QLS Classic: D-Nice


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Quest Supreme is a production of iheartradio. Ladies and gentlemen. This is another cue LS classic. Demonstrating that all heroes don't necessarily caves twin for seven. For the last thirty years, the legendary denies has been secretly the coolest cat in the room. A lot of us are just hearing about him, but the man has history as a photographer as an MC. A member of the legendary boogie down productions, and especially now as your favorite home schooled Dj so now's your chance to get to know the man. When they simply call. Denies. Prima. Prima role. Of Prima. Third suffering role. Suffering Caro- Prima. Suffering. Although supreme. Of course lovers. De Nice. COM! Role. In the building. I'm willing and able. Compared to me. Just crumbs on the. Table. Suffering, role. Komi Sugar. They call me spice. They call me everything but dean. So? He stole. What are right. Yeah, I'm just going to say. What Up, do you? So pretty. Bill! Starting do drag. Just can't take it yeah gentler. Frame. Grow. Suffering. Blackie Oh yeah, that's right. That fine is over that Oh. Yeah, his name denied. Sir Roll. Roll call. Yeah I. Don't know what to say. I haven't ridden a run. Back in the day. Great. Suffering. So free. So free raw. So free. I boss bill with the field. Goal with one second left. Half Court buzzer here. Off, twenty-five reference. That we provide table. I didn't touch. Call me denies. Were do right now, the crumbs I often do that one. It was literally almost exact same shit like. Compared to Boston. Well Joe, welcome to another episode of course love. Supreme Court Loved Team Supreme in the House Young our guest today. was sixteen when he entered the game back in nineteen eighty something and I believe that he's seventeen some thirty years later. Thanks to that early morning drinking. Coffee, brought you back. You're coughing. I'm just saying that out of anything that he's done in history I'm more curious about how you've yet to. In hip hop, but he. He's a hip hop. Legend. Part of he was part of the The legendary boogie down productions. Crew from the south rocks that really literally changed the face of of hip hop, and advanced it to our intelligence level, where nerds like US could participate and engage in the culture and he's. Had the the craziest journey since I mean as a photographer as a DJ as a producer. And as a coffee maker apparently. Leasing Jomon, welcome to Quest Labs Supreme D- Nice. Yes, thank you for having me. something. So how did you take out those suckers? I still don't know how I did it. Yeah side note. Denies has. have of us in this room engaging in a course Leveson Prima coffee. which is. Very nice, it's coughing. Passion, COFFEE AND PSORIASIS. House Metaphor bashes. Out in a listen. Thank you, diddy in this room. I forget Oh my for sat out to my twin brother, love rather love. For this Rod. How's it going, so you? You say you had a rough night last night. I had a rough night man. What did you do man? so as crazy kind of being in this world where you a met with an investor last night that offered me like a few million to open his business. Hey! So I went out to celebrate after that and I celebrated a little too hard at a restaurant called Charlie Bird. I mean I probably had like five bottles of wine nothing hard, but it was fantastic wine. The Psalm just kept bringing first of all mad, nerdy laid. Off. Right now the psalm brought out i. mean everything was just amazing? Man so I'm recovering from that right now? Congratulates view so soupy sales. Happens all the time I met with them investors. No, but I'm single. was s while I was going to go to? How many jobs do you have one? Is thing man like coming into the hip hop back in eighty six. I had no real role in BDP no. I wasn't I wasn't a real MC at the time. I wasn't really producing at the time and the one thing that Scotland Rock told me early on with dude. You have to know how to do everything in his room. In case, something happened to one of us, so that's how I ended up becoming a Dj our learning to learn how to write rhymes. It was really because I had no real role so I tried to fit in, and I did a little bit of everything and to this day. I just feel like I can do anything you know. So in terms of like businesses, you know I'm trying not even try and I'm about to open the club. You know working on that now. you know the DJ and takes me all over the world? Obviously photography has been great to me. You know shot campaigns done. America's next top model Hennessy campaigns with with this guy over here. You know. He's like. Who you're talking to. You know, but I just I love being created. That's it I love being created. So. You know. I. I know you but I'd never ever nerd it out because I knew I was going to get on the show one day. And you know. I have so many questions about. Just your your your entry in the hip hop in in in all those things first of all. Where where were you born? Can I assume that you were born in? I was I was no no no I was actually born in New York. Born in Harlem hospitals and Health New York. That's all yes. How come people that come on the show that represent a city in there? Had Long. They don't ever do that. I wish I was born in the Bronx, but no, my heart is always there I was born in Manhattan in Harlem Hospital, but raised in the Bronx and a in the funny thing is. That wasn't even raised in the South Bronx. So what part of the Bronx were well I'm assuming when I say you guys what I'm saying. BDP what part of the Bronx? So care. S was from Brooklyn, so he wasn't really from the Bronx. Molly Molly. Curious was from Brooklyn so south. Bronx actually represented where he lived at the time he lived in the men's shelter. in Dj Scotla Rock was a social worker. Their care S, you know. His name wasn't Carris. He was bed number five, seven, zero six West. But. No, he lived there in my cousin was a security guard. At the shelter, men shelter Franklin's men shelter in the Bronx so when they talk about all, not even they when we talk about South Bronx, it really represented that particular area really with Scott lived in in I was a part of the group because. I you know back in the day of the when you say how many jobs like I love cooking, growing up and one day. This is really how it happened I was. Cooking something for my cousin. And brought it over to the shelter. And then he introduced me to Scotla. Rock and Scott looked at me and said you're going to be in my group just like that. Data's serious. He was like you're going to be group. You had no. He had no clue of what the. First Day that I met him. He wanted you to cook for the group. Probably. But yet it's crazy when I think about it, man, it's insane. What was your musical experience prior to that like we're you? Elise observing what hip hop was coming back in the eighties like where you at park? Jams. Any of those things are was that after your time? No, no, no I was always into music, but oddly enough. It wasn't hip hop so I drew up. which you know, not enough. I'm not just saying this because you're here. But I grew up listening to soul music, so when I hear that in a party to this day it's actually the reason why DJ I grew up. Listening to you know just a lot of James Brown stuff like Melba Moore like everything in the seventies was like that was my era and the first hip hop record I fell in love with wasn't even like a fool on record I remember walking by a laundromat in. Someone was playing like Pebble Pool So that was like the first time that I like really fell in love with hip hop because she was. On old mix tape and she was rhyming in. A new, Lake Man I want to be involved with it and but. Yeah so that was my music really started with with with hip hop with terrorists that was. You know outside of the Pebble Pu stuff I never wanted to wrap until I met them until I met Scott and cares. That's. Okay well so then. How to become like you know you. You're in the group until you know. You actually you guys doing things in like. How do they develop as a as a band? Search for WHO's MVP. So there is the group. Will you down productions? which was it consisted of us? One Scotland rocket myself. Then in the crew. You know how you have a crew. People just row with you. There was always. Miss Melodie. MC boo a gentleman. We called robocop manage mole. In I see I see. taught us. But but yeah, no, but that was like Willy de that was the core of the crewel but in terms of making records in producing studios just. Got My. Okay so. I guess, could you? Could you tell me of of of just the genesis of like the first album that you guys made together and. You know so. There are a few things to talk about with the criminal minded out The only song that I actually worked on with the group was South Bronx and South Bronx was done by mainly by Scotland Rock. And that was my first time being in the studio, we were at a sixteen track studio and Queens. Can I add something. that was the most evil intro of all time, and I always tease you about this because. I know that you you know obviously. You give sat up, but you're you're you're intro? Scotla Rot. Like. We always as a kid. My friends were always like you know. Denies is a village man. We image of you being like slightly whiplash from. Meanwhile Skinny Kid. Like. I was like Oh. You must be the bodyguard. I. Definitely. Think. CARE is probably would have prefer me being the bodyguard the anytime. No, but no, when we made criminal minded like like I, said I only worked on that one particular song. With Scott you know and that was my first time in the studio first time sampling like anything you know that was. That was a fantastic moment for me in in during the course of course and the funny thing about South Bronx. I didn't even have a rap name. I didn't have a rapping until the end of the song. Like literally. I told them to call me the ice. Accidentally. Ninety nine dead serious literally like. Are you going to be dice? I was going to dice. Instead of denise. So. With With the South Bronx I've heard. Stories of what was the involvement? Would said Gee or policy at the time like. 'CAUSE I I've heard said gee say a co-produced. Criminal minded I've heard policies. People saying at well. I provided the drum patches that said Gee had that. I, mean just at the time. Those guys around or Policy thing this is new to me. Okay, you know a met Paul. Shortly before he passed I, didn't know him that he was never in any of the sessions that I was a part of. said. So here's the thing man like as you know like a lot of in in this is no disrespect to said, because said was truly there and said no revisionism isn't hip hop especially with alleged so yeah, you know like he definitely did drum pro rat programming, but sometimes people mix producing with programming the drumbeat. In, said a lot of program, and a lot of the stuff was used a lot of his gear was used to produce those records, but I wouldn't say he produced criminal minded I wouldn't say that and I don't think he would say that. Did he program a lot of it? Yes, but. You know he wasn't. He didn't do bridge over I. was there with south? Bronx I was there with. You know a lot of those records I think for some reason like. I don't know where. The like is in the real world. May quote, making the beat is just arranging. Yes, right, but not in here I've heard you know you know off the wall, masters, you hear Rot Templeton giving people like instructions. I got. You play those cal three one two three so obviously. Rock. HIPHOP terms brought timber ten. We get credit for three songs because like you hear him. He made giving instructions right and I don't know how I guess we producing. It's like you have to. The entire project and decide what's good and what's? Bad but I it doesn't work way though I. Don't think is hypothesis. Producer. You think beat maker and you don't really give consideration to the person that may have actually brought to completion than and I mean isn't in the quote, Unquote Railroad. The producer handles the budget the book in the studio in hiring all the music and. Oversee, you. You'd like to executive producer though right. Genre. I think. Class, okay. Yeah because. No No, no I mean I consider myself a producer, but. You know I only see it I only take it to the fifty yard line because I hate doing vocals. As we always say. I don't. Necessarily have to do vocals to be a producer I think you're more so the producers. The person gets the final say so if you get Steve, whoever cut vocals and then at the end you come in and say okay, that's the one then that's it you the day like I, might give Steve Like produces credit for sitting there for nine hours and figuring out. What's the wait? We're not starting to fight Li- you. I'm sorry. Okay? Hypothetically, you've gotten credit on Slough I mean the. Conservative hip hop producing is known as bringing the beat making the beat, and then you've got a producer for maybe the whole album to produce album, but each song is produced by whoever made the Pete in rock music. Other music producer is is the producer of the whole project album all the songs he may not have played one. No, he may not have written anything. He's producer that's that's the distinction cam there you have it. Continued! I love. This is great. No no disrespect to said man, but that record was produced by Scott Little Rock. My opinion so okay well since you were there for the South Bronx always wanted to know. Being as though you guys were. Okay, so that was done I believe October of eighty six. I remember the last half of eighty six south. Bronx was done yes. You guys could have laid claim to the first people to use James Brown's funky drummer. But stayed. You just used the snare like you. You cut up. Yes, but individual drums like no one thought at the time like Yo. This is going to be break go. Why don't we just use? The entire break or was it done on espy twelve, which only holds like four seconds in done on an SP twelve down, so that's why you get just just truncated. and. That's why there's a guy because we use funky drummer. Guy Playing James Brown the same guy to engineer. The record is actually playing guitar plunging. Engineered it the same dude. We don't use his name. His name so we did everything you don't remember his name. Help I mean at least cut it because it us a check bill number one sixteen at the time. So, where? Were you round for the I'm not bill sugar. These are bills. We're here. Oh! I. Don't get paid either so. That's why he's on. My second glass. Here he's starting to so I'm napping already things? Did he brotherly love brotherly Around for the first round of BDP ISM. The kind of we got to advance pre. Free. Twelve forty, one forty one, so that was the twelve forty one was let me that was the name of the that was the name of the group twelve forty one that I didn't know. Yes, yes, that was the the fresh prince kind of sound. Sound like a PSA like just say no to drugs. Yes twelve twelve, forty. One was the name of the group when Scott was a DJ dance deteriorate like very old school New York Club. Here's a DJ and he's going at midnight. And then he told me the story of why I don't really remember but. The name of the was twelve forty one and I wasn't one of the sessions I went to when I was just hanging out with Scott was to one of those records advance. Event That was like feel huxtable tight wrap. It was horrible. which probably explains that's probably what in my mind. That's what they played Mr Magic knowing about. Something also say it again. This told us something else. They. Have a tell us. Thing. There's like eight other songs so. I can tell you right now. None of the songs on criminal minded was played for Mister Magic. I can tell you that I think that providence successes the word successes. The word was twelve forty one, and they probably played that song, but I know for sure I was in almost every one of those sessions. And I know those weren't the songs that was played for magic at the time. So, what was the difference though because? The eight songs that were kind of twelve forty one. No. And then you know, was it the anger of revenge that spark them to like Yo. We gotta come with it or because there's clearly a difference between. For our listeners that that don't know. The legend of Boogie down productions Basically in in their Their entry into the world's at least for us. the South Bronx and the bridges over all these songs sort of heated responses to Mr Magic who scoffed at them in a rude manner when they played their demo for and I guess that anger prompted. Kind of a joker esque way. They get a load of me kind of. Response, but I mean the music improved. Tim Thousand percent, so what was I, always wanted to know. What was the difference? Or what happened in the creative process that? Turn. The twelve forty one woods wasn't good to. The you know the blueprint of what hip hop would follow for the next twenty years with. I know what it was in terms of production. And at the time we would hear like there was this new wave of hip hop coming in eighty, six, eighty, seven. You had eric being rock him like. Biz But technically you guys were first, so, but we heard those records though even before they came out. Your News Demis. Yeah, we knew what was coming with. Marley everything that Marley was doing was extremely important to to our L.. That's like even though we had this beef with the juice crew. The juice crew help brand bdp in terms of the sound samples Marley. Had you know the bridge clearly? The bridge came out before South Bronx. And that sound that he was doing with so hip hop and so raw in like you know in, you know we kinda loved it. I remember being in the studio with Scott. And like I said we were in sixteen track studio in Queens, and even the way that. He was like sampling. These records was just different from me. You know like I didn't know anything about being in the studio and I know for sure that he wanted to record. That would compete against the bridge like he wanted that. Totally there was no lyrics for South Bronx it was strictly about the way that record felt Scott wanted to be able to compete with that and he was thinking from like a DJ perspective, not not not to get all deep with it because it's not really that deep. It's when we were in that studio. I remember. That's what he was playing and that's what he wants to compete against. How long did it take to make? Where you guys! Seventeen our mix or was it like three hours? Blameless to. Say. The entire album probably took. If it's ten songs I'm not lying we. It was done I mean clearly you can hear it because this. She's old school, but it was done in ten sessions. Like ten sessions to make from criminal minded was made for under ten thousand dollars for sure okay under ten grand South Bronx. We went in there. We did that song in that at this guy. Probably pay like seven hundred and fifty dollars to make south, Bronx. And he played on it and he engineered, and he did everything who who was the president of. Was it robby records. So Rock Candy records was. Man we can we really talk right now. Chris Rock Candy. Records was a record company that started as they sold pillows. Remember the pills they used to sell like on the corner like the big stuff pillow. So? They used to make the pillows and they were all stuff with like shredded denim. So, the table on the album cover of criminal minded was also a table used to make the porn because they used to shoot porn. I? Won't Let. This company was definitely like they were a small company. Go Rock Candy, but in their weight dude, and this gets better than that. It was like this Muslim dude. There was a Jewish guy who funded a lot of always. Listen, they made they made porn. I'm not making this up so. There's like I'm GonNa you to link to. A video of Scotland Scotland rugged performance out. Bras Chris couldn't make it. But. Why would performing South Bronx? You see these pillows on the side of us. SALE BILL IS GONNA. Damn. Interesting a Muslim and Jewish man coming together for such A. Back. On this. Man Serious. So. That was right then. What was be boy wait? You gotta go for. Who made the the? Deal to get with these guys. I mean there's no our records. There's we couldn't get deals. I'm telling you the real. Weird Renner never tell you all of this. Yes, he hasn't there. Yes, the real deal is Scott Ni- walking down the street. We were like I don't even. It's like on near like well. You're not from New York, so there's A. Like an old courthouse on the grand concourse, we were in that area. And Scott so you had this newspaper in the back of it have all of these companies? So Scott we had no cellphones. None of that Scott was rock candy records, and he got the number from from a newspaper like some industry like newspaper called set up a meeting I was on next phone, talking to this chick, and this is an importance of it. I know I'm going we van. Conversation, he fall down rabbit hole so in that one that one particular moment of him, being on a phone. Setting up a meeting to meet with the Rock Candy People. I was on the phone, just talking to just a friend of mine. I was fifteen years old at the time. Just I so crazy man like I I didn't want to stand. They're not doing anything and I wanted to be like. If. He's on the phone. In that conversation in that moment of like talking to this young lady, nothing flirtatious none of that, her dude grabs the phone from like. Hey, I know you're trying to talk to my girl. When see you I'm GonNa, kill you. Making this up. In that one conversation where we worked out this meeting to get with Rock Rock candy records. I had this conversation with this young lady, and the reason why I say I'm jumping the gun right now this conversation. Because that is the conversation that I had was hurt with her. Was the reason why ended up having issues when we had records out with some random? Do Rolling up on me. That pulled the gun out on me. You had no idea why he was pulling a gun on me like you were trying to talk to my girl. fucking kill you. And, that ended up being the situation that I was in that cost Scott his life. So both seeds were planted at that moment in net very moment. Never talked about this I, never even thought about that until now. Yeah, yeah, in that very moment. Damn. Wow. Sorry, I gotTA. Take a moment. This cassie at their participant. Are you stuck at home? 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He said Scott was DJ dance area. was he a legendary new DJ by that time or not at all he. Danced terrier is a high reputation. Nightclub Jelly, Bean Benitez was. A DJ Madonna frequent their lot. Yes, that's where. The artist of Muscular Basquiat in basket, and all this like. How did he get a Giga dance area? So Scott used DJ at a club uptown in New York or Broadway International. So Bro into National New York City was kind of legendary, and it was one of the first clubs to allow people to just play hip hop, so dance deteriorates Scott was he wasn't 'cause you know early on people were we had no specific. Music that she wanted to just play like you played music. If it felt good, you play. That's why I know all of these wrecks DJ now. Because it was just about the groove, so Scott was probably an opening DJ at a place like Syria but at at Bro International. He liked that was like a night that he did so. They knew him from that but yeah I was too young. My first club ever late I ever going to a club with. Latin quarters. There's just. Have a story about I. I actually do get the fuck out. July wonder. They're mocking me because. They think I might add believe it. What's so fucking? They think that I have a Latin quarter fetish but I know that history is made at the Latin quarter. That's why I purposely didn't mention. L., word. I, don't. Go there, so it's cool. Hang Korda's man. What this is all right, so I have a question reflection. Have you been to any of these gigs with with with Scott got a DJ No, no never even too young I was. I didn't know him at the time. Okay, so by the time I met Scott. I need to stop. It was strictly focusing on making the BP records, and what's the age difference between Scott at the time? He's still seventeen. Yeah. I was I was I was fifteen when we met and Scott was probably like twenty five. Well, he pass the twenty five, so Scott was. Twenty four at the time. So? Yeah, okay, it was a kid which is so crazy like a year. Though that's crazy, too, because you basically saying you mayhem a year. I was involved in his life for one year. She's. Changed, my life man I, you know. I don't know where I would have been without Disease Scotla rock. Price deal which you know for sure is so getting to the regularly. We'll see like. Was the first one guys chose. and. while. Certain that it was a low in deal, because it's you know because they had pillow pillows. Throw pillows. No it was. It was a was the artillery at least real on the cover of the album. No, no, that was real. Oh! No that was. That was never for me all of it. And water guns the guns on that cover, and also the UIS E on a on on. Yeah that was real. WE AIN'T GONNA say we're we're. Okay I just. I WANNA. Know that that much. Limitation so once these songs are made. What is the testing ground to see? Like, how things go viral at that point. The ten nineteen. How things go viral so? In New York City was. It like in Park Jams in specific was like. If you tested a record at a park jam, and if people rocking into it, that was it now. There are two moments that I clearly remember. One was Scott night back in the day. Before MP threes, they would have what's known as an Acetate and play? Just we just had we had like twelve of 'em. Twelve to fifteen of them pressed up and matter of fact, it was like we went from Tom Coyne Tom. Of known man, we can talk grow home like every record that we've we ever recorded was done by that. Do He mastered everything? A. Dairy tireless our. Men, they mastered everything from the South Bronx. Hamilton threat so crazy, but we went from we had these plates done at a place on forty second street I can't even remember the name of it, but. We Scott Walk around 'til like Park Jams and played a records and I remember performing South Bronx. All I ever said on that. Reckless show subs Colorado. But we will go to park jams and because Chris lived in Brooklyn at the time. Actually no, he didn't live in Brooklyn. He lived in you. Know she lived in the in the refrigerator in the freezer. Of Rock Candy Records. Rocket and ESPN, third your. Reasons do wait. I'm not making this up. Chris. Melody Tim going back sorry. Do quite literally. Same got me thinking about. Poor so what? We made South Bronx in the same studio or the same office that they made the porn and shut. downstairs. A. Warehouse that that the officer was housing on on select the Cypress area of the Bronx. With Su Su nothings with what's the other? The other Strip club? You know what I'm saying. I don't a lot of foolishness going on over there anyway downstairs. There was a freezer in the garage, so. You it was a place where you house like food. You back the truck in or dead bodies. That's we care as live with Ms Melody Now was crazy about this. Is You know the rolling paper? Like when you do like big shipping. You use the rolling pay. No we laid down. As Carpet With their better near. That's where they lived and Chris had to be home at a certain hour before they close because once you're in. That's when they locked it up. This VP. Didn't have one should know once you're in you're in. In the freezer. They lived in the freezer. When you on so? shelter. It's strictly to sleep sleeping overnight. You had to be in a certain time and then in the morning. What time is it? Let out so in the morning. I mean I never lived in shelter. Just WanNa make day. But, no in the morning they had to get up. You know seven am and get out. Try to find a job or whatever, and then they had to be in at a certain time, so in the men's shelter care s just ice. ICU live there Scotland Rock was the social worker a manager mole? Who you know? Still One of my best friends and manage group was a security guard. There so that men's shelter was was extremely important to early hip hop. Do they not have families or like? I I'm certain that I know that the conditions in the Bronx with. Like in dire straits, but was just because they. Didn't have family issues or I don't know what Chris Situation was in why he was in the men shelter You know I couldn't tell you. Y You know I didn't meet Kenny. Parker until maybe like. When we did jackets vase. So it was around that. So Jack Espace came out. That meeting, we. Know Eighty nine. No, no, it was like eighty, eight, eighty eight, 'cause. It's super amazing to me that Like just in general like we're so dismissive of the home of the homeless. that. They're damn near invisible to us in society because I think a lot of us. Fear that that a lot of us are you know checks away to to to yeah, so it's it's hard to look at it. You know to look them in the eye and and deal with it, but it's like I'm more maize that. In general people didn't scoff and just be like you know like. You're almost like, but does the future of music. In in this situation so. It's amazing to me how they pull themselves out of their. Position, but isn't it amazing to to Scotland Rock was a social worker already twenty four twenty four years. Nash I WANNA I wanna take something back just I don't think just is live there. Just with friends I wanNA clear that up. How they? Thought they what I see, you definitely lived there. Chris definitely live there. You know how old at the time Chris was pretty much the same age as Scott so yeah Chris was roughly around twenty three twenty four years old man yeah. Yeah now mean. To them for. Changing their situation around, yeah, go from sleeping in the freezer to having a recording also, how were they able to learn? Because, let's not forget. They changed tips. How able to learn technology? And I these records like most of us have the comfort of Oh yeah, my mom and dad heavies records in our home by the like. Where the resources they have to know. To change things remember Scott was the social work. Okay, so Scott since I went to. College educated. He went to school in Vermont like Scott was always wait, he was. Yes. Yes, he went to remember which school, but he went to school. You went to school in Vermont. Scott was straight nerd like he would be sitting here doing this podcast with you like. Up nurse back then bro like we're, but he was a nerd dude. loved music that loved hip hop in Listen I've never heard of an interview I mean. Let me tell you man I'll tell you how much I love Scott. He was a nerve. We also anytime, something happened. We would figure it out, so I'll give give you a funny story. First Time ever been on a plane after south. Bronx out was. The first show was in Rochester. New York. wd K. EXO in Superhero. Ono. Went. We doing a show in Rochester south. Bronx was the only record we had Do Crazy so we. We had no place to stay. It was a one way ticket. Then have a flight back. We're going to do this show and it was great. Lost Virginity at this show. I'd. Shoes extremely important. Recall Bill. Rochester. Cop just got. We went to the show we before. We did have a hotel room, so the guy that brought up his name was Scotty. I remembered his man like crazy, so scotty I can't remember his sister's. Virginity to. Okay. So as crazy as Scott we flew into. He brought a young lady with us, so it was it was s got rock myself in this young lady and the guy that produced the show brought us. He asked us to his house so in the middle of the night. Not This guy in the middle of the night woke up. She was Super Christian. I. Found out that there was a young lady. Stand with this Yoshi walked around the house and she had like the holy water. Crosses on our heads. What and she told us to get out of her house. Only, the young lady could stay so. We had no place to go. We had no money. Me Scott says dude. We broke into a motel six. Oh! We broke into a motel six. In the three of US state in this one room Scott slept in the bed. Care slept on the floor I slept on the desk, but we knew we had to get out of the room before before they came before hundred became, so we get in the room like literally broke was a motel six so out. Until you crashed the windows. No kick through the door. To stay in. Not crashed with. Young Man I thank Y'all y'all y'all went through the fire to make my life easier. Social worker the fifteen year old and I can go. Toward support. Check rider we didn't have. No so. The the story is better though. After, breaking into this hotel room, we, we left like five or six in the morning, and we fell asleep on these steps, and it was the steps of a school and I swear to you. The three of US woke up to like these little kids throwing candy at. Why do we? S- crazy. Would you say you did last night? He's broken a million dollar, okay? Come a long way. Psalm, the Psalm. Psalm. Throw Candy Adam. Thousand! Dollar balls okay. How did you guys? Organiz shows IMOs early days when you didn't have. A ten song catalog to perform for the audience when you only had. Three songs like. Would you just go back and forth or big beat for twenty minutes or Somebody. Say Ho like how did you? You only had a little bit of vegetable in in meat, but you needed a lot of broth. Like what was it? A Show Backman for twenty minutes I'm sorry. Sports. Metaphor first of many. We know there. We didn't do a lot of freestyle stuff at all. You just do one song, and that's it was. We did the one well. We always had two songs, so we had South Bronx in the peace free. So that was my involvement so I was right. You're the TR eight Oh eight. Yeah, I was doing the beat box on the peace free my first time and pro. No, no I and I think the second time beat boxing was on no Rozelle by the way not. Only beat box onto records piece free in on a the bio means necessary album. There was a song. Oh, breath control! was that bomb these necessary. Needs that was on the blueprint. That is you desk dowse much. Damn Nice Nice, Nice! That was me with the sample. While he starts Charles and then it really. Is that Duke Ellington No, no the beat. You Ain't got. Gosh. is, hey, jude, who did hey you? The Beatles not the. Cloudy, the soul version Clarence. Clarence William the. Hundred St. Street naming. Our which is going to. Pick version so I sampled it is. Working Oregon. Okay! So that was that was a Wilson? Pickett version, of hey jude nice okay, okay, so okay. I gotta get to the rivalry part so. You know, are you guys? Were there, any meetings between not meetings, rivalries, or or whatever between the juice crew. You guys after that initial meeting. Like because New York hip hop community small so. Surely there has to be a running or two. So with the juice crew I don't know what happened. Before I I was involved with the group so I I really part of South Bronx I didn't understand because I. You know I wasn't there to experience that first meeting. That Charissa Scott had afterwards. My best friend was into juice crew. Instill still one of my best friends day Big Daddy Kane. So before. I'll still used to give out. Came was always came with my dude like that was I. Mean He. he actually helped care move into his first apartment. So even though we had this rivalry with the juice crew, it was more about records in anything I mean. There was some animosity there because talk about it at all it was. We never had those conversations so at least I was never a part of those conversations I don't know if Chris did with magic, or but no, we it was strictly about records, and so there's this magic Shan versus those guys. You Molly work with Chris. Man Like Molly was always a good dude in and the thing about me. Is You know back then and even now man I was always a lover of hip hop in producers like once I once I became involved with it. I wanted to know everything about the culture like everything. And when I met the players you know when I met Mario when I met Dougie fresh or like I was always a fan, so even though we made these records and bridges over I was still a fan of those dues like they walk into a room. I remember being in a club in the Bronx on tremont Avenue, and I was there by myself at this club and I remember when the juice crew walked in there was this swag about it like you know the see Shannon. Walk in with Biz in TJ Swan and it walking into do a show. She was crazy to me like it. Even though we were competing against them, they'll stay expected because they've really had crew. We didn't have a crew. Scotla Rod Cara. Resting up and my I. Thought Your ruled Tim Billion. Based on my philosophy video. y'All. Who have people. Off Effort pretty friends exactly. So I gotta go there what? gives us all right. There there's a nightclub or in midtown Manhattan. We've. Heard about it was called the Latin Gordon think I have been there before mint. So. For you. Can You just give a general synopsis of reopen the Latin, quarter? Speak Documentary about it. No, no, no, that's one of the Docs I wanna work on is is on land because it was such first of all, I had no idea. It wasn't until two thousand like roughly around two, thousand, five, two, thousand, six, I was at a buddy. Chris, Lady's House and we were in the backyard, playing basketball, and we talked about the Latin quarter I had no idea that it was a juice bar. Like they serve no alcohol way listen, there was no alcohol serve at our parties. Nobody has said this or doing that hip hop era during the hip hop era and Nice, no, that's so when Chris said. Yeah, it was crazy. It was a juice bar. Like what are you talking about because I was young I was in there when I was like fifteen sixteen. They serve No. So all all aggression. We dues probably get nice before club in the way hip hop made them feel and when I tell you that this club was this club was everything. This was the Mecca of hip hop at the time. You know like everything changed from this club. That was the first place we ever played south. Bronx was the first time ever heard Eric Rock Him. Matter of fact, it was the first time that I met Mike Tyson, so here's Mike Tyson, story. Our. Together! Tyson was beast. We were all young young. Do like so we walk our Mike Tyson by this point Oh. He was Mike Tyson, but he didn't have the belt. Six I mean oh six. Too, much. Accuracy Eighty six. Eighty six so I remember walking into the restroom to. Fight a little nice right now in Little Buji so I walked into the bathroom. To the bathroom. And Mike. Tyson was next to me taking a PISS. This. Is this real shit right here? Mike accidentally stepped on. A dues stepped on sneakers. Who Know who was like? Yo You stepped on mushroom? Bob Blah and Mike hit him one time. In the bathroom and then stepped over him. Exit the back link, no lies. was there. Are No words. Nothing anything. You see this dude out. Over him, we walked out. We have another Mike Tyson. Punch, somebody story, swear to God. We have the Campbell's Chris. Naomi Campbell. I throughout the car. Did you. Because you know. She lived at the Latin quarter we have. Of. Since back in the freezer. Freeze it until those. With the pillow. That none of that. Apartment she says like the. Cotton Club and whatnot up there, that's. An dumbo or Inside! She lived in the Latin Quarter O- with David Copperfield. Wait wait data hopper filled lived in headquartered, so the guy who owned the guy who owned the Latin quarter was a guy named Mike. I can't remember Mike's last name, but Mike Manage David Copperfield back then. He was making his money from from that some other things. Yeah, no, for sure man. Is David. Copperfield as I remember every time I see David, Copperfield Naming Vegas and like. I could make to. Wow managed disappeared to lend quarter. Doc Happen? No, that's crazy. I didn't know you obsessed. With the Land Gordon Man it was seen I'm obsessed with hip hop history, but I'm more I'm trying to figure out why because of. Okay. It's one thing for you to be like a legend or in the industry, and you roll with a lot of people like if you're carrying red, alerts, records or something kind of protecting human deejay booth whatever but I'm interested. The point where people were coming from all walks of life. To get in this club and you know you're chain could be could be. Going to the prison yard jackets, but everybody but everyone that sits and tells it Latin. Quarter story has such romantic. Of. Amazing stories like but people are getting jacked and fucked up here, but when you're a part of it, you don't realize that you got jack. You're. Just happy to be there like. Is it one person that just has a fuck? Lang quarter stories like I got I. Don't know anyone and I'm telling you I've seen a lot of shit happened in a line quarters. Here's another story, right? So. We're in a Latin quarters. And this is why the shit beat a juice bar so crazy. You cannot believe that everyone was fighting like this like sober. It was fight like this over dude like dude who worked at the front door. They call here d'Almeida after him like in the eighties. He's called son men. If you wait what? He was like he was like a rejected. His whole body was like a Wi- like an call them son man. Not Making this up MC search search search. Was There Michael? RAPAPORT? was there like this? He was bold enough to get go Michael rapaport everywhere everywhere. I'm not lying. You might report is the truth. People look sometime. They like you. Know he was there. He talks I swear to you. Michael Rapaport was there he was there the one skinny skinny kids anywhere in the Middle Hip hop party. report. Do here. That the doll, so that's the doll from back in the day. That's your. The Guy was the. Then! And, what was special POW? Letter before Zee's. Where Sun. Man, so, what do you do? Yeah, do so. He was the guy he was. He was the security back at the Latin quarter, so he let certain people in any way so once your side. You always felt safe, but not really. was at the door. How many people were at the door? Couldn't even I do remember son Man I remember son Man God damn. I have my phone. We still alive last thing no, but these dues as. This is too much rock by the way. We're going to be extremely honest. These, dudes! If, there was a fight going on in front of the Latin quarters and swear to God. They would lift up. The cars move the cars they would ask. It. Do! That was at the door and they weren't in full force. But. They weren't dressed like them. But they would like sweaty roll like move cars. It was crazy. Yoda landquart is by far the best experience I ever had in my life in terms of being in a club and just pure hip hop moments. There was a moment in accordance right. where a deceptive cons worth fighting against the A team say there was the eighteen yet it was. Gone I never seen, so they were all. There were a bunch of dancers that can fight well. Really. Three. Three. Go. This a fight well by the way if you still notice. This moment was so crazy, so we're in the club. I don't know why they started fighting I. Just Remember L. had his big cool j Ring Oh, so you noticed story? I've heard of this story. The story I was there. I sorta fights happening. I was safely in the Deejay booth with red, alert or red alert listen man. Red Alert is an old g Chris Lady Oh Jeez. Elo You can say what you want about licking his lips. J. O. G. Man. The phrase happened. People were trying to like. Trying to rob ll pretty much. What this was I'm telling you. It was like the wild wild west Bro, so the lights own, but with dancing with. The. Dude. It was crazy in all of these sections of people fighting. Deceptive ause at. Regular Party go as. So everyone's fighting the deejay booth by. This crazy red alert was trying to jump from the move because it was on the second level, right, he was trying to jump the deejay booth. Lady was fighting Oh Chris Ladies Fighting Chris. Try and protect l., and Chris used to carolers records at the time, so Christmas fighting everyone's fighting Scotland. The deejay booth. I don't know if carriers was there. I honestly don't know but what I do know. Is this once once the fighting stop? Handle his word. Ella like I'm telling this one with. Licked. Wages! He handled his bro. Chris Lady was a beast like for real for real like. About Chris Chris was a beast. Chris Walk into the deejay booth and I won't forget this moment. He kept saying. My back is burning. My back is Brown. And he pulled his shirt off in front scholar. This deejay booth and that was the first I didn't know what reasonably slices. So, when he pulled his shirt off, and he bent his back. Everything just opened up. Crazy. Gloria late. Quite like. Glory sleeveless. I'll see you're saying that weapons would still get inside of with sun man at the door. Jamb, you son man. On the phone. Go. Crazy! Crazy I'm exhausted has. exhausted. Yeah, no I've seen I've seen some things. Man Land Court is man. They should definitely be a documentary on the land quarters, or at least like a fictionalized something. Details left-arm movie network. Definitely netflixing. Over. Dance. Out Graffiti. Already. The way that it is today where? You know unless you're a bonafide celebrity. I, E, you put a drake song on you know. Oh that streak or Does the new migos, or whatever maybe Cardi B. has a at least three or four second pass of. Playing untested material and you know, and that's our voice, and so it's like all right. We'll give it a chance or whatever Kanye, whoever's winning at the moment, but? You know. I hear that a lot of these songs were tested. At the Latin quarter and went off like gangbusters without people really knowing that like. You know these guys weren't celebrities, so it's like you're hearing. You're hearing rebel without a pause the first time knowing that. You didn't think too highly of public enemy's performance the year before it would never they first performed Tuck said that they had a horrible performance at the Latin Quarter. That really didn't go off well, you know. Mel was disrespected, but it's just sleep. Mel disrespected them to. Disrespect House like the Heckler at let go from what from different stories. We like hitting the back just if you whack. Mel You would try to skip the record in deejay booth, of Eden a particular act or you know he's he. Doesn't see DP. Because I mean by that point you mail was what he's. Thirty three, so it was like the new generation. was. I'm be like me trying to go to one oak right now like. You. Don't know me if you worry about what you're not. Way Where even crazy? So now. If, it's an all ages show where kids there. By kids I mean the kids of like whoever like are real root fan. Bring twelve or thirteen year old. Is think that we're now when the drake song. Drake! Drake's Oh my God like my drake trick. Check his awesome. one of the songs on if you're reading Marinus okay. Shut me, I mean. You got me. He's one of his hooks. Guys, he does it twice at the end, but when we do the look on their faces like they do enjoy the doors, right. Now good smell. Good, but it just you just don't. It's just. Made me feel old? Obviously they know this song? Listen to the story. India. Hook again. Look Man. Let's just look. What we get back to. More stores. I'm sorry we just needed Louis. J Dale Coffee please. TOFFEE! So. Why why did mel come up to you? Guys to pick a battle is because it was all about you guys or you know. Right now. Not Listening I love you. Back then I looked at him. He was a straight hater. Straight up, hater and in I'll tell you a story brother. were, and I remember it is clearly 'cause at the time. I was Medicare S and I was getting my first apartment and. Dawn Lewis. This is only. Wait a minute different world. Cosby people were coming to yes. Don Lewis was like my big sister. Don I love you horrendously where she now she's still. She's still making. She's in La, but no don dome was an. This is why I. Can I remember stories because of moments in my life where it was so important in pivotal moments. I had my first apartment when I was sixteen. I didn't have a bed used to sleep on these coats. I had a one bedroom apartment but I never it. All I had was a stereo system. A. New, music no, No bed, not a SOFA, not even a plate Hartman. Apartment, had like you know back in the data used to glue the the carpeted floor. Oh, just imagine no carpet and it was all have scraped. Your memories of that time. What part of new? York I was living in in Washington Heights. edgecomb avenue in like one hundred sixty third street and EDGECOMB. Right right by the bridge going into the Bronx so I, remember that vividly and going to the court as this one particular night and this night that I went to the quarters. Mellie Mell was there. Miss Melody was there. It! was you know regular rap show with like a thousand people on stage? You don't really know, but everybody wants to be on stage. Ratchet Apostles? Mellie Mel said Fuck these niggers. That Shit. We have South Bronx out. So when kerrorist performance poetry when he said, say something now. Thought, so he did that rhyme that night before poetry was done. We only have South Bronx out. So Mel set what he said and Chris was on the Mike and do poetry, so that's the one time of like free styling that I personally remember. Where Christmas say something now and put the might Mel's face and he said nothing. Kind of like when you asked me Romney earlier. And then he was like thought so in the crowd in crazy. That's the experience that I remember where I lost all respect for Mel I was strictly because even though I'm in a group I'm like. This is the king. His. Put No care was the kingsborough like the king of disrespecting early on. Was My land. These rhymes on standby and he had been. Outside of Literally outside of like black, thought and big Daddy Kane. I don't know anyone in to park to park. Had Rams fucking years will still hill to park records, and when we like ninety brand new joints, but those dues were in my opinion, true MC's. That was always prepared. Always something they always had something Chris told me he. He showed me a couple of here. At least four compensation notebooks, yes. The last he left the with. Lasting he left us. He says hey. I even got a black thought this. As you were right dishes for. Would have this record, so we have. No He's like he's like some next movement then was like he had. He had just in case. I'm ready for. Has Always had lyrics for every MC. That was hot from Kane, everything came was boy, but he was still in the juice crew, so Chris was always prepared to battle anyone and that was something that I was never really I didn't know about any of that. You know records because it was I just love music. I wasn't prepared. I wasn't really prepared for that kind of 'em scene, you know. Text us to receive up to five marketing tech sent via automated technology to your number consent, not required to purchase message and data rates may apply. Membership automatically renews. Cancel anytime. Hi, you ever heard of beach body on demand. Hold on a second. Here is your free membership I'm Carl the CEO of Beach Body, and I just sent a free membership to another customer and I'm giving away ten thousand free memberships a week to anyone who texts me right now to try our. 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This was so crazy bro like. We're in the Bronx high bridge area of the Bronx just probably remember the exact street, but we're in a hybrid area of the Bronx not too far from Yankee Stadium. That's where I grew up. We in this area, walking down the street eight o'clock in the morning. A group of people rolled up on. Me had no idea who they were. And had this beef with them where they pulled the gun out, smack the pistol and ran off the first person that I call with Scott I went to a pay phone call Scott told them what happened and Scott already had this crazy day of locking himself out. Logging himself, not laughing at his death at all, but locking himself out of his apartment and hanging from a fire escape. His apartment climb into the window. This is one of those days like you said to be some dial. Back in the Bronx what you had to do so that's why that's why I'm like man. This is great. Life is great, so Scott after having that situation. I Call Scott up and he the one thing that he told me was look man. We don't need any issues. We only any issues. We need to squash this like it needs to be done. I'M GONNA. Come over. We're going to find the people make sure everything's cool, and our mission of peace was strictly about peace until. Until this one guy this one guy that we have with us. We called him Robocop, so he was the original guy. Not The one care is mentioned his on like I'm still number one, but he was the original guy that we work with he he also was like a security guard at the Latin quarters, but we didn't know was that he was the east side Repos. Wings. Crazy Shit. Here To do is just got nervous. I don't know we the eastside reaper so later on if you go William. Eastside rapists New York Darryl was his name I'm afraid. He's doing it right now. He got on the. Wild like. Anyway, so this guy was a hothead. Dude, you know and. So the mission of peace of like going to the Bronx to find these guys that that rolled up on me, became a mission of like will looking for trouble only because of this one person so he. We were at the projects hybrid hybrid projects in the Bronx. We're on one side of the street. K seven was there before he was k seven. He was in another group before that tk a so he was around there like we were I remember. This was one one way street. We were parked in the right hands. Right inside the projects have. Still Rock talking so slur? Little Bit, please. But anyway. Scott Ny were it was Scott. Manager Mole MIC BOO and the guy we call Robo. Cup Robo Cop went to ask one gentleman. Hey, we're looking for Blah Blah Blah. We didn't hear the compensation will always saw was whatever this dude said to him. Angered him and he picked in. He was like six, four six five. Do Pick this young kid up and just slam them now. which was that was a crazy moment, because if if it wasn't all about peace for them at that point, so it was like we were coming in. Just make sure we had no issues, but in that moment those kids were like this is all it's on. And while we were standing there maybe thirty minutes later. We're standing out there. And all of a sudden shots ring for thirty minutes number. We were there for thirty minutes like. After the fact, and all of a sudden shots can't shots rang from the roof and from the bushes, so our guy was hit twice. You Know Scotland Rock was hit twice shot in his head twice. Bullets literally wet past us. because. He was on the like I told you before. We were on the right hand side of the street. He was in the passenger side. They were shooting from the left side, so bullets went through. Pass all. To him, no less crazy. So, this guy gave his life. You know so. I never WANNA. Just when I when I talk about in a you know want to talk about the importance of like Scotla. Rocking the importance to me introduced me to music. He gave his life for me. Into this day. His son is like someone. That I loved it I. Try my best to make sure. He's always street because that's what his dad did for me. How old is Scott Junior? Scotla rock genius, probably like thirty two now thirty, one thirty two, because I always wanted I mean I've that Toll Skylark, my pride and joy joy always wanted to know what happened to okay. He's awesome man. What does he do now like producing music? He's been putting out like put his compilations. You know. Just, just recently you know we. We got together got him a new MTC. You know I'm a WanNa do things with him that his dad did for me. You know like if you want to be involved in music, let's do it like here. Use this gear. Have this come and get it? Let's make music. It's yours because that's what his dad his dad. gave me it's almost like. You have this this Guardian Angel that? Came into your life. Put All these things in front of you and said Hey do what you can with it like I would not have known red alert. I wouldn't have known care rest for sure he didn't like me. He didn't even he didn't even understand why God put me in the group. Matter of fact, way back to the original weren't. No Chris and I, weren't we? Bickering, brothers or like real like. It. For Chris when I think about it now as an adult Chris was probably angry with me. Because Scott lost his life. I was GONNA. Say Into I. Know The guilt you you had to to. Internalize still. I I don't. How did you to deal with each other talk with each other or After the fact. Or was it just a white elephant? You guys never spoke of and then like years later, it was like. I. Don't WanNa Call it white elephant. Chris definitely treated me a certain kind of way, so I was in the group one third member of BDP We did a show a third of the show I left the group. because. Scott wanted to pretty much be my dad. and. I didn't grow up with a father. I didn't grow with my parents, so anyone trying to have like that parental role to me was an enemy like I didn't want anyone you telling me what to do, and thinking looking back at as an adult now and as a father man do change my life. All he wanted to do is make sure that I went to school. That's the only reason why I'm not on the criminal minded album cover with. I didn't want to go to school and Scott said to me. If you don't go to school, then you can't be in the group and I said Fuck. This group I'M GONNA go sell drugs industry, and I'm going to be good, so that's the reason why I wasn't on the BP first album cover like the criminal minded album cover. It's crazy. 'cause I was GONNA ask. What is a fifteen year old doing touring the world touring the country. We've grown as men like. Where were your parents? The No, there were no parents I lived, slept on the floor and slept in the living room one so I and my grandma. My Great Grandmother was on the other Sofa and my cousin was my cousin's apartment. So from the time I was like. Thirteen until my till sixteen sixteen and a half when I got my first apartment. Or seventy got my first apartment I. You know that was what my life was. So you attribute being 'cause just by optics eight. You look like to be a very involved father. You have two girls, right? How do you? How do you think you became such a great father? If you didn't really have to be the best, parent. That, I didn't have. You know like I wanted my kids and still want my kids to be better than than I am and I want them to be great in my kids. Inspire me you know, and it was I know is directly related to the way I grew up. You know a grew up. My Dad growing up was bill cosby. In my mind for allowing huxtable, yeah, the huxtables like seeing that was like I wanted that for my kids I want my kids to have that experience. And I used to wear those ugly sweaters. All the time. You look at self destruction, video! So even though you have copy sweaters. Joints Bro. Did you produce that self destruction? Yes, I was an eighteen produced selfish. Okay. How many twelve hundred us because the beat switches every verse. So, did you? Punch the sample in for no, no I use the Pueblo San remember that no, so the Publiz on was a rack mount sampler. That would just loop whatever you had it with loop. It was your weapon of choice that was. So yeah, so I use that in a S B twelve hundred. Okay so I'm sorry. S B twelve, nine, twelve, hundred use the twelve. You was still using the twelve unit twelve, and in the first time, the very first beat that I made with the twelve hundred. I remember this 'cause I ki-. Novel came to us, and Said told Chris that he wanted to use BP. On the I'M GONNA. Get You sucker project and we're in. We're in Where's where's Ali from drunk? Shit I Lee was Ali from Ali Mohammed or by. Allie Kentucky we were in Kentucky Louisville Right we're in Louisville and jumped on the plane to go back to New York to go back to Sam. Ash bought the SP twelve hundred. Flew back on the road. And we were on tour with personally went to go get a we didn't have. I didn't know anything about FEDEX. I went to get this I stayed at this hotel. Never forget this. God Damn I can't tell you everything. Because I remember stand at this particular hotel with someone future wife. So we won't go there? We'll go there anyway I remove. This S we do I wanted to do and then going back on the road, and the first beat that I did on that B twelve hundred was from a sample that I bought while I was in London greedy, and it was degree g sample and we used to. We use that sample and I put the a sample. The drums drums. Last nineteen right? That's the Philip yes, yet with with the greedy. Gee, that was intro from that moment on, and then that ended up being a song that we did. For, the Jack of spades Phil I'm going to get you suck it. By the time he got by all means necessary What was the digging process like? Like you produce my philosophy, my philosophy so I. WanNa be clear about this I. don't even want to say that I produced my philosophy. That beat is definitely my beat. WHO found the samples? That's all me there you go. Yeah, that was all me. I used to go to to a spot called downtown records in New York City. I would go to the House of Oldies, and that's why I bought pretty much. Every record that I ever used the sample was between those two places and and I remember being in downstairs and. It was always big daddy Kane Biz was there. Busy all the time, so if you found like a sample. If you had a little bit of money. You will by every one of those records there so that because Biz would by the records. So that's the only reason why call me, D Nice isn't Colmey Biz Markie. because. I was smart enough when I found that sample was a compilation with the turtles with Flo and Eddie on that compilation in daylight had a beat off of that join when I found that we also did so steady B. Records so that's that's I found that I. Loop that Chris. The was produced by care rest right, but I'm telling you right now. That I found that saw them for joints off the let the hustle. Wrestling, so wouldn't that. was the battle of the bands I'm I yeah, right, so would that album? I found those I had I sample. All of that stuff in. Call Me d nice, which was crazy to me. The lyrics were call me denies. Let's I'M GONNA put it out there right now. Half of the first verse was written by Carris. Okay it was a song Chris had written me when I was like sixteen, and then I wrote the rest of it, but I did it on like an old B boy. Records are mobile boy compilation twelve inch. Yeah, it was like super fast. I. Want Everything fast. Everything wanted every regular sample had to be like a hundred and twenty beats per minute. I needed that house hip hop out house. Image. Even after I recorded the vocals, I had to speed up the tape like make it faster passing. Anyway, so those records I was sample records in in Senator Chris or not even bringing the Chris on the tape, and at the time I brought him. Brought him. The beet for I'm still number one. For my philosophy, and the beat for call me denies. And he heard the beef or call me denies and he said I. Don't like that. And then he took. I'm still number one. I had it faster rise. You know the original sample, right? He slowed down. I will give him that he slowed it down. He was like no this is it which ended up being I mean this incredible record you know. Call Me d nice the only reason. Why did that record was because I? After I did the beat in I. Pleaded for Chris, he didn't want it. The second person that played the record four was kid rock Oh. Woah, going to say you discovered him yes. I mean he was already doing his thing, but he was like an opening act of one of our shows in. Iraq could've been in BDP take. US. America great again. Tracing. Stories, too. But anyway so I played it for him, and I did call me D Nice Ba- lyrics to the beat, because I want him to know how he could rhyme on it, Gotcha so, and that's the only reason why I have to versions of the song because I did it for him I was like no, you can do it like this, and then when I listened back to, it was like this is actually pretty fucking. And and yeah man in ended up putting that out as my first single. Well so that was your first album so how to win? Did you officially leave BDP? The time from you when you left to put not your So. I don't think that I ever actually left BP. Had My music turnout extremely low at one show. I guess I'm not in a group anymore. We. We did a show at the palladium in La. And that was the moment that I realized like something's going on, but the moment that I realized I wasn't in the group was his sex violence album, and because he had any like these. People are not down with us. And that's that was the moment that I realize that I'm no longer with the group and honestly I didn't do anything that would warrant that kind of like treatment like wasn't like we were beefing. It was because I was never a yes. Man So half songs on like not that I. You know I don't personally think that I made a classic album as denies. A little confused with Hawaii was at the time. I was you know eighteen nineteen years old all women? I want some ass like so. My records reflected that my name is d Nice I wanted them to know who I was. Chris was so prolific with his music, and with his lyrics, and fucking motherfuckers up in fucking is up. You know in Chris Reputation, Christian reputation even in music of being a little disrespectful, but a lot. L. P. Elton camp, but yeah, so, but with Chris with with that moment. You know they say me. I didn't realize that I wasn't a group until those records in until the sex violence because I. I done all of these records for BP. which is so crazy, because in that moment, the only reason why I put out my own record, because I was on my deal was for twenty five thousand dollars to make an album, and at the same time tribe signed for half or quarter of a million at the time I believe, so they really never believed in me. In this crazy 'cause Barry Weiss, still like one of my friends now I see him, and I get it i. get what it is, you WanNa care s so I respect that, but we were never like I never had one of those deals or people to actually believe in me so even with call me D Nice I. Put Comedy Nights Out Myself. I went to the record I went to red alert had an Acetate and ask them to play it and read played for Vinnie Brown. Who Was the program director? And that's how that record came out. Four or five months later was because I was just aggressive, like I just believed in it. You know and you know so I never really had those situations where people like really believed. Had to force every situation, so I know you when you're next record when you did to the rescue, how was was it a little better than live? Video with twenty five to life was so right drastic. Drastic as video so twenty five the life. A me, even though I love the song shouldn't have been my first single off of the second album coming off of what I was doing in terms of. Trump's table total different. The problem was was record companies. You know like in people that that was like the first song that I did in the studio, and that Song Wasn't even supposed to be a single mom that I did because one of my closest friends at the time was in. He was doing twenty five to life, and he was to do that. When I was sixteen, he was a hustler dude took me to DC I was hustling with him in DC in paradise projects. Like I've seen all of this craziness. By the time I was like sixteen and seventeen years old, and the song was really written about him as my way of saying like. Not, even saying, thank you because it wasn't a thank you record. Story of. What he went through and you know. In. When I did the record. Jive immediately wanted to put it out loud so. Other video Darnell, Martin she ended up, being like directed a couple of movies. Would like the. Mary J. Blige movie on Bt. Did all of that. She was like nyu student. Oh I thought you meant. There was a marriage a blouse movie of the week like. No, no, the movie would like Mary and Q tip prison. She directed that. So she directed all of my videos, wow, but yet I always thought that was a choice for saying I thought it was dope blood. Yeah because I was very. He was just one versus abrupt hook. It was one long verse. Video is one of the videos where like. You know where my dad just happened to be in the room. Evan Gunshot thing happens. And, he looked at me like. Bullish. Always coming twice moments where like I'm late hip hop said. You know look alike, and then it's five video so crazy. 'cause that was like my first number. One MTV video that was actually my only number one MTV. The only one. Not even wasn't even supposed to be a single, nor the first person to short did a song with on the East Coast was me on that record. A second album was a song called. Check yourself short. Our tour and we were both signed to Jive and Jive had this idea of like? No, you guys should make. But when you think about it, no, we shouldn't may records together that that's not who my audience was. My audience was. People, not no disrespect, too short sodium, because short as an amazing man, but at the time coming from BDP people probably expected a little bit more than what I actually gave them, but I was I was fucking kid I may records that kids who listen to. I was talking about chicks I wanted to be hot in the streets. You know. I was a dude that was selling drugs in DC and came back to new. York and I wanted to be respected by these do so. I made those records where care at the time. Excuse me low hiccup because I'm drinking rock. Love Juice. Jesus juice I'm having over here. WHAT WATER! That wardrobe. Water. Wait forever, get. Real quick. Up You definitely come because we. Get to talk about the White House. Now, the second part of Your Life, no purposely leaving the other half. You live out just so we have no, because you're coming back, be the Sandra Bernhardt of of. Of course supreme just frequently. On record, you come back, right. I'm trying to sit in on every interview. Your. How did you convince soul train? To let you perform, call me denies live because. I never knew that was the your performance of that. When we finally went on soul train. As a Yeoman we're going to do. The same thing denies to. Were will make up a trat as if it were alive, and then we'll lip sing it, but it'll look live when it's on. Yes, on television, but we got that from watching you so why didn't you just do the typical lip singing? Version like so no one had done that. At that point, you're right. When when I had the invitation to perform a soul train of thought it all these years, I thought it was live. Know everyone was doing it. Live in and. Make some of them were, but really I didn't even know that special weapons. You Know Barry White. Special people got the treatment, but it was costly for dining at the time to do it back. You know gear and all that stuff so for the most part it was lifting. When I performed well, the night before or the day before I couldn't believe that you can do, you can fall in love. Is Say. What are you talking about? Perform this record. So I booked the studio session I went in. It was me my buddy. Tony Roussin who lived at the shelter at the time with with Info at Franklin, but he ended up becoming like my partner in in in my management company. We win in the studio. And I just did it live like I wanted to do I want to feel the way our performance. Was Great. We did it we did. The whole goateed is cody. that. Was You guys? Yes, act? Because I was GONNA. Say Yo you. That was the most hype. Run. So, we did all of that to studio with the next day gave him the track I was performing it and I was performing like it was yes, and talking to us, he was like wait. Wait, wait, stop stop. Stop Stop his Mike is live. What's going on? All literally stopped as? Having like no, duly, we did this last night. He said young blood. That's a good one. That was great though that's great. At the right time to flow, no, you didn't. Cagey produced. Katie produced time to flow in I wrote my own version, which was actually a mistake, though man I i. You know what. Trump was on fire at the time. I love that you asked me this by the way. Extremely on fire and we'd been friends even before. Any of those records came out, and I watched. I was fascinated by rich like I thought. was I watch trick, Battle Jay Z.. Jay Got Frustrated and threw Mike down and walk up stays. I'm not even lying to you. I've seen all of this in trach was like an Mc God to me so when we had a chance to do that was like my first feature. Ever outside of care rests. That was the first time ever performing another artists, but we happen to be real friends with me. Shock Him Latifah like dolls. They were my family. Apart flavor unit in work with shot like in work with Dana so doing which was great, the problem that I had was in is that I was so fascinated by like my relationship with stretch that I almost wanted to be that dude and I didn't rhyme I didn't run like myself. I wasn't that's what made me ask Yeah Yeah I was I wanted to Ramli stretch I wanted to be like that was top level than me and I. I wanted to be on his level instead of just being who I am, so there are some some mistakes that I had ended out. Actually I don't even wish I can change because I wouldn't be where I am right now. HAD ANYTHING BEEN DIFFERENT THE RECORD? I always like Jersey always underrated as an emcee, and you always like your delivery was always really clean, personal self destruct timeless. Yeah, like it was still works. Yeah, man, I'd always always. My mom liked the sweater in the self destruction video. Aj Lesser Hundred and Twenty-fifth Street back on day. there. We've been come from the show We're definitely going to have you back. Yeah got to about the rebirth everything. And Lock Story. Yeah but thank you man. I appreciate. Give it up. Just WanNa. Let you guys know. We rarely push our our our social media, but you can follow Costlo supreme at Q.. That's our instagram or twitter at Culas, and when you go on Facebook, quest, love supreme, and you email us There's some new for two thousand eighteen. Yes, yes, you can email us with with questions and comments and criticisms right and wrong. Call help for that anyway. We're GONNA find. We're also GONNA find love for you by February. HIT HIS MAILBOX MA I L, B O. Out Mail. BOX AT QUEST LOVES SUPREME DOT COM WAY YOU got guys got that all right, so we can send all your hate to millie meal bucks. So that's only 'em, of course, Supreme Siglo unpaid and boss Bill City Steve It's Li-. And I guess denies coming back Yes. Yes, our return guests denies we'll be We'll see you on the next go round. 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