The Payoff When Customers are the Center of Everything for Marketing and Sales


If you want to live CD medic target your pain at its source it's fast acting relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil. It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and it's attacking your peace of mind it's pain and it's getting in between you welcome once again to another episode of S. L. M. A. Radio brought you behalf of the entire sales lead management association to do with sales lead management it'd probably starts here with the S. l. m. a radio show and the man who put it all together keeps impact on sales I wish I had this a few years ago my I've been running sales and marketing several different companies Johnson. Welcome our thank you for having me we've heard in you're going to help us do that today but before we start that I think it's important that people understand more about allocating other than what I just said in the introduction from pundits in the past few years that the customer is why you're in business hello and why they're important what we should do about everybody wants to tell us what we should do about it later in marketing performance management enables marketers to plan strategically invests with purpose measure the performance over activities and ultimately Max Lines Marketing today about this particular show we could say always excited about all the shows but Jocelyn Brown comes to us I listened to her on sales pipeline radio when she did I been growing all the time but he's not wearing is special Reagan had today so I don't know maybe he's not feeling that ship over Mayor Jim Nobles through Alexa Buddy has an Alexa APP simply has to choose he'll go up in the APP choose and Games search for US elevate and everything so the title of our program today is the payoff when customers out the sunroof everything for marketing and Sales Jocelyn Brown is the senior allocated was founded by marketer who really went to solve her own problem and that has meant that the customer almost leads the company now you agreed to discuss this today but you're GonNa take a lot further just a concept for more than idea that that passes quickly at that conference keynote when somebody stands up and sold Ed and choose US elevate radio they can listen to it anytime that they feel like isn't that great isn't social media wonder why I appreciate the heavier device vice president customers and revenue she oversees the sales and customer success teams at allocate allocate is a marketing platform recognized within the art and science of Customer Loyalty Community Advocacy and more than she was on there with Matt Heinz Oh year or so ago in we added that show loyalty customers should be the center of everything for marketing and sales yeah absolutely I mean I can really go to the founding story to really get there in that adding sort of accountability around the amount of investment amount of money that they're spending to get this done and what they're being held accountable for the kind of measurement that's they signed equipment at this eleven years we've had five hundred twenty eight episodes twelve thousand six hundred ninety six listeners in this week the show is also you're his sidekick also fall yes I am that it was a great program a restart Johnson a talk more about this issue of the customer being the center of can you give us a couple of minute rundown of what the company does and why it's so important to marketers today also how it pertains to this art and science of customer the room there and it started talking to minute minute you said her name the background yeah exactly Keiser Way I'm excited and not she really did go to to solve our own problems so marketers have this amazing responsibility for growth in a company and they have this amazing line of their plans with those goals then actually managed investment with real purpose make sure they're spending every dollar in the best and most efficient and effective way possible possible for how they're doing their job but they don't really have the tools to do it they've really been kind of left out of really being able to have the tools to run yeah exactly exactly there's a world outside of just the CRM system and marketing is becoming an insanely complex job with tons we have a function you're actually doing stuff every day that probably involves a change in the way that you're executing your marketing and aligning with maybe what your sales strategy is so we the information available that they can make those big bats those big decisions to actually fulfil that growth mandate that they've been given something besides the crm system against the real company goals they can sure they're always spending in the right way to actually grow that company and then they need to be able to optimize it's not a static specialization in it so just to get everybody talking the same language and doing the same stuff is a feet unto itself so we're really there to to help that Cmo us that's a real mission and how the customer really ends up at the center of that is that we believe so strongly that those marketers have an important job and we want to. I really want to make sure that they have every tool to really confident about how they're investing how they're supporting the company's growth and what they should be doing next we need to make sure that they really have oh you gotta look at the customers center everything so they don't tell you how to do it they don't tell you how you ingrain this as a philosophy and how you change the culture of Your Company you people does the company have a hundred and twenty people pretty good very good question is how do we get beyond the pablum sitting at conferences getting leadership get everybody run in the same direction and then give every individual market real confidence in what they're doing and that they're doing the right thing all the time and yeah I do think it is a real culture piece and I do think it largely comes from the top companies are complex ecosystems everybody's got their her business so as you said we have the run marketing platform and it really is about making sure that marketers have the right tool set to be able to plan well and all to play so there needs to be a unifying place the great thing about sort of marketing and not go to market motion failing is that nothing customer and they really know or we really know and understand that customer and an immense amount of empathy and for me that's such a gift and also just a bit is better for that than story than a really good story and there's no better story than one that has a hero so if you really start looking at your the best way that we possibly can and that's not just our tool that's also the way we organize around them that's the way we talk to them that's the way we help them in their careers the opportunity to drive your go to market motions to drive the growth of your company as being dependent on having that amazing story that you can tell that others can relate shaving the outcome or solving the problem that your customer has it means that everybody's got that in mind when they're doing it and it gives you a lot line around what you're trying to accomplish goals if you're always telling customer stories if you're always grounding the thing that you're trying to do around language I very much want anybody in our company to feel a personal relationship with our customers to know them as best we can inside of your company to when you're actually selling to new folks or otherwise it's memorable inside your company so to help you have a common language to help you and that's everything from the data that's available to them to the way we have company meetings and highlight them just to the way that we operate a two and that can highlight this amazing journey that you've partnered with this person to go on that's memorable and that's not just memorable to the yes there's no point in having a company if you can't serve somebody so really what we're doing is trying to make sure we're serving that audience those marketers in and get into actual integration or this attitude crispy will talk about this brand new podcasts that he's got on in the game of this company that it was already really there they built the product for the customer they listen to the customer everything they're doing is in service of the CEO Christine Stewart went to go and solve it so right from the beginning I mean you're very fortunate coming in as a customer leader sort of later in the talk about our company and our tool always leads with the story of how it was founded and those companies and those people really even that took early I'm sure they can do it in the best and most efficient and effective way possible not really comes right from the very beginning of the company where somebody who had that problem being are Dan on those initial people that take that on you so you stay close to them if you're smart you need to continue to invest in the relationship you have with Wednesdays in our channel the final radio channel and he talked about it also people just create a vacuum create oh somebody wants US product and they get five p Mer but I think what you're describing is something not either needs to be done or the SORTA supporting material needs to be there because those catherine and to serve that customer and so we have to know them and we have to be able to understand what they're trying to accomplish and then everything we do has to be about yeah very interesting self which one of them when she hired people stood up and look these people in the face and gathered together a road and said I don't know if you of your values and one of our values as a company is this idea of run together and when we talk about run together it's it's our team our partners our customers dot is values and then if you operationalize it I want everybody to know our customers so I make as much data available about them as a can where are they on their journey what are they trying to and sales you're here to do it too and marketing your communicated and if you all are on board anise everybody from customer service on down the it if you're not on board eight and talk about the problems we're trying to solve there's lots of different strategies for that but it really starts with that intent that we are all here to serve especially those early folks that take a gamble on you and they've really just never lost that mentality so there's a little bit of leading by example in the way that they in the way that it will help a customer just doesn't really resonate it is about the team you build around you you do have to have it front and center listing had been working in marketing and knowing those people in those problems it just everything they did it all started there and being a startup you're really rely customer sort of always present in our narrative but then absolutely you have to hire people that believe that and I think at this point our company almost at the moment we're going to tackle it a little deeper and I'm going to ask Jocelyn she doesn't know this but I'm going to ask her if she's got some stories to tell us and how she's Russian ship with who it is that they serve there's certainly lots of strategies have to come from the top but it does grow if you repeat it if you put it at the Center Keywords Story Herald language personal relationships and run together we've been speaking with Jocelyn Brown Senior Vice President customers and revenue accomplish how long have we known them all those pieces of context that that make it the creative a more complete picture than just a logo on a wall on wrote down quit leave I'll find somebody else Kabila Kazan Ritchie then I think it's a little more organic cannot it was embedded right from the very beginning because she is custom it enables marketers like you to drive greater performance increase. 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