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Good Morning Broker Tove blencoe St Diaz Savannah Clare this is Shawna fold here with the Israeli Daily News podcast the only English, Daily News podcast coming out of Tel Aviv I'm here to give you the headlines. So you can get caught up quickly. Today is Wednesday September sixteenth twenty twenty. Let's get to the news. Well I guess the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza agreed upon weeks ago has been thrown out the window because early this morning, a terror organization launched thirteen missiles into Israel authorities. Say they believe it was a retaliation for the peace deal signed yesterday between the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Buck Rain and Israel. The United States brokered both of these peace agreements which were signed. Yesterday at the White House though neither comas Palestinian Islamic Jihad took responsibility for the rockets. Outright both organizations released statements in support of them. Eight of the rockets fired this morning around four thirty am were intercepted by the Iron Dome, which is Israel's defense system. The other five likely fell into open fields. Two people were injured from debris including a sixty two year old man who. was hurt in his torso and a twenty eight year old man who was injured in his limbs. The older gentleman was reportedly out delivering food to needy families for other Israelis are recovering from severe anxiety attacks after the event defense minister. Bennigan's said on a historic evening of peace. We received a reminder from our enemies that we must always be strong and prepared to protect the. Residents of Israel in every place, and at all times, the Hamas statement on the matter said the agreements between Israel and buck rain and you a E isn't worth the ink spilled or the paper it was signed on the Palestinian people are determined to continue the struggle to get all of their rights and we'll treat these agreements as if they do not exist before the signing. Protested in the streets, burning photos of all four leaders involved in the peace deal. Meanwhile US President Donald. Trump told reporters yesterday following the ceremony in which hundreds attended that he expects Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel in addition to up to nine other Arab nations he said he spoke with the King of Saudi Arabia and that the deal would come at the right time and he even added in that he was far along in peace talks with five other. Countries and thought, they could have even the UAE in buck rain in the peace deal signing and celebration trump said countries in the middle. East are tired of war and that they want peace and wants to sign his deal. He continued to comment that the deal gives Israel support so that the country is no longer isolated and that peace will even come with Palestinians at the right time. Israel's science minister. Isao shy spoke with the Times of Israel identifying some do's and don'ts of the lockdown saying the government is using data to decide on a better version of the lockdown. They said they realize the tight restrictions caused mental health problems and that this time around the government will encourage people to utilize outdoor playgrounds and gyms which were formerly closed so that people have an outlet to exercise their. Bodies and minds for me. The worst part of this article was that shy says swimming in pools and the sea will be completely forbidden but that beaches are open for running on the shore. So long as you live five hundred meters within the beach in school education will be closed until October eleventh and exceptions to the five hundred meter running will allow people to get medication home items, and of course groceries. If you're familiar with prime minister. Netanyahu's Court case you'd know that he has been accused of trying to pay off media channels in Israel for favorable coverage. Well, case four thousand is underway and we have word on who the first witness is. It's Alanya Shula, the former Walla news site CEO while as a popular news organization in Israel that pumps out written and video content every day they have a big studio in the center of Tel Aviv. I'll keep you updated on what comes out of these trials. Earlier in the week, I mentioned that Israel's Banca Pauline was signing a deal with the National Bank of Dubai and now Israel's other top bank bank. Leumi is doing something very similar. They've signed a memorandum of understanding with I Abu Dhabi, bank, as well as the Emirates National Bank of Dubai. The same that Hypo Aleem is working with. This means that Israelis will be able to transfer money between the nations which previously had to be done through European banks in order to facilitate any kind of business relationships in a symbolic move, the banks transferred one hundred eighty dollars to the other. In the Jewish world eighteen represents high or life in English look I am. Finally I had to rip myself away from the conference today to write the show. But if you're in the tech world here in Israel, you'd know that there's a city sponsored twenty four hour boot camp happening. It's completely online and the conference is meant to birth one hundred new startups by the end. The boot camp has workshops and puts people in teams to work on projects via zoom conference. Some big name speakers came to the screen including former Jerusalem. Mayor near Barkat the deputy mayor for Tel Aviv and our own our own the CEO of the Israel innovation. Authority. The speakers were lint and Aaron, and our own asked some tough questions to start this morning's conference. This was the second day speaking to listeners who want to be the CEOS of their own companies. He asked these questions are you ready to be alone? Are you ready to give up your role as CEO if it's better for your startup? Are you ready to get rid of your best friend and business partner even if he struggled through the beginning process with you? Are you ready to sacrifice your favorite hobby wake up in the middle of the night for your business the questions were thought provoking for me as the founder of the Israel Daily News podcast. Last night's breakout sessions however were a complete mess. People got links to zoom conferences that were supposed to have five teams in them, but instead had forty five many people logged off and called the event chaotic. I think it's funny because this is the future. This is just the beginning of having online conferences. Instead of, let's say in-person conferences that last a whole day people take off work to go to them. I thought that this was very interesting to be the Guinea pig of such an idea. So yes, it was very chaotic. Things did not work well, but I still think people are are really taking something away from this event. All right. Well, that's it. For today's news. Today is Wednesday. September. Sixteen, we have a high of thirty one degrees Celsius and a low of twenty six degrees in this central city. That's seventy six degrees Fahrenheit for the low going up to eighty eight degrees. Thanks for getting caught up with me. Don't forget subscribe to the Israel daily, News podcast on spotify or apple podcasts or wherever you're hearing from tomorrow we have a special report as we finish out the week before Russia Shena, and today will hear a song by Eugene corker lap called memories curl up is known around the globe for playing on the streets and enchanting everyone with his voice and his guitar have a great and productive day. If I were.

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