie band late. When looked like that was going to be the stars game winning goal was tied at two stars fight back to tie it after the predators. Scored the first two goals of the game. And it looked like they were in solid control in this game three. And again, we talk about getting scoring from somebody other than your top line. Gremaldi gets his second of the postseason was huge fours. Berg lights, the lamp he of course of frontline players. So you kind of get it both ways there, but a huge goal by zuccarello late in in period. Number two. I thought was huge Satan comes back time midway through the third period. And then came the Rena save on Ben where look like stars. We're gonna take three to leave. But instead grantland he scores just a few minutes after that gives the Nashville predators lead three two and they hold on. And really it's come down to rename playing better than Bishop. I thought it was going to go the other way, the Bishop would be better. The gremaldi goal was a terrible goal by Bishop. He just misplayed it really shouldn't it ever happened. And that was killer considering it was such a low scoring game three to maybe if he could have had that back the game changes quite a bit Berina outplaying, Ben excuse me out playing Bishop. And I think that's been the big difference in the series, so far still predators. Only up to one Dallas still could be heard from win home game. And then you go back to a best of three with Nashville having home ice advantage. But Nashville's never really played great at home. So I still think the stars are very much alive. What do the flames? Do. They lose to the avalanche six to two and Colorado's up two games to one and what a change in fortunes, right flames. When the first game of the series. They've got a one goal lead. Listen three minutes to play in game two. So the flames are that close to winning the first two games at home taking to nothing series lead to Colorado. They give up the late goal losing overtime. Now. The series is tied at one and they get crushed in Colorado. So they're just this closed having to nothing series lead. Now, they're down to one in the series that just playoff hockey for you. But when I ask what does the flame? What do the flames? Do. It's so easy to look at it and say while they're gonna change the goaltender right Riddick. Split time with Smith during the course of the year. There was legitimate questions on whether Smith should've been the starting goaltender for the flames. So this would be the perfect opportunity after getting crushed sixty two being down to one of the series to go to Riddick. I say no because I look at the first three games of the series. I don't fault Smith. He was outstanding in game. One. He faced fifty six shots last night. He made fifty saves fifty. There's nothing wrong with the goaltending. It's the play in front of them. I mean this to be a solid defensive team Calgary you give fifty six shots. That's ridiculous. And you look at the goals would Smith supposed to do. New MacKinnon was on fire may car goes right off a UMass within a whisker of winning national championship wins the hobey Baker award plops in his first ever playoff game. I ever game in the NHL. He scores a gold three nothing. It's four nothing in the second period. And I don't think any of the goals were necessarily Smith's fall. So the knee jerk reaction to go Riddick. And maybe that's what the flames do. But I'd say stay with. He's been the best part of the flames game so far in these playoffs. He really has. You telling me Riddick would save the day yesterday when he's going to have to face fifty six shots. No way. And how about this disturbing stat flames one sixty one percent of the faceoff, but they could control the puck. Flames had more hits. But you know, what the avalanche finish McKinnon's just a flat-out star. He was just been sick. And and of course, taking penalties. Eight power plays for the avalanche ridiculous ridiculous to blame Smith when your team's committing eight penalties where the star scoring some goals here grow shutdown again, he was minus three. So the knee jerk could be go at Riddick. And maybe that's what they do. I don't I stay with Smith another game. Now, if they lose him go down three one if you wanna make the change just out of desperation to say, hey, we gotta change something. We're facing on the nation. Maybe Riddick gives the bit of spark that's fine because you're desperate because now you're facing elimination. But to one down, I'm not gonna panic. I mean Smith been the best part of the flames game here. They can get square through game four tied at two. And then you get home ice advantage for what in effect becomes a three-game series. That's what I'm doing. I'm not gonna change goaltender. I think that would be ridiculous. All right here. The four games tonight. It's hard to believe I'm gonna say this but the Tampa Bay Lightning facing elimination Columbus again. The blue jackets, and you know, it's easy to say the lightning to win this game going away because they just can't possibly get swept. All right. I can buy that. But I couldn't imagine they'd be down three games to none. I thought game two. There were an easy bet after they blew the three nothing lead and the three one lead going into the third period that they would crush the blue jackets Tampa game to didn't do it. Oh, well, then of course, they're going to go to Columbus member. Columbus at the two nothing series lead on Washington winning both games in DC last year only to squander it away with home ice last season. Losing those games in Columbus? Eventually losing the series in six games, you figure the same thing's going to happen. But then the blue jackets went again. I don't know what state Tampa's in right now. I mean, I don't know how they feel about their game. You heard John Cooper say after the game two loss that it's it's it's a five alarm fire. But then after the game three loss he was asked. Are you shocked by the situation, you're in our very own Dan rose asked the question for NHL dot comedies like I'd. I'd rather answer that question after the series while no the fact is is now it's burning to the ground now. And I think that was very revealing by Cooper where he said five alarm fire figuring his team was going to respond to the comment that it's panic time guys. We just lost two games at home. We're going to go into a hotbed and Columbus place is going to be up for grabs and team did not respond. Now, they I thought they played exceptional in the third period when they're trying to get back into the game and the blue jackets we just holding on for dear life, but they didn't respond to the beginning of that game. So what makes me think they're going to respond to any of this game? There's a sneaking suspicion that maybe this is what Tampa is maybe there's a level of acceptance that just not good enough to do this as crazy as that is as maniac thought that could possibly be that team. The win the presidents trophy by twenty one points a team that basically everything clinch by Christmas wouldn't be good enough to beat the Columbus blue jackets to save their season for one game. But I got a base it on how they played in these three what out score thirteen. Into two after they took the three nothing lead after one period of play where stamkos headman being out of major concern. Major concern. And you know, he wasn't a hundred percent in the first two games. So I think the lightning in trouble. I don't think anybody could be shocked. It gets wet at this particular point forget about what they did over the regular season right now. After losing the first three games of the series. The not responding. And it's not really anything. They can do. You're gonna change goal. You're gonna blow it up usually when a teams down three nothing, and they looking for a spark they'll change something has nothing to change but kucherov coming back from suspension. Well, he played in the first two games. So just got to be a legitimate concern in Tampa. And even if they found a way to force a game by game six even a game seven. They winning four straight. I guess anything's possible, but have more respect for the blue jackets than that. They did not get here via fluke. Out flat out out play Tampa at stretches and they're coming together as a team and right now, Tampa is in full panic mode that they should have been in after blowing the three nothing leading game one and should have been after losing the first two games in Tampa. And haven't so will it filed with the bell? Finally ring now that they're facing elimination paying ones in a similar boat. But again, I'm not gonna get crazy because I think the elders are better and Crosby better. Find a way to score Malcolm better. Find a way to score. I mean, the islanders have done a terrific job as a team as a system to shut down the studs on Pittsburgh. But it's not like it's about you have getting Malcolm in Sidney Crosby. You've got Gansel you have kessel you have la- Tang. I mean this team is deep with scoring. But you know, what the wool that Crosby Malcolm face or the same as everybody else faces because they all meaning the Allders know their job. No what they need to do and they play physical. They're planning ping penguins team physics. And the penguins do not have a response for right now. So we'll see Pittsburgh is going to go quietly into that good night or whether they're going to put up some sort of a fight. I can't imagine both Pittsburgh and Tampa being eliminated on the same day. But there's a possibility I think one of the two probably wins and right now just based on how the games have gone. Maybe Pittsburgh's got a better shot than Tampa will see jets and blue so far the road team has won all three games in the series jets. Putting a hurt and on the Saint Louis blues. Finally is the jets played a great offense of game and started getting some shots on goal. So they just need to step up and they did scoring six goals against Saint Louis. We'll see how the kid Bennington response after having a tough night in game three Saint Louis is home if they can break the trend, they take three one series lead and be in great shape. So we'll see if it's holds form with the road team when again sharks in the GoldenEye, I don't know what the think of the sharks right now. Great game one terrible games. Two in three. The GoldenEye seemed. Poise now with a home game of taking three one series lead. And I don't think the sharks at this stage have the constitution to come back from three one down. I just don't wanna believe in this team. I wanna like this team. But the goaltending has been shabby the team has been way too inconsistent down the stretch for me to believe that they'd be able to just out of nowhere in a puff of smoke for the first time after playing like garbage over the last five weeks are going to be able to win three games in ro do I think that they can muster. What they didn't game one the even the series. Sure, I do. But if they lose tonight, they're not winning three in a row. And I think the golden can sense that they've been there done that from last year. A stone is just having an unbelievable run for the Golden Knights. He's been the best player in the postseason so far. So we'll see what the Golden Knights do. But I got an excellent chance to take a three one series lead. And I think that would basically cook the sharks if that were to happen. Let's hear from you at download Greco hashtag game conduct. Jennifer says Saul Columbus versus Tampa in person maybe expectations were high seeing it without a dog in the fight love Columbus. Fans that are hopeful for them this postseason, but I felt like Tampa just didn't look good if Columbus advances. Do you think about them? What do I think about them going forward? Listen, Boston is down to one Pittsburgh is facing elimination. So right now if on the Columbus, blue jackets among gonna face, the Washington Capitals in the next round of if I just be team that won the presidents trophy by twenty one points. Why am I scared of anybody? Right. I mean, you're playing with house money, which I think starts to go away as you begin to win series. But still they're going to be underdog in every series. They play they're really coming together at the right time. So if you can be Tampa who can't you be? New can't you be? I mean, it just it's it's so open for them right now. What direction this whole thing can go. So when you talk about you know, where everybody is as far as the playoffs are concerned and who's going to be left. Once we get there. Hey, it just comes down to this. Now, we know they're gonna play the winner of Boston and Toronto. It could end up being Toronto with Toronto up to one Washington be can be waiting in the conference final. The maybe it's not gonna be washing because they have been able to shake loose a Carolina, Pittsburgh could be gone. So might be the islanders face in the conference final. But again, if it's Boston if it's Toronto, Washington Carolina the islanders whoever Pittsburgh comes back. None of these teams measured up the Tampa over an eighty two game schedule they just beat Tampa. So the sky would be the limit for Columbus. Really would be a tremendous story. Wouldn't it? I mean, but Brodsky had to get over the whole hiccup of can't win the postseason if they'd be Tampa. That's gone. You take a look at their roster. Right. Not. Ton of experience in the in the postseason, but enough right from the trades that they made. I mean, you look at the design goals talent Duchenne flat out town. We know how good parent is. I mean, set Jones one of the best offensive defenseman in the league. I mean, this team did not lack talent they've got a coach who's been there and done that winning Cup back in two thousand and four taken the Rangers to a conference final in twenty twelve why not Columbus because we're finding out with Tampa. The can't keep falling back to what happened in the regular season. It's about what's happening now. It's about what's happening in the postseason. Not what happened back in October, November December. So yeah. Those teams established where they are in the standings and having home-ice advantage and who eventually they matched up with based on that eighty two game schedule. But nobody's gonna think about Columbus. Barely getting into the postseason on the final weekend. When if they go out beat Tampa in the first round or even sweep them ridiculous forever t h. Great playoff. So far lease played strong last night. What your favorite series you watch? So far, there's so many of them because I've really had a lot of fun with Pittsburgh in the islanders because you know, being here in New York and wanting that team to advance so we can talk some hockey on the Michael Cascio. But as far as compelling, it's concern. Because of the fact that you know, the islanders are up three games to none. I'm having a ball watching Calgary in Colorado. Because I think when you look at the talent on both of those teams and the speeds a lot of fun even though I kinda distant a little bit on the podcast yesterday. Sing kind of dragged behind Dallas Nashville of watched a lot of that series. It's been very competitive and a lot of fun. Maybe not the firepower that you see out of Calgary in Colorado. But it's close Sagan's played well Benz played well, Nashville fours. Berg out his first goal of the postseason last night. It's tough to tell because I'm really loving all of these matchups. I really am Toronto. Boston's exceptionally intriguing because it's an original six matchup, and it's a rivalry. So I it's hard to. Pinpoint the exact series that Winnipeg and Saint Louis has been terrific series as well. It's like asking my favorite kid, Chris. I Don flyers fans like myself respect av accomplishments in Vancouver and New York. However, a lot of fans have concerns over the perception that he favors vets over kids. We went through this with hack stole are there concerns legit. And what can we expect overall from Lehman Yellen and grad Claude Chris brought that up because I failed to mention the beginning of the podcast. Congratulations to Elaine been yo got to know him when he was the coach of the Rangers. And let's not forget he spent some time in Montreal as well before Vancouver back in the National Hockey League getting a chance to coach the Philadelphia Flyers Montreal aside. He went to the Stanley Cup final with both Vancouver and New York. So we know what he can do as a coach. Now, the concerns are legitimate about the fact that he seems to favor veterans over kids. But the kids are the ones that are gonna get Philadelphia back on track. So that's the difference. Okay. He's not taking over a team. That's a. A move away from winning a Stanley Cup. They're still in the infancy of that run. I mean, they've got their young kids, you know, hearts up here San Himes up here. But a lot of the kids have been playing and this is their future. Okay. So it's about getting the most out of you can out of some of the players that have been here already. Whether it's the van reams dykes and the and the jerus- and the like, but it's really about the young core. That's coming up that is going to make this team be great again. So I was kind of curious about the higher because this is not, you know, let's just say for sake of argument. I'm taking like Nashville, you'll Nashville is fed up with Lavagna let let's say Nashville gets bounced in the first round like that would be a destination for a right? Try to get more out of team. That's kind of underachieve that the feels like they've got the talent the win a Stanley Cup. They just need the writing greedy and in the coach to get them there. But that's not really refilling. Delfi is I don't think Philadelphia's that close to winning a championship. I think they're that close to putting together the pieces. So I think being yo what's going to have to make some adjustments. Here. You can't tell me you're going to ride the veterans when it's the kids that are gonna lead you there. So I think av realizes that. This might be as last chance at a legitimate contender is head coach. So I think you'll make the necessary adjustments. But I think he has to read the tea leaves their and realize his best chance to goes to ride. The kids guy says, hey, Don, the playoffs are absolutely must watch TV with the suspension handed down by the NHL PS, which I think they got all correct. How does it play in the locker room each one seems stupid and selfish completely avoidable? How to use it, you know, people complain about the Qadri suspension, which is for the length of the first round. Okay. It's deserving them in the guy has been nothing but suspend Ables entire career. He's a multiple offender. You gotta come down on those guys you do if it had been a I. Time offense. Maybe he would only get a game or two. But how many games you wanna give him considering his history? I think they got it. Right. You got to go the full bore. I mean, these suspensions that they're they're handing out. I think you gotta do it because it's a free for all out there, and the officials are gonna miss a lot like EJ yesterday that they're letting a lot of stuff go because it's just unbelievable how much it's ratcheted up from the regular season, and you can't call everything. But some things get missed. So the the disciplinary in the National Hockey League has to be severe, otherwise these guys are gonna just go crazy. So I think he got a hand out the suspensions, you gotta do the right thing. And I think they got right with all the suspensions that they had makuuchi off deserve the game kucherov veers off his path. He sees a prone player and he hit him. That's a suspended defense Kadri head hunting with crosscheck is a suspended defense, especially with his history. They got it. Right. Donald says Avon love your show. Do you think the Allders finish off the penguins tonight and blue jackets finish off the lightning tonight with sweeps or the both penguins and the lightning force again five again, I feel better about the penguins of the lightning. I've misread the lightning for. Longtime here. But maybe the reason I miss read them is because I thought that they were better than they actually were. So I do believe that Pittsburgh's got the better chance to force a game five than Tampa. Does. Phoenix jet says Don you said yesterday messy wants to be the Rangers. President also wanted to head coaching job has he ever done anything to work. His way up seems like he has a sense of entitlement that he should get these jobs without paying his dues thoughts. I I'm not saying you're wrong because I've said that as far as the head coaching is concerned if Mark is really committed to being a head coach go down in the minor leagues being assisted someplace pay your dues. And then get the head coaching job. I'm not really sure how I feel about president. Because John Davidson who was rumored to be the next president of the Rangers necessarily pay his dues to be president of the blues and the blue jackets after he left the Rangers broadcast booth, but he knows hockey he interviewed he interviewed well represented the organization very well. And got the opportunity because I think it's a different job. Mark messy knows hockey. Mark Messier has relationships with people in hockey is dad was a hockey guy. You know? So I think I don't necessarily believe that you gotta pay your dues as a president. But a head coach completely agree with you. And I would say tomorrow if Marc wants an opportunity to the head coach of the Rangers or whoever else down the road. There are ways to do it look at the avenue. John McLean is taken Kirk Muller is a guy Rick tok. It's guy all those guys were assistance. They paid their do someplace then got their shot. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. But you know, what to just be a great player the way Mark Messier essay? I wanna be a head coach. And then just become a head coach that's tough to do. I think you need to pay your dues. Casey says I watched the hurricanes feed for perspective, and they spoke harshly about the final hit on special coffees. He was falling. Didn't think that the final hit was more than Lovie not letting go of his jersey soon enough, but it was still hard to watch thought. If you're talking about the fight. If we are talking about the fight I thought of can handle himself fine. I didn't think it was any kind of an issue. I was Lizzy the problem with this. I was listening to the hurricanes broadcast driving home. So I didn't completely catch everything. As far as how it went down with the fight. I did hear it. But I got to see the replace on hope we're on the same page as far over to discussing. And of course, the radio broadcast is a television broadcast with the hurricanes, which Tracy and John Forslund. I think we're on the same page. I'm not one hundred percent sure if I'm not tweeden tomorrow, and I'll try to get it. I'll try to get it right for you. We'll speaking of tomorrow, we'll get a little bit more clarity. We could actually have a couple of teams advancing the islanders and the Columbus blue jackets as crazy as that is so Columbus can advance to the next round the islanders can advance to the next round. And the Allders would have to then wait and see what happens between, Washington and Carolina. And of course, the blue jackets would have to wait to see what happens with the Bruins and the Maple Leafs with both of those series to. To one, and I do believe that this is a huge night for the San Jose Sharks. They're not facing elimination. But to me if they fall three games to one they're not winning three in a row and coming back. Okay. Matter of fact, I would say this might just be outlandish. I'm sure a lot jaw shark fans will jump me for this. I would have more faith in Pittsburgh, Tampa coming back from three nothing down that I would say coming back from three one down. Because now I'm starting to believe that the game one was just an R, which just a aberration. And that they really are team that struggling teen. That's a mess that they were for the final month of the season. And then you don't all of a sudden flip a switch and win three in a row against a really good Vegas Golden Knights team with the Stanley Cup caliber goaltender and Marc Andre Fleury. So that might sound like an outlandish statement. But I don't think the sharks coming back from three one down. I'm not even sure they're winning the series. If it's even to at this point. But I'd give them a heck of a lot more of an opportunity even to that. I would down three one, you know, he's getting touch him yet down the Greg. Hashtag game has conduct back with again tomorrow. This was the Tuesday edition of games conduct gain misconduct podcast looking for more on the Greco. Hear him on the Michael Kay show. Weekdays from three seven pm on ninety eight point seven ESPN, a New York worldwide on the ESPN app. I don't forget to subscribe to the game misconduct podcast on the ESPN app. Google play music. Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.

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