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Reads and welcome to the Mount Rushmore. PODCASTS my name is Richard and I I am joined unusually by my friends. Michael Howdy and Jeff Hello worst everything's Gone Haywire this week. uh-huh those of you who are fans of the show and been with us for a while. No that the end of the year we like to mix things up a little bit. Kinda get whacky with it and Dan. While it's usually Michael and myself. We were debating. Jeff who is the host and judge of the show We take a couple of weeks where we SWITCH SEATS AND JEFF GETS TO BE IN THE HOT seat of choosing yeah pretty hot. His limits warm. It says Nothing like Hot Cross. Hot Cross fit abundance So we are the next couple of weeks for bringing be mixing up next week. Michael is going to be judging and hosting the show but this week. It's my turn. So this week's topic is your Highness. Yes they did have him up early I did have jeff build me arrays with a thrown. Look down on you just for this for this. It's very it's very rick. It'd be very careful. To know sudden motions he built it with the gavel. In your hand and asserted the judge's gavel. So if I if I die midway through you guys know what happened. So this week's topic is Blais tation films and who chose us. Oh I did. Why did you choose this Richard? Why let me tell you I just did a jeff thing right there jeff? Move I love Spoi- tation films Shit. He's going to know that I don't know any of this. I grew up with in high school junior high watching like night flight. Oh yeah and like all those Kinda like really terrible movies. That would come on late night on or close. Usa Up all all night or just stuff that you'd get in the random corners of your your local video store and we lay bad cinema. I think blockbuster exactly exactly and my friends and I we'd host. We would have liked that movie nights in high school where we'd stay at his house and stay up all night and drink soggy and Watch in these really terrible bizarre exploitation type films. Are The guy wearing a bowling shirt. I am I love this guy. I'm Cameron Davis No I I if something that I have enjoyed from from from a younger age and I'm curious to find out what your guys take on this so We are going to start with the person you guys are the man with two heads. Yeah okay so to speak but clock tick tock all home so I'm going to choose the one who reminds me most of Blacula and that would be jeff. I've funny I I knew of night flight as I. I thought it was just the thing that played music videos and rediscovered it again as the thing that you can you. They're streaming all these bad movies movies on it. Yeah they've they've got a whole streaming service which is supposedly fantastic. That's pretty cool So okay my first choice was the first exploitation I ever saw X. exploitation exploitation film I ever saw and in a movie theater and I was nine years old and I think that was Michael. Curry's birthday party. And it was march of nineteen seventy seven and we went to see Super Van which was an example of the vans craze. This is a real thing. Echoing according to keep at term used version of American independent film the seventies where vans are equipped key element to the plot ridiculous. Go by the way this is where I did. Ninety eight percent of my research in the last ten minutes yes wikipedia wikipedia other examples are the Van van Nuys Boulevard Lavar CB Hustler's Yeah Van Is Lose Summer Aka love truck so superfan was for two months the coolest movie I'd ever seen because I had only seen a couple of movie theater that weren't rated G. Cools movie ever seen because Star Wars was GONNA come out in May so in March of nineteen seventy seven This film directed by Lamar Card about a young young men quits. His job at his dad's garage disease got a chance to do something. Amazing meaning drive his van to a the invitational tation freak out which is which. I didn't know at the time when I was watching. The film was actually held in Kansas City. So upon rewatching watching this film I got on. DVD and this van in the invitational freakout was actually held in Kansas City. where I'm from so that's super cool to me? So boy meets girl and his van called the C.. which gets crushed by competitor and ends up getting a a van called Super Van? That is a chuck Barris. Sorry George Check read. That'd be production gone MM It's amazing to build on a nineteen sixty dodge eighty one hundred platform. The superfan was created by the legendary George Barris. And if you just Google Superfan embarrass you're going didn't see it but I just a quick general question about these exploitation films vans seventies onward. It was just like someone decided at some point. We're just GONNA make a bunch of movies terribly about a specific thing and you just this genre role be applied later her like like vans for example. Yeah where people excited about vans. It was just like everyone was just into vans for a particular time so yes it has become a thing. Yeah basically I mean. There was a big in apply for anything in this area of cinemas. Martin Scorsese I think if you're if you're I if it is a market driven genre would which it is your first consideration. Commerce is there a trend to exploit eight and Would you go see a movie today because of the Van. Ironically yeah I I'm I'm just curious about what what I let me. Just Say Star Wars you know is a Jonrowe there was a genre film that transcended it and some of. There's another another one of my choices of John Film the transcendent ultimately but but I mean right now. I can't get enough. The men to Lauren. Everything everything about it is is based on a genre tropes from Westerns. And things like that. So I'm watching that now. I'm not saying it's exploitation necessarily. Yeah well I would say not cheaply made I would say this. There's an element of something being cheaply. Made their your spoi- tation movies are are low budget. They are typically. I think like you hit on the head a lot of the Times. They are trying to target a certain genre or certain a certain target audience audience. That is very specific. Yeah so the vans plantation movies and any of their or I would I would even extend this to the car. Culture movies of the Seventies. He's like a corvette summer where some easy rider was explicit is. Yeah yeah you know it was. There was a van craze back in like the custom band crazed back in the nineteen seventies. And so this is clearly a bunch of low budget filmmakers going if we can spend two hundred thousand dollars on this movie about a van and even just the people who are really kids are really crazy about vans go to see it. We're GONNA make our money back then. Some yeah so it's it's something that you expect to be able to make some money off of it on low budget regardless of quality. Yeah I think that's certainly Leeann element to it. It feels it feels like Exploitation this genre has basically been disseminated over like tumbler. You can just go on the Tumbler and see like every back in the sixties seventies. I'm guessing that you had to go to the movies here to see these vans. It could've been Taylor. It was another sort of John that you were into now. He's just like I hop on Tumbler and see what's up with the Brownies Yeah The two the two vans that are featured in this movie by the way one was called. Dandora your door was actually superfan vandort. Then there's a second one that was solar-powered called the switch. That's funny because I think the C.. which was his kid? I has the C.. which and then all of the Super Van fans out there the super correcting all the seaweed was all? It's so it was an amazing film it's longevity however the Superman lived outlived the film in different iterations it showed up in the nineteen ninety-six. This is where I go full wikipedia. APD only guys eight one thousand eight hundred six made for TV movie. Condor repainted golden black. It was an back to the future to as the Hill Valley transit bus painted green in in the nineteen ninety movies solar crisis painted white so it was the space van future future shows. And I'm reading about this movie now and Featured a cameo you buy this remember no Charles Bukowski holy snake as. That's what that's what's getting in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven Kevin Pillar Charles. I think now that you've mentioned that I think I recall him in the big Fan The freak cout saying are we sure that he actually knew that there was a movie taking place you just got drunk crawled into a van puked up a bunch of wine and passed. It does look like he could be any any one of the freak brothers or some are chrome or something to look like a wrong boy. That's the first one that's my first. So that's a that's Jeff Spurs Michael. Your turn Richard Lewis into it in your opening statement blacula killers you have to. It's got no of course whether we're talking about it and it's not the one thousand nine hundred eighty two film about a Black Dracula of the simpsons reference the blunt black of blocher. Blame my favorite. Just five nonsense things the idea of just yeah. Well you got Dracula and making an african-american gentlemen make him a black eye thrown in Los Angeles and have his coffin often be purchased by a couple of gay guys. La and have him rain terror as a vampire down on L. A.. It's you've improved on Bram Stoker Sir. I believe it's the story of Prince Mama Wall Day who's turned into a Vampire Empire by the Actual Dracula who is this slave trade. Because of course that's WHAT DRACULA WOULD DO AND COMES TO LA and gets involved in street. Crime Woman Yeah it is everything you want out of a campy horror genre as well as African American guy kicking ass and taking names So is there a black and Stein sign as well. Well well. I just had a little African Americans to any sort of wizar- black mummy. I don't know I don't know a black creature from the creature from the blacker loon I have seen blacula. It is not as terrible as you would think it would be. I mean it's not good but it's it's shot on a budget roughly similar to our podcast but isn't any worse than the Hammer Dracula films that they push out every couple years. Now it's not it's got some funny moments it's it's it's it's just different and it's one of those ones it's just become the shorthand now and I think that's why it's so big and popular culture for just shoehorning a blaxploitation film into another genre. I think that's what's become known for now. Instead of anything. Having to do with the movie people people reference Baki who have never seen it. Don't really know anything else about it. But just know it's Black Dracula it can affect it is such a compelling think of these films has being market-driven. They probably had to make up their money on a really short time and they had to have such a strong hook and Dan. I can't think of a better name than Blacula that is so you know exactly what it is. It doesn't need need to explain itself so now you don't need to explain. I appreciate Oh you giving us the plot. No explanations needed the only other the only other movie I can think of that. That kind of hit on this topic was the Was the Eddie Murphy. One Vampire in Brooklyn. Yeah which is sucked. No yes he did there. Yeah if you'RE GONNA WATCH IF YOU'RE GONNA CHOOSE BETWEEN THE TWO BLACK DRACULA MOVIES BLACK Yalies one hundred percent the winning so that's good first choice by the way I'm going to rush. Yes you guys along because I got a Zimba class. I don't understand Jeff what's your second choice. Okay my second choice is going down on the road a little bit farther. Now this is really following into to John. Ras The I I WANNA pick it so novel I'd never read it for Oz films that were leveraging the beauty and fastness and ruggedness of Australia. Oh I thought you meant Mike. L. Frank bombs no no like the Buxom Dorothy or black Sabbath. No this is mad. Max from nineteen seventy nine so I saw this in junior high and a say I I saw the road warrior which was mad max two and then found found this on. VHS And it's only film. I've ever seen where the people are speaking English but it has dubbed US their dialects were so real thick which is ironic because the lead character. Mel Gibson is Max Rocket Danske is an American native live. Mel Gibson lived in America. I think until he was ten or eleven years old right then went to Australia so he was only in Australia for about ten years. Fifteen years maybe. By the time he made this film. Yeah Yeah So. But he's being dubbed by an American or a eight actor without a thick Australian Ryan dialect. Okay so if you don't know this film takes place in a Dystopia Australia in the near future which was something. They did establish via prologue at the end where they realized this film doesn't look normal. Let's pretend it's in the near future. Let's Australia looked like equally Estonians scape. This was done so cheaply. And and but it definitely guerrilla filmmaking. The crude close roads without filming permits not use walkie-talkies Talkies because their frequency coincided with the police and the police would hear them and The definitely done on a low budget Mel Gibson says this used to carry. The camera needs to carry gear to the set every day even while I was working on the thing. But I loved this. Because it alongside bladerunner were to sci fi or fantasy films that painted a unique vision of this future gone wrong and it was so compelling to me so and then I think George Miller does such a great job along the screenwriters of creating this world. That seems like it makes sense like star wars has a used universe and it feels kind of lived in and Br Mad Max has the look of a a a civilization of people who weren't expecting the apocalypse to happen and after they just had to make do whatever bullshit was sitting around like football pads and baseball bats and right in the whatever. She cars that they had soup them up with whatever they could find nine so it is literally in a lot of ways the perfect movie to make on shoestring budget. Yeah because it's almost a Meta commentary on. We have to make we do with what we have in the junk that they put around are. They gathered together to to fight off to fight against these gangs in things that are now Controlling the world. So I loved frigging loved it in from an exploitation standpoint by the time the road war came around the it was really it was a little bit less lurid. They're still like blake fingers chopped off by boomerangs. And they're still a rape or you you know the ugliness but Mad Max is crude. There's some real rough stuff going on. It's it is a I think. A rare example example of the split film that becomes a crossover success. Yeah that becomes seen as not just something that makes money because certainly certainly there have been exploitation films that have become moneymakers but something that also became culture critically accepted. Yeah I mean it's something because I'm looking right now. It's got ninety percent on rotten tomatoes which I know is the be all end all but I think it goes to show that even in its time it was something thing that was made for more than just. Let's try and generate some shock and some cheap cheap sort of like gross out or you know cheap thrills and and make a little bit of money and get onto the next thing. They're was obviously George. Miller had a vision artistic vision behind it even though he was playing into sort of. You know futuristic genre which in kind of well worn by that point so if I find that movie I one thing I've always found interesting about mad. Brad Max. How can a toed the line between being sort of being schlock and being something? That's action has artistic merit. Yeah it's weird because you know I don't know if I'd seen I don't I don't think I've seen the original one because I think I was totally pulled into the fantasy elements of the road warrior. Yeah and definitely you know when you get beyond Thunderdome and everything is kind of it gets crazy it starts off as just like a revenge. Fantasy needed the carpet. But then I don't know if that was when I was a kid and to see if that was enough to hold me in like it needed the guy flying around in the gyro Arrow copter and like the wild feral Boyd. Yeah do whatever. It's definitely not a movie for kids. No maxie ritual man. I will say that what I had had originally in this slot Death race two thousand which I got to see at Alamo Draft House in Minne- Minneapolis recently and and I can't say held up for me because I never saw it as a younger person but death rates has more way Kambas jove returned so in in we've got David Carradine as the president right or no. He's he's not a franken spring inside. I thought he was also I think he winds up getting myself. I know this movie backwards and forwards. Why didn't they think of this movie? Hey tell me tell me. Maybe I'll substitute the two that in. Maybe I'll substitute one of my other films for this one. Because I know death-ray two thousand like the back of my hand. Yeah Death Race Two thousand as an incredible movie me. The idea. Is that sometime in the future. There is this kind of quasi game show where drivers get in there. You know mock. Uh What's what's the thing that speed racer drives MOC MOC five democracy. It's Mach Five. Yeah hype sort of race. This car's yeah and it is a cross country race at your effectively involved in where you just you get points for murdering people along the way. Yeah Yeah it's like the cannonball run timer wacky races but like death you've run people over and get extra points for running over like ladies and people pushing rushing right. Because there's a I remember the plot correctly there's the world has been overcrowded of overpopulation is so much that they're trying to find ways to thin out. Let's specially the older people which is why they're worth more more points than the average person. Yeah that's right. There's a moment where an old age home it would kind of push people out in their wheelchairs while the race is going by just thin the herd. But yeah the fun you know this been audible into my next pick. Okay because I think I over thought this it's too much. Oh and I didn't think of the films that I had seen and I. I don't know what I was doing but this is definitely one of the most wonderful low key semester. I alone is the aforementioned machine gun Joe Turbo calling his girlfriend a baked potato. And David Carradine is eventually leap President Frankenstein. Yes by the end. That's where you're okay. Yeah Mike Mike. And the reason why character not unlike the Amanda Laurean Who Will Not remove higher time though so I think I think this is a good choice but the reason why it came off my list was basically was the? I've found the even though both of the death race two thousand and the Road Warrior were commentary. They I feel like the commentary in death race slowed the film down for me a little bit so there were some actual romantic scenes ends in death race. where he's betting the reporter and it actually turned into a movie movie for me and from Exploitation Sam Point I remember thinking again get back on the road and kill some people because it got into social commentary in a lot of the PLO satirizing journalism TV journalism with the real on steel as this reporter? The Guy who's who's tying the whole film together so at that point If paired against the road warrior this are sorry Mad Max Man Max I would have picked the Mad Max. You under the category of exploitation. This wrote a death-ray two thousand is better satire. I think I guess it's it's funny to see like threads of this in a film. Like running man yeah where Just the commercialization of murdering people and people just buying into it. Oh Yeah just At its or the purge or any of the yeah yeah Televised or part of the American directed by Paul. Bartell tell yeah Also director of Eating Raoul and I another of the Cannibal Plantation. I will say that was one of the ones that kind of led me he to death rates because eating rolls a favorite of May I think it was on cinemax or something like that or yeah I watch it a lot but I remember thinking it was almost too. It's definitely it definitely has cannibalism in it but it's kind of all more in the realm of kind of a black comedy at which I think death race two thousand has definitely elements of black comedy. It is an example versus a Mad Max which takes us off very seriously but then there's these like moments almost cartoony violence. Yeah death rates. Two thousand really leans into it all the way I mean the I. I'm thinking about the scene. You mentioned where the old people if I remember correctly Frankenstein actually goes behind the hedges. Were all the nurses are and you just see nurses bodies getting flooded the s turn into something out of like a looney tunes. Yeah exactly I believe there's a very loop very Chuck Jones sort of element to the way that these deaths are our our hand out. I would also say what pushes it back into. The into the expectation is booby. Just just casual boobs yes yet. There's an unsexy just boobs happening in the middle of unlike in normal conversation all right so we're at halftime and and this is the point where Jeff tells you to please download rate and review us. I'm not gonNa tell you about you. Should do whatever you want to do. And what you should should want to do is download rate and review us on. Because it's really and I say this honestly and truly that helps us out as a podcast. It helps other are people find us. M- it helps out with wherever you happen to be listening to this on whatever podcast APP you happen to be on. It helps get the people know who we are and understand that we're doing something that's quality and we appreciate every every review every positive rating that we've got so far. I'm I'm an should also follow us on social media whether that's facebook or twitter or Instagram we love hearing from you a lot of times. We'll a a like to include your choices on the show when we get a chance to We topics that have been suggested by people in our social media sphere even have people come on the show. So you don't have to come on the show. I can understand why you wouldn't please. Don't WANNA come on up here. We are but please get involved involved with us. We love interacting with people who listen to the show and that's about it. Yeah so we are back and believe Jeff it is time for your your third okay. A repeat on repeat rental from okay kids there. Was this time when you WANNA video. Do you didn't play Mr. You didn't play the missive music. You didn't just click a few clicks on your APP on on your television Yet go to a thing called a video store in sometimes it. Was this little tiny ten ten ten building that was attached. Maybe till like a shoeshine place drycleaners. Sometimes it was a small kiosk in the middle of your grocery store. That's what it was when I was in college at the University of Kansas and we were known for and Friday night for getting this film called Gator Bait it which is in the exploitation category. And I won't Sing Gator Bait ten times and it is definitely a Hick station thing. Taking place in the swamps of Louisiana it was shot in sibito Louisiana and it featured playmate. Yeah Mate Playboy playmate Claudia Jennings. This woman played this back row by you Jacksonville. Her character's name desharnais Who's Animal Amel magnetism drives men while and Claudia Jennings was pretty darn gorgeous in her daisy dukes and her ripped shirt and the the ACC agent poacher wants wants to get her because he wants to make her his wife life and the sheriff wants to get her. She's doing illegal stuff back there. All these people in the swamps trying to get her she somehow in the middle of the swamps has an unlimited supply of makeup because no matter how many times she falls the swamp seemed like she gets out in a hair is completely dry and she's got rouge and Mascara scare but she was frigging gorgeous and whirlwind researching at this was in nineteen seventy four filmmakers. Beverly inferred Sebastian are kind of this tours of of bad exploitation films they did. Iraq's ploy tation film in October blood. God which sounds like to youtube albums. I think mashed together but they did a lot of exploitation films as they did like A. WWe Gorgeous ladies of wrestling exploitation film called like angels of the ring and then furred found Jesus after rain near death heart attack and he he runs the website to Jesus Dot Org O.. So this is my favorite frequent so so yeah so I love this and it even had like as a theater student studying Shakespeare. There's kind of a a lear like kind of thing where there's a father and he's got three Sons who are all kind of in different stages of of of devotion to their father and stuff like that. So Pretty Great Phil did you ever see. The sequel gator Bait to know Cajun Justice. It'd be like you're really missing out on this so big stores. It took a long time to hone that script. I think gator to or the deep. I wasn't able to see this both a DVD extra ware says he wants up. Walked up to Walt Disney and asked him how to make movies. Walnuts told him some weird shit. Because that's like at would accept even trash so I must I have to ask in. This movie does gator Bait whatever. Her name disarray. tippy-toe does does. This does her character or get naked. Yeah I think she's doing some or is or is this one of the ones where sometimes you'll see this in the movie where every other female character gets naked kid. The lead female character is the only one who does. Oh I read. You'll see that you'll see that from time to yeah. I think as playboy playmate those almost part of her contract but yeah I would imagine there would be a difficult to avoid that. Yeah she was in a ton of movies. Is that just reading. Her filmography died young at twenty nine. Oh Wow just reading her magi. I'm the man who fell to Earth. Oh Wow sisters of death The Great Texas dynamite chase. That's just throw words in Troy McClure imaginary. You Might Country Express Death Sport and which is not death race different sold on Nazi death sport abort a thousand years from tomorrow after the neutron wars. The world is divided into a barbaric collection of city states. She has a great career does is everyone do the neutron dance. Not much to say about that Sam Sam he'll love your history like that was the one that you just is. Joe Oh God. I think everyone's one where it's just like. This movie is so dumb. I'M GONNA learn every line. Yeah it's fantastic. There was a moment. Where our T? J Bracken the patriarch. Whose King Lear? Like who was a contemporary with Marlon Brando. He claims he also claims to have been an artist for marvel comics. Doc he's bemoaning the death of his INBRED but redneck by you son and he said something like like Leroy touched and so anytime in ever did such an idiot we tell them you touched Utah. Michael What's your next big. My next pick is a movie that literally. I've seen once and decided I never wanna see it again. I have no their wedding film. Oh the Texas chainsaw massacre oh I'm nursing onto onto a skirt. It is a movie that was right in the middle of it was like you know it's like pre slasher. It's like all the things that they tried to do in a nightmare on elm street and but like just scary and gross and low budget and awful. I remember seeing it once and was like I just never want to see this again. It's you know it's about a hitchhiker. Urge joins up with a bunch of friends who run into a family of cannibals led by leather face. The titular wielder of the chainsaw. And it's just horrible to watch and like it's their movies. That are out there for people who wanted to see awful things. Yeah and it's funny. Ah I just I have no interest in seeing just like privacy and just awfulness and what what I the only thing I do like about. The end of the movie is that like leather face doesn't die. He's like shaking his fists. The people that get away. And that's all you can hope to do is get away barely survive. But like I don't know there's a whole genre of these awful Slater Gore Porn Ya you see this movie was originally marketed. As based on a true story lean because they took some a few a little little bit of uh-huh of Ed gain the serial killers life in incorporated them into leather face character which that's that's a good split Haitians in sort of thing to do by the way is to try to market as based on true events uh-huh because that will that will get people Kinda freaked out even more so are you? Did you watch like Halloween and Friday the thirteenth and those type of type of movies at all growing up not growing up I. I'm suing obscene him once I was a teenager and a little bit older but even then it's just a genre that like never caught on with me. Yeah I would enjoy like the spoofs of them like enjoy scream. Yeah but I never to go back and I wouldn't i. I have some vague memories of watching Friday the thirteenth part not Friday the thirteen. What was the one with Freddie nightmare? No Friday dream Friday with Ice Cube have a lot of memories of watching Friday but a nightmare on ELM street like part three dream. Warriors over at like a friend's older alter brothers and just like I'm too young. Yes Yeah Oh yeah. Yeah but I don't know this movie in particular is just like realistic enough in terms arms of just the way it was shot. Yeah it was just all up in your face it was. You know there's no like the special effects are just too grim. There's some stuff in true detective season one or you go into the home of the serial killer you know I. It doesn't have to be murdering anybody. I just want to be in this room with this. This group is always a swiffer and a wet swiffer not seen this floor. Yeah quite a long time. Yeah Yeah so the remake Rob Zombie did a remake. The two right and the remake believe there is the one that had like Renee Zellweger and Matthew mcconaughey there is like a tried to reboot it in the mid ninety s before any any of them were famous. It's kind of like this famous like ooh were really embarrassed by Wabi thing and it actually Tobe hooper tried to at this cut down to a PG rating how the Hell Gore. Apparently it was even warrior than the final product ended up. Being had musical number had a musical number at Had A a a loveable alien involved now but Still came out. What is an art anyway? Which of course it always always was going? Yeah Yeah Choice Jeff Funding Choice. Okay this is my final and this was the first in my heart and I think it's an example of something in which the film was made as an exploitation and submit elevated in hindsight to a a to not be perceived as so hard day's night in the rocks police station John Mara nineteen sixty four British musical comedy directed by Richard. Lester starring the guys who in our last episode of Our podcast needed to get Air Clapton in the studio for the mall. Get along together. Well these with the earlier days when they're all getting along just fine thank you and even though they were going from room to a train to a room to a car to a room to a room column. There were still having fun doing it. What a delightful movie? I just one hundred percent on. Yeah it is as you know fifty years old. I'm fifty five years old. Whatever it is and you can still just plop it in and it's just the energy just sorta like bounds off of the off the screen? I couldn't agree more. Yeah I have such a color at though colorized. Yeah that's true. It's a shame it's stuck in black and white the the Credit to Richard Lester for not only coaching them into the world that they are going to be filming kind of improvisational one but also having the ear for Lavar Liverpudlian scouse kind of dialect and being up to write it because supposedly he hung around Liverpool and was able to any followed them around. I'm just sort of like seeing what they were like. Yeah going on tour and played gigs and just hanging out. Yeah and Lucky for him. It's like you know trying to make the Beatles funny is like trying to make a cat cue or something like that. They were already pretty clever guys in the had chemistry which was why they were such a great act. And if it wasn't for this movie we never would have had the film career if Ringo Starr no magic Christian or Yeah So yes it was an exploitation film because it was trying to capitalize a low budget exploitation movie to the milk the latest brief musical craze. For all that it's worth and it's a weird thing to think about now but this rock was really only about seven eight nine years old and so not only are. Are the industry trying them really. Use this film as a way to sell a record because they knew we're going to lose money off the movie but we'll make plenty of money off this soundtrack so there were so anxious to crank out Beatles records that they made this movie essentially obviously to try to support the cell sales of the soundtrack. But at this time the industry sought rock was going to be over any minute now so we had to make all this money while we can. And that's another reason why the Beatles were so why this movie even came the plot of this movie and even came because Brian Their manager was working them like slaves because they never knew at what minute their career was going to be over. So you gotta make as much money off these idiots if you could. They were relentlessly putting on shows and recording into her saying. You're rocks plantation movies. That goes back to as long as as long. There's been rock and roll. Yeah there's been a movie producer trying to milk it forever. Yes buck thinking that. It's a fad. Yeah whether it's blackboard the jungle or a girl can't help it or on Sutter etc and after this movie came out. Then you started to get the genre of the British invasion exploitation films This came out obviously help came out after this The Herman's Hermits Mrs Brown. You've got lovely daughter. I believe so. Yeah you WANNA pitting a lot of they think there's a there's a cliff Richard's shadows did. Yeah one movie point so you want it becoming its own little. Like Mickey O'Connor yeah and it's not not that there wasn't Phil there weren't films about musicians before hand because they're works is really just kind of the same thing new genre. I think this the the fastness of the cycle was going so rapidly that they knew there was gonna be. They suspected there was going to be a new flavor of the month. Any minute now said they had to crank this thing out but the things that it also also inspired i. Don't you know spy films. In general you know like the monkees television show music. Excellent music video. He's in general. So I just like you said Oh. I also read that. If you've seen the film Madagascar in which has parents you might have therefore penguins in it right. Those were originally in their own movie about essentially a rock group though. And that's why they look and act like they do because they were the Beatles essentially running around. Doing Fun. Never would've got that from the Madagascar movie. Yeah yeah they must have ditched out at some point in the production of it and get that they see where they go. They pulled him out of the development of this other thing and put them in into Madagascar. Asker yeah cool anybody's seen Joe Rabbit united it opens up with a kind of a up Para Para Ra allegory of the esteem with which One certain Fascist dictator was held by the people of Germany as being on par with Beatle Mania Helmet. Kohl that's right So it's it's kind of cool. Cool all right right. Let's wrap this sucker. Got Another weather exploitation. A podcast twenty minutes. Well I definitely approach which this topic from someone. That didn't spend a lot of time within the exploitation film community. Oh you don't watch ton. I didn't have that sort of less lucky you you but what I did find interesting was just the phenomenon of the two thousand seven film Grind House. Oh yeah okay. Phenomenon is a word that I'm sure they. They wanted to have push it forward. I loved the idea that these people spend Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez spent so so much money to lose so much money. Yes and it felt so fitting that the thing that you guys fell in love with as this behind the scenes or or like you know low-quality terrible movies that are you know zeroed in on a very specific community. People WanNa see it. Yeah or pinpoint you know. People want to see a black crime movies or they WANNA see like sex movies movies and to go out and get an all star cast to do two films do bill as a double feature and just run the gamut of having all these special fancy trailers for other potential films that will never exist Hobo with a shotgun. Although I think it was a shotgun was Michelle was made thanksgiving. Thanksgiving don't white meat. I loved it that they are love. They tried to push out out as an event. Nobody wanted to see it. Was it really a flop. Apparently a cost between fifty three Rian. Sixty seven million dollars and may twenty five million costs a lot of money cheap to quote unquote Dolly. Parton big cast you. You don't star studied. That's the one thing that traditional Exploitation films don't have they don't have an expensive. Yeah Litany of people that are in them they have. Nobody's former playboy playmate star. Yeah if you don't want to lose your shirt don't don't bring one but the the films were so very true to form to see what film would be that you rented over and over. The film was damaged and they kept that kind of damage quality. Hollywood in the film where they had cut scene poorly edited. Roy You just take the basic revenge plot of death proof of these women. Are these these these women getting revenge on stuntman Mike Very basic plots except planetary kind of kind of us us but as you know. Rose McGowan with machine-gun leg. Like crazy stuff that you net we would never see. I don't know I just like the idea of films that were made by people who genuinely loves this thing and that those were a failure. Yes I think. That's that's that's the most ironic thing you could possibly have the fact that this Johner that was designed to just make a little bit of money went up costing them a lot of money That's great all right. Time to make some choices. Boys and girls So I'm going to go with blacula primarily because we never did the kickball team black hills balls. Yeah it was also going to be cut. Potenza called Account Blacula LS. I can't remember if I ever settled on an actual name. Whether it was gonna be killers balls or the Count Dracula's we definitely went back and forth. I love the idea of have mad. Max Okay. Sweet I love a hard day's night being a rocks plantation film. That's not. It's not something that you normally think of SPL tation job but it absolutely was one and my favorite movie out of this list at least one favorite movie but favorite most representatives spy tation movie out of this list death race. Two thousand the one that I would have chosen if I did aborbs bag would have been ill. So she wolf put the S S share the Nazi station film. Also a little bit of a mixture of the women in prison. Is that a war enough to know that was no boy. What's her name? I can't remember the actresses name but she was like a Russ Meyer's okay type okay. So this has been fun. Guys enjoyed sitting on the throne throne. Now it's time for me to gingerly step off all right. Thank you guys for listening and check back next week. We'll Michael we'll be sending to such great heights to alert. Oh Lord of all over us. The topic next week is Vanity Projects Lou. See See what you guys come up. One hundred percent Mount Rushmore. poject podcast is going to be so anyway. I think you offer listening this. Has I've been Richard. This is Jeff.

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