She's a Mobile Homo - EP 266


So I have a I have always had a dream of having podcast right now that dreams a reality. Check girl, cheek itchy. Didn't do it. When the Dida e. And I'm grateful every single day. But I just when I thought I couldn't get any more grateful here. I am. You know, I'm in Palm Springs. We had our first bubbly brench yesterday right here at it moxie. Right. And it was hundreds of people you were there packed solid. Unbe wasn't so fun. So fun Ross. God, I was so proud of you so much. The first one you learn thing too about finger to your Lacoix won't do this or we'll do this. We'll do it this. But I was just so proud of how dull point is this all the street. Talkers came out, right? Boy, Nicole was there C J J J J just come up with that was there. Draw was there when I draw when I push on my day in the in the car, and I go call J rod they go. Do you want me to call drawed? Skip that step when I call Gerard. Rod I go click because people go call drawed Star Wars character. Anyway. So they were all y'all out here having fun in Palm Springs. But of course, we have to do my mom comes into town tomorrow. So I don't want to go back to LA to podcast. What do I do? What do we do? Tell you what we do. We told Tricia, we said Tricia, can you pack up. That was in the middle of a sentence. Can you pack up all the micro the new studio everything from Darlie put it in a bag? Right. Bring it she brought it to Palm Springs, Jay roots. Here. He set it all this Stu studio. Yeah. Can be in any home we want so Pristina darling. Stews homo studio mobile, we can go anywhere. She's a mobile home. Oh. So maybe it needs to be Pristina early mobile home studio. Okay. I think it needs to be. Okay. Wait, preceded darling. Mobile homos mobile home. Okay. Mark's going to have a really tough time with this orchid name the name of the show. She's a mobile home. Oh, okay. That's name this episode. But I do need an announce J rotties. Rod could you do it? Could you do in announce for it? What am I even saying live from the Pristina, darling? It in in your microphone, Dr live from the Pristina, darling. Stew studio mobile home almost just say, here's the show. Here's this. Yo he's the gay best friend. You wish you had. And no you need. Top love money. Now here he is Ross MAC. Sure. Sweet. Bumba tumble job. Everybody. Cholera laughing because. During the we're in the guest room painted like pain, and there's big like palm print pillows kit right TV mounted an MSNBC is on mute. And during the theme sung bullet as you just put it would look. We were looking at it. With our mouths open. Oh my God. Okay. But it's just so wild that we're in your guest room here. I I'm lovey so comfortable, the new Bong, we call it the bung the bungalow the bunks Deng. No. It's the bang. Yeah. So in the Bong there's like a front court you're back courtyard and everything's open right now because it's sunny here in Palm Springs beautiful. So all the sliders are open. But now, I'm a little neurotic a half to go. Check on the girls do mind. Keep talking okay show. Bras, headphones the going through I can see Audrey coming in and out of war going in the opposite direction of his dogs. What is he doing? What is your own? Hold on. I love the internet about you're doing sports. That's what I'm supposed to do that. He's on the podcast. Okay back there. Good us. I've been watching him right there. Yeah. Okay. In the front Lena's laying in a bed in the sun. Yeah. Okay. I love the said, it's sunny and bright and everything's open. But you didn't mention that. It's a little cold Ross. She's about sixty two outside and you put a sweater on. I'm sorry. But when the sun is out like this in the fuck and middle of winter open. There are one two three four sliding five wide. Everything's open indoor outdoor that's a whole point darling. I was telling 's telling you this morning and my hotel. I looked out looking at my window. And I saw another guest into bikini on her balcony. And it had to be like fifty one degrees. She was in a bikini trying to get to the sun to lay out like sit in her chair to get a sundown phrase because you'd like you said, she's probably from the midwest. Whereas the polar vortex is going on as she's just trying to get any any amount on a suntan. Can you imagine in the midwest who are freezing right now from this crazy if you were like, you know, it's sunny, but it is only about sixty. What they meant. Let me must be thinking. So let me do a quick reach around everyone here. The creek. Hey, hi. To be here by calling voicemail. I dunno weird. He'll he'll be. And he has if please leave a message for. Beeped? He doesn't even have he doesn't because I think it's route and people go I like it was like, please leave a message for seven to seven. I'm always like could you just say your name? Okay. Yeah. But so CJ takes at one bitch face step further where he doesn't he doesn't have the numbers the computers doesn't say the numbers, and he doesn't do a voice mail. So it's just eight to leave a message for. And then and then I was going to be like bitch. Where are you that? You'll be hurt known. It goes beep the mailbox is full. Although, yeah, I feel sometimes people do that. And not CJ people do that intentionally sometimes because they don't want to get the messages. I'm gonna ask, gee, if I can do his voice for Hello. Jay, I want you to do mine too. Well, you can do a whole business within Q so much. So we have lots to get today. Tried to. We do doing. I'm happy to be back. Yeah, I'm happy to you have been gone because of you had an oral experience. Well, I not only had an oral experience I had a life. I've been having a lot of life experience spent she it's been a bit for you. I mean lifespan bitch for you, Mr. Minaj, and I have to preface this by saying that I don't want to what Ross I've learned so much from me because I always feel like it can always be worse. Thank you. To look at you. I don't mean it like that. You know, my house burned down I had to get a tooth pulled. Which was a whole fiasco what happened with which to the two long story short was cracked every time. I ate the food would open up the crack a little bit and shoot pain up into my head hit a nerve. Yes. So they said I needed a root canal turn any of the tooth pulled. So I went and had no I went to an oral surgeon and ended up having a fight with the oral surgeon a horrible fight like screaming at him. Why? Because he numb me up and left me in the chair for an hour with nothing. He forgot about you. Yeah. What? Yeah. I was sitting there going. This is weird. What do I do put my head out? What's going on? No one knew. Yeah. And he came back, and he goes, so we're going numb you back up. No. You're not since you were could you actually curse at him? It was like no, I was talking slurry. Oh. That's right. Leave me. I have never been tile. It was like that long. So you'd gone through the needles in the mouth that that part of the numbing is just hurt. Right. It really hurts squeamish. And so I was like how you know. And then it stopped, and then he said give them the gas the laughing gas. Okay. Sounds good. So far a little hasty. He was angry because I was squeamish. The I think because I was an emergency situation. He was busy. Maybe he was overloaded. So just got angry that I was squeamish and then left me in there. And I said, no, you're not pulling the tooth. I want my money back. And then he argued with me. And then I won. He said, you're right. I'm sorry. I apologize. I'll take your out for free said. No, I just want my money back for real. Yeah. Went to another oral surgeon his brother, actually. 'cause I recommended a dentist to Mr. Malone just for regular, Dr Kim was this doctor Kim's office or no, no, this was Dr Kim did not recommend this surgeon go anyway long story short. I got the tooth pulled. That's always such a weird thing when you because I had my wisdom teeth taken out in adulthood, and what an experience brand new mouth. We are just like, oh, I can put my tongue in there. Now. No, my tongue keeps going to that whole, of course. Yeah. And then somebody hit the bubbly runs came up to me said can I ask you a question? I don't know. I don't think he's a straight talker. He said can you give a blowjob oh with your tooth out? Like right now, I'm like, I don't think. So I don't think I'd want to like an open wound, and you can't use a straw, can you because sock? It not that I've given blowjobs, but you don't use your teeth. No, you there's suction, and it it I can feel it like going sucking in there like the suction of it. I loved the healing process from a tooth. I just loved that. I know this is so more. I don't know why I just was like oh my God. It's like an open wound in my I couldn't believe it was just so and then he'll so quickly the mouth heals faster than any other thing. That's what they say about. Mine doesn't feel like it's healing fast. Will what's bad mouth for? On a hurts when I laugh. Also a week, right? It's only been a week tomorrow go in for checkup. So there was the two thing. And I just wanna say I had to put Howard down on Friday. And I can't talk about it. I don't wanna talk about this too much Di is shattered who's been just the audience was ill for real. Yeah. Yeah. He was in congestive heart failure and he had colitis and I put him down a little sooner. I think than he should have been. But I didn't want to wait until he got so bad that I was like I woke up, and he was struggling to breathe. I didn't wanna put my dog through that. You listen your vet had been on top of it forever. Right. The vets. Yeah. It was the right time. It was the right time. Okay. Yeah. And I'm so sorry. And I know it's been a lot of grief grief grief grief a lot, and you're handling it really really wealthy. And I'm so glad that you are out here in Palm Springs for this. Even though it's too cold for you. This sun is beautiful son. And all these happy faces pumps rings came out for brunch yesterday. They really did moving on because I know you don't want to do. You actually told me you didn't want to do and. Do you want to talk it out anymore? I just want to say that you know, you in life things happen. You know, and we just differ in the moment. It's all okay. And this I want to thank you for giving me. This is hard to get me to the podcast today purse. I wasn't. I didn't really want to come here because I'm grieving, but I thought distractions good. Yes, you know. And also reaching out you need to reach out. If you're going through something reach out, tell someone you're going through something it's hard though, sometimes to reach out. Do you have a problem reaching out now? So if you're upset about something you'd go you call. Hey, Fags really upset can you talk? I wouldn't call you. But I call somebody. So mean to me? No. I absolute always do. I am so bad at so many things. I am good at communication you real-. You are you're so yes, when I needed I reach out, and if someone needs an I show up, and you're very direct always. And can I say I want the listeners to know that you are really hands on with what you do. Let me just tell you. Okay. So yesterday, I get a text from Ross at seven fifteen in the morning and for the brench is before the brunch. He's like good morning. I'm on my way to WalMart. I'm sitting on the toilet. Right. He goes pooping. But I just thought who goes to seven. Goes the WalMart at seven fifteen in the morning. Walmart was open at seven twenty four hours situation. Yeah. It is this one is okay. But the fact that you were going to WalMart, and you were getting you told me how to get like a divider for a room to the dressing room for the queen's is a little less to be less than desire for brunch. So we made a situation made it better. And so the day before I said all and I'll get a room divider curtain situation. So I went and then I put that up there. And I was sweeping at the brench got there. I love I love what I hear. You. Gotta do every little thing. You are a celebrity you are celebrated in this world celebrity. So the fact that you get your hands dirty, and you're in there working I saw you leave the brunch with your with your books and your t-shirts going down the elevator. As like look at him work. Always I brought the merge there. I'm bringing the merge home. But I admire it because many celebrities would not they would let the assistant do it. And you don't even mean. Tricia was great. She was great. But she was she was a to j rod went to drunk. She got she was so much fun. Hold me. She they went to j rod and Tricia went to the casino two nights in a row. Yeah. Can we talk about Raja Tristesse state last night shoes a little to five in the morning because you what wait a minute. What time does she get into? You know? No, she was home. We watch TV last night. But she was the tips that she's like, I'm staying here. So she stayed here in left at five in the more supposed to go home. She wasn't. She was not late. She just went hard. But it paid off because they went to the casino. I night how much did you each the casino one two hundred and four dollars each the first night. That's great. And then last night tell them what happened the casino. So we're leaving. I'm up about two hundred at this point. I think Tristesse is about one hundred and she's drunk. So she doesn't want to leave the casino, the general stay just stay. She twenty dollars demands that I put it into this game of thrones sloppy. I put it in to spins later. I bet the max we win six hundred twenty five dollars on one spin on one spin cash it straight. We're going crazy. Many slot machines. I play and I never win in. I was thinking about that. I wouldn't want to. Slopped? I never win anything. It's lot machines. No, you get your bonuses. Very rarely you serious. You've got them all the time. Wait, it's been. It's been months bonus. Really? Why don't you come on come up and bonus me sometime it's been too long kid bonus. I play I can't I can't I played yesterday. I played money rain. Everybody knows I love money. Rain penny sought money rain because why when you get a bonus. And everybody knows this teaches in school now when you get a bonus on money rain, you get the song. Oh, oh, money rain. I never got that. It's been months since I've had a bonus toss out an original song. Or is that a is that a slot machine? Song? It's comes on the slot. Mach- comes on money, rain, only, original or money ring. Okay. When you get a bonus on what what is what is he not understand if that was a real. And there's no math and know when you play Dolly slot machine, and she'll sing one of her songs songs. So on money rain when you get a bonus you get that song. Oh. Oh, money rain. I didn't know if money rain with some route route from the eighties when I say, it's a slot machine. I got it Ramesses original song plays that song. When you get a bonus. And so I play play playing play one because the excitement of a bonus. But mostly I want to hear the song. Right. How does it? Go rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, faculty. He just three times I say twice. Here's ready time. Oh. Oh money rain do now. Oh, money Ray Close. So the point I wonder if the money rain theme song is on all my gosh. If you found that I'd be so happy, but the cool thing is Trish one at Mariah Carey slot machine. The first night so instead of money rain we heard fantasy and we heard her do like twenty ad libs. So to me, I. Money rains day. Rod not money. Rain slot shot song. Listen. So maybe I made the song up differently that. But it right is the bonus. Listen, listen, listen, listen. Clearly, somebody recorded it when they got a bonus in the casino person is I think we could be friends listen, and it's titled money rain slot machine. Best money rains on. Hey, listen. So it's hard to hear a little tin hurt. In the beginning though, what brought. It's kind of like nothing. What you saying shut up? How dare you? I enjoy. Very great little pop jingle. This is called money. Rain deluxe slot. Oh. I'm skipping the ad. Hold on listen. If there's a song in here. Come on, man. No. Do that. Did you hear what you owe? Anyway, the whole point is plays though. Okay. Love it. No, I want to go to the casino. Let's let's bring the equipment casino right now. So here's the deal coming up. Here's what we're going to do. We got lots to do coming. He has a lot of questions for me. I sure do. It's going to be a press conference. When we come back. Nothing off limits. I'm gonna call Jagan see. Okay. Okay. When we come back. Nothing's off limits. Move your. Roses are red violets are blue. And if you don't step up your game. This Valentine's Day, you will be too. And how do you step up your game? You ask good question. Honey, you step up your game by getting your partner some product from med, Ben, I'm doing this break free from the status quo this year and surprise someone special with a different kind of flower, candy or chocolate from bed men premium dispensaries, they may even have a love potion or two after all red is the color of passion. And red is the color men. Try and energizing edible before you run and soothing CBD pain stick for after especially if you're running shoes have been collecting a little dust after a romantic Valentine's Day weekend. The point is this the point is a little edible goes a long way gets in the mood. This February love and cannabis are in the air. Whether there's a perfect match for everyone. Visit amendment store today. Use code Ross at checkout. You get ten percent off your purchase. I'm telling you. I'm going. It's going to be so weird for me to be like Ross. Check out but tell them Ross at checkout. You get ten percent off your purchase terms and conditions apply. Checkout men today. You want MAMBO jambo, John? Abobo john. There's only one place to go. Oh. This is straight talk with Ross Mathews. Crazy. The best version of the song of online or should. I did a lot during the critic. Welcome back to the program. I went and checked on the girls. They are good. Everyone's good girls. Siege. Mcginn new answer. Have something very important going on. But he always shows up. I don't like it when bid on either slightly worried. But I'm sure he's fine. Okay. Yeah. We'll update everybody. I had a big morning. I went to the chamber of commerce already, and I went and I had a press conference because I'm the I'm doing pardoning with the city right now for any money. Just because I love the city this campaign called uniquely Palm Springs. So we held a press conference. News. Was there? I got up a little podium. I really yes, I were bowled scarf. How official very official. There was there were coffee and pastries for for everybody. Why did you get up on the podium? What did you have to talk about? Well, I want to talk about this initiative uniquely Palm Springs. They're seven hundred there are seven hundred local businesses in this town, which is a lot for a small town. And it's part of the fabric. Oh, it makes Palm Springs. So unique. You know, you can't get what we have anywhere else. You know, they have malls and other places we have a lot of mom and pop stores, whether it's bars or cheese shops or happy hours hotels or things like that. It's very unique to this town. So we were celebrating small businesses the count the town continues to flourish it's important to support this mall businesses. So that's that's about it was big big morning. Did you just wing it? Or did you have something written idea in my head? Okay. That's how I work. You know what? I mean. I got a thing in my head. And I do I love this. You're putting in emotion. I love it. Listen, I let my town out. With. Give it to me to be treating to be hard to be team, y'all steep with ASI. Hi misjudge too. Very extended balls thraw dry. Press conference. Nothing's up limits. Go darling. Ross matthews. Did you receive movie called? Animated movie. No never thought. I know what it is somebody posted this online. I saw that they have trolls character. I think his name is like guide diamond or something any actually farts in Universal Studios the park in Orlando. He farts and glitter comes out of his seat. Okay. I wanted to know what you thought about. Well, I like things that far have glitter come out of there. But how cute they have a character at universal that than little children are watching this, and it makes a fart sound glitter comes out of it. I I mean, I like it. I think it's more your thing. I mean, I think if you were a troll. That would be your easy. Okay. I didn't know that would be your lead off question. I just kind of general thing come back. I just I just. Welcome back just thought it was wonderful. Okay. Have you seen the new trailer Roth or a lab? Oh, no, you haven't stills today of Will Smith now as an I love Will Smith. Did you see the blue body? So that's like people are having a hard time because happening that he's blue like he does look like blue man group. Well, I don't understand what people expected what I think is playing the genie. I don't like it. I'll tell you this. I had a real problem when they made beauty and the beast the live action version because I said if I wanna watch or I'll do I'll watch beating base it's enchanting animated films. Enchanting? A Landon is just as enchanting. What an amazing. I mean, Robin Williams is the voice of the genie. And the things that could do is unbelievable. If I wanna watch a latte, I'll just watching him that his name said I did finally on a plane when there was nothing else to watch watched the live action beauty and the beast in do you know, what it was delightful, so delightful, delight yo I love that. You finally saw it in London side. I loved it loved it. Now. I don't know that's going to work every single time. So we'll see I'm thrown by the visual of Wilson in the blue face. Put it Ross grown. Thrown by face little Melissa thrown by it. But I'm going to because I learned my lesson from the beauty and the beach. Yes. So I'm going to stay open minded, I'm waiting for them to do little mermaid, which I think they're doing. I would love that I-. How's it going to the end of water? What did you see Mary Poppins real little? The Mary Poppins return, which I didn't really need it to return. They go underwater, and then looked really good. They have special effects now that look good. So I think it'll work. Okay. Did you watch the Grammy awards? Did what you think? Dolly. That's the one part. I missed can you almost this morning? And I thought oh, it's on the DVR because I'll tell you what hop hop hop. Well, how is that? I didn't record it. And then I realized oh crap. It's not recorded. So I missed the first hour and a half and came home, and then they repeated on the west coast right after the repu guess, and then so I watched the end, and then it started again, and I got tired to like get to the Dolly part. I can't believe you got tired to get to Dalai pushed through that. Sorry. Did you see Diana Ross? I did lady Gaga L of court. No, yes. Oh, of course. Okay. She really went there lady Gaga she made it a Gaga performance. Yeah. She was like she was the unease up and like doing the whole. Ballads. Yeah. Yeah. But I liked it because she wasn't alley. She didn't do that from stars. When she did Gaga doing it kinda liked. I wonder how she'll do it at the Oscars while she's supposed to be doing it with Bradley Cooper, a wonder how the what she'll do at Gog away or the stars born way for the Oscars. Yeah. I never get tired about or stars. She looks unbelievably beautiful and when Michelle Obama walked out, and they was great. Someone wrote squad goals posting that. People wanna know EP on this about the studio changes everything good with Ben's down. I think people are a little confused of are we ever going to go back to bins town everything standing spent so Ben's town is there they were they've been so kind to us let us that studio. Then there was a scheduling issue where I had a bunch of coming up. So I said fuck it. I'm going to buy equipment. We'll just do it at home. And then I fell in love with doing it at home because I love being in like elastic close with my dogs right there in so Benzon, and we will certainly go back sometimes to do it there. But I I mean, it's just been so conducive to my life and my life has been on the road. And I'm writing the book, and I'm here, and I'm just coming in there and boop. Boop. And I know I like it so much you really love it unloving home. It feels good. Can I never leave? Our love bins town. No because I really love that professional radio sound. Yes. You know that this doesn't have great. There was a little more kind of. Compliment kind of thing. Oh, was it. Yeah. Like, this is fun. But I missed the quality. I know I hope that wasn't passive aggressive. I didn't mean it like very passing attack. No, I did as he engineered the offensive. It's not gonna be nice. If at twenty thousand dollar studio go I record my podcast out of my phone. So I'm grateful. I think it's great. You know, somebody posted online, I didn't know you did this. But you had a gig on America's next top model years and years and years ago. I didn't know you did that years and years I was a challenge, and I posed with the models, and I it was the challenges to like do a sexy like window scene. Yeah. But I didn't like it. Because I thought it was negative me on top model. Yes. Because I think that they were they were like trying to get the girls to pose with you like to be sexy with you like that. That's a challenge. Like, why would that be challenged be sexy with just a photo? It was to look good in a photo. I don't know. I didn't find offensive at all. It was just kind of fun. I was like oh my God. I get to be in one of the girls kind of negative in her little clip. That's gonna be kinda hard to be sexy with Ross Mathews. What are you talking about? I could be sexy with Ross Mathews L. Listen you not everyone's Cup of tea. Dick true. Did you know somebody else brought this up on that? You're Mark voice. Sounds a lot. Like Mickey Mouse. Did you ever put that together? Of course. Yeah. I think Mark sounds like Mickey Mouse, did you really is this let me tell you. Something. Oh my God. Did you see on? Hello Ross pod. Posting these videos because Mark can't remember the name of our studio. And so I tell him the name he's like go. And I was like he's never gonna remember. So I just turned the phone. What's ambush? What's the name the studio? And he's. Oh. Like. Pope. Pup? So then he so he I keep asking me in. Finally, he gets it. And it's like. Darling. I'm a thought it. Yeah. Mark. And everyone's loving video. I'm not an hour later. He's not gonna remember if I do it. Again, I go up right away. I go with the name of the studio when he goes. Just what is? Run. And it was just so funny. It was two days long with he got it. Again, you lost it again. It was like did you see all the high Saul all of them? So funny one I got hundreds of comments like messages from listeners. Like, oh my God. This is I'm obsessed with is the best thing on the today. Fun, fun, fun fun. I was having so much fun engaging with them. I got one mean one from this guy, this listener who goes all right? Not funny. We get it. I wrote to him. And I just so, you know. Out of hundreds of messages from this all day. You're the only making of one I just wanted you to know that that like, maybe it's you a not us. There's eight nine he wrote back dead you beat a dead horse. Whatever like mean, like, he's just so, you know. Oba and I was like, well, then you can have your money back blocked. Really, I I just don't have any time for it. Oh, like one of the. One of the negative, Nancy and all the fun. I don't ever here's a if you're over it. I get that. If you're over it, don't click on our stories, how about that white was sweet left is what is just like move on tender. Move. I don't know. I was annoyed. Yeah. Maybe it's the time of day or something. But I was just like I don't want this negative. I don't want it right now listening in male. That's unfortunate. Listen, I still love you. I still love you. I just don't want the angry messages still block. You know, what I love what I loved about Ross. You actually got Mark trying to answer that we're trying to say that when he was having to p really bad that we really on. Because he was and then also I really like when you got mad. Mood. He wasn't a bad movie puppet. He had spilled he has built a cost all down his sweater, go to these. We had all these meetings is like a put wall it'll drive by the time. We get there. It's like thirty degrees. We get there. And he's just like blotch blotch blocks down his sweater. If you saw teeny tiny little scarf heels. Look. Missile cover it. Yeah. Didn't work. Yeah. I understand now. He's never seen. Mommy, dearest. So I can understand that brain blocked, by the way, Sarah listeners Sanchez who works here in the local NBC offers. Love you, Sarah. She brought you a movie she brought me drop dead gorgeous. Did you watch it yet? I have not washed put Nikki's purse to be safe. So Nikki has the DVD. Right. So you got to get. I will watch it when I get home, and I am so excited 'cause drop dead. Gorgeous isn't streaming anywhere. So Sarah brought it to me as a gift, and I'm really for next. I wanna know if we can go deep on someone else. I have a couple. Okay. I have a couple, sir. It's just like people want. What about remember you did with Marisa on the block or off the block with big brother? You're not going to do anything or we Don doing it for celebrity big brother because it was too short. They couldn't find a sponsor. It's like two in if they're gonna that kind of money it needs to be longer sort of investment. Right. So they're interested in doing it for the next season of good. Okay. All right. That's all. That's all. I really had. Can we Jay how much is off limits of everything? We'll see. We'll just have a conversation kick. I wanna I didn't think anything was all I wanted to know. We're not gonna edit out. We note edit the show. So if you don't want to answer don't answer. But can I just tell the story of being very generic? Yes. So yesterday at the live show, there are a bunch of straight. Talkers there, right? Yes. And there was one j words are engine near and there we were all hanging out. And there were some straight straight talkers there this very very cute girl not to describe her. But she was very very beautiful. And she was a listener, right? Yes. And. I after the event we also went to this bar hunters, which is around the corner from Oxy where we do the brunch. Yeah. We went, and we were all sitting there look up and see Jay rod talking to this beautiful listener. And I said, I told you CJ they're totally blink right. CG goes like, no, should should we go. Like, basically, he was like should we go like intervene because she's a straight talker that weird, and I was like a no all I want is for j rod to have sex straight talker. This would be great this'll be greats content for the show. I agree. There was another street talker. Standing behind me her say it and goes do you ever stop producing the show? I never do is true though. Save all the show. That for the show. So then I j was gonna stay. So we could record this. I was gonna get him a hotel room all these. So I'm not hearing from the where is Jay rod where it's and then I hear from Tricia I hear from fancy that. Jared Rudd spent time with this beautiful straight straight talker. Yes right now. I turn to you. Right. And I look at you. Jay, rudder engineer. Yes. Tell me the story. Okay. Well, I didn't just spend time with her. There was a group of us. Okay. So there was me. I know their names now, they're my friends. They're my friends. So as me, Greg, Sal, Alex, Judy Caitlyn is the beautiful one is the beautiful. They were all beautiful girl. I didn't know what you're using real names billion, Greg king and trishaw. Okay. She was there too. Yeah. And what was there as well? This couple times. So it was a group of us a great, great great. Great straight talkers. Right. But I could tell there was a connection between you and. Yeah. It was nice. We had a good time. But nothing happened. What nothing had happened? It just didn't happen. We had we're having a good time. We went to the casino. We were in a group. Everybody was having fun. We went to dinner we went back. Where'd you know, Billy reads a luxury looked that's where we have thanksgiving. Love it. Wouldn't you? Billy reads. I got it looks like little house on the prairie. Like my version of chicken club sandwich was grilled chicken lettuce in bacon. But they put mayo and I won and I wasn't expecting it. So I had the typical gag reflex that normally have. And so would you do send it back will they sent it back from you because I held it in my mouth, and I rented the bathroom and spit it out because you're embarrassed. No. Because I wasn't expecting it to be my mouth while you spit it up on the plate, or why would I do that? That's rude. My does it all the time. I held it in the bathroom. So you don't like bandwidth. No or would have to try it consciously. I can't like habits sneak up on me. So they sent it back. We're going to get back to the I know here's the audience. I know wants to hear about this. If I need to know about food. So I went to I went to dinner with Jade read the night before and he got a BRIC brick chicken, which is where they cook it with a brick, and it's a flat down with the lemon sauce cooked in a lemon sauce. Right. And French fries any ate chicken and lemon saw yet? That's good. And I tried steak and he tried never had stay. We'll never since the mom and dad fight about with mommy and daddy. Right. Mommy and daddy fight that was over state. Okay. This is good progress. Okay. So back to this. So you're all at Billy reads. You have manny's on your your sandwich. Right. But was that the only white cream of the evening was the only white cream of can we just back up? Can we back up at Billy Wright? Was there a lot of flirting going on? I mean there was flirting ole time, but we're a big group. So we were just wild throughout the whole night. I mean every time we we've played blackjack and their time to do it bus it. We would stream Butch rookie here. It was cute that pit balls over and calm down. Why? Oh, wow. Yeah. And we won six hundred twenty five dollars on slot machine. Again, Butch Ricky proud of you. I'm okay with that. So there's flirtation and then so you you you're gonna go home back. Hey, everyone. Well, let's a hit back to the hotel. Also, I was heading back to the hotel because my stuff was stacks. Right. Right. So he came to my room. I was like I need to get Scott Mustang. And what did I say never specifically what you said if you remember you could say, I really don't remember. I was a cheerleader for him getting late late. Yeah. I really wanted him to get late. I'm like your young man, you need a Jain now. You know what I mean? I really wanted that for you. And you were kind of like, yeah. You know, what I say, you know, what I take. James j rod did he have sex with a straight talk. I go he won't eat barbecue sauce. I just. I was thinking the same thing rush. Just now. Just no difference. I love pussy, but it's. This kind of talk on this show. I won't have it will not have it sexist part of life. No, I will not stand for it. My mission wasn't to have sex with this girl. I was just going. I was going with the flow type of thing. Now, you also have to realize I don't drink. So for people out there. I don't I just don't drink. So for me, it's like the other girl if she gets to a certain point, then it for me, it's starting to feel a little rapi. Got your good for the old day. I was like gauging. I was like all right. She this what she that level. Because every time, you know, that's fine wrong with it. I going. Going into any. But listen, so nothing happened. She she went back to get myself from flaxseeds room, I showered, and we're all going gonna go out to do karaoke. And in the meantime, she passed out she like fell asleep. But he went on with the gay guys. Okay, fun. Okay. Nothing happened. But where's she from Virginia? Okay. That's not that far from LA. Oh, yeah. Commute. Uber. Okay. So she's from Virginia is she's when does she go home? She's actually still here. She's going home tomorrow. Shaver you're still here. I am not for long onto number. Yes. You should only got call now and say, hi, it's Jay rod. You're on the podcast. She listens and say, I know you're still in. I'm still in tone last night was fun. I'd love to continue hanging out on the podcast. Just do that put it on speaker and call her right now unless you don't want to but it's kind of an order come on. Jay Ron in order. This is abusive private Benjamin, I'm private Benjamin giving orders. So call it up. But you gotta let her know. She's on the police really sweet. Hey, we're recording. I'll ask permission. Is it a cool? Yes. What you call right now. All right now. And when she don't put it on speaker yet. Right. And when she answers go, hey, we're recording the podcast. Would it be cool? If I put you on for one second. I want to ask you a question. Okay. Okay. Do that right now? We're gonna sit much. Yeah. Oh my God. Don't put it on speaker. Now, you're gonna ask her off speaker Unisem if you need to move your headphone. That's right headphones. Okay. But I want to hear you talk to her. It's raining Stiller. It's almost one. So maybe she still sleep. She woke up your business. Will then you're gonna if you choose an answer. You leave our voicemail, and you just say what I say. Okay. Sorry. So you're gonna okay, she's gonna okay. So you're going to say what I say repeat it committee. We go. Me meteoroid. Hey, Caitlyn's me Jay route. Last night was great. Last night was great. I think he's still in palm spring. I think you're still in Palm Springs Palm Springs to Palm Springs to might stay an extra day. And so if you wanna like if you wanna lay hang out hang out. I think we're all going to be out and about today. We're gonna be out about today. Somebody we can continue the fun. Maybe. All right. All right. I starting to barbecue sauce starting like barbecue sauce. Don't manage don't make me as though just want you to know before anything gets. Before. Oh, good. This was great. Really nominal word. Jay rod. How do you feel? I feel great. I feel great. I feel great. Yeah. That was good. Good interesting. I hope she calls back. Okay. Ken. What can I talk about something else about with Jay rod about the Palm Springs where we we're gonna deep tease that because we do to take the got it breaks. And we will update you if we hear back from Caitlyn. I don't know. She's a straight talk. She's lovely. Okay. Great two million even. In California would've Caitlyn Jenner. Call. Doing. We'll be right back. More street on the way. It is impossible to be on all the time. I didn't want best I'm bright and bubbly, but I need my rest, Honey and settle in has amazing sleeping products. Usually pot. Say goodbye to the days of waking up in a sweat with their cooling technology. You'll be able to start your morning, cool and collected. If you sleep green will practice what you preach Honey day and night. It's easy being green. When you use your sustainable being blue sheets, sleep naturally. 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Settle in home is now offering twenty five percent off to all straight. Talkers. Not just us all three talk listeners. Here's what you do. Just go to the website settled in home dot com. S ET L E. I N H O. Emmy settle in home dot com. Enter promo code straight talk one word at checkout. Get twenty five percent off that settle in home dot com. Promo code straight talk. Juice coast. Was getting. And while the back of the program is broadcasting live from my little bug in Palm Springs, Casey must graves you butterflies, I've been playing her lot is this from the album that she won mostly on last night. She won four Grammys, including the big one album of the year old and our butterfly. I'm gonna have to get this record. I'm kind of liking her. Now, what about this? She went to Grammy for this one for best country performance this space cowboy listen. Would be like say Scott. Offense. You. See? Sunsets. You can have your space cowboy. She says I like that. I love that too. I like her he is someone very special to be has really introduced me to the country and the specific ACN. Yes. All right. Nicole is just came on NBC. I don't know if that's good to have on because my eyeballs keep going down. Welcome back to the program. Congratulations to Casey muskrats eating out big name. On her. Now, did you see her performance is our performance, and she was really beautiful and just like the boys. It's very pure and simple, and I'm living. She's a good person to spend a day with her, and I just really really really really like her. So. Caitlin. Yeah. We have not. No, all right. Everyone should know. The dogs are fine dogs. Tried to game in question question. Okay. So when my I put Howard down on Friday, and I was shattered. Right. Yes. For some reason. I went on my social media. And somebody message me a picture of Gerard's crotch and said like why aren't you crotch watching this? See what? Yeah. And I'm like what I was so distraught. I couldn't even like clearly process. You know what I mean? So I put it away. And then later, I came back your crunch is like a tide away. I can see. Drown me with this mushroom head. The China bowl JR. To release my fantasy that invincible Weiner. No, I was born to. Crotch wasser. Oh, is it down there? Feel by nicely. Who would wanna get changed? Anyway, continue okay of want that mixed. Okay. So there was a picture of that. Jay rod posted. He went to a Grammy awards party. Yeah. This red jacket. He looked really did. You see? Living life. Now rocking you my phone. I'm gonna show you the picture. The straight talker sent me and said, why wasn't a crotch watching this because I zoomed daddy a crutch it's wrong fancy. Show it to you. I'm the boss. I can't do that. This is a work environment tonight show it to you. I wanna know if you think what I I have to ask permission. Yes. Go ahead. Go comfortable, comfortable amount of I'm not gonna look, but you can show me zoom. It's just it's just go. It's. That's not my penis. Yes. It is. There is certainly. Objective that is eight. Okay. What if I didn't sometimes pants do that that looks like giant? Rod and J. There's an outline have you seen this? No, I I've not looked at me and looked at looked at the show. Look look, June outline of the head you now is that. That is not the penis. That is not is is on my social media posted on yours. So the straight talk can vote. I don't know if that's that's not my penis. No. That's crazy. Took a minute. It is that's not come up with that pick. Somebody sent it to me. I didn't I didn't on that. I'm not the only one I'm so sure should we put on by. I've just it's not he doesn't mind. We'll put it as a story. Hello Ross pot. And we'll say I think it's just a fold. That's what I thought. Okay. Okay. The pant. We do a Twitter poll to do you think this is real or not, right? Yeah. You're skeptical. I'm trying to name the poll like it's. It's it's. Bowl dicker. What rhymes addict that means nothing? Needs to be like it needs to routes poeple pull a poll. Rod rod with Jay. Rod garo. Get your gear out all week. It's him game. We were in Palm Springs. All right. So just go vote everybody. Yeah. All right. Thank you so much. You're so welcome. Jay. I wanna say just as we're going to go out if you want to follow Mr. Maloney's, Fags Imola, everything thank you so much. Thank you, darling. J rod is Joshua score. Rodriguez underscore CJ is not here. We'll make sure he's funding. I just don't get the time wrong or something. He must have. It's just not like him. So yeah, it's it's weird. But I'm tracing people, you know, maybe hobbies napping or something this feeling I get that. He's napping. I'm sure maybe at a late night. Hit a press conference this morning. An actual press conference. Let me ask you before we go. Did they go Ross Mathews Ross. I wanted that. They were there was the people there. And then they did the press interviews afterwards. But you know, I was like, oh, my just to do that. Right. Someone. So imagine if we were at the press conference that I was like, welcome uniquely pumping. I would plan you in the audience. Ross matthews. I just want to say thank you all for being here uniquely pumps brings is important. Over here Ross. Yes, there's some what you have to say Beck's vaccine Malone straight talk with Ross. Yes. I there's some potholes over here on palm canyon drive from the reins. We had can you? Tell me problem bitch. Yes. Yes. I'm Jay rod street talked with Ross Mathews to small business mean to you. I don't know. Kidding? All right. So. Time had by all thank you so much. I think back to normal next week. Hopefully, my mom and all that stuff. So we hope this worked out coming from the guestroom. I loved it. Okay. Great me to listen. And I do want to say. In all seriousness. You know, we we have a lot of fun around here. But we love each other very very much. I'm so sorry about Howard. And we dedicate Ross this show to him. Okay. You're so welcome. Yeah. Ma'am. Life the bitch. Ain't she though. Yeah. Love you love you. Thank you. All right. Well, this music. Okay. Can we not end it on that? Right. I just wanna say something I'm sorry. I love your accent walls. I mean, tell you I did talk about how I painted the juicy it's an exit won't accent ceiling. I didn't know it was like that. When I came here. I'm very impressed by that. Yes. It's one everything's white. And then it's like the lightest shade of. And then it goes up to the ceiling, the ceiling one wall. It's kind of fun like the focus on the ceiling it when you walk in. Oh, yeah. I was really impressed because I'd never saw the ceiling done. I thought it was just a wall. It's good right with this really good. And I really seriously think you can have a career as an interior designer. You are really good at it. So crazy good. There's a plant in my face between you and no. I kept talent wanting to Ross. Great job with your mom and pumps. Between us we do need a name for this studio here in Palm Springs to the pink. Feeling in the one to the pink studio. I'm so quick. It's so funny. Okay. When we when we come back. We will be back next week keep the love going. Thanks so much everybody thinks for bearing with us as we figure our lives out here outright. We feel. We'll let you know about J Radin TA next time. Thank you. Everybody.

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