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EP 201403: Garage Pass


The competition is virtual onto the IRA thing has been built for this very moment but the audience is real. You know we're all in your pigheaded. We're all quarantined. Plus what about losing momentum? Hey we'll get right back at it when we get Marc Caroline. Prn's garage pass back sports view. Today's topic who's the greatest of all time for my money? It's progressives home and auto bundle. It literally saves you money. Gentlemen your thoughts. It's not saying he's going to say and I told you so I disagree. Thanks fellas took the words right out of my mouth. There's really no debate. Progressive Home and auto bundle is a winning combination. Progressive Casualty. Insurance Company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations where the Europcar guy or just a guy who uses a car or not a guy at all you know. The ear piercing street chipper worn out brake pads but thanks to NAPA. You don't need to know your way around a toolbox to get a quality part installed because while there are six thousand Napa auto parts stores there are also more than seventeen thousand NAPA auto care centers. So whether you do it yourself or have it done for you. All you need is NAPA. Know how how with a record-breaking TV audience of over one point three million last Sunday for the virtual race at Texas the race fans are clearly enjoying the e nascar racing pro invitational series on Fox. They're also getting a big kick out of Clint Boyer. Who's driving hand providing color commentary? You're sitting here watching our government and and all the officials trying to figure out how to help us all. They got a pretty terrible. You Know Hannah Cards. They've got and they're trying to figure out how to play it as good as possible for all of us. This team no different. You know. We're all in this together. We're all quarantined. It's almost as if the IRA thing had been built and designed like in the past for this very moment. I think it's a perfect bridge to gap this situation. We're all in entertainment disagree. You know it's not just Mitch virtual but it's what we have. Can it be better of course? Is it good enough you Dan Right? I think it is I think the viewership showcase that meanwhile instead of working on composite parts for stock cars the Five Three D. printers at NAS car research and Technology Centre now. Running eighteen hours a day with eight engineers volunteering their time making protective medical fe shields. Each printer can knock out three every two and a half hours feeling. He could self isolate better in his home state. Eric Merola and his family are now living out of his luxury. Motorcoach in Florida. Eric Jones in the meantime as bader new farm and spent some serious time on his tractor. Mowing down some big fields. We want to help extend the life of your vehicle at Cemex Micro Louver into the little oil where it uses the fluids to reach internal parts as it soaks into battle Zemach Disperses Harmful Carbon Buildup to help improve performance produce emissions. Kick stand engine life and increase fuel. Mileage Buys Cemex today at the Max Dot Com or your local auto parts. Store your vehicle run. Better with CENEX micro Louver Kit with all this talk about. I racing. Let's not forget. We had four real NASCAR Cup series races before the pandemic hit with Joey. Logano winning half of those and on twitter. He answered a Fan's question about lost momentum. It definitely has an effect because we had a lot of momentum on our side you know the season was going going really well. A couple of wins. But Hey we'll get right back at it when we get going. Mark Darrow. Npr's garage bass brought to you by progressive making it easy to bundle your home and car insurance.

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