United Through to Knockouts


Great news. There's a quick way. You can save money. Switch to Geico. Geico could help you get great coverage at a great price. And it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more on car insurance. Go to Geico dot com today and see how much you could save. ESPN FC to have you with us for this Tuesday edition of talk early. Steve Nicol Chaka his lots of ashen Salazar here with you plenty to get to plenty of Champions League. To look forward to PS g Liverpool coming up watch begi tomorrow. But let's start at Old Trafford Manchester United at the death. Thanks to who else are wanted for Laney feeding young boys and with the victory Voth, and you vent have advanced out of group H young boys eliminated from the competition. You would think this result would lead to a very happy Josaia Marino here who was both managed. Full some of my lovers. Just want to say for the ones that like stats fourteen seasons in the Champions League foot times qualify for the through the grew phases. Never one of my team. Stay behind the group face the season. I didn't play chimpanzee. I won't do as some records. Did you? Thank you. Thank you. Good record colleague, Donald Currie, interviewing jersey, got short shrift, then actually fourteen seems to be the number that will Josie because fourteen Champions League is he says just fourteen points behind mindset. No. So well done on the fourteen. He's fighting fires every week here against crystal policy up. Performance and again here left to a long ball anti Lukaku off the bench of flick on to motto on Fellini who does get it in the back of the net to kill the game off an engineer time, otherwise they go to Valencia and have to avoid defeat. So that's how desperate it was. Let's be Frank Kubota. United are almost unbearable to watch on the sooner as soon as one of the big boys. No co stages they will played over two games. The result. Maybe more than acceptable was the performance acceptable for Manchester. United at home against young boys Stevie Nola chill chill at freshman. Converted nNcholas John in the first half of man in a little let lease you. Maybe they could have calmed down and open Dalton played. But you know. Critics getting too. United actually he's he's insufferable team listened to. I mean, she he doesn't mention the fact that the full team teams. He's go groups it should go the crews because the teams who is worth what miles ahead of the opposition. So it's no fee a tall. And and finally, we must sit and think about stuff like this before games can come out with it. When you concentrate on what you're going to be clever as opposed to what's going on on the field play. I think what prompted gypsum renews response is exactly Manchester United. Woo. I've been saying for some time that I find more and more his post game press, conferences and interviews are all about a self-preservation letting reminding everybody exactly how good manager. You was a zoo to see don't believe what you just saw on the previous ninety minutes, which is exactly what happened against the team. Bottom of the group a team that Manchester United went to unwanted mill. Not of a sudden at home needing needing a win to be absolutely. Shouldn't do go through you start with Fellini madij, and Fred as a midfield. I mean, you've got Lukaku and popcorn on the bench. And again you rely on for Leney and in ninety minute. This is not what anybody expects Manchester United yet still they go through and as far as renews concern job done. You mentioned PA Lukaku on the bench. Alexi sanchez. Not even in the eighteen. Dan Marino overestimate his team today. What they could do you mean, Tori, overestimate? I mean, then clearly didn't start his best team. And I think he thought he could get the job done against. Just to actually go based in that best team should be well, the Kako mapping all. But if you want to go when names on the jazzy then. Yeah. But you want to go and performances which. Well, what what we saw today wasn't much better than Pablo Lukaku Alexi Sanchez ca gender. So that's why I'm saying is the best team where we can put the big names on the back of jerseys, the Sanjay's and the ball buzz. But I mean, they really pa- juice been anybody. Ellen MDL native one and we'll set and here you should be like a team went and you can come on. And while that was when United win they went ugly. Generally, wouldn't you lose a draw the draw ugly? That's kinda as at the moment. I tell you define for for not going to the last March day, there's a player who may may not be there much longer. David Hale Davut the hair pulled off one of the saves of the season. From not deflection to kick to stop young boys from going one nil up. So, you know, something you can come in a managing maybe get pre simplist late late Dafa to here. But Shneebly said that she's a preacher hair stick from a radio. I mean, you you don't just come up with us. Can you stop you go to your head? But well, Don t Nagi wrote, but I hit Impreza team with estimate clo- money an estimate of experience for again put in another performance that was by this average, we've got Rapahannock Stein with us rapper. We being too hard on Josie Marino and Manchester. After this performance. No, I don't think. So. Because if this before and said, come in isolation, you'd say, okay. This is one of those chimpanzee nights where they don't really turn out. They know that they're winning doesn't really matter. But this is just the latest performance in a long line of really disappointing under own performance of John suggest that United are going anywhere you'd expect them to play against a team like young boys. And absolutely dominate be better individually, collectively create more concede less, but it's really even game with not lot in it. And that is an indictment. I think off Wei United at the moment. Now, they go into port to write this your vehicle into port one. Now some United funds with you know, her. The woods for the trees might say. Well, you know, something that big teams are not going to scare us because we went over to Sharon. And we did what we did. And we we kept you down to one nil at home that doesn't tell that just doesn't tell a picture of what they're gonna come up against because really. And surely over the games at the event accepts him bought, but it shouldn't have been seven or eight up. She should have been so. Fica? I really informed him and the Champions League. And I'm thinking we were talking even look a young team like Dortmund Asama playing great then keep up and play without type of football. I'm not I'm not sure it takes a very good team to not mind. Chest unite to note early this year. What was it severe the motive in the Champions League? Over the great city. I was it was severe awful form. Come come into that year yet to this kind of this negative pragmatic approach that level even against teams who almost forced their way onto that level in severe at the time. I get better Manchester. United is not it doesn't necessarily take a document or boss. A to to see see where past Mancha's United. We focus a lot on like the post match press conferences. I want to read you guys a couple of things he said pre-match before young boys. He said it was not a crucial game that was a quote twice in the pre-match press conference. You've been a manager. Would you ever say anything like that? No, no. I mean. For MTC them. You have to wonder where this guy's head up. You know, not only did he see that. They also said that the is start listening to him. So why do there? I mean, if I'm the board and the managers telling me, the players are not listening to Manny more that has got to be the springboard to make a move to make a change. And you wonder how did not want tonight? I mean, we would would it be done had the lost. Would he be done? You got a thing should as their Champions League. Eight did make a change you think. So if they'd lost night, you think he'd been gone. Listen, if you are indeed, if you mind, it is in the press tell everybody who wants to listen that the players will not listen to then there's nowhere else to go is the angriest man in the world with at the moment. He's not. But not take something coming from me. He's like nobody picked those water bottles out. But you know, it kick the fossil look like a happy celebration and each slam the other ones down it was like voiced frustration. But not frustration comes down to him. You know, that's the way he can blame the media all he wants the TV that the gentleman list, the press conferences, but these guys like a sales asking questions for a reason is because he's he's he's co themselves anti call and. If I because he hasn't been able to get the players on the pitch molded into team. Good enough certainly domestically to anywhere near a challenge. And they're looking at me, there's not many be a challenge for the Champions League. Let's be honest in the knockout stages. That's that's the target. But there's not going to be a Champions League challenge not from this site. So that's group H let's check out group at for Manchester City gets a two two draw away to Leone they are through with ten points. The ports. Wait, oh, the goal spores for Manchester City, but again, perhaps not the victory many, Manchester City fans and a lot of pundits were expecting wrath. How do we explain Manchester City's seemingly different form in Europe versus the dominance? We see in the Premier League. What I think now three possible explanations, and they might not be mutually exclusive one is coincidence. It just happens to complacency certainly that affected him in the first game against Leon. There were sleep. It could be fueled by domestic and Philip -bility that you know, they come to game in Leon against not the best team in front thinking. We will be fine third reason is something I think that could be we'll worrying which is the way that mesh the city play. So demanding is so risky if you will with so many people always being near to the border and dominating deepen the offensive opposition have that if they're not one hundred percent on it then in Europe against top class teams are really good at exploiting space. They're vulnerable. We saw it last year. We started e before against Monaco. We saw it throughout the guada- is even at Barcelona when their way formless pretty poor. I think there's something in the way these teams play that if they're hundred percent or ninety two unbeatable, but if to just a little bit short then especially in Europe against. That type of caliber of opposition. They are a little bit fragile at the back, which is why I would say that a powder keg. When it comes to the knockout stages to talking about what Rob's talking about because they've got the genius and the brilliance about them. If you think back to Liverpool last year at can be over in ninety minutes. And if they do get it wrong, and occasionally that happens against the real big boys with the the real of Europe's talent, then you have about night euro. And I think that's why it's too early in. Well, they're the favorites. And they're going to win an S competition. You have a lapse an off night switch off even if the games over two legs. You're you're done nothing. That's the big worry for SETI. We know that they could probably play of an entertainment competition at the moment and couldn't Real Madrid. And including bus alone. However, they're also all these teams of defensive problems, but they've all been over the lane before say haven't been over the line. They have one of those defensive nights against a really good site. Then wrote touch ho that's how tater as for them. You mentioned Manchester City as Champions League favorites, they are actually still the Champions League favorites going on ten to three Barcelona. You bet Byron eunuch Real Madrid still in that top five Munich Madrid at ten to one near you see the rest of the top ten. Wouldn't tracking the domestic doesn't bunny you to find them hiding under wardrobes next to law soaks due to although scurry off what's ugly fascinating about the dust bunny is that although they'll not actually essential creatures when they would not only saves people money, but also has a ninety seven percents customer satisfaction rating. It's obvious to them you should switch because Yesler. Switching to Geico. Is a no brainer. Oh, no. It's the dust bunnies. Only natural predator on the lung on is run along. Fine Munich, the big winners in groupie, I access well punching they're to get into the round of sixteen two one winners over Ben fica Robina Bray thoughts give race on the score. She just like the old days so raft. What does this mean is Niko Kovac off the hot seat arson banger can tell on the beach for another couple of weeks or what? Never fully believes Niaz in Vegas stories to be honest with you. But Niko Kovac was on the drink that much is true the board even so fit to talk to some of the players before the game saying you really need to pull yourself together. This is a big game you have to perform. The performance and the result gives everyone a little breathing space, quite the discussion. But how's the study how much does this fourteen director? Just a few minutes ago came out in the media and the mic zone and said well in the next game on Saturday Niko Kovac is our coach. Now does that sound to you like a job guarantee or a club being really convinced the manager what have to say actually next game he still on the bench. So those bigger questions about his management style about the team's performances. They haven't gone away. The only thing that it does right now is that it doesn't make his dismissal immediate or force buying into the decision that they really don't want to take because oldest us in Vegas stuff is just a debate about what do Byeon if they have to pull the trigger. They don't want to pull the trigger. They want to somehow see out the season. One more point. I want to quickly make is that this result doesn't only help watch. But it also helps the club the board because they've been on the fire. As you know for not really pushing that transition forward for not really changing the team for not really putting new guys in. But when you have I in, Robin and Rubery n Levin ski coming up with the goods tonight. It makes it easier for them to say you see what have you been talking about? We knew that this was going to be fine all along. So it just gives everyone a bit of time to assess. But I think in the final assessment coverage that has a lot of things to worry about rapid-fire Munich do have to pull the trigger as you say. And it's not arts and Megara as you clearly believe it won't be then what are the other options? Like where would buy me to go? I think it's almost you have around the honor options right now, that's why don't want to pull the trigger. If there was a ready made replacement Daf there was you pike is for example, ready to come back and forth time, they might have already done it. But there isn't anyone and they noted not gonna get anyone in November. That's really suitable. It's just not realistic us, and it's not going to come in in the member and solve buys problems, which are really deep and complex. So they need to somehow make sure that this season doesn't end and told them disaster, they need to find some kind of acceptable end to the season with Nico covert, preferably. A democrat comes to March April solicitor final moms. They will need to line someone up and unique is full of rumors about them looking at names that right now not available, but might be further down the line as you see there by Munich outside the Champions League spots. It was a good performance today. Craig was it convincing though, are they back. I just don't think convention at all. All at the moment. And I think that's the big problem Fulham. I mean the defensively have been per for the Abulkader season. They were completely outplayed in the second half and the Dortmund game when they were comfortable possession after forty five minutes, and then they just got swamped. I I'm just not not convinced at all about they could get on the phone to your pie in kitchen. But he's he's just not having it. So as rob said, the options are not really there. And let's be honest. If the senior pleasant, I'm not saying done, tools and some of the games. But if the senior players are not happy or the thanks something's right. You're not getting the best performance show. We've only got the katelyn Solti what the end result is going to be a not they'll pull the trigger group G in action on Tuesday. So is route Madrid through. Kunal winners in Rome. Madrid against massive massive result. Definitely needed this weekend. Have you looked at this table? And you look at that result. You think this has been nice? That will for Real Madrid. But the the truth that are has not been comfortable whatsoever. That to know victory and rule the pulled off a don't know because in the first half, they just go plead. Cooked wise, meet an incredible safe from ship. How about the miss the miss at the end of the? As messed from a yard with an anti goal show. Listen yes of qualified Real Madrid. That means that they've got some time to get by two will the want to be the miles away from being the team and got bail schools. Again, you talk about taking a little bit of pressure off him, but Real Madrid assu far off the Mark here who you talk about the team move with with the problems re-emerged Madrid. Exactly that yet somehow managed to come up with results. Exactly when the when they need them most they will often the first off on why hall room somehow kept Real Madrid in this game is simply beyond me spoke about the chances gone. And then all of a sudden after the break Riyadh Kamal get your goal. And what they do is they defend that lead in advance it. But this is a poll readmitted site expected more from Real Madrid Rome up to the eighteen that are punching their spot into the Champions League knockout round. Champions League group c ultra competitive Napoli Liverpool. PF Stephen Red Star Belgrade still in the mix. There. Odds advance not all that bad sixteen to one good news for PS PSG fans of healing about bay. And neymar will be in the starting lineup tomorrow that according to Thomas to go today. So given that information Stevie how confident are you that after this Liverpool PS g match Liverpool is still being one of those top two spots. I'm cope with a little bit. But won't lose this. You know, both Liverpool Unnop live comfortably defended already against PS. G okay name Evan bopping me, maybe not hard. But the certainly won't be at the shops. I think the pressure is all on PS GT KOMO and they've Sean defensively they can be go and live a Pula sue set up to keep a good shot at lane and unusual that piece in the attack the way, they do the best to punish PS. Jeez. Oh, I'm going into this game. Very cool. Almost clear. Hey plan. Huddersfield something. This is the reason PSG of five points because they haven't been out the best in Europe. And when the I think the pressures on them to come forward and try one those game Molin as live about. John liverpool's. A hell of a pressure on Thomas Turco here better than reminds the the remote for that club. And the Mon who they've spent but the the best nets session. There were looking at home against not Cleveland de Maria that late goal. Played played. Well, they didn't play rail in the second half Naples, but Liverpool up just lost a step as the seasons gone on and the league still going well, not playing a convincing style. At the moment. It's been it's been a different Liverpool on whether the international break has done them. Any good? I don't know. I'm not confident as would have been a couple of months ago of let Bill Clinton Patterson Gantner as oh. I just think it's such a hard one. I agree with the Liverpool haven't been as convincing as it were previously. But I think I'd be back. They've they Sydney your whole more improved than number show twelve months ago. I don't think they got better. Whereas they lead from the front last year. I think I'll be back they far more reliable. And that's where I think Liverpool win this thing. Now. For me PS g incredibly talented spoken about the two toddlers in particular how good they can be. But for me things have to go well for peer street to for you to see him Bob BMI their best. And I just don't see you can club allowing PG to get into the rhythm on how things or the rule we if they go there and roughly a few feathers. I just don't feel pearsley. Have what it takes to still get the job done given. What we've seen from Liverpool defensive raft. Do you agree is the pressure here? Pretty squarely on PS g. The pressure is on pressure Sunnis until Mr. hall. I think he is his job prospects might be pretty poor. If he doesn't qualify don't think that would necessarily help put on the night, though, the fact that two hundred on the pressure what I wanna see from mulitple is really having learned the lessons from the first two away games. Which of course, they lost in this league were they were two passive, and when they won the bowl, they couldn't use it while certainly against Napoli they played so little football. They lost the ball almost immediately back, and it's great when you play a little bit more actively when you play on a transition, but he didn't have to use the ball. Really? Well, and they didn't do that at all. And I think only a really at the shops at their best when it comes to the movement and also the midfield playing the kind of passes that the three guys frowned upon then if got realistic chance, but then you really need to up the game. So only compared to the last couple of away performances in the Champions League. The maintenance is changed for Liverpool. And that's the half. Have to be right frame of mind, because you know, a month ago, whatever it was they probably fought that we're gonna end to Paris with three points from from Belgrade from plane right star in the bag, and they didn't a horrendous over there looks possession. But it wasn't a great night on all the pressure on game. Now, we're really we're gonna we're gonna find both sides of the day. You know, whether chick has team where he wants and that option flying in league on the window the window here and clock. Great start domestically chop league final last year, but house he best house. This I got what it takes to deny space for the star man of PSU. We're going to find out from one top group to another group B Barcelona right now atop the group. They've got ten points already through to the round of sixteen but between inter and Spurs right there. They will face off on Wednesday. Spurs prayed coming off the great performance over the weekend. And I keep it up to and that's cooperative. The need one against into then one against possible. And I forget the result against. Cotonou to keep out. But yeah, yes, the come. There were excellent up -solutely. Excellent. We can against yolks spores enter it'll be a organized site. But I I think the con- are capable it'd be an enter. I just don't think they will. Then the result in an accompanying and that's not going to be an office. So ultimately, I think it will be failure for it. Really? Well, they have to but in both games Arnaz already. Advanced Don, tried the argument with mobile. Go go down the day. Now, here's a look at the group. A standings those good somebody helped me with that Matha. Crew but the room, and Greg this is a believe your favorite group. Oh, yes. He is the group of death. And there's a group of light Ortho. Childcare gotta pass rate and the already eliminated promoted Moscow. Still talking about the game that wasn't played over the weekend. Conmebol hosting meetings today after the second leg between River Plate and Boca Juniors was cancelled over the weekend. We know the match we played December eighth or ninth. And we know that it will not be played in Argentina raff. What else do we know about the situation as it stands? Very little because it might or might not be played enough since young it might be played on the eighth. It might be played on the ninth of December comb Ables statement they've ache, and as you said leaving a lot of questions open. So the game will take place as things stand. That is already news that is to be what come to think even though a lot of people said, well, the game should be forfeited and ship just be awarded for Booker because if you have players injured, then how can you expect to play again but coma bought decided differently and now awaiting details to emerge rap. Let's change gears a little bit Christian pulisic reports say he will go to either Chelsea or Liverpool for seventy million pounds. What's more surprising to you about those reports where he might end up or the price tag? None of this is really surprising. Look, Kristen put a sick is out of contracts in twenty twenty dormant have said they will not let him go in the winter to open also know that it's going to be very very hard to keep him. If he doesn't want to renew his contract they cannot really afford to waive all that money could buy by letting him run on his contract. So the likelihood as STAN is that he's going to leave in the summer that we know that there's a big market for him in the primarily for both sporting reasons, but also think marketing, especially when it comes to US clubs soy British clubs with a US background like Liverpool. Like Man United that very interested in him because he is a superstar in American football. The problem is and it's a nice problem. But it is a problem. Nevertheless that is price. Tickets such even though Spiga clubs need to be absolutely certain that they can get the best out of him at that kind of money. And I think it's a difficult spot for him to be in. Because while he is on the verge of being a really great player. He's not quite there yet. And I think to go for sixty seventy million euros, whatever it's going to be could be eighty five. These are just numbers out of finance the moment. It's going to put a bit of pressure on him to read to Justice to these numbers. And the numbers will be big. And I think he's not quite there yet in terms of being a ready made impact player, he's close to it. But not quite they right now. He's not guaranteed minutes with earth. Doorman? How should American fans be about that? I wouldn't boy too much about doberma- flying. He was still see plenty of action. Russsian father likes to rotate the opened are likely to go deep. No competition. So we'll see him. But I think is a reflection of adult minutes quantity. But also his performances which have made him very valuable for dope. Minova last few years, but not quite indispensable. And this is the point I was trying to make earlier maybe I wasn't very succinct. I'll try again, if you wanna buy play like that you need to know. This is going to be a player who's immediately. Our starting eleven he's the guy who's gonna make a difference every single time and econ quite a dope. Open at the moment. Before the cups. It can afford him. That would all have similar players all slightly better players even head of him. And they'll need to think very carefully if they want to take risks, by the way, there's one the we haven't mentioned, and I'm sure they will definitely be interested as well. For all the reasons we mentioned, and that's buying. So it might just be a little bit easier for him to get into the current buying team that into Liverpool or even Chelsea the US men's national team fans, also very interested in the reports linking Zach step into Manchester City seven to ten million dollars transfer fee. That's been reported. Will we ever see Zach Stephan actually playing for Manchester City, though? It's a really good question. I mean right now with Edison being totally untouchable. It's the number one. I think is difficult. It looks like a kind of money bowl move that they have spotted a talent and consider him undervalued. We noted mentioned city just the flagship of a whole host of other clubs that are affiliated. So be easy for them to give him game time at some of the European or this or even US franchises. So I think it's a good spot to be because you will sort of be involved with reading players really good clubs, whoever that's at city. I think it's a bit early. He's twenty three four go keep but still very young. And he needs to have a lot more experience at this level. All right. Thank you very much raft for all the latest transfer talk head over to our website, ESPN, FC dot com. Rumors and news as it breaks. Conflicting reports as to what we are. This video is from we're told somewhere in South America's a penalty. Shootout. Duck ridden belly. Well. I mean when you're taking the panel you've got to be aware of adult coming on. Yeah. You're June professional and the dog. I'm sorry, we're guessing that was not professionals for different professional apertures to the dogs. Built much. All right now. That's all the time. We've got it to you next time. The next time. Extra time in a moment. But first as you know, the holidays are the busiest time of the year, especially at the post office. That's why I used stamps dot com. It's so much time during the hectic holiday season with stamps dot com. 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I'll not mentioned today said no matter what. We do have some papers from England image of Champions League, Tuesday, Josie Marino, not angry wabi, clearly angry. But celebrating the game winning goal. Look out that leads us to our first question here on extra time and Stevie. It's directed to you. I don't know why they would pick you out. All this soccer thoughts wants to know. What is the craziest thing you've done on the sidelines? I'd have to shave. I wasn't alone on it myself. Nothing man benches bullets D'amoto. Made some. I'm just just a Shelton. Of the crowed which was shot behind those and the Chicago revolution jets. Yes. It's not something. I could on on screen was it was it after like a goal or was it up. They were just we we were. We were three one down and the ninety minute Chicago school the ninety plus minutes to go through you on. We should go to goals by myspace minute to draw three three from the Vitug. There was two or three guys behind those. Given a pet was Olguin mission as soon as the bucket of that mister mom night while the swiftly turned around and made some gestures towards the said jets enjoyable. Did you get playing for fortunately, nobody sat down. So that was probably won't be Twitter. Right. Media get away with that. Craziest thing you've done. Nothing. Very reserved. I'm on the sideline. Been on this time. Movie gave him I just walked to the tunnel. Any wild sidelined stories for you know, can amendment. Can amendment next question from Nick, do you view the question, you know, it's not a good site lay story. I'll get to this. Okay. Great was creek road. You're this Montijo. Scotland for many years we were playing England at Wembley. On he to berate someone. Right. I told you at a lodge told me that in the banks the bench front, and then you got ten twelve people behind the he awfully see he's not showing people whatever. Anyway, it was one of those sticks pops up and so went down all the rich. I know Joe extant beat on the bench in sub button. Just as a see. Our brilliant next question has to do with Manchester United Nick wants question. So it's okay. Oh, is it? The individuals quite right. And also the intensity of the moment. Obviously feels like a pool after that. No one. No. At least it up. Do you guys? See the Fellini handball is deliberate. Let's let's just go with that part of the question. I deliver for you on the goal deliberate enough hilar-. Yeah. Without question. We got say. Well, he's one of those guys every team usually usually house one whether it. Whether it's in a game or action Trenin. He's always you please L boys, or at least conscien- with these with the big toward buying in. There's always one of these guys. And that's just another one of those things this things on. I don't think he's made to do it. Because he just doesn't know he's not in full control all the time all of these things. The world class. Little bit knees elbows this deliberate. Really our intent shouldn't be the law as did retinal. All because because we all know most of the time is not intent of the liberal. But if you'd ask in with that sun bowl does have a material come that's never -nology. I am from pizza volt colleague when me try. Yes. Ma. A material effect because he as able control it somewhat was hot. The buck of the net. There will be a rewording of the loan. I can raking news here on extra time. So you actually do something when you go away, and he's means. That question. I would. Okay, executive meetings. I mean is it still? A meeting Jako because you don't you take holidays in general? Got so. But. And one, you know, one dinner tab. The one just. If I'm gonna ask for dinner, you'll get a ride. Who will get a ride a, you know, a nightly Email from. Thank you for your right? Right. So tell house ever again for just my up. He's caught you see. My phone does have battery now. Right dos. Questions. Josh wants to know more surprising emission today. East gore? Alexis Sanchez up both guys not even in the eight and Alexis unchanged on base. That was more. Surprising. We say he's knew that legs you his no. But he hasn't. I don't think he's started since Hillary took over. No, we got out of east cool little Sanchez. He did. Okay. There you go. Final question. Joy wants know. All issues aside. Major question is did Steve Nicol leave Twitter because he did not get the blue tick. Oh. Kubat bullet the blue tick, I didn't know how to get the blue tick. And so it didn't trying to get the blue check. As if Tokyo, ready, go to a because of the usual. Offended brigade. What you she shopping with it will find some way of into? So political racial some horrible person will come the anti something. But so you're not coming back. Hi, my Stevie moment. Get a no particular all Honey. Honey subscribed. You'll get ESPN plus. Folk has fault. So these on the stratosphere. He how's it? Go. Cut memories. Username memory possible. Unfor- loz periods. Get an Email with to commend. So how do the hell? A blue tick. You're right. You're right. He's. ESPN pause. That comes that never time on the show. Oh. ESPN? Does. She don't me. James Jay, check him in the day. I said, Mike. Yeah. Come on and clever. Here we go. Let's walk. So what? ESPN plus. But it's not Stevie somebody have to work it shouldn't gone. Jank cow. What should as you walk in your home? Let gramling something that goes way stuff. All push ESPN. I used to be oh, I'm here. So might might on the computer, computer. How's it changed? Changed behind the scene colleague press, Julius ban close on your Ford. He walk you press. It does I'll tell ya. Jinx tom. Right. She'll get the day we walk in. And I haven't changed it. And I get. I mean of all of all the people ESPN help you all the IT people. Them. I'll get imprint. So it was the same pasta as the blind leading the blind there. It where it is. Where's you where you call IT? Then I go Steve Nick send the new kid set the rookie you kid that'd be too high. Thank you for your patience. Get a new kid on the block you want to do this job. Long term come and deal with that sippy Kilby. Kilby still wanting to do that job. IT doff, local and all local phone after five shakings cut logs. Undoing the law. But you want ESPN IT to unlock it for you. But you can just go into your settings and unwelcome or you can put a longer period of time. Amena minute. Looks don't wanna separate it up. Doc, please. No don't do that to me. So did that to me? That's I always do. I'm jen. His jinx. You don't have to do this compliance training. Compliance training on McCoy nickel. You've got to do it. Four to five times. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. Anyway, company Poulton it comes flying through. It comes flying ask goes comes flying, anyway company, helping. He said he says all the way to the end on this. Fish waste. He never helped me, by the way. It was. He should Google. Oh, yeah. Dixie chicks. Even coach I t show James, Greg. Ios laptop, Jennifer. What are we got home to go to? Some of the. I'm no I'm going to ship that hotel room. Don't give it a story. I'm not taking. Does your phone working you book herself? We'll be back tomorrow Liverpool. PS everything else.

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