Freshman Year vs Sophomore Year


Jour- therapy because we have this. So how summer or house about this school the last week of school, technically. Ardsley pretty like whatever relax. I feel like the finals during versa Mestre were way more stressful. Yeah. Because the ladder. No, it was actually less uses cool. But now it was just one final for the last day. Yeah, I find on the last day. Great it. You enjoy the final good final like the final because you got a ninety six. One hundred. Sat there like shaky my head actually shake because I was like, I'm not gonna get this. Like I like the way I and I was I. Do the last day of scores. When I really kinda starts to think that it is the last they find. The actualize day it's about to be summer because last summer feels, so distant I feel like I was a completely different person last summer. So feels really weird having summer now. Because it's, it's like if I fill summer for the first time I was I don't remember why did last summer. I don't think it's anything to remarkable. But hopefully this summer is very fun. I think I had a exciting summer less last. Really? What did you do? I a child to eight states. Oh. What was it flowing? One vegan a car with my family for two weeks straight. I don't know. I don't know how I dealt with. Did you take a lot of pictures? I did. But I didn't pose like any because he all looked terrible 'cause we thought the one with you, and your gene. Jackie. Oh my God. That was a good one. That's like show. And it goes editing. Look terrible than well, like I dunno every day, I just looked terrible because I always had like a restroom, our, of course, where whenever we stopped at a hotel, or whatever you stop hotels or motels both. Yeah. Whatever. Yeah. I just looked terrible every day. Remember what I did for Malacca either really, I got closer with the guy. Oh. I go swimming a lot swimming a ally. Yeah. That was fun. That's what I did. We have a lot we ate a lot. That's when we started cooking food, or you started cooking and the other than that I didn't do anything except volleyball. While was a really huge part of my last summer this summer. However, there's no practice. I'm hoping there is an a hope they give the give word about that. But I gotta wait until two weeks 'cause scrolls practice does not serve until two weeks. Also is is in here, so third weaken row that we can't get everyone here. So he's gone. Hopefully he'll be back next up Assode. But I summer what did I do? I summer. I don't remember. I do not remember what I did last summer, you know how this entire I've told you before. But I had I have this entire. On my notes up. I recorded every day or not everyday. But every memorable day of the year, I just wrote about what happened that day, so I have two thousand seventeen in two thousand eighteen filled up, so diary, basically. Yeah. But I haven't looked through it because I'm so scared scared. I don't know. I was too scared to through it. So I just I just void looking through for as long as they can. But this summer, what are your plans, some retweeting nineteen or sixteen? Did we already cover this last episode? Like our plan, I didn't hang out with you guys, of course, more volleyball and myself definitely improve on myself. That's a retrial improve on. Intellectually an actual. And physically like this physically. Yeah. Clearly think you'll ever go to the gym. I actually went like today you go. Oh, cash. I wouldn't yet yesterday. And today. You work on. What way? What? Fries. Expecting to say no, no. Maybe the future. I hope. Two. I went today with my sister, I'm only going because she really wants to go, and she doesn't want to go alone. So I guess she's pushing me to go, and I enjoy planet fitness holiday grade. They're the one over there. I went today so you like officially signed up. Whereas like what is it a pass for re? Oh I like we chose. So there's this like summer things seen it. Yeah. It's that for teenagers teenagers. Explain it. So if you're under seventeen or eighteen you get to go for three months, I think, for free. Oh, yeah. That's good. And at the end, there's like this raffles thing when you didn't raffle were the pick out like fifty one kids out of the people that signed up, and I don't really like earn something. You win. That's it kale is getting her pump. Is it true that they like surf pizza? Honestly. I don't know why they do that. Do as I think it's the first day of every month the first Monday, I something, I don't know why they would do that. Like fitness, there's a lot of things fitness rules like. Yeah. I don't know why that workout so weird. It's weird. I've, I've seen stuff about that. What do you think of sophomore year compared to freshman year? I enjoyed it. I loved it, especially when you're I was also interested. And I really only had like this specific group of friends by sophomore year. I really mean so many more friends, I enjoyed get more involved, too. Yeah. That to so many new things happened. I didn't expect to happen. I don't know. I just I really enjoy that is that you like purposely trying to do just kind of have no some things. I did even mean to just happy. For example, league journey clubs. I didn't expect yourself. Yeah, I didn't expect to actually be so involved in it. I just I just went in as a member, but I don't know the president just. Just. I don't know. I really liked. Let's the opposite of me. Oh, why did you like it? No. Not like that. But I feel I was more extroverted in of fashion year L, and then I fall more introverted sophomore year. Oh, yeah. So opposite from you. Why did you matured more or thinking that I matured more I got more comfortable with my with everybody with the atmosphere with the environment. And I got closer with more. I got closer with a smaller group of friends, as opposed to, like, not that close, with, like a larger group of friends. Got me. Yeah. Plus I. Cut people. Talk city. Yeah. So in a way Stafa was more healthier than freshman year. Oh, interesting. But you didn't like him more. I say that too. Yeah. I like freshman more because I was more extroverted. So I guess I'm being like kinda hypocritical. I don't know little. Yes, where you happier freshman year or you have your this year without its oxes. Fused confused since you yourself. Yeah, I don't know. I guess told you me. Me baby sister stalled you, we just like freshman year because jute because that's when I did more things. So I guess that's why personally I did like softball. You're more freshman year. I was a lot more introverted. And because my brothers my older brother's friends were there. It was hard for me to be myself 'cause I was really because I wasn't really comfortable with them. You know, I don't know. It was just weird and a lot of things happen during freshman year, and I was not in a good mental state, but it's all your half of it was still pretty bad. But I did become a little more extroverted. I met a lot of new people got a lot more involved with school. I even ran for president or as be president. So that was pretty cool. But yeah, I think sophomore year like how I'm doing now was a lot more better than how I was doing like a year ago. So you like soft when you're more. Yeah, for sure. I, I like this year. More. Definitely. I, I really enjoy this year. I, I don't know if people complain about it, personally, I think it was just fun and relaxing and not too stressful. There wasn't a lot of word and compared to last year last year felt very. Feels really distant now. I feel like a different person from freshman year freshman year me, I think to me, I see myself as very. Small and young and small fresh out of junior high. But now I feel a little more accustomed to the high school life and stuff. So I, I enjoyed tough when you're more, but I'm excited we're junior you're gonna be saying. I think I'm actually going to enjoy my classes next year, especially because now there's not really a set group of all there is because I felt like this year I was going to my classes and Ardi knew, who was going to be in those classes. But now juniors more freedom to choose your classes. So I get to meet more people. True. Yeah. Being a lot of different classes, I won't have any classes with Marc or Thomas so sad. Are you excited for junior year, though? Yeah, I am because I'm actually going to take the classes. I'm going to be comfortable in. I wanna learn a lot more AP physics. I'm excited AP physics 'cause I really wanna learn more about that kind of field because I'm interested in it. I've always been interested in physics ever since as a child. So yeah, I'm really excited for junior because I don't know. I feel like I'm doing really well right now. And hopefully like you know because every freshman, it's year I started off the year like Silva. It was like I was always sad. It was really hard for you to like, ever have fun. But junior. I, I think I'll have a lot more fun. I don't know about the classes, the classes junior supposed to be super hard coding to everyone. Yeah. 'cause it's like the most important year. I think I don't know. But I think I'll live my classes more this year just because I don't feel like that much pressured. Like, like, I don't know. I was really pressured into taking all honors and honestly, wasn't for me. I feel like I should have chosen like some easier classes, but yeah, so I was planning on taking like all EP classes for junior. It's just weird, but we're here must you. But I'm just choosing classes. I know I can handle and I'm interested in so. Yeah. Are you taking your taking one EP classics, right? Take three three. Yeah. What's the word? Taking a push AP environmental and AP. Our history, be your first few class. Yeah. 'cause I wasn't what to take AP aero. Yeah. You want to get. Yeah. I was planning on, but the counselor said, I didn't have face. Well Ellen about. SA. Cues DBQ's Elway cues. Good luck with that. I'll be very fine on your test AP test. Do you have any advice for freshmen sophomores, anything, you want to tell them that you're not doing or not having someone tell you referring back to at Thomas said, if your freshman going into sophomore year, I would just take the classes that you feel comfortable with and that, you know, you have a higher chance of succeeding in, you don't wanna take classes that you don't actually enjoy? That's what I would say, don't take the classes because your friends are taking. That's true. Or even if other like if your other friends of dropping the class, and you really wanna do it do it. Do do. That's what happened. Everybody was dropping APO, all so. You're about to. I was actually I was. I think you should surround yourself with good people because I come most of them all freshman year, but. I don't know. There's still some negativity like the groups. I like the people I always open. And I think that just messes, you up like build stuff on Dacian for your high school experience in all so for any freshman either going into freshman year, but mostly just for freshman going into softening year, I would say, really trying to find what you're passionate is try to find what you're interested in what you want to study what you want to major in, or just any anything that, that you enjoy doing and try to do it really well and set up your classes so that you take classes that would benefit you and whatever, you're interested in and don't take classes, just to take the hard ones. Don't take all honors, if you don't need to learn about AP chemistry. Because in the end I. I think you should use your time to study independently what you want what you want to study because in the long run that would help you allot because that way when it comes time for college admissions, you will have already been working towards what you're passionate, and you will definitely stand out more as student than someone who just takes all a P classes, but doesn't have many other hobbies and professional as going into sophomore year that did take those hard classes that of where hard for them. Just keep pushing don't give a even though it's hard. You just got to keep on pushing it just don't give up. Yeah. And the annual learned that you'll be able to do it right now. It may seem that you're not able to, but trust me in the new will. And if you're bad a math, don't take hard math and because I made them as stake of taking a mad class that I probably shouldn't have to 'cause I gotta see in that class and I almost got a DEA one point. But the teacher was nice enough around it. I think so. You know, be careful with your mask, skills or science, skills are English skills or any other skill because you do not wanna fail that class 'cause it's not good. It would not it would not be enjoyable anyways. So this is will be a pretty short episode because honestly, there's not much to talk about on this subject, and we're all feeling a little uninspired today. So. Isaac is in here too. So maybe that's what usually when he hasn't here. It's just a mess. So any announcements while you could give us a review on apple podcast, if you're nice, you could buy beanie, if you wanna support us, just go to teenager therapy dot com? You could also tell a friend about our podcast, that would be really helpful. That would be really nice of you. And as always you just continue to set the bar higher. The follows on Twitter, follow our YouTube channel do this summer. I wanna make you to videos. We have to do it on, really want to do it. We have to Kayla. We're doing. We're doing video podcast way happening. We're doing it. So you got to look pretty take a shower beforehand, and stuff like that challenges challenge. And they video. Video. As the to'real boxing, PO box. Yeah. Cooking. Bawdy reviews blogs. Okay. Well, that's all we'll see in the next episode by by.

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