172 - Get in Touch with Your Glitter Side


Approach. Listener's support w in Weiss studios. Dear John, Johnny, Hank. It's a comedy podcast for two brothers answer you questions give you advice in bring you all the week's news from both Mars and FC Wimbledon, John. Yeah. As you know, John comes out on on Mondays. And people are sad about Monday's. 'cause I gotta go back to work. And then you get a case of the Mondays. Well, I think the deer hanging John is like a little bit of an antidote to that. But also it's important to remember that just two days ago. It was a Saturday Saturday was a sadder day. Even sadder. I mean, usually I kinda like grown at them. But but you liked that one that one was that one was great now, you gotta give your good news. Hank? The the murder rate globally. It's better. We're doing a better job of not killing. Each other humanity has actually never done this good of a job overall of not killing each other except for maybe in two thousand eleven we had like a couple of years there where we were really crushing it in the field of not killing each other. Then the series of a war. There's no reason to get into the bad stuff. This is the good news for things are it appears based on still somewhat data that twenty eighteen was an overall less violent year for humans than twenty seventeen. So we're headed in the right direction. And I have to say twenty forty sixty eighty two hundred two thousand years ago. All of those years were much worse way. Worse. We used to be so much more violent as a species. So that's good. Yeah. I love not murdering both when I do it. And when other people to it, there's. Not a lot of things I'm as opposed to. I don't like to. I don't like to political on this show, Hank. Because I want to have a big tent? I want to bring as many people into the ZipRecruiter is possible shirt. But you know, and and I know that I know that people feel like oh celebrities. They shouldn't have allowed political voice. Like, why do we trust these people to decide you know, what what kind of issues matter to us? But I'm just going to say it, I am opposed to violent death. First question comes from Gabby who agrees with you, John. I'm assuming that John and a couple of months my boyfriend Josh is going to be moving in with me. I live in New York City, and he lives a few hours away and upstate New York. But we have a problem. Josh has absolutely zero sense of direction. How little is absolute zero during one visit to New York City. He accidentally locked the wrong direction and didn't realize it for forty bucks. Why do even walk forty blocks in New York City, you just walked past like eighteen different subway stations. How do I make sure Joshua's and completely lost everyday? Obviously, I can't be with them all the time. And getting the tracker chip seems a little bit extreme not too chatty. Gabby. Well. Gabby two pieces of good news. First off Josh already has a tracker chip in his pocket called his phone. And so if you just turned on find my friends or Snapchat future, you can see Josh is at all times. And it's not creepy at all lots of people use it. Secondly. In in that phone Gabby. This is gonna sound crazy. When I I tell you about it is a map of the entire universe. John you could say that. But I've gone to big cities and GPS does not work. Well, because there's all these buildings bouncing the satellite signals around. It never knows where I'm going through and things on a different street than I am. And I have this problem. And like every time I have to walk two blocks. Check the things if I'm going the right direction and then turn around and walk those two blocks back. Yeah. So that's the number one thing is you have to check every like block or two to make sure you're going in the right direction. That's how you walk in the wrong direction for forty bucks. I lived in New York City for two and a half years. I have absolutely no map in my head. As my mother likes to say. Like when I like like when I was a kid, and my parents moved in order for me to get anywhere. The first thing I would do was drive from my new house to my old house and then for my old house. I could get anywhere. Yeah. But when I lived in Chicago, and then a New York it was like a revelation for me. And I realized that the problem when I was a child was not me. The problem was Orlando like, Chicago and New York are both cities on grids. So as long as you stay north of fourteenth street. Josh, you're gonna be fine because the streets have numbers for God's sakes. Like the numbers go up. You're going north numbers. Go down, you're going south, and then you can just memorize the few cross streets. There aren't that many of them, and then you can use the park as as a guide to so it does get a lot easier. I think in a city that's built on a grid. Also, there's maps everywhere including inside of your pocket. But also like any subway station has a map of where you are. And how to get to the other places I live in a small town. And I will say that I regularly to know where I am look up to see where the mountainous. That's very convenient. To be like, oh that that way is toward home that I see the mountain when I lived in Chicago, people would always tell me. Oh, navigating in Chicago is easy. You just think about where the Lakers and. My problem is that I can see the lake with my eyes. I don't know where it is. Right. And people would be like, no, no, you just kind of get a feel for where the lake is. I lived in Chicago for seven years. I had. No, I never had any idea where the wake was if you drop me a mile from my house in the woods. I would die of exposure. I don't think you're wrong. No like, I would it would take me like five days. I would walk seventy miles in in like a hundred and fifty circles, I would die on the same circle. Over known. Eventually I would drink the water of the white river, and I would die within minutes. God bless Indianapolis. Oh god. We just we just had a rainstorm the other day, and I was down at the river with my children and not to be too graphic. I could smell the sewage that we dumped into the river. Well, sewage does the smell John and you do dump it into the river. Anyway, this comes from Lauren who writes, John and Hank when I was a kid. I really liked marshmallow. Peeps. Can relate to this question Warren, but not the goal my childhood now, I think they're just fine. Like, I'll eat one or two if they show up at Easter dinner, but I'm not gonna eat like twelve and a half of them in one sitting. However, I keep receiving peeps. It's only a problem in the spring. But I got like four peeps. On a stick in my stocking at Christmas this year. So I'm getting a little concerned that it's reading out of its usual. How do I tell my loved ones that I'd rather not receive peeps anymore without offending people who've given me peeps. Over the last. Hugh years looking gift peop- in the mouth, Warren, Lauren. This is two questions here. One as peeps. To sift one is general. And and the general question is like if you don't do something about this my answer for you is is that if you don't do something about this. You will be the person who just has like shelves of peop- stuff. Yeah. And it happens people are like, oh, they're into this. And then John is a good example of someone who now has a lot like too many, even though he uses a lot a bath salts bath bombs just has more than he needs. Because everybody knows that's the thing about him. Lease no supply of bath bombs is such that I could use a bath bomb every bath. I take for the rest of my life and still have a lot of bath bombs leftover. That's a problem. I have like forty three thousand bath thumbs there's a room in my house that's devoted about bums Orrin. What's going? So much is that like in twenty years, you're going to have the world's largest collection of peeps. And Pete memorabilia because peeps. Don't go bad literally ever. And so you're you're going to become a person who's like in the Guinness Book of world records that loving thing that you don't like. So it's only going to get worse. You have to say it now because imagine saying it in twenty years imagine being like so listened for the last twenty five years when you given me peeps at Halloween and special tree peeps. On Arbor day and the Christopher Columbus on Columbus. I don't like peeps. Like, John, John at least can start up a lush inside of his house. Yeah. We'll just like open up his base than v. Like, look, it's lush. We're doing a clearance John's unused bath bombs dot com. You can go there right now and purchase high-quality bath bombs. But that's that that noted war. And there is now the peop- specific portion of your question, which as it happens Hanke dire experts in because way, back in two thousand seven Hank. And I made like a series of videos where to punish each other. We forced the other person to eat peeps. And somehow there was a conclusion made from this buyer viewership community that we loved peeps. Which was not what we were trying to communicate at all. We were trying to communicate like you won't believe yet that this man is going to eat so many Pete exactly because they're gross that that was the point. And we I would estimate conservatively that in the last eleven years. Hank and I have received as presence a fifteen hundred peeps. And do you know what I did to to end this on? I don't I talked a lot about how much I love peanut Eminem Eminem's because I legitimately can never have enough. Peanut M's. Indeed right now, there are not in my house. And I am not happy about it. And so instead of giving me peeves people give me peanut Eminem's, which are great. And I also feel as if I have some amount of self control regarding and don't eat them hand in fist. But but do like them and think that they are good. And so I've I've shifted to a different interest. Now, it may be that you don't have an interest. And I also think that the people that peeps. Whoever they are want this to be a thing. And and also wants to expand throughout the year. And I'm like peeps. You are up. You are at Easter time. Celebrate Ori thing. I'm not gonna have Cadbury cream egg in July just not gonna have a peep on Arbor day, Hank. You. You know, as well as I do how difficult it is to run a business that is holding dependent upon one holiday like so such a high percentage of TV dot com 's sales happen in the fourth quarter, and that causes stress and weirdness all year round. So if you're peeps. And you're basically a week a year business you've got to be looking at that sweet sweet Arbor day money thinking about all the all the Arbor day cards that people buy and sell each other which is weird because that's basically just like made out of trees. So it's rude. And you're feeling we gotta get on that day action. We've got to be Valentine's Day brand. Like, why why why why isn't there like a special peeps? To celebrate the release of the new season of game of thrones. So I understand why they want to expand. You don't wanna be an Easter? Only candy company problem is like and this a little bit uncomfortable to talk about because I assume that we have a lot of listeners who work for peeps. But peeps are bad. That's the issue. They're not they're not good. If you go to peeps dot com. Yeah. I don't think it's actually I was gonna say that seems like maybe like a website that they didn't didn't get like they probably didn't see the web coming. I. Yeah. Peeps dot com. Takes you to a landing page. No one no one is currently currently operating on dot com. Though. They would like me to know that there. I have their opportunities for Christian matchmaking, but peeps and company dot com. Does have the opportunity to buy peeps. And John if you would like to buy wait for two hundred forty peeps. It's forty bucks. Wow. So if I were them. There's also a t shirt that says forget Santa. I'm being good for peeps. They're really trying to sell this Christmas. Peeps. China trying to push. I mean, it's very strange like are they trying to get around the retail partner and be like, no. We don't want that one hundred thirty peop- straight to you. My friends you can buy one gingerbread peop- for seventy five cents. And it's in stock right now, I'm gonna do it. Oh, I'm gonna see if I can buy one. What's the shipping? Like, dude. I did it. I did it John. I'm facin you because I have auto fill forms five to seven business days shipping for my seventy five cent peep eleven dollars and forty. That is the lowest option that's how they get you. That's what I get. You know, the same. What was in charge of this? I mean, the other higher dot com have way better rates than that. The we. They look great on got hungry. Just looking at it. I'm about to buy four point five pounds of those make the shipping worth it. They're out of stock. Do I wanna know more about this company need help? Call us toll free, John. You wanna call peeps and company? John. I'm sorry. I disappeared there for a second. Because I attempted to call the peeps people. I thought it was going to be a three way call, but it turned out that it is just put you on hold first thing that happened is that my phone thought that I was calling quakertown veterinary clinic, which was not correct. I don't know why thought that. But then they put me on hold. And they said that they would we're looking forward to talking to me. So I just hung up on them. I mean, what are we going to chat about was that was never going to be? I just wanted. I wanna know who owns their company if it's publicly traded can I buy stock to Greek question, actually, so Laura until your family that you're just not into peeps anymore. But you do love peanut Eminem's job. We got another question. It's from Dreyer who asks dear Anka John last year joined the bone marrow registry. To help someone with cancer. I found out that I have a match very excited to help a patient and the procedure is scheduled for the end of the month. There's one problem. I am really nervous. The more. I hear about the surgery the Wu's ear, I feel it's not particularly risky, but I've never stayed in a hospital. For the first time they took blood samples, I almost passed out. Do you have any hospital tips? Definitely not a Dr dre. I totally see how this is a difficult thing. And yet it's a really good and important thing to do dry. And so it's one of those things where you're gonna have to overcome your fears. But I think sometimes helps with that stuff to just hear someone say that what you're doing is awesome. So I wanna say that what you're doing is awesome. Give someone a chance at life and it's so important to register at the bone marrow registry. It's easy to do. You can Google it right now, they send you the stuff that you need to do. It's please do it. And a I know this is going to be stressful in a little bit difficult, but it's only gonna be a little bit difficult, and you're going to be fun. Yeah. I almost passed out from getting needle pokes before. And then. At turned out that I had to get a lot of those. And I have had, you know, probably three figures of them by this point in my life. And and now they're not a big deal for me. And definitely used to be scary definitely used to be something that I dreaded and that. And even like to be clear, even now sometimes like I won't have had enough food that day or something. And like I'll be like I need to go sit in the special chair Phil take into the special chair all sit down. But yeah, it is as with many things when you have never done something before. And it is a, you know, it's a deal you you will feel Losey about it. You will feel scared about it. And and that is completely normal. But within you are doing is super awesome. And on the other side of it. You're going to be really grateful for the opportunity. So that's something. I think about as well when I'm stressed out about something. I think about what it's gonna feel on the other side of it. Like, this isn't a perfect analog. But I remember when I had the opportunity to drive the pace car for an IndyCar race. Yeah. I was nervous. I was so scared, and I just kept telling myself, you know, when this is over it's going to have felt really cool to have done this. And you know, it mostly did I was still a little stressed out. Like, I how fast is the pace cargo. Well, two schools of thought on that. There's how fast the drivers would have liked the pace car ago go which was significantly faster than I was driving. And then there was how I was driving. So some Simone passionate had the pull that day. I recall, and I realized that we've got a little bit off your question. But we'll get back to Simone Pashto had the poll, Hank. And he kept like racing right up to my bumper. Like, I've never gated like that before except I was being tailgated by like a half million dollar car that goes two hundred forty miles an hour. And fortunately, Sarah, Fisher was sitting next to me. Is a professional racecar driver and Sarah Fisher, just kept saying you're doing fine. It doesn't matter. This isn't important shoes. Like minimizing it which is exactly what I needed. She was like this happens. All the time Simone passionate is an aggressive driver. That's why he's so successful. It's just going to be like, you're just you're just driving a pace lap. Which reminds me that this podcast is actually brought to you by Simone pageant, no Simone badger. No. I know nothing about this person. I'm guessing he is Fred, oh, he's like one of my top five favourite IndyCar drivers. He's great. He's such a cool guy too. He's really he's a cool guy in real life as well. Today's has also brought to you, of course, by driving to your old house from your new house. It's a surefire navigation technique. It's also brought to you by the discount lush store in John's basement available with mostly glittery bath bombs that Johnson wanna used because he is not fully in touch with his good or side. It's not that. I'm not interested like glitter side. It's that I don't want to be head to toe glitter all the time. Like, I. Over your home and car in and workplaces. I genuinely don't think there are a lot of people who want to leave a glitter trail the way like a slug does I don't think that there are that many glitter files out there. And lastly, today's podcast is brought to you by gift of life dot org, where you can go right now and register to become a bone marrow donor, they'll send you a kit or you can get swabbed donor drive. Nice. The quick tangent everyone. Switching hats for a moment to let you know about another podcast. You might enjoy. It's another one from WNYC studios, and it's also from the team behind the YouTube series sideshow, and it's called size tangents where four friends Siri Riley Sam Schultz, Stephenson and me try to outsmart and outwit each other. Usually, we just get excited and talk about all the awesome science learning about also compete for who has the coolest weirdest funniest scientific research on our weekly topic, which could be eggs for mucus flight or the signs of snow ice. And dragons, what one more thing we also go on a lot of tangents get something fun and kind of related to say about death. Metal work are tunes or the smell of space. Tangents? Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. This next question comes from TJ who asks near Hanke, John please explain the phenomenon that occurs when the second I finish implying mascara to my eyelashes. I immediately have to sneeze. This is particularly irritating as my mascara is still wet. And if I close my eyes abruptly to sneeze, I will get mascara smeared all around my eyes are usually hold my eyelids. Open with my fingers while I sneeze. I often get made fun of by my boyfriend for it pumpkins and penguins TJ, first of all you boyfriend can go suck on shoe because come on you are working hard for this mascara, and that that works should be appreciated. So there is an actual reason for this, Hank. This is a real this is a real phenomenon TJ is not alone in this experience. So not at the place where the eyelashes connect to the eyelids their their nerve fibers, which you probably know if you've ever touched that part of your body. Those fibers are some of them are part of the I don't know how to say this traditional or Trig m I think it's tragic try Jim nerve. And and that's like, it's a sensually sneezing nerve. I don't want to over simplify it. And I have. Controls like that nerve controls a lot of things that you controls biting controls smiling and chewing, and it is also involved in our sneezes. Yeah. I mean, so the situation is that your face has just way too much going on. It's got some of the some of the most dexterous parts of your body your lips in your tongue. It's got tastes sensing and smell syncing and vision sensing and hearing and smelling, it's it's also very sensitive to touch because we want to protect it. Because it's it's very important. And you know, what you want to be able to like. Feel things correctly with your lips in. No no-win. Stuff's getting close to your is just a mess like compared to the rest of your body. Your face has so much going on. And so the the the systems to carry that information around are actually the get like double and triple used, and they're not great because it and this is why sometimes people sneeze when they eat chocolate. This is why you sneeze when you get pepper in your nose. It's why you sneeze. Sometimes when you see a bright light because your body's like, oh, well, it's better to sneeze. When you don't have to then to nuts knees when you do have to. So we're just gonna say sneeze whenever I get a significant impulse down this nerve. And and there is a bit of a way to potentially combat it, which is to tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue which sends a new signal down that nerve and can kind of clear out the sneeze signal. Now. That's not something that is necessarily not like that feeling every try it. Not at all. Oy. It's not gonna work every time. Why is that so weird? There's something wrong with me. No, it feels really weird. I think I have a disease. It's just that just that you're not yoga, unpleasant. Yeah. Just for anybody out there. Whoever wants to torture me. That's the way to do. It's really bad. I agree. But it can't help you can prevent us knees. All right next question comes from Hector who writes, dear John and Hank a lot of restrooms I visited have dispensers for both hands soap and hand sanitizer. Not have and. It's another reason not to have hand mouths constantly sanitize your hand mouth. Does this mean that it's socially acceptable to instead of washing your hands? Just grab some hand sanitizer on the way out or should it be sanitizing after washing my hands in the sink or what computers in cones Hector? I like that hector's only concerned with what's socially acceptable. That's not like. My chances of being destroyed by norovirus? Instead, it's like how do I make sure that people in the bathroom aren't looking at me weird. Well, I mean that is why we make the majority of our decisions. Let's be honest. I you should wash your hands with soap and water hand sanitizer is not is not going to do the whole thing. In fact hand sanitizer. Doesn't always kill all like like viruses. For example, are not as good at being killed by hand sanitizer. It depends on the virus. But yeah, that's good advice. It is good to wash your hands, soap and water hannitized or kills a lot of the bacteria and viruses that spread disease, but certainly not all of them. And also a lot of the fecal stuff, which is how lot of diseases happen aren't killed by hand sanitizer. Like c diff for instance is not killed by hand sanitizer. So wash your hands and also use hand sanitizer or or or don't honestly Hector. We're talking your. I mean, we're all probably realistically were all we're we're all gonna die in the pandemic. That's coming. Hand hand washing matters for pandemics. It really does in your hands with like an washing your fingertips and then drying, your hands. Also is important and making sure you don't walk out of the bathroom and touch stuff with your wet hands which gets all the stuff to stick to you. Immediately is also important and it takes a little time. But like in this world, we're living in right now, we should be taking a little more time to just do something. And not be like, I am a little bit. Just the slightest bit board right now because we need some space for that. I I've been trying to make more space for boredom because my my immediate. I know we're talking my hand sanitizer right now. But my immediate impulse that. Every moment is be like turn on that podcast that audiobook, and I needed to have some space in my life and not feel like I need to optimize every single moment and be like sometimes optimizing this moment by doing a physical thing of washing my hands to hopefully present. Event myself and others from getting diseases. Yeah. I agree with you about the obsession with optimization. It's almost like a religious thing at this point. Where people think the point of life is to be productive or to maximize productivity especially to maximize this one particular kind of productivity economic productivity, which I find really like disturbing that this has become this huge obsession of the species as if we exist feed markets. Since I quit the internet. I get bored. A lot more often, and it is an unpleasant experience. And that's why we have built all of these tools to minimize the amount of time. We spend board like boredom is not fun. But boredom is also for me at least like part of how I experienced thoughts. Like, I don't get to have my own thoughts. If I don't let myself become a little bored. That's why we have so many thoughts in the showers. We have so many thoughts when we're trying to go to sleep at night. Because those those the quiet times in our lives, and for me at least like if I if I make more of those quiet times during the day, I feel less like assaulted by thoughts at the end of the day. Thanks for taking on my question there, John and talking to me a little bit about thing. I wanted to talk about even though we were talking about washing your hands. Everybody wash your hands on the other hand Hector. I mean, you're probably. Going to get norovirus. Anyway, God knows I got it just Hector decrease Ubad suffering through handwashing decrease human suffering through handwashing is actually a great social campaign. Not like not like on, Twitter, whatever. But in terms of changing social Moore's around handwashing. That's a really simple way of putting it where you're just like, hey, do you want to decrease the overall worldwide level of suffering right now spent an extra ten seconds, washing your hands? Boom. There's no question comes from Robin who writes, dear John, and Hank I really wanna start my own business. But I can't shake the constant feeling that so many other people already do what I want to do and do it better than I could how do I push past that and motivate myself to try my idea anyway, or should I just give up any advices appreciated? Not Batman, Robin. There's actually says none on nine nine nine up. Batman, robin. I just got that joke. Not in an. Hundred not Batman, Robin. Yeah. It's real good. Good good names to sign off, rob. And maybe you should started name specific sign off business. I mean, definitely the thing you've come to Hanke John to here is give up, Robin. Just give. Well, sometimes you should give up. Sure, it probably not in this case. Probably right. Perfect person to give you advice on this. Because Hankas started so many businesses where he wasn't the first person to have the idea, and he wasn't the best person to have the idea. But he was the most persistent person to have the idea like there's this phenomenon in early human history called persistence hunting where the way that humans would kill their prey wasn't by being faster or stronger. It was just by not quitting. And so like an antelope can run for two hours, but a human will jog for four hours in that eventually the antelope left to be like, I'm tired, and the human will be like, I will kill you. Now, that's the Hank green strategy for making business. I don't know. If that's true Europe, persistence, unter, it's the greatest compliment. I can give you my favorite thing about human beings. Is that we don't quit? All right. I will appreciate it. And and I will say that like one there are a whole lot of businesses where lots of people do the business like every hair salon is a different business unless it's like a chain. But most of them aren't and like every Pete's like there are lots of pizza places lots of restaurants, and they're all different businesses, but they are all run somewhat similarly, and they all rely on someone to be at the helm of that business and to learn how to do it and to do the work, which is hard work and to be persistent and to figure out ways to make it work. The other thing I'd say about that is that when you're deeply involved in a world, you often feel like you're not the first person to be in that world or like the world is already saturated. But in fact, the world is very new. New and it's about to get much much bigger. Like, hey, can I started making YouTube videos, I in two thousand seven I was like, oh, I mean, we're we're too late. Like, we just got here. Too late. There are too many people making too many YouTube videos, and now when people talk to us about how we built our business. They're always like, well, I mean, the genius was that you started at the very beginning. And also, even if it's something that's been around for a long time. It's like these things are always changing, and they always need new people entering into them to to change things up and to have business adjust for, you know, the twenty nineteen world, and the nice thing about entering into something where there's other people doing it is that maybe you can talk to some of those people and ask them some of their difficulties and you don't have to completely reinvent the wheel. So. You know, I wish I had more specifics on what you are getting into Robin. But but there's nothing good for your resume like trying to start a business because you're going to learn a lot in that process. And there is a lot to learn. Yeah. I think one of the problems with the way that we sometimes imagine business is we see it as a thing that geniuses. Make and we build that up a lot in our conversations about how companies get founded like we talk about founders and CEO's like they're these special people with special talents or whatever. And I think that's the wrong way to think about how stuff gets made not just in terms of businesses. But we also have the same way of talking about art. We have the same way of talking about podcast with the same talking about everything is if it's so individualistic the truth is that made this metaphor before. But to me it's much more. Like, we're all painting a ball of paint together. And you add your coat and your coat is, hopefully, helpful and useful and beautiful and interesting, and it makes other people be like, oh, yeah. Right. That's interesting. I could also paint this ball of pain. And I think that when you think about starting a business as like trying to inhabit this role of CEO or founder, I it's it's too intimidating from the start. But if you think about it as being part of a big sprawling like global human wide collaboration. It becomes both more fun and more possible. I want to go to John green business school. That was fun. I like that. Yeah. The John green business school. Let's not get too. Big. I like it. I think that's important only only input every every meeting. We have. I'm just like well, but not if we have to hire someone. That sounds like that's like one step closer to two big. Yeah. I wanna know everybody's name. That's I that's my rule. I feel that I want to actually it's more than that. I want to know the name of everybody's dog. I feel like as long as I know the name of everybody's pet who's in office. Things are cool. But when we get to a point where I don't know the names of your pets. I don't it's too big too. I mean, there are people in this town. I know that that our dogs, and I don't know their names. I I mean, that's astonishing to me only because that means that there's someone in Missoula, you don't know by name, John. Is it time for one more question before we get to the news from ours? NFC wimbledon. Well, it really is. Because the newsroom AFC Wimbledon is going to happen live, forty minutes until the new survey Wimbledon. So you could talk as long as you. That's terrible. We're going to have to do this. We can Ryan and come back. I don't know, man. I mean, it takes long as it takes anklets at one more question for we get the news from ours and AFC Wimbledon, John we got a question from Caroline. She asks Hanke John this coming fall on moving college, and it will not have a car, but I have never used a public bus. And I have no idea how to use one. I'm excited about reducing my carbon footprint but nervous about doing something wrong. Sweetly? Caroline. Why do I have this fear of getting on a bus in a new city? I'm always terrified. I think it's because you don't know the system, and you assume that because you don't know the system if you do something wrong, you'll be arrested. I feel the same way. It's like, I'm I'm worried that I'm going to be found out as a tourist. But I am a tourist right? Like, I remember when Amsterdam every time I would get on God tram. I would just be sweating bullets. And I'd be like, oh, God, they're going to know they're going to know. And I have Henry with me and Henry at the time. He. Only said one word and the word was high. But he said it all the time and to everyone so the on the tram and Henry would be like. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hi. And I'd be like Henry you're giving us away. They know. And all the all the Dutch people are like, oh, my God that's doorbell in English because they all speak perfect English. Yes. And then on the occasions when I would try to speak Dutch to someone they would mostly just look at me blankly for a few seconds. And then they would either respond to be an English or they would say of Deutsche, which means are you German? Great which not to generalize. But is not a compliment in the Netherlands. I'm not worried about getting arrested. And I'm not worried about getting found out. I'm just worried about like inconveniencing people like it's this. It's this thing that seems like it should be so smooth like you get on the bus. You do the thing. And you're good bus needs to get to its decks place. It doesn't the bus drivers. There to explain to me how the bus works put yourself in the position of the other passengers, Hank. Like the other passengers are not going to be like, oh this new person. I hate them. They're going to be like, oh, it's a new person. Like they're figuring out how to use the bus like you would never sit sitting on the bus of a system, you know, how to use. Well, you'd never look at a new person and be like booze. You just wouldn't. Right. And if anybody does that's on them, not on you. Yeah. It's like, oh, did you know, everything the moment you were born yet less per se? Yeah. Yeah. Like we have to give each other room to grow and word, by the way, this is not only about buses. Like like when people learn stuff, you have to give them credit for for being on that journey and not ask them to like, you know, arrive out of the birth canal enlightened as oppose but the. In an answer to Caroline. You're more specific questions, which I skipped over. I don't know. It's going to be different in your place than it isn't my place. It'll be hard the first couple of times you do it. But as we were talking about earlier, the more you do something the more comfortable, you get doing it. And then it feels routine and within a week you're gonna stop worrying about getting arrested for improperly getting on the bus, and you're going to feel like an old hat in the field of us usership. And and and in response to one of your specific questions. Yes, you can bring snacks. That depends on the bus system. I think does it really. I've always I've never been on a bus where I can't have a snack, and I lived in New York City, and I would be on a very very crowded subway car, and there would be someone standing there with food with like a breakfast burrito. Yeah. And like something especially something drippy, you know. And I was just I would just be like men that is really like I can really smell that breakfast burrito. Really intensely. And I've got enough smells coming in to my smell system already. So I don't know it's complicated. Bunch of nerve wouldn't bring a snack on my first bus ride. Okay. Or at least I put it in your backpack and get a vibe be like those people eating snacks leans next. Maybe even the bus driver. What's the policy on snacks around here? Yeah. You want one got rita's? All right. What's the news? From Mars in news. From Mars SpaceX is is designing and building. It's it's starship, which is what they're calling. What was previously called the big falcon rocket or BF? Are it is basically the thing that's going to in yon Musk's vision? Take humans to Mars and SpaceX has is putting together this. A little rickety looking just a little bit. It's the the renders of it were much nicer than what it looks like in real life, which is just like it's covered in tin foil kind of. But they they think hopefully this thing will be testing itself within. Fairly short time span, which is great. They want this rocker rocket to be the rocket that takes people to Mars, but also to other places in the solar system and also earth. Elon Musk noted for sustainable transportation is also interested in using this thing to get people from New York to Hong Kong in two hours, which would be probably the least sustainable form of transportation. But it is you know, people will buy tickets for that. I bet if they instead of getting in a plane, they get a space rocket that shoots into space. Probably be an exciting experience. I don't know that I would sign up for it, especially because of how much I imagine it will cost, but I wouldn't sign up for it for like the first thirty years the tech. That's how I wish I had treated I phones. Know, I wish I'd been like, yeah. I'll get into get into this in thirty years. Right. Yeah. I will I will will wait influy. But it looks like it looks like quite an impressive an impressive thing. And and I am kind of amazed to see coming together. And it is a, you know, it's sort of like a test version construction, and and it is a important part of this process. And and having test fights beginning in in the realm of months would be a big deal for for you know, my goal of getting humans to Mars by twenty twenty eight I love my odds. I also love your odds. Live reporting on BBC sport dot com from Tom roster sixteen forty seven barn it or the only non league side left. That means that the only team out of the top four leagues are. And there are fourteen Premier League side still in right here. Go the balls into the hat. It's happening. Oh, we got the first AFC Wimbledon. We we were picked first we were picked first out of the hat. It's West Ham West Ham United. It's Roseana team. It's AFC Wimbledon versus West Ham. That's not the best draw. But it's also not the worst draw. So I'm going to I'm I'm going to be hopeful and congratulations to Roseana who will get to see her two teams play other which is always a painful strange wonderful thing. I think I'm gonna go to news now. All right. Well, thank you for putting me and thanks to everybody for this Ning. We're off now to record. Our patriots only podcast over patriot dot com slash to your hand. Khenjan? It's the worst podcast you'll ever listened to it's called this week. And ryan. This podcast is edited by nNcholas Jenkins. It's produced by Roseana halls real Hossam shared Gibson and our head of community communications, Victoria, Buongiorno. You can Email us your questions at Hank and John g dot com. Thank you to everybody who sent in such great and thought provoking questions and always pleasure to talk with my brother about them and music, you're hearing now and at the beginning, the podcast is part of the great gonna roll up, and they say in our hometown, don't forget to be awesome.

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