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They took Sarokin everybody to ringside toe to toe boxing. PODCAST brought to you exclusively by skysports. I'm on the clock in Saudi Arabia of not been here for too long but this is where it's happening this week and today is the day of the press conference and he is busy. This is some operation it really is. We're we're just a stone's throw away from the arena where the fight will take place on on Saturday night where the pack card will take place and just managed to grab two star. Turns turns on the way in Jillian white and trainer Mark Tips so festival. This is a very different kind of setting to be in for boxing. What do you what you make of it Italian something different something new but it's boxing's audible and this is this is the box in bring an illiberal at seven bucks in cost around the world because even walk in the run-up to believe funds to have a hand in Boston reach across the real as great `esprit fires can jump to give sky sports zone and creates such a big event? I you know with the help of some of these people who are here helping us to put a great event to give a very resilient sir. Some massive is probably one of the beasts events in the world. It's going to be very very long time. The Patriots got beyond Doing a fantastic job in bringing bringing the show together and it's really soft whirlwind the the only gonNA spectacular spectacular show Saginaw show. It's the preparation. How as it presented any kind of difficult problems different problems than you normally have well from a We've we've just crack right. Joan with with glass struck John with grass system. And you know we only troy gas system according to performance wise. Nothing's really pharmacy. Stephanie Culture Shock Okay. Not Shock but different coach. I S an all out but I really I'm really blessed to visit. You know. Different cultures isn't different countries in this job week though so yeah so we really really fortunate yes. Sometimes of your parents owned this car. That was a relatively literally late edition but must be great just to just to get back in the ring. His a relatively addition university. We had just a week to prepare for what really any You know get some important them. Whatever you know as a pro you have to train you to be ready to prepare yourself in? Obviously there's been a hard time lately. Bobby's he's not. Jim Is a distraction in the movie. Working so alipay Delfino come together and unify now using the gym and Training Two Times a day just to keep my mind healthy. Oh fiamma body healthy Indian. So let's released me doesn't take a lot to talk to in this up but unity and there's a massive opportunity soon and obviously I need to get back during a three year. Let's get it will. Headlines yesterday was stolen by your brother by the The fifty six to fly here on. Is he been banging on about that. No He's been doing enough media by and so you know he done good you know. It was one of the quickest guys to respond. Obviously on reservoir guys they control guy calm them down and handed him over over. You know So yeah you know it was his great. My team was was was Dan Spring into action because people in the plane panicked and they went up to them. And so you guys we need to go and help. The Woods is going crazy. Geno Shiny summit you know we read about the experience so you look down someone not for. I mean when I look down and soda. Commotion Bay was Under Control. It was it was felt Saif the in our paper losing control. I've got confidence in these people. Yeah Yeah you know me as well. I just wanted my team. If one hundred itself so I'll just say okay. Cool Guy wants guidance himself. Initially guys on the cutting find guys knew that the guys can hundred offended when Romney very experienced. I'm being endanger situations in situation before nut light up under their candidates so I did see on Instagram as well You bumped into Anthony Joshua I the last couple of days and and you seem to give him some giving some real love ahead of the fight. It's a huge huge weekend for for him and you could argue for British boxing. It's been building and building and building. And how does he J- huge event for rural boxing. In general the whole sporting world is gonNA stop in to watch the MUSI fight in must've under card to verify Sunday but I'm good. I just wanted to let him know. Listen can we arrivals disappoint you have. Multiple is a British writer. One from the new in life his disappoint you own a lot of people by to bring people down to make it go for a little bit of sugar. You're listening ten months ago. We will senator gesture people saying he addresses. The best fighter in the world is going to have division. It makes one mistake another one. It was a big bodybuilder. We knew it was GONNA lose. You know back home the funds very ungrateful and they elect to bring people down which I don't understand you know one. You made one mistake on. Our sudden is nothing you know and then few months gave one is an easy save division which I don't understand you know so so I just wanted to know. Listen money still support hair and there's still people that's got you back on this movie. Villas continent to get the job done so quick road of him. I tell him go. Oh a window titles I bring them back home so we can have a must've must've just the massive if we you know. It is a fickle gave. This isn't it. It's very fickle. Understands can fans but I think hopefully everybody will be. I'm sure they will just get behind him this weekend because what people love more than anything else who says I love to see someone overcome versity to to to come from behind win the race and that's for the first time that's where he is. Water will have you ever looked. Aj yesterday in the public work out a lot more confidence. I think you look very well balanced and he looked more More focused upstairs and already already feel. He's going to do a job already. Fancy him now whereas before didn't have much confidence in Detroit but having seen yesterday offensive fans into good job on in this way is going in as the biggest star challenge at any wasn't a champion you know. And that's that's that's a great books in if you lose you take experienced and it can make you an offering that is used as a positive you know is added a few more stringent sees before he looks good. So let's see. Hopefully it gets the job done really interesting when you look at released. I was in the east the same happy Smiley further. He was in New York. Why wouldn't he because for him? It's very very simple. No low needs to change a thing now he looks. It looks a lovely lovely lovely lovely human being great spirit about him He came for is a very good for our you know he deserves to win that day. Anyone fancy gesture this round. Yeah Yeah Okay Chop so I'll let you go because I think we're not too far away from this from this getting underway but this has been a great way to kick the podcast off. She's just continue you too just walking in kind of unobserved as well it's Before you get descended on so best of luck this week enjoy it and look forward to seeing your Saturday night. Andy Jade right okay. So the press conference is actually just finished and as when we go to war with Walmart tibbs. It is very very busy. And this is a real will military operation people just being moved in and out left right and center and time is at a premium so somebody just bumped into as a young. UK Forty Young. I'm pretty spicer trained by Dave Cole. Who is made his way onto this bill hopi price? Hopefully we saw you make you w Manchester few weeks ago. So how did this happen. When did you got About two weeks ago it was like Sam scheduled to box in the nineteenth. y'All call on the jetty Nexgen so That come into the Jimmy. Saddam Awesome News. He's had Do you WANNA fly Saudi and vox and thus were ways on the cotton a fastball. It was it wasn't so I'm still going to be an Dan amid it is quite an event. nece isn't it really. Is You know you've got the world's press were in an unusual kind of location you are. Well traveled hold is an amateur. You were top. A top matures junior in the USA. Mean you've been took a few interesting kinds of location so this probably isn't as difficult for you as people think Komo. I think most people look colleagues on their young kitten is only nineteen. I've traveled the world since been fourteen fifteen years version up into like hall style places before the experience when it comes to come to this all thing like you said this is someone else by as a professional amassed. How big this is like you said the world press also? It's a bit more pressure on this. One Book Cycle Strike Not specially constructed did outdoor arena. Boxing the Panetta. That's going to be. That's going to be something special to yeah. That's a first time from eight bucks an outdoor. So that's something I've never done before but I'm looking forward to like I said it's a good round Saudi at the style it to perform tonight when you look at the main event if you say non too much in the last few days just around the hotel. Staffers ago here last night so I haven't seen him yet will actually made in a few minutes when he turns up for the press conference book. I mean there's a lot on. His shoulders isn't the yen I was saying to somebody yesterday. Said there's a lot of pressure on his shoulders book. I believe personally inevitable that pressure in last night and they never had much fear. This time. Nothing knows the way of the pressure of the full of Britain's on each other's anyways books he won Olympic gold medal in two thousand twelve in from all kinds of brown off the Olympic. Final myself to do annoyed takes. There's a law pressuring you to win. And I think this time he's going to he's had more time to prepare pathways and think he's GonNa make some slight changes and it looked pretty relaxed yesterday at the daily walk out. I think GonNa pull off so you mentioned. You'll use Olympic gold medal that an actually which fill in listeners. On on your background because I might not be completely aware of it on mildly obsessed with boxing the traveling community yet because he will start so young so you must have started young well Lich Lake. From from the moment I was bald. That was president and a pair of boxing gloves. All my family's families like you say been inbox in quite a big thing in the traveling community so I probably started when I was about four years of age and boxed all my life is just just just so into the school boys. You WanNa talk awesome thoughts who I all the national titles junior. MBA's you've championships to European goals this one European Silva well Silva on I was actually the first from Bretton Clavo when a youth Olympic gold medal will summarize. You might not as it's excited about another. It's another kind of interesting cold. Well story in. It was really looking for any more fighters chose Franken's dad's gave him a call as is Men Charles Franken's very good nights with neutral from a young age and obviously the French may seven. So my dad. I'm actually days. I was looking for trade stumped personal after the Olympics. Dave was like the go-to choice bulbs on the new debt. Personally on Charles Offspring comes back a semi give him a ring and saw persuaded him a little bit and he said on number down and that was after the person who clicks Kylie and they said okay. Well you seem very relaxed actually have to say you know you all Kinda take you missing your stride. It is it is is everybody's been saying is different location but we all used to going to unusual parts of the world with boxing. I think really likes that. People people can say what the one of also is a bit unusual displace and certain scenarios and been all over the world especially in Saudi is not very place. People unlike tolerance book into that box rings bearing the Markers Hall anywhere in the world. Are you inspired solid. Same thing Brings her intimate. Okay the best of luck so just spied Zahir Al Qatar across the other side of the Press Friedman he is a mandate demand as well because he is a Saudi fighter. He is very much kind of face and Voice of Saudi two thousand to thirty. which is the vision which has been put forward really fronton center of this of this whole event and just filled listening in on your background or own? Why you were born why you ended up learning box? Just just take them. On Your Journey. I was born in Jaffna. Saudi Arabia come to England a young age April nine years old Studied went to primary school. Mind into box is actually an interesting one. Getting bullied by law guys and one time I came home. At the black-eyed lip was busted. My mom kept asking me what was was happening. What was wrong I just dropped and she knew something was wrong? So she got my brother to Adam who was a boxer professional boxer due to have a professional fight for it took me to the gym. Always Chamie home actually first time to the basics. One two for the job across and Loading Hino tools on board Awhen and I'll find the bullies after and you had to fight saw star families are went in and you get in trouble at school go and touch. It took me to notorious Fitzroy light CEO Chirac will the fish. Lodge's is terrific place. I was down there a few weeks ago. Myself L. from Mike Clayton. I'll sit down with Mark Wright Gate and Ali Producers Scott Robinson. He looks at books that allow looked at Island Smith and we see a lot much travis and some famous names that come through that too but it's a top school place. It's an amazing place. Martha Hell of a Guy Mark has taught me some still use it as a pro man fish when I was there at Amanda Amazing to amazing guys Mickey Connie. I'm bill webster. Those guys amazing that meant to me that guided me Spartan was it was it was war. It was tough but it was not learning sparring Allen the launch which was my foundation as a pro everything as an amateur amusing as a Pro Nazi pro. We Continue to grow. I am bringing the Lord's books into Saudi. So obviously you were born here so you are. You're one hundred percent Saudi as you said you raised in the UK. A what point dade aide. How did they? How did you re connect with Saudi in a in a boxing sense because this is the third major car that's been on here uneven on every single one? Listen you're on the world series final card. You're now may conquered a now here. You are again so at what point today. Become aware of you do know up one of those books in the amateur a one to look and I look for the history books of boxes and also a box from country to come to Mexico Co America and in Saudi was day inside any books and to my shook there was no box from Saudi. No pro boxer the Olympia. Nothing and I was so shocked to find such thing and I thought it was upon me to do this to take on to bring you the Saudi to do something the Saudi to bring the vision to reality. The twenty. Thirty vision has come to a right time. WHO's ipod prophecy? I always dreamt to find Saudi. Ma I plan. Saudi was the Joe's girl Smith then Emma Converse Bill. Now we're here at the biggest card is probably a decade to happen is happening the Saudi and I'm here so what do you make of the of Cardi general but also the main if I accuse the Ri- Browse race to end the fight ended up here because the the front runners at that point were outscored. God Probably Las Vegas is always up Cardiff and then this came up with the rail quite quite late but one it can conclusively and all of a sudden we were coming here. Do you think that it will favour is Joshua or Ruiz. Atoll the fact they said. Do you know what is a good question. It's like this. I'm we'll give you an example. It's like going to help and you always go to the same hotel every time because it's the and you jump off about this hotel. The same hotel is boring. People want to see new places. The Event Asada has made the stadium as the best in the world. It's no wonder favor. No one sided love and you ease for his charismatic personally. The love Joshua as high chasms Georgia's box nullify has done before. Him and Louise is living the Mexican. Who's who was it? Favor- favorable fires the ground for both boxes and the Petunias. But both boxes to get new fans when you look at that dot buying offense selfishly so you look in the UK. And your just as a wireless as any of us are of we'll anti-torture was dumb that you just referred to it I for boxing in the UK and global boxing in the last fugate the pressure is is hates on his shoulders this weekend to an extent which it's kind of impossible to imagine certainly only for me but even for you being a profile Joa is quite difficult but just as a file reasons why they both have this fine I find instinct in them and old fight has overcome any obstacles in front of them so they're ready okay so hey well just before you go just before we went on a just before I hit record he did you treat me a little bit of a little bit of your self stall wrapping into the gifted heavy fit did and the fight real quickly ru swiftly as almost before leaving bad comments okay thanks very much UTAH. It's good to see you support for your time with reshaping massive nothing UK fan. I'm best of luck. Best of luck in your own On Saturday night just going to say if I could suck necessarily to a quick check on the podcast that seamless or just managed to Sasha over. So Nisa you've got foget shoulder bill And her which I think most people's estimations is probably wolf if not the rising force in the in the heavyweight division t tell us about it. I mean it's instead of the press conference before and it's just very hard the the biggest problem we have with them is to find opponents Who are willing to actually fill it? you know we had we giving a list of listed four guys We said Yes to all of them. We said yes number. One was the hottest guy the highest ranked guy And they will they will turn the fight down for different reasons I can't blame them really happy. With this Eric Molina fights Fi. I think it's a good end the year to to finish in any over real high and finishing in Saudi Arabia on a massive show. You've been here before of course with the Super Series final at the end of last the September. So you knew what to what to expect. who were? You always confident that this was going to get done. Everything will get done. Do I think the amount of money flying around I looked pretty. I was pretty confident. lost the super series final And I didn't really know what to expect when I arrived but It's it's it's a nice place of everyone welcomed us very well. The crowd was good pretty loud and really go into their boxing. So I would say the same on Saturday night. Let's see how many Brits are coming over for. Maybe you know better way it should be should be atmosphere now. That will be interesting testing to see how many people to do the trick over because it certainly will be a different kind of experience. I think some people are maybe of the opinion that the alcohol is something that can be located over here. Ah Not the case. So good luck with I. I'm definitely Yeah I've seen a few known alcoholic base fling about the About it there's a few people enforce these music to get ready for Christmas. A few days off the of the drink and eat healthily Italy. While you're here. I did say that tweet from earlier today. He just said I think is only hitting the press pack. Now how reliant we all alcohol But it's all good so could fund it serves to the main event is what people have been talking about pretty much ever since that. I fight in Madison Square Garden. and Eve you callard promoted. A lot of massive heavyweight fights unification's huge huge fights and this one is is right up there isn't it. I think this is absolutely massive I was saying earlier. I don't really get excited for fights anymore but This one's got me excited. Normally watch my fire through the business and leave. But I'm definitely GONNA stay around for the main event and I'm very excited. It's a huge huge fight. I mean for different reasons. As well you go the whole Saudi Arabia sort of setting vetting To massive heavyweights and home phone. Either and I think you know for me Ruis. You're GONNA feel a low pressure this time so interested interesting to see how he reacts. It absolutely will be an absolutely won't be with your promoters Hatano just giving more question what was with the be anywhere for Joshi were to go. Were he to lose again. If he will one of your fighters how would you go about that rehabilitation Russian I mean is there any way where it's from to go I. I don't know it depends. How hungry was it? Depends how how he loses. If it's a close points decision decision then the logical conclusion would be tyler third fight but Depends on him. You know Gaza hundreds of means. He's beating the ring for years. You've been doing that for years. Sparring training camps. People get tired of that. You know maybe once accent enjoy the money and you know eh go into something else You know how old is he now. He's thirty now. Think young heavyweight. I mean he's going to love his crib left left even if he loses. Today I believe Ms Still out there and it's the most exciting time for heavyweights at the moment Fury Against Wilder I assume said yes. The semi final and then you go the other semifinal in February and then the winners have to meet they have to meet. The boxing community are owed that much. Along with regard to your fights. Advocacy's rising the rankings. Quickly against the you talked about the problem to get people to fight him. And he's the kind of fighter he was. One hundred percent gonNA have to earn banditry status because known in their right mind is going to give Philip virga voluntary. I mean we we know that We know that we have to get into the right position. We have to lobby. The right boards The Right Federation ration- story and You know I don't blame people like I said I don't blame people for turning it down we pick the highest ranked fighter on the list Which I believe this is Michael Hunter and You know it wasn't any any insult to him because I wanted to fight him. Because he's the highest rank and we swim is the best on the list. So that is his aim is to fight the best fighter available Every Molina Golfer to Austin and and we took it straight away. It's a great fight. I think I think Melina actually looks in decent shape as well. So let's see what we've got. Okay well we'll let you go. We'll let you go good to see. You was the best of luck in the weekend so always a good time at these things to count basie opinion from from the traveling press and I've laid to people are still in the boxing. Pay A lot break dedicated two members of the Baltic League Chris McKenna attack. Leyla so this is all a bit different review to come out for the super series final bucket the end the last September now now unfortunately now. I went to the conflict and good to the CEOS but the conflict that is very different to this to be fair is in this level. So what have you made the so far because you've been out here for long. Have you been out here for a couple of days. We came out on Sunday night. And it's it's been very different kind of build up than your usual. Say Las Vegas for a week or a New York Week. Did you have in in the hope of it. All and this booze building a bit different here because all spread out so we kinda haven't felt what's that real big Bush kind of building around this for yet so it's going to be interesting to see. Maybe what the main press conference like. What the way in is like on Friday? How many people there? And if it's going to really kind of catch on to see see how many people clinic in Rea- really interested in this. How is it just kind of logistically? Because is we all used to a bit of a set routine Buchan. UK kind of everybody knows everybody knows security guys so it's not really a problem if if you haven't got the right respond to not appropriate and really say that but but you see what I'm getting at it it it is. It's kind of a bit out of a comfort zone. I guess yeah. Logistically really is terrible compared to England and certainly confirmed competitor. Like Vegas which is all just laid out. You know what it's like in Vegas even one hotel you walk walk across a walkway during the where you get all the press conference and everything else here is something completely different so that you have to visa to get in the first place and then you get in a hotel. Oh there's no no one really seems to know what's going on with his father. Go be honest locals. I've no idea and I thought it would be. Bigger because of the cons of star were told these of extolled the head. That was that as well. It's just subdued and I think it's because it's an emerging market as we keep being told us as a new dorm. This is obviously totally new to the country and new new to boxing but was being reflected really mean Eddie head talked about your day like the pain of big entry fee to coin. Get bigger things here. But it's good the real tell if they can grow this is the next event is going to be like. Is it GonNa really build on from dish. Or is this GonNa be like a one-off throw money at and then a maybe on Saturdays spectacular spectacular occasion. Whatever happens to ring then? What's next is it then bill the next time or ID really going to follow through? I think that's when you'll know of this is going to become title and interest in place for big voids to calm. The initial money will oversee attract foyer. Because they're going to get well paid then. We'll at Lourdes immense ago. Say a one there because it is at fault that to have a history. That's going to take a long time to build up the fingers well in London. This does an old infrastructure Spaghetti Years Vegas so you know just as much but here is totally new. We're in this sort of purpose. Built weird so shallow with Wifi because the media is not ready yet. It's still finishing off off is Wednesday. So that tells you how new this orders and I think we've come Stephen problems but the fact is is amazing fire and all of this is going to be totally forgotten. All of that is going to be worth in the end in terms of boxing. That's what we're predicting whatever happens is going to be something special and memorable and then regardless of whether there's a big atmosphere war so turning to the fight it's been built up in a way that only boxing candy really ever since not defeats tin in New York Madison Square Garden. We were all that and it was one of those nights where you decide. Wow nobody saw that coming and you felt kind of privileged to be a to be a part of. Everybody thinks that we'd all be you know wondering into the Hudson River because Anthony Joshua lost but you follow spot for meetings up and down. It's just the nature of it but all eyes have been on him ever since then. What if you you've observed in close quarters last few weeks whereas Ramped up what have you made of him. How does he look when we saw him up in? Sheffield for the Media Day to seem to be a bit more kind of spy. Tim done previous training. When we've gone there seemed to be in the past a lot more relaxed and and Clinton happy go look like having a joke? Where when he was ask questions he was quite serious and he gave strong onces his? WHO's all very mobile will kind of Enemy a seem to want to get his message out this time that he he's not like he hasn't turned into a soft guy. This way the people on the noise going on instill big financier Joshua no when approved. That's v Stephanie. Being different in this buildup in the same when we saw deer and week seemed a lot more focused and and ready for the fight. Then go navy previously Monday New York when we sat down with maybe site belly is if there was a fight on the horizon. He won't admit I felt like a soul part in the fight was just just to sort of an afterthought almost maybe that was the rest of us also thinking not because we thought it was a foregone conclusion this one totally different. He's different in Sheffield Stefano Monday. They weren't sat down with women in Riyadh hotel. Far More on a seems he definitely slimmer. I don't know what the score is GonNa save me. Looks totally different to normal. The more problem Wi- more concerned as overtrained. There's obviously so much Rodney's by the time for our history people over trained as just not so desperate to get it back. Is that what we're seeing now. I don't know maybe maybe it's the perfect antidote for brewers is lying moving around a bit. Who knows but it's definitely changed? One hundred census change him and it would because he's only lost forty feet and his life and that was unreal the circumstances of a lot. You said it was just one of those occasions. Wage can quite believe what you're seeing and now it's hard to predict what happens because it seems like five or six scenarios which could happen and you won't be surprised any because of what in the New York because he has that obviously extra focus but then that can also create more pressure on them. The roydon on this and all that can build on his shoulders if he delivers on the night. And I it's all worked out that way down and go into that wasilla nervous energy doesn't want to do so he needs to Kinda struck the right balance to make sure goes into the ring. The Roy may frame of mind that is focused and ready. But not be like all hyped up too much that he takes himself before even gets in. The ring is a funny thing pressure. Isn't it because people would say you do need it to to bring the best westbound yourself that he didn't feel it in New York and that was one of the reasons why he didn't perform but see much of it and it can it can destroy you on the flip side of that on underrate has not to change a thing as we. We heard room loosen source of pictures. A few weeks ago that he was slimming down but he looks exactly the same size a why. Why would he do anything differently? Yeah I I was completely of opinion when we saw those pictures. Neil really slimmers white. Do not just not just your What you change in your body for why you change the physique you can clearly really do the round this off obviously not probably speeds them real for monetary sites to be honest speeds real anyway It looks exactly the same identical almost how he did a New Yorker that workout yesterday looks great and and now you know it's not just a show remember watching in New York thinking. Oh Wow he looks good. Shame he's GonNa get not dot Joshua's not lie anymore because you think he's done it now and not belief can go one or two ways. My my issue is what if he thinks that the judge she would he be up for the last five rounds ever it was when Joshua's concussed thus what he thinks Joshua's like he forgets the first couple of rounds when it was slightly more real Joshua and maybe think it's rubbish wanted to do for four rounds but really Joshua Joshua new trouble since from that left took. So maybe he's going to underestimate your show because of how quote unquote easy. He found it in the first flight. You did what he wanted to do. Because Joshua wasn't at the racist but a fired-up fit I'm Joshua he can do Josi pocket job and keep it long. Keep it boring than he to win this fight on points and I said scenario for me. Now it's starting to become likely but is he gonNA be gun show. Is he going to be worried about the guy who's just bouncing up and down in New York last happened before Foley policies off the team for Ruis if Joshua do try and make it bore and he can get frustrated and Rochat and he's got those signs Scott weapons he needs to lure Joshua. Ah Maybe Joshua's keeping it long for four six runs. Don't panic that he's behind on the cavs because he knows he can can home when he gets Joshua's commit that's with Joshua has to be disciplined and not to be like in Toy stone. I need to knock destroyer need to make that impression. He needs to win number one. That's all he has to do doesn't matter what it looks. Looks like this guy is as we've seen in New York isn't coin Roy Forum to get the job done get worn. Don't worry about being spectacular looking for nocco China's copy copy what the world would in his career back on track Gez dot titles back and get into mix for those big fights again. That's the number one thing for him. Absolutely you both summed it a perfectly that. That's that is the equation. Because ever since he beat Klitschko probably it was about more than just winning. It was about winning looking good and looking better than somebody else would just knock someone else is out of state but this time he just needs to get the word watch. It's officers. Be Great Fun would definitely do it again and enjoy the rest of the week and the challenges that this is this is presenting it times. You do law Komo. New Era impressed we talking TV anyway. Fox leads Okay so just moved about ten twenty yards away to my right hand side of gatecrash the end of an eye. NFL interview to be with a coup Cassius until middle. which is you know you take your life in your hands when you try and mess with with Coogan these can be equally fierce customer? Eighty of roofless go cogan ruthless side. Tom Big not on the weekends at the last time we saw was just before Christmas last year. When you go back to back to say David price so what was happening? In the meantime for you missing. I was Ju- Defy Lucas Brown. The whatever reason not for the orbit an got the cool off Eddie Majid off at Monte Carlo and you guys and I mail yeah let's let's do it and then he messes me hope for a finger on Saudi Scott so Yeah of of literally just walking away. I'll promise myself I won't let myself let myself down and get myself in in the best physical Own Place Possible. I'm not as what we're here to do. We're here to on Mesa Cools and upset. I'm on the novel allusion from here to get paid. But I'm not letting myself get matching pretty employ pretty amateur. But he's brilliant assigned. There's nothing GonNa Stop Me Walking Away with a w let nothing controversial. Because you ain't GonNa get that that's the cold heart attacks of it. He's GonNa be a lot faster on east feet if he wants to close any distance on me I'll just plant them when in free minutes. Bator talk every time well. He's a very experienced fighter. The middle A couple of times now see three times in twenty three times and he's picked up an Olympic medal. But this is this is a Charlton. Root for you with Daniel Dubois. who was very highly rated much younger heavy light because it does not young thirty three You've been in with her of it as well so they seem to be. You seem to be the go-to man for these kinds of opponents who do find it very difficult. Cool to get people to find them all us from the courtroom from orig- that's from the cop the cloth from his fear. No Man Definitely don't feed on mammals with a pair of ten ounce gloves one Asia as go every chance in the world has avoi- and two books on you know all about more Kareem on the voice for everyone at least often say when I'm finished a film on level the right white lost some good men and a big some of my only awesome. I of of combustion only twice of of of Sharon honest account Komo self wherever it's been against me rivers being for me of stepped up to the plight of Wash said come on. Let's go autumn famous Muslims and nightmares. Not Nothing ever Eh. So Donnie past office on tons of myself but this boxy journeys. It's amazing that the twists and turns a house for the people. But you mentioned that the cloth that you're caught from annual we speak at a high price said you're another fighter former from traveling backgrounds and A mate of ours Sean. Brown great piece about your on the sky website this week. And as I understand it. You you'll first introduction to boxing. was you refereeing a a good old fashioned travel. Dispute is not correct. Yeah basically something. Along them. Lines is all atom sandwiched lost about San Mateo a book so high level amateur. For the lost time ashore seventy five kilos and a friend of mine had a dispute All went to referee. Something they turn around on on getting set up on watchos voice and then and then as it turned China as it turned out. I was going to fix this and now we do it we are. We have been the strike though. I mean I'm not what now or able drive and anybody that genuine house or rather be your friend and boy you drink then when it comes to anything at pride the line and everything I was getting ready for that and somebody recognized me Grimaud. Recognize me in the gym and and pulled me to untargeted. Listen you can do do something for for years as a professional never really serious and I'm I'm trying to I'm trying to make up for it. I'm wrong rallying career but when you think of it on never go on aspirations attending professional whenever I come no school nurse I will ever do is the bonus. Achieving option is a bonus because I never fooled on abuse of wake up as a kid movie. Yeah we'll be welcoming white champion of the world awful. That was con. Want me of jump on the bus. I'm wellness say work takes me well. He's taking you here. Thank you to Saudi Arabia for one of the richest which is one of the biggest fights in the history of sport. And that's that's that's astonishing enough bites by itself. When you look at the main event what do you you think? I think Joshua made some mistakes and Andy. Reid capitalized on that. He played the have a game bopping often Joshua's my amendments say needs to make it in the inner circle way in himself not mini so. We're sorry. That was a bad way. I put not but any self becau- and there was only seventy some ways that you can learn the lessons that is learned and unfortunately something desperately getting beaten up because and trust me. I'm all complete from that book. I've learned my hardest lessons from from being on the run. Run under the state so he josh go give him power and been and been rushed along with that power. He's achieved so much in ten years and then it turns around and hit. It's GonNa Change Breath and he's coming back so he's constantly spell so now. Where do you go short? That point never had planned bane. He clocked himself scramble. Everything show now we go back and reevaluate mortimore Geiman just power. I don't we need to just rely on that. That that pellet been blessed with an awesome of him and and fell. He's made everything and I think you're going to. You're not just going to say a Joshua this time you're going to see an evolved Joshua best. Let's learn a lesson and there's a difference in being better and learning a lesson dumping. You'll ever see Mike that mistake again. So you'd be sparring. I Don a week up there with him. Yeah painful so how is it. Do you think from a psychological point of view because this is something. I think that I'm observer at study box. You very very closely but these are the kinds of things I can never understand is when you lose for the first time particularly if you get stopped. That's what that might do to you mentally. Yeah but I doubt all depends on how you can affect different people in so how many different ways that can drive you can you can. You can say I'll never let that happen to me again. I'm never letting that happen to me. And we can embrace hits. I look what happened. Let's put me dwell on it and it ruined you in consuming and I'll be honest with you don't think Anthony's disorder person select something consume. Authenticity is unbelievable. He he did separates life away from negative very well Often think he's got that down to a t really of offense. He's not he's not a weak person so I wouldn't be be too worried about just the on. Oh He's gone reverse the script and I'm not saying that because he's British almost Moscow option. I'm only half a Cilliers Mike L. Especially when it comes down to boxing and if he if he keeps his game long along Jabeen grab fought until until he was released down. I'll see him stop him quite like. Let's go to be some occasion. It's going to be some setting and that your fight will be will be well off. The top Nevada takes to the royal of Hot Tub Thomas Shower and take a seat and hopefully give it to watch. Gotcha yeah and it's going to be historic absolutely historic great seats home. Thanks for your time Julie the rest of the week yeah. There's a lot to just personally sky and everyone will give me these opportunities in All really appreciate it so thank you fight you forever. Aaron and the hospital uses government. So I really appreciate problem no problem. It's great to see you at and as I said again. What's good luck tonight? So I said that they earned at the a press conference of finished but that was actually the undercard press conference that I was referring to two different press conferences. Today and the main one of one full release versus Joshua's flat has just finished and we moved up to the roof because both fighters go to be brought up here to fulfill really. They're not quite final major obligated but this is the last time that they'll be not really required to to stand and do their duty for pretty much. Everybody so obvious pulled aside. You're trying to rob mccracken rope. How view found the last couple of weeks Really good to be on. This is in a real good price. These last three spas really important. And he's and he's performed in response Elsa sparring so. He's a good place and happier than where he was this time out before the last band with regard to coming here what what kind of plans were put in place. Reconnaissance missions that kind of thing to make sure that everything was what you needed. Yeah I think once we we do about Saudi and realized realized it was a huge possibility Some of the same when direct experienced doing RECCHI's working out. Exactly what we need it. Logistic Wise is trying to facilitate Spice ause and stuff so Everything was planned in advance. Anthony's been trying to chambesy while he's been here. It's been a fantastic stick facility in the tree. It was you know really well Saudi Arabia straight. Just really wanted as well as to be said so Museum a good place Sports and he's looking forward to the font. Was it good to try the embassy because at least it gets you out of the hotel r take there were were jibs built underneath each tower just like people. Now there's there's there's a hotel next door to one the way staying Sky Rain and the two towers and Anti Ruis located in Walnut in each other they have a whole tau to themselves but underneath each one of Jamie's am is available to them. But I think if you danger you slightly mad I think if you just stayed in one place all the time with We've gone every day I have. We've tried to debris him about fifteen minute. Drive from from the hotel He's got swimming pool beside a good facilities as an outdoor ring. Weekend box outside. He's heavy bags speed bowls. Mayors everything you need in a boxing gym And he's you know he's getting acclimatised suboxone outside aside as well which has been handy so yeah. It's going really really well to be only stunned. He's moods quite as well I think is really important as I said earlier. He's performed really well in now is and that's that's obviously you know instill confidence in a moving into the front. He looks a bit Lena. Lots of everybody keeps saying that is not true. Yeah he's he's. He's dropped a few Kahlo some but they were they were there. If I'm honest they were there to come off a little bit more ruining a little bit more boxing in in in the training camp mental thing that show in and he's been really might Every white to Bell TACO box in you know if you the champion you lose Utah The obvious thing you do to try and get them back. And he's been fortunate enough An massively influential in delivering him the opportunity to To recline taller it was on eleven plying failed see who the best heavyweight it is is a mandy reason you know. He's got everything to go. Four four nine and easy to move going in. Everyone's been second guessing for the last six bud Out to deal with and get used to. Well I think this the scrutiny around the fight is is always going to be huge With Anthony and the journeys been on and the exposure in another rewards. That come with that but you have to skin Sabine in boxing. You certainly do and You know you can take criticism when when there's a knowledge of what you have things have been done in what goes on in whatever but the reality of it most of it was just you know What what went wrong? You know who do blind. We're blind Antony. We blame the trainer. It's obvious it's an obvious PA boxing this level so You know can you do things. He's bet you always cannon. I think we've done things for this thing out any thinks he's prepared better as well. So Is Everything to go for governor. But they still have a what you say. Everything is just magnified to a two to a ridiculous degree. Really is is one of your main jobs. If not your most important job ben just trying look at things for what they actually are. Look at what actually happened in New York. Look at Anthony. Joshua still is look at what Auntie Roo. Andy released list. Because I think there's been a danger since the window to Andy. Reid is all of a sudden late. Nineteen Eighties Mike Tyson. y'All think I mean this is is to Mendes Fi. There's no doubt about that but you you know I think I think Anthony Was Coal with a shot. The well-documented recovered a couple from I think in some cases defaults been petard slightly. Different as if they're not down didn't really happen and you know he wasn't in a position Zeeshan fairly early on in the by. ABC's if you know releases just throw Isn't they're not. They're not that they're not there. Knock Down Job schooled schooled by the rolling in getting coat with a shot himself a live learn a lot from that he has to be small around the not. He has to control the Ryan. G has to use his legs to tighten type things. And that's what he's trying long haul to doing. That's what he's GonNa do everything to achieve on Saturday night said this to a couple of other factors on the bill. But what did you think back to when you when you started. Boxing This boxing life they spokesman journey. It doesn't take you to some places I mean. Could you ever imagine this yet. Had now. It's fantastic spoil it. Can you know as wonderful. Obviously the lows are difficult to to to deal with as well I. I think the exchange disposable to being inside the Orion he's got a chance to reclaim his it was He's got old about to go four. He's got a great platform. Great Opportunity Ame couldn't ask for more and You know who that is prepared really hard. And he's trying nine really alden. He'll do everything he can on side to get bounceback. Okay rope flexible. We'll let you go okay. So I think the perfect waits around this off Grab a quick chat with a member of T. res and there is no bigger fan of Andy Ruiz junior senior. WHO JOINS US now? How was the last six months being you know what the let's his mom? We've been trained Well he has some fun Andy. He three months with his rains bind historians buying. He's house houses about two houses. And then then after that one was Making the negotiations with the fight. Then I don't know what you have to stop being afraid to come on as well start training and we've got three months training so after Madison Square Garden on June first. It was an unbelievable night and one of those nights where it's it's called the beauty of sport when the unexpected happens you'll alive must've changed Yam. Damn him his live. My life changed because now the he want these fine he gets up. He bought a new house mansion he but another hound. He bought the Roll Royce car that he wanted me for us to have a two thousand twelve area board and now he got a huge a real nice car for me. My life changed because now I can build more houses that can be partners for tame so now he can. He can be a statement with the money but as a as a dad. He started boxing when he was six. It's very very very hard school. You're working yourself. It didn't get the decision against Joseph Parker on my wife. Tha that he thought seriously about whether he was going to Fox again again. How did it feel for you? When you got that well-made it's probably difficult to describe? The pride must have been incredible you know why Bending Clara because Cindy Star when he was five years old his career. The only loss would parker but he got he got he was. He was depressed for a for some months. But I got my backup and I thought you know what you had to come back come back then start. Training back again in May history can be champion of the world and all this come to drink. It was great. They came through now. Here we are in Saudi Arabia. Seems very confident. Yeah Real Concert Boyer Lawyer. They've been any real like a cane in his happy that he's doing he's one of the the panel and then a lot of confidence that we're GonNa win despite threatened the it's it's quite simple. I guess he doesn't really need to do anything differently. Forbid Denise eight the first time whereas Anthony Joshua maybe he thinks he. Does you know what I WANNA do. This same theme the only thing that we're GonNa face the mistake that he he did in the first fight and the Thera- so now what's GonNa be different. We Wanna be different different eighteen. Anthony Georgia he lives away because he wants to move around the ring by we. Ready to cut the rain and we did our preparation to to Cutler Green and stop the stop. Anthony Judge Alito Violin. So what's your prediction on your oversee. He could take the undead he's got to win. But how do you. The method of victory. How jets and you don't want my relationship these days want to be an upcoming not Covington Yasha that it was the first fight I make up for that? He said that he was winning. Seven Ron I've been mining that scene owes and a one and a and and and I told you WanNa you WANNA win. And he's been the seven-run school. I thought my family his mom everybody. Everybody went in embiid money and they want so my Parisian is GonNa be that same thing these find a real. I'm real comfortable the win because he got more preparation in these times. He Com real strong. That's amazing subsidy mazing so you you bet money that he would win by knockout in the seventh round. The also not did you get out the old stone that must have been huge. There was paying twenty one bid one hundred the dollar they pay you two thousand one hundred so it was knowledge different abyss. But I been I already been money in the runs through the he's GonNa win and it wouldn't mean Milona WanNa make some more money. I love that absolutely love that well enjoy the rest of the week and may the best man win on the night that starts well oil way site. It's unbelievable experience this for everybody involved selects pretty much fill time not around for today from Leaf Arnold press conference full Andy Ruiz. He's against Nazi Joshua the clash June's it's been a busy all day. It's been an interesting day. We love a bit of chaos and big events always bring you some chaos and this has been no different. I think it's going to be an interesting couple of days before the fight undertake a night itself. It's one of those events where you just get the feeling that something unexpected it is going to happen so thanks very much for listening as always if you get the chance to give us a a right and subscribe and all that kind of thing. Then please do that and we will be back again soon.

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