All 3 Game 1s: UTA/DEN, LAC/DAL, PHI/BOS


Let's talk about some NBA playoff basketball all three playoff games from today we'll be talking about and let's begin with the series that my podcast partner John Holler hauled. Dunkin called the least interesting series, non nets and Magic Division. It was not the least interesting series today. Was Beautifully flawed but featured some unbelievable exhibitions offensively, I couldn't have enjoyed it more. It was it was fascinating to watch this from our perspective because I vacillated between just delighted all of the shot making stuff that was going on and just incredulity at what was facilitating some of that and I thought I think that the whole the whole thing all fits together and so the incredible performance of Donovan. Mitchell in this game fifty, seven points nineteen, thirty three from the field thirteen thirteen from the line also six, hundred, fifteen from threes is. Pretty Damn good for him and I he was he was awesome and take nothing away from him. But a part of the reason he was also except about eight seconds. Yeah we'll get. We'll get there but a part of why he was so awesome was Denver running maybe the worst pick and roll defence I can remember seeing on this kind of stage well, and I don't know that it was necessarily scheme based as just more personnel face and these we had talked in the preview about how what they're gonNA do they do this? All the time is because Nicole Yokich is weakness as a picking roll defender they bring him up to the level try to make the ball handler, get off the ball, and then you try to scramble around behind the play and you've got Paul. MILLSAP. As backline defender for that but they said, no, you know like we don't believe that these Utah pick and roll ball handlers are that great we're GonNa make them beat us and get downhill against Yokich and play conservative try to force them to not just get a bunch of open. Threes because we're putting on the ball, we're not going to bail them out. We're going to make them beat us well off Donovan Mitchell, beat them in this game. He finished a Rod Nicole Yokich. Every possible way in the lane it was the worst defense of game. I've ever seen Nicole Yokich play bar none you just had no effect. I think he he may be forced won miss at the rim on I wouldn't the jazz shoot at the Rim it must've just been something completely preposterous right eighteen of twenty nine, but they also the. Counting twenty three free throws which actually for an overtime game isn't is it totally crazy but? Not. Bad. As I thought I take that back but it certainly looked like whenever Donovan Mitchell got into lane or any particularly him. But any jazz ball handler they were going to be able to finish pretty well I I. Guess Part of it too is that there are further eight of fourteen from Florida range as well, and some of those are pretty close but. As we'll get to some of it was that they were playing too weird lineups themselves. But whenever they actually had shooting on the floor, it really started to sing but yeah, I, let's talk to bore. But about Mitchell's was the third highest scoring game in NBA history behind only Michael Jordan sixty three which he did in double overtime and Elgin Baylor Sixty one and props to Elgin Baylor for being the only one of those three to have his team win the game not Mitchell other than that. One thing did did a lot to to cost US team I mean I thought that he he? Yeah I guess five turnovers but I thought that Mitchell did an unbelievable job getting downhill and taking advantage and yes a portion of that was yokich being ineffective as a protector and there were but Mitchell did a great job of taking what was being offered to him and also if they reacted strongly Mitchell he was fighting teammates and they were getting good looks and that's Part of why the jazz were. You know they got up forty-seven threes in this game, which is truly incredible. It wasn't overtime game. Some of that was also stirred corks environment away at the beginning of the second quarter. But I thought that Mitchell was ostensibly I thought that he was just fabulous and he was eight of ten at the Rim as we look at it. and. Then six of gallon on above the break threes and not only was it Yokich that they were attacking. They put Michael Porter in Sonos either switching onto him or Michael Porter. Even guard Joe ingles not to mention Donovan Mitchell that they had just take Michael Porter out. I? Thought that was actually an adjustment by Mike Bologne which really changed the game going to Monte. Morris and PJ dosier of all people in the back court and I didn't think that those guys are going to be that much like Mitchell went at Morris a couple of times to in scored on him. But I don't know whether is Utah believing that those guys could shoot Troy Craig fouled out as well, and they also took millsap off the floor sues Murray Morris. Dosier Jeremy Grant and Nicola Yokich down the Edwin. Denver actually made a big comeback and then took care of things in overtime. UTAH? Just was atrocious offensively in the overtime Yeah. I mean I I really you Donovan Mitchell is a very saw player and when he hasn't had to play against the Houston Rockets he's had some really nice playoff performances and Denver other than. Troy Craig really doesn't have anyone at all who can pretend to match up with him and he really had it working in ISO and pick and roll it. Also, I think just being the unequivocal point guard when he was out there as well is he's always put up really nice stats when that's been the case less as an off wall guy, the overall offense maybe. Hasn't been as good in those circumstances, but he's always put up a amazing stats. See it was certainly virtuoso performance for him but I mean we have to hit on the second pilot now though we do I, mean. So what I think what happened on the play was that if you remember it was the actually inbounded the ball us kind of a second time because. There was that there was basically a couple of seconds had run off the clock and they had to inbounded the inbounded again and Donovan Mitchell just lost track of time and remember we we actually let's get into the context of how this happened. Utah has the ball and is ahead by four points, and so basically it's then it's functionally about two minutes to go you. Both teams are scoring pretty well at that point Mitchell had Mitchell had gotten a three that he'd he'd setup Gobert for a dunk in that last minute plus range, and so you could still lose the game, but it takes it takes some pretty severe stuff and then they were going to be able to run the clock down to about a minute twenty and they would have had a chance to score. Yeah, and going up going, let's say it's six with a minute and a half to go creates a whole bunch of other problems for the nuggets because then they have to, you have to start forcing more threes I mean you're probably a solid. Eighty percent favorite in the game with a four point lead and the ball like amid forty right and then and then not due to any great pressure or anything from the Denver Nuggets they turn it over and then mere seconds. Later, it was just like lightning strikes, joe-marie drills a three, and then all of a sudden but was a four point lead with the ball turns into a one point and I think Mitchell. Number one he was just kind of directing traffic like play wanted to run from the. Back Court and number two, he just had an overall mindset of our orders going to waste time on this possession. Think he just had it in his head that he had eight seconds together across in fact was six and then number three I think he was pretty darn exhausted. He really really pushed himself to incredible heights in this game although he eventually ran out of gas early in the overtime and I think it's time to switch to Jamal Murray here after the backcourt violation, he personally outscored Utah Eighteen sixteen. and. So he did that in about six minutes, eighteen points at about six minutes, and then in the first half the at a personal twelve or run to take it from tied at forty three to fifty, five, forty, three in like three minutes. So he basically scored thirty points in like less than ten minutes. It was insane the shooting exhibition that he put on particularly from three and that. Yokich Murray pick and roll and deregulation beginning of overtime. That is what ended up winning the game for the nuggets. Even though I thought the jazz were defending it about as well as you can to onto, they probably should have started bring some help earlier than they did finally at the end Clarkson decided to come off what are the other guys and help then merged hit it over him. Anyway. Yeah. Yeah I mean Murray Murray was the degree of difficulty on some of those totally crazy and and what are the differences between Mitchell and Murray's nights was that Donovan got a portion of his points at the free throw line and getting to the basket and Mitchell did that a little bit but mostly it was just mid range in three point dominance overall he was nine of fourteen on. Jump shots in the game, and those were not all just like clean catch and shoot you know those types of situations. These were some of them were tough on a good contest just shot making I don't recall him actually hitting a single catch and shoot because they don't have anyone else on this team in their starting lineup who can dribble by the way? It's a little bit of a problem. other than Nicole Yokich frankly, and so Murray really I I WANNA say that if not all of his threes that he made six of them were off the dribble, a ton of more in a little bit might have been like had a two man action on the move with Yokich. But it wasn't like a it was just setting them up for these spot ups like he's creating. Audio also, at dinosaur to go with his thirty six points and game best out not game best actually Jon Morgan was a game best plus second best in the game plus sixteen. Well, let's let's get to drawn mortgage recently because you briefly because you've talked about the idea of you know like that that there aren't that many dribblers in the starting lineup for the for the nuggets and that's Absolutely right and I thought one of the stranger dynamics in the early portion of this game was the way that Jon Morgan and Paul millsap being the game screwed up both teams offenses because in John Wiggins case it was him being on the four and not really wanting to shoot let millsap they the nuggets did what teams have done a lot more frequently. I think of the warriors grisly series. As as being the, but it existed before that of putting your smartest help defender on the other teams, weakest offensive player because they're capable of doing that instead of putting your worst defender on that player put somebody smart because then they can mess up everything else. But then on the other end millsap, he was a little bit too thirsty and that was helping short short-circuit some of Denver's offense early. If I thought, he was thirsty more just that they weren't really guarding him and we'll. But when did they weren't guarding in the ball? I good to do something here. I'M GONNA drive into a post op. He's not. I mean in the playoffs last year he had some pretty good moment. He hasn't posted up at all this year as they've had some more threats and move into a different strategy offensively. But yeah but he is still a good help defender like nobody could get anything going there just weren't guarding mortgage mortgage did hit a three late but I just the Ed Yeah you could say he was plus seventeen I'm sorry he wasn't actually doing anything out there. If you're watching the game in the third quarter, he had they appoint went with I guess Neang Yang at the three and him. At the four to match up with some of the super. Big from the nuggets I think that's one of those like just because you can you you do it. I guess at one corner three and he had like a couple of nights offense of regons the in the third quarter. But other than that, he didn't do anything to deserve the spot and I just don't understand the theory behind it like what does he bring the game that we saw a lot of him actually is that Spurs game and you know I mean you could maybe hit a corner three. Okay but he's Getting guarded out there on all the other possessions you don't want him hanging out around the basket where you know maybe he's got like a little bit post Greenville missed a couple of layups and defensively I mean, it is the house he any better than Yang, at least Neang, you know it's been has some experience why not just certain Yang at that point and get more shooting on the floor because the stand what other things Morgan brings I guess it's like Oh we wanna keep Neang in his role on the second unit, but you know kneeing played twenty minutes in this game. More minutes yeah. One foul. That I don't think that has any sort of like stamina issues or anything like that. Yeah I. I agree and also. Drove Brantley looked better than. Morgan in the Games that we did and like the idea was Vo-, he's physically strong and all that you can go in other directions and anyway like Paul Millsap isn't going to wheel that against us that much and I think Yang would have done totally fine I ninety the. MILLSAP was going to post up and more than can be stronger than I was. It's like if that happens good good. Totally of compared to joe-marie and Nicole Yokich doing shit like. That first quarter Michael Porter went crazy. He didn't distinctly did not after that but. It's well so yeah, we're using extra well so I was going to get into a kind of a big picture, a big picture thing that you that I like to do for game. Once what we'll hear let's. Let's do a quick read here and then we'll get show absolutely the basketball playoffs are starting and there's only one thing that you can do to boost the excitement of that even more. 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So united our prediction podcasts a little bit over twenty four hours ago for actually that one I think was forty eight because we did that no was twenty four because we didn't know about the abilities. and. So we made our predictions and formed based on you know everything that we do, and so I think it's really useful for a game one to think about how do you feel about your prediction and what I think is very interesting from my perspective. So I picked the nuggets insects. Yes Denver won this game I feel worse about that prediction than I did when I made it even though they won the game because I thought Utah significantly outplayed them and some of the ways that Utah. Did that can be corrected but not all of them, and also it reminded me of kind of some of the coaching matchup stuff and that even if the loan did make some adjustments and I, think some of those adjustment helped and having like we also don't know when he's going to get wouldn't each of these teams is going to get their other guys back. But just kind of some of the process generally would a team is played on a neutral site you think that's going to it's. Kind of like when a team is making bad shots early and all that's GonNa. Even out in that's going to go the other way and part of that is also Denver found money from Tory Craig Eleven points and twenty to forty one overall from three like even though a lot of their shots by good shooters that's GonNa Continue Yeah I. Know How many I mean they Torrey Craig was awesome. Yokich was four seven. We talked about how his three point shooting could be such a bellwether for. Them and he's GonNa shoot over fifty percent. Probably, they made eight threes the first eleven minutes of the game particularly when you hit those shots early in the game, it just has an anchoring effect for them guarding you outside afterwards 'em yet they're not gonNA shoot that Walt these. The aren't that greatest shooters. It's not like they're best shooters were going crazy and analyze circumstances. Murray was hitting ridiculous shots. Sure. Mitchell is not gonNA play as well, but I thought what Mitchell was doing more sustainable than. What Murray was doing and really though it was mental mistakes to me for the jazz that killed me others the eight second violation that was a huge on they probably winded if that doesn't happen but the only thing was their transition defense was so offline Zach Lowe talked about that on his pod and watching it in person I was a little bit more into it because he had mentioned it but the amount of complaining to the referees every time not getting back like Joe INGLES IS A. Terrible example of that they don't have anyone with any kind of athleticism. Go Bear is not back and there's just so many player where they're just jogging back and the statistics really reflect that. Yeah. So over on the game, it wasn't necessarily about transition frequency neither of these teams that have been, they're both playing in the half court a lot. But Denver had a one eighty, two ofensive rating in transition in this game. Yeah, and there are so like a some of the ones that they gave. Up like fourth quarter Yokich comes in just like throws it over everyone's head to for a touchdown normal defensive rebound where Jeremy granted contested in shot leaked out and no one got back ingles just kind of jog back a little bit of they're just a bunch of turnovers where they were just complained to the referees and get back Monte. Morris was awesome intrinsic and he really pushed the ball I thought he had an excellent game. He earned that closing spot in this one and there are just A lot of mental mistakes from Utah those was over. It is a shame too because I thought Rudy Gobert was unbelievable in this game. Yeah. I agree especially in in half court defense he I thought he I thought he did a great job affecting things on the four. This be a big part of the reason why the the nuggets only took twenty shots in the restricted area in the game and it wouldn't surprise me if those were shifted toward the minute that bear wasn't on the four. And remember not. It's not only the twenty there it's twenty twenty. I got to here's a stat for you Danny Quin Snyder. As we thought, he would matched up go bears minutes exclusively with Yoga Rhino. How many shots nickel Yokich took in the restricted area in this game like three one. One shot today area seven in the paint overall third three out of six from Florida rain. But all those were very well contested including the shot at the end of regulation that could have tied at a incredibly difficult Hook Shot Kevin Love tweeted. This is correct that against anyone else that's a bucket but go bare forced yoga's to go over and I thought the only thing that Gobert could have done a little bit better was maybe contest Yokich more on some like his face up drives, but enforcement forced them to put it on the floor. But. Yoka truly was not able to get very clean look when he's actually been killing everybody else in the post and you know is really only the forest seven from three even on those plays go bear was leaked. There's nobody else anywhere close to Gobert side who in that Yokich Berry pick and roll at the way that Murray was going could actually like stay in front of Murray and then get back to Yogesh, even get some contests Yoga Shit. Some really difficult shots out of that. Those four, hundred, seven from three was all above the break Gobert. Incredible play that doesn't show up at all but Yokich gets an offensive rebound in the last minute of the Game Gobert had actually contested jump shot that missed. So that's how Yokich gets the rebound. He's about to go up for a three point play an Gobert sprints back into the play. He was reveries guarding the guy who missed a jump shot was like a twenty footer and he gets back in and actually like blocks Yoka shot. I'm not sure where he got the father someone downloaded, but that was going to be A. Three point play if Gobert doesn't get there and ends up, be Yoga cheating a couple of free throws to give them a two point lead and then Mitchell comes on gets fouled immediately But yeah, I thought Gobert was absolutely wonderful. The center matchup I. You know I know Yokich had twenty nine points and but he only had three assists and go. It was definitely a really hard twenty nine points. Yeah. For yokich particularly given how much they like to run stuff through him because there wasn't I don't really have any other weapons. And offensively, I thought he did well to is super important in the pick and roll game with the screening. Now, I think Denver can adjust that by just Jomo dies. So aggressively unscreened that maybe you just run him around it or do something else basically just try to avoid that and there are a couple of different ways that you can handle it. I mean Denver tried everything they could right? Yeah they were well, they did they did accept the big thing that I Would consider if they're running a drop coverage, just don't put Yokich on bear. They don't have anybody else who's a good screener in those in those primary lineups just have whatever whatever the hell else you're going to do like sacrifice sacrifice that and at least force Utah Brunson different. Now, the other problem is if you also have Michael Porter Jr. in the game, then it's like, okay, we're GONNA do with singles like there are other there other ways do I do? This is this. Bigger theory that I've had with Nicole Yokich, which is defensively. He's not a center just don't play him as a center and try to make up make up for to the places. Yeah. They'll me wall anybody who can do anything off the dribble? Is GonNa Cook Him to I? Mean we saw Joe Not Joe Eagles blow bull by him. Yeah. I respectfully disagree with you I don't think that's GonNa work that well, what I'm saying is if you're going to run if you're going to. Run a drop coverage like and answer there don't go. So that's what I'm saying if you're going to run a drop coverage, then anybody can set the screen and then Mitchell is going downhill at Yokich and and you're burned either way. So I I I don't know if that would work I, think if you challenge, you challenge Utah's other players to set a competent screen I. think it would also probably had a bunch of illegal screens and you could get you get offensive fouls on that. It's going GonNa hurt no matter what. But I mean and Yoga has to be on the floor because of how amazing he is offensively one of the thing the defense I thought Utah had some pretty good plans. One of them was using millsaps man at the screener I like, why are you? Why are they doing this but the answer was that if you could get that guy rolling to the rim yoga's just wasn't going to be able to have any kind of an effect as a help defender whatsoever. The other thing they did that I thought was awesome. was they ran a Lot of small small pick and rolls with the other guys setting the screen. I thought they did a good job by the way. Danny I. Again, I respectfully disagree with you there because they did have those guys setting lot of screens but what Mitchell did something we talk about right when on switches just treat the guy switching onto even if he's just small like he's a big, just get downhill at him anyway, like mental by the time the screen get set he's going a million miles an hour, and so whoever's switching onto him just was able to in front of particularly A. Porter or Morris, and then you know he's able to get by that guy. Again, Yokich has no effect at the room. So they just had no answers at all at for Mitchell in pick and roll defence somebody else that's going to be a challenge for Quin Snyder reconcile especially in these games without my and we don't know yet how many that's going to be. My instinct is he's GonNa Miss Games one two and three is Jordan Clarkson. Very valuable to have I mean further for the Non Mitchell minutes I. think that he is he is absolutely essential because you need somebody who who could do things with their hands and even if a Jordan Clarkson. Lead Offenses neck would be particularly efficient. It's still more efficient than a lot of their options, but partially because there just aren't enough is on the jazz bench that Quin Snyder trusts and you kind of know what Jordan Clarkson is for better for worse I, think because he's such an easy point to attack having him out there especially when Mitchell was rolling. So well as the as the initiator I, think that those minutes need to be tamped down. Even if it comes at the expense of more limited players, I'm not saying those two manual moody because Hell. No but even if it's the and or maybe throwing some to me only or something like that corks in. Once, you take the ball out of his hands even though he can be capable catching shoot guy I just it just makes it too easy for the nuggets. Strategically I think that's part of the challenge I mean, I might try and give the angle but more mess. I thought he played while the the one possession where he missed three three hours on the same possession it definitely the only three, three pointers he missed the game, but he only took for yeah. But I thought he had his like slow pump drive game look pretty good Denver doesn't really have like the athletic offensive players that are gonNA put him into difficulties it capable help guy but I think Clarkson it's just they. Need some bodies out there and I thought. Clarkson. Actually did a pretty good job as a screener chirp for Mitchell. So so that that pretty decent I think the other thing too is just that Denver has so few guards who can do anything why not just like put guards out there and hope they can match try to match you because those guys just aren't as good a players in the end this with Morrison Dosier those guys came in they didn't really do that much other than just maybe hold their defenders a little bit more but I think I'd rather have them out there than some of the other guys that Denver has Denver's bench pretty UNIMPRESSIVE plumlee had three. Thousand the first like four minutes that he played picked up two of them on Joe ingles tried to draw charge on ingles that he had no chance at. So he really struggled there thirteen million dollar backup center played a grand total of eleven minutes. He was actually plus three but he did little in the game the technicals by Utah Yeah were killers I mean that's just completely unnecessary i. think it was Joe Ingles and then Snyder trying to defend angles and just another mental mistake by the jazz right and particularly loathsome because I it was Joe ingles not getting back on defense at then I think he is someone picked up technical after that. Then Quin Snyder coupons that. By, also picking up the technical and so would you throw it just the jazz relationship with referees on this one in a game in which both teams got called the exact or pause and the jazz shop more free throws than the nuggets did was just it was bad and it just compounded all all of their issues and so you just they just gave stuff away here in this game that they're going to look back on. So I and a bit ago I said that I felt worse about my pick of of nuggets in six how do you feel about jazz and seven? Well I feel like the process behind picking that was right because Utah's way better them even without Mike Conley. We'll say like if they can get if they can get, we'll Barton and run Gary. Harris back that will make a make a significant difference I don't think it'll solve everything won't even come close but. Having Gary Harris to guard Donovan Mitchell could be very useful ended will give them more options in case like Michael Porter Jr. is just too bad defensively like he was when you ingles was getting into stuff and you just can't play them. Then you have an option who's a capable options capable players. If you want to go smaller if you want to do a couple other things, they wouldn't have too much as they. Did. Yeah Puerto Junior had eight points in the first five minutes or so he walked into a couple of threes at the top of the key in transmission but he finished with thirteen points five at thirteen and was really struggling. They're down the end defensively as we talked to also him trying to get through a screen enjoying the porter yokich defensive combination and pick and roll was just had no chance whatsoever in. This one but yet to get those guys coming back it up. But to answer your original question I, feel good about the process I mean one of the things I thought was yeah. Jazz are missing Bogdanovich and Conley but aid the nuggets are also missing to starters and they're at a position where they have very little depth. So yet I would say Bogdanovich encounter more born the jazz than Harrison Barton but not That much and Harrison Barton not being able to play being ruled out a pretty early on here I don't know what they're says it's going to be going for, but it seems like they could be limited throughout the series out nonni minutes they're going to be able to play either so I if they're going to be out for a long time, I, think that makes me feel better about Utah particularly because I just don't. Depend to Danny so I'll absolutely thing to remember the he's been a solid guy. This year also allows them to match up with Utah Small lineups much more easily and two more that handoff game as well. I'm but I kinda feel worse about the pictures because Denver's up one zero. But in terms of the process of IT, like Utah should've worn this in they're the better team in this game. So I think I might process was right but yet, and in fact some Texas be it must have been at the very moment that Mitchell was committing the. Violence. That jazz bigs looking pretty good there and out then it all went awry. So I'm not saying you can't win this series by any means particularly when they get commonly back but I do think that they are going to rue this blown opportunity a also, I would feel better if we had the usual homecourt format because losing the opportunity to win a road game kind of isn't as big, right? Like Denver's kind of just holding serve you still can get back into it in later games. You still have three home games left in the series compared to three for them but now you have Denver two wins the sex game at there in great difficulty. So I still think you. Talking to win the series, I, think the process by my pick was right and I think that Denver is really going to struggle to stop them Mike Bologne tried literally everything and nothing worked even the slightest defensively the Jon Morgan thing. Hopefully, that will end. It's probably not going to because he plus seventeen even though he didn't do anything to make that happen I think that's all any adjustments that we haven't talked about yet for Game Two I. Think we've already hit on just about everything. You see I mean while taking Morgan out obviously, it'd be one I still think they should try to give Durell Brantley try to defend Paul millsap and he's just a better shooter than Morgan at. Some reason that Snyder doesn't trust him and trust. Morgan and I nearly tweeted this during the announced starting lineups. It's also reminder that they have a lot more information than we do. That doesn't mean that insiders coaching staff is making the correct decision. It is just a reminder that like we we only got to really see those guys play kind of one and a half times and they've had other stuff. Yeah I think for Denver. I'd like to see more of the smalls. Nicole, Yokich make Gobert get through a screen I. Actually Yokich hit one three as the ball handler and pick and roll in transition where I think it was Murray screen for him in Yoga, just pulled up for three but more of the plays, what they run where a small sets, a screen for Yokich. Usually, it's Murray to kind of roll into the lane or have Yoka channel the ball let Murray set the screen because I think bear can guard Yokich pretty well one you'll get, you'll have better games and you know if you look at his lives love and a twenty one and did four turnovers only three. Assists but I I like the jazz strategy of just let's make him exclusively a score. He's putting up thirteen assists or something like that. That's when Denver's offense is really humming ob. Another thing too is omitted to see where the minute totals go in this series. Murray only played forty minutes including overtime. So he was on thirty five in normal time go thirty, seven minutes matched up exclusively with Yokich as we mentioned ingles and Mitchell thirty, eight minutes it baby goal of war, but he has to do so much offense way I'm not sure that he can and we would be your closing group here for Denver. Oh. Murray I think the Morris Thing Murray Morris thing won't work as often. The Utah doesn't really have as many guys to punish that. Craig. If he's available I think that he's fine and then grant millsap. I, think I'd probably more often play one of them rather than to just because you need to keep enough offense on the four. But at the same employee if what you're doing is if what you're doing in crunch time is basically just running Murray and Murray and Yokich pick and rolls especially because those guys are attacking the remiss aggressively. I think that having floor spacing in some weird ways matters a little bit less than you can go more defense. It's sort of it's sort of a bizarro version of the if Murray is just trying to get a metering. Yeah. It's like episodes. It'll consider my considered brings some more help over I. think the reason they didn't do that is because the nuggets shot fifty four percent from three in this game, right? But I mean, those guys I think they could. I guess I'd consider it especially without Harrison Harrison Barton available like that. That's part of what makes this a real challenge dude. We'd love to talk about this series. This is waiting for like over thirty minutes here on the we did over thirty minutes. It's part of it's just because it's also weird with all these absences but the incredible incredibly enjoyable. Let's get to Dallas and the clippers in just a moment here I. Think we have to start in this game with the controversial ejection of Kristaps Porzingis and both of those technicals one was the Air Punch as he screamed. After he got what he thought was clean blocking maybe was maybe it wasn't. He kinda got on the arm but in the heat Abalta that probably feels pretty clean and then he does the Air Punch and then he jumps in on Don-shik when he got into like just a little bit of an altercation with Marcus, Moore's after Morris wrapped him up after whistle to prevent him from getting three point play and more. So just to kind of be an asshole which succeeded and so forth gets gets a little bit of a running start. There's like a slight disagreement between Lucas. And KRISTAPS porzingis Johnson gives little shove to Morris. Morris shoves him back, which is a smart move because you draw more attention to it. They're Marcus. Morris is always going to shove. You back is not backing down from anyone and I mean as soon as we saw that were like, oh, he's gone. He's already got a technical like this is when you jump into an altercation like that you're probably going to get technical again. A lot of people were complaining that it was soft but I would. If you want to blame anyone blamed the League office, don't blame the officials because they are doing what they are told to enforce and it'd be nice if they would have just swallowed their whistles on that one but you've got reviews here they have things that their trans-youth they are being graded on how they are enforcing this stuff and crops dingus was gone. And both of them? Yes. It's kind of annoying. Yes it's ticky tack but Chris Dingus should know better and he didn't it's a weird. It's a weird thing because there's this I. It is kind of like the softest combination of correctly called technicals to get somebody checked it but they're both correctly called an the air punch thing is something that everybody in the League should be very attuned to I've you on the video it's On the video every year and not only that is been prominent recently because Grayson Allen got technical for an Air Punch that ended up being an important part of the resolution of the playing game like this was extremely recent. There were three of them called in the last three days and all all of which mattered, and so you can't be surprised and yeah, you you can get. There is a very good argument about need to. Let players and you get all the stuff but I think there's a larger Meta conversation that needs to happen probably money mccutchen everything else like that. It does seem like the refs are more their restaurant. Now are a little bit too afraid of like going away from the specific guidelines. But if that's the way, the League wants to manage it. Then that's the way the league wants to manage it like I think I wouldn't. I would prefer different more immoral lenient kind of system especially in the playoffs because it genuinely sucks to have a game affected dramatically as this one was by a pretty weak ejection but they were both correctly called and I think the place to go from there is we did this game live for the NBA cast and the early part the very beginning for three and a half minutes. You've just go here it goes again the. The clippers really engaged defensively. I thought they did a fantastic job and it was feedback loops. They were getting these stops and getting wide open looks because Dallas wasn't getting back in transition and at the eight thirty mark of the first quarter they're up eighteen to to Luca Danni pitches turned the ball over four times. You're just go. Well, it's you know they got hit in the mouth. It's Dallas First playoff game for basically all. Of their players of importance and they fought back I mean and they made it made this game. Many times actually went up to a fourteen point lead in the same quarter where they trailed by sixteen and I thought Luke rebounded with a very good rest of his game when he had also tweaked his ankle, it seemed like earlier on. Yeah. He'll go through a lot of stretches like that where he seems like he's limping around. As well, and I think Luka played about as as you can expect once he calmed down in the beginning and yet I mean that pressure was in Saint Patrick Beverley knocked away gotta steal I literally the first pass the game as they tried to hand back after winning the tip, he gets a steal and Kawhi was all over the place Marcus Morris had four steals and they really were just killing them early. But then the tenor changed a little bit beverly went out Lou Williams came in, they're not gonNA bring the same level. A defensive pressure at that point in time they went to Reggie Jackson? Who that's probably not a car that doc rivers should be playing much more in this series of the mavs started hitting some shots as while Hardaway South Korea to things Kinda change when he came in and Trey Burke I also thought that Carlisle did well to just take Luca out of the game for three or four minutes thereafter his terrible start you normally would take them out much later but just to settle down seen Steve Kerr do that sometimes with Korean was able to come back in we'll. Also. Set the tape set the tone for something else which is that Doc rivers didn't change his rotation when Carlisle did that and so that also put Luca on the floor with the combination of Reggie Jackson and move Williams, and so we all not only did he get the chance to collect himself he also got to cook against a way worse clippers roster, and so it was this weird situation where the clippers had their two best players off the floor Kawhi Paul. George and just so they didn't have their offense wasn't good enough to sustain all the way and defense was was atrocious and so it gave Luca chance to kind of get right with that, and you get that hold the short memory benefits and also I thought that one of the other really interesting dynamics in this game that the porzingis ejection fundamentally changed, which now becomes the big story for game too was that I thought Dallas was getting to something when they were. Playing porzingus without Cleopa because when Mexico's on the he was a little bit reluctant, he took five threes only made one of them and so doc was okay. Playing Zoo bots when Clinton was on the floor and he was really making life hard for John as a finisher run the rim. But whenever they went to anybody else with as much as harrow or going even smaller Luca felt a lot more comfortable attacking the basket for his scoring and for like interior passes. Opposed to driving and kicking out to somebody like Seth Curry yet particularly in the third Zubov had three nights contests. Dutch one of them was like an impossible hood shock that don actually made on the baseline but overall, it looked pretty decent frazee botts and they're okay with them guarding cleave. As you mentioned Cleveland had too bad misses right at the started it a little bit gun shy I did think that Cleo was as good as you can be in an isolation against. The White did hit some impossible shots at him but the problem is clear but is he just can't get through a screen at all. It seemed like every time he got screened on the ball and this is something that we talked about it the series he he instead of trying to get over it just like grab the guy who just screened him for some reason but they weren't switching said I. Couldn't get through that and that's why quite learners so are to deal with right now, you Cleveland is a pretty unique player in his ability to have his size and still move his field. I mean the plays that he made cutting guys off in this game were just incredible. Good. His we talked about guys I up like his last step to like get in front of guys and cut them off. A was really incredibly quick. But that quite learners really worked hard on his pick and roll game, he's improved as a distributor. This year he had six assists in this one and remember going back to last year where it gives career high in assists was nine and he got that in that game five, I think against the box and now distributed the ball a lot more this year and but now he has that in his game and so yeah, you could put clear bottom to try to make the ice award of go walk as just. GonNa go to to pick and roll then instead cause problems and that's also what Paul George did on Cuba I understand the idea from Carlisle of going bigger trying to get more defense on the floor I thought the Mavericks defended about as well as you could hope in this game particularly since they had to go to more bovine, they would liked with porzingas gone and Boban was really struggled to protect her just too immobile to like get into position to make any block he has long arms, but he has slow reactions and has slow feet so that combination actually is tougher and it makes you also like it makes you appreciate how Mason like to watch the book ends of go bear and Bo Bon who like they're both like insane physical specimens. But Ruto just move so much faster and also his his like his his basketball brain worked so much faster so that he can get places that Bo bunches can't thing that stuck out to me is just with Cleveland on the floor the mavs just didn't have enough supplemental playmaking the only other guy out there who really is going to dribble much is Tim Hardaway junior and he's not gonNa make plays for others really, and so you saw some instances where Dutch would get the initial opening swing. The ball to the weak side is he loves to do and you know maybe there'd be an uncontrolled close out where someone else could have driven or. And then drove and kicked himself and set up a three, but it would go to someone like Cleveland who's not really that capable in those spots if the initial three is taken away and so you see dodger to make the path there might have been a little opening that a competent ball handler widened but instead, you're just kinda waiting for judges to go get the ball back and you wasted a bunch of time. We like there was that there was that one that stuck out to me were Mexico. had an open corner three, the and Paul George was closing. Hard and instead of either taking the shot or pump-faking and getting something else Cleveland Russia's to pass, and basically by that point by the time, it got settled the clippers wordy already back to their stuff dowse had the advantage was completely gone. So it wasn't a record scratch it was it was just it just nullify the advantage and hardaway junior thought he had a little bit of an inconsistent night. There were times that his charlotte good. He would had had a couple of finishes but then other points where I think it was a little bit too aggressive and the. Also, intriguing from some of the support player perspective I mean m cagey hitting two three threes in that sequence in I believe. Like. That would be the ultimate and found money his shot to me looks better not fixed but better, and also like I I brought this up during the broadcast but I as you said, I agree with the the thought process behind playing Mexico by that makes sense I thought he did a pretty good job defensively on in particular but you get into this point where it's probably better to the. Basically the way you're going to win games in this series more regularly even though Dallas defended better than isolated is just by throwing many weapons as you can and trying to outscore them and I thought that Seth Curry he fits so well with Luca, because curry knows how to find his spots and he's such a great uncontested catch and shoot guy in particular is contests ups okay and so like he's just Minutes. He was just getting into a total rhythm and the clippers aren't always the most attentive off ball especially if it's some of their weaker offenders and so I thought that curry was able to find spots Mexican but just doesn't it definitely an incredibly while he's The problem that Carlos really concerned with is that clippers size on the wing and he just doesn't WanNa get caught in that match up with curry having a guard Georgia Leonard and when you got him out there, that's a possibility. Many have already got hardaway who particularly on Kawais? Really. GonNa be overwhelmed it most of the time just with his size and strength but I do think that Carlisle might eventually decided. No we gotta just beat these guys with offense. We had the pink greatest offense in NBA. History, let's let's do it our way and not worry as much about the defense that particularly as you mentioned, moving Cleveland to the second unit that will enable you to match up Porzingus Zoo bots and make zoo botch guard like a real three point shooter and take him away from the basket where he's not gonNA cause me problems for Luca. Then as you mentioned, I think Luka just to his isolation game getting into the lane his patients if he can get past the initial defender when the clippers. Are, playing smaller he's GonNa be able to score a run herald or Michael Green or whoever the center ends up being uh, speaking of which about six minutes left the clippers takeout Harrell who is definitely show a working his way back into shape after missing a bunch of time like he looks like he's a I've never seen him looking this heavy. So He's definitely got a- and understandably so given the personal tragedy but it just from a basketball perspective, he didn't look explosive very reliant energy you know. He's he's not the type of guy who can be carrying a few extra pounds of effective. So they take him out. They don't go back to zoo box even though he was good in and they could have gone to him because Cleo was the center they I think they would have been fine with that and said, they went to their small group and it was to Michael Green at center for that entire time I am I right about that or do they even go with like Morris at center? It was to Michael Green but I'm not one hundred percent. Sure. Confirmed that yes. So it was to Michael Green for about a minute and a half and they actually brought Lou. Williams. That's right for four. It was four Joe Michael Green which we thought was definitely interesting. So it was Lou Patrick Beverley Kawai Marcus Morris, Paul George. So a lot of spacing, a lot of it's out there and so. We had cart some about Lou Williams being in this group the thinking being that, hey, you're not necessarily going to give him the ball. So what you've got Paul George already and so why are you going to put him out there when he's a defense reliability and both those things turned out to not really be true in this interruption of that lineup down the APP and it was it was a one point game with Luke came back. Yeah. That's a good point. And to elaborate that will bit looted miss a couple layups but he got a couple of wide open looks just blue blue by guys. There wasn't enough help at the Rim because part of your problem there is without porzingus and etiquette porzingas is around much of this may change in the next game if it's close but you've got Cleveland guarding Kawhi so he can't really help at all and so all these drives there's nobody else to dodge. It was almost like the primary help defender. I thought he actually played pretty decently defensively in this game, but you're asking way too much him and then the bigger problem for Dallas was on the other and they couldn't really take advantage of Lewd. They were not getting great shots down the end and it Lewitt's what he was doing was he basically wasn't really helping on the screen. It seemed like he was just sticking with whoever was saying the street who was kind slipping through, and so Dell's just didn't do a good job. Continuing to hunt him part of that was because they were doing some pre switching hiding in a little bit. They did manage to have one play where they hit him and tonsured it to treat burkey drove on the baseline, but he just missed the layup but the other thing is just whoever set in that screen is being Garba. Looms he's just got to set a better screening. Yeah. Like force and at that point Luke just let Lucas get downhill you've done your job at that. Point that guy was like trying to slip it thinking that Lou going to hedge out and are just set the screen and make make Lou Williams switch onto Luke Dodge and then look at the James. Harden does this to Lucas could watch films James Harden what James Harden do in those situations is when the small guy steps out, he'll just dribble right into the body of that guy and so that guy basically has to stay on him or if he leaves them then they then. Bill to go right to the basket. Yeah and so that guy will you he wants to get back to his man but harden is almost just like forcing him to stay with them by dribbling into his body and then you end up being able to throw it to the roll man for three or he just gets out of the way of, but it's So they got to do a better job there certainly of taking advantage of Lou Williams but a and. To see how the Defense GonNa Change if Porzingas is out there, and if they stick with that group or not I mean I guess they would put Marcus Morris which everything anything else on this one I got a couple other notes I think that's all I have. Trey Burke had to leave the game, he the Moxie Cleveland's foot and basically was taken out. So US actually important player for them I know you score that much but he really settled things down and Riccar loves playing with his two guards particularly Dutch out of the game about adjustments I think playing playing curry morph more with certain maybe doesn't start but just give getting him. They're forcing a little bit of the clippers hand with zoo bats I think would make a big difference will be I. Think a lot of what Dallas did actually actually looked pretty good I think that's really from their perspective the only. Thing and then for the Clippers Reggie Jackson was terrible. He also doesn't really have much of a point on this team I, think that the key complication probably emotionally just you know player who has been a star in the league for a long time who does way out of a bad out of like a non contending situation goes to the clippers who looks like they have something to offer but then they just they just don't like there's nothing that Reggie will that Reggie Jackson brings to this team that they need in important minutes. They haven't they have too many good players in some ways and so and especially. If Lou, Williams. Can stay on the floor at which you won't against everybody. But but Reggie his defense was bad in this one is offense was in some ways worse and I think I think that'll be a big problem and then with mantras heroin, some of the other guys is just getting getting all the way back we can Patrick Beverley. Oh, that's something else is like Patrick Beverley played very good defense and was super aggressive but he commits such an incredible amount of files like He. He committed five in the twenty minutes he played, but they also could have called a few things which they didn't I mean. He had five falls in like eleven minutes. Yeah. The third gortat anyone he came back and he managed to to stay out of it other we did have to give up one lay up because he was worried but he did have beverly did have some big offensive rebounds and I thought physically he looked a little bit better than I anticipated when CAF issues there there notoriously tricky I think that the clippers getting healthier one to one up making a pretty big difference and so I am very I'm very interested in game two of the series it could end up being a kind of a longer one than. I anticipated I. Still think the Clippers are going to win it but again, going back to the framing I used for game for the first game I. Feel I do feel a little bit queasy about clippers and five just because the mavericks to me they defended better than I spotted at times. They scored better because that I I think that I four minutes was a reflection of the clippers defensive ceiling but also anomalous at the same point. Yeah. This is a weird game because the mavs were over fifty percent from three in the first and then I think they only made three in the second half. Yeah. They're. Twelve to twenty one of the person at twenty two in the second and don-shik who've meant he's got it to so much offensively and he played thirty eight minutes. In this one he had the eleven turnovers four fouls, even only playing thirty eight minutes. Can he really play at this kind of a pace with this kind of a workload? Yes. He had the highest ever number of points for someone in the NBA Playoffs debut I think he might have beaten Derrick rose's record for that I think rose had like thirty five back in two, thousand, nine against the Celtics. So forty two points I mean and outside of the Journal US unbelievably eat dead forty two points and he did it was better defensively Yup I. Agree with me I thought his energy level was pretty good but it'd be nice. He'll play more minutes I. Don't think recall things he can do that. He's probably right and I just think Lucas in big time danger of wearing down here. Can they get more out of key Gilchrist I think if you're Dallas you gotta just I would just play key Gilchrist et cetera get rid of `Obon completely I mean he actually ended up as plus five, but it wasn't really anything that he was doing he didn't do much other. Than get a few defensive rebounds, interesting the Berkeley Twenty minutes Jalen right only played six minutes. He got yanked after a one turnover that was basically his only box score contribution. It'd be interesting to see if we go with him more, but he's not a great shooter and I think that's he hasn't been a great fit for what they're looking for with that Yeah. Might try and give him cages more time. If he's going to see see if this is crazy shooting run continues for the clippers we saw eight minutes a landry shamet he was over one negative nineteen he he's still does a decent job defense. Contracting shooters reason humans date of nineteen is they were playing him at small four Yup with Reggie Jackson and Lou Williams e. Docs gotta just like I think he just needs to plan out and think about his lives a little boring and we talked about that before the series of just how there's a both for the reason of continuity and experimentation. But also just because for emotional standpoint, there's a lot of guys who expect to play you. Kinda. GotTa play all of them and I in some ways be like, Hey, I tried you and it didn't work to have a justification. The clippers are still continuing to ease into it, but the good news for them is that looks awesome Paul. George looks awesome. Marcus Morris senior looked awesome as well with four steals. He got into the mid range hit three assists from downtown as well. Kawai was unstoppable. It was only one of seven from three that marred his night. So I think the clips could actually play better to get to the foul line more do anything can play a little bit better offensively. So we'll see this is the same obviously will decide the series and give me that zone Riccar Lyle that zone one other reason I think the clippers end up kind of being award winner of the day. Is that it looks to me like the Utah Denver series is going to be long and challenging for both those teams and neither one of them has played particularly good defense other than rudy go bear and so whoever wins that series and faces the clippers is just going to get blindsided game one like Oh, crap. This is what actual defense looks like and because both those teams the defending the clippers is so different than defending each other and I think that will be. So I think they're going to, they'll be they'll have an advantage in the next round. To. Let's get to the last game that we're GonNa talk about because you know our policy on the nets and the magic that were not GonNa talk about those games afterwards unless they're they're close if it's close will go back and watch it for you and give you all the details. But one, thirty, four, one, ten yeah. Brooklyn got within nine at one point. Some of our colleagues actually got sucked into watching that game I. Fortunately it's it's an endurance game right now I. Mean Four Gate Four Games in a day bang, Bang Bang Bang you kind of. especially. Over a two week period man like I'm I'm sorry I'm not GonNa Waste, my energy on this crap series that broncos no chance. But let's talk about a more interesting series. That's Philly. Boston can I can I start with the stat here? I just found this I found. Fascinating. in this game. So this is one of the one of the hustle stats with all the tracking stuff is in, yet for today's games, which is a little bit sad for me because there was this that I was actually looking for for this game, but it's not in deflections is something that's tracked already the Philadelphia Seventy sixers in this entire. Game had four total deflections, three of which were Matisse Stibal Boston had twenty two and use those twenty two thousand part of their eighteen force turnovers compared to seven. You make a good point there like I. Think this Boston team plays a lot harder than Philadelphia does and they also have more they have more sharks and more opportunistic players to table that. Can Be moments but I think that Boston does more to make life uncomfortable than Philadelphia, Philadelphia does have some they do have defensive players. There were times in this game. It was in the second quarter seth partner tweeted this out about like you can see Kinda the outlines of what we thought. They were going to be at the beginning of the season even though the personnel is very different like of. Being a nasty defensive team, and then having enough offense to make it work. But I think that the overall arc of this was broadly what we anticipated even though some of the specifics are not and then but then the wrinkle that I think was thrown in unfortunately in this game is that we don't know where the availability of Gordon Hayward is going to be moving forward I fear we to on. Effect that he left on crutches in a walking boot Emery scheduled is not the legacy that he suffered that horrific injury to thankfully but it was very weird looking sprain looked like he almost it was an version rather than an inversion sprain out the we never got a great look at what happened to it but the reaction the bet did he was immediately ruled out I fear this could be remember also that he's GonNa need to leave the bubble likely during. Ron To for the purpose which all similar to Mike. Conley. And you can't blame them for that they he tried to schedule it for when we didn't think to be basketball. So and I`Ma I just I have a feeling that he may be done for this series given what the reaction was to that now is does that mean that Boston can't win it? We'll talk about that after we talk about this game that he played most of this game and the. Didn't really wasn't great but he he gives them a another ball. Hillary did have four steals of the twelve that Boston put up. You mentioned the deflections though clearly the possession game was the big issue here at one point Philadelphia in the second quarter sixty percent issue and that is awesome. One of five offensive ringlets. Why is it so low? Shoot sixty percent? Oh, because they have eleven turnovers and the Celtics have won. Yeah and. In the game overall Boston takes ten more shots from the field three more free throws and so even though Boston shot worse from two worst from three and but they also they possession game and there were equal and offensive rebounds I mean I think that was a huge part of the story here, and this has been something that's been an issue for philly going back a couple of years here and you thought with Ben Simmons with Matisse. With Josh Richardson Obviously Simmons isn't playing now that this problem would be over and that's why we're talking about. This was potential in the greatest defenses of all time before the season which has not materialized. In fact, I would posit that Boston now is the better defense despite the fact that you might say that Philly has more talent and even without Simon. So with Joel embiid and a drop coverage, they just don't force many turnovers and they're not putting much pressure on the. Ball Joel embiid basically, just standing in the lane against soup granted couldn't make him pay from three this game, but he's basically standing back there and Boston has these good ball handlers and yet it's GonNa be a little talk for them to get stuff right at the basket but they're able to it. They didn't shoot it particularly well, this game but they had a good offensive performance and the big part of that is because they only had seven turnovers they're just as no. Pressure, particularly, when thighbone La is out of the game and the Horford embiid thing just just didn't work in this one, I would say, well, the funniest thing about it is in some ways, this sixers coverage turns other teams into last year spurs but that kind of works for the Celtics because they have tatum and Kemba Walker and they still got just may shots at the Rim as Billy Mrs Wall I mean they also yeah. So but I think that Horford most of. The time. I thought that it didn't where he had some a point in the third quarter where it totally worked. It was only Horford on the floor but generally speaking, he looks like he looked like he was overmatched other than being what I think is like the other big story line. In this game, we haven't talked about the only player on the seventy sixers who can throw an entry pass and so but other than other than that. So can I give you status? jewel bead is per synergy had only six post ups in the whole game that he finished with a shot free, throw or turnover and part of why they just there's a lot of complaining down the end that they didn't get him the ball and they just couldn't, and we talked about how Boston you you mentioned the deflections we mentioned in the preview getting a lot of pressure on the passer would be huge and that's exactly what Boston did and I mean. There's one player on this. Philly team whose any good at passing and that's L. and they also don't have guys who can dribble. It's a really basic challenge but I mean and I think that's part of why Alec burks actually might have apart a larger part to play in the series is that he's not a perfect player but he can't actually dribble the basketball and that's potentially useful. Yeah he had he threw a couple Nice embiid did have seven possessions as the roll man in pick and roll although many of those were get the ball on the move kind of at the top of the key and then let Him a little bit I don't think that that's where Joel embiid has the advantage against the Celtics defense, which is great digging down from the side. You know you'd much rather go into his body in the post then try to face up against him out thinking Pete has a huge quickness advantage on Thais necessarily the an and then Joel just had to get his own on the offensive glass where he was pretty effective So those three main ways of scoring but I mean to only have six posts for the guy who leads the NBA. Among high volume guys in scoring points per possession in the post. Yeah. It's it's just not good enough and but even Horford he's a decent passer, but you can pressure him with impunity because it's not like he's GonNa rip through and drive by you if you're overaggressive particularly if you take away his right hand and so yeah, they just don't have great ways getting the ball in their deal. The thing they always do too is they're always looking for these opportunities post up Tobias Harris and Tobias Harris does a really APP great match up to. One Post up but he was always trying to post up with embiid above the foul line or horrible defined that didn't really work and you know Harris was totally toast game. It just exactly what he's been on this contract. You just don't even really notice he's out there and yeah, you know what? Like when Alec burks on the minimum you acquired for basically nothing like second round pick in the fifties is the guy that you're running your offense at the end because the guy who paid. A Max contract to is not capable of doing that. That's an issue. It isn't a show and Harris did have eight assess but they weren't I didn't see them as being as like Jenner like value added and stuff as some some other gasoline they were they were bad but I it's not like Oh man look at this guy, draw the whole defense and like dime someone up you don't see that much right. That's actually eight is there wouldn't shock. Me Looks like pretty close to a career high. It wouldn't shock me either I WANNA shift to the young wings of the Celtics and something that I really enjoyed about this game was the difference in the in the shot distributions for tatum and Brown. So Jaylen Brown's shot distribution was basically maury ball. He took five shots around the basket eight threes, which he made five of those, which was so important. To his success and then had three shots total in the inbetween from order and torrential Jason. Tatum took a bunch of Rangers, but tatum makes a bunch of mid. Rogers he's good in that in-between area and I thought that the the Celtics did a great job and you could throw Kemba in this fixes as well of putting their players in a circumstance. Where they were comfortable and where they could succeed. Yeah. Definitely. I thought tatum he had an outstanding line in this one, thirty and ten, thirty, two, thirteen I should say overall thirteen game three blocks did get the follow on tenable. That was one of the things that he had struggled with an end was ten or twenty one basically anyone other than. Matisse liable. He cooked and tatum got it a key free throw when they got the switch of thighbone. Richardson. To Horford did not close type clothes for him and burks close for Milton. But they got the switch tatum rips at through drives hard to his right hand and uses sized vans to draw follow on Richardson's of Richardson. Not, really able to guard tatum. Miami Judge Richardson being better against guys got in. He's he's fallen off little defense. That's part of why they've disappointed and then I think just the diversity of attack from Boston. Did a lot of hand off stuff at the elbows against beat with him hanging back so that they could just get these wide open looks for their jump shares jared wastewater that it's kind of. Twenty seventeen twenty eighteen offense rather than what they've run with the as many pick and rolls as they do lately. they also switched up a lot defensively they did fairmount switching even against embiid. Then they went to more of a traditional coverage late in the in the second out, the tone was getting a lot of those roll man possessions, but they continued to switch up the never double team embiid like immediately on the catch they waited till you put the ball on the floor impede had five turnovers which he had been better passing out a double teams. I think a lot of those turnovers though were those off the dribble plays where they're really good at digging down not necessarily just like. Didn't initiate around the basket they initiated for right out on the floor I. completely agree there and the rotation for Boston Marcus smart could hit anything but he played thirty two minutes and then nobody else off the bench played more than thirteen and actually interestingly enough was Robert Williams who had four fouls the as expected but he did some things with four offensive rebounds and if. He has a quick jump and he has really long arms. So there were a couple of those offensive rebounds where I thought he surprised guys we didn't see any of those surprised blocks in this one but yeah I continue the till like a little bit of Robin Williams they did in the first half. Stevens. Did the match of capable bit were cancer was In when when embiid was in when they switched to Horford, they went to Robert Williams I. I understand the idea behind that I'd kanner like it was one of those things I thought. He was worse than the numbers early on and then you had a couple of okay moments later. But yeah, we'll be interested at Williams playing more than cancer was maybe a surprise. But I thought Williams play better than. Kenner, personally. A Challenge but I mean, and if which we both believe that Gordon Hayward is going to be less available. That is going to throw minutes and someone's lap. We don't know exactly who's it's going to be really marcus smart because he can't play much more than he already is maybe mean he'll probably start he played thirty two minutes we'll probably get up to forty though he's always a candidate for foul trouble truncates those. So maybe some of that goes to odelay maybe it goes to Rubio LANKFORD WHO Play who played in garbage time but that's good to see because he had that. I believe it was a wrist issue that WHO's potentially doing with. So we'll see where Stevens goes with it. I don't think that is as. Missing Gordon Hayward is is clearly important, but the sixers don't exactly have enough to punish don't punish weak links in the same way the other teams do, but theoretically, the raptors absolutely would in could as much as we talked about phillies offense of limitations, they shot pretty much average from three and they put a one eleven offense rating with that's not bad better than expected mean where they really lost this game is a defense and they did it with giving up a ton of offensive rebounds, Celtics, which again that. Given the size that they have on the floor, a lot of the time that's pretty inexcusable. Celtics are dolphins rebounding. They just have these wings will seek in their at Boston was much better in transition that's going to continue to be the case. Philly has absolutely nobody who can push the ball out there whatsoever with no Ben Simmons. So continue to look for that. I do think we're gonNA see table in the starting lineup for Horford and really bummer that they I mean just their two biggest acquisitions A. Three biggest acquisition since the Tobias Era Straight and those guys just aren't dynamic enough Richardson Horford and they. Jimmy. Butler. They let him go. Obviously he would look pretty good in this series. Should we talk about what the LOS A- Hayward is GonNa do though does that challenge that changer look in the series that Kinda went according to form here in this? First Game. It gives Stevens fewer options. I mean it especially because when you have an injury then now Marcus Marcos let's assume he goes into the starting lineup. Then if any of there being guys gets in foul trouble if they turned an ankle whatever happens, then it it goes does those responsibilities go on somebody else? We don't know exactly I think Williams. More because it's three things they're going to go and water directions but also it makes offensively it makes Boston starting lineup a lot less dynamic they lose one of their good ball handlers and scores, and that gives you know Marcus smart is aggressive but that he is a way, an intelligent defensive team can take advantage of that from time to time might. Be Sure how Philly will approach that how aggressively they'll like try to beat him into stuff because you'd rather marcus smart taking shots than tatum and camera and some of the other things. So I'll be I'll be interested in that and it's dispiriting if it ends up being the theory is a theory that you have sipping right because then we don't get to really see much of this Boston ceiling in the in the playoffs at least in the first two rounds and I assume the theory being that hayward is GonNa Miss Significant. Yes. No I agree with you I think they're going to be okay for. This series particularly having one Game One Boston and they have weathered this throughout the season they're not strangers to this. I. Mean Smart is still capable blind. They have more ball handling and wing scorers and basically anyone in the league. I think they'll probably get a little better defensively without here's to the heroes of the four steals today you know they're going to get worse for shooting perspective of its own delay or grant. Williams are probably more Brad. wanamaker will see a lot of that too. They can't really extend Kemba Walker much more. He played thirty minutes I don't think Steven. Wants to do more than that. Until they really get in trouble in the series, but smart can play more. He can handle the ball more as well on the second unit. So I think Philly's going to win games in the series series, it's going to be easier for them to do. So I probably would stick though with the my Boston six prediction going forward here with them having banked when even without hayward and in terms of adjustments for next time, we talked about some of the rotational changes getting impede the ball just with their limited personnel it's suffering the getting him the ball on the short roll is probably about the best. Thing you can do, but that's just you know he's not really a great pick and pop big man he does these slow motion drives it gives them a lot of turnovers. I mean maybe you could hope to Kinda just like let them back down a little bit from the wing anymore maybe like some like side pick and rolls going into a post up. But this is it becomes a question of just who's going to deliver the ball maybe especially with maybe wanamaker getting more time maybe you go how will netto just to get a little more passing on the four maybe he could throw an entry pass. Run a pick and roll into a post up for EMBIID. But then his size on the other end makes them vulnerable and small roles maybe you can do that when tatum off the floor Ed play Natto a little bit more that he might actually give you a little bit of use in transition because they've nobody pushed the ball floor. But now these are not incredibly easy answers in Cork. Mas didn't play much maybe get a little more shooting from him can open open it up at this Boston team is just really good about If you WANNA light up and throw the ball in the post against Sunday. They're just too good at helping their too good at disguising their coverages or too good at Qa showing you different looks. So I don't know that it's going to get that much better for Joel Embiid at this point in time it also got a say this to draw has a few nagging injuries like I wouldn't say that he was playing especially hard in this game. He wasn't fighting incredibly hard for the deep post position in part proud school. You didn't think you can get the ball, but that's where he did not dominate physically in this game other than a few moments in the offense. There were some flashes but there weren't there weren't enough of those to think of he that he was the best player on the floor consistently. I didn't think that today other than those those few specific moments and that is a real challenge in my just to put a little bit of a number on it Philly was actually. In the transition, they got according to putting the glass. Transition frequency they only only seven point eight percent of their possessions like it. Started with a transition that's the terminology that clean the glasses that is exceedingly low. That's less than half of the rate of the Celtics as the Celtics were running super aggressively either I will be back. Tomorrow can have at least three gamers for you at that point NBA gas stay tuned on that. We are going to do a couple more this. Week. Probably, not tomorrow night though since we did one today but if you've put bart that Google will tweet, that will figure out what that schedule is going to be pretty closely here that seems like that's going to be our live programming for the time being and anything else you need to talk about where we go I off season preview of the. Spurs should be coming out in the next day or so I submitted it today. So that was interesting I I pre- wrote a lot of parts of that. But then of teams, of course, like the Spurs and Suns where I was inspired by what they did in Orlando and fundamentally changed their off-season I wrote about that. So I talked a little. Bit. About Derek whites development and everything like that so that it was it was interesting to go through that and kind of see what I wrote and then see how Orlando changed that how the bubble changed it. So that was that was fun that should be out at the athletic I would guess Tuesday but it might be one say arts our jobs.

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