NFC West Betting Preview: 2 NFL Best Bets! Kyler Improvement, McVays Confidence, Russell Wilson MVP


Along. That thou board with. Those Bet You twenty bucks I can get you can't for the end of day illnesses. How they? Pay Debts, men, his manny it's the board podcast. Really. The and Right back where I. Could still pick winners. Can still make money for all kinds of people back home and why mess up a good thing airs pain insider and todd. Bet The board podcast powered by Fox Bent I'm your host Todd Furman join as always by my steam colleague and cohost ago on the only pain insider. What's the good word my man Living the dream, my friend trying to grind away obviously a lot different SPA? Eleven's living the dream. There's no complaints at all about getting a little Stanley Cup playoff hockey between the bruins and Hurricanes Brighton early, obviously, not the best news as far as the sports landscape is concerned, I'm not sure if we wanted to address that or just sweep it all under the rug but. This is the world we live in fortunately, and thankfully pain our beloved NFL is full speed ahead that will get chiefs and taxes on a fateful Thursday night early September. That's all we can hope for just keep during the content. That's kind of why with this point we've prepared for the NFL and we cut back college football prep fingers crossed. We get a little of that. I will say I mean when you talk about opportunity cost at I talked to a couple of other handicappers out here. You're one of the first guys tell me hey, look i. want to scale back some of the work you're doing on those power five conferences that I was plowing through during June and July terms out that was A. Decision at least a few of the leagues that I started with initial prepped. for May, ultimately pay dividends even if we don't get college football for real until late September I'm such a guy man. Aren't. You. I wouldn't go that far but I'll say you're a man of the people. Hopefully, our listeners have taken advantage of the first to preview podcasts we rattled off, of course, leading the AFC east and the transition for the Patriots along with the NFC that appears to be a two-horse race and pain before we get into the topic at hand that will be the NFC west becomes one of the more fascinating divisions in the entire NFL this year. Wanted to get your take real quick on all the players you know a lot of impactful guys especially on the defensive side of the ball opting out for New England, and of course, you had one of the biggest playmakers on the jets roster doing the same given the protocols in place for Covid nineteen this season the Patriots is the big one we've already broken down. The AFC says you alluded to that was the first podcast we did so. Go back and give that a listen. There's the best bet in there as well. But I'm looking at the Patriots the NFL is moving forward towards this analytical approach even more than it has over the last few seasons and similar to baseball with war. We can now track like this approximate value over replacement level in the NFL. Look at pro football reference. They are already said that the Patriots lost more talent this off season than any team in the NFL since two thousand three that was before Patrick Chung and dont`a hightower and you have. Your ace special teamer Brandon bolden. GUYS OPTED OUT If there's a coach they can kind of camouflage these departures, it certainly bill Belichick, but the loss is to me are just so abundant. I don't love all the narrative based things. As you know, it's really tough to quantify those but I think if you disregard them altogether. You're probably a full. I think you have to look at what this means because dont`a hightower is a team captain. You have bill belichick greatest coach to do it I think his style obviously grinds on you. It's GonNa wear you down. We've heard NFL players leave. New. England say like how difficult it was just wonder what these opt-outs mean because it's more than just health in my mind. It kind of indicates that when we're super bowl contender players are willing to run through that brick wall for check but when we're projected to be about five hundred. Suddenly don't WanNa run through that wall, and if there's any ounce of truth to that I, think it's going to have a trickle down effect the attitude I think it permeates throughout the team even for guys that have an opt out what it means when they see all their leaders. decided to not participate this season, the jets so it is. I was GONNA say I mean we know the jets and will, of course, talk about the impact Jamal Adams will have me get to the Seattle seahawks. Cj Moseley. D all of a sudden I mean, what's he played one game in two years for the amount of money and king's ransom that they sent his way. Tough tough between him and John James. Those contracts aren't looking so great. So that was your your leader in the middle of the defense huge loss and I think it puts more onus on that Sam Darnold Adam Gates relationship that we covered on the AFC's podcast that offense is going to have to be significantly better. Now, that is a massive loss. We know it's not a position that has an abundance of talent on the jets roster I. Mean we saw when Cj Moseley went out and they got hit with a slew of other injuries they were starting practice squad players as their lead linebackers they're getting chewed up and coverage. Moseley's a huge loss. Pretty wild to think about all the dynamics that will have to address handicapping. Of course, as we get closer to week one, we'll talk about the impact of fans in various buildings and everything else that a lot of our listeners veterans that have been with us from day one, some of the folks that may be listening to this podcast with the very first time we'll begin understand goes in. Handicapping, not just the impact of one player coaching scheme and everything else along those same lines. But I feel pain you said this perfectly talking about the relationship between Adam Gates and Sam. Darnold when you look at the NFC west, I think we have a bundle of unique quarterback and head coach pairings that will get to and much like we did with the first two preview podcasts rather than any. Particular order we'll go in alphabetical make it simple. But before we do that, let's discuss just early share briefly what the odds look like Fox back to win the NFC west. The San Francisco Forty niners of course are defending divisional champs, their price that a shade better than even money right behind the Seattle Seahawks plus two, twenty five. Then you have the rams at seven to two and it's the. Arizona cardinals picking up the rear at nine to one. Meanwhile, the cardinals win total sits at seven and a half shaded to the over and since we're starting there I, think the biggest question I have to ask you would we define year one between cliff Kingsbury and Kyla Murray as a successful marriage but a strong foundation that that group is capable of using to build going forward I think so. We. Still don't know if Kingsbury can run an entire team couldn't at Texas Tech Thing was twenty three in forty. If you remove FCS opponents in in Kansas from his record policies, they're Kansas. Kansas counts FBI program at least theoretically you know we still don't know if the cardinals organization has the right defensive mind even in Vance Joseph he if he can be trusted to operate on this island essentially without help from his head coach but I think we can say with conviction. Kings varies one of the better offense of minds we saw last year had a willingness to adjust and adapt on the fly with a makeshift align, and he didn't have a true number one receiver. The running back for a good chunk of the season. He didn't like it was pretty impressive how he adopted. Now. You have these added weapons. You have chemistries you alluded to I think the expectations in your two for both cliff in cuyler much higher. So I think we're GONNA see certainly an increase in offensive production this year but I like what I saw at least initially in both their rookie campaigns in the NFL. When you look at Cuyler Murray last year started slow but. Gradually, pick things up and made some of those strategy. You'd like to see from a rookie quarterback I mean thirty seven, hundred passing yards, twenty touchdowns. Twelve interceptions led all rookies and completion percentage better than sixty four percent and the aforementioned passing yards five, hundred, forty, four rushing yards trailed Lamar Jackson amongst quarterbacks and I think pain for me the decision making that I saw look significantly better late in the year. Then when we had a game against the Baltimore Ravens, we went over the. Total and Arizona looked ill equipped to get into the end zone. Now you bring in a big time weapon De'andre Hopkins Statistically, speaking his ninety six plus catches and four the last five seasons eleven hundred receiving yards five of the last six years, and since two thousand thirteen hopkins is third in the NFL in receiving yards with six touchdowns over those last five years. How big an impact can hopkins have alongside the aging wonder Larry Fitzgerald and another emerging talent in Christian Kurkin is receiving core. Give Murray that bona fide number one receiver on the outside. It's huge. You mentioned Fitzgerald is day one hall of Famer, but he is getting a little older. Christian. Kirk has a great report with cuyler from their days at am and I think he's projected to ascend a little bit neither would be number one guys at this point pass you know. I think when you look at where they are in their careers. Christian. Kirk certainly ascending fitzgerald a little bit older. But the receiving options were bleak last season I mean David Johnson who appears to be playing with a piano on his back these days had the third most targets for the cardinals you look it's the injuries they suffered to the receiver group. It's a reason why Kingsbury offense was number one in the NFL and screen pass percentage twenty, two percent of all the passes were screens. But I like Hopkins obviously, if you look at where he operates, which last season was outside, sixty, four percent of his snaps on the outside, you mesh that with where cuyler was best where he had his most success throwing as a rookie it was outside to receivers and tight ends when you look at cuyler when he through to the right side of the field in the air fifteen yards or more, the cardinals were nine percent better than league average passing success rate twelve percent better than league average on those same throws to the left side. So you add hopkins into the mix, he's gotten ability to run routes and create separation. I think that's really going to bode. Well, if you look last season Hopkins, called it a down year for him. He still averaged two point, seven yards of separation per route run. That was better than a lot of big dudes outside that. Get All the praise Michael Thomas Amari Mike Evans obgyn digs hopkins was better in separation than those guys. So that's huge for cuyler. The one thing we touched on it a little bit back in March that I'm still monitoring with Kyle a close eye on it. is how Kylie throws the ball over the middle. If you look at Arizona's passing offense last season, Kyle targeted receiver a tight end over the middle of field in the zero to fourteen yard range. It wasn't good. The cardinals were eight percent worse than league average and success rate fourteen percent worse when the ball was thrown fifteen or more yards in the middle in the air. It's not to bash him obviously, but you start to think the height, the five ten height. Is preventing him from being able to see as well throwing the ball over his offensive line, throwing the ball over defenders in the middle of the field I. think it's something that we have to monitor in year two. I think what you're hoping for if you're cardinals fan. Is that not only will hopkins kind of improve that strength throwing outside but the attention paid to hopkins allows guys like Fitzgerald in Kirk in ills, Avella to kind of flourish over the middle but listen I if thrown over the middle is in Tyler attribute, he's got plenty of other redeeming qualities. Electric his legs or something. You have a game plan for his ability to improvise whether it was a scripted run where you know a defense thinks you know, hey, we got him dead to rights many times. You don't. If you look at work hyler really excelled last year average nearly ten yards per carry seventy, seven percent success rate when scrambling because of pressure todd I think we just hope for his sake there's a little more help upfront this season. While you mentioned that and when you talk about the Arizona Cardinals, of course, the diminutive quarterback even with the mobility of Kyla Murray. That's clearly where you WANNA look along the offensive line, they go out there and they signed Kelvin Beecham, who started forty five of forty eight games for the jets finished third amongst tackles in pass blocking win rate at a shade better than ninety four percent according to ESPN stats and Info they do have Marcus Gilbert opting out who was expected to take the starting right tackle job you now look at just and Murray or maybe a third round pick and Josh Jones that can give them depth but from the existing roster place pain where you feel comfortable with an old line that can protect Murray and give them a semblance of a ground game behind Kenyan drake will be playing under that transitional tag. It's a weird offense of wine and we love digging into some of the metrics but you know they weren't great the cardinals and creating space in the ground game. So they're twenty-second adjusted line yards twenty six adjusted sack right allowed. But what's really interesting is the line finished third in pass blocking efficiency tenth in place block win rate. It tells me going back to Qin. Kings vary that his scheme is pretty good. It really helped the offensive line out in some areas. Arizona had the most injured O- line group in the NFL. So there's some things pointing up there. You're right Marcus. Gilbert he is opting out I think that's a pretty big loss. The cardinals did add Josh Jones from Huston, the rookie tackle. I'm not sure what he's going to be able to contribute right away under the current circumstances but the cardinal's offensive line coach actually recruited Jones in high school. So he's familiar with his abilities a little bit. Let's not forget Max William last year was added. Great out the best run blocking tight end in two thousand nineteen. If you look at where cliff loves running, it's outside zone and with good reason, Arizona had a fifty six percent success rate an outside zone runs last season Max Williams is a big part of that. He pinches off the edgy helps Kenyan drake get. Outside it was really beauty to watch. The other thing that I think helps the offensive line is is having Kenyan drake for the entire year. The difference he made last year to this offense and as you alluded to, it started the trend up towards the end of the year. It's because Kenyan drake and and they started to change things offensively they changed their formation. Aptitude where they were running ton of ten personnel, they decided not to do that. But Kenyan drake was the huge difference in this offense and I think his familiarity helps a little bit. But you focus on Kenyan drake good God cliff Kingsbury used him on nearly eighty percent of the snaps. The final eight games averaged one hundred and two scrimmage yards. He deserved to get all those snaps in the one thing the cardinals offense really struggled with. Their First Down Success I eight Games cardinals offense twenty sixth in I down success rate three percent worse than league average with Kenyan Drake Finally Games Arizona eighth and I down success rate three percent better than league average. What does that do for a young quarterback when he suddenly not faced with long situations on second and third down so drake was helping everybody it was vital that he was implemented into this offense. So I think having him for a full season is is a huge huge gift for the cardinals. Of. Kenyan drake doesn't work out the cardinals can continue to stockpile Arizona state running back I mean Dj Foster Benjamin maybe they'll just create a pipeline therefrom herm Edwards in funnel, right into cliff Kingsbury offense. But for all the optimism pain I, think a lot of have about the cardinals offense and how exciting it could be near two of those to continue to be on the same page head coach and starting quarterback. Obviously, there's some things that people are worried about what the Arizona cardinals that's why their win total is seven and a half, and you mentioned Vance Joseph earlier hilly. The defense that was ranked dead last in the NFL too loud more than four hundred yards. Per Game, we know the Chandler. Jones is the biggest name on that side of the ball five straight double digit sack seasons most in the NFL nineteen sacks that included three games. We didn't even record a single one they went out there and they address some of their needs along the defensive line. You look in the secondary Patrick Peterson Bona fide number one theoretically but maybe not as elite as he was a couple of seasons ago. But what do you make of this stop unit for the Arizona Cardinals Isaiah Simmons all the town the world but asking rookie to contribute right out of the gate to the truncated preseason seems to be a little bit of a reach. I'm not sure ventures of its and I witnessed him I you firsthand down in here in Miami. Two Thousand Sixteen, the dolphins finished nineteenth defensive efficiency against the bottom ten schedule of offenses in somehow vans parlayed that into the Denver Broncos head coaching job. And his defense is finished top ten full seasons there but he inherited the number one defense prior to his arrival. Get. Shit canned and then Arizona hires last season and the cardinals defense finished twenty third against the top ten schedule of offenses. I think this is a monster year for Vance. you start to kind of poke around you try to give the guy a chance. There are some positives I think the indicate probably a better defensive cardinals unit this year we're projecting them right now to face a below average schedule of offenses that should help the glaring weakness of the cardinals defense should improve something we talked about it nauseam todd anytime we broke down cardinals game last season especially I think during those primetime. Games against George on the forty niners they couldn't cover tight ends. They couldn't cover running backs. You mentioned Isaiah Simmons I think he helps immediately with that. But what's really interesting is how they're gonNA use them. We know his versatility he doesn't have a crew position I. Mean you got to play at one position though I think to make his transition to the NFL that much more seamless right I mean you're not gonNA. Drop. Yet, yeah, exactly. What they're talking about doing they said, hey we're gonNA use them as a middle linebacker. We know he's a rookie. We know he's behind the eight ball with short and offseason. So they're going to start a middle linebacker I think his athletic ability his speed to cover tight ends I think helps day one though, and if you look Arizona dead last in receiving yards and touchdowns allowed to tight ends, the NFL average for touchdowns allowed to tight ends was six point two last season. Arizona gave up sixteen touchdowns. Two tight ends couldn't cover running backs either finish twenty fifth or worse in receptions receiving yards in receiving touchdowns allowed to running back. So you have a gazelle out there like Isaiah Simmons and I think that has to improve those two areas. You get another boost though both projected starting corners from season to go either injured or suspended Robert for never played a snap they him to. A pretty nice deal in the offseason last year from. ATLANTA. Patrick Peterson suspended the first six game. So the cardinals pass defense was horrific gave a belief. I seventy two explosive passes first six weeks without Peterson Alford, and then you had the rookie Byron? Murphy effectively like thrown into the fire out of necessity Arizona love fifty, five, percent pass degrade successful ten percent more than league average final ten games with Peterson. Murphy having a little more experience. There was a seven percent improvement passing success rate and oddly the part that left me questioning Vance a little bit was despite not being able to cover tight ends and running backs a secondary. That had a lot of key cogs missing for these large stretch of the season Van said. Hey Bucket I'm just going to blitz he sent. percent of the Yes, you can run the back end just impression. Hope it gets on. Brahmos it didn't get home he blitz a forty percent of the time. It was the third highest rate in the. NFL. But the Russian never got home unfortunately Arizona was twenty-six six, pressure eight. So they were left exposed the secondary by this blitzing defense that rarely impacted opposing quarterbacks. It was a disaster in the scheme didn't help at all. It's going to be an interesting team to watch if. They can figure out anything on the defensive side. You talked about the schedule being a little bit more favorable vision that's not going to really give them any easy out as far as six opportunities against the NFC west should be a fun team to watch and we'll see what they can do with this unique talent that they have. Offensively the kind of performance is they can put forth but I. Know Todd when you mentioned that offense to kind of put a bow tie, they have to start hot because if you look at the schedule from week ten on Arizona faces teams projected to win nearly nine games on average from week ten onward they have to start. So. Much of it's about momentum and you talk about this team in the direction they can had we know that things can easily be derailed in the NFL and I guess that makes sense for the next thing that we're going to discuss with the Los, Angeles Rams win total sits at eight and a half it is indeed shaded to the over of course, the rams missed the playoffs for the first time under coach Sean mcvay last season they are however the only team in the NFL to finish with a winning record yet missed the playoffs in two thousand, nineteen they of course won the NFC west. In. Two thousand, seventeen in two, thousand, eighteen compiled at twenty four and eight record over those seasons which was tied for best in the NFL and they've had a winning record every year under coach McVeigh, thirty, three, and fifteen. The only franchise with a better record during that span would be the New Orleans saints. But pain when we look at McVeigh and we talk about a potential rebound, it's gotta come quick because this team and franchise put themselves in salary cap hell were they have three point nine, million cap space available the only teams in worse shape right now the raiders and the Tampa Bay Bucks. It's hard to say this about coach I like. One of. The least interesting teams in the League Todd so much so that I didn't even watch hard knocks last night. Did you manage to watch that? Know what I was going to start it, and then once the Golden Knights game got going on time realizes about ten, fifteen, ten, thirty figure I don't really care about the two teams that are GonNa be playing so-fi stadium all that much this year. The rams are in a weird spot in in you kind of alluded to this they're trying to shed some dead cap. They didn't have a first round pick. This year won't as it stands in twenty twenty one to me. They're trying to build back some of their resources so they can make another run in two or three seasons. But the other three teams in the NFC Wester far more interesting. There really isn't a story line to the twenty twenty rams aside from McVeigh's confidence in my mind and last year when we previewed the rams, I think we discussed. Little Bit of the Super Bowl hangover and then they had to play the toughest schedule in the entire league. So wasn't surprising that they had down season. We even joked about mcvay kind of having his soul ripped out by bell check and Flora's and I have to tell you. There's no question to me McVeigh's loss of confidence and he starting to really question some things it because for the first time McVeigh's been la says hey. I'm going to appoint an offensive coordinator in Kevin O'CONNELL and he said he wanted to inject a fresh viewpoint into the offense. To me, there's no middle ground here this in my opinions either GonNa help in a big way or it's a sign that McVeigh has truly lost. The MOJO mcvay claims he's still gonNA call place but I was listening to Jared Goff interview and he said the core values of the offense are going to remain the same but there's going to be some new things implemented todd so I'm intrigued to see what that means for the rams offense. Well, when we talk about the rams offense philosophy I, mean you've outlined it and kind of bang the drum over the last couple of seasons it all starts with the effectiveness of a play action pass and the offense was ranked top five in the NFL both passing yards, and in the red zone last season, they put forty three rushing touchdowns on the board over the last two seasons the most in the NFL of course, the lion share of those coming on the shoulders of Todd. Gurley with him gone pain who ultimately the baton I mean is it going to be? Daryl Henderson it's GonNa get First Crack Malcolm Brown camakers Jones John Kelly I. Don't know what to make of the rams back. The clearly Henderson was a guy that we were high on a season ago didn't peruse and after averaging twenty four point, six points per game. It was a precipitous drop off from the thirty one point four, they did in their route to get to the super bowl they're gonNA need a running back to step up maybe it's camakers because when you look at the rams off season, they traded away brandin cooks they draft camakers, they draft a tight end. Of their first four picks were either tight end or running back, it would indicate to me L. A. Plans on starting this season with the mindset of how they finished last year, and that's transitioning to a heavier formation offense. If you look lashed, you're the first ten weeks mcvay US two tight end sets twelve percent of the time final seven weeks forty percent and the two big beneficiaries were tyler higby and golf to an extent. I think golf is going to be helped by this again, higby good God final five games at five, hundred, twenty, two yards literally one some teams fantasy leagues I think he is going to be relied upon heavily if you look higby snaps doubled. In Iran three times, more routes per game. The final five games in the first eleven huge benefactor of mcvay going with heavier formations and I think he also helped in pass blocking because that was an issue and if you look at Higby, he's always been good and pass protection. He's had sixteen hundred in three pass block snaps in his career only allowed three sacks so. Again, it helped golf gave him some much needed protection that he wasn't getting from the Oh liner owned the season. If you look golf actually wasn't sacked one time when the rams used to were more tight ends on the field. Last season you touched on this right the loyal listeners know if you've listened to this podcast, we've chronicle this. We've led the charge golf AIDS pressure. Doesn't like to be hit I think is toughness is a little bit questionable treats the ball like a hot potato he melts when pressure is on. And, the dichotomy Goff's numbers are massive when he was pressured last season passer rating dip forty points completion rate dropped thirty, one percent. He doesn't show at this point a willingness to stand in the pocket or step into the pocket and deliver a ball and getting hit, and you can kind of see that a little bit. There was a real lack of aggressiveness according to player Tracking Data. Golf was thirty fifth out of thirty nine quarterbacks and aggressiveness as a passer his air yards were down his depth per completion was down. Golf needs a clean pocket. He's better when his feeder set. So it'll be interesting to see with these heavier formations if McVeigh uses more play auction. We love the increased use of it but again, I'm not sure we want Goff's feet moving more than than they to, and if you look last season golf had a better passer rating when he threw the ball without play action and oddly he threw more interceptions than touchdowns when using play action so. It's GonNa be interesting to see what this rams offense does. The last thing we want to talk about here, kind of before we transition to the other side of the ball is the o line down the stretch improved and again partly because I think the help of the two tight end sets, but all five lineman returned for. La. So there is some continuity in that means more in this offseason. Rob Haven Stein had his worst season as a pro. You should bounce back a little bit. Your Hope Boston Blythe returns to his two thousand eighteen form in terms of pass protection. Rams are projected the face, a schedule posing pass rushers. That's bottom ten leak. Then you go out yet camakers I think he's an upgrade, I really do his vision at times as great. Soma I'm about to tell you what what his issues are. The vision isn't great because he's this converted high school quarterback but I think there's a lot of upside when you think about and we talk about this all the time, the offensive lines that he had to run behind at Florida, state? And they were the focal point of our shows on on. Wednesday. But if you look at acres productions as a junior, everything was mostly his own doing seventy, nine percent of acres rushing yards came after first contact his elusiveness was off the charts forced miss tackles on thirty, two percent of his touches. So I think it's imperative when you look at McVeigh, he's got to get the ground game going again this season. But it's GonNa be difficult. You just mentioned he's got a slew running back options. Let's see what he goes with I. Think Cam and Henderson are probably the lead guys, but they face a top five schedule of run defenses. So it's not going to be easy and you talked about to change and offensive philosophy McVeigh handing off some of the responsibilities to offensive coordinator, we're going to see some changes on the defensive side. As, well, a veteran DC, and Wade Phillips out. Brandon Staley's in and pain. When you look at this defense, the linebacking core is absolutely barren while the secondary in my opinion has some talent. We know what extremely young Nicole Roby Coleman guy that we've talked about at great length and what the impact he'll have in his new places absence will be felt they have superstars in Jalen, Ramsey Aaron Donald but I guess The biggest question that I have, we're the hell's the pass rush come from Aaron Donald is disruptive force on the defensive line but I can't see anywhere else that the rams go. Hey, look this is where we're going to trust getting sex and it doesn't get easier when you're talking about losing Dante. Fowler Losing Clay Matthews you underperformed during most of his time there and then on the back end, of course Eric retiring. I'm down on the rams defense and we don't know much about that new DC Brennan, Staley Young Guy in his thirties he is from the VIC Fangio tree vic hired him in two thousand, seventeen from a Catholic college in Ohio to be the bears outside linebackers coach followed victim Denver for the same job. So staley only three years in the NFL never more than an. Outside linebackers coach to this is a big leap here and it'll be interesting to see what his style is. If it Mir's Fangio's or if he has a different philosophy without a normal off season or preseason games, it's going to be difficult to gauge some of these things I know McVeigh has hinted trying to be more hands on with the defense todd to suit him. Guys he got his even watch the defense. He's got back to the field what his defense is out there, and all of a sudden he's going to become a defensive guru I that's a stretch I get where go but you're right. We typically see him like isolated in the corner somewhere drawn up plays for the next offensive possession when his defense is on the field. But let's see what it looks like in two thousand twenty in the thing that McVeigh said he wants a defense it's more matchup driven with Week week-to-week week philosophies that change it smart definitely how it should be done. But I think it's tough to implement that this year and when you go down to the actual players on the rams defense, it's tough having questions I think about a unit that includes Aaron Donald but I'm not sure about the depth along the Rams Defensive Line question marks as you alluded to at linebacker and slot corner back in March on our off season preview podcasts, we talked about the importance of Cory Littleton in today's game he's a good cover linebacker. He's a surefire tackler few look littleton finish top twenty in yards allowed per route run among linebackers with at least four hundred. Covered snaps a far and away the most efficient tackling linebacker last season. That's a massive loss in the heart of the rams defense. It wasn't worth the price tag of retaining, Dante Fowler. But losing him isn't a positive wet overtired I think most no our feelings at this point about Roby Coleman if you smart listened to the NFC. East betting preview and we touched on him Nicole Roby Coleman in today's game huge loss one of five corners to record four hundred or more coverage naps in the slot in two thousand nineteen allowed zero point six, three yards per coverage nap gigantic loss. I think the loan positive here is it looks like the schedule of offenses faced is projected to be below average slightly easier than last season. Especially when you factor in the past protecting ability of the offensive line's, you're gonNA need big years from rockers. Aba Cam at those two are going to have a chance to eat in their new increased roles but the rams are going to have their hands full trying to stop the run this year tot. How dare we not respect Leonard Floyd the impact he could have that the rams brought him over a guy who's underachieved his previous stop but yeah, I'm right there with Ya. I. Think when you look at this rams team, they're gonNA, have to outscore everyone because that defense isn't going to get stopped consistently should be interesting to try and see when you're matching up twice a year with the team like the San Francisco Forty niners who have their win total set at ten and a half shaded to the over Fox. and. Of course, the forty niners paying you mentioned continuity and how important it'll be in twenty twenty they returned eighteen of twenty, two starters from last year super bowl only three, the last nine super bowl runner ups have gone on to win their division the next season. So the forty niners working against bit history there five streets seasons four this franchise without a winning record until they broke through last year ultimately lost a turnover battle in just four games. which I think we often try and figure out is that sustainable year to year again with the forty niners and of course, get to their defense I. Think the biggest question that a Lotta fans out there have is Jimmy G. Good enough to be the pivot Kyle Shanahan needs to ultimately get them over the Hump not come up eight minutes short of bringing Lombardi trophy back to the bay area. We still haven't figured out where you get that terminology from. Every called a pivot it's not a quarterback it's not single caller it's not to pivot. Yeah, you mix it up a little bit from time to time. No DOC emrick here with the way I can talk about nine thousand different ways to describe a pass in hockey, but we try to keep things fresh as best we can is it almost eleven yet? No got about eighteen minutes until I two. Now you're droning on about NFC teams I start to watch hockey. I may have to flip that on mute as well. Which is typically I watch hockey anyways. Jimmy. G.. I'm going to ignore that day continue with G di? tried. Man The was got screwed in the draft thing. They had to send him to a big market. You have to make the Rangers King's relevant. You Got Sidney Crosby for a few more years your pens be fine. We'll get you. We'll get a hockey podcast on here somewhere and people can see your true colors oh. Yeah Oh. Yeah. Jimmy G. I think he's good enough. The offense is good. Enough Kyle Shanahan arguably the best play caller and designer in the NFL right now. He does all the things that. Most great offensive coordinators in minds do they use play action they use a higher rate of pre snap motion. So there's only going to be I think varying degrees of good from Kyle Shanahan in the offense. The question you kind of mentioned air everyone seems to have with the four hundred is. Do they have the right guy under center. Is Jimmy G. Good Enough? That it feels odd to me and I think you can roll the tape on on her super bowl podcast back in late January, we nixed the idea that Jimmy was the problem. Then I don't believe they'll be what prevents the forty niners from winning super bowl this season either. Were higher on Emmanuel Sanders I. Think than most but it seems like Jimmy Jeez getting crushed his abilities are being questioned for overthrowing. A thirty-three-year-old possession receive run a fifty, five yard deepak pressure in his face. You know there was really no continuity. Those two guys played ten games together I get it. It's a huge play, but it's one snap of an entire season sample and I think that's what most are latching onto. Meanwhile when you look at the entire seasons ample. Jimmy G. was the very best deep passer in the NFL seventy, four percent Jessica percentage deep throws the next bet qualifying border back was in fifty four percent. So you look at Jimmy G. I. Think he was largely responsible for the forty niners having the highest explosive pass rate in the NFL those throws of twenty or more yards. That's important chunk place. I'm not making excuses for the guy, but I think if you remember back, Garoppolo did all this in his first season back from an ACL tear? He faced the top ten schedule passing defenses as you mentioned at the top. Kyle Shanahan won a grand total of ten games. His first two seasons in San Francisco Combined Jimmy Johns first full season thirteen wins. And it would appear to me Jimmy confidence is high right now, I don't know if you've done some reading over the last eighteen hours, but he's shedding the Nibras it's coming off. So he's not going to wear one this season and when I look at the two thousand, twenty season todd in the forty niners offense I think this is probably the first time we can start to be critical in Nitpick Jimmy. Look at Jimmy G.. Of course, it's not just ham we'll get to the offensive line which I think is an interesting group to discuss. But as far as his weapons are concerned, George cadle brandon I you the talented receiver they draft out of Arizona State Deebo Samuel breaks his foot during June workouts. Let's hope he's one hundred percent by the time the. Season gets going in September but doesn't have enough weapons in the passing game. We know there's changing faces in the Backfield as well with her he most you think poised to probably be the lead back, but we know Kyle Shanahan has always gonNA divvy up that carries and not rely on one back to Belco getting twenty touches a game we're going to. Get more from Jimmy G. This year I I really do when you look at the entire landscape, you lose Emmanuel Sanders, you mentioned deebo Samuel breaks his foot. It's not an easy injured or recover from quickly for a number of reasons. I'm not sure we're going to see him at the the onset of the year. So you're down your two highest greater receivers on the roster marquees. Goodwin also moved on. I. Think most would say like well, you know Kyle. Shanahan ran the ball for the first three quarters at the third highest rate in the League is first team no Biggie. I would tend to agree, but the forty niners or a top five schedule of run defenses. This season it was below average last year sue now we anticipate a tougher run schedule. The weapons outside take a little bit of a dip is on Jimmy G. to lift the offense up more the season. You know the forty niners they go out draft Brandon Euch. Explosive. Guy. Great, run after the catch guy can jump a country mile. Let's remember. The JUKU guy wasn't fully developed the knock on him was his route running, and if you look at his route tree at the college level, seventy percent of his targets at Asu. Last season either slants goes posts very basic routes. It's not a really robust route tree right now I you plays one of the toughest position to be a factor as a rookie. Now, we have this extremely shortened off season but I think he's probably a good space receiver and he's going to fill that role deebo Samuel out of the gates if Deebo isn't there I think it's Important, you look a Kendrick born. He's gotTa take the next step and whether it's Jalen Hurd or it's done a pettus. One of those guys needs to be a factor. But the guy I'm hearing the buzz about we're finally going to see Jerick McKinnon and teammates are raving about him. The last time we saw him was like two years ago fifty one receptions from the running back position. Kyle chaining is gonNA find matchups in the past game for him I. Think now more than ever. It's also crazy to say this but maybe more goes on George Kettles plate if that's possible and if you look the forty niners throat in the middle of the field that sixty five percent clip in the league kiddle, Jimmy, G. had a great bond. Last season throws over the Middle Jimmy G. recorded the highest total EPA in the League I love that the forty niners acted fast. They used a previous relationship is well, you hinted at the offensive line. They had a glaring issue there left tackle with Joe Staley retiring they rob Washington Trent Williams. So now Jimmy Jeez blindside is protected a fifth and a third round pick for premium player to premium position had a full year to get healthy reunites with cal. Shanahan. WHO SPENT FOUR YEARS WITH IN WASHINGTON? Perfect fit todd you also Jordan read it came down Sunday afternoon. Do I think he is like the alternate? Eight, he'll be on the field for eight snaps before he ends up hurt again let's not kid ourselves. You're missing the point here right? These are low risk high reward signings, and when you have a team that just needs that one player that one guy to get them over the hump or that one special move or play in a big game is Jordan Reed could potentially. Add that it also indicates we might see a little more two tight end sets here with some of those receivers that could be out or too young to contribute right away. So at least at the onset of the season, if you're trying to get young receivers acclimated Deebo, Mrs Time maybe you start using more twelve before Jordan eluded to leaves and departs with an injury. Offensive. Line was one of the strengths for this team pain. We know about some of the stars that are there. They did have a few guys opt out which I think hurt their depth defensively the forty niners at the top ranked pass defense in the league allowing less than one hundred, seventy yards per game was actually the fewest passing yards at team has allowed since the two thousand nine jets and I think a lot of that pain you don't have to be a rocket scientist to. figure out that they were so good on the back end because they're pass Russia's elite a fifth and sack led by of course, Mr Bosa Eric Armstead deforest Buckner, who's no longer there in d., Ford and they were also very good with undersized albeit athletic linebackers that were great in terms of taking away the tight end. But when you look at this secondary I mean some major question marks there if they can't get home does the forty niners defense and evidently take a step back. I think that makes sense. Yeah. But I do believe Robert Salon will have a very, very good defense again and I think he's really responsible for the forty niners. Making that Super Bowl run because his defense made a huge leap from twenty third defensive efficiency to second year-over-year. Even crazier that gigantic uptick happened with forty niners having the seventh most injured defense. A lot of guys in that secondary were banged up. It'll be interesting to see if the unit can maintain that dominance I think were were calling for some slight regression. Right. Off The bat, the forty niners go from facing a slightly above average schedule of offenses. Last season to a projected top three schedule offenses in two thousand twenty. So that's really where we think some of the regression probably happens down the stretch we started to see a few areas. The forty niners defense could be exploited a little bit. We saw in the forty niners defense face top five offenses they performed at a level below expectation. First half of the season seem like the forty niners defense built the reputation on being elite or one of the best ever. A, lot of that was in part to the competition. If you go back to the first eight weeks of last season when they were stacking up these numbers, San Francisco's defense played offenses with an average efficiency rank of twenty fifth the quarterbacks over that stretch yet guys like Mason. Rudolph James Dalton Two quarterbacks that had down years and Mayfield in Goff they face case keenum and in monsoon and then Kyle Allen. So we felt like there was some noise in some of those early season numbers and we talked about that last year. You'll look at how they fared against top five offenses inefficiency. The forty niners were two and three. In those games they allowed fifty four percent of runs degrade successful in forty, nine percent of passes against all other teams. Forty. Seven percent against the run thirty, seven percent against the past. Now I think everyone listens like, Hey, it's obvious. Right. When you play lead offense is GonNa be tougher to defend. But if you look at how those five offenses performed on average for a full season last year and how they performed against the forty niners defense the second best buy by the metrics four of the five offenses met or outperformed their season-long numbers against the forty niners defense in the Super Bowl Kansas City met their season long success number fifty, one, percent week ten, seattle exceeded their season long success rate metric by five percent week seventeen. Seattle under shot at by five percents that was like the lone win for the San Francisco Defense Week Thirteen. Baltimore is a complete downpour. They exceeded their season long rushing success rate metric by three percent, which was a massive number, two eclipse, and then on top of that, you know you look at that game no one was passing the ball in that game they knew they had to run being successful in fifty eight percent of runs in that game with the weather being ridiculous was pretty impressive. The Saints Offense Week Fourteen, who is number one in the NFL and overall success rate of fifty three percent outperform that number by three percent against San Francisco's defense. You mentioned at the top and we talked about it all last year San Francisco's defense was great because they had an ability to get pressure without blitzing number two and pressure rate but blitz the fourth least perfect combination but San Francisco wasn't this. You know elite defense getting pressure on early downs or in the red zone something we covered in the Super Bowl podcast the gist average in red zone success rate allowed. So to me, I'm a little concerned with the loss of deforest Buckner, I, think they paid the wrong guy I made. That known back in March buckner finished eighth more better in three straight seasons in pressures for all interior linemen. Now, get it. You can't afford everyone and you get his replacement in round one with J von in law he fills that whole and long-term. There will likely be a value gain based on dollar save versus production, but you're in win now mode to me damn good defense it'll continue to be but I don't think it'll be that elite unit that finished second efficiency I believe we see like Utah a small step back this year. And if there's a team poice poised easy for me to say to knock the forty niners off their perch, it may well fact be the Seattle Seahawks win total sits at nine and a half shaded to the over this franchise. It has not won the NFC west since two, thousand sixteen but finished second place each of the last three seasons. When you look at the way, they've built everything around Russell Wilson a winner winning record in Eighth Street seasons every year that Russell Wilson has been team starting quarterback. Only the Patriots have a longer active streak average eleven wins this season with him going back to two, thousand twelve and they're one of. Two teams with double digit wins each of the last two years. What's interesting? No pain. They're twenty and ten, the division and only ten eight against divisional foes over a limited sample size. Is this the year we finally see the Seattle seahawks take the governor off. Russell. Wilson and allow him to be the quarterback. We know he can be and not just have to scramble around make plays every single series on third and eight. You Cheer Hope and I know we've been carrying the Russell. Wilson Torch for Awhile thought you know the last two seasons we've made sure that that flame Burns Taller and wider and we hold it higher so everyone can see. and. We've we've attributed his value to the seahawks organization almost similarly to to Lebron meant to Cleveland, and we've almost like pushed for an ownership stake. He's so important that movements kind of happening. You know people now understand how valuable Russell Wilson is he's guy that's never received an MVP vote in his entire career. Now he's being mentioned as one of the better. So wild. So wild to me of all the stats I read that earlier this off season, and now it seems like he's he's being mentioned as one of the better. MVP bets this season. The problem and you kind of hinted at this, we're still waiting on Pete Carroll. Brian Schottenheimer, to figure this out. This point they haven't and every time we think they're about to you know figure this thing out. We're kind of left disappointed. It shouldn't be difficult to understand. that. When you pay Russ what you pay him, he needs the ball in his hands more because what's around him probably is diminished so you could actually pay him what you paid them. It seems like a simple. When you look at Wilson's player tracking data the last two seasons with Brian Schottenheimer as. I think this probably becomes more evident. Because, Russell Wilson's expected completion percentage under Schottenheimer is bottom five in the NFL but is completion percentage above expectation has been top five back to back seasons. So it says he's not being put in great positions, but yet he still one of the best quarterbacks in the leak. So this is like quite essential meaning of the phrase turning chicken shit in the chicken salad and I think you know when you look at Russell Wilson. He can't be a quarterback on a team that only throws the twenty seventh most in the NFL. He needs to be a bigger part of this offense and hopefully that's the case this year. I mean, his numbers are simply staggering when you talk about a guy who was top five in the NFL and passing touchdowns in passer rating last year yet sacked forty eight times. which time for the League lead turnover differential they were plus twelve tied for third in the NFL and truly elite when it came to red zone scoring obviously, we know that the seahawks live and die with some of their ground attack where they had the fourth ranked rushing offense. A season ago, the Ad Carlos side and Dj Dallas. We know Rashaad Penny and Chris. Carson dealt with major injuries which kind of derailed any playoff aspirations but you also have emerging stars or at least one emerging star decay metcalf went fifty catches for nine hundred plus yards and seven touchdowns. Think he makes a major jump in his second season alongside tyler. Lockett do does Seattle have the weapons pain that you feel comfortable with if they allow Russell Wilson to do what he does best and finally maybe throw on early downs. That's the hope listen we've kind of bagged on. Schottenheimer a little bit here but there was some improvement in if you you mentioned I down specifically, there was a ten point one percent increase year over year in first down pass rate. That's a positive side. Still, far too much running second down and I think that's the next step in the evolution of the offense were hoping to see especially when you look at the schedule of defenses Seattle faces twenty twenty projecting the toughest schedule of run defenses, but just slightly above average of passing defenses. So it's really time to to Unleash Russ, the weapons around him are better than people think too. We saw Tyler Lockett increases production with Doug Baldwin choosing to retire even playing through an injured ankle, the final seven games last season lock it's one thousand yard receiver and. Increased his reception rate by forty five percent. The biggest thing to me though is lock. It showed an ability not just to be like this one trick pony deep threat he could run routes to. Three, point two yards of separation per route run for lock at fourth, most separation of any receiver targeted one hundred or more times. You mentioned decay metcalf specifically surge down the stretch as a rookie I think that bodes well for a year to leap twenty two percent of the seahawks target share. The Final Ten Games had twenty four explosives. He's this rare combination man of of size and speed he can get downfield he can create separation, but he's also this big target in the end zone in the red zone decay led the NFL in end zone targets. Last season. Greg. Olson still has enough in the tank to be a factor plus disley. Think could have a big year if he can stay healthy was the sixth sixth place fantasy production the first six weeks of last season. Then he gets injured additionally, you might be investing before information actually occurs I sent a note last week one of my guys up there said. Listen Seattle would be very open to a Josh Gordon. Reunion if the League reinstates him, I would be looking at either him. Or. A B.. Now, they haven't publicly said ANYTHING ABOUT A B but they publicly or saying some things about Gordon Ab we know is now suspended the first. Eight Games. So. You have to take a risk on him. He's still got the other case pending. So who knows what comes of that but they're talking to both Abyan Gordon potentially one of the two being added. To vinyl things, todd seahawks offensive line we know is a weak link but on the left side, there's at least some continuity you have Dwayne Brown, you have mei-chieh potty you bring in a new starting center and Bj. Finney. Who is Benny backup in Pittsburgh but he's in his prime in four starts last you're only allowed three pressures on one hundred and sixty five pass blocking snaps. If that can somehow translate to a full season, it's a grand slam pickup the sixty ninth pick Seattle took guard Damian Lewis. He is a huge human and you saw his draft stock rise in the Auburn game when played well against. On they've penciled Brandon Shallan at right tackle is shell like this awesome player no. But his worst season over the last four years is a pro is better than any of the four seasons previous right tackle Jermaine IFM has had so it's very possible. The offensive line is a little bit better. This season there's going to be competition throughout right now pete has nineteen offensive lineman on the roster. Okay. So there's going to be competition the last thing and it meshes with the SEAHAWKS O. Line. Even if the aligns improved on I, think you have to get Russell Wilson moving around more have amuse play action more roll him out help Russ help the line by providing this moving target for the defense. But additionally, if you look at Russell Wilson's numbers, he is freaking fantastic with play action completion percentage rose seven percent passer rating improved twenty five points. His yards per pass attempt rose a full two yards more with play action ten touchdowns two zero interceptions with play action. I think you keep Wilson's feet moving and it's going to help this offense. Take that next step in in two thousand, twenty time. I mean just put your playmakers in a position to make plays, and your biggest playmaker is a man who touches the ball on every single offensive snap. I don't want to oversimplify how difficult it is to build. Offensive game plans are called plays to things that I'll never do in my entire life. But Common Sense says somewhere along the way, Russell Wilson has to be that guy defensively for the seahawks we know about the big off season edition you go out there your trade for Jamal Adams it gives them a guy that they're most likely going to give a Max deal to to try and recreate the glory. Days where the Legion of boom more or less patrol that defensive backfield you go out there you pick up a linebacker in Jordan Brooks which fits their mold in the draft from Texas Tech. We know the strength of this team defensively, Bobby Wagner, and Cagey. Right. They really struggled last year in the past defense giving up two hundred and sixty three plus yards per game, which was good for twenty seven. But I think a lot of that pain came from the simple fact that they only recorded twenty eight sex number that was second than elite behind only dolphins have the seahawks done enough defensively to at least make. Knit better knowing that the offense can be sneaky good and put up points on a somewhat regular basis Seattle's. Back Seven Has the potential to really you'll yielded to the big question marks the front four, they lost Quinton, Jefferson and free agency all along the interior of the line he was you know their elite pressure guy finished seventeenth in total pressures among qualifying interior linemen. That's a lot to lose. I think considering Seattle's twenty eighth and pressure. CLOWNEY has yet to accept Seattle's offer. There is some growing skepticism that he will actually sign it and I think Seattle's getting a little bit pissed off about. L. J. Collier, last season's first round. Pick didn't really see the field much a rookie. He needs to be a major player in your two along defensive line. The real concern I think. Within, the organization about the defensive line, they're not quite sure where they're gonna go to add these bodies but I can tell you gotTa dance around this a little bit. They they wanted somebody. Words wise. They pay shoes your word wisely a one hundred percent certainty. They're going to add somebody Seattle's reached out to Everson Griffen. They've reached out to clay matthews who you mentioned the rams lost last season underperformed a little bit. I, think they're happy to sign either. But they're also trying to light a fire under clown. He's asked to force them into a decision because right now they do have the highest offer still on the table. And he's living in La La land I think right now in his value is actually worth the loan positive when you can move it forward to twenty twenty as the front four is GonNa face an easier schedule of pass blocking offensive lines and easier schedule of Ground Games in two twenty, twenty compared to last season. So that could help offset some of these losses. The defensive line could suffer. The linebacker unit is one of the best. In the League we have Wagner and right you add a first round pick in Jordan Brooks there's some nice depth that the position as well. You have Burke Irvine and Cody Barton. I'm intrigued to see if wagner and right can kind of maintain the production as they age both had down seasons relatively speaking a year ago for them. Seattle gave up the second most yards second most receptions, two tight ends. Last season we're closely kind of monitoring this situation because we know wagner and writer aging a little bit they're having maybe potentially you know a touch more difficult time covering in space I think the the drafting of Jordan Brooks says that rights days are numbered they're. This secondary though. Man They have a shot to be very good Shaquille Griffin had a bounceback two, thousand, nineteen, trey flowers performed above average. We absolutely loved the Quinton Dunbar trade absolute robbery allowed a fifty-six six pasteurized. Thirty seven hundred. Well played. He did get himself into legal trouble and landed on the NFL exempt list. But this past Friday prosecution announced that they had insufficient evidence. To charge. Dunbar. So let's see what Goodell does. But I think that bodes very well for the seahawks. Getting him back his attorney. Doesn't seem to be in hot water because there was this little. Tidbit. Of information trying to bribe some. Of the witnesses that may have occurred. Bene- benefit the Dunbar. Emma. Obviously, the safety position makes a huge leap, not just by the obvious additional. Adams but. You can pair him now with quandary dicks and they acquired him around the middle of last season. I think that's a fantastic one two punch. Field they're actually great friends. Digs was atoms host when he visited taxes on a recruiting trip, but they complement each other very well on the field to if you look digs is going to play that free safety spot. He was an ace and coverage last season allow zero point one, five yards per coverage snap only Doron harmon was better i. think that allows Jamal Adams to roam around the box likely helps in an area that were concerned about with pressuring the quarterback Jamal Adams had forty seven quarterback pressures. The last two seasons from the safety position. We know how valuable that off ball pressure is very good chance. Seattle becomes an above average defense inefficiency this season. Especially, if they bring in a guy or to bolster that defensive line. Should be one of the most fascinating divisions in the entire League I. Think we have a ton of question marks even for the so-called favorites, top division and the forty niners and seahawks the rams trying to figure out who or what they're going to be on both sides of the ball, and of course, all of that tantalizing potential at least offensively for the Arizona cardinals to see if the defense can comply remember you can follow on twitter at Paine insider I'm todd firm and you can follow me there as well. But. Most importantly, they follow the podcast at the board pod and pain. After we break down four teams for those new listeners out there it is our final order of business that we hand off a nicely neatly packaged best bet as far as the NFC west is concerned, where are we going to identify our best value before the season kicks off in earnest on September tenth? So I'M GONNA be candid here it's going to be difficult to find eight bets and it's going to be difficult to find them within their own division. I can say since the last time we spoke we were waiting to bet one thing. and. It was based on the rumors that Davis white could potentially being potentially opt out. So just for all purposes we did Bet Buffalo to win the AFC East at about. Plus one forty plus one, fifty I think it's still playable down to plus one twenty. Especially when we mentioned at the top of the show, the the impact on some of those added opt outs from the new. England patriots the other thing that I am intrigued with with NFC west. Is Jimmy Garoppolo. And if you listen to the breakdown, we think more is going to be put on his plate. We like the addition of Jerick McKinnon in the past game when when you look at the schedule of defenses at the forty niners, you're gonNA face top five against the run very manageable against the pass and we know Kyle Shanahan always schemes. To put his offense in the best position based upon what the defense putting out on the field. and. So I think when you look at Jimmy G. His confidence stripping himself of the knee brace I think is going to be a big year for Jimmy J.. So I can tell you in terms of props and we don't love going over on props this year especially with the. The covert situation going on but I think there is some value in Jimmy G. going over thirty, eight hundred and a half passing yards as well. All right. You heard it from the man himself going back to the AFC offering a little bit of player prop opportunities to encourage folks as. To make sure you get the best numbers available and take full advantage of what's out there in the betting market. Any final words of wisdom pain before we close up shop on the NFC west this fine Wednesday morning that's in I. Think we're good to go. I'm going to pop on this hockey game and That's it. You only missed the first one seven, not a whole lot of action there. So you see we got four painted CIDER I am taught firm as always be sure to follow the podcast on twitter at the Board Pot and with a couple of props and futures in hand coming into the regular season, we'll see you at the window. Thanks for listening to the board, you can catch todd and pain every Monday Wednesday and Thursday during football season breaking down the biggest NFL and college football games, and to make sure you don't miss any free best bets subscribe to the board on Itunes Google play spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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