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NPR News: 12-31-2019 8PM ET


Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. The Pentagon has dispatched more Marines to shore up defences at the US embassy. In Baghdad protests sparked by American airstrikes this week on Romanian backed militias in the country. Here's NPR's Tom Bowman. Some one hundred Marines arrived at the sprawling embassy compound to assist the marine station there. Hundreds of militia supporters smashed windows and set fire to a gatehouse at the primer of the compound American Arken Apache attack helicopters flew over the crowd and a show of force. The protests came two days after. US Fifteen warplanes hit five sites in Iraq and Syria belonging to the iranian-backed militia has blow brigade. That group was blamed for a rocket attack last week. That killed an American contractor more than two dozen militia members were killed in the US air attacks. Defense Secretary Mark Esperer alerted Iraqi officials to the airstrikes in advance but Iraq denounce them as a violation one of the country's sovereignty thome NPR news Washington. Meanwhile the Pentagon now says it's also authorized the deployment of an additional seven hundred fifty soldiers from the army's eighty the second airborne division law enforcement officials in California. Say they've arrested. Six suspected gang members in connection with the shooting deaths of four men last month backyard gathering police say gunmen entered the backyard of a Fresno home and opened fire on a group watching a football game. Andrew How's the Fresno Chief of police. We are requesting the following charges against him four counts of homicide twelve counts of attempted homicide conspiracy conspiracy to commit murder. These charges will also include gang and firearm enhancements news conference the police chief said the suspects appear to have been retaliating against what they thought was a rival gang when they believe was responsible for killing one of their own hours earlier. President Trump's former campaign manager says does he won't be running for. US Senate New Hampshire from New Hampshire public radio. Lauren children reports for months coralline. Algae has been toying with the idea of challenging Democratic senator. Jeanne Shaheen Shaheen is a former governor and New Hampshire senior senator but now Lewandowski has tweeted that after much consideration. He's not gonNA run into twenty. He said he's certain he could have won but will instead focus on president. Trump's reelection campaign lewandowski helped engineer trump's pivotal New Hampshire primary win in two thousand sixteen. He was later. You're fired from the campaign but has remained closed with the president so far. Shaheen is raised over four million dollars more than her three declared Republican challengers combined for for NPR news. I'm Lauren Children in Concord. Stocks after trending lower for much of the session finished the final trading day of two thousand nineteen on an up note the Dow gained seventy six points to twenty the eight thousand five thirty eight. The Nasdaq was up. Twenty six points the S. and P.. Five hundred rose nine points today. You're listening to NPR. In England and Wales had sexual couples. When I'll be able to choose what is known as a civil partnership instead of a marriage. Change comes on the heels of a ruling last year by Britain's Supreme Court in a case brought by a couple that was the first to form a civil partnership same sex couples have been allowed to form civil partnerships in England and Wales since two thousand five live with the change in the law. That right will now be extended to everyone. same-sex marriages have been legal in England. Scotland and Wales Twenty Fourteen Global Movie Box. Office will set a new record this year. NPR's Bob Mondello has the story. The total in North America will end up down a smidge from last year at eleven point. Four billion dollars allers because say some observers streaming is so popular in the US but international box office more than made up that shortfall films exhibited in the rest of the world took in more within thirty billion dollars for the first time led by the biggest box office hit ever finish this and they did the two point. Seven billion dollars taken in in by avengers. Endgame combined with dollars earned by new installments in such franchises as toy story fast and furious and star wars will help power. The industry's global double box office to a record of more than forty one billion dollars Bob. MONDELLO NPR news. A new law aimed at cracking down on those annoying. Robo calls is taking in fact the New Year though experts. Say it's likely scammers simply come up with a new way of tricking people. President trump signed a measure. Monday that would give authorities more enforcement powers and good speed up measures. Nassar's industries taking to identify robocalls would also bar phone companies from charging to block them the nuisance calls. I'm Jack Speer N._P._R. News.

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