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<music> brought to you. Almost i live from the dude in the basement studios. Why because that's where the good stuff is it sits and smokes with your smokin post the good old oh boy <music> bow. It's time yep. This is how juliana i know. This is not a suds episode. Don't kaz. I'm looking at bottles. How's that don't have beer. Don't look like beer. I also can't feel my molars anymore. So i feel if feel good yeah good good medicinal royer. Someone feels molars for him up and welcome to a. sips tips. You heard that right. A. sips episode where everything good in life is worth discussing. I am your host iskoe gal juliana and with me today at the table now is good a boy dave. Hey that's me it. Is you and everyone hi you okay cool moving on could've kendall. It's a pleasure. Can you believe we're doing. We're doing more sips accepts. This might be the last one that. I don't think they're gonna and let us do anything. Narrow ruined ruined it up. You're certainly ruining it for me. Oh that's that's love right there. It was a lot could have boys sparky. There's a lot of truth in that. I was choosing tomorrow. These are all merck aren't aren't they. They're american. Oh yeah mon jon gruden version yeah exactly that is that is going to go carryanne hi hi i am so happy to be talking about spirit coming into crashes suds episode malt liquor she does yes trick to buy liquor where we're here for single malts walking go wrong sham pale just crazy. We didn't have champagne-style. We tried to do it again. Next time yes hard liquor to google uh-huh more liquor or liquor he pleasure well. It's all all about wine distilled spirits tea and coffee. This episode is kind of cool. It is american and amaro dump done dumb. We will be discussing tasting and discussing ten amari uh from the united states. How cool is that but before we get into this episode. This segment is brought to you by the law offices of scratchers as discredit him. Are you a kitty or a puppy. Who identifies kitty. Do you need an attorney. We'll come on down to the law offices. Scratcher shea scratched in scratches j. scratch richardson attorney at law. She'll fight for her client. Given justice cloud scriptures ace graduates in is not licensed to purchase law in any of the fifty states mckendall would you the honors of going over our sips ratings for today i would be delighted are sips. Ratings are one uh. Give me a glass of water to wash out my mouth wada two. But what else do you have that noise three <hes> interesting. I think what was that again four. Let's keep this secret to ourselves. Pour me another pacifying and five. Oh my i was unaware. Anything could be this good. Oh my goodness okay so just reflect on that. Uh-huh is so much different than the suds ratings yeah. I'll never listen to the ratings really is different. Yeah feel a little cheated cheated well. He's been holding out on us crazy crazy. It's all good. Oh boy mike's fault as usual right okay colonel kerry which is dramatic something else and they in happen terry. We've done here or mind doing the honor of listing all of these wonderfully beautifully american amari. We're going in a row before we talk about them or does the plan just do that just to just do that that you do yeah or starting out with leather be for net leather be distillers out of chicago illinois. They are good friends friends of mine. I love their furniture. No bias next to solve their number one an extra go into the tattersall amaro and they are out of minneapolis minnesota tattersall distilling company then we have sink apetit from these guys don chico and figley the sound italian from washington dc then we have luck house of morrow. No i skipped one lakh. How awesome mario is lock house distillery out of buffalo. Then bits of real buffalo wild wings green green bar grand pappy poppy poppy big papi's bobby's the bar hard distillery is from l._a. California breckenridge bitter breckenridge distillery is <music> from breckenridge colorado. <hes> house true story amaro up la- motto is risen toyed falcon alkan spirits falcon is out of richmond california than we have basaltic vinegar balsam american amaro and they are from glenn shaw pennsylvania pennsylvania pure distiller su who go on and then out of charleston not their best offering come on now charleston has some good stuff going on and they have this in this southern tomorrow the coup de. We're just kidding from wire. Stilling company bless their hearts. It's really got the bus your hearts and then last version of you porsche mark ups and then last finale. I miss this. I i yeah martin thickly now. That was the more than one they make more than one yeah the amaro del serene also from the fig leafs don she chew and figley what what i said that we should talk about the history of american amari on so really i think our founding fathers will you think you can make amari. These colors don't run. We're going to show you how it's done son and that's <hes> that's how we got started. You know what's funny he is. That's exactly how thomas jefferson spoke he did. Christopher columbus wasn't he's something like the italians did. They probably sent him over here with some tomorrow. I think <hes> that's what i heard. I think it was smallpox. Yes here's well smallpox and and then the cure all stuff right there. Wow wow there's thatta fixes that problem. Well not really but by this medicine that suffering and i'm really sorry. <music> genocide isn't funny. We don't we don't joke about it. Now does not condone genocide or me. We just hit number one an in country an charts your oh my gosh gosh sorry darfur. We just usurped you. Okay so for those of you that don't know what amaro is. Do we welcome in the term. Bitter refers to any of the number of spirits that are flavored with bitter herbs roots and have been known to have medicinal snow qualities. Amaro is the italian word for bidder now in the grand scheme of things a bitter can be produced by macerata fascinating one of our favorite words botanical either a neutral spirit or wind mixing the rate with sugar syrup and allowing the mixture to agent casts or bottles and there's a whole variety of herbs and flowers and plants and barks and things that go into this swept swept off the floors of <hes> distillery and sticks and <hes> just the color cobweb mall animals just color. The only color only otherwise is the things that really get stuck in your shoe and you're hiking to add to today's episode is just gonna focus on american amoros so the first one can bugs american butts. Yes yes small animals. Small animals tiny yeah weird that <hes> the italian word for bidder is a morrow. The italian word for love is a way calf well. There's a real thank carryanne. Rian was loss in amara. Love supporter scratcher ten just gave her the claw. Hey takes her loss seriously she really does he really does but i think that this is within the last ten fifteen years we've come out with some really interesting amaro and <hes> uh cocktail boom it i would say it is the latest in the cocktail boom <hes> just going back to some really earthy earthy flavors and it's not about sweet anymore. It's about tomorrow. We'll be right back. After this brief interlude welcome back everyone and so for today's sips episode. We are talking about american amaury and the first one that we were going to be discussing americanised. Oh it is. It's not a mari. We don't talk fancy. Oh i'm sorry pluralism asian. I am so sorry well. The first respect a europe yeah freedom isn't free cost a buck. Oh five which could pick in your pitch and your your buck. Oh five who will. I'm sure there's a song that comes is yes or the first amar that we're going to discuss. Is this really beautiful dark. Deep leather be frenette from leather be distillers in chicago illinois oy. This one is thirty five percent a._b. And <hes> leather stings like a bee they're tasting notes say it is through their freshly refined. Take on the signature digestif is smooth and perhaps starting we so the prominence of saffron votes what's popular but supporting notes of rhubarb root and merga mm-hmm scaffold the pallet as to not let bitter notes overpower our i can really taste the american the edge breath some spearmint and eucalyptus lend a subtle pleasant methylated finish cavern wetherby rural pen shaw four balanced flavors versatile. I'm gonna i'm gonna just have to call be as smooth and subtle. They they just they could have just left those words out now. That's i mean it's nice. I like it. It's it's a it's a handful. It reminds me of those vicks vapor. Robert hall's marshall like the mental aided <hes> however okay so this this is a this is a for now i wouldn't have guessed but for those of you in viewing land that do not know what what a for net is a for next is a really dark rich and highly meant deleted form of an immoral burns for net bronco is probably the most popular for nets known to the world not from but this one though do this one is really complex. I mean earns a both ends does true the layers on this. This is really is really intriguing and <hes> they recommend putting this in coffee. I was just going to say <hes>. That's a note that i got this was like almost like a coffee or mocha flavour waiver somewhere in there before. I got kicked in the face with mental yeah. Maybe on the yeah yeah this is. It's really we need but it's very complex and i could see just even having this like as a spritz. Almost you know to <hes> not a beginner for net now say your way just started me with this. I would go nope bronco. Is the bartenders handshake. This is the bartender sucker punch. I think that's about right and it's a really good analogy. Yeah this is not for the faint ain't of heart but if you are other ways said that instead of the handshake it's make out this is just deeper and and maybe a little bit more rougher than call me old fashioned well. There's so what did we rate the leather be for nut from chicago. Most humans rated it three. We ask our subject matter expert however meanwhile rest bias both to the category and the distiller nina thirty but women man of the house agree that it's a five. It's a five yes is beautiful. Yes that means. It's a four wait now. The next one up for bids is going to be the tattersall amaro click on. It's this color. It's amber number for copper type color. That asked spelling found strong t- that's about a s r._a._m. Fifteen to seventeen oh my god fancy lad so the attack on tomorrow is this is from vinnie apple lewis minnesota okay okay. It is the perfect after dinner drink. Tattersall amaro is crafted from bitterly. I'm the perfect after drink after dinner during if you've got the flu in your mom was putting you to bed you know what we ran out of robitussin. I'm sorry keep keep describing. I'm so sorry so ask sneezing. Here are bitter roots and barks harnisch with macerata macerata citrus rich aroma will stimulate taste and engage all of your sense amorous cameras and this is percents. This is amazingly like the crappiest cough syrup. I'm sorry that that's probably not a very elegant way of putting it but you know like old school robitussin like now they make stuff where it actually tastes good but there was a day when we was has grown up and they had alcohol and alcohol in them. They tasted like not don't want amaro every time we got the first time we ever had a mob yeah. Do you think this is tattersall d._a._m. Or an which which <hes> just d- i'm not sure which this is interesting because okay for those of you that don't know that usually listen to sips episodes of which i am not i'm time i am from pennsylvania and pretty darn proud of it and one thing that we have in pennsylvania is birch beer soda which is delicious it is and this has a hint of birch in it to me anyways like i'm tasting urging us. I think for many it must be some bark. That's it's close to this. Bark has bite. I feel like this has gotten bird stuck in one of my orifices. Is it chasing. It's not so much the flavor lever. I'm getting a sensation mouth. Feel sensation almost described as the same thing you get from a very oxidized beer almost like a cardboard papery feeling yeah in the background yeah <hes> i was going to just straight up like numbness on the tip of my tongue yeah. It is certainly different. <hes> i will give it and we are going to. You're supposed to us so we are going to rate the tattersall amaro. Uh a one pennsylvania your cheese steaks delicious though it's minneapolis. Oh thank you said pennsylvania now. I'm saying that i'm pennsylvania and so it had burcin minnesota minneapolis just so cold up there. It tastes good. The story always have colds and flus oh so they can't taste anything well on a cold cold nights nights. It would certainly warm up your lungs. You know what i had the flu. I'd pound a bottle that and go ahead. I mean there's it's pretty much the same thing yeah yeah. It'll kill what's in yeah yeah. It's good for that. Yeah a little part of me just dance organic. I think totally next okay so the the next one that we're going to talk about is cinco de otherwise known as five divo- from dawn and forgive me if i butcher this dawn she she oh ann figley in washington d._c. So they their their family. Originally <hes> distilled in italy yeah so there's a little interesting story about their family. Which i thought was kind of cool. If i can quickly very light it is pretty sweet. Okay so francisco. Amadeus family have been making liqueur since the eighteen eighties slipped from one thousand nine hundred eighty one until nineteen eighty his two grandfathers made likud together in the basement of one of their homes in italy's amalfi coast all i was really hoping that was in the assen superleague go now until an earthquake hit which collapsed the entire house so today they make it in a warehouse in the middle of d. c. Police like a warehouse now but i think it's really sweet that the that the recipes you know were maintained in the fan. When you want to get loaded grandpa's recipe now <hes> mr amadeus grandfather it made this only used five botanical but he now uses twelve botanical but he's a little bit extra well. It probably started like back in the depression. They had to ration their botanical then handed miscellany <hes> seasonal back in the day. We didn't have all these fancy enzi botanical and you liked it. Here's happy with it now granted. This is an operative oh so this is a lower lower a._b._c. veto but this lovely. I really really delicate yeah it is it's it's kind of a shock going from a couple the ones we just had no. I think that's the american problem right. We have to turn everything to eleven has to rip your taste buds off you know versus and this is actually you sit here. All day reminds me of the was after all we tasted the other show reminds me that berry light orange not quite as sweet it right not quite as sweet and obviously not the flaming neon orange red of the apple. This one is more cola color color but very subtle very light and as a spritz. I think this would just be phenomenal. <hes> you know absolutely really really it really pretty if i can say pretty and we rated the sink a apetit from don chiyo in fecally a four two nouns yet you and forgive me if i am butchering this fuel feebly so oh i running on oboe. We're in trouble so i was lucky enough to find not not one but two amoros from this distillery which i'm really thrilled about so the next one that we're going to talk about his amaro del serene corrine. This recipe dates back to nineteen thirty one eighty four years have passed since this la. This recipe was last produced. They are proud to declare the renaissance of amaro del serene their flagship amaro is based on an infusion of thirty select routes nerves highlighting eucalyptus ripe fruit fruit and licorice with the sense of with assent of jensen lusitania chicory and camomile is matured route for twelve months in french oak barrels provided by the maria cuomo winery of the offi coast so they are paying omar to their ancestors school. It is kind of cool answering the siren. I love the nose on this <hes> really really neat stuff going on there and this one is only twenty nine percent and when you said chicory like i don't know if i just automatically quitted coffee happy with chicory from new orleans went to yeah but <hes> but yeah i totally got like the coffee kind of decree thing pick up some of the camomile <hes> to kind of floral yeah. These guys know what they're doing. I mean this is another really beautiful expression now. You don't have to go to all every time man. This is crazy like like this. One is like way more. It's not crazy like one of the first couple but vastly more complex than the first one of theirs that we tried to which i mean you would expect because the tvos in general are very light and fiber. Tom obviously shows the heritage. It's like they're not just a bunch of americans going. Hey we're gonna make amaro how this be yeah generations nations of history behind them. You can taste it. Yeah you really grandfather to slap you if it tastes terrible. I think we all need that in our lives now. There's a lot in a love in this but the layers on this are a really cool. You know some of the woods out of it. You can tell it's been aged yeah. You're absolutely earlier on the yeah in the background on the back. This is really well balanced. This is lovely yeah. It really is <hes>. I'm this is just interesting because like i think those first two were a little too rough and then now we've had to like. I was worried that this whole episode service hustler terrible now. No this is absolutely beautiful and the amaro serene. We are reading a five live my m i still job. I don't know if i will ever get used to that. All i know he said so. It was the day in the life of carrying. Oh wow so the next one that we're going after all day. Well it's immoral at its finest right or something something like that so the moment lock house yes so the next one that we were gonna talk about is from buffalo new york. I was really surprised and and kind of thrilled that they're doing some interesting spirits up there in buffalo. This is from kaos an it is in the the spirit of the city. We become the spirit of the city amaro digestif and this is thirty two percent a._b. Lots of liquorice on the news yeah really that's what she said were so much time now on the on the <hes> on the back of the bottle of this it says it is batch three just for those that are keeping score so the so much so that is almost a <hes>. I'd just came back from a road trip with my wife and we stopped at this german candy store and she got some like german german sausage. Oh they grow dude and she yells at me for jerky on a road trip. Do she opened up that lakers. I thought it was going to barf in the car like it's just i. I'm sorry i can't dan. I'm recusing myself from this beverage. Okay more spritz. The tradition of amaro is long storied originally produced across italy. It is now used widely in cocktails around the world this mahogany huge spirit which yes it's mahogany go bins with hints of orange zest and root beer finished rush on sassafras and sweden with turbans sugar. There amaro is distinctive in the ever expanding world incorporating into a cocktail or after your next meal okay for a beautifully balanced digest absence sassafras. I could see the the root beer slash sassafras thing going on but i don't know wherever the liquorice flavors coming from maybe licorice. It's just overpowering. I think it's for me. I'm sorry i again. I probably not the best judge on that but so you hate liquorice career so it has all this flavors going on in anybody else but it's not bad. It's just not things that i like. Liquors is a component of sensor. Is it really well living in buffalo for a few years. I'm i'm really enjoying join this because this reminds me of the birch beer soda is that i grew up with and the root beer sodas that i grew up with so so this is yeah. This is home to me and i i personally. I'm gonna read this a five on my own because it just reminds me of home and this is what buffalo is about out. I think it's well done. It's just not flavors. I particularly enjoy and i'm i'm a huge huge huge fan of this but that's obstain. Yes now the the rest of the contingency. We are reading this a go this but three graduating this three. I think it's well made just so so much for sean. It doesn't overpower something else. If you like licorice this is your jam man yeah and if you're a fan of of guzzo fear and these you you know and route. I'm sorry barks then you would really appreciate this you know and this i think would i mean i like absence and i this is still kind of a rough one but i liked it but it was just a lot and to me i think think something like this would go really well with bourbon because the vanilla yeah but the the sweetness the vanilla bourbon a sweetness that mix with this would like kind of cut through and and for some you know like that didn't that thought it was a little too heavy. I think balance it out a bit but this is really nice to be continued when we return welcome back everyone so we are in the middle of a eh beautiful sips episode where we are talking about american amaro call americo. I'm america speaking of america we are. The next one that we were gonna talk about is the green bar distillery grand poppy hoppy immoral puppy made in the city of angels and this is twenty percent a._b._c. The the california native poppies and bailey's along with citrus and pink pepper corn they gathered on sounds like a turkey turkey brian yeah gathered on their nature hikes and inspired them to make to capture the golden state in a bottle so so i can taste the kardashian. There's a lot of it's on the knows. It's a floral adventure sure with a bittersweet finish. It's actually saying that contains papi's number drinking drug test contains puppy. He's seen just the the small ones the poppies the floral notes on this yeah now. Is this a lot different really kind of its own thing. This is and a shoutout to new baltimore maryland because this is where of love and regret which for those of you that i don't know me. I'm a big beer fan. She's from pennsylvania. I'm from pennsylvania. Yes still haven't been to josephine. What's wrong with you. Seriously i know now i know that's that is a deep dig but i am a huge fan of baltimore and when i learned to drive if i which was back when i was sixteen if i wasn't a new york going to c._b._g._b.'s always in inner harbor baltimore anyways of love and regret is one of my favorite places in baltimore and that is where stillwater artisanal ailes has their bar. Oh cool man yeah so the cool thing about of of love and regret is that you can actually purchase the alcohol that they serve you know when they make a cocktail. Oh you actually you can walk out on. It's better with the bottles kentucky. Well yeah well. There's that c._n._n. Is tenable so so anyways. I was thrilled to be able to take this home because <hes> it was served in a cocktail and i was like oh my god. What is what was the cocktail. It was is an agronomy okay yeah. This is an ongoing. It wasn't integrating and it was so different than what we are used to but i really enjoyed read the the herbal notes on it that i had to bring a bottle home. No kendall said i mean it's such so floral and just really it's not like not like gross perfume in kind of thing. It's like a balanced gonna know refreshing and knowing that this is yeah well. I'll send you home with them but but knowing that this is from california this make sense of this is very california. You know what i mean. It's it's you mean. It tastes like hippies kind of yeah. You're right actually those yeah yeah yeah and it's fairly has any knows no. I know it doesn't really delicate and and it does go through number of levels of different flavors yeah. It's very layered considering. There's nothing on the nose. That's odd so would you guys wanna. We're going to rate the green bar. Distillery grand poppy amaro a four job kareem poppy and you know what i like about it. Okay the thing about tomorrow. Ladies and gents is when you get some of these. They are very lip smacking and i'm. I'm really smacking my lips with this one because it's just layer after layer after layer you know and i wouldn't think uh looking at the color because it is on the lighter spa. That's the mark needs to be something a little bit different. I know the viscosity on it is is thick but it's not super sweet in other floral really comes out on. It doesn't which i thought was really interesting for that negroni because you know new gronyea's johnny's in general tend to be a little bit heavier. You know kind of bold has some savory notes into yeah but very good. Those bay leaves come through. Maybe maybe the green bar yeah and you're graham poppy. Okay moving on the next. One that we are going to talk about is from <hes> breckenridge colorado and this is the breckenridge bidder for some reason this very full. It's very important. I know as me was heavy. Handed hand harvested alpine herbs mingle with ancient bitter. Them hand harvested. Give me a break. It's colorado k it's colorado alright and spicy dried fruits and a symphony of aromas and flavors that recall the mystery of old world alchemy. This exquisite bidders strikes a remarkable balance of a learning aromatics and bittersweet funny. It just comes do you. Now you catch a unique rabbit unique on it. Do you know you catch a team rabbit tame same way unique up on it. You got me on that one years now. This one is thirty six percent. Oh i could. I use it for lighter fluid. I think you know what's interesting on their website. They had a a recipe. It's called the we bitter. It's one measure of breckenridge britair bidders one pint of cold ruined. I don't really like this because i think that works with the right eye p._a. These flavors would play much better and i mean this is just kind of harsh. I think because of the high alcohol content more than anything but i think mixed in the right eye p._a. Could be good or you can just have the yeah yeah although we should try that. Do you have in the house probably okay after the show we gotta do that. They we lost but this is. The prove isn't high enough to account for the harshness of wave tasers wash. Their hands harvested those herbs. Maybe they had angry spirit does does it doesn't say that now. It just says it has a lot of alpine herbs unless it says something daring gasoline yes. That's how. I wonder if it's just their her straight liquor before they put it in bourbon barrels white dog yeah just some moonshine. We have some leftover stuff. You do this with it yeah. Who was that the tales. Maybe that's what it is the speaking of going blind. That's the aheads. Oh thank you speak from experience carry on earth so we raided the breckenridge bidders a to that noise okay moving on and this is one that good oh gal carryanne brought to us uncle. Yes we're going to talk about the amaro oh apple amato from falcon spirits combination apple and tomato. Yes and it came a genetic mistakes from california. What apple motto six back in the eighties remember them. Are you talking now. Now you see purple rain to now. It's really they're so so different. When you go from one to the next eh one x gingerbread here so a lot of cinnamon on the finnish okay so this one is thirty two percent a._b._d. It's an urban core that has a unique balance of bitter and sweet elements with a solid erbil backbone bone. This is a unique amara less sweet than most amari and more herbal forward. It has a lovely herbal and orange aroma wonderful body and mouth feel feel which lingers pleasantly and shoot. Oh wait. Sorry sorry sorry. When was i no no no no that is it that is it like when the light hits the ball you can see this saffron color really i strongly yeah. It's it is and you can feel that in the way that it coats your mouth so coach the bottle. This was a finalist in the good food awards for their herbs. Now there is some artichoke in here and some vanilla bean some all spy some liquorice some rosemary and some rhubarb suspend test. Yeah definitely pick up that all spices like a piece of a little spice cake. Those little n. tested the sentiment. I really do like it's nice. I haven't even had a drink of it in a minute or two but i still taste spice cake is held it right yeah. That's a really good way to put it for sure that really is. I mean this is different from anything that we've really had today which amazing <music> at forty bottles of i know but it it's very light though on the tongue even though it's still pretty pretty light it's very i know it's very profound. Don't snort it. It goes down the lesson easy yeah. I'm sorry i think i think the breckenridge wreck me or like burned out my septum or something like that victim. Damn near thank you but yeah yeah totally get the holiday cookie thing going on there. It is and this is. I mean for all the m._r._i. That we have tasted recently. This is something awesome a completely different wheelhouse you know but i really but it kind of combines the two or three of the things we've tasted from the charts. The song is is flavors mixed together yeah. It really really liked this one. I can see why you would but considering this from california. This is completely different from the poppy oppy morrow from the same proof. Isn't that nuts so there's not the problem yeah so this isn't grape and grain spirit that much we do know about it it <hes> yeah i'm curious only a couple of name the base spirit so one of them actually so it's <hes> but not many of them name their base spirit. I think those i think that's an important piece of information to have yeah so we are going to rate this twenty twenty four ish for some humans and twenty four other humans so for i we're rounding up. I just wanted to play that sound effect of course you so now. I like to hear people happy. Oh your happiness so now we are gonna talk about commuting. Get us any gypsum alert. Oh i've got some at the house. I was going to ask if we need to bring that into. Eh episode three three word segment. Yes are there more than one no hitter site since tried to own the name moore. Emma lure is just another word for better as far as basque and a whole bunch of words that mean bitter so. I don't know why they think they own. Ah but oh come on. Why would you make knock off milord. That's like there are improvements have been made a lot a lot of people that live in chicago but but milord is the worst thing in the world. Why would you want to replicate baby baby bottles in chicago. That's why i love. It explains so much <hes> well. That's themm excuse you hang going and then mean also vania it was rock and rai is delicious but that's what i had. That's what i was explains a lot on both sides of that as a lot about the bar when you're cool bottled hatred i it's good it's its own thing. It's going to bring that next time i will. I'll bring offering a big bottle of hatred more. Yes okay next one that we were gonna talk about is the southern amaro liqueur from highwire distilling balsam no. They're not doing their during that last year. We don't want to do this one right so this is a southern expression of an italian classic their signature. Mara was handcrafted handcrafted from originally grown. If forest ingredients such as charleston black t. yaupon holly dancy tangerine and mint zor amos. I smell leanest sip itself as st for using a riff as a classic cocktail. This is sixty proof and they recommend putting it in a negroni. I recommend anything that would cover it up. It smells a little like a tinge of vomit. It has that not. I don't yeah well. I don't like this but not in a bad way but has that a lot of things have that little tinge of but this has a two it definitely fleet. That's about the only thing i'm tasting this. I smell liquorice. A taste tea has like a kind of papery finish as too much sugar the balance out the rest of it. It's just going to read this the southern tomorrow from highwire stealing to that noised uh now the last one that we were gonna talk about today. You guys ready to put my bizarre in your mouth. It's going to be good. Oh wow yeah that <hes> open wide this is okay. This is balsam american amaro. It is may with over thirty ingredients including herbs roots spices wormwood and rare cheese the nuance of dozens of rare tentacles with one ingredients bittersweet liqueur consisting of brandy and fruit and spices. This is forty four percent a._b. Eighty young okay you know what else that it is super dark and a super syrupy. You know what else it is. He's like worship ourselves like it. I'm right there with him. I don't hate it. I really mcgibbon. No we're giving okay. I'm giving it a four and a half into a five because his from pennsylvania but the i love of the complexity of this one doug it. It's so many layers zukas sure stays with you. Yeah yeah well. There's lots of things but to me. This is what amar about okay fine. Do we say well with what we do this okay thank you so much for joining us on this american and morrow fantasy tour yeah we hope you enjoyed this episode and you can find us anywhere you found it <hes> as well as uh-huh find his anywhere but including radio satellite online at i tunes google podcast iheartradio spotify in nearly any place that you can. You're listening to a podcast. You probably find us at waffle house to eight on the jukebox at two a._m. The easiest way to find the show on your phone is to ask alexa alexis siri google or uncle larry play podcast sip southern smokes. We'd love your feedback and you can reach us online at info at cyp suds sudden smokes dot com hard daily tasting notes flow out on twitter every day at at sips said smoke and our facebook page is almost as best as we are checking out as a favor and take the time to write this episode. If you're listening to us online that's a big help to us and we get this feedback as well as sort of like dave taken by check me out on instagram at good. Oh boy dave could've by kendall handle. It was a pleasure thank you my beautiful wife and i blog about the good news of beer at beer makes three dot com by sparky say goodbye goodbye sparky. They could ocal carryanne. Thanks so much for this bitter experience. Find me on straight up six one five or i'm bitter all day. This is going to gal juliana. Keep on chugging winging see you next time this this has been a one ten handled production of sips suds and smokes a program devoted to the appreciation of some of the finer slices of lighting from the dude in the basement studios your host the good old boys will see all next time.

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