Episode 500 - What We Left Behind - 5/16/19


Start the show for Thursday may sixteenth. Twenty nineteen welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot com. Hello. And welcome to this is only a test our podcast, this week, I'm norm. And if you're watching the video, you know this, we only got we got. We are a core crew you didn't say what is whatever nor is it episode four hundred ninety nine point five four ninety nine. B. Hyphen NC one seven oh. One CD that only works. If you cut off the podcast halfway, or this is a continuation of last week's oh, it's a to be continued. Last week was to barter but. The stinger at the end this Huby continue his episode of. That's right. We are at episode five hundred but. Were saving our special episode for next week at the beginning of the next five hundred. That's right. That is not a great way to celebrate. That is not how I approached it. I'm pulling out all the stops this week. I am literally wearing the same hoodie. I wore the first time I appeared on this podcast four years ago. Wow is episode five hundred by our numbering. Although if you look at the entire Lissa, how episodes, I don't know, because we -cluded are marathon episodes are social CAS episodes. We used to do nightly ones that we split off in the multiple episodes. But for our canonical purposes, we have been recording. This is only a test for nine and a half years. Now. Holy cannoli and this episode five hundred now. You know, we talked about five hundred big number for podcasts. Yeah, we're weekly podcast. Yes. Really? Yes. There script notes. John August hit four hundred this past week. He's gamers, much longer is five hundred five hundred. That's four hundred. Yeah. It's true. No PC gamers been doing it longer. True. But they've, they've been doing it since you know what, like the mid nuts I was there thinning of that, too. Yeah. I didn't get an invitation for eight hundred or whatever they're out right now. But the long story short scheduling conflicts. Planned rests whatever you wanna call it load management but next week we're going to get some special guests it could not make it this week. So very special very special style awareness hoodie next week. The five hundred I. Showed very special deed, but we're very classic traditional. And let's just well let's jump into what you guys did this past weekend, because it was mother's day, how's your mother's day? Excellent. I took my wife out to fondue yet. You do fondue, captain America like Howard stark. How is this not the greatest form of eating ever invented? It's just dipping things and cheese. Yeah. It's like it's like a buffet. Right in front of you sticks. What you want. And you do the oil or just the geez, we just did cheese. The problem with fun do. Oh, no. Are you to do? No, no. I like fund. I'm saying the challenge, the fondue is you need a constant heat source. If the heat is not perfectly template, too hot cheese is to soft, and I don't like to soft cheese to melt cheese. If the heat is if he turns off, if you lose a heat, then you get congealing cheese and get. Gross cold cheese. So heat management is important if they're only control systems for managing heat. I'm just saying it's a lot of a lot of perfect temperature timing. What's cheese, you have with one do is there a certain she's lots of different options? Yeah. They have usually there's a there's a Swiss kind of variant I had an dollar-based cheese. And the place. I went had like ten different combinations. She's speaking to the Mike. Okay. Yes. This microphone lifted up, I love you or stinkier. Cheeses, did you go here in the city? Yeah. I went to a place. Go fondue cowboy VIN there. It was fun. Yeah. All right. Bookmark lists for for future, the best places is slightly south of here. I've been in the beer called law fun do, yeah. Neither of those sound like great fondue pund name. No. Did you ever go to fund do Fred's when you're in college? No find do Fred's in Berkeley, both Norman I went to cow. And there's this kind of terrible fondue place on the south side of campus called fondue Fred's. It's been there for like twenty five years. I took my dates classroom. Stablishment. Good for you. It is like low rent fondue which is not good. Okay. All right. The Nuff on new talk for the week. I did because I have leaving town. I'm in a pinball league. Right. And passwords burger has led this league for. The better part of a decade, and he's heading to AirAsia. And so to give him a good. Bye party. One of our league members turns out is a bubble guy. Right. So what does that mean? So guy, it's when we went to Golden Gate park, and he brought all the buckets and shoes poll funding for one of your friends is a part time, clown. They must have ten twelve ten the children, and he made he designed his own ropes with all the loops and different styles of loops hid like five different setups. One of which looks like a pinball machine when you open it up. So the bubbles come out, you know, kind of like a pinball machine. And it was the best. It was the best photos or video, lots of lots of opportunity to shoot. Some high speed video on your phone. I did. And they're great because they got the refraction all the lights, they go into the bubble and the it chose off in purple and pink socks. Go crazy for bubbles kids do do. And he led us do it. And it was great. I got yelled at by bubble guy once why. Popped his bubble. No, no, no, no in Prague in Prague turned out. Was not a Griffin who wanted money if you took a picture of him. Oh, he was in the park, Zun bubbles. Oh, that's kind of cool. It's picture. And immediately ran up and put his hand out and said, pay me. Oh, he's like some cash that hangover guide. It's Vegas now. There. Also bubbles where I was at this weekend, the Presidio there is a big thing going on and families were there off the grid. A lot of food trucks, and so old frontside Gary win, and I walked along the food truck lines and bunch of food. That's a good place to buy a bunch of food. Yeah. Yeah. Overeat very easily and kids ran around there are bubbles there. Good. Good place to go dog spotting. If you, if you like looking at cute dogs, we also went to this place. We did this last mother's day to forget, what they call it the decorators showcase. Do you know this or the designers showcase, you know, about the so these San Francisco is header? No. It's one every there's every year they'd take a month, and they take one house in San Francisco that is up for sale, but maybe isn't selling well and they let. Twenty designers in the bay area go nuts on one room each. Wow house. It's not a itchy TV reality show, an audition show, all of the designers have to pay for all the materials themselves. Okay. But they get the exposure of these people and the this house was packed on mother's day and his pack for the whole month. So presumably buy tickets to get in. It's a very big house grand. This was in Presidio heights mansion. It was enormous. And apparently, like it's it had fallen under disarray. Yes, What's it called? I think like the decorators showcase or the designer showcase, what data would love this. But I'm telling you like crazy design ideas and every room is so different from the next it's like you're walking through twenty different houses. Sounds like HGTV the, the live experience. And we're watching a lot HDTV right now Gallison home. Derek is she's a designer so yeah, he doesn't want to the podcast. She would love this surprise. So the. We had a good day, happy mother's day. All the mothers. That's right. Put up with Rb. It's so much. Yes. So much BS. So let's get to our top story then. Top story this week. It would be arrested to not mention that today as recording. This has also Will's birthday which is one of the reasons that it would been great if he was in too happy birthday, we'll have to, they will. I think that's choice not come into the podcast on your birthday. It's fair to say none of us would be here. I think without will right heat. I hear that our parents. I mean, I mean tested owes its roots to will and norm. But will was the founding members? Yeah. Tired me as the first play. Yeah. You're, you're, you're number one. Better than me. Number two. So maybe he'll Papa in a future episode who knows five hundred I five hundred first our top story is going to be cut in the realm of pop culture because this past week on Monday. In fact, I did something awesome shore. I together we went for a special screening of what we left behind a seven year in the making documentary about one of the most seminal shows in science fiction. History Star Trek. It's Star Trek deep space nine. You heard the theme of the top of the show. And what a one experience it was so deeply enjoyable. It was kind of a strange Phil, we have to admit, like the way was sort of piece together. Well, this was a fab of type thing things can be the film is going to be released on, Blu Ray and digital download sometime in the future that it any go campaign to raise funds for it, but it's a storied. Documentary itself because of how came to be and the pollution of the story, they want to tell them how they wanted to sell it. Now, the screening itself was fantastic. It was packed audience or leader was one night, only a friend of the site of. Was there was there. We had some other tested of fans there and. I'm so glad got see on the big screen. Yeah. It was it for a couple reasons. One was just the experience of being there with a bunch of other trek fans or some people that were dressed up. And there was just moments of delight in the whole crowd laughing together. But the other thing and backers of the indie gogo campaign. No, this is that they remastered twenty minutes of footage from SD to HD and debuted it. And one of the, the scenes they remastered, 'cause they see they remastered a bunch of clips, they use, but one of the scenes remastered. Was the key battle sequence from the end of season. Seven oh, so what are the most glorious space battles ever was that remastered not done for the series like it was for next gen the next had its own story remastering thing, right? Like next back made those were both shows shot on, on film, but edited on video. So as we all know, nexgen, it was very laborious process were they, they weighed the financial economic benefits of it, and they didn't experiment where they re edited, they scanned all entire series all the film, they could find and basically re edited based on all the editing notes, and then introduce elements update the graphics. And then release that one season at time t engine Blu-ray and did very well for the first couple of seasons of point where they got their workflow down and then did all seven seasons of next generation. It's all Netflix. Now what you see on Netflix, now is against all odds. We have an HD. Version of next generation for the regional series. They did that long time ago. Much easier done. The footage was, again, all film, but it was all cut together not on video. So deep space nine. There was much less chance of doing that because one the show isn't revered as much as next generation in popular culture, even among Star Trek fans and address that and to next generation that remastered ended up being kind of a Tassara financially for CBS, because they mess it all the money, but it was right at the point where people were stopped buying Blu, rays, and really streaming kicked in. And so they were able to recoup all their costs. And so they never say never was very unlikely. They're going to do for DS nine and I don't think it was just the cost of actually remastering invested some money in, like advertising it. Yeah. And rolling it out and making it and having broad distribution. So. All of that. I think cost a lot of money. Yeah. And so for this documentary, which was initiated by one of the clarity of William Shatner, William Shatner himself has done a bunch of Star Trek documentaries. He's a lot of them actually, you can find them online and there co directed by the sky, David say his name is. And he wanted to a DS nine documentary and realize that William Shatner, probably had no interest in doing a DS nine documentary. So you reached out to the one of the show runners, GS nine Stephen bear, and got him. It's a clever. This is seven years ago to do at the documentary, and it would be interviews with the cast interviews of the crew whole story tally of the series favorite episode your standard documentary format, and then they decided they would need footage from the show and kind of figured out, they need about twenty two minutes. Twenty twenty two minutes of footage. And so they raise money through the Inigo campaign to one do the battle seed. Initially as their test footage. And then they said they had to do it. And so, at the end of the proper documentary, we got stick behind the theater and watch this roundtable of the filmmakers of the producers of the director of Stephen bear, and have them on screen. Tell us about the process of going to the CBS archives and making specific requests for like we need, you know, five seconds of footage from this episode how you gonna get five. Seconds footage the head to go back to the editing. Logs and shooting. Log to say what shots were used from what day, then the archivists over at CVS had to go and find the reels, and it wasn't just like here's four reels. A forty minutes each for this episode. These were like the days they were shot so they could have been re-shoots and, and the fine the right takes cut them. And go through a grading pass brought end the cinematographers from the. Seasons to sit in the room with them, and who the cemetery is one of the greatest things simmer talk, I never while making the show, never even though the shot on film, never saw the footage ever in HD, because the daily process in so you get SD, dailies, essentially, and he was able to sit in there this documentary at your room and grade, the film with them grade the series of as he remembered, it twenty years ago, super cool. And here's the best part of documentary. My favorite part was to make it a little different. They decided in this isn't done to fierce degree successive other fan favorite shows, and conventions and conflict form. But they brought the ritual writer scatter into a writer's room. And this includes people like are also Ronald d Moore, who went onto reboots aren't galactica, right? And they brought them in to do a outlined session. What white boards all around the room for what season? Eight. Episode one would look like and it was kind of amazing because like immediately dove right back into it, and they started arguing show, and then it became clear that they forgot elements of the show, and they're like, wait. How did that character die, and they had an argument about trying to remember how to character their brains Allen session was? It was done in a way to vote how they would have outlined individual episodes back in the day. Not how you, they break down the axe whiteboard. They actually had ideas that they say that character for later. And then what the filmmakers did with that storage. Helen is that story boarded the outline an animated. So you got an animated storyboards look of what a full season eight episode one, but look like and not going to reveal the plot because it's so good for fanciest nine. But the end of that session all the writers, like this would be good enough to twenty-six Soad's. Because back in the day, Star Trek was twenty six of the season is this movie a sales pitch for another season at night. It's never going to happen. No, it's never going to happen. But it's the peer fancy service. So it sounds like the documentary is for fans absolutely for fame, and there is so many like inside conversations and whatnot. What I forgot. I, I mean nine is obviously is oftentimes referred to as the war track because there's, there's a war happening, and you see elements of war that are hard to look away from, but what I'd forgotten, and this is. Homer of all Star Trek. Is that how it tackled social issues was so impressive and forward compared to what we had seen prior like how they handled issues around like civil rights, and they clearly had a main character that was gay. And they had a lot of different social issues to sort of come to the fore in. I think we forget that in retrospect, but I thought that was really nice part of the document. I because. Famously the lead captain of the show Avery Brooks plays captain Sisko does favorite actor Volta believe he does not speak about the nine he's thrown under the bus. I've seen the first pilot we filmed it. We filmed Jeremy's reactions emissary fans agree. It's not the best episode. Every books is kind of a strange guy any over exit, you know, he was the first time I saw Avery Brooks before nine was in school because he did at PBS production of, but he was the first twelve years, a slave. He played that role. He played brilliantly, anyway. He's a wonderful actor, and he famously does not talk about Star Trek. Yes, nine his time with he's said everything's say he didn't really actively participate in this documentary. Their interview footage and convention footage. Archival archival. And he's got a set everything. But we learn things about his portrayal on the show because one was the first black captain on Star Trek and his hair. Like we all think of Avery Brooks, his physician from, you know, his goatee grows out throughout the season like at the series like he doesn't facial hair and changes he's not bald but we don't realize is the Lookie has as the show goes on, is his real look, they made him shave his goatee ING and grow hair for the first season. Because at the time. UPN paramount. CBS wasn't comfortable with that. Look, they, it was pure racism and washing that showing never realized that it, what he's saying that he he originally looked like he doesn't later seasons. Yes, they made them change that made them change four Star Trek because their market research, or the executives because he's African American. Yes, because they literally say on the documentary, they haven't executive. It's one of the cringes grinchey like they're the show, interviewing the CBS, or paramount executive, who green with the show and they're like, yeah, that's a different time. And you know, we try to talk around for lack of a better word it was. We thought it was too street. And like whoa. And it just hits. You realize in the Indies, which was not that long time ago. It's things haven't really changed. But as as a twelve year old watching the show, I didn't know that. Right. And I didn't I didn't realize that the relationships that he had on the show with him. And his son Jake Sisko like an his father like those groundbreaking things. At the time, and I sought, as like this is normal family, and, and it was amazing. And to me, like that the transformation of his of that hair and in his look, kinda suited the storyline that was happening. So I thought it was planned, but then to hear it presented that way really shed light on, on what was going on amazing. If you're a prop nerd Star Trek nerd, just sort of a film buff of some kind. This is kind of a documentary it's, it's all together very weird. It's put together a very kind of jump around. Your way. Yeah. It's very very insider. Do they have the actors who are who clearly loved being on the show? You know, there was the cliche, that when you have Star Trek actors worked together for seven years, they become a family, and knowledge that, but it became for them was more than that, because they had this special place where they were almost the run in the family right in the Star Trek universe. They were fans the all the actors takes reading out, hate mail about the nine really. Yeah. Because the show was never loved in its time. See, you guys are making me feel like I feel better about myself hearing that because I've always contested that next end is far superior and tear you guys and some other people talk about it. I feel like I've missed out on nine and you have because it comes around and the show gets redeemed in the most wonderful. They have these confessionals from fans in everyone all the fans acknowledge that back, then they might not have liked it. But now it. It is the show that is, maybe the most Star Trek all right of all the shows and so employees Jimmy, maybe the big I don't know. I don't know about that, that line that, it's the most Star Trek it is more Star Trek in the in ways that people don't realize in ways that people for all the rallying gets this is Star Trek. It's not on a starship. It's about war. Gene Roddenberry never wanted ward. It's not about a utopia use things like section thirty one like all the issues that it tackles and the way it tells the story and the boldness in which tells a story is very much in the house of Star Trek. And it's it's not twilight zone. It's not it's not episode of the week. I mean, the Cyril nature of it is, is groundbreaking, and it watching that documentary baby wanna go home and just binge DS nine, even though it's an ST and it made me dream of I did watch an episode when home and I. Got mad that it was an ST really. I did. I mean you just saw on screen what it looked like. And it, it really made a difference. Yeah. Yeah. So go watch them DS nine everyone. It's worth it. All right stuff in pop culture. This week Disney has announced her big slate of films last two updates on that one is that even though there are some Pixar films on that slate through twenty twenty seven untitled picks untitled films are speculations, how much how many of these would be sequels turns out after Toy Story four coming out this summer, the next big batch of Pixar films will all be original films. No more sequels for the foreseeable future. I couldn't be more excited about this, this seems perfect, every Pixar property that I've seen at this point I either have gotten enough sequels or I don't need us equal. Yes. I loved inside out. I don't need inside out to no. Do you need an incredible? Three. That one I probably is probably the one I'm the softest on. Like I could be convinced of, but no, I felt like to satisfied what I really wanted out of the franchise and you're done with Toy Story. Having night, even seen Toy Story four, I am so done with Toy Story done with the fishes like Neo door. You're fine. I don't need. No more cars, like who else is left? I don't think anyone is out there clamoring for good dinosaur to I watched that again recently, how's it ever finished? It's the least performing Pixar film of all time, you know. And I don't know kind of feels about right? Yeah. The one that I will say that my favorite Pixar film is Wally, and in, in my heart. I want a second one, but I think it's a perfect film. I don't want them to, to go there. I'd be I'd be open to that. I want to know what Stanton has in mind, you know, like what? 'cause I imagine with the right story. We. Could get a pretty interesting sequel, but it would have to be, you know, have to be the right store. I don't think he'd have wouldn't have it wouldn't be about Wally, probably about another robot. What is wall is counterpart on another ship was that ship? The only ship with all the humans or another arc ship. Jesse and there are a lot of robot characters in that world have lot of personality. You know, so I'm glad it's me stories, I'm glad they're not announced yet. I mean open imagination factory. And so we'll be looking forward to buy tickets. When they come out the other request was whether the stars films that are coming out in three years now. Twenty twenty two twenty twenty five and when I. Is it twenty two twenty two to four six hundred four six? Yes, twenty twenty two twenty twenty four twenty six alternate years between avatar for the holiday. I didn't catch that. Yeah. Okay. All avatars one Christmas and stores of the Christmas kind of whatever they confirmed, Bob, I confirm that this will be from the show runners, thrones dividend off and db Weiss through David's. And how has the, the siege changed under them? I mean over the past few weeks. So what timing to announce it right in the middle of season game of thrones? And amid some maybe some backlash about the writing on that show for the final season. So. Can we give this a little more context? I have not watched any game of thrones for since whatever season five I have no idea. So I don't know what's going on. I'm planning to watch this Sunday's because it's the last one, you can't do that. I'm gonna do it, what you're going to John. Yeah. I mean they're totally on a different planet now. But I mean outside of that, like you can't do that here means you'll out, I'm going to do it. My question is what about this season without spoiling? Anything has caused people to turn on these poor people so much. It's how rush feels I think general sense, is that the show, the show strength was its character development, it's nuance character velopment. Yeah. And so there's been some conclusions brought to some of the character arcs, and I think the main complaint is, how is that consistent with the character development that we've seen over seven years? Are they, not the logical conclusions? I think they're debatable. I think for some, I think. Absolutely. That's the case. I think for others, it's really murky and it just feels rushed. Like we have X episodes. We just gotta get this done. Yeah. And some was like I would say for a couple, there was just like purify. Service and it occurred that way for a show that was never really about fans game of thrones was famous for making you feel frustrated with care for deaths with big plot twist that. I you is fans but ultimately felt satisfying when you then del back into the buildup and house, all really plan and how people got what they deserve because it wasn't show about happy endings, it was a show about real consequences in this fantasy world and anything can happen eve anything of your favorite character. Yes. And it turns it feels like with the last six ups odes of this final season, eight that things are falling too neatly in the place in some for some characters weren't we weren't getting unexpected that so bracing all feeling. Oh, it's too sweet. Some of those were to procreate like it's very like they're they were not bold enough to, to, to do, unexpected, her is this because they've gone off and done their own thing without the writer of the author's leading the probably also because I also felt rush if the things that happened in this season happen, of course of maybe three seasons with a lot more new. Ons with a lot more of gradual terms than yes, it also feels like there's no place for the show to go. They built up these big threats and everything was this combination. I think everyone knows what the conclusions going to be tougher for them. The right of satisfactory conclusion for resolving, the quote unquote game of thrones. And then, also the, you know, the invasion from the north. There's so much that you don't know not having seen I would say, there's just one too many coincidences or five too many coincidences characters just sort of like running into each other, and the fast travel stuff as you can only forgive for so much right, like the show, the first couple of seasons call like people traveling through west arrose, and it really got a sense of space and distance because they were breaking the stories up, like, who'd watch one episode, and it would be like half a dozen if not more different character. Groupings you'd be following. Yeah. It'd be like checking on this character for one CNN checking on this character and you're invested in one or two of them and you wanted to get back to those two, and they don't that was my experience, but it would also make sense because you were these trajectories of the characters were spread splitting apart of Entschlie converging, and now that they've everyone's kind of back together because it is culminating. There's not there's only two places or between. Interesting. And. It's everything's two convenient. Like they only have so much time. They can't are you. Sure, people aren't being too hard on these guys the whopping. I think that writing these shows are hard. I think that if you look at a satisfactory conclusions. Any of them other shows have done better? No. But they're not that many satisfactory conclusions to epochs like this to epochs. Sure. Lord of the rings. Come on. That was written already. There's books completed lake TNG ended. Well, TNG DS nine Nahnjohn, roadshows, six feet under. But sopranos once heroin is greatest TV show of our generation didn't then. Well, but that ended on the craters terms in a way that I think he various the wire and ended ended well lost. I think game of thrones lovely loss as cultural phenomena like that's the best comparison in terms of and, and lost. Probably looks a lot better compared to gamma thrones. Do you wanna say like the wild swings from, like episode two of the season where they were being heralded as geniuses to like, episode four where people are like, I can't see anything to episode five or just everyone is unhappy. That's a big art for once. It's just this crazy swings which makes this announcement even stranger from Bob Eiger, because it's just like, once you wait for all of that, just to equip, -brate, a little at least they're going to have from the outset the scope of work. They're going to three film. Over the course of six years, and they're going to start from scratch, and they know where they want to end up and they're cinematography this season has been top notch. So I think that's one thing you can be really confident walk. Wachner is the DP for the episodes some of the best stuff to come out of the season. If you're fan of filmmaking. The behind the scenes. They produced. Very long behind the scenes. Not really documentaries because there is going to be a separate documentary like the finale is Sunday. And then the week after that they're going to be a full feature length documentary the final season. But for every one of these six episodes afterward, you actually find on YouTube. There's a thing called the game revealed, and some of them are forty minutes long was one that's thirty minutes long. And these are real great indep looks into the making of episode and it's interviews with cast, but more importantly, interviews with the effects artists, the prop makers the production designer rally like for this most recent episode without spoiling it, they had to rebuild in Belfast in large chunk of king's landing, and they talk about the building of these episodes of the building of these actual structures. They show the production, Zayn aren't they talk about how the, the high destruction in the walls as their as their layering in the foam, and the stucco and, and building in the pipes for flames come out of windows, and how they see g and the drag. There's a shot of of course, dragons in this show and the fly around how the composite in real explosions and put a a spider cams. No, they use the film like seconds game ball like in football. Football just mills there. But how they have wire cams go along. They put a flame thrown one. That's awesome. And then that's how they got their flame dragon effect film that on green screen in the composite over over CG, two stunt people. Putting on twenty two stunt people. Actors performers getting burned the same time on wooden one shot on fire and how they choreographed the action for that, like super super cool behind the scene, and that's all without having seen this documentary. Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. Well worth watching, okay. That's okay. I know a lot of people been asking. Have you seen? Give thrown talk about thrones. Yeah. That's our big shout definitely worth watching the game revealed. If you haven't watched that already Mortiz stuff, black mirror season five the trailer dropped its three episodes. They'll be coming out, June fifth on Netflix. There's some cast announcements spol- if you wanna go into complete cold, but some rather famous names are in the season. Not going to be bender snatch style. Choose your own adventure, which they're doing that. We didn't last week. But Netflix, of course, going all in with the chooser veterans style storytelling. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Stu the full episode choose your own adventure. Interesting. So they're going all different genres of, of Netflix shows very excited for black mirrored season. Five, and then also, Rick and Morty season. Four announced for November this year. That's a big deal because it's always a mystery if that shows going to continue or just this big deal. Right. They send that huge contract that's going to be like three or four seasons. They've locked in. But just this kind of a weird character behind the scenes like he's it'll be done when it's done. It will they renewed with adults from seventy episodes. Right last. This is only ten probably yeah. Yeah. It's crazy. Other big technology news entertainment, Disney, which still launching or Disney plus layers here is now four control of Hulu. They bought out Comcast share or the inserted control whatever role. They have all voting rights, so they're going to lead the production, NBC com universal slash. Comcast is planning on launching its own service to compete. So they're going to get like twenty seven billion dollars from their share of Hulu, which is a lot of frigging money to kick start their own. They got that extra thirty from selling off, whatever or no. That's FOX at the Disney. Yeah. Disease showing out cat. I know they're also making it. So I'm familiar. They've got all of it, but what's going to distinguish Hulu and this doesn't feel like who lose one of the first services that'll go away. Because Disney plus there, there you can see the multi year arc they have going to this. They even have like a Pixar series. What does that mean about, like, do they give everyone with who subscription Disney plus subscription? I don't think I think they're going to be paying that much money for controlling stake. I think one. The hedge your bets because dizzy, pus only original programming library stuff, but pay to watch Hulu has a pay to watch angle to Hulu also has commercial as a built in audience will not pay but will watch the commercials. No, you have to pay. Don't you? You can watch not only mobile device in Washington web, browser only on your but it's still place for Disney to sell ads outside of traditional network television. And the one who's on that just doesn't make sense in my mind longer term. Like I understand Netflix. I can understand Disney plus like and understand even like each networks, own version of this kind of sustaining, but who has like a conglomerate of like a subsection of some of the networks with some original programming. And some live TV feels like a smorgasbord of some bits of everything else, if it were to urge the two audiences and use Hulu, plus scrip shins SCR. Scrubbers as bootstrap Disney. Plus, which, I don't think they need that doesn't make them a formidable all out of the gate in terms of just sheer revenue and audience size competitor to net flicks. Amazon prime but Hulu as a brand if they did that it would have to go away. And I think who is strong enough brand that they don't they should there's value there, right? They'll need to, to do that, if anything, then they would have been the ones that pull out of if they wanted licensing, the pull out of the Hulu deal, the Comcast pay them, and then just put all their efforts into Disney. Plus. All right. Moving on a couple of things new LEGO, set an ounce this week. No. Oh, sherrie. What stranger things? Legos stranger things LEGO stranger thing. Okay. It's the buyer household you Google. That's right now got to take a look. Okay. Legal put out a like a animated teaser video doesn't show, the set of the set is out there now. It's two hundred dollars twenty two hundred pieces, which gets us a your ten cents a piece it looks bad ass. Have the words on the wall. It has the words light up if going to light up, what do you mean? They light up light up goes don't light up. Yeah, they do. Now get this. It's the house dude light up. Oser upside down is upside down down version of the house. That's a terrible picture. Jimmy everyone listening on their phone right now. I didn't take it norm. Which are free to find to be representation of the set SCO cook images, images. There you go. Second first second picture. It's the house. That's built on top of a darker gray scale bluish version of the very same house is, Dan, it's and then you have these two giant trees on the left and right of the house to stance and they are stands. It's floats. Look at that in the truck looks perfect. And so you can display it upside down. Goodness, right side up. What is bring back LEGO with friend? Who is this is this, the mom character? Yeah. I think so. So a lot of figs why do why is she like superman upside down? The upside down is, is will, of course. It's the kid. He's the one loss. Now, there's no barb Nobar benefits. I'm out so this season one sees it. Okay. Yeah. But what crazy LEGO stores around the Debbie minivan looks great who's worse, eleven she's? Oh, right. I forgot she she hit the pink rest. Right. She's got the, the hair. That's interesting. No wonder if you watch this show. I don't should this looks different than I remember. They are like, oh, versions of the character, so I guess you can be forgiven but. Very excited for the set. You gotta have the right display area for it. I I'm sure they've decided to be starting to be displayed on those trees. And we get this and build it twenty two hundred pieces. It'd be a long billed want to, we'll about you've done bigger build. I have so many that's built yet. All right, both think about it. We'll talk about it. And then finally on in pop culture, news, a little bit of rumor you at John wick three coming out, of course, but the director of John three dropped hints that the Wachowski are potentially working on matrix. Four matrix four matrix. Rebooted revolutions reloaded. I did. Is that what you got from it? I thought it was straight after the last two after the last a review would be like a rethinking the whole thing that the software of the matrix. Oh, no. If if this was the happen one. I lose my shit. Love the matrix, dude can coming back a love news. The matrix less love for to the mythology. I'm soul fan of. Would this take into account the events that happened in the matrix online, which Warner Brothers? And the Chelsea said is canonical okay, from a death of morpheus to the no actual metric still existing. What would they bring them? Or would this be it's very, very fashionable now for filmmakers to go back and just say, we're gonna make a sequel, but not take into account. The other sequels is that called red conning. I guess it is Terminator do that. Nutro later movie is going to only take into consideration from year one and two two threes of Asian all that stuff Genesis did not exist in the in the eyes of the neutral, major film Halloween to that because hallway only consideration of the first one, you didn't watch Halloween. I did watch the the new home. When did I did? Well, yeah tunes, h is I was, but it was more than that. I feel very mixed about this very mixed. Why's that short? I love the mythology two and the matrix left on a sour note. Yeah. Right. But it started on, like one of the highlights of my life. So like they still get that. So I I'm with norm, I would go into this open minded because it has been so long. And they have a lot more films under the belt about now. But if but having more films, I don't think is necessarily benefit because when they expanded the landscape of the matrix, I think that's where it got lots like the first film is brilliant, not just because of the mythology because it's a really contained movie with only essentially like two or three characters. I mean apologies pick about the second third veterans or even the other films about Chelsea's done cents. They're, they're wonderful filmmakers, they know how to tell good story like cloud atlas I still. I love. Sedentary and a half hour. Film is a there's a five hour version of that cloud Alice. Yeah. She's yeah. Because it's impossible app, Titian Jupiter. Ascending, I thought, maybe the direction trying to go for young adults style story wasn't the best one easy action and incredible world building. Don't forget speed racer of all their films. He loves speed of age the best speed racer and also sense eight they did a couple of seasons of that net flicks. And so they know how to push the limits of action of visual storytelling of real character of storytelling, and for them to go back, even if it's not exactly. We've already been soured by two and three people for whatever reason they're valid reasons, but there's parts of it that they don't like it's not like people are happy with. The ridgeville matrix being the one they treasure you're not going to ever lose that the one right? So I just want to go back to that world. And yeah have someone put money behind. Bring this bat. And like you say they are master filmmakers, they premeditate their shots. Like nobody like everything is drawn out to the pixel before they shoot it. And it's like exactly the film. They wanted to make would you need any of the regional cast coming back? Yes. Keno cameo. I don't need Laurence. Fishburne. Moss for sure. She's when it's you. She's three. What a what a beautiful desk is only one got see the sun only human who to see who at the breakthrough ret con at the smog, whatever I don't think I think maybe maybe Neo is cameo back. I don't think you need Cam Smith, Ken meal Kenya. I would want him in the chair. What was the, the dude with the white beard was he called the architect? Yeah. Neo some new architect. Funny is evil now. Evil new. Okay. I don't think they need to bring back tell new story. I what do I know? Let's do what they will do. I will go see it. You have my money. Yes, you have my twelve dollars. I would be more excited for that avatar too. But if they haven't started yet they the only got so much time. Right. Can't get an old or maybe not have you. There's another Netflix series. I wanted to mention, and that's I think you should leave with Tim Robinson. Have you guys seen this? I watched the first episode whatever you want to. Yeah. It's crazy. Isn't it? The weirdest thing you've ever seen. No. But it's getting up. There is strange and Tim Robinson who had was a brief player on tire. Nate live. Never got to demonstrate this. This is totally out there, so d- member too many cooks. Like, what was that? That was weird. Right. This is exactly like that. But it's a ver-, it's like a variety series, so they go from one segment to the next and it is just weird. It is the strangest comedy like you have people in a setting that seems completely normal, and somebody will do something that is just socially, awkward or uncomfortable. And just odd wrong, and you'll think okay that's that's. That's funny. But then the world embrace it and other people will start to jump in and contribute to the awkwardness. And it becomes it just layers upon itself. And it's it's like a maybe not for the full family every episode. But it is man it is funny. Like I am so glad this show exists. So I highly recommend it, Scott show, check it out. It's not sketch comedy in the traditional sense, but it is the same kind of format where they go from one sketch to the next. It's reminiscent of mister show to me. Put, even weirder is strange. It's wonderful. I really tickles my sense of humor. It's a little bit dark and it's definitely like they're it's not your traditional. Good looking people making plenty jokes. It is out there, bold Netflix to give it a shot to totally that does it for our pulse or segment before move onto our next segment. I wanna let you know that this is only a test this week is made possible with support from triple bite because applying to programming jobs sucks. You have to put in the right key words and your resume. You spend hours hours on phone screens and take home projects. And that's a Suming, the company even response to application. Well, if you're a software engineer triple bite can help they work with over four hundred top tech companies from big names like dropbox and adobe to exciting startups. You do one brief online interview with them if you. Well, you had to go to straight final interviews with the companies on their platform. It's like the common app for software. Engineers triple bite does not look at your resume or were you went to school. All they care about is if you can code because self taught people are amazing, don't need. Piece of paper. You're not defined by that diploma by just that piece on your resume. You are your ability apply now at triple bite dot com slash tests. That's triple bites. B Y T E, but as an eight bits and as a special offer for listeners of the show, if you take a job through triple bite, though, offer, you a one thousand dollar signing bonus. That's triple bites B Y, T dot com slash test. So Google was last week. And we mentioned there was some hardware nouns from the pixel three eight to some home products. Have you seen these new nests commercials even though nest is downplayed a little bit of I o. They have really the tagline now there's a commercial all these like, go home style devices cameras, people chatting each other, you make your house home. Will make your home a nest. Clever. Good. Marketing whatever I'm sorry to hear you say Ness was downplayed. I thought it was pretty central to some of their hardware. And the brand brand. Yeah, the technology's there, so Android cue, though. I downloaded the beta pixel three enter quiche and nice. We talked about last week. There's no desert. Is there a Swedish sweet quiche? That's your new nickname. There is a please. No. No rejects that you, Dave. Quiche. I am salty keys any. Yes, there are sweet quiches confirmed. Yeah, I am not one of them, but there are some out there right Android. Quiche. I'd sold the beta. Some of the criticism, that's emerged about the gestures, which seems to be the, the big component. The criticism. It's a copy of, of how apple does gestures and I've been using the gesture going back to Android. Whoa pie. Because you an option to turn some that gesture stuff on. So to me, it's not a giant shift in the user experience because it was already there in pie for the most part, the swipe up from the bottom who cares if they copied it from iphone, like, that's what do now they're copy for each other. And the gesture seems to work, fine. Are for people other users who may not be getting Q just yet. So right now, Lander phones use of buttons on the bottom and phones. Don't have buttons home button, the little pill bar, right? You have three icons. Typically enjoyed its menu button a home button in a back button. I phone Lahser home button with the iphone ten and rose replace was a bar horizontal bar that became their gesture bar, which is one of the best you advances. I think the IRS has come out with in the past five years. It is so intuitive works. I wish on every phone. I don't know what you're talking about smoking. Have you given somebody who's not up on technology? An iphone ten and told them to get to the home screen with an app. Ari open up from the bottom. They can't learn at once. Yeah, it doesn't to give I said it was okay. It was one of the. One of the best designed. The enemies are amazingly smooth. But to fulfill an now enjoyed has that has a bar at the bottom that has its own dedicated space. So does it on IOS overlaps on top of whatever application, you're using the white bar? Always be there an Android. There's a like a designated area for it, but also needs a fulfil the back button in the back gesture is what's different because you can swipe in from the right. The left. It's a sides of the phone does. No back button anymore. There's no back button. Crazy. And I've never I phone doesn't have built an Android, always did. Yeah. Has a version of the back button, which pops up, contextual in the top left hand corner. That's new to his new iphone. I will say this, this might be controversial. I, I have a pixel two XL as well. And I find with the bigger phones that gesture moved to swipe to the left or right. Is more natural than to try to find the back button at the bottom to me. This gesture works, especially as phone size increases. And then it's not like you're like that doesn't translate to the smaller phone either. What's what is your natural back? Button gesture you sweat from the right. So some fun to the left from the left of the right the right to the rights of the left. So you draw the aero backwards on west that would be counterintuitive because that would be like moving the cards forward in time. Yeah. So it's tough Rapley my head. That's what the backspace button has always had that aero going that direction. Big difference between Cuban and us still. Other new updates with the Android or Google system. They just got. Awarded or clash lost just got awarded a lawsuit against Google. So people who bought the original was pixel, the pixel two. I don't know about five. I think it's up to five hundred dollars. What you getting some money. Get rich. Yeah. Google pulled us out. Full t Mike issues with the original pixel phone, some phones defective microphones. Google, settling this class action lawsuit that said that Google knowingly sold these phones with the -ffective microphones. So once a quarter proves it could pay up to five hundred dollars of certain pixel owners for total settlement of about seven million dollars. Not AMI everyone, I'm probably not going to be part of this class action because my original pixel was destroyed. When the New England Patriots kick that last field goal the Super Bowl, I threw my phone in rage watching the patriots win and it may have hit something that crack this. Well. Well, if you're, if you bought a pixel phone, the first pixel pixel XL, and it was made before January four twenty seventeen. Oh, I'm in, then you could for my broken phone the lawsuit. That's interesting PC MAG also had a story out today about some of the Android Q beta features, there's something called safety hub that not a lot of the features of sort of been enabled yet. But there's some indication they have something that is a car crash detection component, somehow when you're in a car, which I think the exceleron Ramadan recognizes when you're can recognize when you're in the car. That's how can further that you're moving faster than people are walking probably the stopping stoplights Android Dotto has the ability to turn on in those situations. But they, they somehow can detect a car crash. It's not clear. What happens on your phone, when it detects crash sound and deceleration? Well, but I mean what is it do when you get into crash? It's not clear. What does in that situation? I mean, it makes a lot of sense for. Car share Uber has this feature built into their app or lift in into for drivers. Right. Because they're apps are open all the time tracking all that data and it knows probably when at these Burs, get into a Fender better, I think for insurance purposes, like wouldn't an insurance company want this gives you like a clear time stamp of when an accident, potentially happen and also what you were doing on your phone, by the way. There you go. User interaction. No. It. I wonder what the false positives on something like that. Looks like because that I mean is dropping your phone throwing your phone in the car when Tom Brady scores winning touchdown? Will that? Trigger some false instance, here. I don't know triggers. You got triggered that gets triggered. The other Android Q stuff that has come out like darker mode, and some of the wellbeing stuff I haven't played around much with at this point. But it doesn't seem like a huge iterative from pie to me, but I can say more in, in about a week when I played around with the beta more people expect to get dark mode at this year's update, which I would use. I like dark mode makes sense for green. Yeah. They actually say it makes battery savings, as well as saving the screen itself. I don't see why that's such a big deal because the people that really want arc bowed, like you can install launchers in Android. At least give you dark mo- now before this update happened. So it's like we don't have that. Yeah. Here for you. All right. To the apple news. We've got some Apple Pay news. What's, what's going on, and see? Well, you know how Apple Pay you normally you go up to the cash. Register and you hold your phone up to the credit card swipe her. Yes. That's great. And all, but starting now apple has allowed you to use simple, NFC stickers to initiate, a heating side no-no like it's all still done on the phone. But you'll just put like these stickers that cost nothing like the calls, pennies to make you put the right code onto the sticker, which you can do like very easily. And then you put the sticker on something that you want to sell, and you can sell it using Apple Pay. You think some nefarious people could use this for ill, but it's not like charges you, if you scan it is it just brings up the thing that your phone says, okay? Now tap your button twice. If you wanna pay six ninety five. So that's I think that's great. It's sort of like, just like apples. Find an all new ways to use Apple Pay. So I actually think that's a, that's a good thing. They're also partnering with birds scooters. So you'll be able to pay using Apple Pay when you go to one of those scooters. Are they going to this sticker on? That's, that's some people are assuming that, but it might be built into the scooter. They got a little more money. High totally could see various implications for people overriding, then of see sticker with their own stickers, receiving payment when people didn't expect that you're buying that thing. But you still gotta prove it, right. But if you're saying, like that, maybe they think they're buying it from somebody else, and said, bypassing middleman, fake, sticker. It'll be interesting to see what you need to write onto these NFC tags. Right. To initiate us, Fiqh fate barcode, different barcode a barcode. That is like the point of sale. Exactly. Wow. The future. There's new that TV app that apple talked about is now out either of you installed. It I installed the update. I haven't actually taking a look at the app. So the update came with what was it like ten point three or something twelve three twelve and it's now embedded on on phones? If you saw the update, you got a brand new TV app, and the big news, that comes with channels, this new concept of channels, which is apple aggregating, all of the services like HBO and Showtime, and you'll be able to pay for those services using Apple Pay once again. So now apple is officially a cable company, but it's, it's just repackaging those apps, but you're not paying for those apps to those people anymore paying apple you used to do that throughout Paul's. Well, we'll take their cut. It's just an easier way more streamlined way. Is that true? Yeah, you could pay for HBO Showtime and all that stuff. Using apple design and using applicants. Restore purchases with June's okay. Some, some wouldn't Amazon, when that you do it, because they wanted to let apple take a cut, and you'd have to sell swear, and log in elsewhere with right for code. This is again, just making it as easy as possible for people for those services. Apple wants to make the service company to just say, yes to my tunes account and added to my big tunes Bill at the end of the month and it goes to all of your family sharing if you use that. So everybody gets the same services, and it's on apple TV, obviously, and it's coming to, to computers, ten later this year as a bit of a tangent speaking families sharing here about the big awful with Spotify family sharing. No. So apparently Spotify has families sharing. And the way they. The way they verified is address is under one household, but if your family member types in signs in types of dress, and you miss type with foreign capital letter spacing, nothing's Zach address. They won't verify. And it's and you might not know what address usually typed. In for your the way you spelled out there, your dress. Yeah. When you signed up so they make it very difficult intentionally almost two to get family sharing working, which apparently, it isn't the case with apple music, odd one last note about this channel thing is that the only place where you can download HBO shows down now for offline viewing. Right. Right. That's good. That's good. I bet they're still seem relatively low bit rate as screaming. I would imagine you're game of thrones. Isn't gonna look any better. Unfortunately. Apple. Well is not expected put five G in this year's iphone, and I've already got five says, right on my screen does not five. She evolution. Yeah. That's right. Does it really sit on your screen? It did when I yeah, wherever it was this weekend. Really? Yep. Oh, gross. You don't get that. No. I'm afr- Isan. They really want to charge you for real five G. Yeah. Yeah. Doesn't now for some reason we have terrible reception at the office. So explication is not this year, maybe next year. But the whole plan was that apple making their own radios. One of the points of contention of, of them in Qualcomm and licensing, the five G chips, but the when they were not using Qualcomm chips, they were using insult ships insults has stopped making stop pursuing a five G radio business for smartphones. And there was talk of apple one of the, by that business that deal fell through they did eventually settled Qualcomm, apples and to give them a ton of money. So license y'all use Qualcomm. So if I g come on Apple's phones next year, it will be through Qualcomm, okay? Not ideal for apple. They still want to make their chips. But the latest report is that their own five G radio's probably won't come until twenty twenty five at the earliest apples on the slow trick toward making all of the hardware. Habbing all the chips inside their phones. Not relying on third parties. The big thing is Prosser and also the radio six years is a long time. And how far is that into, you know, into the five G life cycle? I five she's going to be around for a long time. I don't think we're gonna get widespread five G at reasonable prices for at least two years. I mean I mean I assume obviously they'll the Qualcomm will be just as good. I think when we look at five G rollout, it's not gonna be like three g. It's not like LT. Those were big jumps five G massively big jump, and all the telecom companies are see as a huge money making opportunity. And so it'll be more Kintu. Roll out of fiber in terms of like high prices, and the difference between that. And I wonder if they're gonna position it as not just five G, but basically, your home internet. Yeah. No, they are they think it's, you know, once infrastructure setup that this'll be the standard for very, very long time in the things you can do on, it will, we'll just think about data usage differently and latency differently and wireless always connected differently. Other products DJ maker of drones is now moving into the action camera business do Osmo action is just launched today. This Lucien of pretty pretty logical solution off of what they had previously been doing with their Osmo cameras, which was there, gambled, stabilized camera systems handheld, stabilized camera systems using the same lens and sensors that were on their trends. This also action doesn't have a gamble. It is own self contained camera. It looks very much like your pro style format with a couple of differences, one being it has a screed that only the back like the hero seven does. But also on the front as well, a LCD LC lead a color display on the front that lets you to sell fees for video because it makes a lot of people film themselves, using cameras all time to put them sticks and have a nice looking display the front. LED displays LCD display on the front make sense. And then also the lens is really big. And so it's also. Interchangeable terms of filters, and aftermarket accessories. How does the feature that compared to go pros? At least also talking about four K sixty s you can do slow motion. There's digital Sables Asian, which apparently is very good on both lose the cameras. There's no GPS on the Osmo action and no editing limited adding on apps, but for people who just want to film, get good quality video, and share the reviews of today. If said it's been really good. It does four K, sixty and twelve pixel photos, waterproof, all that jazz. Same style mount. I would assume gopro with the cori- ship. Yeah. Out on the bottom. Yes. Although gopro gopro has own you buy you buy your excess ary you buy your case, and then the case goes on to go all about. The up sell up sell up sell those belts. Yeah. Alexa, the why should. Cancel. So there's a new feature that rolled out yesterday today yesterday. And it's called the name that I just said, gourd, and the idea is the device will listen for smoke detector's going off any kind of beeping thing. Maybe it's a carbon monoxide detector and the sound of breaking glass. And if it here's either one of those, it will alert you to your phone. And so I suppose, theoretically, that's a good thing. And it can send you the audio that it recorded of the breaking glass or the smoke detector is it just the echoes or is it going to be the rings as well. I that's it's what's the ring the ring doorbell. I think it's just the echoes because I would think like the reading if they're doing sound monitoring as well would add a lot of value to this. But it's outside. Yeah. But, you know. Or write your door. Yes. Well as possible you're right. That's a good point. But it's, it's neat. So you set it up in the app, and your phone. I set it up this morning and Dini me come by break a window. Yeah. We needs to test this stat. Well, we can spring in separate piece of glass, I guess, we need a lot of pieces of glass, and then we can go several distances, right? Like right up to it round. The corner upstairs. It's going bucket and a couple pieces of and I'll just bring my car in, like leave it on in your garage for a little test carbon monoxide detector for me. It's like it's interesting. And then you turn it on for when you leave by saying device, I'm leaving. And then she'll say okay, I got your back guard will turn on. But what do you do if you get that notification? It's just like a freak out because you can't AllState ad right with the guy that's on his ring camera whatever skewered camera and you have the. The actor plays like McCarthy, if I'm breaking in your car. What do you? What can you do? Go home. I could call a neighbor. Yup. A million. Well, the police, I see something I suppose calling the police is a good idea. But what do you say, like I got a recording from my Amazon device of piece of glass breaking could you go? Check my house out. I mean you got to rewind the clock and say, like two years ago, they're getting messages like my smart doorbell. Just alerted me to package the record like it. Here's the sound saying, we'll send you the audio send you audio of, of the, of the crash, but record like five minutes after I don't know about if there's a setting for you like here crash and then like or to get like a live feed. Right, right. Like start activating your your by webcams start recording on. Right. But even the microphone there, why wouldn't be an option that Lee store on your local count. Maybe nothing serious Amazon. Yeah. Sure. But sending account the next ten minutes in case where we're bricks inserts giving formation. Oh, that's a good idea. Right off back. Yeah. I like that. That's interesting idea. Yeah. I don't know it also, if it's connected to any smart lights, it will control them. So that if you're gonna knows you are because you told that you, you're leaving it will use the time of day to adjust them and make it look like your home. I wonder if that's randomized. Yeah. So it's not the same every day because you got the guys from home alone sitting out front. You don't want like going on. No same our rights, the modern version of that where Joe Pesci. She's like break the glass. Exactly. Four point two seconds for lights. Come on. That is the the guard trigger time. Right. They're definitely not home. Yeah. Well, it's an feature. Yeah. I think it could use some expanding. Comores stories. Adobe has a new update for classical mobile a big fan of light room on all the platforms, including mobile really fast on tablets, and phones. And they added a new slider for the first time in a while. It's the texture tool now there's a big bog post engineers, talking about exactly what they did to make this tool basically version of the clarity tool or the sharpening tool, but specifically designed for skin texture its want to basically think of there's a softening that you can do a lot of people like softened their photos, so replenishes. This increases the texture of those surfaces, which is a really neat thing. Again. It's trying it's free update. If you're scribe to Dobie creative, cloud, one plus isn't there an open is it closed is a beta for Iowa's Photoshop Photoshop. Yes. Which different than light room. Yeah. Are you interested in that less? So because all, you know, growing up Photoshop at photos and graphic images and I'm not. Designer. So why open Photoshop when I wanted to do Lobo tweaking and stuff like that. I'm more in light room now has everything. The camera stuff is all in light room. And really, you have more photo's now than ever and their own your phone mobile shoes. Ron this. Yes, you do. Yeah. Elida. So. Oneplus other news. So one, plus makes was a longtime made relatively affordable high entered phones and their newest phone. The one plus seven pro like we've on the seventh wine was just announced this week with a big event, we're hoping to get one into review. This one looks to be a real winner. So first of all. Edge screen, okay? They call it notch 'less almost basil lists, some very tiny curved very much like the galaxy edge curves on both sides. Forty forty resolution so twenty five sixty four hundred forty lead and ninety hurts screen. Screen so not one twentieth. You've seen on previous like razor phone at one twenty LCD ninety mix lotta sense, because the panels are out there. We had on VR displays for a long time. Nine hurts pregnancy. A little more power. Very fast process latest, processor, believe it's a who makes this. Do not know who makes us. Notch less because it has a pop camera. Oh, I'm unsold on the pop camera was them in because that's like mechanics can go wrong. It's like on the top of the phone. The selfie Kamya pops up like an old flash on a on a portable can't. Is it like pop up like directly directly and you push back, and you're back in, and they did a demo where when it was popped up. It's secure enough that it could hold like, like forty pounds. Oh, that's smart. Six hundred and seventy dollars. He mobile version in the US and the affordable phone. Well, that's other story of this is now that one the realm of one thousand dollar phones. One plus feels like they can put out a six hundred seventy dollars phone, which is for that specs, very Ford -able compared to, you know, galaxy reflect ships on the Android side, and it has has all the speed has ninety hurts display. It has near notch Lous front has a bunch of nice cameras on the back. It runs a very smooth version of Android. OS. And I started to Android lakes. Talk android. Is it their oxygen or what is it is their auction? So I think that's one complaint. That is historically come down as that updates on their own have been slower, especially security patches. Two batteries, always a concern with the one plus phones. They typically haven't had the same battery life and then camera has always been an issue the cameras of never kind of measured up. And this pop up camera is kind of interesting, but the only way you're going to get it is through real life testing. Some the initial reviews that I read like in gadget had review this morning that was pretty positive about the camera and the and the photos. But I think that's a real world situation that we need to see thirty one twenty by fourteen forty so much higher resolution than I thought and also eight core. Qualcomm, Snapdragon eight fifty five fifty five very fast. That is one of the leader, one twenty gigs of storage, six gigs of ram at the base price. No headphone Jack. Jeremy's Al yeah. Can be serious about this is a serious issue. We'll pixel brought it back lest. We know. Coco the little affordable phone three. You got night vision or view. Boosted is putting out electrics? Not skateboard. What does this scooter? Yeah. It's the boosted Rev. This is hot off the presses. We sat down to do this podcast. And Kushner said, what about the boosted could I read about this morning? This is called the boosted Rev in looks like there's only one skew. It's a sixteen hundred dollar electric scooter. Ooh, you you've done you've headaches suit. Yes. And, you know, you can get them on Amazon for third, this price. But nowhere near the power. So I'm this is a sweet looking scorer. It's got two Motors. It does. There's only one skew. It's a dual motor skew. So each of the wheels, and this is to say scooter, like some people might think Vespas now. It's like a stand up kick scooter, but they're Howard razor. Yes, the powered razor and each of the wheels have Motors built into them as soon that the battery is underneath the kicked the part that you stand on, and it's a twenty four mile an hour, top speed, which is on par with their, their new hottest skateboard. Twenty two mile range. Yeah wouldn't inclines it would go up a what, what grade incline of they saying five degrees. That's pretty good. So I am. So this is intrigued, this is the scooter, if you look at if you're basically, looking at other people on scooters like I'm going to drag him off the red light. I'm just going to smoke them. Twenty two miles an hour. So use electric skateboards Adams, big fan of the one wheel, where do you see people making the sanction wanting to pay over thousand dollars for it after skateboard versus much scooter? You know, this is more. I think it's more like a alternative to public transportation and cars, I think a lot of people are moving around the city on their last mile vehicles. Now, just to get just a commute, but they're doing that on skateboards already. Well, yeah, but some people uncomfortable. And so this is purely a comfort thing having a handle having the stock. This is something that my kids could ride with comfort, and I'd be much more comfortable with them writing. A lot of people aren't going to touch skateboard just because. A lot of bouncing involved and that bluetooth controller while they've improved it a ton is not one hundred percent bulletproof, this is Anna law than you. With your thumb to speed up speed down. It's almost fifty pounds, forty six pounds. So this doesn't feel like thing that you're gonna put in the back of your car drive somewhere take out in and, or maybe you will, I don't know. But it's like sounds like sort home going go on the ride. Yep. It's got front headlight rear brake light. Oh, okay. Yeah. It looks can you attach a basket to it for groceries? I don't know. Mine has a hook on the front that you can hang groceries from. I don't know what they have here. That's a good question. Three hours recharge so reasonable reasonable for work. I'm surprised that took them so long to make scooter. They've been top of the game for skateboards Royal, but they have a lot more competition known. They used to. Yeah. I think these companies are gonna really differentiate themselves on their motor controller. You know, the can buy a lot of generic scooters with high capacity batteries with just as strong Motors. But it's really that drive system for responsiveness for liability inefficiency and power drain that franchisees to make these a premium product. It's good to know. If you're gonna get one with up to have you tested, Jimmy. Thanks, norm. I'll let you know. All right. New experimental product announce this week phone Lenovo. They have no name for. There's a video of this on the site this week. It's their tentatively calling it a foldable PC the world's first full lable, and let's get all the jokes out of the way. A full is a laptop. Big difference, here, there is no physical keyboard. It is a single screen that folds in half. So what do you type like he ended bluetooth keyboard in? Have they will include a bluetooth, keyboard, or onscreen is or onscreen, keyboard, and it uses the first consumer mass market, consumer device, it's under ThinkPad brand, but will use a flexible LG display, thirteen point three inch led this flexible lead, with, of course, different graphing cover. It's going to be soft, flexible film, as the, the screen. So we got to use one of the few prototypes, they had, and it's trippy you, can, you know, the size of basically take a thirteen point three inch laptop, and you take the top off kind of, like, what you would have on the top of a surface book and folded in half bended in half on a hinge. Now, the hinge, they wouldn't let us get close photos, how the hinge work, tort Kenge, but did stay rigid across the entire range of movement on its can be folded out. So they let you hold it. Hold. It is couldn't get photos or video at the hinge itself. But when it folds all the way in it doesn't fold flat. There's a little bit of a radius, also like on the surface book which they said helps preserve the lifespan of the split day. We saw a lot of the foldable screens. It's yes, had that same radio. Is this the future I think this is the first step in my bedroom? Expensive there. Conga p premium product. It's gonna run for exit six likely ten animator until chip. Although they wouldn't confirm. They say next until probably won't be capable as a full fledge you class until you class ship, laptop. It's a wide series kind of core 'em gore. Core core. Three class is my guest. How heavy was it now they would not less weight. They don't have target weight yet. They said it'll be under two pounds. What's aiming for I think it's a two pounds too heavy. I, I don't think it's going to be as low as one pound. I'm hoping it's in the one point five. One point six pound rage, which is the size of the weight of a book paperback book. I don't I don't know. It's both really exciting and weird. I don't know is a product that initially people are gonna buy like Samsung crazy, expecting people, a million people to buy galaxy fold phones two thousand dollar phone this year. I bet it's going to be premium product because it's kind of I check -nology of this point, but it's going to set the stage for new type of form factor, a single device, that can actually be your tablet. Anna laptop and have a small footprint that you actually take it with you everywhere. Well, apple wants the tablet to be the lapped up. They have had you actually have turned into somebody who appreciates their keyboard case. I love the keyboard case, and you use it to type into perform productivity. Yep. I've had yeah. So this is a bigger screen. I guess this is think of the difference put in terms apple fans. Pre sheet. Why was the ipad mini more appealing than the ipad full-size ipad or ipad, pro what ability? Well, it just feels good in one hand. It feels good in one hand, and you're more likely to take it with you different places, and use it probably because of its size essentially, right? This would fold it up. You can't use the screen when it's folded up is kind of like you closer folio closure book is like the size of an ipad mini nine point seven inch long diagonal. Which means I was holding around walking around the room, folded up. It was super comfortable, Suber, forcible. Yeah. And then the fact that when you want to use it, you can fold it in half and use it as like in a laptop style use case fine. But we full it fully out if it comes a thirteen point three inch four by three aspect ratio canvas that you can use their welcome pen on it, basically having the best both worlds of somebody has portable hasn't ipad mini, but as large as and I've had pro when full us, I was still having challenges envisioning like when it sort of half folded a book with the use cases are because of the century operating is two screens when overseas it as one screen, that's the thing. So they also did not indicate which version of windows, run on and the theory is that it will run on what people calling windows light, which is a version. When this ten coming out, that's gonna be a stripped, down version for tablets that Microsoft has not announced yet officially, but the patients will come out later this year, so that can recognize when the fold happens that the bottom becomes an actual useful. Keyboard, and you're using half the tough screen as your web, browser or you have to, you know, your windows, so you can stack your windows as however you want them. I agree. Like, when it's folded it's kind of like a book format. It's like your e reader that you have an angle, and the viewing angles or unproven for these type of the space at at, at weird angles. I see it more as a large screen that you can then take with you anywhere. Yeah. Is is really a problem. The problem just offers a different convenient. It's not something that we always saw SCI fi films and said, I can't wait for that, like gimme that. And always finally have it like what I want is the weird laser projector that just projects holograms of my device. Your boy, want the glasses that are augmented reality, and the turned my world into whatever wanted to be if, if we're to project forward and talk about where these displays will be using what type of devices the batteries. Hopefully, we'll get more efficient and the chips will get smaller. If you look at the iphone, it's mostly battery in the processor is of very tiny chips at the motherboard is like size of sticking gum, right? The foldable displays eventually, we'll get thin enough where you're gonna have your notch area be where the Prosser maybe battery is batteries me, thin enough, and these will be super thin, and they'll basically be the size of your Mead notebooks. If that folder, I don't think would be role, -able leaving newspaper thin, but they're going to be as portable as a journalist notebook that then you can fold out and have a big screen, you'll want the big screen, your dream of a holographic world is gonna come and this will complement that, but I think people still wanna want tangible screens that you can pass around and look at magic. We'll tell you were leaving the living screen list world, because we're all going to be sinked up and the virtual piece of flat piece of paper that wanna pass long each other. We'll want to see that same content. Perfectly projected and. But for now we do have tablets we have the wonderful ipad line that come in all different sizes. They're just not foldable. And I'm wondering not as portable if I if I could have a foldable ipad pro which I suppose would be like the, the grand vision. I'm not sure I'm not sure that interests because I would be annoyed by that fold. This this way, if the dream was available and I got here, I got my ipad pro and the option to make it more compact by folding in half when damage the screen, I take that in a heartbeat. You would if wind damage the screen, I think, at the same quality of experience because I, of course, I want something with smaller footprint, Diprose, not it as long as you can't tell that it folds when it's unfolded, and you can with this one, a wow, cannot really it when it folds out. Do not see crease at all watch video. It'll be interested if Letelier. I mean, this is the thing that I think they're selling me on with L with the flexible displays is that yes, they can fold. And yes, when folded there may be weird viewing angles and, and contrast. But when it's unfolded reads as one continuous giant display that's important. All right. So be interesting to see if upon repeated folding and manipulation that it maintains that allusion. Yeah. Yeah. Lifespan and hopefully they're not designing these products to be disposable with like with just. Not ten years of us five years use, but, like three years of use obsolescence that device would do some little figure that one day and make business side of services. It's all rental products rent that does it for technology news this week before move on. I want to let you know that this only test this week is also made possible by net gears wifi six routers. Upgrade your smartphone, TV and laptop you upgrade on a regular basis. But when's the last time upgraded your home wifi, the future of wifi is here, and it's time to welcome WI fi six? The net gear Nighthawk WI fi router gives you all tra- fast speeds and wider coverage throughout your home. It's the biggest revolution in wifi ever. Get four times the capacity compared to today's wifi which means you can connect more devices and stream simultaneously without impacting WI fi speed and reliability devices of today. Tomorrow, demand. More your old wifi is timing out a need the latest hyper form. Why five and keep up with you and your entire family. If you stream your shows on services, like Netflix, Hulu the latest line of high performance routers, from net year will eliminate buffering stream smoothly even for K. It's like giving your streaming VIP treatment. And if you gave online lag with the thing of the past turn your wifi up to six with the Nighthawk wifi, six router. Check it out today at net dot com slash WI fi six again, that's net. Kier dot com slash WI fi. And the number six. Now it's time for moment of sites. I think we covered the story, maybe a month ago. There's a museum in Florida ah Dali museum that has Petersburg. Yes. That's right. That has a. Saint Petersburg, Florida. Yeah, I've been there. I've been to this museum, the that has a virtual AA generated fake. So Vidor dighly. What do you mean? Real time. Or is it prerecorded record and three record? Okay. Interact with you and says things that the real Salvador Dali never said, welcome, like a welcoming you to Saint Petersburg, Florida. Maybe. Yeah. And this idea of generating a deep fake that is so believable is sort of an interesting idea like how does an AI do that? And you can think of some adversarial. Outcomes for something like this, where a deep fake is designed to just absolutely full you. Yeah. In a way that is detrimental. Yeah. People have shown examples of that of Obama saying things, he never said. Right. So how do we come back that there's we've covered stories in the past about looking for? Items. And in these different deep fakes in the back of the pictures that doesn't lineup while now there's researchers at our training is to fight against the Badea is now. Yeah. Like we're in full Skynet mode. I feel like a little bit. And one of the things they looked at a paper came out from a set of scientists from MIT and some other places. They looked at the training algorithms for a is when they look particularly at, at pictures, and they gave them some basic information, like here's a picture of a dog and a cat. But the dog picture, they gave you can just choose any dog picture. And sometimes there's dogs that have hair like features in the micro version that make them appear catlike to an AI but to us, it'll just appears like a dog because we see the macro version, but the seeing all of the data down deep in the picture. Then they intentionally. Mislabeled the pictures. So they told the AI that this picture of a dog that has cat features was a cat. And so they tried to essentially like trick the that was identifying this is just going to be illegal one day. You'll see some book. Where it gets kind of interesting. They were able to essentially identify the features in these pictures were allowing the to be fooled, and then generated images that were essentially of a dog that the I wouldn't be fooled by anymore, so they took out these features and they don't look right to us as fundamental. So if you look at the, the link there, you can see the image of the original dog and a crab and a duck, they generated on the top row that was able to fate and fool, the and then down below was images of a dog crab and a duct that they essentially constructed to train the that allowed it not to be faked in the same way it was very interesting. How they have to. We're doing is essentially retraining, our AI algorithms, they apologize. Why would they apologize? For tricking it, it doesn't have feelings. Yeah. She's he said it not me. Does you don't have feelings? You don't while the script through YouTube and pick up. One of those one of those guard alerts right now, your house be breaking into. He was the paper on this. I is totally fascinating ties really well into some that depict stuff. We talked about the deli stuff I think is super cool. It's live now. And there's a behind the scenes video off about how they trained. The enemy shin the animators to, to do that, because they there was a separate body performer versus the facial animation and they picked out video, and there was a repository of film, from Dolly that they could then identify and help train the ISIS something like this is what he looked like what he's saying these words and, and then scripted it and the split self is a life size is plays. So he walks toward the window as it were, and has a conversation with you with, like, tons of dialogue options, at the end, the big surprise, is that it takes a selfie with you. It's a super cool little where the, the animation holes up a virtual camera iphone turns around, and then the have a camera on the wind on the kiosk, and you see the picture, moving in real time on the phone of the selfie ethical. And then they take the picture. And Dahlie is in the corner of the picture as if he's in the room with looking away from you into the camera the camera, that's cool. And it's different expressions. And then they Email you that picture, you got a selfie that he took Dolly's virtual deli took a view. I dare say he would've liked. I think that's kind of the point of this, the, the surreal, immortality of all, which also goes back to a story of if you guys have to talk super depth about game but they're spoiler ban has been lifted by marvel. Spoiler is a ton of pine scenes pictures videos commercials now, boil the movie it's ridiculous. I noticed that did not like that. And. The stores are starting to come out the behind the scenes stories of how they made the film and FX guide has wonderful feature piece to feature piece about the characters one being hulk and one being then us. And for Thanos combination of work between alum or sorry. What a digital and digital domain, they talked about how the facial animation for Thanos which they developed through their work on things like evenly avatar, Petar Tartu and things about angel leader and Lord of the rings. Oh, much, much more than in that there's always a reference of gulfs is fifty thousand polling on's, and like, battle engine, then this is like millions of performance capture that, right? And now the new performance capture systems are so much more. Vance. The capture of Josh Berlin's face with, with the dots on it, too. So there's the tracking workers aren't just like in neutral dots. His entire face is covered dots many more dots and they're seeing they train the systems now there's some training, there's some neural network learning deep learning, but they really wanna give innovators controls well, and they really wanna use the performance of the base, and make sure the performance works. Here's one thing that shocked me one, they never want to do eighty are for facial stuff that never wanna have the body performance be one thing, and then redo the face later on, because they feel like the face and the body needs to be tied together. It's almost complete opposite of what like the Dalai thing, we're talking about the one performer needs to do both because subtle muscle movements on the face ripple through your body and vice versa. Also people the, the fishing workers are different every day, every time you apply. Them. What they did is you ply the fish trained for that day, the system to map onto of animated rig, and they I made that rig a virtual, Josh Brolin. I didn't map immediately these dots offense. They won. They created a virtual, Josh Brolin map, the face the dots on real, Josh bones, and facial capture to virtual Josh wants to make sure that it was one to one. And once I did that one to one, then, they reapplied the virtual, Josh Brolin to ritual. Thanos. Which makes a lot of sense. It explains why he has depth of facial feature though. And then when you see the side by side comparisons to Josh Brolin, making like big smile faces like frowns and stuff. You see that reflected in the actual acting of the character. Is this going to be the new normal or is this just for the super high end films that we're gonna see this tech? I think it's super high end films. I think there are a lot of shortcuts that, that for more budget conscious films, they can do with procedurally figuring out and smoothing out the nations. And there are some smoothing out. There's something talked about how the edge of the lips is in place. That's track really well. So they had to go to guess what that is also do some deep learning when the faces excluded when you have an actor rub their eyes of their hands. You lose. There's a collision for or when their faces turned away face spirit in a pillow or something. So that's all super interesting. And it just sounds like a problem that isn't solved it digitalization virtualization of human performance actors and you can still get better. It sounds like the computer learning will be a big part of the future, then so they can interpolate the things that are -cluded. I think that the crux of it was it will be another tool, and it will help, but they still really wanna put a lot of the pride into the animators in the manual understanding, no doubt. Yeah. The computer create shortcuts for the mapping of the dots to rig, but they'll still be tuning stuff. I re watched I robot this past weekend, which if you haven't seen it in a, while is worth revisiting it came out fifteen years ago, right now, that's like the distance between Star Wars Episode one or upset, four rather and drastic park like, okay, it's a long time, in, in terms of special like that went from no CG to the best CG the world had ever seen. And now we've gone from two thousand and four to now to like vendors endgame, and two thousand four looks like a video game like you'd be surprised you go back and watch. I robot. It's almost like you're like it's trying. I mean like the, the composite. It's so obvious now. But they were so ambitious that you get to see them pushing the envelope. And now that all of the seams are visible on HD, you know, or just because of our experience being spoiled by amazing, special effects. You can really appreciate all the work that went into it and the boundaries they were pushing. I just highly recommended. It was it was a fully virtual character the robot. Yeah. But there's like hand held shots of crowd scenes with robots walking in between people is a lot of complicated special effects like the whole scene, where the car chases. There's just so much that they were trying to do that. The technology was just capable of that. I really like I wonder what endgame and turn special effects will look like fifteen years from now like will be the same thing where we look back and it just all looks like CG. It's hard to imagine that because we're seeing it in I'm ax and like these incredibly high def yeah situations, and we're not seeing that kind of stuff. So, like, what we're going to see some of the like hidden Easter eggs and game more clearly fifteen years from now. I'm not I'm not sure you're talking about Howard, the duck. Spoiler. What do you do it? Did you not mentioned that during our spoiler period? Yeah, we're not. It's a spoiler periods. Just ruined the entire plot of. All right. So he how the is giving away and all the TV commercials now. Oh, is it? I believe you for a second. All right. Let's move on. Okay. Virtual reality this week. Downs on we, we are like within a week now this is wonderful news for me Oculus quest you ordered one. Yep. We all well, one of us order to. What, what is there to say between now since since last week's we've gotten access to the full super hot super hot developers put out a big blog posts about the effort, it took to port super hot over to question the rebuild a lot of basic systems, the gun systems, even the portent of levels, the new version of super hot now. No pyramid to grab just goes from level. The level of being full untethered three six just changes a game dynamic, like they have a video of somebody walking around walls, where you would normally have just been standing right? Right. Right. And a lot of this is to justify that super hot will not be crossed by game and for people have the quest version, of course, version with the pay full price. And I think it's totally worth it. But besides just find that I think that this is an important article to help people layman like me understand what this porting effort is like just, you know, if you can't understand one per se. Scent of the work that it took over the past six months for PC games to be ported onto a mobile processor. Seventy-two herds stereo that a higher resolution like this is a mammoth effort. And I think like I love reading about this thing because I love appreciate the art of making games. Yeah, clearly, a lot of fun. And their version was so successful more successful than the flat screen version. It really request users. It's one of the killer apps, but we're assuming that we're not going to see this level of effort, having to be done going forward. We're not going to see people develop something purely for one platform, and then spend this kind of I two poured it to a different this didn't exist when the xactly, so I. Yeah, I think this is a not the new normal. If the no I think the normal, probably going the other direction, I think they'll be if people want to ship on quest they'll develop request and ship on additionally, I've requested. Any super hot developers listening podcast or people connected, the super developers, one of things I know the added. Last version was a, a horde mode, unlimited game enemies just come at you. Yeah. And the game is played in slow motion. Of course, if you know, super hot like you are in bullet time, the whole time, I would love record feature you record your session in the horde mode Saleh for long. You can survive the onslaught and you play it back for third person camera. With the virtual camera. In spite of real time. Sue can get your John wick style action movie. Okay. In real tide had suggesting or any speed or any speed speed up so down a direct your own John wick style action choreographer choreographed sequence. Because like sorcery does the thing where you can play it in slow motion. People didn't record it and then speed it up in normal speed. And it looks like you're the most bad ass Malay warrior ever, I would love that for super hot maybe country played from third person fixed camera perspective, rec room posted on Reddit yesterday, and their sub read it, which is also their official forum, by the way. What we should expect from the quest version of rec room on launch. So it won't be the whole game. But that's the grand plan. Everything that is released is one hundred percent. Cross platform. So this, this is not a quest environment. This is you'll be playing with PC players PS VR players, which which is definitely good thing because that means that launch there will be people populated in the games. So what will you get you're gonna get the make room and any games that are made from the make room, which is like where most of their effort has been besides the port the past six months of putting the quest they put so much effort into the maker room and it's taken off kind of a Minecraft community where people are making things that the developers are surprised by superstar, that's going to be on there, because that's the kind of thing that I think my son will take an interest rec center will be in there the dorm room and then of the games, you're gonna get paintball which to me is the big win trades. Ball and paddle. But Jeremy, I know. No quest. What about quest on a quest? Exactly gets coming soon. Coming June sued they said June, but we'll see. We'll see. I mean, I'm hoping it is. I hope it is within a month. That would be great. I'm there mulching with two quests. Yeah. Jumbotron and golden, golden trophy. Yeah. Exactly. So jumbotrons one of my favorites. I love this. It's a SCI fi themed one ton of fun. And yes, didn't they get a quest up there. I think that'll be great like, I'll I can't wait. I think Jumbotron is probably the best fit maybe for one, the launch with because it has so much long range with rifles and your, your space blasters, right with four untethered pretty fast, paced sixty like dive role, but you can hide around corners, and you can really feel like you're, you're shooting, your blasters off, as opposed to the, the Malay stuff. But we'll still work while inquest I can't wait for the pirates quest. We tried we do doing the pilot Chris this week. And it just made me one go the whole. Yeah. Because we hadn't played since they added free locomotion. We can just walk around so easy hit. Well, I don't know about beat. We still didn't make it in make it but I agree with you. I love the pirate quest. It's that's that was the first one that was three players. Right. So it's also I like it for that reason, too, because sometimes you only have two friends, but there is. Oh, yeah. I asked about are there any modes intimidate not being able to port and the answer was no that they expect all modes eventually to be possible to port the hardest one being recreation. Of course, just Fleming cents load, like they are planning a season, two of that. So I'm imagining that those are going to dovetail, but they're taking into consideration. What needs to be done on quest, although I have no idea. Of beat saber on PCV our side is leading early access prices thirty dollars. That's the final price. I believe it's a price increase to thirty dollars. Yes, from twenty dollars got up to thirty dollars and it will have a level generator level editor level editor. Which, unfortunately, does not look sound like ill be portable to the quest version. It's PC only PC only. Yeah. In not cross by either. No, no. I mean, again another potential killer app for, for quest. Let's talk about a are a little bit. So cherry Ellsworth who previously was at valve launch Kickstarter four cast, a AR, which eventually didn't come to fruition. They refunded all the backers hasn't teasing a new classes company called tilt five saved sounds like same idea glasses that have projectors built in that do bounce back onto. Reflective surface. Designed for table, top AR gaming a but look, much more completed from the pictures we've seen too just to explain what norm said, people will put out a mat in front of them, and multiple people can sit around this met with a art classes on. But everybody gets an independent unique view augmented reality. So I might see something entirely different than normal. You could played battleship entirely on a flat mat and the benefit of the is the Matt itself has properties. It's reflective. It's basically the same kind of cereal that you get on stop signs. Reflects exactly the light shone into back into where like came from. And so there are projectors on the classes that project onto the mat and bounce back into your eyes. You get full fueled a view essentially from those projection images as high resolution as those PICO projectors can be, and as long as the Mets big enough. You don't lose the seems it can have can look like they were objects on the map, the big of that because object, toilet object, you can get. There's not much more information about it. I think they definitely sounds like learn a lot of lessons from there, I go at this with SEER, and this already without having seen it looks like more polish, you know, ready for consumer type product at least from the heart Reidy from the video, they've shared single controller type type flick gesture based controller. I can't wait. Because if it's different kind of tech than anything else, people looking on, and it looks like you know, the Matt the line for specific. Matt size with tracking dots on the outside that the system will read. I'm curious what this controller Morkel wand with. With, like a pointer in for buttons, but for D style games could be really, really fun. I mean, yeah, it's the it's board games that are computer generated, you know, it's. It's the future. And think about like the type of three d you'd see their notch talking about things that pop up on top of the that, but really a Matt self being a window, which solves a lot of the border stuff a window to a bigger world beneath the map, which really smart for a R N, each Jerry's can be maker, faire with the stuff. She's usually there. Yeah. Maybe they're they're bay area. We've reached out, see when we can touch your preview on it. I just noticed that they have space invaders. I don't know if I should license that. But maybe it's just a demo but did you see the space, invaders kick starter for the board game? No space, invaders board game people. Boy. What is a full word game? Every single alien is, is a card, and you and you have your and you have to shift them around. I don't know about that. I don't think that would be a lot of work. But you put your guys at the bottom, and you have your shields, and the shields are different pieces of wood or plastic. And so as they get hit the go away. And you can move your guy lift right fire up, and I guess you can get power ups and things like that. But it's it's I don't know. It's relatively affordable a twenty dollar investment or fifty dollars for the for the special edition. Said it for for VR news. Yeah. I wanna know what you thought about not doing cross by cross by not cross by like, is, I feel like it's a gamble on developers parts, because sometimes it's going to encourage people to buy that you so you might lose some sales by not doing cross by or maybe you'll make more money because the hardcore will pay twice depends on how successful that game was initially. In terms of the supply and demand side of it. I think that I'm a pure development standpoint and makes I have no problem with developers charging twice, because it sounds like it has been a lot of dude. I totally respect that. And looking at it from that perspective. Yes, yes. If it takes more development hours, you should charge for it, but you could also look at it as delayed development that was all part of the initial run. And so. I think the question will be help people treat the pricing for quest versus rift, and I don't know the pricing for the games yet. We know things like record will be free, and they'll be free things on there for sure. But the desktop side publishers have not been shy to price them like real games as they should forty dollars fifty dollars because it is a lot of development time on these games, even though they're not necessarily recouping other cost because of the how big the user basis traditional consul on quest. We've also seen titles lunch too high and they've had to reduce the price. Yes. Which economically toy make sense, steam sales of sales bundles all that jazz on quests. There's potential for a lot more users because it has a big push from Facebook Oculus. It's their first gaming system. Curated store. Mainstream appeal no computers, just works at a box like that. That means to huge base the same time, there's going to be potentially expectation. This is a mobile type device and the gaming spirit. Regardless of the quality of experience being the same graphics may not be as good. So. But the Switzer said that bar pretty well and sell the cost, sixty bucks. Yes. But still from what I've played so far inquests, the are more mobile games. They are more ten dollars twenty games. But I'm talking about the games that we talked about, like super hot just as good as the PC right beat savers just as good. I think they'll have a hard time selling like a forty dollar. Super hot. How much super hot on PC? On the rift side. It's not that much, right? Yeah. Twenty five bucks. The biggest problem ic-, I totally respect again the development hours. But part of me just thinks like you just want as many people playing your game as humanly possible. And part of transaction argument tool to get there. Well, I'm not saying it should be free to play either. But a way to get there would is this cross by idea. But then it just completely alienates steam users. I'm okay with that. You are. I think there's a debate about whether a developer should allow for cross by between Oculus and steam, and I get the argument that you're, if you buy one, one of these storefronts. Yeah, you don't necessarily have to get on the other front because there are services that are provided on the storefronts. That's cost money. Steam not only needs to cut, but they didn't pay people to manage the downloads. Manage the hatching compatibility all the stuff. That's. Yeah. But the people who the developers got their cut from you. If when you bought it on steam, and they got your cut, if you bought it on the Oculus store, it's. So they should be able to give the same. You know, it's like if you buy movie on, I tunes on Netflix. Right. And you shouldn't. That's true. Norm. I don't expect that you don't. I'm black could put it in, in terms. I think it's gonna be an interesting. You will. We'll see some interesting discussions on the on the forms. Yeah. For me, the more interesting thing is the perception of mobile and I wanna see. And I don't think I have seen yet a full triple a game on quests that is breath of the wild. That is Mario odyssey. Not fair. Why is not there? Those are classic all-time games. Right. With all the benefits of thirty years of console play five. Let's original IP, but on the switch that proved that just because you have lower graphics fidelity and lower processor. Slow processor. You weren't constrain those the fear. Right. Switch that when they said it would run on the old tigger that it was urine weren't gonna get consequently equipment spirits is, and they put us wrong, you got amazing quality experiences and in a very fortunate base place, because they could afford to spend money on teams make of that scope. Yeah. And bet on which being a big system seller. And it has been very successful Oculus, even with their partnership of studios, even with the mount of time. Dez Deb's have had with quest at even rift. I don't I still see that more on the PC side. I think we're just even just now getting them the PC side alone echo. I think is a standout example, but with this as wrath with storm land the big triple games that can stand up against accountable, ultimately, that's put consumers are making the pursestrings choice between but I don't think that there's anything about the device that keeps it from having those games on. It obviously hope I really hope that's the case. I'm in this constraint storage. That's one thing also battery life, which I don't think is as much an issue now that you've seen the battery packs can charge in place him. And that's breaking game down twenty our AAA game down into more manageable thirty minute game segments in your level design. Which probably a good idea for VR anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think that VERA argument VR naturally brings just benefit of approved quality being present being hand controls that only takes you so far. You still need content. You still need amazing experiences that go beyond your arcade. VR, arcade, style experiences, proven rubbery sabre, row recall space, pirate, trainer like that stuff proven, but that stuff those are going to be ten twenty dollar games. Now you're making me a little bit surprised that Oculus doesn't have a big launch title quest. I think Vader, is it. But Vader, isn't it also because it's episode. And it is piecemeal and it is if all three of those release at once for thirty five bucks it's gonna be thirty bucks. If pricing is ten dollars each that could have been it three hour, but it's not loan echo, but it's not long ago. Yeah. What is doing? Yeah. That's what I wanna know. I feel like if they do come out something, and we hope they will. They were on the list of quest partners. I feel like still going to be in the Orcades because you're gonna get more mileage from designing something that has a lot of replay. Ability. We don't create asset asset. Well, they're multiplayer games are in that vein. Yep. Yep. I maybe it's maybe it's maybe it's the quest question rec room being that. I'm not saying needs to be perfect graphic -delity ice tea. Yeah. Deeper experiences. I think quest need that. And maybe that's a second generation thing. That does it for VR minute. We have one more segment. We want to go insure still on the five th episode. What you're like really get their connect with that. Where's the button? I heard is let's on rerouted. Things that knowing me. Is this it? Are we cap in this segment off now? No whatever you have left, unless we're gonna go. Was we'd go through five hundred. Yeah. You skipped a few weeks, Jeremy, I know they'll make stuff up. I'm not. No, like okay. All right. This is this is a quirky one. This is. And I'm not sure that everyone would agree with me on this, because some people believed that language is what you make it I happen to think that words have definitions. So, you know, when people say. That, that food there was full four fold the mount of food in this buffet. They mean four times, they mean that there was, you know, if you had to plates in one room, and fourfold in the other, they meant eight times. Right. That this isn't computers. They're not talking about folding women. But that is what it means and it is amazing. How Thelma m it is used correctly. So fold is a when you double it every time that you have a fold. Right. So, so four fold to go two four eight sixteen. So that sixteen times as much food in the other room, that means something entirely different, especially when you get the higher numbers. It's an exponential increase and those decimating where people misuse that phrase. What does that mean? It means to one tenth of. Like that. And people. They just mean that generically to destroy destroy completely. Right. But you take it literally when I don't I don't because you're one of the people that think language is what you make know colloquially. As long as part of language understanding what intention I understand it. And then just judge the person silently silent judging it so good. That's where I fall. But that judgment is don't need to correct them. I don't correct people. Okay. 'cause I've realized that will world has moved on silent judges unite. However, if you're one of these people that care about the words that you use let me, let me just hopefully enlighten, you, as norm has just done about decimation Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson must would eight us that the word fold means something. It's an exponential increase tenfold is an enormous difference than ten times. So is that just a twofold, computer that we talked about earlier, so like the single fold what the sad about this? Is it like when people use the word full? This is the perfect op. Opportunity to teach hell computers, count, because that's how binary works every time you add another a bit. It doubles it's exponential number that you're able to calculate. Cleaned of did you listen to the radio app this weekend? No. Oh my goodness. This is one of the best radio labs ever. They talk about how they shortcut. Counting bits especially when there's large data sets involved, and they, they do it essentially by flipping to bits at once. It's exceptional. Listen that gets pretty technical. And the reason they did it is. They found voting machines that reported incorrect number of votes by four thousand and ninety six votes, who. That tells you numbers, they're using powers of two and how they flip the bits, but tell me what you mean. What do you mean? Kind of let me explain what I what I think, so you got a single bit that can be an any value between zero you two dollars a two-bit number can be any value between zero and three that's four digits yet another. It's eight you all whip to, like, eight bits, you get the commonly known number two hundred and fifty six for a bit. So every time you add a bit, you're doubling the number of possible figures. So what are you gonna kind of? No. I mean that's what it was about. But the way they were short cutting it as they were when they're flipping binary bits like the binary bit's gonna find the power of two. I just think that this is a great opportunity people don't know how computers think, and here's this phrase that everybody uses all the time, four fold the number times, and that's an opportunity to learn how computers talk, how they think about numbers and teachers should do that. They should use the word full that you correct kids about grammar. And at the same time educators about counting in binary. Okay. Did like the this is the hill that you're gonna die on the folding. There are a lot of grammar and language out another one. Percent. She's. Who has loved interns? Connecting to the material why we can't have an AI generated Jeremy. We need the real one here, like I don't want to, like, make people think I don't hate junk mail, like I hate normal things to Ben. So I don't know if this falls into the same category, as junk mail. But there are people in San Francisco that will cross the crosswalk like without looking left and right. And this is again, like, I know people who will disagree with me on this. This is like pedestrians. Always have the right away, and you right. And I'm not a bad person. I don't wanna hit anybody, but people who cross these Crosswalks. Maybe it's turning yellow, maybe it's not. Maybe it's I'm at a stop sign, and there's a crosswalk, there, people just look just look both directions. We're all in this together, I'm gonna hit you. I will bet you go. I just wanna make I contact so that like something bad doesn't happen. So is this about safety or just Hugh? Connection save just wanna be able to look at them on a percents of what they're really all about. Do you understand what I'm saying? Have you seen this? Like people will just boldly cross the crosswalk, and I'm not talking about the ones who are doing it when there's when they shouldn't be this isn't like they're walking across a red light or, or the, the red man who says, don't cross all of that's annoying, too. That's like a specially annoying talking about the people doing it right. When they're crossing when they should, but they just don't look, they don't look left and right. I mean why do that to yourself? Why do that to me? I'm actually with you here. I think we thank you. We don't have enough on pedestrians. Actually having a, a responsibility in, in pedestrian safety. Yes. You know. And I'm not even talking about, like we should take turns like pedestrians. Wait for cars. There's always a group of pedestrians that will let a car pass, if they've been there for a while, and I appreciate that you're not one of those tunnel people that all pedestrians to go. Underground leave the cars for the surface. No, no, no, no. A pedestrian advocate believe it or not. I believe the pedestrians are always in the right. But let's imagine that we're we've both been in each other's shoes. You've been in a car before I've been a pedestrian, I look every direction before I cross any street do it, man. Let's think about each other don't let me hit you accidentally. That's the most Hasek wrestling, you've ever said, well done. All right. All right. Thank you off listening next week with the five hundred and I wanna plug one thing on may twenty ninth, I'm interviewing Adam on stage and San Jose about his new book, nice. So if any bay area NHS here come down, it's technically in Campbell, which I think is mayor saying, say. Zeh. There's not many tickets left. So if you want to combine, I think he's autographing some books after the talk. Hear me asking questions about him. Come on now. All right. And also this weekend is bay area maker faire hope to see you there. We'll be there Saturday and Sunday in San Mateo fairgrounds. That's true. Tickets real well, it's also what's it called? There's, there's a pinball thing. I'm going to in Lodi, California pinball Lodi. The Golden State pinball festival. That's Google that if you're in northern California, and you wanna be there, maybe for part of the weekend, and then go to make her fair. I'll be making on Sunday. All right. We have an tro this week. Yeah. Just in case speed. I saw ultra last time comes again. We can reuse it. You wanna hear I don't know which one that was though, are listen to all right? Yeah. I guess there are other movies to tell James, like avatar two and three and four and alien and alien, whatever other alien movies he made. James cameron. I'm ready. He's probably a listener. Oh. Oh about the six planet propo-.

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