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MRN Classic Races - 1997 The Winston


Mr Ends Classic races are brought to you by. Hercules tires are am radio says the Nascar Winston Cup Winston sponsored by Ray. Besta sprays the official. Break UP NASCAR by sears diehard. Hey race. Fans enter the diehard race. Fan of the year contest just listened for details during tonight's broadcast by Chevrolet Team monte-carlo Chevrolet cars more champions trust by Western auto parts America the official AUTO PARTS STORE OF NASCAR by moog chassis parts. Move parts of the only Jesse parts of officially licensed by NASCAR higher by seventy-six products makers of seventy six racing gasoline by Pontiac Motor Division and the legendary Pontiac. Firebird transam. Why true value help is just around the corner? The official hardware store of NASCAR. Ira and Garages Everywhere by. First Brands Corporation bakers of SDP's superconcentrated fuel injector cleaner and SDP complete fuel system cleaner and buy gatorade thirst quenching. The officials sports beverage gymnasts car pay lights a sport right up before a packed house at Charlotte Motor speedway thirty drivers about set to begin the Winston open the fifty lap preliminary to the main event the all star race. That comes up a bit later. This evening racing effort here glad to bring it to. You live on an absolutely magnificent evening for racing not a cloud in the sky. Don't think you could ask for any better conditions under which to conduct this all star event. It's been beautiful weather all day. Friday and much. The same today was up near eighty degrees this afternoon. It's going to be very pleasant here. Life is a jam packed house. We're looking around a bit early. The fan started coming in as early as nine o'clock this morning and before noontime today was. Kinda kind of bumper-to-bumper traffic. And there's a few seats here and there but not very many and that doesn't take into account. They many many seats that have been added here at Charlotte. A huge new grandstand built overturned number. Two since we were here for the running of this event a year ago so thousands of more fans probably here than there were even last year for this event taking into account those new grandstands field rolling off pit road now onto the mile and a half track. They make the first of two pace laps where they'll cut them loose get the running of the Winston Open underway. A late added Driver to the Field Del mccower which just come from the garage area in his masters in Ford and he will join the back of the field now as a thirty I drive. Around the event Joe. Rodman had been scheduled to be the thirty second driver in the race. He was driving a Klausner furniture. Ford out of Michael. Waltrip racing shops kind of a little. Rnd effort for the wood brothers. If you will. Unfortunately Joe was involved in an accident during qualifying last night and the team didn't have a backup car because this was kind of a one off of it for them. So Joe was forced to withdraw from the event so thirty one drivers in the field and on the speedway now they'll be getting the green about a lap and a half away man it's GonNa be some fireworks and this one is said with only one driver advancing from the western open instead of the five that went out of it last year to get into the main event. The heat is on the front of the pack is going to be some mad scrambling up. There can't wait to see the green fall on this one. Tonight's broadcast of the Winston is brought to you under exclusive radio rights granted by the National Association of Stock Car Auto racing to Mr and radio solely the private noncommercial use of our listening audience any publication reproduction or other description and accounts of this race without the express written consent of Nascar and M. are radio is prohibited one to go the to the field now. They'll be getting the green next time by the Charlotte Motor speedway a mile and a half round gut. The Double Dogleg on the front too little kinks that turn the front straightaway almost into somewhat of a squared off letter d. If you'll working their way now across the second of those dogleg turns in down towards turns one and two Joe. More of Hampton Virginia will cover the action for US tonight. The turns here at Charlotte Motor. Speedway are wide sweeping allowing the cars to keep up a full head. A speed coming into burp throttle materially reset. It for the run off the back straightaway. The trick here is you. Can't ray side by side but you don't want to be the ban only outside usually. It's the inside lane that yields the past once they exit. Turn two and hit the back straightaway. Only if you're really setup. Well can you make the pass on the outside? We have seen that done before but again the favorite line is going to be donald the inside groove working off turn to then they scattered out that long back straight away for turn number. Three lot of things happen up in terms three or four. That's usually the troublespot here at the Charlotte Motor speedway. If Guy's GONNA get into the wall or lose the car come out from under whatever it will happen somewhere coming through three and four and to cover the action up there forced. Let's go up to Fred. Armstrong from Portland Oregon. Thanks Party. I'll tell you. A decisive moves and race car. Set up a really GONNA pay off here tonight. As far as making the decision you WANNA plant the race car wherever you wanted. If you want on the outside you have to keep it there. You make lane changes down here. You're going to scrub off speed as far as the setup. Joe Moore told you if you get to the outside lane you're GonNa get pass on the inside so if you're pushing her lucent you screwed up to the outside. It's a good chance you'll get bypassed out a turn for the start has been waved off for another lap. Del mcchord apparently is not eligible. To start this event he came out of the garage and join the tail end of the field but he is not able to start this event because of not making the minimum speed in practice. Apparently so Adele will have to go back to the garage and will not be eligible for this race and that's why we have waived off the start because he's on the race track. It doesn't need to be there back for the start of the Winston Open in a minute Morgan Shepherd and day. Marcus both made trips to pit road under the pace laps. We'll follow up those stories in a moment. First here comes the field off. Turn number four the pace car heads. Four Pit Road Chad. Little Lake speed on the front row fifty laps and only the winner advances to the Winston. The green flag comes up in the Winston open to shoot out in a hurry as a green flag. Comes OUT QUICK? Start for the John Deere cars. He heads off in Terminal One. He got everybody going to the corner and gets run all by himself and he hits the Corner Chat. Little has about a three car league pontiac racing for the first time deterred one stacked up behind him down link speed. He rides along Second Ricky Craven. Who third that's going to be the first challenges. He hit the back straightaway. Craven drives down low because the inside of Lake speed is. They climbed the backing of turnover three but he dives down to the bottom of the racetrack. One car moves to the top of the banking. It's bast he feels some heat on. The Inside Is Grace's off turn four three wide off. Turn four back for about the eleven spot Brett. Bodine John Andretti. Robby Gordon Gordon Way. Up High exiting core still three and the outside going on. It's going to be the winner of that battle. Cover deterred drove it way up to the club side. The racetrack sweets around passing retro died and John Dreading. He completes that pass but now they're stacked up three white in front of him. The trickled now making a move to the inside of the racetrack. In front of that three wide. He'll pick up the position. Now here cups. Robby Gordon he'd lose to the top of the banking battle there for ten off. Turn four racy really going on from eleven place on back. It's been two and three wide since they put under green at the front of the fields four-car breakaway as they go back to Chad. Little takes over to brought eight cars single file the race. Still for the spot who robby Gordon goes to the outside of Joe. David Tech gets by picks off that spot. Now time for the upside apply robbers wrestling backstretch or takes it down to the bottom of the Racetrack Presley. Defense on the line but Gordon decides to do it up high presley down low. Gordon gets the advanced now. They're side by side is a race off the fourth corner to start finish line. Chad Little Lake Speed Ricky Craven and Wally Dal and back the front four. Then you've got rick mast in fifth sixth steeper. They're all single. File a six place Garden Seventh Dick Critical. All those that single out eight places where the battle is once again. Robert. He'll complete to pass of Robert Pressley. Now Presley under attack Joe Neva check. He'll drive down to the end and pass it three. Check the nose underneath. He'll go down to the bottom of the racetrack. Now they'll go single file right behind. Here's John Andretti. He begins to rumble on the outside. After it for if you wonder why the rating is so back there again will point out that only the winner from this race will move in the main event tonight and have a shot at winning two hundred thousand dollars if he can win the Winston. They're back in one piece of the top five Beca to passive Rick Bass Company the Corner. Swipe behind him. Another Carl moved out of the end side. Dick trickle works through his way to the inside. Robby Gordon on the outside of Dick trickle trickle trying to dig in. He'll lose the position to Gordon now. He'll go side by side at the corner is a race off the turn with. Robert pressley trickle racing back there about ten in line as the field works. Its way off. Turn before we mentioned date. Marcus and Morgan Shepherd on pit road on the pace lap. Let's get an update there from Tony now. The problem with Marcus Card. There seems to be a slight skipping. The motor the crew isn't sure what is the problem there Morgan Shepherd brought his in America Pontiac into Michael McCain and the team apparently they replaced the power steering in the final practice. There seemed to be some air so they needed to believe the fluid just a little. The car seems to be fine now album. These reiver's way back toward the Taylor. The field got a long ways to go to have any hope of winning this race. Here light now six laps go up on the school. Board has again tablet will take them back to turn to little shows. He's got about a car length. While the second place car lake speed ricky craven been looking for an opportunity to get by speed the last couple of laps for now they settle down single. While he's been trying to get a nose underneath a a coveted turnover. Three but down the back straightaway. Lake speed has good speed so as he shoots it to the corner. Craven is able to get underneath him. So they'll rebel single file off the turn looking back about Let's see two four six eight nine in line or so dick trickle and Joni Mitchell continuing to put on a good race there for position. Nemechek and trickle having gotten side-by-side a couple of times. Now they're single. File wrinkled heck's the position three to the sideline to pick up the spot. Bill those single file now as they work off the corner five cars. Those who fail hitter third three Check thinking about making a move to the inside addict trickle down the back straightaway. But Dick trickle maintains the position. Everybody in the top ten now single file they head off turn foreign down the short shoot. Mike Skinner. Who had a strong car also trying to work his way up and get to the front of the field is going to have to do it in a hurry because fifty laps go by very quickly if this race stays under greedy current should be about fourteen as he watches way back into turn was get her settled at single cloud drawing rear deck of the Johnny Benton Gar. Just ahead of them eleventh. Here's a pass. Huts goes up laugh. Racetrack will be outside of John Andretti. He completes the pass off. Turn to Andreotti tax along with the draft down the back straightaway as shuffled into the corner. Everybody stays single filed. Here's strickland look at the top of the banking. Now he'll work on Joe Nemechek as they come off. Turn four racing for the ninth and tenth positions says Nemechek Harley Ten strictly trying to get that away from him and he will at the start. Finish Line now because the ninth place. Dick trickle as they go back to the corner will coming to turn a on move. Very good had car spots in the for now. He's settled in behind the car. Dick trickle the way to work on the back straightaway cracking down the back straightaway racing into the third quarter strictly picking his lands. He'll go to the high side. Dick Trickle Dixon to the bottom of the racetrack trickles machine eases up the banking strickland. Is there grabs the outside lane there side by side? They are the door when they come off the corner. And come out and start finish Latino needle when you go through. Turn four running too deep particular Laura to kick out. The outside wall bent surprised that there had been no big scramble to take the lead away from Chad. Little the cars. A couple of very close up there. Ricky Craven within a car link so far he hasn't put a move on. They're back in three times to the inside. But Barney getting a good. Run down the back straightaway. The deal with chat little. He set up well so he's able to glue it down to the bottom of the racetrack joining the chick. Good way up high turns one and two lap ago Joe War cost about three or four spot. Certainly toe trying to hang on. Get a good one off the turn. Standing went way up from the outside light. Who wants to come and positions battles back in line to regain some of those spots now. The man behind him. On Johnny bits thick the same lane neva check yet but he doesn't lose spots. Paul's Atlanta the rear deck of the Tech Benson. Now taking a look to the side of Nemechek race return number three. He can't get the Lane Nemechek. Defense down low but Benson is tough on the bottom of the race rock hill. Hang off the rear deck of check. They race off. Turn four again. The intensity cranks up back there from about eleven position on to get up to the front of the pack and have a shot at winning sleeves goes back to turn war single file like speed finding enough even more on sat little on a car link between those two Ricky Craven and third the great battle for fourth on the backstretch Alabama. Right away wally. Dollase feeling the pressure. Steve grissom is there. Dolon back takes his machine the bottom of the race track. He is glued on the inside now. Drift up the banking risk tries to pounce off the fourth corner not able to get underneath and though as they exit the corner and come to the start finish line completing by thirteen fifty in the Winston Open. Chapel is still the leader wherever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection and industry leading warranty tickets. You there no matter where the road takes you. You can count on Hercules tires to have your back when times are tough all while adding money to your pocket. The purchase of four qualifying Hercules tires through may thirty. First Two thousand twenty could get you up to seventy dollars. Visa prepaid card visit Hercules tire dot com slash spring rebate to learn more. That's Hercules tire DOT COM Hercules tires. Ride on our strength closing at the halfway point of the Winston Open at Charlotte Motor Speedway Chad. Little is lead from the pole in the drop of the green flag now across the stripe at lap number eighteen fifty. Yes about a car. Length lead on second place running late. Speed let's pause ten seconds for Station. Identification on Mr in radio. The Voice of NASCAR racing three cars nose to tail for the lead in the Winston Open fifty laps with only the winner transferring to the big box all star race later this evening the Winston at the start finish line chat little with plenty of company. Lake speed and ricky craven right behind into one tiny got coming back into the all single file good race going on about the six spot back. Brick past has position ganging up on. Robby Gordon Oh the charge trying to get by Johnny Benson looks male side Huts John Reading Hall in that package Dirt Three Rick Mask. It's cracked up down the back straightaway. Almost was bypass. Just coming off of turn number two by Robby Gordon but now mask goes in the middle of the Racetrack Gordon on the side Benson on the high side trying go three wide off turn four. That could have been a bad news coming out of that corner right there. There were three deep a little give and take or somebody would've went into the wall as they work their way back into turn one. We're seeing a lot of contact out there. Joe More of those cars getting together up side by from the lead. Mike speed is finally made his speed down to the inside of the racetrack drag racing with chat little into the corner. Little's Pontiac power back on the outside side by side for the lead of the Winston. Open off turn four lake speed. Having to pinch the car down. Low off the corner chat little. Try to keep it wound up in the outside at the Stripe Chad. Little by offender will retain the lead lap. Twenty-one Lake speed though still up underneath him to one lane that'll the inside coming a turn one and wiping the corner still dead even Ricky Alibek. Becca get a three way battle. He's looking for a chance of make moved ricky craven looking at the inside of the racetrack to go three wide bill. He lets off with Ronald drops back and lake speed gets the edge deter number two. I should say turn number three coming off. Turn Four Lake speed leads away like speed ran door to door for about two laps around the racetrack. Finally gets the lead away from Chad. Now Ricky Craven sleek it about trying to take second away and turn one route three cars nose to tail cutting back to turn on with Lake. Speed the top spot little white behind your rookie. Craven there it's a pathway number. Four WAY BATTLE Steve. Grissom is caught them now. He tightens up the back straight away from on the tailgate of Ricky. Craven down the back straightaway. The front four cars out now just about a car length. Apart as they all race to the inside of the racetrack race late speed leads off number. Four down the short straightaway. Gary Brad Breeze just taken. His car back to the garage is up and turn four. Robert Pressley gets all kinds of out of shape back for about the seventh and eighth spots manages to get the car back under control but not before he loses four positions close call there for Presley as leader's exit turn to and head down the backstretch. Like speech shows the way down the back straightaway. The front four cars all single file now. Ricky Craven began to draw on the rear deck of Chad. Little Chat little plants the Pontiac on the bottom of the racetrack. No Room for to make the move as they exit for and for the moment battle at the front of the field stabilizes just a little bit. It's a four car breakaway and then a single car volley Donna. Back Riding Long bit place from sixth place on back. That's been a real scrambled hut strickland. Currently hangs on it Johnny Benson Robby Gordon go at it tooth and nail and turn one. Robert got a little bit loose the last time to. It's costing him now as he comes back into turns wanted to. I hot triplet gets by picks six now Johnny Vincent Times date. He'll get by as well as they get the backstretch Robert had trouble getting off. Turn four as well. Last time. He lost the position Hud Strickland now. He dives into turnover three. He'll pick up the position as he races side by side with Johnny Benson now Benson fields of on the outside as race off the fourth corner leaders. Just taking the halfway signal at the start. Finish line a good race for second back to the corner. Ricky Craven Fi to light underneath chat little wide open gets by grabs the spot here now. Steve grissom prior to get the third spot for muddle off. Turn twos by side with chat little down the back straightaway heading into number three Chad. Little goes up to the top of the backing tried to cut off. Grissom's advance the low side. But Steve Grissom Dixon. They're still side-by-side. Came obvious about seven or eight laps ago. That Chad had a handling problem with the car. Coming off the corners like pushing pretty much and getting up higher and higher. What's did everybody tried to get underneath him. It's costing me a of spots. Now he's just trying to hang onto third and turn want to pull it back in the banking as you said he will not come down. It's costing every time it comes to the turn so far. Those Steve Able to take advantage. He's still up alongside little third spot versus patient down the backs away waiting for the opportunity to open up at it does again as chattels car bottoms out the sparks fly hitters the corner reduced to the top of the banking. Here's Chris up to the inside. I am not able to get alongside. Bill Falls back in line in fourth. As Robby Gordon Fall on packet onto the apron of the race track in turns three and four twenty three laps to go lake speed. The second leader of the Winston Open Ricky Craven out in front of the Winston Open with eighteen laps to go only the winner of this event. Transfer is into the running of the Winston. That comes up later on tonight here at Charlotte Motor racing network here to bring it to you live grave and a new pursuer ricky. Excuse me Steve. Grissom has moved around lake speed into the second spot and algorithm about two car legs off Craven's back bumper into the final ten laps. Three cars have gone to the garage in the last several moments. Robby Gordon went back there a minute ago. Winston Kelly has an update. Why Mike Yoma tells the clutch slipping to lobby just took it to the garage area. Antonie Rudy has an update on what happened to Gary Bradberry and Brett Bodine. Well it's kind of the same thing out of both these cars camps here bradberry had a very bad vibration from the very start. It's a non points race. He thought it'd be better to just park it same with Brett. Bodine car got loose. It kept getting looser and looser once again rather than tariff racecars. Better to parking and Ricky Craven leads off turn of the four continuing to lead in the western open hoping to advance to the main event the Winston while the racist kind of settled down for just a moment here. We'll talk with Andy Schindler the CEO and President of rjr Tobacco Company boy. This is a great night in the hands. No It's Beautiful Barn. It's absolutely perfect weather. I don't think aim high isolate fans of psyched up. Drives psyched up the Winston Open. Here's going good looking forward to the Winston hair and few minutes has this race materialized into what Winston had hoped. Would it up came? Started doing way back I actually. I think it's probably exceeded our expectations. I was talking to today on the way down to the track and I race which is our thirteen I think the twenty five thousand fans that the first race Lee. We have got one hundred thirty five hundred fifty thousand here tonight. So it's it's grown tremendously. Hank become this outstanding all-star event that everybody loves it drivers the cruise the teams. The fans did a breakfast this morning with Dale Earnhardt and he called this race. The most thrilling race of the season he said beside the race for the Nascar Winston Cup Championship. This is the most thrilling Gracia the season. You got big fans in the drivers in this event to the. I think that's true. You could sense that the driver's meeting walking around in the in the pets and the garage this afternoon. All the drivers psyched up talking about how much they enjoy. This and how much look forward to it. So it has become a real major event that everybody looks forward to drivers and fans. Andy we appreciate you coming by for a few minutes. I know you need to get back downstairs and do some of the race activity for the main event the wisden. It's GONNA be Great. Thanks Gordon good to see you guys at Schindler President and Chief Executive Officer of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. The folks from Winston on the All star race tonight here in Charlotte three laps to go now. Ricky Craven Joe. More looks like he's got himself a fairly stable lead. I'll say that he's really tightened up here. The last few moments starting to stretch out many five. Carlex OVER STEVE GRISSOM. Five more. Back to lake speed third. Ricky Craven has been perfect down at this end of the racetrack. At this time we have to deal with a slower car so craven. Kenan joy that inside lane that he's been running so well and this time east links to the outside. Steve will have to bypass on the outside. As well or ricky can just hang on and win this thing and advance into the Winston a little bit later in the evening out of. This is a break really needed. They've had been looking for some people really get that team. Turn in the right direction. This could do it ricky craven. It's never been in the All star race. The Winston his best finish in the Winston Open prior to tonight was finishing sixth in this race. Back in nineteen ninety. Plus you've ever ricky lead over one hundred laps of the Nascar Winston Cup series here in Charlotte last October driving. Then for the Larry Hedrick team he's about lap away for victory in the Winston Open. It comes off the corner looking for the white flag down to the line. Look WHITE FLAG and Steve. Grissom turns up the heat he is. We're GONNA car link of catching the white flag goes out down at Willoughby's no messed you. Up there binding. We have ten more laps looking at At a wrong number here so we have ten more laps to go when they come back around. Next time by and it does look like Steve. Grissom'S GETTING REAL STEVE. Really got on the floor and coming out. Turn four had closed within the carling. He keeps the heat on over intern for Ricky. Craven is able to keep a Chevrolet down at the bottom of the racetrack. This time. He does. Steve Grissom gained on last time though as he pushed up the banking and again he races off for Chris Sale. Probably the time of the race. Were GRISSOM tries a couple of different lines to see if there is a particular way getting into an off the quarters where he can make a run at Ricky Craven for now the advantage pretty steady there back in one prison. Betas be waiting knowing. He's got some nine laps to go to make. Then keep tires cool now keeping the driver and sightings tried to pass make the move later it stabilizes they had to turn three to links advantage for craven down the back straightaway doesn't gain a bunch. Maybe about a half a car length on the entrance to the corner racing off. Now they're like the part they head down the shore to Steve. Keeps the heat turned up? Es still within striking distance as it winds down the nine laps to go. Who's going to win? The Western Open Mike. Wallace has just taken his car to the garage. As we close in on the finish of the Winston Open Charlotte Motor speedway four laps to go and the leader comes off. Turn FOUR NEXT TIME and Steve GRISSOM had been closing right up on the back of Ricky Craven. Now though in the last couple of laps he's fallen back off. The deck. Perhaps gruesome is used up what he had left to try and make a final charge at craven. Go back to turn one gets about five garlic's between the front to coming back into the corner craven looking as stable as ever Chris also but again that huge deaths in the closing laps ricky craven with about five parlor grade away craven had been drifting up to the middle of the back of Dalit turns three and four. That's GRISSOM was able to gain up wanting the car link to down this time as they come into the corner craven blues it to the bottom and he comes very well off. Turn FOUR DOWN THE SHOW. You GotTa get close enough to make a run on the leader at right now. Where Steve Grissom is? He's not close enough to get a run coming down off the banking either to our four. He may be able to catch him and traffic down to the corner and close up a little bit there over in turn to again on the billy standridge car just ahead ricky craven carpet on the track. Paul's behind it. Now Peel so the outside lane to make the past three fourths of the top of the bag as he goes up high. Now down to the bottom of the racetrack. Now grissom has to deal with lap traffic so he goes high as well still five car links off the leader off turn four cost of a little bit of momentum a little bit of ground there is he had to go around the lap car at the critical part of the corner where he wanted to come home and mash the gas now with two laps to go craven with a fairly comfortable lead provided he doesn't slip threats out even more coming back into turn on seven. Carl expect to aggressive is at the start closing gate if he's going to do anything. All the backstretch Ricky Craven on cruise control down the back away heading into over takes his car in the middle of the banking. Eases it down to the bottom of the white lie. Ricky craven blue to the inside erases off the fourth. Turn a couple of cars directly ahead with. They're not gonNA come into play to give Steve Grissom anything to hold up the leader where he'll take a shot. A white flag goes up to the leader as he goes back to turn one. Ricky Craven comes back into Turkish drops. The left side tires down the white line of the race track. Eases up off the golf tournament hits the back straightaway. Still the second span. Steve Grissom is seven X. reminded final. Five Alabama's right away wasting a deterrent number three. The LAP traffic ahead Kenny. Wallace car still about ten colleagues out at front shouldn't hold up the leader. Coming of the chequered flag. Ricky Craven off turn four craven down to the start finish line he will win the Winston Open. Ricky craven goes onto the All star event later this evening but Winston with a four car length. Victory over Steve. Grissom grissom coming home in the runner up spot. It'll be lake speed. Finishing third little fourth and unofficially Hud. Strickland will come home in the fifth position. Rape taking the lead at number twenty nine and holding on until the chequered flag now the budweiser crew some decisions to make down on pit road. Well Eddie grades. Congratulations it's to the big show. Now what happens row just go Don't run with our teammates there and see what we can do with the other guys. That was pretty good. Setup changes now not really that's eighty degrees crew chief. It's like go to get their car. Ready for the big show the Winston Ricky Craven winning the Winston. Open here at Charlotte tonight. He will become the twentieth. Entrant into the All star race that pays two hundred thousand dollars to the winner will hear from Craven and some of the other top finishers in the Winston Open and then gets you ready for the big shootout. That comes up in just a short while back at Charlotte. Thirty drivers ran fifty labs to try and get into the running of the. All Star race later this evening only ricky craven succeeded. He has won the Winston Open by officially point. Five to nine seconds over Steve Grissom. We'll hear from the winner in a minute right now. Let's get a word from the runner-up he's with Winston Kelly stave. You had an office strong car. You got very close to in there at one time. And then he's saying to pull away toward the end. How about your own? Yeah I'll tell you. This car is awesome. I mean this Kodiak team is brand new car and awesome piece. And I'm forced. We just come up a little bit short just a little too tight there. I guess pretty much toward her out. Front tyrel father but still you know we learned a lot here too not that definitely. Us next Sunday. Well when we were talking before the race I asked you. Can you learn running in the hot weather? And you said in fifty labs. Okay tell us what you learn. Well just basically what the track does from the daytime to nighttime? It's kind of a little bit of guessing game there and You know with. We learned a little something here today but I mean that's the way we approaches deals. Come down here with brand new car and learn as much as we can side. I mean entire Kodiak team. It's awesome bunch of guys. I built a good car strong voter and all the next week not particularly where he wanted to see me after the race he wanted to be over there in victory lane but still a good. Run for Steve Grissom and the Kodiak Chevrolet. Let's go check in with Tony I've Chad little the pole sitter here. Chad you seem to have the field covered at the start but then the car started to slip back. Just got got real tight and there was Not much academic kills all your momentum when it's pushing like that and We're anticipating it to be a little more slippery out there than it was. And we tighten the car up and should've left darn thing loan but it was really good and I think we've got something to work on the six hundred so we're awfully excited about that. Yeah a fourth place. Finish the pole position. That's GonNa make you feel really good about the team coming along now. Well sure doesn't hurt. That's for sure it makes everyone feel good in. Rafah excited about it and looking forward to next week. That's Chad little fourth-place finish today and in Victory Lane Ricky. Craven celebrating a win in the Winston Open. Jim Phillips is their big smiles down here Jimmy Johnson and The guys in the victory down here with Ricky Craven is We're GONNA get ready to talk to ricky in just a moment. Ricky in Victory Lane in a little bit of an unusual manner doesn't have as race car. Ricky walked into victory lane is cars being pushed over through the NAS car technical inspection line and then we'll be brought back around to be prepared by Andy Graves the Budweiser team for the Winston to go back to Jim Phillips with Ricky Craven Rookie. First about your progression to the front. Well Chad in Lake Work. Pretty Hard Day the first twenty laps and I had to let him go because I started pick a push with with the Budweiser Chevrolet and it But it came back to me and know Ray Everett him had been preaching to me Patients and Andy just taking a little while to settle in but I really feel like this is exactly what I needed and what the team needed. Maybe this is the boost. That'll get us back on form. Grissom came up onto their looked like he was going to be able to take you. Then you pull away. I honestly thought he had been saving something you know. And he came on so hard when he got close to me and got me loose but I- gritted my teeth and I remembered what one of the guys said to me at the shop this week. They said we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get them and when you get down and let them back out and we had the position and he's going to have to earn it to give by zone to the big show. You make many changes. Yeah that's the only advantage we got right now. We just ran fifty laps tune on the Budweiser Chevrolet to get it. A little better than what it just watch. I think we've got a chance. They thinks he's got a chance. We'll find out that's ricky craven. The water the Winston Open Wheel car ran good enough that he can hang in there tonight. He's got a shot to stay up in the lead. Pack and circumstances. Play a big deal when you have to thirty lap segments in ten lap shootout. Anything can happen usually does so. Ricky Craven is going onto the Winston as a result of his way in the Winston. Open the race. Caution free if you're just joining US Chan. Little led the first twenty one laps. Then Lake speed went out in front from his outside pole. Starting position he ran second until lap. Twenty two he took the lead for six laps. Around that had lap twenty nine it was craving out in front led until the chequered flag at lap fifty again. No cautions of the thirty original starters. Twenty six of them were on the race track at the end of the event. Take a look at the finishing order now from the Winston Open. It is ricky craven the race winner over. Steve GRISSOM SECOND LAKE. Speed Third Chad. Little fourth and Hutch Strickland V. Six Wally back. Johnny Benson was seventh. John Andretti eight. Ken Schrader was ninth and Mike Skinner rounded out the top ten of the finishers in the Winston Open. Finishing eleventh was Ted. Must Grave twelve will go to trickle thirteenth? Rick Wilson Fourteenth to Bobby. Hillen finishing fifteenth is Rick Mass Seventeenth. Make that sixteen. We'll go to Jeremy Mayfield. Seventeenth will be Morgan. Shepherd eighteenth will be Derek Cope. Nineteenth finisher was The Car Joe Nemechek twentieth in the Winston Open is the machine that was driven by David. Greene twenty I finish a Robert Pressley. Twenty Second Ed Barrier twenty-third Kenny Wallace. Twenty-fourth Billy Standridge Randy. Macdonald finished twenty fifth. Twenty-six went to Mike Wallace Dave. Marcus twenty seventh. Twenty Eighth Robby Gordon Brett. Bodine twenty-ninth Gary. Bradberry finished thirtieth. This recap the Winston Open sponsored by sports image race fans. If you're looking for quality racing apparel and souvenirs for Dale earnhardt. Jeff Gordon Terry the body Darrell Waltrip and many more look no further than the GM dealership GM pro shop or sports image retail specialty. Store near you. You'll find a variety of souvenirs and apparel to help you. Show your support for your favorite driver. Remember if you want quality and variety you want sports image racing apparel and souvenirs. The Winston Open is history. Craven goes onto the Winston. We'll get you set for the running of the All Star Race for the thirteenth time. They'll go at it with two hundred thousand dollars up for the win. Those cars will be getting rid in just a moment. I could Charlotte Getting Ready for the thirteenth running of the Winston the All star race twenty drivers to go a little bit over one hundred miles with some two hundred thousand dollars on the line for the winter the race to be run in three segments thirty laps than thirty laps that a final ten lap sprint of the chequered flag always spectacular and always exciting. Well the first segment usually kinda get a feel for how the race is going to go a lot of times guys as we say when we were in the field and that second half I talked to a lot of teams down there and I'm sure you to the last couple of days. And they said if our car is that bad in the first half. We're not gonNA worry about it because we're still gonNA get a good starting position in the second half you. Kinda caught in a dilemma. If you win for segment then you go to the back of the field. Sa- disadvantaged a lot of money up for grabs in each segment. So you really. A lot of strategy comes into play. It just depends on how good you feel that race. Aureus fifty thousand to win each segment of the Winston. So you don't want to lay back in that first thirty laps. If you can you want to go up front collect the cash and then take your lumps in the second half figuring if you had a good enough car to get to the front by the thirty. You'll have a good enough car to get the front by the end of lap. Sixty the Winston coming up shortly here at Charlotte WanNa take a couple of minutes. Say hello to castle. Sports marketing specialist for lows lows. The official home improvement store of NASCAR was just chatting with Dina minute ago. They've opened up a brand new big super huge low store in Huntersville North Carolina. Just down the road from my house and I'm very grateful for that and we're grateful grateful. I dropped a lot of money with you here lately on our new house up here. But we'll make more product for you guys It's just been an exciting venture for Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse This is our third year as a primary sponsor on the Winston Cup circuit our first year with the Richard childress racing organization Driver Mike Skinner. Just a fantastic venue for our company as we continue to grow across. The country has a lot of partners in its Racing Program we see on the side of Mike Skinner's car and so forth. That's correct Alan. It's a it's a vendor partner organization that we've Developed with our primary sponsorship with the thirty one car. We've got to owens corning Dowse bar paints southeast. Would until Lesnar yet. It's all all collectively together on this organization and it's It's been a great deal. Everybody's been with since the beginning of ninety five and where we're headed forward in the future at your particular store locations response from race fans at the local managers and employees here about it absolutely and you wouldn't believe the feedback. We're getting now Especially when when the poll Daytona? It was just phenomenal The stores really get excited about it and integrate rallying point entire organization Dane. We appreciate Lowe's involvement in nascar racing and with motor racing network and good AC- a little while thank you bye. Thank you Dean Castle. Sports marketing specialist for lows. The official home improvement store of NASCAR warning that big old lowe's home improvement warehouse near my house in North Carolina. Here has collected a pretty good bit of my money. It's great store. Got A lot a lot of things in there. I'll have to come up and see what all you're doing and remodeling. I like see your carpenter expertise so to speak. It can be a project I they tell me Every time I get out and do something. Don't quit my day job because I'm not gonNA make a living as a tradesman. That's for sure drivers beginning to be introduced to the crowd here at Charlotte for the Winston as we get set for the running of the All star race right now. The cars for the event being pushed out from where they were behind the wall and the Nascar Winston Cup garage onto the racetrack by the teams and drivers following their car out of the garage in the back. Obey a white Chevy Camaro car and coming out to be paraded around in front of the grand stand's Before the race fans and the hundred thousand plus race fans here giving vowed cheers to their favorites as they make their way around the race. Track AND GET IT UP. Close view of Those drivers take a minute. Update you on a couple of other things that are happening around racing first of all earlier tonight. The Arco Bond Omar Height series running a one hundred mile event here at Charlotte Mark Thompson. The veteran from Carter's Georgia getting his first ARCA series win holding off. Ed Barrier Gary Layton Jerry NATO and Matt Hunter for the win good to see Mark Thompson in victory. Lane had finished second like four or five times. In these arcade superspeedway races got to victory lane. Here tonight the ARCA series running here at Charlotte again on Wednesday evening qualifying this afternoon at the Nazareth speedway in Pennsylvania for the Nascar Busch series and their two hundred mile event tomorrow afternoon. Elliot Sadler taking the pole position over. Todd Bodine Hurry Sadler. We'll start third. Jeff Green Fourth Glenallen Junior v rest of the top. Ten Starters Steve Park Jo Bessie Ranelagh. Joy Kevin Lepage and Phil. Parsons and motor racing network has live coverage of the core states advantage two hundred for the Nascar Busch series that's tomorrow from Nazareth Pennsylvania our broadcast twelve forty five eastern time. Hope that you will join us. If you're up in that area it's always a great race at that five. Turn my that has to be one of the most unique racetracks in the country for an oval and just got to produces some exciting racing by the very nature of the race track. It's a compromise race track as they say. I haven't been up there a lot of years. We used to go up and do busch races or are broadcast up. They're always enjoyed going to Nazareth. And as you said it kind of puts a little bit of pressure on the driver when they go there because driver ability can either win it or lose it for you. We're just what's going on here in front of us out there pushing the cars out you're talking about. I think this is what makes the Winston. So great is the fans are all up against the fence. They've all got cameras. You see the flashbulbs going off all night. Long here at the speedway during the race during the pre-race activity the driver's coming around the convertibles get close enough to the fence. That fans can yell at them. Whatever they want to take the pictures and all that it's just such a great night and s as the people from Winston said over the years this race is for the fans and it has certainly turned into a race. The fans remember by the things that have happened on the race. Track right for the very first running of Winston Nineteen eighty-five atone. Wisconsin established that wild. In sort of unexpected. Things would happen during the running of these races. We'll talk about some of the past runnings of the Winston and the excitement that we expect to see repeated here again tonight as we get you ready for the all star. It'll begin very shortly back in Charlotte Getting Ready for the thirteenth running of the Winston. The all as this event begun back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five to be an event for the fans a lot of money on the line for a short race for the drivers and body. Right from the waving the checkered flag. That very first event eighty-five this race. Kind of set the tone for unusual and strange happenings and nobody really knew what to expect. Enduro Walter ended up winning. That first race reminisced a little bit with him yesterday down the truck and he remembers winning that I Winston and how big it was for everybody. That was a big deal. You know the very first one and it was on Saturday before the six hundred you know. And they flew a Winston made a big deal out of it. Eliot was going for the Winston Million. Sobers a Lotta Height going on with that and in. Winston flew all the press down from Indianapolis that Saturday afternoon to see the first race a Chevrolet in junior and everybody. They build a special motor for the car. Here's a special car. Had been to the wind tunnel. We tested here up teen towns with the more computer data than I've ever seen in a race car similar to what we do today so it was all geared toward winning that very first one that was important a junior he just wanted to always be able to say he wanted the first one and. I didn't know it was going to be able to do it or not. They look too good there for a little while. Nonetheless chased hurry down and passed him in one day. Gum Reysen thing went up and smoke across. The line. Didn't have a better finish to that. I Winston than that one. He also said that I asked him if it was as intense in that first race if he remembered the intensity being like it is nowadays and he said yes. It was for the simple reason that nobody had ever heard of winning. Two hundred thousand dollars for a short race like that. And so that. Darrell waltrip spectacular. Finish to the first Winston setting the tone for many spectacular races yet to come Dale Earnhardt. One one that's remembered very much to this day is being one of the more exciting runnings of the Winston SPEC in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven Dale Geoff Bodine and Bill Elliott basically had a war on this racetrack beaten and banging bouncing all over each other at one point earnhardt and Elliott were bouncing off each other so hard earnhardt was racing Elliott in the grass down the front straightaway a pretty exciting to several little spins and dodged one wreck with Bohdan and Elliott got into it and later on Elliott. Nice SORTA got to going at it and was bumping around above and through the grass and this is just a heck of a race and exciting day really ended up. We came out on top at the end fortunate. Really I mean. We've had a lot of chances. Not Not Vanish. Pretty Amazing Race. Really and I think that's the one that we remember the most Dale Earnhardt remembering his win. The nineteen eighty-seven running the Winston. Now they call it the pass in the grass. We've come to talk among ourselves about whether we really passed him in the grasser dot more like he just raised him in the grass held onto the lead but still Pretty good Label the hang on the race there. The past and the grass and hard winning the Winston back in Nineteen Eighty. Seven talked about that for a long time that he just kept the car in a straight line. That was a miracle. Self nineteen ninety to remember when Kyle Petty and Davey Allison came INCR- came crashing across the start. Finish line talk with Kyle about that. The other day said the neat thing about that was David. I never had any crosswords about it. He said we both understood and we both knew. We were just racing hard for a lot of money. He said everybody else wanted to make a bigger deal out of it. The debut and I did. He said we didn't have any heart problems about it with each other. And that's one of the things he remembers about that. There was eighty nine when Rusty Daryl Gut together off turn four with Daryl spinning into the grass and rusty win the race and Darryl saying be chokes on that two hundred thousand dollars after the race and then there was last year when Michael Waltrip after starting twentieth getting into the race by finishing fifth in the Winston Open finds himself on the final restart with ten laps to go forth outside of Rusty Wallace. Behind Dale Earnhardt. And Terry the body start with ten laps to go was was exciting and I knew I knew it would be when we were setting on pit road. Prior to the ten laps we had worked ourselves in a position to start on the outside the second row. I said this is pretty good. This is a good place to to see what happens from and On the break we got around rusty and and Dale and Terry went into one. And nobody's GonNa give and they got together a little bit and there was just an operating for me to support through their the key to win the race to me was when I did shoot through there with their turns one and four and back they wanted to. The car was handling part. I said I don't think they're gonNA catch me and that that was the case. We laughed from there Pretty gratifying behind three Winston Cup champions with ten laps to go and and beat them and win the race. Made it for real special night and and Ever forget Michael's celebration in Victory Lane was also very emotional very spontaneous. It's something that a lot of us who saw it will never forget Michael Waltrip winning the latest running of the Winston. The latest spectacular. Finish the All star race number thirteen of the Winston set to get underway here at Charlotte. Just a few moments when we come back. We'll go trackside and hear from some of the drivers in tonight's race driver introductions moving rapidly along the poll winner for the Winston Bill. Elliott has just been introduced to the crowd here at Charlotte beginning to be paraded around the speedway in the convertible car. Most of the other drivers having been introduced already making their way to their machines which are lined up along the main straight away kind of in along long grass that separates the Dogleg area the race track from pit road and last in line actually now next to last because Ricky Craven's addition to the end of the field is winner the Winston Open next to last in the field. Is Jeff Gordon? One of the favorites to win the poll last night. If you weren't with us for qualifying Gordon came off. Turn four down pit road way too fast to be able to get stopped in time for the mandatory to tire change. That had to happen in his qualifying. Run for the Winston. So Gordon did not get an official qualifying result and he starts nineteenth in the race tonight. Jim Phillips is with Jeff Gordon. To see what he thinks about his chances to get to the front and this first thirty laps. I'll tell you jeff you opened up everybody's eyes last night with it was not the way you wanted to. But how good is this car right now? The open up tonight the right way I over my eyes last night to. I say it's a shame that we're not starting up from this car is very good. It's probably comparable to the ninety five car that we had in that Winston and now you know. The competition gets tougher and tougher. It's hard to come from the back of the front but we're going to give it our best shot. Where do you think you have to be last segment to have a chance to win top five? I think you've got to be in the top five and that's our plan share. We'd like to win all three legs but getting that top five and we got some form. I guarantee. Log. Your until you to nineteen ninety-five winner. Jeff Gordon is Allen pointed out starting nineteenth tonight but just give him a starting position at. He'll do something that car. Jeff Gordon is driving a new developmental chassis for Hendrick motorsports. It's actually what Ray. Abraham calls an experimental chassis. He said it is something. They decided they'd like to try tested at once. Several weeks back down in Texas had Gary Nelson Car Winston Cup series director. Come to their shops. Look it over and approve it. They wanted to try it under non championship conditions. Tonight to see how it's GonNa work out in the race to be absolutely perfect conditions to do that here. One of the gentleman who is in the field tonight will be making his first. Start in the wisden. That's Bobby Hamilton. Let's get his thoughts on how what he's thinking as he gets ready to go here shortly. I believe Tony Rudy is caught up with him. Well Bobby this your very first Winston. What do you think of all this pageantry? And how about your chances here tonight? We got gotta get a chance as anybody. We've seen how that goes when Michael. One eight last year but I tell you what. It's great for the fans now. They're real excited. Your Masbate national rights. Val Saturday night again. That's Bobby Hamilton. He'll start thirteenth in the DP Pontiac of the former winners that are in the field terry. The body on that list Terry the winner of this event the Winston back in nineteen eighty eight at that point his eleven th appearance in this running of the all star as he's been at it every year except one excuse me as twelfth appearance in the Winston and we'll take the green flag evening a little bit farther back than he would have liked in the eleven position. Which the Kelly's with Terry the body and he was also in that that excitement last year. Terry just talk to Gary Hart co-chief. He said he thought this car was as strong as anybody. In the field share that that opinion it was pretty good in practice You know the conditions Snyder different than they were this afternoon so I'm sure I'm sure we're going to have to adjust on it so you're the most important things we get a good start and survivor. That last segment and get the car right for ten laps as Terry Labonte. He'll off here in this first segment. Well there's a lot of potential winters Allen. There's no question about that going to be interesting to see how some of the guys in the back play it. If they can't get close enough to the front they have a shot at winning that segment. I think you're going to see some strategy. Lot of guys have changed how they feel about running that first segment and if the car is not good enough to get up there and you don't have time to get on pit road and adjusted makes a lot of sense to me. It's just another strategy to kind of stay back there because you're going to have a better starting position for segment to well as Jeff Gordon said last night after his qualifying run didn't turn out as well as he would have hoped he said. Well we'll give it all. We can in the first part of the first segment of the race. See if we can get to the front if at a certain point. We don't think we've got the horse underneath us. We may position ourselves for the second segment meeting. Get US finish as far back as possible so when they invert the field. He's as far office possible for the second thirty lap segment in the Winston Bill Elliott and Dale Earnhardt. The front row starters walking from the back of the grid up toward the front now bill with his son chase in his arms as he makes his way toward the front of the grid. Dale walking alongside wife Teresa mobs of photographers surrounding the drivers. Now as they work their way toward their machines and get ready to get strapped in for. Tonight's running all the Winston Elliott. Of course winning the pole last night in the fifty thousand dollars that goes along with it with with his three lap in a pitstop. Stop qualifying run in just a little bit over one hundred and thirteen seconds new qualifying record for the running of the Winston. Jim Phillips is about the Seidel up alongside the McDonald's for drivers. See what he thinks about his chances to win tonight got his son and his arms like little brisk. Walk Bill. Now's your chances tonight. What have to white and say I think? Mcdonald's Hordes Raanan Y.`all but you know how these deals go. You just gotTa Strap in hang on a little history here. Ten years ago EARNHARDT started on the front row. They were some fireworks at day today. Elect that year. But we'll see how to knock goes Bill Elliott. He's got the best start of anybody. He started the Bush. Poll for the Winston Nineteen ninety-seven Elliot's about his pumped up as I've seen him in a long time. Now Dale Earnhardt. He has one this thing three times. Let's see if we can get your thoughts right now. They say that this race is made for Dale Earnhardt. Type driver is tonight the night to make it the fourth one. I think it's made for all of us really out likes this kind of race to quality our strong sort of a ten year anniversary and bill. Here we talked about Larry mcreynolds. He's getting a kiss from his lovely wife to race. We talk they only talked about. Larry mcreynolds and Bobby and they said you guys are bad as pumped up as you ban KI climate in his car right now. He's going to get a last minute thoughts for Max Elton. One of the ministers that travels with the Circuit Hill off second. They'll get his game face on tonight. Not Tell you what. It's not hard to get excited when it's two hundred thousand dollars on the line and you can win even more than that. Should you win all three segments pretty get pumped up about that kind of money mentioned earlier? I did breakfast this morning. With Dale Earnhardt. He is driving our orange inge. Weeds colored car here. Today I'll tell you what earnhardt believes. He can win this race tonight. It feels like nothing would turn his team around more and get them believing as he does that they can still win at Eighth Nascar Winston Cup championship this year than to use a victory in the Winston as the springboard toward that title drivers strapping into their machines. Getting Ready for the running of the Winston the All Star as from Charlotte Michael Waltrip. The defending champion of this event got into the race through the Winston open a year ago. You starting fourth here tonight. Let's see what he thinks about his chances to win in a Dalmatian paint scheme car Michael Waltrip with new paint scheme. He's the defending champion of the Winston. And he'll roll off for here today. Michael you're the defending champs last year. You didn't have anything to lose this year. You're trying to Michael. Getting Real Quick Michael Getting a last minute talk with Linwood. We're going to try to get in here and get a word with them just real quick. Michael. You're the defending champion last year. You had nothing to lose. What your strategy this year. I think it's the same. This rises awesome. It's such a big deal for all the teams the fans and we just pre-state everything that Winston does force through the sport and we're starting in a good position. We can learn car once in the first thirty laps. Try to be strong in the next thirty and get into position to lineup baby about right here again. Fourth worked out pretty good last year. We could start here with the CITGO Ford that we've nicknamed Dotty with all the spots on it. We'll be happy that's Michael Waltrip. The defending champ rolls off fourth to. Who else would like to win this thing tonight? Would Dale Jarrett. He starts back in row. Three and six position. Let's get his thoughts and he's getting last minute thoughts from crew chief. Todd Parrott Dale normally in a sprint rice. There's no strategy but with the inverted fail does that change how you approach for segment. Well I think certainly if your car is not good enough they really get out and go in the front and win it then. You need to look at yet towards the back and You know starting as for up front and that second segment as you can is. You're strong enough to go to the front in the far segment We're pretty good but there's some cars that are a little better the eighteen car another twenty four starting way back. But he's all good and Dale earnhardt sell for good so we'll just have to say Want to waste my wife. I Happy Birthday. Kelly birthdays today. Hopefully we can bring us victory home for nature off six here in the first segment. All twenty drivers now strapped into their machines the crew chiefs Getting their last minute words in the widow nats beginning to be cinched up and now down along the start finish line getting ready to give the command to fire the engines and get this race the Winston underway for tonight here in Charlotte. Let's pause ten seconds for station. Identification on him are in radio. The Voice of Nascar racy the Winston the All star race about to get underway the first thirty laps segment paying fifty thousand dollars to the winner. Then they invert. The field from the finish should laugh thirty and restart him in backwards order for the second thirty laps. The caution flag four laps than we. Line them up double wide and go ten laps for the two hundred thousand dollar win. There's been a spectacular format for this race. We expect more of the same here tonight. They'll be firing the engines in a moment tonight. So Winston on R. Radio is sponsored by or trucks and your local Ford dealer. Have you driven a Ford truck lately by smooth Busch Beer easy drink Bush light? Push the official beer of NASCAR by quaker steak the motor oil that exceed the highest standards in North America for engine protection by. Lowe's home improvement warehouse the official Home Improvement Warehouse Look Nascar by which filters used by more mass fire rates teams wicks filters for NASCAR and your car five fleetwood for the best built Beth value recreational vehicles go with the leader go with fleetwood by MC Donald's check the speed and accuracy of NASCAR's of ficials drive through and by world championship wrestling. Don't miss the slammer. Burri pay per view on Sunday may eighteenth at seven PM. The field of twenty starters in the Winston Roll from their grid positions along the main straight away beginning a foremost double wide now behind the Chevrolet Monte Carlo Pace car they'll roll off for a couple of trips around the Charlotte at reduced speed and then turn them loose for the first thirty laps segment in the Winston glad joy. This motor racing network. Brings you the? All Star Race live tonight from earlier this evening. Ricky Craven won the Winston. Open the fifty laps spread and transfer it into the main event in the twentieth and final starting position and now the hundred thousand plus rates fans here at Charlotte are all on their feet charged up and ready for the green flag indeed that the fireworks beginning to go off down between turns one and two. That's just the preliminary to the fireworks. That'll be going off the racetrack here in just a moment. Let's take a look at the starting lineup. Back in twentieth will be Ricky Craven. Jeff will start nineteenth the eighteenth starter will be Jimmy Spencer. Darrell Waltrip squares off from seventeenth spot. Starting sixteenth is Ernie. Urban Kyle Petty Ghosts and fifteen. It'd be Ward Burton and Fourteenth Bobby Hamilton Thirteenth. Ricky Rudd goes from Twelfth and starting eleven is tearing the body the tenth place. Starters Jeff Bohdan Jeff. Burton will go through the night position. Eight starters Mark Martin. Rusty Wallace starts seven six position. We'll be Dale Jarrett with bobby. The body rolling from fifth starting fourth defending champion. In the race Michael Waltrip sterling will roll from the inside of row two and third position and on the front row outside Dale Earnhardt. The only three time winner of the Winston and on the poll Bill Elliott the nineteen eighty six winner of the event. Elliott qualifying his McDonald's Ford on the poll last night in that special three laps with a pit stop in the middle qualifying session. That was held here at the race later on. Tonight's broadcast Barney and I to pick the winner of the ray best is breaking the race award. The driver experiencing the biggest break good or bad during the Winston. We'll see five hundred dollars donated on their behalf to racing for kids magazine to promote education and reading from ray best is breaks. The official breaks of NASCAR. Well there's just something about this race Barney. We've talked about it a bit earlier this evening but it was not really making itself evident necessarily the hair on my arms until they get the field out of the race. Track in the flashbulbs begin to explode the grandstands like they do now. The fireworks going off the anticipation of a great race. It's just all here and it's built to this moment right now. It is quite a show here at the Charlotte Motor speedway. And as we're talking with. Andy Andy Schindler. A little bit earlier. The CEO and president of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Who BEGAN THE WINSTON? All Star Race. Back in nineteen eighty five. I think it has reached its peak. What would you say in ninety two once? They put it on their lights here. I mean had a good attendance fans enjoyed it but since they have gone to this format here and doing it. Charlotte under lights. I think that's when it really arrived and this race has been spectacular most every year since then and we expect more of the same tonight on the race track now. The field working. It's way behind the pace car around the racetrack couple more pace laps to go before we turn them loose and get this event underway this race tonight featuring nineteen drivers who have been the most recent race winners on the Nascar Winston Cup circuit most of them getting in through victories last season. A couple of getting in because they are former Nascar Winston Cup champions and a couple of more getting in because they did not have a full field after last year's winners and they went back a couple of years to finish out filling the field through former winners wanted to get back to where it was only previous winners that were in the race had cut down the number of spots transferred from the preliminary event to just one which is as it should be this very exclusive event and all. The drivers spoke in favor of that change in the eligibility requirements for the Winston. That were made for this year. I think that was well received by driver that we talked to that this race should be for drivers who have won a Winston Cup race or Benowitz Cup champion or one Winston Open here or that type format you are a winner. If you're in this event of course there's only going to be one winner that will come away with the overall big bucks here tonight. Two hundred thousand dollars to the winner in that last segment if he can lead and fifty thousand dollars for winning either one of the thirty laps segments. It's just there's everything up for grabs here. There's no points as you said a moment ago. This is not a Winston Cup points race. You can bend the sheet metal. You can wrinkle it up. It doesn't matter you don't really lose anything except you want to have a race car. There with capability of winning in those final ten laps nine former winners in the twelve previous running to the Winston eight of them active in the field tonight and now the field inside of one lap to go before the start working its way over in front of Joe or interns one and two once again the hell of the story in this race just like the Winston Open is coming off to you. Want to be down on the inside lane a couple of times. We saw guys get a good run. Come into the trial on the outside. Once they come off turn to the momentum goes away at the inside lane that pays off so if you do make the past coming into the quarter quickly you want to get back down in. Fort Florida Guy. You've passed. Take that inside lane off her. To on the back straightaway will follow the action once again in the. All Star race tonight from one to and as I sweep off turnover to head down that back straightaway. You see flashbulbs going off all the background. Stand that they have built over there. That'd be sweeping up into turns three and four getting ready to take the green this time around again. Let's hear from Fred Armstrong. Up Intern for part of your her. Chad. Little Lake speed both talk about how they develop push push their race cars in the Winston open and that really cost positions. You have to make the car rotate through the corner. And you've got to get to the inside down and turns three and four to really get off the corner and get around down that short straight away. We're up on top of the big grants down on the exit turned four with a spectacular view of this to the racetrack. The start has been held up as the caution lights. Have come back on around the racetrack and the lights lighter. Excuse me they have not the lights going out atop the pace card here comes the field now as it works. Its way down to the start. Finish Line we're ready for the start of the Winston degreen does come out on his off in the turn of the Bill Elliott File. Earnhardt tucks in behind him but breakaway intern leads for the first time a turn with EARNHARDT just behind him. Sterling Marlin Third Michael Walter Fourth. I challenge what a sixth spot. That is where mark mark goes to the outside of Worcester Art on the outside of the racetrack Rusty Wallace on the inside battle. For seven down the back straightaway had a number free Martin up top. Gets the position Burton on the outside follows his tire tracks off the corner. Bill Elliott Will Lee lap number one of the Winston a car linked and a half over EARNHARDT marlins single file and third double wide report. Dale Jarrett inside a Mike Walter Eric. Suzy opening their goes for two sticks. Those of us four data get side. He'll pick up the spot now bobbing twice the quality. Lay Down to the end side up. What Dale Earnhardt soft move breaks out of the draft of the inside of the race track side by side the lead give it third hard on the entrance of turnover. Three Elliott drops. Back IN LINE OUT EARNHARDT. Goes UP THE BACKING HERE COMES. Elliott to the inside. He has the lead talk about intensity at the front of the pack. Earnhardt took the lead car squirrelled up a little bit in the middle of the corner and bill immediately dived underneath our having trouble hanging on the second turn. Once they're on a bottle missing opportunity he dives down low because at heart went high scientists. This is the right for the second but EARNHARDT gets off to hanging onto the second spot for now out. They'll jared works on Sterling Marlin down the back straightaway for third. Marlin has the preferred inside. Line gets goodspeed down the back. Shoot HERE CUBS. Jared to the outside side-by-side for third off turn four. Eric tries to draw alongside and one car spins off. Turn four bobby. The body may have had contact with Martigny. Spins back onto the racetrack? All Jeff Pertinent. Ernie urban barely squeezed by saying with Jimmy Spencer. A masterful piece of driving bobby. The bunny came back across the race. Track Cross ways on the main straight away. Somehow everybody got by. We're under the caution flag for the first time at lap. Number three bobby. The body comes spinning out of the middle of the pack in turn number four in close quarters racing with Mark Martin and others but gets away. Okay we're under the yellow flag as WE COME BACK TO CHARLOTTE FIELD GONNA get the signal one lap and we'll go back green flag racing when they come to the start. Finish line this time. Jeff Bodine and Bobby on pit road under this caution. Let's start with an update on the bodies car. People getting the update there for US down the interstate battery teams pits. So we'll get word there on. What is wrong with bobby? The bodies car in just a minute also Jeff. Bodine was along pit road. Tony Rudy has an update their well jeopardise but brought the QVC. Four Down Pat Rice in in the crew. He's complaining that the car is just pushing really bad. They put some wedged into the car that I hope that'll correct it the gala. What they were doing on bobbies cars as you said. The roof flap was up on the car. They just made sure everything was a okay and sent him back on speedway Jimmy Car Jimmy damage all of that no corresponding just L. Kind of a shame. You know we knew people GonNa get a little answer there to start with Mark Lindsay and got got into the back of Bobby Tournament. Real fortunate not to not hit anything. Nobody hit us. Everything's okay this little farther back in the field than we plan on at this time. That's crew chief. Jimmy make car for Bobby. Labonte to value hardware stores in Mr Radio Congratulate Mark Martin for being selected the true value out of the race award winner recording his second consecutive win of the season and twentieth of his Nascar Winston Cup series career. He did that last Saturday. At the TALLADEGA superspeedway who value presenting market check in the amount of a thousand dollars his designated charity. Which is motor racing? Outreach also gets additional one thousand dollars I think the restart has been waved off. They're gonNA check grace track a little bit more before they put them back under green flag. Conditions we're talking about that accident just a moment go. That can't happen off. Turner before Bobby Vanni skittered. All the way down on the grass came right back up in the racing surface and there was still half the field to get by. I was just amazed when you see something like that happened in realize how good these guys are what they do that. Nobody made contact there him. They got into him because as you said he was right up he was kind of a sitting duck so to speak sitting out in the middle of the race track and everybody gets by and they were closing on him at a very rapid rate of speed figure they were doing a good hundred seventy eight hundred eighty anyway even having cracked the throttle still rolling it at least better one hundred fifty and everybody managed to find the whole squeeze by and not get into body sell some amazing skill on the part of these drivers. They're the best in the business that's why they're on the race track tonight at the. All Star of it. Now there's no question. They are a special breed of people in with only about sixty of those kind of drivers in the entire world. They've got to be something special. Jeff Burton makes a quick pitstop and he will join the tailing the field as I think this time we're getting ready to go back to green and all restarts in the. All Star event are double file so they field backup pudding. Dale earnhardt back on the outside of Bill Elliott in the first row. Dale Jarrett on the inside of row to Sterling Marlin on the outside then double wide behind them would be Michael Waltrip and Mark. Martin followed by tearing. The body in Rusty Wallace though is the first four rows as we get set for the restart green wave at number eight number thirty. Take the caution flag. Their fifty thousand dollars to the leader at that point and then the field inverted for the start of the second thirty laps shouldn't take a minute figure out that earnhardt was a man on a mission the way he went after the lead over there but it also doesn't take but a minute to see that car kicked up on the middle three and four. Let's see if it works again this time here. They come out of the line. Green flag goes back in the air. Bill Elliott set sail gets good restart. Earnhardt hangs woody on the outside. He may not be able to get around as they go door to door in. Turn at heart pulls even get to. Those Senate voted again. He's using the outside laid. What he wants to do is get around Elliott at shot back handle the inside. He'll complete that task now. Elliot's got to worry about Dale Jarrett. He's the down loans to court side by side for down the back straightaway. Dale Jarrett runs down to the inside of the racetrack. Elliott goes up high. Give Dale at the second position but here comes Elliott back still side by side off the fourth corner Elliott. Try TO HANG WITH JARED OFF THE CORNER. Jarrett will squeeze in front of him and get the second spot as Dale earnhardt officially takes over the lead at the start. Finish line now the racist side by side for the fourth position. Now the inside Michael. Walford tried to hold alt while the outside. They both come up. The Banking Mark. Morton has a look down low thought about making it three wide. Now he will. It's like exit. Turn to ripple down the back straightaway. Mark Martin on the inside of the racetrack. Michael Waltrip is the meat of the sandwich but Pie Sterling Marlin drives deep into the corner give Sterling Marlin. The fourth position is Martin falls in line V. Day what they're a lot of people on pit road and the spotted and everybody else holding their breath with Patrick back there the way they racing through the corners three wide. Watch Jeff Gordon. These moving up at hurries. All the way up to twelve position to go. The league pack is back in turn to run three cars nose to tail Sterling Marlin Fourth Fifth Thou- Mark Martin from six. Oh back at shuffles going on Terry Labonte on the move is on the inside of Wartburg down the back straightaway as they raced side by side for the six position. Give it to the body word. Burt goes up the banking. Ernie urban takes a peek down there. But they'll fall in line. Single file is race off the corner. Upfront Dale Jarrett. Beginning to close back in on Dale earnhardt chopped it down to about a half a car length now as they completed eleven of three laps and work their way back to one by Viva bore coming into the turn. Dale already looking for opportunities. I feel the outside that snapping back down online offer to. He'll sneak peek to the inside of earnhardt with that in line. Go single file. Hearts were Chevrolet rebels down on the outside of the racetrack. Now he'll dive down low Dale Jarrett. Thanks about taking it up to the top of the banking and does coming off the corner. Earnhardt has the edge. But Darren Darren. Is there only saw earnhardt? Make the pass on the outside going to turn one and Dale. Jarrett knows if he gets around. That's exactly what he's going to have to do. Their backing on the sideline. Jarrett those tests. The water apply once again. Turn Book Martin get to the Sterling. Wallet this back for Fourth Marlon Mexa. Great recovery now. Morton has to challenges urban to the inside Michael Waltrip Martin. Losing one two now three positions and look at Jeff Gordon Hill dive to the end side. Now side by side with Michael Waltrip for the fifth position as they race off the turn at upfront there side by side for the Lee Dale Jarrett hat or run on Dale EARNHARDT EARNHARDT. Gut back underneath him off. Four still holds the lead at the stripe. Jared still outside of Darren still with the outside movies knows his four out of Dale Earnhardt. Here off trigger to EARNHARDT will again even with Dale Jarrett by battled for the lead drag race down the back straightaway now setting up for turn over three. Dale earnhardt dives to the inside of the racetrack. Dale Jarrett takes it up to the top of the banking and he has the edge him. Dale Jarrett the lead of the Winston off turn for laforge working on the Chevrolet of Dale Earnhardt and Dale. Jarrett comes away with lead. Bill Elliott sets his sights on earnhardt. Now maybe to take away second place in turn one simple down this time coming into the quarter. We had to get your breath here. Dale Jarrett has the top spot earnhardt. Second Elliott is third now racing for fifth. Michael Wolpert Mark. Martin are going at it side by side. Nothing inside of the track along comes Jeff Gordon on the outside side by side with Jeff Gordon. Michael Waltrip that'll be for the six position but Walter is tough in the corner. He swings up to the top of the backing. They're still side-by-side off. Turn four just fifteen laps into the Winston and already three different drivers have lent the event. Bill Elliott Dale Earnhardt. And now Dale Jarrett Jarrett earnhardt Elliott at the head of the stack now fifty of the first thirty laps or complete as we come back to Charlotte Urban Bobby. Hamilton have taken their cars to the garage. Dale Jarrett wants to get back around Dale Earnhardt for the lead. Bill Elliott in that mix also three wide off. Turn four just about tell you what can't believe how hard erasing just in the early going. This first thirty laps segment earnhardt doing a great job of keeping both those cars at bay. They'RE BACK IN ONE HOUSE. Detail coming back to the third EARNHARDT deadly inside now breaking out his stale jared outside lane is he does. It looks to the end side. They all spent back at single file off to run three cars. Single file down the back straightaway. Dale earnhardt pulls into turnover three and get Dale. Jarrett seems to be working well. The top of the banking he gets some good momentum down the back. Straightaway takes peaked lead. Can't make it stick it turn four last time by Dale Jarrett went high in the middle of three and four earnhardt kind of split up the track. Lock Him Elliott's on the both of them going wide so he tried to go low then. Jarrett cut back behind. Earnhardt had whitlow impressive driving off a turnover. Four this early in the event they want a lot of those cards really getting off the close the Walter kicking out there we thought. Bill Elliott scrape the wall to go for the car appears to be clean and Jim Phillips. Report a minute ago. That Elliott's car was okay. Wasn't having any problem but that's just how hard they're racing fruit three and four and coming off the turn and getting that close to the wall. Look Jeff Gordon again. He's getting a little bit closer. He started back in about nineteen position. He has worked his way up to four thin. He is closing on the front free in. A hurry is about seven behind third-place billionaires posing as quickly as tube and goes back Dale Jarrett again Texas shot at Earnhardt but steps back in light as they head to three or Hartley two by two car. Lengths down the back straightaway. Jeff Gordon continue to advance forward. Give Him about. Maybe seven. Part to get up with the leaders. Meanwhile earnhardt pulls off the corner. Dale Jarrett takes a shot. Nothing they're off. Turn four Tony Rudy has gone to the garage to catch up with Ernie Irvan and Bobby Hamilton for US. Tony Ernie urban standing here Ernie had a great run going. You're running for what happened wrong inside the motor now. The guy's got a crate motor forces. Ford's tonight that's already urban different disappointing. Finish here tonight to break for did have a solid run going. Here's a challenge for the lead up. Turn four wheel chair. It up to the top of the bank goodspeed. Down the back straightaway. Side-by-side off the corner gets up alongside EARNHARDT. Earnhardt can't get the wider run off a four that he wants at the stripe. Dale Jarrett goes back in front of the Winston five laps till the first break. Jared earnhardt to want jared back and one goes up the banking slightly opens up the end side late for Hiller heartache. He falls back at those single file. They gotta be careful. Also Co salient out. Is there with them as well? Only about four car off the leaders as Jeff Gordon. Now they all tightened it up. Turns three and four put up in the front four cars. Battling for the lead off turn four. Gordon wanted to see. Just how strong car was. That's one reason. He knocked them off one by one now. He wants to test the front three and Casey's position to win this thing. There's no in case about it. He's going to be positioned to win mechanic problems as he now challenges for third place off turn to more goes high the bank attor to alongside Bill Elliott to get. The Spotlit knows that photos. They leave her to over. The third position as leaders scuffled down at a turnover. Three Jeff Gordon gets by Bill Elliott. Now earnhardt takes a shot for the lady looks at the inside. Dale Jarrett holds onto it a turn for warden closing by far. He has the strongest car in the field. He now is about five car. Lengths behind Dale EARNHARDT'S MACHINE EARNHARDT. One car link behind jared. Dale Jarrett. Looks back sees earnhardt there. Earnhardt looks back sings. Jeff Gordon Start Walls in the three DAU leading. Bill Elliott exit thirty two Red White Blue Ford leads down the back straightaway with Dale earnhardt sport. Chevrolet ready to pounce right behind one carling earnhardt to the inside of the racetrack. Dale Jarrett takes it up to the middle of the banking. Hold onto the lead at turn. Four three come off the corner hit back down to the line. There'd be two laps before they'll be going to pit road to complete this first thirty laps segment and I guarantee you one thing a lot of cars back. You're going to be glad to see that happen by now. Terry and bobby the at the back of the Field Ricky Craven Jeff. I Rusty Wallace Sterling Marlin as well front it is Dale Jarrett Dale Earnhardt and Jeff Gordon. One two and three. We'll come back around with one lap until the caution flag back to the garage and Tony Rudy. Well Bobby Hamilton's gone into his Holler to change clothes. Obviously little bit disappointed that they weren't able to finish. We hope to get a word with here in a little bit one lap now until the caution flag comes out at eleven thirty point fifty grand on the line is Dale Jarrett leading in one and two. Dale Jarrett has about three garlic lead on Dale earnhardt. It's about three car lakes back Jeff. Gordon trio works their way off to the back straightaway. Signal files go file into number three. Here's Dale Jarrett again. Drifting to the middle of the banking. Dale earnhardt takes down to the bottom of the racetrack. The two days come off turn four one two and about fifty thousand dollars to go into the bank account. Right now is he. Comes across line? Dale Jarrett will lead the first thirty laps segment so he can chalk up fifty thousand dollars for leading the first segment. Now what does he do? He's going to have to go all the way Taylor field and work his way back up their top five at the caution flag lap thirty Dale Jarrett Dale Earnhardt Jeff Gordon Bill Elliott Mark Martin. A ten minute break now for the teams to come to pit road and make some adjustments on machines will give you the full finishing order for the first thirty laps to get some updates from pit road in just a moment in Charlotte North Carolina. The search lights lighting up the evening sky as well as a full moon and the bright lights from the Charlotte Motor. Speedway is a capacity crowd here to watch the thirteenth running all the Winston the first thirty laps segment of the All star race. Pretty much a dandy there. There's a lot of fun for the early going to the race. Typical fool moon racing like we see Bristol sometime. Let's again quickly. Let's update you on how they did finish. Dale Jarrett leads the first segment. They alert finishes second. Jeff Gordon third. Bill Elliott fourth mark. Martin v Six will go to Michael Walter Jimmy Spencer. Seventh Darrell Waltrip eighth. Ricky Rudd makes up the top. Ten Ward Burton will be correct me. Ricky Rudd will make up ninth. Ward Burton makes up tenth eleventh to Jeff Burton. Kyle Petty's Twelve Rusty Wallace Thirteenth Sterling Fourteenth Fifteenth Geoff Bodine Sixteenth Ricky Craven Seventeenth to Bobby. Labonte Eighteenth Terry Labonte in a couple of cars that go to the garage finished nineteenth and twentieth in the form of Ernie urban and Bobby Hamilton. The race lead held by Bill Elliott from the poll for the first eight laps. Bobby Labonte was bumped by Mark Martin and spun out of traffic lap number three. Put US under caution. Everybody got away. Okay thanks to some great driving by Ernie Irvan and Jeff Burton Jimmy Spencer among others and we continued on it. Was Dale earnhardt out front lap nine to thirteen and Dale Jarrett from lap. Fourteen to sixteen and earnhardt again from seventeen to twenty four. Jared took over the top spot again at laugh number twenty five and led to lap number thirty and as the way things stand now with again now. Eighteen in the original twenty stars on the race. Track Ernie Irvan and Bobby Hamilton. Both retired from the Winston with engine. Failures this been race. Update brought to you by first brands. Corporation makers of SDP superconcentrated fuel injector cleaner and S T P complete fuel system cleaner cars on pit road. Now for a ten minute break. The teams are allowed to do about anything they would be allowed to do on pit road during a normal stop. They cannot change springs. They can't change shocks. They can't change the rear end but things that they would be allowed to do on pit road during a race without taking the car behind the wall. They could certainly do that right now. And teams are. Let's start up in the leaders pitted along where Dale Jarrett Dale Earnhardt or running. Jim Phillips is patrolling up. That direction for us. We're up here with Bill Elliott failure with very competitive at first segment. You've got to do to step it up to just a little bit loose from the Santa Route. I'm just trying to work on the car a little bit but I mean we. We're were pretty good. You know just kind of one of them day all she kinda you practice during the day and your race at night and it's hard to get that just right up. Can you make it better? Well that's all we're trying to do. You know what I'm saying like I said earlier from a ago I'll I'll watch it on television. Have a whole lot better shape Tonight year ago guarantee that Bill Elliott. He sent a role in the second segment. Let's go down out of western Kelly. Well with Terry Labonte tear. You're running up the front and then a car kind of fell back. Gearing voice thought there was a tire going down. What did they find out what it was? Well I thought we had a target on Dan. Then got real loose there once so In but it wasn't I stayed out there and it didn't flat so I don't know we gotta do a little work here looking at working on the right front of the car. What exactly. They working on their We're putting the Spring River in the right front asked the word from charity. Bonnie the defending Winston Cup champion. He'll roll off the front end of the second segment. He will lead the field of the green flag having finished in the last position. When the Caution Flag Waved Jeff Gordon definitely the man on the move and the first segment of the racy started back in twentieth position. He took the caution flag at lap. Thirty third he will now have to go all the way to the back of the field again. Tony Rudy is with Jeff Gordon. Jeff Gordon and Ray and ham having a final word here on this break. Jeff definitely no sandbagging here. You go straight to the front. These fans ain't come here to see sandbagging. They came here and see a show. And this. This car is capable of running up front there. Now I want to get into the front so You know no sandbagging here. We're we're going to try to get back to the front. That's a racy Jeff Gordon. He's sitting Fourth Jeff driving a red and black trimmed Chevra lay here this weekend. Jurassic Park the ride from Universal Studios Theme Parks. The sponsor of Jeff. Gordon's car. Got a big old T rex. Dinosaur on the hood little bit different. Look for Gordon. He's kind of hoping that car will eat up and stomp on the competition here. The bad puns were plentiful at the press conference on Thursday as the teams continue to work on their car. We'll take a moment remind you tomorrow. Motor racing network on the air from Nazareth Pennsylvania speedway with the Nascar Busch series and the core states advantage two hundred on the pole for that race Elliott Sadler with Todd Bodine and the outside of the front row defending race champion. Randy Letroy will take the green flag and the eighth position and we will be there at that. Unique five turn mile tomorrow. Nazareth twelve forty five eastern time. Our broadcast tomorrow afternoon motor racing network then picks up the action at Dover Downs International Speedway that ask Car Winston Cup series with push pole qualifying there on Friday may thirtieth and we will be there with coverage of qualifying as well as a special edition of Nascar. Live that Friday night at seven o'clock presented by McDonald's on Saturday may thirty first. The good ranch delco two hundred four. The Nascar Busch series at the monster mile tickets available for that event and then on Sunday it is the Miller five hundred up in Dover that is June the first the Nascar Winston Cup series there and Mr in radio with live coverage in the month of jewelry will travel to Pocono raceway in Pennsylvania with an Askar Winston Cup series on Sunday. June eighth the Miller. Four hundred at Brooklyn Michigan the Michigan speedway Sunday June fifteenth and very much looking forward to the new California speedway in Fontana Sunday June. The twenty second with the California five hundred the month of July the Nascar Winston Cup circuit stops in Daytona Beach Florida for the Pepsi. Four hundred Saturday. The Fifth Loudon New Hampshire for the Jiffy Lube three hundred Sunday the thirteenth and in Pennsylvania at the Pocono raceway Sunday July twentieth of the Pennsylvania. Five hundred all of those events upcoming on motor racing network as well as the Nascar Busch Series Event in South Boston Virginia on Friday June thirteenth. Make your ticket plans for those upcoming events. The minutes are clicking down very shortly the cars will come back onto the speedway. Let's check in with Jim Phillips. Without Air Dale Jarrett Todd Parrott Crew chiefs talking to him. Talk it over some strategy here. They fifty thousand the bank. I run pretty good. Car was pretty good a little bit loose off there and that's why I had to go back to the higher line. Didn't get down to bottom like I wanted to. But now we've got our work cut out for so we'll see what we really have. Second segment should be interesting Jerry. The first segment letter here in the nineteen ninety-seven Winston back to Winston Kelly. Well Larry mcreynolds CARUCCI phone. Dale EARNHARDT's car Larry. What kind of changes did you make? It was all strong the first segment. But you need to be one MORE NOTCH UP L. We in these cool temperatures need to car turns just a little better from the center off. What would try to really evaluate though was the first ten laps that segment so you may see us go back and put some of those adjustments back in it for that ten lap run. They're the biggest thing got to pass a whole bunch of cars in the second segments so You gotta get them earlier. They'll get away from you as always Larry mcreynolds looking at the big picture. The big picture being that final ten laps and down the road to Tony Rudy. Well sitting here with Jimmy Spencer in the camel for Jimmy. This is your kind of race. How about this next segment? That's be pretty important. Tony where you end up in the next thing that we've mainly removed up a little bit further than we thought we should have but you know the course is Scott. A little tight on. I'm sorry a little Lewisville. He found out we had a flat tire. So hopefully Little we made We'll be all right. We maybe move up there to the top four or five cars. We're looking forward to the last ten laps last Mr Excitement. Expect some exciting things from the CAM afford and this second segment should be Spencer started. Eighteenth took the caution flag at lap. Thirty seven so he has a pretty strong horse to try and ride a win. In the Winston back in Charlotte field forming now for the restart on the thirty first lap. It will be all the Winston when they come back around the first lap after the green flag. It'll be terry the body leading off will set that restart order for you would've Ullman. Quick Reminder of some other NASCAR racing happening around the United States this weekend besides the Nascar Busch series abandoned Nazareth. We told you about a moment ago. The NASCAR REPCO northwest tour running later on tonight Pacific coast time at the Wenatchee Valley raceway in East Wenatchee Washington cellular one twenty five at eight. Pm Pacific Time there about hour and a half or so from now. If you're in that area get on by tomorrow. The speedway NASCAR feather like modify tour also on the card with one hundred mile event. There that is right after the NASCAR BUSCH series event. And also tomorrow the NASCAR slim pro series running at the Salem Indiana speedway a two hundred fifty lap event checked out without on the high banks of Salem Slim Jim. All pro cars put on one whale of a show that is tomorrow afternoon. Feel as pull back onto the speedway as I get ready to go. Only a couple cars will be eighteen. We'll take the green flag in the second segment. Set the field for you on row. One will be Terry Labonte and Bobby Labonte Bonnie brothers up. They'RE GONNA go at it for the first couple of laps or so Ricky Craven Lineup Third Fourth Geoff. Bodine fifth will be sterling. Marlin's six will be rusty Wallace Seventh Kyle. Petty in Eighth Will Be Jeff Burton Warburton lines up ninth. Ricky Rudd make up the top. Ten Darrell. Waltrip will start Eleventh Twelfth to Jimmy Spencer Thirteenth to Michael Waltrip fourteenth. Tomorrow Martin Fifty to Bill Elliott and sixteenth. Jeff Gordon Seventeenth today EARNHARDT and Dale. Jarrett is on the back row. Also back there so long ways to go. It's going to be interesting to watch those two cars. They were kind of the cream of the crop so to speak along with Jeff Gordon in at first segment see a long. It takes him to get back in front bill. Elliott Jeff Gordon Dale Earnhardt and Dale Jarrett now lined up in the final two rows. Remember Gordon came from the last row and went all the way up to the front and the first thirty laps segment as far as thirty went from nineteenth starting spots it. We'll see if now that he is in front of EARNHARDT and jared if they're able to hook up and stay with them and follow him through the traffic and get to the front. Remember when we get to the end of the second thirty laps the field for the final ten laps sprint is lined up heads up on the finish of the second thirty laps. They've got to get somewhere up by the front of that pack if they're going to have a chance to win this race matter of fact. I talked with Dale Earnhardt. A little bit about that yesterday and asked him just how far back which you feel comfortable starting that final ten laps feeling like you still had a chance to win. I wouldn't say no further back than fifth or six in this in you know. Ten laps is a short time. Unless you just got awful all from race car in the Gaza Front of your awesome. That don't very very seldom happens in this race. You know with their things. So I'm I'm firmly you gotta be in the top one or two restart that ten lap dash us pull the seat belts? Go a little harder than last ten laps and you have all night. It's pretty good description of Bulla. Seatbelts up a little bit harder in that last ten laps in go a little bit harder hard to imagine. They could go any harder than they did. In the first thirty laps just hard to imagine the intensity in that last ten lap segment. When you know there's two hundred thousand dollars that sequel to in some cases three or four wins at some of the racetracks that you run five hundred miles for awful lot of money up for grabs it plus the pride and the bragging rights for all year long saying we won the All star race. We beat the best in the business. Everybody out there is a winner. That's for sure feels given the indication one more lap before we go green right field. We'll go green next time by and it is Terry and bobby the body on the front row for this event. Little Trivia. Note for you. Did you know that? In the past twelve runnings with the Winston six times. The winner of this race has gone on to win the Nascar Winston Cup Championship. So whoever ends up in victory lane tonight might be pretty good forecast as to who ends up holding the trophy and the big check when we get up to New York City in December with going to be interesting to find out second segment about to get the green here. They're just halfway down the back straightaway. Jim PHILLIPS QUICKLY. Before they get the restart. How easy is it to make an adjustment on that car on this pitstop that they just made and really missed the boat? We've seen that happen. Guys this end Barney. Were talking a lot about air pressure and the thing was they said we don't go too far away so it is real. It's really easy when you get a lot of rubber on this race. Track temperature changing a little bit all the time. You can be out to lunch sterling. Marlin's his car is really tight that segment they could make one move to on. Jack's crews and it be too loose pace cars on pit road about set for the start of the second thirty laps segment of the Winston down. The line green flag goes in the air. And Terry Labonte and Bobby Labonte hailed the field back in one. How long do they stay up there to find out? The older brother elite the way for now to the inside of the race track. He takes the lead body falls in line behind him stacked up double wide just behind them as the exit turn to everybody stacking up from worth on barley. Had to get on the binders hard off. The second corner really jammed everybody up. That's going to give the front four. A goodly Jim about ten carling's on the rest of the field they exit turn for Dale Earnhardt able to get around Bill Elliott Jeff Gordon and Dale Jarrett as well but so far there are still mired back in traffic. Is Terry the body weeds? The field of the stripe lap thirty one ala carte link over his brother. Still further back into the field is cars. Go a double wide back. There Taylor Heart Pickus way through he alongside Dale Jarrett their way back at the tail end of the field with Mark Martin trying to cut a path while the traffic looking at the inside of Michael Waltrip. This'll be back. For about the eighteenth position now is race down the back straightaway. Make it about the fifteenth possession as Michael Waltrip digs and at the bottom of the racetrack. Everybody to stay PAT as a racer. The corner no room to make a move at right now is going to be for third-placed. Geoff Bodine and Ricky Craven go with that one and say what their way back into. Turn one brave a Chevrolet. Voters passed jet. Bodine's Ford. He'll grab the third spot. Godi called back and forth. You Got Sterling Marlin pit and an exchange back and sexist jet pertinent Jimmy Spencer blast past Rusty Wallace Spencer. Now working on down the back straightaway as they race it a number. Three Jeff Burton takes his machine down to the bottom of the racetrack. Here's Spencer up high swings around the outside side-by-side off turn four and the move is Jeff Gordon Michael Waltrip and now pile petty in the last couple of laps around Dale Jarrett. Dale Earnhardt. Try to stay within. They're pretty well. Hung up in traffic. Haven't been able to do so far. It has been a whole lot more successful cutting path while this traffic earnhardt Scott buried behind Carson. Del Kerik both having a hard time. Working their way through they both hit the inside. Now try to move into the backstretch. Gordon continued to try to cut a swath through the traffic as he heads into number three. Ricky Rudd is the next victim. Rut Goes Up. The backing. Here comes. Gordon looks to the inside. Can't make the move happen there. Thirty laps isn't a lot of time to go. Comfortable Taylor. The field anywhere near back their seventeenth and eighteenth and get up there and catch the leader. So you got to do it in a hurry. They've already put four those laps on the board. With leaders overturn two leaders single file the race for the nightspot. Wartburg data the inside. Here comes the train. Ricky Rudd leads. Jeff Gordon Dale Dale earnhardt. They're all working on the outside lane to pass and Warburton lose out on that exchange. He's down to the inside all by himself. Everybody's scoots by now here comes Jeff. Gordon looks to the insider. Ricky rat race off the fourth corner. Gordon Jared earnhardt like a steamroller trying to make their way up through the field. Can they get to the by the time and other twenty laps or so gone off the board? Get up there and challenge Terry Bobby. The body for the race lead twenty laps to go and segment to all the Winston Bobby and Terry the body out point by one point. Seven seconds over Ricky Craven than it is another a little bit over one point. Seven seconds back to Earth. Fourth-placed driver Jeff Gordon. He is facing a challenge for that spot of the back straightaway. Spencer boost to the inside of the racetrack. They'll go side by side is a drag racer deter number. Three Spencer gobbles up the inside lane. Betine loses the spot. Here comes Jeff Burton. He takes into the bottom hill. Bypass Bodine as well Jimmy. Spencer and jeopardy got very strong race cars. They continue to move up. But I tell you who's driving the smartest rates right now is the Lebron's. They're not racing each other descending about a car department good tight graft and nobody's able to chase them down as they worked their way down the back straightaway but Fred Armstrong from about fifth place on back then kind of decided Saturday night square dance back there. Little dose about one hundred and eighty two miles an hours. They work up to you. And they'll tip till editor number three and does he do up to the top of the Banking Jeff Burton. He'll swing around to the outside. I should say Jeff Gordon on the outside of Jeff Burton. That's a good race off. Turn Four Gordon will get the spot for. We'll come by and take the petition away. From Jeff Gordon Gordon off the six. Now as he works his way trying close to the point five nor closing it now on. Geoff Bodine just a handful of the banking and recurred preclu- over the inside Land Goes Jeff Gordon. Take the inside the past the to Ray side-by-side down the back straightaway. Jeff Gordon gets the edge on the inside of the Racetrack Track Number Three. Geoff Bodine drifts up the banking and right behind Jeff Burton racist so nose to tail. Three Jeff's rebelled off. Turn four and suddenly you body. Brothers decided to swap the lead back and forth. They do it down and turn one twenty five zero put against side of the body. So Bobby is leading the way kyrie falls back at night and second off to the brother they do racist down the back straightaway single file and Bobby. Labonte begins to pull away from Terry. Just a bit terry gets a good run. A deterrent number three. So they'll tighten it up a bit for the lead about two-car legs apart as race off the fourth corner bobby. The body. The fifth different driver lead the Winston. Now he is quickly pulled away by a couple of Carling's over his brother Terry. Farther back here is a challenge for position. Jeff Gordon having gone by Jeff Burton and Jeff Bowed. I now IT IS JEFF. Work and bodine racing with jared and Dale earnhardt. Right behind. This should be percents. Go back in the tournament. One Gentler of the outside Lane Jeff Morton Rather Jeff Birkdale the inside lane stacked up double wide with Dale Jarrett and Dale. Earnhardt knocking on the door. Tarit now breaks out of the draft re wide enter turn number three and Jeff Britain. Bails out now. Dale Jarrett takes that position away. Here comes Jeff Hill to the inside of the hardest wasting on the speedway as backyard going on right now between Dale Jarrett Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton and Dale earnhardt followed at four some backs. Turn One GENTHOD ON INSIDE THEIR SEX POSITION. Dale to the outside and now earnhardt comes into the battle he goes high in the banking up alongside Jeff Burke with Jeff but Dale Jarrett leads that trio off the quarter nail heart gets good speed off turnover to close to the outside of the racetrack and gets by Jeff Burton so that four way battle. Settles DOWN TO SINGLE FILE and turn four of here comes earnhardt to the inside about die farther ahead. Here's Jeff Gordon to the inside of Jimmy Spencer for the fourth spot at the start. Finish Line Gordon by offenders. Spencer tries to hang tough on the outside court stronger the inside though he'll get by the spot coming into the quarters better falls behind be back from the seventh spot. It's earnhardt Chet Bodine's going at it. Jeff Burke to that bally's well in waiting in the wings deciding on which way to go this time who go up to the top of the banking. Dale Earnhardt is all by himself at the bottom of the racetrack. In it pays off he pulls on to. The bottom of the racetrack grabs a position. Now again here comes Jeff. Burton jetboat is Jeff Burton. Trying to work his way up to the front you player his final ten lap segment of meanwhile that the further afield. Bobby Labonte wants. He got around. Terry has pulled away from his brother by eight or ten car lakes but that little moment of racing side by side there has allowed a third player to come into the picture. And that's Ricky Craven. They're all in. Three Raven is only about ten. Carl off the back bumper of Terri. The body now so three cars begin to tighten it up just a bit for the lead as they race off the fourth. Turn BACK DOWN. The short chute set the field. That is bobby and the body. First and second Ricky Craven Third Pretty Good Distance Back the Jeff Gordon in fourth and Jimmy Spencer V. They'll jared has six Dale earnhardt seven Jeff Burton eight Jeff. I Ninety Mark Martin Tenth. Bill Eliot is eleventh. Stay with the other. Three Gordon earnhardt in Jarash. They made their way back toward the middle of the field. Running right behind. Bill Elliott in Eleventh Sterling Marlin in Twelfth Rookie running twelve. He's just taking that away from Marlin who is thirteenth Ward Burton. Fourteenth Kyle Petty Fifteenth Rusty Wallace. Sixty Michael waltrip seventeenth. Dour Walsh is running eighteenth or your Bobby Hamilton. Already event tell the between first and second is one and six tenths seconds. Second places where it's going to be jeopardy here in just a moment as go off the to work back to turn three as ricky craven is closing in in a hurry Ontario body and certain slowly but surely that red Chevrolet begins to edge behind. Terri Leib Body now. The body only leads by about four car lengths as a race off the fourth. Turn down the short straight away bobby. The body leads spy some one point. Eight seconds over Terry the body with ten laps to go to the end of segment to Winston. We come back to the Charlotte Motor. Speedway is bombing. The body comes sailing off. Turn four and his bright green and black interstate. Batteries Pontiac to the start finish line completing lap fifty five now five more laps around the caution flag in the end segment number two of the. All Star race big big lead the body the body right now. What sitting here or standing. You're thinking that Bobby. Labonte avoided during the early going out coming off tournament fall down across the grass came back out into the racetrack and almost tagged by three or four cars so that has really played in his favourite. He ended up and put back toward the tail. End of the feeling never could get back up there but it gave him a good starting position in the second segment and once he and Terry got hooked up. Everything's played out his favorite so far right now. Terry's just hanging on trying to hold on a second places. They go to turn wide. Ricky Craven the second about hanging third spot now. He's going to make his booth areas closing out. The decade is number two doesn't get to as contracts and his stretch on the back straightaway. Terry Labonte about a car link. But every time he comes through the middle of the Corner Terry. Labonte drifted up the banking. Just a bed. And that's where Ricky Craven has gone at once again. Livonia does it as their doubt at the start. Finish line three laps until the caution flag in the end of segment to pause ten seconds for station identification on MRI in radio the voice of Nascar racing the thirteen hundred the Winston Nascar racing so all star event coming your way from Charlotte North Carolina and motor racing network Alabama. Quick along with Barney Hall calling the action tonight. Joe in front Armstrong out the cordish force to this evening got Jim Phillips Winston. Kellyanne Tony Zuhdi. In the pit garage is just joining us. The first thirty laps segment of the Winston was a barn burner with Dale earnhardt. Bill Elliott Dale Jarrett. And Jeff Gordon putting on quite a show earnhardt. Jared Eliot swapping lead several times longer than Gordon charging from the last roll up to finish among the top handful in that first thirty laps. Now the second thirty laps bobby and Terry. The body took off from the start. Now they'll come down to one more lap before the end of segment. Two and body has a huge lead on his brother. Who second put almost half a straightaway on everybody else right now that. Come to the line getting ready to make the second stop here. At the end of the thirty laps saving. I go onto pit road. Make what adjustments they need to for the final lap. Let's follow the leader around off. Turn to bother the bodies. It's been perfect party as he heads off to down the back straight away set up. Turn three the body takes his Chevrolet right in the middle of the racetrack coming off. Turn FOUR BOBBY. Labonte heads back to the caution flag for the second segment. He got bumped in spun out of traffic back at lap number three. Now he's going to come to the start. Finish line caution flag and win the second thirty laps segment of the Winston fifty thousand dollars to Balmy body. Terry the body finishes Second Claiming Fifteen Grand Seven. Thousand five hundred. Jeff Gordon for third. Like she'd be to Ricky Craven Third To be Jeff Gordon Fourth Spencer V. They'll jared six Dale earnhardt. Seventh eighth will go to Jeff Burton nyc Jeff Godi Mark Martin will round out the top ten eleventh. Is Bill Elliott Ricky Rudd Twelve Sterling Marlin Thirteenth? Kyle Petty Fourteenth in Ward Burton fifteenth followed by Michael Waltrip Rusty Wallace and Darrell Waltrip. A pit stop and then the final ten lap shootout to decide the winner of the Winston coming up back at Charlotte Motor. Speedway work ongoing. The cars have come to pit road the pace car making its way around completing the second of four caution laps before we'll get the restart in the running of the Winston Bobby Labonte in in front of Jimmy car and the crew in Phillips Looks. Lot as they make changes and adjustments. Jim Bobby are you. GonNa make any changes. That car was also bet segment on now. They're going to change tires. They did change tires. I DID NOTICE. They put on the tires guys instead of the sticker tires. They're gonNA put some tape on the front of it and that's all the changes are GonNa make now. Dale earnhardt Larry mcreynolds told him he said. I don't care what the car was like the last twenty laps of that segment. I WanNa know how was the first segment of the race when you were good? And so they're going to put a Spring River in the right rear of EARNHARDT's car take a round and a half half of wedge out of the right rear delusion the car up so it will turn EARNHARDT's car was tied off the corners would not turn and they want to get him where the car will loosen up this last segment. And you gotta get it exactly right. And that's exactly what they're all trying to do. Let's hear from Terry. Labonte pit material body last time you had to win. The net Downey was all smiles very relaxed. This time the wind and that is up. He's got his game face on. They put tape across the front section of the grill. Just under the monte-carlo signed Gary told me the car just a tick tight. They took that Spring rover out of the right front that they put in during the first break in the action and they also took one round of wedge out of the right rear of the car. Scenario Bonnie very confident in his Kellogg's Chevrolet but just a tick tight during that last segment. Jeff Gordon will go to the restart fourth on the outside of row number two for the final ten lap sprint to the Winston made his way back and the second segment of the race all the way as far as that fourth position for the back of the field where he was Tony Rudy. Looks on as the Dupont team works on its machine. Tony Jeff you go from the back to the Front. Then they invert. You said you back to the back you come to the front again. Ten Lap segment here. How your chances we're looking good You know this is right where I WANNA be That sidelines a good line to start from. Got The guys that we gotta beat right right there in front of us so You know I think we're looking good. This is our cars Turn that'd be pretty good. The Jurassic Park sponsorship. On the Front Hood. You can bet. Jeff Gordon is going to be much in his way to the front be runs on the racetrack. Did down pit road last night. He's got locked. Yeah if you're with us for qualified for the Winston Gordon came steam and off the racetrack bakers pit stop and did not stop. He carried so much speed off. The brakes locked up About a quarter mile away. It seemed like from his pit stall and just couldn't get down in time to make a stop so he ended up last on the grid tonight. Nineteen position with Ricky Craven. The winner of the Winston Open behind him. Gordon made his way in that first. Thirty laps segment of the event from nineteen th position where he started all the way up at the finish to third then on the start of the second segment of the race went to the green flag. Pretty well back in the field and sixty position made his way up to fourth. Can you make his way from fourth? The first in just ten laps certainly wouldn't bet against him though he's going to have to work awful hard to get by the. Lebron brothers on the front row just joining us. We went green with the Winston with twenty cars in the field. Urban Bobby Hamilton went to the garage both with engine failures. It was bill Elliott leading the first eight laps tailored heart lead from lapsed nine to thirteen Dale Jarrett. Fourteen through sixteen earnhardt back out in front again. From Seventeen to twenty four. Jared again for twenty five to thirty took the caution flag and inverted the field at that. Point Terry. The body finished last in the first segment led the field of the green flag lead laps. Thirty one to forty two that it was bobby. The body after getting bumped in spun out of traffic off turn four back at leftover three taking a finishing position back in the first segment of good starting position in the second and he blew away from the field for lap. Forty three sixty bobby. The body will lead the field when we get the restart the final ten laps this race. Update sponsored by sports image race bands. If you're looking for quality racing apparel and souvenirs for Dale Earnhardt Jeff Gordon Terry the body Darrell Waltrip and much more look no further than GM dealership GM pro shop or sports image retail specialty store. Near you find a variety of souvenirs at apparel to help you. Show your support for your favorite driver. Remember if you want quality variety you want sports racing apparel and souvenirs field working. It's way behind the pace car now. 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America's store more parts for the money less money for the parts and Tell Them Ojeda. You sent you getting ready for the restart for the final ten laps Shaw. The winced in the field formed up double file behind Chevrolet Monte Carlo Pace car. Now it is bobby and Terry Labonte the Front Row Ricky Craven and Jeff Gordon Enro- to Jimmy Spencer in Dale Jarrett in row three Dale earnhardt and Jeff Burton enroll four remember. Earnhardt told us by a tape earlier. Didn't think you could start any further back than fifth or sixth and still win. The event earnhardt is seventh as they get set to come to the green flag fans on their feet ten laps. Two hundred thousand dollars to the winter here come the Lombardi brothers leading us to the green flag down to the line. Green flag goes in the air. Ten lap shootout. It's become so famous in the Wisden as they go down to turn over one. Nobody can pull out the past their exactly. Don't WanNa door just like. They started the hit. The corner bombing. The bonny the inside lane. Brother Terry to the outside. Now Terry gets those Bobby Bulls again at the corner down of the side. Ricky Craven make three wide off turn to rain dives of inside of the racetrack. But bobby body cuts him off down the back straightaway and Terry Labonte takes lead. Here's Jeff Gordon now for second side by side with Bobby. Labonte grace off turn. Four Gordon zips around the outside. He will go to second spot now as they come down to the start. Finish line nine laps to go terry. The body chip or body and Jimmy Spencer now they raised with third or make it a challenge to the outside body. The body this again to the third spot. While Jack Thornton has put the pressure on during the body break you down the side court now up side for the lease. I Buy side for the lead of the Winston. Down the back straightaway. Terry Body hangs it out to the outside of the racetrack. Jeff Gordon is on the inside. There still dead even through the corner. Now Gordon takes the lead Terry stands in. The throttles tries to stay door to door then. Tried to duck underneath Gordon. But Gordon Grabs Lead. Terry drops back to second. Bobby is third fourth and Jimmy Spencer Real Scramble for Fifth and ones I buy side with data the inside of the race trekkies racist with Dale Jarrett for the fifth spot and Dale earnhardt white behind waiting for lane to open up front four though or knows detail headed three little. Wi for V. Ricky Craven on the inside of the racetrack now feels the heat for Dale earnhardt. They taxes they or the corner and Dale Jarrett scoots out to grab the fifth position locks. Tight off turn. Four Rusty Wallace has just gone to the garage. A puff of smoke from his machine on the restart he had been reporting possible. Engine problems earlier in the evening. Jeff Gordon three-car the body brothers to one further back. Dale earnhardt picks off a spot funding kidding by Ricky Craven. He's now up to six now. Trae feeling a threat. From Mark Morton Morton to get down to the exit to mark. Martin's Ford falls back in line as a race down the back straightaway while upfront no challenge for Jeff Gordon Terry. Labonte again tries to hang it out to the top of the banking the Bonnie back at third six laps to go to complete the Winston as they come down of live. Jeff Gordon opens up a lot of daylight right now and he's GonNa open up even more a downturn the one if the body brothers race door to door they were about to go at it for a while but now they settle down single file realize that. They've got to try to trace del the race leader. Jeff Gordon for activity Spitzer hangs onto fourth with Dale Jarrett. Dale earnhardt behind him. Dale Jarrett. Now take a look at the top of the banking is Jimmy. Spencer eases his machine at the turn. Dale earnhardt meanwhile dives down to the bottom trying to root out. Dale Jarrett Hill moved to the inside off the fourth corner challenge for second challenge for V. Bobby the body tries to get around Terry the body Dale Earnhardt tries to get around Dale Jarrett but for Jeff Gordon. Five laps to go. He's in lawn. Here's the race for fifth and our hearts could open the lay down inside of Dale Jarrett. He'll pick off the spot closer to the fraud. Here's Bob in the bunny to the inside of brother Kerry for second a side by side brothers race down the back straightaway bombing. The body gets the edge as he races into turnover. Three Terry Labonte looks at the top of the banking now tries to rudy out at the bottom of the race track. Nothing doing bobby. Labonte hold on a second. Let draft work to hold up better a little earlier in the race here in the evening when Bobby Labonte was leading Terry now working out to get up there and Catch Jeff Gordon. They're back in one terry. Close Jeff Gordon Galaxy. Maybe bobby could do it. He was fast in the last segment for now. He's about tit carlex behind the race leader accident for to Jeff. Gordon is so smooth off the second corner. Let's drift the outside wall now. Coming into turnover. Three Gordon plants it right down on the bottom of the racetrack glued to the inside. Is the Brothers Body. Tried desperately to grapple their way to the front to the start. Finish Line Blasts Jeff Gordon now with three laps to go in the Winston tried to win the event for the second time in three years he took it in ninety five he heads for one learn heart back at the fifth position. Now will take over fourth. He goes down the inside of Jimmy. Spitzer grams that spot. He's twenty closed in and get a piece of race for the win. Meanwhile Spencer tries to battle back head down the back straightaway. Spencer drag races side by side with Earnhardt as race to the corner. Dale earnhardt is forced up to the top of the banking. Spencer's on the inside. Meanwhile Gordon heads off turn four back to start short and come down to line and it now has an advantage of a full second over the Lebron brothers. That will be bobby and Terry Scramble for Fourth Place. It's a dandy and turn this time. Is Timmy Spencer? Hoping inside her at heart apply but earnhardt drives it really bit third one nose of his Chevy out in front of TV. Spitzer Spencer the will again. Egoism exit to bets are writing the Campbell. Har- down the back straightaway side-by-side for four. Dale EARNHARDT GIVES SPENCER THE POSITION. Dale Jarrett meanwhile moves to the top side of Earnhardt as off the corner. Jeff Gordon Racist. Back to the start. Finish line for the white fly. Take a miracle. This time the white flag to catch the leaders. He works his way back in one. That's follow Jeff Gordon. Return to court. Fifteen Carla lead over to Bobby. Labonte body of the sex spot for the five carling lead over brother Terry the body. They're off Turku for the final time is flawless down the back straightaway. Eases it out to the outside wall now tiptoes attorney number three drifts down to the bottom of the racetrack. Jeff Gordon Glued to the inside groove races off turn four back to the chequered flag from the last role on the starting grid to the lead and Victory Lane. Jeff Gordon wins the thirteenth running the Winston fifteen car links. Over bobby the body. It'll be terry the body. Finishing third looks like Dale Earnhardt. Nips Jimmy Spencer for Fourth Spencer will couple away with a top five finish? But how Jeff Gordon coming from the back to the front twice in the two thirty laps segments than scrambling passed. Bobby Labonte Terry. The body over the final ten laps for the win. Let's go to his ramming ham here getting all excited with his crew. We should get a word with them here in a second the Rainbow Warrior's having a big celebration on pit road. A two hundred seven thousand five hundred dollars payday for Jeff. Gordon was pretty awesome in the Winston. Tonight we'll talk to him in victory lane in a moment nascar today. He continues on M. R. N. Radio sponsored by four drugs and your local Ford dealer. Have you driven a Ford light linked the thirteenth running the Winston the All star Race Santa Charlotte Motor? Speedway is history. Jeff Gordon is in Victory Lane Gordon. Starting race nineteenth wanting to third at the end of the first lap segment restarting sixty getting up to four at the end of the second thirty laps. Men Fourth the I just a couple of laps into the final ten laps and pulling away for a one second victory over bobby. The body. We'll hear from the race winner in a moment. Let's go here from Bobby. The body now. He is with Winston Kelly. Bobby Kinda roller coaster ride for the three segments. The car was awesome. The second one pretty strong the third one. But just not enough for Jeff Gordon. Really really. I was more of a long run type person you know. And I'm not much of a short ron person but we got the cars make it but I got a little too loose their in Gamaa to and they got by me and then you know by the NFC late. I really couldn't catch. Nobody was commenting during that once. Being did one heck of a job keeping it from going out front of traffic. Were you staring a car or just letting it go where we go have practice earlier. Find out yesterday so I don't Know John. Deere's the mow the grass I can do with my car. Ask the word from Bobby Labonte. Is He came home in second nearly made it work for him. Not a bad finish at all right. Now let's hear from Kerry Lonnie. Well Terry Labonte comes across there today at a good run with his brother for a while but not enough for Jeff. Sure when we were we were off a little bit. We released the start the race over adjusted our to talk the second segment backed up Matt a little bit and we still do tired the end. Good run for Texas Terry Labonte Third Terry. The body had fallen all the way back to last in the first segment than Held his spot at the front of the line in the second segment but was unable to score the win finishing third though tonight and a good effort for Terry the body but you can tell by the tone of his voice that he was not going to be happy with anything less than victory in this race. Let us go back down to the garage as we wait on hearing from Jeff Gordon. Victory and see if we can get a word with the fourth or fifth place finishing drivers Dale earnhardt Jimmy Spencer. Let's try for Dale Earnhardt. I they learn are walking along back to the car now. You had a good car there in the first segment. Not Too bad in the second. Talk about your run. We're had a great race car tonight. It'd just track position was a thing there at the end and you come from seventh. The fourth is competitive. Guys got in that last segment is pretty good. But you know Gordon He. He was a man in his car. Right and I got gotTA hand it to Larry. Guys on this Wheaties guard goodrich Chevrolet. They weren't great and they've got some six hundred miles and we'll work with a little more in tune with it. I think we can make it better and you know we had a good race car tonight and it was a great race the fans the fans enjoyed it. So there's a lot of pass a lot of race and so we'll give them manage worth tonight. Even though it wasn't a win is this the momentum building teams looking for what definitely you know. We're we're hitting on things and we're making things work and We're not just change in not having results getting results and we're working with the car and the guys are working together so it's coming together. Larry mcreynolds super to work with. And you know I hope everything on on the course it is because we're just getting better all the time well with the team getting better bad news for the rest of the competition. Dale earnhardt comes home for the question that they are getting there so to speak. Let's go down to victory lane. Well a big spot. Jeff Gordon's face from nineteen to the bank. We'll tell you what first thing I said. Rj Reynolds guys. I said show me the money we got it. We wanted to one that really counted. I tell you what we're gonNA paint this dupont. Chevrolet different color every race because every time we painted different day when it comes into Victor Lane one thing universal studios for for making this Success when I first of all I got thank Dupont. Automotive finishes. They're they're great company. And you gotta take their hat off to them to allow them paint this car different because it looks so good in those rainbow colors about the first segment. Well the first segment. I drove in the first time. So let's see what we got men. That thing was awesome. It stuck like glue and I just put the hammer down and try to get as far forward as I could. I had no idea I'd get all the way up to third and everything just kind of went our way. Caution felt the right time just as we're passing some guys and I tell you tonight could not have worked out any better. I told you early I wanted to be in the top five for that. Last segment I started fourth on the outside was the best place to be a very good start but luckily the Lebron brothers were up there racing and gave me a great boost to get up there and catch him. I'll tell you gotta take my hat off to Ray. And all the guys Dupont team they said that carp so perfect there at the end and also got thank rex. Dump WE'RE GONNA NAME THIS CAR. T. Rex because he's the one that That designed this car and everybody over Narnia. Hendrick this a new design and boy. It sure was awesome denied. Did it ever change it at all tonight? You know we. We were a little bit tight in the first segment so we loosen it up and I got a little bit loose in the second segment so we just went halfway between ten lap segment. And I'll tell you what I think could not have been a more perfect awesome Does your wife Brooke plans for this money. I'm sure we could find some place to put it got say. Hey Rick Hendrick. If he's listening at home I got all excited over there. I suppose say low to him on TV but I tell you what He he's just an awesome individual and so happy to have him as a car owner and God certainly blessing him right now and I hope everybody out. There continues to support the one eight hundred two number. I'm sure this put a smile on his face. Jeff Gordon wins the nineteen ninety-seven Winston and a big payday for Jeff Gordon. Two hundred seven thousand five hundred dollars in winning the thirteenth running the All star as more from the drivers who competed in tonight's event in a moment back at Charlotte continuing to chat with some of the top finishers in tonight's running. All the Winston Jimmy Spencer came up with a fine fifth-place. Finish this evening. Let's get a word from Jimmy. I'll tell you what if Jimmy Spencer. It had been fast on the track as he was changing. Close to one this thing. Jimmy not a bad finish fifth place really Tony All Donnie. And the guys Peter. Guild is Homeowner Department of Pro Motors. Heck of a house on the Modem awesome power. We just had a car off a little bit. We were a little tight off the corners. And if you're tied off the corners that really kills you straightaway. Speed in a Scottish. She had a great racer. Day on the Rascal Whitney Dan. You know that's typical. Dale Earnhardt did a great job in race clean as he could but I sure wish was for first and second. Is there anything you can learn in the short race to take next week to six hundred? Let's short race but you still learn a lot. You know what I'm saying. It's a situation where even though it was ten laps at the any sort of gesture car for that but those ten twenty thirty laps segments. It's couldn't close to a pitstop run there so I think a lot of guys learn a lot. I know we learned a lot tonight. And we think we'RE GOING TO BE USED. We know we're going to use all that for next week from the back to the six hundred because that's the same carbon. Bring him back. That's Jimmy Spencer. He finishes fifth here tonight. It's going to Kelly. We hope to get a comment with Dale Jarrett. In just a moment I believe that Jim Philips was trying to catch up with Martin. We should have a comment from them in just a moment. Mark finishing sixth. Dale Jarrett finishing seventh in. Tonight's running the Winston members of the media covering the race voted the goodies headache. Award of a thousand five hundred dollars to earn Irvin. Who is one of three drivers who fell by the wayside and the race? Ernie falling from fourth position out of the event lap. Eighteen with an engine problem on his machine. Two hundred fifty dollars also goes to the Brenner. Children's Hospital in Winston Salem North Carolina. From goody's headache powders and tablets in the name of Ernie Irvan as the goody's headache award winner of this evening. Go back downstairs either. Mark Martin. Dale Jarrett Jim Phillips. We'll get the barking right now. Mark Martin Barney commented Mark's got good carbon. Looks like he's got his hands full out. There is that it was the driver seat. I just never did have good track position. You know we You know we're in fifth or something that I segment Was a good run and then we just couldn't get restarted there on the second one. I got a bad lane this thing and it's just you know it's a race for is a race for the fans it's not really designed for Typically the fastest car to win. Unless you've got a car Jeff Gordon has where you know you could win one hand tied behind your back as fast as he was tonight but for anyone else to come from the back to the front and it's just Just about impossible and I. I'm happy with my car. We had a good car racing six hundred miles a week. It'd be a contender to win. But you still want to keep that momentum. I'm sure well you know wins better than anything else and we sure have enjoyed it and we've got a good race car a good race team and we don't need to pick up the pace to win six hundred. What we had here tonight was a good enough piece. It just takes a whole lot longer than thirty laps or or ten laps to get the job done with with what we had But YOU KNOW JEFF. Gordon was a class of the field. We couldn't couldn't have done anything with him. But does it bother you? That they're that strong going into the six hundred. There's nothing I can do about it so W why should I let it? You know things are the way they are and we got a great race team. We've done a good job with our cars and we had a fast car tonight. We didn't tear it up. We'll bring it back Sunday. And Maybe Jeff Gordon break. That's Mark Martin. Mark finishing six Dale Jarrett the seventh place finisher one. The first thirty laps segment looked like he was going to be a player in the outcome of this thing just never could seem to get up there and take another shot at the LE- let's get a word from Dale. Pj Car was awesome the first segment and then the next to wasn't bad but not quite as strong some of the others talk about your own guys got time to go and they win and we as good as we were the first segment the twenty four was still running us down and almost called. Us coming from the back of the bags though shows how strong he was. I think there's just a an advantage to the GM cars right now. There's there's no way that we should have less spoiler with our thunderbird and You know right now. That's what we're having to race against and hopefully NASCAR. We'll take a look at it. You know I don't want griping complains. I know the fans are tired of hearing about stuff like that but we do wanNA fight and chance and be able to. At least they think that when we come here next week that we've got a shot at winning the race and this was a brand new car and ran awfully whale but we like to see things even up a little by the same car. You will run next weekend. We'll have to talk about that. I know this what these guys are. These todd wants to run. It is a really good race car but the car won both races With this year sitting over at the shop Ready to go and same car that went to six hundred last year. So we're GONNA have to have a little discussion and see about that. Still able to manage a smile. Dale Jarrett comes home and seven and Dale Jarrett for his seventh-place run tonight. Seventy three thousand dollars fifty grand for winning the first thirty laps segment plus the seventh-place money so still not bad payday. Four Dale and the Robert Gates team is evening back at Charlotte in the aftermath of the Winston. The searchlights chasing the night sky. Here in Charlotte letting. Everybody know that the big deal happened here tonight. It was a big deal especially those first thirty laps of the race. They were just spectacular. You're not going to see any better racing than we saw. In those first thirty we kept expecting a lot of guys to get together and we only had the one incident. Bobby THE BODY SPUN OUT COMING OFF. Turn before then. What of a comeback. He makes to recover from that and ended up finishing and second position in the overall the last ten lap segment. Good run for him which is a good race all night. Long as the drivers have said this is for the fans. I think they've enjoyed all the segments. The racing a little bit better in that first thirty lap segment than it was in the second one but overall it was good racing here tonight. It's in leading up to the six hundred. We said Mark Martin can put it into perspective. I guess best just a moment ago when he said you know we got beat and the way Jeff Gordon ran here tonight. There was nobody that was going to deal with him. The last ten laps absolutely just back up to second Barney to your comments about bobby body. Because that's the jumping off point for united selector. Bestest break of the race award winner five hundred dollars to racing for kids magazine from Ray best breaks in the name of the driver getting a good breaker bad break and we discussed this during the commercial break and decided that Bobby Labonte got an awfully good break when he did get bumped and spun on lap number three that he didn't get collected in a big way by a few other drivers. Yeah and not only. Did he do a good job in the car? Pretty well under control instead of letting it come back up in and bounce off the wall maybe get right into traffic. He got a good break when the other drivers did some heads up driving also to keep from wrinkling up that car. I don't think anybody in the field and I got a better break than bobby did so poppy comes back from a lab three spin finished second in the Winston one hundred thirty thousand dollars to them at five hundred dollars goes to racing kids magazine in the name of Bobby the body to promote education and reading from Ray bestest breaks the official break of Nascar the rest of the race award tonight down to the garage talk sterling Marlena Sterling. I know going this ratio. Get qualifying spot and you felt like you had a chance to win this but you had all on the racetrack in what happened. Well we run last night in real good call was really good and run six laps day in the weather's real hot and was pretty good today and is just like completely different rice. Call when a Rice Star. We tried everything and just lose pushing. Just couldn't get grit with. Carson would wrong but you know not had a real good car was fast as anybody and as fast and by today when started racing was terrible so You know take our home take it apart and save someone guilt or shock laughed or something. Just look at over. It's good call. Run run real good with four with it so I don't know just gotTa go to work. What was the difference in the first segment like the second segment? It was real tight and I thing in Then Sakho savings loose anti I mean. That's hard fix you know. Spa Drive a funny swapping ends and it's terrible. I never had one bad here but and and we're trying to figure out what we're going to do so backup Toyota punk ass but may never it's It was terrible or you to bring it back for the six hundred. You're GONNA think about another car. I don't thinks car. Thank it's something we overlooked or something's broke on it or something amiss. Cars is run third Atlanta and and in here one time. Run top five with it here. It's a good car so Alexei just look shocks The ratchet or something maybe of Brooklyn spraying or something but It was it was a handful. It looked like story Marlin couple times. Where Sterling was pretty lucky to bring that car back with all the quarter panels on it. It was a handful for him Dr. He's not exaggerating the all. At least from where we stood and watched it and a sterling got a fortunate to come up with a fourteenth place finish share tonight and have that car in one piece. I think he hit it on the day. When he said we're going to dismount regroup and fight on foot to. It's going to take back to the garage. Tony Rudy and Winston Kelly looking to catch up with a couple of more drivers forest. Let's start with Tony Allen. I've caught up with Ricky Rudd Ricky. A ninth place. Finish probably not what you wanted but as an owner andrew driver at least the car comes back in one piece. We're out I would rather have been up race car and be sitting here and Victory Lane. I'd trade that in night but we just didn't have it together. Tonight guys worked hard. We we fought a front and push we never could get Carter turned the corner like we needed to and we're not really sure. This is the first time we ran the fords at Charlotte with the reduced rear spoiler and I think we missed it. On Arrow pack miss about all the fords did never could get it. Hooked up just fall front an push and we do. Everything added those intermissions but never did find anything that would work. That's Ricky Rudd driver of the tied Ford and over to Winston Kelly. Ricky Craven came home victorious the first time. Getting congratulations from a lot of folks including his engine failed to Randy Jordan. Rookie your impressions of the First Time? You've been in the Winston for another one. I mean this is great. It sure sure can't wait for that first win but knowing that you being Winston for a while it's a little extra incentive this much fun as I've had in a long time and honestly The way the year had gone. I needed to have some fun again. Haven't had a lot of fun and It was great for confidence. It was great for team morale. The team they've worked hard to having given up at all. And you know the result show tonight. How about your car? In the different segments edited handling. What kind of adjustments did you make well? The car was very consistent and it was good we. We weren't perfect and we kept trying to search for perfect. But you know we ran a fifty lap race race another thirty and ten and that's asking an awful lot of a car to be good or great and all five all four segments. I felt like the second segment. We were very good as good as anybody The third segment. I gotta run on them going into coming off a two and and We're three wide. Got My tires dirty and that hurt me but it was a go for type race in ten laps to go just happy to have a chance. He won the Winston Open and came home with strong eighth in the Winston Ricky Craven and the Budweiser Chevrolet Fifty. Seven thousand dollar payday for Ricky Craven. Tonight from winning the Winston Open and finishing eighth in the Winston back to wrap it up at Charlotte next back at Charlotte. The running of the Winston is over for this evening. The Victory Lane Celebration for Jeff Gordon continues down there. Big Celebration for a big Win for Jeff Gordon. Some two hundred seven thousand five hundred dollars worth to take a look at the finishing order from tonight's race. Jeff Gordon is the winner finishing second. Is Bobby Vanni? Running third in the event tonight is Teri the Bonnie Dale earnhardt comes home fourth Jimmy Spencer. V Six to mark Martin. Dale Jarrett finished seventh eighth. We'll go to ricky craven ninth. We'll go to ricky rudd. Bill Elliott finished tenth. Eleventh will go to Jeff Ward Burton Twelfth Thirteenth to Jeff Burton Sterling Marlin finished Fourteenth Fifteenth to Kyle Petty Michael Waltrip Sixteenth Seventeenth Darrow. Walter Eighteenth Rusty Wallace Ernie Urban. Who was not running at? The end of the event will finish nineteenth. And Bobby make up the top twenty. Six lead changes among the changes among six drivers. Only one caution flag in the seventy laps of the Winston that Atlanta Three. When bobby was out of traffic and eventually got away. Okay though a very close call Ernie Irvan Jeff Burton and Jimmy Spencer doing a nice job. Dimissed Bobby the body spinning down the main straightaway. Bobby coming back for a second place. Finish in the Winston started nineteenth up to third by the end of the first thirty laps. Segment restarted sixteenth was up to fourth by the end of the second thirty laps and then went from four. Th the first in the first two laps of that final ten lap sprint to the to the win and it is Jeff Gordon in Victory Lane in the thirteenth of the Winston. This event tonight just the beginning of a very busy week of racing here at Charlotte the Nascar Winston Cup series teams. Check back into the speedway on Wednesday Busch Pole qualifying for next weekend. Six hundred is Wednesday night about seven o'clock in the evening here and the Nascar Busch series also going to be here at Charlotte next week before they do that though tomorrow. Nazareth Pennsylvania and the core states advantage two hundred live on motor racing network. Yes we're on the airplane early in the morning up to the five turn mile and look forward to bringing you That event Elliott Sadler and Todd Bodine on the front row Randy. The joy won the race last year. He's GonNa Start Eighth as always an exciting race at that racetrack. It's one of those compromise. Speedways where you can't get a car to handle goodall five turns which means there's a lot of passing usually in races up there and we look forward to bringing you that two hundred miles from Nazareth tomorrow at twelve forty five eastern time should be a good one looking some of the qualifying up there very tight qualifying good field. Cars also also happening tomorrow. If you're here in the Charlotte area maybe listening to as you're leaving the Winston Tonight. There's going to be a charity softball. Game in Concord North Carolina at Frank Liska Park. It is called the Rick Hendrick Charity Softball. Spectacular starts at one in the afternoon including several sandlot softball games at a homerun Derby Featuring Jeff Gordon Ricky Craven Brett Bodine Ray Abraham Andy Graves Gary. Hart Jack Sprague several others. Geoff Bodine going to be there. It is a charity all to benefit Some various charities obviously including the leukemia. Drive that you. Hendrick team has been very strong on tomorrow afternoon. One o'clock at Franklin Park in Concord North Carolina. If you're in the area of five dollars donation to get into the event will make you eligible for some drawings of NASCAR merchandise in that kind of thing that they will give away during the event tomorrow after the events next weekend here in Charlotte Motor racing network picks up the NASCAR Winston Cup series of the Monster Mile in Dover Delaware beginning on Friday may thirtieth Busch Pole qualifying for the Miller. Five hundred and a special edition of NASCAR. Live that same evening presented by McDonald's. Hope you can be with us on Friday. Thirtieth Saturday may thirty-first good delco. Two hundred for the Nascar Busch series and then two weeks from tomorrow it. The Miller five hundred for the Nascar Winston Cup series in Dover Delaware and hope you call the Monster Mile Ticket office and make your plans to be with us for the Nascar Busch series and Nascar Winston Cup series at the Monster Mile. Couple of weeks from now it'll be Pocono. Pennsylvania for the Pocono five hundred then the weekend of June thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth. Got THE NASCAR Busch Series in South Boston Virginia on Friday night the thirteenth seven forty five eastern on. Espn radio and we'll be at Michigan. International speedway Friday afternoon for Bush poll qualifying and then on Sunday for the Miller. Four hundred also be with you from Fontana California and the opening of the new California five hundred on Sunday June twenty second. We hit the halfway point of the Nascar Winston Cup season in Daytona beach. Florida for the Pepsi. Four hundred on Saturday July fifth all of those events upcoming on Mr Radio Edit reminder that next weekend the NASCAR craftsman truck series. Don at I seventy speedway in Odessa Missouri for the Western Auto Parts America. Two HUNDRED NASCAR truck network at three forty five eastern time with coverage the NASCAR truck network division of Radio spent an interesting night here. Charlotte Ricky Craven wins the Winston Open. Jeff Gordon comes through the back of the pack to win the thirteenth running of the Winston and Barney for a full moon kind of a steady and stable night. Maybe quite as wild as we expected but still Very exciting evening and a big payday for Jeff Gordon. Quite as wild and wooly as you would normally expect under a fool moment everybody got their money's worth out there. I think everybody went away happy and we saw a great show. And as you say. There's some great racing coming up here at the Charlotte Motor speedway next week and in fact for the next five or six weeks. We're going to be very very busy. The Nascar Winston Cup series hitting a very tough summer stretch in an radio. Be there with you as they work their across the country back and forth and up and down throughout the summer months. Sheri Smith for her health seating scoring and statistics. Also the voices you heard on our coverage from here in Charlotte Joe more and Fred Armstrong for their excellent work in the corners. Jeff Phillips Winston Kelly and Tony Rudy. Who dealt with the drivers and teams on pit road and in the garage area? We wish happy birthday to the president of our radio and our executive producer. John mcmullen because he's the boss were not allowed to call them an old fool on the air. But we'll say happy birthday to him and to you. We say join US TOMORROW AT. Twelve forty five eastern time. We'll be a Nazareth. Pennsylvania states advantage two hundred four the Nascar Busch series. Thanks for being with US tonight. Talk to you tomorrow afternoon for Barney Hall and best work saying so long from Charlotte where Jeff Gordon has won. The Winston Moran Radio Coverage of the Nascar Winston Cup series has come to you from the Charlotte Motor speedway sponsored by rape. Festas breaks the official break of Nascar by sears diehard. Hey race vans into the diehard race fan of the year contest. Check out the sears. Diehard website at in net dot com for details by Chevrolet Team Monte Carlo. Chevy the cars more champion stress by Western auto parts America the official AUTO PARTS STORE OF NASCAR by move jazzy parts. Move parts of the only Jesse parts officially licensed by NASCAR BY seventy-six products makers of Nascar high-performance motor oil by Pontiac Motor Division. And the all new White Drag Grand Prix by Pontiac wider is better by true value. Help is just around the corner at true value the official hardware store of Nascar by first brands corporation makers of SDP superconcentrated fuel injector cleaner by gatorade thirst winter. The officials sports beverage of NASCAR. Hey White sports drink it up by brewery fresh budweiser who reminds you. Fresh beer tastes better by quaker state. The motor oil that exceeds the highest standards in North America for engine protection by? Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. When it comes to home improvement lows knows by which filters used by more NASCAR race teams wicks filters Nascar car and your car and by World Championship. Wrestling don't miss the slam. Ary Paper View on Sunday may eighteenth at seven PM. The executive producer of him are radio. Is John mcmullen? Assistant General Manager Mark Williams Marketing Services. Stephanie Ellis Affiliate Relations Shero Marcello and Peter de Giorgio Engineers Harry and Vince Marcello Remote Operations David Brand Production Assistant Sandy. Good Michelle Tomlinson and Robin van De graff. Website Producer Cameron Smith. This is Rick Lewis. This broadcast wasn't production of MR and radio. A division of International Speedway Corporation. This week's are in classic race has been brought to you by Hercules tires.

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