GSMC Baseball Podcast Episode 403: Holiday Wish List, Minor League Update


Golden state concepts baseball podcasts. We cover everything major league from spring train through the world series. Got your favorite club cover from new york to boston to elect. This is the golden state media. Concepts baseball podcast. Hello and welcome in to another edition of the gsm. Baseball podcast brought to you. By the mc podcast network. I'm your host kevin mahalick. it's monday december twenty eighth. Thanks for tuning in everyone. It was the christmas holiday this past week. Hopefully everybody out. There had a fantastic in safe and healthy holiday week there whether you got together with close family friends or Just stayed at home in zoomed facetime. Because i know friends who did a mix of all the above so some people traveled got together but didn't extend outside of immediate family. Some people were traveling with negative covid results and then others just kind of hung out to themselves and their immediate family and so on and so forth so hopefully you guys out there. Staying healthy stay in safe and santa was listening out there. Of course. I have a soon to be three year old so this year was a lot of fun but she just loved opening the gifts. You know it wasn't What exactly was in the present until all of the gifts were open so she would open it onto the next one and then when they were finally all opened it was pretty much like ok. Cool now what did i get. Now what are we to play with. And and elsa castle from frozen fisher price. I believe it is the little people series as a elsa castle that make some noise in does a few other things that was certainly a big hit in the house as well as a piano. You know one of those you run around and it makes noise that one's gonna you know certainly be on a time limit for the sanity of myself but was a lot of fun to see her. Enjoy the holidays so hopefully you guys out. There had similar experiences had positive experiences over the past week here. But we're going to only have one episode for myself this week once again normally. Come into you guys. Monday thursday thursday in the new year's holiday. This'll be the only show for myself this week. And then next week once twenty. Twenty one commences. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming but here for today's episode. I wanted to have a bit of fun. Kenneth stay on the holiday theme. And because of this i put together a wish list or a christmas list for all the teams out there and basically what they should've asked santa for this past week to deliver them in accordance to have a particularly salad. Twenty twenty one. So we'll go around the league here briefly some of these players some of them. Are you know things. I made up of summer. You know lay movie references. But we're gonna have a good time here and you guys will certainly understand as we get rolling but starting out in the american league east the toronto blue jays. I put down a corner infielder for them. Of course they need somebody to pair with vlad. Guerrero junior They try to matt. Third base doesn't look like it's gonna work long term self if santa could drop them a third baseman they would certainly like that next. We have the baltimore orioles to ask santa for time machine because they pretty much have to fast forward the next couple of years until they're getting anywhere close to relevance because yeah they're in the middle of a rebuild and hopefully not like the phillies and struggled through and more so the white sox padres in the likes who have done it successfully. But if you're an orioles fan you're to want to a time travel device to just hop into twenty twenty two when your club may have a shot at contending the tampa bay race. I asked for offensive depth. I mean i watched the world series in his. Anybody gonna help. Randy arose arena. I mean if there's any offensive ability beyond that one they may win that series so somebody to help out a rose arena is on the wishlist for the boston red sox i have two thousand eighteen championship gear because unfortunately things are now looking up in boston anytime soon. In my opinion. So if you're fan or if you're on the team you're gonna wanna take a trip down memory lane and Relive that twenty eighteen season by adding new gear to the collection for the house. The new york yankees. It's dj lemay. Hugh you know you're gonna wanna bring him back. He's one of the biggest free agents. He was good for them. So i'd no fun and games there for the al with the yankees but Bring them back. Dj lemay santa claus and all yankees fans will be happy out there next for you indians. Fans we got to starters to relievers in to prospects for francisco lynn door. That's right of course. All the experts say he is going to be moved this off season so why not ask for the world. Give me a couple of starters couple of relievers couple of prospects and yeah. We're good to go so of course. Santa may not always deliver. Exactly what you're asking for. You know you don't always get what you want but you get what you need according to the rolling stones so be wary of that. You indians fans next step. We got the royal cy put together a two thousand and fifteen montage of the best of the best from that season. That was the last season they won the series of course and now it's going to be a long summer once again in kansas city. And i don't see them turning around really anytime sooner than later here. We have the detroit tigers. I asked for an entire new lineup. I'm sorry that offense up. They're not a ton of professional hitters. I mean the pitching is coming. They've drafted they. Did bats early in the draft spencer torkelsson so the cavalry is on the way. But it's gonna take some time and They're going to need professional hitters professional at bats. Certainly between now. And that for the minnesota twins. I have pixie health dust. I mean. these guys can't stay healthy up there in minnesota health for josh donaldson byron buxton. Those guys are always down. Who knows with some free agents in the markets you know. They really couldn't afford to lose those guys. If cruz or zoro both end up walking. So they're going to need some fairy tale pixie health dust to sprinkle into everybody's water this year to make sure everybody stays healthy The chicago white sox. They just need a good vibes machine. I mean they got a new manager traded for lance lynn. Got good ball club. Coming back should take the nep step but certainly Make it all come together right. I mean a lot of teams out there that we've seen have the pieces but aren't to put it all together so you know there in chicago tony. Larussa of course out of retirement. We talked about that a few episodes back. If you guys want to listen to it just kind of scroll there to the pre logged episodes but if we can get that good vibes machine going keep the good times roll in chicago. I don't see why this team up there couldn't win. One hundred games and contend to potentially be the best team in the american league this year so out to the al west for the angels. I got urgency pills. I want to do my best mugabe to from zoo lander right. I feel like i'm taking crazy pills. Well i feel like everybody in. The angels organization needs to take some urgency pills because mike drought still in his prime getting older year by year. Here right that's you know not news to anybody. But they haven't won a playoff game during his time there in anaheim and of course he has years in millions left on that contract. But hey can i get it from you guys because the best player potentially arguably in the history of baseball is how many years into his career now and hasn't You know tasted the sweet success of the playoffs and i myself as a biased east coast fan. Who doesn't get to see a ton of angels games during the regular season. I want to see this guy so if we could please make the playoffs and allow him prime time to get the attention he deserves. Let's get some urgency pills up here in anaheim so for the oakland a.'s. It's health for matt chapman. I mean he. He lost a good portion of his twenty twenty season. So you know really for them and you know maybe some economic restructuring out there in oakland but sadly healthy. It's going to be the biggest thing for them for the houston astros so i have a copy of the last dance. Dvd set because this year's pretty much going to be the last ride for them. I mean you know. After this year losing springer it seems to be next year. It's into correja out too but the band is slowly. Dispersing down there from houston so one last dance. Dvd set could be the theme of their year. Here in twenty twenty one for the seattle mariners. Excitement alarms. I mean. Fans needed to get alarms. You guys you know. You need to be aware kyle lewis other some good things happening up there in the northwest. So you east coast fans who aren't paying a ton of attention to the mariners. Good things are happening last. We have the texas rangers. They need joey gallo to essentially be the. Mvp this year. So i have. Mvp juice for joey. Gallo come into texas because certainly them rebuilding. That's going to be the only way that crews forward here so moving over to the national league debris science them getting the reality stone for marvel's endgame from fan house. You know that way they can manipulate the reality of the three two one series lead. They blew to the dodgers last year and the nfl cs can manipulate that into whatever they'd like in order to ultimately get another shot at the dodgers. Here coming up in twenty twenty one for the marlins we got a big bat side. They need somebody offensively in that lineup. That rotation solid but they need an offensive weapon to help kinda take that next. Step for the mets here. We have all of the free agents. I mean unloaded. Money unloaded enthusiasm. They have everybody. Can they get bored. And they get springer. Who else are they in the market. For so i think all of the free agents is pretty much what their fans are writing down for their goals to santa here. So let's see the philadelphia phillies. I have surprised seasons from people. They don't see coming because the writing on the wall. Yes even if they bring. Jt rio mutsu back. I see him as more of a number three when it comes to offensive prowess. And i don't know if they have a number two right now so some surprise offensive juggernaut seasons from some guys. You didn't see coming is basically what the phillies are asking for. The nationals are looking for some arm health right. they're looking for you. Know some massage. Oil in the form of health for the right handed arms of trouser and shirt strasbourg and shares. Irv to give them a chance here. In twenty twenty one to ultimately make a push back to the world series now the national essential they need. let's see memory array spill so or better yet that flasher from men in black right and they gotta get those two christian yelich as soon as possible because he needs to wash twenty twenty from his memory and jump back into and remember the fact that. Hey i'm an mvp candidate. i'm christian. Yelich i pretty much dominate and crush. Baseball's so if they could just get that flasher for men in black senate to one year give yell at a nice little picture. He'll be good to go to bounce back the cardinals there. The you know the return of the jedi right. The return of the free agents. They got one adam wainwright and yati molina to eventually come back and give it one more shot in saint louis. So they're asking for the return of the jedi. Dvd set to get those two guys back. Hopefully for twenty twenty one the cubbies. What are they looking for. They want some clarity water. They need to know what's going on in the future. I mean they got some decisions coming on some pretty big free agents. Of course they already made the one decision on schwarzer But a few more of those coming down the pike here so they need some clarity water for all the fans to kind of see. What the heck this team is ultimately looking to do moving forward next week got the pittsburgh. Pirates and they need themselves maturation oils right like they. They got a bunch of kids. They just made another trade for a few additional prospects. We're gonna talk about here in the next segment of first baseman josh bell. Moving on here. So they're banking on these kids and they need some maturation oils to continue to progress in. Continue to develop and give the pirates next window a pretty big shot here so wrapping up the central we got the cincinnati reds and man they need to add wino- swore s to pretty much bounced back right so they need the return of all of their lost souls offense if they had a couple of guys start out hot dip down like castellanos swore struggled the whole year so it's certainly a tall task for cincinnati aired twenty twenty one but Wrap it up things. Now go into the nfl west. We got the diamond backs. They're looking for market increases. They need better returns on their investments. I mean madison bumgarner signing him last off season to a five year deal he he struggled so basically. They're looking for better return. They're praying for a solid market. Roi this year to finally get back to where they think they should be. The dodgers looking at twenty twenty reruns. I mean a run it back. Why not right so. Dvd television reruns. That's cool with la. They're looking to just run things back one more time. Hey let's go. let's do it again. The san francisco giants let see the return of buster posey. I mean you know the the giants they had a nice year and twenty twenty almost made the playoffs there as the the last team with the expanded playoffs. Joey bark coming up here as well. But getting buster posey back certainly going to be a huge deal. If you're a giants fan the san diego padres. They wanna a copy of quantum leap because ultimately that's what they're looking to take this next year. They did that this past off season having the second best record in the national league but if they can take one more quantum leap they're going to be at the top of the national league and arguably challenging the dodgers. First premacy there. So the last team on it is the colorado rockies and they're just looking for closure i mean they wanna know what's going on with nolan era. Nado his he stay in here. Is he staying here. Forever is the opting out are we traded him. What's going on. So rockies fans are just looking for closure this christmas season to try to figure out ultimately what the future holds here but that was the wishlist for all the teams in major league baseball. I thought that'd be a fun activity with the holidays coming up here whether it was an actual play our or some health pixie dust you know whatever it may be i love going through that segment with you guys but that'll do it here for the first segment we'll do now is we will step aside for a word from one of our sponsors and one of our sisters shows but when we come back here we'll get into news notes rumors all the transactions that taken place a couple of trades and signees over the past couple of days here so we'll discuss those and get into it but i'm your host kevin mahalick. Thanks for listening. Everyone will be right back. This is your ultimate stop for everything. Sports the golden state media concepts or podcast. Should i say more from the nfl. Mlb the nba m man. It's all in here. Golden state media concepts sports podcast. Listen the back to segment number. Two of the mcc baseball podcast brought to you. By the mc podcast network. 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We're gonna talk about news notes rumors everything going on here across major league baseball as we are getting close to transitioning the calendar year into twenty twenty one but an interesting signing was made by the dodgers and honestly this is the sign of a well run franchise right when you look at certain things like this where they signed pitcher tommy canley to a two year four point two million dollar guaranteed deal and for those of you out there. Listening to that you may think is in canley hurts he. He's gonna miss this entire season. Well that's exactly what's taking place here. Is that the dodgers. No he will spend twenty twenty one recovering from tommy john surgery he only faced six hitters in two thousand and twenty one before his arm gave but if they get the twenty nineteen version of tommy canley they get themselves very good relief pitcher back right because i mean this guy has had an interesting story. Canley he was a rural five. Pick who you know struggled at the big league level. Then he turned into a breakout arm and twenty. Seventeen with the white sox. He ended up with the yankees where he was known as dominant reliever will all of a sudden and twenty eighteen. He couldn't throw strikes again. Had trouble with his velocity. Weli figure things out in two thousand nineteen he was a very good reliever again for the yankees and then like we said in two thousand and twenty only face six hitters before ultimately needing tommy john surgery so this is a good bet. This is a good use of resources. This is a good use of assets. I if you're the dodgers because looking at tommy tommy canley and twenty nineteen. He had a forty nine percent swing and miss rate on his changeup generated over sixty seven strikeouts with that a lot of his percentages. You know fifty second percentile hard. Hit fifty six exit velocity so ex w oba way up there. Era batting average velocity whiff rate like the guy has fantastic. Numbers comes to a lot of these secondary sabermetrics. But is he going to be able to come back from tommy john. I mean. that's certainly a risky bet. But i think it's a good use of four million dollars if you're the dodgers to take a chance on this guy bouncing back for you here in twenty twenty two so we'll wait and see but two years essentially saying. Hey come rehab with us. We think you bounce back. We think you'll be just fine. Another move that was made the pirates traded josh bell to the washington nationals. The national is looking for an upgrade at the first base position. Last year that was a position had really struggled for that and honestly looking at their roster it looks like Five of the guys who played first base at what point are now free agents or have decided on retirement. Such as howie kendrick. So you know they got one soto in that lineup. They got Trai turner in that lineup but outside of those guys last year there really wasn't a ton of depth offensively for washington so them adding josh bell. certainly makes a ton of sense now. Bell of course had a fantastic twenty nineteen. He had thirty seven home runs. I was in the home run. Derby here fantastic first half to essentially you know bouncing into the all star game so he followed that up and twenty twenty with a below average season to twenty six with a three zero five on base percentage which is below average here. So you know. What is josh bell. He's probably somewhere in between the two now. I don't think he's a forty home. Run guy or or close to it. What you got and twenty nineteen. But i don't think he's a two twenty six hitter. Either you know i. I don't think he's that low so you're looking at a guy probably to fifty to sixty s giving twenty to thirty home runs eighty. Rbi's and diff- offensively they get that in out of the first base position. That's going gonna be a huge upgrade to what they got in twenty nineteen. I mean even if he is average like the fifteenth best first baseman. That's a big step up from where the nationals were last year so the nationals of course with strasbourg and sherzer getting up there. Shire's deal coming to an end. Each one of them getting older there in win now modes and they're not looking for that next window and a couple of years. They're looking to win now. And that's certainly aligns with adding josh bell for him to come in and improve that offense here now. it's also been stated. Does this does this trade affect Zimmerman when it comes to the first base spot ryan zimmerman look into comeback for the nationals. The ownership came out and said this does not completely close the door on. What's going on with zimmerman. He could still be back but you know he's not going to be the everyday first baseman if that's the case so we certainly see that josh bell will be taking over that role for them moving forward but who did the pirates get back in return. They received pitcher will crow. Who is a a major league level pitcher. He turned twenty seven this past year but You know he's only pitched all of eight hundred in the major leagues and you know he's untested. Nobody knows what you're gonna get the league level arm for the pittsburgh pirates. They're not going to turn that down as they're essentially looking to get as many lottery tickets as they can totally see who is going to stick around but they also got minor league pitcher. Eddie yien y. a. n. is his last name and he is. He's the one who's essentially the prize of the deal. If you're pittsburgh. I mean he's a well regarded prospect pitching prospect. He's now number seven overall in the pirates. Top thirty when it comes to major league baseball his eta is. Let's see here twenty twenty three so we'll just have to wait and see is only one thousand nine years old so it looks like he's a few years away but yien is the price here for pittsburgh for bell so who knows i like it for washington and we'll have to wait and see from pittsburgh side but you know you're certainly not winning anything with the bell as your first baseman in this current window. So you might as well take a shot at a few more lottery tickets moving forward here but let's see. The rangers signed pitcher. Cohe are yara for two years. Six point two million dollar deal now. This is an interesting deal because certainly in twenty twenty one. The rangers are not looking to be contenders and they have some questions on. You know what they're looking to do moving forward ultimately you know who is going to be here long term. But they've made some nice moves you know below the surface they traded lance lynn. Got some prospects back for him. They named chris young general manager. They signed outfielder david doll. They traded for first baseman. Nate low they also traded reliever rafael montero to seattle. So they've made a ton of moves this offseason. But the edition of ari hara. Who is a twenty eight year old pitcher. He spent the last six seasons with the ito. Nippon ham fighters he threw at least one hundred and twenty innings in each of those six seasons. And that's pretty much. What what the rangers are looking for. You know lynn. He was in innings eater in that rotation and without him. Things are a bit thin. Kyle gibson still down there. But he struggled last year with a five plus era. Let's see here are ara velocity. Reportedly is right at about ninety two He works with about seven different pitches according to the scouting report. So it'll be interesting to see. He's not going to overwhelm anybody with his velocity. But the ability to manipulate different pitches. And i believe it was recently pitching in john. Twitter spoke about how you darvish through. Eleven different pitches this past offseason or this past season when it came to the entire season. So the use of seven pitches for ara not out of the realm of possibilities when it comes to next year but that's it for the actual transactions so. Let's talk now some rumors here. Let's see what's going on across the holiday season with baseball One of the reasons that came out that was interesting was that the dodgers are in the Trevor bauer in dj lemay hugh sweepstakes. I mean trevor. Bauer has talked about that. He is not opposed to a short term deal compared to a long term deal. He's looking at best fits. Ultimately you know big time picture type stuff so again short term deal out in la with the dodgers would certainly align with bowers needs. It's just a matter of what he fit out in that locker room. Would people welcome him kind of what the deal is ultimately but i do think bauer to. The dodgers would be fascinating. I don't see it happening. But i do think the dodgers are playing a bit of cat and mouse. Potentially with the likes of the mets to drive up the price of bauer to continue to you know years terms and play that game to get him on the east coast and out of the national league west as well but Dj lemay hugh potentially going to the dodgers. That would be fascinating of course because these guys are going to get about this same average annual value in my opinion bauer may be a bit above the mayhew since arms tend to get a bit more than bats but give or take twenty million. Potentially on both these guys per year moving forward. So what would the dodgers do with lemay. Hugh well lemay. Who could play third base justin turner or they could put him at second base and move gavin lux into a bit of a utility role. So lemay who you know. He likes the professional environment the winning environment. He liked this time in new york. Well he would certainly get that again out in. La it's a great run organization so They're gonna get positive experiences there. If that's the way he wants to go next step we have. The red sox throwing quote strong interest in enrica hernandez a free agent utility man. Boston has three guys already penciled in to see who's going to win the second base job hernandez could you know. Come right in there and win that position. He's been linked to the twins as well would be their primary second baseman so he could play a bit of outfield hernandez career slash line of to forty over seven seasons six of which came with the dodgers kiki hernandez So the boston red sox looking to potentially add world series champion kiki hernandez And make a move here. So he played for alex cora. Who is the manager of the puerto rico team for the two thousand and seventeen world baseball classic so he's played for alexkor before has that connection and if he enjoyed his time plan for cora i certainly see that as a benefit to potentially bring him back and see what the move is so Let's see here kim. Oh here's a good one. Hei song kim who we talked about the free agent shortstop from korea is fielding multiple five year offers according to espn k. B o insider daniel kim. So hey song. Kim has multiple five plus years. That would be certainly at the top end of the international market for an offensive guy. But kim could potentially be it. We did a segment on him. A few episodes back again. If you guys are new check those out. We dove into some projections From zips ultimately which way they think he could play out here over the course of his major league career and they think he's going to be an above average shortstop so his career batting average three. Oh six thirty home runs. Twenty three stolen bases in one hundred nine. Rb is our his averages per year so we shall see a man. I don't know where he's going to end up. A lot of people are talking about the west coast the san francisco giants but an outside chance. He ends up down there with the rangers as well. Could it be the blue jays the reds the car. No sir a lot of people are talking about some mystery teams but we have until january first until the post st clears to find out ultimately which way kim's go next up we have darvish. He's recently emerged as a potential trade candidate. He's coming off obviously a second place. Finish for the cy young award. And i don't know the padres seemed to be identified as a potential spot. Aj preller knows darvish well from their time together with the rangers says san diego has high end prospects that the cubs could be looking for in return for darvish. So man i it would be interesting to see. Obviously san diego lost clever jer to an injury. This year. Denilson lament chris. Paddock zach davies. Several la dealt with injuries during their career so lance lynn. Being off the board the padres may turn their attention to yu darvish and that would certainly be a surprise when it comes to the off season but last thing here the phillies have extended an offer to jt. Real mutel according to mlb network insider. John hayman he also states that. Jt has received offers from other unknown baseball teams as well so the phillies are not the only team to have an offering theriault mutel but it is nice to see that they at least put an offer end and dr trying to make this work after giving up sixto sanchez to bring real mutoko to town. But that'll do it here for the second segment you know. Not a ton of news and notes going on across major league baseball. Few signings one trade to discuss their so. I certainly appreciate you guys tuning in. But we'll step aside here one more time for word from one our sponsors and a word from our sister show but when we come back we'll give you guys an update on how the hall of fame ballots are going and we're going to have a bit of fun talking. Uniforms like an ugly christmas sweater type vibe. What are the ugliest uniforms ever worn out there. So let me know what you're thinking about in the comments will be right back. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Nell listen close and here this out to see. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching the golden state media concept's podcast network is here nothing less than podcast lists with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast is whatever it may be visit us at. Www dot jesus mc podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download us on itunes soundcloud and google play. Is that back to the third segment of the gmc baseball. Podcast brought to you by the gsm. See podcast network. I'm your host kevin. Hollick appreciate you guys listening in today if you haven't done so yet check us out on social media head to facebook linked in twitter follow g. s. Mcc baseball podcast as well as the podcast network. So the podcast network. They'll keep you up to date on everything going across the shows within the network there twenty thirty forty different shows that we have under our umbrella here and of course the baseball podcasts will keep you guys up to date everything major league baseball as well as i myself. I know i like to talk. International minor league baseball college baseball all across the board. Anything baseball i wanna keep you guys up to date on what's happening. What's taken place. I certainly look forward to you. Guys checking us out there jumping into segment number three here. What are we talking about. Well i'm staying with the holiday vibes here. I'm staying with christmas theme and honestly i'm going to go a little bit of an ugly sweater vibe here in segment number three because i did some research checking out the wacky worst uniforms of all time and there are quite a few out there. That are certainly interesting to discuss. And for those of you listening on the phone. Now you're certainly going to want to bring out that Internet browser so you can type in some of these two google and check them out. Because i i'm going to start independently ball. They'd kind of work my way up to the league level and then of course major league baseball but we all know indie ball and minor league ball can get a little bit wacky when it comes to the uniforms here but the worst of the worst this would has to go and starting now with indie ball of course but the florence freedom they wrapped a dad bod jersey. In honor of father's day handful of years back where literally the jersey. They did have the gray pants so standard baseball pants. Which is a win when it comes to some of these jerseys then i'm going to be talking about us. I'm going to try to describe them to you guys so you can see them. And if you wanna google like. I said police do but The dad bod'ed jersey is essentially a topless male with a bigger belly and a hairy chest. Those beach t shirts where people wear over the bathing suits where it shows you know the chisel chest or the or the nice female physique underneath well. These are the other side right. These are essentially. Dad bods worst of the worst year when it comes to the jersey here so the florence freedom through this out in honor of father's day. I believe it was twenty. Nineteen this one took place so not even long ago but the florence freedom. Wow you guys you guys take the cake when it comes to ugly ugly baseball sweaters. We'll call them here so talking about the minor league system here now. These are a little bit all over the place but certainly fascinating one of the worst ones. I've seen and this one in regards to the pants more so than the jersey. But the eugene emeralds minor league team in the northwest league south for the minor league system. They put together basically a flannel shirt or a on jersey with a rudolph on the top of it so or reindeer for lack of a better term here when it comes to the christmas themes and the pants themselves though. We're gene pants on baseball pants right so they were actually baseball. Pant material but they looked like jeans and had waves and curves in fits and buttons all on the patriots. So it looked like these guys weren't wearing a flannel shirt and jeans to play in this baseball game so again check out. Let's see here. Just so i get it right. The eugene emeralds. We're going to wear these jerseys. I believe in twenty fifteen. So check that out on google. If you're looking to catch a glimpse of that because man. These pants may be the worst. I think i've seen in the history of baseball and there have been so bad ones. I mean i wore red pants with a black stripe down the side of for my legion baseball team back in high school. And i think these pants somehow are worse than knows. Even those as well had the fake buttons at the top or the fake belt. You know around it but you had the the string inside and then the fake belts stitched into the outside. Didn't even have the loops for bell to yourself. I think this baseball uniform does keep the loop so it looks like you're wearing a belt in your genes for eugene out there but oh my goodness what a fascinating jersey for them continuing down now the fresh prince jersey. that was run out by the state. College spikes i don't know state college is going to be around with this. Minor league reorganize everything going on. But they ran out eight fresh prince of bel air theme jersey for the spikes in man. It's just it is allowed and in your face and out there so that's certainly one you're going to want to take a look at but we have the johnson city cardinals who threw out a jurassic world jersey. They were the jurassic city cardinals for a day and their top. Their jersey top essentially looks very similar to the famous drastic park shirt. Where the Dinosaur is coming through breaking through and making his presence known well in this jersey. that's exactly what he's doing. It's a gray and white background. And then a big t. Rex come in through with jurassic city cardinals on the front of it. So this one certainly looks like comic book style cartoon style so at least it's like hey minor leagues trying to make a move and not where literally a flannel in jeans. And you're trying to disguise the fact that you're in a baseball jersey and not going to the bar here on friday night but we have the richmond flying squirrels who a jaws theme jersey. That's right jaws the shark. He is flying up on the top of the jersey from the belt area but it says squirrels with a bite. Mark out of it instead of jaws so the richmond. Squirrels went with the jaws theme. I'm not exactly sure why they did that. I guess of course. The jaws theme night at the minor league park. Why would you need any other reason to avid jaws theme jersey. But who do we have here. We have the fresno grizzlies who had a growl for nia jersey where they fresno grizzlies had a state flag representing california kind of manifesting itself with grizzly bear on it. But he is not so pleased. So that's why it is growl a -fornia he he's angry. He's got a negative look on them coming at you here. Actually don't hate this as kind of a tv or excuse me a t shirt logo or theme but certainly on a baseball jersey. Not exactly what you're looking for here. But if i could get one of these in a t i wouldn't hate that moving forward a couple more here is we continue down having some fun. The arkansas travelers turned into the. Us eagle jersey. They got a picture of an eagles face front center right on the chest you know the two is would be on the pecs out of thing and the beat coming right down the middle stars on one side stripes on the other so the american eagle jersey. Certainly one for the arkansas travelers. we also had. Who is this. When i don't know who it was but they had the landau caribbean jersey. So landau from star wars. I believe it was here. You guys gonna hate me if i just screwed that one up but landale got himself on a nationals jersey. That is just fascinating as well. This this from two thousand fifteen as well. So two thousand and fifteen certainly decided to have some fun here when it comes to the jerseys and ultimately a man that's just that is good stuff but that does it for the minor leagues next step. We have a jersey infamous jersey. That i didn't know a lot about until i was doing some research but the mercury mets jersey. There's an article out there. Was it the best or worst jersey ever. I mean you had cap sleeves. Mercury mets going down the chest of course a mercury logo planet graphic. I was silver and black made by russell earl hershiser you know has some pictures in it and you know people didn't know if they were being serious but it was part of the turn ahead. The clock not throwback but throw forward. They did this once in the nineties. It was the mets as well. As it looks like this seattle mariners. You know there's pictures on here. That i was able to find of alex. Rodriguez and ken griffey junior wearing jerseys with just a huge mariners logo on the chest The names were underneath the numbers on the background and the helmets where we're gonna sci fi futuristic and of course you know let's see here twenty two years later jerseys look nothing like that but man. The mariners set a futuristic jersey. That they went with the pittsburgh. Pirates had a futuristic jersey with just a huge logo of the pirate head on the chest. Of course you get the pirates across the chest but this was just the head logo screaming at your front and center that they tried to use this spring forward and it says on here during the mercury mets game now. They displayed players on the video board as aliens. Mike piazza robin ventura. Green faces horns wacky haircut so Certainly an interesting sight to see. And i did not know a lot about the mercury mets in the uniform here until i did some research. But throw that into google. You'll find yourself having some fun for about five minutes. Tried to check out. These uniforms here but Looking at major league level uniform that were certainly wacky and weird. You have the oakland a.'s. They're all yellows that they rocked throwbacks. It looks like they ataman twenty thirteen straight yellow top bottom green long sleeve undershirts looking like elf from the christmas holiday. Coming down here of course they had all greens as well to go against the all yellow so they had a couple of interesting once. I looks like here. The denver bears at one point. They were infamous Looking at some in museums they had a strike zone uniform. Meaning that the top was white up until right through the letters and then the rest of it was blue and very similar on the waist down so it basically showed the empire. Hey here's the strike zone right in the middle of the letters to right above the knee and we're gonna make our uniforms different colors so we can see when that white baseball crosses through the strike zone against that blue top. We're going to know that that should have been called the ball and not a strike by yourself and you just missed one going on there. So that's a fascinating jersey to think about as well. You have the dodgers who rock day satin blue uniform. Some throwbacks for them. It looks like they are in pajamas. Essentially in these uniforms they They go way back. But there's a picture on twitter. I found from twenty fourteen that shows them and quality very good quality. But the one guy here made a joke. Elton john would have looked good in these. Because harry styles wore a costume very similar Before game three and got some publicity for post videos similar to what. Elton did way back when so. It looked very similar to elton and airy styles. Rocking the pastel with the swayed here in the sat and blue for the dodgers the san francisco giants they rocked purple checks one back here orange and purple because the manager. This is back when they were in. New york wanted to The colors of nyu which is violet in white so they wanted to honor them for a day and they ended up wearing purple. And apparently it's a bit much because there's some drawings here with the purple shorts checkered jersey. Some purple going on. It is just a lot for new york. And what you're looking at here. Let's see minor league level here again. The grizzlies they went with the tacos for one day the fresno tacos they got six different versions of that jersey here. That is just fascinating. Of course the lehigh valley iron pigs. They have their bacon jersey. I myself have a bacon hats for the pigs. I think it's absolutely fantastic. Says iron pigs in the middle of the bacon that you can't see until you kinda dive in their deep and check things out but that one's you know certainly a stretch but all uniforms let's see here alternate green for notre dame the all green uniforms the all orange uniforms for the orioles back in the seventies that they recently rocked certainly a lot going on there. The phillies throwbacks powder. Blues the allred's the pirates all yellows the conductor hats. I like to call them. In the throwbacks. I can only imagine watching a throwback game pirates all yellow orioles all orange and conductor hats going back and forth. It would just be man. My eyes wouldn't even know how to handle that so a lot going on there when it comes to that but Google some of these you know best jerseys out there you're going to see quite a few from The cubbies as well showing up here looks like a tucson toros jersey from nineteen eighty certainly fantastic. It's got some orange and green some read some brown some gray all of that just in the jersey itself so there's a lot of fun things happening out there but i know myself iraq to my ugly christmas sweater during the holiday season i had it on. Even though we weren't getting together with a lot of people. I decided to just have some fun. Bring some joy and rock and ugly christmas sweater. So hopefully you guys did the same out there You guys enjoyed this conversation about some of the worst uniforms in the history of baseball. But you're certainly gonna want to check out google and see some of these images for yourself but That wraps things up here for segment number. Three of the mcc baseball podcast. We'll step aside here one last time for a word from one of our sponsors and a word from our sister shows but when we come back we'll wrap things up we'll touch base. We'll conclude today's episode talking a bit about the hall of fame where we're at when it comes to that tracker and the updates as well as touch on baseball and hawaii and a few other odds and ends things so stick around everyone will be right back. Want to know the latest and soccer that listen to the golden state media concept soccer podcasts from l. s. the world premier. Li got you covered the latest update hottest matches news on the league's top players. It's the golden state media concept soccer. Podcasts listen down. Stopped back to the fourth and final segment of the gsm. See baseball podcast brought to you by the gmc. Podcast network ios kevin mahalick. Thanks for listening. Everyone brief change here for segment number. Four i wanna talk to you guys. I wanna give you an update on the minor league system. I know i talked to you. Guys a few weeks back a few episodes back kind of bigger. What was happening. What was going on since that time. It's actually become a public information where everybody is going to be in regards to their minor league affiliates and this came out a couple of weeks back but i feel like it got missed kind of in the shuffle of the world or in translation so i just wanted to kind of read all of the new affiliates because even as a phillies fan. There was some slight changes that i was not aware of. So what i'm going to do here is i'm gonna go through the teams and read you guys aaa aa. But i'm not going to read you. The changes like for baltimore high will now be aberdeen maryland. Which is up from short season. A and things like that. So i'm just going to tell you it's aberdeen and orioles fans listening out there. You guys will obviously be aware of the change. That's taken place within your own organization so for each fan group out there. I do wanna make you guys aware of kind of what's going on. But i'm not going to water down the segment for everybody else when it comes to kind of the changes and who went up. Who went down. But there were a handful of changes. There are quite a few teams that were in affiliation that are no longer affiliated. There were some changes in regards to moving up or down the chain of command. A few independent teams will now be triple a. organizations right there and minnesota's saint. Paul is now the triple team for the twins in rochester. Is now the aaa team for the nationals. So there's a lot of changes going on. So i'm just going to read the list and you guys is fans of your teams out. There can kind of connect the dots and figure out ultimately what those changes were but baltimore. You will have triple a norfolk double a bowie high. A. aberdeen and low a. Delmarva for your four affiliations. The red sox will have triple a. Chester let's see double a portland. High greenville south carolina in low a salem virginia for the red sox so there are still a little bit all over the place in regards to south carolina and virginia little spread out for them. This is going through american league and the national league here as well alphabetically so just wanted to clarify that but the white sox triple a charlotte. Double a birmingham high winston. Salem north carolina and low a. can napa north carolina so the white socks go into alabama and north carolina for their affiliations. The indians aaa columbus double a akron high. A lake county. Ohio and low a lynchburg virginia for them for the indian so they stay mainly in ohio there when it comes to their affiliations. The tigers aaa toledo aa erie. Pennsylvania high west michigan and low a. Lakeland florida for the detroit tigers and therefore of course lake wind was there Home down in florida for quite some time so that certainly makes sense for them. We have the houston astros aaa sugarland texas. That's the one that went from independent ball to aaa aa corpus. Christi high asheville in north carolina and low a. fayetteville in north carolina for the astros next step. We have the royals triple a omaha. Double a northwest arkansas high. A quad cities iowa and low a. columbia south carolina. So the royals abid all over the place there as well. You have the angels aaa salt lake city. Aa rocket city alabama. That's a long way from alabama to la. You have high a tri city which is in washington and low a. Inland empire which is in california as well so they stay relatively local except for the aa program for the angels for the twins. We have aaa saint paul. That's the other one from independent ball. Double a wichita. Kansas high a cedar rapids iowa and low a fort meyers florida. Which is where their spring training facilities the new york yankees they will go aaa scranton wilkes-barre aa somerset new jersey. Which was a previous independent ball league. High hudson valley and low a. Tampa so it does seem to be that low a. Will now be the spring training facilities as opposed to what used to be the high a level of spring training facilities the oakland athletics aaa las vegas aa midland texas high lansing michigan and low. Ace stockton we have down there. So they're going vegas texas michigan so those guys still bouncing all around. If you're the oakland athletics are coming up. In that organization the seattle mariners go aaa tacoma. Double a arkansas. Hi a everett. Washington and low modesto for the locations. Tampa bay triple a durham. Aa montgomery high a bowling green and low h charleston south carolina so tampa bay kind of keeping things local there. I enjoy that carolina kentucky. A nice little kind of corridor there for the race. The texas rangers. They go triple a round rock aa frisco high hickory north carolina and low a. down east north carolina for the rangers. The toronto blue jays there aaa is buffalo. Double a new hampshire high vancouver british columbia and low a. Dondon florida which is where their facility is down there now. Transitioning here over to the national league the arizona diamondbacks aaa reno double amarillo. High hillsborough oregon and low a. Visalia california so let's see here going from kelley to oregon to texas. If you're coming up through the diamondbacks organization the atlanta braves have triple a gwinnett county georgia aa mississippi high rome georgia and low augusta georgia so atlanta braves organization very Very centered in the state of georgia. Down there which is very well done for them. The chicago cubs go to aaa iowa. Aa tennessee hi a south bend indiana and low a. Myrtle beach so the cubbies a little bit all over the place when it comes to their affiliations in the future as cincinnati reds triple a louisville aa chattanooga high a dayton ohio and low a. daytona florida so those guys bouncing all around for cincinnati. Certainly trying to connect the dots here. The rockies triple a albuquerque aa hartford high spokane washington and low a. fresno california now fresno could potentially not accept this bid because fresno was previously a triple a level program and has since been replaced due to the two independent ball teams getting invite. So it is tb d. as to whether or not fresno will accept their demotion or they think that they will be able to kind of get more money on the independent ball circuit side of things the la dodgers aaa oklahoma city double a tulsa high great lakes michigan and. Low a rancho cucamonga california. So the dodgers low a team is local but the rest of the guys are all over the place so very fascinating to kind of see the dodgers in. What's going on there. The miami marlins triple a. jacksonville. Aa pensacola high. A beloit washington. Or excuse me. Wisconsin and low a. jupiter. Florida so jacksonville pensacola. And then randomly. High up in wisconsin. After loa was back down in florida. So miami in the marlins gonna take things all over the place. The brewers they go triple a nashville. Double a boxy. Mississippi high wisconsin and low a. Carolina as what we have here. So milwaukee going from mississippi to nashville to milwaukee the new york mets triple a syracuse sets. Rochester new york. They took that one from the twins. they recently had las vegas for the mets so they will now be syracuse. Which certainly makes a ton of sense aa binghamton new york. Hi brooklyn new york and low. A saint lucci florida so low as where spring training. The rest of your program is in the state of new york and things certainly make more sense here. If you're a mets fan moving. Forward the philadelphia phillies. They kept aaa lehigh valley. They have double a. And reading pennsylvania high is now the jersey shore which i believe was their low a affiliate a year ago and low a. is now clear water which was previously high so they were one of the few teams that actually had their pillar kinda set up for success prior to this rearrangement or read. Greements here So the phillies kinda. Stay with the status quo. The pittsburgh pirates aaa indianapolis aa altoona pennsylvania. Hi a greensboro. North carolina and low a. Bradenton florida so the pirates stick with indianapolis altoona going down there. Minor league path here. Few more teams here. Let's go as we finish things up. The padres aaa el paso texas aa san antonio texas high a fort wayne indiana and low. A lake elsinore california. So the padres starting california. Then go to fort wayne indiana then down to texas before you hop on over back to san diego to get your chance up here in the shell rounding up the league. Let's see the giants aaa sacramento double a. Richmond virginia and high. A eugene oregon. Low a san jose california so aa richmond must have been one of the lower tier guys picked here because san jose organ sacramento and then double a. richmond so if you're in the giants organization you're going to want to get out of that aa level as quick as possible and get to triple a. because being called up from aa isn't gonna make much logistical sense coming from virginia. All the way over to san francisco the saint louis cardinals. They have aaa memphis aa springfield missouri. High ap oria illinois and low a palm beach. Florida that is where their spring training facility is and then the washington nationals. Oh excuse me they triple a rochester. So the nationals took the twins aaa rochester aaa syracuse for the mets. That's always been there. Aaa so i apologize for mistaken that one but the nationals took rochester from the twin sir they also stayed with double a harrisburg pennsylvania. High a team in wilmington delaware in low a team in fredericksburg virginia. So of course there are upwards of forty almost fifty teams that don't find themselves currently with affiliated baseball or twenty five teams find themselves with any sort of baseball affiliation because there have been two to three kinds of smaller independent leagues that have manifested themselves one of them locally up here kind of in the jersey new york philadelphia delaware area where a lot of local teams who no longer have affiliation or putting together like a wooden bat league so to speak to kind of keep things going and continue to make money. But it'll be fascinating to see ultimately how these things work out. But i do think for the most part ninety five percent certain these are set in stone with only a handful of changes yet to be made to the entire minor league of structure organization there. But that does it for a minor league. Talk here for the last couple of minutes. I wanna give you guys updates on the hall of fame ballots. You know here. We are as of december twenty seventh time of recording. We're up to only eighteen percent of ballots known. I know that as an increase since we last spoke but it's upwards of Just about sixty three ballots that are now public unknown out there and curt schilling currently at seventy four point six percent. You guys know out there. You need seventy five to reach the hall. So i do think he has a good chance here to ultimately eclipse that marking. Get in like we spoke about in detail in the previous episode and then bonds and clemens continued to remain steady at sixty eight point. Seven which i think is Continued increase over their past and a projection into the right direction. Where ultimately i think those to do get in when it comes to their tenth and final ballot and the voters are just going to make them sweat it out for their full possible waiting time. But that'll do it for this episode of the mc baseball podcast. Once again. I just want to thank you guys for listening december twenty eighth year. The christmas holiday was last week. A lot of people are celebrating a ton of different ways. So i just wanna give a shout out to the kids out there who maybe couldn't celebrate christmas morning. You celebrate later in the day if you're traveling and family or if you celebrate the twenty eighth or twenty ninth my family. We lived in texas for a few years. We would always come back to pennsylvania and spend christmas and christmas eve with family since we were kind of the only ones not in the area because of that as an eight year old kid that meant. I had to wait to get my christmas morning until the twenty seventh when we would travel back after seeing all of our friends family. So i know there's kids out there. I know there's family situations where maybe you have an open your gifts yet and you're going to hear in the next day or two whether you went to disneyworld or you're on vacation. Whatever the circumstances you know. Merry christmas to everybody listening out there happy holidays. Of course. I wish everybody a happy new year like i said there will not be an episode. This thursday for you guys just due to the holiday kind of regroup in taking some time off. Gsm see certainly Allowing us to enjoy the holidays. But we'll be back normal schedule coming at you. Full steam ahead twenty twenty one a week from today next monday. Let's see here. What is that january fourth. It looks like on the calendar. We'll be back ready to rock and roll and get you guys full steam ahead like i said into twenty twenty one but thanks for listening everyone. Check us out on social media. Please rate and review the podcast. Click subscribe like us. I certainly appreciate it. But i'm your host kevin mahalick. Thanks for listening to get everybody. Enjoy your weekend happy new year. Merry christmas and happy holidays. You've been listening to the golden state media concepts baseball. Podcast part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot. Jesus mc podcast dot com download our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud and google play. Just typing g. m. mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music thrown sports entertainment. And even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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