11 Trivia Questions on 80s TV Shows


it's eleven trivia questions on eighties tv shows is written by listener melissa cuthbertson for are friend doug french who picked this category this is trivia with buds and welcome to another episode of the tribute but podcast i'm your host ryan buds thanks for checking out this show you like pop culture trivia you're in the right place and we've done five hundred episodes there so you could go back and listen to until your heart is contempt you listen to the show for a week straight at this point or at least a three of four days right we've been doing it for like two or three years so there's lots of cool stuff to go back in check out in today's no different we have a great addition to the show and that is a eighties tv show questions we've got eleven of those from my friend member fdic cuthbertson i think she lives in new york she started listening recently and she emailed me she said thanks for letting me know where to find the rest of your podcast 'cause she was a sheet exhausted what i tunes kinda shows you and i on a podcast that she'd listen to all of them which is crazy but she does a lot of driving and she said where can i find like these older catalogue of the show and i gave her some links to the libs in page which is where everybody if you wanna see all the episodes we've ever done they're all hosted on lipson so if you just search lives in l i b s y n trivia with buds you'll find it on any search engine and you could bookmark that page if you ever wanna listen to on your computer or if you like rss feeds and stuff like that 'em marissa's says i heard you mentioned a couple of the patriots request topics and the patriots spreadsheet that you haven't got to i thought i'd write questions were a couple that caught my attention hope hope it helps i totally won't be insulted if you don't use them best wishes mris a nurse i'm gonna use them right now when he used eleven questions on eighty tv shows thank you so much for taking the time to write these this topic picked by douglas french endowed french who's been on board as a five dollar reward to remember for i wanna see the last six months or so maybe seven or eight antifa doug we appreciate your patron inch andrus we appreciate the time and writing these questions so thank you for doing that i think about eighties tv shows i've so many favor eighties tv shows i haven't actually looked at these questions yet so maybe there are a few questions about some of my favorites but i i'm always a sucker for cheers i loved cheers especially early cheers like first five seasons from eighty to eighty seven i think those are great 'em i really like a the show different strokes which i think ended in the eighties i think it was more of a late seventies show that's a fun one i used to watch a lot of a let's see smurfs which is in eighty show cartoon i watched murders in snow works which was just smurfs underwater water a they had like snorkel faces and i used to watch those back to back usa i wanna say before i went to school so when i was probably four years old and i remember like when snorkels over or almost over my mom was like all right we gotta go take her brother school and my my older brother so we gotta go drop him off an i remember her just literally throwing me in the back of a van and we had like a big kind of moving van around that time it was just a big yellow van like you could just take all the seats out and it was just empty like a like you know how some hippie would travel to see the grateful dead or something andy i i just remember my mom being like yep climbing there and there were like pillows and step back there we just kind of roll around in or maybe two captain's chairs but like the rest of us kids or cousins or whoever in the van will just be rolling around in the late eighties no seat belts not even seats i don't even know how that was possible or okay to do but things were different in the eighties and we're gonna find out about all kinds of cool eighty shows on this episode where jump into those questions right about now here we go all right guys got eleven questions for you from russa for doug let's see if you could figure out all eleven of these eighties tv show questions you're number one this show about a girl girls school was a spin off of different strokes number one this show about a girl school was a spin off of different strokes question number one question ever to this next show is about about male housekeeper number two what eighty show is about a male housekeeper number to question number three this show featured a little girl robot named vicky e i remember this one number three they show featured eight little girl robot named vicky question before detective show starring bruce willis in civil shepherd number four detective show show starring bruce willis in civil shepherd question number five what was the name of the design company on designing women number five what was the name of the design company on designing women question number six what planet with more from in more in mendy number six what planet was more from on morgan mindy question ever sat in what is als actual name what is alf stand for number seven what the elf stand for or actually that's not the question sorry what is else name and whether they'll stand for his two different things alf stands for alien life form 'em as an acronym but that's not what she's asking she wants to know his actual name k question number eight johnny depp played an undercover officer on what show number eight johnny depp played in undercover officer on what show question number nine what was the last name of bold luke daisy an uncle jesse on the hit show number nine the last name of bowl loop daisy an uncle jesse on ahead show question number ten who is hoping his each time his next leap will be is leap home number ten who is always hoping his next leap would be his leap home number ten a a an number eleven the bonus question this year two point question if you're playing along at home what shows finale is the most watched the finale in u s tv history number eleven what shows finale he's the most watched finale in u s tv history all right we will be back in just a second with the answers to those eighties show trivia questions thanks again burris frightened and we are back with the answers to some questions from eighties tv shows written by morissette cuthbertson here's number one this show about a girl school is a spin off of different strokes that was of course the facts of life with judy end the gang the facts of life life mrs garrett who is thee housekeeper i think on 'em different strokes got her own show number two speaking housekeepers this show is about a male housekeeper you could have maybe said charles in charge but i guess he wasn't keeping house he was more of a babysitter a dancer that a reverse it has its who's the boss who's the boss tony danza used to watch it quite frequently with my mom number three this show featured a little girl robot named vicky it wasn't shortlived show but i have fond memories watching a all these episodes small wonder this is a robot that was kept in a closet and a with just a little girl like a sister for the the main kid whose name i think was pj maybe number four detective show featuring bruce willis in civil shepherd was moonlighting moonlighting that was a show where it was like are they gonna hook up are they gonna hook up and then they do an then it went off their number five what was the name of the design company and designing women i remember commercials for this show but i've never actually seen an episode designing women was a it called sugar bakers and associates sugar bakers an associates number six what planet was more from morgan mindy he's from work or k or more from work and it was a spin off of happy days which was crazy number seven what else actual actual name gordon sherman way gordon sherman way number eight twenty one jump street with the johnny depp undercover officer tv show johnny depp an twenty one jump street number nine duke was the name of bowl loop daisy uncle jesse on the dukes of hazzard which my mom gave me some coloring books of the dukes of hazzard and she said see if these are worth money and they were not but we still have them blow up somewhere at my mom's house she saved him from the eighties number ten who was hoping each time he leaked would be lastly home quantum leap that was the star a scott back you up on quantum leap that was a fun show number eleven they most watched finale in tv history was of course mash and i don't think anyone's beat it since then i think seinfeld maybe came closer fritz time seinfeld was pretty big but mash is a if the champion i think still to this day cause more people watch tv back then witless channels and all that stuff but those questions on eighties tv shows thanks again arista thanks doug for the great category recommendation and if you have a category you want me to do on the show just throw five bucks a month over at patriot dot com slash trivia with buds bullets tribute bodes you can join thirty four other subscribers who love trivia and love interacting around the discord app chat union nap chat for just a buck a month which is cool i post extra rounds in their puzzles picture rounds i do it live events and stuff you can't really play on audio form of the podcast so if you like more trivia in your life go check that out also a brand new feature coming indie andy new package of july rewards will be aim monthly newsletter with some puzzles in it and stuff like that too i do a thing in high school called the butts times so i'm looking at the kind of relive those moments where i made like a fake it gives that with a fun trivia stuff in it so be on the lookout for that everybody will get that 'em who's on my patriot page if you have you're shipping address i'll send it to you every month no matter what tier you are at all right guys that's it for today's episode but we do have to share archery a team name of the day and that is a new feature were doing the show where i'm giving you a team name but i heard what am i trivia nights that i thought was funner hadn't heard in a while i thought was unique or just funny some of these might be raunchy from time to time but this next one not to raunchy it's reckitt ralph wiggham so the combination of reckitt ralph ralph wiggham the simpsons fur reckitt ralph wake up used that one next time you need a good team name or go search tribute butts team names on google and find a blog twentyfive other team names that i recommend if you have any team names you send me if you have some funny ones and you're back pocket email ryan buds at g mail dot com also it's time for the question of the day which is brought to you by funky monkey designs these guys do amazing work in san demus california if you need something printed i highly suggest suggest you check out fm designs inc dot com and you could see all the cool embroidery they might differ you're hat you're a towels your beach house you're tank tops whatever you need for the summer they can get it done for you andrew since today about the eighties tv shows i thought we do an eighties movie tagline question so i'm looking for this movie that used this tagline in the eighties one man's struggle to take it easy one man struggled to take it easy i know i've presented that on the podcast at some point in five hundred episodes so maybe remember or maybe you know what what eighties movies the tagline one man struggled to take it easy street near answers at ryan buds or email ryan buds at g mail dot com and check out fm designs inc dot com while you're at it all right guys thank you so much for listening thanks

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