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#224: High School Confidential, Pt. 2 Bad Education


we keep the line between the past. You believe there's someone out of pass and turn take possession of a True Path through with us. Welcome back to this picture. Show a movie that we podcast voted to a classic film. The way it shapes our thoughts on a recent release. I'm KIEF Phelps here again with Scott Tobias and Tasha Robinson in our last episode we revisited. Alexander Paints election historic corruption and high school politics with this episode. We're talking about Coriolis. New bad education with tree visits a true story at malfeasance and misappropriation in Long Island High School. I've been warning going in. We're going to begin to smaller territory fairly quickly and talking about this movie but the film itself draws out many of its revelations so if you have a chance to watch it. I do that. Who Jackson plays Dr Frank A to sewn a seemingly perfect schools who pretended he never forgets. The name gives even the smallest problems full attention and spent his off hours discussing Dickinson Book Clubs. If the term off hours even applies frank seems to be fully dedicated to his job and with raising reputation of Roslyn high school and being a widower. He has nothing but time to devote to it. He's a successful as he is beloved by students and faculty particularly his fellow administrator Pam Gluck and played by Allison Janney but when pants caught using school funds for own purposes their relationship quickly unravels instead of bailing her out. He calls her a sociopath a diagnosis she redrafts to him. And maybe with good reason francs not what he seems to be or put more accurately he is what he seems to be but also a lot more. It appears that only the intrepid reporting of a high school journalist named Rachel Played by Geraldine. Vishwanathan can bring his other sides to light. We'll get into it after the break. This is a very real crime. Here adapted taxpayer money. Some totals two hundred fifty thousand. Gt We just when I get my chance. Fine can't jump the gun here. Not when there's this much at stake when these nobles we're dealing with frank after everything. We Frank to get this far frank with nothing to worry about France. GonNa fix this this kind of behavior it's cruel it's sociopathic sociopathic I'm ashamed of my actions of ashamed at myself. I is no excuse for it. Well the SOCIOPATHIC. Yeah all right everyone. What were your impressions of this film? I was into it really early and then really hard. I can tell you exactly why it was the tone. The tone of this movie reminded me so much of the movie that I'm going to talk about on your next Patricia. This Week Steven soderbergh's the informant. Just from the beginning there was a feeling of like a deep toxic. Well of secrets going on underneath fee placid surface of this film and watching. Jackman portraying this This kind of like blythe smooth glad talking man who has everybody wrapped around his little finger. You can feel it's GonNa come apart you just don't know the details of how it's GonNa come apart. I just I enjoyed every aspect of watching the build up. I didn't know the real life story behind this. But you can still pretty much tell what's coming from fairly early on and then watching it unravel. I think this one was just pretty masterfully. Made in terms of tonal balance of finding a like a little thread of dark comedy but also making it almost as tencent and quick moving as an action film it sets up a lot of pins a fairly early that it knocks down just very very diligently very casually in interesting ways and interesting places and then the place that he chooses to take it to at the end. I just found significant and the interesting and fun. I dug this movie a lot. I'm so glad to hear that I mean this is kind of my suggestion because I saw it at tiff did you see the tiffany's John was really thrilled about it is i. I don't know if it was mentioned the introduction with this is gonNA BE ON H. B. O. So they picked it up for a pretty significant amount of money though. I feel a little bit bombed that it's not getting some kind of theatrical release but I guess that's not possible now anyway so people will have a chance to see something pretty awesome if they're HBO subscribers. I I feel like some good. Hbo kind disappear like the tail off. You know performer Laura but also one where like the tail was in some other world where people went to the movies. It'd watch things at home. I mean this could be an ideal spot for better education to find. Its but any case. Yeah I'm I'm very fond of this film. I think it's funny. It's quick it's suspenseful. All things TASHA mentioned I also extraordinarily complex I in ways that are reminiscent of election. We'll talk about that certain themes To have in common but what I liked about it was what is she catcher. Frank to stone is in how as corrupt as he is and as many mistakes as he makes it has made. There's signs of a real educator. There somebody who really does believe in the mission does want his students to learn. I mean one of the most significant moments of the film is when you know when the sort of thread is pulled on this whole embezzlement scandal. It comes as a result of him challenging a student journalist to go beyond a puff piece. Nothing has to be a puff piece. You can do something more significant impulse to do that. I mean not knowing where this is going necessarily not knowing that she's GonNa do so well that she's going to start. This brush fire that consumes the entire administration in him. But I appreciate that aspect of it and I appreciate the fact that it's set in a high school This Rosen high school. Which like many high schools that get students in placed an Ivy League schools are considered good schools great schools. There's so much tied up that so many classes. Us title with with that so many issues with property values. I mean these are things that are a big part of adulthood in having children in in you know the education system in general and I I think the film nails that and nails kind of the disparities between people like frank and Pam in what they make it. What kind of lives they can expect for themselves? And you know the super wealthy people who can afford to move to a school district that it'd be. There's so much interesting stuff in this movie and a lot of it has to do with chaplains performances so good and I think the Challenges Rachel to pursue. The story is like it's example of how compartmentalize his life has become more. It's like you know. He's very good educator and of course what he should be saying to her and almost almost as an occur to him that that could touch the other part of his life. Which is this. You know super corrupt embezzler with a whole other secret life. The arrest of the people around. I don't know about yeah. I like this quite a bit too. I think it may be a step down in terms of salvation in terms of Finley's last movie but maybe that's sort of thoroughbreds. I thought was really distinctive. Had A really fast I. This is not a hyper formal in the same way. That thoroughbreds was but it's it's not it's not unstylish there is kind of journalistic quality to it in some ways as well. It works for that but I mean everyone in this movie. It's really I think Chapman is is. You know he's good. You really get into. Just see him dig into a roll away is complexity so that was a pleasure to see any so charming as good educator mode. I mean he's so charming. You could totally by people being drawn in by because I also think it is. Think about it as a phony in the sense that he actually does accomplish these things for the school and he brings this really high minded idea of what education should be with him and it's infectious in rubs off but there are other complications to turn that are not necessarily reflected in his approach to education. No but there is. There's something there about you know. This is a theme that we'll talk about leader connection with election but the the idea of the credibility of adulthood of about how you can end up on that slippery slope of using school funds to pay for. Gal a cup of coffee and then suddenly. You're you know secret. You Know Gay Lover in the city all of this money that's supposed to be used for what science equipment or printed pamphlets. It's really funny. Yeah so it's stuff like that and it's like you don't you can't see from that first mistake how you get to. The leaderboard. Catastrophic were obviously corrupt mistakes. But at no point does he lose his humanity in his wallner ability. It has complexity as a character. I mean there's a lot to this guy. His fall is kind of heartbreaking. I think that that's a pretty big accomplishment for this film because I mean this was a big story. This is based on a true event. This happened in in Roslyn. Which is a Tony area on? Long Island and and I think if you were to go back and look at some of the stories that were written about it. You probably wouldn't find too many. That tried to look at the wholeness of this person's life and try to understand his motives are certainly through the the more sympathetic lens that the film's takes on it but I appreciated that aspect of it. I think it felt persuasive to me. The way he's sort of drawn here. Not a villain. I mean he's out it's terrible things but he's so so human you've got so much more sympathy than eighty for him. I mean I do see him as a villain and I. I see the story as being kind of an unfolding of the realization that we don't really know this man and to some degree it seems like this man maybe doesn't exactly know himself like he knows his own secrets but I'm not convinced that he knows his own heart given that he he ends up in a situation with Bicoastal lovers who both think he's the only person in their life and the he kind of plays both of them that way he creates these two separate lives that mirrors the third life that he has at school to me. He's a kind of opaque character in the deeper. We get into him and I like I know I said that. Abed about Portrait of woman. I fire and I meant it in a derogatory way. I don't mean in a derogatory way at all here. I think it's fascinating. How the more. We see his chicanery. The more we see what he's up to the less we truly know about who he is. And for me. The the thrills of this film the stakes of this film. The enjoyment of this film is midway through. You realize just how deep into it he is. How many terrible things he's done. How many lies? He's telling and you realize that he's caught. He realized that it's done. It hasn't hit the fan yet. But it's a hundred percent going to and it just becomes a question of how is his sociopathic nature. Going to crop up in each of these new encounters. You know when the student calls him on it when it's clear that she knows and she's going to tell people who have been at a low moment for him for sure for him but you get to watch the process of like the line machine spinning up. The board member confronts him and he's unquestionably caught going to be exposed and going to jail and he spins up the machine again when they're confronting Janney and he knows what he's done and he knows his involvement and he's trying desperately to signal to her that he's got this covered if she plays along with him throwing her under the bus. Just step-by-step every time he confronts somebody new who knows part of the story are all the story when he confronts the comptroller. I'm back on him every single time. You see a man who you know. Full well is going down. His boat is hold. And he's going down he's trying to stick like a new appendage into one of these holes and delay the sinking of the boat and I think it's fascinating. I think it's exciting. I think it's really interesting. Watching the mini games. He plays but I didn't feel sympathy for him in any of this. He earned everything that was coming to him. Certainly I've been also I don't know I. I do things going to his job but I think the sympathy kind of drains away if you can write off as some sort of psychological condition you can try to do that but I think it. Kinda drains away when he's cornered turns to threats when he starts threatening those people that are that are attacking. Have any does it without like flipping. A switch is definitely the same character. Just Kinda shifting modes in order to survive. What do you think about it? I don't know why this is coming to mind. But he think about somebody life. The William H macy character and Fargo time. Somebody like that somebody WHO's like. I understand that guy. I understand you know his feelings of inferiority in that family dynamic and you know the fact that his father in law has all of the money and that he wants a piece of the action for himself and it's a kind of a similar situation here where it's like. He's the superintendent of of schools. But he you know the parents the people who actually are pumping money into the school and are are putting all of this pressure on him and the other administrators and educators. They make a whole lot more and he's got to try to keep up with that lifestyle he feels he has to keep that lifestyle and has kind of corrupting influence on him. I don't know I do feel for them and I feel like the last thing that he has with. His former student turned lover in another city when he finally gets pinched. Find the whole those. The sort of frantic final moments to be genuinely heartbreaking So there's that aspect the other aspect. I think that the film gets right is is how well it indicts the system itself and you know the other parents who both build him up and then are there to take down in a fairly hypocritical way and in the way. They're kind of angling for their own interests and in a very aggressive way that he doesn't have the power to put down in a way that he wants to. I mean I think it's really significant those two scenes with the mother and this boy who clearly is just not gonna be a star student and she wants him to be an advanced classes and all these other things that he's just not capable and when you get to the end and everything has fallen apart for him and he's reciting or trying to recite something that he clearly has not ridden that has been written for him. It's finally a moment where frank can just call that out in a way that he's never been able to before and I I just I don't know it's one of the film is full of moments like that. You make I think a cut above what it might have been. I think that scene is very interesting and telling because he tries to use it as an educational moment. He's expressing things that he currently is is feeling in his emotions about all of this but he doesn't turn on them aggressively like that scene. I was expecting him to blow up and tell that woman off for the absurdity of her ambitions. I was expecting him to tell the kid off for his own stupidity and incompetence in not being able to pronounce this word. I I was expecting a mean vicious blow up and instead what we get is kind of like desperate last ditch deficit at education that the mother just can't take because it. It's not the answer. She wants to hear so like in that sequence and in the subsequent sequence where he runs off to to his lover and he goes to a bar and he's obviously trying to just escapism his way out of all of this for a few more desperate days. I think in those scenes you feel a sympathy for him but I just don't feel the sympathy you do i. I feel like his everything that we hear from him. As he's heading down hill with no brakes is a squirmy excuse and when he talks about like I had to keep up with everybody else. You guys are making so much money and here. I am an administrator salary. That's just his way of saying I was selfish ingredient. I got caught when he talks about the justification of bought a sixty cent Bagel out of school funds and nobody cared that is not a justification for embezzling four million dollars. Like none of this is justified. What he did is so huge and so over the top if he had stolen two hundred and fifty thousand dollars in order to afford a better home in the community where these parents lived. That would be one thing. But he's living a ridiculously lavish lifestyle. He's spying seats on the concord For himself and his lover for London getaways and claiming it's for the school lake. It's excessive. It's ridiculous. It's over the top and to me. It takes all into an area where it's just not relatable so yeah. I don't understand what you're getting sympathy firm. But none of this makes film for me any less able. I feel like the difference between his downfall. Here and William H macy's in Fargo which is equally entertaining to watch. But I think you feel about more for him. Is That Way Mitch? Macy's character in Fargo is experiencing so much weakness so much helplessness. He's like a squirmy little weasel of a man and the moment at the end. Reese often tries to climb out the window yelling at the people who are hauling him back in. It's hilarious and sad but like frank here he's not a squealing little weasel. He's a SMUG preening Prim. Man Who's wearing extremely expensive suits living extremely expensive lifestyle and spending thirty thousand dollars a year on dry cleaning. I just don't I won't but I mean who causes more harm Of those two characters though. I mean like Fargo. He's responsible for multiple deaths. God knows what's going to happen to as someone who's GonNa lose his parents it here. You know the worst thing you don is. What take money that? Everyone's too rich to even realize that was lost until it was discovered. I mean he's taking money out of the local tax system you can. You can be the taxes that are being paid. You know gratefully by people who can peel it. Off of a very large wads of money. So I don't buy that anytime. You're pulling money out of the tax system that's money. That could have gone to see what he's doing is correct. I just think it's very well executed by the Maybe that's where we agree. I find I find that I find where his I find his motives in the slippery slope. That he was on in this situation to be entirely understandable and I feel like the system that allowed it to happen is indicted in a very pointed in interesting way by this film. I don't think it's a mistake that those two things are combined that it's not just this guy taking advantage of this situation but the situation itself which provides bad incentives for bad actions share. I'm just saying this would be a very different movie if all of that. Money was coming from donations from all of these like well-heeled families from alumni from donors from like local companies like essentially if it wasn't public money but we may be focusing on something far too narrow and we've got a lot of other things. I think we all liked. This movie is just like it differently than others Without let's wrap up this discussion but will be right back. After the break to talk about connections between badge occasion and election you had me served as a public face of this district and image that reflects prosperity. Okay I know when my look bad all out like that but trying to see this from my point of view. This is me doing the job. I was hired for wrinkled suit okay. That's one thing. This is something else entirely you might. My employment contract has closed allows me full discretion on all charges necessary. And Proper. To the discharge. I know that I wrote her employment contract. The keyword there was discussion not hearing. I'm hearing fine. You spent thirty thousand dollars dry cleaning over a number of years. Yes I did and I will pay an OPEC right that I did it for the good of the school you just. You wanted to look pretty so now. It's time for connections when we bring these two films together and talk about all the things they have in common so I think a weight in to talking connections is film is talked about a character. We haven't really talked about That much of education inches Rachel. The high school journalist played by Jodie. Fish WanNA thumb. You might know from blocker. She's been selling their films. I think she's really good. She's she's looking forward to seeing where she talks to her father about how he was witnessed to participated in but also didn't report Some corrupt acts and I think that's sort of a great of acting on her part where you can kind of read her thoughts where she realizes. She has to go all the way with this. She's wanted to. She's against corruption in all its forms but at the same time there is sort of a you know when you're a grown up you have more to lose you know as a kid she can pursue this and bring down this system where her father is is compromised and you know in ways gene's family and so on and so forth it. You know I think an election you get all these people who have maybe grew up with these high ideals that kind of haven't really held onto them into adulthood. Adulthood itself is kind of condition. That wears away on it so controversial kids. And grown-ups is worth exploring in these films. I think what's most interesting about that? Aspect of these films to me is in both cases we have kids that seema fees in adults and are disillusioned by it and the film's both. I think really point out the degree to which when the people in charge of you with when the people who are responsible for your safety and wellbeing in education utterly fail you. Who Do you go to like Rachel. I kept thinking like if I was in Rachel shoes. I have the courage to go through with it. And my first thought was leaked. No she's in New York like I would probably go to one of the New York papers. And say I have this evidence and end up handing over My scoop to like a more seasoned and responsible reporter like maybe they get the credit. I don't have to suffer the fall. I just don't think I would trust in myself. Well enough to take the stand that she does and in the same sort of way particularly the boys in election. Who are watching Jim rigged the election. They know that there's something wrong. And they have nobody to appeal to Intel the janitor until another adult comes along and hands them the solution that proves they were right. They have nobody to appeal. They appeal to his superior who dismisses them and very impatient hand wavy kind of way and I think both of these films just create a really interesting like there are a lot of films and I'm I'm looking at you. John Hughes that portray adults as not just corrupt but dimwitted and compromised and having lost any kind of the verve of life. But all of those movies are about like kids still can get out there and doing it for themselves on their own like understanding the world. Better SMARTER MORE VIVID WAY THAN Boring saddled adults. Here the adults are actively conniving to gaslight the kids and to keep the kids down and the kids don't have anywhere other than themselves to reach out to you. They have no resources and they kind of have to fall back on hanging onto their own beliefs and their own sureties in the truth and I think it up being a really strong emotional in both of these movies. It's funny. You mentioned like John Hughes because of course you know the fares bieler connection between comes into play there. And it's like I wonder if you know if I watch Ferris Bueller now almost certain. I feel more sympathy to the principal than I did. When it's like this guy this guy is dealing with kind of a you know I mean. I think I've come to think less well affairs over time and now it's like you know he looks ends up looking like a fool. The kind of human cartoon trying to bring this student to justice. I guess but the student is on the line disrespectful things I think I really difficult thing to contend with with Ferris Bueller. Is that the principal. There's played by Jeffrey. Jones ended up pleading no contest to you. Soliciting a that really brings him in his character and his his career into question and a pretty difficult way. We're watching deadwood. Now it's like oh my gosh. She's so good at a desk as well as Lama's favourite film or something up there it's it's Pr- it's top five. I would say All Time favorites. So yeah that's rough. But like in that case he is human cartoon and he ends up in a place that recalls the Wiley Coyote and roadrunner cartoon more than anything else he is brought low but he also everything that I was saying about Jim Maybe being justified in taking Tracy's election personally because he's going to have to work with someone who is deeply uncomfortable with and finds like unpleasant and intolerable in pushy the principal in Fairfield or stay off doesn't have that excuse. He's got a vast student body to deal with. He does not have to have ferris bueller working side by side with him like every day of the year like his vindictiveness is personal in a really inappropriate way so I understand maybe sympathizing with the adults a little more in John Hughes movies now than men but maybe not that character so much you but to bring it back to these two films when I watch election and biodegradation and think about frank and Jim I kind of think about the beginning of their careers and also think about the fact that both of them are good educators and I can imagine very easily a past in which the stuff really mattered. I mean Jim One multiple teacher of the year. Awards in Frank rose to the ranks of superintendent. You can see that in his he knows all the students and he knows all the information about everyone and their ambitions and you know more than just even their names. He really knows and cares about his students. Both of these movies literally start with their characters up in front of a huge crowd of cheering. People like accepting plaudits like both of these movies open with specifically that scene of somebody who is beloved by their students by the populace by the locals. But you don't catch them at that point you catch them at the end when things unravel for them anything about like what that has meant what kind of like bad relationship life had like a in. Jim's case maybe a marriage that is not making him terribly happy. And the fact that. They're having trouble conceiving and there's a lot of frustration in the home and use eiser wandering and he's dealing with feelings about his best friend in the terrible trouble that his friend got into and a lot of things that are eating away at him in. Meanwhile he's giving the same lectures over and over again to the same probably mostly board group of high school students and wondering whether he's really you know making a difference and it's like you get it you get like just the wear and tear of this profession just of life on adults you know when you get older and you become the some of decisions that you've made and not of all them are great decisions and some of those decisions have had disappointing results in a much different place than tracy flick is coming from. It's much different place than from where Rachel is coming from. Bad Education where they can be young and idealistic and they haven't had to make the types of choices that say. Rachel's father had to make you know between running with a crowd and blowing the whistle. I mean that's not an easy decision. It's not one that Rachel has to had to make It's something an adult has to make it wears on you and I both are sensitive with that. I think both films are also sensitive to the fact that not everybody in high school is like that both Tracy and Rachel like we see them. Sitting in classrooms full of sleepy eye disengaged not all their Students who don't have their drive and focus like I think. Both of these films acknowledge that being an educator is tough that winning hearts and minds is a difficult and long term engagement and that there are a lot of people that you just can't reach and a lot of people that are just checked out and not interested and the Tracy Flick's and the Rachel's of the world are very much the exception and to some degree. It's the downfall of both men in both movies is the fact that they're not used to dealing with people like on that level of organization and ambition and desire to move forward there used to try and have to to work to get the guy in the back row. Who's sleeping through every class? Or you know to some degree. The good natured. But KINDA dimwitted like Paul figures. Who are there for you? But maybe not capable of taking in as much as you'd like maybe not capable of engaging with Martin chuzzlewit on the level that you want so we should talk about these oils. Both have foils in the forms of precocious young women who have ambitions and our smart maybe smarter than the grownups around them. But I think both Rachel and Tracy are very different characters in these films. Yeah for certain. And it's a lot of it is just like personality in an attitude. Rachel seems regretful about the burden. That's been thrust on her like she seems to take her duties very seriously and at the same time kind of wish that they weren't there and we get to see her going through an awakening through very rapidly and to me a little sadly mostly off screen the process of from am GonNa. I'm here for a quote. I'm writing a puff piece to. Oh I need to bring this entire corrupt institution to it's knees. I do wish maybe very slightly more time was spent on that the scene with her and her father where she realizes like what laid him low and how she has to be different is fantastic. It's touching it's well-constructed and it's subtle. It doesn't exactly where the subtexts on its sleeve but I wish that it had been just like maybe one more scene in there like of that quality in the space between frank telling her every piece could be a a masterpiece. Like you need to actually work at this and her making the decision to face down Elton John's character and like go into the tomb and dig everything up but I think the really big difference between them is the sense that Rachel works really really hard to earn everything that she gets by the end. But there's never a sense that she feels. She deserves it that she's entitled to it. She never feels smug about it. We never see her. Throw a like a little happy dance. In the corridors of power when? She thinks she's gotten this this piece together that she's broken her her. Big Scoop Yeah. I think she'd be happier if she didn't report the Franken for sure and You know trace. These positive side is Being bright and precocious and dedicated to what she does and really truly caring but her downside is her entitlement and her smugness and her deep seated resentment of anybody who seems to be stepping up to take anything like anything at all in the world. Just the idea of like Paul running for that office utterly infuriate circuit. She's decided that it's hers. So you know this is just like a a smug awful bitterness under her chipper exterior and Rachel has neither the chipper ner exterior nor all of those things lurking underneath it. Yeah I don't think our feelings toward Rachel. Are that complicated. I mean I think. He's a very sympathetic character. In a way that Tracy is not as cleanly we have strong disagreements while maybe not among us but but genevieve I think who if she was here would made maybe a stronger argument for Tracy but I think you know Rachel someone who Who Your decency we can recognize. And WHO's your courage in fear and all these other emotions that she's feeling having to report this story. You definitely connect with that. Her decision making is complex. And it makes sense. It's interesting to be the contrast between what she feels compelled to do what she feels she needs to do and then the reactions of her editor. Who just wants nothing to do with the story? This hot being the editor of the student newspaper for him is about getting into college. That which is kind of the Roslyn High School Way Right. It's like everything in that. School is directed toward placing these kids in Yohan an Ivy League school or a top school. That's that's what the whole purpose of the thing is in. That's that way to extend to election to student. Government is about you and that's the thing that Tambi gets upset about it. It's like all this is benefiting are a bunch of kids who put this on their college applications. What racial is trying to do is obviously a whole lot more substantive than that in dangerous so both these dumps have very specific settings. We have the Omaha suburban Omaha election. We have the sort of money long island of that. Education was Kinda high school everywhere. I think I think. Rosalyn is a little Considerably more high end high school. The George Washington Carver. High School and Election but also kind of has a leveling effect where the environment is somewhat of the same way off base. Here these are these few very different schools in my there are a little. I think their different I mean I think I think there's something is a very specific phenomenon that bad education is trying to dry out into something. I've become more familiar with as a parent who is concerned about my kids education. All parents are school placement in. You know and how that affects you know real estate values and all this other stuff and also the kinds of pressures fun in this. It is a bit and you can feel it and you know when you're you know my kids are in a very good. Chicago PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. And there's an atmosphere there of entitlement and pressure engagement to put it kindly on the part of the parents of the school to try to give it a left to try to to try to make it as good as they can make it which is a fine thing of course but it can have a negative effect and you see that come out so much in education in ways. I've already talked about in terms of You know incentivizing wrong things and making it seem like teachers are waiters at a restaurant dealing with customers. Who have these kind of high end ideas of what their customer experience? It's supposed to be like and it's about uneducated accommodate that in whatever way that they're supposed to you know whatever way they can in place. I think a very large role in the action of the story. And what happens to the story? And there's zero consequence in the end for the system that made this possible In all the consequence all the burden as usual is placed on the educators. How corrupt they are in. The fact is like it isn't just frank is Pam. It's other people down the line it's the comptroller it's the low level person who takes you know money for playstation or whatever like all that stuff is you know this is administration wide scandal and scandals. Like that don't happen just because you just happen to have a bunch of bad apples in the administration it has has to do with the system in which they're operating for me what stands out most in the setting Just as far as the settings compare is it's more about the personality of the places and the way it comes out of familiarity like we talked about Alexander Payne's familiarity with midwestern life and the midwestern setting. We haven't really talked much about Corey. Finley the director of a thoroughbreds and bad education. He's literally documenting something that happened at his school. He's documenting something that happened. His hometown and it was the biggest scandal in like the biggest story of of his youth. So he he actually met Frank. The character that This is the solve is based on and for him. This was a kind of a personal story but it also just sort of speaks to the degree and the way he came up in this environment. He knows what the pressures were like. He knows all of these things that you're that you're talking about in terms of like all of a little bit players all of the low pressure points all of the personality that comes out in bad education in the same sort of way that it comes out in a election. It's coming from personal experience and I think a lot of the textures of the settings of these two films a lot of the sense of reality and personality And particularly just sort of the almost like the low levelness of some of these characters. The the specificity of their dress of their even their body types like most of them. Just don't look like movie stars. I think an awful lot of that comes out of the. I've been there and these are my people quality of these films. Without what are we wind this down? But if you have any more comments on on election or education drops alive. We're talking about on feedback. Election is currently streaming on showtime and rentable through. The Usual Services is also a very nice criterion blu ray slash. Dvd edition came out a couple of years ago. Education premiered on each April twenty fifth and should be on. Hbo Go for the Foreseeable Future. We'll be right back with your next picture. Show Finally said the catch each other up on films or simulated items. We've seen in the Inter Inter less. Podcast we call it your next show in hopes that it will put some interesting choices on your radar. Tasha has been good for you lately. Well I don't know about lately. I'm really talking here less about films that I watched recently and more about films that just Eh surfaced. Thinking about an watching batted in particular. I really wanted to sit down and discuss The men's pleasures of the Canadian Film Owning Mahoney starring. Philip Seymour Hoffman and John Hurt and Minnie driver like when you have a film like this. That's fundamentally about somebody who has embezzled a great deal of money for his own personal pleasures and is seeing his world. Collapse is theft comes too late. It's impossible for me to not think of Owning Mahoney and Jeff Flake. What a terrific tone poem it is. What an amazing performance Philip Seymour. Hoffman gives and how Little Vac film is about the tension that we see here It's very quiet movie it. It feels like a very personal movie. Unfortunately it's also movie that is apparently not streaming anywhere. If you want to see this movie you can buy a densely. Yeah it's at least according to just watch dot com like none of the major services has there's this is like this ninety s ought gap whereas like self came out on physical media Big Deal as kind of like you saw falls into There's another world that that makes it really hard to see and especially with Philip. Seymour Hoffman. No longer being with us and this being such a central and high quality like terrific role. It's just really disappointing loaning Mahoney also based on a true story about a pretty immense embezzling scandal. But I don't want to go too deeply into it because people just can't see it unless they want to go purchase the physical medium so instead. I'll talk a little bit about the informant as a teased earlier. The informant as far as I'm concerned it says Steven Soderbergh Film From Two Thousand Nine starring Matt Damon as a mid level executive working with the FBI to expose price-fixing of an active in the grain industry. And as far as I'm concerned it's the perfect love child of the two films that we talked about this this week. It's got elections like bright sunny bouncy kind of satirical like playful tone But it is the of somebody who is monumental league self deluded and is slowly watching both the the rise and collapse of the self delusion that he's created and I don't want to get into it too much I don't want to spoil it too much. But it's just it's such a fun movie and it's one of those things where if you told me you're GonNa Fall in love with a movie about price-fixing in the lysine industry and the procedural efforts to uncover it and attract down the malefactors. I would probably point at you and laugh but in the same way you could point it election and say well. This is a movie about high school politics and a teacher that gets overly invested. Like the description. Just doesn't tell the story in the same way election is like meticulously constructed around These different points of view. The informative meticulously constructed around a single point of view around a single internal monologue around a single perspective. That's just really surprising. An unusual perspective. The Matt Damon character has a running monologue in his head. That's just all of these like interesting little. Little factoid thoughts little distractions and the focal. Point of the film is the point. Where you you kind of get underneath that and see what's underneath that and Like exactly who he is. In the same way badge. Education feels like it's entirely about uncovering bit by bit like who? Frank is like what he's about what he's done the informant feels like it's also focused very tightly on that single point but cut the ride to get there is so entertaining. It's it's so lively. I love that film to a fault and I kept thinking of watching that education is one of my one of my favorite soderbergh films period. I love it and I I read. I can walled book. It's based on which is also really compelling but not a comedy in the same way that the format is kind of a comedy spence comedy and and what was so ingenious about the adaptation from sort of Burgers Is that it was like it. Seized on this idea being the one thing. That was so kind of wild about the book and the story was this character. Was this guy who was an informant but just wouldn't get in line in ways. That were just like confounding. To his handlers. And it creates a lot of suspense in the Book and in the movie it creates a just a lot of fun in comedy kids. Because it's so it's so absurd in to add this inner monologue. Yeah it's a real masterstroke. I love that movie me to also you know what grade scoreboard. Marginally issue is like. It's it's so endlessly surprising. Have not been that prolific for awhile and it was later leader contributions but yeah. It's really really fun. He did the score bananas. bananas with the Kazoo. That just I just love so funny. He came back to sort of behind the candelabra to the score in the informative so lively and it does so much to tell the tone. It's just it's it contributes so strongly like the break upbeat like slightly coked out overexposed Nature of the the inside of Mark. Whitaker's head it's a load bearing soundtrack. So yeah that's Steven soderbergh's the informant which sadly a owning mahoney not available for streaming. The informant is available on just about every rental streaming service. There is so that's me I keith. What's been good for you walk. You picked up owning Mahoney. I was like what it's like art right so you could buy it. But what if there is some kind of store you go to just pay a smaller V to borrow it for a while? I don't know maybe there's probably a libraries at least call. The Pirate Bay should pay libraries very true with open. Okay we're GONNA shut down on all right for me. I'm going to do a quick wine. Corporation is a documentary called. It started as a joke. Which is a documentary about Eugene Mirman in general and particularly the Eugene Mervyn Comedy Festival which was basically title says it started as a joke Like a one person deciding to throw comedy festival that kind of mocked the pretensions of other comedy festivals but it also lasted for ten years and was kind of an extension which gets the gets into of his efforts to put on shows to promote the promoted. People that brought people up part of a community. That's all comedy community support each other and it's kind of like traces the beginning end to that by way of his last show because by the last festival rather because he's he's moved to Massachusetts at that point and of course the side element is he's moved there in part because his wife is quite often cancer And it's kind of touched on a little bit in early parts of the movie and then latter part of the movie is like trying to find a way to make comedy around around this The footnote is his wife died in January. Initially comes from the films are wonderful lively creative presence and you can see how the losses so devastating But he comes off you know he's not really been a confessional autobiographical comedian but definitely comes office. Someone who uses comedy to express himself into processed things and to try to reconcile this tremendous loss in his life impending loss when the film was made and now a real loss is quite interesting to see. It is not. It's not a matter of the constructed film. I think it's kind of yours from from place to place but it's entertaining and worth Pretty much worth watching quite moving and also Just the list of people who make appearances kind of speak to the influence He's had which includes everyone from John. Hodgman gold. Ira glass who gets outrageously drunk in one scene other white snack Michael Ian Black and so on so forth come on Johnny who Kinda Clubs Mermoz with really kind of getting a leg up so It's time for sure. He's one of my favorite comedians. So I like to see a film dedicated to him and a little bit little bit more about historic which hasn't hasn't really always been out there in the service all year you re regular street service is not specific to anyone. No no no. It's it's rentable at this point. Pa Scott How about you? Yes so you know I. I've been doing Again in the flow of work odd but doing this these newsletter double features for the Friday edition of the watching newsletter for the New York Times and Times. That's a nice publication of record is it's all that and more so one. I did one. The kind of Was a year ago slam? Most double feature One of them was was dog tooth. But it was kind of built around the killing of a sacred deer which is just debuted. A return probably to net flicks so people can watch that again. It was the first time that I saw that film sense seeing it I wanNA. I came out at tiff As did a feature around Latham OHS I talked to their for the Washington Post any case it was a film that I admired quite a bit of the time it was. It was released to quite a bit of controversy but not a lot of box. Office is a film that I think people. A lot of people were confused in repulsed by in a way that they weren't by something like the favourite his most recent movie But returning to it again it. Just kind of is one of my. You know it's kind of up there with dog tooth kind of my favorite of his films See the second time in in in the revelation for me. This is a movie that is about. The relationship between the surgeon played by Colin Farrell. And a kid play Barry Keegan. Who has you know? It's a very strange relationship that they're trying that the film slow to reveal but basically the kid is on some sort of a mission of revenge against Something that the surgeon did involving his father. ed he torments the surgeon and his family. His wife played by Nicole Kidman and then his two children the thing is I think my mistake. Seeing the first time was to really focus on this very strange malevolent Boy and all the torments. He was putting the family through. That was where my focus was. But then when you see it through the Lens I think the proper lands which is the surgeon in in you understand that this is a film about a man who cannot take responsibility for the decisions that he's made for the heirs that he's made and then he can't take responsibility for a very consequential decision towards the end of the film involving his own family members just all kind of clicked for me in became Very obliquely funny and sharp. It's got its own language and got a very powerful bricky in style It's off putting away that I always enjoy extremely unpleasant which I like So Yeah I really felt like I am underrated that film at the time and I would encourage the stout-hearted of these strong stomach to watch the phone for the first time or maybe watch it for a second time to see what Maybe you'll have the experience I had with 'cause I really really loved it. On second in the killing was sacred dear. I can't imagine how it would play the second. That film reminded me in and not necessarily positive way of SAM. Raimi's drag me to hell. There's just a feeling that the central protagonist has made a like a single questionable decision. A decision that the film implies might have been a fairly bad one but like doesn't go so far as to dispel it out in a way that would really get you definitively not on their side and then you're just watching them be tortured like endlessly Throughout the film for four that sin in a way that just seems to become more and more outsized and that by the end. It seems unfair. It but killing of a sacred here looked at the climax of the film the collective decision that the father is so unsupportable and so insane so perfect perfect perfect thing for him to do this guy who cannot. You can't take decisions so disturbing that scene but so funny that is like the ultimate in dark comedy for me that that moment of just pure absurdity when he's spinning around like that with a sack over beside me so good. I just don't know Scott I know about you sometimes i. I don't know how you can look at bad education and find a deep well of empathy in yourself for for Franken education but you can look at that scene and not feel an empathy for his his wife and child so strong that it cancels out any comedy and like the insane and horrible thing that he's doing. Oh yeah yes that's right. Yeah I guess you're right. Other people are affected in that. See but I but I thought like thematically it cl it clicked it into a very dark film. It's dark it. Hit me on that level Even though yes the actual action of the seat is unpleasant to say the least and so wild movie Wearing and can people find it Definitely in anywhere else but If they don't have Netflix but It's right there streaming for you. That's it for this edition of the next picture show. Our next panel may fifth and May Twelfth Scott. What's coming up next earlier in the year. Before the Corona Virus Shutdown Kinney Greens. The assistant slipped in and out of theaters before audience has got a chance to appreciate. Its chilling daylight portrayal of a junior assistant working for a Harvey Weinstein like entertainment executive Julia Garner of Ozark and the American stars is a recent college graduate. Putting a compromise position. She picks up on sexually inappropriate behavior by our boss but reporting her concerns for human resources might endanger her job and Kerber aspirations to be a film producer with the assistant now available for streaming rental. We want to take a look at Mike Nicholls. Nineteen eighty eight film working girl another story about women and power in the workplace. What's it like to be an ambitious young woman at the bottom of the corporate food chain? And what options do you have when your boss misbehaves? We'll talk it over on her next pair of episodes in the meantime we'd love to hear your feedback on this week's discussion election education in anything else formula that you'd like to talk about. We want to include your thoughts on future episodes. The show usually with short voicemail at seven seven three two three four nine seven three zero or email comments at next pitcher show dot net. We may push response on facebook for discussion or read it on a future episode of the show. Finally before closing out this week's episode working. We find everyone these days Tasha. I am the film and TV Editor. At POLYGON DOT com. You can find me writing the over there but Mostly commissioning and editing and posting other. People's stuff you can find me on twitter at Tasha Robinson Scott. What about you you find me on twitter at Scott underscored of bias? I can find my work at times. Washington Post Guardian Vulture other fine outlets Keith. We can find on twitter account. Temps three thousand. 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