You in settle for a two star Spin Class A personal trainer would you so why settle for a bank that treats you just like another number. Ally knows you deserve better and their mission is to be just that and with ally bank you'll get interest rates up to twenty twenty times the national average you can chat with real people twenty four seven and they won't nutmeg you with hidden fees allies team actually cares about doing right by you and your money so go to A.. L. L. Y.. Dot Com for more <unk> ally bank member F._D._I._C. College Football Jim Harbaugh and in a podcast that was published by the athletic he was asked for his reaction to the retirement of former Ohio state head coach Urban Meyer and one of the things he said was in part quote controversy follows everywhere. He's been end of quote Arbab was asked about those comments Friday big ten media did not know context. You should know about that. I don't think it was anything that was anything new or anything of a bombshell well. It's things that many of you all have understanding of written about. We'll start with you. What's your reaction to her? Comments both on the PODCAST and today in Chicago well that was actually a good answer. I answer because he he's right in that regard but his first answer when he was asked a question should have been relieved. That's what his his answers should have been. I'm relieved because the bottom line is what the passion behind. This sport is fueled well by the fans. Is it not we can talk controversy. All we want tomorrow. Those Michigan fans would trade go get urban Meyer if it meant getting championships in Ann Arbor and every one of them knows whether they want to admit it or not lose. I feel yeah and I totally get where you're coming from. If you can't beat the man on the field then takes outside him verbally. It's just a big game of charades. I'm GonNa Make Y'all forget that I'm AU in four against him on the field and this reminds you know now. Controversy follows the man so I get what harbaugh doing but those Michigan fans they not gonNa forget so do championships. Look the the one thing that's not controversial is the validity of that statement but maybe our show. It's the timing timing of the statement. You just gave up more than sixty points to them the last time you saw him. He's now retired. He can't answer back on the field and now you're saying those comment. You hit the nail on the head. He can't answer back. You better believe harbaugh would not have made those statements. Sophy Urban Meyer one more time but he knows urban meyer has a muzzle over his mouth right now. The man with the MIC has the power yeah but the man with the mic might be hard ball right now but the bottom line is there better be results on the field to all all of this stuff will be brought back up the first time they lose a game this fall with those comments this week controversial or not the comments eventually will blow over but will what will not blow over is harbaugh inability at least to this point to beat Ohio state. He couldn't beat Urban Meyer. He struggled against the League competition since he's been there you see the marks eight and ten against ranked opponents. He's under five hundred against ranked teams wanting nine against top ten teams since he's been in Ann Arbor and our friend colleague and host of College Game Day. REESE DAVIS IS IN CHICAGO FOR BIG Ten media days really appreciate you spending some time with us. I know you chatted with Jim Harbaugh today. What stood out to you about your conversation? The fact that he's able and willing to embrace him changes on offense he recognized that perhaps the best thing to do is to try to play to the strengths of his quarterbacks not just shape patterson but he reference Dylan McCaffrey a couple of times and you know we look back in its history in the N._F._l.. And he's been able to do that when he was coach of the Forty Niners with Colin Kaepernick the one thing that I asked Jim this morning was I think there's been some alarmist thinking among people because they haven't haven't beaten Ohio state. They've had good seasons. They've had three ten win seasons but ask Jim what are the difference between the accomplishments going into year five as opposed to the expectations of where he thought they might be from a football standpoint. You know continued to grow. I I look at one thing. That's we've played a lot of young guys through the years. <hes> I think our first year we played maybe eleven or twelve freshman the next year was like seventeen <hes> and then maybe fourteen the third year the fourth year we played three <hes> so the reinforcements have come and <hes> so you know I feel like <hes> the teams that are really good place right now and you WanNa to make it tighter. You WanNa make it better like the Anaconda. You know you got a good tight grip on it. Now you want to keep squeezing and make it tighter. Make it better interesting. Creature inhabits the flat arid plains of million automobile dashboard fashionable the bobblehead it's most agreeable and will not along to anything despite having no brain function but when the bottle of head here's how Gyco not only saves people money but also gives them access to licensed agents twenty four seven online and over the phone. You'll will not even more vigorously because he knows you should switch because yes switching to gyco is a no brainer he's e- publ and easy you can get whiplash. Welcome back to college. Football live match Schick Tom Loganville. Emmanuel Acho Big Ten media is wrapping up today Friday in Chicago. It's pretty clear the big ten East two-horse race between Ohio State and Michigan. Those are the favorites what is clear is that the big ten west is very unclear. It's anybody's race and the big ten west coaches agree. It's going to be competitive where we think the conference is very strong right now. In the big ten west is getting better every year. There's outstanding coaches that coach in this league specially on both sides of the conference but the the big ten west has gotten better. It's a wide open west. I mean the big ten I mean there are no easy games no matter what no matter what side of the division you're playing. There are no easy games. One thing I've learned in this conferences there are there are zero easy games here. They're all hard no matter who you play and you have to be at your best every single week yeah. I don't care who people are picking. I don't there's a lot of really good teams in our league picture picks guesses. Our guest is ninety percent of the time. You guys are wrong when you guess things so Scott Frost is obviously not tuning in for this portion of college alive. Luke's WHO's your pick. Who's your favorite for the big ten west? I'm going to go back to Wisconsin and I know they've been the darling Arlington the West the last couple of years and they missed opportunities a year ago but I think they're going to be vastly improved at the quarterback position whether it's dot com or exciting to Freshman Brammertz they have the quietest two thousand yard rusher. Maybe in the history three of college football and Jonathan Taylor they're going to have a ton of redshirt junior and redshirt senior leadership that is back defensively. They're going to be a good football team. They do draw Ohio State Michigan and Michigan State out of the East but they get both of them at home. Here's the thing lubes Wisconsin will live by Jonathan Taylor and they will die by Jonathan Taylor but Boy Nebraska. They may have the best offensive playmaker in Martinez in the entire big ten. He's has the most of all the returning players in the Big Ten and Scott Frost else when he was at U._C._F.. In his second season had a plus seven win improvement when you're talking about total number of wins last year Nebraska finished four and two in their last six games and lost those two games by a combined nine points to Ohio State and Iowa I I think this is the year that Nebraska makes that jump and this is exactly why they hired Scott Frost frosting the hype starring medicine arresting the hype about them that has been generated awful before eighteen and listen average thirty six points a game for the last six games of the season and I understand they compete for the West but it's interesting this height machine. That's been generated about Nebraska this off season. I don't I'm not a guy that drinks the Kool. Aid You know me lubes. I'm not a guy that buys into unnecessary hype but when I look at the big ten West it's not truly that competitive I mean northwestern. They lost their quarterback. I do like purdue. I like Rondo more. He was the most exciting freshman non quarterback to me last year but I just don't see. Y Not Nebraska. I was on Scott Frost all last year when they started off but when six but I gotta give praise where praises do I got to give credit where credit's due the schedule does have some tough hiccups. You gotta go to Perdue. GotTa play Wisconsin Obviously Asleep but I think Nebraska will make some noise and you get Ohio state at home. Look Scott Frost going to be a victim of his own success. Take U._C._F.. Winless run the table and now we're in year two here so we we've seen the brochure on Scott Frost <hes> What about making the playoff though according to f._B._I.. FOOTBALL POWER NEXT MICHIGAN IS OBI WAN because they're the big ten's only hope a forty two percent chance Ohio state look at that shade over five percent chance those factors they included new starting quarterback new head coach having having to travel to Ann Arbor Michigan. The big ten's been shut out of the play off each of the last two years the league's coaches recognize. There's an issue. I love our conference. I think I think we do it the right way. Both on and off off the field we compete at a very high level you know but I think obviously when you're left out of the playoffs for two years in a row. I think there needs to be discussions. I think the ninety games are great far fans. It's great for guys from from a competitive standpoint but to me to have a true champion. We have to have the same data points and until we do that you know it's not any different than it was in the B._C._S.. It's just a different name. So is it expansion of the playoff. I think it's inevitable but again for me. It's all the details that come along with that. I just WanNa get our program in in position to be in Indianapolis and then get in that conversation. You heard you heard a couple of solutions there. We'll get to that in just a little bit but Emmanuel does the big ten. Dan Have a college football playoff problem absolutely not schick a problem is only a problem if it has no solutions and the solution in the big ten just went all your games. You already have enough notoriety. You have enough prestigious conference. If you went <music> out you make it in Ohio state. Don't talk to me about no problems when you lost a perdue last year. You can't talk about a problem if there is a clear and simple solution and the solution just win your games handle your business though I I think another thorn in the side here for the big ten is they cannot afford and certainly last year could not afford for Notre Dame to not be affiliated with the conference in go undefeated. The moment down happened. The big ten was doomed and what we've got to remember here and I think Pat Fitzgerald Herald mentioned something. That was very wise regardless of whether we have the B._C._s. we have the College Football playoff the one thing that you're not eliminating is subjectivity and when you put those people in a room and you start examining schedule and you're you're looking at this data point and that data point right and you're talking about the eye test. If you're notre dame and your undefeated. You're going to create a problem for the rest of the power five conferences. If there's a team that's viewed equally because they're always going to fall to the side. Outta the undefeated team in that happened to the big ten last year because of Notre Dame real quick lubes remember who Notre Dame played week one a big German team handle your problems because I'm with you wholeheartedly but the big ten has complete and total fate of its destiny just handle handle your business look at some of this has to do with competitive balance. The big ten Ezer is better than the big ten west they tried it with legends and leaders but they got knocked for that so they did it geographically and it's just not even but you hear some solutions. They're excuse me James Franklin Luke San we should have discussions and he went on to say about doing away with divisions of so that we can have a more likely champion you buy that listen. I think there's a lot of ideas that can be thrown out there. That need to be discussed need to be debated but the one thing that I do agree on is they're not all playing the same amount of games okay now. Everybody has to play a championship game to me. That's got to be rectified before we do anything as far as the visions in any power five conference agree wholeheartedly. There's no clear cut solution. If you do try to do what James Franklin is recommending emend up doing what the big twelve has done. You have to see a team twice Michigan wind up playing Ohio State Ohio State Oh backdoor and play Michigan in the championship game. There is no easy answer well. Let's be honest Ohio. State didn't miss out on the playoff. The big ten didn't miss out on the plow because of divisions or data points losses to Iowa and preview. You've got to beat those teams. If you're national championship caliber team up next here on college football live fifty years ago this weekend the world changed with a trip to the moon which team is prime to make one giant leap and we'll look back at some of the great leap. We've seen here in college football this Saturday. We'll have one giant so you have to fight card highlighted by welterweight half A._l.. Dose on US and Leon Edwards Nine Eastern on E._S._P._N.. And the E._S._p._N.. APP prelims starting at six eastern. You wouldn't settle for a two star our spin class a personal trainer would you so I settle for a bank that treats you just like another number. Ally knows you deserve better and their mission is to be just that and with ally bank you'll get interest rates up to twenty times the national average average you can chat with real people twenty four seven and they won't nutmeg you with hidden fees allies team actually cares about doing right by you and your money so go to A.. L. L. Y. Dot Com for more ally bank member F._D._I._C. When people writing the Mike Leach Obituary. How do you want to be remembered well? That's their problem. They're the one right meal bit. Ury I mean what do I care. I'm dead it. He's a one you could travel foreign white and you couldn't possibly find anyone even remotely like if you Google Mike Leach the first things that show what our videos with your thoughts on dinosaurs. Dinosaurs Apache Indians bigfoot Audis Asleep bears fruitcake. Here's a message from the National Weather Service. We have really no idea what he was talking about inside the pet that rock is a very hard ass traditional football coach that was last week. There's a little bit of drama and all this. There's Heroes Villains they might hate me but I'm still pretty important part of that. The <hes> check that out on Sunday as speaking of people from Outer Space Fiftieth Anniversary of that historic day the Apollo all eleven mood landing when it touched down to the surface of the moon. That's coming up on Saturday. Neil Armstrong said that's one small step for man one giant leap for mankind man Tom and Emmanuel Acho so on that note our staff compiled filed the greatest leaps in college football history. Let's watch these together and you can't have the best laid without Bo over the top loop. You have any kind of just stalled in mid air and then went straight down not and I think it meant more iron ball about Lavar Arrington look at Superman now that was a lead that really started linebackers trying to take that leap. I I tried once in college not nearly as successful changed rules. How about Libya unveil that and that's why it's a game of inches boys yeah he was a bit arrested was an air about as long as hold out <hes> Lamar Jackson again? I remember watching that one that was wild any look at them. Stick the landing and keep it moving again. GotTa Keep Your Head Up. When you're tackling right Emmanuel escorted? They just scored again on Syracuse. How about Saquon Barkley? This was this hang time here. Thank for impressive that do the creature. He doesn't so regularly now. I'm not phased gotta hit midair and kept his feet number. One football and fantasy gotta be a furor worried about that. There's another show for that all right so on that in that vein. Give me a team. Luke's that's going to take one giant leap this season well. This might not be too big of a stretch but I wouldn't go with Utah. I think Carl Wittingham got himself a ball club that is really really deep and has the best defensive front in their too deep in the PAC twelve. They only got two difficult road games at U._S._C.. At that Washington the rest they get home manageable non conference schedule veteran quarterback in skilled weapons. I like to use I'm going with U._S._C. that team right there. The trojans Graham Herald new offensive coordinator. They had a lot of distractions all off season.

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