GSMC Football Podcast Episode 526: Raiders Home For 2019 (2-26-2019)


Keep yourself in the loop of everything football on the Golden State media concepts football podcast, your latest news on and off the field. Be it college football big ten SEC big twelve Pac twelve ACC to the NFL with got you covered. Listen to the Golden State media. Cut sets football podcast. Hello, everybody. Welcome GMC football has brought GMC podcast network. I'm your host Jeff Mellon off. Yes. Good things on the world football today. We get more information that Robert Kraft and his prostitution charges or sounds like prostitution his association with the prostitution charges that happened, and he could be facing some jail time. We'll talk about the little bit Colin Kaepernick in the news again and him talking not with the af. But the other league that's happening next year was hunger that as well Oakland has a new home not a new home, but a home nonetheless for the twenty nineteen season. We'll also get in. It's gushing about that. And anything else that to be dogged about we will talk about. But first things first because the title this show is Oakland and where they will play the raiders they are going to play in Oakland. They're going to lay in the Coliseum. They're making they're finalizing the deal with the Coliseum and making sure that the twenty nine hundred season is in. Oakland to finish up before they go to Las Vegas in the year twenty twenty so that's next year. So with that the question is based off of how are the fans get react to this? I think that is an porn quest. Maybe not an important question. But an acquire a question to me that should be asked about because of the fact this will be the last time we see them play in Oakland. So what does this mean for the fan base? Are they remained loyal to the raiders? Like some obviously will. But will they receive some hostile reactions when they played home games? I'm not gonna say, they definitely will are definitely won't. But I think that's definitely a possibility. When you think about it because of the fact that they're leaving their team they're leaving their city that they've been there for decades now, and they're not just leading. They're like, they're also even the state in. That's never having for either. They usually moved Oakley is usually just Oakland or it's LA. So now going to a whole nother story and getting the ability to be in a billion dollar multi billion dollars stadium in Vegas. Seems to be a good fit in theory. But you also have to look at the fact that this city in general does not really have familiarity with a franchise a professional franchise. And when you look at a professional franchise there. There's only one in that's the Vegas tonight. The only been there for about a year. Granted they went to the Stanley Cup final. But again only year, so. Thinking about that is you're going to a brand new city. That's never had a professional football team before. So you're looking into a whole new they are going to be completely different from how other cities that have had teams would. Yeah. It's it's not like going LA where they've had a football team for new you can make a market out of it. You're going to a whole new area. This is a whole new. What's the word? I'm looking for a whole new venture point. This is a whole new area. Like, we're not they're not used to this kind of thing. So definitely a scenario where this could go very bad for them. I'm not gonna take that out of the equation. Mainly because it's the raiders. I mean, they kind of went already on lucky this year. I mean, look at Jon Gruden trading too key players on the raiders that you're supposed to people like you should build a team around that not get rid of them. But you got first round picks out of it. So is one of those. Whereas they oh, you got what you want? You got first multiple first round picks for Cleal MAC, and you got a first-round pick from REI Cooper where people thought they wouldn't be able to get him Aren Cooper affirmed trumping from our Cooper's that was unusual. But they were thinking since they traded with the bears and they traded with the Cowboys. It was one of those factors in where. Oh, they're gonna get a pick. In the top fifteen is a probably won't be going to the playoffs. And boy were we wrong because I was wrongly. I didn't think they would make the playoffs. I thought the bears with Mitchell German scale long ways to go. I didn't think that the time. The trade deadline happened in the Murray Cooper trade went down. I didn't expect the Cowboys to really make it to the playoffs. I thought OB going to someone else in that division. But I we were wrong. And honestly, kind of the biggest faces Jon Gruden because not only does he not get these. Hydra picks for these top players. It's not high draft picks in the slightest. It's the number twenty four in number twenty seven pick respectively. So they have the number four pick the number twenty four th pick and the number twenty seven pick fourth pick of courses. Great. That's that's great. But that was their own pick. So getting to extra first round pitches. Good. But when they're in the twenty when they're number twenty four number twenty seven it's not like you're gonna get the biggest shush flows famous names in the draft. You know, it's one of those things you look at it. And it's honestly pretty disappointing that they got those low of draft picks. And now, you gotta look at the facts that maybe trading way, Khalil Mack and trading away. Amari Cooper, were not the best ideas. Of course, everyone's saying that now, but at the time, it's like the guy first round picks, it'll be fine. But what can they? Really get. I mean, it's still first round pick. I'm not taking that away from them. But with the cost of giving up those players the the best players in the in on their team in clue MAC was the best player on their team. So I'll say that the first time. Getting only twenty four th pick for Khalil Mack and getting twenty seven pick for Amari Cooper is not worth the trade in my opinion. So it's very disappointing to see overall the facts that they just can't get it done. They just they can try to do their best to make this work. But I don't think they're gonna get their their what's they're not gonna get their big picks. They were looking for in exchange those two key players. So they're kinda in trouble overall. But they really need a nail these number twenty four number twenty seven pick to make sure that they get a. Basically a fair exchange in in the trade for Cooper and MAC. So my guess this is my guess to make this success to make this trait. Look good for the raiders. They need to draft the two guys with the the two first round draft picks from the bears and the Cowboys the raiders needed draft. At least one of them to be a pro bowler or on the. Or possibly in the Simpson rookie the or someone successful their rookie or they need. Like, I'm all I'm one of the main guys that will say you are not going to the draft to win. Now. That's not what you're going to. That's not why you're going. You're picking your picking for your future, you're picking for the next year. Or so next couple years. You gotta have these develop. You gotta have the marinate in the NFL mainly like the quarter positions the main one with that. But it's also just in general, you just gotta give these guys time and giving them. None of time is just too much pressure in general. So you can't do that. But I'm gonna make an exception to my rule to the rule with Jon Gruden because if he wants to make an impact going into he needs the nail on these picks for shore and. Just junctions in a very tough space is always going to his second year in the. In his in his ten first second tenure with the raiders. So a lot is riding on the second year to be honest with you going into Vegas, but honestly, he's going to Vegas to sell tickets. That's basically what he's been to do. He's he's a selling point for the fans because he has a history of success won Super Bowl his first year with Tampa Bay, of course, being treated by the raiders ironically to the temporary buccaneers for. I believe the first draft pick for coach, which is unheard of nowadays. But you know, going into this going into that season guests who the ten buccaneers beat in the Super Bowl. Yeah. That was the Oakland Raiders. So very ironic how things work out for you know, in general. But when you're thinking about it. If they want to sell tickets, they need keep drunk Gruden obviously. But I think when it comes down to it Jon Gruden may not be the best option. And I mean like in general like of all the coaches available. You pick the guy that was. Gone from the leave for about a decade. Not not coaching at least. And now, he's basically running everything. So I think there's a lot riding on the success Jon Gruden for the raiders organization as well not just for Gruden himself. So I don't know. I just think maybe just maybe. They made a huge mistake. I mean, it's hard to say it was a mistake or not right now because he's only been one season. But. For his moves so far. They've not been the best moves at all. So that's all I got to say about that. But I mean, it's all based off of some shin in. We'll see it's only been a year. Like, I said, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he'll turn around. Maybe maybe he'll even Super Bowl, you know. But I'm not obviously going to say, yes or no. So. I'm gonna take we're gonna take we're we are going to take a break right now. When we come back. We'll be talking about Robert Kraft and his certain situation with the law will be right back right after this. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team? Check out the GMC fantasy football podcast get to knees. Best advice to start who to sit even who you should draft from sleeper. Pasto red hot lineups. They got it all covered for you. That's GSM. See podcasts dot com slash fantasy. Dash football dash odd cast we'll cover traditional leagues dynasty PR even ID when you need fantasy. Hope there's just one show to hit up. Don't forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GMC podcasts dot com for more info. Welcome back. The GMC football podcast just talked about the raiders in knowing there could be still in Oakland for the twenty nineteen season. And what does this mean for the rest of the fan base, and such but moving on we have about Robert Kraft still. And with Robert Kraft. Obviously you known by now about is the prostitution sting. He was involved with and kind of troubles facing. But it might be more serious than many think because you know, in my lead to more jail time. Some people thought it was gonna when lead jail time. But this is a very big possibility that might lead to jail time. So here's the information that I know from at least this is from teams, he sports and such other links. The Palm Beach county state attorney, Dave Aaron Berg Aron Berg, I could be wrong on that said cra- faces one year in prison if convicted on the first degree misdemeanor charge of soliciting another to commit prostitution. So what I'm getting by? That is it's either like he was getting us into prostitute other people like like he was using his own prostitution for himself her for me, others kind of when it sounds like maybe that's just for the general purpose of it. Or just the fact that he just bought a prostitute which shouldn't just soliciting prostitutes. Not soliciting another to commit prostitution because it sounds like a he's paying someone to be a prostitute for somebody else, doesn't it that just how I that's how I take it. But of course, it's probably the fact he was the one that she he was gonna cut. She was she was going to commit prostitution with. That's basically what I got from that information. And with that like one year in prison. That's not get a really look could afro right after his six Super Bowl win after like buying the team and such like. And this is just a bad look for the team in general, not just crap. But for the patriots they're already have a bad bad rap as of right now. Because of the fact that they have the spy gate, they have to flake gate. They have the Aaron Hernandez issues in the past. They just never have had a good running when it comes down to. Controversies if you will. So with that I want to add that if he does face up to one year in prison. I don't know what the NFL will do in response to that. Because will he remained the the NFL's already claimed they will not be in? They will not get involved or not interfere in any way, shape or form with the investigation of rubber craft. So either living there leaving him out high dry, or they're just not going to make sure they're not gonna make sure the please make the right type of instigation lead any controversy to it. So with that also being said. If he does face when you're prison if he does get jail time, which is unlikely, but it's still a possibility. I will definitely have to say that he might lose. I see. I don't wanna say he will share lose ownership because I'm not entirely positive. He would based off just jail time because it's a in. It's still a serious offence to one year in jail too. So it's not like it's something it's not like a small prison time, it's a whole year. So with that I have to like what's this mean for the future of the ownership of the? New England Patriots. I'm not sure if this. Puts to affect as what? What this would cause for concern? It's just an interesting thing to look at because there's plenty of there's plenty of what if scenarios here, what would happen as you get jail time. If he even doesn't like his other if if he is convicted or whether it's not jailtime, it's a hundred hours of community service and being enrolled. Are required here better to be required to attend par prostitution and human trafficking. Awareness course. And I'm not sure I get what that I get what they're trying to do is like just make them. Learn more about prostitution, y it's like why it's bad. I sharing know that. But. Regardless. I think is one of those things where. It's just more of a. Just saying bad just bad thing. This is why it was bad. But in reality, I think it's hopefully going to help if he does get into that class. Maybe it is best case scenario that he does get the hunter hours of community service. And the course about prostitution and. So what was it solicit? Wh what was the actually I read I gotta go back and read the name was it was prostitution human trafficking. So with all of this going down in all those shoes sting happened in a bunch of names got leaked, and he was one of them. This everything is this what he's like is he going to be remembered mainly by this or is he going to be remembered by his Super Bowl success his team's rules exist. Because. This definitely put damper on his legacy absolute has to write because it's such a big deal. It's a huge deal. And with all of that being said. I don't really know. What were you come back? I don't know how you come back from this imperial. And when I mean, come back from this. I mean like to be looked at like as a hall of Famer if you will in the pro football hall of fame is success as an owner, but I think with this whole trafficking issue, sex trafficking and the prostitution in the all that stuff. I think this definitely hurts. I think seventy hurts his career and does he come back from this? I do not know does he resigned as he sell the team out of embarrassment. I mean, we've seen civic that happened before. But I don't know. This is just a touchy subject. We don't know all the information the court the apparently the trials can happen in April. So there is time to really see how this is all going to go down at the end of the day. But again, this is a huge concern, regardless. For the patriots organization, but just because it's the patriots, and they've done this kind of thing will not done this thing of thing before but have come back from deficits in the past. I guess you can say. They will probably win the Super Bowl. Just just just despite everything that's happened those to overcome everything because that's usually what they've been doing last couple of years. Especially rob Parker who sing painting or pain amaze me for Braise too old. This Tom Brady told that and he's good a never go back to a Super Bowl. And that was when he turned thirty five and look fast forwards six years, and he's been three straight. So obviously, rob Barker's dead wrong about Tom Brady, and so on and so forth. But I don't know if this would be a concern for the anyone trying to join them in offseason, I'm assuming not, but it's just probably the one it's just bad timing. Just right after the Super Bowl when because the patriots of talking town second team ever Mu-lin six Super Bowls behind the before. And for them was the Pittsburgh Steelers after their winning Super Bowl, forty three. So. The question remains like is this using to be remembered for the patriots winning the Super Bowl in arguably the worst Super Bowl ever? Or is it gonna be remembered for the prostitution ring? Like, it's it's an interesting thing to think about because we really don't know when we look at this three or four years from now, we'll see how everything transpires, but regardless it's a big question question. These be answered. So that's how that's my take on it at least for the patriots. But honestly, looking into actually, you know, there's actually something another thing about the patriots. I saw an Instagram that Josh Gordon put on his Instagram bio that he was a Super Bowl fifty three champion. And people were kind of having a field day with that. Because it's like he left because he relapsed, unfortunately. And so the question is like does he deserve to be considered a champion? He was on their team for next minute time. And he he didn't do very much do relapse any didn't play in the playoffs at all. So the question is does he deserve to be called a champion. He's gotta get a ring. I think regardless of the fact he was on the roster at the time they won the Super Bowl. So I think he's getting one a ring regardless. But does that mean he he they're gonna heat deserves one going into this next up? Going into next season. Does he deserve to get ring? Those go go to the ring presentation to one and so forth. Because it's it's still a touchy subject because like you said he relapsed. He's he kind of has an addiction, and it's hard to say like who what's going where? So I don't know. I just thought that'd be an interesting take to think about because of the facts that you know, he's not he wasn't really when they needed a Super Bowl run when they needed him to go to help win the Super Bowl, you know. So. Regardless that's had tall. That's how that is going down to me. But we're going to short break when we come back. We'll be talking about other things that happen. The NFL cleanups. A play team that signed kunai player. Cut by the Baltimore Ravens in future. Lies for him. We'll be right on that. When we return. Check out the show that's built on the from UFC two extreme cage fighting they got the fights covered checkout. GSM see 'em a podcast get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in m e past president future. When it's the fight game. There's just one show to check out GMC podcast dot com. Backslash M E dash podcast. Don't forget to leg among Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GS MC podcasts dot com. For more info. Welcome back to the GMC football podcast just finished on what whole Robert Kraft incident. Now ruling on to the Baltimore Ravens because. Michael Crabtree who they sign just as one season ago has been cut. And. This begs the question is he considered a bust? I mean, he's been playing for three teams now in his career got drafted into the nine by the forty Niners. With by believe it was the tenth overall pick. Maybe the ninth. Somewhere around there. And keys really only have a couple like let's look at his stats throughout his career. So in his career, he's never had over one hundred receptions in one season. He's had two seasons with thousands or more receiving yards. And he's had no season with ten touchdowns or more the most he's ever gone was nine and that was two seasons. One with the raiders in one with the forty Niners. So the question is is that a bust? His total career is one hundred forty one games with six hundred and thirty three receptions for seven thousand four hundred seventy seven yards. That's an eleven point eight average. Fifty three yards per game. And fifty four total touchdowns. The last year helium three touchdowns on six hundred seventy yards on fifty four receptions, that's kind of average and thing averages being also generous in that standpoint. So honestly looking at those stats and looking just got cut. I truly believe he's a bust. And it's unfortunate to see a player that came off college with all that hype. After the big Texas Tech played will be Texas in that big huge rivalry game that really cemented his career, honestly. So with that and not having one one hundred yards season. Or anything of that nature? And only two thousand yard seasons. Yeah. You can consider bust. I think definitely tend to him a bust. It's disappointing for sure, but I think you can definitely consider him bust. But. Maybe it's the late to even talk about bus. But for Michael crapshoot since he was drafted in two thousand nine, but you know, he was always supposed to make this big jump. You know, what I mean to a big time receiver in his best time was like roughly with Cohen caverns reign of terror when he was on the when he was. When he was going bring the Niners to the Super Bowl. So it's been a very interesting situation for Michael Crabtree. But very disappointing to find out about the cut after just one season. And I think you might be done. I don't know who else picks him up. But I think it's on the end back end it was current now. I mean, ten years Lee what Lou who's gonna pay him the money to be number one? Why does he ever there's nobody? In other news in the world of football. The XFL have a couple new head coaches in GM's the same person. So for the XFL teen that's going to be taking place in Seattle their head coach and general manager is Jim Zoran and for those in Seattle, you know, exactly gyms Oranje and he was your quarterback in the eighties late seventies early in in to the eighties. He was basically you're Russell Wilson for Russell Wilson. Was Russell Wilson. That's sounds accurate. And looking into his coaching career. However that is a whole different story. He had a successful. You had a pretty good career overall all things considered as a quarterback. But as a. Head coach, I guess had a coach in general. It's a little bit different all start with this. He was not he's as his coaching career began. He was always he was not a head coach. He started in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight as a coach when he retired in nineteen eighty-seven from football. He played for the Seahawks. I said is the quarterback from nineteen seventy six to nineteen Eighty-four. So it was kind of the face of the franchise for the beginning times. And. I'm not sure if that was their inaugural season, but it was one of their first seasons. Definitely. No, actually, they he was their very first quarterback the Seahawks nineteen seventy six he was very first quarterback starting quarterback. So he's legendary in Seattle. Kind of running back. He was kind of running to seventeen rushing touchdowns in his career. So he had a pretty good. He have Russell Wilson kind of asked career. But moving on into his coaching career as soon as he retired in nineteen eighty seven he played he coached. He was the offense assistant such quarterbacks. Coach for Boise state, then became the offense cleaner. Utah state already good start. Then he became the quarterbacks coach for Minnesota. And then it was actually offensive assistant for this the Seahawks in nineteen Ninety-seven. And how did they see us young student nineteen seven well, I'll gladly tell you because they did yolk at best because they win a pedestrian eight that year and as for the corner as an offense assistant they had a couple of pro bowlers ironically, their quarterback was worn women on -ironically, but their contract was more Warren Moon who started around the same time as Zoran did gyms Oren started in nineteen seventy six but from nine hundred seventy eight to nineteen eighty three. Before he went to the Houston. Oilers. Warren Moon was in the CF L at the Edmonton eskimos. And he was actually one most successful in the history of this fell because nineteen seventy eight nine hundred seventy nine nine hundred eighty eighty one eighty two so five years in a row he won their championship game. He won their Grey Cup, which is their Super Bowl, which is incredible think about so that's just Tom nation in his Canadian football career. But he did have a pretty good NFL career was where to the hall of fame and all that. But regardless. The Seahawks that you're when eight when he was their offense of assistant, then he goes to Detroit Lions as their quarterbacks coach and who is their quarterback in that time. They wouldn't five and eleven their quarterback Scott Mitchell. Those don't remember who Scott Mitchell is probably get thing. Because he was a backup for Miami for a period of time. And kinda went back then after staying with Miami. He went into the NFL Europe league where they had an NFL had American team in there called the Landau thunder. Then he went to Detroit for a pretty hefty contract. Actually, if I remember correctly, he got a pretty sweet deal out of it. And I believe it was eleven million dollars total. I could be maybe it was loving your eleven million a year something something like that. I'm not gonna completely guess what it was. But I remember there's something roughly around a million dollars. Jeez. I didn't realize in twenty fourteen Scott Mitchell who was the quarterback. He was six five. He was six six actually to forty nine. So there's a pretty built dude he was pretty big guy, but not like, overweight or anything well in two thousand fourteen he reached three hundred and sixty six pounds. And he was on the biggest loser. Ouch. That. That maybe we didn't need to know. But that's kind of sad. That is really sad. I didn't know he gained so much weight. But I hope the best for him. But going back to Jim Zoran in his career after that. He goes back to the Seahawks as their quarterbacks coach. So he's been quarterback coach for multiple teams, basically and from two thousand one when he first started their first season when he was there. They went nine seven they were only at the time not the NFC before they moved to the NFC. I'm not sure why exactly. But that's what happened. He was actually according quarterback for six years. And then Washington Redskins came calling and he gets his first head coaching gig for the watching Redskins in two thousand eight. And you're probably wondering how he did in that first ten years ahead coach in the NFL. I will gladly tell you mediocre last place in the NFC east aid for the Washington Redskins. As for the next season. He coached would be his final coaching season. And you probably know where this is going. He was last in the division. Again, this time four and twelve so his career is two seasons as a head coach were eight and four and twelve so nothing spectacular there. Then he was quarterbacks coach for Baltimore and Kansas City till two thousand twelve now he's not only the head coach of the XFL team in Seattle that has not yet to be named. But he's also the general manager. So from what I take from what I've gone gathered from these information the XFL. The the player the coach and the G R been the same person for the last couple of teams. Last night checked for the Washington DC team pep Hamilton offense coordinator for the Washington or Michigan wolverines with John Harbaugh. Jim Harbaugh at the time. He was assistant head coach in passing game coordinator. That's what he was was fischel title. Now, he is the head coach and general manager of the XFL team in Washington. And I believe there's one more coach that has been announced I could be completely wrong on this. I mean that might have been the first one actually. But again, so the main to pep Hamilton and Jim Zoran. So that is definitely something think about when you're looking at the quality year, you're gonna get for the XFL. I'm we're going to give it the benefit of the doubt. I feel that there's still opportunities for the XFL to succeed, and I hope for the best for them. I really do. But we are going to take another short break when we come back finish up the day with some more talk about more football be right back credit for this. Check out this show build around the women of 'em from the UFC to the extreme cage fighting we got the fights cover the Golden State media concepts women's MMA podcast. The latest news of coming Fleiss discussions of previous matches join us as we talked to about the biggest names in women's mixed. Martial arts past present and future. When it's the women's fight game. You know, we're to listen to the Golden State media concepts women's MMA podcast. We'll come back and see full of podcast finishing up the day here. Well, the af has been around from what three weeks now roughly something like that. And they're already getting sued. They're have a lawsuit filed against them. So that if I did my math, right? Let's my watch here. That is the quickest time I've ever seen a football league. Get sued. Or, you know. I guess maybe the NFL gets three weeks into their existence. But who knows but that's just absurd. It's been three weeks. So he sued this man Suzy a f- for alleging he alleged that he came up with the league insist co-founder wanted. The XFL name which I'm a little confused with. I really means here. I'll read more into it. So Cording to Michael Rothstein rubber venit who is the photo of tribal music. Follow the suit Friday in L A superior court alleging he came up with the of the league he alleged the af co-founder Charlie Ebersol had a handshake agreement with him. That was violated as a result. He is seeking fifty percent ownership in the league financial damages and public acknowledgement of his cO found funding co co founding rule role in his lawsuit also states ever Sol attempted but failed to garner licensing from the WWE NBC that would've allowed to use the XFL name that makes sense why that was up there. So I guess what the F was trying to do was become the XFL it make it a developmental league. In by the name off of. The the w in Vincent, man. I I guess they were in the middle of all ready making their own they're making revamp to the XFL themselves. So they wouldn't go for it. So I guess that makes sense in the long run. But. The question is do you believe this? Do you believe this man, actually, this the CFO of this treble music? Came up with was also one of the main guys came up with the idea of the af and he had a called handshake agreement. But I think the main thing is what he wants in return is. I don't not sure how much financial damages is. But fifty percent ownership of the league in the league. Might be a little a big glass of water to order if you know what I mean? But I know what the limit to the financial damages are. I'm not sure what that money would ensue or how much it be worth wise. But also. Though idea of him saying a public knowledge of his co founding role is like one of those kids in your Simon like your project saying I came up with this. I did it me me me me like and you're like, okay. Okay. You did it you helped? But I want you to tell everybody, you know, it's one of those things where it's kinda petty. Honestly from hearing about this. And I could be maybe over over our acting this. But I just see this more the long lines of just I think someone's overreacting to this. Maybe. Or maybe maybe not over maybe not overreacting. But just being little jealous. Maybe saying I came up with this. It just sounds like what inputs a handshake agreement though. It sounds more long lines of he knew he thought maybe this wasn't gonna be as big or as successful possibly or. He just all like, I get some compensation for the idea. But he didn't get the title of co founder, maybe that he wanted or wanted some recognition and he didn't get it. So use like, okay, I'm just going to sue you. So maybe that's a little over the top. I'm not sure maybe that's overreacting. We obviously don't know all the details. But regardless I think it's one of those factors in where you're gonna look at it as just a guy asking for recognition. I'm not sure if there's more. To it. There might there's probably plenty more to it. But we don't know this is just recently lost files. So we really don't know what's really going to go down. So I'm not entirely sure. What's going to go come up with this? And when I mean by that is what the outcome will be. Will he get fifty percent ownership? Will he get this quote, unquote? Financial damages and the public acknowledgement that he this was his half of his idea. Because it sounds more along the lines of just like. It just sounds like so one upset they didn't get much credit in a school project or something like that, you know, like, someone bitter or jealous or something of that nature. But I'm not entirely sure. I can't I can't really pin pointed out what they're obviously are unanswered questions. But these will be answered in due time believe maybe this will just be settled out of court, which you're probably will be. But that is the time we have for today. Thank you so much. Joining me today on football twos in Tunis in on Thursday. We'll have more football news and such. But as always, I'm Jeff Allen. And I'll see you next time. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts football podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You could find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus. I'm see podcast dot com. 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