6 - Billy Jensen and Montreal Ghost Stories


Welcome fours talk or we're not really horse. We just like word word play. Hello welcome to horse taco. I'm sharon. I'm melinda and this week. We're going to have kind of a certain episode. Why is that melinda because i went on vacation to montreal canada. While i was there. I did actually do a little ghost research so <hes> it wasn't totally wasted trip yeah so we didn't have time to record last weekend so we are literally recording this episode and editing it today so that at at midnight we can release it so this weekend was kind of a big weekend for true crime. At least it was for me. <hes> mind hunter started started on friday season to which i'm only three episodes because i haven't had time to watch as many episodes as i want in two zero episodes in so but that's all right so far. It's starting a little slow. I know season one a lot of people that it was a little slow. I kind of disagree with that. I thought season one i dunno captivated me like from the very first episode and just suck me in agreed and <hes> <hes> this one starting off a will slower than season one but i think it's starting to pick up now so i'm excited to see where it's gonna go but anyways so there's that and i also went to a book signing yesterday and got to meet billie johnson and he's promoting his new book chase darkness with me so i if you don't know who believe johnson is he is a true crime journalist who focuses mainly liane cold cases and missing persons and when i had him signed my book. I really should've asked him about susan powell but i kind of like blinked when i met him. I didn't really know what to say and then spencer asked him a question and there is so many people waiting to meet him that it was kind of like boom boom boom you no. I didn't want to like hold of his time but susan powell is a missing persons case that many and i actually are going to discuss in an upcoming episode probably in one to two weeks <hes>. We're gonna go into depth about that case because it is something else wow yeah it's really really fascinating thing and i kind of wanted to see if billy johnson had any insight into it. If you know he spent any time at all researching that case or if he was asked to maybe you know look into it but we will we will talk more about susan powell in a couple couple weeks but but anyways so i'm kind of paraphrasing from his book but after seventeen years of writing about hundreds of stories that were never solved billy decided that he needed to get involved in start trying to solve these cold cases himself and since he started doing that he has solved aww or help solve ten homicides and helped locate many missing persons he also co host the murder squad with paul holes and he also is a co host on the first degree podcast with jack vanak and l. alexis linkletter and fun fact that's a lexus is a producer for many true crime television shows including snapped killer couples and in a couple of weeks. We will have an a podcast. We're we will interview manned goodyear who is an actress who is actually in one of the episodes of snapped killer couples. We're gonna be talking to her. All about that experience in fact we are going to be interviewing her tonight so so excited i know i'm really excited to talk to her because after watching her episode i we have so many any questions and i love those readers so those reenactment shows are the best so billy came in and his his book editor introduced him and we did you know she asked him a bunch of questions and then we did a q._a. And and he told us a story about how the last time he was in naperville illinois at the very same location that we rat yesterday for his book signing he was there with with patent oswald and hall hanes and they were there for an event discussing albion in the dark which is the book by michelle mcnamara about golden state killer really really quick sharing. He hasn't told me any of this and i think i know this is going on. I'm so excited. <hes> excited to hear this mary. Maybe you're right but yeah this this not no no you're good but this is pretty exciting because <hes> also f y while they were there at this event they also had a film crew with them because they were shooting footage for an upcoming documentary and that will be on h._b._o. About i'll be gone in the dark so i think he said it was going to be out next may or june so i'm super excited for that documentary so anyways so last year when they were in naperville title for the first time and they got to the q._n._a. Section of the event someone asks. Do you think the golden state killer will be caught and so billy answered. Yes ask within the next five years. I think it'll happen because now we have is we have his d._n._a. And eventually through familial d._n._a. Through sites like twenty three and me <hes> they think they will catch him so basically while this event was going on back in san -cremento they had no idea that they are actually arresting booking planning a big press conference for the next day to announce they finally caught the golden state killer who we now know is joseph james diangelo ngelo and so when billy learn of this news which is hours after the event <hes> he got text messages and he he was kinda communicating back and forth with people and they're like. Do you think they got him. Do you think they really got him and then eventually. He found out like they did get him. He was like shit. He's like i. I need help patent you know because as we all know patent was married to michelle mcnamara who wrote the book and actually i think at that that event her parents were in the audience right ah yes yes yes because her parents from oak park illinois which is like thirty miles away from naperville or it's pretty close by so yes. That's her parents were there too so it was a huge deal so unfortunately in the camera crew was staying at a different location than billion patent and <hes> so billion patent were in chicago and so he was like shit. I have to get pet now zwolle reaction when i tell all the news and so he ended up telling him and recording him on his phone and that will be included in the h._b._o. H._b._o. documentary so hopefully i yes. I'm going to say yeah. I just remember from that because i was so excited. Hearing that news yeah i remember and patna i just remember seeing oswald on instagram and i started crying because he posted this video as he was flying out of o'hare and i didn't even know they were here and i know i didn't know either and he was. I just remember him like making this video and i'm like why is he at o'hare going during chicago and he said like i think we oughta autumn michelle and i lost my shit. I know but like that's exciting anyway back to billie johnson very excited as i could have been there and all i could have been there two baby shower shower but i met tumor torino's so that's pretty cool. I drag spencer with me. Which is the next. I'm going to talk about so one woman mm stood up in the q. and a. and i i have to say there is about two hundred people there about ninety. Percent of them were women. There is maybe twenty twenty men in the audience in woman one woman as billy why she thought most people in the audience are women and basically i forgot exactly how she phrased it but why lied did he thinks that most women are most of the people who are interested in true crime are women and so i don't remember his response exactly but it was basically <hes> something like women are more in touch with their emotions and their more apathetic to what's going on in the world old when she has questioned like everyone's laughing because it was very obvious that most of the people were women and so he kind of thinks all the men who were there because he was like yeah. I'm sure all of you were probably like dragged here. It wasn't it wasn't doesn't like you're on your to do list of things to do today like oh go see billy johnson and also it's pretty obvious that another reason why a lot of women are there is i billy janssen's pretty easy on the eyes he is i do i mean we all know paul holes easy on the eyes but both of them a lot of crime perpetrated against women men. That would be my guess that like women like to not like to read about the stuff but like are interested because it self preservation yeah. They need to be aware of what's going on in in the world so that they can protect themselves. I totally agree <hes> and so <hes> some of the other questions and things that he addressed during the the discussion then he talked about growing up in new york city during the time of son of sam when son of sam was on lewis and how his sisters used to have have to tie their hair up when they would go out or where it up just 'cause son of sam his <hes> his type that he went for was women with long dark hair so if you had long long dark hair women either cut off or with tied up so that they would not become one of sun assam's victims someone asked him about the cases that most was influenced him and how he he kind of like got into crime originally and he said that j._f._k. Was probably the first big case that sparked his interest in true crime. <hes> a few other things we learned about him was that he is a big stars fan. No yes and he has a chapter in his book called the cantina scene and his editor actually was like no you can't call. You can't call the chapter that he was like. No this is sticking so he's also very funny. He enjoys a cocktail or two and he didn't come directly out and say so but after hearing a few remarks he made about trump. It's pretty obvious he is not a fan of trump so wpro all those things make him even more and when i did meet him i did manage to ask him quickly if he knew anything about the chicago serial serial killer case and if he was <hes> helping work on that case and he did say that when he finishes his book tour that he will be ah assisting on that case wow philly call us well. You know what if you read his book it talks about and ways in which all of us can help kind of do what he does so. Maybe we can help him solve that case is. Maybe you know all of you who were at the show yesterday. You can help solve the case two. N i have a little surprise for you mindy andy so an open it up shut. Oh my god is to melinda. Keep digging johnson. Oh this is the coolest bookmark i've ever seen. It's a magnifying glass and it has the book title on it. Thank you so <music>. Happy belated birthday. Thank you oh i love him. I love you. Thank you welcome so yeah it was. It was really fun awesome awesome if you have a chance to see him if he's. I don't know how much longer his book tours going on but if he's coming to your town it was definitely definitely worth earth getting tickets to show because he's he's very entertaining. He's very funny. What he does is amazing and yet anyone who's a fan of true crime even if you've never heard of them before go get the book hear what he has to say and and yet chase darkness with him and i've been listening to everything shared said but then like peeking through the talking. I'm not ignoring. You really excited. Thank you so now. I think mindy is going to tell us a little bit about some of the paranormal activity that she learned about in montreal yeah. I'm not gonna. There's a lot of different stories that my friend surprised me by booking a ghost tour <hes> of all we were in old montreal which is sort of like it looked basically like rural france will not rural france but like hills and cobblestones and just blake it was gorgeous but i posted a picture of one of the stories that's pretty infamous in montreal marie. The joseph angelique was an enslaved african american woman owned by some. I'm just gonna say rich rich french family in montreal you try and put your names but those of you who speak french fluently and know the story better feel free to write in and correct all of my pronunciation i would appreciate it but in seventeen thirty four she was charged with arson after a fire leveled montreal's merchants quarter the the home that she worked at was actually really close to like the town center and there was a rumor that that she started a fire in the home and so she was of course arrested because she was a black woman and <hes> you know that's how it rolls in the seventeen hundreds out was us. She actually was convicted because everything was circumstantial but she was convicted. Because is i believe it was a five year. Old girl came to the police station with her mother and said that she saw marie throw flaming into the house so she was convicted by a five year old girl which probably little girl did not see that be fair <hes> marie-josephe. She did did try to run away a few times but you know who's gonna blame someone that because i mean i don't wanna slave like i don't blame her. She tried to get out of the situation asian. She even had been like sold into lake not child. I don't know the word i'm looking for but her owners had paired her with a neighboring slave to delake breed essentially while she was like quote working for them to breed with the white families know with the other slave from the house nephew order employees to make me more workers thank you yes thank you and so like why would you wanna stay there like glamour but the told the story that is the ghost part of it is that she was convicted she was hung and set on fire while l. hanging in the town square and left there so like as the wind would blow the ashes from her dead body would spray around and the tradition at the time was that when you've been convicted they would make you walk the town square in like a white gown holding a torch because arson then <hes> like shame you in front of everybody and then they like strung up and whatever so the ghost story is that apparently people still see her walking through the town square holding holding the torch in a white gown ashes were blown everywhere so right technically yeah. She could be if i were her. I would hunt off a out of that. Black the fox because screw that like but she's i posted a pig a painting her that we found or that i found online <hes> obviously there's more of this story. There's a lot more detail. I encourage folks to go online and look it up because it's sad it's really interesting though i think how many people died in the fire did they say <hes> that's oddly not really wasn't mentioned on our tour but it wiped out the businesses of lake aac almost the entire town so like got so there might not have been any jazzy is really about like casualties. There's no all these people's apple's businesses. Were now gone so they probably even her just conspiring to do that. They probably would have hunger anyways as punishment and oh you mean an example for the rest of the slaves. It's not to step out of line exactly and there was a rumor that she had a co conspirator who has a gentleman friend of hers that she had tried to run away with once before but but there was never any proof of that at all so that but that was the mingo story they talked about was that she is known to walk the streets of old montreal at night carrying the torch. I i did not see this happen. I hope she's resting in peace because afterlife like that my god but i can also understand if she'd be bits scare the hell out of people for sure especially all the tourists we saw my gosh i wanted to scare the heck out of most of kidding but montreal's lovely regardless the other story stories that we heard was about a pub that my friend and i actually had dinner in and fortunately the second floor is where they said that you normally hear noises isn't stuff but they told us that was closed off for private party whatever you will. I think maybe they just didn't want us up there. No i'm just kidding. I it was delicious. I don't want to bad mouth this restaurant but sharon correct me. It was the twat brazil brazil. I think that's it's a french repub with delicious food and it's a group hub. Actually they had actually one of the best like floral as i've ever had in my life but then decides the point the story behind this place it's about a four story tall building and the pub as it is now the the brewery area with the big camp. They have all that on display lake most brew pubs and then the second floor is like a banquet areas would they use for supposedly but back in the day again like seventeen in hundreds or so <hes> the apartment buildings and so one story. We heard on the ghost tour which was really cool. You're standing in the dark alley outside the building like in this it was kinda creepy and atmospheric great <hes> the landlord so there were like families living in these apartments. Let's and the landlord at the time and i'm sorry i don't remember why he decided to do this but he basically wanted to renovate the building and and kicked everybody out just broke their leases like families children everything homeless on the streets yeah and and so a few of the residents were angry about this just a few as you as you would be and this is even our artur our tour guide it was like i don't understand why people do this in horror movies but as happens in in most horror movies these these gentlemen that went to get their revenge so are so we could say on the landlord broke into the building at night was everyone was evacuated and set it on fire but did so by starting the first floor on fire then going up to the second floor instead of the other way around so long story short some of them died were found found dead on the stairs trying to get up the arsonists the arsonists there's multiple there were like four i think and then i think the tour guide said the two of them made it to the top so the fourth floor the fourth story and it was either bernadette or jump so they jumped out the window oh and fell to their deaths on the cobblestone streets out front moron and so the story goes and literally walk into the restaurant and i was like we i've seen it on the second floor and the waitress just looked at me and was like no it's private but apparently if you sit up on the second floor of this brew pub even today they have. I've had customers say to their waiters always going upstairs because they can hear people running and noises and they have to be like oh nothing thin. Nothing is off the coast of exactly how you escape fire angry <hes> angry tenants were kicked out of their house and home <hes> <hes> but so when we were there we unfortunately didn't hear any running around because we were on the ground floor and it was way too loud drunk people to hear any ghosts running around upstairs and i i but i would love to sit on the second floor. I would have really been the food is good. I will say that there was nothing ghostly about the food or the beer but <hes> we got to eat there and it was kind of cool because we can now say that we ate haunted pub bud i just thought that was so horrible to think like they kick these people out of their homes uh-huh and then the guys who are yes they were angry. No you shouldn't start fires but like they all died just because they were like we just wanna live in our apartment building yeah anyway so those were two of the major go stories that we heard while we were there. I i know that there are tons more and if you look online there's like countless blogs of different stories that we didn't even get to hear about a future episode and dig into it but i do have to say if you have a chance to go to montreal not a bad place. Everyone was very lovely very nice to us beautiful. It does like old school france. It's like it's really beautiful so i'm logged for montreal canada just beware because it is haunted all right well. Thank you for sharing mindy. I and i think that's all we're gonna do for right now. 'cause we got added this and get it out to you guys to listen to tomorrow or today i ate from now. Whenever you're listening to this really yeah so yeah that's about it and if you have any a ghost stories that you've experienced by being in montreal or if yes or you corrections to what i just talked talked about which are welcome. I will not be offended. Russian comments concerns <hes>. If you wanna talk about billy johnson's johnson's book or if you are also judge you know investigative journalists like him and wanted to talk about some of your stories please. He's emails at horrors. Talk horror at jamal dot com and follows follows on instagram and facebook at horseback horror and on twitter. You can find us at whores whore and thanks for getting creepy with us good bye bye.

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