Episode 408: Me & Him (1988)


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Even speaks French. It shows it's on their minds. Thank Jared fakes orgasms, pardon me. What let's real nice sure was earth. It's about communication. So glad you called. I grew that BUSTER it's about reaching out. Everyone needs a little Pat on the ass now. And then. You really see what men seen women? It's not sick. It's not saying, it's so honest if you even soon. Don't you look special incredible for sure here? If you keep it up how it shows how sensitive men really are push comes to shove thumper. Did let me take you for a ride. It's touching. It's moving. He really opened up. Griffin. Dunne Carey Lowell. Me and him the comedy that hits below the belt. All certainly will look my boyfriend differently now being here now available on videocassette, all my friends have to see this, absolutely. Time is Mr Adam Spiegelman. You can't keep me down was that you or was that your penis talking? He will find out this week. We are looking at me and him directed by Doris Dorie and released in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the film stars Griffin Dunne as Bert rutan z a man who has a very active relationship with his penis on the day of his thirty fifth birthday. He begins hearing directly from his penis voiced by Mark linn Baker cousin Larry himself. Burt is an architect who's trained to get his plans for new marina belt. He's overly dedicated to his work while his penis tries to get him to care more about the carnal pleasures in life. I'm not sure if there's anything to spoil in this movie or how easy it is to find these days, but consider this your spoiler warning. So Adam you actually requested that we do this as an episode. I'm very curious. When was the first time. I saw this. And obviously, you must have loved it. Yeah. It was the eighties on VHS video store. I think it was last time on your show as showed a lot of weird movies. But I think mostly I wonder one time, and it was a salesman pressuring the guy behind the counter to buy all these bad films. So I think that's why they had so many cool alternative weird films. But me and him kept showing up on all these publications. You get the video store upcoming movies. And it was like a going to be a big deal. This film is coming out. I think I might have been the only person rented it. I know it's supposed to be bad, and I do love bad movies for being bad. But I thought it was good. I mean, there's a lot of bad parts, and we can talk about it. But I really enjoyed this movie. I really I think this is a sixteen year old. Holy crap. I relate to this thirty five year old guy. I think more than than I could when I was thirty five seventy and Heather I heard a rumor that you absolutely adored this fell. Rumors are false. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I totally love your backstory with this. 'cause you know at IT is the child of of the VHS aid someone who came of age like I was all about just finding weird. You know, the weird or the batter and there are some like lowbrow type movies absolutely doors. My, you know, we've covered some of them together that, you know, my quote for this movie is snoop Dogg once said that he has no love for hoes. And I actually have a lot of love for hose. But I didn't have any love from his Mathie load over rose. This could be a cool cat a point counterpoint, like a totally respect your opinion. And I actually am looking forward to hearing like your take from it and your sue Mike sucking. I think this could be very healthy experience. While I think what you said Adam is kind of telling us for as as a sixteen year old you enjoyed this or could relate to it a little bit more than you could as. At actual thirty five year old. This reminds me a lot of the Netflix series big mouth where the young boys. The pew Besson preview Bessant boys where and girls there urges are personified by these Harry demons of did you just go me, the hormone months to. I'm not a fairy. I mean sure folk around the dudes, but I'm not a fairy. And that's kind of what it reminds me of the humor and everything is very adolescent. Let's say so probably as you all maybe to necessarily identify with Griffin as much Griffin Dunne sex machine. Apparently, he can bed any woman in the world in this movie, which I just find remarkable when I think of sex usually Griffin Dunne as the first person who pops into my mind, he's just dripping with it. What do you think of sex Griffin? Don is the. Best friend of the guy, you think of it. It's so crazy that he turns on his libido. And it just turns out either since he turn on his libido. Everyone wants to sleep with them or women have always wanted to sleep with him. He just didn't know it might are. You are you saying that you feel like Griffin Dunne should have been the original choice for big Jim Slade and Kentucky fi movie. Oh, yeah. He's that kind of sex machine. Like, he just parsley the wall like a collide man look at low Moluccan. There are two things that got me to watch. Maybe I'd never even heard of this film till my two might you. Brought it up to me. And I was like I love Griffin Dunne, and it's gotta talking weighing in at. I'm like okay on sold like at Griffith done. I mean, he's great. I mean, I think he I think he gives it his best in this. I kept thinking they're like sex machine. I kept picturing like different actors though in this role watching it like I thought like it will point like what if Charles Napier was how ethic that have been. It would have been completely. Bay. But yeah, you know, be jealous. You're the good old boys. Yeah. That's right. I'm talking about Gilroy lead singer drive. The one of urban interesting. I mean that guy is like a gruff, dude. One of these guys always plays the heavy the mafia guy, or you know, the name four, sir that would have been different 'cause you don't expect like it wouldn't feel like a goofy fun rom com. It would it'd be like a guy woke up one day and his penis have get out there. Maybe darker should nNcholas cage being the remake. Oh, wow. As the penis asked. The penis be like Eric Roberts should be the voice of the penis. I don't know if you've ever seen a talking cat question. Mark. Oh, yeah. Does the voice of the talking cat? But it sounds like he did it into his phone at a bar, you know, last minute and send it in. Basically did I mean not at a bar, but at his house, the director came over and just recorded him talking the role Hoover talking. Yeah. Yeah. It shows you can talk. But only once I don't make the rules film. But let's this movie the same thing. Mark linn Baker obviously, not anyone's first choice. His audio is. So it's kinda like a talking cat version. Like, it's so not instinct with the movie, do you know what I mean? It sounds like they was an afterthought it they know effort to make same track. Gopher it's always good. When you've been fighting. Refining. I couldn't tell I thought the fight was over. I'm not a salad bar. You can help yourself to whenever you get hungry. He never shuts up. Okay enough. Can we have like five minutes without you talking? Maybe he was the word late. He he sounded he had the moist of a penis that should never get lay. Like he does not deserve to get lay ever at times. It angered me. Like, I literally got angry because I'm whiteness, man. You know, fuck this guy like he's terrible late. Yeah. Griffin Dunne's like knives. And he's charismatic you Weicker Fontan Martin Baker. Maybe he's done some good stuff. But I'm like he was the second banana and perfect strangers like count cousin Valk would have been better choice will move every year is a great movie. He's mid I just don't know. You know, obviously is what it is would bulky not available. I mean, he could have done it that would have been more fun. I if my penis talked to me, I don't know. If I wanted to be whining, dude, you have a great life. You clothes all the time. You're you're supported all the time. He's only taken out once in a while, you know, your wash. I don't understand what the way you complain. Who would you want divorce your private part like what actor maybe Sam Jackson, though? It'd be good. That's ragged. I'd have to get season title. I wanna show you violators. Nash defeats beat that. I would be honoured. If my lady parts at the voice of says, it's not almost wanna change mine to her relish as but I won't be army zombie babies. Oh my God. How about you, Adam? Well, I'm blanking on the name because I'm a hundred years old. But in the stars born who played a the lead, Bradley Cooper and who's played his brother. I mean Sam Elliott. So you know, he did like a Sam Elliott impression. All time. Yeah. I would want him doing the Sam Elliott impression because I feel like Sam Elliott was voice. My penis be way too intimidated because that's like a real, man. But Bradley Cooper doing it a person Asian of him that that's like on a good level. Like a reminds me of him. I feel cool. I don't feel uncall-. You know what? I mean. I still rule everything my brain could still take over. But yeah, I think that be Bradley Cooper doing that impression. When are they going to do the remake that has Kevin Hart with the rock doing the voice of the penis, Kevin Hart gray narrows, it could be so physical just keep thinking of all of me. This is like a perverted all of me with Steve Martin. It is so much all of me, especially the. Arguing with the voice that only you can hear. It's so weird that he's talking out loud. But the Pena's isn't voices in his head. Yeah. So why does he do that? Yeah. And in the script, the he talks out loud to the penis all the way through until right around the third act, and then it becomes Burt in over talking to the peanuts. And I don't think that ever happens in the movie, he always talks out loud to the Pena's. And then not too often. Do you get like hilarity ensues where there's a couple scenes where he will talk out loud to the penis. And then other people will be around like he's in a bathroom and somebody's in a stall and comes out, but it's still not what you would think as far as like who are you talking to or you know, who does number two work for those kind of things you don't get a whole lot of that kind of stuff which is weird. You would think that would be maybe the third joke that you go to didn't dig advantage of that. You're right. It'd seem like a loss moment is almost like somebody said, hey, if he's being alive, wouldn't you get caught? And they're like, oh, yeah. Level it's fix that. And show that is not a big deal instead of making it part of the movie and making a funny scene is people don't care that he talks himself bird isn't the high-powered job of being an architect, which I think for why was the number one movie profession that you could possibly do. It's really funny because next week we're going to be talking about a movie called heaven from New Zealand that came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and our main character, and that is an architect. So that's like the thing that you do if you don't know what your main characters gonna do you make him an architect? And then you also give him the big pitch and have hilarity kind of ensue around that. I mean, as I was watching this movie, I just kept thinking of other movies, but I couldn't really put my finger on exactly which movie I was thinking of because I just have seen. These story beats being. I used a lot in other films. Be it's like the whole idea. He gets up in the morning. He makes this wish for his Donna's cake. His penis starts talking to him. I'm guess I'm thinking like a freaky Friday or more of a vice versa, like father like son or eighteen again, kind of thing happening there, and then goes in and he does this pitch. He kind of lets his penis takeover a little bit. So I'm thinking maybe how to get ahead in advertising. And the he comes up with this whole whole idea of doing a like Venice by the the south pier. I guess in New York and talk about uncomfortable. Now in retrospect, there are so many shots of the twin towers in this movie almost like all the scenes of them looking at the the area where they're going to build this this new marina, the twin towers are behind them at all times. Working go wrong is what you're saying. The thing that I did appreciate this about this movie. A lot is the supporting cast in some of the faces. There are in the supporting cast. I mean, of course, we've got Craig t Nelson as the big boss, and then the very attractive Kelly Bishop as his wife, if you look at we covered another movie with this gentleman, the American astronaut, but Rocco Sisto professor s has from the American astronaut is one of his co workers, and then Blinken you miss him almost as David Alan Grier. As the guy who gives him this apartment before he moves out of town. And I would think that David Alan Grier would have been a huge presence in this movie. But I guess this was just too early for him or something, but he's in and out of this movie in five minutes and actually made me a little sad because I love David Alan Grier. And he's sumit's Brighton. Everything. I mean, you would have been a better choice for the penis voice. Like, he's funny. I mean, that's the thing about this film is one of the things I will say about it is like I mean, most of the cast right main. And supporting I mean, you've got some fantastic actors known on Ellen Greene as verts wide. She's fantastic Ellen Greene. I always liked and stuff, but she was just never in enough things. Like, I was so happy when she showed up in pushing daisies a few years ago, I say a few years ago, it was probably like ten years ago, but I really enjoyed her. She was fantastic and things like little shop of horrors and the cooler just everytime. She's unscreened like her. And I wish that she would have been a bigger actress we're going to independent film when I knew it was a cold states control. And she was in it. It was a low budget movie. And it was a weird thing where they part of the movies dirty Polaroid's resolve. And if it is I just remember him making such a big deal. Outta me getting these handing them right to him that they wouldn't go anywhere. The dirty pictures of Ellen of her. But even though it's using the movie. So anyway, just so weird to see a big movie star like that in this low budget film. But yeah, she's a great actress, I don't know why you know, why she's bigger as well. But as she gets these roll the only role she got are these like the whiny wife roles like this role is a thankless shitty role. I mean, even skip to the end he doesn't realize he loves his wife. He realizes he I if you optimistically, he realizes is not about fucking every woman in Newark, it's about his wife, but he never find that out is just like everyone dumps him. So he goes back to his wife. And so she doesn't she never gets that sexy role. You know, I I think that's part of that's probably part of it. And maybe she'll pushing daisies. It seemed like just such a perfect spot for her. And I don't get why the penis can't remember her name. He keeps calling her Anita. But a real names the net. I love that. Because he doesn't wanna fuck her. He wants to fuck every other woman around. He doesn't want to sleep with one woman that he's supposedly with he wants to screw around. So he doesn't he doesn't mean anything to him. And they took out the one joke. There was a running joke in the screenplay that was whenever the Chinese delivery man shows up that birth kid burnt junior BJ, and they never make a joke about BJ that BJ would go running to the door yelling daddy. Daddy. Daddy in that the kid actually looked slightly Asian. They cut that joke out, which I was like, okay. Well, if it's good for the goose, it should be good for the gander. But no, she is just this woman who stays home and pines for Burt through so much of it. And when ever she shows up she is upset and she's treated like shrew. And it's like, yes, she has every right to be upset about this whole situation. The way that he moves out in order to work on this pitch in that every time she comes over. He's up to no good. And when she finds the earring in his bed. It's she blows up. And it's like, yeah. I completely understand. Why she would I don't think that she's a shrew or a heartbe, but that's the way that she's portrayed in the film. Now home bag of the you know pain is not getting a name. Right. She's high. I mean, it's not just that. She's I mean, she's also like this great supportive partner that puts up with him whining, and he leaves reload with their little shit or kid 'cause that kid his hair are bowl. I kept hoping that there'd be this like this twist. Rely all of a sudden might her vagina starts talking to her. And she's like, I'm gonna get some. She goes on this big mess, Selena like style like sex bankwest where she's like, that's right part. I'm banging every hot delivery guy on this boulevard, buddy. Like that. And it's just like an ends with him crying. Like, I dunno. That's that would have been my version. She is in the given her something more than just like what comes to the apartment that. Oh, that's a great turn. She's so sexy and realizes she sex him. He goes back to her. But of course, we had another forty five minutes to kill who couldn't do that. I'm glad they didn't do the Chinese food delivery joke district. It seems out of place. Like, it's funny. But it would just screw up the plot of the film, and I feel really really weird that they would put that in because you just changed the whole dynamic of the movie his Pena's wakes up and says, hey, you should start cheating on your wife. Who's obviously been cheating on you. He's he he can't be forgiven for what he did. You can't have an out like, you know, some movies. There's Sandra Bullock, whoever it is. And they made the other guy even though they have a boyfriend and they fall in love, but they make the boyfriend or the husband abusive or alcoholic or something. So you can forgive her for cheating on him. So I don't think he deserves an out like that. Or if you're Meg Ryan. The other guy has allergies or he might mispronounce a word or something. And then that gives you perfect right to go off with whoever, you know, Tim Robbins or whoever that other guy. She is high standards. She's the worst she thinks she's low maintenance, but she's actually high maintenance. So the whom I you know, what I would have what she's having not the other person. I was very surprised to see in here is Robert Lazardo and people, you know, who Robert Louis Suharto is you just probably don't know his name. And in this movie, you wouldn't recognize him because this is before he shaved his head and has neck tattoos. He shows up in so many things now as this like really mean shallow kind of guy beautifully a drug dealer. He was in a lot of oh gosh. He's been a ton of TV stuff, and he shows up in movies and in here. He's the office guy with the white shirt on no visible tattoos. I don't know when he got his said twos. And he's like the crude young office guy who's talking about pumping and dumping girls. But yeah, believe it or not he is the guy who. Looks like he stepped right out of I don't know anarchy, what sons of anarchy? He's the old. I never thought he was at old. I didn't realize either when he started talking. I was like his voices familiar and then. Yeah, I I looked it up. And it's like oh sure enough. That's the same dude. Look at the eighties movies who's in hard to kill panatela. Get killed renegades. True. Blood mean him I was in short circuit to and moving another terrible film like he just he had all those films. He said, I don't care put me in it Waterworld. I drop zone. Waterworld automating he's slated to be in like a dozen movies that come out over the next year and a half. Yeah. I saw I am debate is all red with pre production post production, filming. That's amazing. Braille flowers push comes to show they come from. I'm over. He'll play stays. There's really not any nudity in this movie, which is kind of weird because I mean, you the eighties were kind of Scott fertile time for sex comedies and a lot of, you know, have like at the very least awful snus. Like, yo ends. This is Tammy for being maybe about a talk in Pena's pretty tame hovering. Louis this up. It is a good Wayne. Of heads in nineteen eighty six when I saw this film. I rented a movie from the video store called me and him about talking Pena's. I bring it home. Nobody's home to watch. It. You're sixteen years old. There is no nudity in this film. What is going on that is not fair in the first half hour of all these films. There's some kind of nudity for no reason. And then you keep watching hopefully, they'll be more nudity. That's the it's an agreement. We have I pay three dollars for a terrible film. And you give me a little nudity. That's it east at least get a single do. I mean at least boob. Yeah. That's all. I'm asking for forum. Sixteen years old Abu would have been fine for about a week of it. Okay. And also like, do you think you're watching something good, you know, a German director o- German director, and then, you know, you get a little nudity, and then you go to bed, but no, no nudity. It was a real film. Can you fucking believe it? We had the penis has certain superpowers that it reveals as we go along. It's kind of like the the suit in the greatest American hero. Like as as we go along. We learn more powers one of those is to allow Burt see everyone or every woman, I should say. In lingerie. So yeah. No nudity, except there's a nun in the scene in. Apparently, the penis doesn't wanna show what another looks like lingerie I found that really strange quickly responded that first of all describing your is is like the suit in America's American heroes. The best description I've heard who over time in your life. You learn more uses for it the reveal do, that's that's brilliant. I took that seem as again at a sixteen year old point of view. Your imagination puts everyone like he wasn't really magically taking it once close up he was leading his imagination encouraging his imagination to look at everybody naked. Then maybe I was just projecting. But that's what I saw the pain is like just imagine all these people naked. I can do that for you not naked. But in lingerie. Oh, yeah. In luxury sixteen and then later on he reveals that he knows every woman's name, which is really kind of strange to that was. I hate it. Is this Dom? It's like, okay why? Sure, whatever dude, you know, their names, like don't know, Ellen greens. Yeah. Hot s you don't know her name, you you don't see you don't give us nudity. His come on. Like, if a penis, you tear dudes lie admitted women are saying like if you're like looking at somebody like Alice's personality, you're not going to be tasteful about it. It's gonna look like a hustler spread probably at the very least penthouse minus the vassal lean winds. But you know, it's just it was just the whole NATO. He knows their names. It's like, okay. Whatever like this is, you know, I I started that this may be just a camps. But did he know their names didn't Hilo wounds? Name those wrong the first one. But then after that it was right every single time. And then it's basically it was just a bridge to get us to the the the the boss's wife. And then take us off on that adventure, this whole movie if feels very much like it's like little vignettes rather than necessarily a full plot. Because it's like okay now, I'm over here, and I'm going to have sex with this woman or now I'm over here. And I'm going to have the the flirt with this woman. In it, occasionally, these things will meet up like that. He meets this woman Janet in this records room, and he starts giving her a foot job, which I it's very very uncomfortable. Her outfit is very uncomfortable. It's very nineteen to ABC's fashion. And yeah, he gets his foot Kashi clamps his foot in there in. Yeah. It's it's it's not good. But in she shows up later on and she will show up in his fantasies. We get several fantasy sequences again. Nobody's naked. It's usually just you know, like, oh, hey Burt. Your wife's on the phone. And that seems to be the recurring joke when it comes to those. She ends up being with Craig t Nelson. So Craig t Nelson is cheating on his wife. And then when the wife wants to cheat with Bert. She has this the wife has this whole thing of wanting to role play and apparently. Role play is a bridge too far for Burt. He cannot handle that though it is. I wanted to the peanuts. All of a sudden, it was like ages or you're older than the peanuts have standards, which is weird because it's a penis. Isn't that what this whole movies about doesn't anything angered me? That was many one of many things that angered me in this movie was that, you know, he's been you know, just weighing in and banging random ladies at homey. And all of a sudden now like this beautiful woman, who's maybe all wet realistically probably ten years older than Burr like she's not even at all that older. We've had him make menopausal jokes. She's like, oh it gets hot in the fall. And like that's is she going through menopause per in. It's like you. You saw your terrible penis. And then all of a sudden he's like, oh my God. She's her if she's wanting to do light role play late pets, you know. It's not she's all like, hey, take a dump on me per light. You know, like, she's just I can't I can't rip this movie that penises. Terrible. And he's a he's a shame. Shame the penises of. Did you other the scene was funny? The music he comes in there. They they build it up with the music, and he's got the outfit on and they made like that was a silly thing. Like would seem like the film directors like oh limit is fun here. Finally, well, and it was fun at first. And then it's like WALDO, no, I can't do this. I know he should have just done. It did not do it because he loved his wife, at least that would have tied into the ending. But he didn't do it. Because he's seen as too good for all of a sudden right because he's having sex with the girl from the aerobics studio he's having sex with the it's not it's like one of his assistants at works of get the nice sexual harassment stuff going on there. Does he ever nail Janet? I can't remember. No, he never he never sleeps with Janet. Because. Right. I first he tries, but she just wants to be friends. And then when he finally tells us penis to the buzz off, and he gets. Libido any acts like real human beings are at treats are like human being then she wants to super them. And then he can't because that reminded me of the movie bedazzled where he just he can't close the deal be dazzled with such a better movie. Besides being a much better movie. And of course, I'm talking about the brand new Frazier version. Whoa, that's cruel. How dare you? I'm very curious. Adam how many times have beautiful women asked you to just sleep with them in by that. I mean, just sleep with them like be in the same bed with you. But NAT actually have intercourse hurriedly. I'm the only person has happened to cause. Yeah, that's happened. And I thought and I thought I'd seen as realistic. 'cause you think like I really should try something. But there's not try something. Should I try something? I jerk non for trying something. And then you wake up the next morning. You guys tried something? Or I moved to New York after college. And I was in this comedy troupe. At news is beautiful woman. We hung out a lot, and she I was living in Brooklyn. She live right in mid town. On right on Broadway. Right rolled Abro theaters. Are as she called me up at like ten thirty at night. And she said I want you to come over and sleep with me. I'm alone. Scared lonely, whatever. And like sure she's you know, I sleep in the nude, and but I just want to sleep. And I was like, yeah. Right. I got there. See greets me at the doors opens the door by the time. I get into bed. She's passed out asleep completely naked. And I just like I'm like, I can't believe I just took an hour to get here because it's the train. And I remember this is a good look at her. And I think in I've fallen for this twice. There's something wrong with me. And then just went back to bed. I either that was another funny legit scene where it's like one part of us says, oh, she doesn't want to sleep with the other side says why would you have you over, you know, you got to at least try? So I don't know Heather has been at issue even over never met. If I can ask you about that. I would feel weird about being like a teddy RV set certainly get like, hey, platonic NAN hell with me, Venice Lear sexy. Outfit, and I've never done that to somebody. I wanna judge anybody. That's done it. I will save at that saying I thought I was kinda like my grandma. This is you know, I mean like if she was wearing like, dirty sweat hands. And like Garfield teacher, then I'd be like, okay? Yeah. She's new to the city. She's just mon- company. You know, maybe some creepy. I was falling early. You know, like I could suspend disbelief, but she's all this Mary pretty light blue suit of painting and. We're not going to judge. But it's weird. But then like she's sleeping, and he starts trying to touch her. I'm like, okay. His Dixie gamer gator, basically sticks a future. Like if it's if this Pena's was a personality would have a fedora in a neg- beard. Terrible terrible you'd be harassing women on Twitter at had been like a tip my hat to you Milady. You like that? I've terrible. Would she also knows? This guy's been a pig since he met him day one like the they don't mention that. They she grabbed his foot, you know, when they're in the library when she meets at work. I don't know. That's just because there's a plot device rose in eighty single. She just didn't feel comfortable there. I don't know to seem like a weird thing disturbed nor and then vertebrae go yell go out with you. Yeah. I think they're supposed to be a lot more sexual politics going on with this. I mean, really this could be a really good plot here to have the way that she vacillates between Bert. Maybe she finds him attractive at first. But. Then when she learns that he's only a peon at the business. And then, you know, she's going to go for Craig Nelson who's the Voss, but then Birt's on the upswing. So maybe she'll go for him. It could have been an interesting character. Like kind of a, you know, like a star fucker kind of thing. But that just never really happens in when she comes in. And she finds Bert shipping. cO resign. It's like, okay. Is she upset if she not upset what's going on here in the way that he ends up like because the the the dick obviously just keeps talking to him and saying like, hey, you need to fuck in order to have creativity. And you know, let let's go out and let's fuck now. And there's one part where he's like, no, I really need to buckle down. Here. I need to work on the stuff, and then he ends up having sex with Corazza on. And then he is blowing off this really important meeting. And you would think that that would be immediate grounds for dismissal. But he ends up not getting fired for this really is kind of strange like there are moments where like even earlier he's talking with Eleanor, and he refuses an advanced by Eleanor, and you think okay. Yeah. Now, he's going to get fired. No. Instead, he ends up getting his own office. It's like what is going on here? So they are moments in the film that just don't I mean, we're talking about a movie about a talking penis. But you would think that still they would kind of abide by some sort of logic. As far as you know, if you punch somebody in the face, then they're going to get mad. But in this movie doesn't necessarily act that way. Now, there's a lot of things that get that don't really get explored that you think pay one or maybe if they should've maybe this would've been a better movie late Adam to your point. I thought that was kind of weird to you that the whole way, you know, when they meet officially I can think okay, she got to confront him. We're paying or you know, what it's like now. And then like, then, you know, not too long to that. She was like, I was stay the night with me. And it's like. This dare just tried to put his foot in your area, which is gross in a you know, because you don't know this man over his foot span it's been sweating in Hugh, New York City. You don't want that in your business Carl grows, you know, a it's I think that was just like one of my main one of my many issues, this film is that there were so many things that could have been sorta further fleshed out at like, you said like the politics. That just it's kind of half ass. You know? Yeah. I mean, this is a good time to speak about this nineteen eighty eight. I mean, I'm trying to think of when something like a working girl was was out. But like the idea of. Nineteen Eighty-eight actually. So it seems like this would have been a good time to talk about women's liberation and women's place in the office and made Janet almost more more of the main character or Eleanor, but these three very what they should be strong women characters Annette Eleanor, and Janet they end up just kind of falling by the wayside and really births. Peanuts who is an unseen character, basically ends up taking center stage. So it's really an odd. Mix of things. What does he trust in ready? When the last time she met him who's trying to put her foot foot up her skirt now, she's like, oh, you'll see my bed or not trying anything. Yes. She's a little foolish that way. She's good for plot. That's what she's like what works to move this plot alone. I'll do it. We never do to your point. Heather we never hear women's genitalia in this movie at all. And there's even a moment where right at the end of the film. The penis turns on his other superpower, which is to allow Burt to hear all of the other penises that are in the row, and I was thinking he's going to allow you to hear all in the genus. But there's even one point in the movie where Burt ass the penis if women's vaginas talk as well. And he's like, I don't care. Wow. Okay. Thanks a lot. He's horrible is terrible ever that peanuts has a good penis. I think it'd be all like I want to hear my lovers. So we, hey, we know we're like, it's a communion. We are having a great time together. Ever. It is fantastic. And this guy is total pump and dump it leased the character. That is the actual pump and thumper. He's honest about who he is that man. No seeing this. You know, he's just like, hey, it is what it hasn't yet. Don't tap that women. But Elliott, he's kept me warming. You know supposed to bird, but literally a dick dick. Yes. So yeah, he doesn't care. I thought that was I thought that was funny that yeah. You know, he just cares about himself. Just drop dead. Fred for adults album trap to see if Rick mayo had been the Pena's met funny. That's I think that's been disconnect. I'm actually I'm glad you did bring up my my fantastic year because Baker is gonna now. So, but he's not this is not a good fit for him. And if they pick somebody funny 'cause you can burp people like pull off really crude unlikeable characters to wear or stole their funniest hell, I just don't think that's happening here. There's a weird moment to where he exercises. His demon where he takes a one of the earliest known dick pics with a polaroid camera and sets it on fire in that. He doesn't hear from his dick after that. Until he tries to get it back in the has to in order to successfully get his penis back. He has to expose themselves to this woman at church, which is sexual assault. I mean. It is also the one of the only black people in the movie teaches him voodoo all of a sudden. All right. And Judah weird character to I mean, I guess that scene where she hates him. And then comes back in love them. I guess because he was being east are making a jerk that she cared about him when he was at the bottom. I thought it was funny when he finally was able to exercise his demons and get rid of him. And then he was a different person. Then things worked out for him again, as I thought that part working the movie, I just remember when I came to a point where I was like, I don't know just kind of put my brain. I and you just have a different your whole world opens up as nineteen years old. I went to a yoga retreat, and they said you do not have sex here. You're not if you're a couple on your marriage, please on of Saxon. If you're single in hair, please do not have sex. And I think that was the first weekend since you know, thirteen that I did not think about sex, and it just changed my life another totally different weekend. I didn't things because they seemed interesting that because as one that can get me laid. So that's that part made me think of just growing up and getting. Over it. I'm embarrassed exposed a lot about myself to people on Skype, but to me all the time usually with Cameron though, that's kind of. That's gotta be interpersonal experience, especially when you're -veloping because your hormones are all my. Yeah. They are large in charge at that age. Somebody we've come invasion the eighties in in ninety. I mean, we we set through a lot of bad movies on Cinemax for just a clumps of nudity. I did it. I'm not shame. It's what you did Bank. We didn't have the internet model. It's every fifteen dollars a month for a little glimpse. That's why kids knew how to set the timer on the PC are. That's true. Yeah. Because I never found always heard about the late mythical piles of like dirty nagazine in the woods. I never settled upon. But I had a male friends that tell me about finding like an old old nudie MAG going back to that whole idea the voodoo and stuff I did like the one article that I read about this film where they were talking about how the penis being clothed not being seen in this movie really helps protect Burt from castration anxiety because there is one. One point where he it looks like he's contemplating castration. But then he goes for the camera thing and the whole idea of capturing the the the dick with the camera lens of just the polaroid. And of course, we don't see the polaroid or anything. And then reversing the spell by exposing it to the the woman who then also we don't see her POV. But you know, she's the one that's exposed to the to the dick. So I liked that somebody actually was bringing that up as far as the power of of the gays in this film because there's not a lot of scholarly articles that have been written about me and him over the years. Unfortunately, though, I think that this movie does like I said, it does talk a lot about sexual politics albeit unsuccessfully, but it opens up where a lot of people's minds were in eighty eight. But then again, I tend to over think things just made it a point that is so good that the smell doesn't. Serve. I'm so I'm so sorry. I know you love his film. I I I wanna apologize. I'm being no pun intended. The about it because there's plenty of movies. I love that. I've you know that are definitely not fan favorites. Oh trust me next week. When when we talk about heaven, one of my co host does not like that movie at all. I'm basically goes on like a whole rant about the film for just about the entire running time of the pad cast so people at home you have that to look forward to what don't you like about the movie in terms of? No, I don't wanna get get defending the film. I I know it's a bad film. But I know watching is like that movie shock corridor. It's a terrible film. But there's so many good parts in it. They feel like it's a good film. But we're gonna talk about a bad part just for this the filming of the actual cinematography. I guess as her husband now, she met him. But it's terrible. It's like everything is dark even within the park stark during the day of stark in a bright room it start. It is weird for the bathroom. The fluorescent lights are dark. It is weird kind of feeling. I did you guys get that kind of like CD kind of feeling from the phone. It looked more. It was shot for television. That's how it kind of seem to be too. If it looked properly CD, I think it would have been a little horn s may bet. Yeah. It just felt that's that's gonna taking the kind of hurt is that even some of the technical elements because I didn't I didn't even like the music the to the end, it is very amusing is kinda like she's E T V, the Rhys Mike, you just nailed something. Like for me. I think because that's a lot of this is very just kind of like TV TV troves, but not good TV like bad TV troves. And you know, which is which is too bad yet. There's for whatever reason speaking of music, there's that instrumental version of strangers in the night, the plays a couple of times in here in think there might be a vocal version later, and I don't necessarily understand white strangers in the night. It doesn't necessarily play into what's happening on screen. But and then we'll. Talk about. We'll talk about the end is seen in just a moment here. But wow. Wow. But I did wanna talk again about the the moment when the dick allows him to hear all of these other dick speaking, I don't know if it came through in the movie, but there's in the script. There's this whole thing about how one of his co workers is gay, and he doesn't necessarily know it until he hears the dick talking about it, which again would have opened up a little bit more stuff. And I think that we're supposed to get that from a lion that one of the dick says about or one of the people actually says that you can't even smell the fish anymore. And then the other guy says I hate that smell. And I think that's supposed to be the gay guy as if implying he doesn't like vagina as what I got hardy Har Har leave is I'm I'm trying not to be mean of of you talked to the director, and I'm C sounds lovely. And I just. That was awful. That was another awful mainly get it. He's gay when fish. It's just it just yet. The I would've there's so much potential in this film. Now, there is so much. Maybe that is what upset me because I think Mike you want said, the most brilliant thing ever because you went told me the worst movie in the world is one that only the filmmaker and their mother has seen. I think it's very true. I don't even know if I can take credit for that that might have been skids that said that one I I'll make it. I'll give it to your mental skits. I'll get to Bellevue because he's halted. But so yeah, there there's potential, but there's like pregnant potential film. There's you know, and yet what if the ladies what else on he hear like the women talk to you. And to be kind of like a cool eye opening thing. Good point like a he cared. Great. So I have a supervisor or you can hear other Dick's talk. So how does that help me? If you're gonna get laid how does that help him if he's not gay and he says, all right? Can you hear women's body parts talk? No one's here that I do. That's what makes it a good superpower. This a lame superpower. You know? I could open jars fantastic. I can open doors. Not a superpower. I assume what other people's Knicks are thinking. I don't you know, doesn't help me at all get lead. At all. I don't know. If felt like they were just filling time the second time and watched it. I think the first time I just thought it was fascinating. But just recently went to watch it for this. It seemed like they were like what else? Can we do? Okay. What else? You know? What else? What else? We've got. We're up to eighty eight minutes, we need ninety minutes. What else? Can you do? Well, I'll tell you. What else you can do Adam? How about we have a musical number? Controversial. I liked it. It's okay. To like it. How else do you end a film about a talking Pena's? But with a musical number. Let's have all of and apparently all of these women are secretaries at the new. Otani tower, which obviously is dick shaped though to be it. Looks more like a tube of lipstick with the lipstick coming out of the top. And that's not supposed to be like a dog dick joke or anything. But yeah, these women are supposed to be secretaries in the they start singing the Bob Marley classic. No woman. No cry and then they start to build up and start doing like dances. And it's all crazy, Grafton, everything, and that's how we end the movie and yet to your point. I don't really know. How else you could end a movie like this where leaders? This go crazy and just do it. But I don't know why they chose the secretaries that me you seem way. Like, they're all objects have just women you you sleep with is that what they're saying. And why are they saying no woman cry? I'm not sure, but you know, like the end of some dog millionaire. There's that great Bollywood dance thing like what it would men and women characters in the movies in in not that might have been better. I don't know how you could -sarily make it a worse ending the nicest thing you've ever said. Well, thank you. On one hand. This is terrible. Part of the kind of like almost respected at just the, you know, just had a surrealist move lateness kind of almost kinda dot move of ending. And so I I will give props through that the musical choice. I don't yet that was but there's a lot. There's a lot of lack of logic in this universe of Manhattan. That were present too much interesting. Are you guys? Let's go ahead and take a break, and we're gonna play an interview with director, Doris Dorie, and we'll be back with that. Right. After these brief messages. I'm ready to take the next step. I'm ready for university. That will help me advance in my education and career university. That will make me feel supported an connecting ready for ODU online. Click this set or go to online dot EDU today. The iphone ten are is here at T mobile, and there's a whole lot to love like taking those perfect new year new you portrait mode selfish. You're going to share. 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Every Tuesday new episode drops us, ragging bad movies. Whereas the concerts here at the projection booths talking about good party cinema related stuff here for the cinema. Come to us for the last afterwards, we ate movies every Tuesday. I know that you were born in Germany, how did you end up going to school in the United States in stock novel places, the yeah. Because of a movie by on Houston, and I hope you know, that movie it's called fat city. Joe yet, we just did that recently. Really, okay. If you could imagine a seventeen or sixteen year old in head of our Germany watching the movie kitty, and then deciding to go to Stockton to go to school there. Yeah. That's only a a juvenile mind can pick a city like Stockton. Because as you know, fat city is it takes place in the completely run downtown, which is stuck in. But because I loved the movie so much I figured I what I what I thought. It's really, but I just wanted to go to that town Stockton. And then it funny instance, that was a cedar group they performed in Hanover. And they happen to be from the university of of fic- in stock. So these two things came together. And then I thought well, that's it stock it is. But you didn't go into movie making right away. No, no. It was too far out there. Somehow, I didn't think it was possible to become rector, but to become an actress was something that was much more imaginable, much more possible. But then I realized very soon that I was never going to be a good actress because I'm way to shy to stand up on a stage and perform, but yet as a director you have to be behind the scenes pretty much doing performance. Oh, yes. Very well. Put that's true. But it's still not your body that you have to put out there. It's something very different. When did you decide to become a director into get more into filmmaking? Well, at dropped out of school in California went to New York City studied a bit of strange things at the new school. Like semantics and symbiotic, and it'd been a psychology, and I don't know what. And then I wanted to go to school to NYU and it turned out to be way too expensive. So my mother she kept sending me the education forms for the the school Munich, and I didn't feel them out for about a year. And then I had to give up a New York because couldn't make a living couldn't go to school. And it was just too hard. So I gave in and gave up and fill those forms and got accepted at the uniform school, which it turned out to be a blessing for me because I'm really a writer more than maybe filmmaker. And it was the perfect disguise for me to be writing screenplays. And then you have other people say the lines and dialogue and turn it into something else. A movie so was your mom being supportive or was she being more get back to Germany. She was just being supportive. I have the most liberal parents. It's wonderful. I know that you were making movies pretty early on. I mean, you were pretty young when you were making your first films. Twenty one. Yeah. I always thought that I had to Hari up and be fast, which of course, has to do with the fact that I three sisters, and I just knew that my parents had to pay for their education as well. But I just knew that I had to be fast with the finishing meditating which came first the short story of men or the film of men the short story since nobody taught screenwriting, Germany. It was just unheard of because of the author's a theory of filmmaking. I just try to invent a kind of writing that I that I could use for screenwriting which meant that in prose writing in the first person, I could get into people's heads and souls, I discovered that for myself as a way to write my screen to write short stories. I get to know the characters and then write a screen because I didn't know the technique screenwriting not of the craft because it was not being taught. So that. It was my way of. Yeah. Writing screenplays, which in turn out to be another finessing because in I think it was in that was before I shut me and him. I think in eighty seven initially didn't as it six can't even remember publisher, the the best publisher in Germany, which contacted me and wanted to see those short stories and ever since then the company he died seven years ago became a publishing house, and he encouraged me to write moguls and short stories and not just as a means to write screenplays. So you to separate these two things pros and sweeper. I think now for what I understand men was really big hit men was a very very small movie that we did on a shoestring it cost four hundred thousand dollars, and I turned in my salary and put the money that they would have paid me. I bought. Thirty five millimeters instead of sixteen so we could shoot thirty five. So that was my investment in the film because I just wanted to be on a big screen and in reverse, I got not the rights to anything. But they allowed me to show the film once a defensible just a once and that turned out to be the whole film festival tiny festival and it became such a smash hit at the festival that then Studer decided to disagree with. I think five prints and it just becomes again ticket. Those elevators I've never seen. Elevators like that before they still around there called hot Nostra, pater nostrum elevators, and they're actually really smart energy conserving entity on a sword. Elevators they run mechanically. So they don't need other trysofi they run mechanically. And in those. Old office buildings. You still have them or those in the short story or did you come up with that later? No, no. I came up with that later that happened to be the elevator in the building of a biggest newspaper to tight on that. I was still working for some critic. And I was always terrified to jump into the cabins of those of the elevator. Because you never really knew who you were going to meet up with because he had just just. When the cabin comes. You have to just jump right into it. And I was terrified of, you know, getting into the same cabin with my boss, which was really embarrassing. So after men is such a big hit. I mean what happens for you? I became very famous which is very scary. Yeah. Because when you're not prepared for it or not out for it either. It was just something that I found very difficult to deal with because I was living in a commune. Nobody had money. I did any money with the film. The producers became millionaires. It was all a bit strange to say, the least, and then it also became quite absurd. Because in my commune, the telephone kept running a upbringing and people from Hollywood with call and people in the commune got really upset because the phone was ringing mostly at night because of the time difference and they refuse to answer the phone after a while. So we got an answering machine that was the first big investment for those calls from Hollywood because nobody wanted to ask the phone in the middle of the night. And then I I became very wary of some. Yeah, everybody, of course, wanted to do a sequel or wanted me to do something similar, and I didn't want that at all. So I turned around and made a really strange strange film after that call paradise, and then the biggest German producer icing was always been very generous with praise and he had called me up right after the big success of men into congratulated me and had wanted to find a project together for me or together. And then he found about a modem via you'll illu e me and him which was a smart move on his side. But it didn't really fit. I hate the movie, but it w-. A big hit. I can't stand it. It is one of the very few films that identify it. I think I only have two two movies that one in a German crime story detective story, and I never never really got inside the characters or the commercial idea. And frankly, the only reason why accepted to do that was because I wanted to go back to New York and see my my friend, my woman friend from college, my best friend, and that was my ticket to go back to New York and see my friends that was more important to me than anything. And the movie got me married because I got married to the DP who again, you know, friend of mine, and he had sought men, and he was the only person that I was loved take with me to the United States. So movie did pay for me because I got married to the most wonderful men in the world. But as a movie, I don't think it's a good movie. It's a strange turn. In for you, though. I guess I can see as far as looking at gender politics that there is a little bit of a dotted line between men and me and him. Yes. But then, you know, the the original level was all about on our Kizza versus opportunism or versus well in those times. It was really about on occasion. Yeah. I can only repeat myself, and it was not about gender politics. It wasn't about that. It was about a political movement. And that of course, got very much water down in in this movie version because bound Icaria and David Puttnam could have pictures. They wanted the whole thing to be not political that turned out to be a big fight between them and me between Aiking Putnam and myself because I didn't want to be pushed into the sexual connotations of the whole thing as much as it is now. Now. But anyway, it became a big struggle really really awful struggle, which again, I was not used to because before and after I've always just made the movies the way on it to make them. And that was the only time where I had to negotiate and into stuff again, and again, and again, the content of the film, and you know, every line of film, and so on and so forth. What was more your original vision for it? It was much more artistic much more free-floating and was not as as commercial. But of course, I mean, the producer, and he was right in the India seeing the whole thing from his perspective because the film made a lot of money, which I guess is kind of the name of the game at the same time. You wanna make something that you can enjoy in that you look back on and be proud of. Well, the name of the game for me, something different. It's not about making money. I can make money working. Mcdonald's which I did at that time still work for five years at McDonalds to be independent and to just make the films that I wanted to make and write the stories that I wanna right. And I'm still doing it that way I mean now, I can I cannot live a filmmaking, but I can live an professor a key to have. I'm the head of the chair of critics the credit writing department. I write my novels. Enjoy stories I make a movie every two years. The combination works for me. But my movies are still completely independent. Well, my news one just came out last week, and it's more experimental in and wilder than anything with before it's called cherry blossoms of demons. She wanna look it up cherry blossoms and demons. Listen, really weird for you to to be working on me and him and have it be pretty much American crew. And then all of these American actors must have been such. Difference between what you had been used to. And the biggest difference was that everybody was afraid afraid of cutting fired the actors afraid of of doing the wrong career move done was terrified that that was the wrong move for him in his career. And it's maybe hard to explain to you where we were coming from filmmaking was not a career. It was something that you did when you were completely insane and out of your mind and artist, but not a career, and we were very fearless. Because of that because we didn't want to get anywhere. We just wanted to do our thing. It was more like punk music where we were coming from. And it was not a business. It was not a career. It was not about making money. It was strictly about making art or doing your thing. Again, could only compared to punk music do the right thing likely. So that was a big clash of. Of course. Because in in the states of, you know, filmmaking making a business and people were doing the job which for us with two very very weird to be in the film business. Again, you in the film business to be making films as a job now. You did it because you were outside of society because he wanted to get to something very very different did meet him do anything for us for as your career. Or did that just not even matter for you? It did lead to of interest in decisions because I got a five picture deal with Glenn be pitchers, and I found myself sitting in in Hollywood and waiting like like almost everybody waiting for. Projects get we knighted waiting for meetings waiting for all kinds of things would again, you know, I was not used to. 'cause that's not the way things are done here, you somehow just do them. And if you don't have the money, you still just do them sort of it's very very different. I was making money, but I was waiting around. And I was not really doing my thing anymore. So after about a thinker year fat or maybe unionise my husband, and I we decided to go back. And also what I found really disconcerting was that. I was losing my language. I couldn't write and German anymore. I couldn't write an English 'cause I felt too insecure writing in English, and I somehow lost my mic round, my my language so to go back was really the right decision. Because I don't think I could have written. My my. Stories my novels mishmash stories, if I stayed on in in Los Angeles and also at couldn't have made the films that I have made never ever. I couldn't have done all the stuff that I started doing since nineteen ninety nine where I shot a movie, and then wanna story in Japan. And I discover the digital technique, you know, moving around with very small crews and their small cameras, I couldn't have done that either. Which to me is the ideal of willful making never work differently ever since we you said, you're making movie every two years though. Yeah. Well for the past forty years thirty five almost forty years. Yeah. How do you go about funding? Those or do you get funding through the German state or yes, it's a combination. It's the it's the way that the only way, and we all have to go the same down the same path. It's a combination of. Trying to get TV money, which is the most difficult, but also the most important part because it's connected to then being able to play for funds TV money for to be able to apply for funds then. So you need a TV output deal for your film, then you can apply for funds, and then you can apply for state funds, but also for local funds like the Bavarian film foundation. And then you try to combine it with the general state foundation or another state within the union, you know, within Germany with Hamburg some foundation, it's a very complicated time consuming way. But it's also quite efficient for certain kind of films. It's impossible to raise big budgets that way, but you can get your films made smaller films like I I never go beyond three million euros as a budget. I have to tell you. I saw happy birthday Turk. And I. Really liked that. Thank you. Thanks. Yeah. That's the only other film that I adapted from from a novel and never adapted. Anything else? Not true. Not true miss. But was this. It was different because I wrote the screen at the school was very very different from the short story. Why notice that when you got back to Germany after me and him that you did one of your own short stories as adaptation with money. Yeah. Right. Which got remade in Korea and China? Really? Yeah. Did you see those? What were they like? No, no. I never saw him all EM curious with me and him. Did you ever watch the Italian version of that? No never. It's it's not an easy one. Yes. You'll e Louis I think it's called. Yeah. That's the title of the novel. Yeah. From seventy three a, wow, I didn't even know. I didn't know there. If this is you sure because I talked about idea the author. The novel. Yeah, I'll send you link. It's on YouTube right now. Oh, wow. Okay. Thanks sounds interesting. And it's unworkable you're saying or difficult to watch. It's a little difficult to watch. I mean, just the, you know, the sexual politics of Italy in the early seventies were not as enlightened as maybe they could have been. Oh, no, certainly not how interesting, but nobody ever told me and before the internet. There was no way to find out. But even Abby didn't tell me a while. I don't think anybody knew that. I certainly didn't know. Oh, that's funny. Yeah. And yeah, it's very close to it because I'm reading to phallic novel right now. And seeing you know, it's it's lining up seeing perceiving. Okay. All right. Oh that really sounds interesting. Will thank you so much for for the time today. I really appreciate this. I'm hoping maybe we can talk again sometime that you are your career is just so. Fascinating. And I've only been able to track down a handful of movie so far, but everything I've seen. I've really enjoyed. Thank you so much. Thank you. And thank you for your work. I it's a salty earth. You know, people who love movies and are interested in in finding out more about them, and the filmmakers, and thank you so much for that. Entrenched. Yeah. Okay. We talk about real quick Griffin. Dunne why he didn't do the show? Eric. Let me see if I can find that exact Email, so I don't miss quote him here. So you each him himself or his people because Griffin actually was on the show. He was on our chilly scenes of winter. Yeah. And I so I have as dress and I reached out to them. Okay. Wanna be on this? And he said making this movie was a low point in my career and nothing with thrill me more than if the whole experience was forgotten podcast away. But not with me. And I love the way that that interview ends where our director did know that this was actually a remake or adapted from a book the head already been adapted. Let's say as a film, cold Yui Louis, and I don't know if you guys got a chance to watch this. This is one of my favorite things where I love to drop movies and dropbox that have no English subtitles to be found ever. We just did the sun the body dip Assode with a Bollywood version of Bali body double. But here we have an Italian comedy, which is aimed at the same story. But a little bit different. I watched part of actually what I what I can see obviously, my town is not is not really. But when I'm like, you I kind of like some kind of fun to watch a movie. Without the subtitles just pissing films. A visual medium just makes you kinda work. Lars, if you were down with, but it looks better than being him the prints, obviously the print we'll add access. You wasn't wasn't a great. That's nobody's fault. It's just the nature of it. But there was obviously some weird, collars, composition and nudity or want to. Would. All right. He's a director and good. It. What I what I saw that. I kinda got it. I feel there's a little more of nod to female sexuality to which I thought was cool. His like the females mean him just seems very. Utilitarian, you know, it's kinda like the women at are kind of latent Burgess. I mean, they have about as much they don't even seem like the really that turned on by him. It's just kind of they're like like a video game. Character more seven like a person, which I'm fine with the film had been completely just like eighty Dr filming on that route. That would words, but but obviously didn't but. But what did you think about EEO Louis? I watched the opening than some scenes and had it looked leave it to the talian to put nudity in a movie about sex. Thank you for that talent. Not that hard. Why love that at the beginning? He's practically drowning in pubic hair that was pretty Nate as a little much. Yeah. I I watch on betting too much into a better data. I thought it was interesting director, right? It hadn't heard of the that. It was a movie why didn't anyone tell her that those another movie based on this book a waiver to tell you? I didn't that she didn't even know it was a book. Yeah. At least she'd met Maria and knew about two phallic novel. The movie is actually pretty faithful to Moravians book. It begins almost the exact same way with our main character having this dream and this woman. Apparently, it's it ends up being his wife her crotch, and he just does not want to have sex with his wife, and in this one in the book, at least the wife is a lot heavier. She's had his child. It's that whole I don't wanna have sex with by wife after she's had our kid, and she's put on a little bit of wave that kind of thing. So she does not look in the book nearly as attractive as Ellen green. The woman who is in the movie, I think she is very attractive. So again, it's one of these problems as far as like, hey, you have this really tractive woman. Here why aren't you interested in her anymore? So that's always problematic, and he ends up humiliating her in Ilian Louis and also in the book where he makes her act like a cow, and then rather than having sex with her after he makes her act like a cow for whatever reason he just ends up leaving her. So there are. A lot of beets that are similar between the film and the book in. Yeah. I I was amazed at how much of my talion came back as I was watching this. I was very happy with myself. He made the the wife mccown or the that was the his wife weird. Yeah. The scene of her dressed up more like a schoolgirl that wasn't in the book that might have been later on in the book, but yet goes from like her dresses, a schoolgirl to her moving like a cow and then him leaving her and humidity humiliating her into doors is point. There was a lot more idea of communism in the book, and in the movie to which was interesting, and there's a scene also which I appreciated where the director the screenwriter. He's a screenwriter who wants to be a director and his trying to find that perfect screenplays trying to get inspiration in this way. And where he. He allows the dick to use his mouth insofar as he allows the dicta talk through him. And there's a scene of him seducing woman with the Dick's voice, which I've found interesting. So if that's you know, that would be another superpower that the dick could have had a me and him, but they opted to not go that way. That's asinine thing to that. Granted own see Mark linn, bakers points, come out of Griffin. Put also like that that would have made sense that would help the plot alone. Not just like I can hear their penises. I can name women's names. The again trying to kill towers. I do the name game doors Boras. We boarder savannah of heavy voyeurs. He's just like the Pena's reciting a dirty limericks or something just we're at eighty nine minutes or almost at ninety come on. What are you got? Yeah. Had it said let me take over for a little while and given over to the deck and just let the dick have the voice, I think that would have been kind of an interesting thing and at the end of the day after watching both of these movies. I all I can say is why don't these guys beat their meet a little bit more. So the Pena's asking a little tension. That's all it's always saying, look, the there's so much potential humor with that. Because you can have light word Venus's lightning break. And he's like oh, God not again. Like, you know, and yeah. Yeah. That's like it's out. I've taken probably a weird place, but we're talking pain asus. It's already there. There's no Bester bation. Which is that's at is really weird. That's a pretty human Metron. There's a lot of your comedy when he does find in in uey. Louis there's that same sleep with me seeing that we're talking about the thing that atom actually got through experience in that scenario plays out that he wakes up the next morning and the woman is masturbating. So it's like, oh, okay. So it would have been kind of almost more of a dirty trick Adam woken up in that woman that you weren't sleeping with was there, you know, jacket off without you like I could have been a part of this would have been terrible. To do. Yeah. You Louis was really hard to find for a lot of years. Because today, I know about that movie. I don't know if I knew about that movie, or if I just couldn't find that movie when I wrote an article about talking genitals a few years ago for para cinema magazine because that that was like the it took me probably like three years after I wrote that piece until I finally got my hands on that movie. But yeah, I watched a lot of talking dick movies and talking vagina movies while I was doing my research for that to the point where when you brought this movie up Adamos, just like, oh, yeah. Yeah. I'm familiar with this one. So the only way you would know about it. So when paid you to watch it or told you to watch it now, I volunteer for that. You know? It was one of those things whereas looking around on my shelves here at home. And I was like man, I've got a lot of talking with China in talking penis movies here. So I should films mostly or they foreign a lot of French films. There are two French films called pussy talk. And then there's chatterbox which is a US film. And that's where the the vaginas more of a. Kind of more like vaudeville type humor kind of thing. But I what I really found. Interesting is that penises only talked to the people that own them, but vaginas talk for the whole world to here. So in all of the talking Jinan movies. Everyone can hear those vaginas and in pussy talk to the vagina is actually are staging a little bit of a revolt, and they want to take over the world, which I found to be kind of a nice thing. Chatterbox is more comedic, but it still has some funny moments. And then I can't remember people can hear lulus talking asshole. But I wouldn't necessarily consider that talking genital film. How my camman? That's it's just Franko. It's Lina Romay. It's called loose talking asshole. This knowing that exists makes my heart happy for some reason, and your article was brilliant, by the way, I hope you may. I hope you wait to it. When you have because it's intimate Hasek article. Thank you. I appreciate that. Ojos Brown eye opening little Oscar Jag. I don't I don't think we should spoil. We want people to little Oscar in the piece about that was very funny yet. And then this whole idea of a talking penis has been done. A few other times there is a Thai film called talking dick. There's two German films. One. The first one is called ants in the pants, and I don't remember what the second one was called. But it was renamed porkies college or something like that. And then the first one got renamed as perky college to which made no sense that the the first one followed the second one, but these movies are from all over the world. I was very happy to find the Thai version the talking dick movie. So yeah, the these are familiar things then there while I was doing my research finding going back all the way to cash I wanna say like the eighteen hundreds. There's a book called the indiscreet jewels. Which was about the the women around the court of one of the Louis neon Louis the fifteenth or sixteenth, and that all of their genitals could talk, and then I think Heather you, and I were talking a little bit off line as far as one of my other favorite talking. Penis movies is the the film marquee, which is the whole story. Murky decide all told through. Puppets. And there's a talking penis. And that which ends up getting I think the marquee fucking wall with his penis, which was pretty great. That movies amazing. I that's not available Blu Ray in this country. A on it really should be his murky is it is a site the hall, especially Pena's like the Pope Innocent, so cute. Like this little phase petite phase in the OEM emotional on his. I saw that in high school at I was a blew my mind, you have arcane should be out. That's that's no. That's a great fell. I we should have been talking about. Would Marlin Baker in marquee. I'm sorry. It's Craig Nelson in murky now, you waste, David. Alan Grier Marquis. I think I actually mentioned marquee cash probably about a year and a half ago because we were doing the tenant which was written by role until poor and to poor ended up doing some puppet work doing some some writing of other things with this guy. Unreal. And I'm gonna screw up his last name, but Jono or something it's ex H L N E A U, and then they decided to work on this movie together. So to poor who wrote the tenant, and in in many, many other things was part of the paddock movement with hotter outscored around. Yeah. Yeah. Back then he was doing this stuff. And then ended up in nineteen eighty nine putting out marquee. So it's got a good pedigree. S pedigree, any it's it's marquee to saw in puppet s-. I mean, I don't know what else could sell somebody on film. That's Geoffrey Rush. He didn't know Caja, but he's not doesn't have a talking penis. No an talking door weirdly door. It's cute. But you're like, this is a pain. It's like a punky Pena's like Pokemon betas the doors. So I did have one weird question for you guys. Which is and I've always been fascinated by this do you guys have names for your genitals. 'cause I know some people name their genitals, which I've always found to be strange. But if if you do have names, I'm not casting judgement on you. I don't I don't know. One thing. Emit too. I wish I did make funnier I did have a name for my cell phone that while I was on a date with someone who is back when he flip phones and she put in my name prince, Adam. And I was like, no. And she thought she'd being fun. I will back now. King speaks my last name. And then we laughed about. And she's like, oh, you think you're the king? And then I left myself, then was in a meeting, my boss's office, the ten other people in calls me back in because. And we left your cell phone near. Oh. So everyday, right. When I get the doors as king's figues. Might as well. Call my peanut how about yourself Esther role. Damn. How many get haunted by her house? Like you. Let's talk about naming your China. No, I don't the navy. I don't again pay you know. No judgment many. It's the okay. You know, take care of take care of your body. You don't need the name civic parts of it. I know what this thing for sun guys to name the genitals. Have you ever heard of a lady naming her genitals? Hey, I'm having a member. Passing me upside of a was because friend of mine a college she was hanging out with a girl that she's bartending with. And this girl was kinda crazy in light. My friend was only out this girl had this one night stand with the guy and she scared him off 'cause she kept talking to his tick. And she kept calling her her lady Parr name, and it was I guess too heavy of a scene. I can't remember. Was it depends with all the right like if she called it something Esther, always McCue like this one. They would like come on Hitler get. Yeah. Little mussalini. He's waiting for you, baby. It was a. Poland to give it up. The belt. That's not right. Oh, I can't. I it was something like it. I just remember the name of something you would give to like a fluffy dog a little poodle like camera was that. It was weird. No judgment. But you you probably if you have no one stamos somebody you probably want to make that a second nightstands or nightstand. Kind of introduction. So tips for the listeners. Go get freaky till the second. That's right. All right. We're gonna take another break and play preview for next week show. On the surface. Robert Marling had everything a man could want no matter. What happens I want you to remember that? I love. But underneath it. All. There was a world that intrigued. Helping you be like Santer said -duced him twenty bed at all. And robbed him of everything. He had can you say my name. Can we gambling at it? Now, he saved me saved. You could run didn't. Didn't. He's about to get some help from a most unlikely place believed. I could see things what do you see? Things that will happen site named heaven. What's gonna happen tonight? Good luck chump lecture and seeing anything. Stunt is gonna be bluffing on his last hand you have money. We gotta do exactly how I discussed it. And I keep seeing free and you can win fool. God help us. What's to happen to me? That's right. We'll be back next week with a look at the nineteen ninety eight film heaven until then I want this week's co host Adam, and Heather, Adam what is the latest with you, sir. Probably resents my podcast. I pod faded for while. There's a lot of over two hundred don't judge me. Some great interviews in great reviews. Just go through and look at it. You can Email me nothing which ones I recommend reach Adam and MAC dot com. But unloved you're gonna move Colt move. It's about bad movies that we love and why we love them. And why they're so good. Why should watch? And then we interview people who made them, including the the crazy guy. I'm sorry. Alan who made. UB DO and Balka goal three talks about shakes clown. And it just did interview with stuttering, John which has nothing to do with movies. But I'm putting that up. So they'll be something new for all people listened to every episode of my show. But if you check it out look through the titles and see something like that's not fun. That's not funny. That's the best one, right? Not fun is not funny funniest found what's going on in your world. Well, I recently got to report joint film commentary for vinegar syndrome special releasing eighty elegance Nassar piece fleshpot forty second street with the ultra fabulous cat Eleanor insanity. Gin very excited about that. And also, you could read might tips and tricks against falling. Click bayton hot takes as well. As my my perusal into using history land with at the Sasha's might of a toy strike by godly in cream and read that in more Diabolique magazine. Dot com. Will thank you guys for being on the show. Thanks, everybody. For listening. 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