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Episode 427 - Bride of Chucky


This is a head gum podcast. This week on the program, and this franchise is terrible. It's bride of Chucky. I'm Andrew Stevens said. Yes. Cabin Eric Cisco, and we hate movies. Steve just slammed his dick and adore. Hello, everyone. Welcome to we hate movies. Thank you for joining in as always the twenty nineteen summer blockbuster extravaganza rolls on this week. We are talking about. I'm sorry, everybody. It's just it's one of the dumbest franchises imaginable. Eight these awful, it's bride of Chucky the fourth entry in this stupid. Dahl franchise from hundred ninety eight directed by Ronnie you, who you may remember directed previous episode, Freddie versus Jason, it looks exactly does pretty averge as that is happening like thirty minutes away from this, the you aesthetic. Yeah. Garbage, and it's very clean, looking, you know, like it's garbage yet. I'm tries to connect it with Jason bio. That's just can. We just say we could just say, yeah. All right. I'm going to say go hawk. Ask in like this sanitary, but it's not just a hockey mask. It's the hockey mask. It's fucking Michael Myers mask, chainsaw for leather face and fucking freddy's glove is their heads covered soon, by the way, like Michael Myers mask looks right. Freddy's glove. Looks right. But this hockey mask looks wrong. Well, it's a dime store, leap, you're, you're a major motion picture. Go to a store by whites. The guy it's plastic. It's your like a cheap Playa happy cat killer. Boy to the cheap -ness of it is the big is, like Jason has tiny little. Let's thing that, yes. You literally have a prop department where people just you go to a prompt department. Okay. Man, can you make this formula, no problem? Sir, dude apropos of my first note. Wow. Universal Pictures question, Mark. I had no idea. They had this franchise. Yeah. This is. I mean so right there fucking universal, man. I mean, I guess there's just to sum it up. It's the it's the fourth child play movie where they introduced Jennifer Tilly to the franchise who's in all the rest of these movies. It seem is she in the next. No. She's in seed, end the cult leader. I think she's playing a different character. Okay. Or is it this is it says form again? Yes. Maybe I'm not sure one of them could be flashbacks joins the Chuckie franchise, four years after an Oscar nomination. Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy and chimes you wanna hear about. Jennifer, Tilly one another nomination. And then she had to Goto Chucky, Fred. Well, the nomination was for Woody, Allen's bullets over Broadway. Yes, she had experience in monster movies. Polansky but they she could have gone on that train. Just it down, which is like that's the big one for her. I think that's the that's a map. She's got a good energy. She couldn't liar. Liar. Also, she's very she's. Yes, she's good comedic. Actress. I would like to see her like in look at HBO show as the not the lead. But like, and then every three episodes, Jennifer tilly's around. Right. Yeah. I could tolerate that or like Judd appetizer. He likes getting old. Yeah. I'm him back in. People. Yeah, you're right. Jennifer Tilly could start in that next four and a half hour, totally improvised comedy. Just gotta put all the Chuck's chuckles in every, yuck shackle in laugh that we had that. Spiga jut appeti-, Katherine. Hi goal. Hey, Katherine Heigl is also in this movie. So after this stunningly, arrogant crossover joke at the evidence depository like evidence. Depository question. Where does this movie take place? What is this townhouse New York in western New York, I saw the pod. Yeah. On John ritter's police. Thanks, Lockport, New York. I didn't look it up. I probably fictional probably fake. Yeah. But I guess, because it's like, yeah, but they go from they go from here to Niagara Falls, and all the way to Hackensack. Right. And, and one of the characters David says that they put like police at the border. So they're near Canada. They are close enough. Like buffalo Rochester suburb. But if you if you're tasked to go to jersey, you gotta get the fuck down there, man. Are you up up to Agra falls on the way? Actually, is that a real Lockport real? It's real. But the funny thing is Lockport news just east of Niagara Falls. So they give if geography is to be believed in this motion picture. They drove west for a little bit got to Niagara, Falls and went whoops. And then turned around debtors I guess the Niagara Falls is there because these characters end up eloping, and that's kind of, like I guess where people honeymoon kind of back when Don Draper was fucking his way across the US. I will say people still do it. Now. People still do it now. I know nor nor newest popular know exactly I will say the reason I asked geography is so then this can't be the Michael Myers. This, this can't even be the Jason voorhees mask. I think that there was like a weird sex party the night before those just like a Halloween thing, somebody at a heart attack, like a coke, fueled sex, heart attack, and they had to grab all this shit. So it's like that's why the mask is cheap like everyone's dressed up as these other characters Fung, because every fucking town has to have them. Now, these days, the Lockport New York comic. Con oh right. And everybody was caused playing up a storm fucking and sucking him blowing on comes up or jerk off my chainsaw. Oh, come on leather, suck. It come on leather. Hey leather, sucking. Grandpa fucks with the Slade house playing. That's when you dress up is Bill Cosby. I will say speaking month, I have such delicious sites. Oh my that's gonna be terrible. When I finally go to hell. I'm gonna it's gonna be me and Bill Cosby down. Roommates simply totally and then I'll be like, oh, man. I like your earlier. What'd you have to do all that other shit? And then he's gonna make you wear those sweaters as diaper. Because that's like hell, it's a health thing. Got a winter sweater, rows guy. Boros. Putin. God, what the hell would a hellish existence. Use. That's exactly right. Diaper here. That's it strains the poop juice out. That's quite enough. Sir. Poop gers. So this cop takes a bag out of this evidence. Depository puts it in his cop gardens driving down the road, smoking a cigarette with the window roll up, by the way. Come on. Come on everybody. Your hop box and teen oh my God. It was through up through right up. And yeah he gets to where he's he's getting texts. He's talking to pretext. He's talked used to talk. We used to talk to each other, but he is using cellular phone. He's talking to someone like, oh, I'll be there in a second, blah, blah, blah. He doesn't little bit of cigarette, dick. He kinda drops the Cherian cigarette falls on his crotch a little of that. He gets throat slit yes, by someone in the back seat of the car, the idea, because like does by what's Jennifer Tilly, does it? Yeah. In the back seat that she's just on the side reaches in and gets the co he's not driving the car when he's parked waiting for us reaching over to get the guy. The car. Yes, no. He like a very smart police officer would he's in an abandoned warehouse just hanging out and like yeah. Window down. I not gonna meet this person who's a known kill. So he drives somewhere and there's a cut, and he's pulled over this is not the parking lot of the evidence deposits. He's, he's driving fucking greater drove into a warehouse, okay? Miss the warehouse pullover watch the movies. Gets his throat cut. You see, like Paris stems in some, he'll, like his Jennifer Tilly. His throat has been cut. She takes the bag and takes the dial out of the here we go his Chucky. Yeah. He's all messed up from the end of child's play. Three blowed up in that one he does get blowed up its Mamane gold because it's in the like a roller coasters, there's there's like a little carnival. The movie mostly takes place in the middle of a military school training facility. Yeah. And then at the end like fuck it, let's go to a carnival. Yeah. Right. Down the street. There's a car previous episode one hundred years ago in twelve years ago. I don't understand why don't they don't like, why would you keep the doll of Chucky around? Yeah. Exactly. Even if you believe that there was the sole of bread d'oeuvres trapped in the doll via voodoo spell. Yeah. But the this, Eric just takes place a month after that, because Chow. Played three took place in an alternate nineteen ninety or a year after that an alternate nineteen ninety seven ninety eight now 'cause they age up Andy from par to depart three and make him like a this is blowing teenager is character. Do you think that they waded that Lee? That's why the that's why they waited there like we fucked with a time when we have to wait seven years to make the next they have to write once absolutely say like that in all the other ones. Like the whole thing is Chuck, you wants to get a real body in this one. He's kind of like you know, I'm going to be living doll from now on. Halfway through the movie he does again. Want to be like, hey, I want to be human being. But in Chris's right though for little bit. He's like, f Chuck it, this is life. Now. What is the endgame for Chucky in this movie? He wants to eventually wants to get to his own body, but it's just a skeleton. He wants to get in the body of the guy. Right. Okay. Fucking nameless. White guy playing the male lead. Good bodyman. Yeah. That's the thing to the other movies that I'm gonna be a little boy that way. I have a little more time in my life. No interest into a hot. The twenty one year old dude, man. Now, I'm now I'm a hot dude, we're walking around. Although if you go into the hot don't get too many ideas or say that I don't you get into amulets Stevens. Good point. You never know how ugly kid will end up. Cute kid grows up to be this ugly. Shrek ask your do you want to see the final product before you buy it, exactly? Like puberty is gonna come and hit you like it's like a fucking. You take it happens, which way where where everything's going to land on the graph. They're going to separate like twenty one as the perfect age to grab a body every seat package shows you what the plants going to look like. It's important, it's important to know this guy is actor Nick stabile, who or to Bill possibly, he stays in anyone's stable of actors. No, he's now a fairly successful real estate. He's still acts. He does your game. What do you call shut the fuck up? Chris. Soap operas that makes and in the fucking horrendous, two-thousand bio, pic beach boys, in American family, which I definitely fucking. Jake's he plays. Dennis wilson. All right. Yeah. So he looks like Hugh dancy actually. Looks like no one. Yeah. That's, that's what I was feeling. So she, she has the dull she brings it back to her trailer, and she sews it up, and she's known to have many dolls, I guess what? When you're creepy doll person, she fetish is Chuck, you. She's got Chucky tattoo, what she in any of the other films. Nobody we're told that. She's Chucky like ex-girlfriend. Yeah, interesting. He was with these eight earth right in his name was, like Charleston Pierre Charles Lee Ray job at the president thing is that you're supposed to remember that. I just see a headline that says, serial killer Ray finally con. I'm like, that was a serial killer, name, Ray and well. And let me tell you. And this is to quote, Eric Cisco or to paraphrase, I'll say it's okay to like a franchise. Yes. But here's the thing cabin the fucking people out there that like these Chucky movies. They remember. For that. And the movie makers here, Ronnie, you and all these fine folks at Universal Pictures. They know that those people know on the loose, they don't care about people like us, like for the die hards, you know, that his name was Charles Ray. It's just a weird headline to read like dislike Ray. Ray Romano just thought like no murdering people stuck at a doll here. All right. Yeah. I've stuck at doll. But I'm still trying to get the cable reception to work man. I'm just a stupid dog. But my mother-in-law still. Illinois rate Ramana to stumbles upon of voodoo right? Struggled. What did you did you too? I am now also a doll to Brad Garret. Your brother Yam adult to your father should have brought him back. Boil put his put his own adult put it in Mr. potato head. I don't that's close enough to reality. I was just cost to get in that. And Toy Story this close to fucking Rickles came and got me rebuilds the doll, whilst living dead girl, by rub zombies Powell airing in, this is a good song. I was I was I was digging into Rob's in the nineties. What's weird though is the credit? That's given here is like and title-song by rob zombie. Like they're crediting the fact that his song is playing over these titles at the beginning. Yeah. You texted this yesterday. And you were like is this made for the movie, and you shook me to the court, I had to look it up and doesn't look like that's the case. No, it was on an album of his, but like elbow to credit that his best achievement. I think it's similar to the venom Eminem song because that song was on his record before venom came out. And then it was also the song roads for Vegas. Out. Yes. But this living dead girl is just a regular rob zombie saw. Right, that there were like, maybe that was a sweetener like rob zombie. I don't know. Man, I don't dig on those fucking dolls. And then they were like, hey, what if we give you a special credit he's like, I try not to watch any harm movies that were made before nineteen fifty three or after nineteen Fifty-three after. Yes, he likes old thing he does. But he's, he's probably gore hound loser. Oh, no. I think he probably has, like slightly better. You think so? This was just money. Yeah, he wasn't supporting this film. I don't think the film is supporting him. So she does that she does a ritual. Nothing happens and her boyfriend. Damian Baylock comes in played by Alexis Arquette, Daime Baylock believe. So yes, for sure, I don't think name later in the movie and they figure out who he really was. Oh oh, right. Okay. And yeah, so let's our cat comes in and she's like playing her boyfriend and it's, it's a fine performance. I guess let's weird like she's playing this character that. Goths dude. Yeah. But also is like a serial killer in training or something like giving the characters like giving Jennifer Tilly like fake Polaroid's of murder victim, or some shit. Yeah, that, that turn out to be of the character Damian in disguise pass office, but it's weird because because like this Damian walks in and he's like a finally did it here looking at my work, or whatever. And she's like, don't you think I haven't seen dead bodies before I guess she's some like murder expert or kills species? Jennifer Tilly movies, very much, like one of those ladies, that would write letters to, to Charles Manson. I love you. Yes. Yes. That's her hobby, hobbies you know what? But the thing is that I need to see some of that ship before you're going and getting the fucking Jimmy prequel movie with Jennifer. Tilly Brad dearth dating learning voodoo. Food who's who's. You're with Jennifer Tilly having a voodoo for dummies book, so but fine. But, but Brad d'oeuvre like the wheel deal. He's trained with through to high command. Whatever. And the first one. Yeah, he has to kill his master samurai movie. Yeah. I guess if you are a serial killer, it's probably a good bet to be like, well, I might as what getting involved with the dark art. Yeah, you're already going to hell. Yeah. What does it matter? And I don't know if you is really directly connected, the Hal necessarily, Dr there's dark versions of for sure. Yeah. Like black magic. Yeah. The dark arts the occult. Yeah. Might as well get in on that, if you know you're going to hell, I want in happy on Twitter. Downside. Yes, she brings like. Damian comes in the Lacaille this thing, but blah. Oh, you, you pose or whatever they start to sort of sick. Let's she realized the doll isn't where like has come back to life. Because like the right. It leaves the circle there's a streak. She's like, oh, this is gonna be awesome. So she takes Damian and the handcuffs him to the thing. Yeah. And it's like, oh, we're going to have three way tonight like she gets the doll and fuck and puts it on Damian stomach and is like gonna blow him or whatever's going on. And then like, chunkys little head turns around. Are you doing their kids during a lot of heavy lifting in this scene? She's just like, wow, I'm really stupid like. Hey, I'm totally into you and I want this dull involved in our sex, no things. She also starts belittling adult. Oh, this is such a stupid doll. What are you doing? Damian does have the line that, like he ain't big enough for to satisfy woman like you. So then that's when Chucky turns its head and, and it ain't the size that counts as hall. And not a great kill here. Chucky doing, like con- links or something. I just wanna know what it takes me, a wild get you there. But she'll get there just wait. Oh. My, my, my tongue isn't real yet, give me like five days Tongo, be real got a wet Chucky up. We're gonna have that put a little water in his mouth. Sorts of bed dragged loops to get a Nola oil. Do. Just save money. Can adults on you. Don't want it to be dry dry plastic rubbing on you. Yeah. I think that's true. Yeah. It works the same way with Joe Pantoliano actually. Loop up my head sloop up my head and rubbed against you job Headley on a was a serial killer that yes that he he was murdered. And he actually had to go inside a living doll. We did. Yeah. I'll be an actor. Started over exactly as opposed to who I want to keep killing you know what the serial killer Nate. Wait for me noble actor now, maybe Joe Tian Joe Pantoliano my God is the great example of what we were talking about. If you if Chucky had actually come back bread, Charles Ray had come back and Andy, and then Andy grip to be discussed. You could grow up to look like Joe Pinto. What to make sure that the growth spurt happens? Trust me, everybody. You wanna make sure that have now Joe before we put you in this body. You should know you're going to be in a bunch of VOD productions that ignorance is bliss. The dolls eating steak. We do find out that apparently Chucky does not have a bump. No, I never knew this genitals. This child's Toya's genitals is okay. What did they built like the factory made a good guy? Doll have genital remember the first one where like good guy doll has a real penis. Before we recorded this episode. I watched like thirty minutes of the original film, we by now we've already done our Chicago show. Yeah, it was great. It was so great. Thank you, everyone for coming really fantastic the cake. By the way. Yeah. Of his prized. It wasn't poisoned. You didn't have to throw confetti, like I it was nice, but you didn't need to do it. Jessop apparently, he's just got a dick and balls. Which I don't understand how this happened unless it was added later. I think that's the new curse. It's. Like maybe there was like, he does the voodoo line to get himself putting a doll, and he adds on another line, and give it a dick and like hoodoo magic expands the body like a t t one thousand with plastic. And with these now I got that how, you know, bring my life back into this. How do I give it a penis? Is there is there a spell for that or follow up curse? And I guess it's dick can get hard. You know it's already hard. You're have the explanation for Anki. So is Hank you with the start of this bride of Chucky, and it looks at least like the next few Zeke was, which I have not seen and will not watch unless I am forced to do. So for this program, you will be. What this movie starts off doing. A lot more of which the original three movies have a little bit here. And there this movie's desperately trying to be a horror comedy. Yes. So that's why it's like now I gotta fucking dick. So I make dick jokes. It's a Larry. Is that scary? It young. Let's start kept murder. He Chucky takes the lip ring out, and then just suffocate sir. And it's like suffocated a slasher movie. No fucking way. No, let's do it doll sitting on pillow, which guess what? I'm not getting suffocated by that the, the weight relation. Yeah, this little yeah, what the hell just throwing control. She is handcuffed to the bed, but still I could get a fucking. I know you could make the argument like Brad d'oeuvres soul. Weighs more we've learned from other films that only weighs twenty one grams of Solway twenty one grams. So that's not adding enough to suffocate anyone at looks. I thought was like faking it. Yes, we to she's gonna wake up and just creeped out here. Yeah. No. But so Damian is murdered but it's also weird because like later in the movie like a lot of it is like this dolls, like, punching doing stuff like. Adul- wouldn't have the strength to cut into human flesh with a knife. That's true. You know what I mean? But they do bring the first movie when Chucky kicked hits the lady out the door like it's sense that there is some force. I guess, I think ant man, what's happening here is like you're just like oh, it's because of the Black Magic's whenever Chucky does something like that. It's because the wizard. Yeah, exactly. So we're introduced to ding-dong. It's David and some gay comedy here, this character David John Ritter, who's in his movies, like the sheriff's Yash stepdad of our female protagonists, which is Jade played by Catherine Heikal. I will be both. I, I will say that the gay comedy, here is not mocking of the fact I was expecting it go that way really quickly. And it never does doesn't a little bit because this character David shows up to pick up Jade, as the date. Yes. And John Ritter sees through it. And he's just like oh, and you're going to college right with the sports scholarship and it's just like, oh, yeah, you're, you're it's figure skating and John Ritter. So it's like. I know that you're, obviously figure skating is only a homosexual activity, because that's the vibe of this scene. John Ritter is like hockey right. He's like, no figures game. Okay. Yeah. Arts joke as well. I understand all that. But keep in mind would be were a few weeks ago. We just didn't episode dude. Where's my car from the year? That's true. It could be a lot worse than bride of CIA. And it also it matters that done. Nancy, he's open is actually openly gay. So it's like that's who wrote, this is, I guess, like we're doing figure skating jokes, but it's not like we're not dropping bonds. And he's not at least he's the villain. The sheriff is kind of a villain, and he's not the fucking Huron, dude. Where's spot cards? That's also very important is the she comes down. John Ritter is like, shh. He's a lot better than you last boyfriend. John Ritter in this week's Lum ING it. RIP also, by the way. Surprised? I mean, I guess, welcome to the year, two thousand nineteen a surprising, this movie, the stars are dead cat RIP. John Ritter RIP. I it's the curse Chuckie the career of Katherine Heigl are. So there's three now where's or anyone else that's done? That's it. Thank goodness is still around. I think the needle nose pervert guys still me, God needle nose pervert, the guy who plays needle does in this film that the, the deputy who's got who's got potent pervert face. Definitely. Comes down and like oh, this guy is a lot better than your last boyfriend broke up with him a yes. See you later and they're going to prom or something. We're sort of dressed, pretty nice corsage, and one more like the. In the David knows like, oh, you put that in water, you put this in there, the flower for put it in the water and dropping aspirin in for you. Then read alarm start going off on John Ritter. Shoulders knows about flowers loading the gun. So they drive a little bit. And they're like perfect crime. And then, like her boyfriend who've already kind of talked about this Knicks to Beal dude bops up. And he's like, yeah, baby. He's dressed like fucking Austin powers. I don't know where this Deutz going. Ruffled out, dumb and dumber. But I think it's supposed to be cool and barks. So they're driving down the road. Like it's yes, this dudes in the back seat, they're kind of like making out they get pulled over mmediately by this guy, this needle nose near not them. And we come to find out that this dude is like getting paid extra by John Ritter to like harass them all night. And I mean it's a small town like there's gotta be other crime going on. We go we go later to a drive in, or whatever everyone is smoking pot, because the town is, you know, it's cool the sheriff, and his deputy or are all of Kenton high goals as rutta riot over this doubts like when you set a barn on fire before you go, rob. A bank. Exactly. Kevin Heikal after house. It's all do. I've never heard of this tale. From Eric CISCO's that happened. That happens in upstate New York for sure one hundred percent. No. Yeah. That definitely happened near me grownup. Yeah. You set a fucking barn on fire or something. And then you go rob the Bank cents. Yeah. Yeah. Then you, then you high tail it to another part of the country and you get a warrant out for your rest, then you get rest of extradited back to New York and you go to jail this from president. Then then you potty put it. You're putting yourself into a doll started five. Yes, people openly shooting up in the streets. I guess. Like, whatever go Katherine. Hi goal. Must predict virginity getting breathalyzers by this, dude, and went on Ritter, like pulls up. And he calls this dude trailer trash fuck. Yeah. And it was like, that's kind of weird to hear John Ritter. Use profanity like that. It is. He's like, oh, you know, you're seventeen when you're eighteen you could do whatever you want, but I'm not gonna let you wind bring my he's, he's like, I'm not gonna let you bring my name into the fucking Jerry Springer show. Says when she turns eighteen she could go to hell for all he cares. What is this relationship? I think it's a thing where like her parents died, John Ritter was like saddled with her raising her. He didn't want that. Jane Austen's England go have to act like this. I did kind of want like the police, raid, as he's getting out the police Reiter. Oh my God. They're all day. I gotta deal with mine here. Good. I say the funniest thing a homeless person ever said to me, I was my now wife's neighbor Jews living in there's this guy that would always call me Harry Potter really always call me her glasses anymore. I told you not to where your cloak everywhere. So every time I would walk at first, you would start with Harry Potter's here guard, that's fine. Then you would get he would go on further the whole bunch of wizards move into this day. And then eventually because my wife and I have glasses you guys. Brother and sister. Edward walk it away. And he just goes see the Jerry Springer show. Really good. This guy was like see playing dangerfield's. This, gene. A weird club. It seemed like you'd have to pay them to go on. And why would I don't know? Yeah. No, it was kinda weird, although that was the site of one of the greatest things and entertainment history was the press conference for the opening of Caddyshack. There's a book that came out. I think it was one of the producers Caddyshack wrote it or something. Maybe one of the writers, it's like the history of the movie caddy book. What it should have been book shag. Okay, looks checkbook shack, where you sell the caddy, but there's some story about they did the press conference for the opening of the movie at dangerfield's and every single one of the cast members that was there was fucking horrifically hung over. Oh, sure that's a scene and stupid futile gesture. No, I think there's a psych bring myself to watch that narrative. And I don't remember it. Wow. So that's a little bringing endorsed good. Let me and bride of Chucky, apparently, so she, he's like, all right. You're not going out tonight, Missy and she's like, oh gosh darn it. You're like is Katharine Heidel supposed to be the main character in this movie very hard to tell because she is like, if you're doing it, she's quote, unquote the final girl. But this, this isn't an effective, slasher either because usually it's a group of friends or where the country house, where in a haunted, whatever it's a family. It's a road trip slasher which kind of isn't work part of this is also like a Hitchcock wrong man thing. Yes. Because they're they wind up, Jesse and Jade wind up being accused of the murders that Chucky starts committing. And so they're like, on the run trying to clear their name and shit and that carries over from the first one because they think the fuck and kid did it. Yes. Verse one, but that's way different and interesting, though, like always like this murderous kidneys blaming it on this. That's act. Actually something this team couple that nobody could care about just riding around in this fuck wagon because she disappears for then we go back to Jennifer Tilly, and we're just doing Chucky stuff. Chucky is the protagonist of his own horror movie, which is not the way you do this, at least not a slasher. Yeah. She's, I think Tiffany. Yeah. Jennifer tilly's. I build that makes sense. I think she's because not I mean it might be the final boy being what's nothing face Jesse Jesse is the character the field. Horror villain. That's fucking slender, man. Yeah. Slender, that movie was not good. God, it's, it's not even worth talking about. Spooky like slender, imagery. Yes, he because I can just look at that guy get spooked. In it. But like get Eddie here mostly like I see vision. Not route twenty minutes in better. See a slender man in a forest and is the is the slender mansion involved at all mentioned so bad. I don't remember that documentary, they're talking about round, only do they want to meet this lender man. They want to go to the slender. Man. Gotta see this documentary was so disappointing. His so little of it is about slender man. Comparatively to how much is the fucking court case? How hard is it to do this, right? Reedit that doc or remake that movie get slippage should evolve. I want to pay the guy that fucking invented slender, man for all this documentary today. Like know who that person is. I don't know. I know it was like, I think it was like a Frank face lenders. Photoshop contest to make weird imagery. Yeah. Creates a fucking, I Kana character Don main Sienese lender X. The I word people are killing for slender. Imagine just of Guyana bars, like yeah. I may I created slenda man and no one believes me the blood on my hands blood on my hands plus points. That fuck good movie. So he's got a mansion. He's got a slender Butler slender. Car got us lender. Basketball, slender. Cat and slender dog. Yes. He's much like horrors Dilbert see the slender car because I just abandoned that it's like super tall. Super high roof. It's all very narrow as a top. So he so Tiffany is like, oh, Chucky. We're gonna be together forever. Yeah, baby. And she's like remember this wedding ring, you gave me never could fund. Once we find your body can get, you can get married. And he's like that wasn't engagement ring. I was going to hock that for something. It's just somewhere eighty I killed van pelt. Oh, remember how I was a serial killers, can't remember that. I remember so she gets pissed and she's like, oh my God. And she throws him in the play pen for babies and, like which locks them in which she has on, you know, he's getting out of this. You don't this thing can suffocate people. It's going to get out of this wooden crib. Yeah. Would it's a doll he can just squeeze through the folly, which she throws him in this cage, though. It's like wow, like a hard day's work is done. And she goes to bed, and this was, I appreciate it. A little bit creepy. Imagery, here is Damian is still dead in that bed. Oh, yeah. And she liked crawls in next to him and goes to sleep. Not bad. They don't do anything with it. You never see it again. No net gross stuff that we know nothing like that, dude. Nothing on for nothing at all enforcement. I was I was waiting for like hogging the covers. Yeah. That would actually make made it better, it would fit the tone of the film, the next day, she's taking Damian out in the trunk and she sees Jesse who's occur neighbor, and like flirtatious, whether, hey, could you help me put this in my face sweet face? Yeah. No, nothing. Jennifer Tilly his name is nothing face. Hey, nothing phase. Wow. You look like my old name by slenda may look like all of my old news. I can't tell the difference. You make me think that I have facial recognition problems. But then I see other people. Oh, no. I don't that guy has had nothing face nothing face would be graded, Robin banks, like all the cameras wouldn't like spot. Blurry. Dick dick Tracy's biggest villain nothing in the movie, Madonna. Yep. The blank. Yeah. The bike which was such cool imagery character back in nineteen ninety I was, like I wish my face was blank. Also, she uses the voice modulator from return of the Jedi there. The hat of his you very badge. From from Bosch, the Princess Leia as abounding hundred. Yeah. Totally. I love I love those weird voices. I love nothing faces. Definitely have a dick. I it's not a woman. It's definitely dicked person. Like the twist in that movie through when I was a kid, I saw this a birthday party. Everyone went out to go see dick, Tracy. I thought it was a dick character the entire. Nobody suspected dick person by half off my head when I watched that it was a little boy. The world is now broken into two columns, the dick and the dick, Liz user. At least it didn't say the dick. What it, you know, just talking specifically the dick, Tracy unified, Verschoor, which the comic book world, I have a dick, Tracy universe. Everyone's dick looks like dick, Tracy. A little fucking radio to say stay tuned for dick, Tracy. That'd be fun. I haven't seen that movie like twenty five years. It's fun. But it's also this plenty to talk about. So she is now like she's flirting with this dude, and like he's like, no, he's, it's a real like no thing this guy knows what's up immediately. He's like, yeah. There's probably corpse in that crate. She buys a dull to make fun of Chucky. It's a bride. He check you could fuck this. You fucking loser. That's. Stupid. It is. Meanwhile, Chuck, he's like sitting in this crate, and she's I guess, apparently given him like play blocks to mess around with and these spells out kill Tiffany's slow. Yeah. Kind of a funny he's doing speaking spell, which I believe, is in the first movie. Right. I believe, so. Yeah. So that's kind of a call back there. So this is like their home life. He's stuck in this little crate, while she takes a bath, and she's watching bride of Frankenstein. And I'm like, well, there's if I can perfect movie. I wish I was watching a hat right on it just right on it. Just right. And I have to say something, that's incredibly dumb that I just noticed on the Tribune page up here can help get these character names. Right. And whatnot. Is this is your first episode? That's the Tribune. That's right. So we have this, like footage from fucking bride of Frankenstein, and IMDB. It's like rest of castle listed. Alphabetically all uncrowded, Colin Clive Boris, Karloff Elsa Lanchester, and Ernest. These ide. From bride of Frankenstein, like come on, that those estates would be fun to not be associated with this movie. I'm sure of it. They probably it's onerous down into fine. I don't need. I'm updating DB 'cause boiler Boris Karloff, clearly took his name off of this film. No. That was rob zombie was like you can't credit Boris Karloff part of his eight give me the credit for the song Btk, take Boris Karloff off of this movie right off. So Chucky breaks out of his pen and he's gonna kill Tiffany. We get the chunky scream right here runs into the bathroom, which is fucking great. There's a little bit of a scuffle here. One Chucky screaming this movie another. Yeah. I could use at least two or three more, be completely honest, and you get stabbed at the end of the. But like this is like the screen is more of a battle cry pay. Exactly. So it's shining when he killed scam Cruthers that same. Yeah. Right. Arms when Chucky led the Scottish Braveheart. And then when what was it Lord, long shanks cuts? Chuck. He's bodied separate quarters doll was drawn and quartered. That was awesome. Lord long sex, a good idea. That's what you need to do to this Chucky doll. You gotta separate that shin sent some fucking trailer, trash person's going gonna criss cross the continent. Fuck it. So affect together. We'll do that's the thing to keep the trail trash away. You gotta do international. That's why you should just melt. It down Terminator two that showed us even work. Where are the sole pieces? Like, is it like the head has like a phantom body or phantom limb or phantom, for us, the soul work fit thread of coroners? Yeah, I want some rabbits size. Sage eggs, lots of eggs, America's with butter, Nado oil hungry. Little boy. Yeah, I'm right. That's right. I'm a hungry. Little boy Dahl come to life, and I make dresses. All right. Now, you're going to have the camera on me as I sit -ducted in slowly put these dress socks. She's asleep in the watts. I'm to get that dress offer. Oh my God. I can't. But dole are you an agent hit of ruin my life? You said here to ruin my morning. That's right. Welcome to house of would Chuck. It's like a horse came through the room. So who Jennifer? Jennifer Tilly in this there. She would have to be the sift. She'd be this. Katherine Heigl alma. Yeah, that makes it but so he kills he tries to stabber she throws them away. He shoves the TV in the bathtub, which is why you don't have a TV in your bathroom man. I would love to babe and watch television, but I don't trust anything, I would be too scared TV would fall off the wall, or fall off the counter also, by the way, gotta tell you pretty great Rome mobile home here. It's pretty spacious this bath tub, and she got a bathtub just to living space. She's got another a bedroom kind of an area. It's almost as if the exterior was a trailer and the interior, which is set they had. Clown. Maybe it was a double wide. We didn't see the other side of truce. So he, he kills her. And this is the part I actually didn't understand, because it's like you're going to die. I hate you so much, by the way. Now you're immortal, like me. I think it's a thing where it's like his eye motivation is. Yeah. Like a hater and I wanted to die. But it's a greater fuck you to make to curse her the way I've been cursed. And he does it and he's I always love the Chucky speller bomber does is this going for it over? Always cracks. Every does not fail passing steel. It's hysterical. Does it? And she wakes up as the doll, right? And she like modifies herself. She dies or hair paints nil because she needs to be an alternative dog. Yeah, man. Just regular we a living dead, girl. Yep. We're does. She get this tiny leather jacket, that's tiny like doc Martin's like what is going on? I'm going to guess the idea she has so many other Dulcie might have a punk doll. Oh, no. Didn't you notice neighbor bought my baby leather jacket little, three year old, here's got a jacket, and we're going to do kid. I got a cool kid. This cool kids wear leather, Jack baby cigarette for you. No, it's not. It's got nicotine. Don't look out. Maybe motorcycled. All right. Maybe here you go. Here's a bottle full of warm beer. What do you mean you're not going to tattoo? My baby are you? I paid you two hundred dollars. You tattoo my baby chat to my baby. And that's another rubs on the South China Sea. Baby. It's gotta be totally international waters. Gotta be that boat that Richie Tenenbaum was on. He though people have done it. I bet you someone's doing it right now on the deep rising, their tattoos babies show. No questions asked. Anthony. He's just like, okay. And here's a tattoo parlor, and right next door to it is the baby tattoo. This ball door. The cats do Potter. Oh, that's right. You could to get on this boat. I've saved up for eight years to get Kevin j O'Connor detect to my baby. We are onto tomorrow and you're not stopping me Lurlene of wages to baby. That's expensive pretty pricey because that's skin is more fragile five years before the baby was conceived just to make sure your baby. And then, like, once it grows up, it'll that tattoo will stretch into this weird, Inc, blocks. Any one of the reasons debt to obey right? Just look very good. Right. One of one of the just one. All right now, it looks like a SCO venture. It's gonna look like the top of a hurricane. Well, you could do maybe is you, too, baby. And with the idea that it will stretch into the image. Wow. You. Yeah. You. Doesn't look right. And then it'll grow into it to that attempt to artist. And one of the guys that does the mad fold ins that guy can understand how spatial relations change of those people that develop those things where it's like a tiny little dinosaur. And then you put it in a bowl of water. Becker, dinosaur exact same principle. Exactly. So now he's like, all right. Well, we need to get to we need to get to my amulet, which is in Hackensack, New Jersey, and I think also part Sam Hewlett from the heart of dim. Yeah. Okay. I think because he's never wanted an any other movie. It's a new and he doesn't die with an amulet watch the first one he doesn't. There's no curse cursed amulet. There's no like I got this from the guy who taught me do what they have a picture of him like dead in the toy store with the amulet on, but in the original, he doesn't have it C ship. But also, I would be. Like if you're not like, well, this serial killer wanted to be buried with his amulet. So we're going to be like this worship. That goes into hawk, you hock it the victim's family, get a little piece famously Dahmer wanted to be buried with his teddy bear. Just can get it. But so, but I think also part of why Chucky makes Tiffany a doll is now a little dull complice I guess, so. But like she hates you're the better to have a human accomplice, usually exactly. I mean, now she's a doll and can't drive a car and you have to go into this whole scheme if he just let her remain in prison didn't murder her. Yeah. She could drive, the automobile, the Hackensack, we wouldn't have this riveting motion picture. And there's no picture. We don't a picture. So she's like, hey, I'll get my neighbor to drive us there because I don't know why they don't just ship themselves. Do they breathe like makes sense? Hey mail us to Hackensack. We're good. That's what I thought. But again, I think two point then you get no picture. Yeah. So she's like I'll give you five hundred bucks. She looked rights because. Him on the phone, and then right to note to like five hundred bucks to get us to Hackensack and another five hundred bucks when you get there, she was okay? Cool. And he's like, I'm going to run away with my girlfriend now. And again out of the moon for twenty minutes yams back and she's like, what? Let's go get married, baby. I got five hundred bucks and then I'm gonna get another five hundred bucks. We can get a deposit on a house. Dollars. Nine hundred ninety eight but come on this insanely economies, boom and baby. Oh, yeah. If you're out there on the road rut now taking a haunted dollar a road trip. You just need a fast. To baby Heikal. No don't worry. We can afford a bedroom for three months. I guess presumably, he's going to get a job say way to get a job, but even thousand bucks not start over. All you need is a fast my Marica baby. Also that dulls cut. Oh, say you can pull something with that or what? Oh. In real yet. Oh, baby. It sounds like a spam Email or some thousand dollars you could start over man. Totally. So he, he takes her is okay. Let's go in your house pack, and then John Ritter comes out and the dolls are in the back of his van we're kind of going little fast year. Yeah, it's fine. John Ritter is like I want plant, like, I don't know, forty dollars worth of weed on this guy, not a ton of we not a little baggie. You're not gonna send someone away for life with a fine at best like a night in jail and a fine. So he's got like sixty bucks worth we he's gonna stuff it in this camper. And then, like Chuckie. Like man, better kill him. Yeah. And like he's gonna stab him and she's a cute guy. That'd be smarter than that. Not only that, it's like drag yourself into the nine guests. It's a whole thing about, like, oh, a knife, that sell eighty I understand, there's three movies made this one, please. Yup. You're stuck in the Manson days. It's all gay seeing Dahmer now. I kind of don't even know how this works. She gets a bunch of nails. How does it shoot at him? What should what they do is they lineup bunch of nails on the air bag. And once John Ritter like puts his head into the front seat, Chuck down bologna, like cuts, some fucking wire that just ignites the air by. Okay. And then nails just like fly into his face lucky enough. Yeah. Any falls down presumably dead? We find out later that he's not. Which is because when he gets hit with all these nails, and he's laying there and it's just like I don't think he'd die from that list, painful suck wouldn't be cool in his frontal lobe. I don't know. I think he's probably out for the gotta figure out like how like industrial strength. These nails, the idea. The truck is some stupid line like dead. Looks familia. Oh fuck your way. That's also stupid. Oh, yeah. Pinhead I'd met him in. L L guy hellraiser, one end to better than all the child playing. I don't even really like those movies. Yeah. I agree with you on that one. So. Well, John Ritter doing all this snooping in the van that. Not pin face. But what are we calling this guy, pencil, neck, O'neil noodle lead on those parts me pliers is harassing? Jade and Jesse again. And so they kind of get into it at it's like, is it a fair ground again? They drive away like base. And somehow these dolls pick up a fucking nineteen ninety eight pretty fat, John Ritter. Nope. It before this. It's very important to point this out in this movie. They're getting harassed by needle nose here. And like the right of any white girl in America's she punches this cop in the face without retaliation after because is it after under stashed drive away? They have this is this is ridiculous part of the movie because these dolls are able to clean up the blood spilled like just clean it all up. And also Chucky puts back together the fucking airbag some detonated airbag does things with airbags. It's like. When that airbags deployed, it's fucking deployed, he'd someone to take it out to go to the dealership. I used to work at a dealership. Oh, what does this is a ninety eight it's kind of similar to the eight okay, twenty I have to do to get you in this Nissan. I used to do ver- voodoo curses to sell cars. Yeah. You know what I will pay for the extra for the tents? All right. All right. I'll take the Toyota, are, you know what I think I'm gonna take my business someplace else. Every time. They wonder why need more coffee. Yes. Fairground whatever where everyone is smoking pot in the world. Yeah. Everybody cooled fairground needles polls over this, I'm sorry, I cut you off there. No pulls always harassing. I thought it was. I thought John Ritter was using needle nose to distract them while he's snooped around band, was the car will, it's like a bowling alley. Like a parking lot. Parking lot. I think there's like a, a food shack. Yeah. There's a truck, there's like a chicken shack. That should have been the opening title music, Jen life shack. She punches him in the nose. Wow. That's sucks. And then, like nothing fazes like look go get us some food. We'll figure this out. I'll talk the needle nose will work at L out. And while he's during that needle nose fines the weeding. You're going away for a long time. I. It's sixty to eighty dollars if that's metal, but that will stop him from getting a job ever. You'll never work again. And then so Jesse gets pissed off. Because the weed is in pairs and like the right of any white man in America. He also scuffles with the police with no fucking reprecussions whatsoever. We're missing the image, nobody needed of Chucky smoking Dube forgot. Yeah. Some of the. That bag. And the bride smoke pot and it's do Dole's get high exact wise known smelling. It afterwards at all. That's what I thought he was that was, what needle nose is going to pick up going to sniff like, oh, there's been Hello. Just like here. Throw it back. I guess about to find John ritter's corpse. And this is Chuckie guest, diverting the attention away from that, right? Right. Need the wheels to get to Hackensack? Yeah. So he goes into his car to call in for backup or whatever. And Chucky blows him up, which is sort of some runs over. Yeah. He crawled watch this trick, baby. And like grabs a shirt from the van and you see this dull crawl. And it's like this little doll, ASI shimmying down the road and the ice sticks it in, like the gas tank whole the ridicule, pretty cool. Lotion. Isn't this doll? Little rascal man, weird. If feels like the cop car explodes, like five times, because we get to see like the headlights fallen some dudes cars, Spokane, we this good. All right. That weird character where he's like your fucking. Chucky flips him off, he crawls again, more shimmying. 'cause when you smoke weed, you see stuff like that all the time to exactly what happens wrung out John cusak. From standing thing he's dressed exactly phone booth explodes to something, maybe it's another headline. It goes into the phone booth. And this guy burns to this guy cut in half an explodes to it's just ridiculous. This is like a naked gun. Yeah. While while the kids were packing. I watched a Michael bay move thought this would work pretty well. And she comes out what the hell happened. We gotta hit the road baby, which, again, I would not hit the road. I would talk to the police. Yes. Figure this out or you're white in America? It's gonna work out at least slowly drive out of the parking. Yes. Because like the explosion hasn't even some cited there like peeling out, and we get like this, this dichotomy of, like she thinks maybe he's been killing people and he's what he has. They suspect. Each other versa. Yeah. That could have been something that could have been an interesting thing to explore, but they kinda drop. They definitely do. They try their best to kinda inflate that plot idea and it doesn't happen. They all ask the Niagara Falls, fake as fuck green screen driving right here. Did you notice how bad this was pretty? There's the shot from the back of the van looking towards the, the front of the vehicle, and that, like windshield greens. Green so awful. It's not good. Oh my God. Some of the worst I've seen a longtime. They get to Niagara Falls. You still want to get married. Right. And they are mistrust Ray or the each other like, yeah, I'm seventeen might as well. They find out the, the here in the news. John Ritter also was killed or missing. Here's this is annoying. And it's like, how would you forget this, like they start it from the fucking jump with Katherine, Heigl character? She hates John ritter's guts. Yeah. She calls him by his first name. It's not like whatever the fuck she hates this character when they're on the radio, and it's like sheriff John Ritter is reported missing. She's like, oh, what new. And it's like no, you're not playing that right? Eight this person. Yeah. It's a good riddance because he's I mean he's creepy about her. Who knows what's going probably been looking. He's definitely got a fucking, toilet Cam, dude. This dude sniffer to tell. He's got a Chuck Berry toilet. Cam guarantees. Chuck period of toilet game. Chuck Berry took pictures. Yeah. Early cam. Hey, you know that new sex defense you're looking for. Well, look at this was at the geek squad. A gig squad goes back in time teaches Chuck Berry out of fucking spy on women. What did he actually have? I thought it was like he took. There were still a toilet KO there, working there were images in one way or another. I can put in his bathroom and I was just a veteran old like five hundred feet things being Jerry rig into fucking. No. And toilet Cam is is the wrong. They were bathroom. He was taking pictures of girls change. I in a bathroom, it wasn't like fuck the cameras getting pissed on. How do I Rick, this polaroid go right at the right time? Yeah, I guess, I would like to know what camera he was using if it was like it was like the, the like the powders fucking cloak over you. Thomas Edison's black stint here for eight minutes. Don't move. What else would nothing's going on? Don't don't know mine. The loud flash. DWI griffis is gonna kill me like into his camera. A movie about a camera that actually steals your soul because it seems to be it was a goosebumps episodes. Definitely cameras Ajay horror movie called shudder. Yes. Oh. Have you been made that for America did Jackson Joshua Jackson while not a great movie? Great final imagery, last shot, it, I found to be very creepy. So they go to this this chapel. They're, they're both like he's still on. Get married. Like, yeah they do and they go to this chapel, and it's just your your standard like Vegas. Whatever kinda chapel. Niagara falls. Yes. But this guy's like were brought here at holy match when he's got a bible. Make no no, no. That should were in and out. We're not saying the state of by the standard of Atta by the state of fucking Boma, blah, only, you could probably requests. Catholic. Maybe they requested religious ceremony of some kind. Sure they're all ministers of something. All right. I got an Elvis Presley for you. Got a Kurt Cobain for you. Got a mind. If you wanna go that way, we also have Michael Myers for the for the for the for the horror fan all the gore hounds that want to wait. So this guy's going to dress up as Michael. I would love to see that this, this old schlumpy like roadside ministers. Michael myers. Look, it's the shape, married by the shape wehrley, we have Bruce McGill in the insider, hold on kids. I gotta get into shape to perform the ceremony. Oh, you're gonna get married. You get married here. Lefts and rights, a hell of the state of zippy married here. Buffalo. Bruce mcgill. Smile off your. Marriage. That's the rule. I gotta rewatch that kids want to get married, by Christopher lamb bear to officiate. I'm gonna work on the voice a little bit. What's your punch cards? Scene. Three. Sorry, you can I do the shape for you. You should have seen gunmen to get married by me. Sorry, you came all this way for nothing. But rules are rules. The top of mountain. You should have seen my bail with movie or maybe even night moves which is Cayenne HD, because it's chess movie, maybe Gideon, I play an angel in a nursing home. Oh, wow. I forgot about that. Yeah. Dude, it's not good you on the three punches. I'm sorry. You can only get Karenzi Brown. Oh shit. You know, you get Clancy Brown almoner jolly ever. Need just arises from the mud brand? Is there I'm into that? Yeah. Totally ninety that have got married, while they're getting married the dolls or sitting out in the van and the radio is on. There's a fucking totally garbage joke. Where it's like talk radio's on violence in movies today. Schalke's like change the channel to thank God monster magnet. No. Muster made this is why samba this is white zombie. Oh, it's white zombie monster. Magnet is on this guy soundtrack, some that's the driving montage. Oh, wow. Gene song. No, no, no. It'd be dropped in your pocket for this asked hundred whatever thunder. Yes, base Lord mother mother was great white zombie song as thunder kiss sixty five. Yes. So you're that turns on that end like these dolls are just talking about, like life and love for a minute. And I'm like, you know what I know this movie's like eighty five minutes or something like that. But like, I also don't need this. I won't be fine with an eighty three minute move, maybe somebody checks out the car and they kill him or something. Let's get some kills. And so here's a fucking movie. This is where Ritter comes back alive screaming and Hooton holler in here, and this is check, he stabs him to death and it's like the old ways still got it could have been more fleshed out there could have been more that happened there just kill him again. And now they're in their room. They're watching news report about themselves their honeymoon suite which, I mean, about one half of your five hundred dollars, which are going to start over with, is gone at this point. Yeah, you rented one of these, like fuck rooms and what we don't need enters the movie, which is horny thief. Couple they're just there for body count. They are they come in, and they're like, hey, hey, the door was unlocked. I'd be like get the fuck outta my. We're not having any conversation. No. Get the fuck outta Siro half group sex or don't actually 'cause they're trying to both like the woman is, oh, you guys are cool Bubba bussey steals their wallet. Whatever. Right, right. Right. And Truckee sees this. And I guess he's like that's immoral. It's just like my old buddy, Jason voorhees hates marijuana use, and premarital sex. I despise pick pocketing it must have been hard to get into like an orgy at that, because, you know, the internet has revolutionized or g mail in something to get into an orgy invite. You gotta be on whose land, and now there's like orgy apps. There's a orgy happening. Ten blocks. Hi, I'm here for the gang I linked in via my Facebook profile or CI. We'll be here in three minutes. It's more like the ways app. There's like orange areas and red areas to avoid. Avoid this orgy. One of the guys is cop. There's a ship play in Brooklyn. There's a Bedia them in the Bronx, a little poop emoji, you're like, okay, I avoid that orgy. 'cause I'm not at the play today. Vert today specific just not feeling right now. I don't want to get my closed just eight. Hoop orgy with Bill, Cosby and health. So they still there while at they try to have an orgy. But I think it's more of a diversionary time to get out. We're going to bed they go to bed. They're both distrusting of each other. They, they both called this friend who's been out of the movie for about an hour. David, david. Hey David, I think she's killing people and he's a hey David, I think he's killing people how that works blah, blah, blah. And david. I'm going to talk to you guys, so he drives there, I guess he's driving Niagara Falls now and Chucky and Tiffany goats is very important. Scene go into the other couples room. They're about they're starting to have sex. These people are fucking a little bit of a Cinemax after dark here and Tiffany, takes the champagne bottle. Throws it again with all of our doll strength up to the mirrored ceiling, and all of the shards, come down and murder them all these computers. You're cut. Yes. Do that sucked. Yeah, this is like a weird fatality though, as things are falling down some this mirrors able to sever this woman's finger off of her body. Yes. And Chuck, he's able to pick up her engagement ring and proposed to the bride of Chucky with it. Now I'm going to tell you this right now. These glass shots these ones will impale you. You got a two hundred dollars more Hollywood sweets, you the sort of Damocles? Yeah, you'll probably die fucking them into this. But like these shards of glass, folic fucking stalactites really leave pale the cut the and so they get married here. They get engaged. And then here comes the making out and the fucking, which I guess the fucking is supposed to be funny fucking supposed to be laughing. Your fuck is the tons going. Can you amazed? There's a lot more pronounced like the teeth are more real than this one. I'm not sure if that's true. Here's the thing movie came out in twenty nineteen. And you saw some screen shots for this with the fucking doll teeth. I would hope that the fans of this franchise made the stink that all these people did about sonic and his little Tif, because these disgusting, they are. I don't need them. I don't need to see I don't need to see your fucking Dalton any of this improvise dull sex that we're about to talk about. I hate it. I hate the latest is sonic of age. Is he like over eighteen question? The guarantee you, there's some sonic fucks joke. Oh, there's a there's a sonic furry orgy out on Staten Island guarantee you like you go to deviant art, or some, there's probably a lot of sonic porn. That's all that Fred chose is really, he's the king of TV port route rests on Sonic's Ed. I was at a bar last night. That was just playing sonic looking just it was like video of someone playing it. Oh, really? It was cool as fuck. I love those son. And I was like, yeah, this guy fuck tale to. But Chucky, she's feeling really kind of crazy. He's like, yeah, you know, I'm anatomically correct? Which means I think. Exactly. And them circumcise pervert, put me together just like they did data. Perver- Dr Noonan soon fucking sex criminals sex criminal, the stars dude of that doctor for sure had sex with data before he drove up the Starfleet. I. Thanks yet, dude, before he's even got a memory when he's just excuse me, duck to sing. I'm looking at the history filed here on my soon to be Lieutenant Commander data. And it seems that he has a lot of history building. But you've wiped the last three hours of speed is double parked. Kind of during the last three hours of his memory Bank. Just trying to kick the tires here. Looks like dick spin used Mr. trying to sell me some used good. So why does she have a dick? What am I gonna use it for just needed? Fuck and Brent? Are you can this droid as a motivator? Hey, what are you trying to pull on? Say dried we'll get sued. What about that one? Does that one? Also have an an atomic correct, grow computer. Need a scrotum? Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. 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One of those pillows that, that have anime lie pillow like that guy the Trump guy pill. I fucked my pillow. I take my mustache, and I fucked my pillow with it Maga. I'm gonna give you the medal of freidan Hilo advancement. Do we give up pillow? Look, I'm sexually open, you know, I all eat my Pillow's asshole, too. Why does your pillow having national? Kevin Picard the asshole pillows are here. They're changing every bed and starts with asshole to get good. A good night's sleep. My pillow keeps fighting in my ear every my pillow comes with an asshole. That's the promise of my pillow made by an air at gums with it as a great pillow that farts, the rent. So they're fucking. It's a dumb little. There's a fucking horrendous joke right here, though in a sea of horrendous jokes where she goes Chakki. Do you have a rubber, and he goes baby all over? This movie so dumb. Well, actually, they should've used a rubber because of what happens at the end of this film staph infection will know defer ending. I, I was almost ripped my hair at all we I screamed at the television was dying. We're gonna get there. So they leave they meet up their friend, who's like, oh, you trust us. He's like, look, you both think you did it. That means. Neither of you actually did it right. Something else was going on. John Ritter must be behind all of this, you know, because he guys is trying to frame, you, blah, blah, blah. And they're in the car driving all of this expedition happening, and then like a what you call it, the, the do David looks in the trunk. Oh, John Ritter. Is there? He pulls out his gun and he's like you guys are the killer. Why does this? I have a gun, by the way, he takes, John Ritter. Oh, when you said he takes out his gums, when did David. I mean it's America so anything. The funny thing is David is like, oh cuts smells bad. And like did did Katherine Heigl and nothing face just like think they were all farting. Corp who's been farting. Maybe they both had like, really bad like congested. Sinuses number ones whose killing all these people number two who keeps farting in this fucking van? Well, I guess that's how you make five hundred dollars enough to start over. You just never bathed and all the time by toilet paper unit by any toiletries. What's so we can't afford toilet paper, Honey. We're on the Lam. Why would you be shitting in your pants? You wanted the honeymoon suite with the bathroom hundred dollars more. My give you Cosby diaper. Sweater. You wrap around your bottom. So he's like, he, he hails down some cops as he does so Chucky, then grabs a grabs the gun or there's another gun involved, who cares move away to any guns. Exactly. And he's like, look, I'm alive. I'm Dahl and I've been doing all the killing this kid gets impaled by a truck. Pretty good murder, hit by this truck and impale voting evaporates. Actually it's like the body is gone. It's just like blood missed. And it's it felt very final destination. He totally and it's also weird thing. This is the second time in this movie that a person is not being directly killed by a fucking doll. Chucky like shrugs okay to get away from the cops like we have to get the Hackensack. I'm gonna get my amulet. And I'm also gonna I would I wouldn't let the kids in on this part either. I would be like, and then we're gonna let you go just bring us to Hackensack. It's all going to work out the no. Then you get be your body's going to be our bodies. And I'm like. Well, that I'm definitely going to. Yeah. Best, murderous doll. Exactly. Like save that twist in the plot like you and Jennifer Tilly. No. That, that's all. It's everything that that's on a need to know basis. Now, this is a suicide mission, because I'm not letting you take, my mom, I will die. Happily, I will incinerate myself before. I let you get in my weird fucking doll body. It's fucking trash. But what if it's good John Malkovich situation where they go inside your brain room? You're still sort of cognizant. Oh, Lord is a nightmare. I just be watching people dial. Yeah. Murders happen. Be kind of cool. Horror, exactly. Like oh, you know, I can't change a channel but at least something's good on Chuck goes into his own body again in. Chucky took Kentucky. We should say that, while all this is going on for no reason whatsoever. We cut back to the hotel and playing the, the maid is caffeine the Jimmy at nowhere doesn't even killed in this movie. No, she just finds these two dead swingers and screams for a second. Again, I would be fine with a seventy five minute bright of that, or you're cutting Canada Jimmy's head offered something happens that sort of the last final. Please emir falls and hits a right in the head and kills or something. And then we get into something else that happens to this movie. That is also condemn -able. They, they need new wheels to be inconspicuous, or whatever. So they take over this retired couples are v and we they get killed off screen. The couple of shown in a closet in this RV, and we killing off screen. No, no not. No, not in the fourth version of a slasher movie by speaking of which somewhere around here is another horrendous, like self reflexive line, where Chuck he's talking about the scam or so. I don't remember what the setup is. But then he goes, and it just takes three or four sequels to do it just. Oh, he said, it's a long story. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, right. Yeah. And it's like, yeah, 'cause this is the fuck and good one this is where you found the footing in this one of the worst horror franchises of all time bread. Drifts is favourite Tribune trivia, and you know what? I wanna see the video evidence out of his. He's being polite mode, again movie. He's promoting a movie. He just got the Lord of the rings contract. He probably was just in a good mood. You totally right. Kevin. Yes. So we're driving down the road. There's the two dolls have like a domestic dispute van Chucky spirit food, Swedish meatballs you by the way. But I don't like the idea of this. Dull eating eating ball. Yeah, I just I don't like him eaten anything any balls ask whatever I do. I'm a real down. Now I get shit everywhere. That's a great question. Where does the waste go since? No. He's fucking coming semen. Yeah. Where's is he shitting? Yes, he's pissing. He's doing the whole nine yards per. I gotta go to the bathroom. I was gonna say got some Legos popping out of my. Ass balls. God I gotta catch him. Wait come back. Wait, dammit. I'm scared book a pad. This would be great actually acting like base. Things can do this shit like half him. Kill someone with one of his shoot with a bouncy bonds each year. Yeah. Just shove account some guy's throat as big bouncy ball. He just shit at listen. I don't even need you to be shitting bouncy balls. But in just like dial dialogue in films, in general. We're not saying each Schick quite enough. It is a fantastic insult to throw toward someone if you're learning this shows just start seeing each it started. So, yeah. Like there's this thing earlier in the movie. She says like to when she when, when Tiffany is a real person. She's like oh, you know, you got a good girlfriend. They're just remember, man, always washes, the dishes after the woman, cooks or something by mother always said, so then like he's using it back on her, and he's like, hey, Chuck, who's gonna make who's going to do those dishes. And Chuck, hey, babe, does dishes ain't good at dude themselves. Right. And then she gets into murderous rage. They're fighting captured high gets loose. And she shoves Tiffany in an oven. Yeah. And Chucky, there's a. Hilariously bites are air allies, like please, you need to jump that right off. It doesn't happen. Dull teeth, though, you. Yeah. Doll, jeez, should have been back to the drawing board on these teeth. I'm just saying whatever the, the van flips, all sorts of stuff. It's kind of is big tackler van crash, here, RV crash. If any is mostly dead at this point, Chucky gets away, he has this kind of hilarious. I get Hitchcock. There's like a hostage movie like Shuki takes her this to guns. Takes her hostage with one gun and then nothing face grabs Tiffany out of the oven and put the gun up to her, and it's like a hostage exchange of this graveyard you get away from my xactly. Paul giamati on the ground to. Right. Both came to at the same time. But yes there in the graveyard, the Hackensack graveyard, there's a weird thing where it's like new, there's a van there, and it's like New Jersey medical examiner because by the way, do we mentioned this, that they've ordered Brad Darus body to be zoomed because of question, Mark. Yeah. Because now this is a fingerprint found somewhere. They found Brad Dir fingerprints on something Chucky didn't. I'm like, does the function doll have his prints. First of all, melt off your prince. If you're a murderous doll, second of all, if you're fucking criminal dude, you don't need fingertips chop. Do that shit seven style with. Yeah. Get like wax on your fingers. I mean it just doesn't make any fuck. It's so stupid. So that's why the New Jersey medical examiner. They're zooming this body and it's like the middle of the night. And it's one guy just out there digging up this fucking grave, I guess the idea was okay. It probably makes it's going to be way too difficult for these dollars to dig up this grave like somebody there, which is fine. But like I need it to be. All right. Sam, I'm going to pick up a pack of smokes need anything. Third, one person digging a horror movie would have the grave diggers of business. And then he gets a cool death. Get shot, right? His shot in the back of the head by by Chuck. I I thought it was Chucky had the gun on Catherine. I going making her dig the gray the gray. That's what I thought that would have been something that would have maybe been something make Katherine, Heigl digger own grave. That'd be cool. So much to do that right now. The half an episode of night. Diggers. I might take her grave diggers do it at night, by the way, great TV show. We should make this night, diggers. Why isn't there a reality show about grave diggers? Oh, I would love it. I watched that documentary. That's shudder. Go come on shutter reality program. It's probably thing. We're like you'd have to keep the names of the deceased you blow. Oh, yeah. Maybe we're the grave diggers. What else do we do? True put us to work at why it's a trade could use what? But I really like a skilled cook and have a right into the mail bag. If you wanna hire us now, I wanted to be I wanna be like real housewives, except for its diggers, and they're like, yeah. Well, Joe took my gray. I was supposed to full of all. These stupid shitty puns over my dead body. Into slap fights. Yeah, exactly. I'm so tired I needed now. Exactly, exactly. I feel like I got worms crawling over my brain's when talking to you. In the movie, kind of falls apart here. There's a hostage exchange. There's no ending offering his body is zoomed. You see his skill areas skeleton with his ambulance, and also it's full of rats. Yeah. Our reds getting into a coffee comes maggots, I understand. But sure fledged rat. You know rats debris the air. Yes. Right. Movie makers, you know that right? Guess I mean someone probably correct us on Twitter like, hey, you fuck ED's rats actually eat dirt. I just. To your point unless you put baby rats in with this maybe fuck you. You serial killer, but, like a family. All right. We. Well, we also were burying this guy, and we have to bear, the rat king throat. Switch the tags. But so yeah, it's a jersey thing. Do they give them the Asbury park? We feel the coffin with rats kick out. Chris, Christie's father. We put in. Wasn't that Ice Man? He killed people rats. Oh, yeah. Yes, he did. Yeah, that's disgusting. It is. So the hostage exchange. There's a, the amulet is in play, blah, blah, blah. Tiffany is like, oh, Cecchi. We're about to do the ritual, and he's like, yeah, baby. We're gonna and she's all burned up now. She's right. Yeah. Again, baby. We're going to do it. And like I think they both Jesse and Jade do something kinda sweet and she's like, oh, they, they deserve to live. There's we deserve to die. So she stabs him in the back. Yeah. It's not the same thing as the battle cry scream, though, which is unfortunate. There's more doll fighting writers Chucky, you think he's dead? But he's not obviously shovel fight. Yeah. And she's burnt by. She's like she's all burnt, Chris, Chris Christie, disgusting. How does she kill him? I mean she steps on the back. But is that the end of him or who Chucky? Oh, no. We'll she so also at some point Chucky has thrown a knife into jesse's bag, right? Which doesn't kill him, which your damning damaging the merchandise. Right. This point. I think he's given up on the mission burn. But then it's like she'd knocks Chucky into the grave, and they pull the ladder up right? So he's stuck down there. Like, hey, get me out of here. Hey kinda thing and then she also dies, and she's like bleeding like doll blood happening. Yes. Doll blood, which vigor get more falls over. And then this cop comes at a nowhere. This detective carries kind of in news reports here and there like a little bit so fucking stupid, because he's like, he's never going to believe this fucking demon doll. Okay. You kids can just go to go to different state. I know you have a fucking knife wound. I'm not going to attend to or call paramedics you just go home. Go got no questions. No question whatsoever. The, the only way this works is if he's like I knew he was going to come back every, every dollar went missing from the evidence lockers waiting for the like every toy store, e bay. Wait. He's the Chucky detective, what I just need like two or three scenes of him cold on the trail. They can be like minutes long appeasers, something that's what would happen in the movie report of, of murderous. Fuck it. I'm not gonna bullshit straight Bullshits in New Jersey Scully. Let's not go skelly. I think the Nick games on local PD can handle. Oh, and also Katherine, hi go right in front of this cop has this like shock under some shit, and she blows Chuck, you. That's how that goes. And he's dead the cop though, does have this hilarious line a line. Really? But it's a good delivery of a reaction when he first comes up to the grave. He looks down. He sees the Dalai just goes whoa. What the fuck it's kind of a nice, whatever we, then he just lets them. He's like, all okay. I've put it together. Now you were on the Lam but is because of these curse adults dot it. If, if he was the Chucky detective when he like see the dog like this is my thesis. Oh, hey. It was it was murderous. Dolls, why don't you leave on your way out? Why don't you burn my pension because I'm not gonna get that. I am going to be discharged, disgracefully from the four absolutely forty years down the drain. I just bought myself an unmarked grave. So they leave. It's goodbye. These characters that may have been the protagonists may not have been audio Sma n-. And he's looking at Tiffany's weird doll touches it hoping it was gonna fuck this. Yeah. This little, I grope it was very is getting so close to. If you like if the last shot of this movie was this detective it's like a low angle shot looking over this detective. It's a fucking fish lens. And this do unzips fly credits. Disgusting disgusting. So turkeys, dead noted we. He Heikal murders. Right. Okay. This she get a thing like a CNN how I don't think so. No. He did say Jade, when they were doing the, the prisoners shade, see real soon. No. Yeah. I don't know what that means. I think it's like all soon, I'll be in your boyfriend's body. Oh, my wife will be in your quick, you know, whole reference, you know, you are all parts. Yeah. But we cut the Tiffany detectives like netter all this blood comes out from under her fuck wherever. And this thing crawls out if it's a live baby. Yeah. We have a dull baby Bhagat by dolls. And also, what is the dull reproduction cycle fucking nineteen minute? Festive furious dude, there's a bunch of little Christmas elves inside of her building this like this Chuck should have used a condom or she should have been on some sort of birth doll birth control, right? Yeah. Yeah. Or she could it out in the morning after pill possibly depending a dollar you. Last Bill ninety eight before the dark times when all fucking contraception was banned. So she had a lot of options back then go to plan doll hood. I think they offered those the American girls stores. Dolls and also, but any twenty dollars rid of these things. There's doll abortions, you can get dull cancer. Screenings with also don't lot of care in general. Not just related to doll abortion free doll condoms. Yes. Exactly. And Dahl education to stop this shit from happening. Right. 'cause doll abstinence does not work. It doesn't unrealistic dolls fucking, you know, these days of Ken are over. Look, here's the thing like you close that door you turn the lights off, as soon as you leave. Those dolls come to life in their FOX. Not every dog has a bump more. You know. I mean, this fucking baby and it just ends, and it's like bites. Detectives face. Right. All right. See, like a quick jumping to. It's really fucking bad. They just like through the puppet at this guy. Yeah. It's like it's like a nanosecond shot because the dull just falls right off his face. Yeah. Gravity comes into place, actually, and that's just the credits. And I'm sitting there like what did I just do? Why did I do this to myself? This was something I rightfully avoided for twenty years. I saw this at some point, I think, really just or maybe crab of interest of the thing. People do this most people love this franchise, it's beloved. I'm just going to say I'm suspicious of why people would be chain people over there, by the way, I mean Truckee so popular, even makes an appearance in ready player one that's right. We didn't have to sit on its on patriots dot com. Such we had movies there is. But that's why this register coming back like people like this movie. Like I it's not doing the creepy doll thing, it never does creepy. Doll thing enough for me. And I am a swear creepy dolphin like just it's sitting in a corner. Yeah. Like you know what? I mean. You use that uncanny valley aspect of it. It's like, oh, it looks Uman enough. But like the Annabelle shit. You know, there's a good south Gordon, who did dolls. But the nineteen eighties movie. Oh, I've never seen that movie that one is good. I kinda liked that, that first conjuring with an, I've never seen any of the NFL movies, because I'm not watching her go through whatever she's up to. I watched dude. I watched on a plane basically, like Anna Bill begin. There's some. I don't know. It was the sequel to Annabel but it's, it's a prequel or innovation or something like that. It's a perfect planes, like it's like the dolls had a fucking nunnery or some shit. It wasn't at the original dead. Silence. Wasn't that the first of the four Annabel because it was just a doll? But I think Annabelle is introduced in dead. Silence. No, she was introduced in the conjuring. Yeah. Yeah. It's, it's, it's not want to that. Sounds bills based on a real. Yeah. I know. Yeah. Yeah. The Warren's or whatever who are now in this new Annabel movie that's coming out, of course. And, and both of them are in it shock creepy doll story there. I guess almost a few years ago, I was looking at really trashy old pornography. Condo's upstate New York. And one of them we toward was the re the real real estate agent was like, oh, you know, it's, it's, it's actually abandoned the owners just like skipped out on their mortgage who knows where they are now the Bank is selling it like a foreclosure, and we go into toward it and it's like it's a basement level apartment thing, and it's like barely get any light in there. Yeah. And it's just trash. They trashed it on their way out and we're going to every room and the corner, one room was like kind of like a Chucky sized doll. What facing the the corner of the room. Yup. Bent down. And I'm just thinking to myself, the real estate agent, the Bank. No one could have gotten this tall. Series. They posed it because they knew people were going to come and see it, and it's like, look at this book and haunted house is the first thing they tell you real estate school is remove any, it'll dolls. Yeah. Four showing a property, any haunted material. Exactly was tear of that is I own my God. So you got that house then. What at that day. The next one. All right. That's ridiculous. What's a little bit work cabin? I think what you may be thinking of is apparently in dead. Silence. One of the puppets that the lady owns and is the jigsaw, puppet. Oh, so maybe that's maybe that's the move there. Wasn't there like a huge gap of years between the conjuring and does it was like four or five years? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Conjuring wasn't till twenty thirteen and dead. Silence was two thousand seven so. So that's the end of this. Fucking abhorrent. Fucking trash would anybody recommend. No child's play threes got some fun stuff there. And we're still mostly. Slasher movie, and these should be slasher movies. I hate horror comedies. I hate like we're in. Maybe if you watch a million slasher movies, all the time you want some of them to be different like any. But what I wanna flash movie I want. You know what I mean? Like sexy teens. I want some knives. I want some blood I want some guts. I want the whole fucking bit. Right. Or you know what I mean? Like, I don't know. I I'm seeing too. I think this is the worst of the child's play movies that I've seen, which is only the first which is only one three and four. Yeah. I would say this is the worst of the I watched all the first three this one and seed of Chucky seen a truck at least like doubles down on the camp value of it is that the John waters in it. That's the baby, the baby is now like kind of, like, like forced to be a what's a ventriloquist some creep. Yeah. That is. And like you start the movie with the baby grown up into a teenage dull grow up, God, damn it says knows with the term line to. I mean it's a big jump because it was between what nineteen ninety eight to two thousand four fucking child's play. Twenty forty nine. My question is would junkie and Tiffany age, like if they were killed with their like hair's, just like Arnold in the Terminator. Genesis an old man is, like my, my body's aging, eventually got the computer concerts. No, eventually, Chuck, it just looks like Billy crystal, okay? Yeah. But don't see this movie is off. This is definitely the worst of the bunch. I would say see Chucky is much better. Lease it starts with a come crawl. It starts with the come excuse me. You know, like when the like Halloween special for Simpson's and like the Goud takes over the come. But it's come. I just did what he I said that. I did that, that mean that dude blinking light one. You did. Really interesting. Check that out. I would not recommend this a hate this. I do like some horror comedy. I think the evil dead series, does it. Well. Show. Graham linzie to maybe this such a bad taste in my well, here's the thing. That I will. I agree with you in the sense that, like, I think, har- comedy is really hard to do. Yes. Poll off your opera Shaun of the dead, obviously. Yeah. I mean but compared to how many of them actually exists. Yes. You know, and that art insufferable. It's a Steph, reference self-referential stuff, I'm sorry. I cut you off. No, no. That's, that's it. I would not recommend this neither would is you could tell I hate this. It was really obnoxious. Another horror comedy return to the living dead, much better than this. I I don't like this. I like the first child's play movie. It's the only one that they ever attempted to make kind of scary. I don't remember much about the second one. Maybe they also do their that third one, you know, fat kid that fat kid falls on the grenade. How am I not laughing mill houses a little wiry coping? Yeah. I don't I don't like this. And like I said, I'm not gonna watch those other sequels unless I absolutely have to for this program. Ready? That is bride of Chucky from nineteen ninety eight directed by warriors of virtues, Ronnie, you also potential, stay tuned. That's fucking remember that movie. It's like it's a little kid like a bunch of kangaroo. You have imagined kangaroos eight number one most called in really. Quest month. Movie Aures virtue. Really? Oh, yeah. Interest rates of people. But if you want more, we hate movies, checkout, Hadrian dot com slash weei. Creek mentioned this month. We have an episode on Kingsman his secret service, his dusty dusty. Check out the nexus and animation, damn nation all sorts of sideshows and commentaries. We have available, including again, coming right around the end of June, just in time for that fourth of July weekend independence, Damon, Terry coming out, get ready for that. Get all get ready for two and a half hours of that fucking shit that movie. That's it's still a fun watch. It's half between. We love movies that we. Yeah. For sure commentaries that we could do we men movies. I would recommend it and I would recommend sinking it with our commentary. That's coming out. So there you go. So Steve Sadek the summer blockbuster extravaganza continues into next week as it does throughout the rest of the summer. So what are we talking about next time on the program at your bullet time pants on? We're going to wanted. Oh, god. So much time that ties the door, but episode both directed by Matthew von James McEvoy. Angelina jolie. All right. This is the movie where we're like firing a gun and like throwing the bullets at people if I remember correctly when I saw part of this movie theater, and totally fell asleep. As until next week with what wanted I'm Andrew Stevens said, Akers cabin perks Cisco take it easy. That was a hate gum podcast.

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