Gab and Juls: El Clasico's Tale Of Two Halves


Yeah so I'm going to describe the team Julian Lauren's sitting there holding his. Espn branded basketball. This guy this guy is all in on his hoops. He loves his HOOPS. We're not here to talk about that. It's a Gavin Jewish. Oh we've got an action packed weekend so happening obviously Starting with the classic. Oh touching upon binding Hof and we even have mark Ogden here to brighten the mood person in person show. Let's get this show on the road. The biggest game in in football. We're all right and it was a classical and we saw that. I tweeted this out to the ad for your friend. I would pass a Turkish doctor who does hair transplant to. Who Buys pitchside advertising During the classical maybe more publicity even so I wanted to leave listening millions. Yes at some point soon because our producer Freddy got married and I think that would make very good wedding gift for him. Don't you needs needs a bit of attention to his all right enough. Nonsense and small talkers. Enough of that on other podcasts. Let's get stuck in with sade low. I said Rao Madrid win to now first. Half I thought Barscelona created the better chances without necessarily impressing me then in the end if I were if I were UBER. Kuei which I am not You could say well. The difference was a deflected. Venetia shot on Casimiro scoring and bar in garbage time so it doesn't really count and in fact these two teams are level. Are they. Well I I got bumped. Did you happen to take down the number of this slide advertising because I quite fancy given what actually say hindsight never mind Freddy the producer over? This said. Sorry on on this point. I'm just curious about this. People told me I genuinely don't know the because they have electronic pete side advertising they. Yeah I was able to see it and because obviously I think this might be targeted advertising. Well you were there. Did you not notice it on now on university during a match? You try not everything. A concert didn't is that now did particularly I do? Sometimes I remember years ago then going on about how it was coming which spirit walls. And it's pretty bad that we don't name anyway and he said the beer of La Lebron. Yeah the beard. I league that you're not allowed to drink in the league stadiums anyway but no. I didn't know what you're saying. So maybe it was targeted just view. Maybe it was only being into the living room. Maybe there's a message death some way. Just think how awesome would that be? I would feel special the game and yeah like me about the game. Yeah if the goal garbage time goal that ultimately we hear those people just reduce everything down to moments and incidents in episodes. You would see three excellent chances while two of them. So three squandered by Barcelona in the first half you would see that Venetia goal with a big deflection off peak which I think their stake in otherwise had and it WanNa see my Yano scoring and garbage time so you might conclude well. Hey this is pretty. Even right yeah. That's stupid interpretation because I think it's a stupid interpretation. I don't think it's entirely stupid. And I'm going to explain why they taught because obviously and we've said this a million times and this has been proven particularly by Madrid over last nine seven or eight years particularly in Europe. The key decisive moments can change game in Incan. Define a game in a way that the game itself hasn't been fired. You know it can be played in one way but one in a different way and we've seen low two times and that's nothing new so on that level. Yes you can. You can reduce it to that and say okay. Let's look at the moments that actually did by greatly kind of condition the school board. And those are those moments but I also think you can take those moments and reach the conclusion you've reached because I think if you unpack the rest of the game you can also get to. That conclusion can get to the conclusion. Where you've got a half each for the teams. You can reach the conclusion where you say in terms of what they genuinely created. They create similar amounts of opportunism improper opportunities. Not just wherever they would take it and I think as well you can look at it in terms of very contrasting ideas of what is that trying to do and say that they were both sort of successful up to a point now of course the success is the final score is but I think if you look at it in terms of what you generate during the game what you create. How much control you believe you've got. I think you can argue that. This is so usual cliche. The gaming halls. Okay I I take your point I might turn it around a little bit and say both teams effectively We see them so often playing for three three and they both effectively played an extra midfielder Yeah you guys up front. Obviously on the one hand it's missing agreement on the other hand it's finishes and And Benza to me. The difference was that in in the first half when Barcelona where we're in the ascendancy although I don't think it was an enormous gap between the two I think a lot of it you know. I think looks like they're more in control because they have a lot of the ball But then felt as if Pennsylvania. She's really were isolated. But then after the break crack my from wrong I thought. Ramadad switched it around and thought Venus and Ben's were and it looked like the move the team center of gravity up the Patriots and it became actually more different high priced higher. Yeah and they made it very difficult for for for for Barcelona go? Yeah of course but again you can still go back and unpack it so you can go back and say look bathrooms. Clear policy has been with set the building towards something whether or not he'll get nearer causes is another issue. But there's a there's a very clear identity which is we keep possession. We take this thing out the game. We play in a way that I'm doing the speech. Mark thing we my fingers now even though you can't see it this this intelligence that lives controlling air quotes that these that was cool air quotes. Thank you very much. I'm doing. The air quotes now. And you could say an. I must've been all the way through the first off. I felt like inside the statement. I think we should probably talk. A little bit about stadiums reaction the reaction of reflect the kind of the context in which this is all played the stage direction. The first off was one of poof. This is just inevitable at some point. We'll get the chance that they'll take and then ends and that first half. Yeah Yeah really do and I felt I don't know about you. I felt like an I wrote this line but I think it might. I think in the end of my lost in the in the cussing but it felt like a Rhonda to know where a lot of the time they were playing playing playing. They've got the pitch come back again. The pitch come back again and thinking that just playing for the sake of control. Playing the long game and sets you had hinted at this beforehand. He'd said we won't position he also said Madrid under more pressure than us. And you've got this very distinct feeling that having watched the city game because of course he met while the owner off that game and they spoke about any admittedly spoke about some of the things that could maybe apply that city had done. I think he felt he was playing the long game. Which is we get control. They're nervous they're under pressure at some point and they'll be forced out and then we catch them and we have got on that side. Of course. That's that's completely the wrong reading of as it turned out time suited and by not killing them off by not taking the opportunities they had. They gave me the chance to to react but within that kind of if you like endless realm no of possession the fussell they did in fairness them create three absolutely clear-cut chances and get them pressure at all watching on TV that the stadium was fearful genuinely every but Boston had the day whistled and they whistled and it was based on. You know we'll get let's get. Let's get this ball off them. Let's we need to react here and there was no reaction which is wise. You say because exactly what happened. Artem saying Sets Zoo Dan. City take a step up. Go impress them. High Going Rob Ball. Don't allow them to just bring it out comfortably and and emotionally a winter. Stegar makes that save from SCO which is what fifty six something like that around about that when he makes that save and this is obviously the this is an emotive response from me and this is a this is a kind of an interpretive response. Inside the stadium everything changed. There was this big rule. There was just like yeah here. We go this can be done from that moment. On Madrid came out and it wouldn't necessarily play we've brightens without was the right thing to do but play with Kandahar of Har- an energy and legs in aggression ambassador for twenty five minutes or so maybe even the whole of the second half just did not have to live. It said this. He said we've lost control. We lost the ball. We didn't know what to do. We were I just I think at that point. Just push them aside Jewish so interesting how you experience a game show differently on television one million on that front. Yeah I I've I've said I was a bit like in front of the TV. I didn't feel like the stadium was was fearful and and really was anyway editor on. You're probably right but I mean let's not forget that it was it's been a long time since remedied be buffalo now at the Bernabeu. So in a way if you will find and you've been there and you've seen it before you feel like okay. This is a this is like the last four years or five years or wherever it was last exactly it. That's exactly the context. In which will this happens. However I still cannot understand how a midfield of our to boost kids and young con beat the press in the second half and can crumble so much I mean Bruce Katz for me an steady last year and I go ago slaughtered on social media but for me bousquet is gone. Brusca is gone. Brusca cannot play in a game against the team. I took him the second half against any team. That will pull off pressure on him. I think he will always struggle now and I think he sees the game he ahead of everyone but still half a second slower than used to and I think in a game like second half I think such an should have changed something far earlier than indeed with breath. Wade as you said you changes here because obviously you've got along Sunny Braithwaite. I think something like your your bff of for people to to your Spanish but it struck me that exhibit on is if you're being pressed and being pressed and you're struggling to get out and I know Barcelona don't like to do it but they have done in the past with pet the out ball to somebody to talk to somebody somebody. Pacey or somebody who can run with it from the back is just always an option and except for the odd by occasionally so. I thought that all right. It's not something that they were able to do. I mean is this really where maybe he should have thought of putting in Rather than your friend Raceway Maybe answer fattier or somebody who? Who's God's those legs who can do that because let's face it grease man? I don't know if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed but he was terrible. I saw and messy really had an off night as well. Yeah I think I think. Let me let me pick on your premise. A little bit. Which is the I think. The outboard is really really important. And I think I think one of the things that the coaches even at junior level will insist on now is this idea of beaten oppression. You can beat the press through round or over and obviously over has to be an option however however committed you ought to keep the ball over has to be an option and if it's played well then over can be a very good option and of course this is particularly wet. A second comes in one of the things may seem to do last night which I think Madrid didn't didn't do invite which would depress segment bring them right on top of them and then go over so now it's curious because they don't like living with the press but they sort of wanted at least they wanted to be able to ping that ball over to the man now. The thing was the reason why I say. I want to take your premise. A little bit is because I think the focus from Boston isn't the pinball for the man running through because to be honest however quick you all wherever breakway. All Fatty all denver lay from when he ever becomes face the wherever. It's one of those. It's not really the ball through the gap to run onto the is the is the out bowl because obviously particularly relevant brands will be she to it because incredibly quick. It's more the boards. The player that can win it. I've Ronnie's Chester in the air. Bring it down and then play from there having broken that first wave of pressure. Which of course is what Luis Suarez does and without loose worth. They've got nut literally no one who can do this. So they don't have the outboard which is part of the reason. Why bizarre it seems. We're seeing our to dial plan slightly high right sided position. Why because he's the one and only player that the coaching staff believed that ball to the he will bring it down that he will maybe win in the House got the aggression because if you play a long pinball degrees man forget it if you play Messi forget it so you've got to play it to someone who has the capacity to bring it down and Boston and frankly don't have that player they also in the absence of them but I don't really have the player the runs in Spicer. You've mentioned party and I think there is an element of truth for nothing. He suddenly can do a bit of that. I think in Pau when you look at changes. I think they have to be seen impala at least in context of how little there was on the bench to make the changes and Braithwaite comes on media goes past. I think he's Marcello and I think here we go now this cutting edge. That wasn't there the first off. But it's not. I don't think it's really about the outboard because I think that out ball doesn't have a target because without risk there is no one's aim at five point on on individuals you mentioned. I mean on the Rama Rao Madrid and I thought was was pretty monstrous in this case when we reminds us how we often leave him out of the conversation of the top three or top five in the world. Maybe because some people don't even think he's number one around Madrid among centreback spite. Man The guy is the guy's totally agree Easter Easter in fairness before this last season. He was disastrous. And I'm not sure whoever it was a post World Cup thing or what it was but it was awful but but this year he really does it very very good one of the things about his speed and his ability to recover. It seems so effortless. He doesn't seem to need to. He doesn't go in for the epic. It doesn't go in for the heroic. He just does it. Move out without having to be flying over the place. He's he's the he's the opposite of Stephanie Ramos. Yeah he's he's so much under control right after you looked at but I obviously made a difference in the practical. Use Them Against City but final point on this. I was Kinda surprised that for Was was left out for For Marcello I thought Marcella had an up and down game. I thought that when he went and he caught up with messy sometimes bring special but based is to the left. Hand side right. That's the whole idea. Is the muscle always going to be more attacking the Mendi or do Mendis? Mendy can do both good. Mosleh will especially talk more. And that's why you saw you saw lowest back three times and you saw it off of Madrid talking on the left hand side with Vinicius and Marcello had both of them be more clinical and the and the crosses on their policies or the the decision making you could think Katrina especially if initially this is the other thing I also have a very brief point and then let's pick up. You're talking about that first. Half where think felt like Bosnia were were absolutely superior and creative free really good chances but everytime Madrid they did it with an incision and intend that battle and didn't have the problem was as you just mentioned. This is decision making and there was this sense that I just not going to happen. And then of course eventually did as you say you surprised. Everyone was surprised everyone was surprised about this. But then you back off from it and it's juicy saying about overloading left. Hand side is about putting pressure on Barcelona there. But I also think there's another thing it's I think about realizing that Boston are going to go for possession. They're going to go for possession. We've a certain degree of caution which they did. A lot of that position is set at. It was where it was playing playing comeback. Go for combat. Turn around but no one really gun bill. Also if you have a defender who is exposed when someone runs into the spice behind him but you think the team is gonNA play without that player that runs spice behind him and he's don't expose them. We complain because they haven't gotten that run and until bright flight came on bus already. Didn't have that runner at all. So maybe he felt. This is not such a risk and as you say that the tackler messy. I think when you see the way that Marcello responds I think that tells you everything about the kind of pressure that he's been under because he was celebrating not scoring a goal which we would expect from the more gripe is skill but doing some defending and I think that was really really symbolic way. He celebrate that look I can defend two against messy I. Where are we now in the in terms of letting title race I I had Madrid winning it beforehand. We talked about it. I'm assuming sweet about I would win the league. That's why I didn't I said Raw Madrid. You saw yes. I'm sure you can go back go back. Gills. I'm just saying I think we all said Madrid. Get I was not sure about you. So now we were even more on the Round Madrid bandwagon. Yes so well of course we are. Yeah and we are. We always in agreement here that the students are not very good right. It was a good game I thought. But they're not. I mean not so so few people saying this is maybe the worst boss team we've had in years maybe even the worst remedied him. We've had in years. Yeah go ahead. I'm going to say did you hit what? Pk set off the game. Yeah you're running with no special before the game so maybe it was a bit of an answer to that but I mean I think I think actually what I was saying was was kind of quiet. Honest in the in the first half. I felt that the feelings that were being transmitted by round. We weren't good at all that they didn't feel like they were good side. I felt like they were the worst remedy. Decide I've seen for a long time coming here and I don't think this was a dig. I really don't because because of course what he was really saying was. He was talking about his disappointment at their own failure. And so I've seen a lot of people respond to them say well. If we're all Magenta bad how what you know. How do you so you know? That's exactly the point. He's making exactly. The point is making us look even in a position where we're where we're confronted by this team who I felt wolf. They're there for the taking. We could really damage them here and we didn't do it so that criticism that he makes jude while while yet it's a bit out of place and yes. It's not the kind of thing. Football is normally say about you as a journalist at least I celebrate the fact that something fabulous don't normally say it's much better that way round but I think the point he was really making. Was We wasted this? We are not that good at the opposite this opportunity and we wasted and he said himself look when he was pushed. This isn't a criticism. We've all got our own problems and it's not as if we're really really good and so you know this was. This was to use Valdano's line I'm GonNa try and find the the big the English translation of this makes it sound much worse than we saw trauma. Be careful about what I said. Valdano said before the class and I think he maybe was partly. This was partly borne out by the game. This is like a race between two guys. Who are limp. You know this this is a this is a classical these teams are probably not what they once were and I think that the conclusion postgame might. Well be that yeah. These two teams are going to fight for the title but maybe not quite good enough to as messy by the way said a couple of weeks ago or Gills. Let's go from the biggest match in the world. The most famous football club in the world as it was known when I was growing up many many years ago. The ones who played a theater dreams. It's magic united better than Mark Ogden. Chew join us here Augie. All the negativity and the only draw against Everton mighty got more out of it Fifty table this is good right. Yeah Think Epson. Do you believe in social now. No no oh not one again. I don't believe you. Social now. Below the office in the sable and Jordan Evanston East generally could result in anything but freaks. He's one of the Republican votes in every game. Goodison Park always minutesof game the United Book. I watched the game yesterday. I think that you know what you probably shaded. It got very lucky at the end with the goal. That wasn't a goal which probably should have been a go. Let's get straight into that. Yeah Okay 'cause watching let's let's let's start at the beginning of the game started with a horrendous mistake by who another one jumping one where you know he just takes forever to clear the ball and he hits his off of. Calvary Luna goes right into the banks. I mean his comedy comedy he made up for it with with a good goal with some good saves later. What I'm driving at is if you're united. You made an enormous financial commitment to the sky. Used to be knee jerk automatic. People say especially English. Ex-pros David you know best goalkeeper in the world. They don't say that anymore. I don't know if there was ever true but he was a very reliable goalkeeper and now alternates. These tremendous saves with these weird mistakes lapses in concentration. They've locked a lot of money into a difficult to shift and they have that Dean Henderson. Who's doing pretty good? He's on loan. Sheffield United Yeah. Well let's address the higher. I so is not very good in the balls in the as you said a couple of times this year when he's being bullied of Aerial challenges and conceded goals. He's not rooted in the police feet so I think he's a great shot so that surely is the basic premise. Rainy Goalkeepers Becky the ball out of that. It says a lot with his legs as well. So He's you know is a bit. It's not you're trying to click capable still. I don't think he's anywhere near the best. In the world the new data goalkeeper. Anybody thinks that no the likes of a kind of anticipate reinvent the way they go keep a place I mean I saw spurs recently and he was one little polar opposite half he was. It was nearly sent circling high. Say He gave his team searching. Basically sweeper to. Hey It never leaves these penalty IRA but that could also be instruction to your strengths. But well I think it might depend deeply involved but anyway Dean Henderson I don't think about tonight's unless he's told that it will contend with the next season. I think he writes himself very highly. Very confident people say that while he's a talent is supreme confidence the point of overconfidence. I think the problem is it will have the patience to go back to the united. Sheffield United Tie. I don't think he will participate or all right. This is what I'm driving right. If you have these issues in a perfect world you could sell the hair. But the problem is in a perfect world. And there's another factor too because there's another very good young goalkeeper who's going to be coming onto the market very soon most likely in the summer. I don't believe rumors going to extend his contract at Maitland. 'cause he makes insane amount of money and he's out of contract and eighteen months so you could be a problem for some yeah. Maybe I'm just a minute. You're you're going to have its supply and demand you're GONNA have to highly rated goalkeepers make a ton of money for both coming onto the market. I would be coming both on the market. He's Lucido so that's the thing if the option of selling the has kinda gone connected so even this idea of putting having Henderson compete with the hair in training camp or whatever and then assigning starting job. It's not gonNA happen is it? This is the of you know. It's bad mistakes of the of recent when they gave Wayne Rooney along contracts. After I left they thought always grew up with kept up as play when the reality was that Mooney's Asia behind him and I think they've done the same with the honeys than about place and sign a play with the funds would not right but they'd be unhappy dialect but it wasn't a smart decision now. You can argue that Social Romero's probably more of a chance to play the season. Yo remember whatever play. It doesn't really you know it's done. I think playing would give the hair kickoff. The Pakistani maybe needs because I send complaints. Who Don't see the it looks like he's on. Eighteen doesn't seem to wanting the coast games. Henderson might give them a challenge. But I think and it's not being goalkeeper the euro. If the go ahead he he might because we talk mistakes that Hayes made yesterday Thinks Guy I progress. It was just all Jordan. Pickford both made seven going so it can pick not Roy Kingston about co. Keep all right. So what do you do? I mean in the summer which I don't understand why Henderson come come back to the United States. Good enough it's like it's like de for Misdemeanor Osip Syndrome six. I saw you lose honestly Sanchez. But you can't afford do to lose another of your world class players so you give him a shoe store and he's not worth toward the United States we're GONNA lose paw-paw. We know that we call it afford to lose the house well. So let's give industrialized long contract with a lot of money. But OSEN Ozil with emory. And I guess maybe an author ties was was dropped on the bench as well. Sometimes he wasn't even twelve. Th I don't think I don't see why different from an outfield player. But it is extorting situation. You're talking about and again. I don't WanNa keep beating the club over the head with US but clubs. Three highest paid players next season. Correct me if I'm wrong will be Paul Park but at Alexis Sanchez. And that's pretty nice. Clean all right decision that came at the end. I just think it's interesting from a rules. Perspective described as best as best they can but average are pushing for for the equaliser ball comes into guilty secrets in. Who's WHO's tackled by Wamba sock? I think he's right. It should go. This is just he shoots call. He should score. I don't think it's a great finish. Great he's a great save by the ball ends up back out to Calvert Lewin who shoots on goal it comes off of looks like carrying. He'll on the thing is simpson for some reason has stayed on the ground in front of the goal is clearly an offside position. The Bolt SORTA trickles Paxton. He lifts his legs out of the way. And He lets it any. Let's go by. The goal is disallowed. Oh it's not disallowed straight away by the assistant referee. Which I think McGuire made this point. You don't really need vr. Because you know we're Maguire is. You're watching and I think a lot of a lot of the Viagra that happened. After which could have been avoided I think if it had been disallowed and then. Vr simply backed up the decision. You get the impression that the goal stands which means that it's going to be a VR overrule We had a lot of debate about this on the show last night. The Boys Berlin. An Steve Nicol thought that the goal should stand The primarily came out and said they made two points. I'm not sure either point. Stacks up all right so one is. They made a point about the line of vision now. This is different. We had this idea of the Kona Vision which was in the previous set of rules. Now it's his. Is he interfering with his ability to do his job by being his line of vision? He's on the ground. Souls can presumably. Who's six foot five exactly over him? So that's wrong. That's sad you can still see him in his peripheral. Vision is your distraction. Maybe they're making a point I don't know and the other one is does his action then interfere or somehow Through the hand doing something he wasn't I don't think it does because he standing position he knows that if he touches the ball. He's off side. All he does is get out of the way as the ball. Not like he deceives the hair in doing so and day of course is taking step in the other day anyway because he doesn't expect the deflection off Maguire. So well I guess it's not seems to know the answer to this from six to move his legs so vulgar through Jesse was interfering with play but I still think he's a hard know look. I think that he wasn't I don't think he replied. I really don't I think he was on the ground. Like he's saying he was. Just you know. It's a very strange decision to make time for me. So this is kind of decision scandal. Big like the the the line says as you said the line of vision or the eyeliner wherever for the hair there's no way that give fee prevents them from seeing anything of that move and you could see it because the hair moves on the right after cover. Lewin shots and then on the left again once the deflection ECON said the because he's moved too much on the right after the election and the and the in board goes in. There's whether good fees are not. It doesn't change would imagine anything at all this season this week. I mean just brief talking about Karma Co final. The goal that won the game came from the clearly part. Yeah I mean you can't usually offer that but it clearly came off the side. Probably see. Yeah he's about to season. I mean he's still anyway referees. I feel from sometimes because there's so many angles and replaced but if they have them that and you know all right. We're GONNA use your cheery sunny disposition to cheer up United Fans Everywhere fifth-place. Buddha Fernandez is fantastic. Paul Park by might choose to return one day. Start playing football as well ease by train you rotate? And he's very Bruno. Okay you go. He tweeted which part of the world this time. No He's backing Carrington so expect. You seem very very soon. The only problem for united is that the next game is against it as well. It wants to get through this the spurs and sits again th they do a decent features and everybody around me playing each other so I think that you know. Chelsea running gang of games Tottenham half way now. I do think that Chelsea bobby thinking about this somebody. I'll say this if I sit by pool that wolves other than wolves in terms of the will prepare yourself mentally. We're GONNA pay the percentage game in a minute love again other than other than wolves. I mean save played united. They've played spurs. They've played the other contenders for that spot doesn't have to be able to play sympathy but who cares. I mean you thank you teams. That have nothing to play for Chelsea so flake. Anybody so if you talk. I'm just in terms of schedules. I don't know that it's such a bad schedule. No I don't think anyone in racist go. Well it says a comfortable ruling. Obviously the United Shakeup Finance has made such a difference. It makes you wonder why messed around for so long John You. It's one hug with the price when you getting minimum. Could be the difference between two more points intro. It's again. I don't think faith actually open opposition. Believe place this year. I think that for the Tizi might drag on and on. So I know you've been talking to city So all right. So let's so. Let's make this assumption that that that that city are playing in the Champions League and let's let's give percentages before race after mark makes his point. I WanNa make the point that I wouldn't say that less than second and third year I was going to make that point. You will have bette for less the ring at phone. Big Time on the last day of the season is the kingpin that may be a big game because recent release dropping like a stone Champions League six point or the last day of the season. How exciting is that? All right So yeah so. Let's talk about it which to tomorrow for. Screw the percentages just telling flat out which two teams finished third and fourth. And by the way before paying united on the last game of the season Leicester Play Spurs the week before. So the Spurs United Understood Tony. They've got five points clear of Chechen fourth and seven on united. All right. I'm GONNA do this. No actually you guys start. Who finished fourth despite to be said about less and less to cling on but it will be a tight thing let's just about cling on third and. I think I think united will get full just two goals aren't you got less than united. I go for less than wolves. Boom boom more. That's in the middle of next seat in it for the championship. I I'm a take a different direction. Anything Chelsea get knocked out of the Champions League relieve some of the pressure politician. Hudson door presumably coming back at some point. Contact coming back at some point. I got Chelsea finishing fourth. I Guess Lester finishing third although or maybe even Chelsea third or fourth thing is interesting because we've all been kind of getting out of the season but all of a sudden they speaking fall away and you know a remarkable year could be the best thing in the worst thing no more picking Brennan is for Chelsea what what. Rumson new less. Nice Kavi so doesn't jaws. We're GONNA detour into the Bundesliga I really I thought bizarre. That's often Heim against by an official the fact that buying scored like I don't even know how many you probably don't have your head. How many goals? How quickly? But it felt like he was six meal straight away. Yes with after fifty minutes of them. Yeah in the first half. It's not the first time that buying have done this. And they had they had like three in twelve minutes at one point you let me see by state top also because Leipzig We're helped redraw But I think the focus here. Why are we talking about this year at the top is what happened At the end of the game in those last what was it? Fifteen minutes I have never seen anything like this before. We will say oh but luck with Germany and Austria. They did in the nineteen eighty two World Cup. You know that was completely different. That was for a reason so basically I'm going to try again to to to to say what happened. A banner appeared in the in the Byron. End calling Deep Hop who is. Let's call the benefactor of oftentimes not efficiently the owner because they have a fifty plus one rule. We put a lot of money back. Basically calling him An S. O. Beaked to use the infamous him He's been he's been getting a ton of abuse lately lately everywhere off and on goes and will explain why later This caused a lot of animosity. The buying players went over. They ask the fans to take the manner down. The three suspended the game. The players went down the tunnel. Then they came back up basically. It was almost as if they were applying the the racism eventually Both sets of players came out and Playing again and but they didn't they really play. They simply stood around and they just just past. Keep your bees. And that's how it petered out and some people came out and said. Oh you know this is. This is a great day in German football. We've turned over leased players aren't gonNA stand for this kind of abuse and whatever else. I'm uncomfortable with the whole thing with the players taking it upon themselves to go and do this in this specific situation agree with you Doubt for those who don't know the reason hall get so much. Abuse is twofold gone abuse for a long time because I think you should explain the fifty percent one rule. Yeah for the listeners. Don't know what happens when you want to own a club in Germany. Yes so basically in Germany. There's something called the fifty plus one rule which says that you can't have a majority owner who owns a controlling stake in the club. Then something that they do to keep the clubs sort of more involved with the fans members of your club members. Yeah In recent years we've seen cases where that has been circumvented in different ways. One of them of course is The other one is oftentimes. They've had you've had very wealthy benefactors coming in and in different ways pumping enormous amounts of money into the club. Halton tiny place Tiny club They've done this this. This ruffled a lot of feathers. But this was sort of seven eight years ago type. What's driven forward is that a lot of German fans we're Kinda traditionalist. Who would like the fact that you don't have individual owners Who Don't like You know a lot of trappings of modern football. We saw the protest of the night. Monday night game Basically they routinely go and they they put banners and they routinely sing about this and abused whenever we play often high when they play Livesey. Now what's happened with often? High more recently is is twofold. Wine the Broussard Dortmund. Ultras have been warned about not putting up banners against Dietmar hopp They they went on probation. They did it again. So as a result the German league ban them from travelling to Hoffman. Heim next to other clubs Other ULTRAS OUT OF SOLIDARITY SAID. Well wait a minute. We're just speaking her mind. You can't do this on top of that separately from this hop has done Which I think. I don't know I'm really not comfortable with at all. He actually when when? Bush Gorman played at Hockenheim. He hid microphones in the stands so they could effectively gather evidence and dormant and he's taken civil action against three of them for calling him an sob and other nasty words. Personally I'm not comfortable with this at all I did not nice to go and insult somebody on the other hand. What else how else are fans supposed to go and and Organiz? I think to go into for for billionaire to go and start suing individuals The the fight is a Weirdo. In a control freak I give you that and I think that was avoided with domain fines. I don't think you could insult with the banner. Like days will be on television in front of millions of people around the world. Just insult someone could eamon. Sob in that manner. I don't think that's right either. And I think understand why was unhappy and why we should point out that this is a case of solidarity between fans from many different club versus the Glock Back Union. Bedding and buying so traditional rival sets of fans are saying. Wait a minute. These people are taking our game away from us. That's how they see. Yeah Yeah and but again. I think the Monday night game protests from from the stem cell funds. I think have been quite creative in quite good. They clearly don't want any Bundesliga Games on the on the Monday night did it. Also protects the body to through Denny's boards on the page. That kind of thing. I think this was out of order to insert someone like this with banners tapping before them. Yes but it's not because before that you should do it again and again and again so I think that I think that the there's is right from the league and also Kazman from an eager to show whether or not whether you think they should be in. The position is now or that. He's a weird on everything. See when it comes to free speech. I'm a bit of an absolute so no I strongly disagree place for either. What what is the place to go and do it in your living room? Go that towards football. You insult people right. No you go there. You go there to make a statement where it's where it's going to be visible people. You don't get much to insult people. That's not what you do. I. I'm not saying that you do that but I don't have. I have a serious issue with the fact that he doesn't like you are a public figure. This idea that will you can't be insulted. People can feel insulted for many different ways right. They're going after him because of his behavior yet trying to shut them down and and I have an issue. The other thing which doesn't sit well with me. A lot of people have remarked About this is. I think you said this. Show right. This whole Byron The players refusing to play because billionaire gets Gets called the Knicks Ob? I had this one on one meal if they needed points. Yeah Munich would have attacked hundred percent. The other point which a lot of people on social media is wait a minute. A billionaire owner. Who's on a lot of controversial things gets called an SOB and all of the sudden you guys decide effectively. Stop playing but then we've had incidents of racist abuse and I don't think it's business as usual but yeah. She plays reacting that way. I just felt disappointed in the buying players that they kind of went. Along with this Let's let the referee do his job. Referee says let under the rules. We're GONNA suspend the game because of that which by the way I don't even I mean I don't understand why they couldn't have sent insecurity and had the banner remove which would seem more more reasonable and which offends in every country which happens in normal consciousness. People don't wear sandals with socks but For you to go and do this. I think is kind of an insult to too many different people people who watch the game and be nothing to do with a protest. I know they were applaud. People like oh but look everybody applauded. Dietmar HOPP Yeah Duh. You're in Hoffman High Stadium. He's employees Yeah I think this is going to run and I think you expect by Munich as a doorman work because Domino Association of Think final fifty thousand years. It's not it's not. The amount is the program. Here is the fact that could by Munich get fined for example for the funds. Behavior again like you said they express whether you agree with the non. We disagree but I don't think Byron would get fined because as a club right. They went along with making this making the statement and I think whatever find they get is going to be relevant. I do think that it does create another issue between Byron potentially between buying the fans. You know you don't a difficult. It's bad optics right. Yeah if you're a fan you're going to say well wait a minute. You're hanging out to dry here. We're the people who go out and support you week in week out. We care about this club. We'll be at this club. After most of these players are long gone. You may disagree with us on the mutual hop and she's not really going to cost you anything it doesn't affect you. You're basically shutting us up and making us look like the bad guys here And we don't expect that from you I again. I would have thought by and go back out. They just play your game. Don't get involved in phineas and like the club. Don't get involved in this. It's a problem between Hawk. The authorities regulate to stop the NFL. Joel's enough German stuff. Let's have some quick hits instead. Now we know is going to happen. But maybe this and maybe not against Wofford. Liverpool's unbeaten run in the primarily because over after their three nil. Defeat is the second loss in the last three games after the match and it was sandwiched in between a humdrum display against West Ham. No reason to really worry here. It's not like they won't win the Premier League title but is it just a normal physiological reaction after a break so I think yeah I think there's a few thing I think you're right the winter break. I think maybe so. They got rusty after that. Our so. Think that when you so much your heads. Psychologically even if you don't want it you may be switched off a little bit you know in this gender so that I guess West. I'm Anne was that. Was that Tom we again at? Wofford where I I never felt. They were really in the game and also the product of have said on the show on on such the night. I think when you've been when you've never been pushed the season so when you've maybe united when you went up to the minute but all the other games even when you pay the fifty percent of your abilities you won't even when you were. You were seventy percent. You won't and no one really. It was too easy for you. Push to and I think he got to a point where you turn over fifty percent because the governor's playing somehow either but then this this this one time there the fifty percent is nine and then when you wake up to play more intensity is too late you to go down to ego defending so bad by the way. I think is lost five times with Liverpool. Guess who was next to him in a center bike for four five games. Yeah Dejean Laurie you and to me this makes you even greater but when the free aren't creating or firing if the opposition can shut Alexander Arnold off-day fields and fields not really struggled to create against teams teams. Who sit and yeah. No team is a perfect from every vantage point but in terms of technical ability and the ability to create that is not the strong in that midfield but that doesn't take anything away from the FI. That is an incredible season and it would be an incredible season for them. Those forty four games. Unbeaten is incredible eighteen winner. A Roy's incredible even if it's an average premier league season which I still think it is because so many big clubs in transition is still fantastic. What we've done so far agreed for the feds consecutive years and the fourth time in five years Manchester City win the League Cup Got Vida Medi close at the end basically deserved it right. Yeah they they did deserve it. Also because while the game to spark into life in the second half it was also because watch out for Johnstone's at felt about sorting I didn't even look at. It looks like something Phil Jones do on a day. Yeah and that's the only reason the game opened up. We're going to mourn with shots as well with a lot of changes. Sova no debrecen big shoutout to fill foden. I still find it. I know he played well in this game. I find it hard to judge. How good he really But pay well done. Well done city yet yet. Another transit now. I know you love your checkers. Yes almost as much as you love your man should tell me about what? Imbaba pulled off against Dijon. And as you'll be doing this all the time well. The good thing is that he's been confirmed. Clearly which is always good news before the second leg of the Champions League Day for On Saturday evening against these boys while he was he was on the near the touchline and got the ball and did Wa believe you. Call the flip flop in English where you don't know about the flip. It's more like a modified elastic. So infringing Celestica as well but here I think is the fifth out so when you basically in the same foot movements touch the ball with the outside of your right foot and then the inside of your rifle. So he's going to do the flip flop and then as well as doing that to to to defend their basically also when as make which is pretty remarkable. I think the other day someone is doing the other day Marcus rush for similar flip flop and then other days been injured for your season. Season beat another jude. And then he lost the ball against the third jude right. Yeah but he still goes giving system day was called And it looked like for goods in Paris again. Just in time for the clash against the big man. God also looking forward to you. Vinci's against Inter on my laptop of course the TV was reserved for the classical. Your Ryan did on the other screen and now you've got postpones. Well how pens we'll call nobody no country where there's no football. I'll pretty much book in the Northeast. Well I mean we're other games only just across the mountain. It's because of the it's because obviously of the of the corona virus restrictions. Obviously take to come first. Health comes first. I'm not an allergist. I'll defer to the experts but I have a major problem with what the League did the League decides I They're gonNA play behind closed doors. Then they decide oh no. Let's just postpone this game? And because the calendars totally screwed up. Let's go let's play these and it's five games were postponed. Let's play them on May thirteenth and move caught by Tanya from to May Twentieth Which also means moving it by the way from Rome to Milan? Because they have the hand stadium on the eighteenth for the euro's then they change their mind again and say oh eight now Let just move those five games forward one week and play them next weekend. Which would be the weekend of May seventh and eighth Play the game on Monday. Night may ninth Which by the way the which we then leaves an open for all the other teams. Whose Games weren't postpone. I guess they just kind of miss out on that Now they're Now they're the they're talking about changing that again doing some other nonsense first before that they were talking about. Oh a why. Don't we play them in week this week and shift the copay? Tanya Games that were scheduled. Both you've an interplay and this week this is crazy this is absolutely an of. You may get decision then as well of course I have another game that they have to make a decision and stick with it. Okay government tells you using your options. You decide decide amongst yourselves you stick with it. It's absolutely absurd the author who is Easy meetings and enter Chief Executive. He's the president of the League that the League comes out with a decision and then he flips out and he doesn't like it. You know I know but the reason. He says they didn't tell me about you. Know what like sit down and decide. It's really not that different. You may need to lock yourself in the room but come out. Make a decision and show united front and stick with it. This is just a freak show. How much do you think these would impact on the rest? Because obviously had you've worn behind right. I have no idea. I don't believe there's a big against one team or another game happened on. May Two thirds to say that. Asked me once when when they actually? I don't know what happens if you reach Champions League. Final who the hell knows and Europa League final? I mean honestly this whole thing is just so stupid it was such. It was such an amazing season an amazing race. Leave it to them to screw it up exactly not a great run for Chelsea right now. When addition to the hammering from buying in the Champions League they need a last-ditch goal to avoid defeat at Boras Dr Jules what is your diagnosis warring From a patient. Jc and Franklin one in six now in the League as well If you look at the goal scorers in two hundred twenty I think Markus three then with Agus to adequate amounts to like. We'll tell you Abraham was going to get tired couldn't do it and he was gonNA suffer inform in the new year yet but you can find other options. Right are the ways I mean. He started to see but still. Now you want to why you don't play anymore because he's tired. Know another way. Isa Learning curve learning curve. Of course it is tough time and every team goes through. And he's he's all depends now how lampard and the players right up pouch and how they come back from it and out of could they find the solutions. You've put in the efficacy this week and and then you will have. The is is over now so they could focus with one game a week for the end of the season for example if they lose to Liverpool. I think much better for them. I think that's going to be pretty big in terms of of their their their run for the top four but you touched upon earlier with Augie because wolves they're going to keep going you expect spurs not so much maybe but Certainly United are GonNa are gonNA keep going. That night is the one thing. I think Twisting maybe in their favor talking could have taken advantage of Tennessee dropping points but it hosts awards when those sorry on on Sunday they contrive to throw where to one lead and lose three two Marino. Insist they were the better team and deserved more GAB. Do you agree pretty semi you. Don Enough I. I don't agree. I don't know what on a manager speaks after a game and they've lost thrown away league. There's no good way to do right. You had to praise the opposition to come out and say that you were the better team because you were two one up. It's just silly you know I. It doesn't do him any favors. He made a big call and leaving out other viral more than Vertongen. I think 'cause you know obviously talking doesn't really fit into his own it and playing in the back three so dire can pass out of the back in midfield. You know what I mean other players can pass to like doing. The game is Greg. I don't I don't know what's going on. He's got the huge alibi. Did he say that his season begins July? First it's actually all right. He's I think he's an insult. Your club to your fans who pays to get a very very expensive price and also you'll players. Oh don't worry about this season. You have a shot at getting into the Champions League. This is the right which makes a difference in eighty nine hundred million in terms of how much money you're gonNA have to spend Next season and in the summer I just don't I don't understand him. Bridge Doorman Make It. Four straight wins beating Freiburg and pulling within a point of Life Sake. Things gene central goal address. This wasn't particularly impressive. Was it. It was an didn't play really well. The goal is a good goal. Harlan was on the banks There was a bit of rotation and athlete. Arthur J. D. which which would be which would be no more because plates some. They had some really good Games lately. Especially against. Pg and Champions League is where we love intensity and I think the fact that they won't without playing while she's clear. This is a game they would have dropped points few months ago. I really believe so. And the fact that they won't even without being impressive and stay in touch with banning that title race especially then we'll we'll see dropping points the following day weekend for them and it shows that sometimes you need to grind out a result and they did and again. This is a young team. I believe that you know. I think he was positive in a way. I WanNa see them ways. I WANNA see fit Markle Royce. I don't think though but you know they don't Royce isn't going to get into the starting lineup. No I think Michael releases fit. He should start and I think this would. This would be a different team in the mix. I agree I agree. So as we said LIVE SAKE SLIP FURTHER BEHIND THEIR HEAD BY LIVER KUZIN. One one ferries got for your friends. You your pizza. Bush saying more South Boston lucky. Frankly because Leon Bailey's goal the police on the show and then watch it again. He completely missed hits shanks head away. Wanted you know I. I think as dominating as they were In in recent outings but I still think they did they they. They had more than enough to win and their three points back. But I'll tell you I don't think the Bundesliga is owner is over by any stretch of the imagination. Greek for Pizza Bush in looking up also is true. Yes he is. He's as a whole kid. He's the whole tool. Shed point against move on. I exit a chance to go six points clear but they messed that up. Didn't they? Did again is to deficient run. The loss previous. We'RE GOING AGAINST IRAQ. Last which is more surprising and then this time. Aides played really where this very young fun. Three and specially the center forwards Marin Bahadur. Who's having an incredible news only nineteen and they really well in the European although they lost to last from links as you know in Austria in midweek yet pick themselves up really well to go to Iraq says well to the arena and win that game to come back level in the table which will leave us with great tighter raise. You know the seasoning there which was really good but there was a young talent on display for both teams. And after. Say The keys from Eisenach Monty. Really this year ago people were talking about Erickson Hog about like. Oh you're going to go return to buyer he's GonNa do this on. The back of isis run talks kind of fallen. Though I know he lost a lot of players vote and I I was never going to fairs on on Thursday night and I have to say I was disappointed by lack of intensity in the game and the lack of creativity as well. And when when Donovan the is is based when Zia who is not mid week but came back at the weekend is not on good day that lack of creativity and I and I think that could be a problem. Going forward sin win the League but overall is not season for them too early Gorge Sende larger on their way to win over Bologna that sends them top of this area for now. Got All that we mentioned earlier. There remained consistent though. Yeah they're incredibly consistent and in Lewis Backtra who's phenomenal. They have a real real gem of a player. I I don't quite now. I I just think the eighteenth Item of evidence Either you don't write somebody off because moved to a big club. Perhaps too soon. Or whatever Y- He's absolute phenomenon. Simone Inzaghi doing such a good job at putting keeping a little things. He reminds me a little bit of cloudy. Eighty during Leicester's run in two thousand fifteen sixteen to the primarily title. Now he's come out and said No. We are competing for the title but the way everything under wraps everything home not easy to do in a city like Rome tools Madrid. Follow up there. Goodwin's overby around in the pool with a stinker of a drug and Y'all and all black saves the day once again. You've got a new theories to explain their underachievement or do you want to just move on and talk about Carlos Vela's goal which you know your lovely that goes back not just quickly article. It looked to me Watching that just to get me for granted. Espanola been struggling all season. They think about what you said a short Shimmy owner team taking a game for good. That's the way they looked. Yeah no but it looked like he didn't have the Hungary game And created I thought very little and as you said if oh black there or let's save another keeper David Hale for example then the loser got. I'm not sure what to say anymore. Atlanta schools seven quarters away from home for the second time this season winning seven to with your politics in incredible form again despite their Third Goal and then if you haven't seen go and check it out only by Morley goals this season than Ladera. Why doesn't everybody play like this? They make it look so easy. Three Jude Make It. Look easy case you know. They have part. From Papua Gomez they have a bunch of generally imperfect players guys. Who aren't you know? We're very good players. But none of these guys are are really all rounders or if they're all rounders. You don't necessarily have that quality. I I mean the reason they don't is because it takes a lot of guts to play the way they do And it takes players very committed to to to to the cause and and it takes a manager who who believes in it and it makes adjustments but I think people are looking at this and saying they can do it with those guys. What could we do with much better players? And that's the thing you think better players who are maybe how can I put it no as receptive to demands DOT Gasperini can have for example? You know they still be like sorry. Sorry worked out and putting up players for it and they were ready to listen and do. I said once you go maybe to a bigger club with better players in my Nelson high so responsive Juicy Wyoming. I TAKE POINT. I would chuck Pepperoni Pep Guardiola at you if you remember The ways Barcelona teams pressed those guys were superstars. Depressing run around and you know he did it with racking sterling and and a lot of others so now obviously he's Pep Guardiola so it's easier for lassie. I think you can make a point about certain situations as well. I just so different. And so much fun to watch Let me not the only one doing it but the only one doing it to this degree do you think a bigger club would giving me stance. He had a shot at his bigger club. I don't I don't know I. I don't think he fancies at one of these. You mentioned I say the this was Pretty Extraordinary But Boban who is Me On defacto titles. But he's the factor sporting director boss. your Buddy Ivan. Gazeta came out and he talked about the medium plan and budgets. And you know getting young players and better players and going slowly. He came out and he he was really really hard. He complained about the fact that I mean Supposedly met with Ralph Rang Nick behind his back. He talked about how they needed to to to go and extend players contracts like he Brahima Vich. This is a real cultural clash between you know people who are old school ex pros and people who count every penny because they're running your business juxtaposed against the background of financial for play of course And Mandalay Boban spoke. Glenn Wet Right. It's not me and Bob on one side or does he just on the other side short a call us from this longer right. Yeah and I think Bobbins Gonna I think a greater chance of you being do sporting director. Imbaba right now But it does. It does speak to the reality of I. Think a lot of times ex pros even very intelligent ex-pros They're just so disconnected from the Of of money and Finances and and whatever else and I think that's made thing more more challenging and speaking of evolving. Because he just he's old club Arsenal. There is also came out. I always recommend the excellent excellent Swiss Rob Ramble. Executive believe is also an arsenal fan. But he's got a very long thread On their finances declared a pretty big loss of thirty two million dollars their first loss in a long time This is going to turn the screws a little bit on our state dinner Especially if they don't qualify for visiting the season was she's Riley more at the moment more like more likely than than than qualifying Champions League. Which is you know. He's a club who love big wage bill but not the revenue of the Champions League to To COVER FOR IT AND IMPROVE. Your seasons still manage to sell some players to get money in the United States that they will bring bringing in. But that's gone now and you'd have to look at the current squad to think if they need some money and they probably will who'd you said together money and you already look up. People like Obama young although he will have only have one year left contract has another year after. Or then you go down the route of Martinelli and people like that is tough times and and you really want for the club. Dot Chimpanzee Qualification. You know now. Fourth-place replace wherever they can get it otherwise you cannot another of having What can strongly recommend to Rolston Yankee? And the crunchies is do not hire twenty mirror ball. Bud Go going to All right that's all we've got time for this. You WanNa do you want to give us a pointless fat yes? I've got a good one this week. You know transfer market the the the websites. We'll give value to play as they mark yet storage and anti marked. They don't pretend to know and to set. All evaluation is right but they tried to give the best as they can and I think most of the they quote right right you agree or no senors not anyway. They've got an INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. As with a big following Two POINT SIX MILLION. The guess who just plugged them. What player block them because he was unhappy with the value that they've given him on the website? I feeling it's It's a big one. If you think about big big big one that would be one who got upset by seeing the valuation doesn't think he's right about himself wisit. Cristiano Ronaldo so in thirty five years of age because the website said is worth sixty five million euros or pounds on their website is not happy so block them. I mean come on okay so first of all. I don't expect it was Ronaldo sitting operate his own instagram account. But this kind of reinforces my point. Great about valuations in the insanity evaluations. Because it's not transparent market. It's not a market. Where if you're a top player. There's a very finite number of people can even afford you. It's pretty obvious that China Rondo at thirty five years of age with his enormous salary. He might be one of the top two or three players in the world five. That's GONNA affect his vision for sure. Did you wonder what masses I know? And perhaps not coincidentally producer Freddie. Show telling us just now coming through big time telling you. Leeann messy valuation is Jules hundred and twenty. Six million then Christie's a couple of years young nurse yesterday. That's what that's what crisanto got really the harmful. What's he's twice more than me. No no no. Let's plug them. Well you almost want this you. You almost want messy to not stay at Barcelona until Yvonne de Although his value is zero. Yeah this the this document saying this of cool understanding money and things like that. Oh and now producer Freddie coming up big time look according to about policy. Bhalla is worth more really. Send him over the five all right man. That's all we're GONNA. We're GONNA talk about this week. We're going to be back next week. We didn't touch upon the Champions League which we normally like a look back so in Thirty seconds or less. I will mention the fact that you've interests were terrible against Leon. Yeah Chelsea were terrible against Biron and you can take the other two games and then much the PEP Guardiola had a pethick plan to go to the Barnaby. When I went to one and the other game Napoli played really well against Barcelona other. Suppo- Mr for the first time for the first time went into the stadium in the city where he's idol Diego out among plate. Which was it was. It wasn't an ordinary views older. They have. Maybe that's going to freak him. Yeah and a shot is way. Too Mountains echoed the records of my come seek although in two hundred games less and he is available. He's available in free in the summer as so what and I leaves us with really good secondly by the way in Boston or not between this to fight an aunt. And we'RE GONNA be back next week till then there's crispy and then there's crispy try our new and improved Tyson crispy chicken strips crispy just got crispy.

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