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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is facing two misdemeanor charges of solicitation of prostitution, the most successful owner in the most popular league in the United States were. Were stone. Everybody else Robert Kraft, most recent Google search history is now going to be Robert Kraft, soliciting prostitution negotiations between the Phillies and Bryce Harper could be resolved by Tuesday half the most. He's half. The most spent the Phillies or confident that they're gonna sign Bryce Harper pitches. Like Dallas kaikal who still out there kimbrel all these players. It's ugly. And it's been dragging on a couple of months. What the heck's going on? What you see change your perception of abbey sporting events. Get this. Welcome outside the lines Brian Smith here. One three hundred million dollar ballplayer down another go. How closest Bryce Harper to reaching a resolution and with whom that's coming up. But our big story Robert Kraft possibly facing criminal charges as early as today. Authorities are expected to issue an arrest warrant for the patriots owner in connection with two counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution at this orchids of Asia day spa in Jupiter, Florida. According to reports craft is one of at least one hundred and seventy three people, including a former president of CitiGroup per the New York Times that were part of a bust involving a large scale, human trafficking and prostitution ring in Florida spokesman for crafts saying in a statement they quote categorically deny Mr. craft engaged in any illegal activity and the NFL just this morning saying our personal conduct policy. Applies equally to everyone in the NFL. We will handle this allegation in the same way. We would handle any issue under the policy. We are seeking a full understanding of the facts o- insuring that we do not interfere with an ongoing law enforcement investigation. We will take appropriate action as warranted based on the facts that despite the controversy craft not exactly laying low. He was seen exiting this buried Diller pre-oscars party in Hollywood this weekend. Do you have a message to your fan? And on Friday authorities. Explain some of the evidence they had on craft question was does the video contain Mr. craft inside receiving the alleged ex the answer to that is. Yes. With their regular keep similar with regular. I would say going through the evidence. Yes. ESPN reporter. Michelle steel has been following the story, and she joins us live from West Palm Beach, Florida, Michelle. What's the latest? Yeah. So the latest ryen is that it appears that an arrest warrant for Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots is at hand the state attorney here in Palm Beach has actually called for a press conference at the top of the hour at two o'clock now as we all know craft faces those two charges from the Jupiter. Police department for soliciting a prostitute. The issue though for him in the complicating factor, perhaps is that he's the only one of the twenty five men charged on Friday to face to counts, not one and the state attorney here needs to decide whether he's going to be arrested for those two charges or if it'll just knock down one count and bring it down to that one. And Michelle the other question, I think a lot of people are wondering about is. Will we see Bob Kraft in a courtroom will he be turning himself in what are you hearing about whether or not he could be turning himself in to the court there in Florida? Yeah. I can tell you from speaking to sources here on the ground as well. As people who are quite frankly, just more familiar with this jurisdiction a lot of criminal defense attorneys. They say that he does need to be processed here in person, however beyond that, you know, being arraigned in court because it would be a misdemeanor offense. He's not actually required to appear. He could have you could waive his his right to an appearance, and then have his attorneys than plead guilty or not guilty in his case. As far as the evidence the Jupiter. Police department tells me they have. What they call a video proof as well. As other proofs that show that craft was the one entering the orchids of Asia day spa. Ryan another interesting thing here, the NFL had a statement. They put out I think around Friday talking about this very issue. And then another statement coming today. What do you make of these two statements now by the NFL on this issue? Yeah. Ryan, I think the league here took a somewhat unusual move by commenting not once but twice on this situation. In fact, the first statement was a pretty basic. Hey, we're aware we're monitoring the second statement was a little bit more fulsome. They said that the conduct policy the personal conduct a policy does apply to everyone equally. They also said that they were not they did not want to interfere with the ongoing investigation. And certainly wanted a quote unquote, full understanding of it for me, the inference there is that they are not going to do anything to Robert Kraft or punish him in any way. Until this criminal investigation is resolved Ryan. All right, Michelle. Thank you very much. Now, let's bring an east sixty host German chef talked a little bit more about this. So generally what I think is really interesting is. And this is what everybody's asked me this weekend billion dollar owner, multiple billions of dollars and yet here he is accused of doing. This in this spot and Jupiter, Florida. Why what was he thinking? Well, clearly, it's hard to put ourselves in Robert crests head right now. What was he thinking? He clearly wasn't thinking. There were going be cameras in there that this was part of a sting operation. He he's right now for Robert Kraft, his image. Obviously is in tatters his reputation is in tatters. He's wondering about his legacy and yet at the same time we've got this denial in the face of what the authorities say is conclusive evidence against him. And this was a very specific it was a broad, but a very specific denial, and you're our legal analysts. You understand this stuff better than you would. Did you think when you read the exact words that were used by the crafts spokespeople to deny this? Well, the key thing that stood out to me is that he didn't do anything. Illegal, and that's just a number of things to me. You have to think of it almost like this, Michelle touched on it. He makes his appearance he he goes there. He gets fingerprinted whatever it is. And then maybe his lawyers make an appearance for him plead not guilty that starts discovery. Then we go along the process of seeing at least from his perspective wanna thirties. Have when he says he's done. Nothing. Illegal that suggests to me that. Yes, maybe they have something on him. Maybe he actually did have some sort of sexual contact with somebody was it consensual. That's defense. Did he pay? Did he make some sort of agreement for that for money? He would say no that would be another defense and in all of this that lines up for him to say look. I did nothing illegal. That's what's interesting. It didn't say wasn't there. He said, I did nothing illegal. And that's a key difference for me. Now. I just I look at this. And I also wonder in all of this. If hate to say, this it's a very serious crime. But in many jurisdictions if somebody is accused of soliciting prostitution, they might get. It's a misdemeanor case might be dismissed or they get some sort of diversion program, a couple hours of community service something like that does the fact that Robert Kraft is involved in this within a larger investigation of human trafficking. How do you think that affects this? Well, I think it certainly raises the stakes and, you know, as well as I do that when we're talking about prosecutors, they have a lot of discretion the way they pursue something like this as you say typically in these situations for someone like Robert Kraft who has no criminal record. A none that I'm aware of anyway, no history. That it would be dealt with typically were the kind of slap on the wrist. But because we're talking about human trafficking. We're talking about the authorities say women who were held in these places against their will essentially forced to commit these sexual acts. That that obviously raises the stakes not just legally I would think terms of what prosecutors doing or the way a judge might view this. But also in terms of how the NFL has view it in the way that the public perceives it yet, that's huge. And another thing that gets me. Is you look at a case like this again, the max right now as we look at it when we see these charges we're talking about sixty days for each charge. And again, we don't know what that's going to end up being if they just charge him with one thing sixty days in jail, we're talking about that's that's right. And that's rare in a case like this. But you've got the authorities. What I found so interesting about this is you've got the authorities coming out announcing these charges there were other spas involved, but they didn't make announcements on their charges or that they had someone like Bob Kraft on their list. It's interesting from public perspective. Because now if Bob Kraft comes in and says, yeah, okay. You got this evidence. I want you to dismiss it. Do they offer a plea deal? What does that say to the public when you have this large scale investigation into human trafficking, and you let a billionaire. To go without any serious penalty wonder if they're thinking about that. Well, I'm sure that that's all something that is being considered when you have someone this high profile who can bring attention to an investigation way, the Robert Kraft has and the issue at large a what are the responsibilities where the obligations of the prosecutors in that case, and it's also questioned on the flip side about the equal distribution of Justice. You well know if you're going to hold Robert Kraft to one standard, do you have to hold the other one hundred seventy plus people who are going to we understand charged to the same standard. Or if you don't what does that do with everybody else? And what does that do the law in the NFL at the same time? You know, you've got Roger Goodell. You've got. Yeah. Saying, you know owners are held to a higher standard than player. So what do you think that means because we know that under the personal conduct policy looks as if he could face maximum five hundred thousand dollar penalty. There are other sanctions though, it seems that they could try to love you. Given that this is not just solicitation of trying to commit prostitution, but apart aren't investigation. Yes. What could that? Do how do you think the NFL looks at this in trying to send their own message? If in fact, Robert Kraft has found guilty or someone well, I think the NFL is in another situation again as we've seen so many times in recent years where it's going to get complicated for them. Because he's he's an owner. There's supposed to be held to a higher standard. He's also one of the most prominent he's arguably the most prominent owner, he's the guy who owns the most important and successful franchise in the league. There's a complicated history as well between him and the league office, obviously with spy gate, and then with Deflategate. He threatened to sue the Commissioner Lamy new Goodell is not afraid to take them on. That's right. And he's not afraid to take him on the other thing that bear in mind as the NFL tries to figure this out and see what happens legally down in south Florida is the larger societal context. Next. We talked about the the larger story of human trafficking, which is integral to this. But also the larger context of what we've seen in last year's with the me too movement. You know, and the NFL's own recent history over the last five years what the reaction difference of this five years ago. I think it might be because I think the league now is operating under the glare of these lights which had been on them since the Ray rice situation in late twenty fourteen. Right. So it's been four and a half years with the league seems to go from issue involving exploitation abusive women from one of these issues to another to another kind of stumbling along quite frequently. And this is I think if you're working league office Park Avenue, and you got this news Friday afternoon, you're thinking not just this is a terrible thing. And this is this is something we're going to have to deal with in terms of discipline. But this is a terrible public relations problem as well. It will be interesting to see how the NFL handles this. When Jeremy thank you so much well coming up he met with the Phillies in Vegas. But it's Bryce Harper being courted by other suitors latest on baseball's next hundred million dollar, man. Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Brian Bruno live on the scene of a recent windstorm here to describe the event a chest of drawers, there's a storm howling outside. So I thought I'd stay in and watch a rom com. Five minutes into the flick, a tree branch slams through the window. Where are you hurt? I just gotta scratch on my chest. Your chest of drawers can't help you in a windstorm. But the Geico insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Co gyco to see how a forcible homeowners insurance can be. Here's more stuff that matters citing exaggeration and absurdities justification. Australian press council has ruled that a cartoon of tennis star. Serena Williams having a tantrum during the US open. Final did not breach its standards of practice. The cartoon published by Melbourne's herald sun in September was even misogynistic and racist by many observers, including Williams's husband for its depiction of the twenty three time grand slam champion, head coach of the independence community college basketball team that was featured on the Netflix series nut last chance, you has resigned. James Brown stepped down Sunday nearly two weeks after allegedly sang to a German player on his team. Quote. I am your new Hitler that player. Freshman Alexandros Alexi you posted the alleged text exchange on social media, eight members of the old miss basketball team took a knee before Saturday's game. As to pro confederacy groups were painting in March on the Oxford Mississippi campus after the game almost coach Kermit Davis address the players action. Like, our players made it emotional decision to show these people that welcome on our campus and respect our players of freedom and ability to choose that. And here's the treat one ahead out on the high seas with the head ball coach, your Landau Apollo's of the af or announcing the inaugural Steve Spurrier cruise to the Bahamas from twelve July fifteenth passengers willing to shell out between nine and twenty seven hundred bucks are promised private excursions beach Olympics photo and autograph sessions and plenty of smooths time with the head Balkam. Today's be block is Bryce Harper. Finally sliding into a new home Phillies owner John Middleton hopes. He is in Philly, especially after feeling optimistic from his meeting with the former rookie of the year an MVP this weekend. But don't bring out the bubbly just yet Phillies fans. Harper also spent the weekend meeting with other organizations, including the dodgers and manager Dave Roberts on Sunday. But despite hundreds of millions of dollars flowing Manny Machado last week and perhaps Bryce Harper this week. It's still vexing to baseball's best that other big league stars remain unsigned JD Martinez who signed very late last spring said this about baseball's current free agent quandary they got away with it last year. Why wouldn't they do it? Again. What's going to happen nothing? It's embarrassing for baseball. It really is. It's really embarrassing for the game for deep dive into the latest baseball news. We welcome in our baseball star. Jeff passan ESPN baseball insider jet before we begin. Maybe. Okay. Maybe this is a sign or maybe not check out the brings truck that was seen pulling into dodgers spring training. We put this up there. It is look at this into dodgers spring training. Camelback ranch in Glendale Arizona there. It is. Maybe they're getting their bucks ready. So Jeff what is the latest on? Harper are the dodgers ready to open their wallets? It seems. Sources tell me Ryan that that Brinks truck was not intended for Bryce. By the Los Angeles Dodgers do intend to offer him a short term contract. Now, what's a short term? Look like we're talking somewhere in the vicinity of five or six years, Bryce Harper. From the start has said, I'm not gonna take anything less than ten years, and he's been sticking to it at this point. Which is what gives the Philadelphia Phillies confidence that they're still the favorites in this scenario, but the dodgers have a lot going in their favor. They've been tobacco back World Series. They have a lineup that could support Bryce Harper could surround him with great players and Los Angeles is a lot closer to his last Vegas home than Philadelphia. But at this point, I still think the Phillies of the favorites because they're clearly the ones who are willing to put the most years and the most dollars on the table. So given that Harper is still meeting with other teams, what does that say to Phillies management who seems to be willing to put up the house for them? I think that says to the Phillies that Bryce Harper wants as much leverage as he can possibly get that. If the Phillies believe that they're bidding against themselves. They're not going to up the dollars much over three hundred million. But if the dodgers are in it say, and if the Washington nationals with Ted Lerner, their owner jump back in and if the San Francisco Giants are in all of a sudden, we have a market here. And when you have a market the teams that are really wanting to get the player like the Philadelphia Phillies are going to need to bit higher. Because you know, there's the possibility there's the chance that Bryce Harper could leap at another deal. You know, it's a great point. And that's why you get a guy like Scott Boris when you're trying to create that market. So let's talk about the free agency situation involving a lot of stars out there. Craig kimbrel. Reportedly this weekend was saying he might sit out the season. If he didn't lower his asking price that was immediately knocked down by his agents who said not true. But I wanted to ask this question sort of. Devil's advocate. Is there an argument to make that maybe players aren't in can't they're not getting signed because they are trying to do what they can to build their leverage as much as possible rather than this being more about owner subterfuge and trying to get the price as low as possible. You know, Ryan, I don't think those two things are mutually exclusive necessarily. Here's what's the state of play. In baseball, though, the NBA is a cap sport. The NFL is a cap sport there parameters in place. Whether it's a max contract for an NBA player, or you know, you have a sense of what a quarterback, for example is worth in the NFL in major league baseball, those don't exist. They never have in. So superstars are always trying to push the limits as much as they can on their salaries, and they feel like the leverage that they get from waiting as long as possible plays in their favor. Now, does it always no not necessarily you? See what Jake Arrieta got last year. You see what JD Martinez got well below the asks that they had at the beginning of the offseason, but with Manny Machado waiting as long as he did really behooved him. He ended up getting the three hundred million dollars. He was seeking and with Bryce Harper. Now the. The market has picked up more than I think people realize, you know, privately there was a lot of conversation about well is he going to consider taking a short term deal. That's why the dodgers jumped back in because they thought, hey, maybe there is a chance that he'll go short term. Now that doesn't seem to be the case. But the fact that they flew contingent out to Las Vegas to meet with him. I think says a lot about where they feel the state of play that this. Okay. So the waiting game helps and the owners facing a lot of backlash from seemingly waiting as. Well, jeff. Thank you so much. We'll coming up sweet success for the Knicks number one fan. But what about hot one of Hollywood's? Biggest Mets lovers. Oscars. Meet sports next. Ford center. Six PM eastern after PTI with sage in. Kevin. They'll have the latest on Robert Kraft, who's facing charges of solicitation. Plus new details on Bryce Harper and Brown and the Lakers can find a sense of urgency tonight. Sportscenter six eastern on ESPN and the app and this big Monday matchup is a crucial one for number fifteen Kansas. They on fourteenth straight big twelve regular season titles and number sixteen. K state would like nothing. More than a help snap that streak. Nine eastern from Allen Fieldhouse on ESPN and the SPN app. If you watch the Oscars last night, no doubt, you had beef with something. Maybe you're one of those folks who thought green book shouldn't have won best picture or maybe you're wondering just where the heck is the host? But you couldn't object to the intersection of sports and entertainment at last night's motion picture extravaganza, by the way admits the flowing ball gowns and tuxes Spike Lee, stole the show with these gold Jordan's with an assist in the man himself. The goat. To go. Michael Jordan, commissioned greatest another goat, the greatest sneakers ever tinker Hatfield to design these Oscar gold Jordan threes. One of a kind. And man was it his night jumping for joy in his first Oscar win and his story forty year career in film for adapted screenplay or glac clansmen. And then the biggest prize of all or maybe not first of all, spike. So glad you're sitting down. After eighteen consecutive, home losses. The Knicks won tonight. I repeat. The Knicks won tonight. The feeding San Antonio won thirty two one eighteen. Yeah. That's not a prize. Mike Leigh's beloved Knicks one Batson Square Garden last night their first home victory since December. I meanwhile, back in LA. Serena Williams, not only presented the film stars born in style. But her groundbreaking Ed was presented during the commercial to much fanfare landing double cork. Tin eighty. Winning twenty three grand slams having a baby. And then coming back for more. Crazy crazy crazy crazy in crazy. And how happy where we that rehearsal. Ali won best supporting actor not only because it was his second win in the category. But another excuse to show this only seven points per game as a senior at Saint Mary's. But he's still had hops. But, you know, not everybody came out victorious on Oscar night as usual take Glenn Close nominated seven times. And I'll say it's shockingly denied once again, the Oscar come on academy. She hasn't won hard been through enough being a Mets fan, but more than that. She said it's tough being a Mets fan, but she sticks with them kudos to her. And by the way, keep it right here. And.

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