The BIG marketing mistake you might be making as a creative [TGGS Ep. 36]


What if I invited you to my house and my door was locked and I not are you knocked? I should say and I never answered well. You would probably leave right away number one. You would think I was really rude host and you'd probably never show up again because I wasn't home when you came to my house. This is what happens when you have a private I count but you have a public brand artists musicians and creatives of all all kinds looking for help balancing your passion to create with your everyday life not sure if your faith can coexist with your profession welcome to a place where real artists discuss real life. You're listening to the garden GIG show visit has it gotten gigs dot com for show notes links and more information hello and welcome to the garden Gig show. I'm Alan. I'm a musician and author of the book got an gigs succeed as a musician without sacrificing your faith as well as our devotional. Your Art God's heart a twenty one day guide for creatives and I'm so glad that you've checked us out. If you've been listening that you decided to come back and if you knew thanks for checking out this show which is all about helping you to build a better etter creative live from the inside out but we try to do is we try to connect timeless spiritual principles with the temporary creative problems of this lifestyle which we like to call the GIG lifer lifestyle and try to help you to get better results and really achieved fulfilling kind of career that you were created to have and so we take a solo show every once in a while so I'm hosting by myself. Crystal Rene is our co host and she'll be back with us in a future episode but on these quick tip kind of episodes I just WanNa share something inspirational or something that will help you Kinda get a clear a clearer concept of something that we've been discussing in our community and today I kinda wanted to go into a space about marketing and marketing course is what all of us artists have to do. Probably most of US hate to do but it's something that is necessary to get your art out there to get your creative project out there and to let the world know what you're all. About now I'm by no means a marketing expert. I'm going to actually put Lincoln show notes to some other guest posts that we've had in the blog at got engaged dot com where we've had some social media experts talk about it. One of those people is Stephanie Natiq of bowed red creative. She's posted some great social media tips and I'll make sure to put a link in the show notes on about how to content curate and use your social media as a place where you can get more access or give access better say give access to other people's stuff and you'll find that you don't have to come up with something every single day to post on your own if you're helping to curate a library of stuff that you're interested in and and I've seen several creatives around my circle do this and it's very effective as a matter of fact I've noticed if you look at our instagram page at got engaged on Instagram that I've re posted a bunch of stuff and that doesn't mean I'm stealing it means. I'm sharing doing what we're trying to do is create a space where people feel like they can find something that they need and if I don't have the answer I'll look for someone who has an answer and something has an encouraging and I'll share it and if you check out those post you'll notice that most of the time the creatives who have shared things are very appreciative that they're being reassured and reposted so it's actually a way to make a win win because you get content and other people get content and get shares but that's another point that loved to share later on but I'll put a link to that block goes because that's a very direct tip then. I'm just throwing in there for those of you who want more help with your social media posting but what I wanted to talk about is the idea era of how you get people to come to your platform to your page to whatever you're doing in the first place and why they should even want to come so many times we see so many post on social media media and on other platforms were simply. You see a message. Come view this listen to my video download my music watch this. Please follow me and it's almost like a kind of insistent blaring. Yelling kind of voice which says pay attention to me. I need you to pay attention to me. The problem is is that when everybody's doing that of course nobody feels like they're being invited into your space ace. They feel that they're being commanded or demanded to come so what I like to use an analogy today the Kinda give you a better sense of what will help you be more inviting creative. The concept I'm going to use is the concept of a house your digital. You're creative your marketing house so follow me for a moment. If you're inviting someone to your house right now. How would you invite them? What would be the words you would use? How would you tell them hey? I'd like you to visit me. Would you say come to my house right now. I've got amazing stuff. Come right now. You wouldn't use that tone of you're inviting guest especially someone who didn't know you to your home for the first time instead you use language that would give them the sense that you are interested in them and what they think and you would give them a sense of welcoming versus a sense of more of a pushy kind of language or pushy kind of approach and so it's the same thing with marketing when we're talking to creators and other audience members and especially to people who are simply listeners we have to be careful not to use language that insists that someone pay attention to us and insist that they come to our house but rather we invite people to come to our marketing house to our digital house to our artistic house so I'm going to give you a couple more positions that were kind of relate to this idea being being invited to a house so let's say I invite you to my house and I want you to come in and the first thing you're going to do of course you're going to see the driveway. Now your driveway might be you know a big driveway or small driveway but I'm going to try to make sure that has claimed that it's no step in the way that is easy to come in and then of course you're gonNA come to the front door and here's the thing that might happen to some of us. If we act the way that we act on social media. What if I invited you to my house and my door was locked talked and I not are you knocked? I should say and I never answered boy. You'd probably leave right away number one. You would think I was a really rude host and you'd probably never show up again because I wasn't home when you came to my house. This is what happens. Happens when you have a private account but you have a public brand. Now I know stepping on toes here in terms of social media etiquette and I know some of you want to protect your privacy and you don't like the idea of just anybody being able to follow your or get into your page and you want to keep an air of that you want to protect and control what happens in your space. However it impossible for you to want people to come to your home but then keep the door locked and require a password password or some type of special thing for them to come? If you're truly welcoming people into your digital home your creative home you have to keep the door open and be there when they show up so when they come into your door. What do they find? Are they going to find find a bunch of old post from nineteen ninety five or are they going to see the same six or seven things re tweeted over and over again. Are they going to see old songs. Are they going to see a fresh home. That's been prepared for them. Are they going to see T._A.. Lobby does prepare for them to come in and enjoy what you've prepared beforehand for them so just continue this analogy and I'm not giving specifics. 'CAUSE I want you to get more of the overall picture that when people we'll come to your digital house or your marketing to them. You're not yelling at them. You're not insisting that they show up. You're not demanding that they show up. You're inviting them and win. They show up. You're showing them what you would like them to see just like you you want to be invited into their house and what you would like to see. He'd want to see something. Fresh something clean something inviting something warm something friendly and so whenever they come to your website or to your twitter page or to your facebook page or to your youtube she page or spotify page wherever it is it's not really about you as about welcoming your guests and so if you really think about that and it really comes back down to the golden rule to treating others as you'd like to be treated needed if you treat other people when they come to your house the way that you would like them to treat you when you go to their digital house while you're GonNa find that Europe on your marketing efforts will be much more successful because now people are not feeling. You're just in it for you and you're just trying to sell something and make them come and make them by and make them download now. They feel like you want to offer them a place to feel at home so if you enjoy that idea or think that could help you as a marketing creative as a someone who's trying to promote the best of your art and share it with the world then I would like to continue this conversation with you. One of the ways you can continue that conversation is by by jumping into our Beta coaching program. Now I've been talking about this kind of almost in a secretive way which kinda defeats the purpose of what I just said I've kind of hiding and locking the door a little bit on you guys but I am being very careful about about rolling this out because I wanna make sure that it's ready for all the people who are going to jump in and so basically what this program is is a Beta coaching program which we will be using to help you to build positive income growth but more importantly to to build the mindset of becoming the person you need to be to do two things you want to do creatively so in other words we're going to really dig deep into values. We're GONNA dig deep into the mindset that ah dig deep and to what God really wants out of you and what he's putting into you before you can become the created that he created you to be so of that interest you. I would invite you and again. We're only going to be taking a few more people and if you're listening to this as being recorded in July hi it's probably closing up in the end of July said mid-july number according in mid July so we may extended another week since I'm just now releasing this but definitely by August we will have our first class of Beta members of this new coaching coaching program. It's so new it doesn't really have a name yet. I'm bouncing around some names. Maybe you guys has my ideas for names. You can throw them at me but the most important thing is. I want you to have a chance to help me form this program and do it the way that will help you the most so go to God and gigs dot com slash right now. That's gotten gigs dot com slash right now. You'll find the link in the show notes and simply joined the waiting list. It doesn't mean that you're committing to the program at all as a matter of fact. I think that we might have less. S. people than we are going to start with even that are on the wait list because we have some people that it might not be a good fit for and that's fine. I WanNa make sure that this first Beta program is only those who want to try it out and of course we'll make sure that we give more value than you would ever are put back in or invest because this is something that means a lot to me to make sure that I'm giving back to creatives who are supporting this garden gigs platform so once again got engaged dot com slash right now. If you want to join the wait list for a new program program. Thanks so much for listening to this. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss the next three episodes. We have some amazing interviews coming up. I'm actually recording this as I'm in my hometown of Pensacola Florida and my good friend Chris Snowden who's a basis from the same area is going to be recording with me very soon. That interview is coming up. We also have interviews coming out with some legal. Help those of you who have questions about trademark or about copyright. We're going to get some more information about that. From the Latin lawyer we're getting ready to get an interview with her so lots of cool things happening and the next half and the second half of two thousand and nineteen so hope you'll subscribe make sure you hit that button and stay connected so you can get all of this great detail L. and observations and inspiration for you as you build your creative life thanks so much for listening can't wait to see your next time. God bless and take care. Thanks for joining us here at the garden Gig show please leave us a review on itunes like our facebook facebook page or visit Ghana Gigs Dot com and tell us what you thought of this show. We'll be back soon in the meantime. Go create something amazing. Oh Hey you still listening thanks. I'm glad you didn't hit the stop. Stop Button yet and since you are still listening. 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