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This is nick. This jared and this is snacks. Daily eight is friday. The real friday may seventh jack stocks. Just hit a record. High alert of moms everywhere smackers. Pastas pod call your mother. She gave you life. Do this right now. You should do this appreciation for just daesh celebrate the winds jack. This also happens to be like our best snack. Fairly i story just had its best quarter bookings ever boxtel fell. Because of a driver problem. I do variety in a year felt more expensive because it was more expensive was a thing for a second story. Diaper legend honest company jumped forty four percent on their ipo. Its greatest strength. Jessica alba is its greatest risk jessica alba third and final storage accurate. Darren vaccine patent. Is the life source for their projects during his one. And only it's maderna's everything. President joe biden might unpatented. Maderna's patent hit-back seen recipe but snack irs before we hit that wonderful mix of stories before the weekend. Jack feels like a good one to go into the weekend with. There is a logistics business. That moms and dads are most proud of above all that nationwide coast to coast logistics business. Yes the girl. Scouts of america specifically jacqueline jumped in snack. Style for the girl scout cookie conglomerate. They don't have an s. one now but it would show eight hundred million in annual sales of cookie scout cookies. Basically a unicorn is what we're trying to say they don't have an s. one. Also don't tell us their valuation but we're going to use a food and beverage value to sales multiple of four acts out the nba. Books that multiple would give the girl scout. Cookies evaluation of three point two billion dollars if so facto girl scout. Cookies is worth a quarter of a left. Snaggy you're not satisfied with those numbers you want. Confectionary industry comparable comps to figure out the valuation. Two are buddies. Vox girl scout. Cookies sells more cookies. Orioles data person wealth girl scouts. Cookies and chips. Ahoy and milanez combined now the marketing strategy salesforce of girls that mark banney off would sell one million. Scouts hit the streets day in day out every spring. They're working and they're not looking at the click through right. They're looking at the number of doors knocked on today. That's the key. Kpi back checking out the kpi here. The average scout is celena. Eight hundred dollars of calories curious if they have pricing power they jack up prices of cookies by thirty percent in two thousand seventeen and customers bought. Laura the cookie. He says they're innovative juice. In girl scouts of america jack. I'm so glad you ask. Well notice that. They're testing delivery via drone of girl scout cookies. This year in. Virginia the thin meant monopoly. That tag along term halts knackers lead three-star daily. We gotta get some rain. Food said candy. They don't reflect the views of her family informational just so recommending any security. It's not a research report or investment advice offer or sale of of security snacks digestive business news video from financial. Llc member fame births. Less sipc googlers gross bookings just hit get this get this their highest point ever. There's some good some bad in this stock report let. The stock fell nine percent because of missed expectation. I mean jacqueline half the jump like right here to the headline comeback hero number. That people are talking about uber's total bookings hit a record twenty billion dollars last quarter snags punt the whiteboard. We got out of the food delivery. Orders yadda thuraya walkway with twenty billion dollars worth of tacos and trip. And that's a record. Despite the pandemic now on the revenue side with little more complicated rides fell by sixty five percent compared to a year but each jack. Can you tell us how uber's eats food delivery business did more than tripled aka two hundred. Thirty percent grow jagai. Don't say it as often. But i'm gonna have to say shut up not even fair. Oh staggers ubereats. Their food delivery business. The side-hustle of uber a few years ago is now sixty percent of movers revenue. That's right that means there's two pad thai's for everyone patrick thompson waiting for you on the corner. So we're going to put this out there please. People stop calling ride zuber's core business. Don't do it's been number two for four straight quarters bindi. It has but snappers. We should talk about this. You may have just taken your first uber. I did unit. I have was more expensive than you expected them. A little bit more expensive. You like twenty eight bucks. This used to be like twenty two. It's going to brunch. I got to walk everywhere. Well we learned from left snacks two days ago. That nearly one million. Riders took a lift ride in the first quarter compared to the year before as riders are coming back to lift the funny thing. We're noticing here is that drivers are not. You're getting an imbalanced. There's more riders coming onto lift than there are drivers coming onto left now. What happens in vegas stays in vegas and what happens to lift happens to uber. So the result of having more riders drivers right now is like slow motion surge pricing. Jack i love the way you just put you. And that means nick had to pay polly more for riding his previous. Yeah who's favorite brunch than the year before because uber wanted to get polly back in that prius. So jack what is the takeaway our buddies overdue but platforms or like cradles choir constant attention and rocking and a baby mongoose takeaway hits close to home. Maybe now last quarter smackers uber. They didn't focus on the writer side of their platform instead. They focused on the driver's side of their platform. Co dara khosrowshahi. Yesterday we're going to put up our capital. I do better to bring more onto our platform. So ultimately to make riders. Happy uber's gotta make the drivers happy for and that's why they recently announced a one time. Two hundred fifty million dollar driver stimulus denies tempt drivers back to wheel. Okay so radin all this up not only did huber just increased fares on us which is good for drivers it also interestingly cut the percentage that it takes out of those fares basically what they call the take cutting the take rate is also good for dr. Jack jumped in snack style. We noticed that uber take decreased from twenty two point seven percent to twenty one point five percent so that drivers can keep more mon- drivers to keep an eighty nine percent instead of eighty eight percent last year platforms. They require constant attention to both sides. So uber's cradling the driver's side right now for our second story. The honest company it's stock surged on. Its ipo this week but honest. Companies greatest asset is also at greatest risk. It is now. I feel jack. Can we sum up on his company here. Goop and target had a labrador. Senate unprofitable baby. You don't have to set it up for me. I have a castle of baby wipes get x. running a wet wipes fulfillment center around the pods. Yes and i can tell. It's a direct to consumer. No harmful ingredients consumer packaged goods company. Likely to there because there are a lot of acronyms we could use. But you didn't use them all out the stock. Those snack is the stock for honesty. Jumped forty four percent on its first day of trading digital yesterday but still big ipo up and honest worth two billion dollars based on. Today's twenty dollar share stock price. Now we did cover when they dropped their ipo paperwork month ago. On april nineteenth and here was our highlight. That honest company has a anchor product diapers. They called it their strategic business. Acquisition to the highlight here was something called a diaper cake. Which is a ninety nine dollars stack of diapers. That baby shower should have. It's shaped in the shape of a wedding cake. It's like three layers. it's a great gift. Life regret. I didn't send you one of these now. Fifty percent of first time customers honest are drawn in by diaper. Now that's keep. That's half their customers. But then ninety percent of those first time diaper buyers end of tossing and detergent and lotion and shampoo on their second or much. Like a baby. You start with the diaper and then you move on and need a lot. more things. Abors are an anchor product. Now an honest. Ipo earlier this week we noticed that all the attention was really going to jessica alba the founder. She was here she was there. She was everywhere she was. She's a new york times bestselling author from the fantastic four. She was also in some alex mack and she's got some corporate titles. Well she's the founder. The chief creative officer and the chair of the board of directors of the company and. She's a great mom and entrepreneur and has a whopping thirty nine million followers across all her social. And that is how honest company has achieved twenty five percent. Unaided brand awareness right now in america staggers. Let that wild stat sank in because it means when a whole bunch of random americans were surveyed. A quarter of them knew about the honest company brand. That's very impressive. And page twenty seven of this companies ipo paperwork. It says that the success of our brand depends on ongoing affiliation with jessica. Okay depend is like a really strong word. So jack and i got curious jumped in snacks out and we kept on reading. This includes a likeness agree as it does in other words. Honest right to use jessica's name and face in their market but there's a pretty big problem because then we also noticed that miss jessica alba terminate this likeness agreement at anytime. She can leave honest at anytime. And what happens if she goes row. Oh my god jessica alba going rogue. This is like something out of fantastic for. Let's say she starts pushing a movement that babies shouldn't be wearing diapers at all basically the hash tag. Free the fanny move. Well honest bread also depends on a positive image and positive public popularity of jessica alba against snacks. These are honest. Companies words that they are completely dependent on jessica alba in every if jessica alba hash tag. Free the fanny. That could sink the staff. So jack what's the takeaway for our buddies over. At the honest governor influence or marketing has become the greatest asset and greatest risk. We jumped in further snacks out to this. Ipo pork they mentioned the word influence or a whopping eighteen times. Because he got every single day. Thousands of influencers hawking on stipe and that is really important for honest because fifty five percent of honest company. Sales happen online. You're not discovering honest diapers and i'll seven. You're discovering them on the seventh post in your instrument so honest need social media influence. But they can't control the content of influencers. They literally list at as a risk because influencers. They can say whatever they want. Julie can tell her fifty thousand followers that moisturizing cream makes your baby smarter and honest could get sued for that. Misleading pose that their branded. All because we should clarify moisturizer probably is not going to make you. Smart honest depends on one. Huge influence. There jessica alba and an army of smaller flint but it also could be crushed by its one you influencers and its army of smaller influencers for our third and final story to send you into the weekend madera now they just dropped earnings but the bigger story was. They may lose their patents. We're going to tell you how wall street is handling the potential end. Yeah covid vaccine profits for this one. We're gonna sprinkle a context here. Johnson johnson making the solid zero dollars of profit on every vaccine. Visors making twenty cents. A profit for every dollar vaccine sat right. We spoke about that earlier this week. They're doing the the first and fancy strategy. That's worked out. Well we just learned. Yesterday that madonna is making seventy one cents a prophet for every dollar vaccine sales. That's inappropriate no one should be making that kind of profit on anything. There's a pandemic and you have the cure. You shouldn't be making that much. I mean is this like a software company that marc andreessen. Do something with these guys. What's going on here. Naturally but dern adviser stocks are at record high levels right now they marginally because of vaccines house which when this like at a nowhere thing dropped. Yesterday from president biden in the oval office is supports a temporary waiver of patent protections for the pfizer moderna and johnson and johnson. Boxy moderna hard. Because that would mean having to reveal its secret vaccine recipes for the whole world to say and let any pharmaceutical factory used that recipe to make vaccine themselves with no fear of getting sued for violating a pat. Anyone with an italian grandmother knows that when you ask for the eggplant parm recipe. You're only going to get three out of the four ingredients that are actually in that and she never tells you the whole you get the whole thing. Yeah if this plan goes through and the goal is to let developing nations brew up their own vaccines in their own kitsch again. All of grandmas eggplant parm. Now this actually isn't joe biden's decision to make. It's the world trade organization's decision but what we're thinking that with biden's blessing this more likely to actually happen now a waiver of a patent as valuable as it covert vaccine patent. This is unprecedented so unprecedented. This would mean a huge break in the promise of capitalism kind of unprecedented the promise of capitalism. If you invent something awesome and you get that thing patented or it is your thing to make money on and only yours coca cola. Run with it. Copycat protection is a huge reason. Why companies invest years and billions of dollars into research and development especially in pharmaceutical patent. Protection is the ultimate competitive advantage. You're the only what you get your own little monopoly feroce fun. i mean. they can't do what you get to do. And now the vaccine companies are worried that their prophet puppy recipe that they worked so hard for. we'll get mass copy and paste it in factories across the world. Now moderna actually says it's okay because way more orders to the vaccine. Come in and they can even supply investor said. It's not okay. We're going to dump this doc. Sixteen percent because every neighborhood could start brewing up their own backseat. so jack. what's the takeaway for our buddies madeira. And all of capital is when the government's involved prophets may not be snacker is the pharmaceutical industry and investors vaccine companies. They were pretty dismayed when they heard this the other day if the government breaks are promised this time with this patent then the next pandemic pharmaceutical companies will be less motivated to save the neck. Well here's the thing. There's like a funky wrinkle here the. Us government technically invested. Nearly six billion dollars in grants to develop the co vaccine in the first place that was recipes based on and they invested another six billion in preorders for the vaccine before they were even approved to guarantee sales for those pharmaceutical companies. Working on now little adjusted astros here pfizer. We should say did develop its vaccine zone. Did not get government support not the case with madeira. Proponents of this patent waiver. That joe biden supports. They say the vaccines are a product of taxpayer investment. When the government's involved prophets may not be jack. Could you whip up the takeaways force before the weekend. People are hailing more than ever to the pandemic uber. It's coddling the drivers right now. 'cause he gotta connell a platform for a second story. Honest company had a great. Ipo jessica alba biggest strength biggest risk. But darren his vaccine is ludicrously profit absurd that could change its recipe gets open source to the whole world by jack. The missing ingredient for my grandmother was put the parmesan in the sauce that she was making. She made her own sauce. She never told us. And no breading. Just egg on the punches egg on the that sounds delicious now. Time for snack back to the day. This one sent in by david cruzi over in lovely des moines iowa outside of louisville kentucky on i two sixty five or at highway highway signs use the metric system weird. The exit isn't a quarter mile away. It's actually point four kilometers away. Well the reason is because in the seventies there was a big push in the us to switch to the metric system. Barely kentucky's governor golic so excited about this. He put together a task force and they changed some of the science now in fairness the metric system way more sense than whatever system where he isn't thirty two degrees freezing two hundred. Sixty degrees boiling. Yeah those are pretty random numbers. We'll take the ladder snappers. You look fantastic this week. Jack week three with the baby. Actually mother's day is wilders. One month birthday. Wilde works on so many levels smackers this week and ask them h h. Why have you had your snacks. That's how we grow if you know you know and before we go happy birthday to brooklyn the boston. Birthday girl and unicorn investor skirl. Leon docket fantast yes. A lot of rain boards. A lot of unicorns regrets lord yet. Gran eleven marathons eleven months based in san francisco and running with the aladdin theme ben street eleven year anniversary of the kidney transplant. Congratulations benefa- happy. Birthday to avi shah and happy. Wedding anniversary over in anaheim hills. You go happy birthday. Oklahoma city jason persinger happy birthday in charlotte north carolina. Anti caitlyn coon down in los angeles. and vincent. In new york city eric rockall sent down syracuse and grant conan in tempe arizona. Happy birthday doubt. Win down the street in san francisco. Happy for year adopt. Diverse sary aka. Gotcha day to leo. The dog did dubai. Elliot's got the new job over tiktok in los angeles nuts too. Shabby eliot hit. Hit us louise in christina. Five congrats on the baby. Girl in san juan puerto rico. I shit tamara. John for getting married and jason and jake both graduating from grad school and melinda hill nuture. Happy first mother's day to wilders bomb. I wife alexander alex. You're glowing celebrate the win. The robin hood snacks podcast. You just heard reflects the opinions of the host who are associated persons of robinhood financial llc and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets inc. Her any its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is for informational purposes. Only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer or sale of security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision robinhood financial llc member finra sipc.

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