Baylor Wins NCAA Title, Astros Fall To The Angels 7-6, Angel Fans Got Rowdy On The Astros


It got shot sauce. Omega bill quarterback multi french very. This is the sean salisbury show. I welcome and on a tuesday championship. Tuesday post game post asking. Yeah congrats to Baylor bears listen. it was. Here's what you're gonna hear. And i understand. We mentioned it yesterday. You're gonna hear the well. You're going to hear from heavy t i'm sure at some point Mc and myself. We're all here today. Heavy t- His stock continues to plummet as a producer. But hey who's at the computer being down this fall right and say no. You're not willing to side with him on this and that's not his fault because you see it for a few years. That computer has been the same. As i've been here for ten years. I'm not kidding so we can't blame heavy to you. Well we tried heavy take. He needs a new one. I top to make sure that the work gets done. You brought it. Because you're the goat. I am the go there. You go well speaking to the goat in basketball this year. I don't ever pick the number one seat or the undefeated team when one play two or the number one seed in the tournament versus number two is to always wins. Well last night was no different. And you're gonna get this narrative and listen first off. Congratulations to the final four. Ucla houston baylor and and and Gonzaga into the champion baylor. You clearly the best team in college bound. Yes they clearly and everything people said about. You was correct. Best three point. Shooting team in america validated. It in the biggest moments is good. I'm gonna tell you well if you look at the numbers last night guys rebounding first of all sixteen five on the offensive glass and it started like three right off the bat and the first two minutes by vinyl was vital to their success ended their thirty eight twenty two on the glass. It was domination from the get go and they put their foot on their throat from the opening tap and it never they never let up. They made a many run to get the ten at half. And i thought okay maybe because it seemed that half that baylor should have been up by the way they played in the turnovers and sloppy. Play of timmy. Even suggs at times was sloppy. Kiss bird was a knock announced. Shots did not have a great final couple of games. He just didn't shooting the basketball and from butler. Who has phenomenal player. And the big fellas and the defense of mitchell they're just relentless but they put the foot on the throat from the opening tap. Did not care about what the narrative was gonna be. You heard it. In the game. From grant hill jim nance and bill raftery and understandably so because we set it on the show yesterday will eighteen and nineteen year olds really not able to overcome all the emotion and wasn't the physical part was a mental part and they seemed they were little lost early in the game and quite frankly lost quite a throughout all of it. They could not. They weren't quick enough to get to. This is maybe as good offensive team as we've seen in years gonzaga on the offensive end. They couldn't get to their spot. Because let me tell you. Didn't mitchell when defensive player of the year in the big twelve. I believe do lie. And he played like it. That dude is the energy and the activity on the defensive end on that build for baylor phenomenal. And then a knockdown shots and the set. Emily other end defensively. You wanna talk about a team. As good as they are a step slow they could not had to get out of man defensive zone because they couldn't keep up and vital on the glass and found but they just went nuts and it never stopped and they beat them by. What was the final score leading by sixteen thousand ended up. Eighty six to seventy excuse. Me watched every single second of the game. And you're always hanging onto the gonzagas going up. Sixteen to four run. They never did. They had one where they was. Eleven to four some got him to within ten at halftime baylor. Congratulations you baylor bear alum. That are in this city. And what a turnaround effort you know. It's it's audibly. Scott drew's been there since two thousand three. It's it's incredible. He took the program that was literally nothing. Actually people wondered why took it in they monster member. He was a hated. What voucher. I believe Was there and then left. Valpo to baylor. And everybody's like at that. Time was a better job. Fouth rizal was a better job than baylor and he came here and the his first three seasons they were horrible and then suddenly hit the ground running and now they're one of the basketball powers in college basketball and they are athletic nasty. I'm gonna tell you one thing that stuck out that i'd never. I didn't hear much. Talk of their conditioning is frigging through the roof. And you're not supposed to be. That condition at the end of a siege is supposed to be tired more outright and they treated it didn't matter. Gonzaga was the favourite going in baylor said not today son and they were phenomenal so from shooting and the way they moved the ball at every time. And all you need. They got space. They were able to create spacing on their offense event on a regular basis. And how many times did you see like timmy. Kick it off. His trying to dribble through trouble even suggs was picked a couple times and and i mean they were and you knew from the opening tap when what was it When vital went up boom got like two or three rebounds on one in the very first possession you like. Oh my gosh. And they were. Their energy was through the roof. And congratulations to baylor. I thought that zag would would show up. And this is no disrespect them. They ran into a team. We can make all the excuses. We want for gonzaga. They were taken over time. Ucla that's called the tournament man. Yeah that's way it works and baylor was the better team. They watching baylor the other night. I know it's it's still the same on tv but when you're in person they were just so they didn't stop against you. Sounds like this team has just. But i don't care if they're filthy. Yeah and that's why. Pick them to win it all last night and gives like i think. I didn't think that they would lose and they didn't. They were when you watch them play in like university. Houston for instance. What's one thing we talked about all year. Defense backboards well. What would it is baylor's ut university on steroids. I don't mean literally on steroids but they just like the they're the they're the extra caffeine i mean and that's no disrespect to houston baylor's and their long and they contest you. They attack you. They they don't give you mitchell like is he might as well dribble the ball for you. He's he is on you the entire time. And it's not just him and they help and they rotate. I mean in on offense move it and they knocked down shots. And as i said is good at three. I think they were the number one. Three point shooting team in america shot over forty percent from forty two percent from three point. Line shop forty four forty five percent from the field. They were phenomenal. Last night. forced all kinds of turnovers in the game. Matter of fact they forced fourteen. They only turned it over nine times. They were forty three and a half percent from three forty four point eight for a it feels so they were damn near as good for beyond the arctic. Were in the pain and area and they never got gone. Timmy and kiss both twelve points and never never a factor for the most part couple of times know on breakways but suggs kept him in it. They couldn't make free throws normal and that's another thing. Banner were sixteen eighteen from the line and There was a chance in the second. Half that kept getting free throws and they. They couldn't knock them down. That's kind of important thing. Like i don't know what it is about college. Kickers and college free throw shooters. Both of them are just as inconsistent as they come. Can't miss those and there were fifteen twenty one but it seemed like they were worse because a lot of a handful of those misses came in the second. Half we you're you're trying to creep back in and save minutes in your get free points on the line and they just couldn't capitalize and baylor was sixteen eighteen from the stripe and listen if you're coach drew and you are baylor. You're hoping when you go in and play a game like this that you know you never know in preparation. Even as a player. I can remember going into games. You say man. I've done everything. I i'm ready. There's nothing i don't know about what they're trying to do. And if they do we have an answer. Felt and there's those games that you come out and say man. We thought we had an answer. We don't and there's those games going in you feel great about it and everything falls into place like this pretty cool everything we prepared for it they did and those feelings when you go into a game saying what a week. What a run. What a month. And you're like all's we gotta do is do our thing and and we're gonna win and the when it when it does hit like that doesn't always hit like that by any stretch but in those situations you like everything we prepared to do was write. Ns a coach and a player. Like if you're the quarterback you're thinking okay. I will watch practice all week. And i felt great. I hope everybody feels like i do. Because we're all feeling this way. The other teams in trouble right and then you hope as a coach that every single thing you've done that everybody's feeling it last night and you hope it happens in the in the biggest moments of your life and last night baylor couldn't have picked a better time. The thing is baylor's done this a lot this year all be people left and right and if you didn't see him play tonight's baylor the somebody you know one of the blue bloods gonna get them and they always wondered like what will they baylor in the tournament. 'cause they always seem to have a really good team lightly. And then they just lose at some paul rick. Barnes automatically lose too early in the but this team clearly was better than the right wanting into yet and what they did. They took their clearly better and stomped you handle yet. They did have close game. They were not stressed out at any point in this game. I'm stressed out at all in this tournament. Ryland exactly and and an eight because of teams they played good. They just prepare. That's right then. Everybody and not only were they better that everybody. They're better everybody by pretty good margin. Yeah as witness last night so you hope it all comes together win the championships on the line and for people across the country didn't see much baylor Wait are you get a lotta them. You did last night. And i thought gonzaga would keep it close and the zags were frigging hammered. You know and it felt like to watch like when tyson was at his best and he popped out of a seat when the bell sounded and sprinted across the ring and just beat. The dog snot out of somebody. It felt like baylor was like okay from the opening tap. Everybody pick a man punch him in the throat and beat him down. What's the movie did you see kingsman. Oh i love that movie. The the first one when he's in the church. Oh yeah sure everybody right. I talk about beating them up punching him in the face shooting with. I'm talking about fifty people right one. Do just running roughshod. I've felt like that or like the fight that They hadn't hang on. I mean in anchorman where they didn't mean people are knocking people out but one but the kingsman came to my mind said beta just picking a this dudes running crazy and this team. It's almost like when the ball went up. It's like okay. Here's what you hit him as quickly and as often as you can in about the first three minutes of this of of this fight and see if they can respond. It's like now credit to gonzaga. Like i said the way they played they should have been down by twenty five like houston was and their game the kong in there at ten but the punches. The baylor came out. It wasn't like well. let's settle in baylor. Said screw that they know settling in we are going to attack them and grabbing the throat early and they did and it was blown beatdown. It sure was congratulations to baylor and a national championship. The first since the fifties right was it nineteen fifty. Yeah that's exactly right and a huge win for a great bad not a good a great basketball team. And congratulations to coach drew. And what he's built there and you baylor bears. You earned it and you beat down the number one team in the country and ruined it undefeated season. Not we come back on the other end another game going on. Jump out to afford nothing. Lead camp holded astros get beat by the angels last night. Trout goes deep Many controversy ohtani gets hit with an off speed pitch and stares him down. But that's okay. That's going to happen a lot. There's just heathrow slider right. Well lefty. it's the situation of the game. Said he's not hit young per right so it was But it's it. Listen staredown you're gonna see a lot of that this year. The whole trash can thing yeah. We'll discuss it was a bad loss because they jump out four to nothing they just couldn't hold it and They get the first loss of the season. And tyler's angels win sports. Talk seven ninety. We'll discuss next. Sean salisbury show and the people who are here and certa pro. 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Qb shown berry on sports talk seven ninety get medieval on him. Sean baylor whip medieval last night on gonzaga and thank you william chamberlain. I like i said we're like fifty sixty whatever t- texas western won. It was nineteen sixty six. Thanks to william chamberlain. I wasn't alive. I was three. And i didn't see the game guy. So i i would no recollection at other than seeing whatever fifty six. It's like how i can buy. Approach shot to agreed fifty six yards. Whatever how far is it a buck ten. Okay we'll just let me get it. I'm not aiming for the three foot circle just fifteen. I just want to exact same. Thank you hear me off. They want fifty-six sixty six knows they want and sixty six good for them. I'm not making live guests kidding around. But thanks for william chandler chamberlain giving us the exact date on twitter that the last time a texas team won a national title and basketball. And men's team and there you go and A big win for baylor and they did go medieval autumn. I did today ever tell you that story about. Vj singh at chris shadow creek with a caddie that he would tell them. Where did i tell you about that. Think so tell them exactly where he's gonna hit it or the shadow creek. Which you've heard about in vegas right which is priced places. You wanna fly. Yeah exactly so. I'm out there playing in a tournament that we actually won one time. And then i'm asking a guy i'm out there another time. A kid must have been in his twenties right and this is a good story for gusta coming up this week and i said does any of the. Pj to a pros. Come out play. Which i know they do. You know they'll out there but used to be on. The las vegas tournament was out there and i said well. Have you ever caddied for anybody davis love and vj singh caddy for them. And davis is a free spirited guy right. vj's always been a grinder and people don't like bj. Ed just as like the guy that'll beat like thousand balls in the radio throw a big party when they go out there for the the The tournament this happened the the tour the tour championship. Once we call arabs made turn right and so a lot of times. She'll throw a big party for the players. So i take the players like it but the the grind right. Yeah yeah and so. I said well if you have cathy for it's a great fun you can score out there but it's a great. It's like rare birds on the course you're like you're in a haven out in the middle of the desert right. He said yeah for. Vj and davis. I said well. How was it because it was good i said. Vj's grinder high goes. Yeah 'cause you won't believe this already talked about. He goes we t off on a par for they both at their ball in the middle and they go up to the ball on the back for both of them right and then they go up there and just to round and he says davis steps up and hits his ball and vj asked him when he hits is there in the middle. Fairways is how far is it. Tatty goes that's like one sixty one sixty seven one sixty eight and vj looks at him. Deadpan goes will. What is it. And i said he was joking right he was. He wasn't jokin so for me. One sixty one seventy deal. Just let me get a short brash for him. You dial into three feet Well what is it wants. Sixty seven or one sixty eight. That's how good they are. And we'll obviously get our golf preview this week as the masters kicks in iraq. This rounds thursday. It opened our second masters in six months. Which ain't a bad guy tyler. Why are you looking at me like that man. I'll turn your mic on somebody. Oh yeah what about bob. Remember that movie. What about bob. I've not watched to the astros ford out the lead. I did not stay up the game. Winning back and rewatch some highlights. This morning i was flicking made it before the About the fourth inning. And i'm watching this morning. It was Was watching the lead. Their late wasn't that good. Watch all game four to nothing. And then trout homers ring into four to one and then the onslaught started. They took the lead. Got back into the kyle. Tucker big blast ride this the The thing yeah the thing that sticks out at least early in the ballgame. Good luck with jose container to the angels. He's not very good. It was a little wild last night. He's not very good like he's been for years the loan they're going to struggle with the starting pitching still but mad. The astros bullpen blow. The story obviously is the that you're going to see on the news all day as the trash can being what i saw this morning. So do we know what happened with them. And how fan went onto to the there. Were the team. Secured the ballpark security Apparently doesn't exist when somebody walked in with The walk in with they went and took it from the concourse. So i went on the concourse. Okay tossed it over the fence. So i'm about to post this to the blog but the first incident some fan and it is worth noting that this fan was wearing a dodger hat. Blew up an inflatable trash can in the sixth inning at third on the field i saw that. So we'll ca signs to there's a lot of original signs there's guys wearing yankees years. I co- very cool. All right with this because i saw but i wasn't watching the game live at the time. 'cause hoops in the went to bed inning. Was this six six. After i went to bed. I saw this all of this case so when i saw the trash cans sitting on a warning track right so that was an inflatable one that i saw so there was a grand flexible one now later in the game. There's another fan who's arm is in a sling. This dude grab one of the stadium. Trash cans doesn't throw it on the field but puts it so where the outfield section is angel stadium. Where he was at. There's a railing right there. Right puts it on top of the railing and starts beating like a drum later in the game. The same fan grabs another trash can makes me think his arm is not her even if it is in a sling if he's pulling these trash cans up with no problem and this one also beats like a drum and then tosses it on the field and that was in the eighth inning. I would hope so. They do during jose altuve as bad as well which again in dusty baker wrestling you the videos of dust. He will need to get him at some point. He was great about it. I mean it's i know that you're signing up for this all season long. We all knew this but it's just like come with something more original. I can't let me do dir. Jose altuve as who didn't use the trash cans system. Here's what i don't understand is why why people are so mad at him. The nicest there may not be. I mean. i understand if you're mad at the listen. Let let let's backtrack just a second. Because last year was the aberration of a year with covid the shortened season and no fans in the stands and man. You may not like it and you may not trust it. You may not like what you saw yesterday. And that's you're entitled to your opinion seeing fan like the crowd whether you call it a superspreader. Everybody has their opinion. It's okay to want fans back in the stands and it's okay not to wanna go. It's okay to want to go to you. Don't need to be rate. Somebody herbstreet postman. It's great to see fans in the stands that he was looking forward to being able to go with his family right. No big deal. He didn't say i'm gonna go there and we're no mask you didn't say descended looking forward to it and superspreader event you want to kill people and how many of those forty thousand rangers stating we're gonna die. Okay fine reserved the right. You don't have to berate somebody because you know what. I can't wait to go to the ballpark and i hope it comes back sooner. Where people in the stance which means that's a good thing across society which you'd think that when everybody's allowed to do it that things are starting to shape backup. I don't know why we have to beat down somebody because their opinions different you you suck shut up gay because he wants to go and you don't stay home and if you wanna go or if you want to stay home that he sucks for telling you you're not him but any of us for telling you urinate for staying home. Everybody has a choice gracious. You'll have to go and if you don't go we shouldn't berate you and nor should you berate somebody for going okay. i understand. Everybody has an opinion and have one. That's okay but good gracious. Okay to have optimism. People like optimism. And if you don't then you're part of the problem and the constant bitching that goes on so back to this with this. The astros going go through this what you can't do if you're an astro because this was self inflicted and i know everybody else cheats in their own way is an astro fan and astro player is fight back in the media. Well i mean about laughing about you know. To their credit the astros players are not martino talked about it last night. we love it. It's it's like we're playing in a playoff game game five. This has given us even extra motivation and brussels said after the game goes you see what happened right. After we went out and we we wouldn't slaughtered the baseball right. They're they're gonna take this as the heel. And i don't care and here's the key is when people say well let's see how it is sixty games in. Here's the way. I look at it when i'm tired. For instance and you're worn out and in something something grabs your adrenaline. During a time of your time. Do you like you need it this to me and you talked about maldonado that like forty games in when you started in the middle of the summer comes around the dog days. You're a little tired right. Play a handful of games in a row and then all of a sudden somebody banks a trash can or starts booing in order does. It's like the shot a red bull. You feel energy again. So the truth is especially if you go into a ballpark got minimal. Fans a team. That's not win. And and it's one of those asia cash. I don't feel it right. It's a long season and then all of a sudden some clown talks about your mom or talks about your or talks about the trash. You know what i'm saying. Somebody in the stands has something to say. And you don't need to fight it back the way you fight back whether to keep swinging the bat keeps. You can help with your energy if you're thin skinned then. You probably shouldn't go play if you're an astro fan. Yeah or an astro. Should i say that's right and so they beat. You're listen take it to new york. They've only got like three or four guys still from the twenty seventeen. They're going to boot. Got phone alvarez you suck. I'll talk your cheater. Let me see as your worst. I wasn't around the team straw. Go to hell of course. Of course they. It's not out of you su. He wasn't here dusty. Why would you encourage. It wasn't demanded here comes blake taylor. Yeah the foul man. He was a met right. It's okay it's okay. You know what the only way you can fight back with. This is key town baseball's and dealing with it because the second you show soft that it's affecting me than than the fans are gonna love it succeed if you just. They're hoping for the astros play put so far. Guess what they're doing. Even they lost last night hitting. They're out in the baseball hall. All big boss hits because they're good cray. A couple hits bregman a couple more hits alvarez swinging the bat i mean okay have have had it so i the attitude gotta be smile and just keep on plan so i don't really care what everybody's doing on my late i am aren't i just a tad. Thanks for the reminder. It's didn't even look we'll take a break. We'll continue to come back and discuss this. I just am fascinated by the but but by the fact that the hatred people have you know what it's okay because they're going to face it all year long keep pounding away sportstalk. Seventy as green dishonor saws brace. Oh continues worst-off seven nine homeo- rockets question crushed. Plant one question. This is the big one. Oh the big question today. On the sean salisbury show. Sportstalk seven ninety. I guess the big question of the day. I mean i guess we have a couple of them guys floating around for me. One loves thinking. Nfl and the quarterback situation real quick. And we'll get into with darnold trade to to the panthers guys the not even discussing what's going on with the deshaun watson stuff now that the the the the opportunities for teams to trade to is disintegrating. Oh yeah san francisco's out carolina's out jets are out jets are out there. He's not getting traded to is left in traded down to get rid of that. So you're thinking at least today. They're committed to right now. Why would you have to sean. And then there's nobody law in philly. They're stillie. I guess philly have the assets. Dc maybe still in washington. But i. i don't know. Why would the texans want to trade with any of them. He's not getting traded. He's going to be a texan or suspended or cut. There's only three thinking about that because they are. They are falling by the wayside. Yeah it's like these teams that thought. Maybe they had a chance and all of a sudden they they realize now. Let's jump in. The big quarterback stuff wasn't done darnold move we'll get to that And joe brady's gonna turn him into a player you watch that he's going to go head coach. You're right arnold them together he's gonna make darnold darnold listen. Teddy bridgewater is a solid player. Donald far more dynamic. Joe brady has the impact. He had like on joe burrow joe. Brady's last year. A coordinator is this year head coach because he was interviewing if they only have eight. Win seven wins. If darnold elevates brady you interviewed. I believe or at least was invited to. I think what happens if sam darnold actually doesn't live up to the expectation that we all have to. I think that that's a great spot to think that it's a great job. I think it's a smart move by carolina. Yes i do and up. Nothing makes the second game four second. Yeah six this year compared to what. I do sean. Trade cost month ago at a second and fourth next year. If i'm not mistaken twenty twenty two is that what it was. I know a second. The fourth i think our second fifth i think it was second and four but Pretty good for carolina. Because they're still. This hint of joe break that we can make darnold a superstar right that. I think that's part of this and if you do then it was a bargain basement. Get for them. So we'll see. Joe brady's impact but for me it is i guess a yes or no question about the astros. Can they stand. The barrage candidate was stand khanate mentally and emotionally withstand one hundred and sixty. Two games of this. I i believe they can. I think that they can. But you're gonna get we re tweeted out there you're gonna get it. We'll say no. I mean it's people that don't pay them and they here's they got. They got a bunch of they got a bunch of red ass on their team. I'm okay with that. You gotta have a red asked to deal with this stuff. They do meek and submissive. they don't have those. This is the wrong season to play for that right now. I understand humble like in a federal. Yeah that affected al tuesday. He's a compassionate. Guys that will effect right. But i don't think it'll affect initiative he got over. I was gonna say you know what you do like anything else. You take your punishment. I mean you know you go through whatever it is in your mind whether you feel guilty whether it bothers you whether you're embarrassed you soak it in you suffer for it and then when it's over you spit it out and go on and you learn from your mistake and then you go in the reverse is true you get the beat on me for a little bit but then it's then i get to beat then i'm fighting back. I i've i've taken enough time to fight back watching that without two way swinging the bat right onto the look like he cares. None of are talking about it and i'm not saying they don't care about what happened but you can't eventually you gotta go play frigging baseball. Not worry about it right. You got a job to do. So will they mentally emotionally be able to withstand one hundred sixty two game barrage by you know the the booing and the whatever it is you want to call it the the hatred they're going through That'll be a yes or no question so you can chime in at sports seven ninety. Yeah the i think. They're emotionally protests them. There'll be a time when all three in a row and somebody'll say it's getting to go to new york have a bad series bad game. Yeah every single at bat every single game people are gonna turn it into almac. See look what happened. They couldn't handle the trash can last night. That's why they lost the lead. If had the locker room and be a normal year. I guarantee it in. I was able to we rebel. Talk to you. Get a lot of them laughing at it thinking it's funny. It's reached that point. It's stupid it's going to be a headline on your cozy clicks and views on websites and everything and also again. We live in a world. Where facts aren't a thing for human beings were. The whole story is a thing so they're going to stay here and put a bunch of crap. It's whatever will you're looking for if you're if you're a person you're looking for anything you can do to say. See their dirt though they cheated and it doesn't matter it'll somebody baker's response last night was great because he's like there aren't any saints out there that i know of and everybody that's out there. Doing guarantees cheated on a test at some point in their life. Who hasn't yeah all you out there screaming and yelling. I'm sure you're you're you're clauses now fully. This is why it's all been so. I always say because you know what when you open your closet. Everybody that opens a skeleton. Hit on the head. Yeah the question is is at fifty of bourbon. Twenty hours a big deal but what your sense different than the since. That's exactly right so and then you you you you beg forgiveness and you move on all right so it'll happen but i've always known that when you when you're home crowd booed it's more effective and guess what's gonna happen exactly going on a road. You're supposed to be booed. It's a sign of well. It really is a sign of respect. Now they may not but it's also sign of. That's the way they know. Hey they and they know you're good. That's the problem. Astros are great if the astros were a sixty watt and one zero two team. But guess what they'd be doing around gained forty nobody'd be booing because they will be done by. They wouldn't give they've all they suck. Anyway that's what they'd say and the better you are the more you're going to hear it which should tell you something. It's a good thing. Sports talk seven. Ninety sean salisbury show. Sam darnold gets traded. The effect on the trademark. We're going to discuss that as well today. Carolina got a good one now. Where's the draft going. This mack jones going to be taken third is lance dropping. Worst justin fields fit in. It was four straight. Quarterbacks is it. Kile pits jumped to atlanta a lot to discuss. And what's happening here in houston at that position and many other sports. Talk seven. Ninety sean salisbury. Show and i wanna tell you about car bach brewing in the crawford bach. You heard there talking some astros. What went on last night. Unfortunately they had the trash can banging stuff going on but they did lose their first game of the twenty twenty one season bullpen comes in just myth not a good night. Blake taylor not a good night. Astros blow an early lead falling seven six of the angel last night. You're going to have these games today. Though they looked to bounce back into it's match up of the opening day starts for both of these clubs. Who's now sit at foreign one. It's an afternoon game. Three zero seven first. Pitch right here on ninety. zack Looking to improve to the season. Going up against dylan bundy the on deck show. Get things started at two o'clock with matt thomas and when you're watching or listening to the stroz today doing with an ice cold craw for bach from car bach brewing. It is the perfect beer for astros baseball all season long. I will be drinking some this afternoon because why the heck not. i'm not working. it's afternoon so i'm going to have a few. You should be doing it as well. If you're looking for a place to watch the stroz any day of the week. Well another great place to go to. Is the beer garden over a car. Bomb brewing will be out there throughout the season. We were out there for opening day. Just a wonderful place to hang on the weather right now. It's still fantastic in the evenings and stuff so get on out there and enjoy some ice cold crawford box at the beer garden at car. Bach brewing not only drinking a great beer drinking a beer. That does some good for the community as well to this day. Sales from the crawford have helped raise over two hundred fifty thousand dollars to the astros foundation. So you're drinking for a good cause when you do it if you wanna feel even better about it because you should feel good about in. The first place says is delicious beer. Make sure is scowcroft box from car. Bach bruin crafted for respond. Back to sean salisbury. Show sports talk seven ninety. We got a little bit of trout last night italy. He's pretty good cute him in his home. Run game five right. We're saying we're say that out. Skewed him say that now. About one hundred s we say at three thirty yeah. He's pretty good. He looks like he can be a strong about yesterday. You play him every year and it's always the part of me is always cool. Man you get to see the astros play that literally one of the best ever. All the have seen who in person many many times. I'm very. I feel like that's a very cool thing to be able to say but i mean career-wise against the astros. His numbers aren't very good. It's wild. I think like the worst team he plays against typically in a career batting average against houston is dude. Good lord is down there it is to sixty for a guy who's i mean i would imagine. This is one of the teams right. It's always there's only one two three four five six five teams with the worst batting average against and none of those teams earns division. He played one hundred and eighteen games against the astros next most games. He has against a team with a lower batting average. Fifty one. that's crazy. Yeah you know what's interesting too. It's like living near the. I grew up in california right and you love the beach but you take it for granted. Yeah and like when you live there by the way maid. Park is worse ballpark a lake. He's a career to eighteen hitter. Which you mike trout yet. Which you'd think this ballpark. It'd be like tearing it up with the way he can hit. Yeah And i think we take a look at the beach. I was telling somebody this the other day that when you live near the beach you don't goes much and then when you move away you're like i want to travel to the right. It's the same with trout because we see them. Nineteen times a year right. Yeah whether it's here or there on tv at least right and then you watch him fifty other times on a game that he's playing just because he's mike trout or whatever it is it's oh we got. Oh yeah trout's here. Cool where people cross my trump's come into town i gotta go see this cap for three games right there. Certain guys say i want to. If you don't get them sucked go from the. I would go from the standpoint of hague because he might try agreed that the exactly right. There's there's always a few of those guys in generate right. I gotta go see it. You'd want to see milky play baseball as much as i to the cardinals when i was a kid. I wanted to see our pool prime. There's no question because you never knew what was going to happen. India you could see a prodigious homerun which unfortunately the one that really was in that their team sucked which made it easier when ken griffey who has a red and they would come to town time i was in the same division i would we would go to reds games all it because i wanted to see king griffey junior like when big mac was going through the home run. He was one of them. You had to go to the ball just a matter of fact you had to go to batting practice because it was you know pounding balls off the off the upper tank on a on a felt like a check swing right everybody else flying. I remember i told you this. I was at batting practice and went down to the batting cage. Caught up with him when we were catching up did he. There was thirty thousand people there. We started during batting practice that he was just taking those. You know how when you give you but one one one left middle right and then you start you get loose and you start hitting the ball in your first swings and mccain don't usually started hitting at the other one to get his first he's pounded about like his third swing hits the facing of the second deck and that's a long way old qualcomm stadium in your like. I thought he was just getting loosened psyched. He's going through the while he's like loosen loosened up as back and i'm like epic so when you get a trout you're like this dudes different right and i think we take him for granted but the astros have had his number two hand in hand last night but he just you just never know when he's going to bust out see pitch him carefully but i would always think that this'll be a ballpark. You'd love but they've given him fit so that's taken and that's the kind of thing like with the astros to i was baseball fan. I know this is the trash can stuff aside the again. The completely i it's never going to be overblown overblown for what the sport was. The sport was filled with. This crap I if i was a baseball fan. I would want to go see the astros because all the damn players they have of is a baseball fan in me. I wanna see jose altuve. If you they wanna see your on average you like people who can swing the bat and give you something like every inning. We like whoa. This is a baseball club. Wanna watch whether you're bitter not. Yeah on the deep inside. You can be bitter on the outside of the assets but deep down and places. You don't talk about your when you go to the ballpark. The astros play. This is a good team. Yeah then you can't help it if you're not then you're not watching the same games. We're watching yeah simple sports. Talk seventy hour number. Two texans the quarterback situation that was standing all the stuff that's going on trade teams are dwindling today for tony busby. Yes the press conference. And and i don't know what's going to happen but i know this trade partners regardless of all this. There's not many of them left. Sportstalk seven ninety shot sauce. Bill longtime french also very. This is the sean salisbury. Show our number two. There are some people that loosen. that aren't on twitter. We have our poll question which can the astros withstand this basic mentally and emotionally withstand one hundred and sixty two game with some fans in the stands garage and You know of all this trash can nonsense. They lose last night but are they mentally tough enough. I think most of us here thanks over. What's your thought. You'd go to seven ninety the on on our twitter and how quickly before ballpark stark bolton in their trash cans into the ground. Yeah then let those fans ruin it for everybody right. The i mean or they start saying know. They're the ones delaying the game. I agree that's i agree That's one and i put up then. I'll ask you this tyler. Since you're not golfer right definitely not a golfer unless you do respect it though. Oh you like okay. I put this up as a poll question on online. At sean unfiltered you get one of these free for life. Free free at a fifth of the four. the former. i'll give you that are on. The poll. question is only room for four but also on a film but you can't it doesn't fit no matter how you put it on. The poll is what i wanted to put in. But you get one of these free for life. Which do you choose. Football sideline passes to every team in college radical. Whoever you want whenever you go you get sideline pass to that game in any time membership augusta national one hundred fifty hours a year on a g five jet. This is for life and it's free guy. You don't pay a penny or free gasoline and i would have put this one in Probably i i don't really care about football. Silence passes i know some do. It's in last place in the poll. I wouldn't care once you've seen it once on the sidelines. You probably prefer. I mean but some may love it because they get to hear the hidden and the verge and all the banter that goes on. It's pretty if you've never been down once you gotta go once. If you can't but lifetime sideline passes for some they they'd love it For me i would have changed. And i wanna finish in last place in the pool. But what if i told you. Eight weeks a year at the presidential suite of any resort in the world. You wanted to stay at or you could move each week but you get the entire presidential suite for free for that freight weeks a year so it can be in fiji. It can be in los angeles in vegas at at the hotel of your choice presidential suite eight weeks a year for life but the four on the polar free gasoline one hundred and fifty hours a year g five membership at augusta. Football sideline title. What would you choose. This is a tough one. That's why it's a good question. I might give me your order. One through four membership at augusta's loss. That's nothing against golf. I respect it but put against the the other. Three football sideline passes even before augusta. Yes okay so from four to one. You're going membership at augusta fourth. I think go free gas third. Wow on that one was tempting she. you're taking football. Sideline passes over free gasoline for life. Well here's my thinking is if i'm getting one hundred fifty years on or one hundred hours a year on g five jet. I don't really need the gas. So i'm just gonna fly okay. Are you getting to work every day off. It's only a couple miles. I'll i'll pay if you're in california you eight san this five bucks a gallon though. That's a little different you go. That's right since where he gets. Top football side liner hundred fifty hours. I might. I might take the one hundred fifty hours over football. So you're going one hundred fifty hours g five jet service a year for life and that's one hundred fifty hours a year i'll let cumulative meaning in a carry over so if you use one hundred. The extra fifty hours can carry over to two two hundred hours. You'd like a three year window and after three years they don't carry over until you catch back up and then you start again at one. Hundred and fifty. So you're going jet. Football sideline passes free gasoline membership at augusta. Yeah there's so many places. I wanna see around the world and it's on my bucket list to visit every state in the country. I have eighteen of them. I would allow that. Oh definitely in one year because for g five from california to new york. Ain't taking the normal five hours. You're going to get there faster. Plus you've got all your buddies. It can go with you on how how much g carry twelve sixteen people sixteen on top of that. You don't have to go through all the security protocol that normal because the private jet very go all right. So that's your. That's your order can confirm again. We did it the other day Thanks to mattress track that not going through normal security. i'll just such a non. It's such a buzzkill it's just and when you talk to my life i've done that and it was just when you're on a private flight you realize. I wish i was always on a private flight. Right yeah okay. So would you order emcee. The air the sideline passes our last agreed. I'm forthwith silent passes benefactor. Would i wouldn't be. I'd take the. I would take the eight weeks in presidential suite. A year over silent passes dea. That probably goes third than gas than augusta. Right now to take the membership presidents. let's just was the boldest one. I'll get the membership. at augusta. football sideline passes last. Yes then you get free gasoline. One hundred fifty hours of g five jet against his third jet second ago served. That's easy i go. I go membership at augusta. I g five jet second. Gasoline third free gasoline for life. Third and football sideline passes last and the line passes are distant fourth. Yeah not even really. And i love it i would. I would have never thought that. Too many people would choose. Footballs i knew that some would but they got him second. So what say you at seven one. Three two one. Two five seven ninety a couple. Aj app pga Under slash drew ten says whoever voted for free gas over augusta membership needs to rethink their life. Choices don't i. Don't disagree right at tyler for you'd like you choosing membership at augusta last golfers like that's blasphemous. But i get it if you're not a golfer it's like okay. Still take it right to justin national. I would love to go to augusta. But i'm not gonna play out. No i'm a terrible golfer. you can learn. I've tried it's bad it's a lesson i've never taken a professional lesson now but i've tried it the driving range and it's horrible. Well you gotta take a lesson all right. Maybe we'll take a lesson we'll see anyone like to provide me. Listen please let me know. Well you're now you're asking for free lessons. Yeah 'cause they can be expensive right. They're not cheap. Exactly i've never taken one of my life all self taught i up and they help All right so with that in mind Hundred fifty hours on the jets. Pretty cool dude. You how fast you can for right now. Forgotten how quickly we can be like in san francisco. Oh yeah that'd be great phenomenal right. I woke up sunday morning. And that was just a boeing seven thirty-seven. I was home in an hour and forty five minutes right. I wonder too. Yeah with the augusta. This week i friggin would love to be a member. There which tells me rob manfred a member there. Maybe yeah Lucky him should bought. Rob manfred give up his his considering he wanted. I mean should he. I don't know i'm not paying attention to that. I saw tweet a bunch of people talking about it yesterday. That if he doesn't want the all star game georgia should he feel the same about agusan. Give up his membership. I don't know enough about it. I know why they're centers. I know why they're doing the devoting situation but is it fair to even asset. Not even on the politics. Feel i guess at politics have to come into play is it. Is it a double standard for him to do one thing for the sport but him to still enjoy the the fruit to the augusta services because he wants the all star game out. I i don't it's a again my level of A vote as a freshman. Now my level of care about anything political. Most of the time is just i i. I'm a sportsperson right because both had to do a sports where baseball fans get. I'm tired. i'm tired of it being mixed together. Well it always has to be a narrative right. I'm just. I mean we make one. I mean you could walk across the street and say you know what managed pulled my mass down and do it or my mask up and somebody on either side is going to be pissed at either way right and you have to up the political everything seems to be. There's not doesn't have to be a political or race or gender or problem angled everything right. I'm here for my sports. Yeah it doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to be a problem. everyone yesterday. i didn't i didn't catch any of the reaction to the rangers. You know being in a four it. Because you know what i did. I worked on my yard all day and it was a you know what it what yesterday was. Yesterday was a great day for me. Yeah i tuned in just to see it now. People say well you did super okay. I get the the think that on just talking about the optics of seeing fans back in the stands was a good feeling whether they were wearing. I didn't pay attention to who if the person home-plate plate was wearing a mask over their nose or not. I've just talking about you know how long it's been since we've it felt. It was almost emotional saying now. I hope everybody's okay. And i hope that it's not a superspreader vet but i sure did like the fact it signs of people coming back to whether you liked the way they were back. You have to be optimistic. That fans are back in the stands right yet. Field to enjoy to the game thursday. Yeah it's going to be nice to have an atmosphere. I mean i was in ballparks. Last year that were completely. Dead was sucked. I all i all i want. Is everybody just be still be careful with it. That's that's that's my personal. That's careful but my point is it's not a. It's not that whether you like how they were sitting in the ballpark. I'm just saying for me. The optimism owners was cool to see fans in the stands. It's not cool when somebody's not wearing. Okay i get that. But i do like seeing fans in the stands it to me gives me signs optimism now. Superseded comes from it. I'm sure they'll address it but you're right it again and might have everything to do with me thinking about it has everything to do with the baseball side of it right like it had to be cool for the players. Yeah how to be cool for the players of being in the band cage your walkup music and there was no energy in buildings last year. Mad that right so it was weird. Don't have to like the you saw too many people without mass. If they were i don't i didn't look into the staff. I just the overall picture. It was cool to see people back watching baseball. And i don't need to apologize for that just like you don't need to apologize for not wanting to go not you anybody. But you're right everything we do. There's gotta be an angle. Doesn't there instead of just you love sports. That's are. you love golf you love. I know it's hard for some people to comprehend. Carpet apartment allies. I guess when somebody says that. Like i i'm pretty simple man like if there's if there's things that are pretty damn bad or you know obvious that i needed to be paying attention to or have an opinion. I'll do it but for the most part i don't get caught up in this being angry about every day i just can't live does no good having energy and it is negative attention to politics but i pay attention to both sides but a politics don't have i don't bother with it because i know that at the end of the day i think both sides are a load of crap. You can't win. They're going to try. And here's what they only care about their pockets right so you guys go and get hot and bothered about a bunch of politicians go forward launch. Ask clowns all of them for me. I want wanna see an all star game. And i'm gonna watch gusta this year because i mean just because i like golf of the political side they take. I'm not a politician. Sports talk show host too when it comes to politics and we're discussing politics vote. That's why is it go. Vote other than that when it comes to it I can't wait to go back and watch a baseball game in person. Hopefully everybody's safe doing it. But i can't wait to watch them simple now. You don't have to go. You can be mad. Because i want to watch. Sports get used to it because in the fall. There's gonna be a hundred thousand people at kyle field just so you know. Hopefully it'll be safe and we'll be okay. But i do like the optimism that says we're going back and i was just curious because there are people are gonna turn the baseball all star game in to rob manfred hs to address to national this year. Now the ball fly out. They will sports talk seven ninety staking out next sean salisbury. Show continues to sean. What are you hearing out there now. That sells stakeout. Take out on. The sean sounds ratio it real quick speaking embassy In tyler are they. The rangers continue with full stadiums. Or going back to was just one game and they're not gonna fill their stadium team's terrible and they knew that was the way to get on monday last year and they lost the game. Are they fifty percent now. Is that what they're going with. Someone they ashes about half. So i would imagine about the same okay Sports talk seven ninety Let's take it out. Heavy t what you got so yesterday as we discussed earlier with eight. Oh fans being a little rowdy in. The stadium actually had just an honest question. What's the rowdiest thing you've ever seen any sporting events and that goes for both of your minds. An easy one. I have a good one too. So thing i've ever seen a sporting event I'm trying to think of games. I've been to you let's see games. I've played in you. Look up in the stands and people are talking just as a as a player and then being in the stands as a fan watching a game. The routier thing i. I haven't seen anything worse then. Fistfight moore's dinner. Get a game. I've seen guys cussin' let's get her get her. I haven't seen anything. I mean a full blown fist. Fight in a in a stadium or a ballpark. I haven't been privy. I've had a turnaround because some guy you're with your young kids just constantly slinging bombs in your ear and the row behind you again. Where i've had to turn around and say explain some and i keep being kind and they won't be quiet. They talk back. And then you stand up and say listen i this is i. Don't wanna be that guy but my kids eight man. I got three children sitting here in the stands. And we're at a baseball game. It'd be what i'm not that. Karen guy that the the you know the sets there in bothers people if you wanna yell and cheer. It's fine but when every other words. I've been part of that where i've had a turnaround and say let me explain please. I'm asking you and there's there's other kids around here. The you know females are sitting there. You can't be dropping bombs on a regular it's every now and everybody's gonna slip. I get it but when it was part of every like every third word. I've had to stand up and address somebody But i've never been in a fight in the ballpark. But i've seen fistfights and it's i've never seen anything worse than a fight. Lubbock my first years last year of texas in being in the big twelve last time if they played it was a good rivalry in texas tech Tech was supposed to win that game against the aggies from the came to town and it was a packed. Stadium is always. It was super loud. Any red raider game up in lubbock is a there's a bunch. Atm's killing ryan tannehill torture them and people start. Tearing the stands the metal bleachers off enter shocking him on the field like just stuff being chucked all over the place That was really bad. When i've gone a yankee stadium twice. I think those are horrendous fans and horrendous atmosphere they are horrible people twenty seventeen after hurricane harvey. There's a group of astros fans down the section from us. They're literally showering them and beers the entire time. Yelling harvey bartering. Just a disgusting group of people in that building that night and then in twenty nineteen they did the same thing is guy up there and then upper section in two major views cheers team wasn't really doing a whole heck of a lot and they're throwing stuff remove the astros fan because he's about to get his ass kicked by a bunch of hooligans stupid. I'm going to say something. That's going to a lot of sports fans and i don't care if you love sports that much you gotta act like got problem then you need to. You need to take two weeks off and quit. Sharon and quit and get out of the sports business. I played and i don't care that much with pink hair. I did i listen. I cared and competitive. I was never cared enough. That i was gonna tear bleachers down or or run a car into a poll on purpose because we lost their i suck. I don't love sports enough. Not now not then not ever been is gonna listen not side and yelled at somebody or somebody down when i struck out again at the yes. I get all that our pools home. Brad lidge may or may not going to take baseball to try understand. You know what. I'm talking about though the constant were. Yeah let it go man i if you love sports that much. That's not passion that stupidity to create to to make misery on everybody else and to break things and fistfights in the stadium. All the time. Rippin part of the stadium s- to go home go home either. Quit drinking or take your bitch ass home. Just stop if you love. Sports apple al sham pasha them. That's not passionate. That's dumb and i don't love sports that much. That's also vandalised idiot. Okay don't be an idiot you want to cheer and get after it fine. You don't need to slings. Four hundred bombs well. it's a public place. Yeah all right so is getting punched in the face. How's that for your public place. So yeah it's just stupid and i. I guess that there's very few things outside of fame. I love enough to that. Ain't fighting for. I'm not beating somebody up over. They cheer for. I don't care who they cheer for chair for your own team. You could be positive fan. And then welcomed. You're from good. We'll have a competitive fund dancer but the break and things and throwing things and dropping beer on somebody that you're begging for a beatdown you just are. Don't be that fan. You're an idiot. If you are all right what else you got for me. Mc all never. Forget i'm in the bleachers of dodger stadium as twelve or thirteen year old kid. The dodgers giants game and barry bonds in the outfield of right in front of us. Everybody is throwing plastic syringes on the field throwing beer on the field. Some guy brought inflatable pill bottle. That's at bow owners. I don't. I don't even know where you can find stuff like that. It was the rowdiest crowd. I've ever been around and to be perfectly. Honest is the best game. I've ever been to my life. It was so much fun. i absolutely loved it. The belco bottle was just awesome. That's it just seems so harsh. Right that i ever was with harmless Those needles man well wrapped in the plastic. Always no needles. So as far as i could tell yeah as far as you could tell you go all right what else you got to have say With the first pick in the nfl draft. Excuse me with the news. Obviously the darnall goes the panthers Is there any team we about a brief earlier. Is there any team that we realistically see as a possibility to sean place for this year. That isn't the houston. Texans realistically here. We'll to discuss this at the bottom of the hour. But i'll give you. I think depending on how their feelings are for jalen hurts if they think he can carry it. I think philadelphia is parked player. I think the chicago bears still come into play in less the bears. Now move up and still tell you a sneaky team and i don't know if they do it but considering the relationship and considering that they're one player cheick shawn watson in new england. Let's let the obviously we don't know what's going to happen with the court case. I'm just about the football part of it and this is going to have a bearing out because the carolinas out seattle. We're not switched straight. San francisco's out. Pittsburgh's keeping roth. They're out The jets out in atlanta out. It appears right. Yeah And quarterback right so if it's not they'll take kyle pits and then go with matt ryan another year or two. It makes a lot of money. I would think and we can discuss this. That i guess miami looms but in twenty twenty two twenty twenty one. I think it's all tour shaggy right. He's cheap and right. That's exactly right. So i'm assuming it's too now. If he goes in late wets the bed urinate down his leg. Maybe during all this depending on the sean situation they jumped back into during the season type but that seems because they still have assets to move so maybe them but as it looks right. Now you're not getting a deal done before unless you give him away. You're not getting a deal done before this draft which is completely changed. What everybody else thought. And then you say well then what happens on the moral side for them. Depending on what happens for the texans. What do you do it starting to disintegrate the. We'll discuss this quarterback situation across the league darnold moved to carolina gets joe brady. That obviously means the jets are taken. Zack wilson at number two. Then what sports. Seven him you i think. The sean salisbury show continues sports. Talk seventy heavy. Mfn t. and fantasy jets. Trade sam darnold to the panthers for twenty twenty one. Sixth rounder and at twenty two twenty twenty two second rounder and fourth round picks and carolina gets darnold their quarterback. Now they're looking to move teddy bridgewater. Sam darnold just fact is he's more dynamic player. The question is there's a. There's a higher ceiling for him than there is teddy. Teddy's been a more solid quarterback. The question is where you wanna go and is it worth the risk. A six the fourth and a second overall are if you're the carolina panthers to get there and if it doesn't work out in two years guess what you're gonna do you gonna go draft another guy but you get darnold for two and and don't have to give up your first round. Pick now a flood. Qb market this offseason sure was terms of movement. Going around and here. We are now sitting in the in. The two hole is the jets and they'll draft a quarterback the three hold the forty dollars. They'll draft a quarterback. The question is give due to enlist in front of him who has most recent mock draft in front of a sketch. Pull just pull the order up for me because remember those first four quarterbacks that we're supposed to go now what and the verbiage and the negative talk about justin fields. I don't know how a guide rises and falls that have got my tannenbaum. He has one now. Okay in the offseason. Posted the in the off season in shorts and a t-shirt shirt when the season ended justin fields. There were people saying. And i can go back and find it on social media and on hot take shows the justin fields may very well be drafted ahead of trevor lawrence. If you remember people were discussing that and now because of people's verbiage and banter in negative talk. I don't know what just fields his done between the end of the football season in january and now to fall so far it's because of ood people start to panic in pro football. We talk ourselves out of more good players than we talk ourselves into it instead of taking twenty two good traits by a quarterback. We'll take one beat it into the ground one bad one and force a kid's life to change because well we just a there was a narrative about him that may very well not be true and so justin fields is taking a verbal beating by some. Which is you're sitting there saying. Well when did this happen where they saying this. He got his brains beaten against clemson came back and played a great game and then alabama hamid him around and he hung in there and the alabama beat everybody and here. We are all of a sudden justin fields in the off his fallen and and the people. He's he did this. And that. And i'm thinking how in the world is a guy fall in the offseason in shorts and a t-shirt well when it comes adjusted fields. It's simply the banter simply it's banter with people on tv. That may have studied that scene. Play twice or three times and had not looked at it hardcore. Start throwing stuff out and then you get idiots to believe stuff and you can say you can find something. Negative about every one of these quarterbacks. There's people find stuff negative about trevor lawrence. And i don't i don't know what else you want from that kid just like you can build a guy. Like zack wilson. Who's had a hell of a season gray. Eighteen months ago. Nobody knew who zack. Wilson was outside of the people inside of football. They average fan had zero idea who he was a year and a half ago let alone a year ago. And here we are. He's going to be the second pick of the draft. All right so tanenbaum has his. Who's the first pick lawrence obviously. Yeah trevor lawrence okay. The second third mac. Don't mack jones and i know pizzas that. He thinks that he's very familiar. Seems very similar to matt ryan the yeah and he thinks it's far too risky to make all of us move all the pics to take trae lance there okay and a lot of people also say why would you trade up extra picks to get back. Jones here's why well coached listening. You go again right. And here's what i say every year and it gets so tiring just because you sitting at home that you saw alabama played or watched a player. You don't know more than kyle shanahan does. I'm sorry you just don't he also put up incredible numbers all cultural passing yards any set. Ncwa record for completion percentage right so seventy eight percent of his passes. Here's the deal you guys. You could take offence. You're allowed your opinion. You sitting at home right now watching all these you do not know more than kyle. Shanahan does about this position nor about now. Does that mean that mack. Jones is guaranteed star. Absolutely not but your love for him or lack of low for mack. Jones may very well be the kalle shanahan. See something you don't that fits our system kyle. Shanahan seems to like guys who don't move very well but efficiently enough that can throw the ball from the pocket on-time with accuracy matt ryan before him kirk cousins. And now he's gotta go doesn't move very well jimmy garoppolo in that. They don't think that that the ceilings lower they wanted more from jimmy. They may get him for one more year. Mack jones is the most mature. These guys plan other than trevor arts. Because well he's been waiting. He studied in. He had his one year and he capitalized. He's about four eight guy all that stuff but its ability to throw on time and anticipate so of matt jones goes. You shouldn't be like. Oh my gosh what to reach sitting at home in your living room because you read a draft report. Stop it stop it. You do not know more than kyle. Shanahan does about this quarterback or nick sabin. You don't period so it is mack jones. Great it only takes that guy. I always said well you could have got him in eight. Could you have what somebody else traded up in in and got him and even if you love that guy you draft him just because that's why some of these guys get caught up in well. I'm watching on twitter. Twitter should elect or not elect or select a back dam and newsflash. Everybody out there. The teams are operating on them. And i got news for you. The i team that is operating by social media did. They're they're going to be fired because they're not going to be good at it. You could take it personal if you don't know you don't. I watched mack jones play last year. I don't know why anybody give men. He was great. Well you why 'cause he's not flashy so flatly his numbers are pretty damn flash yards. I mean if he goes and he's a seventy percent completion guy in the nfl because again he was high seventies in college. Guess what he's going to do he's going to be pretty good explode. Because here's the narrative about back jobs. Oh look at his receivers lawrence all right. We'll look lawrence's received their great look at Justin fields receivers pretty good. Yeah you think. I don't know why that's why he went to alabama right. Okay so look at tom. Brady's receivers they're good and isn't that the goal. Yeah your best teach would agree. I do believe that if the ball doesn't hit the mark if you thought four feet behind a guy the receiver catch it right but if you throw it to them and they finished it's a it's a plus and you throw on time. I've never understood eighty percent of the world's grading system when they watch quarterback fascinated by it. I am fascinated by why because mac jones has been the talk for three years. And so what. I chance to play. And he played out of his out of his mind. We just saw it the year before with joe earl right kyle. Kyle shanahan knows you're do you're capable of getting better right so shanahan. Amac jones is apparently the hot commodity at three and trae lance while great upside. And i like him there. The problem is some are afraid. Because i saw one game last year and twenty eight touchdowns zero pixie year before. They think that you can get into. Did that might be premature to grabbing there. It's too much of a risk. I get it although somebody who gets trae. Let's get the best of the group. If he he owns seventeen game right. So i get it. I get it all right. So who who's picking fourth atlanta. The talk here is pits and no quarterback. He doesn't has a quarterback right and he's got trae lance. They're right see i would take. I would take the quarterback therefore as my favorite player in this draft as far as not quarter that you're like wow yeah right and then jim archie. I mean there's some great players but pits just the freak show and tie the whole thing about him right yet. He's not gonna impact a career more than quarterback is if they both hit. And you've got to take the chance there if you love trey lance. You can't take him over pits that makes sense. Yeah seven catches a game. Don't impact seventy throws in two games. Does that make sense. So you take the fifth pick. There's a lineman cincinnati that's-that's still Listen burrow if your borough would you rather have suruj rather have chase or pits. Are we sure alignments going five. That's what he has. He's a great player. We'll come back and discuss but man if your borough aren't you saying well i love to be protected and everybody through right now. That's my point. Who's getting also kinda got a problem of having killed right. So you're the this is a. This is a very difficult decision for cincinnati because they got needs both places heavy. Need right yeah. We'll come back and discuss four quarterbacks in the first four picks now you gotta ask yourself. Where's justin fields. Video will find out and how this impacts right here in houston sports. Talk seven ninety. 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Sewell pits chase if you had the choice of three said in a five hole and your joe burrow and the bengals is there a difference you take. Who should they take. I would take the linemen if you think he's a ten twelve year starter at tackle the building. Now your teeth pregnant stinky if you get a wide receiver this year. I mean they're just going to be at best and average team this year said best will the tackle make more of an impact than pits and this year. Probably not chase long term. I think so all right. What would you do tyler. I would take the lineman you cannot with the way he got hurt last year. And you sing that. Your offensive line is basically swiss cheese on the field with all the holes that they have. You have to take a lineman. And i actually think i know linemen especially in the draft. Aren't exactly the sexy pick. I believe that the bengals fan base completely agrees that they have to take an offensive linemen. Like hey dropped in a swiss cheese. It's true it's the first time ever. You said something clever. I'll thank you. i would say i would say that. They're probably gonna go lineman. But i would be tempted to take a home run hitter. I would be. But i think the lion is going to be the choice. I which means we still have three phenomenal. Receivers including pits are not including pits. Which adds a fourth that could go in the next five or six. I think the interesting thing is is. I mean you. Guys know him falcons fan. So i've been keeping an eye on all the mock drafts and stuff like that. I've heard a lot of this. Oh there it is. I've heard a lot of rumored that they're also interested in taking sole out of oregon. And i have a feeling that might be a smokescreen not be surprised if there's a trade between atlanta and cincinnati for Cincinnati just before to make sure they get that line and then get ten. Janet lanta keep that first round. Pick it five. Get who they want a quarterback and still And keep their first round. Pick and have a quarterback is what you're saying. Yeah it would cost may get an extra second round pick. Maybe move up. Slot cost a third rounder this year. And maybe a second or first rounder next year. So we'll all say. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a trade all right so there's the first five and the number sixteen is i'd be the dolphins tanenbaum has gone to five right. Yeah and the dolphins at six he has chase gone to correct to seven detroit. Well if it was me it would be kyle pets or or devante smith though. They're going with a defensive. Go on receiver waddell Ahead of the other two and still pits as well. I mean pits. 'cause chases already gone so i had a and smith he's gonna waddell okay maintenance crazy but waddles a hell of a player is why this mock drafts a little bit out. There number eighty carolina. You're i gonna get this. Well they don't have a quarterback number eight at carolina on they. They're not gonna draft a quarterback there they don't have a are they not going to according to mike tamil. He's got him. Drafting justice fields with sam darnold Okay that would make no sense at all. You don't trade for darnold and then say i'm gonna take justin fields to sit behind a. I don't understand that pick. I mean. I guess you can look at it from the standpoint of hey we sit two years with darnell goes or you're going to sit for one year. Let darnold build up and trade one of them. I don't know what does that do good makes no sense to me. I want darnold happened to play like that. Right yeah you. Don't you want him to come in and be the guy right and also right now they still have teddy bridgewater secrets me. They're going to go on the eighth hole of pits still sitting. There are going to take somebody to help him right. That would be stupid because he never had weapons of new york right okay so we disagree at eight nine denver Let's see there's a quarterback available. They did well not according to him. But according to me. There's a quarterback of because fields is still available number nine. they're not going well on defense. Yeah i was gonna say it's not offense because they've draft the ends they've got wide receivers all corner. No it's not gonna be there. It's not the kid from south carolina. It's the kid from from Alabama ser tan Linebacker oh then it's ten state. They're young micro. Yes and ten cowboys. It's a corner. Yes and h. o. Ser tan over. Yes so we're at ten. We've got to defensive players late and there's still a quarterback on the board in our mind right field slims vol think he's gonna fall out of the top ten if you go by this one. He's he removed him going to carolina since it got darnold become unpopular thing to have criticism of him recently. I'd never liked him in college. But that's just me. I was watching the football. I don't think he's a great concern. I think he's going to get the league and struggle to actually something that me and i did not like him in college either. All that great thing was inconsistent mile thing is not that he has the things that bother me about him. But it ain't from the off season you know me neither. It is it stuff. That's tangible for me. I don't know what kind of lear. Es him i would not feel comfortable drafting trae lance because of the. He's barely play college level. Like i mean. I have concerns back to look. You should have concerns about all four of those cats or actually. I do have concerns about. Zack wilson 'cause i have to again where he's his numbers enough of it didn't look great right. So here's what i. Here's the deal with me with justin fields. There's some things that i've said it. There's some inconsistencies that bother me that i think he's probably needs a system that fits him well. I think trevor lawrence can fit in any system. I i believe that. I think that he needs something. That probably in. Maybe arthur smith in atlanta be perfect for him right but my concern my irritation with people. I don't know what kind of team leader is due. I admitted on with it. No i cannot comment iowa to study. Habits are because a film room with him. So i'm not gonna say he's not a studier until it's coach walks up theresa show. The kid doesn't study. Says then i could take it to heart. I'm not gonna let somebody i'm not. I'm not throwing that out there. I could tell you what i've seen on tape. And i wouldn't pick him the first three quarterbacks he'd be the fourth or fifth quarterback taken in this draft now that could be the pick of the draft. He's a first rounder. But i don't i i have. I would take three guys ahead of him that but that's not because this offseason. That's what i've seen him. Throwing the football in play has nothing to do with leadership has zero to do with what he's liking the tape room. 'cause i don't know because i haven't watched tape with him so i refuse to make a comment berry kid that i don't know anything about when it comes to what his habits film room if ryan wants to. He's a great studier. I'm gonna take ryan days word for it. Sports talk seven ninety hour number three next. What does this do for the texans quarterback. All these quarterbacks that are going the opportunity seem to have diminished. If you were going to trade him is he a texan for a long time. Just on the football side and him not wanting to be here. Not even counting this other stuff. That's happens. Sock seven ninety. Sean sows bruce. Show classic chevy sugarland classic. Chevy highway classic. Chevy sugarland jeff sebastian. Let me just give you couple specials here right now on some twenty twenty chevrolets. 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She's the brains of the whole operation going and see her and she can help as well phenomenal. Customer service service department as well as the volume classic chevy highway. Six open on sundays former quarterback time french. Very this is the sean salisbury. Show doesn't amazing how quickly you can go from the second or third pick to the twelfth thirteenth fourteenth a draft in an off season. When you really haven't done anything just takes a few people not buying in right. Yeah and dropping down That should tell you something. If trae lance has drafted ahead of justin fields the people must know something right or they found love trae lines i mean evaluation process says that and again like you said like the things that like. You know this you do an interview for any kind of job. Some people get jobs based on their interview ability all the time somebody could talk to justin feels and he just they just don't he doesn't come off as the guy that i have with that your guy right. That's simple jones could just clicked with kyle shanahan. And then he loved him on tape. Trae lance might sit down and talk with arthur smith and falls in love. Yeah no question about and justin feels me all of a sudden. They may say that some team along the line may say denver like we love him. And i know we needed a defense. Let's grab him because we don't believe in drew lock could happen you never know. I don't think that's going to happen. But the question is wind is the fall stopped right. If that happens for a guy like justin field anybody in that situation back to the astros. I wanted to get back to this last night. Four to nothing Couldn't close it out. Bullpen got a little bit rough way. Early to worry about it Those income with the depth of the bullpen. Windy windy we. How deep into a season do you guys believe. I have my thoughts on it. Get your guys as well. How do you believe window. We know a bullpens good And a half probably to get a full football team that they know we know their mo about six weeks and they are identity wise. You can have clunkers early right. I i think you're really going to have clunkers early this year. And maybe it's a couple of months you need time about all over. Yeah because go look at the amount of work. That pitchers got in games in spring. Training was nothing that she minimal. There aren't getting in shape. There were a couple of astros. Relievers that pitch like twice in a in a spring training game. They pitched in some of the games and stuff like a big league game. They didn't like. I think it's gonna be am. I see the bullpens been pretty good so far right last night. Wasn't there's two guys and the turkish your facing a pretty damn good hitting lineup. You're still out pedro bias. Key part of what you acquired in the off season that you have faith and to be one of those guys and eventually when you get outta razi you know into your rotation you slide on your guys the bullpen which adds depth and gives you more saw always always wonder tyler wendy. You know if the when will you know for yourself and your mind angels. Pitching gives them a chance. When will you know if they're getting a chance from them this year. I'll give it about a month now. Usually angels pitching is so bad that i know within two to and this is notwithstanding that unfortunate injury or somebody you know i'm talking about jeff's the the stability of a team that just bullpen. Maybe even starting pitching. We got a tie on both in. And i'm wondering how long each you know each of us feel you say six weeks mc you say you can usually tell in a couple weeks ten fifteen starts and bullpen. If it's just the corey you're pitching staff. I have a general idea going in. Yeah oh yeah you on paper. You should right after watching a history here a little easier than there. Because of the constituents are going to be good this year. I believe so. I just wonder how i guess six weeks in. We kind of get their who they are right. Yeah minus and injury here and there. I can tell you the the early returns like i was. I was excited about getting this guy in the off season. Because i know the is filthy stuff and early returns to really good. Rhinestone can be all. I thought he was when i saw rare cut. Yeah i mean he's your kids. Your new diva yeah. He's a better. He can ramp that now. He's pretty good. Yeah like that was a great joy to pick up. I didn't see. I haven't seen i've seen some. I mean obviously know who he is. Haven't seen a lot of him. He almost one hundred miles got great. Other second his changeup got the bottom just falls out of it when i saw him do. His change was filthy. The other day to was the sunday june oakland or saturday game in game three He's pitched soaking came in and struck. It was saturday and oakland. Pitched two innings. He came in and that was struck up a side in the first inning. And he wasn't fastball. Change on do completely bottoming out at skaggs zone. I mean he. He was really good. So i i'd like him and start to get a chance. You can kind of see. This isn't ramps up. This isn't just 'cause tyler likes the angels. I looked at the angels ahead of the season. And i look at them again. Last their pitching's going not going to hold up. That's what's gonna be the same store for them. Every year they asked is gonna win this division because one their offense is overall deeper than everybody. Else's in to oakland's not nobody else can pitch like right tyler. What were you going to say now. So you say normally you can tell in two weeks for your team. Yeah the pitching an previous years especially under social was so bad that you can usually tell within about two weeks how the season was going to go and it was not very good this year. I have a little more confidence. I'll give it about a month before fully judges. They're going to be more acceptable attached. Probably they've been in the last few years for me normally going in and get a pretty good idea of what a teams Mo slash identity is with the pitching staff. And where it's going for. The most part by i would say by the time i hit late may a pretty good idea. Yeah and now this could change for the astros if they don't start and again they acknowledged you're going to the season most teams like they're going to have they're gonna start aren't going to be going deep early on probably but they're they're not to be able to sustain starters going short game you can't open can like grit now. They've an off day on wednesday. Thank god and again on sunday. select. But if i'm dusty tonight i'm i'm really really praying drinking. Give me seven and tonight honestly if they have a chance to game and it's late and they need more than three hours from ryan presley ryan press gives me more than three because he's pitched once in five games and they didn't go to him yesterday when the pitch dusty probably should've gone to him last night he needs to pitch get some work in. Yeah so yeah in. He's going to have to hopefully has a couple of quick pitch innings right or the other guy. Yeah i mean when. I say quick. Pitch meaning urgent innings. It gets him in and out full pitches and so he can push you to six or seven. You know push the seven and he was. He was really good and pressley. Get you four plus outs or whatever for out so you can get some work in but yeah it's you're talking about six to eight weeks and you have pretty good idea in and not counting some injury. That's you don't see that's unfortunate but it's obviously class of the pitching staff classes. I mean we know hitting lies the astros and angels in the division. The rangers just runs. They just can't keep anybody off the basis. Either keeping a ballpark but the other part is when it comes to pitching staffs as far as depth goes the astros still win that in the division to now. Yeah i mean you know. 'cause oakland's changes and stuff and oakland five now right to the again yesterday. If i'm not mistaken didn't get beating in yesterday. So they're they're in a chase mode. Two teams are what foreign one now to form one teams jump out in front of the division. It's just it's it's the marathon of the senior. Still obviously very good spot. Even if did lose today which. I don't think. I didn't think that they shouldn't have lost. That's that's the thing. It stinks as. He had a game last night that you looked at and you said dash one that one because you came out and he did exactly what you do every single night which is nice scored three runs. The i like it. I know a little bit was self inflicted for the angels. But it's like okay here. We go again. Same story through the astros. There's gonna beat the hell out of everybody and now six runs is great. I mean that's just don't don't cough it up tonight. That's that's what you don't kitchen for the angels tonight dylan bundy. Okay okay. so it's one i one. They switched over the rotation of. He's pitching today right on normal rest right so it should be an astros struggle with him a little bit last year but the way they're swinging the bat right now. I would expect some fireworks just because the astros are swinging it like crazy people and a cossack early had one hit again last night. I'm telling you his batting average they're gonna come up. It's like one eighty eight right at the guys. Forty hit that home run. I saw a. He is going to just mash baseball's over the park this year. I'm okay because then by bold prediction will come to fruition. Dilute the team as well right at one. Eight or nine of them and with two home runs now. Yeah so yeah it's early. It's early but he's gonna big. I agree sportstalk. Seventy hour number. Three the astros. Four and one take on dylan bundy tonight with zach cranky and tyler. You're trying you didn't want to buy breakfast. T one last night so you don't have to tonight at day game. Oh yes today game three. Oh it is okay. So it's nice singing for all of us nice and that'll be right here on sports. Talk seven hundred right. Yeah and by the way tyler. How much money do you make In your pole or poole baylor to win. I had the best bracket in the three hundred sixty bucks. Three sixty cash cash money to china cash cash money money. Chetta chet at all about the benjamins. Baby it is all the bills. 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Yeah yep little ditty about chip and joanna join are going to death by the way because she watches stuff from them and looks at stuff and she's like why can't you do this. Why can't you do them. Like i'm not chip. I'm not you know what i yesterday was my first full day of doing the yard like i did the yard i finally got finally got an edgier and everything like clean that bad boy up. It looks good now. She wants to tear out the back splash and the kitchen and replace it ourselves. Like yeah let me tell you how great that. I'm going to learn how to talk to brother auditees. I know a lot of that moved in. Got to be precise right ship ship enjoying are gonna kill me and i can tell you this. Do you know what ship did last night. Wanna chip. Terrible chip on the chip. Fortunately it's too early to go to break chip. What a chip last night. I can chip. Listen here's what i'd like. You know what i want. I want chip and joanna gaines or joanna chip gains however you put it. I want them to be my peeps. You wanna why because like when you have something say man. I need my backyard. Designed could can. Can you hook a brother up. You know what i'm saying. They're buddies. i'll pay. But can i get a good rate. Come over to get your expertise right. Hey man like you said you want something done at the house. Hey i'm gonna design the go to somebody's house for a party or something then they they're bugging you when you think about this. Oh yeah yeah it would be. It would suck because and i invite him over you. Don't you're thinking judgment tree coming out because they're gonna be all alike bantus. My backyard look good as theirs or just the little. You know how they got like your leg. All i got to live up to chippewa. No be like tom brady comes out. And you're throwing footballs. It's like mechanics really as good as that cat. So yeah it would be a lot of pressure but for them. 'cause i would be the one that they walked in. Hey how you don't their backyard. What do you think about that. I'd want him to start designing and his head. Right mr fixer up. I would love it. I want to start kissing tap. Got my got my. I've got my plan for my putting. Greens yeah go the yards cleaned. Gotta get it right. Can i not using a hand. Agile you got to you have to the. You're not using the old school edge. Those aren't the school. Yeah yeah no. Not the spool. Push one yes. Oh no back in the day. When my dad learn arrow yard. I have listers on the hand. Owned the house for four had too many weeds that they just let overgrowth bax. I needed one. I have to go weedy around rights and everything. I pissed off the dog behind. They broke fence posts yesterday. 'cause it's barking and jumping the fence all shit your dog all day. That's another era. Just go german shepherds. That doesn't show. I love dogs. But meneghetti. I scream and all the time tone it down. I throw shoes at the fence. Quiet down but yet chip and joanna i how do i brown those them to get them to be type. I don't think you're going to be. I mean thanks to run across. I just don't know where you run into drive to waco. I've been there. I would've been going through there. And i want to buy everything there you do if you go in there. Yeah that's why. He's got a lot of shabby chic. Look and all that man. I i got brown those out to chip and had to be tight so like he can say. Hey sean. oh yeah. I got this for you. I'm gonna build this cabin for you. I got you know. He's going to all cabinet tight right. I do right charged for that. Maybe third maybe. Maybe he called him last night into the baylor win between large e. three. Who isn't wingo. Rg three chip gates. Who ables popular a bigger star of all of them all matter of fact. Who's the most famous alum ever. Ten single terry namiki went to baylor right. I think so. I mean he's cheered. Who's who's the bigger star in the family chipper. Joanna joanna by far right yes you got book and everything right now it would be joya. It probably might be him right because he just had a book. I don't know they're both big but they're tied at the hip but there. Yeah when you say. What's the other hand in hand. They're bigger they gotta be as famous famous. Baylor alum right now right that you can put your finger yeah cash. It's good to be there. I'll i gotta brown-nosing to build me a shelf or something i mean. Are you just go to target i. What if anybody thinks are better than chips gains at building furniture. Listen you do. We're calling them out right. Yeah ships go bigger goaded. What he does. Tyler is what he does right. No doubt right now. That question tyler. Sorry buddy stop. It's sorry topics this get. Good bent pretty good. Yeah you're looking so bad now. I let me say. I take my hat off to you vegas. I tell my wife thing live on weekend. Is twelve ounce cans. Did nothing i i hell no. I'm not paying. I can't pay somebody for something i can do. That's the thing. I know my dad. He could probably you know kinda like macgyver. Something this little anything together me. Now i think. Twelve ounce that's all you get out of each. Yeah that's my dad. He was able to build anything like you could do. The elect my brother's like that. I can do a little bit. I'm somewhere in between. I'm not what you'd call a perfect handyman. But i'm not a guy who can't fix something. My dad my brother. You want some new electrical plumbing wire that for you. I'm like hell. No i did. They can do it. I can't so yeah it's cool the that twelve ounce cans. Ain't half bad brother i i. There's certain things chimp gains. I'm like i wish i could invade us make it look so easy. You know boom. It's like if being being being That baylor was pretty relentless brother. They were phenomenal. H on and i. And i think and i've told you guys yesterday. I was kinda afraid of john. We've seen a replay in nineteen seventy nine last night. Team come in. Undefeated had a shootout on saturday night. They're calling me to the crew. They they shot about sixty percent against marlborough into fall and saturday night. Come monday night. Play team probably would have beach anyway. You come out flat and the ball game opened the first ten minutes and they would have. They landed at every every punch to the face and body blow landed by baylor in the first ten minutes. Every one of them in the first minute nine. Nothing you won't be long. I sure property. If you look at the record they probably had the worst free throws. Tonight's up ceiling. Probably i divorce three point shooting night in the season and some of that had to do with baylor. But you're telling me some didn't have to do with this house so you know what the happily that was a big high to win that game like they did on your filleted awaiting did and the quebec quick turnaround they just didn't have and also looked biscuit like the day i always felt like the gonzaga felt well. Baylor is going to try to settle into right so we can have about five or six minutes to get us back and do it. And they came out and punch team. We're not ready for this. We're still trying to get legs back in our mental and emotional feelings after that unbelievable win and they punch in. You're exactly right. That mark aguire skipped. Dillard that team with paul. And what was it was it. Ray myers team. I believe coach. Meyer and burn. And then they came back out and then they ran into a pretty good pretty good point guard on the other team. You're exactly right and baylor. Yeah and then. They're playing above the rim. that day. Greg keller one counselor the alley. Yeah they were baylor was just phenomenal man and you had to play great to beat them. And if you don't punch back early you had no shot. And what at every single time other than one small run before half did a got close. Baylor responded with a knockdown three or an offensive rebound or great defensive stop. They were phenomenal last night. And you have to take your head off to my indiana border Drew man yeah them board. Read the play each year. Did they say they. You know 'cause sometimes teams don't take advantage of another team sleep walking. You know what. I mean you do have to take advantage of it and baylor was ready. They're like okay. We we kill and that's how you have to do a team once you get them down and talk to pain out. You can't come back against because they got a defense to and you better and biscuit. Thanks for the call brothers. Congratulations on on on a fun basketball. Saying i know that you had baylor last night. Good for you. I know you had the cougs. But baylor's pretty good you had them beaten. Gonzaga had zagged beaten baylor at the beginning of this tournament. I can tell you this. There's a lot of football teams that can learn how to play physical from the way behler play basketball football team. You a bunch of others. You're not kidding sportstalk. Seven ninety roll long hair in our number three congrats to the baylor bears first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty six a texas team thanks to william chamberlain for that date has won a national title. Men's basketball sports talk seven ninety. Hey it's the time of year when houston can look forward to beautiful days. Add right and paint jobs matter man. I'm just telling you. There is nothing worse than you're sitting in your room. And you're like cash that little scuff chip. It's starting to peel or outside just to spot the presentation certapro. Painters knows this and certapro. 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Certa pro painters scheduled that free estimate validated professions two year warranties on the labor and a chance to protect your biggest financial investment of your life certapro painters certapro dot com sorta with the c- sorta pro dot com proven and trusted experts in painting. Buckle up the sean salisbury show continues is going to be. We're talking about the denver broncos now maybe out of the if to shawn watson was even a possibility because they're talking about trading for teddy bridgewater robinson is reading charles robinson's article during the break. And it's going through how you know. All the suitors are gone. Like we mentioned the forty niners out. They were out weeks ago. Apparently they've been working on that deal. The panthers shifted their focus. Apparently two weeks ago and started working on the darnold deal. The he says in his article that the that the desha watson camp is still putting it out there to make everybody trying to believe that the dolphins are still engaged but he hears or is heard from everybody that the dolphins are moving forward with two as their guy like believing and then he brings up the other two team or the other team. That's been out there which is denver and denver has been assumed as a team that could that could get in the mix it also mentioned the jets. He says that the jets would only do it. If the price lowered from the texans standpoint which they're not going to do is what he keeps pointing out in this article. The texans are coming off their price for to shawn watson even with all this going on the jets aren't going to do it because they think pick. Yeah they wouldn't do it without the price being lower and all in one of the interesting notes that robinson has the article is that he says that before the full fall out of all. These lawsuits was getting going. When it was assumed that sean was available as the panthers. The push the hardest. Dave tapper doing it but the texans came off as annoyed because they weren't interested in having conversations about it. They apparently had no intention even before. All this of trading him which is wild but he brings. The denver broncos the only team that might still have a willingness to do it and he doesn't think that they will because it's going around league circles because i guess their new gm from minnesota that he will go out and eventually trade for teddy bridgewater believe was an assistant. Yeah minnesota yeah wanna spielman guys right. Yeah here's what begs the question. Charles robinson all these teams. I wonder how many of these teams bailed with the news. And that's what it sounds like. Is that when this ramped up. Because what happened san francisco. He says they basically think about since then started with miami. Miami moved out of their spot. The the the the denver broncos apparently aren't in carolina went got darnold The jets are going to draft a quarterback. You start to see how this started. Forty niners obviously gonna draft. One moved up to three to get a guy so it looks at least on the surface that aside from maybe chicago cienega the chicago. Maybe i mean now. There's a chance let me just tell you. Keep an eye on this to the bears. Possible trading up to draft a quarterback. And i would keep an eye on the patriots in this situation to in these. If in fact a tray lancer justin feels are hanging around right and you be. This is the thing to watch them to still take rob lowe thing. You keep always yeah. That's that's that's the first draft. Yeah i think both of them. Jimmy's from the illinois he's from illinois Went to school in illinois and obviously the garoppolo to the patriots. Things been bantered about since jimmy left and so i think that i still don't think the quarterback stuff done bridgewater is gonna get moved. Yeah you're not going to keep telling their get nothing for obviously mid round pick if yeah right. You're right amid round meeting fifth round fourth round. Maybe if you're looking to dump him. Yeah because sam's aaron he's going to be your starter so when you start to look at the diminished part of this. I wonder like i said. This isn't admitting putting guilt onto shawn watson the the accusers. It's just the fact that perception. Now i wonder how many of them were Not just too much. There's too much controversy that surrounds it. Right yes which leads me to this regardless of how this turns out. Meaning what's going on. With the two lawyers and sean stuff right and the criminal investigation now right. This is a franchise is stayed away from controversy in players for the most part. Does that make sense. When mr mcnair was her now with this. They're a franchise that preaches. What br culture all that stuff and which is which culture get i. Actually i mean so if there if i guess what i'm saying what are the optics. Look like to the texans regardless of what happens here. What are they gonna do. What what would you do if you're not. Do you read anything from the state from the letter that they sent out. You want to hear it the portion. Yeah they sent out to the season ticket owners. That says we want to take this opportunity to address the complaint with the houston police department and the allegations made in civil lawsuit filed against the shawn watson. We want to assure you that we take these allegations very seriously as reported by the hbd and the nfl are conducting investigations and we will cooperate fully respect a legal process and we'll continue to monitor the situation closely while we await the conclusion of these investigations. We express our strong stance against any form of sexual assault. Our family in the entire texans organization are deeply troubled by any form of abuse and we condemn. This type of behavior will continue to commit resources to help. Prevent abusive behaviors from occurring in in our community and haunted switched page. And your respect for all. Is there anything telling their. We will await the conclusion these investigations. He's not going anywhere. Yeah my reading to wrong here. I mean they're they're just gonna have he he can't detroit he's not going anywhere now. Maybe later At some point. But it speaks of nick sarah being from the bill check school right that he hasn't dumped him. He's not gonna just dump him tow will. Why would you not guilty at. Yeah i'm not saying he's not i'm not saying he's not guilty yet there were. It's still just what i say talk. I'm not saying it's just talk and throwing it out. Lots just talk. I'm just saying right now. Both sides are presenting their side. We don't have an aunt. We don't have a decision yet right. I wonder if they're not trading him a member i about two weeks ago. I said he doesn't have any leverage anymore. Yeah look so. The question to me is what happens. Does he come back when all this is settled and say i want to be texan. I wanna fix what what. What does he do now. If he lost his leverage does he come back and say does is it. Does it go one hundred eighty degrees this his his his representatives and him now start to see a will. My gosh i got i. Don't wanna say beg but endear myself to coming back here. I believe that. Yeah like he'd better strap in with the thought. If i'm gonna play football again i'm doing in houston. Yeah i don't not going so let's cut him and they're not going to cut. Hey i don't see how he's in a position now. I'm not saying he's guilty. I'm just on with the with the optics to demand especially when you look at. Oh another team traded. Another team traded another team traded signed a quarterback. You're like where's where's the opportunity now player of his talent. You never know when somebody says hell. I'll take him in philadelphia in two seconds flat right. Yeah but i just wondered what the optics of this or that. Then the texans. What's happened when the commissioner step in war does shawn wannabe now just removed from this. They you can't remove this because this is weighing heavy on everybody in their decisions but when the when we finally know what went on or at least have an idea. Then what are the texans. Do considering they're a franchise that usually does affiliate themselves with controversy right curious. We'll come back and discuss. Take your call seven three two one two five. Seventy sean salisbury. Show sean salisbury. Show put ours smart ass on your smart speaker. Google play. Sean salisbury on iheartradio. Do i know what it is. Yeah you're right. I feel like i have some. Yeah i was a little. What i saw the paul pierce stuff yesterday. Paul pierce videos are why he was on instagram. The other night and he was clearly under the influence of something. You've got some sort of party and he's getting a massage from stripper and there's other strippers on the floor. Shaking their asses and he's talking about god knows what and somebody at one point yells out. Rachel nichols and i. I saw the first one. When i was in indianapolis and wax wax at a much told me about and showed me and i was a well. He's going to be fired by the in the weekend thousand percent chances are going to get fired at he did yeah. He got fired by. Espn here's what. I don't get if people vote. Why would you fire. He lived his life. He's an employee of a company if they don't want their employer their employees being on instagram. Live with a bunch of strippers. Isn't it it's their right now. Here's here's the deal. okay. I get when people say. He's living his life yes he is. He's living his life. But if you're gonna live life at a pulse married correct. That's what yeah. You're married man on comments. He's hollering at chicks and chicks to come through in the video. I don't know clearly the marriages in grain. Or i don't know if maybe it's okay might be at the party. I don't know. I don't know like i said i don't ever judge something that i don't know i wasn't there but i saw i. Here's what i don't get the common sense part of it if you want to put it on instagram. That's what you're you do it. You have a party at your house. Okay and what people says that. Make the party more fun. Would people say well if these living is exactly. Just turn your camera off. If nobody's getting hurt. I don't you know what i'm saying. If if you're having a party and people wanna wear g string bathing suits or whatever they wanna to walk that your business. Yeah i i think i'll do this. I'm the lead basketball analyst for the studio good god he was a bad but i think i'll just click this button and make sure that they're in the i i like. I said jay by the way. That guy said i'll fire everybody or if they wanted to slap his hand do what are you doing. I wouldn't have fired him necessarily able to what he was doing because he didn't do anything illegal. Right know exactly. If i was the company. I wouldn't want my employees put out there that that's my only if i winded that video the video today we're looking on blitz down my mind and i'm going to destroy to get your hand slapped. I'd be fired day. I wouldn't be back tomorrow. I just don't. I don't the concept i'm looking out of like i said am i. He didn't appear to me. There was nothing illegal going. I don't know he's at his place. He's in the state of california. If he was high was legal right legal we legal there and if he wants to throw a party at the house and he's got friends that wanted dress how they that. I'm not that i judge pulpy marriage be. I'll be honest with you as long as nobody's getting her good care what they do. That's their business right. And when people say well they're living at great but here's what i don't get as a gal laying on the floor barely dressed and i'm not being like mr been mr like two shoes. I don't mean to like that. i'm just thinking for him. The optics of when jimmy petero turns on the tv and says oh are goes on the internet and sees. Paul pierce is trending all over. The place and rachel nichols because somebody yelled outrage knuckles. And he's trending because he's clearly on video under the influence of something with strippers shaking their asses all over the place. I mean if you're the boss you're the president and you're like hey you're probably going to let that guy go especially when you factor in that. He's not good at an being. An analyst of the game on television best part about it was He was clearly trying to hide the girl for a split second and then about ten seconds. Forget it. I'm just going to do it. Yeah he just just. I don't the concept of like if you want to enjoy your party. Okay i get it but why would you need. He doesn't care about the job he never had a common sense to care about it though because look at how much you think man made his career two hundred million one ninety eight. He's probably doing. Okay yeah well. I mean but i just have question it. He clearly might be a full on. Idiot yeah i just like i said. I don't know paul pierce personally. I don't care if he has a party at his house. I don't care. I mean whenever he and his wife whatever their relationship is that's their business. I don't care about any of obvious. Look at here with like okay. The common sense of it just moved the camera on on. I don't talk a video for yourself to watch later having a party. I'll see you guys later. And not just i guess i just don't understand the common sense of i don't either i just don't get it and i don't get why people are scratching their heads that that an employer fired their employees and they do reserve that right there company and also again. He wasn't very good at it. And i think it was i who knows what his contract situation was. He's probably going to be let go. And it was over pride making a pretty good chunk of money to. Yeah i just i like. I said i'm not judging his party. I have judging the silly learn from other people's mistakes right. Yeah i i don't know it. Just it i was i was just. It was a little bit headshaking. Okay tips eight at least but hey if politics though parties and pool parties or whatever it was i have added. I guess. But i'm not gonna the bossier jobs practicing okay. Yeah i don't think you were saying my invite does that make sense right. Who man heavy t. You ever thought party like that. Come on third parties like that already but you just smart enough to just keep them offense rocchi and the deal. Yeah also make sure you guys don't see it. Yeah how did did you invite you lost in the mail. 'em say i wouldn't be able to attend. Yeah me. Because if i did i'd be you'd be dead. I would legit. It'd be murdered up to vary give a eulogy for Heavy tease t. That's your phone. Knows all over the life of a bachelor man especially with your name heavy heavy. Mfn a man you know. It's good to be praise. The lord don't you that sacrilegious did no. It's just can't be thrown praise. The lord said he was raising yesterday. Ide after i go. But i didn't mean it like that is in the draft but it did it. Did i know came on. I said he is risen. Meaning this off season. I was about to say this off season. We cut it off at the bill. He has risen this offseason. But i was talking about the quarterback comey offset it. I caught myself in the middle of that kind of sounded sacrilegious on monday after easter. But i wasn't talking about that. It's about rising in the draft rising up because the offseason has been great. But you're right you're right heavy. Tease thrown aymen's out there when you hashtag blast to. He's like going to strike him. Did rains cloudy out. Don't stand next to me. You're going down sports. Stock seventy hour number four coming up. Baylor's the champs. The astros lost the first game. The choices for deshaun watson or dwindling when it comes to trade possibilities the carolina panthers now have sam darnold and joe brady can't fix him. I'm not sure who can sports talk. Seven ninety dr jeff. Speaking of fixing how your eyes you little nervous because you say an lacey procedure invasive now really not anything that deals with your eyes. I get why you're little nervous. No need to be nervous. So you got dr whitsett. 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We already know how how he's going to sustain a four hundred mile an hour swing speed. And i'm a bit facetious. No it's like legit. I like almost think it's about two hundred miles an hour when you see this on the ranger going to say well. That's how i swing one time. When i'm so pissed at the world and what he swings. Vj singh a standing by him watching him especially lack. This dude is out of his frigging literally getting a ball. He's hitting a ball having his caddie hurled at him grabbing. Like he's putting it right down in ripping another one but the second of all these is club face. He's looking for another ball pit. Like we'll think kevin costner in the movie When he's sitting balls on the par-five yeah ten cup were. The second is the shot. He doesn't even watch ball flight. he looks over at cheech and give me the ball throw that puts it out. Give me another ball. The second at lisa's club face that's what these shambles de shambo is doing on this range. I don't know how he can sustain this. He's gonna he's twenty seven years old he's gonna tear his body apart like there's no way that he's not going to physically breakdown. I'm all about lower-half violence when you're hitting the ball like fire and through the hitting zone and you're lower-half rips through it. His upper body violence. I don't know how you do. You have somebody in front of him with a what's it called with the the car explodes. What's that thing called when the the To prevent an accident on the air back. Yeah he needs an air bag. Everybody used to be like tiger punishes his body so much. 'cause swing so this this isn't it doesn't even look a golf swing. No it looks like he's up there literally points and you know how they teach. Don't move your you know your front foot moves. It's not balanced. There's no. I mean. I don't know how that and then hit another ball. Ten seconds in. How does he square the club face. Dude i'm sweating. I'm thinking man that's a ribcage in a back problem. Vj singh laugh smiling. That's what makes this video. Se this is not even pretending to practice back. He's just standing there five feet away from him laughing his ass off yes. Vj's getting warm because the wind from v. D shambo swing. He doesn't need to loosen up de shambles doing it for about five dudes. Do you can't swing that. You can't do this. Don't understand why so quick between shots to looks like he's pissed off. Yeah he's guys will take a ball put down stand behind. You know how they even on the range goes to their pre shot routine sometimes right. Yeah they'll stay in look and they're kind of talking and talking to their caddy or their swing coach. He the second. The ball leaves club face. Gimme a ball. And he's grabbing it out amid i with the palm down like snatch like he's angry i rate video it is phenomenal phenomenal and it is up. We'll be out on our twitter. Gosh and the way he swigs. You could picture like you'd be yelling. Waiting for it to hit cars orlando all my god. You know when you go to like top golfers you've got the deady. Do you think. Oh man. I slide out yes. He wouldn't let him in because it'd be flying everywhere yet. Yeah the range can't hold him. No tally range goes three hundred yards. I think it's like two eighty or sample. He's swinging harder date at four twenty his three fifty three sixty three seventy in the air. The air stupid. You can't hit the ball that dude. I want you to be a favor. Three football fields and a half. Put the t. down say for you in the air. I hit about prey on average about two and a half football fields. And i feel pretty good about that. Think think about. That's in the air that it's just phenomenal. How i mean. That's a great video. Sports seventy dot com blog also. Our facebook page. We're going to take a new picture. It's time for new. We gotta get tyler in the picture right out of it. I'm part of the show. You think you'll be greatest producer of time. The you'll add so just by your presence your face on the facebook page. It adds like ten thousand live. The new viewers right ten dollars easily easy right so we gotta get new picture taken but you can facebook pay ratio on facebook. Go join us. Sign out join us. See all the great videos and all that stuff And and pop on there and you make your comments and see the videos including this one. It's just it's tasks and vj you've seen vj doesn't smile much at least gregor's old now but you know usually you're not gonna see vj. Singh stop and collaborate. Listen just sit there. And he's just staring in amazement and laughing at it. It's fantastic to me. It makes the video. He is one of those guys that you have to stop. I would imagine a lot of the guys. Remember also intent on the rain. When kevin costner had the yips when he first went out there to play in the tournament and all the guys like their step stopping and staring down at him. Because the ball's going right and almost hit him. I almost feel like the pros on the rain. Stop and turn just to see it. Yeah he'd have to see. I mean it's like this is this is like the ninth wonder world. What what was he doing. Yeah i mean to the point where or you don't watch because it's easy to get intimidated like there's no way anybody can swing that hard to square club face. Any does he does and he does like going into a gym. Where you're playing against the team that dunk sanitize above the rim. And you're a playoff game. They're playing above the river. The eighth eighth grade basketball against from a cook middle school against thorton. And you go into this game and they had two kids in eighth grade that could belong. Dunk right it was like. You're watching him during warm ups play. He wasn't doing layups. Were dunking the basketball. I'm like oh my god yet. We're trouble right. Yeah yes it so. You don't want to see it's like get your butt to the locker room. Quick quick look down there into the floor. Yeah same thing here your life. First time he face a guy. It's like the guys pumping like ninety. Like what am i gonna do right. I guess what i did. That game struck out three times yet because he swung every fastball through. He's already had you beat during during while he was doing this. Warm up pitches right now. Because he's rampant up at ninety. Like how am i gonna do this or else in your uptight and can't catch up here to swinging it anything and it's the same with this. I would imagine like if you're long on tour. And he's you're always hitting i and his group. You know what. I'm saying. You're hitting i that lasts 'cause most of the time if he's on he's hitting last. Yeah it's like when john daly when his first tournament when he was playing when he won the pj when he filled in for nick price. I remember that tournament and he was sixty yards by his final group c every single time. Now you gotta hit. Greens every single thing. Like i'll see you later. John i did you go up. Get your ball your sixty yards. I don't know how d- shambo can sustain. I don't know either. But he is jacked up in yoked than slinging and i got us clubs must hit an eight iron. What the buck ninety five. It's gotta be rough two hundred five forty to fifty about two hundred yards of their pulling on five. Arnold saint is and you've got to got squared up. Yeah it's unbelievable. Meant it is un be liev -able and augusta starts this week. We'll dial up a couple of our friends and in And get them on here to talk about Augusta and this matchup. And i know it was just six months ago but this is the real time as alia's you know in full bloom. Hello hello friends. Jim nance on the call butler cabin. Yep it'll be to watch baseball's in full swing But i met the ratings. It'd be down though. Obviously think so tiger. Now there you go. That's true that's true the we'll just go watch the warm up gonna put that on on their you know go going the golf channel and the rest of its start showing the guys on the rain yet. Show us that so everybody can do it. Vj to get a good lap. Excuse me a good laugh tyler. Will you watch this tournament. The masters true. Oh yeah i'll definitely watch it every day When i'm not working my other job. Yeah i'll watch it asks you sell yesterday. I i was more in training mode yesterday but over the weekend sold i think around five grand piece. Yeah i do you ever steal from the till hell no. I think you probably are that guy. Archie every twenty dollars tower. Would you open it do you. What do they call it where they still credit card. Those electric you can go to jail for that a long day. They'll talk to keep goes though to be late. What happened. well. I was steal it. I did it. He's agai purchased a raider at. I was pissed. So i stole his identity. I can see that. That'd be funny but now say don't shot of wooden. What is that called. I did it's a problem. It's a big problem here. Oh well you are priceless. Did you say sean. You just accused him of stealing from the till did did they did. I'll also i've never stolen from the till back in california one. The old grocery store. I used to work for you. Stole food closed that it was going out of business like everything was half off so i just took a bunch of stuff ham which got there. Nothing beijing that debuted half shots about the great took full box. Yes i did about thirty pounds bank. The funniest thing. I've ever heard my gosh i needed. This laugh are taken for the to john. That's kind of identity. Theft deals gregor and then he proceeds the bill. But i did grab some baking from my old grocery store. Did that is priceless. What are they gonna do down. Take your scholarship six years ago. Like oh hell so lids ever decides that they're done. Do we put on requested for hats. All yeah we do decide to slip you that mad cow. Oh it's a five finger. Discount go to break up crying laughing. You're killing me that it's still funny. I needed that laugh today. I don't think you're ever going to steal down. But if that had that bacon dude i can just picture and you cook that right up did you. Oh the hell out of it had bacon for six months. I love you bet. So funny all right. It's t- cleric normalizing your testosterone fellas. If you're down maybe sluggish. Maybe your muscle mass as little soft energy sucks. Your libido mama's not happy all those things did you know if you normalize your testosterone. Those levels can favorably. Impact variety of those functions. That i just mentioned including more better mood less the all those things right. Happy people around you and when you do that it's very simple. You had to men's clinic so if you feel like you're stuck in lower gear go over and see my friends at men's clinic. Five locations the heights cyprus parallel pasadena and in spring grand parkway and kirkdale so go in there and see them they can help you onsite. Labs draw a little blood noninvasive. Get the test results. While you're there. Now we can start the work on normalizing your testosterone getting your weekends back and monitoring it properly and safely. So you're like oh. This is what i needed. Check it out. Do not settle for low testosterone. This normalizing your testosterone at men's clinic can dramatically improve your quality of life and relationships. You do not have to settle for low testosterone go minced clinic dot com men's clinic dot com going non. Stop sean with former salisbury. Need a good laugh. Sports talk seven ninety day game day. I like day games. Yeah i love a day game. You go on saturday take no. I will not actually work in the art now on saturday. I'm doing the pre game show. I'll get golf in the morning. Oh oesterreich it'd be busy in the morning. Hey tyler have you ever been a minute maid. I still have not yet. I will at some point. This season probably multiple times. But yeah your day game. I mean are you a day or night game guy back home angel stadium definitely a night game but considering that minute made the roof is retractable. They don't have a lot of day games. Strap in i. I love daycares for day games all the time but i get it and the roof will be closed. Most of the time. I'll be with the day game just for that reason alone. All right I want to get to this texas thing and you heard what the jets. I don't know if you guys are the jets joel douglas. I want to publicly acknowledge a commitment dedication professionalism sam displayed with the jets. He is tough minded talented football player. Who's nfl story has not been written yet while all these things are true. This move is in the short and long term best interest for both his this team. Excuse me and him. What's in the best term interest. The houston texans in your guys mind at quarterback right now knowing everything you know to date stuff you don't know the optics of it. The best case the best thing for them is just toll course into not play this year. I think you can make any move right now. I don't think that you can't eat. I think that they are strictly going to. They're going to have to hold onto him and have his reb- has value rebound here at some point. There's just nowhere for him to go. that's it you you just you let. The commissioner's office. Hold do their thing. which i think. A lengthy a lengthy suspension is coming. And i would. My guest today is that we will eventually get to the point where he suspended for the season. You think that's coming regardless of what happens. Yeah just because the look. I think there's enough allegations with a civil suit for at least a six game. Suspension like people pointed out. But i think what the if the criminal investigation goes somewhere. It's going to lead to a. He's to me he'll be spending released. The season okay. Let me ask you guys. This does the franchise suffer more. Let's say it's influx. We don't know what's going to happen for the next four. Let's say we don't have an answer about what's going on. With the sean knowing that he wanted out beforehand right and not knowing where his mindset is right now other than. I'm sure dealing with this situation. That he's in will the franchise. Is it wiser when all this is done regardless out turns out to keep him and let him fix this meaning remorse and go through whatever it is. He's going to go through or if nothing happened. Get rid of him because the optics surrounding what's going to be best for the franchise moving for the first scenario. Keep him didn't work as many as terrible as it sounds that you're going to have a guy round that could be suspended for something like this getting that. Get into the massive hall that you would would have taken to get him if they were actually shopping him months ago before all this came out. You're not gonna get it. You're just talking about from the few pure football sense the fearful ball business sense of it. Their best business move for them to be good again is probably just a hold onto him. And to stink and recoup the draft picks with high draft picks next year and then stand by the guy and then you have a franchise quarterback coming back and you deal with the storm together. The repentance part of it or whatever whatever that part is it sounds awful when you when you lay out like that. It's just the truth. I think it's i think that is now the only option. Well i don't think the shop which is that's bad business if you cut him now and he's not guilty people go crazy if you cut him now and he is guilty. You'll get some that say it. And then some will say well should have just kept him. Let him go through suspension or whatever it is if this is all right speculation then. That's a problem. If you tried to trade him now in somebody out there wanted him. You would get nowhere near the football value. You're supposed to get from him correct and if you waited out what's the negative about waiting it out. There is none if you he waited out and he's not guilty. You're back to getting the value for him. Yeah if you wait it out. And he is guilty then you move him and you were gonna move in any way and he wanted out so if you get less value the optics of getting less value will be okay. Because they'll say you can't get any more because of what's gone on if if that if he if it did happen right and if it doesn't happen then people say why don't we give away a franchise quarter if he's not guilty and you you'd play it through whether there's a suspension or not and you have that guy and now you work it out and he will then. All of a sudden stays here in wants to be here. The the only answer today. The only answer is you have to wait it out yet. They said yes. You have to you you absolutely have to. I know everybody's quick to fan. We'll get rid of him. He's up the sport. Now keep him. He didn't do of this. When whatever side you sit on you can't make a move right now. You just can't and the teams out there wouldn't make a move right now. I wouldn't think no especially not knowing what the outcome of this is gonna be. We saw this again. We brought up this this Scituate we watch the astros trade for a guy was they traded if the astros traded for roberto zona. When he hadn't had any of this going on or didn't have any of that happen period they would have had to give it up arm and leg to get him and that they gave up nothing because the other team is looking into downtown. And he's nowhere near as good at his job as the sean walker as it is correct so That is the problem with this whole thing is you can't there is it. Serves zero purpose now. Let me ask you this tyler. You china under to. What if as we sit today not knowing the outcome of this these these the situation to johnson and all of a sudden the philadelphia eagles said don't care we trust his his group and even if something happened. It's just civil. I'm not saying just like it's not important but civil that tank a suspension. He's worth waiting for for a half season. Whatever and we'll give you two ones to to like that give you valuable right. They give you your mega package where you get four. I would figure that. Let's say that that's never gonna exist. Let's say three say three first rounders in three. No-one what right right today. Sitting today if the philadelphia eagles said a starter. Three ones. and a two. When you're sick you don't know the result of this. You would say the texans. That's and that's where i met with them. Like i'm just thinking. If i was running football i would not come off my value even with what he does. What did you to philadelphia. Eagles are calling you now today. You don't know where they none of us know the outcome innocent guilt or somewhere in between so somewhere in between. Maybe there's some guilt involved. But we don't know and i don't know i don't know how this guy i had no inside information don't know the sean digital and i don't know either side both deserve to be heard as i've stated before and and and it's smart and it's it's it's it's irresponsible for us to not wait to see where this goes. Okay tyler would you. I'm offering you. I'm philadelphia today. Like i said you know. Turn it over the card or not. You don't know what's underneath that card. Three first rounders a second rounder in a starter from philadelphia to for deshaun watson. Were willing to take the risk that everything's gonna turn out at some point and he's a great football player. I'm willing to do it. You're the texans. You don't know what's going on. Don't know how this contract would you do. Can i pick the starter while you don't get anybody you want. There's got gotta be a legitimate one that they'd be willing to trade. I would want fletcher cock okay. So wasn't fletcher cox. You're not in. It would have to be someone of value. I don't have any interest in jalen hurts starting front. No not even quarterback starting front seven guy. A pass rusher. I would want start in front seven. God y'all i'll give you fletcher cox today than the idea of cox. The second round or three once do it just from getting rid of its stanford they'd say yes but you wouldn't not knowing the outcome of this. You're willing willing to wait that out. If you let me sit on it for what probably taught myself into it. But i think initially now because i'm so fearful of man if i don't get because i see both sides of it like if it's if nothing really happens in terms of legal ramifications civil suits like the long play for deshaun watson is. He'll play again. Oh yeah he's gonna play. Yeah just defending trade. That guy with his on field potential. And i don't end up getting what was then. There's the pressure on me to get those picks. I have to nail every single one of them for the public perception. I i just like. I said i don't know what i do. I consider it. Because i don't know the answers to how this is gonna turn out and i'm confident that they're clearly not look into just dump him for everything would have just on perception. I'm saying would have because he's guilty but perception of said you know what. We're just going to disassociate ourselves mya but it doesn't serve any purpose because you don't know how this is going to turn out. I can tell you this that it would be that would be. I don't know none of us know. Since the commissioner hasn't come down with any mandate about can't trade him during this is going on. I would imagine there's a story. I right. I would imagine. You're if you wanted him as a team. That the commissioner wooden stop it or do you think there's been a private a. Let's leave this alone for now. But i can you think of the commissioners done all these other teams have made in a wait and see as well based on the other means. It's an impossible situation. The player it really is and the fact that the player is so good. You don't for teams that want him or and this team the fact that he said i'm not saying that's more important than somebody than than than the female. I'm not saying that. I'm saying just on town alone before this happened. We know how talented the players which would be people would be willing to take a risk table. If it's a civil may eventually get them back on the field right. Yeah so that'd be something they'd have to ask them so interesting with sam darnold gone to carolina jets out of it. The forty niners out of it It appears that land is gonna get their person of the denver. I mean there's a lot of teams that are the did are no longer in play for this. The question is where do we end up here quarterback wise when all settled with this shawn watson situation sports. Talk seven ninety at the crack of dawn at the crack of stacey jennifer caron. At least he was back at his football glory days now days. It's up at dawn. Which sean sean salisbury show. Sports talk seven ninety. What's the future. Hold a lot of teams making moves at the quarterback position. Obviously we don't know the near future. I would think of our quarterback deshaun watson due to what what's going on and we don't know what the result of this'll be held speculation and and what if's happened often don't know where it stands and the like said the whole thing is is. It sucks to be going through this but it also needs to be heard both sides. They deserve an opportunity to present The truth and that's why the smartest thing we can do just like the texans right now is wait to see what happens and see where it goes so you can make the best decision without burying somebody before. They should be buried k. So we don't do that often in society anymore but we've got to let this take its course and then make decisions based on the decision. Whatever that decision is john. Welcome in man man how you doing. Hey guys love the show. Thank you take that hypothetical philly deal every single day and twice on sunday that you've got to treat this thing like stock market stock prices going up going down and if you hold on and wait until the see how this thing solved you're going to be holding a big position and kmart stock. He's totally innocent. He's he's totally tarnished. If they give you five picks a player you take that deal because you've got a golden pass that even if it turns out he's completely innocent and everything's great ne- winds five super bowls with philly. Yes what we did what we had to do for the best thing for the organization at the time that we had recovered deal. Yeah john i respect that opinion. I i get that while you're like well wait a minute. You know the buy low sell high thing. Meaning you know when it comes to stocks right or when you buy a house right or when you go to business school. That's one of the things they say. Well he's such a great player. But what if you're playing the. What if card right now. That's what you're playing here about okay. And if he does go on and win five super bowls and five. Mvp's at the time the decision was best for you or at least that's the decision. They made that they thought was best john. Let me ask you this. Where is your tell me where your threshold is right now. Okay you're the gm for the your nick caserio. And you're the the front office for the texans. I'm philadelphia and i call you up and say all offer you to ones in a three. And that's it for sean today. Would he do before a press conference after press conference Tomorrow i'll call you tomorrow. Oh y'all say okay you wanna hear donald you tomorrow. We'll know a lot after this press conference today but this before the press conference okay. Okay before you okay. So you aunt so i call you now and you say it's bef- before or after the press conference weight and i say the offers inning here at eleven o'clock central time take your take it. Stop the bleeding. Because he wants out. Because we're we're all forgetting about how happy we're all. We're focusing in on the field. Don't forget the onfield that even if he's innocent they know he can force his way out of here. He can make life miserable for a secret. Do a lot of different things. So i take that deal. China flee i. If i'm if i'm syria i call the jets today. Gimme that number two. And we're done and john you know what's interesting and you do make a good point regardless of the domain. Push the legal stuff just over on onto on for a second that pre aldus. He wanted outright. And i'm at the point. I can't operate where. I give a crap what he wanted. He's put me in the situation. Not my son even on my radar. John you have to be on the radar because he can my. He's the one that's got to deal with it. Like i mean it's his deal affect your french. I'm forgetting i get that. I just as a player. He can affect the franchise if he'd think about all the conversations john mc and heavy t that we were having about him wanting to be or not before. This came down. That's that's just not my motivation anymore. Moving because wants out. That's all i'm saying you have to. You have to factor it. And for the health of the organization you have to factor in because he can leave us with a giant donut hole at quarterback and giant doughnut. Trade him to a team. That i don't wanna trade him to. That's my problem. I'd rather have three ones that nothing is what you're saying john right yes absolutely and i wouldn't trade him. I wouldn't take a bad deal just because of what he wants right. I'm gonna. i'm willing to take a little bit of a bad deal dependent when he got all in it together. But if i can trade him for. Zack wilson straight up with that number two. Pick today and be done with it. I'm out so if the jets did on you said this if you said that if the jets said you know what we got number two. We liked zack. Wilson dam deschamps. Just deschamps does zack wilson. times too. When he's on the field and we're gonna take this risk because we believe everything's gonna turn out okay into shawn's case And offer the number to you do it today connor percent. I take a happy. Zack wilson on a rookie contract to help our five year. Outlook over an unhappy to sean. Who's been cleared with his offs. Not do that every day all day. John thanks for the insight man. Appreciate the jets called. I would do do. Here's the deal. I would okay. You take the second pick so you wouldn't take three one's a two and a player. It's not even that that. If i'm getting rid of the player. I have to get a quarterback. Thanked can replace the play. Yeah and i'm not getting this year. I'm not inside the top four. Okay so if they called today and said we're going to take the chance to shawn. Watson is going to be okay through this. Not just yeah speed. It's everything's gonna be okay. Yeah and we'll give you the number two pick right now. Yeah give me the number two and give me another one next year and now just this year for just one about swamp the pick. That's the one for deshaun is what he's saying me. That's not enough. I can't that's just that's dumping. I understand the clarity. You want that but that is still dumping all okay. What do you think tyler known in these parts is heavy. Mfn t that is my name. Is the number two today knowing what you were not knowing what you know basically knowing what you don't know about this entire situation but what you do before this that the sean didn't want player but not knowing the rest the jets cobb say we love him will deal with it regardless of the turn out of this. We'll give zach wilson or the number two pick. Which would be zach wilson. More than likely we'll give you the number two. Pick for sean right now and that would be the only that's it that's it i'd say no. Even though it didn't even being in a state of flux i need. I need more than that sorry. Don't get me a very high on zach wilson. I really like him. I need more than just one person. Give you our number one aunt two this year. I could probably do it for two two two two twos into ones. That'd be like my low. My lowest jets if it was the jets saying like my lowest that i could do it on would be so the lowest you can do it on. It would be the first this year the first next year to this year to next year and i would like a player to that gives me five. Will you just said you do it. For for zack wilson. And maybe one other picnic want five. No no. I'm saying. Like if i was the texans and i'm asking what i'm asking for asking for i this year first next year because the jets that i counted with. I'll give you one this year. Dinna to next year to this year i would the second round pick and i went i. I need one of your first next year as well. I'll give you my ones this year. We have to think about it. I just don't know if i would pull the trigger. How much leverage did the texans have right now not a lot. They have day of the leverage onto. Sean i mean that's he brings it the the point of the sean i don't care. What the celebrity do they have the jets. The jets off you. No and that's why. The texans aren't gonna make a deal and why they there's clearly nothing leverage would tell the jets. I need both the first rounders this year to end a fifth rounder. And you gotta deal. And i think the jets would probably say considering where you're at can't do it. Considering the state of flux charan understand why the jets would say no. But i would also understand why the why the jets would say. I'd like to sean skill set. I get it sports. Talk seven hundred wrapping up. Next saying is the only sports matters. Houston sports bubble for the city of houston. Because i love this city in salisbury kit. In the bubble onset of ninety doc. Seven ninety wrapping up. Forgive waiting in the trenches. With andy clue and chris gordon. Astros today cranky going for win number to their first loss. He could just like you didn't gain one they show the chance into it. All after today would agree. I just loved ones. That greg gets out there and gets rolling magician funded just painting the change in speed there on the sixty mile an hour curve ball occasionally or even lower than that just fun. He's got great prestigious sleight of hand. Can i like that word. Yeah you know what that tyler i know. That was a big word. You lie too big to maybe right. I wouldn't be able to solve it on wheel of fortune. You spell it. I definitely not try. How do you. How do you even say it again. Press the digitization p. r. e. s. t. press to digi really pretty simple by g. l. Congratulations to you. Do i wanna price. Now use it in a sentence. Oh god I show of signs of press. The dissertation maybe with zach cranky pitches His press digitization is mind boggling that is guy nelson only use it. Just tell you what he's gonna throw and he's gonna put read by name would okay navy if you're thinking oppressed education. What's the first profession that comes to mind magic magician. David copperfield right. More or outdated wayne kind guy. David blaine another one houdini. I'm a copper. Sell right okay. He go and tell her. I saw him on a show the other day i was like you remember that. I forgot about chris. Angel mine-free kind of guy. I'm that intro. All has terrible. That was his interest. Why i do rely. I do really think magicians are all. Yeah i wish. I could pull one off. Yeah i could do one trick. Yep i love a good magic show all right. So what great show shirt is Final thoughts for baylor roll through the couple of things. I want your final thoughts. Game congrats you got for texas tech. Should have been the first team to end that streak of texas schools. Not doing it last year. Then you should have been the one to do it this year but it had to be paler the best team in the country one. Yeah they and they proved a great. There's not even a question mark you can make no excuse for gonzaga other other than they got. Beat by a better team tyler Thoughts on angels astros today. It's going to be a good one. The angels are swinging their bats very well. The astros are also swinging their bats. Very well the pitching staff both. The astros bullpen little shaky last night. I'm not sold on angel. Starting pitching it's going to be a good match up over under nine and a half runs total yet. I'm gonna say. Ooh i'm gonna say nah. I mean as under protect the end of the day. I think. I think he's plus game now. The ball see. I'm taking the over the lineup taken. The over today might be the point to the play. Taking the over taking the over astros win. This is like this is like an eighth of three type. Game eight four. I got the astros. I drink yields. Maybe a runner too. They scatter a few more runs throughout astros win. And you're gonna tank four home runs today. Your john tucker going deep four home runs. Also this after today's game they're gonna be foreign two and five and one. That's a great start for both teams. Susan what are you waiting for. Start for your for to start for you. Know what she expected. You know what. I'm glad through those trash cans on the field last night. I don't care. I just think it's silly. I think it's just dumb. That's just me that oscar out district tyler area. Go jaws it. Finally this did the carolina. Panthers improve their chances. Yeah agree they have no chance to win that division. None mr thomas brady says bringing we've finally changed our our paradyne's will we have a paradigm shift on sam darnold in twenty twenty. I would still bet no they don't. That's only because the act renders. Okay what about you. I'm willing to say yes. Because i believe he's gonna follow ryan tannehill in terms of they get away from adam gates and they're just fine. That's probably don't think darnold was coached. Well in new york. I think i think that the greatest thing that he could talents one thing around him he forcible. I get it. He's gotta stop down. Joe brady will teach him how to protect the football without losing aggressiveness. I trust brady. I trust darnold darnold. Talent i think the carolina panthers at the end of twenty twenty are going to say twenty twenty one or think we found the guy that was supposed to be drafted where he was drafted and now we got a bargain for him. We'll be traded for him. I think that's going to be the case. I trust joe. Brady even more than i do. Darnold and i think that the combination is dynamic. I do now. You gotta give him some players. Yeah and christian. Mccaffrey is a pretty good guy. Don't be surprised. Mccaffrey catchers one hundred plus balls this year. Don't be shocked. Sports socks seven ninety in the trenches next. Andy clue chris. Gordon followed by the time show with ross and then baseball this afternoon to no eighteen right here stay tuned for mc and heavy t. I'm sean we don't ever take for granted and twenty hours.

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